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Review:kassandra466 says:
Black caught me before I had even walked three steps, his legs being substantially longer than mine. "Okay, okay," he said, stepping in front of me and holding his hands in front of him as a sign of truce, "I'm sorry. Why don't we just start over?" I eyed him warily as he held out his hand, a disturbingly bright smile on his face. "Hello, I'm Sirius Black: expert prankster, devilishly handsome Gryffindor, and an all-around charming bloke," he told me cheerfully.

I wanted to remind him that he definitely wasn't an all-around charming bloke - that, sometimes, he was cruel and unkind and everything people expected him to be. But I didn't. Maybe confident sunrise girl wasn't as confident as I thought, or maybe it was because I didn't want to hurt him with the idea that, sometimes, he was just like the rest of his family.

Instead, I took a deep breath, imagining all my anger and bitterness and negativity drifting out on my exhale; I smiled and shook his hand warmly. "I'm Lily Evans, but you can call me Lily."

He grinned, reaching over to ruffle my hair like a big brother might do, and I hesitantly grinned back, recognizing the gesture from the night before. "Alright, then, Lily," he began, guiding us back to the tapestry so that we weren't completely blocking the corridor. It was almost like the last twenty minutes had never happened. "Now, about our plans - "

"Yes," I said, interrupting him impatiently, "what exactly are we planning for? You still haven't exactly said."

Black - or Sirius, I should say - let out a slightly exasperated sigh at my ignorance. "Well what do you think we're planning for?" he replied, his eyebrows furrowing into an irritated scowl. "Do you really think I'm just going to lie down and let that slimy bastard humiliate you?"

I bit my lip, a question burning on my tongue. In fact, it had been burning on my tongue since last night, when he had so expertly evaded answering it. "Well, no offense," I finally blurted out, curiosity getting the better of me, "but why do you care?"

I fully expected him to bring up the whole 'new mates' thing - an answer that wouldn't really answer the question at all, because what I really wanted to know was why he wanted to be mates in the first place, why he had sought me out at breakfast, and why he had ever promised to keep my secret when it would really provide much more entertainment for him if he didn't.

A part of me almost wished I could go back to not knowing Black, because now that I was getting to know him, it was growing harder and harder to classify him as either heartless or nice. It seemed that he was just stumbling somewhere in between the two, which meant I might actually have to start considering him human.

Sirius glanced away from me, as uneasy as he had been when he had thought I would start crying, his eyes searching the tapestry as though hoping to find the answer in the threads there.

When they gave no results, he turned his gaze back to me, his upturned lips flattening into a grimace as he said, "Look, Lily. I can't exactly give you a straight answer on this - not now, and maybe not ever. But I just want you to know..." he trailed off, raking his hand through his hair and shaking his head furiously as though struggling with some internal battle.

When he glanced up at me again, his eyes had darkened. "I just want you to know that, you and I, we're not all that different. And you may not understand it right now, but some day, you will."

Sirius rubbed his hands together eagerly like a true mastermind at work. "What we need is a diversion," he explained, "something so extreme that it'll blow your little secret out of the water. Or, better yet, something just cruel enough that it'll stop that miserable little git from telling your secret in the first place, something very public and very embarrassing. I was thinking we could take off his pants and hang him upside down in the air, or there's a spell - "

I held up my hand, abruptly silencing him. "Please tell me you're joking - that is your plan?" I exclaimed, a horrified expression on my face. When he just stared blankly back at me, indifferent to my shock, I continued in outrage, "Don't you think that's just a little hypocritical? Trying to stop him from humiliating me by humiliating him first?"

It was becoming very apparent to me why Sirius and I had never been mates before - he was definitely in the 'heartless' box.

He made an unsympathetic noise and shook his head, obviously peeved that I was questioning his strategy. "Humiliation is a nasty business, Lily. Do you want my help or not?"

I chewed thoughtfully on my lip, considering the question; without a doubt, I wanted Sirius' help, but I didn't exactly want the kind of help he was suggesting. In fact, when he had first mentioned his plans, I had assumed they were more along the lines of him somehow managing to convince James that Severus was playing a nasty prank and then giving me a lifetime supply of chocolate and a shoulder to cry on if that didn't work.

And because I was still holding on to the very slim chance that that was his back-up plan, I countered, "That depends. Do you have any better plans?"

"Well, since you asked, I know exactly where old Sluggy keeps his stock of Forgetfulness Potions, and just a little drop in Snivellus' goblet and we could forget this whole thing ever happened..." He wiggled his eyebrows persuasively at me.

I smacked him on the arm, scowling. "You're intolerable."

haha! i really loved it!! it was AMAZING! : D

Author's Response: Well thanks! :) Just a reminder: when you quote something from the story, you have to make sure the content is 12+.

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