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Review:Gaiapet says:
I love this chapter. Not just because Liam is in it. Thanks for the name though, I looked him right up. Somehow in the last chapter I forgot to say Red Wine! It applies to this chapter too! Two birds, one stone! Plus, brownie mix. Although that was rather sad. So Jane is fed prime rib and cake? There was an option of chicken? Those quidditch guys know how to feed someone! That is pretty much my ideal meal. Plus shrimp. I love Valarie. She reminds me of a few women that I know and love. Its hard not to love people like that. I also love how Oliver is so excited for Jane and caring, even when he is pretending to hate her. Or she is pretending to hate him. That scene with the umbrella? Que romantic music! I also love Michelle. She is a strong woman who knows how to handle herself with all the guys but still be a woman. Like Avery. I also like Liam's excuse for staying after to talk to her. Hindsight's 20/20. I love the names of Valarie's pets. Very creative. Once again, Jane was a lunatic. Breaking away from the kiss in a few seconds? I don't care who you are and who you are in love with, if Liam Denters kisses you, kiss him back as much as you can. And don't pull some crazy line about not being attracted to him. I'm rarely angry about things that Jane does because I see a reason for them, but this? INSANITY! Bah.

“You’re home early,” he said, yawning.
“It’s one-thirty.” I laughed a bit, kicking my heels onto the rug.
“Oh. Well then you’re home late.” Another yawn and he stretched.
- I love Mr.P! Best dad ever. I didn't discuss him in my crazy James-esq rant but know that I love him and if I were older, I'd choose him.

Even though I had no idea if I was using the right fork, dinner was fantastic. I had to stop myself from shoving the entire prime rib in my mouth and I left the white wine sitting there awkwardly because it was disgusting.
- That always seems to be the problem. Poor, neglected white wine.

“Is it a pony? A pony would just send this evening over the top.” I playfully jabbed him in the arm and he laughed.
- If she asked, he would probably give. Just saying. He's that awesome.

She baited me. I took it. It was Bridget after all, how could I pass it up? “Too bad you’re a no-name then. Famous by mummy and daddy. It’s a shame. You have my sympathies.”
Her face flushed and I swore I saw Oliver smirk out of the corner of my eye. He was a twat though and I didn’t care about his smirking capabilities. He was probably having a stroke or something.
- Bahahaha! Love!

“Bridget, stop talking to Perry. Understand sarcasm before you go up against it,” Oliver muttered.
- Hahaha! I love sarcasm and using it against people who don't understand! Bridget has no brains.

I saw a few players from the Tornadoes at the table to the left, only recognizing them by the World Cup they placed delicately on the table next to them. How modest.
- Very modest.

I shook her hand, now visibly numb. “Valerie Gig? As in…Valerie Gig?” I stammered a bit, but I didn’t care.
“The very same. Call me Valerie though, it’s far more pleasant than the two put together.” She chuckled.
- The one who reads palms? I love how Valerie always has something funny to say about names.

Why were my eyes brown? Who knew? Why was I sitting in the loo contemplating the color of my eyes? Because I was bored eating and shooting lines at Bridget. She was too dumb for her own good sometimes. I should have enrolled her in classes of some sort. She needed them.
- I think the answer is genetics. All the classes in the world wouldn't help Bridget. Even if they did, they would eliminate all the fun we can have insulting her intelligence.

She did her eyeliner like me. I felt the need to point that out. I did my eyeliner like a famous person. My stomach exploded.
- Random thoughts.

I was talking to Valerie Gig after all. She had to know I was pretty good at what I did.
Who was I kidding? I fell off my broom. Suddenly I was the actual Seeker getting legitimate offers to play for a professional team. What was I saying?
- Hahaha! The things we say. Jane's mind is insane.

I finished off the cake with one final fork-full (the wrong fork judging by the rest of the table).
- In those situations, I like to think that I'm right and everyone else is wrong.

The dance floor was on the far side of another table and there were already several couples tearing it up. Technically, it was slow and melodical so they weren’t really tearing anything up, but if it was faster they would have been.
- Just amazing. Sort of seems like something James would say. But I love it! Tearing it up is a great term.

Apparently the media weren’t the only people who weren’t particularly fond of Bludgers for Brains.
I enjoyed that silently.
- Haha. I don't think anyone is.

He gaped at me. “What a daughter I have. I’ll have to boast to everyone I know. You just give me so much ammo against the neighbors.”
“Oh, you mean the Muggle neighbors that don’t know about Quidditch?”
“The very same.”
- Oh, Mr. P. How I love thee. (rhyming rocks! (so does alliteration))

I love this chapter. I love the umbrella. I love Oliver. I love Valarie. I LOVE Liam.

Author's Response: Ah, I read the part about the food and now I'm hungry. Seriously. I think the Fiance is bringing me Chinese though. Because he lurvs me. Oliver would bring Jane Chinese. I'm sure of it.

I'm trying to respond to important points in your paragraph, haha. I love Valerie too. She has that awesome attitude about life. And Michelle. We don't see much of her, but she does remind me a lot of Avery. She holds her own, especially being surrounded by boys like Oliver and Liam.

I think you're just upset you couldn't be in Jane's place. hahaha. Am I right? I think I'm right about everyone when I say that. Including myself. Including Alicia Spinnet.

Mr. Perry is one of my favorite characters. When I wrote him into Keep Away I never thought he'd be one of my favorites. He was just there with a sense of humor at the beginning when Iplanned out Jane's background and he, apparently, wasn't going down without being a beloved character. He really writes himself. Convenient for me, really.

Jane's mind really is quite wacky. Not nearly as weird and crazy as the brain in James's head, but it still holds its own. I like how she justifies everything. So funny.

I'm glad you like alliteration. that is a chapter title theme in Hide & Seek. If you go back through and look a good deal of them have alliteration in the chapter titles.

Thanks for the lovely and a half review! ADORED all of the quotes!!

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