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Review:Gaiapet says:
What a great chapter! Are you ready for my crazy opinions on the guys? Take a seat. Hear we go.
Lee- Sweetheart, but a little to adoring for me. I like a guy who will bring me flowers and stuff, but sometimes it's a little too sappy. I feel like he is completely in love with Alicia, but he is a little blinded to the real her. Less now than before, but still a little blinded. Great guy, but too sappy.
George- Funny guy. I never really got a feel for what he was like in a relationship, which tells me a lot. He doesn't flaunt it or anything, he saves the sweetness for private times. I do have the feeling that if I were watching Katie and George, pre-napkins, I would be super jealous of what they share. But he sometimes seems too nice or quiet for me. Which doesn't really make sense.
Fred- You know I love Fred. He is funny and loud and passionate. Very passionate. But he knows how to have a good time with the woman he loves. Its like he is best friends and in love with Ang. Which I like. I mean, they started out as friends, the relationship should still have those elements of friendship. Plus he is freaking hilarious! Too bad about the freckles. If he were real, I might look past them.
Bastian- Hubadahubada. I don't know if that is how you spell it, but you get the point. Foreign, Exotic, Romantic! But he always seemed fake. I think that he was not fake, but to me he seemed like one of those people who are just bigger than life. They always seem like a character out of the movies. Even if they are completely serious, they seem fake. Plus, he got in the way of Lee's love life and made my favorite chaser confused.
Liam- I still need to know who you used for the chapter image. I can't imagine him in person! I love how he is a country boy at heart but is perfect in fancy places. Like a chameleon. He is very real. Has the charm of classic Hollywood, the looks of the hottest guy ever, and the realness of the boy-next-door. Accept he is also rich. He knows how to treat a woman like a lady (courting!) but also as a person. He kisses your hand, makes a joke about your legs, and then proceeds to talk about pirate ships and his country estate. The fact that his heart was broken adds another dimension to him. So what is that? 10 dimensions? And need I say that he is a snappy dresser? Give me two guys with the same personality and looks, I'll chose the snappier dresser every time. There is something about a guy in a suit.
Doger- Sweet, debonair Doger. With great hair. I would love to be friends with Doger. And date him. He is sweet and very real. When I read about him I think small town boy. He has this...innocence about him that I love. He is sweet, but he is also sexy and funny. He just always knows what to do and handles things with such grace. Unless he's drunk. I really like his sense of humor mixed with small town boyness.
Oliver- Oh, Oliver. What can I say? Yum? Yes, that's it. Yum! Plus that smirk and that accent? I love pretty much everything about him. From his arrogance to his brownies. I've gone on and on about him before, so I'll use this space for something else. Basically, he is a great guy to base a love story off of.
Summary time! I want George and Lee as my friends and with my best friends. Fred I want as my best guy friend. And with my sister or best friend. Oliver is perfect for Jane and I love him as a character, but I wouldn't want him for me. Now all I have to do is pick between Liam and Doger. How do I pick between two smoking hot gentlemen who are also fun to be with!?! And I love to hate Amanda. So your question in the AN is pretty much unanswerable for me.

I guess that I want either Liam or Doger. I'll keep you posted on that crazyness in my mind. If you even read this insanity. I wouldn't blame you if you didn't.

Author's Response: Ah, how much I love your reviews. Especially when it's strangely slow for a Saturday. haha. So, since I don't have anything else to do at the moment other than watching tbs movies, I am going to use all my effort on your reviews! Lovely :)

Lee-I know what you mean. I think that's what I love the most about Lee is he really shows his heart. He doesn't care what everything thinks, he just wants to show his love for Alicia. But you're right, he's a little blind to her true personality, but in a good way. In the way that he loves her no matter what.

George-You nailed him right on the head. Don't take that out of context. He likes to keep his private life private, except when his emotions get the better of him. Hence, the napkin situations. He does get quiet sometimes, more of an emotional thing than a George-thing. Like when he was at Hogwarts all happy and peachy, he was a lot louder and into telling Ellis where to stick you know what...

Fred-Ah, yes. My favorite boy. I actually like Fred more than I do Oliver, but don't tell him that. Fred is just my type of guy haha. I would lose patience with Oliver quickly. Fred is also losely based off my fiance.

Bastian- Yeah, he's sort of a guy that wnats to offer the world, but has no idea how to go about it and thus comes across as fake. The whole "too good to be true" thing, you know? But he does want happiness and I know he really cared about Alicia, but not in the way that Lee does and not in the way Alicia needs in a boy toy.

Liam-I adore him. It was hard for me to not have Jane fall for him, though she sort of did that on her own. I would have!! Even though he was a Puffer. James channels through me far too often. He's a fab guy though (Liam), courting girls, knowing what they like, and even having that nature-y side of him that gets bonus points! I keep forgetting to tell you the model. I am always reminded at work and never at home lol.

Dodger-I love him. I love exactly how you described him, which includes how gracefully he handles situations. He is someone who I believe to have a lot of wisdom in a lot of situations, and absolutely none in others. He had confidence with Jane because he knew her. She knew him. She noticed him. But Madeline had no idea he even existed. So he was lost. Lucky he got advice from the girlies!

Oliver-I adore him. He has my arrogance. And brownie-cooking ability. Just ask radicallyali.

Yes, do keep me posted. I'm anxious to know who you pick. If given the choice between the two, I'd probably go for Dodger even if he'd tell his Seeker how to get the Snitch before me. By making me roll, the jerkface.

xoxo Thanks for the amazing ranty review! Reminds me a little of James. Or Freddie since you're talking about the opposite sex haha.

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