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Review:Gaiapet says:
Silly question- always strawberry.
I had a major squee moment! Oliver Wood. SHIRTLESS! He really should learn to use his powers for good, not evil. Although he makes up for it in future chapters. We need a body picture of him ASAP! Just saying. His muscles had muscles, haha.
I like how Jane knows that everything was stupid, but she still acted irrationally. That was a pretty good fight. I never want to feel the wrath of Jane. The fact that it happened in public with a shirtless Wood made it better. Throwing lipgloss is always a good way to get back at exes. I loved the random shrieker in the muggle store. What the heck was she doing there?! Alicia always had Jane's back. So does Fred. Have I mentioned how much I love Fred? I love him more than James loves Quidditch. Or Victoria. Bridget gets compared to a box of bludgers! Always a good time. Did Fred and Ang break the record of getting their lips on each other in the shortest amount of time after sighting? Tied it at least? Haha. I like how Katie is still capable of being sweet Katie, even while going through the breakup. And man, can she stand up for herself and give as well as she takes or what? Crazy Katie is BA! AMANDA! I can't believe she is a real person. Basically, I love to hate that crazy girl. Can't wait for more of her! I still think she should be mentored by Libby. You know Beowulf? Grendel's mother? I'm thinking something like that. Except wearing stolen skirts.

“How’s Lee?” Alicia said, practically drooling on the table to figure it out. “He hasn’t sent me a letter since you boys left. Has be found a new woman?”
“He’s bleeding annoying, that’s what he is,” Fred replied. “Always whining—why can’t we go back? Leesh is gunna murder me! Blah blah blah, I don’t care. He’s a complainer, that Lee. Get him out of that habit, will you?”
-Fred and Alicia, doing what they do best!

We were as broken up as Oliver Wood and me. I couldn’t stand Quidditch either (Well, maybe the Harpies were still okay, but definitely not Puddlemere. Well, their other players were okay but I heard their Keeper was just rubbish).
-Hahaha! Jane's mind works in such great ways.

I had absolutely no idea how it happened and I (of course) had absolutely nothing to do with my wand appearing in my hand. I would never do something so foolish as send an entire display of mint lipgloss at him, but somehow it happened. He didn’t duck, either.
Most of them broke and Oliver was covered in various shades of mint which were plumpers as well. How exciting.
- I wonder how it happened? However it happened, it was exciting.

Angelina was frowning a few feet away. Clearly she did not agree with my lipgloss antics.
- Ang, always being the same one. Second great use of the word antics in two chapters. That word needs to be used more often. Slumber as well.

I gaped at her. This was not Katie. I knew she was going through a hard time and therefore did not indulge in my sudden urge to push her into a garbage bin.
- Poor Katie. I get it though. And the though process behind lashing out at your best friends.

“Jane?” Angelina called after me. “Does this mean we’re done shopping because judging by your complexion and Katie’s white knuckles I think it does.”
- Good guess.

“Thanks, though. It’s nice to know you care enough to attack your ex Quidditch Captain.”
“I do care. I think it was the shorts that brought it on, really.”
“Oh, don’t you start with my legs, again! Snog your woman so I can get going!” I laughed and stuffed a jacket into my bag so Angelina and Fred could kiss by the door.
- Sweet Fred. Lost in an epic battle of Ginger Wits and Brute Muscle. At least Oliver was kind enough to give him ice.

So Oliver thinks that she hurt him more than he hurt her? Is he having pangs? Haha. So excited for the next chapter. More AMANDA! And the Bludger expert. Yum.

Author's Response: Hi again! I wish there was a picture out there that looked exactly like I want everyone to picture dear Mr. Wood shirtless, but there's not. He's so different in everyone's mind that I couldn't take that away haha. You're more than welcome to submit pictures to be considered lol!

I would hate to feel the wrath of Jane. Totally scary! She has a lot of my fierce (not Tyra fierce) temper, but I don't release it like she does. She's scary! lol

You love Fred more than James loves Quidditch??!! WOW.

I love that about Katie too. She still retains...Katie, even if she's going crazy. She's such a sweetheart.

Amanda is indeed real, though the person I based her off of is 23 instead of 15, haha. So there are definitely differences. But there are severe similarities.

Libby + Amanda = disaster. Just the way I like it.

Slumber & Antics really are fabulous words. I do need to use them more often.

"Is he having pangs?"
HAHA. I'm so glad no one was here at work to hear me laugh like I did. Stupidly lol. Love that line.

thanks for the wonderful review. Ilove all the quotes you included! Crack me up. Ah, I wish I could write right now, though I did get some done this morning. I finally get inspiration and I'm sitting at work. Fabulous. Maybe I'll get some more reviews to respond to in order to keep me busy busy!

Thank you!

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