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Review:Gaiapet says:
I guess I'll have to explain my hate of freckles. I don't mind them on a girl or just a spattering on a guy. It's when a guy is completely covered with them. This dates back to a few years ago. I had to carpool with this guy that I hate who was covered in freckles. One week he had a cold and instead of blowing his nose, he would sniffle all day. So he would sniffle, causing me to look at him, and then the phlem (not Fleur) would go down his throat. As he swallowed, the freckles would move. It looked really disgusting. So now whenever I see someone covered in freckles, that mental picture pops to mind. By the way, congrats on nabbing a hockey player! And your wedding, but especially the hockey player part.
Story time. I like how Jane didn't let Katie choose her color polish, I guess she learned from her mistakes. I also like how Katie's reaction is the opposite of Jane's. Jane went crazy and then she broke. Katie broke and then went crazy (not as crazy). Ang never really did either, she just stayed mad until they were back together. I love how you can make each situation so distinct for each girl! DOGER! And the Farmteam girl makes her first appearance! Or passing mention. To answer one of your questions, I call her farmteam girl even now because for a while I forgot her name so I just called her farmteam girl in my head. I don't begrudge her Doger. He deserves someone great, and if it can't be me, she seems great. Let's just say farmteam girl is my nickname for her. At least one good thing came from Katie's breakup. Jane had to think about her break up. And she realized that it was stupid and she also realized what actually broke them up. Yay self knowledge! She also remembered that although the fights were bad, the good times were so much better. Plus he looks like that! (Note, I am not really that shallow, but looks are always a plus!) I noticed a passing mention of Libby. I want her back in the story. She should mentor Amanda! Just thinking, haha. What horrible monster would that create!?! I can't wait to read about what happens with Oliver! It may be one of my favorite parts. Great cliffie.

“I feel like I should get some really high heels and walk down a bit staircase with a banister.”
“Alicia, you would be sliding down the banister and you know it.”
“And I have a feeling Lee would let me.” She checked out her rear end in the mirror. Satisfied, she turned back to me.
“Lee would be right behind you yelling out bobsled calls.”
- Alicia is my favorite chaser. I love the others, but this girl is amazing. And Lee definitely would.

I made a face. “No, not one bit actually. If you want to put it on I can pretend I’m doing the other part, though. I’m very good at pretend exercise.” I paused. “I’m pretending to run right now. Look.”
-Hahaha! That is my kind of exercise! I do it ever day, very difficult.

It rained most of the evening so after dinner we brightened Katie’s spirits by actually doing the stupid workout video with her. My calves were on fire but she seemed lovely and told me my form was a little off. I told her to jump off the balcony.
-Hahaha. I would too. I just love the rhythm of that part.

“Eventually better be pretty damn soon or I’m going to lock myself in the closet. Or the kitchen. That sounds more promising. I could have Thelma whip me up some casserole or something.”
- If you can't lock yourself in a super Walmart, the kitchen is always the next best place.

“Maybe we should take Katie somewhere?” I offered.
“Where? Looney bin?” Alicia chuckled. “I’ll get the brooms.”
- Good thought. If Katie keeps this up, it might become a serious possibility.

Dad was far too quick for my turn-of-the-head antics.
-Bahahahahaha! Aren't they always. Good use of the word antics! I love Mr.P!

“Do it,” barked Angelina (she didn’t sound like a puppy though. That was reserved for Alicia’s dress)
- Loved the puppy bit! I love how you continue bits through the whole story and through the a single scene. That's how life works, and you do a good job capturing that aspect.

Author's Response: Okay, I understand the freckles thing. I urge you to give them another chance, but I do get it :) And thanks about the hockey player thing. Now that we've got you supporting a NHL team and all.

Thanks for noticing each girl had a different experience based on their personality. I thought that was really important because they're all so different. :) I like farmteam girl's nickname. farmteam girl. It works. :)

I love Alicia too. Every chapter I have where she appears is wonderful fun!!

I'll tell Alicia she should lock herself in a Super Walmart. Or a Super Target at the very least...

Thanks so much for the lovely review! Looking forward to your next review. They're always some of my favorites!!

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