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Review:Gaiapet says:
Good chapter. Talk about drama. But I'll get to that later. First of all, Fred is such a sweet boyfriend! I want him! Accept freckles freak me out- long story. I think one thing you do really well is making the twins two different people. They clearly are in the books, but too often in fan-fiction they become one, flat, immature character. So kudos to you! I love everyone's reaction when Mrs. Bell shows up. I think people always do that when a parent comes home, no matter their age. I think one of the most important questions of the chapter was this: Why wasn't Alicia playing Keeper? Excellent Chapter Image, by the way. Very true to her personality, even if I imagine her as a blonde. Poor Jane, Oliver is everywhere. It's good how this wasn't just full of her sadness. Other people got to be sad too. Oh, well. I just don't know what is going to happen with George and Katie. I also love how Jane is good at ignoring huge drama happening right in front of her. The secret is to focus on jam and to try and use the force to bring it to you. One of life's secrets down! Quote time:

"Jane, what do you think about this one?”
I stared at a lacy dress with strange trim and a weird neckline. “It’s horrible.”
“Okay. Good. Just making sure you can be trusted with an opinion.”
-Haha. Good test. I bet Alicia failed the first three.

George ended up able to pick first and he picked Angelina (which sent Fred over the edge. “She’s the best and she’s mine,” he cried and Alicia punched him because she was convinced she was the best). So then Fred picked Alicia to spite him and I went to George and Lee went to Fred.
-The politics of team picking. Full of intrigue, betrayal, and love. Like a Bond film! Or congress...

Alicia grabbed it from me a few times, though I punched her in the head the third time
-That's the way I play games! If people do stuff you don't want, hit them. Good thing Jane didn't play very much at school- lots of fouls.

“Don’t you even think about it!” Fred cried, saving one of Angelina’s goals. The pair of them were pinned against each other and I think they quite liked it.
-Damn right they liked it!

“The boys are still outside. I think Lee said something about Ang so they decided to throw him in the pond, but who knows?”
-Hahaha! No one can be within a 10 mile radius of water and not get thrown in.

Mrs. Bell gasped. Hell, I even managed a gasp. Katie just dropped the F bomb.
-I know the feeling. I have a friend that I have known for at least three years. I heard her say Hell today for the first time. I gasped.

Now to Katie and George. Cruel trick with the Napkins teaser. I don't even know what to say. Katie became un-Katie. I personally think that she completely over reacted and that George was fine. But I'm not planning a wedding. Would you be like that? I'm not really sure how this will work out or how I feel about it. But a nice fight. As Jane said "What the hell was that?"

Author's Response: First of all...freckles freak you out? How can we be friends? Omg. Freckles are my favorite things EVER. In fact, I fell for my fiance almost six years ago because he has freckles. And played varsity hockey... yum! Anyway...

THANK YOU. I am SO SICK of people making the twins the same person. They aren't. At all. They're different and while they share a lot of similarities, they are two completely different people. I think it's an insult to them to have them the same. Personally.

Alicia should have been Keeper. We shall rectify that situation immediately.

I think that might be what I love the most about some of my characters. Everyone imagines them differently, yet so similar. Love it. I want the girls (Ang, Leesh, & Katie) to be like your friends. You can make them into whatever you want, but they have my personalities. Love.

So you've noticed I love using water in my stories? It's because I'm from the midwest and even though our summers are hot and a decent length where I am, I long for summer heat and west coast waves!

To answer your question, I'm not to Katie's extreme. I think they were both in the wrong. The fight wasn't just the napkins. Katie was totally wrong in overreacting so much, but you could tell throughout the story that George didnt' care much. It's fine, but he should have realized that a wedding was important to Katie and maybe set aside even a couple hours to talk with her about it. He just sort of ignored the anger between them and pretended like it wasn't there. You know? I think once they both get back to normal, things might get better. They might ? Who knows.

Thanks for the review! I really enjoyed it since for some reason the last hour has been relatively slow at work.

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