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Review:Gaiapet says:
Yay, the boys are back! I love them so much! Plus the girls! Such a fun chapter! I love how Jane is getting back to normal! Happy Jane is so much better than unhappy denial-land Jane. I love Doger, if you haven't figured that out by now. Haha. Such a good friend! He has always been such a great guy and I'm glad that he can stay in Jane's life in a good way. I have another writing assignment for you, haha. Thelma's story! I bet it would be a lot of fun... The thought of Jane and Ellis as a couple made me laugh. I love Ellis, but Jane would kill him in a day. Jane's legs make a reappearance! I love this running joke! Plus it boosts her confidence and brings back happy Jane. Fred and Ang's relationship makes me super duper happy! They are happy and communicate and make me laugh. So all is well with them! Katie and George on the other hand... I love the idea of naming the fish Waffle. I've had a few goldfish. One was named Goldie. The other was named America because it was red, white, and blue. I am very creative about fish names...Haha! My friend actually lives in the city and missed the lake that she used to live near, so I got her a fish in a fishbowl with a cute little treasure chest at the bottom. Ang had a very good point at the end. She is so perceptive.

“I’ll ask Dad for a large fishbowl and put a miniature kayak in there or something.”
-Haha, if only she had asked before her birthday.

George was beside him, laughing, and Lee was bringing up the rear with a few flowers for Alicia (I assumed he picked them from Katie’s garden).
- Lee would.

It was true. After I failed my first Hogwarts test I cried for two days and they were keen to point out how puffy my eyes were and how shitty I really did look.
- They are great friends. The best ones always tell you when you look like crap.

Chapter one: join Fred and throw Angelina into the pond.
In that chapter: Angelina screamed like a first year and threw water lilies at him.
Later that chapter: Fred ended up waterlogged because of his shorts but caught Angelina and snogged her anyway.
End of the chapter: I did a cannonball off the dock just to splash Katie, who was intent on not getting wet.
- Haha. I love how you wrote that. Funny and it moved the plot along. Sorta.

“I don’t care about lemonade,” said Fred, clearly scandalized. “I was taking about Jane’s legs. Blimey, have they gotten longer. I think they have. Katie, do you have measuring tape up at the house?” He leaned down and stared at my newly tan legs.
-Oh, Fred. Hahaha! Great line!

I hope Lou is enjoying herself. I look forward to getting reacquainted with her as long as she doesn’t want to talk football. I’ll have to do research if she does. I hate research.
- Oh, Janey. How lazy you are.

Perfect. I even felt like a formal, letter-writing girl of the nineteenth century. I should start using ridiculously big words and curtsey and not sit beside my significant other at dinner. What a sight I would be!
I tried to curtsey in front of the mirror. I nearly fell and decided I should leave the nineteenth century alone and live in the present.
- My favorite lines from this chapter. Every time I read them, I laugh out loud! SO FUNNY! Reminds me of Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingly. Oliver would be Mr. Wood. Would Roger be Mr. Doger or Mr. Davis? I like Mr. Doger best.

Jane has the best friends! I love the boys and the girls! Plus Doger! They are exactly what she needs!

Boo on you! You give us that teaser- Napkins. For the record, that is an amazing word that usually indicates awesomeness. I feel tricked.

Author's Response: I have to say, the start of this chapter and the middle are some of my favorite parts from the whole story. If Fred and Jane weren't brother and sister (basically) Ang might have to watch out!! I love Dodger too. He's definitely one of my favorites. He's genuine, but mysterious at the same time. Poor boy needs more screen time.

Thelma's story sounds so interesting!! Maybe a short short!

As for Frangelina, I adore them. Always have :) Obviously I have a bias since Fred is my second favorite character in the HP books. I also hate when people make Fred and George act the same so you can't tell them apart. They may do similar things, but they are so different.

Aww, I love that you got your friend a fishy! That's so nice of you. Fish are friends, not food after all.

I'm glad that reminded you of Mr. Darcy & Mr. Bingley because I was watching Pride and Prejudice while I wrote it. Mr. Dodger has my vote for dear Roger!

You should feel tricked. I am a tricky person!

Thanks for the ace review!

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