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Review:flying_rabbit says:
Haha, Dorcas really is oblivious :D And Lily... I feel bad for her. Were Sirius and James fighting about bringing her along again?
Sirius wanted to make Lily tell James how she felt about him and more? Wow. She wouldn't have stopped talking to him, probably; I suppose that wouldn't make him like her more. He'd just get annoyed. I mean, he's already annoyed by Dorcas blabbering like that, and he hates Lily. It's a good thing she used Dorcas as a test subject for the potion ;)
Oh deary me, that sounds like a wonderful song Dorcas is singing! I bet Remus loves it. And that's just Lily's luck, sitting next to James now... at least she can't really see his face.
I can't believe Sirius did that! Okay, actually, I can. It's Sirius. But still. Lily was quite funny there, how she closed James' mouth just like that - Sirius is right, she would never have even thought about doing that if she hadn't had that potion. So it was a good thing that Peter was going to dance with her, right? Otherwise she would've vomited all over James' feet :S I can understand very well that she's ready to kill Sirius. It is a good thing, though, that the potion's out of her body now.
Oh wow. She fought back! :D That's great! I bet James was surprised. At least she told him now that she thinks he's insufferable with his stupid hatred towards her. I'm not sure if he'll be bothered by that, but at least he's got something to think about, it seems :)
It's good to hear that Mary had a good night, that's one out of the three (well, Dorcas had a good night too, I suppose, but not because she wanted it to be like that).
Sirius talking about his brother there was pretty unexpected. At least Lily knows now what was bothering him that evening. It is, indeed, pretty similar to her own situation, but she should've watched what she was saying there :D And Sirius will come up with a new plan? Let's hope that one is better than the previous one. Even though, of course, Lily did talk to James! Why was Sirius laughing there? Because he was thinking about their situations and was taken out of that process by the Squid? Or is it supposed to be a mysterious reason? They all seem to be pretty bipolar, if anything.
Hopefully you'll update soon!

Author's Response: Lily is having a bit of an awful time right now, but don't worry; things will get better for her. Yes, James and Sirius were still arguing about Lily coming with them.

Lily, you, and I have the same logic, but Sirius thinks in weird and sometimes idiotic ways. You can't fault him for trying to help, but I guess you can fault him for doing it so stupidly. Haha, yes, good thing Dorcas was there to try it for her, although I can't imagine she'll be too pleased about that ;)

I had a lot of fun trying to think up a song Dorcas could sing that might lighten the mood, so I'm glad you enjoyed it. I imagine Remus did as well, eh?

Yes, if the Courage Concoction actually exists I imagine it would make loads of people do a bunch of crazy things. You don't really realize how ridiculous some of the things you think and want to do are until you actually do or say them. I guess, in retrospect, it's good that Peter took Lily out on the dance floor instead. Things would definitely be even worse if she had vomited on James.

Yes, she fought back! Aren't you proud? I'm very proud of her. He definitely has something to think about now; let's hope he'll realize she's not going to take his stupidity lying down, right? ;)

Yeah, I don't like to read stories where Sirius is all jokes and funniness because I think that, in reality, he would probably have a bit of a darker side to him that would just pop up unexpectedly. I wanted Lily to really see both sides of him, and I'm glad you enjoyed it. Sirius is a very very strange person, who is, for some reason, driven to laughter by the similarities between him and Lily. I would definitely call him bipolar.

I'll try my hardest! Thanks so much for the long review (:

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