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Review:soliloquy says: made my brain go BOM. Literally. I'm utterly speechless. In fact, I read this about ten hours ago and I'm still unable to come up with a coherent review for you.

But, since I'm me, I'm going to try anyway. @_@

Lily...I like the connection that you've drawn with her and Lydia from Pride & Prejudice. The irony and hypocrisy she shows when she criticizes the lilies only shows her immaturity and well, 'full of it' (is that the term? i'm not quite sure that it's right...) she is. Through all this manipulation, her trying for "once" to be better than Rose...she's gotten herself into this situation and even though she'll disagree, she loves this attention.

Lily thrives off this attention and the drama that comes with it. And Scorpius -- the whole time I'm reading about how their 'relationship' (if you want to call it that :p) feels like a sham. It's all show, even though it's written to seem...legitimate...because we know Scorpius and Rose and what they had (etcetc..) in WTA, I guess reading about him and Lily just feels fake. It doesn't work. Doesn't feel right.

I guess I should pity Lily. But, I can't. This one-shot just strengthens my dislike of her. I now understand her reasoning and her thought process but at the same time...even though I do understand her...I can't pity her. I can't sympathize because I just don't like her. It's hard to explain :p

When Scorpius called her Rose...I sort of closed my eyes and shook my head because I could only imagine how Lily must have been irritated or sad or something. And it also made me kind of happy, because it showed that ...yes, she 'has' Scorpius but he still loves Rose. It's kind of a slap to her face; damaging her ego, you know? Which satisfies me. :P

Favorite part of the entire thing? The end. With the last word being Rose. It's just, again, ironic how Rose is the one she hates. How she's trying to beat Rose by taking her Scorpius and all of that; and yet, Rose is the thing most mentioned within the one-shot. Lily doesn't want to lose to Rose anymore but she's obsessed with Rose. This one-shot is about Lily but ends with a mention of Rose.

Ugh. I don't make sense. I hope you can make heads or tails of this review. It's 4 in the morning and I need some sleep. T_T You're wonderful, by the way. I envy your skills :p ♥

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much for this review! I've looked over it a few times without knowing just how to respond. It's fantastic and I'm very thankful that you took the time to read and review this story. :D

I'd never thought about this story as a way for Lily to draw further attention to herself, but you're entirely correct - it fits her personality perfectly. She could have done all of this in order to make people see her and know who she really is. And she's willing to do this at great personal cost to herself, though I wonder if she knew quite what that cost would entail. She's succeeding too, as I can't see Scorpius getting out of this too easily. No matter what, Lily will have won something.

Their relationship is supposed to feel fake, mostly because both of them are fake in many ways - Lily almost right through, and Scorpius on the outside. They're both amazing actors. I can see how it makes you hate her more. I myself want to feel pity for her, but can't because she brought all of this on herself and had to realize just how far it could go in the end. She's not stupid, even if she may seem so.

She can never truly have Scorpius, but she can still marry him and keep him by her for as long as possible, using his sense of pride to prevent him from leaving her for Rose (not that Rose would have him back by then). Yet Lily will always be haunted by Rose because most of her existence is based on not being Rose, and she can't escape Rose now, she's in too deep.

Haha, it was a great review, and I'm actually glad that the story affected you to such a degree. At least the story was able to do something, not just disturb me to death. :P Thanks again for reading and reviewing this! It's fantastic to hear from you about this story.

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