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Review:writeyourheartout says:
Alright, so I just left you the first half of a review for your Remus/Rosmerta fic, and now have read this fic and have to comment on both here! So first, to finish my review on the other:

Alright, because I have to, here are just some tiny, infinitesimal blips:

"He is far too young to feel this old. He imagines a life in which he still feels alive at thirty-three, though he questions whether he was ever that vibrant and carefree to begin with. He reckons he did once, way back when, but it’s been so long he can barely remember. Every step since those days has worn on him like a mile." - It should either be 'He reckons he Was once' or otherwise 'though he questions whether he (no 'was') ever Felt that vibrant and carefree to begin with.' - the switch from 'was' to 'did' between those two particular sentences just doesn't run quite as smoothly as it could. With that said, however, the simile that sums up this paragraph is really lovely and powerful.

Another small blip:

"And here he sits, thinking that if life had rolled the dice differently, he would be an acclaimed academic, he would still have three best friends, he would have a path that actually leads somewhere, rather leading him in pointless circles that serve no purpose other to wear him down." - I believe you are missing 'than' twice in this sentence - once between 'rather' and 'leading', and the other between 'other' and 'to'. Still a great paragraph, though... as are they all.

Tiny details, but nothing so trivial that it actually took away from my joy at reading this story.

Alright, well with all of that said, I'm just going to reiterate one final time how incredibly powerful and complex this piece is, even through it's rather simple storyline. 10/10 for sure, regardless of the slight errors - because we all make those, so whatever, haha! I'm still just blown away by how you made such a simple idea so unbelievably powerful in such a short amount of time and in so few words. This is so fantastic that I just had to ramble on about it, haha - I have never been so inspired to leave such a raving review!

Truly, thank you for writing this. :-D

Ok! All of that ^ was for your other fic, and now to this one!

Holy cow. You have honestly got a magical way with words. Every single line in this piece is just so perfectly articulated. I swear that there is not a single word that was unnecessary or didn't fit in perfectly. I don't think I could ever write something like this, but the fact that you can (and then continue to follow it up with 'Meh. I'm not sure I'm happy with this') just proves as to how incredible of a writer you are. I didn't know who the character was, though, but I cheated and looked at other reviews to find out, haha. And again you've blown me away with your ability to create so much depth in characters that I never looked too far into. You are very gifted and talented and write with such beautiful ease that I am incredibly jelly over here. Yet another powerful piece from you. You should be very proud of your work - all of it - for it is brilliant.

Thank you for writing this. :-)


P.S. Sorry that first review was so long that I had to split it up! But I just couldn't control my fingers - they had too much to say! I hope it isn't too confusing or inconvenient for you! Keep up the fantastic work (I'm sure that you will!).

Author's Response: Thanks once again for your amazing review for "Like Coming Home"! And no need to apologize - I love long and thoughtful reviews, and it says so much that you took the time to write one that long!

I am really amazed and flattered by your review for this one. I meant it in my author's note when I said I wasn't 100% happy with it, but I think that's just because it played out on paper a bit differently than it had in my mind - I was going for some kind of half-prose/ half-poetry idea, and I had this idea of a specific cadence I wanted, and it didn't exactly work out as planned. But I was really just glad to get it written at all - they were some very difficult ideas and emotions to articulate in this way.

I'm happy to know you enjoyed the characterization here. It's not difficult to guess, from my username, who my favorite character is, but Percy is a close second - I just see so much depth in him, and he's so often written off as this total snobbish jerk. And he is a jerk sometimes, but I think there's a lot more to him - you obviously see it in DH when he comes back, but there are other points during the series when you see little flashes of the person he is underneath the calculated academic facade. At his core, I think he's probably a very insecure person who has always felt the need to prove himself. Even though we think of him as one of the older Weasley kids, since we see him from Harry's perspective, he is really a middle child, and I think that says volumes about his personality. He felt the need to avoid getting lost among his brothers (and sister), to stand out and prove himself. I've always liked thinking of Audrey as someone who would really take the time and effort to understand him and nurture him, and this piece was as much about her as it is about him. I really admire the Audrey I imagine in my mind (hah, that sounds really self-serving and arrogant, but I hope you know what I mean).

Anyway, now that I've written you a novella of a response...thanks once again for a fantastic review! I'm very humbled and pleased to hear these things about my writing.


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