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Review:PenguinsWillReignSupreme says:
I have tried and tried and tried all day to ignore this, push it down the priority list and start on the updates I missed during exams instead but it was just far, far too tempting. From the summary to the banner to the idea, all very bad for my self-restraint.

I absolutely adore Dom's voice. I started reading semi-expecting it to sound like Louis but it absolutely doesn't and it actually seems to suit her better than him. Possibly the choppy, incoherentness of it that reflects her absolute...mentalism, whereas Louis is a bit more normal(ish).

Everything about her, I feel I ought to hate. She's arrogant, she's vain, possibly a bit vindictive, so completely overly relaxed and blasé and...not indifferent but kind of and yet I absolutely looove her. She is honestly one of the most terrifying characters in the entire world to the point where she would actually make me cower (admittedly that's not overly difficult) and run (slightly more difficult). Still, she's genius.

Loved how Louis and Victoire were both drawn in with such ease and fluidity, and the bit about Lily - MM foreshadowing, perhaps? Anyway, seeing a bit of Annah that isn't surrounded by a drooling Louis was also rather interesting. I'm seeing the scary in her now whereas I probably wasn't in MM due to aforementioned pretty part-Veela boy's swooning.

Line that concerns Molly was probably amongst my favourites but probably cannot quote it due to pushing the 12+ness. There was also a fantastic use of 'innit' which I applaud you for. Actually, have a couple more:
- Every silver lining has a cloud or similar.
- Pout at full throttle
- That was a pretty twirl

and one not favourite line, more an excuse to rage:
- therefore confined to a life of misery in Wales
-cue rage-

Anywaaay, it was - as expected - brilliant, even if I have had to scour this (rather poor) review twice to ensure it's in normal English not your English.

Author's Response: Well I'm glad you didn't, because this is a totally amazing review and if you hadn't read it then you couldn't have reviewed it. Self-restraint (then something that mockingly rhymes with self-restraint!) This was clearly the best path of action.

I was a bit worried about that too actually, so probably made her even a bit madder to compensate. It was a lot, a lot of fun to write as her actually. I kind of like how it works with the normality of Louis, but point definitely taken.

Oh she's just a shocking person! She's pretty much everything you say and a bit more. It's just that she's meant to be really rather charismatic and charming at the same time. I think she's one of those characters who is lovely on paper, but in real life would just be terrifying! I would be right behind you on the cowering and running front.

Me? MM foreshadowing? Lily? I would nev - yeah okay I totally would and it totally is. It's going to get awesome! Either she's going to pop over during school holidays, or there's going to be some serious Hogwarts drama. Either way it will be fantasticness.
Ooh yeah, about Annah - I'm glad you got that out of it. It is a little hard to completely get her across in MM because Louis is, well, pretty much constantly swoon when she's around.

I think I need to write a Molly oneshot now! Like a proper Molly-Dom rivalry one. Yay for someone spotting the 'innit.' That's just me being all hilaro and British and stuff. Pout at full throttle is brilliance, shall have to use it somewhere else.

OH COME ON! You know full well why that's there.

Oh rude, my English is nowhere near that bad! Point might be taken though.

Thank you so much lovely, your reviews are just... amazing.

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