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Review:elegantphoenix says:
1) I mean, I think you already know what I have to say on the prediction front, so I think I'll just keep my ridiculously long James and Artemis rants to myself... Erm. Nevermind. SO. When Artemis was finally backing down, I had the sudden urge to jump into the computer screen (and, thus, the story) screaming NO! Because this would mean she was GIVING UP on JAMES. *cue unpleasant, but slightly comical sad face* He has to make an appearance sometime, his girlfriend MUST be some unsightly hag that he's only with to make Artemis feel completely horrible and jealous, and they must link arms and run off into the sunset together, or something.. Right?

2) Favorite quote this time was the whole exchange between Al and Ella about Noah's favorite things as she was leaving. Hahaha. Made me laugh, clearly. Like I might have mentioned once upon a time, you. are. a. GENIUS. Seriously. *puts on serious face* The quote that comes in close at second place is "WANTED: New best friend. Sixth year. Male. Preferably not insane. Owl Scorpius Malfoy if interested." Haha. BRILLIANT! And I totally did not expect him actually attempting to go and make the signs. Haha, but I suppose I can understand why he would. Who would want to stick around whilst their best friend endlessly ranted and went all goo-goo eyed over some girl they've just met a day ago? One they claim their IN LOVE with at first sight? I wouldn't. No sir. Tee hee. Got to love him, though.

3) With that said, I think Albus is... well... he's a bit of both. He's adorable, because he's FINALLY, after roughly thirteen chapters, in full blown lurve. But Noah seems like she's on a slightly higher tier than him sometimes, doesn't she? She's like the voice of reason for Artemis, and she doesn't enjoy being pushed around. OH! That reminds me of the bit where they're in the Entrance Hall. Favorite quote no. 3: "No, I can walk myself to class, thank you very - oi, put my books down, you tosser!" (That's 12+ right?) :D Noah is a right piece of work, she is. But I love her as well. Loads and loads.

4) I don't HATE you... that much. *insert wide smile of innocence* I think it's very original that you didn't have them instantly fall in love with eachother, and that you didn't make them mortal enemies either. You made her think of him as a brother, something I don't think I've ever seen before. I'm curious to see if that ever changes, though. Maybe Scorpius manages to win her over in the end? Hint, hint; wink, wink; nudge, nudge?

5) My favorite character would have to be.. well.. I'd say Artemis, because she's the main character and everything, but I don't think it's her. I think maybe, Ella, because she's so bright and bubbly all the time, and she doesn't really care what everyone thinks of her (a few chapters back, someone said she had the maturity level of a baby monkey - Dom, I think - and she didn't deny it). But underneath all that craziness, she's still sort of.. normal? She had that level of protectiveness over her sister when it came to Al, and I liked seeing that new side to her. So yep. Definitely Ella.

6) Least favorite character in the story is (no, not Apollo. Haha, fooled you! :P) MATT. Even though he's only a minor character, he's still a humongous prat. I want him to disappear off the face of the earth (or... you know, whatever fanfiction-y realm he lives in) and leave poor Alex alone. In saying this, I wonder if Alex is harboring some unrealized feelings for a certain spawn of Weasley as well... hm...

7) The banner is fabulous. Afterglow should be given a cookie. Or a dozen. And should be deemed God-like in their banner-making skills. Because they are UNTOUCHABLE. Oh, and your summary is pretty neat as well. I wish I had the marvelous power with words you possess, but, sadly, I do not. *sulks*

8) I'm not sick of them! They make you seem like a lot more than just an author name! And it assures and REassures us reviewers that you care about us, even though you haven't got the time to respond! So keep up the long author's notes! I love them :) And giving us questions to answer is brilliant as well.

Well, I suppose that's it for my incredibly, obscenely long, ranting review. I didn't know I had it in me, but, well, I suppose I do. Maybe I'll do this more often, eh? It feels good. La la la, where was I? Oh yes! I was going now. Tee hee. LOVE this story with all I've got.

- Nadhira

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