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Review:Jackson Robles says:
Oh the joys of AP tests. I could never take more than four - and even then for some reason scheduling only allowed me to actually take three classes. Both Junior and Senior year I had to study for an exam on my own. But Gov and Lang? Bah. Easy peasy - as you well know ;)

Let's see... today is April something? Yeah. 26th. That means that they're getting closer. So good luck! Basically. I'm sure they'll be a breeze.

But who cares about that? We're talking Dudey's Tale here! Aren't we? You know, I was just thinking the other day about how some people might arrogantly bash your portrayal of the stout boy. Saying he would never act like that. But, I mean, when you think about it, he's got a 'muse' to his changed behavior. You explain it - and even beyond that - you've got that one, very provocative line where Dudders gave Harry that lovely little line about how he never thought he was useless -or whatever it was (it's hard being so involved in HP when you don't have any of the books... oh well, term's over on Friday anyway) - you know what one I'm talking about?

Feedback... well... hmm. I'm in a good (yet very drowsy) mood. So there hasn't really been much critique lately. I can give you some, if you're interested.

Hazel - ? Well, we've got a bit of her story. Extremely beautiful girl that just reads. She's small, but amazingly beautiful, and apparently smart - as she reads all sorts of lovely little books most people wouldn't bother with. Now does that make her smart? Well, it gives her the impression that she's smart. So, in a way, it does (as anyone that reads those kind of novels inevitably goes around, sipping tea from elegantly carved China while discoursing loudly on the pathetic state of literacy in South Africa - overbearing, basically) - but for some reason Hazel's innocent. Well, oddly enough, her character strikes me as cliche. But not for HP fanfiction. For original fiction. She is the character all those bookworms like to write. That beautiful bookworm that's truly nice and earns herself a guy that just loves her for her... self - that petite, mild (her worry at the outburst she thought she had toward the two boys) girl who nice guys (you do throw it up a little bit with the use of Dudley as her knight in shining armor though - not a dashing man in a Versace suit)

But, when thinking about the characters it must be said you keep them in well rather well. Owen's craziness coming out in excitement instead of angry outbursts - keeps him in line with his brothers. And I must say they aren't vague in any sense. Justin's a bit left out, but we haven't seen that much of the story yet, have we? (or have we...? No, I don't think we have) Lunet is that fiery little 'sister' that I've seen maybe a couple times before - Nesta, that very attractive, very abrasive girl that just goes and goes - Dudley, bad trying to do right - Owen, well, I'm still a little skeptical about his person. Does he like Hazel? I dunno. Maybe. Maybe not. And why was he up? And what's around that corner?

Like I said, the characters are very poignantly drawn out, which is a writing feature that a lot of HPFF artists leave out on more than one occasion. And I don't want you to change Hazel or anything. I mean even real - haha, not calling you fake, but you know what I mean ;) - authors take their own flak. Like J.D. Salinger. Catcher in the Rye . oi. There are so many things that can be torn apart in that novel. It's scatterbrained narrator that really doesn't stand for anything but angst - and Salinger's inability to truly give meaning through that kind of narrator. (Edisto by Padgett Powell makes Catcher in the Rye look like a joke - have you heard of it?)

So no worries there. Hazel's a nice character. I like her - and I'm sure that nerdy, beautiful bookworm will come out with some qualms soon.

... Man I've gone to town on this review haven't I? NOT DONE! Nope. You know? Apparently MLA changed their rules? Books are to be italicized now, instead of underlined. :P

Okay, now I'm done. I. think. I might have lost something in the rambling. I mean - it's an interesting little chapter isn't it? I mean, the library sounds like a pretty cool place, doesn't it? And Dudley flirted! Kind of... you know?

Anyways, I'll be checking up on this story come May 13th ;) - most liberating feeling in the world, knowing AP exams are done. Well... maybe not most, but I'm sure it's up there :P


Author's Response: "Old Hickory" (or perhaps "Young Hickory"... I'm pretty sure you're birthyear is before 1767, thus making you significantly younger than the president)

OMG! And I thought you said your reviews were going to get shorter! Wow, you definitely had fun with this one! I'm going to actually read it now... :P

I'm in 4 APs this year... I was REALLY stupid and let my guidance councilor talk me into it... Thanks to a joint effort between her and my mother, I'll graduate with 10 APs... I may die. I'm not to worried about the exams, oddly enough... The exams are never as hard as the actual classes at my school.

I was hoping to incorporate more of Hazel's background with her father & half-siblings later in the story, thus hopefully making her a tad less cliche. I am already painfully aware of how superficial the reader's knowledge of the character is... this is partially because Dudley really knows almost nothing about her and the story is primarily told from Dudley's point of view.

Can I just comment on how amusing it is that you mentioned Catcher in the Rye in this review & I mentioned the book in a response I just wrote to an earlier review of yours? The coincidence made me smile.

I have not heard of Edisto but I'll put it on my summer reading list... If my local bookstore has it, I'll pick it up and put it in my "to read" book basket (I'm weird and keep a basket of unread books by my bed... don't judge me, I know it's probably bad for the books)

No worries about rambling... If everyone was focused all of the time, the world would be an incredibly boring place and I wouldn't have such a long wonderful review from you! I totally get what you're saying about AP exams though... It may not be the MOST liberating feeling... but when you're actually done, you feel like no feeling in the world could top the freedom you are experiencing at that moment.

Thanks for the reviews... sorry it took me an eon and a half to respond :P

- Black

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