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Review:Miss Lily Potter says:
Hey. I'm here from the forums, with your review.

So... Wow. This was... amazing. This isn't your usual style, but you wrote this so beautifully. All the emotions were clear on the page, and it was so, so sad. ):

Firstly, I loved how your summary tied in with the story, not once but twice. It really packed a punch, at the end, and it left a(n even more) haunting feel to what was already an incredibly haunting story.

I loved your description. I would quote all the phrases I liked, but that would be every one of them. Every word seemed carefully thought out and placed, and seemed to have an impact.

When I first saw this was in present tense, I was a bit apprehensive--not every author can pull it off. But I can't imagine the story being as beautiful without the present tense, that feeling of impending doom that's caused by things happening "here and now". And that left the ending wide open, because most stories written in present tense tend to have both characters live.

I was glad you had them both live, but not speak. After going through something as terrifying as that, to have them be happy and okay wouldn't have seemed realistic.

The ending, where George was dying, and then Fred's realization, and burst of ancient magic, made my cry. It was just so powerful, and it was an intense climax.

I like how you had it sad right away. There wasn't a lot of buildup--"And then the Death Eaters took them, and there they are now." They were there, and the readers put it together. It was much more... intense, I suppose is the word, that way.

Fred and George were both really in character. They were their brave selves, but not stupid--they understood that they might not die, and to both, the important thing was not being alone, rather then dying. It was poignant, sad, amazing. Great job.

There were parts in this that were terrifying--and I read a LOT of horror. The whole thing about time, and their unspoken conversations... It spoke to me, and it was very scary.

The torture that the Death Eaters came up with was just about the most horrible thing they could have done, save kill one of them. Not letting them speak, and having one of them tortured if they made a sound... It's awful.

In case you couldn't tell, I really enjoyed reading this. It was beautifully written, and thank you so much for requesting! Sorry it took me so long to get to, I've been kind of busy. I wish I'd read it before, it was really, really great.

10/10 (Though that seems an understatement...)

Author's Response: Three months without a response. That has to be some kind of horribly awful record! I really, really hope you can forgive me! All I can say is real life seriously got in the way of online activites for the end of Spring and I'm so sorry.

Now, I must next say think you so much for such a wonderful review! It made me smile and feel so nice, so thanks!

I'm glad you liked the summary. It seemed so simple I wasn't sure people would actually be drawn to the fic just with that little summary, but I guess it worked. And I do work hard to tie things in so it's very nice that you noticed. :)

I really had to think and plan what words I used carefully. This was probably the hardest thing I've ever written so it means a lot that you would comment on the choice of words. Thanks!

The present tense thing wasn't something I planned. I started writing this in a very different way than it turned out here. After struggling I scrapped what I had done and started over, and that's when the present tense came it. It made all the difference in how this story was told and so I kept it. It just felt right, like it was easier to feel Fred and George's emotions.

I knew from the beginning that I couldn't put them through this and have them come out the same, so the not speaking thing was a given. As for whether George lived or not, that I went back and forth on. I really wanted him to live, but I wasn't sure I could pull it off. In the end I just did what felt right.

Thanks again a million times for your praise and compliments. As I said, they made my day! Sorry if I made you cry or it was rather horrifying in places. I really don't know where this came from as I usually don't go this dark, but it was something I had to write.

Thanks again for such a wonderful review and SO sorry it took me so long to reply.

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