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Review:Prongs05JP says:
Okay so as I said on the forums, I'm going to review one >:D But... just at the moment I finished reading the chapter the conclusion of an intrigueing (sp?) episode of a Touch of Frost started and I got side tracked. But don't hate me, for Prongs05JP is here now! :D And ready to rev :P

So first off, Anna and Lily didn't know what the transmorfa-hoo-ha thing was - and I bet James wouldn't know either, poor guys. I'm glad I don't have to take Transfiguration :P I love Lily's attitude with the Mary thing, how she couldn't let it take over her life as she needed to focus on exams. Well thought about, that. However, I don't know what it is but I never really took to Anna :/ I think it's her short tempered personality (a great character, by all means) but to me she's always seemed like the one I disliked. But that's just how I get on/don't get on with people/characters xP

Moving on, I can completely relate to Lily and her no-studying-before-the-end-is-nigh thing. I feel like everything will just get muddled and I'll end up confusing myself :S And sods law! With the switching spell being the one she wasn't sure of and it being the first one xP I feel for you Lils, really.

One point to make here, I got a lil confused :/ Or I think it may have been a typo. When the guys returned for their written part of the Transfiguration exam they went in and it said ""You may begin," Professor Dearborn said, and there was a fluttering etc" so I thought it was the DADA one, but then it said the DADA was the next day so I got all muddled. I've come to the conclusion that you probably meant Professor McGonagall, but I felt I should point it out ^^

Nextly, I made up a new word :P

So... aww, James just gets the hang of being HB at the end of the year - much to his dismay xD And indeed Lily HAS gained one of the best friends :) Ouch, I really feel for James and his potions exam :P It was really well described - I mean, obviously it wouldn't be silent with people chopping up newts guts or whatever so it was good to get the point across :D

Actually overall the way you've done exams is fab, you've managed to create all the tension that would be there and written it all down - awesome :) Agh, Peter cheated!! Well... there's bound to be one, with all those people working so close together. And it does certainly show off a lot more of Peter's cowardly side. :( And James handled that pretty well ;)

o.m.g this is really quite a long review :O should make up for the time I missed out on not reviewing XP I do apologise for that :) And the final line kinda struck me too - it all falls apart and we know at least one of them fell from that line. Far below that line.

Congrats on another fab chap - it certainly WAS a masterpiece, so there :P

1000/10 :D

Author's Response: Hey! Yay, review! Haha. They've been kind of slow in coming for the most recent chapter (totally my fault for taking so long to update lately), so it's nice to have one to respond to. :)

I'm also glad I don't have to take Transfiguration. It always seemed like the hardest subject, kind of like physics or something. :P And it doesn't bother me at all if you dislike Anna. I always knew I was giving her qualities that people would find unpleasant. I've personally always liked Anna more than Mary, but I think that's because I can sort of see into the future and have a better idea of the people they're going to become. ;)

How funny that you do the same thing as Lily with studying before exams, because I actually took that quality from myself and gave it to her! :) I never study right before a test! Most of the time when I have exams, I just don't even bring my notes or books when I go, even though most other people are cramming until the very last second! It just feels like a bad idea to me. :P

Oh, as for the teachers--sorry, I did kind of set that up in a confusing way, but during written exams, it's never the professor of that subject who presides over it. So I probably could have done it in a less confusing way than having the Defence teacher do the Transfiguration exam, and Transfiguration teacher do the Defence exam, but it was intentional, and I do believe that it's accurate to the books. :) Good eye, though!

Whew, I'm very, very glad that you thought I did the exams okay. :) I think this is one chapter that definitely needs some deft editing at a later point, but it's reassuring to know that you didn't dislike it.

Peter, Peter, Peter...not his smartest move, wouldn't you say? Or I guess, depending on how you look at it, maybe it was kind of smart. That's the thing I find fascinating about Peter. Except in the most extreme circumstances (i.e. his betrayal), I imagine him as someone who would walk this line between right and wrong. He exists in this gray area, in my mind--and that was why I wanted to write this scene. Of course, it's dishonest to cheat on an exam, but then you have the point that James brings up, that they've all done dishonest things at school. So was what Peter did much worse? Were his intentions wholly bad? Or should we, like James, give him the benefit of the doubt? The last line, though, is very foreshadow-y, and it's unfortunate that James in his infinite trust ended up being so wrong.

No worries at all about taking some time to review. It's nice to get them whenever they come. :) Glad you thought it was a "fab chap" again. You're so nice!

Thank you so, so much for reviewing!

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