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Review:Alopex says:
Very interesting question: who was Scorpius and who was Dominique in my mind? Well, I must confess I just glanced quickly at the "areas of concern" and then clicked on the link, assuming I'd figure out the characters as I went along. Nope. These two characters could be anybody, really. In fact, they don't even have to be opposite-sex people. However, if I had to pick, the narrator felt more female until the very end. Therefore, looking back at it, I would say I would have thought of Scorpius as "you" save for the line about "you falling into my arms," because we tend to think of things happening the other way around when we read that, you know?

Did that make any sense at all?

I think I am in love with anything you write, because reading it is so enjoyable. Your writing really is so beautiful. I could read it just for the sake of reading it. Your style mixes great with fluff, I think, in part because your writing has such a dreamy, floating quality about it.

You also asked about plotline. Well, to be honest, I don't see much of a plot. There's a lot of description and sensation, but there isn't much happening. It's a couple acting silly and then enjoying some couple-time, as far as I can tell. I don't really think of that as plot . . . it's more like peeking in through the window and watching someone for an hour. (That sounds creepier than I meant it to.)

About the concept: I've never read anything like this before, but I did just read a story that focused on color. Obviously, the use of color can be symbolic, and here you have used it to show a blending and sharing between two people. I'm not sure how literally this was meant to be taken, and I don't see a particular point in writing this story (not that every story has to have a point, of course). So I'm not completely clear on what the concept was supposed to be. Nevertheless, it was an enjoyable read. :-)

Author's Response: Sorry for the late response again!

True, true. They really could have been anybody. But I needed some sort of excuse to show that this was HP fanfic and not OF. And I wanted to be greedy and write another Dominique/Scorpius, which is why it ended up being this pairing.

You are lovely. :) And too nice to me, though I am utterly undeserving of your kindness. What a relief! I can kind of write fluff! I'll admit that I once despised it, but I'm trying to expand and try new things.

Oops. I didn't realize I asked about plotline for this one! (Because, as you pointed out, it doesn't really have one.) I was pondering submitting another story instead which did have a plot, but instead chose this one. So, I apologize for that!

The concept...was more or less a reflection of two people changing to suit each other, I suppose. As you said, it really is abstract. To me, Scorpius was the one who was painted and Dominique was the painter. Scorpius allowed Dominique to paint him in colors that he was not, but that she preferred and in turn, Dominique ended up painting herself. When they fell together and made the color "blue", that was symbolically showing them coming together to make something that suited both of them -- blue symbolising the ideal color which suited Scorpius and the color of Dominique's eyes (ocean colored). So, I suppose, it was a story of a couple changing for each other, but that change was shown in a favourable light.

Thanks so much for reviewing, Alopex! As always, your reviews are insightful and thought-provoking and entirely delightful to receive.

- Celeste

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