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Review:VampireKisses says:
Gubby! This is Kristen from The Golden Snitches, here with your four-day wait review =D Time to get cracking, shall we? I just want you to know that what I say, I say with sincerity, and if I say anything that may offend you, I'm sorry :( I'm only trying to help, and it isn't my intention to hurt you ^_^.

Now, I have to tell you this Gubby, before I really get into the review. Gubby, you're a terrific writer.

And this, this was a great story.

Seriously. By the end of the second or third chapter, I found myself scrolling across to that trusty little handy dandy favourite button. I've read this twice in a row, and am still enraptured by it.

First, let me start with the language, the style of your writing. I was spellbound, amazed, insert jaw dropping adjective. I swear, the first thing I thought as I finished the first chapter, and still so after the conclusion of this chapter, was that it was so poetic! Your use of anaphora and other repetition, and just your use of writing techniques flowed beautifully like water. And the thing about it was that it was so bloody powerful! It had such a huge impact with me. I also greatly enjoyed your symbolism that you laced throughout the story so far; like with Bella ripping to shreds Sirius' white, delicate origami swan. And the irony! I loved how you called Narcissa a traitor for her looks, and we all know what happens later on :).

However, there were some points where your syntax and word order did get a little bit confusing and slightly carried away; I did have to read a few lines here and there over again to be like "Oh, okay, that's right." :( But never ever fear! It was a joy to read over; your writing is so sophisticated.

I think your plot is incredibly interesting with surrounding it around the death of a young man. In a strange way, the way things played out seemed to be like a movie - like perhaps Sam Mendes. I love how everybody's story intertwines with one another! Like Narcissa and Ted having their midnight fling, I would never have suspected Andromeda and Ted to be connected that way at all. I also just LOVELOVELOVE the way you make all this Black socializing and trickery a slippery game played by everyone. Obviously I know this story is still going like the energizer bunny (for which I am so glad!) but I hope you won't forget to tie together all the mysterious lines. What's with her clutching her empty necklace? Why is she so sick (although I'm sort of hoping she's not pregnant with Tonks, but it doesn't matter, because you'd make it NOT cliche)? Why does she want to join Alec in the abyss? I can't wait to read more amazing poetic, because it REALLY IS so lovelily poetic, words by you!

Onto the characters. Loved them to pun intended. I just adore the way you characterized each and every one of them. I love how Narcissa is sweet and naive (is Ted using the poor girl? :o Bad Ted! xD) and Bellatrix feels the way she does, how she considers her sadism helpful, how she always wants to play her games. And Andromeda being Andromeda, you captured her just as I imagined her. And the Black brothers! How can I forget them? They were as well, spot on for me. I got to tell you, one character I particularly liked was actually Druella surprisingly. I loved the way you characterized her. In fact, the way you introduce her with her overpowering smells is one of my favorite lines in the entire story.

Ambrosia is one of my favorite foods. And "Ambrosia" the story has indeed stuck with me. I'm just curious, why call the story "Ambrosia"? Does this have anything to do with relating the Blacks as almost god-like (and ambrosia being the food of the gods)?

Please come back and request again. I love this story alot! I'll be sad when it ends. Really, good job.


Author's Response: Good lord, this review. I'm so sorry I've taken all these long months to get to it, but it floored me then and it floors me now. Just... thank you, thank you so much. I can't express how much this review meant, and still does mean, to me. Thank you.

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