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Review:VampireKisses says:
Anything I say in this review is my honest opinion. No bull whatsoever is laced in these words!

Rita, I love you. And if you write books professionally (which you SHOULD and you WILL on pain of alot of your readers going after you with ink and paper so you DO get published) you will, on the soul of Jane Austen, be VERY very veryveryvery successful. Any publishing company that does NOT accept you shall be the fool! Seriously.

Rita, I kid you not, this was bloody brilliant. And it's not just the fact that I was squeeing at the whole Austen/Bronte/Colette inspirations either. This was AMAZING. I swear to you, I have been waiting, no, DYING, to read something like this, and this blew away my expectations of an Austen-y/Brontesque Potter fic to Kingdom Come.

Let me first begin with your cast of characters. Every single one of them was so colorful and distinct! I could just SEE Madame Deuxmoulin being the gossiping wasp in Austen or a Bronte novel. You thew a fair few (somewhat complicated) names, but girl, I could put a face to every single one, each had a seperate voice. And I didn't get stuck with the names. That takes talent, Rita! *hug* Plus, I was so excited you used Felicity Jones (and Jonathan Rhys Meyers!) from Northanger Abbey. She was a great fit for Madeleine. I never heard of the man portrayed as Luc, but I pictured him as JJ Field...still, all very delightful!

I loved that you channeled Austen's wit in this! I literally laughed out loud. Like when you were describing poor Madeleine's mother. It was so subtle, but yet so hilarious! Is Rigfort not good? Because like any Austen triangle, there's always a blackhat or a cad.

I also thought your dialogue was very realistic for the time period. You got society's manners quite well so far! You said you never wrote a period like this - I say keep going! If you have trouble with social customs though, I have all these notes on Regency/Victorian social customs if you want to use them. They're more for England, but I'm sure France had similar rules. I doubt you'd have trouble, but if you want them, I can give you them ^_^

And your sentence structure! My god. It just flowed into every sentence so beautifully. And I especially loved how you have these medium-long sentences and then at the end it just got shorter and shorter. It made the ending powerful! I want to read more!!

Okay, now I LOVED this story, but you might want to look out for convention stuff. Like i noticed when it came to Madam Poisson, you had "that old, widow that she was..." there's an extra comma that doesn't need to be there. But other than that - GIVE ME MORE AWESOMENESS!

If TGS has awards, I think they do, but I'm not sure, I'll definitely will be voting for this.

Just one question: Is Elise an OC or was she really the founder of Beauxbatons? I hope that makes sense!

This was so original and so excellent! I can't wait to read on!


Author's Response: KRISTEN! Thank you so much for this fabulous review! I hardly know what to say, but I know that thank you is so not enough at this point! I shall do my best to get published as not to incur your bubbling wrath XD

Ha! I am glad you like the characters :) I tried my best to make them as distinct as possible from one another, because I sure do know what it feels like to be lost in a book of a cast of thousands. I guess I learned that best from the recent books that I've read, namely Clash of Kings. Fantastic book by George R. R. Martin. A literal cast of thousands and I am interested in each and every one of them. To say that I've somehow mirrored that is an all too great compliment in itself!

JJ Field! Yum! Long live Henry DA MAN Tilney! Who said guys have to be ignorant about clothing? XD

I must say, Madame Poisson is a favorite of mine. I originally planned her to make just a small appearance, like one or two lines to mention her, but her view of everything and everyone was a nice frame. An overzealous woman who gave birth to a timid wallflower drooling over the first handsome man she sees was just too juicy of an ironic twist to ignore.

Haha! I am still undecided about Rigfort. To be quite honest, while writing this, I could be swayed either this way or that! Maybe he's a bit of both. A cad and an absolute noble gentleman. But which side of him will win? You'll just ahve to read and see.

Thank you so much for the offer of help! I must say, I need all of it that I can muster. I've been researching a lot and more will certainly help! I shall PM you if every a question does occur! Count on it XD

Bah, I am horrible at spotting out convention! I shall go over this again, not to worry, and perhaps will solicit the help of a beta when it's long enough. But thank you for pointing that out :) I need all the help I can get. Even Strunk and White can't knock it into my noggin XD

As for Elise being an OC, yes she is! I have no idea if there is an actual stated founder of Beauxbatons, but I figured there are too many Hogwarts founders stories in the world. Why not give Beauxbatons it's time in the sun :)

I am so glad you liked it and I look forward to seeing you in the future chapters! Once again, thank you for this amazing review Kristen!


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