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Review:twinklinghazeleyes says:
Hi!! Remember me from "A Violet in the Sunshine"? YAY!! You put up the Lily II/Teddy story!! *Well duh, stupid girl, slowly bangs head on wall* :) Ok so how freaky a coincidence is this - I didn't have anything to read so I went on to all stories, to see what had been updated and put up, to see if I liked anything, I saw this, and I didn't even look at the name of the author, but I LOVE Lily II/Teddy fics so I was just like YAY anouther Lily II/Teddy fic!! And clicked on it and read it, and being the thicko I am I didn't pick up the little tips about it being linked to "A Violet in the Sunshine". Like Louis saying about Victoire should have married Teddy. And even when you mentioned Opal I just went, huh, that's a coincidence and carried on reading. You didn't mention Zachs name in "A Violet in the Sunshine" so I didn't recognise that, I didn't even register the similarity about the fact that Lily had her own Hippogriff in this story too, until I read your authors note, when it said you wrote "A Violet in the Sunshine" then I remembered the Hippogriff thing, and I scrowled up to the top and was like OH!! It's the same person, that would explain the coincidences!!! I swear I was dropped on my head as a baby, it would explain so much, stupid child!! *shakes head at self* Ok so after my marveling at the coincidence and my thickness lets get on to the story!! :D Lol at Lily being mad at her hair, I know how she feels though, I think those girls who shoval make-up on are ridiculous, I only put make-up on when I go out, and I don't even own foundation, the only cover up thing I own is concealor, and my hair never behaves either, in fact it sounds IDENTICAL to Lily's it's bushy and curly as well , except my hair's brown and I'm not really sure what colour her hair is, I know you mentioned it but I couldn't work out which colour her hair actually was, but apart from that we are SO alike!! :) I could never get up half an hour earlier than I need to, I don't get how or why girls do it just to put on make-up and do their hair. :P Why did Teddy keep ignoring her, it was so upsetting!! :( That thing at the end was so sad, she was all happy and hopefull and then he was like - "You have oatmeal in your eyebrow, D: Also Louis saying Teddy was like her brother was so sad as well. Louis sounds seriously adorably cute/hot!! :) But he's gay huh? Ah well, more fish in the sea!! :P Anouther annoyingly long review, sorry, different story though!! Well you probably figured that out, seeing as you wrote it, but oh well... Just ignore my babbling!! :) Ok so I started writing this review when there were no reviews but know I am the second reviewer!! :( Oh well!! At least I'm here from the start this time, instead of finding it when the tenth chapter had been updated like with "A Violet in the Sunshine"(by the way I just had a look at the reviews for "A Violet in the Sunshine" to see when I found the story and my reviews were sooo short back then, seriously like a line long, oh how you must long for those days now!! :P) Again ignore my rabling!! :D I LOVE THIS CHAPTER, AND I AM SURE I WILL LOVE THE WHOLE STORY LIKE WITH "A Violet in the Sunshine"! :D Thank you so much for putting up this stories first chapter so quickly!! :P (you know what happens next!!) *gets down on knees ready to beg* Please update really, really, really, really really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, realy, really, REALLY soon!!! 10/10!! :) :P :D OH MY GOODNESS, this review is even LONGER than my review for chapter 26!!! It is 747 words long (including smilies :P)!! I have some serious ISSUES!! Lol! Hope you didn't get TOO bored or mind TOO much about having to read this review full of my ramblings!! :P If you did let me know, and I'll try to shorten them in the future!! :)

Author's Response: thankyou so so so so so so much for another absolutely amazing review! You are my colmplete favourite reviewer ever! I am very very happy that you like the story so far and how its going at the moment. It is super funny that you didnt realise this was a sequel, but I guess you must have had a fun surprise when you founf out that it was :P
I'm ver glad that you empathize with Lily and her life,I tried to make her believable- not to fake or too tomboyish- and I kind of gave her some of my own opinions. Her hair is mean to be a really light golden strawberry-blonde (like light-ginger but nicer) and thats becaus emy sister has that colour hair and it is so gogeous you wouldnt believe. I dont wear much makeup either, I wear light blush and a bit of eyeliner but not the full thick mascara, thick foundation stuff, i think its a bit chavy (sorryif you're non-english and dont now what I mean by that :P) yeah, I like louis too, he is meant to be like really gorgeous but in a girl/babyish kind of way - in fact, I think I'll write a fic about him too, thanks for the idea- and yeah he's gay, I didnt want it to be too obvious or too unocticeable, but I hope I got it right. Teddy was only trying not to favouritise lily too much, becaus ehe cares so much about her, but he ends up faling horribly (you will see next chapter). Hope I cleared up most of your questions, feel free to ask me any more, or you can visit my author page and ask me there. Thankyou very awesome reviewer, keep up with the long ones

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