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Review:spinx says:
Oh.oh, oh, oh.

I am so very glad that I decited to check on you tonight. Even though I actually came to reread another story of yours-finding this new one instead was a pleasent surprise.

A very pleasent surprise indeed.

I'm so glad that you havn't given up on Sirius and Lily after all (the young versions that is...). You are, after all, the one who made me like them so much.

And well-what can I say, even after all this time, and the high quality your stories have reached-you've actually gotten better. That is a surprise, somehow.
Don't know why, but I didn't really expect it.
But even more so is your ability (talent) to still keep this as fresh after all this time. It still feels as though you're writing your very first story- taking care of everyone and everything.

There is still this eager energy to show something new, something different.

You always approach them (Sirius, Lily and everybody else for that matter...)on a different level, which is simply fantastic.(I just can't get over that) Even more so are your interpretations and your vivid scenesetting.
It's a bit hard to explain.but whenever I start reading one of your stories, it never feels awkward, forced or unsettling.
Never wrong or misplaced- not even for a word- a sentence.

I simply never feel like reading fanfiction with you, but rather like reading what naturally belongs to HB universe.

To make one thing very clear though---you are, by far, worlds ahead of JK and her meager romance attempts.
(I know of course, that HP was never meant to be that sort of story anyways)

But that's not all I meant with the above comment.

See, I am not into romance-usually- but you just write that stuff so good, with an actual killerstory to back it up (and more), that it's really hard not be pulled in by it.

Not that your stories are just romance of course!!! Please, do not believe, even for a minute, that I am that shallow not to notice the care and attention you put into everything else beside that one part!

Emotions however--bringing people together, making them react and interact simply jumps out first.

This just may be your strongest point-well, right now I couldn't even come up with even the slightest of weaknesses on your part anyway.

Trust me---I know just how bootlicking my words sound right now-but theyre everything but that. I know how tiring those "Oh, you're so great!", sentences can be, especially when I see them thrown on a bad story.

But the thing is---I've known your work for quite some time now. And NO-- I do not read fanfiction alone. Not to say that there arn't some really great (rare) fanfiction authors out there. But you- you've simply surprised me with your rapite growth of skill in this short period of time.

I'm not the type of person to review a story I don't like---never done that---but with you.well.I just have to put down those lenghty reviews for you.

And believe me when I say that I'm not a very emotional person myself, not teary eyed or heartfluttering when confronted with cheesy romance.

And so many writers have that one very wrong. For most of them- even the pros- romance equals emotion. There is more than romance, more than trying to get that one solving kiss, which, by magic, makes everything else disappear.

Your stories are dark, dirty, real, gripping-unforgiving.
The characters are neither perfect nor do they seem to follow a prescribed route. What they think is not what they end up doing. Which is one the most refreshing things you've got going for you.

How many times have I experienced characters who strictly follow every though in their mind. It is simply unrealistic. Real people arn't like that.
Just because I decide something with all my willpower doesn't mean that I end up doing it (most of the time).

It's just one the things you're really good at. Keeping the reader surprised and guessing. Letting gestures speak rather than words.

Well-not to say that you're not good with that too.

I just don't think that you can get any better with dialogue even if you tried to.


Well-believe it or not, I'd actually like to write an even longer, BIGGER review---but I really fear for your eyes.(my post will be hard to read anyways---I just kept jumping from one point to the other---but hell---I was just that excited ;t)

To sum it all up!

You're a better writer than JK by far.(She is a genius in terms of ideas and suspense- no denying that---skillwise however, you outdo her [and alot of other prowriters as well] by far)

You have style, good ideas, great settings, fantastic dialogue, amazing characters, depth, grip, a certain distance.I could go on for another hour at least!

Which brings me to my one and only question-just how the hell does a person manage not to get involved with your characters? (emotionally)

You're a great writer---period. I doubt that there'll ever be another bad piece of you (the only ones I didn't like being your very first two stories).

Keep on writing---it would surely keep me happy and smiling.

(I know how obsessed and fangirlish this whole review may sound- trust me. But it's really not meant to be that way. I didn't mean to praise you without thought- or to praise just so you would write more of this rare pairing---you're simply that great of a writer-the only one Ive ever bothered to follow, and still keep track off---the only one that ever got those long reviews and praises. The only one who really deserves it.)

(Its 3 am at my place right now--- Im sure you can tell by my ramblings!!!)

Author's Response: Wow. I think your review is longer than my chapter! Thank you so so much for the wonderful, kind review. I've been a bit disheartened with my writing lately and it was so wonderful to come home to a review as kind as this. Thank you tremendously for taking the time to write such warm words.

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