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Review:Dellacqua says:
Well after hearing about this I could hardly not drop by and take a look, could I? :P For a start I love the banner, Iíll say more in my PM but it is brilliant. I have so much respect for people who can do graphics, I wouldnít even know where to start. Itís a lovely banner Ė I love the colours, itís all misty and quite subtle and it makes me think of night-time when you literally canít see your hands in front of your face because itís like there really is something physical covering them rather than just the darkness. Anyway, enough of my ramblings!

The first part about John Lupin was excellent. I did genuinely feel like I was tearing up a bit as I read it, it was so heartbreaking. I think it was when you said he was only five years old, if he was a teenager at least he could have some grasp of what was happening but surely not at that age. All who knew was that people were treating him differently and he was being locked in a shed. I really felt for his father, it must have been so horrific to go through.

Itís no wonder Remus really starts to loathe his condition in later life. I love how you do things like that Ė really work on the origins of something and build up why somebody feels the way they do. It makes all of your work so great to read because it really is so well thought out. Remus having to be confined to this shed up until...11 is it when they go to Hogwarts? I think so. Anyway being confined the way he is because of the Ministry and their pants regulations is awful, itís not surprising he had such an unshakeable bond with the Marauders when being with them must have seemed so different.

Hogwarts is like a different society really in my mind. Dumbledore runs it and controls it Ė what he says goes. It must have been an amazing escape for Remus to be in a place he didnít feel so persecuted and where he had friends who stuck by him through everything. Anyway, enough of Remus! I havenít even read his section yet and Iím off on a tangent!

John Lupin Ė it must have been unimaginable for him to live through this happening especially because he considers it his fault. I like how you included his job Ė just another of those details I love so much! It didnít just make him a father upset his son was a werewolf, you included so many different emotions. Itís what makes a character real in my opinion. I donít think anybody can be just bad or just good or just kind or just cruel, every single person has a mix inside them and you showed it with the guilt John Lupin feels as well as his sadness, his anger at the Ministry, his care for his son and the way it breaks his heart not being able to help. Awesome stuff :)

Remus section is perfect, really absolutely perfect. I love first of all how you portrayed James, as almost looking forward it in a way because he thinks itís freedom and he enjoys that. It shows really how much Remus being a werewolf doesnít matter to him, he doesnít sit there worrying or thinking what would happen or who would get hurt. He just prepares himself for having another night of freedom Ė thatís real friendship. You keep all of the Marauders so in character, itís great to see flickers in this of what I know they will later become in IMTD. As ever, Sirius is brilliant and I really liked the inclusion of new werewolf laws and how Sirius is so angry about them.

I liked as well the link back to Remusí father, itís great to see that even with the three generations in the story the sections are linked. I like Remusí constant knowledge of who he is affecting, this constant worry of his that he is causing trouble to so many peopleís lives. And yet you never see him blaming his father for what happened, he loathes his condition but I think only because of how others treat him rather than for what it is. Your characterisation really is completely flawless.

The last section was my complete favourite. Iím surprised because I know I love how you write the Marauders so expected to prefer Remusí section but Teddyís was excellent. I love for a start the full circle the story went in, from John standing watching the moon and worrying about Remus to Teddy doing the same. Harry passing down the Marauderís map to Teddy because he was the last child of a Marauder that was so perfect I really thought I would cry. Iíve turned into such a sap lately! But really, that was such a stroke of genius and really was beyond perfect.
I love how it changed as it went on Ė the inclusion of Victoire was excellent by the way, the bond between them was lovely to see but she wasnít at all intrusive Ė because Teddy found the moon almost comforting as a last reminder of his father. That was great, it fit so well into the story. It was great to see a different interpretation by a different generation.

Ohhh I quite literally love this one-shot. Seriously you should be very proud. Iíve loved reading it :)

Author's Response: I love John Lupin. I dont know why because I've never written anything about him before, and when he shows up in my stories it is only brief glimpses. My son is 5, so I totally could never imagine going through something so huge at that age. Thats pretty much still a baby. I dont know how he could ever bear to be forced to sit and listen to his childs screams. I'm glad you felt for him, because he deserves it! Poor guy.

I agree with you completely regarding how he hated his condition and how he felt around his friends. I'm sure he was isolated and lonely all the time, and I'm sure he was well aware of his parents' anguish over what had happened. As he got over, I know he must have known the difficulties he put his family through because of what he is. You are entirely right about Hogwarts being like an entirely different world. It really is - his condition doesn't matter there. He even finds people who accept it and turn it into an adventure.

I've always assumed from the very beginning that Lupin was a hunter. I dont know why - it just seemed a fitting way that he could have offended Fenrir Greyback without being the dodgy sort who knew him personally. That said, it really does make up for some interesting content, the hunter who's son becomes the prey. I think it would be pretty interesting to write a story from John Lupin's POV - a novella or something. I think there is a lot to say - I am happy that you can appreciate that.

As for Remus's section, you know I love the Marauders! I'm so glad you picked up on even the tiny characterisations of his friends, I was so careful with them even though their parts are small. I'm glad you can tie parts of the way they are to my novel.

Thanks for noting the link back to his father. The whole purpose of this one shot was to kind of tie all of the Lupins together through the moon, although it was a rather shaky idea as I was writing and I wasn't sure if I had done it well enough. I can't see Remus as ever blaming what happened on his father. Well, perhaps once as a child (that'd make an interesting one shot, too) if he wasnt allowed to do something because of it, but he seems the sort to feel really bad about it.

I'm thrilled that the last section was your favourite. I was surprised to find that it was my favourite too after it was all said and done. I've never written next gen, though you know I've been wanting to. I'm really pleased the part with Teddy came out decently. I thought it would be very selfish of Harry to pass the Map to his kids when Teddy has just as much right to it as Harry does. I'm sorry if it almost made you cry though (not really). Haha, I like making people cry.

I was iffy about bringing Victoire in - it was never on my mind, I hadn't planned for her to be a part of this. But as I was writing, she just kind of appeared and I went with it. I'm happy you didn't find her intrusive, for their romance was never what this story was meant to be about.

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