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Review:ButterflyRogue says:
Firstly, I'd like to express my relief to hear your son is out of danger and alright. I just read about the accident this morning on eHPF and since I wasn't there to offer support last night, I'd like to do so via this review. My thoughts are with you and your family, hoping for a quick recovery.

Secondly, I am very glad to see you updated. This chapter might not have been action packed, but it developed strong emotions and was really moving, the scenes following Nyah's kidnapping very powerful. You captured the pain of the parents having their child taken from them the second time, just when they have finally found her again, so good, made it so real that I almost screamed for them myself... I have already mentioned your remarkable descriptions before, but I will do so again. You have me completley wrapped inside the chapter from the first to the final word with them...

I kind of thought you could make Astoria a good person and I am very glad I was right. Somehow, you've made me feel so connected to Nyah (just a proof how magnificent this story is :D) and I genuinely want, no - need, her to have someone to look after her in such a horrible situation. However, that last scene made me worried for Astoria... I have a feeling Lucius has been terrorizing both her and Scorpius to get Draco do what he wanted him to do. I also kind of feel sorry for Draco --- even though he was a typical bad boy throughout the books and a coward, I kind of always felt fond of him and thought that maybe some more in-depth writing could develop his character better. He always appeared to me as a rather complex character with a conflicting personality --- I can't picture him as being truly evil, rather arrogant and self-conceited, but also desperate to live up to the expectations of his family. However, I also don't see him all noble and good hiding behind the mask of arrogance as most Dramione stories have him. You've made a good balance with him, so much that a part of me would like to believe he is doing this to Nyah out of desperation --- because his father is holding his family at the "gunpoint" (in lack of a better expression).
This leads me to another compliment to your characterization --- it is absolutely wonderful, believable, well-developed and very deep.

Also, you've introduced another vital element in this story --- the reason of the kidnapping as some kind of Voldemort's plan (although you mentioned the Dark Lord, I am still not completley certain it is Voldemort behind all this --- I mean, he was so sure he would win and kill Harry, did he actually doubt himself and made a back-up plan for Harry's child in case he gets defeated??). I am very curious on what exactly is it all about!! (I have a few ideas myself, though... ;) )

You have a talent for setting the scene in a way that makes me feel like I am there myself. I feel like walking through a Pensieve of sorts, yelling at the characters to look out and feeling their pain, but no one notices me... :D (I have a weird sense for analogies... o.O)

Nice touch with Molly and the veritaserum... ^_^ That woman is my inspiration... All of the Weasleys were great in this chapter! I like how you gave a bit more of a role to Charlie (his little way of torture was very noticeable and he's the most neglected of the Weasleys so --- go Charlie!).

The next chapter is promising some serious action! I can't wait! However, I have a feeling that Nyah's potential rescue from the Manor won't be the happiest of endings since there's still the problem of her magic destroying her...

Once again, magnificent work! I am looking forward to more!

~ Rosie

Author's Response:

Hi Rosie! :) Thank you for the well-wishes for my son. That's one of those moments that you feel utterly helpless, which is not good for a mom... He is doing very well this morning, with some brusing and soreness, and only the one gash/bruise on his cheek. He was very lucky and all of the prayers and thoughts have been very comforting... thank you!!

On to the chapter :) Thank for an amazing review! I really do appreciate it! I'm glad that you enjoyed it, even without lots of fireworks. {sigh of relief}

I've always pictured Astoria's character as regal and pure-blood, but ultimately with a good heart. She, and ultimately Scorpius, gives Draco every reason to stand up for them and against his father. There will be quite a bit of Draco in the upcoming/final chapters and we'll see things through his eyes.

Lucius's ramblings about Voldemort will become a bit clearer soon. ;)

The Veritaserum was one of my favorite parts of this whole story! It's so Molly to have this up her sleeve! Even the best moms need a bit of help now and again. :) And Charlie is a great character to write. I can see him really enjoying watching Harry beating up on the guy, but knowing that he can't let it go too far if they want to get information from the DE. So even though he'd like to pummel the DE himself, he chooses to make his point a bit differently. :)

There will be a lot going on at the Manor... you're right, and as the clock ticks away... we'll see who rises as the hero. ;)

Amazing review - thank you! :)

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