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Review:demongurl says:
action, action, action...more, more, more......update, update, update.....If you haven't had time to read my own review reply from TNG3, I'm just a little hyper right not a little, VERY hyper right now (You might begin to see who Harper is based on)....anywho, onto the actual prper review..*pretends to sound intelligent*...Well, in my opnion you are a very bad person for leaving us with such a cliffhanger, if one would call it a cliffhanger. One also presumes (maybe) that this other plane of existance could possibly, maybe, could be where Sirius his hanging out for a little while...Hang on, I forget whether this is during the 5th book or just before...Is sirius dead yet....I have to reread this story when I have time. But anyway, thou is an annoying author for leaving myself waiting for the next chapter. But why JAck!! I wanted Dan to go damnit, i still don't like him (even if he hasn't actually done anything but lie in his bed for the past few chapters) and those Reavers were cool they're totally like, "Do whatever you want, we don't care" so cool. When's John's final show down with his ex-wife gonna be? should be soon, should be fun :D *rubs hands manically*....Just relaised this is actually a very long review and I keep getting distracted or going off on tangents....again I ask (I know the answer anyway) would I be that one lucky person u referred to in your A/N?? YOU OTHER PEOPLE START REVIEWING!!! I'm beginning to run out of things to say....I want to keep writing more because I can't be bothered and for once actually fearing writing my stories and I don't want to do my coursework....urgh, must pull myself away from this review to do my coursework...please shoot me.....ICE HOCKEY ROCKS MAN!! though english ice hockey is rather tame :(

Author's Response: Oh Geeze... I think your review was longer than my chapter lol. Anyway I know you love action, probably as much as I do... or at least as much as I like writing it... Umm... it wasn't meant to be a cliffie... I just thought it appropriate for the chapter to end there... I really need to reboot my computer... it's been on for about three days straight... I finish writing something, but the screen is so slow all I see is three words ago... anyway... The different plain (is it plane? I don't know) of existance will be explained... or at least I'll try... anyway Sirius is not yet dead... the time is around midish-September... while I was writing this chapter I had to check... so Sirius is still around... as for why Jack... I don't know... I didn't even start to write this until three hours before I posted it... I was talking to all my friends, and getting them to read it and tell me what they thought... eventually I came to the decision that it was to be Jack... I'm not sure why... but he might not be dead... though I'm still thinking of ways to bring him back... if it is possible... yeah I like the Reavers too... read Rill Dracas' work... he created the Reavers I just got to play with them... as for Eve... I'm still working out how she will come back into the story... if at all... as for the A/N stuff... well you're the only person who ever reviews... so... yeah... there was a review in "The Power of Love" that I never even saw, that wasn't you... but yeah you're the only person who reviews for this... anyway I'm going to go make a late lunch.. I'm hungry... now you see where John gets his appatite... as for British Hockey... I can see the tameness... you Brits lack the fire that melts the ice when you skate... whereas us Canucks are burning the atmosphere... lol... I need to play... I HATE summer... anyway thanks for the review.

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