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Review:hpswimdummy693 says:
Kaylens is awake! And it's about time too, I love that girl. You know, I almost thought she didn't know Harry's first name until this chapter. I mean, she almost always calls him by 'Potter', so I see the phenomenon in her calling him Harry in this chapter. If only once, but still!

Ginny is funny, I must say, how she can have a sense of humor when such an ordeal is going with herself, not to mention the wizarding and muggle world is going into ruins, is beyond me.

You have the best dialogue, and you give me the best visual images. Alot of stories have trouble doing that, but you have somehow managed to entrance me with the illustration you've painted for me. I must say, Kaylens and Harry are too cute together, my gosh, sexual tension is as thick as too much butter spread on bread or something of that sort... And those little squirms she's feeling her stomach, are those what I think they are? Butterflie perhaps. hmm...

Poor Order of the Pheonix, they are having same major drama and trama. Interesting that Regulas Black is in this, very original.

Congratulations on being nominated in the Dobby Awards! You deserve it because believe it or not, this is an amazing story. It's no problem that you posted this story up late either, as I said in one of my reviews before, there is no rush to update every two weeks. At least, not to me...


Author's Response: Ah but indeed, she does know his name! Though saying it does cause her to swallow some pride. And I'm glad that you found Ginny funny. Some people I think have a little spark of life in them that refuses to sizzle out, no matter how bad the situation gets. They of course, do become despondant, cry, and show terrible sadness and shock from time to time, but they bounce back quickly. I picture Ginny as being that way. Honestly I sort of see her sense of humor as being similar to a man I once met, who had recently suffered a horrible loss (his wife and three young children had been killed by a drunk driver), but he steadfastedly maintained his humor because he knew that his family would never have of wanted him to lose it. Thus, Ginny is in a way modeled off of that type of perserverance.

You think the dialogue is good? Really!? *beams* Dialogue is actually something that I have tremendous trouble with! I'm not always entirely sure if I am jumping around in the characters thought processes too quickly or not. Creation of imagery though is something I really enjoy doing, so I am glad that it is effective! Thanks for letting me know that the sexual tension seemed thick as well. I was aiming to have a bit vibrating there, but I'm thrilled to know that it came off as very thick! :)

Ah yes, I couldn't help torturing the Order a bit. I've always thought that there was something inherently wrong with the Fidelius curse. After all, you can be standing on the same street as the house, looking in the window or at an empty lot, while being unable to 'see' the people and location that you are looking for. However, the charm doesn't extend to the road, nor to the entire neighborhood, and considering that the Black household's street location would have been known prior to the Fidelius being applied, well....It seemed sort of obvious to me that eventually Voldemort would do something drastic to the poor Muggles surrounding the house, in order to draw the "Order" (ah, how I love puns) out onto the roads into an open battle. Bring on the moral dilemmas! Stay inside in safety while Muggles die, or run to their rescue! I almost feel bad writing the next chapter. Key word being 'almost.' hehe And thank you for the congratulations! It's the sites first run with trying something like this so I was just glad to see that there were people actually nominating anyone at all! There honestly weren't a whole lot of nominations made in comparison to the site in totality, but I'm just glad that thing is turning out successfully so far, even had I not been involved whatsoever. It makes me grin to see the staff's ideas taking fruition. :) Thank you for your patience between updaates as always! Have a good one! - Kim

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