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Review:CJ_Black says:
Hi again, Violet!
As you may or may not know, this story has been in my favorites for quite a long time. It is by far one of the best one-shots and stories I have ever read. You are such an amazing writer, I really admire you and look up to you because your style is very enjoyable and addicting. Also, I noticed, for the first time in my entire reading career (lol), an impeccable story. No grammar mistakes, no misplaced commas, no spacing errors – nothing. I just had to compliment you on that because I’ve never seen it in any other fic before. Once again, this proves you are a dedicated author and that you respect yourself as one. Truly admirable, that is.
You have a great talent for descriptions, and I’ll probably never figure out how you manage to capture the readers from the first few words. It’s amazing. I was so caught up with this fic I didn’t even hear my sister yelling across the room. And that’s extremely hard to miss. But really, you are the best when it comes to setting up the scenery, I could visualize everything so easily. And like usual, you never overwrite. You have a unique personal style that practically make it impossible for readers to ever get bored of anything you write. I’m willing to bet a quite large amount of money that if you were to write an entire novel filled only with descriptions of a single place, I would never get bored. It’s just…truly admirable. The snowball fight was great, lovely descriptions there especially. It was so rich and colorful and on top of that, filled with emotions. I could feel the hesitation, the awkwardness, the fire, the anticipation…everything. And of course, the part where Sirius was expecting to be attacked by a Death Eater or something and instead got a snowball from Lily – humorous and light, and very, very refreshing.
The emotion was so intense in this fic, and you did a great job on describing it through Sirius’s eyes. It could be felt without actually being written, because no guy will wallow in self pity or make things over dramatic, even in his own head. For that, I feel the need to congratulate you once again. I could understand Sirius perfectly, the jealousy he felt that in the end was overpowered by the devotion and loyalty he felt towards his best friend. It was beautifully sad, though the overdrama was avoided by the smart remark about the angel and the devil sitting on each of Sirius’s shoulders. That made me smile. A good funny line always cracks things up and makes them better. And I could totally see Sirius making one even in his darkest of moods – it’s very much like him. I love this Sirius you’ve shown us here.
And Lily – oh my God. Seeing Lily through Sirius’s eyes is always a revelation for me, because I hate her to no end. But the way you portrayed her here – far from being perfect and a goodie-two-shoes (which is the way most people write her) made me genuinely like her. She looks so beautiful when described by you, so interesting and kind that I really can’t help but relate to her and forget my dislike towards her. She is original and realistic, a human person with feelings and not a silly girl with a badge and a big mouth. I mostly liked the fact that she never hated James, but felt indifference toward him, which probably hurt so much more. I can’t stand it when people write her as this crazed banshee whose life solely revolves around insulting, slapping and turning down James Potter.
But then again, I wasn’t expecting you to write anything of the sort – you are a most respectable writer, and you really banished all the clichés with this fic. All of them – it’s unbelievable. It’s so original and creative, so well written and different than any other Sirius/Lily I have ever read. And speaking of Sirius/Lily – you wrote that pairing perfectly. You and timeturner are the best when it comes to writing them, because I have rarely seen anyone handle this ship so well. Romantic and sweet, but not at all cheesy, and sad but not overdramatic. I love the jealousy Sirius feels, the sacrifice he makes, how hard it is for him to know that it could’ve been him in James’s place. Very believable and just simply beautiful.
Ah, and the graphics. Oh my God, the graphics! This is my favorite banner of all times. You’re such an amazing artist, I always take a look at my author’s page just to see the banners that had the incredible luck to have been done by you. You’re a gifted artist and a very gifted writer, and overall one of the most amazing people on this site. And if you were expecting criticism, well, I’m sorry to disappoint. :))
Oh my God. I really didn’t do a great job on keeping this short now, did I? :-S. The ending was one of the best endings I have ever seen. It connects to the beginning very nicely, giving a deeper meaning to what Sirius is thinking and feeling. And this line – “Sometimes, that’s all a person can do: look into the night and wait for morning to come.” – was perfect. Wonderful. Amazing. This story really enlightens the archive with its wonderful descriptions, realistic and incredibly well written characters, astounding displays of emotion and of course, splendid graphics. Congratulations for writing such an awesome piece. 10/10 is nowhere near enough, you’d deserve a much higher rating that the archive unfortunately doesn’t possess. I can’t wait to read the rest of your stories! Much love, CJ

Author's Response: This review is almost 1000 words. Some people write stories shorter than that. CJ! I'm really thankful for your review, and I'm pleasantly surprised that you enjoyed this little story so much - it's not one of my personal favs, but hearing from you that it's so good really means a lot. =)

Maybe the fact that it's not my ship and I know little of it helped this story from becoming cliched, and made it different from the other Sirilys out there. The ending is probably the best part of the story, I agree with you there (this poor story gets little love from me! even the banner isn't one of my best, lol). That last poetic line was probably inspired by forsakenphoenix, who writes lines sort of like that, only better. ;-) Thank you very very much for such and in-depth review. That you took the time to write such a review is an honour. ^_^

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