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Review:circinusphoenix says:
Hey! I really don't understand why you have no reviews for this, this is a great start!

Lots of stuff happens here, and you move sort of fast through the scenes, but that's alright. I like that you had Harry getting a note from Dumbledore (although Fawkes was surprising to see, 'cause he flew off at the funeral, and I thought he flew really far away too).

Harry and Hermione on the train, it was a small scene, and it would have been nice to hear more of the train ride back I think. The train ride always sets up things for the summer generally; hearing what other students are doing, what their plans are, etc. Plus we generally see more of the students on the train, like Luna, Neville, etc.

As for the scene with the Dursley's, yes, that was very strange. I thought an Imperius Curse at first, but Polyjuice Potion still works. I do feel upset that Harry's relatives are dead (or at least appear dead). Of course having the curse bounce off Harry made sense 'cause of the protection, but really, what was Ginny doing there? How did she get there before Harry, and get in the house? It would have been locked right, and the fake Vernon opened up the house, so how did she end up at the other side of the hallway? Hmmm . . . there should be some interesting backstory there I think.

Oh, your Avada Kedavra is mispelt, just thought I'd let you know.

The ending I'd say is the only part I'd say you need to maybe fix up. Harry just realized his relatives are more than likely dead, and that Ginny was suddenly in Privet Drive, yet the only thing he says is "I'm going to bed"? I don't know about you, but that is a strange thing to say. It sounds like it doesn't bother him at all that Death Eaters killed his relatives, and almost killed Ginny (the exact opposite of what he wants). I'd expect he would have been both yelling at Ginny, and shouting at Order members to both go and check his family, and why they allowed his family to get killed.

But again, it's just the ending I think that falls out a little. I like your plot line so far. This DADA professor sounds like she should be interesting to meet. And only Harry can convince her? Oh, I wonder why?

Anyways, again, good start! You deserve more reviews, that's for sure! I hope I maybe made up for a few here (I told you in my reply, I write long reviews!). Good start!

8 / 10

Author's Response: Wow, I didn't realize that I left so much out. I'll start with I know that the scenes went by sort of fast, but I was trying to write it as though Harry wasn't really paying attention, except for the things he really wanted to see. On the train, the reason that only Harry and Hermione are there, most of the students that come from wizarding families their paretns took them home, I should have said that, but it slipped my mind. As for Ginny being at Privet Drive, she wasn't there before Harry, and I was picturing the house in the movie. I should have said that she was in the hallway, next to the front door, sorry about that. I didn't know that the spell was misspelled, thanks *blushes*. Finally the ending, um, I made it that way, because Harry doesn't like to show his emotions, until he absolutely has to, or until they kind of blow up out of him. He's said he's going to bed, so that he doesn't have to show how upset he is, but I definitely could have written it better. I usually re-read my stuff, before posting it, but I didn't get a chance to this time, and you can tell. I'll work on it Thanks

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