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Review:Jessamina says:
Rachel's who reccomended you to me..hehe, funny that it went the other way too. Saw your response to one of those. Okay, *settles down to read...*

The descriptions, oh! The descriptions! That is definitely your strong suit. I suck at them, bad. *laughs* I actually wrote 'September Moon' just to prove to myself I could do them well at all. I'd love you to read that one, just to prove to the Description Queen that I CAN infact write them, but it's so far from your style, alllll fluff, you know. :)

Wow, this is...a bit like a scene if mine in WTHW (chptr. title 'Mayhem at Malfoy manor'...if you were wondering). Some of the lines are so close, it's so weird. :) I love it though, wait, does that make me vain? LOL Great minds just think alike. This is darker though, much darker. Of course. And yeah, you trump me easy in the descriptive department. I liked so many lines from this, I can't copy 'em all down here. You wrote it though. You already know how brilliant you are I bet.

Oh man, so yeah, unbelievable action there. Ron! Oh, my poor baby Ron! I liked protective!Harry in this, that was lovely to read (that's the rampant H/Hr shipper in me rearing it's ugly, I mean it's pretty head...) and oh, God, how disturbing and heartbreaking- what Crabbe and Goyle did to her. Yes, very similar to TWO chapters of mine actually. You should read them and see, it's got me smiling over here. 'Mayhem at Malfoy Manor' and 'Under a Full Moon'...only the second, I suppose you'll get to them eventually, I won't spoil it here.

I loved this. For one-shots, you really do such an amazing job. Capturing that one moment in time, so detailed and so vivdly. Going under my favorite authors now, and I'll be starting on the chaptered fic of yours (that I see was just completed, yay!) by tomorrow I'd say. I can't wait! I love your work, it IS very inspiring.

*sighs* I started the outline for my first Draco/Hermione fic a moment ago. That's your fault. Your stories transcend ships, you can write both love and hate in equal skill. Which is a talent. And your vocabulary, your style, it's so wonderful. Puts you in that rank of authors here who should really BE authors, in my opinion. :)

So yeah, another ridiculously great fic. 10/10.

What? You're surprised?? LOL ;P

Author's Response: Ha, Rach is great, isn't she?

So . . . You seriously do NOT suck at descriptions, I wouldn't have said I loved the power of them in your latest story if I didn't mean it. You are truely brilliant at them, its just that everyone has a different style. If they didn't, then fanfiction would be very boring. I will certainly review "September Moon", in fact, I was planning on reviewing all of your stories, it's just it may take me some time. My educational life is so frantically busy right now!!

No, that doesn't make you vain. Mutual writers, wow, I most definately HAVE to check out all your works now. Ha, me, brilliant? I look around on this sight and I don't compare to half the people here. Some stories are so amazing I feel ashamed to admit that I wrote mine!!

Oh, thanks so much. You have no idea how much I love you right now!! I think I remember Rachel going on about a chapter involving the trio captured and attacked by Draco, and that's why I wrote this one-shot for her, because she loves conflict so much. I just knew she'd review it, lol.

Wow, favourite authors? Me, one of them? I'm so flattered, but I bet there's a whole list of others out there who are better than I'll ever be. Have you tried Jessi_Rose for example, or even Queen_Sabreen, even though she is mean and never answers her reviews, which is damn lazy and infuriating, especially as so many people compliement her works! God, people like that frustrate me!!

Anyway . . . Wow, you've actually started on a Dr/Hr fic? Can't wait to read it!! Email it to me first? Go on, lol, you know you want to . . .

I do write a lot of my own original work, always fantasy, because you can squeeze so many genres into it - action, horror, romance, crime . . . I'd love to be an author, its my second ambition from wanting to be an actress, and oh . . . wait, marrying Ryan Ross from P!ATD, now he's gorgeous!!

Thanks Jessamina. You rock!! xx

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