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Slytherin Angel by Blonde Bubbles

Format: Short story
Chapters: 7
Word Count: 17,117
Status: Abandoned

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature

Genres: Romance
Characters: Draco
Pairings: Others

First Published: 01/28/2005
Last Chapter: 02/26/2005
Last Updated: 03/12/2005


Your deepest dream is to be a normal teen aged witch, but the will never happen. Secret lay nested in your heart, secrets that will change your and everyone around you lives forever. Your parents were killed because of your secrets, everything you'd ever known. You will be staying with your godfather, whom you know nothing about. You meet a foul mouthed blonde haired boy who you start to fall in love with, the qestion is will he love you back after he finds your secrets? YOU/MALFOY

Chapter 1: Slytherin Angel
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Slytherin Angel
Chapter one
Disclaimer: I own-- I mean I don't own HP.. heh heh...

You stood there, your long, wavy, dirty blonde hair danced behind you as you walked the path leading to the huge castle, your first day at Hogwarts , you were forced here because your parents had been killed.

Your light green eyes filled with tears in remembrance of that night, your house, your home, as big as it was, burned, burned all the way to the ground. You had been sleeping over at a friends house, Amy’s house to be exact, when that very morning a troubling phone call woke you, the news of your parents death.

You’d never been in school a day in your life, you where home schooled, But now that your parent’s were gone you had no choice but to go to Hogwarts.
You had been staying with Amy, your best friend, until school started on September first.

Your god father, who you knew nothing about, not even a name, was to pick you up at Hogwarts, which you thought odd, after the term ended. This thought scared you a bit, going home with a man who was a complete stranger. Not a very good idea.

Your owl, the most beautiful blue/gray color, its markings in black and white, about ½ the size of other owls, only around 6 inches tall, sat perched on your shoulder and flew of as you walked through the front doors, wearing your Slytherin uniform.

You also had a fox, who never left your side, an arctic fox, solid white, when the light hit her just right, she glowed silver, her eyes where amethyst, giving her, her name. After the feast they held on the first day of school, you got your schedule, you were beginning at Hogwarts in your 6th year.

You walked over and sat at one of Slytherin’s tables, alone, You had been presorted, you thought it very odd that a girl such as yourself with a muggle born mum had been put into Slytherin, most others would consider you to have dirty blood. You sat there quietly until you were rudely broke from your train of thought. “Hey look, Goyle , it’s the rich witch, everyone’s been talking about,” a rather handsome blonde boy who looked your age, said to one of his friend.

“I heard that,” you state looking up from your schedule, turning your gaze to him. “If your smart, I advise you to shut your mouth, before I shut it for you,” You look back at your schedule. “More like rich bitch,” the blonde laughed. “You think you could shut me up?” He smirked.

“I choose not you answer that, as I feel no need to make you feel stupider that you clearly already are,” You smile back looking smug, “Nice meeting you,” he stood with a smirk, and walked away, touching the back of your neck gingerly as he walked by, making you blush immensely.


The bell rang finally after breakfast the next morning , it was time for 1st period. After what seemed like hours you rushed into a room, potions, your first class. “How nice of you to joins us, Miss Ashton,” Professor Snape said as you took the first empty seat you came to. “I apologize a thousand times, the stairways are very confusing,” You sigh.

“Well everyone this is Sera Ashton, the newest member of Slytherin,” He gestures to you. “Why don’t you stand up and tell us something about yourself?” He smirks, reluctantly you stand. “I was home schooled by my mother, My parents were recently burned alive in my own house while I was gone, and going to school here,” You sat back down abruptly, tears forming in your eyes.

He nods as if apologizing and begins to teach, not that you listened. “I’m sorry to hear about your parents,” Someone called from beside you. You looked over, a boy with black hair and green eyes with large round glassed, not too bad looking, was the one who spoke, he side him sat a red hair boy, and a brown haired girl.

You nod, “I’m Harry, this is Ron and Hermione,” He pointed at the people beside him. “Harry? Harry Potter?” You asked in a in a voice of disbelief. He nodded. “Wow, I never thought I’d meet you, I’m Sera,” You shake his hand, then turned to listen to the rest of Snape’s lecture.

Soon the class was over and you were thanking God, “What class do you have next?” Harry asked as you gathered your books. “DADA,” you stated. “I have the same class, we have the best teacher, Professor Lupin, he was our teacher in 3rd year but quit, but decided to come back, would you like to walk with me there?” you were glad you were making friends already, and enemies if you counted the foul mouthed blonde you‘d met earlier, but you couldn’t help but think of his cute blonde hair and the way his blue/gray eye sparkled, you were oddly attracted.

After class you walked with Harry at your side, thankful that you didn’t have to search for your class. Amethyst running in front of Harry almost tripping him. “Amethyst!” You scolded her, “I’m sorry she gets excited to met new people,” You take a long thin purple leash from the inside pocket of your robe and attach it to her matching collar.

“It’s aright, where did you get her, you’re the first person around here who doesn’t have a owl, a cat or a rat,” Harry smiles. “My dad, bought her for me, for my birthday last year, I have owl to, Tawny I call her, though she not a tawny owl, she flew somewhere when I was coming in,” Harry nodded, and continued to talk about this and that. You passed notes during class, by the end of the day you and him along with Ron and Hermione had become good friends.

Around 4 you were sitting in the Slytherin commons room floor beside Amy, the same girl you’d spent the night with the night your parents died. She was your best friend, and very pretty, but to say the least you were exact opposites, her straight black hair and dark brown nearly black eyes, and you with your wavy dirty blonde hair and green eyes, Her tanned Asian skin, yours lightly tanned but still rather pale, you both had nearly the same build, both short, your were 5’4 her 5’3, skinny and well curved, but the main different was attitude. She was really blunt, and forward with her words, never thinking about anything before she said it, she was book smart, and very girly, like yourself.

You liked make up and fashion but you weren’t one to spend hours at the mall, you were always on top of things, never missing a beat between come backs, you were very emotional, and very stubborn. You thought of her as a sister as did she, you’d know each other like the back of your hands.

You walked over to your CD player powered by magic, and turned it on, listening to whatever was on. You walked back over and sit in the floor beside her. “So how was your day?” She asked petting amethyst who was asleep at her side.

“Okay I guess, I met Harry and two of his friends, and a blonde boy who was rather rude, yesterday,” You smile and rolled your eyes, blushing lightly in the thought of him, “By the way you talk of him it doesn’t seem like you hate him all that much,” She grinned in knowledge, you give her a death glare, warning her not to say anymore. She just smirked and continued with the work she was doing.

“I’ve heard a lot of people talking about the, ‘new rich witch’,” you looked at her skeptically raising one brow.

“There was a few guys talking about how hot you were, not seeming to care of anything else, and other people talking about your mom and dad, I don’t think anyone has heard anything else,” she looked thankful as did you, you and her shared many secrets, one of which only you, your parents and her, of course, knew of, you weren’t a normal witch, you were a witch of legends, that no one believes existed, they don’t know how wrong they are.

You had the power to heal without scars naturally, you cried blood but only if you were hurt deeply, like when parents died, there was lots more you couldn’t explain, like the calming aura that seemed to flow about you, but most of all it was said that your blood would give great power, you were the legend witch known as an angel.

“You haven’t told anyone anything have you?” You asked a bit concerned. “Of course not, you know better than that, we keep each others secrets unless its either hurting or endangering, you know that,” she rolled her eyes. “Well still knowing you,” she stuck out her tongue.

“Are you going to go with me to watch quiddicth practice tomorrow?” she changed the subject, “Oh great, girls in the stands to keep us distracted, just what we need ” The male blonde from earlier walked into the common’s room. Amy winked at you, you blushed and gave her the you-say-anything-I’m-gonna-kill-you glare.

“I never asked Harry does he play?” You get a small dreamy sigh. “What don’t tell me your falling for Harry Potter..” Amy giggled, “No of course not, you of all people should know he’s not my type,” you said with all seriousness.

“Of course, you never really went for the hero always the bad guy, with a bad attitude,” She stated knowing you. Malfoy turned off the CD player you had turned on earlier, you and Amy paid no mind.

“So our birthdays are coming up, its hard to believe we’ve grown up so much, it was like only yesterday we’d run around the back yard pretended we were great witches,” Your birthday was only 6 days before Amy’s, you being born on October 5th and her on October 11th, both of you had a silver bracelet, a snake wrapping around the wrist, its eyes made of a lime green stone, diamonds covered most of the rest, making the scales, it was a friendship bracelet.

“I know I’ve been counting the days, so what are we gonna do this year?” you asked with a smirk on your face. “Well this year will be different, being our sweet 16,” her eyes lit up. “We should have already planned this,” you stated “Who said I didn‘t?” She smirked, a classic look for her. “Tell me what you’ve planned,”-- “Well we’re doing something daring this year,” she was trying to make you guess.

“Like what, sky diving?” Malfoy grinned, you’d almost forgot he was even in there. Amy threw a paper wad at him playfully, gaining a giggle from you when it hit him on the head. “I was thinking more along the line of skipping all classes, and throwing a party in the commons room” She smirked.

“And you were going to tell me this when?” You looked at her in disbelief. You rose off your feet, with a smile, “Well, I don’t know what your thinking, I’m headed for a bath, are you staying up much longer?” She nodded, “I’ll be up till around 10, with our homework,” She emphasized the word our.

You smiled “its only a quarter till nine I’ll see you when I get out,” You stood, as you did, Amethyst barked at you raising her head, “Shh.. Say with Amy, I’ll be back,” she lowered her head back down and you went to your shower.

~~~~~~~~~Malfoy’s POV~~~~~~~~~~~

I watched her leave, not able to stop myself, she was the oddest girl I’d ever seen, her eyes shined, with happiness on the outside, but held inner sadness, she was so mysterious, I yearned to learn more, more about her, the way she thinks, what she thinks of, not because I like her or anything, that would be a ridiculous theory, but then again is it really that ridiculous?

I couldn’t fool myself, I was slowly by surely falling for this girl, her beauty, her pride, her humor, the way her eyes shined, the way she smiled, everything about her, and to see her sit with Potter made my blood boil, I wanted to learn, learn how she really felt about him, sure I’d heard when they spoke of him, “What don’t tell me your falling for Harry Potter..” Amy giggled, “No of course not, you of all people should know he’s not my type,”

But no one knew her better than Amy, and that’s where I would start.
“Wouldn’t it be funny if the girl and Harry did get together,” I said trying not to be so blunt, I wouldn’t want her to suspect anything, and it wouldn’t look a bit suspicious if I come out and said, ‘You don’t think she likes Harry do you?’

~~~~~Normal POV~~~~~

“Well it would be weird, but that’ll never happen, she does happen to have a crush on someone, and it certainly isn’t Harry Potter,” She smiled and shook her head, making sure not to spill your, ‘secret‘.

“I still don’t believe she’ll let herself get close to anyone,” She wasn’t going to say any more. “Why is that?” Malfoy wasn’t going to let the subject go that easy. “it’s a very long story,” -- “Well we have plenty of time,” Malfoy urged her on. “A long time ago, there was a boy, where we hung out every Saturday, a muggle skating rink, by the way, not to brag or anything, we were both the best skaters at the place, we were 13 he was 18, he’d flirt, slap her butt as he walked by, things progressed, he’d put her arm around her, they’d cuddle in the corner, she was absolutely crazy about him, and he well…..

….he was a prick, I told her over and over again, ‘he’s playing you’, but she wouldn’t listen, the Saturday before her 14th birthday, they spent the whole night together, when it was time for us to leave, he ran up to her and kissed her on the nose, and said he wouldn’t be there the following Saturday.

The next Saturday rolled around, we went, only he had lied, obviously he thought that she wouldn’t show up because he wouldn’t be there, and he was making out in the corner with some girl I’d never seen before, they’d always sit and hold hands in that very same place, he looked at her once when we got there, and didn’t say another word to her, its amazing really, he broke her heart without them even sharing a kiss,” She said nothing more on the subject.

*he didn’t know what he had, I’ll bet anything he regrets it,* Malfoy thought. Around 15 minutes later you had emerged from the bathroom your hair still wet but brushed none the less, you wore only a bath robe, solid black in color, made of velvet, it came down to around mid-thigh and the sleeves flared out at the ends, black fur bordered the collar, the sleeves and the bottom.

You had it tied tightly around you with the matching tie. “Must you wear stuff like that around, you really should be more modest,” She states as you walk in. “Well, I’ll put it this way, would you rather me wear what’s under it?” You look at her raising an eye brow. “As much as I think Malfoy would like that, I’d have to say no thanks,” She laughed as Malfoy rolled his eyes, you giggled as well.
“Anyway here’s your homework,” she handed your homework to you, “Now remember that’s gonna cost you,” you took your homework and put it into your binder that was sitting beside of her. “I’m going to hit the hay,” You announce, “I’ll see you tomorrow,” You picked Amethyst up off the floor and walked to you room quietly.

Malfoy watched you leave. (In the Slytherin dorms, I SAY everyone has their own tiny room, instead of just the beds side by side, with curtains to put around, and by tiny I mean just enough room to put a twin sized bed, a night stand, a wardrobe, your school trunk and a tiny chair,)

“I know you like her, its so obvious you watch her non stop, asking questions about her, and her love life, Malfoy, I think she likes you too,” Amy said when she was sure you were gone, “You tell her I said that and I’ll have your head,” Amy looked at Malfoy waiting for a reaction. “Who wouldn‘t like her?” He asked.

“Malfoy, I’m gonna tell you this before it goes any farther, I know how you are, and if you found this out later it might cause problems,” She pause, rethinking if she should tell him or not. “Well out with it,” he urged her. “She has dirty blood, well her mum was muggle born and her dad was pure,” Malfoy’s face was now contorted into that of shock, disgust and disappointment.

*There is no way, that something like her could be a mudblood.* Malfoy’s mind raced to find an answer. “Now Malfoy, what are you going to do now, listen to what you think, or what you feel?” with that she stood up taking her things and left, going to bed no doubt, leaving Malfoy to his thinking.


I hope you like this story, i have it well thought out and almost completely wriren. please take the time to reveiw, and ideas will be a big help, my brain is running on empty, PLEASE PLEASE REVEIW!!!!

Chapter 2: Chapter two: Faster than you expected.
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Slytherin Angel
Chapter Two
disclaimer: I don't own HP.

The next day (I’m aware that quidditch doesn’t start to around November, please work with me,) you were sitting on the side lines watching the Quiddicth match , with Amy at your side, Slytherin team was looking good this year, well that’s what’s Amy said. You weren’t even really watching them your mind trailed of to Malfoy, you couldn’t help it. You were falling for him, and that was that. You stood up, you needed some time to think, you told Amy you’d be in your room, and headed off, to anywhere.

You roamed the area, Amethyst at your side. You found yourself being drawn closer and closer to the forbidden forest, but you didn’t care, you weren’t afraid, you decided to take you a walk into the forest.

*how can I be falling for someone I just met, It doesn’t make any since, and he couldn’t feel the same, I’m nothing more than a mudblood, why is life so unfair, not that I’m complaining I could have it a lot worse, come to think about it I have it better than a lot of people, the gift of healing without scars, being a rare, if not the only angel in the world, yet that’s another thing that makes it so hard for me, having to keep a secret of who I really am, I wish sometimes I could just cut lose and cry the tears of blood without worrying about people looking, but what am I kidding, that’ll never happen,* you look sadly up at the sky, it was getting dark, you looked around you, nothing but trees on either side.

“great,” you whispered sarcastically to yourself. “What’s so great about being out in the dark, all alone?” a voice called. You looked around quickly, “Who’s there?” You called, no one showed. You continued to look around.

All of the shadows, everywhere, seemed to be moving, just lurking around, waiting to pounce, then it appeared, a dark figured, a silhouette of a human appeared. Petrified you didn’t move, that is until the figure raised his wand….

You stared hard at it, “I know your secret, and I’ll be back for you, very soon, very, very soon my angel,” in a gust of wind the figure was goon.

Scared out of your mind, you rushed to find your way back, out of the shadows of all the trees. Darkness had fallen, by the time you had got to the door of the commons room, you were absolutely terrified and you weren’t going to lie about it.

You rushed into the room, only two people sat there, Amy who had obviously been worrying her self to death, and Malfoy who you didn’t see, was laid back in a chair working on homework. As you entered the room Amy stood to greet you, You let tears fall from your eyes, as you hugged Amy.

“Someone knows,” You sob into her shoulder, “Where were you? What happened? Where’s Amethyst?” You looked around, realizing she wasn’t there. Your face was blood stained, from your tears, “I don’t know I ran off too fast,” You turned to the door ready to go find her, Amy stopped you, “Your not going back out there, she’ll be fine tonight, now come sit down and tell me what happened,” Amy sit you on a couch and sat down beside you.

You let more tears fall over your face, the tears fell making crimson dots on your shirt. “I went for a walk, right after I left you in the stands, I walked into the forbidden forest, I was in such deep thought I didn’t realize I had went in so far, then,” you let more tears fall from your eyes.

“I looked around and said ‘great’ be cause it was getting dark, and then a male voice said something like ‘What’s so great about being out in the dark all alone‘, and I looked around thinking it might be someone playing a trick, and all the shadows were moving, and then I saw him, standing there, just a dark figure, he said ‘I know your secret, and I’ll be back for you, very soon, very, very soon my angel,’ and then I ran, and came straight here, Amy I’m scared, He couldn‘t know can he, What’s he gonna do?” You sobbed into her shoulder more.

“What on Earth are you two talking about?” a voice called from one of the couches, your and Amy’s eyes widened with horror, someone else knew your secret.

“I’m sorry Sera I forgot he was in here, Malfoy Promise not to say anything, This is very serious,” Amy was very serious. “Who am I gonna tell, I don’t even know what’s going on!” Malfoy was getting frustrated.

“She’s in danger, someone knows her secret,”-- “Secret?” -- “You know the story of the angel,--” Malfoy cut her off, “The blood crying, no scars, pure blood that can give one great power, with wings of light, yes, I know,” Realization finally hit him, he looked you over, your blood stained face, he just stood there his face held disbelief, “I wondered how you got into Slytherin not being a pure blood, I always thought you were to perfect to be no more than a mere filthy mudblood, ” a smirk graced his lips.

“What should we do, what if he comes after me, who is he?” All these questions were swarming through your mind, it was just too much, darkness over came you.


You awoke to the sound of voices, You opened your eyes slightly squinting to the light, your vision cleared to reveal Dumbeldorf, Malfoy, and Amy at your side. “Good morning, I’m glad to see your awake, how are you feeling?” at Dumbeldor’s words stirred he memories from the night before overwhelm you.

“You told him?” you looked at Amy, She nodded, “Don’t worry child everything will be fine,” He assured you then left. “Rumors are going around, everyone knows, and everyone seems to think you-know-who is behind it, Harry‘s gone crazy with worry,” Amy retorted.

“Did you find Amethyst?” You asked, looking around. “I looked everywhere, she’s know where to be found,” Malfoy added.

“Malfoy why are you here, Remember I’m nothing more but a filthy mudblood,” You sat up in the bed you were in, looked like a bed in the medical wing. “Maybe I should go look for amethyst, I’ll see you in a bit sis,” Amy waved as she left the room. “I didn’t mean that the way it sounded,” Malfoy looked at you. “I don’t want to fight,” You state, and lay back in the bed.

“I wasn’t trying to start a fight!” Malfoy shot in. “Yes you were,” You snapped back. “I wasn’t,” -- “You were,” -- “I wasn’t!” -- “YOU WERE!” you yelled. “I see you’ve meet Malfoy,” Harry’s voice rang, as he walked into the room. “Hi Harry,” You smile, glaring at Malfoy a bit. Malfoy looked disgustingly at Harry. “How are you feeling?” He looked at you.

“I’m ok I guess, you haven’t happened you see Amethyst have you?” You asked. He shook his head no. “I’ll keep a lookout for her though,” Harry sit down in a chair beside you. “Look who I found!” Amy called opening the door letting Amethyst rush in and jump into your bed.

You giggled “Where was she?” -- “Hagrid had her, he said that she came crying at his door, around 8 last night, around the time you showed up here, oh hi Harry,” She smiled. “What am I chopped liver?” Malfoy glared at her. “Well you don’t count, your always hanging around,” Malfoy merely ‘hn’ed. A scratching sound was heard and everyone turn to the window, Amy walked over to let tawny in. she flew over your bed and perched herself on a lamp.

“Lazy bird, probably come back cause she’s hungry,” You rolled your eyes. “well don’t you think its about time I got back to my room instead of in here?” You asked looking at Amy. “I don’t think its very safe for you to stay alone,” Malfoy stated. “Maybe you could come and stay in a empty bed in the Gryffindor girl’s dorms, its on the other side of the castle whoever’s after you won’t expect to find you there,” Harry offered kindly yet you knew he was flirting in his own way.

“Like bloody hell she’ll go and stay in a room close to yours, if it is you-know-who who is really after her, he’ll be after you to idiot!” Malfoy blurted.

Amy smirked at you, suppressing a giggle. You mouthed the word ‘what’, and she just shook her head. “It was just an offer,” Harry raised his voice in anger. “You guys not again, I’m sure Sera doesn’t want to hear your bickering,” Amy announced. “Your right,” Harry agreed.

“I’ll see you guys later,” he looked at you, a certain glint in his eyes and smirk on his face, you couldn’t explain it but it made you blush a deep red. “I told you she was falling for Potter,” Malfoy glared at Amy who rolled her eyes. “Excuse me, don’t just talk about me like I’m not here, and No I don’t like Harry like that, he looked at me funny!” You huffed.

“Down girl, lets go to our rooms, your staying with me tonight,” Amy jumps at the door. “I’m fine I think I’ll stay in my room tonight,” You follow her. She shrugged her shoulders.

Around 8 at night you were sitting in your bed, the covers pulled tightly around you. Thinking of how much your life had changed. Again a scratching was heard at the window, you turned quickly, a bit shaken, to find---

you shook it off when you saw it was only an owl. You opened the window to let a beautiful eagle owl in, you took the letter from it and read,

Meet me in the commons room at 12 tonight, and I wasn’t trying to start a fight!
Draco Malfoy=

You rolled your eyes. You took out a piece of parchment and a quill and began to write a note.

=I don’t see what you would want to talk to me about, but I’ll be there never the less, And you were to!
Sera ~=
You gave the note to Malfoy’s owl and opened the window. A few minutes later the owl came back, with an other note.

=Your crazy, I was not trying to start a fight, I wouldn’t want to fight with someone like you.

=and what is that suppose to mean, am I not even good enough to start a fight with? =

=NO you read that wrong, what I meant was= there was a large ink dot on the paper were he had been pausing, = I would rather have you as a friend than an enemy=

=Sorry, I didn’t mean to jump to conclusions its just Harry has told me a lot of stories about you,=

=Harry potter, tell me, what has he said,=

=he said you’re a complete snob, you’re a pureblood who hates anyone who you consider lowborn or of muggle descent, your cocky and a bully, and Snape favors you most of all, and you’re a complete asshole, and much, much more, your owl looks like its getting tried I‘m sending mine=

=well that doesn’t sound too bad, I thought he’d make up all kinds of shit, I think Snape’s took a liking to you too, your owls a midget =

You rolled your eyes at his comment on your owl =whatever, anyway I think you and Harry are just jealous of each other, fighting over fame you could say,=

=Whatever, while were speaking of Harry, I think he likes you,=

=You don’t say, I figured that much out, but I don’t care, I don’t like him that way,=

=Who do you like?=

= Wouldn’t you like to know..=
=oh come on its not like I’m gonna tell who ever it is or anything,= Malfoy wrote these words secretly hoping you wouldn’t answer, for he feared the name you wrote wouldn’t be his own.

=Malfoy, your too nosey,=

=so, your point is?=

=I swear your so.. I can’t explain it, I think my owls getting tired, you still want to meet out in the commons room?=

=Yea come on out now, I’ll be there in a minute,=


You looked in the mirror making sure you looked okay, your hair fell freely over your back and shoulders you wore a pair of extra baggy Slytherin-green pajama pants that were so baggy they rode extra low on your hips and a silver long-sleeve snug fitting belly shirt that flared at the sleeves, it was also outlined in Slytherin-green.

You took a deep breath and quietly went into the commons room. It was dark, no one was in sight, you walked a bit farther into the room, you looked around, suddenly a hand was on your shoulder, you whirled around, only to come face to face with none other than Malfoy. “You scared me!” You whispered in a harsh tone. “I didn’t mean too!” He whispered back equally as harsh.

“Now what did you want to see me about?” You asked raising an eyebrow to him. “I’ll get to that,” He smirked. You looked him up and down without him noticing of course, he was wearing a pair of s. green pjs pants much like your only more manly looking and a wife beater.

*he looks really good in that,* You blushed but it was so dark he couldn’t tell. Amethyst jumped of your bed making a loud thump, you nearly jumped into Malfoy’s arms. “You scared,” He asked holding back a laugh.

“This whole thing with the shadowy figure has made me nervous,” You state as a matter-of-fact. “sure..” he rolled his eyes. “See your trying to start a fight again!” you whisper loudly. “I give up,” He states. “I’ve talked to Amy a lot about you,” You raised your eye brow at him. “And..?” You ask.

“She’s told me a lot..” he went on. “About..?” You ask again. “This and that, she told me you were a really good skater,” Malfoy was trying to stir up your love live in a conversation. “I don’t skate anymore,” You state looking down.

“She told me why,” You look up at him shocked, then smiled. “It doesn’t bother me anymore,” You plop down on the couch, Malfoy sat down beside you giving you your space. “Then why won’t you go out with Harry, he obviously likes you,” Malfoy wished there was some other way to tell her without bringing up Harry again.

*So he’s trying to make me go out with Harry, so he obviously not interested in me,* Your eyes misted. “I don’t like him, how many times do I have to say it, I don’t like any one from Gryffindor or Hufflepuff, or Ravenclaw, I’ll give you a hint, he’s tall, blonde, with gray eyes, very handsome, we passed noted nearly all night, and then wanted to meet me here, but I don’t have a chance with him because I was born to a muggle born, is the picture becoming any clearer?” You blew up in his face, nearly yelling.

You rushed off to your room, closing the door shut tightly and locked it. Around 5 minutes later tawny was at your window you had forgotten to let her back in.

She carried a note and a beautiful long silver chain with a heart made of what looked like nothing but diamonds (the kind that is only the outline of a heart) at the end of it, around one side of the heart was a silver snake curled around the side of it, its eyes were emerald.

You opened the tiny note that was with it, =This is what I wanted to talk to you about, I like you too, and if you’ll let me, I’d like call you mine, I mean I want you to be mine, not Harry’s, this necklace was my grandma’s a long time ago, she gave it to me and told me you give it to the girl of my dreams… its yours,= You smiled, he was trying so hard to be romantic, and it was working.

You wrote a quick note =I’d let you call me anything, I’ll see you in class tomorrow Malfoy,
Sera Ashton=
You signed your name rather large and put a big heart beside it. You smiled to yourself.


I hope you like this chapter, oh and for the record, Sera is pronouced Zera like Zear-uh one of my friend read over this and started saying the name wrong, and i thgoutht if she can do it, people who read this will to, so ...yea. well.. ok NOW REVIEW!

Chapter 3: Chapter Three: Way faster than you expected!
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Slytherin Angel
Chapter Three
Disclaimer: i don't own HP.

The next day you walked out into the commons room, brushing your hair out, suddenly you were forcefully yet still gently pushed back against the wall. Before you could say anything a pair of lip covered your own, kissing you rather hungrily. You kissed back equally knowing very well it was Malfoy from the way he was being so rough.

His still yet to be fixed blonde hair fell into your face. He broke away from you panting, You blushed deep red trying to catch your breath. “Good morning to you too,” You say in a state of shock, your body trembled with excitement, your heart beat quickened pounding in your chest your stomach and your throat, leaving to finish getting ready for classes.

In potions you walked into the classroom a bit early. You were gonna take your normal seat beside Harry, but when you went to sit down, Malfoy, who walked in a few seconds behind you, took you by the arm and pulled you over to a seat beside him, you feel the heat rush to your face and the butterflies in your stomach.

Around 20 minutes into the class Malfoy began to pester you, but in a good way, He poke your side making you giggle. “Miss Ashton!” Snape rough voice called breaking the quiet. “Yes?” You asked looking innocent. He just turned around and continued teaching.


Malfoy walked you to your next class, you stopped at the door, “I’ll see you in Hagrid’s class I guess,” you wiped some hair behind you ear. “Are you coming to the Quiddicth match tonight?” He asked.

“Of course,” you smile he kisses you sweetly on the side of your eye and walks off. “Hey girl, what was that? Don’t tell me you and Malfoy got together!” Amy squealed. “Alright I won’t,” You walk into the classroom smirking. You took your seat in the back next to her.

“You know what I meant! I thought you were fighting when we left? What is going on? How did it happen?” She bombarded you with questions. “I got mad, started yelling and screaming at him, then spilled everything,” You sighed dreamily, “Then he asked me out,” You smile.


Later on you walked with Amy out to Hagrid’s class which was outside today, you had told her the whole story between you and Malfoy. She didn’t seem surprised. “Hey Sera,” Harry yelled to you from where he stood with Hermione and Ron. You looked around quickly for Malfoy, he didn’t seem to like Harry, much, well he didn’t seem to like him at all. You walked over you him, “Hey,” You smile.

“So there’s been rumors going around about you and Malfoy,” Ron added before you could say another word. “News travels fast doesn’t it Sera,” Amy nudged you a bit with her elbow. “Hush,” You glared at her with the What-are-you-doing-shut-up glare. “What’s going on?” Hermione asked raising an eyebrow.

“They’re going out!” Amy shouted. “Who?” Ron asked. “Amy and Malfoy obviously,” Hermione rolled her eyes at Ron. Harry didn’t say anything, he didn’t smiled and he wouldn’t even look at you. It had been all day, and you hadn’t seen Malfoy, he was suppose to have this class but he hadn’t showed yet.

“There’s Quiddicth tonight are you coming?” Harry asked solemnly, breaking you of your thoughts of Malfoy. You nodded. “Its been a while shouldn’t Malfoy be out here all ready?” you asked looking around again. “He’s always late for this class, Hagrid doesn’t do anything about it,” Your mouth made an ‘o’ shape. You shifted your weight you your other foot, sighing a bit.

“Impatient?” A voice asked from behind you, you turned around you find Malfoy smirking at you. You rolled your eyes teasingly at him. “Come on, lets get away from here,” Malfoy glared at Harry and took your hand and lead you away, Amy following you. “ What’s so wrong with them?” you asked.

“Sera I think that shit smells worst when you stir in it, that’s some shit that smells bad as it is,” Amy says looking at you with seriousness in her eyes. You laughed only she could come up with something like that. Malfoy didn’t say anything, while you were talking of Harry, he just held your hand tightly. “You want to know something?” Amy asked smirking her all too common smirk.

“I was talking to Ron in class, I know your with Malfoy and all and that’s exactly where you need to be but he told me Harry really, really likes you, and was planning on asking you out, but Malfoy beat him to it” She giggles. “What?” Malfoy asked a bit stirred not even really asking the question just looking over at Harry, wearing a death glare.

“Umm…. I think I‘ll leave you two alone for a little while, bye,” Amy waved and rushed off. “Malfoy, you don’t have to worry about anything, Remember, I’m yours,” You pulled him over behind a few trees so no one could see you. “How do I know you won’t go with him behind my back,” Malfoy shot at you rather hatefully.

“Because Malfoy I’ve been a victim of cheating before, and know what it feels like, I would never cheat on anyone, especially some I love, like you, well it seems we’ve only been dating since last night, and already know its not gonna work out,” You undid the necklace he gave you and put it in his hand, letting a blood red tear fall down your face.

You walked off, hearing Malfoy call your name a few times, but you didn’t care, you did but you couldn’t have someone who didn’t trust you. “Sera what happened, oh my God, this is all my fault, I should have kept my big mouth shut” Amy said as she hugged you.


After classes that afternoon, you and Amy were in your room getting ready to go to the Quiddicth match. “Wear your green cheer shorts, and your silver long sleeve belly shirt that has Slytherin wrote in big green letters on the back and I’ll wear my silver cheer shorts and green long sleeve-” I know you’ll wear the exact, opposite,” You finish for her.

“I really don’t know if I feel like going,” You state. “Your going and that’s that and your not running off this time, oh can I wear your silver flip flops you can wear my green ones,” she asks, “sure.”


It was near the end of the game, Grifindor leading, you and Amy weren’t in the stands you were on the ground looking up at the match. It was rather boring since you knew nearly nothing about it.

You did know that if Malfoy or Harry caught that little gold thingy that their team would most likely win the game. That was Slytherin’s only hope so you keep your eye on Malfoy, yep that was your excuse.


Harry and Malfoy were flying side by side, fighting over the little gold thingy as you would call it. “You like Sera?” Malfoy smirked while ramming Harry to the side.

“I would have to say yes I do,” Harry answered. “I catch you near her and I swear to you it’ll mean life or death,” Malfoy threatened. “She’s single now I heard, what happened, Malfoy did she leave you?” Harry smirked. Malfoy didn’t say anything instead he stood a bit on his broom, and leaped off the front catching the golden snitch in his hand.


“Oh my god he’s falling,” You screamed watching Malfoy fall helplessly. In a matter of seconds he’s was only feet from the ground when his broom stick flew under him. He gripped onto it with one hand and then let go to fall a few feet to the ground landing on his feet.

“MALFOY!” you screamed running toward him flinging yourself into his arms. “I’m sorry, Sera I didn’t mean what I said I trust you and I know you wouldn’t go behind my back,” He hugged you back, “I didn’t mean what I said I overreacted I’m sorry,” you broke away from him so you were standing in front of him.

“Oh and by the way” You slapped him across the face. “What was that for?!?!” He yelled holding onto his cheek looking at you with wide eyes of disbelieve and shock. “Don’t ever do that again!” He rolled his eyes.


After the game you Amy and Malfoy sat up in the commons room. Malfoy stretched out on a couch, you and Amy in the floor playing cards. She held three cards in her hand you held two, You looked at her cards then her face you finally picked the middle card. “Haha!” you yelled.

And put down your last match as she took your last card. “You always win at old maid,” She stated and stood up, “I’m going to bed” she picked up the cards and put them up, “Night,” you called, “Night,” you heard her say.

You stood up off the floor and walked over to Malfoy, taking his hand, and pulling him of the couch into floor with a loud thump, so you could lay down. “Hey!” He called right before he hit the floor. You just flopped right on down. He stood up and crawled on top of you, trapping you under his weight.

He bent down and captured your lips with his. You felt Malfoy lick your bottom lip with his tongue and gave him access to the rest of your mouth. The sensations you got from him were wild! Without really realizing what you were doing, you put your arms around his neck, deepening the kiss.

You finally broke the kiss breathing deeply. Keeping your arms around him you hug him tight, “Your nothing more then a teddy bear, a big, strong teddy bear that really, really smells like sweat, you didn’t bath after the match did you?” You asked him.

“No I was too busy following you around, but I was going to go shower after you decided to go to bed, but now I’m considering asking you if you’ll join me,” Malfoy smirked and got off of you, helping you up off the couch, waiting for your answer. You were still a bit out of breath, and shocked at what he just asked you.

Were you ready for something like that, even if there wasn‘t any chance of you getting pregnant, you’d only know him for 2 or 3 days and only been dating him not even two, but you loved him, and you were sure of that. Malfoy held in front of you a thin plastic package and smirked, “We don’t need one, angels are completely sterile,” you pulled him toward the bathroom.


He shut and locked the door, after you had went in, he turned around to find you turning the shower on letting the tub fill up by the shower. He moved closer to you and wrapped his arms around your waist, he brought his face closer to yours and nuzzled your neck.

You lifted your gaze to his and he connected his lips to yours in a passionate kiss. You wrapped your arms around his neck and gave him access to the rest of your mouth. Both of you were in your pjs. He tugged off your shirt only breaking the kiss long enough to get it over your head. He unsnapped your lacey white bra and let it fall to the ground. Breaking the kiss he pinned your arms above your head and looked down at you.

He bent down and again, your lips met but in a shorter kiss. He moved from your lips, to your cheek, down to your neck. You moaned lightly as he placed gentle kisses down your neck.

He kissed down to your collarbone and then brought his lips back up to meet yours. After a minute or so, he parted and looked into your eyes. “Are you sure?” He asked freeing your hands from above your head to caress your cheek.

“Yea,” you nodded and lifted his shirt over his head. He smirked at you and relieved himself of the rest of his clothes and yours. He lifted you off the ground and carried you into the shower closing the curtain so that the light was dimmed. He laid you down in the tub that was only about 1/3 of the way full with pleasantly hot water, and laid down on top of you using one arm as a brace to keep his weight from crushing your petit body.

You moaned and let your arms fall over his shoulders, pulling him deeper into the kiss. Malfoy happily obliged and kissed you harder, while letting his hand wander along your body. He dragged his fingertips lightly along your skin, massaging your tone stomach as he moved back up.

You shivered in pure pleasure, and moved your hands along his back. Malfoy lifted off of you a bit panting, the water from the shower dripped from his now soaking wet hair running down his face and off his nose.

He hovered above you, you looked up at him and he moved in and began to kiss you from your neck, to your collarbone, down to your stomach.

You squirmed happily to his kisses, While he busied himself you ran your hands through his blonde locks enjoying the silky feel of his wet hair. Malfoy looked you in your eyes, as if asking if you were ready, you responded by lightly brushing your lips against his. You arched your back as you felt him push himself inside you, gasping at the sharp pain, Malfoy paused to, after a moment you kissed him gently, telling him to continue.

He started a pace and kept it for a bit, all was quiet except ragged breathing. You moaned for him to pleasure you more, and Malfoy obliged with deeper, harder more pleasurable thrusts. You moaned and arched your back more while Malfoy ran his hands along your stomach under the raising water.

Your toes were curling in pleasure and you let your legs wrap around his waist as Malfoy continued in you. The two of you had been going at it for some time now, and you could both feel a climax coming on. You felt your pleasure peek as you tensed and dug your nails into his back holding him tight then relaxed and soon felt Malfoy come as well. His warm seed filled you as he went limp on top of you.

Both panting, sweating, and pleased. He raised up off of you still trying to catch his breath and turned off the water, the tub was completely full now, he never broke eye contact with you, a smirk lingered on his lips. You raised up as well blushing. “I can’t believe I just did that,” You were in a state of disbelief.

“We just did that,” Malfoy corrected. “Promise me something,” Malfoy began, you nodded to tell him to go on. “If anything ever happens between us, promise me you’ll never go out with Harry Potter,” Malfoy’s face was serious.

“Malfoy, I love you, that’s why I did this, I’m hoping nothing ever, ever happens between us, but if it makes you happy I promise I will never go out with Harry,” You smile. “Thanks,” He smiles and kisses you sweetly.


After washing you come out of the bathroom with Malfoy, both of you in towels and go back to his room. You dry and brush your hair. Malfoy changes back into his pjs, as do you. “See you in the morning Malfoy,” you head toward the door. “Don’t I get a good night kiss?” He asks, you walk back over to him and kiss his lips softly. You begin for the door again.

“Hey wait, I almost forgot to give this back to you,” He walks over to you and puts the same beautiful necklace around your neck. “I love you Sera,” He brushes his lips against yours, “That’s the first time you’ve said that to me, I love you too,” You smiled and rushed out the door, to your room.

Where you found Malfoy’s Owl waiting at the window to be let in. You opened the note it was carrying and let it back out, The note read = and it won’t be the last= You closed and locked your window and dived into bed, your sleep was filled with wonderful dreams.


Chapter 4: Chapter Four: breaking up for the first major time.
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Slytherin Angel
Chapter 4
Disclaimer: I don't own HP.


“Sera,” Someone softy whispered shaking you. You opened only one eye to see who it was… Amy. “Go away,” You rolled over. “Oh come on get up,” She dragged the covers off of you. You groggily sit up in bed and look at her with your I’m-going-to-kill-you look.

“where were you last night I came in here, and you weren’t there so I thought you might be with Malfoy, so I went to his room and he wasn’t there,” She was talking fast, all you did was smirk in remembrance. “Sera…I don’t like that smirk, where were you?” She squinted her eyes at you.

“Look what you did to me Sera! ….Oh uhhhhumm.. Hi Amy,” Malfoy barged into the room with no shirt on, pausing his words when he saw Amy was in the room. “What the bloody hell is going on!?!?” Amy yelled standing up off the bed looking at the two of you.

“What did Sera do two you? Are those claw marks on your back? Oh My God you didn’t sera!” Amy huffed figuring it out. “Yes she did, and I must say she’s an expert at it,” He smirked. “Malfoy!” You warned throwing a pillow at him. “Please call me Draco, And I was just kidding, look here what you did to my back,” He turned around showing you his back.

Sure enough, there was ten little marks where your nails were. You giggled “Ok Draco I’m Sorry,” You got up and walked over to your dresser. “Now if you guys don’t mind, I’d like to get ready for class,” you looked at the door, then back to them.

“That’s what I came to tell you, something came up and a bunch of the teachers have to leave Hogwarts for a week or so, everyone’s talking about it having something to do with you and you-know-who,” Amy said jumping around. “So get dressed,” With that Malfoy and Amy left the room.


Around ten minutes later you came out wearing a pair of low rise hip hugger light blue jeans and a light blue halter top, with a pair of light blue flip flops, with amethyst tagging behind you. You looked around the hallways thinking Malfoy and Amy would have waited there for you but they weren’t there.

“Hey Sera!” Harry, called to you, followed by Hermione and Ron. “Hey guys, You seen Malfoy or Amy?” You ask. “Yea, Amy was walking with Malfoy, nearly yelling at him, they went that way,” Ron pointed down the hall. “Thanks, I gotta go find them, I’ll talk to you guys later!” And with that you rushed off down the hall.

Around ten minutes of looking you found them squabbling about something else in the dinning area. Amy was wearing a pale yellow tank top with a pair of blue jean shorts and Malfoy was wearing a black tucked in tee shirt with a pair of jeans. “Thanks for waiting on me,” You smile rolling your eyes.

“Sorry,” they both say at the same time. “Well what are we going to do today?” You sit down on Malfoy’s Lap, he put his arm around your waist immediately, you put your hands on top of his. “I was thinking we’d sit around and do nothing all day doing nothing, but now that Malfoy’s around I guess we could sit around and do nothing all day ” Amy joked a pouting look on her face.

“What are you pouting about?” She stuck her tongue out at you. “Its not fair! You’ve been here 2-3 maybe 4 days and already caught a guy and do I need to say more, I’ve been here 5 going on 6 years and still haven’t found anyone, Your so lucky Sera,” she stated as-a-matter-of-fact.

“I’d hardly call myself lucky, you of all people should know what I go through being a you-who-what, and you-know-why!” you huffed. Malfoy was trying his best to hold in his laugher watching you and Amy play fight. “And what are you laughing about?” you turned around in his lap in a very sexual position. “Sera! What are you doing?” A all too familiar voice said coming this way.

You stood up off of Malfoy immediately, “Oh my god Christina what are you doing here?” You were in a state of shock. Christina was your mum‘s best friends daughter, who was 25, who lived in new Zealand, working at as a professor. You had no idea why your parents hadn’t sent you to live with her, instead of your godfather, but you had no complaints, you couldn’t get along with her, most of the time. “I’ve found you a home school teacher, I’m here to take you back to new Zealand with me,” She smiled. All was silent for a moment.

“No, no, no, no, no I can’t go with you, I’m not leaving going where the kangaroo roam,” your look at her point blank. “Sera I’m not making you do anything if you wanna stay here, your mum and dad didn’t want you to stay with me anyway, I’ll see you later then,” You gave her a big hug, and she left.

“Who was that?” Malfoy asked. “Christina my mum‘s best friends daughter,” You sighed in relief. “Oh, she‘s Hot,” You elbowed Malfoy in the rib. “It was a joke I swear!” He held up his hands in defense as you prepared to hit him again. “Sera!” Harry yelled followed by Ron and Hermione, “A girl who just left, left you an early birthday gift and told me to give this to you,” Harry handed you a card, that was beautify decorated with horses on the front, on the inside there was only 2 words, your welcome.

“Well don’t just sit there come on!” Ron took your hand and tugged you out the door around to the side of the castle, where a small crowd had gathered. Standing there was the most beautiful thing you had ever seen, It was a horse with wings ,You walked through the crowd, looking at the beautiful creature.

It was a solid black stallion with a silver mane and tail, and beautiful large silver wings even its hooves were silver, it was still young, You didn’t know what to say, you didn’t know what to do. “Wow sis, you really out done yourself this year,” you walked up to the front of the creature, it snorted making you and all the crowd that gathered step back. (What’s the deal with the horse you ask, it necessary in the end, and well now.”

“It’s a winged horse, they’re not very friendly,” Hermione stated warning you to step back a bit. “Be careful Sera!” Harry shouted as the winged horse reared up on its hind legs. You screamed as it started to come down on top of you, in the blink of an eye Harry had knocked you out of the way and was now laying on top of you. The Winged horse began to run then fly into the forest.

Malfoy and Amy picked the perfect time to finally finding where you went when Ron pulled you away. You didn’t even see Malfoy as he saw you and Harry he did nothing more than rush off looking very hurt and angry. (see had to use it to get him mad at you, and he has to be mad at you because, well that’s another chapter,) Amy on the other hand rushed to your side to help you up. “What happened, my birthday gift knocked me over,” Harry dusted himself off as you spoke.

“What?” The look of confusion on Amy’s face was priceless. “I’ll explain later, where’s Malfoy?” You asked dusting yourself off. “He was right behind me just a second ago,” Amy turned around and looked. “Come on lets go look for him,” unknowingly to you Malfoy watched you from the window in his room. “Oh an Harry thanks for pushing me out of the way,” You kissed him sweetly on the cheek as a thank you reward, he blushed as well as you and you rushed off to find Malfoy with Amy.

To Malfoy who Harry’s back was facing it looked like you had kissed him, fully, on the lips.


It had been nearly all day of looking for Malfoy, you couldn’t find him anywhere, so you and Amy gave up, you sit in the commons room watching TV. Just then Malfoy came down the stairs leading to the boys dorm rooms. “Malfoy there you are we’ve been looking all over for you where were you?” Amy asked as Malfoy headed to the door leading out of the commons room.

“In my room,” He said solemnly hardly above a whisper. “Never thought of looking there,” Amy laughed, Malfoy continued toward the door. “Wait, where are you going? Sera’s right here!” She stated the obvious. “Like I can’t see that,” He spat hatefully and left he room slamming the door behind him.

“How rude!” She huffed. You stayed Quiet through the whole encounter. “Maybe I should go talk to him,” you stand up and put away your homework. “And I’ll follow you and be nosey like always,” She smiled and stood up as well, all you did was sigh, roll your eyes and go out the door.

You didn’t see Malfoy anywhere, you and Amy snooped the hallways until you came to the dinning area, and there he stood, among everyone else, talking to the boys he called Crabbe and Goyle, and at the table over was Harry and the gang. “Draco!” You called as you jogged over you him, Amy walked over and sat with Harry.

“Don’t you ever call me that you slut, only people I can love and trust call me that,” Malfoy sneered and looked at you disgustingly. “But Dr-Malfoy,” You caught yourself, “What did I do?” You ask feeling betrayed. “Don’t play dumb you know exactly what you did, I should have known better than to trust a --”He paused for only a moment rethinking what he was going to say,

“Bitch like you,” His words were cold and hateful, you felt tears sting your eyes. “Is that all I am Malfoy, A slut, A bitch, Something tells me that’s not what you were going to say, go ahead Malfoy say it,” you stopped as you let a tear run down your face, by now you and Malfoy held everyone in the rooms attention.

“And why shouldn’t I say it, I’m not the one who was caught kissing someone else!” -- “You don’t know what your talking about, if you knew the whole story you’d feel pretty stupid right now,” you yell.

“what happened did Harry just pounce on top of you, then did he cast a spell making you kiss him?” Malfoy’s temper was raging. “You don’t understand!” -- “I think I understand ,quiet well” He grabbed the necklace he had gave you and yanked it off your neck cutting you slightly where the chain rubbed you.

You feel to your knees crying, not over the cut on your neck but Malfoy harsh actions toward you, and he just stood there frowning down at you, Hatred, anger, hurt, regret, and still love, swam in those gray orbs of his.

Amy, Harry, Ron and Hermione rushed to your side. “That’s enough Malfoy!” Amy pushed Malfoy harshly back with both hands away from you a bit as she dropped to her knees at your side.

Hermione and Ron dropped to their knees beside of you while Harry began to fight with Malfoy. “Does that make you feel like a man, hurting her like that, you should be ashamed of yourself,” Harry stared at Malfoy in disgust. “Yea Malfoy if you were smart you would have heard her story first nearly everyone that was out side knows that Harry only knocked Sera out of the way from being trampled by that winged horse,” A random girl from the crowd said.

“See she told you you’d feel stupid if you knew the whole story, I bet your feeling pretty stupid right about now,” Harry smiled a bitter sweet smile at Malfoy and turned his back to him to help you up. Your face your face was streaked with blood as you hugged Amy, They helped you up and lead you to your room where you would spend the rest of the night.


Chapter 5: Unwanted Birthday Gift's
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Slytherin Angel
Chapter 5
disclaimer: I don't own HP.

Over the next few weeks you never spoke or even looked at Malfoy, you cried yourself to sleep at night and there were few times that you would start crying in the middle of the day, and have to be excused from the rest of your classes. Amy, Hermione even Harry and Ron tried to cheer you up but nothing worked, the problem was you loved Malfoy.

You rolled over in your bed to face your night stand, there your wand lay, an 10 inch cherry wood wand with a silver handle holding in its core a dragon heart string, Your mother had took you to get it when you were 11, looking at it reminded you of all the things you’d lost over the last month, your mother, your father, your house, Malfoy, you couldn’t bare to look at it anymore, you opened the drawer to your night stand and placed the wand in it.

Today you were gonna do nothing but sit in bed all day, or so you thought, Your door burst open, and Amy walked in first carrying a large chocolate cake with 16 candles lit on it, followed by Harry and the gang and even Ginny, Carrying loads of gifts and flowers. You gave a small smile. “Guys you didn’t have to do this,” Everyone starts to sing happy birthday.

“Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Sera Happy birthday to you,” You giggled. “Thank you everyone,” You smiled. “Come on blow out your candles and make a wish,” Ron ordered. “okay,” You closed your eyes, and blow out the candles wishing with all your heart that Malfoy still loved you. You opened your eyes and smiled again, You loved your friends so much. “ok before we eat, we’re opening gifts!” Amy yelled.

“Your not suppose to do that till after you eat.” you said. “I know but I can’t wait for you to see my gift!” She squealed and tossed you a tiny box wrapped in silver wrapping paper. You opened it, a muggle flip phone that took pictures, You smile at her, “Look I got me one to! They more by magic, dad‘s specialty,” She held an Identical phone from her pocket, which made you laugh.

“Thank you Amy I love it,” You hugged her sitting up on your bed. “Mummies got a lot more gift for you at home, from me and even the gift your mom and dad had hid for you..” She trailed off, “But my owl couldn’t carry them I’m afraid, anyway next!” They gave you another box, this one much, much larger, wrapped in pink paper.

“That’s from Ron, Hermione and Harry,” She smiled. You opened the large pink box, only to find inside a large green box, inside of it a blue box, in it was another box, and another, and another and another, each wrapped many, many times and taped up very good, till finally you came to a small black box, you opened it, There was nothing in it.

“I could kill you!” All of them burst out laughing. “Here this is the real gift,” They gave you a small smile, You opened the box to find a set of magical make up that never messes up, and a book that has spells on how to take the make up off, and easy to do, hair fixing spells, and potions , “Thanks guys,” you hug them all.

After opening a few more gifts of which you got A Revealer (eraser that reveals any invisible writing) and a few other this and that’s. Then you came to a box the size of a shoe box, wrapped in silver paper with a large green bow on it. “That one is the one that didn’t have a name on it,” Amy handed it to you. “Go on open it,” she was just as curious as you were.

You opened the box, revealing a white teddy bear wearing the necklace Malfoy had given you and ripped off your neck. You felt its fur, remembering the way Malfoy’s wet hair felt running through your fingers, then you opened the card that was with it, it was nothing but a plain solid white card, you opened it, and began to read to yourself.

=Sera, no matter how much I try I can’t forget about you, and I how much I love you, I hate to say it, but I was wrong, very wrong, I know I hurt you, much, much more than you deserved, and I know I don’t deserve you, I’m sorry, but this is just to let you know, that when I jumped to conclusions I hurt myself more than I hurt you and that no matter what happens, or what ever you choose, you’ll always be the girl of my dreams, and I’ll always be willing to be your teddy bear, (as long as you don’t call me that in front of anyone) With Love Draco Malfoy=

You couldn’t help it, you felt a tear run down your face, not of sadness but of joy. “Awww…. that is so sweet!” Amy squealed from over your shoulder. (you know that noise you make when you see a baby kitten? That squeal/Awww)

“Amy!” you say with that what-are-you-doing sound. “What is it?” Harry asked. “Malfoy was being romantically sweet,” Amy announced. “I wanna read!” Ron yelled.

“No!” You shouted. Taking the card and putting it above your head. “Like that’ll help shorty,” You looked at Ron and stuck out your tongue. “Well look who’s trying to start a fight again,” You snapped your head up toward the door to your room.

Malfoy was leaning against the door way smirking. You walked up to him slowly, tears welling in your eyes, you’d missed him so much, you walked to him and hugged him tightly as he did you, you let tears fall from your eyes, he pulled back a bit and wiped the tears from your eyes and kiss you sweetly on the lips.

“Promise me something,” He began once he pulled away, “If I ever even start to do something as stupid as that again, smack me,” He smiled. “I promise,” You smile and he swings you around in his arms. “Okay enough of that guys, please, your making me dizzy,” Ron gagged.

“Hey where did this gift come from?” Harry asked himself out loud. “I don’t remember bringing it here,” Amy looked at the box. “Malfoy did you?” Hermione asked, Malfoy shook he head no, “Its shaped like a coffin, and wrapped in black I think we would remember bringing it in here.”

“Well I bet its for you Sera,” Amy tosses it over to you, You opened the box, disgusted by what you saw you dropped it to the ground with a scream. “Oh my God who would do such a thing?!?” Harry asked out loud, Hermione turned her head holding her mouth, Ron closed his eyes, and you hid your face in Malfoy’s shoulder.

“Who every it is they’re sick,” Malfoy rubbed your back and stroked your hair calmly. Your owl, Tawny, lay there inside the box massacred. Her head severed, as was her wings, her ting heart stuffed into her foot, her body lay mangled and twisted, some even turned inside out. Harry bent down and picked up the tiny note that was in her beak.

=My angel your much too sad, I must liven up your day with a birthday gift, I bet your wondering who I am, you’ll find out soon enough, take care my angel= Harry showed the letter to Malfoy who read over it in disgust.

“Someone go get Dumbledor, show him this, and cover that owl,” Malfoy ordered, Harry went to find Dumbledor, Ron put the lid back on the coffin shaped box with the owl in it and Hermione, Amy and Malfoy put you in bed. You were crying, terrified, and you lost Tawny all at once.

“Sera, guess who I caught…. what’s wrong with her,” Hagrid burst into your room, in a cheery fashion. Ron lifted the lid to the box, just long enough to let Hagrid see. “Oh.. That is not a pleasant sight,” Hagrid turned away.

“Well, umm.. I just wanted to tell you I caught the winged horse, and he’s umm.. Put up at my place, feel free to come see him any time, he needs to be tamed so I guess I’ll be going now,” with that Hagrid left just as Harry come back with Dumbledor.

“Well Harry has explained everything, I think it would be wise for you to stay with some at all times, but for now,” He paused and sit down on your bed, “For now, for your birth day I’m giving you, Harry, Malfoy, Hermione, Ron, and Amy permission to get out of the castle for a while, go out to Hogsmeade and clam down for a while, stay safe, Now get dressed and go enjoy yourself,” With that he picked up the coffin shaped box and left.


Within a few minutes you were dressed and ready to go, you were wearing a light purple skirt with a white halter top, and white flip flops, and a light purple purse, with a white cloak to keep you warm if it got too cold. You looked out the window to your room, everyone was waiting for you at the main entrance, you could see them from where you stood.

You got out Amethyst’s Light purple leash and hooked it to her matching collar, and walked out the door. Finally you came outside to find everyone waiting for you, “Must you wear stuff like that around, you really should be more modest,” you rolled your eyes and couldn’t help but laugh, she always said the same old thing when you wore anything she thought was showing you off, and you always say the same thing back to her.

“I’ll put it this way, would you rather me wear what’s under it?” she rolled her eyes, mouthing the words as you spoke. “I would rather,” Malfoy admitted, everyone laughed, chuckled or at least giggled a little.

In just a little bit you were in Hogsmeade. “So where to first?” Amy looked around at all the possible places. “How about The Three Broom Sticks I’ve been in the mood for butterbeer for the longest time!” Ron shot in.

“Then its to the Three Broom Sticks we go!” you began to walk, many people would point and stare at you, whispering things like, the legendary witch, and stuff of the sort. Soon you were there, each of you with their own cup of butterbeer, except for you and Malfoy, who shared a cup, since you hadn’t ever had Butterbeer before, you were just trying it.

Everyone, friends and enemies were cutting up and laughing together, you had a feeling they had agreed to truce while they were with you, because Malfoy and Harry seemed to be trying their best to avoid talking to each other.. After everyone was finished with their drinks you walked back out to the streets.

“So where to now?” Harry asked still laughing a bit over Ron’s impression Hermione’s cat. “I suppose Honey dukes we could get some Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans Those are always fun, and some chocolate frogs, and I dunno other goodies, Maybe even a blood flavored lollipop for Sera” Amy headed toward Honeydukes. “Eww.. Amy that is so gross! What? You think I‘ve a vampire?” You chased after her.

“yummmmmmm…….. Candy, candy, candy since we won’t be hear for a while I’m gonna get, 8 sugar quills, 3 licorice wands, 4 chocolate frogs, and 4 boxes every flavored jellybeans,” You turn around to face everyone after paying, “You guy want anything?” Everyone but you starts to laugh.

“What?” you look confused, “You and your sweet tooth Sera, you’ll have all that eat before we get home,” Amy shakes her head and gets her candy as does everyone else. “everyone got their candy?” You ask sucking on a sugar quill. “I told you you’d have those eat before we get home!” Amy giggled. “Oh shut up,” you smile as Malfoy put his arm around your waist.


On your way back to Hogwarts you decided to go see the horse-like creature Hagrid had caught. Harry knocked on Hagrid’s door. “oh ‘ello ‘arry, I bet yer here to see the winded horse, he needs a name dreadfully he does, come on, come on, I’ll take yeh to him,” Without a word from anyone, everyone followed Hagrid out behind the house, to the creature that was tied to a pole, by a long metal chain.

“Be careful now, he isn’t too friendly,” he said as you stepped forward a bit, just into the creatures reach, everyone else stood about ten feet back. You took another step, it was looking right at you, its head lowered a bit, breathing heavily. You took one more step, and he stomped his foot a number of times. “Shhh.. Clam down,” You took another step, you were now only feet from it.

Again he reared up on his hind legs again, you Stood perfectly still, showing him you weren’t afraid, the other were yelling things like, ‘sera watch out’, ‘move’ and ‘out of the way’ then turned around and walked slowly back to the others.

“You’re the craziest person I know, standing still when its about to trample you and then turning your back to it, your bloody crazy,” Ron nearly yelled. “If not crazy she’s brave I’ll gave her that,” Hagrid then fed the creature. “Now you guys run along, and Sera come by every once in a while, maybe yah’ll start to gain the silly horses trust,” with that he went inside.


You were back up in the Slytherin common’s room with Amy and Malfoy, what a day it had been. You were laying across the floor, Amy laying in one of the large chairs Amethyst laying on her back feet up in the air next to the couch and Malfoy on the couch. You stood up and began to walk toward your room, “Where you going?” Malfoy and Amy asked together.

“Chill guys I’m just going to get my Quill and some parchment, I’m going to write home,” You rolled your eyes at their protectiveness though you didn’t really blame them after what all had been going on.

You walked up the stairs to your dorm room and walked over to your night stand and open the drawer, and took out your eagle Quill and paper, you began to shut the drawer, when something caught your eye, well something didn’t catch your eye, You shuffled through the drawer, nothing. “Odd,” you said to yourself.

“What’s so odd?” A voice called that you couldn’t forget, the voice from the forest. “Who are you?” You turned around quickly to see a figure with a hooded cape covering the face and holding your wand and another wand in his hand. “Looking for this angel?” His asked, it was almost like you could hear the smirk on his face as he held up your wand. “what do you want with me?” you ask backing up a bit. “Now that’s a silly question,” he stated putting your wand in his cape. He begins to laugh… Oh this was just great…

“Incarcerous,” He holds out his wand and cast a spell, ropes seem to come from the tip of his wand and wrap around you tying you tightly, causing you to fall belly first to the ground. You fight to free yourself while yelling. “There’s no use yelling they can’t hear you, since I know your not going to take this yourself, I might as well give it to you,” He pulled out a needle, filled with some sort of potion.

You were terrified, you had no idea what to do, there was nothing you could do. “What is that,” You asked still struggling to get free. “It’s a potion, My version of Draught of the living Death, The only difference is, the cure hasn’t been made yet,” He sticks the needle deep into your left arm, making your whole left side go numb as he slowly puts the potion into you.

“Bark, bark, bark, bark Growl……*you like my sound effects? Heh heh*………” Amethyst stood at the door running, leaping and biting onto the caped figures leg, Foot steps were heard hurrying up to your room. The figure disappears into thin air, leaving nothing of him behind, but the ropes that come from his wand.

Amy and Malfoy rush into your room, Amy drop to her knees and starts to untie you, soon your completely free. “What happened?” Malfoy’s voice rang foggily in your ears. Your legs and arms were so heavy your chest felt so heavy, it was to hard to breath in enough air to speak, your vision became blurry you felt your eyelids dropping and there was nothing you could do about it, within seconds darkness over took you.

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Chapter 6: When it Couldn't get Any Worst...
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LAST TIME: “What happened?” Malfoy’s voice rang foggily in your ears. Your legs and arms were so heavy your chest felt so heavy, it was to hard to breath in enough air to speak, your vision became blurry you felt your eyelids dropping and there was nothing you could do about it, within seconds darkness over took you.
~~~~~~~~~~Malfoy and Amy‘s POV~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“I wonder what’s taking her so long,” Amy wondered out loud. Amethyst tilted her head up suddenly as if she heard something them darted up the stair toward your room, Malfoy and Amy following her, at once.

Amy rushed to your side and started untying the ropes, “What happened?” Malfoy asked you worry thick in his voice, getting no response. They watched as your eye closed, and your body fell limp. “Is she ok?” Malfoy was so shocked he didn’t know what to do. Amy felt for your pulse, “She’s alive I think she’s sleeping, come on lets get her to the medical wing,” Malfoy picked you up.


In a matter of seconds, you lie there face up in your bed, motionless, Malfoy and Amy sit around you and Amethyst at the foot of your bed. “I’m afraid threes nothing I can do alone, I’ll go wake up Professor Snape, and professor Dumbledor, you wait here and watch her,” Madam Pomfrey the school healer rushed away. “Do you think she’s gonna be okay?” Amy’s voice cracked as she spoke letting a few tears wash down her face.

“Don’t talk like that of course she’ll be ok!” Malfoy was trying very hard not to sound, worried, or afraid, but his efforts were useless. He took his hand and wrapped it around your now cold lifeless one, as he watched your shallow almost nonexistent breathing. “Over here,” Madam Pomfrey’s voice called, as her, Snape, and Dumbledor rushed over to where You were laying.

After Malfoy and Amy had explained what happened from their point of view, Snape went to work on finding a cure for the potion.


The next morning you were still in your bed. Amy had finally drifted off to sleep in the chair next to your bed, while Malfoy sit quietly clutching your hand. “Malfoy! Get your hands off her, this is all your fault, now get your hands off her!” Harry burst through, the door, wand in hand, furious, Hermione and Ron held him back, or was trying too.

Malfoy stood up leaving his seat beside of you. “Potter this is not the time,” he snarled, not even bothering to take out his wand. “Harry stop,” Hermione clung to his arm, “Malfoy’s right, this isn’t the time,” Hermione let go of Harry went she felt him calm down a little. “What’s the world coming too? Hermione agreeing with Malfoy?” Ron said aloud to himself more than to anyone in particular.

All of the yelling in the room had woken Amy up who was now at your bed side to. Harry walked over to the opposite side of the bed than Malfoy and touched your face. “She’s cold,” -- “Shut up Potter, and keep your hand off her,” Malfoy spat. “Clear the way, clear the way,” Snape came walking straight up to the bed, holding a bottle of some potion. He quickly took a needle and injected it into your blood stream, and then stood there as if waiting for something to happen. Everyone had their eyes on you.

Nothing happened Snape let out an audible sigh and began to leave again, he’d been doing this all morning. You began to stir, “Professor!” Amy drew Snape attention back to you. You had a terrible throbbing in your head, your chest was heavy making very hard to breath, you opened your eyes, letting them adjust to the lighting, seeing everyone looking at you.

“What happened?” you asked your voice too weak to sound anything like itself . “We don’t know exactly, we were hoping you could tell us,” Amy said, relieved you were awake. You sat in thought for a moment. “He has my wand!” You said at once. “Who has your wand?” Ron asked, confused as always.

“The man from the forest,” you looked up at Amy, “He was going to take me, Amethyst came just in time she bit him, he was the one who killed my owl,” All of this information swam in your head, this was the first time you had thought about it. “Miss, Ashton I’m going to ask you to never go anywhere without someone with you, not even to bed, your not safe anywhere,” Snape looked at you, his face same as always.

“I’m sure your making her feel quiet safe, Severus,” Dumbledor had entered the room. “Sera, everything will be taken care of, you just relax,” He said in his calm voice. “How am I suppose to do that? With this mad man, after me, he killed my owl, took my wand, tied me up, who knows what he would have done if Amethyst, Amy and Malfoy “Draco,” Malfoy cut in.

“-- And Draco hadn’t showed up,” Your voice sounded to weak to be taken seriously, yet every one seemed to understand. “It’s Him, It’s He-who-must-not-be-named, I know that you know, professor Dumbledor,” You looked up at him, Everything to be very clear now.

“Tis’ true, Voldemort Has been looking for a way to become even more powerful, as you know power runs in your blood therefore ever since he learned of you he’s been after you,” He held a look of great calmness on his face.

“When and how did he learn of the girl?” Snape asked he to had taken a seat next to your bed. “Months prier to the death of the Ashton family,” then and only then did realization hit you. “It was my fault! They were after me! It’s my fault that my parents are dead,” Your voice held much emotion though how weak it was.

“No dear not your fault, it is the fault of the Voldemort,” Dumbledor stood , “Stay here until your strength returns, then we will work things out, I’ll need someone you stay with her, if you will,-- “We will,” all four of them said at once, causing Malfoy to stare at them hatefully. “Well you can take turns, I’ll be in my office if ever you need me,” With that Dumbledor left.

You looked quickly under the covers to make sure you were dressed, you where in your pjs from last night, you tossed the covers off and stood up with great difficulty your legs wobbled , you nearly fell to the ground before, Malfoy could get a hold of you and straighten you up. “Miss Ashton What are you doing?” Snape harsh voice called.

“I feel fine really, I’m going to go and get dressed,” You try to sound convincing, your weak voice deceiving you. “Your not going anywhere lay back down,” he ordered, “The potion I gave you isn’t a cure, just something that will keep you awake for a few hours at a time, you need to stay in bed, we don’t need you falling asleep while walking down the stairs now do we?” He asked as you sit back down on the bed, he put his hand on your shoulder, almost fatherly like and pushed you back into the bed.

Malfoy snickered. A streak of depression had over come you, Everything was just so complicated and you couldn’t do anything about it, Your parents were dead because of you, You-know-who is after you and has your wand, He killed your owl, and your stuck in this stupid hospital wing until professor Snape finds a real cure for whatever potion was forced into your bloodstream.

Nothing else could possibly go wrong. “You and your friends Leave Potter, I want to talk to Sera,” Malfoy glanced at the door then back at Harry, “See ya Sera,” Hermione called, “We’ll be back soon,” Ron smiled and waved, “I’ll leave too, bye” Amy made a face then left.

“Bye then,” Harry gave you a quick wink before he and the others left. Professor Snape went and sat at a desk on the opposite side of the room, many books scattered around him. Malfoy sat down on your bed beside you, “Want did you want to talk to me about?” You asked tilting your head to the side.

“Nothing just wanted to get rid of them,” He answered with his bored voice. “That wasn’t very nice!” your voice was starting to loose its weak sound a little. “Well I didn’t think you’d like being crowded, I’ll go get them if you wa- “no, that’s okay” you cut him off.

“That’s what I thought,” he smirked. “So how are you feeling?” He raised an eyebrow. “The truth?” you asked he nodded. “My head feels like someone has took a long metal pole, screwed it into my left temple, out of my right, removed it, then stuck their fingers into the hole and are trying to force my eyeballs out of their sockets from the inside,” You smiled at the look on his face, it held great disgust.

“That’s… not…very… pleasant,” He stated. “But I’ll make you feel better,” He bent forward to kiss you, but you dodged out of the way, “Draco there’s a teacher in here!” You said just above a whisper, “Just professor Snape, he doesn’t care!” He whispered back, you rolled your eyes at him.

He bent down over you, he was only inches away, you could feel his warm breath on your face, you where drawing nearer, “Draco,” A cool calm voice said from the door way, “Your little friends Crabbe and Goyle told me you might be up here, I wondered why on earth would you be in here rather than down at dinner with the rest of them,” He smiled arrogantly Malfoy shot up off your bed and away from you.

“Just coming to see Sera, She’s -- “ Malfoy was cut off. “I know exactly who she is, I’m afraid I knew her parents, Her Mudblood mother, and her pureblood father who married here father, I had the pleasure of meeting, Disgrace to Slytherin, Don’t know what on earth that filthy old hat was thinking, putting a mud blood in Slytherin, Come Malfoy, You needn’t be here,” He smirked.

Your eyes were full of unshed tears, no one had ever spoken to you like that, or of your parents like that, “Yes father,” Malfoy stole a quick look at you, then followed his father out the door.

You were too shocked to do anything, your mind was racing, your heart pounded painful in your chest, your eyes tinged as they filled to the brim with tears. Never in your life had you felt so betrayed, never in your life had you felt so alone, never in your life had you been so ashamed of your blood line, never in your life had you felt this much pain and confusion, just when you thought nothing else could possibly go wrong, it did.

Chapter 7: Got the Giggles...
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Emotion ran think in your veins, you fought back the tears, promising yourself you wouldn’t cry over him anymore. “Don’t get too worked up, I’ve found a potion that will keep you awake for about 6 hours at a time, but this potion is poison, you’ll take it, you’ll stay awake, then around half past the 5th hour you’ll get a splitting head ache, then you’ll need a second potion, one that will stop the poison from killing you, got that?” Snape asked walking to stand beside your bed.

You nodded, “This will have to do till I find a overall cure, may have a few side effects though is the back thing,” You nodded again. “Thank you professor,” You looked down at nothing in particular just to avoid Snape’s gaze.

“Sera-” Snape began then thought better of it, stood up and walked out of the room. You took the time now to sneak out, let them find you later in your room.

You tossed the covers off you once more, got up out of bed, walked to the door and glanced both ways looking for teachers, Malfoy’s dad’s words refilled your head as you rushed down he corridor, Then Malfoy’s leave, How could be do that to you, how on earth could be just stand there and let him say those thinks to you, and then get up and leave when his father said that he didn’t need to be there.

Breaking your promise to yourself you let tears fall down your face, crimson tears, never in your life had you cried for no reason at all just to be crying, so naturally all you had ever cried was tear of crimson.

Soon you had began you sob quietly, rushing your way down the halls, until you bumped into someone, who turned out to be Professor Lupin, “Sorry Professor,” You wiped your face quickly. “Why are you crying? Come on in my office, have some tea, or hot chocolate,” He ushered you into his classroom, and conjured up some mugs, and hot coco.

“Would you like to tell me what’s wrong?” He asked sipping for his mug. “Draco’s dad, Said some stuff,” You said quietly taking a drink of hot coco. “Let me guess, it had to do with your mother being muggle born, or you being not a true blood ?” You nodded.

“We don’t choose are blood, we don’t choose are mums or dads, some people just can’t understand that,” Lupin explained. “He said I was a disgrace to Slytherin, didn’t know what the hat was thinking and I was a.. mudblood,” You said the last word quietly.

“Sometimes the hat Doesn’t put you in the house that’s best for you, It puts us in the house that you belong in,” He smiled, the lines in his tired face more visible. “I don’t understand,” you were telling the truth you didn’t know what in the world he was talking about.

“Let me give you an example, You know Hermione right?” You nod, “Smartest witch I’ve meet, You’d think that the sorting hat would have put her in Ravenclaw but yet he put her in Gryffindor, why? Because, the sorting hat knew that she was destined to be friends with Harry and Ron, You were put in Slytherin for a reason, I think the answer lies with young Malfoy,” You sighed.

“What are you doing out of the hospital wing?” The Classroom door opened and Snape rushed in, anger written all over his face.

“I’m sorry, I-” You were cut off by Lupin, “she seemed a little upset, so I offered her a cup of coco care to join us?” Lupin Smiled. “No thank you Lupin, I’ve got to get her back to the Hospital wing, come along now miss Ashton,” He left with a swish of his cloak, you rushed to follow him waving to Lupin.

Oddly enough as you walked the hall ways following the professor back to the hospital, you were finding it harder and harder to think about Malfoy, to think about any of your problems really. You were beginning to feel a little more carefree, Odd thoughts were popping up in your head, making you giggle.

You found it extremely hard, near impossible to stop giggling, or walk straight for that matter. Professor Snape turned back to you, making you run right into him. “sorry professor,” you managed through giggles. “Why can’t to just let the potion work?” he sighed, around this time Malfoy came back around the corner. “Oh there you are Sera, I was just wanting to explain, my dad he-- Sera are you okay?” You continued laughing.

“Side effect form her potion, made her a bit off- follow me, I have a cure in my office,” He began to walk toward the dungeons. “Come on Sera lets go,” He said leading Snape’s way. You stopped again, you really weren’t thinking straight now, you could see what you were doing, but you couldn’t really register you stop it.

You pulled of both of your shoes and tosses them aside and took of in a run passing up professor Snape, then began to slide on the marble floor in your socked feet. You lipped and landed with on your back side with a loud thud, you still giggling stood up again stumbling a bit and looked back at the to men who were trying to catch up.

Snape’s lips were curling, though he was desperately trying not to smile., they were still standing back a ways. You took off running again, sliding right into Malfoy knocking him clean off his feet, you landing on top of him. He stood up and helped you up as well, you just giggled and started to spin round and round and round and round.

“you know professor, I think I like her better this way, she doesn’t seem to be mad at me,” Malfoy looked over to Snape, “Yes, she does seem a bit more happy, But think what havoc she would cause in the class rooms,” he shook his head a smirk on his face. “Draaacoo,” You skip, literally over to them, “She speaks,” He chuckled, “What?”

“I umm..” You paused, “I forgot, *laugh* but I Uhh.. Whoa,” You tumble over, Draco catching you and standing you up, You turn around and continue walking, “Sera,” You stop and turn to look at professor Snape who spoke, “Please don’t walk into that wall,” He points, and you look around to where you were walking, and there was the hall way wall.

“Oh..” You flip your hair over your shoulder, waking yourself lose balance and fall head first into the wall anyway. You giggled and sit up as blood trickled don’t your face. You stopped giggling for only a second, and your face gets all serious, “That hurt,” You begin to giggle again. “Maybe we should hurry, Before she really hurts her self,” Malfoy help you up then picks you up and continues down to the dungeon.


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