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What if? by conniehardbroom

Format: Novella
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 2,492
Status: Abandoned

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Strong Language

Genres: Angst
Characters: Lily

First Published: 08/15/2004
Last Chapter: 08/15/2004
Last Updated: 08/15/2004

What if the Potters had a guardian angel? All characters are J.K. Rowling's.

Chapter 1: What if?
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Celeste Pettigrew sat on her lounge sofa and patiently waited for her

husband Peter to go out and perform 'special orders' for his master.

Celeste and Peter always shared a marriage that was on good terms, but

recently he had become so secretive and nervous snapping and jumping

about every time she either talked to him or touched him. This was why

she didn't want to tell him that she was expecting a baby girl. Come to

think of it,Celeste really noticed his odd behaviour this past Thursday

when James and the gang visited to play games and have a few drinks.

She noticed that Peter didn't make eye contact with anybody while they

were there. She had just hoped that he wouldn't behave out of character

with the Marauders by doing or saying something that he might later


Normally, she wasn't nosy about his 'affairs' as he had always called

matters that he didn't want to share, but lately Peter got into the habit of

receiving a mysterious visitor who came by at night. His voice was like

ice, and she could feel an ominous vibe about him whenever he entered

the house. Despite his eerie presence, she couldn't help but be curious

about him. Peter always told her to mind her business, and that this man

was important to their future. She walked from the kitchen to the study wall

and leaned her head against the wall to listen in on what they were saying.

"You have second thoughts about doing this for me , do you ,

Wormtail?," the man asked.

"N-no,---master. That's not it," her husband answered.

"You're a pitiful liar, Wormtail. Nevertheless, you've proven to be

quite useful to me," the man said.

" My lord,----w-what if they thwart you again as they did thrice

before?" Peter asked.

" You doubt my power, Wormtail?"the stranger asked.

"N-no, master. It's just that ----,"Peter whined.

"You feel guilty about betraying them seeing as how they made you

their secret keeper," the man said wickedly.

"Yes.NO!!! I mean n-no, my lord," Peter answered.

"Oh, do stop, Peter. You've made your choice, and you can't take it

back. It's too late. For now I suggest that you rethink your loyalties. I'll be

at Godric Hollow at eight the day after tomorrow. Good day, Wormtail,&

quot;The man said and then left without even addressing her to say good-


She guessed that whatever Peter had gotten himself into had been quite

bad. Not only for himself, but for James and his family. She left

immediately after Peter did . She had to beat whoever that man was to the

Potters' house. She guessed that since she overheard the Potters'

location, that she would be able to locate the house too.

She turned herself into a sparrow. She knew that she could get there

faster flying than by walking. Plus, apparating could be a little risky ;

because, Celeste grew up one town away from Godric's Hollow, and

someone could possibly recognize her and let the man know that she'd

visited the Potters and thwarted his plans if he'd gone fishing for

information about what messed his plans up.

She flew as fast as her wings could take her. When she reached the

place, it was just as she thought. She could see it too since Peter

unwittingly divulged the location to her as well as the man. She settled on

the upper window sill where the baby's room was located. He looked just

like a little angel. May God forgive her for what she was about to do. She

apparated into the room and gently picked little Harry up and placed him

into a satchel that she attached to herself.

Celeste then took a piece of paper out and wrote a message down for

James and Lily. She laid it down in the crib where Lily could find it, and

apparated away from the house.

She apparated into muggle London where she'd kept a post office box that

she'd filled with money, just in case Peter ever decided to leave her. She

had saved up enough to travel by air out of England. Celeste took a flight

to Canada. Her grandparents left her a two-story cabin and some money.

There was also a good wizarding academy nearby for little Harry to go to

when he came of age.

"Don't worry your head, my little precious. Nobody will hurt you whilst

I am around. We're going to peace and safety," she said.

The plane landed in Deep River, Ontario. It was more beautiful now than

when she and her family had left it back in the mid seventies. Her father

and mother were diplomatic officials in the magical world. Her mother was

the ambassador to England, and her father, who was a native Englishman

was ambassador to France. It wasn't until she was thirteen that she found

out that her parents agreed to spend half their time in Canada and the rest

of their time in England. She remembered how sad it made her to leave

Canada. She begged to stay behind with her grand-parents , but her father

told her that she belonged with them. They moved to a lovely townhouse in

Shropshire. That was where she met Peter. he was a bungler with a good

and gentle nature. She liked the way that he always followed her around

like a stray little puppy. What happened to that shy boy who used to

absorb her every word as if it were water to a sponge? She started to cry,

but stopped when Harry started to fuss. It was time to get to a store and

buy her new charge some food.

Meanwhile, back in England, Lily realized that baby Harry had slept a little

longer than usual. She went pstairs to check up on him. When she saw

the empty crib, she screamed.

James got up and ran to her. He looked in the crib and grabbed the note

which read," Don't worry. Baby Harry is fine." Then as a

closing address it read, "P.S.--- You've been made. Get going if you

know what's good for you. Lots of luck, C.P."

"James. Oh ,James,who'd do such a thing. To take our baby and not

tell us anything, it's just so wrong," Lily said crying.

"That's not important. Right now, we have to get going. I'm guessing

that whoever this C. P. person is, they are obviously trying to help us,&

quot; James said.




James grabbed her and hugged her saying. " I feel the same, but we

have to survive if we want to see him again.'

Lily nodded in acknowledgement that James was right. She gathered their

belongings and they headed out.

A week later, Celeste had filed the necessary papers to change her and

Harry's identities.The baby seemed to like her, but she wondered with a

pang of guilt how Lily was coping with his absence, so she took a

snapshot of Harry at a park and mailed it to Professor Dumbledore with an

unaddressed letter saying that she couldn't divulge her location but that

she wanted to let the Potters to know that Harry was safe and that she

changed his name and hers.

Professor Dumbledore informed the Potters about their son, and Lily had

another outburst. She rounded on him telling him that he'd better get some

form of address or something from this person so that she could get her

baby back, but he stood firmly against her telling her that he knew of no

way to find the baby.

She flopped into the chair in a tantrum-like fashion. She pushed everybody

away who tried to comfort her. She wanted to feel her little baby against

her and sing to him, feed him, and rock him gently to sleep.

Celeste waited another nine months before she sent another letter. She

took two snapshots, one of Harry walking, and another with him hugging

her baby girl Annabelle.. This time Dumbledore begged her to divulge her

location ; because, Lily had been uselessly apathetic without her baby.

Celeste apologized for her refusal, but she offered to write more often to

ease Lily's mind.

Despite her letters of correspondence, Celeste's writing to Lily did nothing

but depress her further. Lily felt like her son was behind a glass, and she

couldn't reach him. Her baby was somewhere with this person probably

calling her 'mum' or if it were a man 'dad' forgetting all about her and about

James. Once she found this C.P., she'd let him or her have it. This person

deserved whatever came to him or her.

Celeste met a man named Darryl Hayden who she married a year later.

He was a well-to-do muggle who worked in real estate. She and the kids

wanted for nothing. They were contentedly happy.

Fate answered Lily and James' prayers eight years later when Sirius

decided to go to Canada for a vacation. He rented one of Darryl's

cottages, and Darryl wound up liking him so much that he invited him to

have dinner with his family.

Darryl introduced the children, and when he laid eyes upon Harry his heart

jumped for joy. His joy,however, turned to rage and disgust when he laid

eyes on Celeste, who now called herself Alicia. He bided his time ;

because, he didn't want to make a scene.

Darryl forgot the champagne and went to a store to get some. Sirius

offered to accompany him, but Darryl refused.

"What the bloody hell did you mean by kidnapping James and Lily's

son? I mean. how could you just sneak into their house and take their

baby?"He asked angrily.

"I did it to keep him safe. He's happy as you can see. Peter divulged

their whereabouts, and I knew that they were in even more danger than

they were before. Can't you see? It was the only way to keep the boy


"Why didn't you come to us?"

"My coming to you pobably would have lead that man to you. "

" Does Harry know that you're not his mother? "

"Yes. I've told him that they do work overseas, and that someday

they'll come back to get him,"

"Oh-----, so you plan to give him back. How nice to know. Well, the

someday that his parents will come to collect him is going to be a lot

sooner than you think. As soon as I get back to my lodge, I'll send an owl

to them to let them know where you've been keeping their son all this


"Hello, all. I'm back," Darryl announced.

When dinner started, Sirius announced that he didn't want to cause an

upset, but that he was a friend of Harry's real parents who were coming to

Canada in a few days to bring Harry back to England to live with them.

There was no way that he was going to let Celeste get away with what she

had done.

Sirius did as he promised, and within the next two days, James and Lily

appeared at her address with other members of the order. Everybody

looked as if they were ready to skin her alive. Lily stepped forward to

confront Celeste.

"Where's Harry?!!!!!!"Lily asked enraged and ready to atack


"Henry is upstairs with my daughter Annabelle," Celeste


"Aunt Alicia, what's going on?" Harry came down stairs and

asked innocently.

"Harry," Lily said smiling.

"I'm sorry , but my name's not Harry; it's Henry?"

"Yes, it is son," Celeste answered assuringly.

"What do you mean, Aunt Alicia?"

"Okay ,Henry, do you remember how I said that we were different;

because, of our special abilities? Well, it gets deeper. Harry is your birth

name given to you by your mother who now stands before you. You see

you're no ordinary wizard. you're special. An evilwizard whose name I

never knew; because, my husband kept me housebound, and I asociated

with so few wizards, wanted to kill you, and your parents tried to protect

you by hiding their house with a magic spell. To do this, they needed a

person to keep their location a secret. Unfortunately, they chose my

husband Peter Pettigrew. One day, to your good fortune, I overheard him

talking to a strange man about having betrayed your parents, so I thought

to tell your parents to set a trap for Peter, but that wouldn't have worked,

so I changed into a sparrow and came to your house to abduct you so

that you'd be safe from the man. I also left them a note telling them what

had happened and to get themselves away. I left the country, and I

changed our names. At the time I'd been carrying Annabelle. So I decided

to raise you two together instead of sending you into foster care as I had

originally planned to do. I always sent notes to your parents to let them

know that I'd kept you safe, but I didn't count on your mother falling apart

like she did. Believe me, Lily I never meant to hurt you or James, but what

else could I do?" Celeste explained.

"I don't know, but you could have at least made a better effort of

trying to keep the communication line open with us,"Lily stated.

"How could I with you two being watched so closely?"

Lily thought Celeste's position over repeatedly in her mind. She knew that

Celeste had kept them alive. She knew that war was difficult. She also

knew that someone could have found Celeste out had she communicated

anymore closely with them than she did. Deep down inside, she knew that

she should be thanking Celeste instead of codemning her. Celeste was

the reason that she , James, and Harry were sitting here together, and no

matter how twisted her actions were, she only acted out of their best