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Harry Potter And The Wands Of Time Book #8 by DonT

Format: Novel
Chapters: 12
Word Count: 30,673
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild violence

Genres: General, Humor, Action/Adventure
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, OC
Pairings: Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione

First Published: 07/24/2017
Last Chapter: 11/18/2017
Last Updated: 11/18/2017

This is a strory after the war and how harry moves on.  Harry goes looking for a time wand after his new owl shows him visions.  They look for help from some old friends and meet some new ones on the way.  But who is following them in the shadows.  Can Harry find the time wand and save his parents?  What will Ginny do if he does?  Harry must make a choice between his parents or his new life. 

Chapter 1: Intro
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“Harry..Harry Potter!!! “ Cried Ginny as she ran from the front door.


“Harry, you’ve got a owl post from the ministry of magic. This must be about your application to be an Auror.”


Harry smiled gently at Ginny’s glowing smile, seeing her smile this way never gets old.


“I don’t know why they even make him place an application, the Auors should be begging Harry to join them.” Said Ron.


“After the war with Voldemort, the ministry wants to place some order back into everything. So this simple application is just a formality so that things would appear normal again.” Replied Hermione.

“I’m sure Harry will be accepted without any issue, he did save the world you know.” Said Ginny.


They all looked at each other and thinking of the past events, smiled at each other. Those smiles are not all pleasant as there was also many losses. Most noticeably Fred was not with them.


Slap. The owl that delivered the mail landed on the window seal broke the silence. “Hedwig?” Harry looked in shock as he stared at the owl. On second glance he noticed that it was not Hedwig, but so alike. This owl had 2 extra spots on his back and left wing, they could otherwise be twins.

Harry has been living with the Weasley’s for over a year now, Hermione and Ron has been seeing more of each other as well. Slowly the wizarding world is getting back to normal. The death eaters as has most have been rounded up, the other supporters of Voldemort have gone into hiding. The school is back to normal with professor.


McGonagall as the head master. Harry has been resting and trying to recover from all the friends and family that he had lost. Though being able to see Ginny more has helped with that recovery. Everyone needed some rest and recovery after what happened. It’s not something that will be forgotten any time soon. But seeing the owl that looked like Hedwig just brought back more painful memories of that day when he lost him. Ginny saw that in Harry’s face.


“Harry, you should read the letter. Even though we know what it will say.” Said Ginny.
Harry opened it and read out loud.

Harry Potter,


It is with our most sincerest gratitude and joy to inform you that your application to be an Auror has been accepted. We are sorry to have made you place an application, considering everything that you have done for the wizarding word. But as you know it’s a formality. Our starting day of training is in Sept 6. We hope to see you soon.


Head of the Aurors,
Blain Mints


“Ha!” Cried Ron, “I was right, even the head of Aurors know that they shouldn’t have done it.”


“I guess I’ve got another few months to prepare, and then I’ll start my training.” Said Harry.


“You know, we should get you another owl, since you will be heading out to be an Auror you will need to send me letters.” Said Ginny.


“Your right, we’ll go this weekend.” Said Harry.


“No, no. Let’s go tomorrow. Why wait?” Said Ginny.


Ginny wanted to get Harry out of the house since he has been moping around every once in a while. He, of all people needed to recover the most. The lost of his family, Sirius, and his friends haunts him at night. Every once in a while, Ginny could hear Harry awake at night. She knows the images of the fight with Voldemort keeps him up.

Chapter 2: Another Adventure
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They didn’t talk much until they got home. Harry was thinking about the images of his parents, and this wand of time on the way back.

“Well, you’re not going to believe Don, are you Harry?” Asked Hermione.

“I’m not sure what I believe, the images that I had…” started Harry

“They are just images” interrupted Hermione.

“Well, images of Voldemort were only images.” Rebutted Harry impatiently.

“Well that was different; you had a connection with him. But this, this is from an owl.” Stated Hermione plainly while pointing at the owl they had brought back.

Harry looked at the owl, as he thought over Hermione’s statements. Perhaps she’s right; but something deep inside Harry knew there is more to this, “image”. Something deep knows that the images of his parents were not just images.

Looking at Hermione, Ron, and Ginny, and back at Hermione, he said “I know you don’t believe me. But I know what I saw. The images of my parents were as real to me as you standing in front of me. I can’t explain it. I don’t know how to explain what I felt. You all had parents you grew up with that loved you, I didn’t. I had my aunt, uncle, and Dudley. They are not my real parents. My real parents are dead.”

Harry stormed off to his room upstairs. Hermione tried to call back to him, “Harry I didn’t mean… Harry, I, I’m sorry…”

The three watched as Harry disappeared upstairs and out of sight. Ginny and Ron looked at Hermione. She looked really sorry.

“Hermione you shouldn’t of said those things.” Said Ron.

“You know how sensitive Harry gets when talking about his parents.”

“We all went through a lot, but Harry lost the most. Things were finally getting back to normal for him after he applied to be an Auror.” Said Ginny.

That was true, Harry spend almost a year fending off admirers and grateful people. Gifts came for him on a daily bases. He couldn’t go out without someone stopping him just to get a glimpse. He later went out with the invisibility cloak but after a month of that it became too lonely, because he couldn’t talk to anyone without other around getting suspicious. For a while he stopped going out, but then the letters started coming, and then he tried to hide in a forest. But even that didn’t work. Then he just disappeared and no one knew where he went for over a month, turned out he was hiding in the cave where Sirius was when he was hiding out. It was by chance that Ron thought about looking for him there as a joke.

The Weasley’s secretly made an announcement to just let Harry be, which worked for a while, until Harry found out. He didn’t mind at all, because people did stop bothering him. It was almost a year before the letters and gifts stopped. People still looked at him when he walked out, but they didn’t stop him to have his autograph. When Ginny came home from school, Harry always became more pleasant.

Although most of the attention was on Harry, Hermione also added some new admirers but Ron fended the male admirers off. And vise versa for the female admires of Ron. So no one bothered them after a few months. Hermione was went back to her studies and focused on getting into the ministry of magic. After, she found her parents in Australia but reversing the memory charm wasn’t as easy as Hermione thought. She did her best and all of the experts tried to help her, but the best they did was made Hermione into a cousin of theirs. After month of crying and frustration, she finally accepted it. She did this to keep them safe after all, so she would visit them often and be there for family reunions.

Ron helped George out at his shop, which was doing quite well. George even mentioned about making him a manager. One day he came home late with a horrible case of red puff butt. He accidentally fell into a case of the baboon butt charm. Everyone at home couldn’t stop laughing, and the charm lasted for almost a week. This story even reached to Hogwarts. George got the brilliant idea of making Ron model for the charm, which sold out in a day. So George took a picture and blew it up and posted outside, which became their bestseller. When people saw Ron in the streets they just burst out laughing. George heard about this, and he just said it was like free advertisement. Soon Ron always had some business cards that George had Ron carry around, so that they can get more business. At first Ron was very much against the idea, but even he recognized how much more business they’ve got, so he let go of his embarrassment and started to embrace it.

They spent most of the days performing some mindless jobs, like cooking and cleaning, just so they wouldn’t have to think about the war they just went through. They attempted to be normal teenagers who just graduated and tried to focus on what they want to do with their lives. But everyone in the wizarding world knows that wherever they apply, they will be accepted with open arms. Harry and Hermione also knew this deep down, so they tried to study or train more to show that they are being accepted for who they were and more than what they did during the war. Of course they could of just became celebrities and made money by going on interviews, store openings, shows, and wrote an autobiography. But deep down they didn’t want to, and would rather become normal people.

Ron on the other hand, tired it out for a short time. All the attention that he saw Harry got at school; he finally know how it felt. And after a short 2 month he knew what Harry meant long ago by not wanting any of it. It was very exhausting to say the least, all those people push and shoving just to get a look at you, the cameras, people taking what you say out of context, and even in the late hours of the day you’re not safe. So he too decided to just be plain Ron.

The three living together so close was very nice and they felt comfort in each other. But they would also have their arguments, sometimes big and sometimes small, but at the end they always forgave each other and moved on, in the case of this one.

“We should believe in Harry,” said Ginny. “He gave up so much and saved us all, we at least trust him when he said he saw the visions. His instinct in magic is almost always right.”

“Yeah," jumped in Ron. “Like Dumbledore’s gifts to us, we didn’t understand it until we needed it. Maybe what Don said about the owl is true. Maybe Harry did see the visions, we should at least ask around and try to help Harry.”

“Maybe your right. I jumped to conclusions based on what I know, you would think that the whole ordeal with Beedle the Bard would of taught me to trust things that I don’t understand,” stated Hermione.

Ron gave her a smirk and a smile.
After further discussion on the topic, they all agreed to look into the of the Owl of treasures.

Harry came down a little before dinner.

“I’m sorry Harry for not believing in you.” Said Hermione “I should know better by now.”

“That’s o.k. Hermione, you didn’t see the visions. I shouldn’t have acted out like that.” Said Harry.

“We should ask around about the owl of treasures,” said Ginny.
“We’ll ask dad and mom to see if they know anything.”

“That’s a good idea, and since dad works in the ministry he must of know or heard of this.” Said Ron.

So during dinner they asked Arthur, and they weren’t expecting him to know. But he told them of their old school house creator, Godric Griffindor.

“Well, you know I did hear a rumor while I went to school about how Griffindor started Hogwarts. When he was a little kid he had a unique owl, they said. Well you know how he was not only skilled with a wand but also with a sword. That was something no wizard had ever done. People long ago thought he was crazy for wanting to learn muggle dueling. But he once said, “my owl inspired me to learn muggle dueling” which made other wizards even more cautions of being around him. Well they said that is how Salazar slitherin became friends with him, because they were also weary of him as well. Later Gryffindor became quite skilled with a sword and well you all know about the sword of Gryffindor. Why he started Hogwarts so that not only wizards can attend but also Muggles, and that was unheard of at the time. And after that Salazar and Godrick didn’t see eye to eye anymore, and well you already experienced what Salazar placed inside Hogwarts." Said Arthur.

“Godrick Gryffindor…. Said my “my owl inspired me to learn muggle dueling” thought Harry.

He was not expecting that answer, not Ron, or Hermione, or Ginny was expecting that answer.

Chapter 3: Where the Owl comes from
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Harry got up in the morning to the smell of Molly and Ginny’s cooking. That is one thing that Ginny got from her mother, she knows how to set a good meal, as well as perform a shield charm. Jenny, Ron, Hermione, Harry, Molly, Dad, and George all sat down that day and had a good breakfast.

“We’ll go to Diagon alley after breakfast, then?” Asked Harry

“Oh no,” said Ginny,

“No?” Asked Harry.

“No, I’ll take you some where special, we’ll go to the owl’s wall,” said Ginny

“The what?” Asked Harry and Hermione together.

“You know the owl wall. Where all owl post owls come from.”

“Harry and Herminie may not know about that.” Said Arthur. “They grew up in the muggle world.

Owls are not hatched in the wizarding world. They all come from the owl walls. It’s like….”

“Don’t spoil it for them. When we get there they can see it for themselves.” Ginny jumped in.

Harry and Hermione looked at each other

"They have never visited one. This will be a nice treat for them." said Aurther.

"I remembered when dad first brought us there, it was a really eye opener.” Said Ron as he finished off his last piece of toast.

It’s been a while since they went on a trip like this. Kind of like a class trip with Hagrid, only no dangerous animals that can kill them. As they walked out together Hermione held onto Ron’s hand and Harry onto Ginny’s as they walked together letting Ginny guide the way. Immediately they landed outside a large stone wall. There was a door of silver with an owl shaped knocker for a handle. Ron knocked and a “hoo” came out of the knocker. A small skinny man slowly opened the door. He looked at the four and then fixated his attention onto Harry. His eyes were in awe and excitement.

Ahem! Said Hermione.

“Ahh, you’re early. I was still prepping my place when I heard the great Harry potter wanted to tour my owl wall. But it’s ready, please come in, come in.

As they walked in, the man said “My name is Don Too, like hooo. Hahaaha,” he smiled, “the kids usually love that one. It’s my pleasure to show you around.”

“I’m Ron, this is Hermione, Ginny and….”

“Harry potter.” Interrupted Don as he shook his hands.

They walked onto a floating rug with owl pattern wings. “Come on, we can all fit onto this one. It will take us around much easier.”

The rug lifted up after they all stepped onto it, and glided forward. They passed a stream of water which seemed to around the inside of the wall, and onto an open field of grass.

“This is where we keep the live mice for the owls after they have grown to 1 years of age. I’ve seen some healthy ones eat 5 in one sitting. They are really hungry at that age. Growing and building their strength.” said Don.

Next came a forest with many dense in some area and others parts more open.” This is where the owls come to practice their flying skills. We can shift the trees any way we want.” Don clapped his hands and the trees moved from one area to another. “ The louder your clap the faster they move. Here you try it.” Harry tried and sure enough the trees moved.

“Now watch this,” said Ron. He clapped so loud and hard, that the trees bumped into each other and leaves fell all around them because they were moving so fast.

“Hahaha” laughed Ron and soon Don joined in as well. Soon they were surrounded by falling leaves.

“O.k. o.k. we should move on. “ Said Don. “The kids usually like that part as well. It’s even more gorgeous in the winter when the snow is on them.” Soon they reached the last stop. “This is the owl wall. We here at Too’s are proud to have the longest and oldest of owl walls. It was passed down from my great, great, great, grandfather."

What Harry saw was not a wall at all by any means of the word, but a floating, morphing, puffy shaped cloud as long as the eye can see, that seems to be solid at one minute and then misty the next. It’s shape changes from an egg shape to owl shape and everything in between.

“I know your looking to get another owl,” said Don.

“Well, you know about wands and how they work when they choose you. For owls it’s also similar. The owl at the Diagon alley are fine owls, don’t get me wrong, but to choose an owl that paired with its master, you truly have to come to the wall. Harry potter, since it’s for you, I’ll bring you to the older section of the wall and you tell me when to stop and we will get an owl for you.”

This reminded of Harry of selecting out pumpkins at the pumpkin patches, only this time he can select one, instead of Dudley. He wondered what Dudley and his aunt were doing. But the thought lasted for only a second before he let it go and focused on the morphing cloud in front of him. Then something caught his eyes. He thought he saw Hedwig again in the morphing wall.

“Stop here” said Harry.

“Ohh… good choose of location, this area has not been chosen by anyone in a long time. O.k. here,”

Don handed a silver wire with a bell attached to it.

“Now all you have to do is choose a location and ring the bell three times.”

Harry looked at the location where he thought he saw Hedwig and rang the bell 3 times. Ding, Ding, Ding. Slowly the morphing cloud stopped. The whole wall seemed to have stopped. The area where Harry was looking at first looked like an egg, then a dark line opened and a bright light shown from within and a silver spark…BANG! And all went black.

An image of a wand, no 3 wands, a sudden feeling of flying toward something, no someone… his parents smiling at him, but he’s older and not a baby. The wand of wonder, wand of dreams, wand of time……..

“Harry!! Harry!! Harry!!”

Harry opened his eyes slowly and saw Ginny, Ron, and Hermione with worried faces, similar to the expression they wore when he had visions of Voldemort.

“I’m o.k. I just saw some strange images.”

“What kind of strange images?! Are they of Vol…de…mort?” Stuttered Ron.

“No, no… nothing like that. Images of 3 wands, and my parents, smiling at me, only I wasn’t a baby. I was much older….”
“Right after the bang you passed out like you did when… you know…” said Hermione

“We all thought you knew…. somehow… he came back. So we got our wands out and fell from the rug onto the ground. Ginny and I used levitation charms to cushion the fall.”

“After a few minutes and nothing happened, we tried to wake you up.”

Harry noticed that Ginny was pointing her wand at Don. Don looked startled.

“Please it wasn’t me, but I think I know what happened. Let me explain.“ Said Don

“Ginny, let him go, I don’t think it was his doing.” Said Harry. Ginny lowered her wand.

“I’ve only heard of this from my father. He said every once in a while an owl of “treasure” will come out of the wall, and the person that rang the bell and this owl will have a great connection”

“What kind of connection?” asked Hermione

“There are 2 special things with this owl. Normal owls will deliver the post, however this owl has the ability to let the owner see whatever the owl sees, so there is no need to deliver the post but they can see it, similar to a vision. The second, the second is that the owl will lead the owner to a great treasure, but only once. “

“Only one treasure?” asked Ron. Hermione looked at Ron from the corner of her eyes. “What?” asked Ron.

“Yes only one treasure, however the treasure is always of great value to the owner. From what my dad told me, it will always comes true.” Said Don

“In all my years of doing this, I would never expect this to happen. And look.”

Don points to the owl perched not too far away. “Usually owls come out of the wall as babies, and will need at least a year to grow. But this owl is already grown and looks like he is at least 2 years of age.”

“Harry potter, you truly are a special person.” Don looked at Harry with admiration.

The four looked at each other, and then at the owl, who was looking back at Harry. And they all didn’t know what to say or think.

Harry looked at the owl and thought to himself. It looks like any other brown post owl, nothing special at all, yes the owl is not a baby, but that doesn’t mean anything. Is what Don said true? This just sounds strange, and if it’s true, why him? Out of all the people in the world, why does this always have to happen to him… Why can’t he be just normal old Harry, nothing special, just plain and normal. But the images of the 3 wands, and his parents were so real. And what is the image of himself feeling happy and grown up with his parents? That image makes no sense. And is this wand of time that echoes within his ears…..

Chapter 4: Grandpa Lovegood
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The next day they went to the wizard’s library, it was nestled comfortably next to the muggle’s library but the entrance was on the side and you have to touch the owl statue on the beak. Once they did that a grand door opened from a brick until it was wide enough to fly three brooms through. Though the charms placed on it will prevent any muggles from seeing what is happening.
They let Hermione lead the way, since she is very familiar with where all the books are. In no time Hermione came back with multiple versions of Godric Gryffindor’s autobiography and history of how Hogwarts was started.

After hours of reading through his life as a man and what he accomplished, how Hogwarts was build, and how many charms was used to accomplish such a feat. They even found a whole book on how the sorting hat was created. There wasn’t much on his childhood or what inspired him in his childhood. They search most of the day and nearing the library closing time. Then they finally found something.

“Look here” said Ginny, “I think I found something on his childhood. It’s short but it says that the reason that Godric was so good with a sword is because he practiced since childhood. He was the first and only wizard that did that. Other wizards stayed away from him because they thought he was crazy when they ask why you’re practicing to muggle duel. He told everyone he got an inspiration during a trip to the owl walls. People thought he was crazy, but after all these years gone by and creating Hogwarts, not only for wizards but also muggle borns… no one is laughing at him then.”

“So this proves the rumors Dad said about Godric Gryffindor. Said Ginny.

Then he too might have seen visions from an owl. Then this proves that the owl of treasure is real”, said Ron.

"I also looked at a book on the Owl wall. It does mention that a special owl can be born from the walls, but that it is only a legend." Said Ginny.

“Well, I guess that legend just came true.” Said Ron, looking at Harry.

“What now?” asked Harry. “I don’t think we can find any more additional information in here. But there is one person who can help us, when it comes to the odd and unusual things in the wizarding world…”

Harry, Hermione, and Ron all said. “Luna Lovegood!!” They all laughed together.

Ginny smiled at them. And off they went to see the Lovegoods.

Luna’s dad did get some more attention during the war with Voldemort. The short time that he supported Harry did help him out with his paper business. You can’t blame a father for wanting his own daughter back, and everyone forgave him for that little part. Now that it’s all over, it’s back to business as usual. They publish articles on various plants to help heal the house spirits. Where to place your Dinpowhale in order to attract more love in your life. They also added section for how to treat unusual charm and curses, which started to gain popularity when they discovered a cure for one of George’s charms by accident. Wizards everywhere started writing in asking about counter charms, which keep Luna busy working, trying out different remedies her father know, with some unusual side effect of their own. Once she was trying to find a cure for worm nose and ending up turning her own face blue with for a week. They would even ask her grandfather for advice from time to time.

Harry knocked on the door. They heard footsteps, and Luna opened the door.

“Harry Potter!” Said Luna in her usual way, “It’s so good to see you, and you brought Hermione, Ron, and Ginny. My, you have grown Ginny. Please do come in and have a sit. I’ll go make some tintofaol tea.”

The four looked at each other all thinking the same thing, Is it safe to drink this tintofaol tea?

“Uhh… Luna? Do you have any butterbeer?” Asked Ginny.

“Why yes, yes I do. I have just one left from…”

“May I have it instead of tintoafoo, tintoao, tino…instead of tea. Tea doesn’t always agree with my tummy.” Added in Ginny.

Ron and Harry looked at Ginny with new found wonder and amazed at her quick thinking.

“Why didn’t I think of that?” murmured Ron.

Hermione just smiled and sat down.

After Luna came back with the drinks they started talking about Harry’s experience on the owl wall and what they found out about Godric Gryffindor. To their surprise, Luna didn’t seem shocked by any of this information. She just nodded and took it in. She didn’t ask any question or disbelieve them at all.

“Oh yes, Harry, you must have been blessed by the luck fairy that day. My grandpa always told me to eat my four legged zaber roots, before I go to the owl wall. Said that I might get the great luck owl, so it’s called the Owl of Treasures. So Harry, you must have eaten your zaber roots.”

Harry looked dumbfounded and just shook his head.

“Well my grandpa also told me rumors of old Gryffindor, and said it will be good for me to be in the Gryffindor house, but alas, I was sorted into the Ravenclaws.” Said Luna.

“Luna, who are you talking to?” asked an old man who came out of nowhere.

Harry and the gang were so startled by the sudden appearance of an old man that they almost went for their wands.

“Grandpa. Let me introduce you to Harry potter and his friends.” Started Luna.

“Harry Potter, you don’t say, why Luna told me about you, but to see you in person… what a pleasant surprise. I know it was going to be a good day when I saw the shadow this morning that looked like a dodalkin fairy. And I was right.” He said.

“Sorry, I talk too much, who are these lovely people with you Harry?” He asked.

Ginny, Ron, and Hermione introduced themselves.

“I’m Luna’s grandpa.”

“Grandpa B, Harry got the good luck owl.” Said Luna.

“Really? You ate your four legged zaber roots, before you went didn’t you?” Asked Grandpa.

Again Harry shook his head.

Ron murmured, “grandpa B? His real name must be very hard to pronounce, that even Luna can’t say it.”

With a smirk on his face, he sank back into his chair. Hermione smiled but nudged him to keep quite.

“Well I always told Luna here to eat her roots before she went, but alas it didn’t happen. You know rumors had it that Gryffindor ate those roots before he went to the wall when he was a kid. So he got the great luck owl. So I thought it might work for little Luna.” Said grandpa B.

“Maybe it was a different kind of roots?” Asked Luna.

“No, No, I remember clearly from my grandpa, he told me to eat my four legged Zaber roots before I went, but it also didn’t happen. But you know you can only try it once. But you Harry, you got the owl, that must be amazing.” Said Luna’s grandpa.

Harry explained what happened and that he doesn’t know how it works, and asked, “Mr. Lovegood, do you know how this owl works?”
Luna’s grandpa explained that he only knows of rumors and that the owl will lead the owner to a great treasure and that person will do great things. After a few more question that came back with nothing more than empty answers. Harry decided to ask if he knows of anything about time magic.

“Ohh…” said Luna’s grandpa thoughtfully and slowly staring at Harry very intensely for the first time; as if seeing straight into his soul.

Harry was stunned by this new Lovegood.

He said intensely. “Time magic is very dangerous, even from outside the ministry, and I have heard of rumors about the people completely vanishing from existence. The only time magic I know of is with the Time-Turner. And I don’t trust that at all.”

Then turning back to his old expression he said, “You know there was an old poem I was taught as a kid by my parents… now how did it go again. Oh yes… City city vanished in pity, frozen enclosure, trapped him in fire. That is all I can remember, meant as a warning for any young minds wondering about time magic. So we never asked again, out of fear of being turned to a frozen popsicle.” Said grandpa B.

With that they uncomfortably drank down their tea and said they should be leaving and thanked Luna for their hospitality.
At the door, Harry shook Luna’s grandpa hands and said. “Thank you Mr. Lovegood for all your help.”

“Call me Bob, and any time. Swing by next time and I’ll make sure I show you my Tingoalow wings, I’m very proud of them.” Said Bob.

But Harry and Ron looked at each other and said “Bob?”

Hermione and Ginny smiled and thanked Luna and Grandpa Bob again and gently pushed the boys onward.

“Bob?” Said Ron. “I thought it was going to be Bonbolungkomobobaaaaa” and laughed at his own joke.
Harry laughed while the girls smiled at them, but even they weren’t expecting Bob.

Back at Ron’s house the four discussed on what to do next. Since all the Time-Turners have been destroyed and the ministry has outlawed all time magic, there didn’t even exist any book on them. They didn’t know what else to do. At dinner while they were still talking about this, Molly talked about going to the wizards world bazaar next week. She has been talking about it for the last month now, bringing it up every time she can. George would talk about it as well, but how he wasn’t able to get a booth in it this year, but he would put his name in for next year. They haven’t figured out where it would be held. It’s not often that the bizarre comes to London, and it will be fantastic with all sorts of wizarding trinkets and tools from all over the world. Who knows you might find something there.

Chapter 5: The Bazaar
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“Where is it again?” asked Harry.

“It’s in the London Clock Tower, you’ll see it’s fantastic. And since you never been to one it’s going to be even more wonderful for you.” Said Molly, while they all left the front door.

When they got there, Harry didn’t see anything different, it looks like any other day around Caledonian Park. However as they got closer he did notice that there were more people walking around and unusually many more people selling ice cream from push carts around.

“There we are. The ice cream carts. They are both the ticket in and depending on which area of the bazaar you want to see first; you buy the ice cream that is connected to it.” Said Arthur.

“So the ice cream is a port key of some sorts, ingenious. “ said Ron

“Yeah, this year they have outdone themselves, and of course chocolate is the most popular area of the bazaar followed by vanilla.” Said Molly.

As the whole family moved closer they noticed that when a muggle bought one they simple ate it like normal. But when a wizard bought it and opened it they vanished, but the muggles didn’t seem to even realize that a person just disappeared. Once they reached the carts, there seems to be sign floating above the door that said what flavor goes with which area. So George went and bought a blueberry lime flavored ice cream bar and some silver words on the wrapper that reads, “Trickery all sorts.” He took a lick and vanished like the people before him. Molly and Arthur both bought strawberry flavored ones which read,” Magical tools for the house.” Ron, Ginny, Harry and Hermione were looking to see where they want to go first, they noticed an area that said, “Everything else.”

“I guess that might be an a good area to start from.” Said Hermione.

And so they bought their Apple flavored ice cream and vanished. Immediately they appeared inside the clock tower’s 3rd floor. It was huge in the inside, with tables, carpets, floating baskets of all sorts. It reminded Harry of an open market in the muggle world, just much, much bigger. Harry had a hard time focusing on just one area; it was the largest market he has ever seen. The windows were also larger from the inside and let in so much light, there was the feeling that it was more of an outdoor market than an indoor one. Once Harry took a minute to get over the shock of it all, they slowly walked around. They looked at all the fascinating trinkets, tools, books, and potions that different wizards had to offer.

“Take a look at this mirror. It has a charm placed where you can see yourself with any clothe, hair, hat, jewelry that you desire. All you have to do is think of it and it will show you.” Said the wizard.

They watched as a woman stepped in front of it. They saw her wearing a long blue night gown with her hair done up. Then they her hair turning color to red and the gown was red, then black.

“It will come in handy when you want to get ready for an event.” Said Ginny to Hermione, as they looked on.

Next they saw someone selling ropes that can tie themselves.

“Great for any day use, they are self tying ropes and will tie themselves to whatever you throw it at.”

As everyone watched, the witch tossed it at a table and the ends of the rope just wrapped around and tied itself to it. She tugged at the other end and tossed it a chair and the other end tied itself to that.

“Not only that but they are designed not burn easily. Today only I’m selling two for the price of one. Don’t miss the chance to own yours today.”

Many more can be heard, from old charm books, to color changing lamps, pens that can make the letters appear as ice sculptures, and many more.

“All this is fascinating and wonderful, but how are we going to find anything of use to us about time magic!” Said Harry frustratingly.

Keep an open mind you’ll never know, let’s go down this lane.” Said Ginny as she grabbed Harry’s hands and lead him down another lane.

Somehow Harry felt a little calmer holding onto Ginny hands. Her touch seemed to calm him and her leading the way seems to just feel right. Like whatever path she is leading him is the right path.

As they were walking an old man accidentally bumped into Harry, as he fell down on to the ground he said “My apologies young man. I think I might have tripped on something” Said the older man as he started to get up.

Harry helped him up and asked “Are you all right sir?”

“Yes, yes, thank you very much.” He said.

“I got separated from my family and now can’t seem to find them.” He said.

“Can we help you in any way?” Asked Harry.

“Well, aren’t you the sweatiest young man I have ever meet in a while. If it’s not much trouble that would be wonderful. My name is Deanol Hafty.

And you are?” asked Deanol

“I’m Harry Potter and this..”

“Harry Potter!?” Exclaimed Deanol before Harry could finish his introduction.

“My family will never believe me, that I’ve seen the great Harry Potter. The wizard who destroyed He Who Must Not Be Named, is helping little old me. They would ecstatic to meet you.” Said Deanol as he walked with the four.

Ginny, Ron and Hermione introduced themselves finally after Deanol stopped talking. As they walked around they noticed that he walked pretty fast for a man who looked like he was in his 70s.

Deanol noticed and said “Why I walk 3 miles every day, got to keep my health up, that is all I have left nowadays.”

As they walked and talked they saw someone who they would never thought would encounter, Lucius Malfoy. Lucius saw them from the corner of his eye and started to walk the other way.

It was Ron who yelled, “Hey Lucius, your looking pale as usual.”
Lucius looked at Ron with his usual distaste and met his gaze upon Harry. His gaze looked more timid as if a kid who did something wrong is confronting his parents about it. He rushed away in the crowd without saying anything.

They walked a little further and Deanol said” I think I see them my family.”

They saw 2 younger looking men walking towards them.

“Father.” Said one of them.

“This is Harry Potter and his friends who helped out.” Said Deanol

“The great Harry potter.” Said the other man as he looked Harry from head to toe.

Deanol took 4 ice cream bars from his clothes.

“Here you go, please accept this as a token for helping an old man out.” Said Deanol.

“No, No we can’t accept..” started Harry.

“Please I insist, these will get you around the bazaar more quickly once you are ready to move to the center location. They gave these to me because of my age, but I think it’s time for us to go home.” Insisted Deanol.

So Harry looked at Deanol and accepted his ice cream bars.

“Thanks again,” said Deanol as he walked off with his 2 family members.

“There whole family moves fast.” Said Ron as they watched them rush off.

The four continued to walk around, finding all kinds of trinkets, spells, pans, but nothing that would help them. After eating lunch at the eatery, they started walking again. 3 hours into it, they were pretty much going to give up.

When they over head someone say, “Did you see that old fool, who tried to sell me a time turner. I think he’s trying to put one over on me.”

Harry walked up to them and asked, “Where was this person?”

The man said, “who wants to know?”

“I’m….” before Harry can finish his words., the man said “Harry Potter?! Oh my word, I’m sorry I didn’t recognize you before. He’s down the 5th row to the left and almost last booth on the right.”

“Thank you!” yelled Harry as he rushed over that way.

Once they got there they saw a shady looking wizard with a beard and a hood over his head. He’s a fairly large person and had a few trinkets on his table. Harry noticed the page turner immediately and grabbed it.

“Where did you get this?” Harry asked sharply.

The wizard was not shaken by Harry’s tone.

Calmly he said, “well my young man, if your interested in it, I’ll give it to you for a fair price. 1000 galleons.”

The wizard waited and looked at Harry’s face for an expression.

Harry impatiently asked again, “Where did you get this? It’s a time turner and I thought they were all destroyed.”

The wizard replied, “If you must know, I acquired this from a seller a few months ago, now I’m not going to tell you my sources. But since you know what it is, you know how rare it is. So 1000 galleons for this timer turner. Take it or leave it.”

Ginny asked, “How do we know it works?”

“Well young lady, I wouldn’t sell you something that doesn’t work now would I?” Answered the wizard.

“Let me take a look.” Said Hermione.

After Harry handed it to Hermione she examined for a few minutes, looking at every tiny detail of the time turner.

“It’s a very good replica, but it’s not a real time turner.

There is something else as well, but I can’t seem to put my hands on it.” Said Hermione plainly to the wizard.

“What?! How dare you accuse me of selling false products. Have you ever seen one, have you ever used one!?” yelled the old Wizard

“Well sir! I have used one, and although yours is a very good copy, it’s not a real time turner.” replied Hermione

Taken back by Hermione’s statement, he calmed down and asked, “Who are you?”

“My name is Hermione and this is Harry Potter.” Hermione said, waiting for a shocking response.

“Never heard of you people, nor do I care. Accusing me of selling false good. Get out of here. I don’t want to talk to you people. Accusing me, the great merchant, Masime, of selling faulty goods. Now get out!!” yelling at them as he gestured them to leave.

The four left and walked away to another corner of the bazaar.

“He’s up to something. “That’s a false time turner and there appears to be something else that I can’t put my hands on.” Said Hermione again.

“Yeah, he didn’t even flinch when he found who you were, he must be a death eater or something.” Said Ron thoughtfully.

“No way, all the death eaters have been rounded up to Azkaban and there would be no way a death eater would show his face in the bazaar, where everyone can see them.” Said Harry.

After talking for a little longer, Harry suggested that he would follow Masime after the bazaar. The others decided that it’s kind of dangerous for Harry to do this alone. Harry reminded them that it was he who killed Voldemort. So they reluctantly agreed for Harry to do this but Ron had to tag along. Ron didn’t like this idea but agreed after Hermione gave him a stern look. So the girls will wait for them at home. And since everyone evaporates after they get out of the clock tower, they figured it’s better to follow him when he is exiting. Harry will bring his invisibility cloak with them just in case, and if they have to follow him or grab his clothe so they can disapparated with him they could do it without him noticing. If something was to happen and Harry has to go about it himself, he’ll promised to play it safe and not do anything dangerous. To which Ginny made Harry promise by pinky swearing.

Harry and Ron went back just before the Bazaar closed. They found Masime slowly putting his goods away in a trunk. After he was done he started walking out. With no one around Harry and Ron decided to confront him about the time turner. They walked out of the corner and ran toward him. Once Masime saw them coming towards him, he bolted for the exit. He was surprising fast and agile, he ran past the rows of booths and knocked over some goods he was a few feet away from the exit. Harry managed to just barely grab a hold of the back of Masime’s jacket before he disapparated. Ron managed to keep up and just barley grabbed onto Harry’s pants leg. The next thing they know they were in some kind of room. They decided it must be Masime’s hotel room when they noticed the bed. Once Harry got his wits about him, he casted a protective charm preventing any disapparating in or out of the room. He pointed his wand at Masime.

Masime looked scared, “you again, you can have the time turner, just don’t harm me.”

“I just want some answers, I’m not going to harm you.” Said Harry.

“Yeah, we’re not going to hurt you.” Repeated Ron.

“Tell me the truth, how did you got this?” asked Harry sharply.

“o.k. I’ll tell you, I purchased this from a man who was down on his luck. When I was selling my goods in another town, he approached me trying to sell it. He told me it was a time turner that he got it from the ministry itself. I didn’t believe him at first. But he said something about that when the ministry make a bad one they’d usually destroy it, he also said he used to work there and he hid one and stole it. He said that it works fine enough and showed me. I used it once and so I bought it from him. After I heard that it was outlawed, I had a hard time selling it. So I don’t usually bring it out for sale.” Explained Masime.

Harry lowered his wand and thought about what Masime said. “o.k. then show me it’s real.”

Masime took out the time turner and handed it to Harry, “You both can try it, so that you’ll know I’m not lying. Just place the necklace around your necks and give it a small turn. 10 sec will do and you’ll see that it works.” said Masime.

Harry thought for a sec, and the only thing he could think of going wrong was that it doesn’t work. Hermione already said it was a copy. Harry placed it around both his and Ron’s neck. He turned it like Masime said. And once he did the room started to swirl around. They were transported away. It was a port key. They were tricked. They landed in the middle of a plain, surrounded by trees. They had no idea where they were.

Out of nowhere a flag of light whizzed next to Harry’s legs. His instincts took over, he shot a counter curse at the direction it came from. It missed. Then more curses flow at them. They were under attack. They scampered and headed for cover away from where all the curses are coming from. Then 4 cloaked persons slowly poked their heads out and moved slowly toward Harry and Ron.

“Petrificus Totalus!” Shouted Harry, and it connected with one of them and he fell to the ground.

The other three scampered around to hide.

“Impedimenta!” shouted Harry, and another one of the cloaked figures goes down.

He fell towards one of the last two people and hit one of them. That tripped him and knocked the last person. Ron was watching this with more humor then horror that they were being attacked.

So he finally got one in, “Expelliarmus! Shouted Ron.

And it knocked the wand out of one of their grasps.

Harry followed it with another, “Pertrificus Totalus.” And the last person was now down. The one Ron disarmed was now on the ground shaking.

“This is almost too easy, thought Harry.” Are they amateurs? Anyone from the Order could of taken them. So they approach the last one with some caution.

“Who are you? And why did you attack us?” demanded Harry.

“I don’t have to tell you anything to you Harry Potter, he who killed our master.” Yelled he clocked man.

With the sound of this, Harry could feel his temper boiling up. There are still more of Valdermort followers outside Azkaban? And this was a trap set up for him, which means Masime is one of them. How was he so foolish to have fallen into it, but how did they know he was looking for a… time turner. Was he being followed, how many of them are there, is Ginny safe?

At the thought of this, Harry was getting angry. No more death, no more pain, no more.

All that pinned up frustration about the time magic and the time turner leading him to a trap has finally got to Harry. And now he finds out followers of Valdermort are still around and putting everyone at risk again; this was his breaking point. Harry walked right up to the man who was on the ground and pointed his wand in his face, “Tell me who is behind this now, or, or I’m going to Cru..” Harry stopped his words.

“Cruicio," thought Harry.

He was going to say Curcio. Harry took a step back; he looked down at his clinched fist on his wand, and he turned slowly and saw Ron looking at him. Scared and fearful not of the unknown deatheaters, but of him.

“Impedimenta” and the last person was knocked unconscious. He walked around to the people on the ground to look at their faces, but he didn’t recognized anyone of them.

Finally Harry said “We’ll contact the minister of magic and they can come and get these guys.”

“You were scary. Harry, I thought you were going to seriously harm that guy. It’s not like you.” Said Ron.

“I know, I’m sorry, I didn’t know what came over me.” Said Harry.

After some discussion on how best to handle the situation, Harry was going to watch over them, while Ron disapparated to let his dad know and get the aurors to come and pick them up. It wasn't long before Ron, Arthur, and 2 aurors returned.

“Harry Potter, your already doing our job, soon we’ll be working for you.” Joked one of the aurors.

Once the 2 aurors took away the four hooded people, Harry and Ron told them what happened and about Masime as an accomplice. The aurors thanked Harry again and informed Harry that they will get to the bottom of this and to keep them informed of what they find. Satisfied; Ron, Harry, and Arthur went home.

Chapter 6: The owl of Treasures
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The Auror investigation was going to take longer than they thought. So they told Harry they will let them know once they find anything.

So Harry went back to concentrating on time magic. However after a few days of trying he was nowhere closer to any answers. Even Hermione and Ron were losing hope and ran out of ideas. Ginny suggested asking Don again on how the owl works. Thought it might give Harry more visions. But Don didn’t know how the vision works, nor could he provide any more info than what he told them before. Finally Ginny thought maybe Harry and the owl should spend more time together. Harry didn’t mind the idea and maybe it would clear his head. Harry was not expecting what came next.

Day one:

Harry thought he should name it Hedwig 2.

As he approached the owl and said “I’m going to call you Hedwig 2”.

But this owl didn’t seem to like the idea and turned his head away and ignored Harry. For a second Harry swore he heard the owl sigh. So Harry thought for a few seconds and walked around the cage and said, “How about Laszlo?”

The owl bite the air and turned away again.

“Larry?  Andrew?  Sam?  David?  Henry?  Tim?  John?” said Harry.

And the owl looked like it was very angry and flapped it’s wings violently and tried to bite the cage door.

“What? What is it?” exclaimed Harry.

“Fine you don’t like any of those names, how about stuff up owl then!?” said Harry angrily.

Now the owl looks looked straight into Harry’s eyes and Harry didn’t have to be a mind reader to know it was very angry at him and maybe he should stop with the name for now and take a break. Harry walked off to tell Ginny what occurred.

Harry said “I’m so frustrated, the owl is mad at me, I tried to come up with some good names for him. But he just keeps turning his head and acts angry, it’s like talking to a girl.”

And after he said those words, he felt a cold air about the room. He looked up and Ginny and Hermione was looking at Harry with the same look on the owl’s eyes. It hit him like a brick.

“The owl is not a he, it’s a she!” Exclaimed Harry.

“I’m so stupid.  And I’m sorry for saying what I just said.” Said Harry to the girls.

Both Ginny and Hermione said, “I forgive you, because you said you’re stupid.”

Ron just shook his head, and didn’t say a word. He knows better now to not say anymore or he too will get it.

So after lunch Harry brought a snack for the owl.

As he gently placed the meat in the tray he said, “I’m sorry for not noticing earlier, but do you like the name, Hazel?”

At this gesture of kindness the owl’s eyes opened up and looked at Harry, she looked happy with the food and the name. She nodded, which is kind of unusually for owls.

“But what is normal nowadays, if Hazel can somehow give more clues to this time magic, then maybe he can save his parents or even stop all the death before it started.” thought Harry.

And with that thought in mind; he needed Hazel and he needs to figure out how Hazel works.

Day 2:

The next day Harry decided to take the owl out hunting, so he let Hazel out of the cage and perched on his shoulders. He said bye to everyone after breakfast and went out to the woods. He watched Hazel fly around and come back with a mouse in her beak.

And watched her devour it as he talked, “Hazel, I’m not sure how this works, but if you can show me more clues it would be much appreciated. You see.”

For some reason Harry told Hazel about his childhood, what little he remembers of his parents, the whole time at Hogwart, how Ron, Hermione, and of course Ginny made his life much better. It felt very comfortable, like talking to an old friend, he could say anything he wanted. Hazel would tilt her head one way and another, blink, and sometimes Harry felt she understands. It’s weird but somewhat comforting. Without realizing it, the sun was going down. Harry even forgot to eat lunch, and then his stomach began to growl.

“We better be heading home, it’s getting late.” Said Harry as he let Hazel perch on his forearm as he disapparated home.

Day 3:

As Ginny walked outside to find Harry, she saw him trying to place a hair clip with a flower on it onto Hazel. It looks very familiar to her.

“Is that mine hair clip? That’s the clip you bought me on our first date.” Said Ginny

“Oh yeah, Hazel was looking at the flower and so I thought she wanted to try it on.” As Harry showed off the flower clip on Hazels head.

The flower would go from a peddle and open up into a full blooming flower and back again and changes from yellow carnation, to a red rose, and a white daffodil. Due to the brown color or Hazel, it almost liked an enlarged flower blooming from a tree bark. It looked a little ridiculous, but Ginny wasn’t laughing. Harry watched as Ginny walked away a little mad.

Day 4:

Harry took Hazel out again and he forgot to tell Ginny. When he returned home late, he found Ginny sitting in the living room waiting for him.

“I was so worried about you, where have you been?” Asked Ginny

“We went to the beach and the mountains today, it was so fun, you should have seen Hazel fly in the mountains between the trees. And Hazel really liked the cold air of the ocean, I never known an owl to like the ocean so much. She had a big smile the whole time.” Said Harry.

“I see. Please tell me where you’re going and when you’ll be back. I left some supper for you.” Stated Ginny as she walked off.

She wasn’t angry at what Harry did. Now she’s a little jealous.
Harry watched as Ginny walked off to her room again. He realized that maybe she was angry with him, but it came a little late and she was gone by the time he thought of talking to her. So he settled back in and went and had supper with Hazel next to him.

Day 5:

“Hermione, is it o.k. to be jealous of an owl?” asked Ginny.

“I know it’s rough on you these few days, Harry has pretty much ignored all of us, especially you. But give him some time, hopefully once he figures how to bond with Hazel he’ll be Harry again. Besides Hazel is an owl and your Ginny.” Said Hermione.

“Your right. I had to share Harry with the world. But he kept away from that and we were always alone and it felt great. Now Hazel is here and I’ve have to share Harry with an owl. It’s kind of silly if you think about it. Me; being jealous of an owl, even if this owl is some kind of wonder. Maybe I should help Harry instead of fight it. I think I’ll go out with them tomorrow. Thanks Hermione, you’re the best.” Said Ginny.

“Any time, beside those two bone heads can’t survive without us.” Said Hermione referring to Ron with a big smile on her face.

And Ginny smiled back.

Day 6:

Ginny tagged alone that day, hoping to help out in some way. However Hazel was acting a little strange, almost like she disliked Ginny. Every once in a while Hazel would give Ginny a cold stare, or try to bite her as she got close. Harry almost got bite when he got too close trying to separate the two. Ginny got so mad one time; she cast a charm to have a small branch of a tree fall as Hazel was flying by. Somehow Hazel knows it was Ginny that did it. Not sure how, but when she came back she dove right for Ginny, she cast a shield charm just in time. Later that day Hazel pooped on Ginny and got a good one right on her head. Ginny could tell Hazel did it on purpose because she watched Hazel gloat. Not sure how she know that Hazel was gloating but Ginny just know. Harry helped by using a poop evaporating spell and apologizing as he did it. This went on most of the day. Harry was getting a little tired breaking up fights between Hazel and Ginny.

“Maybe we should go home and take a break.” Said Harry.

“I can’t agree with you more.” Stated Ginny coldly.

So they all went home just after lunch was done. But not before Hazel ate her rat in front of Ginny a little more violently than usual. Which kind of made Ginny nauseated.

Day 7:

Harry and Hazel went out again early that day. Ginny was at home today. She needed a break from what happened yesterday.

“If I go out again with Hazel, I’m going to make her eat one of George’s balding charms. Make Hazel into a featherless chicken.” Smile Ginny in an evil kind of way.

“Oh, stop it. Was it that bad?” asked Hermione.

“You should have seen her; she purposely acted like she was hurt and cuddled up Harry so he could hold her tight and check her head. As if that tree branch was that big. Plus she stuck her tongue out when Harry was not looking. Oh. that made me mad.” Exclaimed Ginny.

“Wow. You’re talking as if Hazel is human; I’ve never known any owl or animal to act that way. She sounds like a snooty little girl. Well then, how about I help you with the balding charm. That surely will teach her to mess around.” Said Hermione smiling.

Just as she was finishing her sentences, Hazel flow through the window. She looked like she was rushed.

“What’s going on? Where is Harry?” Asked Ginny.

Hazel looked around at Hermione and then at Ginny. She sat there for a few seconds looking at Ginny. Then all of sudden Ginny could see Harry, lying on some rocks. He looks like he is hurt, like he fell or something. He’s breathing but, got his eyes closed and not moving.

“He’s hurt, where is he?” asked Ginny urgently.

Ginny looked at Hazel again and she saw Harry, and then the mountain area where they were yesterday. And not far from the area was the cliff and on the bottom was Harry, lying there. Ginny ran outside and disapparated to where Harry was immediately. She got there and saw Harry lying still. She used the levitation charm to rise Harry up and once she could touch him, she disapparated again right back to home. Hermione saw Harry and helped lay him in bed. They examined him and noticed something wrong with his right leg. Hermione used the Episkey spell on the leg and it returned back to normal. They waited for a few hours and finally Harry came to. Ginny was the first person Harry saw.

“I saw another vision, it was of an island. It wasn’t big. It was in the middle of the ocean, with violent waves and weather surrounding it. I think I also saw lava or fire and maybe ice?” Said Harry.

“Never mind about that, how do you feel? You got us very worried. I didn’t know what happened to you and probably broken your leg.” Said Ginny.

“Did something happen to me? I think I blacked out when I was watching Hazel. She was flying towards me, I was waiting for her to land on my forearm, then I stared into her eyes because they look like they were changing color and then everything went blank. That is when I had the visions again. It must be another clue.” Said Harry.

As he tried to get up, he noticed a pain shooting from his right leg and a feels a little stiff and sore all over.

“Did I fall or something?” Harry asked checking himself out for the first time.

“You must of; it was like the time at the Owl Wall. You must have blacked out when you had the visions and fell. Hazel came home and she somehow showed me images of you. How am I able to see those images, now that I think about it? I thought you were supposed to be the one who can see the images?” asked Ginny.

“That is strange, I’m wondering if it has to do with the connection you two have. How you and Hazel were in some ways fighting for Harry; so maybe Hazel knows that you have strong feeling for Harry. And that connection is what allowed you to see Harry.” Deduced Hermione.

Harry looked at Ginny and Ginny meet Harry’s eyes and she started to blush.

After days of looking at maps and trying to figure out which one had volcanoes and ice on it, they didn’t narrowed it down too much. There are hundreds of island with volcanoes. Almost all the small island are created from volcanoes, but the ones with possible ice on it were too big. However Hawaii in the States was a possibility. It had volcanoes and there are many smaller islands around. Sometimes the waves can be very violent and the weather can be calm and rainy all in one place. And that caught the attention of both Ginny and Hermione. Sometimes they would walk off on their own and talk about going to Hawaii for vacation. Ginny would come back and point out how the volcanoes, lava, and storms fit perfectly with the visions to Harry. After about a week of getting nowhere and gentle encouragements from Ginny to Harry, it was decided; they would go to Hawaii.

Chapter 7: Muggle Stories
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They were all excited, even Harry was a little excited. None of them has been to Hawaii, not alone the United States. It was their first time out of the country. Arthur gave them some recommendation on what to do. Molly said they should stay at “The Grand Camelot” it was where Arthur and she stayed when they went on their honeymoon. It was a hotel with a castle theme; it wasn’t all accurate being the States and all. But they stayed true to most of the décor. And best of all it was in Hawaii, and they could use the Gate Way in the Eye of London. Ginny was so excited that once Ron got permission from George to go on holiday for a week, she sent an owl post to the Grand Camelot and made reservations. Once the Camelot realize that Harry Potter was coming they offered him a 50% discount and offered up two suites as a free upgrade.

While most of the war occurred in London, even the States heard of their great deeds, and if Voldemort had won it was only a matter of time before he went outside of London. So Ginny got a post saying that they will be given the VIP service as well all inclusive meals included on their stay. That very day both Ginny and Hermione went out shopping for clothe and goods for their vacation. While Ron and Harry just packed some light shorts and Ts.

Harry wanted to talk about what to look for while they where there. But Ron seems distracted and nervous about going out of London and wasn’t much of a sounding board. So the rest of the time Harry just studied the maps by himself of Hawaii and looked for possible locations on where to look.

The day came and it was time to go. Arthur and Molly got on their broom sticks and flew with the four kids to the Eye of London. Once they got their Molly told them that the Gate Way is accessible by flying underneath Westminster Bridge’s 3rd arch on the left.

From the outside it didn’t look like anything was unusual. The area surrounding the Eye of London looked like it did any other day. They did notice some witches and wizards flying under the bridge and disappearing.

So Arthur led the way and once they all passed it they say hundred of wizards and witches flying on their broom sticks while the Gate Keepers directed everyone when to pass through the Eye of London.

First they entered the check in area which was on a floating platform above the river. There are high glass arches above with green marble floors. The whole area looked like it always in a sunny afternoon. It was an open area platform, a mixture of 16th century Gothic architecture meets modern minimalist. In the center was a water sculpture that changed from different scenes of various location of the world. It changed from an African scene with a giraffe, to a Panda in a bamboo forest, and then a dolphin in the ocean. Everyone was impressed at the grander of the whole place.

They had to go through a security check by odd creatures with huge eyes. They looked like a hairless cat with very big eyes, golden colored pupils that shined like stars, with wizards standing behind them. They would hold up their paws if they saw something that was not allowed. And Harry saw one of the creatures hold up their paws, and the security wizard tock out her wand and took out all the belongings from that witches bag and found a potion of some sorts. He watched as the potion was taken away and more wizards showed up. It looked like they were giving her a ticket or something. After they passed through that, they talked to the gate keepers and were told to wait in an area with many tropical flowers. Arthur and Molly hugged everyone and told them to have fun. Within minutes they heard the overhead announcement that the Gate Way to Hawaii is ready, and to get on their brooms and fly toward the Eye of London. As the ferries wheel turned they noticed that there are 6 gaps, and once a gap reached the top it would show a sign of where it was going and they can see the location through the gap. Once Hawaii showed up they flow though the gap and it felt cool and then warm.

It took but a minute but Harry was in Hilo, Hawaii. He looked back and noticed the exited was a huge palm tree leaf. In Hawaii the palm tree leave must have been the Gate Way. Immediately he felt the warm sea breeze on his face and felt like he should of wear something lighter. The sun was warm and a gentle wind coming from the direction of the ocean. Everywhere he looked there was blue sky, white puffy clouds, and endless ocean. There are many wizards and witches wearing Hawaiian t-shirts and dresses. Seeing them all flying around on broom sticks was a sight in itself.

The landing was above the beach and completely open to the air; it was made completely of sand with palm trees all over. It was like a floating island of itself, with flower bushes as dividers between various sections. Similar to London there was a fountain in the middle with scenes of various location of the world, but here it was created from sand instead of water. Once they passed though a check point, they saw a witch wearing Polynesian dress with long black hair. She had a plumeria flower on her hair that changed colors and gave off a sweet scent, which they could smell from a distance. She had on 2 Hawaiian Lei which also changed colors just so slightly that if you weren’t paying attention you probably won’t catch it. Next to her was an image of Harry with his name spelled out in water floating around it. Beside her was some curious onlookers who noticed the image of Harry.

Harry can hear them murmur, “That’s Harry Potter in Hawaii. Wow, Harry Potter. I guess he needs a vacation as well.” Harry thought he even heard someone called him Dude Potter, which Harry wasn’t sure what exactly that meant. But he nodded at some of them and moved on.

“I guess you’re as famous here as you are in London.” Said Ron as he started to stare at the witch with the sign.
Ginny kicked Ron before Hermione noticed and Ron pulled himself together.

“You must be Harry Potter. I’m Meagan.” Said the witch.
“Please follow me and I’ll take you to the hotel.”

She walked them to the departure point, where everyone was exiting to various locations on the island. Harry saw that some people flew off on their broom sticks, while others got onto surfboards, some on dolphins, and still others on wooden boats. Meagan walked onto a large sea turtle, and gestured them to follow. Harry, Ginny, Ron, and Hermione stepped onto the turtle with some sense of amazement.

“I was reading about them on the guide. They use levitation charms to fly them around, but the charm wears off so they have just enough magic to make it to wherever they are going. Once they reach their location they would recast the charm again before leaving.” Said Hermione.

“That is correct, and I’m here to enhance the charm just in case we don’t make it. But that hasn’t happened in over two hundred years. We at The Grand Camelot pride ourselves in relaxation and fun. So please don’t worry and leave everything to us.” Said Meagan smiling.

As they flew toward the hotel, they could see beach goers everywhere. Muggles playing in the ocean who doesn’t seem to see the witches and wizards flying around on broom sticks and various sea creatures.

“How is it that muggles can’t see us?” Asked Ginny.

“Muggles? Oh, yes. No Mag, we call them No Mag here in the states. There are powerful charms throughout all of Hawaii, once a wizard or witch is registered the charm is automatically casted on them, as well as on everything that we use. What the No Mag, I mean Muggle sees are either flying birds instead of witches on brooms sticks, or a tree instead of wizards tanning themselves. So the Muggles will avoid you because they think something else is in their way. This is so that we can relax and be ourselves without having to worry about been seen. After all, Hawaii is the island of relaxation.” Said Meagan.

Harry thought it sounds like a lot of trouble to hide from the Muggles, but explaining flying sea turtles to them is probably even harder. So he didn’t think of it any more. The rest of the trip everyone just soaked in all the sights as they continued on to the hotel.

The Grand Camelot was situated on a cliff next to the beach; it was built like an old English castle minus the moat.
As they approach the entrance they can see a 6 hula dancers lined up on each side. A man in a blue suit standing in front of them, and a Polynesian woman and man dressed in traditional clothing standing beside him.

“Aloha Harry Potter welcome to The Grand Camelot, I’m Andrew Kaʻanāʻanā, the manger here. We have prepared the very best for you and if there is anything that you might or will need, please just ask for me. I’ll make sure we will accommodate you.” As he shook Harry’s hands.

“Ah.. Aloha Andrew. Thank you very much.” Replied Harry.
As Harry walked pass Andrew the woman next to him gave him a necklace made of sea shells. But each shell seems to be moving from place to place but holding the necklace shape, sometimes it ticked his neck a little as they move about. As Harry stepped aside Andrew greeted Ginny.

“Aloha, and you must be Ginny.” As Andrew shook Ginny’s hands.
“How did you know?” asked Ginny.

“It’s simple, I’m a mind reader.” Replied Andrew as he paused a minute to study Ginny.

“I’m just kidding, it was a simple process of elimination; I know Harry, Hermione and Ron from their pictures in the news. You I didn’t, so that makes you Ginny.” Replied Andrew with a smile.

Ginny smiled back and said, “Aloha Andrew.”

As Ginny walked passed Andrew the man in traditional clothing gave Ginny a lei, it was similar to the one Meagan was wearing; only bigger and the color of each flower was changing color instead of the whole lei.

Andrew greeted Hermione and Ron and each of them got heir lei and shell necklace. Once they were done, Andrew and Meagan walked the four into the hotel lobby with the hula dancers following and keeping the on lookers at bay.

Inside was similar to Hogwarts, with stone floors and walls; but much more light coming from the windows. There were open ceiling and walls everywhere which made the castle feel more open, the tropical flowers and décor still made it feel like Hawaii. It seems like a castle garden more than a castle.

“No need to check in, we have already done that for you. I’m going to leave you to Meagan who will show you to your rooms. She will tell you more about the accommodations. And again if you need anything please don’t hesitate to ask for me. Aloha for now.” said Andrew.

The four thanked Andrew again and walked off with Meagan. She led them to an area with a long table full of large sea shells of various kinds spread out on sand.

“By touching the shell associated with your floor you will be taken directly there. Your area is the Triton’s Trumpet. I’ll show you.” Said Meagan as she touched the shell with her hand she disappeared.

The four looked at each other and one by one they touched the shell. They came out in floor 18 of the west tower. They saw Meagan walking toward the end.

“I’ll show you to your rooms. Also tonight we have prepared a special dinner for all the guests and you have a special seat. Please join us at 7pm in main dining hall. There are maps in your rooms to show you around. Also if you get hungry before then, you can go to any of restaurants. There is no charge. Do try the pineapple pie that is my favorite.” Said Meagan as she stopped in front of a room.

“Here we are, room 1843. It is two suites in one; you can choose who sleeps where. Please take your time to settle in. Have a pleasant stay. If there is nothing else, I’ll be leaving you for now. Aloha.” Said Meagan as she walked away after making sure everyone was o.k.

The suite overlooked the ocean, they can hear the ocean waves, and see the garden underneath, and the patio was large enough for at least 10 people. There are 2 large rooms with two beds in each room. They had towel animals running around on their beds. The monkey appeared to be teasing the elephant on the other bed, who ignored him and just walked around and waving his trunk up in the air every once in a while.

“This is wonderful, it’s so beautiful here.” Explained Ginny looking outside at the scenery.

“The water is so blue and clear, I bet lying by the beach, with the sun light to read a book would be perfect.” Said Hermione as she looked down at the beach and the hammocks.

Though Harry was thinking about flying to one of the sections where the lava flowed out, he too was distracted by the calmness that Hawaii brought. After they had time to settle in and walked around The Grand Camelot, taking in all the stores, restaurants, beautiful gardens, and the many pools.

Soon it was time for the dinner Meagan mentioned, and they headed towards the main dining area.

As they entered the door they saw Meagan showing everyone where to go. The dining area kind of reminded them of the great hall at Hogwarts only smaller and more natural lighting. When she saw Harry she waved them into the center area. Once everyone was in their locations a soft Hawaiian music started in the background. The room melted away into an outdoor beach scenery with a fire pit in the middle. They ground turned to sand and soft cushions appears under each person. They all sat down and looked at the center.

The gentle breeze of the ocean can be felt as they watched the fire in the middle. The fire move with the breeze and then it started to dance. It grew higher and higher until a man emerged from it. He was a fire dancer and not only his poi on fire but his hair as well. It didn’t seem to bother him and every time he moved a fire shadow would appear. That shadow turned into another fire dancer. The first person did this until there were 6 of them total. They performed their traditional dances and Harry, Ginny, Hermione, and Ron couldn’t take their eyes off them. They poi would shout flames and it would turn into animals, palm trees, one of them even turned the flames into coconut and juggled it. They had never seen anything like this at all. Near the end the 6 dancers spun in a close circle with their backs toward each other until they turned into a huge dancing flame and in a puff of smoke they were gone. Everyone cheered and hollered at the fantastic show. It got everyone excited and shouting at the great performance.

“Aloha everyone. From the sound of your cheers you enjoyed our first act.” Said Andrew.

More cheers came from the crowd. Then plates of traditional food, as well as pulled pork and fruits appeared in front of each of them. As they started to eat, they heard Andrew make another announcement.

“The Grand Camelot thank you for joining us tonight, please enjoy the food and our next show.” Announced Andrew.

The flames again started to move but this time it turned green and then blue. Now it was more water than fire. Just like the fire dancers, this time hula dancers that emerged out of the water. The skirts they wore was water shaped like palm leaves. It moved gracefully with each dancer as they danced around. A trail of water would follow them when they moved from one location to another. Their dark hair moved like as if they were in water. It was like watching them dance inside water. Ron’s mouth was wide open as he watched the 10 dancers did their show. No one noticed because they were also mesmerized with the movement and gracefulness of the dancers.

When they finished the dances, they went out to the audience and pick 10 female participants to hula with them. They took one water leaf from their skirt and placed it on the participants and it immediately turned into a water hula skirt for the selected girls. Ginny and Hermione both were picked to the show; at first Hermione was very reluctant to attend, but Ginny pulled her in and they tried to shake their hips like the hula dancers. Harry and Ron watched and laughed as they watch Ginny and Hermione attempt to move their hips clumsily. When they were done all the participants sat back down and kept their skirts. After Hermione and Ginny sat back down.

"You guys were great." Said Ron and Harry.

The Hula dancers finished their show and afterwards vanished back into the water flame one by one.

Next Andrew spoke about the history of Hawaii, how the Hawaiian witches were renounced as healers, the many locations of Hawaii and the wonders it holds. As he talked they can see the scenes play out above the flames. The soft traditional music playing in the background, the gentle sea breeze brushing up against them, the warm fire sounded them; it was a wonderful magical night. Harry felt Ginny lean against him and he held her until the last of the music stopped. Harry thought how wonderful this feeling was and wished it would last forever. It wasn’t until Hermione said it was late and they should get some rest for tomorrow that brought Harry back to reality. After the show everyone clapped and walked off. The four went back to their rooms and fell fast asleep.

The next day Harry wanted to look at the different lava sites. Ginny suggested they fly around inside a large sea shell that the hotel had to offer. Everyone liked the idea and it was much more comfortable than their broomsticks, because it had cushions and some couches. It was set up like a small lounge inside the shell. So they borrowed it and flew to the largest volcano first. They saw many other witches and wizards all flying about looking at the lava flow and scenery. Harry suggested that they look at more remote areas where less tourists travel, because if the location was in a place where many wizards came to visit someone would have seen something by now.

Once they recharged their shell with more levitation charm they headed to areas where less people visited. In their search they discovered a water fall with natural tropical flowers growing from its sides. The scenery was untouched by man or wizard but the various trees, many flowers, and rustling bushes seemed to have been placed so perfectly. They all stood up to take in the sites of this beautify location, and slowly steering the shell closer to the waterfall. They can feel the cool mist from the water on their faces. Ginny reached out and touched the water and used it to dampen her face.

“This feels really good, try it.” Said Ginny as she reached out for more water.

Hermione tried it as well as Ron, Harry was a little reluctant. And when he didn’t do it, Ginny had a big smile on her face and splashed some of the water right into his face.

“Ahh.." cried Harry from reflex.

But the cool water did feel pretty good in comparison the warmth of the Hawaiian weather. And so a little water fight was started, it was girls against guys as they splashed each other. Hermione wasn’t paying attentions to where her footing was and slipped from the shell. She fell right into the water underneath, without thinking Ron dove right in after her. Harry and Ginny watched and was ready to use levitation charms to get the out of the water then they saw Ron and Hermione surfaces with smiles on their faces. Without another word Ginny dove right in as well. Harry watched how graceful Ginny was as she jumped into the water and came out of it while splashing her hair to one side. It was as seeing Ginny for the first time again, and realizing how beautiful she was.

“Harry come on in, the water is warm.” Cried Ginny.

And so Harry too, jumped in and they played in the water for a while. And afterwards they dried themselves off and went to look around again. They didn’t find anything unusual and called it a day and went back to the hotel for dinner.

The next day the girls wanted to see the beach, so Harry reluctantly agreed to take a break from the search for one day. They prepared and walked to the beach where they saw many wizards and witches in bikinis and boxers. Some of them had bought tan potions from the local venders where it would look like they had natural tans once they drink it. It was like one of George’s potions that turned people green or blue, but this one actually worked and did give people tans.

Once they set up, they changed into their boxers and bikinis and Harry just realized that he had never seen Ginny in a bikini before. And she was wearing a green one pieces that had a dolphin swimming around the front and back. Hermione had a blue one with flying books on it. Harry tried not to stare at Ginny when she came out of the tent.

Ron was eyeing Harry, and said, “That’s my sister you’re staring at.”

“What. Oh.. I’m sorry.” Harry said blankly.

“I’m just being a big brother. Just don’t get any funny ideas.” Said Ron.

But Ron was staring at Hermione with similar expressions. Once they got over it.

Ginny came running up to Harry and said, “let’s go swimming, I got these air bubble charms and we can dive around and look at the fishes here.”

And so, Ron watched as Ginny place the charm on Harry and herself and ran into the water and disappeared underneath.

“Well it’s just you and me.” Said Ron looking at Hermione, “What do you want to do?”

“I was thinking of doing some reading and I even selected some books for you as well.” Said Hermione.

Ron didn’t look too happy at the idea of sitting and reading, even if it’s next to the ocean with great scenery. He looked around and saw some kids playing in the sand. They had wands that made castles and sculptures with some ease.

“Let’s give that a go, it looks like loads of fun.” Said Ron.
“Well..” started Hermione.

“Hermione, we’re in Hawaii. You can read anywhere. Let’s do something fun and relaxing. I’ll go get some of those sand wands.” Said Ron as he walked off to purchase them.

Soon Ron and Hermione were sculpting funny looking rabbits and making them walk around inside lopsided castles Ron made. Both of them seemed to be enjoy themselves. They were at it for a while when Ginny and Harry returned holding hands.

“It’s marvelous, we saw sea turtles, fishes of all kinds, and I even touched a sting ray.” Said Ginny. “You guys should try it.”

And so they switched, Ron and Hermione went diving and Harry and Ginny playing with the sand wands. Harry had never let himself go like this before. He didn’t even think of looking for the lava locations. He found himself staring at Ginny from time to time. He noticed little kids playing in the sand; he heard song birds sinning, the flowers felt more beautiful and the sky bluer. They enjoyed the whole day playing and laughing at the beach. They stayed until sunset and watched it fall over the ocean. It was wonderful, more so holding Ginny’s hands. Hermione told Ron to hold her because she was a little cold, and Ron did so with a smile.

The rest of the days they spend enjoying themselves more than looking for the island. Then their vacation was almost done and they haven’t found anything. However, at this point they don’t care, because they are finally relaxed and enjoying themselves. That night they went to eat at the Round Table Restaurant inside the hotel. There were murals of King Arthurs and his stories throughout the restaurant. Harry was looking at the scenes with some curiosity.

Out of nowhere Harry screamed, “Avalon!”

This startled everyone around him.

“Sorry, everyone, I’m sorry.” Harry apologized to the people sitting around them.

“Avalon?” asked Ginny.

“Maybe it’s all the sunshine, but why didn’t I think of it before. This hotel, The Grand Camelot is from the story of King Arthur. It was staring at us the whole time. Avalon, is an island where they took King Arthur to heal him after the war. It’s said that he will rest there until England needs him again. Let’s say this Muggle legend was true. If they took him to a location where there is time magic they can suspend his body or event reverse time to bring him back.” Said Harry.

“What?” asked Ginny and Ron.

Hermione explained the story of King Arthur to Ron and Ginny.

“Muggles making up stories of wizards, who would have thought it.” Said Ron.

“I thought this hotel was just a made up fancy.” Said Ginny.

“It’s one of my favorite stories as a kid. It has magic and adventures; it’s a nice escape from the reality with the Dudley’s.” said Harry.

“If legends from the wizarding world like the Hollows can be true, what is to say legends from the Muggle world can’t also be true? If I remember correctly Avalon needed to cross the sea to get there. But where can it be..” Frowned Harry.

“Harry, you just reminded me of one of my role models when I was growing up, Emelia Earhart. She flew across the Atlantic Ocean all by herself in a Muggle plane with no magic.” Said Hermione.

Ron and Ginny looked lost again. This time Harry explained about Emelia Earhart and how she was the first female pilot to fly across the ocean but was lost and never found.

“That is right, and one of the locations they thought she was lost in was the Bermuda Triangle. It’s a place where many ships and plans go missing in the Muggle world.” Said Hermione.

“Your right, and if time magic is being used, it would make sense. The Muggles wouldn’t know what is going on. Hermione you’re a genius!” said Harry with excitement.

“You helped started it. I would of never ever to think about this.” Replied Hermione.

“So you guys think the island in your visions might be in the Bermuda Triangle?” asked Ginny.

“It all fits; we know time magic can make things disappear, we know it’s a good distance away from England where it needed to be traveled by sea, and we already learned that some legends are true. So, I think that might be the best location for an island with time magic wands in it. And that is probably whey no Muggle or wizards have found it.” Said Harry.

“That’s great but how do we get there?” asked Ron.

They all looked at each other and couldn’t come up with an answer.

Chapter 8: Pirates Of The Sea
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They talked about it throughout the night and for the next day. They remembered Andrew saying that they can ask him for anything, so they decided maybe he knows of a way. But they decided not to mention too many details other than wanting to travel home by sea. They should pass through the Bermuda Triangle on their way. They called for him and arranged a meeting. He arrived in less than 10 minutes.

“Aloha, what can I do for you all today?” asked Andrew pleasantly.

“Ah. We are interested in a sea travel to get home to England. Do you know how we can do that?” asked Harry.

“Why yes, there are many grand ships that can take you back to England, some of them are very luxurious. I can arrange for one as early as this evening,” said Andrew.

“We are thinking of something a little less grand and a little more private; maybe do some stops on the way home, to see the world and all,” said Harry.

“It sounds like you want to charter a private boat back. I’m not sure,” hesitated Andrew. “You see those are not always the friendly of wizards, most of the private sea travelers are for questionable practice usually used for taking something or someone without being detected. If you still want to go this route I do know of some people who might be able to help. But this wouldn’t be help from the Hotel; more of information that I’m just going to pass on to a friend.”

Harry looked at everyone after hearing Andrew say those words.

“Can we have a moment to discuss this please,” said Harry.

“Of course, take your time. I’ll be outside your door when you are ready,” said Andrew as he stepped out.

“I’m not sure; it’s beginning to sound dangerous. I can’t ask you guys to go with me,” said Harry.

“None sense, I’m not going to leave you alone Harry. I. I’m going with you, who’s going to watch your back in a fight,” said Ginny.

Harry looked at Ginny, “I’m never going to forgive myself if.”

“If nothing” interrupted Ginny looking at Harry in the eye, “I fought Valdermort just like you. I’m no longer a little girl that needs your help. I’m going with you and this is final.”

“O.K then,” said Harry.

“Same goes with us Harry, we went through a lot together. We’re not going to quit now,” said Hermione.

“That’s right, we’re in this together,” said Ron.

Harry looked at everyone with sincerity in their eyes and realized that everyone is serious and they’re not going to back down.

“Alright then, I guess we’re going on a trip back in a magic boat with questionable wizards,” said Harry.
They call Andrew back in and told them that they want to go ahead and find someone. Andrew told them how to get into a bar at night where many sea wizards go for drinks. In there they need to ask the bartender who might be willing to take on travelers for a “private tour”. Once he points out some potential wizard or witch, they will have to arrange payments.

That night Harry and Ron went alone to the pub. They found the clam by the beach to the left of the 2 palm trees that made an X, as Andrew said. Once they touched the clam they were transported to a bar with many rowdy wizards and witches. It was like the Leaky Cauldron, way more lively and wizards shouting over each other. Harry almost got hit by some floating glasses of drinks that were heading toward their designated tables as they walked up to the bartender.

They did as Andrew instructed and asked the bartender for some wizards or witches who might be willing to take on a “private tour.”

“Andrew send you, did he,” asked the bartender. “If he trusts you then I trust you, very well. You see the table on the far left with the 3 wizards and a witch. They might be able to help. But Harry be careful, even I wouldn’t trust some of these wizards here,” said the bartender.

“Thanks for the information,” said Harry.

“Even he knows who you are?” asked Ron as they walked toward the table.

As they approach the table the 4 wizards looked at Harry and Ron.

“We are looking for someone who can take us home to England on a private ship. Heard that one of you might be able to help,” said Harry looking at them in the eyes.

There was a moment of silence from the group as they looked at Harry up and down and then at Ron. Ron appeared a little nervous and was trying to hide it. Harry on the other hand was surprisingly calm.

“So Harry Potter wants a ride home, is that really all you want?” asked the wizard with a black hat that looked like a half eaten ice cream cone.

“Yes, maybe a little sightseeing, but that is all we request,” said Harry firmly.

“Very well then, I’ll not ask any more questions. But our services don’t come cheap. The ships are very hard to maintain and all,” said the wizard. The other 3 wizards begin to smile.

“Name your price,” said Harry sternly.

“I’ll make this easy for you since you’re from England, it will be 8000 Galleon,” said the wizard.

“What?!” shouted Ron.

“That is my price for your “Private Tour” home,” he said putting emphasis on the words.

“Fine,” said Harry. “We want to leave tomorrow morning. If you can do that, then it’s a deal.”
After Harry said that, the other 3 wizards looked a little shocked and then looked at each other. They look like they were friend before but now they appear to be thinking how to get at the Galleons that Harry just offered to pay.

“Wait,” said the wizard that was sitting to the right with a beard. “I be willing to do this for 7500 Galleons. And I will be ready to sail by morning.”

“Don’t let these two cheater fool you, Harry, I can help you for a fair price of only 7000,” said the 3rd wizard with a Hawaiian shirt on the left.

“What are you two trying to do?! Are you trying to pirate a fair from me? He agreed to my price first!” said the first wizard.

“Not if you can’t steer your ship,” said the wizard with the beard as he took out his wand and shot something at the wizard with the hat.

He dodged it with some ease, but the charm hit someone else sitting not too far away. That wizard stood back up and tock out his wand and shot something in the direction of Harry. Harry moved out of the way and it hit the wizard with the Hawaiian shirt. He looked like he got punched by someone and fell back. By now almost every wizard and witch in the bar had their wands out and was shooting charm at everyone else. It was a full on bar fight. Ron hid under the table with his wand out.

“Expelliarmus,” shouted Harry.

When the spell connected with the wizard that was wearing the hat, it didn’t disarm him; instead it looked like he got hit by a punch like the other charm. So Harry thought that someone else might have gotten to him fist. So he tried again. And again the wizard knocked back like he was punched. But this time he fell down and didn’t get up.

Now the whole bar was full of spells flying left and right, table and chairs were being knocked down, and broken. There were drinks of many colors flying around without glasses and wizards being punched out left and right. All the while Harry was trying to figure out what was going on with his wand, he too got hit by a charm from the back. He felt like he was punched in the back with a heavy bag. He stumped forward but caught himself before he fell. He tried the disarming spell one last time, but when it connected with a wizard; he got knocked back and fell like he just got knocked out.

“Harry! Let’s get out of here! I see some wizards are leaving by touching the old ships wheel,” shouted Ron.

Harry looked at Ron under the table as he was pointing to the many wizards now running toward the ships wheel. So Harry and Ron followed everyone else and made their way to the wheel, once they touched it they were transported out of the bar and into the night near the beach where they first entered. They saw many wizards disapparate once they came out, all of them laughing like they are having a good time. Ron and Harry were very puzzled by this, but slowly walked away asking eachother questions about what happened. Both didn’t know the answers to any of the questions they had.

“Wait Harry!” shouted someone from behind.

Harry and Ron tock out their wands and looked back.

“I mean no harm,” said the witch showing both hand with no wand.

In the moon light she was young looking with light brown hair. She stood tall and looked athletic. She wore a t-shirt with palm trees on it and a black dress. She had a pleasant voice.

She looked familiar; she was the witch sitting at the same table as the other three wizards that Harry was talking to.

“I just want to talk about your ride back to England,” she said.

“All right then,” said Harry.

“My name is Michelle Nerida, I haven’t seen a bar fight like that in a while.”

“I loved that you took out the bar keep near the end, it opened the door and we didn’t have to pay for the damages. Hahaha” laughed Michelle.

“I did what?” asked Harry.

“Oh, you didn’t know? Is this the first bar fight you’ve been in Harry?” asked Michelle smiling.

She grabbed Harry’s arms and pulled him on as they talked. Harry looked at Ron but Ron shook his head and didn’t know what was going on as well. Michelle didn’t even seem to acknowledge his presence.

“Let’s walk a little faster before the bar keep comes to and come looking for you,” said Michelle.

“Can you tell us what happened in the bar, my disarming spells didn’t seem to work,” asked Harry.

“Oh that, I guess you really didn’t know what was going on. All the bars here have a protective charm from the sort of free spirited customers. It doesn’t matter what charm you use, inside the bar it becomes a cushioned blow. That way no one gets seriously hurt. But the stronger the wizard the stronger the spell is as well. I guess the stories of you having great magical powers are true. You tock out the bar keep with one blow. And you tock out Lazard with only 2 blows, usually he can take up to 10 hits before he goes down. Also no one is allowed to hit the bar keep, because he controls the port to go in and out. And once the fight is over, the participants pay or fix any damages that were caused. But you, Harry, you took out the bar keep. So I guess who ever are still in the bar when the bar keep wakes will have to pay the damages.” Laughed Michelle again.

“Ah.. thanks for explaining,” said Harry. “You mention a ride, can you give us a ride back to England?”

“Yes, about that. I like you Harry, I’ve heard about you from the news and all. You’re even cuter in person. And since you gave everyone including myself a good time tonight; so here is what I’ll do for you. I can take you back in my ship and we can leave tomorrow morning. The price will be 5500 Galleons. If you agree, then we have a deal,” said Michelle.

Harry looked at Ron again, but Ron shrouded his shoulder.

“That sounds like a fair deal. Where do we go to meet you?” asked Harry.

“Tomorrow, I’ll send someone to get you outside your hotel, say 8am. And we sail at 9am, don’t be late Harry,” said Michelle as she waved goodbye and disapparated.

The next day Harry, Ginny, Ron, and Hermione was waiting outside the Hotel. They saw an old wizard approach them.

“Are you Harry Potter and 3?” asked the old wizard in a scruffy voice.

“Yes we are,” replied Harry.

“Then follow me,” said the wizard as he dissapparated and everyone else followed.

They came out in the middle of the deck on a ship. Everyone looked around; the ship wasn’t as big as the one they saw the Durmstrang sail in. It was medium sized, the appearance was similar but the bow had a mermaid carved on it. Her hair seemed to be blowing in the wind. The ship has two white sails; one of them had a small area that appeared to be patched up with yellow cloth. Nine wizards stood in two rows as Michelle came out of the door from the main deck.

“Welcome Harry Potter, to my ship, The Twin Sails. It’s not much to look at but she’ll take us anywhere we want to go. Also let me introduce you to the crew,” as Michelle pointed to each of the wizards.

“Fin who picked you up from the hotel is our fixer, if anything leaks, breaks, or otherwise doesn’t work as it should, he can fix it,” said Michelle as she moved on.

“We have David our cook, David our Navigator, old Ale our doc, Lucky and Malikia our ships mates, Zane and 3 hands Tony our defenders, and last but not least the quarter master Tomolot,” smiled Michelle.

As Michelle finished the introductions everyone looked at Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny without smiles. They all looked serious, Fin didn’t even look up. It was Tomolot who broke the awkward silence.

“Everyone back to work, and get ready to set sail in 30 minutes,” shouted Tomolot in a clear pronounced voice.

Everyone rushed down the door and went back to their jobs. Michelle smiled and walked up to Harry.

“Don’t mind the crew; they’ll warm up once we spend a few days together. So let me show you guys to your cabin,” said Michelle as she grabbed Harry’s arms and walked him toward the door.

Everyone followed, but Ginny didn’t look happy as she stared at Michelle and Harry walking ahead. Soon they were on the 2nd deck of the ship. There were many cabins; some of the doors were decorated with ornaments or trinkets from around the world. Harry recognized one of the items as a dragon’s tooth. Michelle showed them into a cabin with four beds. Two of those beds were floating above the other two.

“This is where you’ll all be staying for the duration of our trip to England. But I understand you want to stop at some places before we reach port. So where do you plan to go?” asked Michelle.

“We would like to visit the Bahamas and maybe some islands around that area,” replied Harry.

“Very well, we’ll sail towards that area. It will be about 2 days to get there, we’ll have to head west pass the Panama Canal towards the Bahamas. I’ll let you settle in. But before I go, I’ll have to request you pay me half of the agreed upon Galleons,” said Michelle with a more serious face.

Harry had arranged to transfer the Galleons from Gringotts to The Grand Camelot the night before. He reached into a pouch and brought out a box.

“Here you go, half of the payment. I take it we give you the rest when we reach England,” said Harry.

“Yes, that is true. We have a code at sea. We ask no questions but always keep our words. You guys get settled. Call me if you need anything, I’m just upstairs. Otherwise see you later for lunch,” smiled Michelle as she walked off.

“I don’t trust Michelle,” said Ginny.

“Yeah, this whole ship gives me the creeps, especially the crew on this ship,” said Ron. “And what does 3 hands Tony suppose to mean? Does he have 3 hands or is he a thief?”

“Andrew did warn us about this when we first asked him,” reminded Hermione.

“I guess it could be worse, we could be on the ship Lazard owns or one of the other wizards that was knocked out,” said Harry. “So far no one has done anything to make us suspicious.”

“Michelle has already done something suspicious,” mumbled Ginny to herself.

Around lunch time Tomolot came to get them. He walked with them to the dining area, which was a table in the main cabin. A small meal was set up and the food didn’t look all that unpleasant. Michelle was already sitting and waiting for them.

“I don’t usually eat here, but since it’s your first meal, I thought I’ll make an exception. So how do you like my ship so far?” asked Michelle.

“It’s comfortable and pretty smooth, we don’t feel any movement at all,” said Harry.

“Movement? You mean like movement with the waves? Oh that is right you grew up with No Maj. This is a magical ship, you don’t feel any movement. It’s almost like we are sliding on ice as far as the motion goes. The waves just pass us by,” explained Michelle.

“We saw the ship Durmstrang used to travel. It could go under water. Does your ship do the same?” asked Ron.

“Yes and no. Officially we are not allowed to do that, but yes we can if we have to. For the most part once we are in the open ocean we can do anything we please. That is the freedom we get for being out in the open seas,” said Michelle.

“I’m curious,” said Hermione. “The name of your ship, The Twin Sails, does it have a meaning?”

Michelle looked at Hermione.

“They say you’re the smart one. I guess the rumors are also true on that as well. Yes, it does have a meaning; this ship was named by my sister. Sorry if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got other things to attend to. I’ll be leaving you for now. Have a good meal. Tomolot will help you with anything else you need,” said Michelle as she left the table.

“Hermione did you say something to offend Michelle?” ask Ron.

“I didn’t mean to, I noticed one of the sail was patched up. Usually wizards can fix something like that up so it’s good as new. And her ship the Twin Sails; so I was just curious if there was some meaning behind all of it,” said Hermione.

“Maybe it’s something she doesn’t want to talk about. Just let it go,” said Harry.

“Or maybe she’s hiding something,” mumbled Ginny.

The rest of the trip was quiet. The four stayed in their cabin talking about what to do when they reach the Bermuda triangle or how to explain to Michelle what it was that they want to say. The crew for the most part stayed away from the four of them. Every time the crew passed Harry or others on the ship they just nodded and moved on.

When they were about to reach the Bahamas, Michelle gave Harry a silver locket. It had a carving of waves on it. It wasn’t too fancy but just fancy enough to not mistaken it for any other trinket.

“That is the usual gift we give our customers. It’s a room locket that can hold up to 6 wizards inside,” said Michelle.

“A what?” asked Harry.

“It’s like your pouch that can fit many things inside, but this one is just smaller and can fit wizards as well as items. What you do with it is up to you,” said Michelle as she walked away.

Harry stared at the closed door for a minute before he figured it out. Andrew said that ships like these are used to carry items or wizards to areas undetected. So this locket must be one of those ways that they smuggle things around. They weren’t planning on smuggling anything, but having a room locket might come in handy.

When they reached the Bahamas, the four tock their brooms sticks out and ride around some of the tourist areas. They did this just to make it look like they were sightseeing. When they were done, Harry asked if they can sail back to England passing through the Bermuda Triangle.

“You want us to pass through the Bermuda Triangle? What are you up to?” asked Michelle.

“We heard strange rumors about the Triangle and thought that; since we are heading that way we should see that place for ourselves. How many times will we be able to sail across the ocean like this?” lied Hermione.

“Usually we avoid traveling inside the triangle. The weather is very unpredictable inside.
Ships have known to disappear from there and turn up month later somewhere else with no one on board knowing what happened. Since you’re paying for this trip, I’ll sail through it. However if I feel we are in any danger, I’m taking my ship and crew out,” stated Michelle.

“That sounds fair enough,” said Harry.

On the day that they were within the triangle, the four of them got on top of the ship and looked around. Everyone looked in different directions to see if they see any islands or land of any kind. None can be seen. They stayed there the whole day, but the only thing they saw was ocean. Nothing but endless ocean, and Ron saw a dolphin swimming around. He got Ginny and Hermione to go over and watch it swimming for a little while. Harry was too busy trying to find some kind of island. Come night time Ginny, Ron, and Hermione was tired and wanted to go to bed. Harry still wanted to keep looking. But Ginny said that it’s too dark to see anything even by moon light. So Harry reluctantly went into the cabin.

That night Harry was awakened by a loud Bang and screams of laughter. He barely was awake when he saw 4 men rush in and grabbed him. They held him and took him to the top of the ship. There stood all 9 members of the crew with Michelle missing. He saw that Ginny, Ron, and Hermione was also taken up to the deck and tied down.

Tomolot stepped forward with Harry was still being held tight by 2 other people.

“Harry Potter. Harry Potter. It was a stroke of luck for you to be on this ship. There are people who are very fond of you; you who killed Valdemort, the greatest dark wizard that ever lived. Now what would happen if say, I was to take you out. History would remember me as the greatest wizard that beat Harry Potter,” smiled Tomolot.

Harry tock a minute to grab his composure, he didn’t have his wand, his friends was tied up, Michelle was not here. Is she also part of this? He has to think of something fast.

“How can you say you’re the greatest when I don’t even have my wand to fight back?” shouted Harry.

“Oh. Your right. I have your wand,” laughed Tomolot. And don’t even think of getting at it. I’m not going to give you any chances to defend yourself. You think I’m going to play fair. We are pirates of the wizarding world,” laughed Tomolot as his clothes faded away to expose a rough dark looking garment.

All 9 of their clothes faded from what they were wearing to a dark, stained, torn, and reminiscent of old pirate clothes.

“This is the perfect setting for our “duel”, the Bermuda Triangle. History will remember us for taking out the great Harry Potter,” said Tomolot as he pointed his wand at Harry.
The other two wizards let go and stepped away from Harry. A streak of red light, then Bang!

But it wasn’t Harry who fell over, it was Tomolot. Everyone’s looked toward Harry, but Harry didn’t do anything. Then he realized it wasn’t him that they were looking at. He turned around. There stood Michelle, she was wearing a torn dark dress and her hair was fire red. Her eyes seemed to glow red as well. She held a low posture like a tiger that was about to attack.

“Tomolot!” shouted Michelle with anger that seemed to send shock waves.

“You locked me in my cabin, used a charm to cancel out the noise, you tied up our customers, tried to kill our customer, and the rest of you. This is mutiny from all of you, AND THAT MEANS DEATH! I’ll remind you all again why they call me the evil twin,” screamed Michelle as she started waving her wand like a sword. And charms flew out of it. The crew of 9 started to scamper about. In the commotion Fin started to attack the others from behind. He tock out David and Lucky and ran over to free Ron, Ginny, and Hermione. Afterwards he tossed Harry’s wand to him as well. He was very agile for his age.

“I never wanted to take part of this,” Fin screamed as he tock out another.

Michelle as already dispatched 3 of the other crew members. Harry was now focused on Tony while Tomolot and Michelle were dueling. While this is happening a storm cloud came out of nowhere. It came at them quick and it approached them in no time. The waves were getting very rough, the wind picked up quick, and lighting and thunder followed. They all stopped fighting and watched as the clouds and waves came at them. However in the distance Harry saw a spot of land or was it his imagination. He walked closer to the edge of the ship and, yes it was an island. It had a volcano on it.

“There is where I need to go,” Harry shouted.

“What are you talking about?” asked Michelle.

“Sorry no time to explain, I’m going to go visit the island,” said Harry

“This storm is too rough; it’s not safe for you to go anywhere. I can’t allow it,” shouted Michelle.

The storm was upon them and the mist was getting thick. There were movements in the mist.

“Sorry, but I’m leaving now. You can take your ship to safety and wait for us. If we don’t return in a day, then leave us,” shouted Harry over the wind.

“Accio Firebolt. Ron, Hermione, Ginny get inside the locket,” said Harry as he rushed over to them and flew off once he got them in.

Once Harry started to fly toward the island, sections of the storm appeared to clear up, almost like a clear pass was opening up for him. But all around the path the storm was as violent as herd of rampaging rhinos. And just as loud.

Chapter 9: The Past
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Once Harry was upon the island the storm seemed to have settled. The island was big; it had a beach and a large volcano with many palm trees and overgrown foliage all around. It appears untamed and very natural. As Harry got closer he noticed smoke coming from the volcano top, but when he landed on the beach he felt cold. Once he settled, he brought out the locket and let Ron, Hermione, and Ginny out.

“Wow that was wicked. The room locket was quite comfortable and we can see what was happening outside from the inside. I should get one for myself,” said Ron looking around.

Harry handed it to Ron, “Sure you keep it. I don’t think I’m going to need it again.”

“Gee, thanks Harry,” smiled Ron as he took the locket from Harry.

“I’m cold. And this island is strange. I don’t hear anything,” said Ginny.

Everyone stopped talking. Ginny was right there was not a single sound; the movement of the leaves on the trees didn’t make a sound, the waves on the beach didn’t make a sound, there was wind but no sound. The scene felt quite eerie.

“Well this might just be the island from Harry’s visions. Let’s look around for the wands,” said Hermione.

“In my vision, I saw myself flying high, reaching for a wand that was hanging on the edge of a cliff. I’m going to fly around on my broom and look around,” said Harry.

“I’ll go with you,” followed Ginny.

“O.K. then, I guess Ron and I will look around elsewhere, should we meet back here in 30 minutes or so?” asked Hermione.

“That sounds like a good idea, let’s do that,” said Harry as he and Ginny prepare to fly off.

Harry and Ginny flew towards the volcano and looked around the cliffs and edges as they circled it. Ron and Hermione were walking around the beach and then the forest. Soon they also got on their brooms and circled near the bottom of the volcano, until they noticed something unusual.

“Look over there by the trees, I think I see a cave or something,” said Hermione. “Let’s get closer.”

“Be careful, I think we should let Harry know,” said Ron.

“It’s not time yet, let’s take a quick look,” replied Hermione.

They got closer to the cave and noticed the foliage didn’t grow anywhere near the entrance. Once they reached the inside they saw ice inside the cave. But the temperature was not cold, it was warm. Ron felt the ice and it was also warm.

“This is wicked,” said Ron. “Warm ice.”

The cave seemed to go further in the volcano. They didn’t want to go too far, so they headed out to the beach and waited for Harry and Ginny to return. Soon they saw Harry and Ginny flying over.

“Harry we found an entrance to a very weird cave. You won’t believe this but it had warm ice inside,” said Ron excitedly.

“Warm ice? That’s more than we found, let’s go check out this cave then,” said Harry excitedly.

Soon they were at the entrance of the cave and they flew inside. Once they pass the long tunnel, it opened into a grand area with ice crystals everywhere and lava flowing near the bottom. But the temperature was just right, not hot or cold. Light seemed to be emitting out of the crystals, like light bulbs. Near the wall of flowing river of lava there appeared to be words carved into the stone.

“Never combine two wands,” it read.

“I can feel it, the wand must be here somewhere,” said Harry as he was looked around and flew off.

“Wait Harry,” cried Ginny as she flew after him.

Ginny was good on the broom, she was the schools seeker in a Quidditch game. But Harry was much better; he was flying around dodging the crystals as if he was back in Hogwarts playing in the Quidditch games. Ginny couldn’t keep up, and Harry didn’t even look back as she yells out his name.

Harry knew he was close, he could feel it. As he was flying around, the crystals seemed to grow as he approached. As he flew upwards the crystals grew faster as if trying to catch him. Just as he was looking up, he saw it. A wand; or half a wand, was floating underneath a crystal on the top of a cliff. He made a beeline for it. The crystals was growing faster now, a few ripped his clothe. He reached out his hand and grabbed it, like he was grabbing for the Golden Snitch. Once he touched it he vanished from sight. From a distance Ginny saw Harry reach the wand and vanish. The crystals became calm again.

“No! Harry!” screamed Ginny in disbelief.

Tears flowed from her eyes as she flew over where Harry vanished; she circled the area but, no Harry. She tried to find him, but it’s not where he is, but when. With a heavy heart she flew back to Ron and Hermione. When she reached them she saw Hermione standing on a large cliff over the lava flow with a wand in her hand. She was flickering in and out, like she was there one minute and then somewhere else another. She thought she saw Ron in one area, and then he disappeared. Then he would reappear in another area. Once she saw Ron and Hermione together in one area, both had a wand in their hands. Then Ron disappeared but Hermione stayed. Hermione appeared more stable and so Ginny quickly flew over to her.

“Hermione what’s going on? What is that wand you’re holding?” asked Ginny.

“I can see you, I can see all, and it’s hard to explain. It’s as if I’m everywhere at this time and I can see the ministry of magic as well. I,” Hermione couldn’t finish her words before she flickered away again.

Once Harry touched the wand he felt like he dissapparated and the cave vanished. He appeared outside a cottage. This placed looked familiar; it was his parents cottage. He recognize the area as Godric’s Hollow. He is now standing in front of his parent home. He noticed the door was forced open; then that means. He couldn’t stand the thought, he ran inside, and then he saw it.

Voldemort was standing there like a statue, he didn’t move. Then he saw him, his father facing Voldermort, but his father wasn’t moving either. He stood there studying the scene. It took him a few minutes to realize this. But he has control over time now; he is now back before his parents died. Then his mother must be upstairs, he passed his father and moved toward the baby room. He saw her, his mother, she looks panicked but determined. Tears rush down his checks as he stayed there just looking at her, he want to touch her, to tell her that he lived. He didn’t even realize his own hands touching his mothers’ hands. Once he touched her, she moved. She looked like she stumbled and caught herself before she fell.

“What?! What’s going on?” Then she saw Harry. “Who are you?” her voice trailed as she studied Harrys’ face.

“Mom?” said Harry, as he watch his mother move and talk in surprise. “How is this possible?”

“Mom? Who are you?” asked Lily again.

“My touch, you moved after I touched your hand,” said Harry as he turn towards his father wanting to do the same.

“No! Don’t go there Voldemort is here! You’re not safe!” screamed Lily after getting over the shock and realizing what is going on at the moment.

“It’s O.K. mom, I know what I’m doing,” said Harry as he went over to touch his father’s hands.

Just like Lily James came out of his time pause; he was shocked to see another person appear out of nowhere. He was still horrified that Voldemort is standing in the same room. After realizing Voldemort isn’t moving at all, he calmed a little.

“What’s going on?” asked James.

Harry didn’t answer; he is looking at his parents for the first time in his life. They are alive, as alive as he is, and they are standing in front of him. Tears flowed out of him, out of joy.

Both James and Lily looked at Harry with some suspicion, but after studying the person in front of him looking back at them with tears in his eyes. They realized that he looks very familiar, he has Lily’s eyes and James unkept hair.

“Mom, Dad, it’s me Harry. Harry Potter,” said Harry looking at his parents.

“How is this possible?” asked James. “Are you really Harry, our little boy Harry?” as he looked at Harry and up the stairs toward the crib where baby Harry laid, not moving.

“Time wand, I’m have a time wand,” stumped Harry as he tried to get over the shock of being in the same room with his real parents.

All he wants to do is run over to them and hug them forever, but he can’t, not yet. So he slowly explained about getting the time wand. Afterwards James and Lily looked at each other, still not 100% sure what is going on is real. But Voldemort isn’t moving, their own son is back, and time has seemed to stopped everywhere.

“Why did you come here?” asked Lily.

“To save you from Voldemort,” replied Harry.

Now that Harry is standing next to his parents, he is not sure what to say. Or how to say all the things that he wanted to tell them. He had imagined this moment over and over in his head for years, but now he is lost for words. It was James who broke the silence as he walked over to Harry and touched him on the shoulders. Looking him in the eyes with proud look on his face. In the Mirror Of Erised James did the same. But this time Harry can feel his father’s touch and hear his voice.

“Harry my boy,” he said.

At the touch of his father, Harry couldn’t hold it in any more. He gave his dad the biggest hug he had ever given anyone. James let out an “oof” as he was bear hugged by Harry, and Harry couldn’t hold back his tears of joy. Lily looked at this scene and started smiling. She let go of any doubt and ran over, Harry felt the hug of his mother and it felt like he was in heaven. He was could just die of happiness right now, he couldn’t think, he didn’t care what was happening, he didn’t care about anything anymore. Right now, right here he is happy, and he wanted this to last forever. With the time wand, he can make it last forever.

Ginny was lost, she didn’t know what to do. She had to think fast, if this is time magic, that means they are around just not where, but when. If they flicker in and out that means they are all still somehow connected to this place. Then the question is how to get them to flicker back to this place and hold them here?

Harry and his parents, talked and talked, they talked and asked each other questions like the biggest happiest family reunion that Harry has ever been in. It felt like minuets but hours has gone; Harry told James and Lily about everything that he could remember; his life with the Dursleys, his years at school, how he used the invisibility cloak, his Guidditch games, his school teachers, his adventures outside of school, his time with Dumbledore, his time with Sirius, Remus, Alastor, and other from the Order, his battles with Voldemort, how he beat Voldemort, his 2 best friends Ron and Hermione who helped him through this, and Ginny his new love. At the thought of Ginny, he flickered out.

Harry was standing in the cave again, and his eyes meet Ginny’s.

“Ginny?,” said Harry quietly.

Once Ginny saw Harry she ran over as quick as could, she held him tight.

“Harry! Harry please don’t leave me! I love you! I don’t want to lose you. You did so much for so many, please just this once, let me help you, let me save you,” sobbed Ginny as she held tightly onto Harry.

Harry looked at Ginny as he was being hugged. He was torn between trying to save his parents in the past or being with Ginny in the present. But he was finally happy with his parents who he never saw. Finally they are alive to him. He can’t lose them now. As Harry starting to have these thoughts he flickered away from the present. But as he left he saw a dark image of a man, who tossed something towards Ginny and himself, was it Ron? He left that thought go.

He was with his parents again, in the past.

“Ginny? Who is Ginny?” asked James, who didn’t notice Harry flicker off and back again.

Harry told them about a little more about Ron and Ginny. James and Lily looked at each other and smiled. Then they looked at Harry. This time it was their turn to talk.

“Harry, it is unfortunate that you had to experience all that. I can only imagine what you went through to get to this point, but you got to this point. Look at what you have accomplished. You have become more powerful than Voldemort himself, and you defeated him, the greatest dark wizard of our time. You are here talking to us with a time wand, that no one could of imagined was possible. You have made great friends. And you have a girl who sounds like she loves you. As your father I cannot be more proud and happy for you. I know you came back to save us, but,” James looked at Lily.

“But as your parents, it’s our job to protect you. Our sacrifice made you strong and to know that it was not in vain makes me happier than you could ever imagine. If you changed time now and saved us, what then? Voldemort will only hunt us down, we would only be running from him. To kill him you have to destroy all the Horcrux and from what you told us even Dumbledore had a hard time. I may not like the idea of not seeing my son grow up, but to know that you have become what you are now makes me very happy.” said James as he looked at Lily again.

“Harry, my little pumpkin, I guess I didn’t get a chance to tell you. But I can tell you now. You were named after the father of a good muggle friend of mine. Her name is Anna, she grew with her uncle and aunt. Her father died protecting her in a car accident, his name was Harry. She told me that the last image she had of her parents was during the day of the car accident. The other truck came out of nowhere, it hit them head on, the steel beams that truck was carrying came crashing into their car window. Her father used his own body to protect her in the back seat. He didn’t make it, but he died protecting her. When she woke up in the hospital the doctors told her that her mother also passed away. But she gave her heart to her; you see she had a heart disease. It was only a matter of time before she would need a heart transplant; so with her mother’s injuries being severe she chose to give her heart to her instead. She told me she never shed a tear for her parents, because they lived on in her. Her mother was her heart and her father was her strength. That was something she will never forget.” said Lily as she almost went into tears.

James looked at Lily; it would seem they were thinking the same thing. It wasn’t fear, anger, or sadness that they will face when Voldemort kills them; it was the look of happiness when they looked at Harry standing there, knowing that he will live.

“Son, someday when you have your own kids, you will know what we are talking about, and have many,” said James.

“James,” said Lily with a smile.

Harry smiled back. It took him a minute to digest what his parents just told him. For the first time, he didn’t feel sad knowing that he didn’t grow up with his own parents.

“Oh, I’m sorry for the way my sister treated you,” said Lily.

“Yeah, you know we would have spoiled you more than the Dursleys spoiled Dudley,” smiled James.

James, Lily, and Harry smiled at each other and joked and laughed about different events that Harry went through. They took their time talking knowing that soon Harry will be going back to his time, and James and Lily will be killed by Voldemort.

“Give Ginny our best regards,” said James. “She sounds like a wonderful girl.”

“Oh, let me give you this as our gift to you,” said Lily as she took off her wedding ring. “I hope you will give this to your special girl.”

“If you go back to The Grand Camelot, stay in room 6613. I carved our names in one of the stone on the corner of the room, when we stayed there for our honeymoon,” said James with a smile.

Harry smiled back. They said their last farewell and embraced each other. This time Harry didn’t shed a tear. Once they were ready, they got back into position that they were in before Harry freed them from their time. As Harry watched them get ready, he started to think of the present. Then time started to move again. He watched as Voldemort used the Avada Kedavra curse on his parents. He watched as they died, he thought he noticed a smile on James’s and Lily’s face. He watched as Voldemort tried to kill him as a baby and vanish, leaving him crying in his crib. He started to walk, as he did so scenes of his childhood passed by in the background. As he walked and more scenes of his life passed on, he seemed to feel lighter and happier. As if a heavy burden that he was carrying has finally been lifted. As if all the pain and sorrow was disappearing from his soul. His head was clearing up, he thought more clearly than ever before, he felt like he was levitating without the levitation charm. He walked until finally he was back in the cave where Ginny would be waiting.

But she was tied up and who is that standing next to her?

Chapter 10: The Last Death Eater
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As Harry stood there watching the man in dark clothe, he noticed something familiar about him. He’s Fin from Michelle’s ship. But he is more upright and stands taller. He’s got a big grin on his face.

“Fin? But why?” ask Harry.

“Why!? You ask? Harry Potter, you of all people should know why!? You killed Lord Voldemort,” said Fin whose voice seemed to change a little as he finished his sentence.

“You’re a death eater!?” asked Harry in shock.

The two eyed each other, no one moved. Ginny tied up on the ground next to Fin. From the corner of their eyes, they noticed Hermione popping in and out not too far from them. Fin’s eyes move around fast but kept his focus on Harry. During one of those pops, Hermione seemed to notice what was going on. She stayed longer and then disappeared again.

“Harry! Give me the time wand or the girl feels the..” Fin couldn’t finish his demand.

Hermione popped in not too far from Fin and shot a disarming spell at him. Fin was watching and waiting, he was ready for it. He dodged it and used the Incarcerous curse on Hermione. Harry saw his chance to attack, but Fin immediately pointed his wand at Ginny and used the Cruciatus Curse on Ginny. Ginny rolled where she was tied and screamed in pain. Harry stopped dead in his tracks as he saw Ginny in agony.

“Move again and it will be far worse for the girl,” said Fin in a low voice.

He stopped the curse, and using his own wand floated the time wand that Hermione was holding to himself. Now he has one of the time wands in is other hand.

“Now where is the Wesley boy?” said Fin.

Harry couldn’t figure it out, but he noticed something familiar about Fin. The way he moves, the way he talks, his voice, and his eyes are all very familiar, but where does he know him from. As he was studying Fin, he noticed Fin eyes darting back and forth as if he was looking for something. Maybe he was expecting Ron to pop up around him like Hermione did.

“Who are you?” asked Harry again, this time with some curiosity.

“I’m honored that you’re remembering. Your guess is correct; I’m not this Fin person from Michelle’s ship. He is but one of many people I had to use to disguise myself. Polyjuice, it’s a wondrous thing. I even had to stoop myself to hiding among the muggles. The Muggles! Of all things, and this was all because of you. You who should have died, not Lord Voldemort. You know many times I came so close; I would have killed you myself. But my lord wouldn’t have it because of the prophecy,” said Fin.

“It can’t be you! I thought you were dead or at least in Azkaban,” shouted Hermione.

“Not dead; injured and defeated during the war, but defiantly not dead. And don’t make me laugh. Azkaban. Hahaha,” he laughed.

“Azkaban is a joke now; a child could escape from it. Without the dementors; the left over aurors are nothing but complete incompetent buffoons. I needed no help escaping from there; after I fully recovered they couldn’t even hold me for more than a month. I escaped and the only thing I wanted was to take revenge. I didn’t care how or when, just survive long enough to kill you,” he looked happy as he said that.

“You!” shouted Ron from behind.

This gave enough warning for him to turn around and shoot the Impediment Jinx at Ron before he could attack. Afterwards he made more ropes appear out of his wand, and tied up Ron as well. While this was happening Harry took his chance and shoot a disarming spell at him. But he flickered away for a moment as if he knew it was coming. He timed it just so he popped out next to the future wand where Ron was and picked it up then disappeared again and reappeared next to Ginny. He used the Cruciatus curse again on Ginny. He laughed the whole time watching her riving in pain.

“Stop! Please stop,” cried Harry.

“I told you what I would do if you tried something, and now look what I had to do,” he said while smiling at Ginny’s pain.

This time he let the curse last longer and enjoyed every moment of Harry’s pain as he watched Ginny screaming. Harry was in more pain than Ginny, and he knew that. He enjoyed it; oh this takes him back to the good old times. Maybe he will enjoy it longer. But the time wands; he will have to get the last and most important one, the wand of the past. He stopped the curse.

“I guess there is no need to hide anymore,” as Jin’s face morphed away to reveal Antonio Dolohov.

“You! I know I know it. I know something wasn’t right. It was you in the bazaar, wasn’t it,” said Harry. “You were Deanol Hafty.”

“You figured it out didn’t you! Yes it was me,” said Dolohov.

“I could of kill you right there and then, and accepted my death without any regrets. But when you spoke of the time magic, I hesitated. It gave me an idea; the other four wanna be death eaters just wanted glory and fame for killing you. They were the no name death eaters we didn’t wanted, but after the war they were the only ones that weren’t locked up. We argued on what to do with you, but they didn’t want to wait. I left them on their own, I know they couldn’t kill you without me,” said Dolohov.

“That means Masime was part of this as well?” asked Harry.

“Masime? Oh, the merchant. He was but a tool, after we learn that you were looking for time magic I used the Imperius curse on him to talk you into falling for the trap. When one of them saw his fake Time Turner, I charmed it into a port key. Lucky I didn’t participate in the ambush in the woods. And after that I was never too far and very aware of your actions. I waited patiently for you to do whatever you had to do, and for my patience it has more than paid off,” said Dolohov.

“This is the best part,” said Dolohov. “After learning you were going to Hawaii, I found Michelle’s ship heading that way. I took out Fin and used the polyjuice potion. And you could only imagine how I felt when I learned that you were going to use Michelle’s ship to travel back. During the trip it wasn’t hard to use the Imperius curse on Tomolot, with his stuck up personality. The rest of the crew just followed him with some encouragement from Fin of course,” said Dolohov excitedly.

“Look at me talking to you like old friends. I guess when your vengeance is at hand you’re a little excited,” said Dolohov.

“Now, Harry Potter, if you don’t mind hand over the wand of time. The next curse on your girl friend will not be the Cruciatus. Slowly and don’t try to use it,” said Dolohov.

Harry looked at Ginny, Ron and Hermione as they lay tied up. Then he looked at Dolohov.

“No!” shouted Ginny.

“Don’t do it Harry!” followed Ron.

“Crucio!” shouted Dolohov as he shot the curse at Ron and Ginny this time.

Ron and Ginny screamed in pain, as they twist about where they were tied up. Dolohov enjoyed himself a little too much as he watched Ron thrashed around in pain. He wanted to curse all three of them just to see them scream and make Harry watch. But his enjoyment will have to wait. He focused back at Harry, who was screaming stop.

“Stop, I’ll give you the wand, just stop hurting my friends,” said Harry calmly.

Dolohov let Ron and Ginny scream a little longer and stopped the curse.

“You’re calm as ever, I guess you already faced death, so it’s not new. Now throw your time wand over,” commanded Dolohov.

Harry did so. Dolohov had all three wands in his hands. He looked like he was going to combine them all together.

“No, you can’t. The warning on the wall, you can’t combine two wands,” shouted Hermione.

“Oh your right,”said Dolohov pausing for a second. “I’m not going to combine the two wands, I’m going to combine all three!”

As the three wands touched each other, a golden line formed and sealed itself. Now the three separated wands are one. And Dolohov looked at the one Time Wand and started to laugh.

He laughed at the thought of being about to control all of time, the present, the future, and the past. This is it, he is going to change time itself. He was going to save his Lord; Lord Valdemort will once again rise to power. He will tell him of Harry Potter and how he lived after the Avada Kedavra Curse. They will make sure to kill Harry this time around. But wait.

He now has complete control over time itself. So why does he need to support Valdemort, when he can change it so Tom Riddle will support him. He can become the greatest dark wizard in history, in all of history. He can be Lord Dolohov and rule over his own Death Eaters as the Dark Lord. He can make all muggles and half blood pay.

At that very second Harry gestured something with his hands and the rope around Ginny disappeared. She reached into her pocket and throws something inside Dolohov’s open mouth as he was laughing. All that Quidditch practice has paid off. The object hit it’s mark, and landed into Dolohov’s mouth. Once it went in, Dolohov heaved over and vomited red hot fluids out, he looked like he just ate something that was really hot and spicy and he was vomiting it all out. Then as if time went backwards and the vomit went back into his mouth and out again. Ron was looking at this event and was almost nauseated himself. Then he realized this was one of George’s vomiting pills. It was the Ghost Pepper Vomit Pill or GPVP for short; guarantee to make your worst enemy never forget and regret ever messing with you. It was one of their prototypes. How did Ginny get her hands on it?

Harry seemed to be making movement with his hands; a shield charm formed and enclosed around Dolohov in sync with Harry’s movements. Then a shield of ice formed and enclosed the shield charm. Next the lava from the ground flowed over and enclosed the ice. And last another shield charm formed around everything and held it in place. Once complete the barriers seemed to form into a crystal like glass. Then the crystals that were nearby grew by themselves until they almost touched the globe. The structure looked like a snow globe held together by a crystal stand. Harry walked over to Ron and Hermione and gestured again and the ropes from their bodies also disappeared.

“How are you doing this? You. You’re performing wandless magic like Dumbledore,” said Ron.

“I’ll explain later,” said Harry as he helped everyone up.

They all looked at Dolohov as he was trapped inside this shield sphere. This reminded the three of Rabastan Lestrange who attacked them in the Room Of Mysteries when he got his head stuck in the crystal bell jar. They watched as Dolohov turn from himself, to an old man, to a young kid, and back again. All the while trying all kind of spells to break free of the sphere that he’s in. Sometimes he had the expression that he was ready to die, other times he stared out with hatred in his eyes, and next he seemed like he went mad. He was trapped inside this dome and the effects of the time wand made no changes on the outside world.

“Harry. How did you know to make this crystal shield?” asked Hermione.

“How did you know I wanted to use the vomit pill?” asked Ginny.

“How did you do this without your wand?” asked Ron

“O.K. O.K. I’ll tell you guys. Enough with the 3rd degree,” smiled Harry.

As Harry said this, Hazel flew out of nowhere and landed on Harry’s shoulders. Which confused the three even more.

Chapter 11: The Land Lost By Time
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“I kind of figured out that the time wands work by taking the user to whenever the user is truly focused on,” started Harry. “Like the time I separated from my parents when I started to think about Ginny. Then I appeared next to her.”

“That is true!” jumped in Ron. “I appeared back here from the future that I was very interested in ahh. Well, when I was interested in what was happening to you guys I reappeared back to where Hermione was.”

“Now that you put it that way, it does make sense,” said Hermione. “I was in the ministry of magic because I really wanted to know where my application was, and when I was focused on what was happening with you all I came back here. Each of those times that I jumped around I was thinking of those places.”

“Right so after Dolohov used the Crucio curse on you and Ginny,” Harry looked at Ron and then Ginny with a painful expression as if he was also hit by the curse.

“I thought about how to stop him, hoping to appear here in the cave before he showed up. But.”

After Harry activated the Wand of the past to stop Dolohov, he appeared on top of a hill. He was looking at a vast city, to which he has never seen before. The building structures was very geometric and yet one with nature. Most of the buildings were white in color, which made them stand out in all the greenery. It looks like someone planted a beautiful garden and placed some geometric rocks in the middle. The place where he is standing on felt familiar. It looks like the island where he was but with more land and very much bigger. He noticed an old man walking towards him from a corner of the hill. He was wearing a long white cloak, he had a long white beard, and holding a walking cane. The old man almost reminded him of the Christmas post cards of Old Man Winter.

“Welcome to the land of Atlantinos, my name is Santaluk Clausios. I welcome you Harry Potter. By seeing this, it means that you have a strong will to stop the time wands and not use it for any selfish purposes. And for that I will share with you the secrets and the history of the Wands of Time. Also don’t worry about what is happening from the time you came from. Once we are done here, you will be returned back to the exact moment of when you came. So it will be like you never left,” said Santaluk

Once Harry heard this he relaxed a little. It appears that Santaluk means no harm but to share the history. So Harry studied him and this new location.

“Santaluk who are you and how do you know it’s me?” asked Harry.

“You probably have many questions, but unfortunately what you’re seeing and hearing is not happening right now. This is a part of my memory that I have placed in the time wand. I’ll explain everything and hopefully answer your questions,” said Santaluk.

Harry stood and watched Santaluk talk, this reminded him of his experiences in the Pensieve. As Santaluk spoke the scenes would change, like glimpse of his memories. They appeared to be walking in the middle of the city.

“What you see before you is the magnificent civilization of Atlantinos and the home where I grew up. I was a Forthinker, or you may know it as inventor or the likes. We were at the height of our technological and magical knowledge,” explained Santaluk.

Harry saw wondrous marvels; doors on buildings that doesn’t open but transports the person away, people flying about without the aid of brooms or planes but some kind of device on their clothes, and food being produced with the help of some kind of machine looking device. Water that appears out of nowhere to water the trees and fill people’s glasses, everyone seemed happy as they walked about, children played with no one watching. Harry saw one child almost falling but his clothes seemed to have caught him and pulled him up. Everything was so clean and wondrous, it was like stepping into a wonderful dream where nothing was wrong.

“In my time, we had people with magical powers and those without, we lived in harmony and fused science with magic and created some of the most wondrous things. The likes even you folks in the future couldn’t have done, believe me I have seen it with my own eyes,” said Santaluk smiling.

Next they were in a room with a large window overseeing the ocean. There stood a beautiful woman with a big belly. Harry thought she must be pregnant.

“This is Nadezhda, my wife, and the love of my life,” Santaluk looked sad as he said that. “She always worries about me, and most of the time I never realized it because I was so busy working or thinking about work. I would work late in the Room of Thought, and most of the time I would forget to eat. She would always send meals to me and remind me to care for my health.”

Santaluk looked deep in thought as he said those words. As if he was remembering something very sad and was deep in grief. Harry watched Nadezhda walk about the room and would stop to glance over their way and give them the most amazing smile.

Next they were in a big room full of tools and equipment; Harry didn’t recognize anything but he did notice something that resembled a wand lying inside a case.

“This is my Room of Thought. It was here that I was at the brink of discovering how to control time. I had created a way to travel in time. At this point I wasn’t able to travel for more than a few minutes and the effect wasn’t stable. I was able to see only glimpse of time but not touch or affect it in any way. I was young and ambitious, like many great Forthinkers, I wanted go down in history as the person who discovered time travel. I wanted to leave a legacy that people will be talking about for generations. However my desires blinded me to what was truly important in life. And I learned that lesson a little too late.” Said Santaluk.

They were at a hospital room of some sort, Harry can hear crying babies. The room was very clean but felt lonely. He can see behind the curtain that someone was preparing to give birth.

“This day was when my wife was to give birth to our child. I didn’t attend, because it was also the day I discovered that the wood from certain trees can hold and focus magic. Plus if I was to add some creature’s essence into the wood, it would not only stabilize the magical property but also amplify it. Up until that discovery we have been using our hands and gestures to create magic. But after I have discovered it the magic that we can create was magnified 10 folds. It was one of the biggest discoveries of my time. I worked in my Room of Thought all of that day. It wasn’t the next day that I remembered about my wife giving birth. When I got to the hospital,” Santaluk paused.

Harry could see a younger Santaluk walking up to the room with some kind of stuffed animal that he didn’t recognize. After talking to a woman his expression changed from joy to complete shock. He dropped the toy and stood them motionless.

“I found out that my wife died giving birth, neither my son to be nor my wife made it. There was some complication during birth and.” Santaluk wasn’t able to finish his sentence.

“With all the technological and magical advances they were not able to save her. They told me that they tried everything they could; nothing seemed to work on her. It was as if her body was rejecting the remedies. I never learned the real answer, but I think it was because I didn’t spend enough time with her and I didn’t love her enough. It wasn’t anything or anyone it was me who killed her, it was all my fault. She died because she wasn’t being loved. We lived together, ate together, slept together, but mentally I was always thinking about work and not her who was next to me. After that I became more abscessed with my work; if I complete my research I go back in time and change everything. I could love her more, tell her and show her how much she means to me. And I will have the power to spend eternity with her,” said Santaluk.

They were back in his Room of Thought again, this time Santaluk seemed older with long white hair and a beard. He resembled more like old man winter now.

“For the rest of my life I was engulfed inside my Room of Thought. Until one day I was about to do it, I was going to created a way to control time itself. People started to call me Father Time, and news of my success spread very quickly throughout the world. Some people warned that I shouldn’t use it, because we don’t know what it will do. But all I could think of was to see Nadezhda again, to see my wife. To tell her how much I loved her and be there for her when she was giving birth. So against everyone’s warning I used it the instant I complete the Wand of Time.”

Harry saw a frightened Nadezhda looking at the older Santaluk who was trying to talk to her in their home.

“When I went back she didn’t recognize me; no matter how hard I explained or talked she was scared of me. She wouldn’t accept me as her husband; she said that my returning was unnatural and that it wasn’t real. I was heartbroken, I was next to her, but I was a stranger to her now. I didn’t know what to do. So I told my younger self about what happened. My younger self accepted the truth of me returning from the future. And this is when it started; this is when I destroyed the world as I know it. After telling myself of the future I returned back to my original time; thinking that everything will be great, and that I can finally be with my wife and kid. However.”

Now they stood on a snow covered field as far as the eyes can see. They floated upwards and moved around, but everything they saw was covered in snow and ice.

“Whatever I did, it changed the time line. The future that I know no longer existed. I was looking at an ice age. I couldn’t understand what happened. So I tried to fix it; I went back to the past over and over, but no matter how many times I went back nothing changed. No matter how hard I tried to see what I did, I couldn’t see it. The land was still covered in snow and ice. I tried to understand what I did and I traveled to the future and past many, many times. I did it so much that I lost track of when I was or how long it had passed. I couldn’t fix it; I learned that whatever I did it changed the time line permanently. I also realized that all the people that I know, all the people of the Atlantinos were gone. It’s like they never existed, and it was I who did it. All because of my selfishness and my pride, I destroyed a whole continent and millions of lives with it. The legacy that I once was so proud of leaving behind has crumbled. All I left was total ruin. When I realize what I did, I tried desperately to search for an answer. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t find one. So I start looking into the future, and I saw nothing but ice for hundreds of years, then I looked into the distant future. I looked at thousands of years, and that is where I learned that life returned and people rebuild, and my existence became nothing more than a myth,” said Santaluk.

They now stood inside the cave where Harry found the wands of time.

“After all the time traveling I returned to what was left of my home land. I wanted to destroy the time wands; to destroy my life work. Never again will they be used. But my creation was too powerful. I used one of the rarest of all creatures, the essence of the Sphinx as the wands core. I couldn’t destroy it no matter what. After many years I managed to create a time sphere with the crystals that you saw, which contained the time power of the wands within their surroundings. This island became a crystal jar of some sorts. To put it more simply it’s what you would call a snow globe. All the time magic was held within this island. I then hid the island by charming the area with unpredictable weather and the waves itself. If anyone was to come close the waves act like what you would call a port keys and takes the ship elsewhere in the ocean,” explained Santaluk.

“The last part was to figure out how to destroy the wand for good. I looked and looked and finally in my time traveling I saw you coming for the wands. I apologize but I looked at your life a little more closely. You came for the wands to help the parents you never had.” Santaluk looked at Harry as he talked as if he knew that Harry was looking him in the eyes.

“Your goal for using the time wands was similar to mines. But you choose to accept the past and not alter it. That was something that I wasn’t strong enough to do. You’re a great man, Harry. I’m sorry to have made you listen to an old fool’s story. But leaving this message as a confession does in some tiny way eases my painful soul,” said Santaluk.

“After many more years, I finally realized what it will take to destroy the wand. Since the wand’s core is made of the Sphinx essence, than breaking the wand has to do with defeating the Sphinx’s. In order to do that we have to answer it’s riddle.

“I never was, am always to be. No one ever saw me, nor ever will, and yet, I am the confidence of all who live and breathe. What am I?”

You see after all these years, I think I have the answer. I managed to split the wand as a precaution, so that if by some chance someone was to find it they will not be able to control all of time only sections. For I have learned that even if I saw it happening in the future, there are still secrets within the time magic that I don’t understand. So I split the wands, and hid them in various places within the cave. I placed the warning on the walls as a caution. Hoping that if someone found the wand they think there was only two and not three. I created a prison for myself out of the crystals, one that will hold myself within the shifts of the time line until you came to this island.”

Harry watched as Santaluk imprisoned himself with hand gestures.

“Harry, please watch carefully. What you see is simple magic without the use of a wand. Any wizard can do it, the magic is within you. You made the glass disappear without the use of any wands as a child at the zoo, you must remember that. Just think back of when you did that, you only have to focus the magic within and let it flow out through your hands. It will not be as powerful as if you had a wand, but you’re a powerful wizard and it will more than suffice. This crystal prison that I made starts with what you would call a shield charm. I have charmed this cave to do the rest. The ice and fire will solidify the shield charm and once it’s done the crystals will do the rest. The time wand was never meant to be used to change history. I realize that now. Once you finish the crystal prison on Dolohov, my time and your time will collide and myself with Dolohov will be within the same prison at the same space. That will be my chance to destroy the wands for good.” Said Santaluk.

“Even the time wands won’t let me see past here, for some reason this is a critical point in time. I guessed that it’s like when I altered time back then. There will be different pass or junction in time; if you succeed or fail time will be rewritten again,” said Santaluk looking concerned.

“Please practice a little here, because when I send you back. You will probably only have one chance and a split second before Dolohov use the wands,” said Santaluk.

Afterwards Harry practiced creating magic without a wand. It took him a few tries but he was able to make things disappear first. Then he was managed to create the shield charm.

“Good, I know you would get it. I’ll send you back to exactly when you left. So no one will even notice you went anywhere. Be ready,” said Santaluk as he disappeared.

Back in the cave again.

“And you guys know what happened after that,” said Harry.

The three just looked at Harry afterwards digesting all that
information. It was Ginny who spoke first.

“What about Hazel?” asked Ginny.

“Oh. Right, well I was thinking of you and almost instantly I saw what you were trying to do and knew what you were thinking. Then I realized that Hazel must be around somewhere, I didn’t know how at first myself. But she can appear next to me like a house elf would when their masters calls. I Hazel is connected to me by just thought,” explained Harry.

Suddenly the shield sphere that Dolohov was imprisoned in started to pop in and out. Then another sphere phased in and mirrored itself with Dolohov and inside was an old man, it was Santaluk.

“Harry, well done,” said Santaluk as he saw Harry standing there.

“Now to finish what I started,” said Santaluk.

The two spheres collided and melted into one with the two people standing inside.

Chapter 12: Returning Home
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Harry, Ginny, Hermione, and Ron looked on as the two shield spheres combined into one. Dolohov looked scared as his age still continues to change from that of a child to an old man. He looks as if he was trying to claw his way out of the sphere as Santaluk is now within the same sphere and looked at Dolohov with a strict look on his face, one that Dumbledore had when he was going to fight with Voldemort. Santaluk took the wand from Dolohov’s hands as he coward away to a corner. Ignoring Dolohov, Santaluk looked at Harry and then at Ginny, he looked at Ron and then at Hermione.

“So this is the special loves of your lives. Cherish every minute of your time together because you will never get another chance at it,” said Santaluk smiling at them.

He turned around and looked at Dolohov who is stuck as an old man. Dolohov looked weak and unable to move.

“Our time has come to an end. Now that the two spheres are joined; one from the past and one from the future, I can destroy the wands for good. The answer to the riddle of the sphinx is, “tomorrow.” So I who was of the past is in the same time as someone who is of the tomorrow. Sphinx I have answered your riddle with my time spheres,” said Santaluk.

Harry watched as Santaluk broke the wand in two, as he did so light dust flowed out of the wand forming the shape of the sphinx. The sphinx nodded and the light disappeared. Once that was done the sphere started to fade away with Santaluk and Dolohov still inside. After a minute the sphere with the two people inside disappeared for good.

“We should get going as well and look for Michelle’s ship. She’s our only way home from this place, said Harry.

As they got onto their brooms to head on out; the island itself started to sink further into the ocean. The clouds surrounding the island started to thin out. Harry sent Hazel out to look for the ship, and within a short time Harry saw the image of the ship and knew which way to ride. As they left; the island was swallowed up by the ocean and soon there was nothing left. It’s as if there was nothing there at all. They landed on the Michelle’s ship within a short time. Michelle was happy to see Harry and his friends.

“Harry, glad you made it back. We were getting worried. Once you left everyone seemed to have came to their senses. We figured it; someone was using polyjuice and was disguised as Fin. They also placed my crew under the imperius curse. If I find out who that is I’ll make them pay,” said Michelle.

Harry explained about Dolohov and what he did. Michelle listened to their story and told Harry about the Room Locket, and how it has another hidden compartment within the Locket. Michelle didn’t mention it because it was a way for the pirates to outsmart the smugglers if they ever were double crossed. Dolohov might of knew about that special location and hid there until he saw his chance to come out. Michelle kept her word and sailed them back to England. The rest of the trip wasn’t as eventful and for once Harry, Ginny, Hermione and Ron all didn’t mind it at all.

They said their farewell to Michelle and her crew once they reached England and headed for home. Once they got home they told Arthur and Molly about their adventures. Arthur couldn’t believe Dolohov escaped and the Auror’s didn’t tell anyone. Harry told Arthur to arrange a meeting with Blain Mints, the head of the Aurors.
The next day Blain agreed to meet with Harry in their home, alone. Blain asked to speak to Harry alone, so everyone else went into another room and left Harry and Blain to themselves. Harry didn’t waste any time and jumped straight into it.

“Why didn’t you tell anyone that Dolohov escaped from Azkaban?” asked Harry.

Blain sighed and looked at Harry intensely.

“Harry Potter. I heard from Arthur about your little trip. I thought that you might ask me that. You know after the war we lost many good witches, many strong Aurors. We still have to hold the peace. Dolohov is a very capable wizard, there is no doubt about that. And without the dementors on our side keeping the prisoners at bay, we are at a little bit of a disadvantage. Dolohov escaped from Azkaban even when we had the demontors around; so we kept him in the highest security cell that we had. Somehow he still managed to escape.”

“And you didn’t tell anyone afterwards!” jumped in Harry.

“Harry, let me ask you a question. If we told everyone, what kind of impression would that give everyone in the wizarding world?” Blain paused and looked at Harry.

Harry was taken back by that question and wasn’t prepared for it. He thought for a moment. But Blain spoke again.

“The impression would be that the Aurors are incapable of protecting the all the wizards that are rebuilding their lives. And not only would we look bad, but we let one of Valdemorts greatest supports escape. Everyone would be in a panic. We would lose the trust of the wizards we are protecting. People are trying to get back their lives, and to let the fear return would be detrimental to the rebuilding of their families and lives. We had to show everyone that we are still capable, show everyone that we are still strong and able to protect them. Yes, the greatest threat is gone. Yes, we rounded up all the Deatheaters. And yes, the peace is finally back. And we have to keep it that way.
So we hid that information, we sent out many people looking for him. We even keep an eye on you, knowing that he might come after you. But your little trip to Hawaii made it difficult for us,” said Blain.

“I.” as Harry started to speak, but Blain jumped in.

“Harry. We need you. I’m going to be blatantly honest with you. We need you more than you know. We need you more than you need us. Right now, you are the hope and the light that everyone looks up to. You are the reason we can now say the name Valdemort without fear. You are also the wizard that can keep every dark wizards at bay. With you as an Auror, everyone will feel safer. So you see Harry, I’m so glad that you have decided to become an Auror,” said Blain looking at Harry with a smile.

Harry wanted to wipe that smile from Blain’s face, but he also realized that what Blain said makes sense. He didn’t think of things that way before. It was different when he was facing Valdemort; it was him and Valdemort. There was none of this thinking, planning, and “politics”. It was good versus evil, and that was much simpler. Now after hearing what Blain said, he realized that simple life is over. He is going to be used by the Auror and he can’t refuse it either. But this is what he always wanted to do, so why doesn’t he feel very happy; now that he’s finally going to become one.

After some more talking about when and how Harry was going to join, Blain left. Everyone wanted to know what they talked about. But all Harry could say was that he no longer feels like a kid anymore. He’s going to be an Auror and will have great responsibilities to come.

That night everyone was there for a big feast. The conversations around the table were very interesting to say the least. They went through a lot in the past month. They discovered a lost island. They learned about time magic and the origins of wands. Harry saw his parents and finally was able to accept his past and move on. They even fought pirate witches. Harry and Ginny got even closer. Dolohov will not be hurting anyone anymore. Hermione saw the ministry of magic and knew where her application was when he held the time wand. And Ron visited the future with the wand.

“Ron, what did you see in the future when you used the wands?” asked Hermione looking at him with great curiosity.

Everyone stopped talking and they all looked at him. Ron looked at Hermione and then noticed that everyone was staring at him, and began to blush a little.