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Format: Short story collection
Chapters: 5
Word Count: 6,080
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Spoilers

Genres: Mystery, Romance, Action/Adventure
Characters: Dumbledore, Slughorn, McGonagall, Lupin, Snape, James, Lily, Sirius, OC, OtherCanon
Pairings: OC/OC, James/Lily, Remus/Lily, Sirius/Lily, Sirius/OC

First Published: 09/04/2016
Last Chapter: 09/04/2017
Last Updated: 09/04/2017






Chapter 1: What's wrong with my life?
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 I choose to believe that this story will have a better ending than my last.- Regina Mills, from the tv show OUAT . I don't own Harry potter. It belongs to J.K.Rowling, OUAT belongs to Edward Kitsis, Adam Horowitz and ABC.

What's wrong with my life? I'd really like to know that. To help you understand , i'll take you back to where it began.It was September the first. A new girl had bounded onto the train. This was not really that uncommon, because , 1st years duh! So i'll tell you the problem:

-She was a 6th year,She had a secret  and She had a mission and a problem. Sirius Black.

My name is Princess Hermione Dragomir. My parents are dead. My Brother is dead. My uncle is a phsycopath. So i spent most of my life in America with my evil stepmom. Her name is Mayor Regina Mills. I absolutely detest her.

She betrayed my mother to Strigoi.I should explain , they are evil vampires. I am a good vampire. Heir to the moroi throne.Our Queen, the old hag, Queen Tatiana.OMG. i bet right you either want to know why i call her an old hag,or find it hilarious.

you can search her up on google if you like ( muggle reference- Queen tatiana moroi) and disagree. She's a cold hearted,old hag. Few people actually acknowledge that.I do. She's my great aunt.

I was sat in a compartment when 4 boys came bounding in. " who are you?" asked a boy with long black hair. No. it couldn't be. i had no intention of talking to him, yet i drawled "So, Black,forgotten me already? it's only been, what, 12 years?"

He gasped in shock.His best friends, presumably James Potter and Remus Lupin, were confused."Padfoot, do you know her?" Sirius nodded, sat next to me and squeezed me tight. Relief flooded through me.

It was good to have my friend back." Name?" growled James " Mate , glad about your little reunion, but who is she?" i raised my hands in defeat. "yeesh Potter, since when were you so feisty?" He just glared. Sirius had his arms protectively around me. 

it was actually really sweet. I don't know why he did it but i liked it.
I don't  know what was going on .What i felt, whether it was his (magically) or mine (emotionally) it was quite strong.

"She? show some repect! or at least some restraint at the buffet." i held out my hand for him to shake "Hermione Dragomir" He smiled . Then sirius sat down and dragged me onto his lap. Then,(completely out of the blue,i promise) he kissed me. 

i liked it.We arrived at hogwarts and prepared for the first prank of the year,I had one in mind. So i issued a dare."WE SHOULD ALL RANDOMLY PICK ONE PERSON TO PRANK." I smirked at mine.

On Friday a random mirror was at James' bedside. He looked in it , only to see EVANS.He was about to kiss her when I inturupted . "ha ha ha ha ha ! i just had to stop you there. I've no interest in cleaning tongue marks off my mirror"

Sirius snorted. Their 1st prank of the year involved Minnie yelling "Minnie: You don't know what insubordination means do you?
marauders: Shrugs
Minnie: It means you've got detentions for 2 months.


Chapter 2: settling in
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  I don't own any of these characters ( apart from a few original characters) . This wonderful world belongs to J.K.Rowling. The Once upon a time world belongs to EDWARD KITSIS AND ADAM HOROWITZ. ALSO ABC .

"Magic always comes with a price! And dearie I hope you're willing to pay it."- Rumplestiltskin, OUAT.

The train journey after that was quite long. Introductions were made, sweets feasted on, exploding snap played, friends made, you know what i mean. I was introduced to Lily, Remus, James and Peter. Sirius had his arm wrapped around my waist the entire time.

Everyone laughed as i slapped him across the face when he wouldn't let me go .Most students at Hogwarts would've thought me to be perfectly normal. My best friend might've thought me to beignorable, a future Death Eater found me insatiable, but Sirius Black found me exceptional.

THAT was my problem. How do you tell someone who loves you to go away? My biggest problem currently is that I think i love him too.WHY?????????????

Why does my brain hate me? Ok. I , Hermione Dragomir, will never like sirius Black. wait. Scratch that . I , HERMIONE DRAGOMIR, WILL NEVER ADMIT TO LIKING SIRIUS BLACK. much better.


Three of us were privileged enough to know her,Two of us were fortunate enough to be loved by her, But only one of us was lucky enough to hold on to her. I was the lucky one and I was one of the fortunate ones.I can't believe i forgot.

She's going to kill me. I can't deal with this today. You probably don't understand. MC Gonnagol asked me to make sure Hermione was settling in. I did but haven't reported back.

WHOOPS. Then the beauty herself,(HERMIONE) came down the stairs. I walked over to her and, I have no idea why i did this, wrapped my arms around her waist and started to kiss her .But then something unexpected happened.

She kissed me back.We kissed for what seemed like ages until we pulled apart to go down to breakfast.I could have kissed her forever. What I didn't know is that she could have too.


It was that new girl. Because of her I rarely saw Sirius anymore. IT WAS HER. OK. it wasn't her fault. Sirius had become blinded with love for her. She was hiding something though. And, for Sirius' sake I would find out.

                                                         ** LILY**

UUUGH! Stupid , stupid James Potter !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why is he so obsessed with me?OK. Hermione has helped me admit something. I might like him a teensy bit. OK i did not just say that.

I DID.NO I DID NOT. I, Lily Evans, will never admit to liking the opposed, James Potter, during the rest of my life. There, you won't tell will you? Good, my secret is safe. OK, I better write that letter to Mum. Dear Mum.......


During Breakfast a small letter, given by a PHEONIX, arrived in front of her. She read it and tears rolled down her cheeks. Sirius wrapped his arms around her ." Hey, what's wrong?" she passed him the letter. it read:

Dear Hermione,                                                                                                                               I am terribly sorry to tell you this but Jace and Clarry have disappeared, we think they may be dead. All is well apart from that at the institute, Alec is engaged to Lydia Bramwell and Jace had the cup.                                                                                                  Love, Izzy (Isabelle) xxx

"Who's Isabelle or as she prefers Izzy?" Hermione smirked, knowing how inquisitive he was. " Isabelle Lightwood, daughter of Maryse Lightwood" she couldn't believe it. Jace and Clarry couldn't be dead.

to her Jace was like her big brother, Clarry her sister.She knew she needed to go look for them , Sirius was going to kill her. first Class. Potions. 

" Alright students, today we are going to create a dreamless sleep potion, be careful!"    the ingredients were as follows :                                                                                                 6 measures of Herbs , 4 sprigs of Lavender, 2 blobs of Flobberworm Mucus and 4 Valerian sprigs.

An hour later, my potion, Lily's potion and a greasy-haired Severus Snape's potion was perfectly made. I was invited to the Slug club, given a prize for the best potion and went to Herbology.On my way to Herbology , Sirius caught her and tried to see her prize. after much prompting she reluctantly showed him.

It was a small vial of Felix Felicis.He was confused " what's that?????" I sighed .he was hopeless. " It's Felix Felicis , more commonly known as liquid luck."

                                                    ** SIRIUS**

I think i love her. Hermione , i mean. Ok, i'll admit it. I, Sirius Black ,am in love with Hermione Dragomir. Now, the first main prank of the year plus my prank on Evans was hilarious. The first main prank of the year was in the great hall. When the Slytherins ate their food their faces turned green, ravenclaws faces blue and hufflepuffs faces yellow. 

Now , my spectacular prank on Evans . Me and James planned it. We got her stuck under the mistletoe with James.Then something unexpected happened . She and James started snogging.

What is going on ? " 'Mione, I feel so left out!!" she smirked and replied " Nice try Black , not happening." but she was wrong.Later i backed her into the corner and we kissed. I'd never felt so happy.

* Lily*

I Lily Evans , never thought i'd say this but , James Potter is my boyfriend. Hermione never thought that i would tell, but she is currently dating an over the moon Sirius Black.


I , right now, am over the moon, even more than Sirius Black and he's more childish than I am. Even Lily agrees so I'm obviously right ,for once.

I still am suspicious over Hermione. I feel really bad. Sirius' love for her is true. Dunno 'bout hers though.She says it is, Sirius says it is , but i'm not sure.


Ugh! BOYS! Sirius is lovely, James is determined to find the truth and Remus knows and i don't really trust Peter .Lily knows everything.

Authors Note: Next chapter out soon!! I will update you on that!

Chapter 3: Meaning of Yesterday
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the ouat world belongs to Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz. The wonderful Harry Potter world belongs to J.K.Rowling.  " Love is weakness,but power - true power - endures. And then you don't have to rely on anyone to get what you want." - Queen Cora, OUAT.








On my way down to breakfast a blonde haired,  green eyed , average height ravenclaw named Annelise Griffiths dragged me into an empty classroom. She demanded to know how i'd gotten Sirius Black to go out with me.




Yet no matter how hard I tried to make her go away she wouldn't and eventually my temper got the best of me.With wandless magic I turned her hair grey, gave her a grey beard and mustache, tied her to a desk and took her wand. Then I poofed myself to breakfast and sat in my usual seat between Sirius and Lilly, grinning.








Hermione was suddenly beside me , grinning."What's so funny?" i asked.She just smirked and replied " What happened to Annelise Griffiths, she looks great as an old woman with a beard and mustache."




I smirked."who did this said prank?" I teased. She shrugged, smiled and replied with "  I dunno, it was funny though." I could easily tell she was lying, so I asked Remy to go find her, take a pick and do whatever suits him.


At lunch I talked to Hermione about removing the spell from Annelise , to no avail.We argued and argued over this until I guilted her into removing it."Hermione pweasseeee???? 

Madame Pompfrey can't remove it!!!" with a huff of suprised protest, she reluctantly agreed. 


I ANNELISE GRIFFITHS, HATE HERMIONE DRAGOMIR. First she arrives, Sirius can't take his eyes off her, then they're together, then he continues to pay no attention to me what-so-ever and to finish, I wake up with HER looking down upon me.

That seriously freaked me out. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY??????? Sure, it was nice of her to visit but why?? So I asked "why are you here?" she (as usual) ignored me , checked the wounds I never knew were there and gave the verdict to Poppy.She then replied "Poppy needed some help up and I thought, since i've been teaching myself healing things, I would help. I was assigned to you."

"well.... thanks, i guess...." she smiled. "maybe we could try and be friends? " I asked. She smirked and retorted(mockingly)" Or try not to kill each other!" I nodded. 

**JAMES**I'm guessing now that Hermione did care about Sirius . In some way. But I like her, she's funny, kind ( when she wants to be) but also a perfect match for Sirius.She was so sad yesterday . We talked and I discovered that she did love Sirius but as long as they were together he was in danger. 

That was why she seemed so......distant. It was incredibly sweet."He wouldn't care, as long as he got you." I reminded her.She nodded, tried not to tear up and failed." I know" she said" that's why I must protect him,he's so reckless."

The thing was, she was right.

"Thanks James" was all she said as I hugged her to stop her from falling apart. She is the most selfless person i've ever met."maybe, one day , you and Sirius can be together." she shook her head. "We can't .There is one way we can be together, but I can't put him through that" I shook my head and said "HOW???? WHY NOT?? HOW COME?? ANSWER ME!!!" My loud outburst sent her running, shocked , far away. "Hey, come back, i wasn't done talking!" she snarkily replied"I was done listening!" Her face was streaked with tears.Suddenly, I hated myself for it. 

Just then,Lily came down. Her hair was silky and its usual red colour.She saw me and then Hermione's face. "POTTER! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?" I was shocked.Never had anyone been so.....rude to me. My reaction was something unexpected "Relax Evans, darling,we had a 'lil spat." Evans gave me the scariest death-glare ever. "Lilykins, you're meant to be on my side,seeing as you're my girlfriend!" Lily explained how, since Hermione was her best friend that they were on the same team. "Hermione, Sirius will be down soon,you need to go upstairs" she nodded and Lily took her upstairs.

**Chloe Simmonds**

Hey, I'm Remus' girlfriend Chloe! I'm in gryffindor house and I'm good friends with the marauders.When Sirius came down, he sat down beside me and, being the lovely person he was , decided to check up on me. Then, he asked me the dreaded question, where was his girlfriend. " I'm surprised you let her out of your sight. You missed her and James yelling at each other."

"THEY DID WHAT?? DID JAMES HURT HER? WHERE IS SHE? WHEN WAS THIS?" then he realized his tone and quietly finished with" is she ok?" I nodded my head and answered all of his questions.I didn't know where she was though." I'm fed up with this, This sort of thing is exactly what Dumbledore was talking about. You-Know-Who’s only just started to rise to power and we’ve started fighting among ourselves. And the Sorting Hat’s warning was the same. — stand together, be united."


The next morning, Hermione came down early and, to her surprise, Sirius snuck out of the shadows and pounced on her." How did you heal griffiths?" I looked at him, my face an image of pure innocence and confusion.He just looked at me expectantly.Eventually, I gave up"fine" i huffed"I.USED.MA.GIC!" he rolled his eyes at me." WANDLESS MAGIC!! "  He looked at me as if to say DUH, Continue..."  When i was growing up at one point I lived with my stepmom-sorry step-mother, Regina, she taught me wandless magic." His jaw dropped. "That will be useful" was all he said.In return I nodded and continued" We live in dark times dear, but happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light" 


"I love you Hermione." I whispered. Her hair had gone darker, her skin paler. She smirked and said " I love you too Sirius"

Chapter 4: boys of insanity
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 I don't own Harry potter, j.k.rowling does and ouat belongs to Edward kitsis and Adam Horowitz!! "people are going to tell you who you are your whole life. you've just got to punch back and say ' no, this is who i am .'"- Emma swan.* The prophecy mentioned is from the alchemist.*







It was late november, and the heads ( Jacob summers and Regina Winchesters) had posted a notice about the yule ball. Everyone had brought outfits with them from home . I looked out of the window of our burgundy and gold common room to see the snow falling on the grounds.I smiled and ran upstairs to get changed. It was time for the best snowball fight ever! When I got outside I saw 4 ginormous snowball forts. Behind one was James and Lily.The next one along had Peter and Annelise. Remus and Chloe were paired up behind one. Then I saw Sirius' shadow , smiled to myself, transformed into my animagus form ( A  cat ) and snuck up to him and pounced on him, knocking him on the floor.




James saw the cat (me) pounce on Sirius and started laughing his head off.Lily whistled to tell me to follow her and made the excuse of returning me to my owner and took me to the castle.As soon as we were inside, I changed back and we returned to the snowball forts, laughing. When we'd returned, the guys saw us laughing and asked what was so funny. I giggled and explained that Lily had told me what had happened.Then Sirius dragged me (literally, i was protesting the whole time) behind his snowball fort and asked me to be his date to the ball.I agreed since 1) he was my boyfriend and 2) it would irritate the fan-girls to death.




The snowball fight begun. snow was flung here and there.first one down was peter, then Annelise, then Chloe . I was running around, throwing snowballs with super speed. Sirius got James out, then Remus and Lily. We'd won! Then i saw that Sirius was suddenly sad so i super speedily ran and sat beside him.








i suddenly realized that Hermione was beside me , leaning against me. I gave her a fake half-smile and wrapped my arms around her, pulling her close. I loved having her in my arms, i felt happiest then. "Sirius" she whispered" what's wrong? You know i hate seeing you like this and don't bother lying, i want the truth." I knew she deserved to know and i hated lying to her. I had decided to tell her the truth. "Love, the holidays are coming up and i can't bear being away from you" i replied. She just smiled knowingly and spoke one little sentence, which made a world of difference." Didn't James tell you ? You lot are all invited to my place for Christmas!" she stated it matter-of-factly.




I just smiled, lifted her into my arms and spun her around."Put me down! NOW!" she shouted and reluctantly i placed her on the floor, dragged her over to the steps and sat her on my lap. I leaned in and gently kissed her on the lips and she kissed me back and started to deepen the kiss. I gently moaned at the feeling of her pressed against me. She just smirked.At me! 






 Whilst Hermione and Sirius were off doing who knows what, me and Lily (Sorry Lils, Lily and I) were taking a lovely walk on the grounds.For weeks now Sirius had told me to make it official, yet I had repeatedly told him that there was no way in hell I was going to ruin whatever we had.BUT, I was so done waiting. We sat by the waterfall beside the lake, i couldn't resist anymore. I leaned in and gently brushed my lips against hers just to see how she'd take it. She moved herself closer to me and kissed me back, wrapping her delicate arms around my neck, my arms around her waist.




We both instinctively broke the kiss and she blushed. wow.. Lily is absolutely gorgeous when she blushes...wait,that's off the point i should ask her now....


"My precious Lilyflower( she hit me for this, playfully) would you give me the honour of being my official girlfriend" i asked, love flowing through my eyes. i think if i'm rejected again i'll die.


I expected the old Lily to resurface and say no.Instead..........................




She couldn't be Serious. Oh wait, she cant be Sirius, he's my best mate! nope, she's not kidding! My face broke into a huge grin.I kissed her with every ounce in my body she responded and moaned. 






I was walking back up to the castle with Chloe when we happened to chance upon Hermione & Sirius snogging on the castle steps. Hermione was pressed against the wall and Sirius had pressed himself against her. Chloe giggled, which stopped them and Sirius turned around with a smirk. "Nice time, Padfoot?" I grinned wolfishly.He smiled and pulled Hermione to his side. She leaned her head on his shoulder. "Hope Y'all enjoyed the show, but we should ge' back to school." she replied cooly, her American accent surfacing accidentally.




Sirius just grinned."Let's go babe" he said. I seriously had no idea how long this 'love' would last. Sirius just liked her ( or so he thought ) although I knew he loved her really. Hermione rubbed her head and looked into space. When she stopped she summoned a piece of paper and a quill and began to scribble furiously. When she was done, i looked at it long enough to see the words:

"*the two that are one, the one that is all.

There will come a time when the Book is taken,

And the Queen's man is allied with"* but then she saw me looking and took it and ran off to dumbledore's office.

DAMN IT!  i can't believe that Remus read the start of that prophecy. NOW.... he probably thinks i'm crazy! Contrary to what he may think, i'm not crazy!That is a very important prophecy from the codex actually! I don't care if he doesn't like it. WAIT... they're bound to ask questions now! Anyway, when i got to dumbledore's office, i saw a stunning golden griffin statue, which guarded the stairway and the stunning , moving portraits of previous headmasters and headmistresses like Professor Dippet, proffesor derwent, professor Phineas Nigellus Black and many more i couldn't identify. When Dumbledore arrived, he was in his usual cloak and his half moon spectacles, creating a theme of peace. We discussed the prophecy, line by line. The true meaning was...


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Chapter 5: Prophecies and Quidditch
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 Authors Note:Anything hp is J.K.Rowlings and the alchemyst is mentioned a lot. I apologise for not updating in ages, but here's the next chapter....

If you believe in something strongly enough, we all have the power to change our fate.- August.W.Booth, OUAT. Fate's a tricky business. It still requires work. Planning.- Rumple, ouat.

Hermione's P.O.V:

GREAT. Remus had seen the prophecy.Well, the beginning of the most important one to date.The full prophecy,as dictated, is shown below:

The two that are one, the one that is all.
There will come a time when the Book is taken
And the Queen's man is allied with the Crow
Then the Elder will step out of the Shadows
And the immortal must train the mortal.
The two that are one must become the one that is all. One to save the world, the other to destroy it.

What does it mean? I'm not entirely sure. Dumbledore said to tell my friends about my gifts, but they aren't ready to meet the real me. The version of me that was hidden and cooped up inside the kingdoms of Occlumency and sheer will, inside the maze and puzzle of my mind.

Dumbledore and I started trying to work it out and worked out these interpretations:

The Book is thought to be the Codex
the Queen's man is thought to be Dr John Dee
The Crow is thought to be The Morrigan.
The Elder out of the Shadows is thought to be Bastet
The immortal is thought to be Nicholas Flamel
Josh and Sophie as twins (two from one birth)
The Elder out of the Shadows is thought to be Hekate
The immortal is thought to be Nicholas Flamel
The one to save the world is referring to Sophie and Josh being the one and Danu Talis is the world being saved.
The one to destroy it is referring again to Sophie and Josh being the one and the Modern Day World being the world that is destroyed.

We weren't sure though.Dumbledore rose, his pale-blue dress robes flowing out behind him, along with his grey overcoat, fashioned similarly to a blazer with a long trail.He wore on his head among his greying hair a matching grey and gold tassel hat. His beard had gone an almost pure white colour,signifying he had aged abundantly over the years.His eyes, as always, twinkled with waywardness and impishness through his half-crescent glasses.


" Miss Dragomir, I am aware that Remus Lupin saw part of the prophecy?" HE looked to me and I nodded. " Then you must now go tell him and, the others if you wish." I shook my head.


"I'll tell Remus and Lily but no-one else. They know Sophie and Josh and will take measures for their safety. Sirius will get jealous and James just won't care. I don't trust Pettigrew.


" He nodded and Replied " All right then. Please tell all but Mr Pettigrew. Mr's Black and Potter will understand in time." I inclined my head and nodded. it made sense.

I got up, he bowed to me and I exited.I walked to the common room but along the way I came across Malfoy. He tried to assault me from behind, grabbing my arms and pinning them above my head, pushing me against the wall.Then,as he tried to kiss me, I kneed him in the stomach and dramatically disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

Malfoy's P.O.V:

Ow.Ow.Ow.Ow.Ow.Ow.Ow.Ow.Ow.Ow.Ow.Ow.Ow.Ow..... You get it.The princess was within my clutches. I would've had my way with her, made it clear to Black that she's mine, and served her up to the Dark Lord. He wishes for her presence. After an audience with him, memories of her love with Black and hatred for myself would be removed. Then the dark Lord will do what he wishes with her and she would marry me maybe? She is pretty... She once again escaped my clutches! Again? You say, confusion in your voice. Yes, again.... This is what happened last time......

It is September 3rd and I had been given a task by the Dark Lord. "Get the Dragomir girl to me by July and be rewarded greatly, fail and suffer my....Displeasure."


Something about an audience. If I didn't, my Fiancé Narcissa would die. She was in the same year as me, 7th year. Hermione is a 6th year. AH! She is over in the corner. " Hey there Dragomir..." She glared. I pushed her against the wall, ignoring the screams of protest radiating off her. Then Black and Potter came around the corner and hexed me away. Black literally started checking if that.... well you get it...... was alright. My eye was black because she had punched me, giving me a black eye and also, she kneed me in the stomach. With the hex to add to that, I was in agony. 
There were many more attempts but they had all failed. She was well protected and now I could tell the Dark Lord that she could poof,and she was hiding a secret, she had muttered something about a mission. As well as family going missing. I smirked at the thought. She would come willingly if we found the missing people. I flooed to his house. "My Lord. I come with news." I said and bowed.


"Tell me, is it to do with my gaining of immortality?" I nodded and spoke these words


" My Lord, she can poof,and she is hiding a secret, she muttered something about a mission. As well as family going missing. She will come willingly and do anything you wish if we found the missing people." He smiled. " Good Job Malfoy. What are these people called?" I replied with "Clarissa Frey/ Morgenstern and Jonathan Herondale. My Lord." He grinned evilly. "Death eaters, begin the search for Clarissa Morgenstern and Jonathan Herondale."


They all set off in search of them. " Lucius, If you wish to become part of my Base Legion serve her to me."

Hermione's p.o.v.

My defunct forebearer's maiden name was Abendstern, which is German for evening star. Anyways, Since my dad was Valentine Morgenstern ( I should tell them all that) , The famous evil deatheater who is Voldemort's best friend, I growled everytime someone called me Morgenstern and replied sometimes at the name Abendstern, or cried sometimes, seeing as my mother is defunct.I'm worried about their reactions though, seeing as they aren't all as understanding as I'd like them to be. James is kind, yet arrogant. He wouldn't understand my reasoning to keeping my secrets. However, he'd totally want to help with me being an Abendstern and all.Sirius would understand seeing as we all have our own secrets, he included. At first, he'd feel a little betrayed, as he'd think I don't trust him, but the truth is I've never really trusted anyone. Remus would totally get it and push his feelings aside. He is so selfless, it's overwhelming. Lily gets me and figured it out and I saw no reason to lie anymore. After the smoke from the poofing cleared, I, along with Sirius, Remus, James and Lily were in the common room alone. "Okay, I now am going to tell all of you what I've been hiding. What's said here cannot be repeated. Is that clear?" They nodded.

" My father is Valentine Morgenstern and my mother Diana Abendstern." I dropped the first bomb. They were shocked. " Also, I am a Moroi. Each Moroi has their own gift. I somehow got 3. I can control fire, Spirit and see the future." Second bomb. Sirius said "What's Spirit and can you demonstrate fire plz, so we know you aren't kidding." I nodded, opened my palm and willed fire to appear. A bright, glowing flame set alight in my palm. I looked at him with raised eyebrows. Then I explained Spirit " Spirit is a fifth element that is rare among the Moroi, with the signature trait of restoring life and healing others near instantaneously. Spirit increases compulsion, making it so they can work compulsion very easily. Other powers that come with spirit include aura sensory, dream walking, creating illusions, telekinesis, and mind-reading.

Spirit users can also bring the dead back to life. When they do, it forges a bond between them and the person who died. The phenomenon is called "shadow-kissed." Someone who is shadow-kissed can slip into the spirit user's mind and know their thoughts, and experience things as if they were the spirit user, and they also see ghosts. There's many negative side effects of spirit-it leads to depression and insanity so intense that the user will experience shaking and gutters while leaving cuts on their forearm and closing them repeatedly. The users continued use of magic, both restoring the dead and use of compulsion will distort their personality and begin to weaken the user to death. This slow decay will manifest as hostility, paranoia and loss of inhibitions and rationality. If the spirit-user has brought someone back from the dead, the person will absorb the side effects but it, in turn, makes them experience dark feelings." They nodded, to show they understood my explanation.


"Question?" said Sirius. I nodded at him "What's compulsion, aura sensory and dreamwalking?" He asked.


Lily suddenly spoke up with " Compulsion is the ability to force one's will upon someone else. All Moroi possess a relatively standard level of compulsion, although there is an exception with spirit users, who are able to use compulsion almost as effectively as Strigoi.It is implied throughout the series that spirit users are usually able to sense when they are being compelled, and therefore, able to resist it more effectively. Aura sensory is being able to see everyone's aura.An Aura is the colors around a person that reflect their mood and overall character. Red and orange are "linked to love and baser instincts", yellow is tied to analytical, purple is passion or spirituality, and gold or white are usually associated with higher powers and metaphysics. Dreamwalking is the ability to communicate or simply appear in someone else's dreams at will. This ability is only performed by spirit users. The person who is the target of a spirit dream must be asleep in order for their dreams to be penetrated by the spirit user. It is possible to have 2 non-spirit people in a dream. Also, with intense focus, the person can leave the dream." They looked at her in awe. " I figured it out months ago. I then researched it. "

"Anyways.... Thirdly, I have an important prophecy to decode."


Remus suddenly exclaimed " The one I saw?" I nodded. " It goes like this :

The two that are one, the one that is all.
There will come a time when the Book is taken
And the Queen's man is allied with the Crow
Then the Elder will step out of the Shadows
And the immortal must train the mortal.
The two that are one must become the one that is all.
One to save the world, the other to destroy it.

Dumbledore and I have been decoding it. Will you help? We think the two that are one are Sophie and Josh. They're good friends guys so I need you to keep this between us." They all nodded. "To finish off, I have been given a mission.My mission is to find and hunt down all Strigoi. They are murderers. I would rather go down fighting than to die any other way. Therefore, I have been asked to bring you to Dumbledore's office, if you wanted to help that is." I took a deep breath and listened.


"I will" Said Lily " You shouldn't fight them alone. This is for the best. For our people's future. They are working with Voldemort. "


I then handed Lily a silver stake. " If you see a strigoi stab it with this stake, in the heart. Or decapitate it. They will instantly die."

Everyone else joined up and we went to Dumbledore's office.

***LATER ON***

" Alright everyone, on the Gryffindor team we have Captain and Seeker James Potter, Chasers Abbot, Boot and Dragomir, what a fine young lady!"


Began the commentator, Eric Shafiq before Mcgonnagol yelled " SHAFIQ!" .


" I apologise professor, anyways, we have beaters Black and Fawley and keeper, my gorgeous sister, Emma Shafiq! Next we have the slytherin team, Captain Lucius Malfoy, chaser along with co-chasers Bulstrode and Flint, beaters Lestrange and Carrow, keeper crouch and finally, seeker, Black!" James and Lucius shook hands and madam Hooch threw the quaffle and I grabbed it and like a shot flew towards Slytherin hoops. I passed it to Abbot who flew around and dodged bludgers before passing it to me and I threw it through the hoop. "Only a minute in and Dragomir scores! Bulstrode passes to Flint who passes to Malfoy who... OOH! Gets it hit out of his hands by a well aimed bludger from Sirius Black.Probably shouldn't have flirted with his girl.... anyways, Dragomir takes the quaffle, throws it at Boot who shoots and.... Scores!" We kept scoring like this for about an hour before Slytherin had scored enough points. At this point we had 350 points to their 210 we were tied James and Regulas dived then for the snitch.


"Sirius hit it at Regulas! NOW!" He obeyed and gave it one last hit towards the seekers, I scored one last goal as Regulas caught the snitch, seeing as a Slytherin beater, Carrow had directed the blow that hit me just after the snitch was caught. I fell downwards, the pressure making everything go black.

Only knowing that someone had caught me.

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