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The Tomb Stone by Draco_Malfoy

Format: Short story
Chapters: 3
Word Count: 4,922
Status: Abandoned

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Sensitive topic/issue/theme

Genres: Drama, Romance, Action/Adventure
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Snape, Narcissa, Draco, Slytherin
Pairings: Draco/Hermione, Other Pairing

First Published: 02/21/2016
Last Chapter: 07/17/2017
Last Updated: 07/17/2017


Draco Malfoy thought he would have a perfectly normal seventh year... But things take a turn for the worst when Draco gets horrifying news. Draco will have to live with this information in his head for the rest of his life, can he do it?

Chapter 1: Back to Hogwarts
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Mrs. Malfoy and Draco Malfoy, of the Malfoy Manor, are proud to be the famous Purebloods of Witch Weekly. They were the last people you would expect to not insult muggle-borns and half-bloods, because they just didn't hold such non- sense.

Mrs. Malfoy was a previous Death Eater, forced by her family to join the Dark Lords cause. Narssica Malfoy is just a little over an average women's height. She almost always wears a black silk dress, and neutral makeup. She keeps most of her hair down and ties her long bangs back; Narssica only has two bleach blond strands on either side of her head and the rest jet black.

Draco was also a Death Eater, like his parents, but joined because of his father, Lucius Malfoy. He's just a bit taller than his mother, Narssica, and is going back to Hogwarts for his seventh year. His hair is always gelled back, and out of his face, a natural Bleached blond.

"Do you have all of your stuff dear?" Narssica said starting to tear up.

"Yeah, are you sure you'll be alright by yourself?" Draco asked with his famous Malfoy smirk while picking up his owl, Alou's cage and setting it atop his school trunk.

"I'll manage some how, but it's you I have to worry about!" She replied, with a great big smile looking at her son.


Draco had made it to King Cross and was boarding the Hogwarts Express. He had gotten lots of funny looks, but chose to ignore them instead of making a seen.

There were no empty train compartments to sit in until, "Mr. Malfoy, in here please." Professor McGonagall motioned towards the prefects train car door.

"But I'm not a prefect."

Draco looked at her in a confused way that made her smile and laugh, just a bit.

"Pansy Parkinson was not able to attend this year, so you have been chosen to take her place as the Slytherin Prefect!" McGonagall practically sang with joy.

Why is she so blood happy? He wondered, trying not to show it on his face and walked inside the train car.

As soon as he walked in he saw Susan Bones, the Hufflepuff Prefect, sitting on the far left of the room like cart reading a book of sorts. Across from her was Luna Lovegood, surprisingly the Ravenclaw Prefect, laying on the bench reading the exact same book. It wasn't till after he had sat down on the left of the doorway, that he noticed Hermione Granger sitting across from him flipping through yet again, the same book.

He looked down on the table, and there it was the Prefects Guide booklet that every one else was reading. He flipped it open and began to read.

After going through half of it he decided to let it be and when to get changed into his robes.

"Be careful of the second step, it's come loose." Hermione said not looking up from her book.

"I think I'll live, mudblood." He said, annoyed with the thought of her telling him what to do.

As he walked to the changing room, he stepped over the second step like hermione had warned him about and went on, cursing at him self for listening to her.


Draco had gotten back to the Prefects car, just in time to grab his stuff and get of the train.

He walked to the self drawn carriages and placed his trunk in the back of the carriage. Only this time they were being pulled by a dreadful looking beast.

It was all black and looked like a skeleton of a hippogryff draped with skin. Though it looked graceful and elegant. He couldn't help but touch the great beast lightly on the beak, and in return it pushed its face against his hand. This touching moment was stopped short by a voice.

"There called Thestrals. Not the most charming creatures." It was Luna already seated in the carriage.

"Are they new?" Draco regretted asking, but wanted to know.

"No, they've always been pulling the carriages." Luna said like it was no big deal.

Draco wondered why he's never seen them before and couldn't help but ask.

"How come I've never seen them before?" He had to strangle the words to come out.

"They can only be seen by those who have seen death. Like the war, I think every one will be able to see them now. The poor things will never get any privacy now." Luna said it in a calm voice like what she said didn't hold any emotion at all.

"Oh." Draco managed to say after many minutes of silence and got into the carriage. In no time at all Hermione and Susan joined them, then they were off.


They had all entered the great hall, and the sorting ceremonie was over. The head master, Professor Albus Dumbledore, stood up to announce any start of term announcements.

"It's been hard these past years for some of are students here today, and now the fog has cleared and the battle is over. To start off this new year at Hogwarts, the Prefects!" Professor Dumbledore motioned for us to come up and join him.

"Susan Bones. This years Hufflepuff Prefect!" He yelled out to the school and the Hufflepuff table went wild with applause. Dumbledore shook her hand and whispered some thing into her ear.

"Luna Lovegood. This years Ravenclaw Prefect!" He yelled a little louder to silent the crowd. And like Susan, he whispered something into her ear while shaking her hand. Luna just smiled and walked back to her table as the Ravenclaws burst into cheers.

"Hermione Granger! Gryffindor's Prefect!" He said with a hint of excitement. And just like Susan and Luna, he shook her hand a little bit harder than the others and whispered into her ear. Now Draco was getting curious.

"And finally, Draco Malfoy! Slytherin's house Prefect!" Dumbledore said now in a normal tone because the room had fallen in an uncomfortable silence. Draco looked at the Slytherin table as they started to applaud him. Dumbledore shook his hand and leaned over to his ear to whisper something to him.

"The Prefects password is, Madriko Minor." He said as Draco tried to hold in a breath of disappointment. He thought Dumbledore was going to tell him something important.

Draco walked back to the Slytherin table as the feast began and didn't say a word to anyone until the feast was over.



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Chapter 2: Good Night
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After the feast he went to the prefects dormitory on the sixth floor.

"Password?" Said a scary looking wizard with oily black hair and long black robes. It looked like... No! It couldn't be!

"SNAPE!" Draco yelled in a suprised voice.

"Yes, Now... Password?" Snape said with and annoyed and stern expression.

"I thought you... Oh, right." Draco straightened up and continued, "Madriko Minor."

"I'll be here when ever you need to talk Draco." He caught snape say when he opened the door way.

Draco walked in and couldn't believe what he was seeing.There were four doors along the back wall, each with a different school house crest and decorated with that specifice house color. A giant chandelier laced with jewels hung from the ceiling.There were padded chairs of the house colors and paintings lining the walls, all moving of course. There was one painting above each door, and When draco saw who they were of, he was filled with excitement. The first door on the left was Hufflepuff, and the painting was of no other then Helga Hufflepuff! the second door was Ravenclaws', and above that door was Rowena! But when he turned to look at Gryffindor and Slytherins painting, they were empty.

Draco heard shouting in a near by painting and spun around to catch sight of the two bickering about something. As he walked closer he caught a few words they had said.




When they noticed Draco was watching, they ceased the conversation and walked back to their places above the doors. Draco walked with them to the front of the Slytherin door and noticed it didn't have a handle, in fact non of the doors had handles.

"Password?" Salazar looked down at him to ask.

"Madriko Minor?" Draco said, confused that there were two painting doors. Maybe it was for extra protection? Draco Wondered.

"I'm sorry but that is incorrect." Salazar said looking behind Draco as if someone was behind him, and sure enough, there was.

"Dracottomus Mandrake." Hermione whispered into his ear, and almost touched him in the process, gave him goose bumps.

"Thanks!" Draco whispered to her not even turning around to look at her. She was wearing her Gryffindor robes with the prefect badge on the the right side of her chest, and her hair was no longer bushy and frizzy like it use to be. It was now straight and smooth, she tied it back in a messy bun when they had gotten on the train.

Draco straightened up and cleared his throat, then said the password Hermione had given him, "Dracottomus Mandrake!"

Just then the door swung open. Before he walked in his new room he waited for Hermione to say he password, just in case, he kept telling himself.

"Sumet Serpentia!" Hermione said smiling at Draco as he took note and walked into his room to write it down.

Draco was amazed, the room was as big as a small muggle house. The, gigantic, dark oak, four poster bed was covered in satin and silk blankets with a green and silver striped pattern that matched his tie. The walls, floor and ceiling were all dark oak too. On one side of the bed was a pair of large double doors that led to the bathroom. There was another pair of doors that he knew was the closet.

It suddenly came to him... It was an exact copy of his room back at the manor, it even smelled like it.

He walked over to the large dark colored wooden desk and picked out a roll of yellowish parchment and a quill and wrote:

Prefect Common room (Snape) = Madriko Minor

Slytherin Dorm room (Salazar) = Dracottomus Mandrake

Gryffindor Dorm room (Godric) = Sumet Serpentia

Ravenclaw Dorm room (Rowena) =

Hufflepuff Dorm room (Helga) =

He didn't know Luna's or Susan's password yet, so he left it blank. He grabbed a book and headed to the common room to wait for Susan and Luna. After many long minutes of waiting they finally arrived and sat in the seats to the right of him and were giggling instead of going to there rooms.

Suddenly Hermione came out of her room and plopped down in a seat to the left of his, he was surrounded.

McGonagall walked in and handed them all, what seemed to be a list of sorts.

"This will be your class schedule for the year." McGonagall announced.

"You and your partner will patrol the halls together, no questions asked." Draco looked through the class list:

Wake up: 7:00am-7:20am
Free Period: 7:20am-8:20am
Breakfast: 8:20am-9:00am
Passing Period: 9:00am-9:10am
Divination: 9:10am-10:10am
Passing Period: 10:10am-10:20am
Muggle Studies: 10:20am-11:20am
Passing period: 11:20am-11:30am
Arithmancy: 11:30am-12:30pm
Passing Period: 12:30pm-12:40pm
Defense Against the Dark Arts: 12:40pm-1:40pm
Free Period: 1:40pm-2:40
Lunch: 2:40pm-3:10pm
Free Period: 3:10pm-4:10pm
Charms: 4:10pm-5:10pm
Passing Period: 5:10pm-5:20pm
Care for Magical Creatures: 5:20pm-6:20pm
Passing Period: 6:20pm-6:30pm
Herbology: 6:30pm-7:30pm
Passing Period: 7:30pm-7:40pm
Potions: 7:40pm-8:40pm
Free Period: 8:40pm-9:00pm
Dinner: 9:00pm-9:30pm
Prefect Patrol: 9:30pm-10:00pm
Bed: 10:00pm-7:00am

After every one looked through their schedule, McGonagall announced the partner pairings.

"Luna and Susan, you'll take patrol in the morning." Then she looked at Draco and Hermione.

"Hermione and Draco, you'll take patrol before bed." After about a minute of silence she pulled out a pocket watch and a wave of worry came over her.

"Now, now, off to bed with you. You'll need some energy for tomarow!" McGonagall motioned them all to their rooms.

Draco heard Luna's password before he walked in his room, and went to go write it down.

Before he could reach the desk he heard a pop from behind, and whirled around to come face to face with his house elf, Willow.

"Willow? What are you doing here?" Draco looked at her hands and saw she held a piece of parchment.

"Willow has come with a letter for master Draco." She whispered just loud enough for Draco to hear. She handed Draco the letter and with a pop she was gone. The letter was from his mother. He gently peeled the wax seal off and read:

Dear Draco,

Your father has been let out of Azkaban Prison, and has return to the manor. If you wish him else were you are welcome to come to his showing with the ministry this coming break.

P.S. Willow will be staying with you for the year.

Sincerely, Narssica Malfoy

Draco felt like some one had punched him in the gut. He fell back on the desk chair, threw the letter in the air, and set it aflame. There was a flash of orange light then a puff of smoke and the letter was gone. He hated his father for two things, he cheated on his mother, and he was a big supporter of the Darl Lord.

Draco got dressed for bed then jumped into his satin and silk blankets. He could not fall asleep, he tossed and turned until he gave up and walked back to his desk. He remembered, he forgot to write Luna's password down. He searched his desk for a quill, and when he found one he pulled out the roll of parchment and wrote:

Ravenclaw Dorm room (Rowena) = Tulupin Turnpike

He leaned back in his chair and put his hands over his face. He was falling asleep, when he heard a knock on the door to his room. He walked over to the door and opened it slowly. Hermione was standing in the door way.

"I heard something and I thought you might be awake, I'm sorry if I woke you up I'll just..." Draco cut her off, "No, no, I was up. Couldn't go to sleep either I see?" Draco said, rather tired.

"No." She looked down and started to speak again, "I was wondering... Since you're awake... If you'd like to study with me? I understand if you don't."

"No, I'll join you, or would you like to come in here and study." Draco wondered why he was being so nice to here, and walked over to his desk to grab his books and schedule.

"Out here will be fine... Oh look, we've got the same schedule!" Hermione said.


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Chapter 3: The Day is Almost Done
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Draco walked out of his room, greeted by Hermione who was sitting on a chair waiting for him to come and join her.

"What class first?" Draco asked.

"Divination, I'm struggling with that one." She mumbled just barley enough so Draco could hear.

"Who knew the great Hermione Granger, the Brightest Witch of Our Age, would Fail a simple class like Divination!" Draco whispered so the other two wouldn't wake up.

They both burst into laughter, wow... He must be tired to hang out with granger and have a good time!


After they were finished studying, Draco said his 'good nights' and went off to bed. What is wrong with me... I basically just had a study date with granger... Eww... No, I can't even think that... What is wrong with her wanting to hang out with me?! Seriously!? He thought all through the night.


Once Alou woke him, he got up, took a shower, then got dressed for the school day and packed an extra pair of robes in his bag just in case. Then before leaving,he Handed Alou an owl treat, while slowly creaking the small window she came through that morning open.

In the common room, all the girls were huddled by the mirror all doing each other's hair. Draco, thinking back on how easily he gelled his messy bed head back, just snickerd on his way out, while greeting Severus. Then left the Dormitory.

Since he had an hour to himself, he decided to head to the black lake to catch up on reading and notes he took with Hermione the previous night.

After a long hour of reading, he jumped off the branch of the giant oak tree he was sitting in and started walking to the great hall for breakfast.

When he entered, everyone was seated at their house tables. He looked around the Slytherin table for a place to sit, but was unsuccessful. All of a sudden, he heard his name being called from across the gigantic room.

"Draco! Draco, over here!" Hermione called him over to a table for four.

"McGonagall and Dumbledore thought of the idea to make a prefect table." She said.

Soon they were joined by Susan and Luna. Susan was telling them all about their first prefect patrol. "Yeah, can you believe it, they made us walk side by side. I'm guessing it's because of the past few years." She said. Then, over the roar of the crowd, he heard Luna talking to Hermione.

"Have fun with Draco tonight, and watch out for Nargles!"

"We're getting along and having a bit of fun, right Draco?" Hermione said, elbowing him in the side.

"Umm... What... Oh... Yeah... Getting along... Fun... Definitely..." He studdered a bit, because of the three girls all stairing at him and waiting for a reply. He could have sworn his face turned a light shade of Baby pink.

"Ooooooooooooo, so, what happened last night? Helga told me." Susan said with way to much curiosity than needed.

"Just studying together, that's all." Hermione snapped quickly.

"So a study date." Luna chimed in.

Soon they all started laughing at what they thought was a joke... But Luna says the truth even if your to afraid to. She's special that way.

After a long Breakfast of laughter, and a little eating they all got up and headed to their first class.

"Hey Draco, I'll race you to Divination!" Hermione shouted as she ran past him, knocking him back a little. He couldn't help but grin as he started chasing after her to catch up.

"You're on!" He shouted back.

When he got to the small door way to Divination, he hadn't seen Hermione since the last few turns, so he just walked right in.

"Where've you been?" Said a quiet voice, from a small round table with a stary table cloth. The room was a a middle sized place, with the back wall, a giant stain glass window of the constellations. On the higher level of the astronomy tower, therer was no roof, so the students could study astronomy for history and astronomy, which they had on weekends.

Hermione was writing down some notes on a piece of parchment.

"H... How... How did you...?" Draco struggled to say because he was out of breath.

"Haven't you heard of shortcuts?" She said sarcastically while looking up at his flushed face. He sat down beside her and got his books and quill out and set them on the table.

Soon all the students had entered and taken their seats in the candle lit room. Professor Trelawney quickly joined them after the students. She placed her hand bag on top of her messy desk and turned to the, waiting, class.

"Today we're going to read tea leaves... And Neville, go to the hospital wing when you drop your cup on the way back to your seat, please. Thank you." She said motioning to the tea cup, cupboard, behind the wooden stands, where the class sat. Then picked up a rather large cup and dumped a handful of tea leaves into it.

After everyone had gotten their cups and filled it tea and tea leaves, Trelawney told them to drink it then switch with their partner.

"I didn't come to school to drink tea." Hermione whispered to Draco. He gave a little laugh then took the last sip of his cup of tea.

Draco handed Hermione his cup, then took her empty one off its saucer. Stairing down into it, he saw that the leaves took the shape of of a spade and an apple. Then he looked in his Divinations book to see what they meant.

"The spade mean good fortune, and the weird looking Apple means good knowledge." Draco said .

"It looks like you have...... The GRIM." She said looking deep in thought at the cup, then back at her book.

Draco was then, harshly reminded of the letter he had received from his mother the night before. The smile that he had worn on his pale face, had vanished, worry and anger replaced it.

Then in a state on panic, Draco ran out of the room, throughing his bag and books on the floor in the process. Hermione quickly followed after him, grabbing both their things, and leaving withou a word said from anyone.

She ran through the corridors, past the empty great hall, and down the path to the black lake.

She spotted Draco skipping rocks into the great foggy, body of water, with no dought, anger. She threw their bags next to the giant oak and walked over to him. She stood about a yard and a half behind him.

"Do you want to talk about it?"Hermione hesitated to ask. After many long moments of silence he finally spoke.

"I got a letter from my mother," he paused to toss another stone, then began again. "My fathers' come back from Azkaban, to the Manor." He finished while chucking another rock into the foggy water.

Hermione didn't know what she was doing when she ran up to him and gave him a hug from behind. Given her size, she only leveled to Draco's chest, so her hug was around his stomach area.

He wriggled free, then quickly turned around, studying her, finally returning the hug she offered. They kept this warm embrace for a good five minutes.

"I'm so sorry, Draco." She said, then burrowed her face into his neck.

After a while they separated the hug and sat together under the tree. Hermione was reading a book while Draco had dozed off and layed his head on her lap. She set her book down and started messing around with his hair. She ran her fingers through his bangs a few times then moved them off his forehead. Slowly combing the rest of his hair lightly with one hand, she placed the other in a light fist on his chest.

Soon the bell rang and Hermione tried to wake Draco.

"Draco," she whispered, but he didn't move.

"Draco," she said a little louder, placing a hand on his forehead to check for a tempature.

"Draco.... Voldemort has come to say something to you," she said with a big grin.

He bolted right up and they bumped heads.

"Oww." They said in unison. "What's are next class?" Draco asked falling back onto Hermione's lap and putting his hands behind his head, closing his eyes.

"Muggle Studies. And if we don't leave soon we'll be late, now let's go!" She said handing him his bag.


After they picked up their bags, Hermione grabbed his wrist and pulled him through the crowd. He pulled his hand a bit so they were now, holding hands. As soon as Hermione noticed she let go and kept walking, this time a little faster. He was disappointed, but glad she pulled him out of that little fantasy he had.


After a long hour of talking and looking at muggle tools, the teacher dismissed them.

"Hey Granger, wait for me!" Draco called out to her, before she stepped out of the room.

"Arithmancy's next, right?" He asked.

"Yes. Are you ready to go?!" She said motioning to the doorway.

They walked to Arithmancy, rather quietly, not saying a word or sharing a glance at each other.


After Arithmancy, they headed to Defence Against the Dark Arts, separately.


"Every one grab a partner and take a seat, if you please!" Lupin said as the covered bird cage he held, swung around, rattled and a strange buzzing came from inside.

Draco saw Hermione talking to Luna, so he thought she needed a break from his stupidity. He sat next to Blaise, his best friend, who greeted him with a pat on the back.

"Today we will be learning about Cornis Pix—" he was interrupted by Cho Chang.

"But sir, we've already learned about Cornis Pixies." She said disappointedly.

"Let me finish, thank you.... Alright,... We will be learning about the affects of purple Cornis Pixie Magic!... Through experience!" He said popping the cage door open, and a bunch of purple blurs flew out and across the class.


For his free period, Draco headed back to the black lake, alone.

After 20 minutes he saw Hermione coming down the path to the black lake.

"I want to ask you something Draco." She said.

"I'm listening." He said, suprised.

"I want to start over, forget our very hateful past, and move on.... And be friends?" She held out a hand, and hoped he would take it.

"Alright Mione, let's be friends." He took her hand in his and pulled her to the ground, landing with a thud beside him.

They couldn't stop laughing, for ages.


As lunch rolled around, they headed to the great hall to meet up with Luna and Susan.

"So what's for lunch, I'm starving!" Draco said pulling out Hermione's chair for her, then took the seat next to her.

Soon joined by Luna and Susan, "Poor Professor Flitwick." Luna said, looking at Susan.

"What happened?" Hermione asked.

"Seamus blew up his project all over him." Susan said giggling.

"Is he ok?" She asked.

"He's fine, but it was sooooo funny." Susan said.

"Lunch is about over, do you wanna head back to the black lake?" Draco asked.

"Yeah, let's go." She said.

On their way out, someone called out to Hermione.

"Mione!" She turned around to see her friends Harry, Ron, and Ginny.

"I've missed you all so much!" She said giving them a big hug.

"What are you doing here, Malfoy!" Ron said pointing a fist in his direction.

"We're friends now." Hermione stated while forcing Ron's hand away from Draco.

She grabbed Draco's wrist, and pulled him out of the great hall.

"We're going to the black lake, bye!" She said to her friends.

Like before, Draco figited with his, so now they were holding hands again. But when she noticed, she only tightened the grip bye intertwining her fingers with his. She kept walking without looking back at him.

When they finally made it back to the black lake Hermione let go of his hand to set her bag down against the tree. Draco then did the same.

"Do you want to go swimming?" Draco asked, walking up to her and taking her hands in his, pulling them up to his face as he lightly kissed the back of them.

"It's too cold."she said blushing a bright pink, that made him smile with delight.

"Then what are we going to do?" He asked, looking at her beautiful, warm, honey eyes, and smooth curly hair she kept in a messy bun that smelled like cocoanut and Hawaiian hibiscus flowers.

"Your very pretty, you know that." He whispered.

"Ok, we'll go swimming." She said, ignoring what he just whispered to her.


They dried off and changed their robes.

"You ready for charms?" She said to him. He picked up both their bags and and held out a hand for her to take.

"Yeah, let's go." He huffed as she took his offer. As they walked Hermione watch Draco's wet bangs drip water down the side of his face. She whipped them away with a small towel in her other hand. Draco glanced back at her with an enchanting smirk that she blushed at.

When they reached charms, they sat near the middle of the rows on the sides of Flitwicks desk. The rest of the class soon joined them, all whispering and giggling.

"Find a partner, then grab an assignment on my desk." Said Flitwicks squeaky voice, patting down the flames in his mustache.

"ACCIO, ASSIGHNMENT!" Draco said waving him wand at Flitwicks desk. A small roll of parchment flew into Draco's grasp. He handed it to Hermione to read.

Partner Project #1:

You and a partner (of your choice) will perform a small show for your class, on what you've learned so far in charms.

(If injured, report to the hospital wing)

***Any student that uses an Unforgivable curse in this project will be immediately expelled!***

"Brilliant, just brilliant" Draco said dramatically, putting his hands over his face.

"What are we going to do he mumbled, while Hermione flipped through the pages of one of her books.



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