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In The Clouds by Zyii

Format: Short story
Chapters: 5
Word Count: 2,863

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Mystery
Characters: Hermione, Draco
Pairings: Draco/Hermione

First Published: 10/29/2012
Last Chapter: 11/03/2012
Last Updated: 11/03/2012


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She was his enemy and he was hers. There was no love there, no friendship. There was a sense of acceptance that seemed foreign. How much can you hate when the person you'd rather be the furthest from is the one you'll be the closest to for all eternity.

Chapter 1: The School
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I’ve had this story knocking around in my head for a while and finally found time to put it in writing. I’ve listed it as a Dramione but it is one in the loosest of sense. If you’ve read my other Dramione’s then this is nothing like them. It is a short story and one I’m quite pleased with, but who knows y’all might hate it :3 ~ Zyii

The School

The school looked serene and calm. The halls were empty as were the classrooms and the house towers. The castle stood strong, the sun just peeking out above the turrets. She walked down the hallway, nose buried in a book as usual. The silence didn’t bother her; she liked a reprieve from the usual hustle and bustle of everyday life; it gave her peace of mind. She didn’t care for life outside learning, it was unimportant.

Hermione Granger fought for her way of life. She was constantly trying to better herself. She wanted to be the best at everything academically and that would always be her only strength and her only weakness.

She wasn’t watching where she was going; the book she was reading was far too interesting, how she could focus on anything else when there was something new to be learnt.

‘Ooft’ she fell to the floor, the book falling to the ground and landing with a thud behind her. She began to say sorry but as her gaze travelled upwards she realized the person who’d knocked her was the one person who would knock her down again as soon as she stood.

The face was sneering, the eyes were cold. The posture was that of a perfect pureblood, ‘Mudblood’ he smirked.

She cringed, so many years of that word and it still left a sting in her heart. However much she convinced herself that his taunts didn’t matter, he always found a way to get under her skin. She was afraid that her emotions would always get the better of her.

‘I see you’re on the floor where you belong’ he said.

She didn’t reply but gritted her teeth and began to stand. Far be it for her to let Malfoy have his way.

‘You should have stayed on the floor Granger’ he sneered.

‘Is that all Malfoy, your childish words leave no mark on me’ she said.

His face always so devoid of emotion watched her intently before saying, ‘You lie Granger. My words will always hurt as they touch that tainted skin of yours’ he snarled.

She stood still as he strode away from her acting every inch the arrogant pureblood that he was. Hermione mentally got herself together again and was furious that he still had that effect on her.

The corridor was so light and spacious, sunlight streamed through the windows hitting tapestries whose colour had already faded with time. The castle was so old and told a million stories; the memories that lingered in the walls seemed to play out in days of slow interest. She saw none of this however as it was irrelevant to her studies. Her mind was solely on bettering herself, even now she was already absorbed again in the book she’d picked up from the floor. So concentrated was she in learning more that she didn’t notice those who passed her. She didn’t see Snape, Sirius, Lupin or Dumbledore. Nor did she see Blaze Zabini, Theo Nott or Moody. They all saw her though and watched her pass with pity in their eyes.

Thoughts? Comments? ~Zyii

Chapter 2: The Lake
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The Lake

He came to get away from all the silence. His decisions in life weighted heavily on his conscious. Yet he didn’t think he would have the courage to do things differently, not when his own life and the lives of his family were at stake. Though many things hadn’t worked out in life, he couldn’t allow his family to die if he had any chance of stopping it.

Let’s face it he didn’t have the best family but then who did. His parents were vicious, wealthy and tied to society and tradition but they were his parents and through all the bad decisions they’d made, they only wanted what was best for their son.

Sill his mind was troubled, the voices inside tormented him with words of his past. They stomped on his doubts and fears making him more paranoid and more jumpy. Sometimes he hated his father for what he’d put the family through but at other times he couldn’t imagine his father taking any other path than the one he had. Draco didn’t fell his actions had been wrong but he felt angry that he was not able to change the course his life was on.

The lake was calm, clear and silent. It washed away his fears and the voices till he could lie calmly upon the soft ground; eyes closed and be at peace with himself.

When she appeared she didn’t realize anyone was there. She couldn’t find her boys (Harry and Ron) so she’d found a library book that she hadn’t read yet and headed for the lake.

Reading down by the lake was her favourite pastime. It was sunny today, the light reflecting off the water and hanging thickly around the area. She felt her clothes soak up the sun’s rays and she felt content.

Opening her book she felt more than ready to immerse herself in another world until she heard a very familiar cough and was met with two angry silver eyes.

‘Why are you here’ he growled.

‘It’s a free country, I have a book, I came to read’ she replied.

‘Can’t you read somewhere else?’ he asked.

‘I can but I want to read here’ she replied.                  

‘Your filthy blood is contaminating the air, it’s making me sick’ he complained.

‘Then you leave’ she replied.

‘I was here first Mudblood’ he said.

She sighed, she’d long since accepted the routine they had would never change but some part of her always wished that they could meet without insults.

‘Couldn’t find any friends Granger? They all realize how dirty and replicable you are?’ he sneered.

Sometimes it wasn’t worth the effort. She got up with her book and stormed away. She went in search of her own peace and quiet, leaving the arrogant snarky blonde haired Wizard behind.

He’d never realize how much Hermione feared that to be true, that outside of school her friends would realize that they didn’t need her and that she would be alone. Sometimes she felt her friends only tolerated her, that they used her intelligence for their own needs and weren’t really concerned with her. They were silly thoughts that she thought of when she was alone but it didn’t stop a small part of her mind from believing them to be true.

There are only 5 chapters to this story and each chapter is just over 500 words. I did think about writing it as one chapter but it didn’t seem to work as well, so I made the story a bit longer so I could put it into more chapters (: ~ Zyii 

Chapter 3: The Village
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The Village

Hogsmead was quiet, a refreshing change from the usual business and bustling traffic that fills the streets on weekends. Hermione wasn’t sure why she was walking along the street.

There were certain aspects of Hogsmead that she enjoyed but she wouldn’t spend all her time there.

She couldn’t find Harry or Ron and it was tearing her up inside. At first it didn’t seem that important; she just assumed they were off somewhere causing trouble but the more time that past the more she worried. Time was moving differently here, periods of her day were filled with black darkness. Sometimes she woke up and had no clue how she got there. She was so lost and felt so small. She longed for a friendly face; someone to make her feel at peace but all she got was Malfoy.

Something drew her towards Hogsmead, just as something had pulled her towards the lake just that short time ago. It was as if an unknown force was manipulating her life.

‘Are you following me?’

She jumped, the sneering voice of Draco Malfoy cutting into her like barbed wire.

‘N-No’ she stuttered.

‘Then why are you always near me Mudblood’ he said.

She flinched at his words; she didn’t understand why she was here. She hated him and he hated her. This wasn’t friendship; it wasn’t the start of something new. There was no love involved just a funny sort of acceptance for something that didn’t seem to be there.

‘I don’t know, I’m just here’ she replied.

He glared, ‘Well I don’t want you or your Mudblood germs near me’ he growled, and he didn’t understand why he had to see her face everywhere. He wanted to see someone who would put him at ease, not someone who made the hairs on the back of his neck stand up.

‘Please’ she whispered, ‘When I’m near you I don’t feel so alone’ she said, she was so close to tears, she didn’t understand what was happening to her.

‘I don’t care Mudblood’ he shouted but it was a lie, he did care and he hated himself for it.

He was disgusted, he hated her with every fiber of his being, and people like her were an abomination in the Wizarding world. They were unworthy of having a wand. He didn’t want to catch something from her Mudblood germs, the words of his father’s past teachings always linger in his mind; Mudbloods were inferior creatures that carried diseases, they didn’t deserve the magic that was given to them – purebloods were superior.

‘I’m sorry’ she mumbled. She didn’t know why she was apologizing to the enemy. It didn’t make her feel good. How can one hate another so bad but still want to be in their presence. Whatever this was she hated it, she felt some sort of connection with Malfoy and it was comforting. She hated it because she knew how disgusting he found her and how he didn’t want her or her filthy muggle blood near him. It’s just that she felt so alone when she wasn’t near him, she couldn’t understand why she should feel like that when she hates him so much.

‘Leave’ he commanded and she fled.

I’ll give a cookie to anyone who can work out where they are (: ~ Zyii

Chapter 4: The Hosptial
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The Hospital

Hermione lay atop the bed, her knees bought up to her chest, her hands at her ankles, her eyes lost and confused. She’d just woken up here in the hospital wing. She had no idea how she’d got here. Last thing she remembered was storming away from Malfoy in Hogsmead.

The hospital wing looked just as she remembered, white walls, white floor, everything kept in a perfect condition, light streaming in from the windows every which way. The place was spotless in an unnerving way, Hermione was the only occupant. The other bed lay empty waiting for patients that would never come.

Time was moving differently and she wondered if she were under as spell. The more she remained in the castle the less things made sense, she was unsure if she were even in the real castle. The longer she was here the more she gravitated towards Malfoy.

Speaking of Malfoy, he just walked in looking pale and gaunt. Whatever was troubling him was written all over his usually emotionless face. He gravitated towards her without even realizing, his face void of the usual disgust.

Realizing who he was nearing he got ready to unleash a torrid of insults, as he could never miss an opportunity to torment Hermione.

However, he never got a chance as a mysterious woman appeared before the two like an ethereal Goddess. Though Draco didn’t recognize the woman Hermione did and it terrified her. That logical part of Hermione’s brain that had kept silent for so long was finally working again, and in working it had already come to some difficult conclusions – some that were harder to explain than others.

The woman sat down before the two and explained some terrifying truths. Everything that had seemed unreal and confusing suddenly made sense. All the blackouts and missed memories were now explained, as was the reason Hermione couldn’t find Harry or Ron.

Hermione and Draco sat in shock, they made no effort to move, nor did the ethereal Goddess. She remained still gazing between the two and showing a million emotions in her eyes. How difficult it was to give this news knowing that there was nothing to change it. It was in essence the hardest job to have – she did it well but it did not make the burden any less painful to bear.

Hermione and Draco starred at each other. They saw no difference, they expected to look different. The truth can change people but as they looked at each other they still saw the same hate, the same fears. It had changed nothing but given them a connection.

The strange acceptance between the two now made sense, like a common connection that couldn’t be broken.

Their mutual hate had bought them together, in a place that had no logical meaning.

The truth had been revealed, as they say the curtain had been dropped as the final act had been played, yet with all this clarity things still remained unclear.

They were to be stuck now, until the final gauntlet was thrown down. As many already knew it could be forever until that happened, the two enemies would have to find a way to cope with the presence of each other for there was no escape from this truth however much they wished there could be.

Anyone guessed who the ethereal Goddess was? (It’s not at all obvious) ~ Zyii 

Chapter 5: The Garden
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The Garden

Mild Language

The garden wasn’t part of Hogwarts. It was its own piece of space like a lonely island isolated by trees and water. It was rare to find the garden; it didn’t always appear, as it only came when it was most needed. However it was always the same when it appeared, it didn’t change according to who sort it out - like the room or requirement did. It offered peace of mind and a sense of clarity for all those who entered. It showed things how they had been and how they were, allowing people to find their way when they were lost.

Hermione and Draco stood in the garden side by side, so close they were almost touching. The sun was starting to set and the view before them was breathtaking. It was like a scene from a rainforest or tropical garden. It soothed all who laid eyes upon it, like a lullaby sung by a Mother to a child.

It was so clear now it was a wonder they hadn’t seen it before. The sense of completion, the absolutely perfectly built buildings that were different from what they remembered. The familiar faces they passed - always wondering if they were really seeing them or merely imaging them. The looks of pity on those faces were now imprinted on their minds, a constant reminder of where they were.

They never learnt how it had happened, if you didn’t remember you weren’t told. It seemed like a blessing but also acted as a curse, as they were left wondering what had happened. Their minds were now full of regret and guilt. Guilt because they knew they couldn’t return and that was the hardest thing to cope with.

They now realized why time seemed irrelevant. There was no time here; the place was full of emptiness like a void. Time no longer mattered, not in a place like this. Everything here was to help you finish things up; everything had a reason here, there were no more unanswered questions once you’d learnt the truth. This was the page on which you stared anew. The choices of the past lay buried as you forged a new image for yourself, past deeds or mistakes bore no mark here.

Hermione and Draco were no longer Granger or Malfoy, the words they used to spar forgotten. They’d shed those childhood tendencies once the truth had been revealed. They stood and said nothing; there was no good feeling between them. She would always be a Mudblood and he would always be a pureblood git. There was no love or friendship; it was merely Hermione and Draco standing together trying to feel some sort of connection.

They hated each other yet they tightly held hands because they knew it was the last thing they had left. This was the last step for them, the final hurdle. After this lay uncharted waters, a place the two enemies would face together.

As they sat high within the clouds, in a garden, watching the sun set the truth hit them at last. This was death; this was all that was left…

Did anyone guess where they were? ~Zyii