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The Path of Two Souls by superhealer

Format: Novel
Chapters: 15
Word Count: 46,497
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers

Genres: Mystery, Action/Adventure, Young Adult
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, McGonagall, Shacklebolt, OC
Pairings: Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Harry/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 09/14/2012
Last Chapter: 11/13/2012
Last Updated: 11/13/2012

This is the first story of the next nineteen years. Harry comes to terms with his new reality with the help of close friends. He is asked to go abroad and help another minister with a problem. He meets his destiny in New Orleans, La. and hopefully they both survive to help British Wizarding move beyond the pain of Voldemort's reign.

Chapter 1: Whitewash
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Chapter One – Whitewash

The sun rose as a bright beautiful beacon that wonderful morning in London. It came to purge the world of darkness just as it has every morning for millennia’s. It was a historical day for everyone; it was the first time in years people were able to wake up without fear for their own or their family’s lives. Everyone felt like a weight had been lifted off of their heart and people woke clear headed and with renewed purpose; despite the excessive partying and celebration from the previous evening. It had been a tumultuous year for the country; it had seen freak storms and earthquakes, unexplained sicknesses and many deaths. Many theories had been speculated by the news media and popular radio broadcasts but most were no closer to understanding the real truth. England was a divided country, not in the sense of race or class like you would expect. It was divided by something much deeper and older than petty prejudices; it was divided between magical people also known as witches or wizards and non magical people who were referred to as muggles. Centuries ago the muggles knew of the wizards and they lived in harmony, then the church came and labeled them as evil. It drove the wizarding community into hiding and scattered it throughout the world. Today the muggles knew nothing of the magic that was around them, they chose to turn a blind eye to what was obviously in front of them.

Early yesterday evening all across the country, radio and television stations cut regular programming for a special announcement. As the announcer came on you saw people turning their volumes up, this almost never happened in England. “Ladies and Gentlemen we bring you breaking news out of parliament” the announcer stated as the cameras panned to show a well dressed man standing behind a podium. “The queen has asked me to make a brief statement on her behalf. We have received reports from the field and are still awaiting the final details on this matter. After the suffering we have been through for the last few years, she felt it important to share this with her country. It seems we have a group of malcontents located amongst us that is responsible for most if not all of this countries suffering over the last two years. The unruly group were found to be well funded and trained by a man named Tom Riddle. Earlier today a team of special military operatives were able to catch up with this group and the ensuing fight ended the life of the group’s leader. Many of the group were arrested or killed during the fight and unfortunately our casualties were high as well. The Queen would like me to remind everyone that there are still operatives from this group located all throughout England if not the entire world. Please report any suspicious activity to the authorities and know that the worst is over. She will be making a full address within the week.” The well dressed gentleman crisply turned and walked away from the podium, while the radios and televisions returned to their regular scheduled broadcasting.

“Order, Order” A booming voice demanded. Everyone in the room turned to see who had spoken. It was a short balding man with very thick glasses, the kind that magnified the wearer’s eyes. “I didn’t realize the little guy had that much voice behind him” One lady in the group whispered behind her hand to another, causing both of them to smirk. “I call in session this emergency meeting of the Wizengamot; it is required of us to select an interim Minister for Magic.” The dark walnut walls and highly polished cedar floor of the courtroom was like a prison for the members over the next few hours. Arguments broke out over wizarding families and true allegiances, it was apparent no one trusted anyone. They needed one person who could unite the community rather than risk a further divide. Many names were mentioned and easily overlooked, but one name continued to be bantered back and forth between the members. It was hard for this group to accept change as inevitable; they believed slow progress was the way to go. Most of the members had inherited the seats from their parents or grandparents, leaving the same wizarding families in rule for centuries. Aristocracy rather than Democracy was what had lead to the rise of Voldemort. He was hell bent on rising to power to rule not just the world of magic, but the muggle domain as well. He was powerful enough that few could stop him and in that fashion many joined him. On the council there were many families represented. Some were pure blood, meaning they could follow their family tree from one magical person to the next down through the centuries. Others were of mixed blood, meaning that somewhere along the line a magical person had married a muggle. The pureblood families felt they were better than everyone else and that their magic was superior. This led some of them astray into the dark arts or caused them to be manipulated by powerful wizards who used their own insecurities and lust for power to gain access to their families vaults and century’s worth of gold. The majority of the Wizengamot were kind and good natured witches and wizards, they understood that change was needed and now they had the opportunity to seize that change. After hours of debate the majority voted for Kingsley Shacklebolt as the interim minster for magic, “Merlin pities his soul” some could be heard saying.

Kingsley was an auror ‘a dark wizard hunter’ for the ministry of magic. He had attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and graduated with honors obtaining excellent scores on all his NEWTS. He was recruited by many departments within the ministry but his obsession with helping others and hatred of the evil he had witnessed in his life drew him into the auror training program. He was accepted with open arms and was regularly promoted or tasked with special assignments throughout his career. Ever the mediator between inter office feuds, people began to look to him as an emissary of all that was right in the magical community. Some people claw, fight, and backstab on their way up; Kingsley did none of that, he just worked hard and valued others opinions in his job. No one could argue with his appointment although some of the purer families tried. No one could ever call the man a politician and that was exactly what the magical community needed right then. The ministry was near collapse due to internal issues, most people had fled in the last few months. Some were in fear for their lives because of Tom Riddles return and installation of a puppet government, those that were part of the puppet regime were now running for fear of prison sentences and retribution due to actions during the last few months. The magical community would rebuild and under Kingsley it would see many hardships and fights but it would grow and prosper to heights never before seen. That is the future that awaited them but for now all was turmoil and baby steps were required to keep the community from falling over the edge of the giant chasm Lord Voldemort had created.

In his first few hours as minister many things happened. First he was required to meet with the Prime Minister and give a report that immediately brought him in the presence of the Queen of England. Kingsley soon learned of attempted plots on the royal families lives over the last few months and that she had full knowledge of the magical community. “Honestly” she said “Many members of my family have been magical, unfortunately at this time none are, but rest assured I am the Queen of England, magical and muggle alike.” Rather than feeling like she was challenging his authority, Kingsley felt relieved that he had an advocate with so much power. After giving her brief details of the Battle of Hogwarts she asked him to bring the three responsible for the defeat of the dark wizard to her whenever he could so she could thank them personally and award them for their services to the royal family. Following his meeting with the Queen he needed a new team of advisors including a new cabinet; he was responsible for appointing a new Head of Hogwarts and relished the fight he would receive from the board of directors. He contacted Gringott’s the wizarding bank ran by the goblins for centuries. They assured him all was well other than the huge hole in the roof caused by a group of bank robbers escaping on the back of a dragon. It seemed that Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger had broken into Bellatrix Lestrange’s vault and removed an article that did not belong to them. When the guards attempted to apprehend them they jumped on the back of a dragon that was guarding the lower vaults and escaped through the tunnels into the lobby and then through the roof. Kingsley walked away from the fireplace shaking his head with a smile on his face. ‘I don’t know what those three were up to for the past ten months but clearly we need to have a conversation’ Kingsley thought to himself. He went back to the fireplace and held a quick conversation with Minerva McGonagall; she was acting Headmistress of Hogwarts at this time. She assured him things were under control and congratulated him on his appointment as minister. She asked him what to do with the Malfoy family who were still seated in the great hall. “Do not worry yourself with them, I will be there momentarily” Kingsley responded. He drafted an arrest warrant for the three members of that family and headed out the door to disapperate to Hogsmeade and walked the short distance to the school.

Five Thousand miles away a small boy sat on a bare wooden floor crying into his folded arms, his knees were drawn up to his face and he was rocking back and forth. Damon had known hardship all his life, being an orphan and growing up with many abusive foster parents. Never had he known the kind of misery he felt that morning, the abandonment, as if someone had ripped a piece of his soul out. It happened just an hour ago, one minute he was fine and the next he was withdrawn and inconsolable. Not that anyone even tried to console him, no they just called his social worker and she drove him to the charity hospital. The doctors on staff that day could not find anything wrong with the boy but he would not respond to any type of treatment. They placed him in the psychiatric ward for juveniles; figuring one of the shrinks would be able to fix him. He had retreated to the depths of his mind that morning searching for the lost piece of his soul; it was an automatic reflex that he had no control over. Something had happened that morning that would forever change his world and that of the wizarding world combined. Albus Dumbledore stood witness to this scene from a picture frame located on a desk across the room. The tears of sadness from his eyes combined with the fierce fury resonating from his face were enough to drive most quite mad, but when he spoke the boy responded. “Young Damon” Albus commanded, and the boy turned. “You must return to your normal senses so that I have the ability to return to you that which was taken this morning” Damon sat there spellbound, thinking that he had gone crazy. Albus unfortunately added to the illusion for the child. Albus sat there talking with the child until he felt it was safe to leave.
Albus entered a room of pure white, there were four people sitting around a table. “What you have done is reprehensible; I am ashamed to admit that I even know you. If it were not for the child and your knowledge of how to fix this I would leave you and never return. Do we all understand each other?” The four nodded their heads and continued to study their hands while Albus stormed out of the room.

Arthurs Note: Please bear with me as this is my first attempt at writing. There are a few things I wanted to point out.

I will have a few new characters in this book. First of all JKR did an amazing job so how could I do better than her. Second this is the first book I have ever attempted to write. So character development is new to me. Lastly, I get really irritated when reading a fan fiction that throws a whole bunch of new people at me. I like JKR’s books; I just wanted to add something that was picking away at my brain before it became a tumor.

Chapter 2: It's all in a kiss
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Everything you recognize belongs to JKR, all the new stuff is mine.


Exhaustion does not even begin to explain what the three heroes felt that day. Poppy the school nurse told Minerva that the three of them were severely dehydrated, malnourished and beyond the charts for extreme exhaustion. She cannot believe they can function, ordinary people would be sitting in the corner drooling down their shirt fronts, but these three came, fought, and beat one of the darkest wizards to ever walk the earth. Minerva stood beside the door looking into the dorm room they slept in, quietly crying. She had so much on her mind this year, she worried about the three lying peacefully in the Gryffindor tower, and she worried about the safety of all of her students with Snape and the Carrow’s. Her biggest fear was if she would recognize when it was time to stand up and fight, and if she had the courage to do so. She returned to the empty common room and fell into one of the wing back chairs openly sobbing. It made her feel weak and ineffectual but she was also smart enough to know it was a natural human reaction. Your body will eventually react to constant and extreme stressors the only way it knows how, it will make you come to terms with your grief. Some people fight it and eventually it drives them crazy but the smart ones just let go and let the process play out. She was still sobbing when Kingsley came into the common room. He walked over to her and held her, knowing not to speak, just letting her get all of this out of her system. He would need her in the coming months and would need to rely on her strength and legendary will to rebuild the school.

The great hall was packed with people still. The hero’s that had fallen while protecting the school were brought to one side, while the deatheaters and the ones who had followed Voldemort until the end were taken away out of sight. Neville still sat with the sword of Godric Gryffindor resting in his hands; Luna Lovegood sat with him holding his hand. Professor Slughorn walked through the mass of people, trying to comfort the families and friends of the fallen and helping his students cope with the feelings that were threatening to overcome them. Professor Filius Flitwick worked with Madame Pomfrey or Poppy as her friends called her, they were attempting to find anyone who was injured in the crowd; some people had been so overcome with emotion they did not realize they had been injured. The Weasley family stood and sat in the area that generally held the Gryffindor table. Poppy had notified Arthur and Molly Weasley that the other three were resting comfortably. Ron was their youngest son, Harry and Hermione were not blood relation, but you might as well say they were their children as well. As the family sat there steeped in their overwhelming grief, a familiar face walked up to them with a crying baby in her arms.

“May I sit with you all” Andromeda Tonks asked Molly?

Suddenly and without warning Molly broke down completely. Arthur took her in a closer hug and tried to comfort her. They had been married for a long time and he knew what Molly was feeling. She was feeling ashamed of herself; to be sitting there crying over one lost son while others like Andromeda had lost entire families. Andromeda just stepped forward with Teddy her grandson in her arms and enveloped the crying couple in a hug. No one needed to speak a word because everything was understood in that hug.

The aftermath of any traumatic event is a very odd time emotionally for people involved. Should you be happy because you are alive and you won the war, or should you be sad because of all the people who did not make it? The Weasley parents had seven children, six boys and one girl. Charlie, Bill, and Percy were the oldest and had already graduated and moved on with their lives. Fred and George were twins; they were known jokesters who had left Hogwarts early to start a magical joke shop in London. The shop was a thriving business in the wizarding community and it was clear that the boys were going to be wonderful businessmen. Ron Weasley was in the same year at Hogwarts with Harry and Hermione, he and Harry had become friends on their very first train ride to the school and the three of them had become inseparable over the last six years. Finally Molly got her wish and had a little girl; Ginny was the youngest of all the Weasley’s and the first female Weasley in centuries. Right now Molly was trying to deal with a mix of emotions, on one hand she felt blessed that she had only lost one son to this war and then the realization that she had lost one son, her Fred was quick to overcome her.

Many hours later the people in the great hall began to disperse back home. The time for grieving was upon most of them and they wanted to be in their own homes with family and close friends for the process. Kingsley had informed Minerva of her appointment as permanent Headmistress of Hogwarts after she had pulled herself together. With her help the families left with their deceased and tomorrow Hogwarts could begin to be rebuilt. She assured Molly and Arthur that when the three upstairs woke up she would personally escort them to the Burrow; she also said Harry would be there even if it took the imperious curse to accomplish it. Many hours’ later three young adults sat on the floor of the seventh year Gryffindor boy’s quarters. They needed to talk to each other before they spoke to anyone else. Harry filled them in on what happened after their time with Voldemort and Snape in the shrieking shack. All about Snape’s memory and his long walk to the forest. Spending extra time explaining the killing curse and Dumbledore’s conversation at King’s Cross because he did not want to leave out any important details. They were shocked to hear what Narcissa Malfoy had done for him and then they shared their feelings when they thought he had been killed. Kreature had brought them some sandwiches to snack on while they talked and told them when they were ready Minister Shacklebolt and Headmistress McGonagall wanted to talk. The time they spent together talking was helping them heal, it was like removing poison from their minds and hearts. After many hours they walked out of the Gryffindor common room feeling somewhat rested, mentally refreshed, and ready to talk to Minerva and Kingsley. One of the reasons they wanted to confer with each other before anyone else was because they needed to decide what should be told and what should remain with them. They all agreed the story of the Hallow’s would remain with them. As long as Kingsley and Minerva assured them to protect the story of the Horcrux’s it would be ok to tell them about it.

For the next few hours they sat in the Headmistress’s office telling their story. Harry, Ron and Hermione did not finish until well after dark. The story left Minerva and Kingsley devastated, if they had only known what these three had gone through. Kingsley assured them that the majority of this topic would be sealed, he would need witness statements for the Malfoy trial and they would need to be present for the proceedings. They finally finished their meeting and Minerva stood to accompany them to the burrow. She asked Kingsley to remain there as she would be right back. She took them by floo and was back before Kingsley could finish pouring himself a glass of cognac

“What is our next step in regards to those three?” Minerva asked

Kingsley sat there with his hands cradling his chin. “We owe them our entire existence at this moment, all though the three of them do not see it that way. Let me think on it for a few days and we shall see how things play out.” He finished as he stood to floo out, suddenly he turned and said “to hell with it” and passionately embraced and then kissed Minerva. He turned back to the floo leaving Minerva utterly shocked and blushing, amid the cat calls coming from the portraits of previous headmasters she heard Kingsley say “I have always wanted to do that, hopefully you will be available for a night out this weekend.”

(Short chapter with a lot of catch up in it. You have probably read the Harry Potter series if you are reading the fan fiction so I will stay away from lengthy character development or analysis on what JKR already did.)

Chapter 3: Relationships Resolved
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That first week was hard on everyone, the pain of losing friends and family was close to overwhelming. The Weasley family seemed to be holding up, what they lacked in worldly possession they more than made up for in love. Their home had always been a safe haven for Harry. The family had taken him in at an early age and they treated him like their own. Harry had always felt comfortable in the burrow, and that is where he was spending the first week. Kreacher had come to Harry and told him that the house at number twelve Grimmauld Place would be ready in a few days. When Harry tried to protest Kreacher firmly told him that it was already being restored with the help of the other Hogwarts elves.

“Please do not interfere or demand that we stop Master Harry, it is a way to begin paying you back for all you have done for us” Kreacher had told Harry with tears in his eyes.

The Minister of Magic had stopped by the burrow several times that first week, he was curious to see how the three were holding up and used the time to brief Harry about the upcoming funerals. He also spent the time talking with Harry, Ron and Hermione about their future plans and what he had planned at the ministry. He knew they were young but their wisdom was beyond a normal seventeen year old level. He gave them the opportunity to register their input and was able to utilize their thoughts during the long days of rebuilding the ministry. On one of their very first sessions Harry had made one of his casual ‘off the cuff’ remarks, he said

“Fire the whole bloody lot of them, and put the people you trust in charge.”

Harry had just found the answer to one of Kingsley’s biggest problems. Ever since he was appointed Minister, Kingsley had paced his office and the corridors of the ministry questioning ‘who can I trust’ and in Harry’s simple matter of fact way he answered the unspoken question. Kingsley realized ‘It’s not who can I trust, It’s who do I trust’ and he began to plan the future, with plans to start immediately after the funerals had taken place.

Three days after the war Harry awoke to the bright sun filtering through Ron’s bedroom window. He did not get much sleep the night before and he knew he would regret it. Today was the first round of funerals and Harry had planned on attending every one possible that he could. He also had a top secret special meeting with Kingsley that evening, Ron and Hermione would be coming along as well. He was awake before Ron so he quietly gathered his clothes and went to shower. He stood there allowing the hot water to run down his scarred body. The scars were mostly healed but they definitely reminded him of a hard youth and the need for ‘Constant Vigilance’. The shower had become a place of solace to him, a peaceful place he could retreat inward and reflect on where he was. He knew all too soon he would be by himself at Grimmauld Place and secretly looked forward to the peace. He loved the burrow, but it was always so packed and noisy that it was hard to get away sometimes. Last night he was able to slip away out into the orchard, but within minutes Ginny had found him and they finally had the chance to have ‘The Talk’. Ginny walked up to him as beautiful as ever, her eyes were blotched and puffy from days of crying and trying to console George over the loss of their brother. Harry had always found Ginny to be breathtakingly beautiful, and now was no different. She walked up and sat next to him on the log. “Do you mind if we talk” Ginny had asked with apprehension in her voice.

“Of course not, we should have done this a few days ago” was Harry’s reply.

 Ginny began by telling him about the previous ten months and everything that had happened since Bill’s wedding. She told him about the fights between the professors and the students last year, and why they had tried to steal the sword of Gryffindor.

“Then you came back” she had begun to cry, relieving the poison that had built up in her for so long. “I saw you and needed to be close to you, but then the moment passed and everyone was running around. I felt you as you went down to the forest, you don’t even need to tell me, I knew you were close. I knew you were there just like I heard, and felt you longing for me last year, because believe me the feeling was mutual. I was devastated when I thought you had died.” She stopped there because the tears were flowing freely at this point; she needed a moment to compose herself.

Harry placed his arm around her and began to tell his story while she gathered her thoughts, he did not leave out anything, almost anything, he didn’t tell her about Ron leaving because no one needed to know that part. He finished with the procession back from the forest in Hagrid’s arms and then paused to give his next statement the weight that it deserved.

“My final thought as I placed my arms by my side and accepted my fate was of you, Ginny. Somehow I knew you would be protected by the same magic that protected me when my mom willingly died for me. When I was given the choice to do the easy thing and walk away with Dumbledore or do the hard thing and return here, I thought of you again and of the life that we can build here.” Harry finished speaking and Ginny looked up into his eyes and saw the power and resolution that resided in his heart, mind, and soul. She took comfort in his strength and it helped her through the next week, ‘if Harry can see so much suffering and endure so much in his life and only get stronger from it, then I can face the world with my head held high as well’ she thought.

They spent the next few hours talking about future plans and realized that there was no reason to rush things right now. They were starting over and they could start over whenever they wanted, they knew they were young and had a whole world out there. Ginny still had another year of Hogwarts and Harry had no clue what he was going to be doing in six months. They had each other, they didn’t need to date, or label it as anything. One day in the future they could be together forever but why rob themselves of the chance to experience life right now

At six o’clock that evening Kingsley arrived at the burrow through the floo. He had instructed the three of them to be dressed in their finest clothes and he would accompany them for this meeting. He took them back to his office and was bringing them downstairs. Kingsley did not tell them where they were going or what to expect, so when they walked out on the street beside the ministry, they were shocked to be escorted into a stretch limousine. It was a regular muggle limo that was very fine, the three took the rear seat looking forward while Kingsley took the other one facing the rear of the car.

“Kingsley where are we going” Hermione questioned

“I am not at liberty to divulge our current mission” Kingsley said almost apologetically behind a child like grin.

Moments later they pulled to a gate with an armed guard, and Hermione squealed with delight

“Are we really going in there?” Hermione asked and Kingsley finally relented and told the group that the Queen of England wanted to personally thank them for their service to the crown.

Ron was looking around and all he saw was a big old mansion, even Harry was not sure where they were. Hermione noticing the scowls on the boy’s faces told them they were at Buckingham Palace, the Queen of England’s home in London. All three of them looked back at Kingsley and began firing rapid shot questions at Kingsley. He began to answer them as quickly as possible, if he had thought ahead he would have realized that these kids would want to make the right impression. He was just flying by the seat of his pants though. He assured them that the Queen and all of the royal family were accustomed to magic, that none of them were magical but it was not unheard of in her family. That seemed to put them at ease as they enjoyed the beautiful grounds on the short ride up the drive. They stepped out onto a cobblestone driveway and were met by one of the Queens servants and led inside. Harry was blown away at the opulence and beauty of the palace. The group was taken into an antechamber off of the main entrance and asked to wait while the queen finished meeting with her grandson. Shortly after they were brought through a separate door off of the room into a large office, inside there were many faces Harry recognized. A few members of the royal family and the Prime Minister were there.

The Queen herself had walked over to the group and shook Kingsley’s hand. “It is a pleasure to see you again so soon Mr. Shacklebolt.”

“I assure you the pleasure is all mine, your Majesty” Kingsley confidently replied to the Queen.

“Yes well I must meet these three and get properly acquainted with them.” She turned to them and measured them with her eyes. First she approached Hermione and held out her hand.
“Pleasure to meet you my Queen, I am Hermione Granger” She said as she took the Queen’s hand and took an eloquent bow. “Oh my” the Queen responded and thanked her for her respect but assured them that this was a very informal meeting and then said “After the story that your minister told me, it is I that am indebted to you three” She then turned to Harry and he took her hand and introduced himself. Lastly she turned to Ron and something strange happened.

When Ron reached and gently touched her hand she bowed to him, and then she said “Thank you, your Majesty.” Ron replied “Arise my lady” in a strong commanding voice.

Everyone was speechless for a moment until the Queen quickly composed herself and turned back to the table, Hermione heard her say “that was odd” while she walked away. She asked everyone in attendance to gather around the three as they stood before her. She wanted this to be a private ceremony due to the nature of the events leading up to the awards but also because she wanted to get to know these ‘young ones’ as she referred to them. She bestowed Harry and Ron with the title of ‘Sir’ and officially entered them into knighthood; Hermione became a dame as she was entered into damehood. The service was casual and after they finished the Queen spoke to them as if they had known each other for years. She was very easy to talk to and the three of them enjoyed their experience. The Queen seemed very interested in Ron and one of her servants quickly wrote notes while she spoke to him, especially surrounding his surname Weasley. For a family who could trace its roots back for centuries, it astounded her that she had never heard of anyone with that surname before. They told her that the war was fought because of blood status, how certain older wealthy families felt they were better than the rest because they could trace their magic through their family tree. While they were talking Harry began to feel uncomfortable with his surroundings. It was beautiful and magnificent; honestly words could not describe how special this place felt. That was the thing though; it was easy to draw parallels between the royal family and the pure blood fanatics and the Queen sensing his unease pulled him off to the side as they were leaving.

“Mr. Potter, you are wise beyond your years. I have not a drop of magical blood in my body and I am not prone to prophecy, but I am a very old and very wise diplomat. I could see your concerns and I would like to put your worry to rest. The royal family requires, No I require, that my children and grandchildren serve in our military, do community service, and go out of their way to make the lives better for our citizens. I wake up every morning and know how blessed I am to live the life that I live and I see the suffering and pain my citizens go through. I do not take anything for granted and I give as much as humanely possible to ease the suffering that I see. Please do not draw conclusions on my family based on your wizarding community’s failings. We are good and decent people and treat all people equally, allow us the opportunity to show you what true nobility means.” The Queen finished with true compassion on her face

“Thank you, I needed to hear that, your Majesty” Harry smiled as the Queen got a distant look in her eye “I wonder” she responded and hugged Harry.


A/N - I am American and have very little education about english royal family procedure. Unfortunately I will need a lot of research on this topic since it will become a major plot line in a later book (Yes there will be more books)

So far I have been able to submit a new chapter as soon as one is validated but you are quickly catching up with the unwritten part so I need to type faster I believe. Please review my work I have stated that this is a first for me and I need to know how I am doing, or how I can improve. You should really like the next chapter, I wanted to bring back my O.C. and give some more information on him. Harry Potter will be strong in my books but this new kid will be unbelievable. Thanks for reading.

Chapter 4: Goblins and Galleons
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Damon was a shy child; no one paid much attention to him. He was just that kind of kid, very forgettable. He was a regular sized boy with longish blonde hair and deep green eyes. He was born at University hospital in New Orleans, Louisiana on 31st of July, 1991. That makes him six years old, but if you ask him he says seven because his birthday is so close. No one knows who his mother was; she arrived by ambulance late the night of the 31st. She had been severely beaten by someone and died while they were trying to save her life. Luckily the surgeons on staff were able to retrieve the unborn infant once they realized the mother was going to die. She died as a Jane Doe and to this day her true identity remains unknown. One of the nurses of the pediatric ICU noticed the name Damon tattooed on the ladies right ankle, so that became the baby boy’s name. His last name was Doe because that was the norm for children born to unknown parents. He was placed in the ward of the state and eventually moved from University hospital into the Louisiana foster care program. He had a number of wonderful foster parents when he was an infant. It was unfortunate that none adopted him because as he grew older the foster system seemed to let him down. One of his first memories of childhood was when he was around three and his foster father thought it was funny to put his cigarettes out on the boy’s arm. That home lasted about six months until a pediatrician noticed signs of abuse and he was transferred to another set of parents. Most foster parents were kind and loving people, who opened their homes up to kids. They wanted to nurture their young minds and help them forget whatever had put them into the situation in the first place, but with all public systems some people see it as an opportunity to exploit. Most child protection centers are understaffed and because of the low wage it is hard to recruit new people, and that is what happened to poor Damon. He was sent from family to family with very little oversight and the social workers didn’t have time to follow up on every issue that came across their desk.

Damon might have been a shy child but eventually the parents would notice that he was different, and they asked his social worker to remove him. The first time this happened was about two years ago when his foster mom noticed him playing with toy cars in his room. He would just sit there going “vrooooom” while the car raced across the floor, just like any four year old would do. The odd thing was that the car was moving on its own without Damon touching it, and it was not an electric car. It freaked her out a bit and rather than trying to nurture the poor child she called the social worker hysterically screaming about voodoo and asked for him to be picked up and placed somewhere else.

The families that Damon went to saw him as a paycheck, or beer money as one of his foster dad’s called him, and they would rather not deal with weird children. A few months ago he was placed in a home with a vicious dog that always growled at him. One day he was playing out in the back yard when they dog rushed out the door and attacked him. It hurt so bad when the dog’s teeth sunk into Damon’s leg, the foster mom came running out when she heard all the commotion. Later that evening as the social worker was picking up his stuff before she returned to the hospital where Damon was getting stitches, the foster mom told her that Damon had reached out and touched his finger to the dogs head and “Brutus just fell over dead; My poor Brutus” the lady said sobbing. Of course the social worker was astounded that no one had asked about Damon but she guessed that the loss of your dog might be traumatic.

Today was like most days in Damon’s life, wake up early and try to stay out of the way. They had released him from the hospital a week ago with a clean bill of health. He did not remember much from his stay, although something about a talking picture in one of his dreams brought him comfort. Damon had become very curious in the last few months, often he would sneak out of the back yard when he knew his current foster parents were drunk or sleeping and wander the city of New Orleans. Early May was a great time in his city, as he liked to call it. The weather was warmer but had not turned into the unbearable stickiness that would come, and the breezes off of the Mississippi river could be felt drifting through the streets of the French Quarter, and the adjacent area he lived in called the Marigny. He would spend his days walking along the river levee, or being harassed by the merchants of the French Market. Next year he would start real school so his days of wandering the city in such pleasant weather were dwindling. He planned to take full advantage of his time while it lasted, not much bothered a six (almost seven) year old this time of year. His current foster family could really care less what happened to him as long as his check came every month and that was fine with him.


Last week had been emotionally exhausting to say the least. Harry had attended twenty seven funerals as either an ambassador from the Ministry with Kingsley or as a friend of the deceased. Several of the funerals were especially hard considering how close he was to Colin Creevey, Tonk’s and Remus Lupin, and finally Fred Weasley.

He was able to remain silent throughout the week, Kingsley allowed him to stand there and console the family members that sought him out for strength but did not require him to make any speeches, thankfully. Every night he sat with the Weasley family as they helped him deal with the trauma from that particular day. The love this family shared was beyond special and gave Harry hope for a brighter future, through them he was able to uphold his countenance of strength and hope during those long days of funerals.

The final funeral was going to be different and harder than the previous ones, because Harry would need to speak, he ‘had’ to speak at Professor Severus Snape’s funeral, and he told Kingsley that the memory of the man deserved the respect he had never sought. Harry felt like he righted many wrongs that day, and left a stunned and weeping audience as he returned to the background he had rightfully earned.

Last night Kreacher had met Harry at the burrow to tell him the house at Grimmauld place would be ready in the morning. He also delivered three mail sacks full of letters addressed to him. Once everyone settled in after dinner Hermione opened one of the mail sacks and asked Harry and Ron to come over. After reading the first few letters they asked Ron’s dad Arthur if he could give them some advice.

“Mr. Weasley there is one thing we forgot to mention about the last few days of our search” Hermione said with apprehension in her voice.

They began to tell Molly and Arthur about the incident at Gringott’s and then showed them the three mail bags full of letters to Harry requesting he come to the bank immediately for a meeting. Arthur felt a little out of his depth here so he sent a Patronus to Kingsley at the ministry to come over. Kingsley stepped out of the floo and beamed at the group gathered in the cramped living room.

“It is so good to see everyone, and Harry thanks to you Professor Snape has the front page of the Daily Prophet tomorrow. Now what can I do for you all?”

Kingsley of course had known all about the dragon incident and had immediately smoothed everything over with the Goblins at the bank. After they understood the dire circumstances the three were under and the pure evil of the artifact they were requesting returned, they quickly decided to drop all charges. Kingsley explained this to them and said
“they may be heartless sons of bitches but they are not stupid, one word of this to the press and the ministry would force regulations so far down their throats they would need permission from us to eat.”

Everyone laughed for a moment until Hermione asked

“Well what do you think this is about then? I mean some of these are dated from months ago.”

“Well I have an idea, but I am not at liberty to discuss this without the goblins present. Since Hermione and Ron already have plane tickets for Australia in the morning, I think you three stick to your original plans. Only Harry, I will pick you up at Grimmauld Place at seven in the morning. I will accompany you to the meeting with the goblins.”

Kingsley said as he handed Hermione their plane tickets that he had arranged. He also gave them their contact information within the Australian ministry, he had already found her parents and they were going to bring Hermione straight to them. Kingsley strode back towards the fireplace and winked at Molly and Arthur as he left. Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny said their goodbyes, promising to get back together as soon as possible; Molly wouldn’t let Harry leave until he promised to be back for supper within a few days.

Much later that night Kreacher saved Harry from drowning in his own bathtub. So overcome with the overwhelming feeling of being free and peaceful for the first time in his life, and the house was so quiet that he had fallen asleep and nearly drowned in the oversized bathtub. He was pulled upright in the water and Kreacher sat against the tub facing the other way, and they were laughing at each other.

“Kreacher” Harry said. “This is the first time in my life that I am truly free. No Dursley, Dumbledore, Weasley, or Voldemort here to tell me what to do or decide what my next step should be.”

Kreacher looked at Harry with sadness in his eyes, but a smile on his face and just replied “Yes Master, you are finally free”

Harry and Kingsley sat in a conference room on the second level of Gringott’s wizard bank. The board room was full of Goblins running around with ledgers and legal packets, and Harry was very overwhelmed. It turned out this had absolutely nothing to do with the dragon. Harry was rich, unbelievably rich in gold, and properties, stocks, bonds, even a small island in the Caribbean. Klipoch was looking over his folded hands at Harry, he seemed to be sizing the young man up, and then he held out his hand and received the report summary from an assistant.

“Now then Mr. Potter, allow me to finish the entire reading before you ask any questions, the bank has provided Mr. Bill Weasley at your request to help you decipher all of your current holdings. If you should need further assistance from him we will be happy to oblige. Shall we begin?” and Harry nodded his head. He read off from various pieces of paper for the better part of the morning.

FROM THE ESTATE OF ALBUS WILFRED PERCIVAL BRIAN DUMBLEDORE: Harry if you are seeing this then you have defeated the Dark Lord, I am so proud of you my boy. I was always proud of you and know that you always held a special place in my heart. I left the majority of my estate to the school, I loved Hogwarts as much as you did Harry and hopefully one day you will fulfill my ultimate wish and succeed me as headmaster. With that being said I hold two very ancient libraries, one in the ancient capital city of Carthage named *‘Gisgon’ and the other in the ancient city of Naucratis in Egypt, its name is *Apotropaic. They should prove very useful to you in the years to come. The beauty of owning a magical residence is you gain the ability to floo to all your other properties. Please accept these as a final token of my gratitude and use them well my friend. Thank you for all the laughter and love you brought into my life.

One destroyed residence in Godric’s Hallow (maintained by the Ministry of Magic)
One vault containing 736,215 thousand galleons, century’s worth of artifacts, family heirlooms and thousands of book’s. The loft is furnished. One house elf currently residing at Hogwarts is also part of this estate.
Side Note – All related estates were merged in 1507, the land surrounding the Potter residence in Godric’s Hollow was later given to the commonwealth to further the interests of the crown. There is not much known of the former Potter Empire, it has been lost through the ages. Therefore this estate could be much larger upon further investigation.

A Lake house in the small community of Hawkshead, Cumbria UK
A house in New Orleans, Louisiana (American magical embassy will assist with transaction)
Multiple vaults - total value uncalculated (Estimated at 936,000,000 Galleons in 1914)
Side Note – Gringott’s vaults are only available to those with magical ability or a signed affidavit from the minister. The previous witch to inherit this vault went into hiding prior to exercising her ability to claim. Since the Evan’s family fell under a curse in the late 17th century no one was able to lay claim until the birth of Lily Evans. Her only offspring Harry Potter becomes the sole heir of the oldest family known to magical Britain. The houses mentioned are furnished, with a house elf on staff in both.

12 Grimmauld place
Blacks Cove – Small Island in the Caribbean consisting of three servant houses a main house and boat covey.
One vault containing 37,245 Galleons
One Hippogriff named Buckbeak (Ministry states this creature has gone missing, if it were to be found it will be executed)
Side Note – The Lestrange family pilfered this vault in the name of Bellatrix Black Lestrange earlier in the year. The Lestrange family is thought to be an offshoot of the Black family from a few centuries back. There was a war between the Black’s and the Wesley / Potter households. The Wesley’s were completely wiped out and the Potter’s struck some sort of deal with the commonwealth for protection of its wealth. Referring back to the notes in the Potter estate, investigation of the four families will be paramount. All houses come furnished with a house elf on staff.
Addendum to above per Minister Cornelius Fudge ‘I want that Hippogriff found and executed immediately’

FROM THE ESTATE OF THOMAS MARVOLO RIDDLE (AKA: Lord Voldemort – Assumed names are simply implied for reference in legal documents)
One vault 2,500,000 Galleons (Account was frozen after assumed death of Mr. Riddle on 31 October, 1981 and not unfrozen until verification of death on 2 May, 1998)
Side Note – We do not condone the actions of any wizard, good or bad, we simply handle the accounts for the wizarding world. Always assuming the proceeds were gained by legal and civil means. Furthermore, this estate becomes the property of Mr. Harry Potter who was challenged in a duel to the death by Mr. Tom Riddle and under wizard law circa 1647 the estate goes to the victor.

Harry, Kingsley, and Bill sat there dumbfounded at everything they had just heard.

Klipoch sat the papers down and looked over his glasses as they rested on his nose. “Mr. Potter as you can see we have worked very hard on this, and there is still a lot of information to decipher. We implore you to retain some of our staff to work on this with you. Your account is very important but we cannot continue to work day in and out on this without some sort of financial assistance from you.”

“Very well, I will talk this over with my friends and have a reply to you in the morning.” Harry Replied

“Thank you Mr. Potter, we look forward to seeing you in the morning. We have a lot of documents for you to sign.”

Harry stood up with his friends and turned to walk away, there was a sly grin on his face as he thought of a plan. As they walked out the front doors of the bank Harry said “A smart man once told me to never trust the goblins, they did not think like us. I think I should trust this smart man. Bill do you want a job?”
Arthurs Note – I know this chapter was long but I really needed to get some back story on one main character and progress the story for Harry. Once you start to write you realize just how much you need to say.
Gisgon – An ancient and powerful family from the capital city of Carthage
Apotropaic – Egyptian for ‘having the power to avert evil’

Chapter 5: Enter the Phoenix
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Harry Potter and his world is a creation of JK Rowling.

While Bill was busy cataloging and inventorying Harry’s vaults, Harry was keeping himself busy with the Ministry and getting things in order at Grimmauld Place. Kreacher had helped Harry tidy the place up and began removing all of the portraits and old broken or antiquated furniture. As soon as Harry became the legal owner of number twelve, all of the portraits that had remained firmly attached to the walls abruptly fell onto the floor. The house had finally recognized Harry as its true owner and allowed him total access to all of its secrets.

Kingsley was taking the opportunity of having Harry by his side. The Ministry was at a precarious spot and Kingsley needed some trustworthy advisors. For his part Harry had only asked to accompany the remaining Aurors on any raids they had for hiding deatheaters. Harry was busy up in the Ministers office late one night; he was helping Kingsley prepare a final draft of the updated rules and operating procedures for the new incoming Ministry employees. Just as Harry was making his final revision a haggard looking gentleman in black robes ran into the minister’s office and began speaking rapidly while trying to catch his breathe.

“Minister, come quick we have the Carrow’s. We are ready to attack but we need backup.” The man spat out breathlessly.

“Finally; are you up for this Harry” Kingsley asked to which Harry just nodded his head.

The Carrow twins had been instated at Hogwarts during Voldermort’s reign. They were vile deatheaters, who took pleasure in punishing the children of the school. Alecto and Amycus were both deatheaters during the first war, and when Voldermort returned they joined his ranks once again. Harry now knew that if it were not for professor Snape, the Carrow twins would likely have killed one if not more of the students. No one knows how many times he intervened with these murderous criminals. Harry ran after the Auror and steeled his mind for the forthcoming fight. Kingsley was right on his heels and they both had the furious looks of people that had been pushed over the edge. It was time to take back their world, no more hiding or fear, it was time to fight and regain their strength. As they rounded the corner they noticed John Dawlish the new head auror was briefing the team. When he noticed the Minister was accompanied by Harry, he rolled his eyes and rudely asked the minister

“What the hell is the kid here for; I don’t remember allowing untrained and uneducated wizards into the auror program”

“Be that as it may John, Harry is here as my personal assistant and quite capable of kicking your ass most days” Kingsley responded

John Dawlish let that slide; it seemed over the last few years he had lost a step or two. He had been confounded, jinxed, cursed, and basically treated as a punching bag by so many people that he was forced to rethink his whole career. Still he despised Harry and what John thought was a cocky attitude from the boy, even though Harry had never been disrespectful to the man directly. Harry caught some of this from the look John gave him but he deferred to Kingsley’s trust of the gentleman. After seeing his errors of judgments of Snape, Harry would always give trusted allies of his friends the benefit of the doubt.

“Alright this is the plan” Dawlish started “They have been tracked to an abandoned warehouse on the upper east end of London. They are attempting to blend in while making plans to leave the country. They do not have the money most of the families have, so it is taking them extra time to accomplish this. We have four teams of two aurors, and then we have the Minister, Harry, and me are going to apparate directly to the center of the warehouse as the other teams enter from each side. The Carrow’s are not bright but will fight us till the death; I don’t want that to happen. We want them alive and able to stand trial.” Dawlish finished by asking if anyone had any question’s and got no response.

The team apparated to the outskirts of the warehouse district, and walked a few blocks to the warehouse. They didn’t want to give themselves away by the ‘popping’ sound that was customary when apparating. The other teams went to the four sides of the building while Dawlish gave some last minute instructions to Kingsley and Harry.

“I know you want to play the hero here kid but you better keep your head down and stay the hell out of my way. This is grown up time now, and I don’t really have time to be babysitting”

He finished with that same look of disgust on his face and then counted to three and began to turn on the spot to disapparate. Harry and Kingsley followed his lead and both went straight for the middle of the warehouse.

As Harry tried to focus his eyes in the darkness he realized something had gone wrong. First of all the apparition felt wrong, it felt like he had wiggled his way into the warehouse. Apparition was supposed to feel like being drawn through a hose but this time he felt squashed and he was moving like a liquid through smaller and smaller spaces until he appeared in the center of the warehouse. Secondly he was by himself; it seemed that whatever went wrong with his apparition had kept Kingsley and Dawlish from showing up. He could hear the aurors outside trying to blow the doors on the warehouse to no avail.

Harry drew his wand and silently whispered “Lumos” but no sooner had he lit his wand that he heard “Expilliarmus” and a bright light flashed in his direction he didn’t have the time or reaction speed to put up a blocking spell. His wand flew from his hand as he heard another voice yell “Crucio” and the world blanked out and was replaced by overwhelming pain. The curse lasted for a long time as the Carrow twins approached him. They both held out their wands but the brother Amycus Carrow was the one who was casting the Crucio spell. Alecto held her wand up and lit Harry’s tortured face and immediately the pain stopped. Amycus had withdrawn the curse and Harry fell to the floor, his mind was trying to sort out the unbelievable pain it had just gone through.

“Oh Merlin, that’s bloody Harry Potter” cried Alecto to her brother. “WE HAVE POTTER, WE HAVE POTTER” Alecto continued to say as she danced around Harry’s broken body.

Amycus could hear people trying to get inside the warehouse and knew his trap had been set. The minister thought he was so smart but there was still faithful at the ministry, even within the auror division.

“I want to torture him for a while” Alecto said as she pointed her wand and all the hate from the past twenty years was directed through her Crucio spell at Harry.

The pain came back and Harry had retreated to a safe place in his head. He was scared, the pain was unbearable, and it felt like his mind would break. He could feel the internal struggle to fight the pain or just shut his mind down. He decided to fight the pain


Harry Screamed. The pain forcing him back into the recesses of his mind.

Amycus saw how much fun his sister was having so he decided to join in. “Crucio” he yelled and doubled the curse on Harry’s pain racked body.

Harry’s mind went completely gray at that point, Harry clearly heard Dumbledore say “it is time” and then a rattle of keys could be heard before it turned a lock somewhere.

Other people had joined in with the torture of Harry’s body. It seemed that there was many more death eaters staying in the abandoned warehouse with the Carrow’s and the pleasure with which they punished him was brutal.

Harry did not know he was dying. He was steadily walking towards a door that had opened in his subconscious. Dumbledore beckoned Harry toward him urgently.

“Harry, you must hurry. There is no time” Dumbledore stated very quickly

“Do not ask questions just remember what I tell you. This door has been locked for many years; no one knows your families secrets or what you are capable of. I implanted this memory in your subconscious many years ago and it would have only been activated if you were near a non-natural death. I hoped you would never need to go through this door, but now that you must, it is imperative that you learn to control it. Find me as soon as it’s safe and if I have already passed away then go to my libraries and find out your family secrets.” Dumbledore looked gravely to Harry; then he yelled one more time as he drug him though the open doorway.

“GO NOW before it’s too late”

Harry quickly came back into the front of his conscious mind, he could feel dark magic coursing through his body, but he also felt that he was not the originator. He remembered reading in one of his books in the Black library about the link between mind and magic. Harry basically shut his mind down to the curses; the deatheaters still had the ability to cut him and bind him but they could not torture him anymore.

“How is he standing up” Harry heard one of the hooded deatheaters question with fear in his voice.

Many things happened simultaneously. Harry's beautiful green eyes turned a glowing gray, then his arms stretched far out at his sides and a blinding light enshrouded his hands. Then Harry hands rushed forward as he yelled the word


and the spells being directed at him were rapidly strengthened and turned on the original caster. Wands were flying to Harry and this time it was the deatheaters that were screaming; all of the spells protecting the warehouse fell as the Aurors came rushing in. Kingsley and Dawlish appeared next to Harry and were quickly thrown well away from the fight. The screams from the dark wizards had slowly abated and Harry fell into a lump on the floor. The last thing Dawlish saw was Harry cast a blue protective aura over the Minister of Magic while a dark crimson spell flew at the group of aurors, and then he heard Harry say

“Your plan was betrayed by one of your own, “ETURU” PROTECT THE MINISTER, the betrayer has been marked”

Harry commanded without ever uttering a word to Dawlish or the Minister, even though both of them clearly heard him speak.
Kingsley stood with his wand raised; a bluish aura radiated and pulsated around him. As the minister and the head auror advanced on the remaining aurors they noticed the same dark crimson color spell that Harry had cast was surrounding the wand of one of the newer aurors.

“Leaky, Thomas Leaky get your bloody arse over here” Dawlish demanded.

Thomas Leaky was a very sly wizard. He had made a good living as a snatcher, he was not inherently evil but he did like stability, and money equaled stability in his eyes. His plan was to become an auror while he still had the chance. If Voldermort won then he would remain safe with the dark lord controlling the ministry and if Harry won, ‘well no one would be the wiser’ he had thought. When Alecto Carrow approached him a few days ago about setting this plan up he offered him a very nice sum of money, and sweetened the pot by pointing out he would be one of the last remaining aurors. Now as he saw that Kingsley and Dawlish had drawn their wands on him he knew he only had one choice, he would rather die than be sent to Azkaban. He raised his wand and pointed it at the Minister and was struck by nine different spells, effectively ending his life.

Kingsley turned and grabbed Harry and immediately disapparated to St. Mungo’s Wizards Hospital. Pandemonium does not even begin to describe the scene at St. Mungo’s, Harry was rushed to the surgery ward and it seemed the entire staff was working on him.

Kingsley quickly summoned the Weasley family and brought them to the room above the surgical suite. There was a viewing window that allowed them to watch the progress of the surgeons. Harry was badly cursed and he had lost so many liters of blood that they could not replenish them fast enough. He was cut to ribbons by the curses, one of the surgeons idly stated he could not find a bone that was not broken. The surgeon was doing everything in his power to save this boy’s life and the family up there viewing would just have to get over his off the cuff comments. None of the staff knew they were working on Harry Potter; all they knew was that the injured person was obviously important since the Minister brought him in.

Harry was blissfully unaware of his current situation. He had once again receded into himself, and was attempting to understand the differences he felt in his powers. He walked around in his subconscious and began to remember the things from his past; all of the dark magic had caused a disassociation of his reality from his memories but Harry was quickly piecing his life back together. What Harry was experiencing is the same thing that many people in comas have to deal with, or those that go insane from the amount of curses used on him. They are unable to link their memories with the present reality so they stay internalized forever. Unfortunately Harry was also on the brink of death as he was working feverishly to reconnect his mentality; it might be for nothing because it seemed the surgeons of St. Mungo’s were rapidly losing their fight.

“WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED” Mrs. Weasley was screaming at Kingsley as she grabbed the front of his robes. She was sobbing hysterically and the grief and panic on the Weasley family’s faces were evident.

Dawlish the Auror stepped in right about then and addressed the minister.

“Sir, I have an initial report and yes it appears we might have been set up. There were sixteen deatheaters that were known fugitives at the warehouse. We were able to use the Priori Incantatem spell on some of the wands used at the warehouse, sir if Harry is still alive it will be a bloody miracle if he is able to function as a full wizard. One spell used on him was Cruentus Ignis, that nice little curse turns your blood into fire. Unfortunately that was one of the simpler ones used. I need to get this list to the chief surgeon.” Dawlish finished and turned to leave

“Wait, I want commendations for all of the aurors that took down the fugitives tonight” Kingsley stated to Dawlish

“No one cast a spell until Auror Leaky drew his wand on you. Harry took them all down without a wand.” Dawlish replied without turning his head to the minister, effectively leaving all in the viewing area speechless.

Several hours later Ron, Hermione, and Ginny stood at the window without saying a word to anyone. Each lost in their own thoughts. The rest of the family sat on the couches and quietly whispered among them about what to do.

“Why are they stopping” Ginny yelled horrified.

As everyone ran toward the window they noticed the surgeon check the wizard’s clock on the wall and tell something to the attendant with the quill and parchment. Hermione had read his lips as he spoke the words

“time of death ………………”

The rest was drowned out by the guttural screams that escaped the young witches’ mouth. Arthur had fallen to the floor and was hugging himself as he rocked back and forth,

“Not another one, I can’t lose another one”

he cried as the rest of the boys sat there shell shocked at what they were witnessing. The boy who had given their world freedom and hope was now dead.

Ginny was the only person remaining at the viewing window looking down at the boy she had loved for most of her life. She couldn’t accept that Harry was dead and her dreams were over, something felt wrong. Since she was the only person looking down into the room and the rest of the hospital staff had already exited, she was the only person to bear witness to the red phoenix that appeared on Harry chest.

It looked majestic as it sat there staring down into his face, it was crying its tears onto his chest desperately trying to mend his many wounds. The trauma had been too severe to heal and there was nothing else that could be done, or so Ginny thought. The phoenix turned and stared at Ginny and with a knowing look audibly squawked and burst into flames. Ginny gasped as Ron and Hermione joined her on either side, they all watched the phoenix take flight in its flaming form and abruptly turn towards Harry and dove at full speed right at Harry’s bare chest. Harry sat straight up and gasped the wonderful life affirming oxygen rich air of the surgical room.


her voice trailed as she ran from the viewing area towards the surgical room with the entire Weasley clan, Kingsley, and Hermione in tow.
A/N – Please review so I know how I am doing. Also I will explain in a later chapter what language Harry was speaking, but I will define the words.
Nabalkutu – to overturn or remove
Eturu - Save

Chapter 6: Unlocking the Unconscious
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Damon was walking through the French Quarter one sunny Saturday afternoon. It was just like any weekend day for him. It was now summertime and the tourist season was in full swing. The city had filled with families enjoying the rich history and culture of New Orleans. He always loved the sights and sounds of all of the tourists. Even the lucky dog vendors were out in force today. Most of the drinking and partying was done up on Bourbon St. and since Damon was only seven years old he stayed away from there. He liked hanging out in Jackson Square, it was very old and the buildings were beautiful. A lot of tourists gathered in the square because of St. Louis Cathedral and the park like setting of the area, so a lot of street vendors frequented the square as well. You could find beautiful paintings and street performers, the whole place just made you feel good. New Orleans could be considered a scary place for most kids Damon’s age, but he had grown up here and had what older people called street smarts. He was also very intelligent; he started speaking at a very early age and could already read pretty much anything you put in front of him. Damon did not understand how rare it was to have both street and book smarts; he was a very unique child.
He never understood why sometimes the tourists were really nice to him, especially the ones with children in tow. He did not understand that his clothes were dirty and ragged, or that he had dirt smudges on his face. He thought this was customary since it was how it had always been for him. He knew some kids got hand me down clothes from their older siblings, but all his clothes came from charity, so sometimes they were already soiled or ripped when he got them. Most of the tourists who saw him knew he was probably an incredibly poor inner city kid, and they just wanted to be nice to him. They were torn between their compassion at seeing a child in such poverty and the immediate need to distance their own children from him. A few times he had been chased away by angry parents when he was only trying to play with kids his own age, and sometimes the police would run him off. Those occasions were rare though because Damon was just such a good natured kid.

A few minutes ago one of the tourists had asked Damon for directions to JAX Brewery, a local mall that was built in the old building of a famous New Orleans brewery. Damon offered to walk with them over there so they would not get lost, and upon completing his job they offered him a five dollar bill. He was just about ready to head back home since dusk was rapidly approaching, when he remembered the money in his pocket. Since he knew his foster parents would take the money, he wanted to get some candy and a soda before he headed home. He was taking one of his shortcuts through an alley beside the cathedral known as Pirates Alley when three older kids stepped out of the shadows and surrounded him.

“Hey kid where are you going, shouldn’t you be home with your mommy and daddy?” one of the older kids asked Damon.

“I was on my way home right now” Damon replied with apprehension in his voice.

Damon was a small child and since he spent so much time on the streets he had learned to always avoid conflict.

“Well if you’re going home you should just give us that money that guy gave you back there”

“Come on guys, it’s all I have. I just wanted to buy some candy and a soda.” Damon pleaded with the older boys.

One of the boys stepped forward and punched him in the stomach causing Damon to hunch over and hug his stomach in pain.

“Look kid we can stand here and beat on you all day and just take the money or you can just give it to us” the leader of the group said with an impatient tone.

Damon tried to run past two of them and the leader threw a glancing blow to Damon’s head, it didn’t hurt but he began to feel very dizzy and things got real hazy. The last thing he remembered was getting very angry at these older boys for trying to steal his money. He repeated that thought in his head just before he blacked out, ‘It’s my money and it’s all I have’

Damon opened his eyes and realized some time had passed because it was definitely almost dark out. His next realization was that he was still standing and he could not understand how he had not fallen on the ground when he passed out. He quickly looked around for the older boys but it was almost impossible to see in the darkness, as he walked away he tripped over something that he had not seen on the ground. All three of the older boys were lying unconscious on the ground, they were still breathing and they did not look beat up or bleeding or anything. When Damon checked his pocket he realized the five dollar bill was still there, and he got spooked. He ran away from Pirates Alley as fast as his little legs could carry him. He did not know what had happened and at this point he could care less, he had his money and obviously no broken bones so he was happy. He hid the money under his mattress before he went to take a bath that night.

Damon went about his normal routine for the next few weeks as if nothing had happened. Then one night as he sat on his front porch enjoying the evening and waging his own personal battle with the horde of mosquitoes that threatened to eat him, he noticed the same gang of boys approach from down the street. He felt relatively safe since his foster parent’s front yard had a fence around it so he stayed seated on the steps of the porch; he figured he could run inside if they tried anything. As the boys came around one of the bushes and walked in front of Damon’s house they noticed him sitting there looking at them. They all looked at each other and took off running as fast as they could in the direction they had just come in screaming something about voodoo boy. Damon just smiled; he liked a mystery especially if it benefitted him.

“Merlin, why is it taking so long for them to let me go?” Harry lamented to his group of friends

“Well considering you were pronounced dead just a week ago, I would say your recovery has been very quick” Hermione retorted sarcastically.

“Yeah, and anyway they are going to let you go tonight. Healer Jacobsen wanted you to have one more round of potions. Besides Bill wanted to come by and talk to you now that you are awake and no longer drooling on yourself.” Ron said

Ron always had a way of making the most complicated of subjects appear simple, Harry thought. It wasn’t that he was stupid or anything, it was just easier for him to point out the obvious rather than dissect every little detail like Hermione did. Harry remembered a time when the three of them were standing around waiting for the rest of the family at Diagon Alley. Harry began pacing the street due to his current inactivity and Hermione was muttering about all the awful things that could have happened. A robbery at Gringott’s, a fire, a dark wizard attack, etcetera and then Ron just looked at his watch and informed them they were forty minutes earlier than the agreed upon meeting time.

Harry loved his friends, he always felt empty when they weren’t around. He knew they were dating now but that didn’t matter, they were a team and together they could take on any obstacle put in front of them. Hermione was the genius; she always had her nose buried in a book looking for the right answer. Ron was loyal; never one to back down from a fight and always had a strong moral character. He would stand beside Harry through anything and had proven that throughout their friendship.

Ron and Hermione were the first people Harry saw when he woke up from his coma. They had been talking ever since, barely sleeping at all over the last two days. Harry told them everything about the door in his mind and the memory that Dumbledore had implanted there. Hermione tried to explain about the phoenix, but kind of had a hard time understanding it herself. Ron just blurted out what happened because it was simpler that way and Harry understood what he said, he also knew the parts he did not understand Hermione would figure out. When Harry told them about his meeting at Gringott’s Hermione became all excited, Ron and Harry just rolled their eyes because with all the wealth and property that he mentioned, all she heard was libraries.

“Imagine ancient libraries with all sorts of knowledge locked away in them. We will probably be the first people to look at some of those books in centuries.” Hermione stated with an awed voice and glassy look.

Just then Bill walked in and greeted everyone. “How ya feeling Harry” Bill asked

“I will be a lot better when they let me out of here. How is everything with the vaults at Gringott’s” Harry replied.

Bill began to explain that was why he was here. He had finished his audit of the vaults and began the transfer of the contents into a single vault. It was much bigger and had greater security than his previous vaults. Harry just sat there nodding while Bill began, he did not know much about finance and that was why he was happy he hired Bill to be his financial planner / accountant. Bill began to explain about the deal his family had made with the English commonwealth generations ago, the deal had led to various investments being made in the Potter name. Some of his investments included what was the Royal Dutch Shipping Co. that eventually became Royal Dutch Shell and then Shell Petroleum and that was just the beginning. It seemed that the Potter family and therefore Harry Potter was fully vested in hundreds of companies. Some of them he owned outright, but most of them he just had a large shareholder stake and pretty much all of his investments were in muggle companies. Bill handed Harry a packet with an itemized list of the companies and shares owned, his properties, and all other assets that were listed in his name. The packet also included a sealed envelope from Albus Dumbledore addressed to Harry, Bill told Harry he had tried to open it to place it on the inventory list but it gave him one of the nastiest jinxes he had ever felt. Harry opened the letter carefully but did not get jinxed by anything; obviously his old professor had intended the letter for his eyes only. Harry began to read the familiar scrawling script the he knew was Dumbledore’s.

To my brave young friend Harry,

This letter is my postmortem congratulations for you and also a final way to be the professor and friend I should have been. Obviously since you are reading this my plan has succeeded, and hopefully my demise was not in vain. I made many mistakes in my life; I fear that I kept too much from you but understand that I am old and felt the right to jealously guard my secrets. Well now I am dead and hopefully all of the chess pieces have made their final move. You should probably already know that Professor Snape was instructed to kill me and make it look like a murder. I needed him to be fully trusted by Tom to make all my plans work. Hopefully you will have the chance to mend your relationship with Severus; he is truly a gifted wizard and loved your mother dearly. Given the opportunity you two could quickly become a force to be reckoned with in the wizarding world.

If you will allow me to make an educated guess, I believe it is the summer before your eighteenth birthday. Assuming you took Mr. Weasley and Mrs. Granger on your quest for the Horcruxes then you should have taken almost a year to finish. Forgive me for sidetracking you on the Deathly Hallows but those items as you probably already know were desperately needed to finish your quest.
I left you some items along with your family estate, I am sure the goblins have already informed you of the libraries. It is my hope and intention for you to utilize these fountains of knowledge and allow Mrs. Granger to assist you in your studies. You have a family secret that must be controlled, I have placed many safeguards around these secrets and hopefully you have not needed to access any of them yet. One of the most important was a memory implanted in your subconscious. I have left instruction in the library for you to unlock the powers that remain hidden within you. Understand that it is imperative for you to study and learn to control your magic. Hermione and Ron hopefully will remain by your side because they will be able to grow their magic exponentially with the knowledge in these libraries. This is not school Harry, this is real life. Your future survival depends on your studious examination of the material; you need to understand where you came from. You need to understand what you are, and what you are to become. You will find genealogies, works of art, ancient secrets, and a true history of magic and I believe it goes without saying that this should remain secret from the rest of the world.

Let me finish this with a story and a word of caution. Years ago I had the pleasure of leading the wedding ceremony of James Potter and Lilly Evans. It was a small secretive ceremony because of the constant threat of death eater attack. After the ceremony I was approached by a wizard I had never had the pleasure of meeting. When I asked him if he was here for the bride or groom he told me neither, he was here for their child. Well of course I was intrigued so I allowed him to continue, because he was a very interesting wizard and his amazing life was defined by his mostly weathered face. He explained that James and Lilly were from wizarding lines that were not allowed to be crossed until the appointed time. The man went on to explain that his family had been tasked for centuries to watch for signs and deal with any threats to these family lines. The Potter family had been wizards for centuries and the surname had changed many times but always had strong magical blood flowing through its veins. The Evans family was different, every few centuries an incredibly powerful witch would be born to this family and this was the first time in history an Evans had met a Potter and all of the signs were right for the birth of their son. We finished a few more rounds of drinks and he departed with the instruction to contact him once Lilly was with child. I did that shortly after I found out and when you were born he assisted me with locking a portion of your magical ability, and gave me a second set of instructions. Now back to the present, Harry your locked powers would not have increased your ability to deal with Voldermort. It is a completely separate set of circumstances but I must ask you to fulfill this gentleman’s second request. He needs to speak with you as soon as you are comfortable with your new powers. He explained that he would know when that time came, allow him to help you. I trust him completely and I have studied the topic through the years. You will need him and allow him the opportunity to release his family from the burden of being watchers.

I love you young man, and I only want the best for you. Please remember that everything I have done was because I thought it was the best course. I may have been wrong or misguided but it was always an attempt to protect you.

Your Friend,
Albus Dumbledore
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Chapter 7: Dueling for Newt's
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Kingsley Shacklebolt was seated behind an ornately appointed desk. The office represented the wealth and status of his current position as Minster for Magic. Everywhere you looked you saw deep rich mahogany wood and gold fixtures, it was every bit of elegance that Kingsley wasn’t. He was a simple man who put more emphasis on friendship rather than power. Arthur Weasley sat in a chair on the opposite side of the desk, studiously reviewing a file Kingsley handed him moments before.

“Everything appears to be in order. You do realize how the Wizengamot is going to react to this piece of legislation” Arthur asked.

“I am aware but I see no other course of action” Kingsley replied.

The Minister had been in office for a few weeks now and had already replaced the leadership at the Ministry. He never applied for this position and no one held a public election, he was the appointed Minister. He could care less about poll numbers or how popular he was, he was only concerned with rebuilding the ministry in such a way that it would never fall victim to past mistakes. He needed strong leadership from his management and reforms for past laws that favored the wealthy and powerful. He knew the wizarding community was built by the common man, sure it was financed by the wealthy but that should not give them the right to strong arm the ministry. Everyone had equal status in his eyes and if he had his way with reforms, the laws would reflect his current administration.

Percy Weasley walked in just then with the final draft and sealed envelopes containing the document. Percy had been appointed as administrative assistant to the Minister. Kingsley had forgiven the young man for his past mistakes, but put him on a short leash to prevent future screw ups. Percy was a Ministry employee through and through, he followed the ministry line to a fault. That worked well in the current administration, but former Ministers had become easily manipulated by powerful and sometimes evil wizards and Percy had backed them to a fault.

Several other people walked into the minister’s office just as Percy took a seat at a small desk. It was time for the weekly staff meeting and all the department heads were expected to give progress on their departments. Arthur was there as the newly appointed director of Magical Law Enforcement which now included Magical Accidents and Catastrophes, also attending were Jacob Edgecombe who was tasked with the Department of International Magical Cooperation, Eleanor Stanrich headed up the Department of Magic Transportation, Eldridge Bagby led the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures Department, and finally Dandridge Patil ran the Department of Mysteries. Kingsley had handpicked these individuals to rebuild the ministry; he had not found a suitable candidate for the Department of Magical Sports and Games.

“Let’s bring this meeting to order. I need to know how we stand on staffing and clear up any unresolved issues from our previous meeting. Once we have staffing and damage control finished we can move on to new business” Kingsley stated as he sat back viewing his department heads.

A few hours later Kingsley sat in front of reports giving them a weekly address concerning the state of the Ministry. He was happy to report tremendous gains in productivity due to staffing resolutions in the various departments. He promised complete transparency in his governing body, and alluded to groundbreaking legislation being brought before the Wizengamot. He finished his press conference by asking for patience during this time.

Minerva McGonagall was having a very stressful week. She had been able to spend the weekend with her new ‘friend’ Kingsley and had enjoyed herself immensely. She felt like one of her school children with a crush, but today she had her hands full. There were construction workers, volunteers, engineers, historians, and all manner of lookyloos walking around Hogwarts School today. The only thing that made days like this tolerable were her favorite students stopping by and helping. Today Harry, Hermione, and Ron had wanted to volunteer; they told Minerva that they needed a break from studying in Harry’s new library. That sentence would have been all manner of wrong from most teenagers but it was perfectly acceptable from these three. Minerva was working close by and overheard a number of things that they surely wanted kept private. She walked over and told them to talk lower so they would not be overheard dicussing sensitive topics, and Hermione had a sly grin on her face.

“Well we kind of hoped you would overhear and give us your input” Hermione told the headmistress. “We have been studying very hard and it seems as if we have moved past the required course materiel for our NEWT’s a few days ago. We would like to sit our NEWT tests if at all possible.” Hermione stated with a hopeful expression

Minerva stood there silent for a few moments, it probably wouldn’t hurt to give them a practice test and evaluate their readiness based on that. It was not unheard of with special cases such as theirs. “Tell you what; let me get with the other professors that are here today and we I will try to set up an evaluation for you.” Hermione just beamed at the opportunity to graduate. All of the other professors were more than happy to test the trio and most of them wanted to do it that day, because of conflicting schedules. Minerva went upstairs and contacted Kingsley by floo and asked for his input. He saw no reason why they could not just test them outright,

“forget the practice test and surprise them with the full NEWT” he said.

Minerva came down out of her office and found the trio working with Professor Flitwick refurbishing some portraits. Harry was showing him a spell he had learned from one of Rowena Ravenclaw’s books; it was much faster and less tedious than the prior method of restoration. Harry had become a wealth of knowledge during the rebuilding of Hogwarts because of his libraries. He had access to books written by all four of the founders, including the protection, and maintenance spells. Because of his and Hermione’s studious work the rebuilding process was much easier and would finish under time and budget from the original estimations.

Minerva approached them and cleared her throat, once she had their attention

“I have been allowed to test you this evening based on the current NEWT standards, hopefully you will be ready for your examinations” she stated with pride. All three of them looked back with complete seriousness and nodded their heads,

‘even Mr. Weasley looked determined to prove himself’ Minerva thought to herself with approval.

True to his word Kingsley arrived that evening with the full allotment of NEWT testers and began the testing process for Harry, Ron and Hermione. All three would be tested on Defense against the Dark Arts, Transfiguration, Charms, Potion’s and Herbology, while Hermione would also take Ancient Runes and Arithmancy. These tests were to be split up between this evening and tomorrow morning. The testing began as soon as all three of them were secluded to a private classroom. The first test was Potion’s and Harry was amazed to discover how easy the written portion of the test was. He answered the questions with ease and quickly finished his test. No sooner had he laid his quill down that Hermione finished hers followed shortly by Ron. Harry turned to Ron and had to laugh at his expression; Ron was sitting there with a comically dazed grin on his face. Obviously the test was a breeze for all three of them; I guess the library time was paying off after all. After each written phase of the test they had a practical examination. The testers were amazed at how quickly the three were progressing through this test, they were ever on the lookout for cheating but none was found, clearly these three had done their homework. The first evening held Potions, Charms, and Herbology with Hermione also completing her Ancient Runes portion. That night they sat around McGonagall’s office, with the Headmistress, Minister, and Arthur Weasley. The Minister knew that their earlier tests had been graded but refused to tell them their scores until all testing was completed. They chatted about future plans and current events and that brought Harry around to an interesting topic.

“Minister Shacklebolt” Harry began and Kingsley quickly put his hand up. “Please Harry, we are old friends call me Kingsley unless we are in a formal setting.”

“Sounds good Kingsley, when will the Malfoy trial be held” Harry questioned the minister

“Actually the trial starts in two days, I was hoping to talk to you three about that very thing tonight.”

“As head of the Wizengamot do you have a sentence already planned” Harry continued to lead the conversation and Kingsley stated that he did.

Harry explained that they had talked at length on the topic, and had already come to their own conclusions. They felt Lucius should be tried and hopefully convicted of whatever charges he was accused of. He also felt that Narcissa and Draco should be tried but receive a lessened conviction based on the trio’s testimony, specifically Harry’s story about the final battle, and Draco’s reluctance to give up their identity. Kingsley sat there and took it all in remaining silent; Arthur was quick to argue because of his prejudice against the Malfoy family but Harry made an excellent point in the end.

“It is obvious that Lucius controlled that family, and Narcissa followed with whatever her husband’s wishes were. In the end she showed her only true loyalty was to her son Draco. You cannot fault a mother for only being loyal to her family. She has never been convicted of or even identified as a deatheater or criminal. Her only crime was marrying that creep Malfoy, and if we start convicting people based on stupid life choices then maybe we need a few more prisons. Draco was only trying to gain his father’s praise and respect. Then even better than his mother when the time came to show his true loyalty he went a step beyond family and attempted to protect people who were not even his friends. I believe that shows his true allegiance.” Harry finished

“Bollocks” Arthur shouted. “I want them all tried and convicted for the crimes; true colors were shown when they hung around Voldemort for all those years. Your youth blinds you to the real world” Arthur was very red faced as he said this

“What good would it do to convict the entire family for the father’s crimes? Other than to show that we are not impartial and do not consider all of the facts before passing judgments.” Harry passionately finished

Arthur began to retort when the Minister raised his hand for quiet. “Well then what do you three think would be an adequate punishment for the Malfoy family” Kingsley asked

Hermione took this one “Well for Lucius, if found guilty he should spend the remainder of his days in Azkaban prison, no parole. Narcissa and Draco would have a monitored probationary period and both would be required to enter the workforce and become productive members of society. Ninety five percent of the Malfoy estate would be remanded to a charitable organization, and Narcissa would retain the remaining five percent and the Malfoy Mansion.”

Kingsley actually like this idea, it had the potential to show his ministry was forgiving but strong as well as showing it would not tolerate outright anarchy. “Do you have a specific charitable organization in mind” He asked

This time it was Ron, “Well we have been talking about that and Harry thinks he has too much money as it is, personally I think he’s bloody crazy but it’s his money. He wanted to start a charity to help the families devastated by the wars, open orphanages for magical children and crap like that. Again I personally think he is crazy but it’s not my idea. The Malfoy’s sentence will be harsh and all convicted of working for Voldemort would be equally as harsh.”

Minerva began to cry, she had never seen such selflessness in anyone much less these three who deserved to be as selfish as they wanted. They were so young but had such modesty, and humility it was astonishing. Kingsley loved the idea and was a little irritated that he had not thought of it first, Arthur was still pretty upset but could see the benefit of handling the situation in this manner. He was having problems keeping his anger in check though and still felt the need to argue.

Arthur Weasley had changed a little when he received his promotion from Kingsley. He could no longer sit in wonder at the muggle world; he was in charge of the largest and most complicated department in the Ministry of Magic. He left home early and returned late, even at night he was forced to lay in bed unable to go to sleep due to stress from the workplace. In only a few short weeks his attitude had begun to change and his temper was starting to show. He was still the decent hard working wizard he had always been, always loving his family but work was causing unexpected changes to his attitude.

“Well since you have such a genius idea, tell me who is going to run such a large charitable organization? Let me guess, you three!” Arthur said with malice in his tone.

Harry had noticed the changes in Arthur and hoped his response would disarm him just enough to share what was troubling him. “Actually dad, I was hoping Molly and Andromeda would run it. They could appoint a treasurer and elect a board of supervisors, with the only request from our part being we could sit on the board.” Harry’s voice dripped with compassion

Harry’s disarming plan worked perfectly, Arthur broke down and apologized profusely attempting to hold back his tears. Kingsley quickly picked up on what was happening and questioned Arthur about his current state. Arthur was Ron’s dad and as good as a father to both Hermione and Harry, so when he broke down and began pouring his heart out about stress, family, loss and his feeling of inadequacy at the ministry, his kids began to cry. That night a lot of things were said and promised between the six of them. Most importantly they all agreed to stand tall amid any crisis and would always lean on each other when needed. Kingsley talked sensibly to Arthur about his current department, Arthur understood that he was not needed for every little detail and the right people were in the right places for it to run smoothly now. He should work normal hours and whatever was not finished today would always be there tomorrow, and secondly he would have a brand new assistant in the office tomorrow morning.

Kingsley and Minerva had a surprise for the trio the following morning. In the eyes of the ministry they had already completed their Defense against the Dark Arts NEWT but they needed to have some sort of test. He lined them up in the great hall with several reporters from the daily prophet. Minerva hoped their plan worked and did not cause embarrassment for the trio.

Kingsley stepped up to the front of the crowd and began to speak. “Ladies and Gentleman, all three of our students have completed all of their NEWT testing except for Defense against the Dark Arts. Having received Outstanding level in all previous test portions, we are providing a demonstration for their final test. Due to recent events they have already been given Outstanding in the DADA NEWT.” He paused and let the information sink in for the trio. All three of them stood there grinning ear to ear and hugging one another, once they realized they were now graduates and had received top honors. “Now for our demonstration, we have been given testimony by several witnesses that these three are excellent duelers. We wanted to test this by having them duel the entire testing squad, Headmistress McGonagall and Myself. Do you three agree” Kingsley asked them

Despite their reservations all three agreed to accept the duel despite the six on three odds. They all took their positions and paced off ten paces, all turned and pandemonium broke out as cheers for the duelists began. Hermione found herself up against a small squat witch that was relatively spry given her stature and an older wizard that was only putting up a halfhearted attempt. Hermione was thankful for the older man because the witch was proving to be very difficult, she was casting faster than Hermione could block, and many times she was struck by a grazing stunner. Hermione began to cast fervently and quickly incapacitated the older man but this only spurned the small witch to greater feats. She began to disapparate quickly moving from location to location causing confusion for Hermione; she was eventually struck with a disarming charm and knocked from the competition. Seeing this Harry quickly dispatched one of his competitors and threw a solid stone wall formed from the bricks of the floor in front of Ron. Ron was not aware that he was now facing three duelists and was almost struck by the small witch. Ron had his hands full already without Hermione’s witch; he was facing Kingsley and the potion master who tested him. He was not having a problem blocking the spells coming toward him, it was that his two adversaries had obviously planned their attack and one casted jinxes and curses while the other blocked. Every so often they would switch up until Harry came to his aid and brought it to a four on two rather than the two on one. Harry took advantage of the confusion among the competitors and wrapped them in a barrier spell that he guided with his hand forcing it into a spiraling ball, much like he had seen Dumbledore do with Tom Riddle. Ron began feverishly casting into the protective bubble and managed to knock the potion master out of the fight. Minerva McGonagall blasted the barrier spell away just as the small witch disarmed Ron and ended his duel. Leaving Harry with the worst odds of the day, three on one did seem a bit extreme for everyone. The spectators had never seen anyone produce spell work as fast as Harry, no one could have believed a mere seventeen year old boy could hold up to the minister, headmistress, and this little short firecracker whoever she was. The crowd still cheered at the duelists and was treated to an amazing lightshow in the great hall. Harry saw an opportunity when Kingsley and Minerva were attempting to swap positions for better leverage, he instantly cast a spell pulling the entire hall into complete darkness, he disapparated over to his two friends and immobilized them before bringing the lights back on. The little small witch stood there with a grin on her face, this was going to be a fight to the finish and Harry knew he was missing something important. One on one they circled each other looking for any sign of weakness, testing each other with quick strikes that were easily deflected or blocked. The small witch struck first with a vengeance, pouring spells from the end of her wand, never speaking a word so as not to allow Harry time to prepare for her attack. Harry countered with spell, block, spell, block until the witch fell into a routine. Harry casually cast a jelly leg jinx at her and caught her off guard, seeing his moment he seized it and shouted petrificus totalus, immediately followed by expelliarmus. Harry was spent; he had used up all of his energy in that duel.


As the trio walked over to the competitors the small witch began to hunch over and her skin began to ripple. Harry raised his wand at her because he quickly realized she had taken polyjuice potion, she was not who she appeared to be. Moments later standing there in front of them was a middle age wizard with blonde hair and ladies clothes a few sizes too small. He had a stupid impish grin on his face as he stared at the ground in complete embarrassment. Kingsley was livid as he looked down at the man, then he quickly tried to get the situation under control and hide the man from the reporters that were trying to take pictures. Obviously one of them had slipped through because the following morning everyone knew the magical prodigy, boy wonder, seventeen year old Harry Potter had beaten John Dawlish head auror in an outright duel.

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Chapter 8: The Weight of Family
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Amber Daugherty was a beautiful, intelligent, and driven young woman. She had finished school with top marks, even graduating valedictorian. Her raven black hair fell just to her neckline, and went perfectly with her dark olive complexion. Her eyes were the palest blue imaginable, almost seeming grey upon first glance. Many suitors had tried to make advances on Amber but all were immediately shot down. She was not conceited or any of those petty emotions, she had but one goal in life. Find dark magic and stomp it out any way possible, and even at the young age of twenty two she was succeeding.

She stood up and walked around the side of the desk to look out on the beautiful Washington D.C. landscape. As she moved around the office she noticed the eyes of the current President of Magic following the shapely curves of her voluptuous body. She knew John Canton was a fat old dog, which would bed any woman that showed him the slightest attention. Rather than feel degraded, she decided to use her ample skill and prodigious assets to help her situation.

“John, allow me to jump straight to the point” Amber said as she turned to face the President. “I have heard the rumors about the young man, but I also feel he is ultimately responsible for the situation we are currently facing. Had he not destroyed England’s ‘Dark Lord’” Amber paused to quote that statement using her fingers and a sour condescending look on her face. “Then his followers would never have immigrated to the United States.”

Amber finished her well-rehearsed speech and awaited President Canton’s response.

“Mrs. Daugherty, you know full well, I have spoken with the current Minister of Magic in London. He refuses to even mention the topic to Harry Potter. I do not see any value with bringing an eighteen year old boy over to the states anyway. Why can’t you people over in wizard law deal with the problem” the President asked.

Amber glared at the pudgy old man with an icy stare. She became the current director of the dark magic task force a few months ago. Her predecessor was a doddering old fool from the American Southwest, who fancied himself as some kind of ancient shaman. He was forced to investigate a crime of muggle baiting, something they had never dealt with before. During his investigation he met two of the supposed deatheaters and they tore him to pieces. Amber doubts he ever sent a spell in offense during the entire exchange in which he was killed, and that was why she wanted Harry Potter. If even half the rumors about the boy wonder were true, then she had to meet him and have her team train with him. Her current forces could not deal with the power presented in these ‘deatheaters’. She had hoped if she portrayed Harry as a nuisance rather than a savior, the President would be more apt to help her. She knew he was always wary of the next person trying to steal his job.

Feeling the unease at this beautiful young woman staring daggers at him, he mentioned the one opportunity to recruit the young wizard Potter and keep him as far away from politics as possible.

“Why don’t we try to offer him a position at the Laveau Academy in south Louisiana” John offered and instantly saw the young women’s demeanor change.

“Can we offer an expanded Defense against the Dark Arts course through the school this year” She asked with renewed vigor. John thought that was a wonderful idea and gave her permission to arrange the entire thing.

Over the last six months Harry, Ron, and Hermione had spent as much free time possible studying in Harry’s new libraries. On top of the studying Harry and Ron had begun an extreme physical fitness regiment of weights, running, resistance training, and cardio exercises. The press had slowed its constant invasion into Harry’s private life and he was starting to enjoy his semi-private life. Of course people would always recognize him and offer their thanks or request autographs. He still felt uncomfortable, simply because he knew that he really didn’t have a choice in his fame. He was going to be famous for killing Voldermort and making the world a safe place or he was dead and Voldermort ruled everything. Given those two choices, Harry figured a few autographs and a little media were small prices to pay.

Hermione and Ron had decided to get married. The proposal was sort of sweet and unexpected coming from the romantically challenged Ron Weasley. They had been to a Quidditch match between the Chudley Cannons and Puddlemere United. After the match the group of friends went to a pub for a bit of late night revelry. Hermione had recently started to harp on Ron for his binge drinking and had finally given him an ultimatum,

“Either you love me or you love getting smashed, one or the other Ron.”

That night he was drinking heavily and had started to act obnoxious, and Hermione was done. Neville was trying to get Ron to slow down because he knew about Hermione’s resolution to leave Ron if he continued to drink heavily. Hermione was just turning to Luna and Ginny to excuse herself with tears in her eyes; she knew the relationship was over. The moment Hermione stood up Ron grabbed her hand, and spun her around.

“Everyone here knows you are too good for me ‘Mione’ but before you walk out of my life for good please just answer one question for me” Ron dropped to one knee and with a twinkle in his eye produced a beautiful ring

“Will you do this poor old drunk a favor and marry me”

Hermione was speechless for the first time in her life. She immediately realized that Ron did not seem to be intoxicated at all, she looked over to Harry and he held up Ron’s bottle of firewhiskey that was ‘full’ and appeared to be corked. She had been completely taken in by his little act and rather than feeling foolish she was swept off her feet.

“Ron, you big idiot, of course I will marry you” she answered with tears of happiness replacing the tears of sadness on her face.

Over the weeks the three of them had talked a lot about future plans. Ron had been accepted into the auror program at the Ministry, and Hermione was joining the Department of Mysteries, hoping to become an unspeakable. Harry had a multitude of offers from varying career paths but was no closer to deciding today than he was last week. The Chudley Cannons had offered him a lucrative position as seeker, following his tryouts earlier in the summer. The Minister had offered him a position in any department he wished, including a cabinet position if he so desired. People from all over had begun to recruit Harry feverishly but he didn’t know what he wanted to do. One day earlier this week the trio was in the sitting room at Grimmuald Place relaxing and reminiscing on their days at Hogwarts when Harry brought the subject up again.

“I hate to bring this back up, but what do you two think I should do” Harry asked his closest friends.

“How the hell are we supposed to know? That’s your future not ours” Hermione pointed out

“Yeah mate, that’s like me asking you how many kids me and Hermione should have. Kind of a stupid question to let someone else answer” Ron interjected

Harry just sat back and smiled, ‘big help they are’ he thought, but they were right.

“Harry I hate to change the subject but we have been over that topic so many times it actually gives me a headache. Not trying to sound like Dumbledore or anything but ‘you will know when you know’.” Hermione told Harry. She abruptly changed subjects to a topic she had been studying in ‘Gisgon’ Harry’s library in Carthage. When she began to speak she noticed Harry and Ron instantly zone out, as usual.

“Pay attention Harry, this is important. I have been meaning to bring this up for over a month but didn’t know how.” Harry perked up after being scolded by Hermione. She started to talk and then suddenly she remembered something and went over to the floo and called for Ron’s brother Bill Weasley, who also happened to be Harry’s accountant and bookkeeper. She mentioned that it was a rather long story with a lot of facts so Harry had Kreacher bring some coffee and biscuits while they talked.

“Bill and I have made a few discoveries. Bill brought them to my attention based on some documents he found while going through the Potter and Black family vaults. Harry do you remember Bill asking you to come to the vaults about a month ago” Hermione asked

“Yeah” Harry responded “Bill needed me to unlock some chests that were magically sealed. Only the owner of the chest could open it.”

“That is correct” Bill chimed in “I knew those were family history chests and most families keep important or secret documents in those chests.” Bill added

“That is how Bill found out about your muggle financial holdings and your history with the commonwealth. He also found out interesting information about the Potter family tree. When he brought his findings to me, I began to investigate and reference them to the ancient books on genealogy in Gisgon. Once I had a clearer picture….” Hermione paused.

She seemed reticent to share this information with Harry. “Look Harry, I know better than anyone how much crap you have been through your entire life. If you don’t want me to add a whole new load to your already full cart I can stop right now” Hermione told Harry with compassion radiating from her look.

“It seems awfully important Hermione, and I have always wanted to know more about my family. Let’s just agree to keep whatever information you have found between the four of us for now.” Harry replied urging her to move on in the story.

“Well” Hermione continued “The Potter line has never been broken; the surname has never been changed in thousands of years. Your family lineage has been recorded since its inception for good reason. I suspected something when I saw that phoenix merge with your soul when you died, but I never imagined how short sighted my suspicion could have been.” Hermione paused and took a sip of butterbeer and gathered her thoughts for a moment. She had Harry and Ron on the edge of their seats, “You are a direct descendant of Godric Gryffindor and Helga Hufflepuff on the Potter side of your family. Most laypeople think the four founders were friends, but they were actually siblings. All magic comes from these four people, their line being the most direct link.”

She continued to explain about the huge book she had been studying meticulously for weeks. She had followed the marriages and births through the ages and came across an interesting anomaly. Three generations after their initial children, Gryffindor’s and Hufflepuff’s heirs married and had one child. Then their boy had one boy, so on and so forth for thousands of years. She explained that is why there are so few Potters in the magical world; every generation of male Potter only had one male offspring.

Harry was amazed that Hermione had spent so much time studying his family. It was obvious that she had much more to say but she needed to add some more details for Ron and Harry to keep up, since they were not quite as intelligent as she was. She continued to explain that everyone could claim a founder as a forefather. All magic went through these four people, and because of that it proved their children begat children who begat even more children, but there was only one direct unbroken line from that brother and sister pair.
“Once I realized that, I began looking into the Evans side of your family. This was much harder because someone cursed this family around seven hundred AD. The curse removed magic from the family’s future generations, effectively killing out the Evans family from the magical community. That was until Helene Evans arrived at Hogwarts in the eighth century, she was an extremely talented witch born to muggles. Everyone thought she had proven that your bloodline had nothing to do with your magical powers. Then I found Abigail Evans in the tenth century and followed her illustrious career until she died many years later. Once I realized there was a magical Evans once a century I had a common thread to decipher the Evans family tree focusing on the witches that were born once a century. Going back through the generations, every Evans witch married a muggle and produced muggle offspring, until your mother, the Evans family witch of the twentieth century; obviously she married your father and had you.”

Hermione stopped talking and looked into Harry’s strained expression. “Do you need me to circle back to anything” Hermione asked in sympathy. Harry just shook his head expressing he was following along.

“Alright so that brings us back to the seventh century and the curse. The feud between the Malfoy family and the Evans family is irrelevant to the story, but it is kind of humorous to know that all of our families have been fighting for ever, literally. Anyway, it seems as if the magic in the Evans family was too strong to be completely suppressed. Once I discovered the common thread and was able to track the family backwards I realized the Evans family was direct line descendants of Salazar Slytherin and Rowena Ravenclaw. Same scenario as in Godric and Helga, three generations after the initial produced a child, only this time it was a witch.” Hermione finished and
Harry sat there with realization quickly clearing his mind.

“So what you are saying is that I am a direct descendant of the four founders.” Harry asked impatiently

“Yes, you are the first wizard or witch ever who can claim a direct unbroken link between the four founders but there is one fact I left out that you should definitely know.” Hermione paused for effect

“Their father was Merlin.” Hermione finished with a playful grin on her face.

“Wait, so I am the first and only direct descendant of Merlin, the Merlin? Like the first and most powerful wizard to ever live, Merlin” Harry asked in astonishment.

Hermione explained that the power Dumbledore had unlocked was Merlin’s magic; the phoenix that entered Harry’s body and saved him was the essence of Merlin’s soul. She further explained that if Harry were to become an animagus he would probably be a phoenix and his patronus had more than likely already taken on that form.

“Basically you are Merlin, or at least the modern day equivalent. History stated that you would come, but watchers had been placed by the founders to prevent the Evans and Potter family from uniting until the appointed time. It seems that they were very wary of the power they had granted this future wizard and reluctantly allowed it to happen, and only after they had ensured many safeguards were in place. Don’t worry; I have yet to found any reasoning or information behind the appointed time reference.”

Hermione sat back finally finished speaking at least for the time being. ‘She had said enough’ Harry thought.
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Chapter 9: The Offer
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Last night was the trio’s final night together for the foreseeable future. The night began with a fabulous feast prepared by Kreacher at Grimmauld Place. Everyone was invited, kind of an end of the summer start the rest of your life dinner. Neville was there accompanied by Luna, the two of them had become inseparable over the summer. Neville would be leaving tonight for Brazil; he would be attending an intense Herbology and potion supplement course for the next twelve weeks. Luna and Ginny would be returning to Hogwarts for their final year, and their excitement could barely be contained. Ron and Seamus Finnigan were leaving for auror training in the morning; they had a mandatory three week sequestering for beginner aurors. Most of his close classmates had attended the dinner party at Grimmauld Place, and afterward everyone went to a lively pub in London for some adult beverages. Most of his friends had called it a night earlier than Harry had wanted, because they all had something to do tomorrow and unfortunately he did not. He knew that it was his own fault but in his current drunken stupor he could care less, he felt abandoned.

He returned to his home alone that night, feeling extremely sorry for himself. He continued to drink until he passed out on the couch in the sitting room. His summer of fun was officially over and with no clear picture of the future he fell into an inebriated depression. He woke up the following morning still on the couch in his sitting room; he could have sworn he heard someone calling his name. His senses were extremely blurry due to an alcohol induced hangover.

“Mr. Potter” Harry heard his name called again as he searched around the room for the source of the voice.

“Over in the floo Harry” the voice said as Harry tried to focus on the fireplace across the room.

Harry finally focused enough to see the head of Minerva McGonagall floating in a greenish hued flame and quickly sat up to see what had brought her about this morning.

“Good morning professor, what can I do for you today” Harry replied while trying to compose himself.

“I have a few visitors that would like to speak with you this morning, could you please ready yourself and floo to my office” Minerva asked and Harry responded he would return momentarily.

Harry ran upstairs to wash and change clothes. Kreacher helped him find his trainers and gave him a quick bite as Harry ran back down the stairs. He took the floo directly to the Headmistress office at Hogwarts School and began a quick visual survey of those requesting his presence. Seated or standing around the office were Minerva McGonagall, Kingsley Shacklebolt, and three people he had never met. One of which was a drop dead gorgeous dark haired woman who actually took Harry’s breath away. Upon seeing Harry’s reaction to the young woman Kingsley shot a wary glance at the portly gentleman wearing an expensive looking muggle business suit.

“Harry, good to see you my friend” Kingsley began “Allow me to make some introductions so we can get this matter behind us.” Kingsley stated as he stepped forward with the three guests
“This gentleman is my American counterpart President John Canton. He leads the Magical citizens in the states.” Kingsley gestured to the portly gentleman who stepped forward and quickly shook Harry’s hand.

Minerva stepped up to introduce the elderly wizard in dazzling green robes. “Harry, may I introduce Elder Elijah as he is commonly referred to. He is the headmaster of Laveau Academy in New Orleans, Louisiana.” Minerva finished as the gentleman stepped forward slightly and extended his hand. Harry graciously took the man’s hand and winced slightly at the unexpected strength in the old guys grip.

Then Elijah turned toward the young woman and said “Mr. Potter this is Amber Daugherty, she is one of my most accomplished students. She graduated a few years ago and now holds the title as Director of Dark Magic Detection or the DMD Squad if you prefer.”

The girl stepped forward and kept her eyes cast downward, she placed her hand in Harry’s direction and he slowly accepted it. She raised her eyes and the blush that the two shared was noticed by all in attendance. Kingsley stood there glaring in Minerva’s direction; they both knew it was a stroke of genius to bring this beautiful young woman along to help persuade Harry.

After the introductions were finished Winky appeared and offered drinks to all attendees. Harry took a butterbeer and directed his attention to the American school headmaster as he began to speak.

“Harry, I would like to come straight to the point” He began and Harry nodded in affirmation for him to continue. “Although we are separated by a very long distance, rumors travel very quickly in the worldwide magical community. We have it on good authority that you trained a large group of untrained and unskilled wizards and witches in your fifth year here at Hogwarts.”

Harry not sure of where this conversation was headed simply sat there and listened intently. Albus had taught him to keep his cards close to his chest whenever he had doubts about a person’s intentions.

The old wizard continued “I will take your silence as affirmation that this rumor is true. I have looked over your NEWT scores and after hearing about your prodigious skill in teaching, I would like to offer you a temporary position at Laveau Academy in our newly developed Defense against the Dark Arts division. Recent developments have proven to us that our knowledge in this field is lacking and recent history has shown that you might be able to fill this position.” Elijah finished with hopeful anticipation

“When you say recent developments, what might you be alluding to” Harry asked

“Oh well Mr. Potter you need not concern yourself with that.” The portly American President said.

“Well with all due respect President Canton but I call bullshit when I see it.” Harry replied as Kingsley and Minerva sat back with huge grin on their faces. “Why would you need a recently qualified eighteen year old wizard to travel five thousand miles to teach a course in basic defense to a bunch of school age children” Harry questioned

John’s face instantly reddened as he puffed himself up “Well I Never” he exclaimed as if he had been offended, to which Harry’s dislike instantly doubled for the man. Self-righteous pretentious pompous people always created instant dislike in Harry’s mind.

“If I may” Amber started to speak quickly for fear the conversation was going the wrong direction. “Recently several dark wizards have been causing problems……….”

John instantly cut her off “You were told not to speak of this topic Mrs. Daugherty” He defiantly proclaimed to which Amber quickly begged a private conversation with her President.

As they silently conversed over in the corner of the office Harry took the opportunity to speak with Minerva and Kingsley in private.

“What is this all about” Harry asked

“I think they need some help and are severely under trained. Intelligence says their former director was easily killed by two deatheaters. Be careful in what you accept, they may offer you a teaching position but draft you into their ministries services.” Kingsley offered

“Well can they be trusted” Harry asked again

“Yes and no” was Minerva’s response “Professor Elijah is a very honorable man, he repeatedly has requested help from Hogwarts over the years on this subject.” Minerva finished before Kingsley stated

“No I do not fully trust the current President. Not because he has given me reason to distrust, he just reminds me of Fudge a little too much and I would not want you to get yourself in above your head.” Kingsley finished the argument.

“Well between the three of us, I think this might be the opportunity I have been looking for. I have no immediate plans and I fail to see any easier choices in the near future. At least I will be doing something.” Harry replied with a look of final decision in his eyes just as the American group returned from their private conversation.

Amber was the first to speak again. “Basically we are requesting you to take over the DADA class in Laveau Academy; also we will be holding specialized training for my DMD squad and would require your tutelage in these sessions. Finally we would like support in our education of the magical community as to basic household defense. As was previously stated, we find ourselves lacking on this topic and your experience would surely help us get back into shape.” Amber finished

Amber sat there and tried to hide her thoughts from her face. She had not expected to be so effected by this young man. He was four years younger than her but he carried himself like a fully grown man, not like the eighteen year old boy she knew he was. She had seen pictures of him in the past in the British newspapers and magazines that she had read but this was a much more grown up version of those images. Gone was the little glasses wearing, hair tossed youth with what seemed to be the weight of the world on his shoulders. What sat here was a tall, buff, and damned handsome man staring daggers through her President as he spoke. She could never be claimed as a member of the Harry Potter fan club, but she also figured the members of his fan club could never have the mature thoughts that were running through her head right then. She had begun to flush clear down to her chest as she turned her attention back to the conversation. Elder Elijah had just offered Harry a lucrative benefits package and Harry had tentatively accepted the new position.

“Right then, well if that’s everything, I would like to have a private conference with you Minister Shacklebolt” John Canton had stated while standing and placing his traveling hat back on his head.

“Of course Mr. President, let us floo back to my office and leave these fine people to hash out any contract related issues.” Kingsley responded as he headed for the fireplace.

A few hours later Elder Elijah and Amber were prepared to leave. Amber had assured Harry that his residence in New Orleans had already transferred into his ownership and to make things even better Kreacher had returned from Cathedral House and deemed it highly livable.

“Except for that damned house elf” Harry heard Kreacher mumble under his breath.

'Thats really odd' Harry thought, it seemed Kreacher had returned from New Orleans with many whelps about his neck and head, and sported a nasty black eye.

Laveau Academy term was due to start in a week, thus giving Harry ample opportunity to wrap things up in London. Harry was keeping his emotions close to his chest just as he had been taught for so many years. He was just as affected by Amber as she had been with him. ‘I am going to play this one smart’ Harry thought to himself.

Harry departed Hogwarts just after the American’s had left. He thanked Minerva for her offer of assistance and wholeheartedly accepted the help; he knew it was going to be needed. She also offered him a diagram of the various floo networks through his various properties. He remembered something being mentioned about it during the reading of his estate but did not understand the complexity of its magic. It seemed that Harry could only access Gisgon and Apotropaic through his Grimmauld floo, but the rest of his various properties were magically connected to each other. It was impossible to disapparate all the way across to America, but all he needed was his personal floo network for travel. She did advise him to route his first trip through the ministry approved floo at the international arrival and departure department inside the ministry. She figured he would be fine but wanted him to follow the law until he had a better understanding of international rules on travel.

Harry arrived back at Grimmauld Place and found Kreacher in a heated argument with another house elf.

“HOW DOES IT FEEL TO HAVE SOMEONE CLEAN UP YOUR MESS, YOU STUPID HOUSE ELF” a squeaky female voice could be heard screaming.

Harry ran as fast as possible to the kitchen to find a small house elf wearing a bonnet and apron beating Kreacher over the head with a rolling pin.

“I DON’T HEAR ANYTHING FROM YOU IN SIXTY YEARS AND YOU JUST POP IN AND SAY MY HOUSE IS DIRTY” Wop, Wop, Bam, came the sound of the rolling pin hitting Kreacher over the head.

Harry didn’t even bother with his wand he just summoned the rolling pin and it flew out of the house elves hand into his.

“Who are you and why are you beating my friend” Harry questioned
The house elf turned and looked down at the floor, her voice barely audible she said

“begging your pardon master, Kreacher offended me earlier today and since he was a delinquent brother for sixty years, I felt I was well within my rights to beat on him”

Harry had no response he just stood there with the oddest expression, he was at a loss for words.

“Master” Kreacher began “Allow me to introduce my sister Clotille”

Clotille broke down into tears and fell on the ground sobbing.

“Imagine how I felt, always alone with no one to talk to. Worrying about my big brother for years and then someone finally comes to visit, and of all people it is my big brother Kreacher and rather than saying something nice he says my house is dirty. I have never been so ashamed in my life” She sat there sobbing

Harry began to understand that this was his house elf from Cathedral House in New Orleans, Louisiana.

“So this is your sister, is that normal in your race? To be so divided from your close family members?” Harry asked Kreacher and was told that it was perfectly normal for a house elf once of age to never see family members again, unless they were assigned to the same house. This bothered Harry much more than he let on because Harry figured if you had family no matter what race you were you should cherish them. ‘One quest at a time’ Harry thought to himself.

“Will both of you be available to help me transition to living in Cathedral House” Harry asked and both nodded in excitement.

That night they sat around the kitchen making preparations for Harry’s move to America. Kreacher would accompany him to America and Clotille said she would enjoy having the company. After that evening everything had been decided on and Harry would make the move in two days. He needed to see Ginny and let the Weasley family know how to reach him and Hermione would be extremely angry if he left without saying goodbye. Harry went to bed that night excited, which was far better than the drunken pass out he experienced the night before. He finally had a plan for the near future and felt no pressure to move beyond that.
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Chapter 10: Coming to America
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Damon stood outside on the corner waiting for his school bus. It was his first day of school and he was extremely excited. He loved an adventure and this was a new one he had been looking forward to for a while now. The rest of the kids eventually showed up but ignored him for the most part. He was thankful for his ability to blend into the environment; it was particularly convenient when he was trying to feel his way through a new situation.

Damon had laid his entire uniform out the night before, and once he had taken his bath he went back to make sure his clothes were perfect. His foster mom had reluctantly taken him down to the church donation box earlier in the week. He searched through box after box while she schmoozed with the parish women on the local gossip. Finally he had found four shirts and five pair of pants that fit; it had taken a while because most of the clothes had holes or stains on them. He felt particularly lucky since he found a shirt with a Polo label on it, and he knew they were good because most of the rich tourists wore that kind. He was very proud of all his new clothes but they were nothing compared to his book bag. He had begged his foster parents to let him get one, Damon knew all the kids needed one because of all the books and papers he would carry. Of course they had refused and told him that they were only responsible for food and a roof over his head, if he wanted nicer things then maybe he should get some parents. Sometimes they said mean things like that and Damon acted like it didn’t bother him at all, but no one saw him crying into his pillow knowing that all the other kids would laugh at him for being poor, and not having a back pack.

Luckily Damon’s social worker paid a visit two days before the start of school. She wanted to check on things and make sure Damon wasn’t being a nuisance. He repeated his plea to her about a book bag and obviously she felt sorry for him. She loaded him up and took him down to the local discount store and told him to pick out whichever one he wanted. Damon could barely hide his glee as he tore around the new book bags looking for the perfect one. Finally he decided on a blue one that had a picture of an ancient looking wizard with long white hair and matching beard, he was swooshing his wand around and light was coming out of it.

“This is awesome, can I please have this one” Damon pleaded.

“Yes, you can have that one. Let me have it so I can pay for it.” The social worker replied

They went to the register and she pulled a twenty dollar bill out and the cashier handed her six dollars back. She took the bag and Damon back home and then handed the bag to the boy. With tears in his eyes he looked up at her and thanked her.

“Damon I thought you would be happy, people don’t cry when they are happy” she said

“This is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me. I have never had anything new before and well just thank you” Damon stuttered out as he ran back toward the house swinging the bag.

She went home that night and looked at her two twin boys playing their expensive video games on their personal flat screen television, as usual. Her husband was there to complain something stupid that happened at work, as usual. She had never realized how much a fourteen dollar gift could mean to one person, and she wondered if any of her family members would feel so fortunate to be given the same.

Damon got on the bus with the rest of the kids and took a seat just behind the driver. He knew the big kids would usually sit in the back, so he didn’t want that kind of trouble. The ride to school was uneventful and he even made a new friend on the bus. The boy’s name was Jacob and he liked to build forts in his back yard with his dad. Damon and Jacob ran from the bus into the schoolhouse. He said he wasn’t ever scared but he did feel a little shocked at how electric the atmosphere felt. He was quickly herded with the other first graders and led into the cafeteria to be placed with their new teachers. Unfortunately he did not get to go to the same class with Jacob, but Damon was sure he would meet other people in his class that would be nice. His teacher was a big colorful woman named Mrs. Peterson; she made everyone get into a single file line and follow her to the classroom. Every one of the students had an assigned seat so Damon quickly found his and began to place his school supplies away. Once he sat down he took a moment to look around at the nearest desks. There was a fat little black girl to his right, and a tall skinny black boy to his left. Just in front of him he saw the flaming red hair of another girl only this one was white. Damon didn’t like girls, they were icky. All they ever wanted to do was play with dolls and have tea parties. A few of his foster parents had girls, either as natural children or as foster kids and Damon had learned that girls were no fun. Damon turned around to see who was sitting behind him when he felt a poke in his forehead.

“Keep your eyes to the front, dung head” was the huge fat white kid’s response. “Next time it will be your eye that gets the poke” he continued

‘Three out of four ain’t bad’ figured Damon as he listened to Ms. Peterson drone on about lessons and lunches and free periods. They spent the next hour getting to know one another, each person would give their name and where in the city they lived. Some people said what their parents did but to Damon’s relief not everyone gave that information. He learned that the boy sitting to his left was called Daniel, and the fat kid behind him was Warren. Damon introduced himself to Daniel and they began talking about how happy they were to be in first grade. Warren decided to interject himself into the conversation by explaining that first grade was stupid and this was his second time to come here. He failed last year because of “behavioral issues” his dad had told him.

“And if ya know what’s good for ya, you’ll do as I say or I’ll will beat ya like I did that kid last year” Warren told both Damon and Daniel.

They gave each other a wary look and attempted to ignore the beast of a boy until eventually Ms. Peterson said it was time to work on their math assignment. The rest of the day went by rather quickly; they would work on a lesson then take a break. Eventually they went to lunch and that afternoon they had recess. Damon and Daniel met a few more of the boys in the class and all of them were just hanging around by the school swing set when Warren made another appearance. He walked right over to Damon and said

“Move, you’re in my spot”

Then pushed Damon to the ground when he didn’t move fast enough.

“You little kids are gonna learn soon enough that this is my playground and you do what I say”

Damon got up slowly, attempting to shake the fog away from his head. He did not like the foggy times as he called them, he could never remember what happened when his head went foggy. He just smirked towards Daniel and shrugged his shoulders. Then without thinking his mouth opened

“What am I supposed to do, if he sits on me I die” He blurted out and then took off running because fat Warren was chasing after him.

Amber had owled Harry a few nights after their meeting at Hogwarts. She would meet him at the English ministry and escort him through the floo network to America. Clotille and Kreacher had already left for Cathedral House the night before taking Harry’s luggage with them. He took a long hot shower that morning and checked himself in the mirror a few times.

‘Not bad’ Harry thought, but then felt immediately stupid. ‘Real cool Romeo’ he said aloud as he took the floo to the ministry.

Amber had been waiting by the floo grates for about ten minutes. She couldn’t wait for Harry to get there, not because she was excited to see him. She was tired of all the lustful stares she received from the wizards and jealous ones from the witches. Then when she saw the messy long hair of the famous wizard step out of the floo farthest from her she had to admit maybe she was a little excited to see him.

“Harry, over here” Amber yelled with a bit too much enthusiasm.

She had never met a really famous person before and was overwhelmed when her path to Harry was obstructed by the various witches and wizards wishing to shake hands and give thanks to him. In consideration for his guest Harry quickly shook a few hands and then made his way through the congregating thrall.

“Wow” was all Amber could say.

“It gets this way sometimes; I try to let it slide though. Hell it was either me or Voldermort wasn’t it” Harry replied.

Amber just shook her head as Harry placed his hand on the small of her back.

“Let’s go this way, less of a crowd” He said as Amber struggled to reign in her emotions from his touch.

They made their way down to the international travel department and handed all the relevant documents over to the witch working the departure desk. She questioned Harry about modes of transport in the future and he simply replied personal floo. She made the necessary checks on her paperwork and bid them a safe day. Once they arrived in America everything seemed exactly the same, checked documents, marked papers and then Harry and Amber were on their way.

“President Canton would like to see you for a few moments, if that’s alright. I also need to stop by my office for a second” Amber said as she walked with Harry.

They entered the lift and Harry noticed a wizard sitting on a stool next to the floor call numbers.

“Where to Ms. Daugherty” the wizard asked and she replied the Presidential floor

Amber noticed Harry’s smirk and told him that it was always called the fifth floor until Canton took office. "He is so consumed with the importance of his office; he doesn’t realize how stupid it makes him look" Amber offered as an explaination.

It was Harry’s turn to just nod and it further increased his dislike of the American President. The lift doors opened on the president’s outer office, there sat a very lovely witch with bleach blonde hair. When Amber announced their visit, the receptionist instructed them to take a seat in an extremely nasally voice. Moments later she announced the President was ready to see them.

“Mr. Potter, I appreciate you visiting me straight away. I trust there were no issues with your travel.” President Canton stated and Harry shook his head.

The look Harry gave John unnerved the man, John could feel disdain flowing out of Harry’s essence.

“Yes, well I am glad you are here safely. If you will allow me a few seconds of your time, I will have him back to you in a jiffy Amber” John said as he dismissed his department head.

The look she shared with Harry said everything, and caught him off guard. He could feel her saying ‘stay calm, do not back down, but under no circumstances threaten or offend him’ and then she returned to the outer office.

“Harry, if I may call you that” Harry nodded in affirmation

“You seem to share a special relationship with your current Minister. I would love nothing more than for the two of us to have a similar bond. I want you to understand that I am here to help you while you are here. I have obtained diplomatic immunity for you while you reside here in the states and don’t think I need to remind you that while you are here, you must obey the laws of this land. Does that all seem on the up and up” The president asked and Harry responded

“I must admit that I am not sure what diplomatic immunity is, but thanks. Also you need to know that the Ministry of Magic has attempted to use me most of my life. For both political and personal reasons and because of that I am distrustful at best of most governing bodies. My relationship with Kingsley is a personal one that well pre-dates his appointment as current minister.” Harry replied stonily

“Diplomatic Immunity simply gives you clearance for travel and lets the public know you are here at the behest of the standing government.” John began but then drew closer to the desk and added “Well surely you can see the benefit of having friends in high places can’t you young man? I was told you were an extremely intelligent individual; please do not prove my sources wrong.” John stated

“My intelligence has brought me through many trials and guided my many actions through the years. You must understand that I mean no disrespect, but if you attempt to use me as a pawn or if you think you are doing me any favors here.” Harry paused with a steely gaze in the president’s direction,

“Then maybe I need to rethink my previous acceptance to help you and return to England post haste” Harry finished.

Harry knew and fully understood that with that sentence now said there was no turning back, he had officially been placed on this presidents bad side.

“Well now, there is no reason to be so dramatic Mr. Potter. You can’t blame an old politician for attempting to align himself with powerful people.” John stated with all niceties lost in his voice. “Your diplomatic immunity still stands and I thank you for any assistance you can provide.” John said with finality and rose to escort Harry out.

Amber took Harry’s hand and escorted him back through the lift down to the law enforcement department. She walked silently for a moment, then turned and told Harry he handled it properly.

“How do you know that and what the hell was that before you left the office” Harry stated and Amber knew he was agitated

“I have a very subtle skill known as empathy. Tell me what you felt with my stare in the office” she inquired.

Harry closed his eyes and thought back for a moment “stay calm, do not back down, but under no circumstances threaten or offend him” he said.

“Holy Shit, you got all of that. I mean for you to feel alarm or even some mild understanding is one thing but you understood every word of what I was projecting. Amazing” Amber stated in astonishment.

Amber led Harry into her department and walked with him through the hallway past some cubicles filled with onlookers. She unlocked her office door and Harry entered a very messy and tightly cramped office. Harry glanced around in amusement until Amber caught his gaze and told him to stuff it and take a seat.

“First off, I have known about my empathy for years. Usually in extremely stressful situations people can feel what I am feeling, whether it be fear, anger, sadness, or excitement. The key thing is that it needs to be an extreme emotion coming from me to be able to project it. On the flip side, I have a better feeling of everyone else’s emotions. Knowing your enemies feelings is the same as being able to react to his thoughts rather than his actions, in other words it gives me an edge in battle. Now this is the first time I have projected through my emotions and the receiver understood so completely that they recited the words back to me. What do you think about that” Amber finished with a question.

“Well to me I felt it was obvious what you were thinking, or trying to relay to me in that look you gave me. I mean duh, don’t offend the guy but then I realized that I heard you saying it in my head. I heard your exact sentence and……….” Harry stopped talking, he actually felt something peak in his mind, heart, and other areas when he felt her talk in his head. He was not about to let her know that though.

“Alrighty then, well on to other matters then. It seems as if some of my co-workers are less accepting of your talents as I am. I learned that they plan to test you, possibly even on your way out today. Please do not hurt any of them but leave them with a healthy respect for your powers” She finished with a gleam in her eyes.

Amber always loved a duel and the thought of a battle brought spasms of pleasure to her wand hand causing it to flex involuntarily. For his part Harry just grimaced and hoped he wouldn’t let her down.

They continued talking about the differences in their respective governing bodies when Amber decided it was time to head for New Orleans. She had a private floo in the DMD office lounge and since Harry was there they would be able to floo straight to his house. They entered the empty hallway and proceeded toward the lounge when Harry noticed a flash out of the corner of his eye. He threw Amber to the ground and instantly deflected the spell headed in his direction. When the spell made contact with his shield Harry had the ability to detect the essence of the spell, and something felt wrong. He remembered that Amber had warned him about an attack, but something still felt strange about the magic being used even if the DMD force were limiting their power.

Harry quickly spun and incapacitated his first attacker when he felt a powerful shove move him into a more open area; he looked down and saw that Amber pushed him into the fray of the fight with a gleeful glint in her eye.

She joined the gathered fighters and commenced to throwing everything they had at Harry. Harry had faced worst odds before, but six on one didn’t seem very fair. Fortunately his time with Ron studying in Gisgon had taught him a few reliable and powerful spells for the current situation. He threw up an immensely strong protega class spell, giving him the moment he needed to pull off the doppelganger spell he wanted to use. That narrowed the odds dramatically because no one knew which Harry was real; the spell was powerful enough to cause the replica Harry’s to cast ineffective spell’s further throwing off the attackers.

With the distraction Harry had time to evaluate and eliminate each opponent individually. He sensed their magic was bridled for some reason, he could tell from their firm concentration that they were putting everything into this fight. Harry put Amber in manacles and playfully cast rictusempra at her causing her to laugh uncontrollably at all the tickling. He was having fun and enjoying this exhibit, way more than the defeated DMD squad members. Harry banished his doppelgangers and removed the bindings holding everyone down. They all emerged shell shocked and amazed at how powerful this supposed kid was. Amber stepped forward and goaded Harry in the ribs for his tickling spell and then announced to everyone that this was Harry Potter.

“He has put on quite a show for us this afternoon; I daresay I will not hear anymore naysayers as to his ability to perform at a higher level than we are accustomed to. I assume most of you probably put all of your effort into the fight” Amber said as her eyes cut in the direction of one of the older squad members. “Mr. Thompson I think you might owe Harry an apology for some of the curses you threw in his direction.” She finished

“How come nothing we threw even touched him” a few of the squad members stated and all wanted to know how he multiplied himself.

Several of them walked up to shake his hand and introduce themselves, when a grizzled man that reminded Harry of Moody a bit walked up with a limp Harry assumed this was Mr. Thompson.

“Miles Thompson is my name son, damn good to meet ya. Thankfully you’re on our side.”

Proper introduction were made around the room before Amber took Harry away to the fireplace and brought them to Cathedral House. Once there she told him to settle in

“I will be back first thing in the morning, I am interested in hearing what you think of my group. I am sure you have a few questions yourself.” She said as Harry watched her beautiful backside leave through the floo.

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Chapter 11: Monsoon
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Harry spent that evening unpacking all of his belongings and moving in properly to his new house. Elder Elijah stopped by and had tea with Harry, and spoke of his hopes and goals for the new school year.

“Harry allow me to be honest with you, I was very close friends with Albus. I have known you through him for many years now and I understand what a remarkable young man you have grown into. It is my goal to help you this year with a few things Albus was unable to get around to.” Elijah took a moment with his tea then continued “Let’s not worry ourselves with that right now, we should just enjoy this moment of quiet before the start of term. Do you have any questions about the school or about anything you have encountered so far” Elijah asked Harry

“I don’t know if I have any questions, allow us to just talk and maybe you can glean some questions from our conversations.”

Harry stated and began telling the headmaster about his conversation with John Canton.

“Well Harry, I can see where you are torn on this subject. I honestly feel like you do, I don’t trust a politician and I can assure you John Canton is a politician through and through. If I were in your shoes I would walk very carefully around President Canton.”

“Well I told him today I was not to be used as a political pawn or gambit for some game he wanted to play. I did not go as far to threaten him but I let him know I would quickly rescind my offer of assistance whenever I felt the need.”

“Honestly my boy that was the perfect way to handle old John. Let him know where you stand straight off before he can try to make any game plans that include you. Excellent job with that situation, Albus was correct when it came to you.” Elijah finished then picked up another topic. “What did you think of our DMD elite squad” he asked

Harry sputtered around his sip of tea, “That was the elite squad”

“Hmmmmm” Elijah muttered

“I don’t mean any disrespect. To answer your question honestly, they were poorly qualified and their spells were not very well cast. They seemed so underpowered that surely something was hindering their magic.” Harry replied honestly

“Well Amber wanted your honest opinion, and I am obliged to give it to her. Maybe for your sake I will leave out your crude initial remark. She is very proud of her group and all she wants is for the title elite to mean something to the general public. Unfortunately at this moment it doesn’t.” Elijah finished with a sorrowful look in his eye.

“I do have a few questions about the school year if you have the time” said Harry and Elijah’s demeanor changed to one of hope.

“First of all, will I be required to live at the academy or will I be allowed to floo back and forth from here”

“You may floo back and forth if you require. Of course you will also have a wonderful office and bedroom suite if you choose to stay at our facility” Elijah answered

“OK, I think I would like to remain here in Cathedral House and utilize the suite whenever needed. Secondly, what are your student goals for each class? Is this something you have planned out or will I be evaluating the classes and moving them forward at my decided rate.”

“Now that is an excellent question. I think I need to explain a little more about our system first because our schooling system is set up different from yours in England. Our students begin attendance at a much earlier age. Usually they attend a primary school for kindergarten and first grade and then they transfer to one of the three magical academies located across the states. We only need them to be able to read and write before we can accept them. We offer normal primary courses such as math, English, history, science, and the arts based on a state approved program. We also offer the more traditional courses you are familiar with like charms, potions, ancient runes, transfiguration, arithmancy, herbology, and divination. Up until this year we only offered basic defense but with you here as a guest professor we will be able to begin a full defense against the dark arts course. The younger students split their day between primary classes and magical classes. The first part of their day is primary then they have lunch and then the second half of the day they focus on their magical education. It has proven to be a very successful system and allows us better control of their entire education. Now with deference to your question, I must preface that our students have little to no knowledge of who you are, why you are here and what exactly the dark arts are. You will be beginning at, shall we say, square one with all classes.”

“Alright so in summary, you want me to teach an entire school defense against the dark arts. Most of them don’t even know what the dark arts are and none of them have ever had to perform even at a basic level in defense. Is that about right?”

“Mr. Potter, I sense your hesitation. I understand your suspicion but understand my position. For years I have been denied the opportunity to ready my students for the real world. Believe me when I say we have criminals and nasty individuals in America that are very familiar with the dark arts. The average witch and wizard could spend an entire lifetime never running afoul of these individuals and if you found yourself amongst people like that you probably were already well acquainted with the darker side of magic. Alas times are changing and since Tom Riddle has been defeated, it has created a kind of vacuum, dark wizards and witches the world over are trying to fill the void. Some of them are here in America. John Canton did not want you to know this but I feel you should, Death Eaters have immigrated to the states seeking safe haven and finding it easy pickings around here. The power and level of magic performed in Britain and other parts of the world far exceed our abilities here. You are here as a fresh set of eyes trying to find our missing piece of the puzzle so to say” Elijah finished

“Well I hope I can be of some help” was all Harry managed to respond with

Elijah was saying his goodbyes and informed Harry that school started in two days. Harry bid him safe travels and walked around his new house lost in thought. Cathedral House was split between three levels. On the first level in the front of the house was a large sitting area / media room with a fireplace splitting the middle of the room, the fireplace was open to both sides. There was a cozy little hide a way bar in the corner of the sitting room that was well stocked with top shelf liquor. Walking toward the back of the house from the sitting room you came upon a grand staircase that led upstairs to the bedrooms and tucked under the staircase was a hallway bathroom. Once past the staircase you walked into the largest section of the entire house, it held the dining room and kitchen in one large room. The furnishings were immaculate; the table was a beautiful dark smoky mahogany with twelve matching chairs. The kitchen was spotless and Clotille explained that all new appliances had arrived, making her job much easier. On the second level of the house there were three identical bedrooms and one spacious bathroom. A small hidden stairway led off to the third level master suite, and Harry had already fallen in love with this room. The master suite ran the entire length of the house, it housed a grand master bathroom and on either end of the bedroom there were floor to roof windows giving him an amazing view of the French Quarter. Clotille had informed him the glass was magical so no one even knew there was a window, from the outside it looked like the ordinary lattice work that everyone was accustomed to in this area.

He pulled a pillow and blanket off of his bed and made a comfortable pallet on the floor beside the window, giving him a peaceful end to a hectic day. The last thought he remembered was of how peaceful the soft glow from the electric city lights made him feel.

Amber escorted Harry back to her office; she was quieter today and reluctant to make eye contact. Harry casually returned friendly waves and handshakes from the various DMD members in the hallways before Amber’s office but she remained cut off from the surrounding scenery. Once inside she slumped behind her desk and Harry finally had the opportunity to question her.

“What’s wrong” Harry started out simply

“Elijah told me what you said, and how flippant you were about my groups ‘elite’ status”

Harry tried to stop her but she held up her hand

“Don’t apologize” she said “To be honest with you, I was shocked with how easily you handled the situation. I don’t get how to fix our problems though. Those people you faced were the best of the best. It just all seems so futile, once I left you I wandered around for a few hours last night. I knew how badly we had performed and began to feel humiliated, then Elijah found me and kind of made it worse” Amber didn’t seem to have the energy to continue on, and Harry could see bags under her eyes from lack of sleep and possibly even redness from crying.

“Well only one way to figure out a solution, I have a friend back home, Hermione, sometimes it helps me to think like she thinks. If she were here she would write down the problem, and then all the various causes for the problem and then solutions to each. That way not only can we identify what the original problem may be but it opens our perspective to outlying problems that can be rectified as well” Harry offered then said

“Stand up and draw your wand on me”

Amber stood and Harry ran her through the paces, he attempted to hex her and then blocked the spells she threw at him. He had her perform all manner of charms, transfigurations, and even a few hexes. All of her spells felt wrong to Harry but he could not identify the source of his feeling. Just then Miles Thompson walked in with a thick notebook, he was about to drop it on Ambers desk when he noticed Harry in the corner.

“I can bring these back later” he offered

“No, Harry is privy to any matter we are dealing with at the moment. Do me a favor Miles unload on me, give me everything you’ve got, let’s have a duel” Amber requested of Miles

Miles was quick to oblige, he loved to duel almost as much as Amber. Harry walked amongst them as they fought quickly casting detection spells at their bodies, wands, and the spells themselves. He became increasingly frustrated as time went by; he knew what he felt but couldn’t explain it other than the magic felt odd.

The remainder of the day was spent in the open area of the DMD offices, everyone spent some training time with Harry, but no one could equal his power or speed. Some of the members showed true talent and all were very knowledgeable in the art of magic but something was disrupting the flow from the source. Amber finally decided it was time to call it quits for the day. She wondered if Harry wanted to grab a bite to eat before heading back home and Harry suggested they grab a bite in New Orleans. He had heard the food there was excellent and the nightlife was world renown. Amber thought this was a wonderful idea and together they disapparated to the garden area behind Cathedral House.

“I need to use your powder room, I assume we will be going to muggle establishments tonight” Amber surmised

Harry grinned and nodded as Clotille escorted Amber to the guest bedrooms to get ready. Harry ran upstairs and once safely in the master bedroom called for Kreacher.

“Kreacher, I think I am going on a date. What do I need to do?”

Harry was talking so fast and Kreacher was beside himself with amusement.

‘Imagine the only person with the power to vanquish the dark lord petrified at the prospect of his first date’ Kreacher thought to himself while Harry rambled on

“I mean it might be a date. What if she doesn’t think it’s a date and I do or if I try to be friendly and she wants more? To hell with this Kreacher tell her I got sick or something, I am not cut out for this dating shit” Harry was completely beside himself but Kreacher had dealt with this many times with Master Regulus.

“Master, calm down please. Just act as if two people are having dinner, since that is all it is. If it is a date or not does not matter, these things have a way of handling themselves. I assure you that at the end of the night all of this worry will be for nothing” Kreacher soothingly said

Meanwhile one floor below the freaking out Harry sat a thoroughly freaking out Amber. She was talking just as fast with Clotille and the old house elf was attempting to soothe her in the same manner as Kreacher had with Harry. Once the two elves had calmed the nerves of their younger charges the evening preparations were finally in order. Amber and Harry had both showered and Amber returned to the guest bedroom where Clotille had laid out a beautiful black dress, nothing very fancy but Amber knew this dress would accentuate her curves wonderfully. Clotille had retrieved Ambers evening attire from the girls’ apartment while she was showering.

Kreacher had done the same for Harry, finding a nice pair of slacks and a single color button up shirt in his closet. Amber returned to the bathroom to finish up her hair and makeup while Harry attempted to tame the mop of hair he claimed. Harry finished first and had made his way down to the bar in the sitting room. He sipped on a firewhiskey while he waited for Amber to come down, from his vantage point he could see up to the first landing on the stairwell.

When Amber emerged his breath was taken away. He knew she was attractive from the very first time he saw her. As he stood there staring and thinking

‘my god is she angelic’ but that wasn’t quite right.

‘Sultry’ was a much better term for the way Amber looked coming down in her little black dress, heels, and flowing dark hair.

He met her at the bottom of the stairs and could tell from the look in her eyes that she was equally as impressed at what she saw in him. They shared a brief uncomfortable moment before Kreacher let them know they would be travelling to Port O’ Call restaurant in the French Quarter. Kreacher assured them it was a lovely establishment that was very dark, but also very busy. Most of the older businesses in the French Quarter were run by magical families and had been for generations, and the house elf in charge at the Port O’ Call was already expecting them.

They stepped out onto the porch of Cathedral House and took in their surroundings. The house sat at the corner of Chartres St. with the front facing Jackson Square. St. Louis Cathedral was on the immediate right hence the name Cathedral House. As they walked Harry began to tell Amber some of the history behind the house. The house was built during the third advent of the church in 1794; its original purpose was to house the archbishop of the Orleans diocese. Harry continued to explain that his mother’s family had donated the land to the Catholic Church years before for the original church to be erected. Then it burned and they built this one. The only condition in the agreement was that once the church no longer needed the specific parcel the house sat on that it would be returned to the Evans family. Amber was amazed at how much Harry knew about his ancestors, but Harry feeling ashamed at being misleading told her that he had only recently learned about a few family stories. They strolled along Royal St. in the direction of their restaurant talking amicably and window shopping at the local retailers.

“This city has so much history, I am sad to say this is my first real visit here. I went to school at Laveau Academy but I never came to the city for our weekend trips.” Amber offered

“How far away is the academy” Harry asked and Amber told him it was a long way outside of the city by roads, much shorter by boat, and extremely close by air.

Much too soon for either of them they arrived at the restaurant and were surprised to be seated so quickly considering the line of customers outside the establishment. The waiter explained they were tagged as friends of the owners and Madame LaFluer would be by to visit them shortly. Amber and Harry shared a puzzled look but accepted the luck of getting a table so quickly, the waiter left once they placed their drink order. Both of them had ordered what the waiter called a local favorite the “Monsoon” it was obviously their restaurants answer to the equally famous “Hurricane” that Pat O’ Brien’s served just down the road. Once he left, they continued talking and getting to know one another.

From any onlooker it would seem that these two were destined to love, it was obviously a first date from the couple’s mannerisms but the older couples in the restaurant all felt a little jealous at watching love bloom. Soon enough the drink’s and meal were finished and Harry and Amber had not missed a step in their conversation. The elusive Madame LaFluer brought them their second round of Monsoon’s and introduced herself to the young couple.

“Mr. Potter it is truly an honor to have you in my establishment, I hope you can pardon my tardiness in delaying my meeting with you. You two seem the lovely couple and I did not want to intrude on such a beautiful thing.” Madame LaFluer said as both Harry and Amber began to blush.

“Oh pardon me, have I overstepped my boundaries. It was simply an observation I made, I did not mean to make you uncomfortable.” She continued

Amber held her hand up and spoke for both of them “Thank you for introducing yourself, you have a lovely restaurant and your food is amazing. Your drinks are pretty strong though” Amber finished with a girlish grin

“Mr. Potter, please do not remain a stranger, I had heard that you moved to the area and was so excited when your house elf contacted mine this evening. I have heard all about you from my nieces Fleur and Gabrielle” Madame LaFluer stated as she rose to leave.

The couple left the restaurant and followed some of the tourist onto Bourbon St. since it was a Saturday night this part of town was hopping with music and entertainment. They walked along sipping their drinks until they found themselves drawn toward an amazing voice singing blues in the distance. They found a little hole in the wall bar that was seedy and rundown compared to the rest of the clubs on the street. Up on the small stage there was a band with a drummer, bassist, guitar player, and someone playing a trumpet. Sitting in the center of the stage was a small little black man with the biggest voice Harry had ever heard. They immediately found a table in the secluded little bar and ordered some drinks. The man singing was amazing and the sound of his voice singing blues literally tore your heart apart. Harry had never experienced anything like this before and thought it was amazing. The band took a short break and Harry and Amber had a moment to talk about how great this night was.

“Harry can I ask you a question”

“Is that it or do you have another one” Harry responded with a grin

Amber playfully slapped his arm and said “Did you mean for this to be a first date”

Harry was caught off guard, he had absolutely no experience in this situation so he attempted to channel his godfather Siruis “Well at first, No” he paused “but now I definitely hope it is” Harry blushed a little.

Amber leaned over toward Harry and kissed him lightly on his lips. Harry’s first instinct was to pull away due to inexperience but he enjoyed it so much he threw away all thought and just went with it. When they pulled apart Harry was on cloud nine and Amber looked as if someone had just pulled all the air out of her lungs. The kiss was amazing and Harry’s final comment before the band started back up sealed her feelings for the man.

“Considering this is my first date ever, any future ones could only pale in comparison” Harry smiled and the band began to play “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong
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Chapter 12: Chance Encounters
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Things had settled nicely for Damon in his first grade classroom. He enjoyed learning and thought school was a lot of fun. He and Daniel would spend as much time as possible together and got in trouble for talking during class a few times. The first week had been difficult to say the least; Damon couldn’t find the right niche to settle into. Fat Warren constantly hounded him because Damon insulted him the first day of school, and that snotty little red head Becky was always tattling on him. With Daniels help Damon was able to get through it though and now things were much better. He had already taught himself to read, he found most things scholastic in nature to be rather easy. He couldn’t understand why some of the other kids were struggling but he went out of his way to help whenever he could.

Damon and Daniel quickly became known as the smart kids of Ms. Peterson’s first grade classroom. She began to rely on the two of them to help their peers because they understood the subjects so well and because they were so eager to help. Daniel had asked his parents if Damon could spend the night that weekend and they had agreed, so Damon was especially good for his foster parents that week. He really wanted to go spend the night over at Daniels house. Damon had just finished taking out the kitchen garbage without being asked when he walked over to his foster mom and made his request. Unbelievably she said yes without any hesitation and just stipulated for Daniels parents to come pick him up.

Damon went to school on Friday so excited he was about to burst. Unfortunately it turned out to be the worst day of his short life. Daniel didn’t come to school that day and no one knew why. Damon didn’t have his friend’s phone number so he wouldn’t even be able to call him. To add insult to injury fat Warren was there to make Damon’s already bad day a bit more miserable.

“Where’s your boyfriend at little baby” Damon could hear Warren whispering behind his head. “I guess you won’t be able to be all kissy face with him tonight like you planned” Warren continued.

Damon just put his head down on his desk and prayed he would not start crying. He felt like tears were ready to leak out but he tried as hard as possible to keep them in. Ms. Peterson could see how distraught Damon was and tried her best to keep him occupied throughout the school day. Damon had just finished stacking all the reading books back into the shelf when the bell rang and school was let out for the day. He grabbed his treasured backpack and headed for the bus line. On the ride home Jacob asked Damon if he would be able to play outside tomorrow and Damon perked up a little bit.

“Sure that sounds like fun man” Damon replied

“Righto Bro, I’ll be around your place about seven tomorrow morning” Jacob responded

Damon’s foster parents were just as depressed as he was. They had planned an evening out and looked forward to having a childless house to return to. Damon went to sleep that night utterly depressed, on one hand he looked forward to spending Saturday with his buddy Jacob but he really wanted to be with his real friend Daniel. Life was so confusing sometimes to a six year old boy.

The next morning Damon was up bright and early and eating breakfast when he heard a knock at the front door. He threw his plate in the sink and told his foster dad he would be back later then came to a skidding halt at the locked front door. He opened it up and saw Jacob standing there all grins with another boy Damon had seen around the neighborhood.

“You ready to go” Jacob asked and Damon replied he was.

“This here is my cousin Jermaine, he don’t say much but since he is in third grade most people won’t mess with us” Damon just nodded his head in Jermaine’s direction and off the trio went.

They strolled in the Bywater area for a little while before Damon suggested they head for the French Quarter. The other two boys thought this was a great idea and took off toward the river walk.

Jermaine had overheard his older brother saying there was a street fair over there and he really wanted to attend but none of them had any money. Damon being very street savvy knew that wouldn’t be a problem and let them in on his little secret to making money off of the tourists. They came up with a plan to meet back at the park bench in front of the Jackson statue in two hours. Each one of them would split up and help the tourists with whatever they could and see if they could get tips. The two hours were up and all three boys sat on the ground pooling whatever money they made together.

Jermaine did ok; he helped a few people out but was sort of shy so he only made twelve dollars.

Damon did much better being comfortable with his ruse and he was able to add twenty five dollars to the pool.

Jacob got very lucky; he said most of the people only gave him a dollar or some change for his help. Then he went out of his way for the last elderly couple and even escorted them to the attraction they were looking for, they gave him thirty whole dollars for his trouble.

All totaled the trio had come up with seventy six dollars to spend at the fair.

“I have never seen so much money” Jacob said as he eyed the money

“Wow who would have known it was that easy” Jermaine said greedily as he attempted to take his share.

“Hold on a second cuz, this here is all of ours, ain’t no need in getting greedy” Jacob retorted and Jermaine quickly withdrew his hand.

All three of them ran toward the fair and commenced to having the time of their lives. Damon had all but forgotten about spending the night with Daniel by the end of the day. Despite their best effort they could not exhaust the total sum of their money. When they noticed it was starting to get dark they ran all the way back to Damon’s house and threw themselves down on the lawn as Damon announced to his foster parents he was back home. He came and flopped down next to Jacob and began to count what was left after the street fair.

“Thirty one dollars and fifty cents” Damon announced and then said “I think Jacob should get all of it since he won our little contest earlier.”

“Your crazy man, just split it three ways, everyone gets ten bucks” Jacob said still panting from the run

“Only if you’re sure” Jermaine responded still feeling ashamed at his earlier greediness

Jacob had agreed and Damon came inside and stashed his ten dollars under his mattress, there he found the other money he had hidden the day he was beat up. ‘wow, I actually have enough money to go back to the street fair tomorrow’ he thought to himself before going and taking a bath and falling asleep before his head even hit the pillow.
Sunlight burst through the windows of the church. Amber was walking down the aisle with a beautiful white dress on. She could see all her friends and family gathered in the congregation on the left, and she sadly realized the church was empty on the right. She brought her eyes to the front and center and saw her knight in shining armor standing up there at the front by the altar. His messy hair was tossed about and he had on a well cut tuxedo. She could feel her heart jump into her throat at the very sight of Harry, no man had ever made her happier and today she would wed her childhood crush.

‘That’s an odd thought; I haven’t even known Harry a few weeks. My childhood crush was on Scott Baio’ Amber thought silently as she walked toward the front altar.

Once she took her place Harry removed her veil and looked deeply in her eyes. She wanted to kiss him right then again and again but she knew proper wedding etiquette was to wait until they were pronounced husband and wife. The officiator went through the vows and then he asked her to repeat after him.

“Mistress Amber do you want breakfast with Harry” the priest said and Amber looked to him in confusion

“Mistress Amber I asked if you wanted breakfast with Master Harry” he said again and forcefully Amber was taken from her wonderful dream and into the stark reality of a late summer morning in New Orleans with the bright sun shining through her bedroom window.

“Oh I am sorry Clotille, yes just give me a minute to freshen up” Amber stated through bleary eyes

Harry and Amber didn’t return to Cathedral House until well after one in the morning. They sat around listening to the band play and talking with the lead singer, telling him how amazing he was. There were many more adult beverages consumed by the couple and Amber distinctly remembers Harry trying to ride a mechanical bull or something. She had decided to stay in the guest bedroom because she was too inebriated to attempt transportation by magical means. Harry had thought that last comment was the funniest thing he had ever heard and Ambers last memories of the night were of Harry cackling madly as he headed up to his bedroom.

She looked at herself in the mirror of the guest bathroom, while brushing her teeth her mind wandered to the previous night. She had never met anyone like Harry before, so dashing and sure of himself one moment and almost childlike in the next. She distinctly remembers him telling her that this was his first date ever. That was kind of sweet but also very sad at the same time.
‘Maybe he was so consumed with the dark lord business he didn’t want to preoccupy his mind with girls or something’ she thought to herself while she brushed her dark hair.

When she came downstairs she noticed her breakfast was already waiting in her spot. She glanced over at Harry but he quickly looked away. She sat down and began to eat, and they sat there in silence for a while. Finally Harry mustered he nerve to speak.

“I um” then he faltered

“Look Harry, last night was awesome. Truly the best date I have ever had. I usually don’t go out with guys because I am so driven in my career. I just wanted to say thank you for last night and hopefully we can do it again sooner rather than later.” Amber smiled as she took Harry’s hand.

“I um” he faltered again

“You don’t have much experience with the opposite sex do you” Amber inquired

“Not really, two very short relationships at Hogwarts are about the extent of it” Harry said

“Well then I will make this unbelievably easy for you and trust me, we normally don’t operate that way, our job is to make relationships difficult. It’s what we do” Amber told Harry playfully before continuing. “After last night I have decided that I really like you, do you feel the same about me?"

“Well yeah” Harry responded

“Good then, we will officially begin dating as of right now; we are not allowed to date other people until we talk to one another and break off our current arrangement. There will be no more uncomfortable silences or awkward moments from either of us and we will go out today and enjoy the wonders of New Orleans in the day light. Any Objections” Amber said

“You really do make it easy, does that mean we can head back upstairs now” Harry replied with a wolfish grin

“I said I would make the relationship easy, I never said I was easy” She coyly replied to which they both broke down in laughter.

They walked around the French Quarter hand in hand; they visited the mass at St. Louis Cathedral and then walked through the Cabildo as Amber gave Harry a history lesson on the Louisiana Purchase and the various exhibits in the museum. Neither Harry nor Amber noticed the grizzled old many following them in the shadows constantly making notes on his little pad. If Harry had not been so preoccupied since his arrival in the states he would have seen the old man following in his every footstep. The young couple could not trouble themselves with such trivial things today; they were too immersed in each other.

They walked along the river front down towards the French Market and shopped at the various traders there. Amber made Harry laugh when she tried on some oversized sunglasses, and Harry returned the favor with a ridiculous Jamaican hat with dreadlocks sewed in. They went ahead and bought those items so they could hopefully find a way to get a picture, and luckily for them the person manning one of the booths winked and waved them over. He took a picture and talked with them as the picture developed. The vendor was very knowledgeable about the whole area and told Harry that magic runs very deep here.

“Sure we got’s da type of magic you folk knows about but we also got da old magic. Da voodoo and cursed magic, things that most upper bred folk like you’s never heard of.” The young vendor said

“What do you mean by cursed magic” Harry asked

“You know not what you ask white boy, our magic is evil but we take it by force for good when we want it. Now go away and don’t ask no more questions” The young vendor said

“Well that was odd” Harry offered as they walked away “Hey lets head over to that street fair” he stated and the couple ran hand in hand over to the fair still wearing their gaudy purchases and getting funny looks from the passerby’s.

Damon slipped through crowds that beautiful Sunday afternoon. He had walked back to the fair by himself today. As much fun as yesterday was, he always enjoyed his alone time as well.

Yesterday he had passed by all the games with prizes if you won them. There was one in particular that had caught his eye. It was a really big stuffed oversized Saints football. New Orleans had a professional football team called the Saints and everyone around here loved them. They really weren’t that good, but that didn’t matter to a true native son of New Awlins. He made his way straight to the game and put down two dollars. The object was to throw a ball at a bucket that was perched at about a seventy degree angle. You had to make the ball stay in the bucket and not let it bounce back out. It seemed easy enough but no matter how hard or soft you threw the ball it always bounced out. Damon put his backpack down; he had brought it to carry home his new Saints football without damage. He picked up his first set of balls and began an increasingly frustrating twenty minutes of watching the balls fly and his money dwindle down to nothing.

“Oh my gosh, we are gonna die” Amber screamed as she spun around in one of the carnival rides. Harry just laughed as he spun on the handle to make the car go faster. The ride finally came to a stop and both of them teetered out onto the midway stumbling a bit after their dizzying ride. Amber decided to introduce Harry to carnival food and began walking him in that direction. As they were passing the various booths holding the games Harry stopped to look at one of them.

Amber began to explain much to the dislike of the vendor that most of the games were rigged in some fashion, and even if you did manage to win, the prize was really cheap. They walked along until they came across a distraught little blonde haired boy arguing with one of the game vendors.

“You told me that if I played my last two dollars that you would just give me the football” the young boy pleaded

“Don’t know what to tell ya kid, you win some and you lose some but that's life. Now get outa here unless you got some more money” the vendor callously said

Amber could see the tears begin to well up in the child’s eyes. She had no problem believing the vendor had in some way swindled the poor child, and she watched as the young boy broke down into tears and began to turn away from the game.

“Young man” Harry began “How much money have you lost trying to play this game”

“Abababout sixteen dollars, but it was all the money I had. It took me ages to save up that much money” the boy said through his sobbing tears.

“I am sure it did” Amber consoled

“And sir, exactly how much does that supposed football the boy tried to win actually cost” Harry asked the vendor

“None ya damn bizness, you bloody do-gooder” The vendor responded to Harry

“Well if you care to make a wager and I am sure you are a betting man, I will beat your little game ten times in a row without fail or I will give you five hundred dollars. If you lose we get your entire stock of trinkets. Do we have a deal?” Harry told the vendor

The vendor responded with something crude like ‘you bet your ass or something equally crass like that and Harry stepped up to the game to see how it was played. Amber walked with the blonde boy and stood next to Harry. Once he had the basic mechanics of the game down he grabbed a ball and it soared easily into the bucket and stayed.

“Well nothing hard about this at all” Harry stated as he began to throw ball after ball into the bucket. Amber had placed a sticking charm to the bottom of the bucket without Harry noticing.

The attendant pulled all ten balls out of the bucket and examined every one of them; he seemed about to accuse Harry of cheating when Amber suddenly informed him that it would be a bad idea. The attendant grabbed for the football and handed it to the small boy and Harry reached for the boys backpack and was immediately shocked at the face staring at him.

“Is something wrong, Harry you alright” Amber was pulling at his arm.

“Oh, it’s nothing. I just recognized this picture on here from somewhere” Harry responded flatly

Harry leaned down and got on the boy’s level. “What’s your name little man” Harry asked

“Damon” was the small boys reply

“Well Damon what are we gonna do with all of these prizes, I don’t need any of them so that means you get to keep them all” Harry told Damon

“I really only wanted the football, but maybe there are some other kids around who are having trouble winning prizes. We can give them all away, kind of like Christmas at the fair” Damon told Harry and Amber

They both smiled and thought that was a wonderful idea. They gathered up all the merchants’ wares while he silently brooded in the corner after his defeat. Amber got in one last chastisement about trying to take advantage of little children before they set off.

They spent about an hour together giving the prizes away before they settled in to eat. Harry offered to buy Damon some lunch since he had spent all his money.

“Tell me Damon, where did you get that backpack?” Harry asked the boy

“My social worker bought it for my first year of school. It’s brand new and everything, and the magician is so cool, isn’t he?”

“Yeah I was just thinking that, maybe I would want to get one as well. I just moved here to become a teacher.”

Amber watched these two talking and began to feel the two bonding over hot dogs and soda’s, she thought it was sweet.

“Where are you going to be a teacher at” Damon asked

“Well I was asked to be a guest professor at Laveau Academy, it is a school for gifted students” Harry replied to Damon and then asked "How old are you?"

“I just turned seven in July” Damon respoded

“Really, July is a cool month to born in. My birthday is in July” Harry said

“That’s would be really cool if we shared a birthday. I was born 7/31/1991” Damon provided “My mom died just after I was born, so I never got to meet her. Since my dad wasn’t there at the hospital he probably never even knew I was born, so I have foster parents now. Hopefully someday I can get adopted but right now my foster parents are sort of nice, at least they don’t hit me.” Damon said casually and laughed.

Amber was completely horror stuck by the boy’s admission. How could something so sweet and innocent think it trivial or even laughable to be struck by an adult? She was equally amazed at how Harry was handling this conversation; obviously the kid had hit a soft spot in his heart. She had read the stories of Harry’s upbringing but did not know how much of it was true.

“I will have you know I was born 7/31/1980, so yeah we share the same birthday” Harry said startling the boy and then he leaned over to tell Damon a secret “My parents also died shortly after I was born, so I kind of understand what you’re saying there too. I was raised by an aunt and uncle that hated me.”

They continued talking through lunch and then Damon thanked them for everything. He took off like a rocket toward the gate of the fair. Harry turned toward Amber and snuck a quick kiss; she nuzzled her nose into his neck in gratitude and fondness.

“You really liked that kid, didn’t you” Amber stated rather than asked.

“He seemed really nice and there was something about him that drew me to him. Weird huh!” Harry offered

Amber helped Harry pack for his first trip to Laveau and felt a little jealous to not be going back as well. She was going to help him get settled in but then return to Washington and her duties as DMD director. They promised to stay in contact, and she assured him that by the end of the week he would wish she would stay away. Harry just laughed and hugged her tightly and said he doubted it before giving her a parting kiss.

The children would be arriving sporadically on Monday according to Elder Elijah. Laveau didn’t have a train like Hogwarts and the children arrived however the parents saw fit. He told Harry to get some sleep and get an early start for tomorrow; it was going to be a busy week.
A/N I am having a lot of fun writing this book. Things just keep popping up to me; I will let you in on a little secret. Damon was actually supposed to be a little miscreant that attempted to steal some money out of Harry’s pocket and Harry catches him, but once I began writing. Let’s just say Damon didn’t feel like he was that kind of kid.

Please remember that I did not create the Harry Potter character or his universe....that would all be J.K. Rowling. I am merely having a good time playing in the sandbox she owns.

Chapter 13: Back to School
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Harry arrived at Laveau on Monday morning at the request of Elder Elijah. The headmaster wanted to have a staff meeting before any of the students arrived to square away any loose ends from last year, and have the opportunity to introduce Harry as the newest staff member. Harry took the opportunity to meet most of the staff during the meeting and some of them lingered to talk to him afterward. Harry was the youngest professor Laveau had ever had, he found out. Some of the older staff like Professor Eriksson were overly vocal about their dislike of having such a young colleague. Elijah simply asked them to keep their concerns to themselves and allow Harry the opportunity to prove his worth. Harry spent the afternoon walking the grounds and buildings of the school. The main building had the main hall and kitchens on the bottom floor, and the upperclassmen living quarters, head of houses, and restroom facilities on the second floor. It was an expansive building which housed one hundred and ninety two students and four staff members on the top floor and a large number of house elves on a level just under the kitchen. The floors were all a light red cedar that accentuated the cypress beams in the ceiling. The building itself was made of granite, and according to Elijah could withstand any type of storm, including hurricanes. It did not feel as old as Hogwarts by any means, instead it felt fresh. The smell of the wooden floors and staircases give it a woodsy feel throughout the entire main building. The doors opened up onto a huge front porch like nothing Harry had ever seen. It wrapped around the entire building and had covered walkways that attached to both adjacent buildings.

 Robert Jacobson had volunteered to show Harry around and was proving to be quite the historian on many things related to the school. He was the current potions master here and planned to retire from that position someday. Robert was the one the old timers considered young until Harry got there. He had taken the job at twenty five years old; straight out of college. He was only thirty one now and said he really enjoyed his previous six years at the academy. The two of them walked down the steps of the porch and turned to survey the front of the main building.

“Why is the school elevated so high with nothing underneath it other than the elves quarters” Harry asked

“Because Hurricanes and large storms bring what’s called storm surge through here. A little over a century ago a storm came through and brought a twenty foot surge with it. If it wasn’t for their magic the school would have been washed away. Luckily no one was killed, but it left the staff and upper classmen so exhausted by morning that many needed to go to the hospital for recuperation. Since then we elevated the schools buildings using the stone beams you see to support it. What you don’t see is the extensive magic that was used to reinforce the stone beams and the schools structures themselves. I daresay the school would survive pretty much anything Mother Nature could throw at her.” Robert responded.

“So we are completely surrounded by water” Harry asked


“What do the muggles see when they come near us”

“Why would the muggles come near us, we are way too far out in the marsh. The nearest road is over thirty miles away. The only way to get here is by helicopter, and they do fly over every now and then. I guess to answer your question we don’t look like anything to them. We are just one strip of marsh out of thousands.” Robert stated in a manner that left much room for response.

Robert took Harry through the other buildings located adjacent to the main hall. One was where the underclass stayed and studied the muggle subjects. The muggle teachers stayed in this building and served as the house heads for all underclasses. The other building was the main school, staff, and headmaster office. This was the building Harry would utilize the most. It housed his sleeping quarters, office, and DADA classroom. The Library and anything else related to teaching was also in this building. Harry had thought the main hall was large, it was nothing compared to this building. Robert stated it was much too large to elevate so the bottom floor had been made impervious and it housed the janitorial, sports, and Herbology equipment. Harry followed Robert up the stairs to the second floor and passed a number of classrooms.

“Second floor is the potions, transfiguration, divination and charms classrooms.” Robert explained

Harry looked into each one and noticed they were very well maintained, with all surfaces well-polished and gleaming in the afternoon sunlight filtering through the windows.

“Our offices are attached to our classrooms and that is where you can usually find most staff members throughout the day.” Robert continued talking as he took the stairwell toward the third floor.

“Third floor is for the more advanced classes. DADA, arithmancy, and ancient runes are taught on this level. Your classroom has been enlarged from the previous version, but I must tell you it is in fairly rough shape.”

“Why is that” Harry asked

“You are the first full time DADA teacher this school has ever had. Previous defense classes were taught by DMD members that had free time and only occasionally. Therefore we took an empty space on this level and turned it into a classroom and office for you.” Robert said plainly as he continued to walk.

“Fourth floor is the library and common study rooms for all classes. This is a place for students to break between classes if they would like. There really isn’t much on this level unless you’re dead interested in reading right now so we can continue to the top floor if that’s alright.” Harry just shrugged and followed along.

“The top floor is the staff quarters that are not assigned to specific houses. Your living quarters are just there on the right. The headmaster’s office is straight ahead and his bedroom chamber is adjoining. I am dead tired now and I believe Elijah would like a few words with you before the students arrive. So if there is nothing more I believe I shall grab a quick nap.” Robert finished and headed off toward his suite.

Harry sat and spoke with his new boss for a few minutes and realized the old guy just missed Albus and wanted to reminisce. Harry went along with it for a while but then found that he was getting slightly antsy, luckily Elijah caught on quickly and allowed Harry a graceful exit. That night Harry attended the start of term dinner and was delighted at the spectacle. All of the young faces seemed so eager to learn and surprised at the food presentation, albeit it was not every day that food magically appeared on a table in most people’s dining rooms. Harry did feel a bit apprehensive at some of the older faces that were clearly measuring him. Obviously Harry was barely older than any of them. How would he have felt at Hogwarts had Albus brought a teenager in to teach them?

The next morning Harry rose bright and early to get ready for his first day teaching. He walked downstairs to his classroom and began to straighten things up as best as possible. He called for Kreacher to come and help from Cathedral House and Clotille joined in. Together the three of them made it passable as a classroom but not much else. The dust from the expanded area permeated everything. It smelled moldy and felt forsaken in here. If Harry had come earlier he would have been able to air the place out, but he just took for granted that someone would have already prepared the place. This was his first lesson in adulthood. If you wanted something done, you better do it yourself.

“Oh gawd, they put you in here” a familiar voice said while holding a handkerchief up to her mouth to help her breathe through the dust.

“Yeah they said it was your favorite make out spot while you were here” Harry goaded Amber as she walked forward to give him a hug.

“I just wanted to check on you, Elijah caught me in the hall and asked me to give you the class schedule. I looked at it and saw you are free on Fridays. Can that be the DMD training day?” She said hopefully

“Um, I guess. Let’s have a look at this shall we.”


Monday – 8AM/9th year, 10AM/10th year, 1PM/2nd year, 3PM/3rd year

Tuesday – 8AM/ 12th year, 10AM/11th year, 1PM/4th year, 3PM/5th year

Wednesday – 8AM and 10AM/ 8th year, 1PM and 3PM/ 7th year

Thursday – 8AM/8th year, 10AM/9th year, 1PM/11th year, 3PM/12 year

Friday – No scheduled classes

“Wow!” Amber exclaimed “Elijah is taking this very seriously. Everyone 7th year on up will take your class twice a week”

“Yeah and my very first class is 12th years. Isn’t that just great?” Harry stated with obvious sarcasm.

“Well give me a kiss and let me get out of here. Will you be home tonight? I want to stop by and see you, unless I am being too pushy.” Amber said

“Of course you can stop by, if I didn’t want you to, I could tell you. I am a big boy.” Harry stated proudly just before he was lost in Ambers kiss.

She told him goodbye and left through the side door in his office. Harry looked out toward the classroom and noticed everything was dusted and straightened. Obviously Kreacher and Clotille had finished up while he was spending time with Amber. Most of the student’s desks were now occupied with people roughly his own age. He had worked on this all of last night and woke up worrying even more today. He had planned on having more time to deal with this but someone put the 12th years in his first class schedule. Harry grabbed his briefcase and walked through his office door into his classroom and into his new life as an American teacher.

Just as the clock struck eight Harry raised his eyes and addressed his class.

“Good morning everyone” ‘alright so far so good, that wasn’t too idiotic’ “Elder Elijah has asked me to create a new course here at your fine academy. I have been told that your training in defensive magic has been somewhat lacking for many years and it is my goal to bring everyone up to an acceptable level. My name is Professor Potter and that is exactly my intention for this school term” Harry stood there and looked out at the faces staring at him in disbelief. He began to feel extremely uncomfortable and totally lost his train of thought. The students could see him floundering and like most seventeen year olds, they just let him drown rather than attempting to rescue him.

Harry could feel the spit accumulating in his throat and he found it very difficult to swallow. ‘What the hell was I thinking, I am not a teacher.’ Just then the most ingenious thought came galloping into the forefront of his mind; he latched on to this idea. He physically leaned over and searched into his briefcase to give him a few seconds to formulate the best recovery.

“Bloody Hell, you try getting up here and doing this then.” Harry said with a winning smile plastered across his face.

The class instantly loosened up allowing Harry a second to gather his thoughts.

“Alright so you probably figured out I am not much older than you. That’s a given so let’s move on from there and not pay any attention to that. Any questions so far” Harry asked rapidly

“Yeah, what makes you better than us” a very muscular kid said from the back of the class and most of the kids laughed.

“In due time, we will need to trust each other for a while” Harry replied to the young man that was now standing up and seemed to be flexing his muscles. Harry raised his eyebrows and took on a slight grin “of course if you would like a private lesson I would be happy to oblige.” Harry offered and the young man sat back down.

“This is pretty much how I see it. You have not had any formal training in defense. You have never attended a DADA class. No one on the faculty can tell me how far behind or how progressed you are with this subject. So unfortunately I have to be the professor that gives you a test on your first day back.” Harry paused amid the groans from the senior students.

“Like I just said we need to trust each other for a little while. So trust that I know what I am doing.” Another pause then “even though I have no clue” he finished with another huge smile.

His first class had already finished and he only had thirty minutes left in the second one. When his stomach began to rumble he realized he had forgotten breakfast. At last the students rose to hand in their placement tests and Harry was free for a few hours. He had been so consumed with lunch that he didn’t notice the nasty looks the students were giving him from their seats. It seemed everyone heard about Professor Potter and his penchant for giving tests on the first day. He returned to his classroom blissfully unaware of the near mutiny he had on his hands. He turned when he heard a knock on the classroom door.

“Well this just keeps getting better” Robert stated as he leaned against the door frame.

Harry had a hard time figuring this guy out. One minute he was friendly and jovial, then the next he was crass and condescending.

“Please fill me in while I try to arrange this disaster of a classroom” Harry said sarcastically

“Not only do the old staffers have a new ‘young buck’ to annoy. It seems that the students have taken a particular dislike for your teaching methods as well” Robert said joyfully

“No one likes test’s Robert, but how else will I be able to ascertain where to begin with my lectures?”

“Oh no, don’t take this as criticism. Nothing could be further from the truth. It’s just that the students used to hate my class. Now everyone has someone else to hate.” Robert finished with a gleeful smile

“I am sure your winning personality will bring them around soon enough” Harry joked back as Robert grabbed a seat.

“Actually I was thinking the same thing. I think your little plan this morning has garnered a bit of respect from your colleagues. They were impressed by your stunt. Some of them even suggested they may try something similar.” Robert had taken on a friendly smile now. “So how are they doing so far?”

“Most of them proved proficient in magical theory, thankfully! Because they didn’t know squat about dark or defensive spells. At least with a strong theory background they won’t be too hard to teach.” Harry offered

Robert sat there with a pained look on his face. He was thinking of the correct way to say something and it was annoying Harry a little.

“Just say it man. You do that much longer and you’re gonna give birth to a radish” Harry laughed

“Did you know that the other schools fought this class? The other headmaster felt it was a reckless and dangerous class to be teaching to school children. Why do you feel it’s so important?”

“Evil is out there Robert. There are people out there right now that want to take your freedoms away from you. People that think just because they have purer magical blood, or more money it makes them better than you. Because people have been trying to kill me ever since I was an infant”

“Honestly Harry there is no reason to be so melodramatic. No one tries to kill infants; we all just assumed that your story is partially made up to scare children into behaving and using magic for good intentions. I mean that’s right isn’t it?” Robert said

Harry opened his robe and pulled his shirt over his head. The severe scarring and tears that his abdomen and chest revealed caused poor Robert’s eyes to bug out of his head.

“This doesn’t even scratch the surface for the physical scars I have had to endure. Should we spend a couple of hours on the emotional scars of having to fight for your very existence your entire life?” Harry replied

“I, I, I,” Robert stammered

“It’s alright Robert. It’s because people are willing to fight and die against evil that allows simple minded and narrow views such as yours to be spoken.”

Robert rose out of his seat and turned to leave. He turned back and tried to say something but the words were lost on his lips.

Harry’s afternoon classes went by very quickly. The younger classes were not tested and Harry had the opportunity to teach. He was very happy to see so much participation from the students. Magic manifested itself differently for each individual. Some children blossomed late and some showed magical ability at a very early age. In some instances younger children may even attempt to harness their magical ability and train it but usually the outcome was very minor abilities. It was a standard agreement that children came into full possession of their magical talents on or around their eleventh birthday. None of Harry’s younger students had wands, they were merely being taught theory. So Harry started at square one with every class and moved forward with his syllabus based on the aptitude of the different classes.

When Harry arrived home that night he saw a stack of mail on the sitting room table.

“International owl arrived a little while ago” Kreacher informed him

Harry looked through the different envelopes and pulled a few off to be read later. He opened the one from Hermione and fell onto one of his comfortable chairs.


                I miss you so much. With Ron being away and you not being here I really don’t know what to do with myself. I am studying at the Department of Mysteries so I cannot tell you what that’s about. I can tell you that it’s dead easy and boring; maybe I might talk to Kingsley and change professions before it’s too late. You know me I always love a challenge and this doesn’t seem to be it. I hope this letter finds you in good spirits and things are going great for you over in the states. I was thinking that when Ron gets home we might come over and visit for a few days. Please owl me back because I don’t know how much you know about what’s going on over here and I don’t want to give away anyone’s confidences. Just remember that I love you and will always be here if you need to talk to anyone.



Harry reread the letter a few times and then tossed it to the side. He figured if anything bad was happening she would have told him. He grabbed Ginny’s letter next.

Dear Harry,

                I am so glad at the time we spent together this summer. I am back at school now and getting settled in. I didn’t get to see you much once you started spending so much time at the library. I hope I understood everything we talked about and that we are both on the same page. I feel that we are destined to be together forever and I hope you feel the same way. I wanted you to know that I am seeing someone at Hogwarts. I don’t know why, I just like having a boyfriend I guess. It’s not much fun being the youngest and always being left behind. I assure you I am not doing this out of spite. The guy asked me to the first Hogsmeade weekend and I accepted. We have been seeing each other ever since that day. Please don’t be upset with me and remember I will always love you forever.



Well at least Harry knew what Hermione was not trying to tell him now. Honestly it didn’t bother him much. He really liked Ginny he might even love her given time but neither of them had enough of that to give to a relationship with each other just then. He was happy that she found someone who made her happy and it gave him the ability to enjoy life as well. He spent a few moments writing a letter to Hermione and letting her know how things were going. He mentioned Amber in his letter and asked how Ron would take that. He told Hermione how he felt about Ginny seeing someone else and asked her to be more open with him in future letters. He finished the letter by begging her and Ron to come and stay with him and telling her how much she would love ‘The Big Easy’ as New Orleans was nicknamed.

Harry relaxed the rest of the evening as Amber came over and told him about her day. She mentioned some of the cases they were working on. She was sitting next to Harry with her head on his shoulder and his arm around her body as she spoke. Soon enough she could hear the quiet repetition of his breathing and knew that her new boyfriend had fallen asleep while she was talking. She would give him this one; he seemed utterly exhausted when she came in. She closed her eyes and fell into rhythm with his breathing and soon enough she followed him into dreamland.


Chapter 14: The King of New Orleans
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Saturday morning couldn’t come soon enough for Harry. He was looking forward to a relaxing weekend after his busy and hectic first week. His original plan of sleeping in did not pan out for him. He woke up early that morning and had eaten breakfast and finished his first cup of coffee by the time the sun lit the sky. So now he sat in his office at Cathedral House. Harry emptied out his briefcase and surveyed the disaster that lay before him. Small bits of parchment, half written paragraphs, and incomplete thoughts quickly jotted down to spurn his memory when it came time to organize his week. Hermione had given Harry another organizer for his eighteenth birthday, as was her custom. This wasn’t like the school schedule organizers she had given to both Ron and Harry for many years. This one acted as a contact list, daily organizational chart, and weekly planner all in one. Harry sat there going through the scraps of paper containing his thoughts, and put them in chronological order starting with Tuesday. Then he began to write.

‘Class started Tuesday with the 12th years. My goal was to test all of the upperclassmen on their base knowledge before preparing lesson plans. Once I completed all of the testing I noticed one thing was plainly obvious. All upperclassmen beyond the 8th year have the same base education and a very strong grasp of theory. Once I asked Elder Elijah about this anomaly he explained that was expected. The educational system in America prepares students to be magical in a muggle society. There really isn’t a strong magical community in America as opposed to England and other parts of the world. The children are fostered to believe that magic is not to be depended on to get through life. Most students finish at the academy and continue on to a muggle university and obtain normal degrees in law, education, and civil service, etc. The Department of Magic actually requires an individual complete college and they receive a degree before beginning their career at the Council.

I need to remember that I am here to teach defense and not try to meddle in the Americans affairs. They are happy with the system they have and I cannot attempt to influence that. I prefer our system back home but whatever works for the individual I guess. One thing of note was a young 9th year student I found hiding in a section of the library. She had been crying and quickly tried to compose herself once she noticed me walking over. I remembered her name was Rebekah and she was one of the more intelligent students I had tested. It took a lot of talking but she finally told me that James (the muscular 12th year that interrupted my class) was calling her names and making fun of her. It usually wasn’t so bad she said but some of her classmates and friends were now distancing themselves from her because of it. She felt isolated and abandoned.  We talked some more and she explained that students who excelled in classwork were considered Nerds and no one would hang out with anyone called a nerd. I plan on having a discussion with James after Tuesday’s class.’

Harry took a break from writing and pinched the bridge of his nose with his fingers. He felt a headache coming on and Hermione told him pressure there might relieve it, or maybe that stopped a bloody nose. He stood up to grab a fresh cup of coffee and walked to his front porch. He enjoyed the sights and sounds of Jackson Square. The beauty of St. Louis Cathedral was its own form of magic. Saturday morning was a time for the street vendors to set up shop for the busy weekend tourist traffic. Since his house was unplottable, it gave him the ability to people watch without any sideways glances from others. He sat there for about an hour watching the vendors set up shop, invisible to all. Finally after about an hour his headache had decided to give up for another day. He walked back inside to finish his notes on the week. He considered walking around the streets after that. Amber was due to come over later in the afternoon and accompany him on a double date that evening. Robert wanted Harry to see a local band that night and after his last experience with local music Harry was excited to go.

‘The rest of the week went by quickly. I was able to teach all of the underclassmen and they enjoyed the lectures. Since they don’t have wands yet it was up to me to demonstrate all of the magic in the class. They seemed eager to learn and I will probably enjoy my afternoon sessions. Next week I will begin lecture and practical education of my upperclassmen. I plan on starting out slow and building to a crescendo before the Christmas break. Next week we will start off with basic blocks and shields. I will also cover a few magical creatures and the protection spells to ward against them.

We spent a lot of time chatting in the classes this week. The subject was usually about the differences between America and England. I was amazed at what the students said. Over here people could care less about blood status or how magical your family was. The students were more interested in muggle music, clothes and movies. They did not have to wear robes to school and most thought it was funny that I wore mine every day. It didn’t help when I explained the robe was a versatile piece of clothing that allowed the wearer more mobility when casting spells. No one understands how important it is to be always ready with your wand. They have never experienced fear because of magical threat before. No one knew anything about my history, which was good I suppose. It’s going to prove difficult to teach children defense if they don’t have a need to defend themselves. Maybe Elijah will allow me to start a dueling club, which should be an innocent enough reason.

After careful analysis on the DMD’s tactical magic, I found nothing out of sorts with their wands or magic. I spent the entire morning on Friday doing drills with them. Their magic is fine, that is the easy part. When I told Amber what the actual problem was she freaked out on me at first. Once I explained further and assured her it was the truth, she freaked out on her squad. They are lazy, their verbiage is sloppy and their wand work is atrocious. Since they have never had to fight for their lives they do not put much emphasis on their offensive or defensive spells. Here I was thinking they were trained professionals in magical law enforcement when all along they were nothing but muggle cops with wands. Hopefully I can teach them enough before any of them really need it. Once I pointed out the problem, I pulled Amber to the side and had to tell her she was just as guilty. She was pretty mad. She needs to remember I am her boyfriend second, I was brought here to do a job and being nice wasn’t part of the contract. Constant training and lessons should bring everything back in order.

I find myself thinking of Amber a lot lately. She is an amazing person, so driven to succeed. She is so young but she won’t let that hold her back or become a crutch. She rules the DMD with an iron fist according to Miles. She is beautiful, intelligent, articulate, and very funny. I love spending time around her and once she leaves I begin to miss her. I don’t have much experience in these matters but I know what I think is happening to me and it scares me a little.

Harry took a moment to look over his notes and plan some of his lectures for the upcoming week. When he checked his watch he realized it was just after ten in the morning. It is amazing how much you can get accomplished with no distractions he thought to himself. He went upstairs and threw on some street clothes and headed out of his house to walk around his little section of the French Quarter. He enjoyed the fresh air and lively activity around him. He had come to the realization that all of the neighboring buildings to Cathedral House were for commerce. He figured he was the only person living on Jackson Square, so he wanted to wander around and find some neighbors. A few streets over from his he found the first set of apartments. The buildings were exactly the same as the others but you could tell they were living accommodations rather than businesses. He found a few people sitting on their front steps much like he had earlier in the day. He waved to a few and stopped to talk to others. One of the groups waved him over in their direction. Harry approached as he saw a group of four young guys having a lively conversation around the open door of a house. He could hear music coming from inside and one of them sat next to an old English bulldog on the front steps.

“You’re a new face in the area” the guy with the dog announced

“I just moved here last week” Harry replied

“Whoa! That’s one hell of an accent. I think he’s kinda cute” one of the other guys said

“Slow down Brandon, what’s your name or should we just call you cute English chap?” Bulldog guy said

“Um” Harry was speechless

“Well clearly he isn’t playing for our team” one of the other guys said

“Shut up Steve, nice to meet you cute English guy. I am Andrew, Drew for short and these are some of my friends. This is obviously Brandon, and this is Carl and Steve.” Drew stated

“Um” Harry still had problems getting a sentence out.

“Maybe he is trying to talk to Brutus” Steve offered as he pointed toward the dog amid chuckles from the other guys.

“I’m sorry guys, my name is Harry. Like I said I just moved here from England a week ago. This is the first opportunity I have had to get out and walk around the neighborhood. Nice to meet you too” Harry finally said with a sheepish grin on his face

“A boy fresh off the boat from London and he’s never met a queen before” Drew said while laughing

“Actually I met her a few months ago” Harry offered amid howls of laughter from the group, even Brutus was howling this time.

They offered Harry a seat and Steve went to grab him a beer. They wanted to know all about Harry, what he did, where he was from, where he lived now. His answers just brought up new questions, like when he said he was a teacher they wanted to know where and how long and where he studied. It was an uncomfortable conversation at first because Harry had to watch what he said. He didn’t know any of these people and didn’t want to divulge too much information for fear of the international statute on wizarding secrecy. They were extremely talkative though and anytime Harry tried to evade a topic they would find other ways of asking the same question.

“I feel like I am in court” Harry said

“That’s because we are a bunch of lawyers” Carl said

“Do you have a lot of experience with courts; have you been a bad boy?” Steve stated rather than asked as he raised his eyebrows

“Again shut it Steve” Drew said in Harry’s defense

“Harry, if you haven’t already figured it out. Steve is our clown, he is always here to make a joke or make someone feel uncomfortable. Let us all apologize for him like we always need to do.”

Harry assured them it was alright as he drained his beer and asked some questions about the neighborhood. They filled him in on various locations. Most of the area was full of young professionals with a quirky side. Most were lawyers, doctors and engineers by day and artists, musicians, and street performers by night. It was too expensive for most to live in the actual French Quarter, all of the locals hung out in the Marigny or Bywater area adjacent to the French Quarter. The French Quarter area was mostly for the tourists they explained. Harry rose to leave and Brutus got up as well.

“Looks like you’re taking Brute here for his walk. Everyone knows first one up volunteers” Drew said

“Um” Harry replied

“Damn it Drew I thought we moved him past this phase” Steve laughed

“This ensures he is in capable hands and you will have to come back for another visit. See you in a while Mr. English Harry” Drew said

Harry grabbed the dogs leash with a smirk and began once again to walk the streets. Harry really liked the guys back there but they had a really odd accent. Harry continued on the street until he came upon a two way road that had a grassy section dividing it. Drew had explained this was the divider between the French Quarter and Marigny. Harry looked down at Brutus and the dog just drooled.

“Let’s go check it out boy” Harry said

They ran across the street and strolled through the next neighborhood. Growing up on Privet Drive Harry had never seen so many people out and about. Most of his youth he hardly even met his neighbors because they stayed indoors so much, the people here were very different. Everywhere he looked people roamed the streets or gathered in front yards. It was like a real community and it was nice to see people interacting. He walked along the sidewalk in front of the houses only stopping long enough for Brutus to sniff around and mark his territory. He took a left then a right never really going anywhere and seemingly just wandering at random. As he was passing in front of a chain link fence that divided the sidewalk from someone’s house he heard someone call his name. Harry looked all over the place for the source of the voice.

“Mr. Harry, over here on the porch” the voice of a small child said.

Harry turned toward the house and saw Damon sitting there grinning. He ran down toward the fence with a huge smile on his face.

“Mr. Harry. I didn’t think I would ever see you again. Where is that nice lady that was with you?” Damon asked

“Amber is at work right now. How are you doing” Harry replied

“Awesome” Damon said and then asked if he could walk with Harry

“Of course you can as long as it’s alright with your folks” Harry said and Damon replied

“They wouldn’t know whether I was here or gone”

Harry and Damon began walking down the street. It didn’t take long before Harry was turned around and couldn’t figure out which way to go. He wanted to bring Brutus back and then return Damon home. He needed to get ready for Amber’s arrival in just about an hour. With Damon watching his every move Harry didn’t dare take his wand out to get a compass reading. After a while Damon could see something troubling Harry and asked what was wrong.

“I need to get the dog back to its owner but I can’t seem to remember how to get there.”

“Just tell me where you want to go and watch the king of Nawlins at work”

Harry just laughed as Damon guided them straight back to the French Quarter. They talked about how their first week at school had been. Harry thought Damon was a really cool kid and was very entertained by his little tour guide. They dropped Brutus back at Drew’s house and Drew made Harry promise to return soon. Damon just looked quizzically at the exchange between the two adults and patted Brutus as they left. Harry followed Damon as they continued on down through the French market and passed in front of a fire station. Damon said it was one of the oldest in the city and the firemen there were really nice to the neighborhood kids. They walked along chatting about random topics until they walked up on three boys playing in an abandoned field. The boy’s began to run away and Harry heard them screaming something about Voodoo Boy as they fled.

Harry fearing that they knew something about him quickly asked Damon what they were talking about.

“I’m not really sure. They tried to beat me up a few weeks ago. One of them hit me in the head and I think I blacked out or something, everything got really foggy. When I came back to my senses all three of them were laying on the street and I was still standing there. Ever since then every time I see them they run away screaming about voodoo. I guess they think I did something magic” Damon offered then looked up to see Harry’s reaction.

Harry’s was shocked at this revelation but tried to mask his reaction. Damon proved too fast for him and read the understanding on his face.

“Some kids are just weird” Harry offered while pointing in the fleeing youth’s direction but Damon knew something was going on. He just hoped he would get to hang out with Harry again to be able to figure it out.

Harry was almost back to his house when he saw someone he never wanted to see again.

‘Yaxley’ Harry silently breathed

The slicked back balding blonde hair of the guy was unmistakable. Harry had enough run in’s with the leaders of Voldermorts group to know one when he saw them. Yaxley had just entered what appeared to be an abandoned house less than three blocks from Cathedral House. Harry snuck around the corner and placed a disillusionment charm on himself rendering him ‘almost’ invisible. Harry had gotten very good but still couldn’t produce magic as well as Dumbledore. He snuck around to a window on the abandoned house and tried to peer inside. The window was filthy with years of neglect and inner city grime covering the outside almost completely obscuring the view. He silently stood there until he heard voices from the inside of the house.

“You told me he was here” Yaxley said to and unmistakable toad faced witch that walked with him.

“He is here, I am sure of it. The records show the location of his house and my contact at the American Department of Magic assured me he took a position at the school” Delores Umbridge replied.

“I have a meeting to attend. Stay here and keep your head down. He makes the decisions, not us! You would do well to remember that this time.” Yaxley said to Delores and grabbed an old bottle of cola off of the shelf. Obviously the cola was a portkey because he vanished before Harry’s eyes.

Harry slowly lowered himself from the window. He knew he had the element of surprise on one of his oldest enemies. He knelt there in the mud weighing his options. On one hand he had a tactical advantage knowing where they were without them knowing his whereabouts. On the other hand he hated Delores and relished the opportunity to rush in there and destroy her. He was having a hard time balancing his experience vs. his youth.

Unknown to Harry there was a set of young green eyes studying his every movement. Damon had followed Harry after he left. Damon wanted some answers behind that odd expression Harry had shown regarding magic. Damon followed Harry because if Harry knew something that he didn’t tell him, Damon wanted to find out. Now Damon knew the truth, he had witnessed Harry use his wand and turn invisible. Damon had also seen another individual lurking in the shadows closely watching Harry as well. This was a very old man with long hair that was steely grey. The old man was so focused on Harry that he never saw Damon standing there. Just as Harry stood up after kneeling in the mud, the old man jumped into action and grabbed Harry’s arm and together they both disappeared. Damon stood there wide eyed and dumbstruck until the front door of the house opened and an ugly little woman walked out and looked in his direction. She spooked him causing him to run as fast as he could back to his house and shut himself in his room.


Chapter 15: The Teacher
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Harry Potter was created by J.K. Rowling. She built this wonderful world for us. Hopefully she doesnt mind me using her characters.



Harry was struggling against his kidnapper. Harry had been grabbed when he stood up from the mud to confront Umbridge. Someone disapparated dragging him to his current location. Obviously the attacker had rendered him mute because the harder Harry tried to yell the more silent the room became. Suddenly Harry was grasped under his arms and forcefully thrown through the air and landed on something soft and cushiony.

“WOULD YOU PLEASE CALM DOWN” The attacker yelled at Harry.

“You are back in your home at Cathedral House.” The old man said more calmly.

Harry attempted to get up and come at the old guy again when he was suddenly bound by invisible wraps. Then the old man hit the floor with a staff once more and the yells coming out of Harry’s mouth were suddenly audible.

“am and what I am capable of” Harry completed the unspoken portion of his sentence.

“As a matter of fact young man, I know exactly who you are and I know better than you what your capable of” said the old man

Harry took a moment to size up his aggressor. The man was clearly as old as Albus was, probably older. Very long gray hair with steely gray eyes almost translucent. He wore a beautiful set of black and red robes that obviously were very expensive; the material seemed to shimmer without supporting light to cause the effect. He used a staff instead of a wand and it was jet black and very long, from Harry’s current position it seemed rather menacing. Upon closer inspection Harry noticed his face was jagged and weathered but his eyes seemed kind. Just then something clicked in Harry’s memory.

“Are you the gentleman from my parents wedding? The associate Albus Dumbledore wrote about?” Harry asked while forgetting about his binds.

The old man removed the tethers holding Harry and grabbed a seat across from him.

“One and the same my boy.” He said as he flipped Harry’s wand back to him.

“Give me a minute to catch my breath will you and then we can make introductions”

Clotille appeared when Harry called her. Harry requested some refreshments and maybe a quick bite to eat. The old man appeared tired and didn’t look like he had a proper meal in quite some time.

“Thanks for that, as Albus might have said my name is Julius and I am your teacher.”

“No, Albus never said your name and he said you are the watcher.” Harry replied

“Watcher, Teacher, Mage, all of these titles describes me. I am what I am boy now are you going to argue with everything I say?” Harry looked confused when Julius said this.

“To Albus and your parents my title was watcher. To most common folk I am known as a mage, to you I am to be addressed in the context of your teacher.” Julius explained and Harry was about to ask another question when the fireplace turned a bright green announcing an arriving person through the floo.

Amber emerged from the floo looking distracted.

“NAPARQUDU” Julius growled and snapped his staff to the ground and Amber fell to the floor.

Harry jumped to defend her. “What the hell was that” Harry demanded as he raised his wand in Julius’s direction.

Harry’s wand was quickly wrenched from his hand and sat softly on the sofa next to Julius.

“Please do not ever raise your wand at me in attack unless previously specified” Julius calmly said then continued “I merely put the young lady into a deep sleep”

“OK. What the hell kind of language was that.” Harry argued

“Ah, that was ancient Sumerian. It is the true language of power my friend” Julius explained as if this answered everything.

“Please take your seat; I am not here to teach today. It was you who forced me here to talk.” Julius gave Harry the opportunity to check on Amber and regain his seat.

“First off, you need to understand that I am your teacher. You will need to do as I say until I feel you are ready to be released from this contract. I will explain everything once I have your word that this is a private conversation.”

“I don’t even know who you are. I don’t know why you are here. You just attacked my girlfriend. You kidnap me and now I am supposed to just sit and listen while you spout some nonsense at me. Does that about sum it up? Just so we are clear.” Harry added sarcastically

“That seems about right to me. Of course if you don’t like that arrangement I could always leave!” Julius pointed out.

“That’s the best idea yet. Goodbye” Harry said

Julius seemed to dissolve away in front of Harry’s eyes just as Amber began to wake up on the floor.

“Oh My” Amber exclaimed “I must have tripped over the threshold on my way in” she finished as she wiped the dust from her clothes.

Amber sat on the couch while Harry went to grab a few drinks from the kitchen. He was almost back to the sitting room when a piece of parchment ‘popped’ into existence right next to his head.

‘Whether you agree to it or not, your contract is binding. For your sake do not betray my confidence. You will seek me out, I am sure of it.’ Harry read the sloping text, then crumbled the paper and threw it away. ‘Crazy old people, always giving me projects or wanting to rule my life’ Harry thought as he entered the sitting room.

The night was going great. Harry and Amber had gotten ready at Cathedral House and met Robert and Emily at a small neighborhood restaurant called Mothers. Of course the name of the place caused a bit of confusion at first.

“We should go to Mothers to eat” Robert offered and Emily quickly agreed.

“I really don’t want to go to you Mothers” Harry replied

“No not my mom’s Harry”

“Honestly I was hoping to go out to eat tonight, not some blokes’ mom’s house” Harry continued

“Harry, Mothers is a restaurant and besides my mother is a lovely woman.” Robert stated but only further confused the situation.

They continued to argue for a few more minutes until Amber stepped in and said “let’s shut up Harry and just follow them” obviously she caught on pretty quickly that place was truly a restaurant with an odd name.

Harry followed with the group and remained in a foul mood during the walk. He was tired of so called Mom’s, Dad’s, and crazy old bearded grandfather types. He damn sure didn’t want to spend an evening cooped up in some old ladies house eating a home cooked meal. He felt pretty foolish and the rest had a good laugh when they turned the corner onto Poydras St. and huge red neon letters spelled MOTHERS over the front of the building.

The food was amazing and Harry really liked hanging out with Robert. At school he was stuffy and difficult to talk to but out in the real world he was hilarious. Always had a joke ready to tell, or a funny story that related to the topic. He seemed very at ease with Emily. Emily was very soft spoken, she was a witch but she taught muggle English at Laveau. Harry had not had the opportunity to meet the muggle subject’s teachers yet. After they finished their meal Harry insisted on picking up the check, still feeling embarrassed by his earlier behavior. Nobody seemed to mind him paying penance and the group took off toward the bar talking loudly and having a great time.

“You should have seen the old man when Elijah told him an eighteen year old would be teaching. I thought I would need to call the magical ambulance or something.” Robert was in the middle of telling a very animated story about Professor Eriksson.

“So you really are only eighteen” Emily asked

“Yep” Harry replied

“I don’t want to ruin the mood or anything but it’s killing me not knowing.” Emily paused and Harry answered her question before it was asked

“Yes, all of it is true. Well probably all of it.”

“Amazing.” All three replied at once.

“How did you know what to do” Amber asked because she was just as curious and this was the first time the topic had been broached.

“I didn’t” came Harry’s reply

Robert could see Harry beginning to withdraw from the line of questioning so he was happy to see the line at the bar door.

“Good we are here, wait here and let me chat with the bouncer.” Robert stated as he trotted away

It was Emily and Ambers turn to feel foolish as they both apologized. Harry just brushed the need for an apology away.

“Being here and around other people causes me to forget about all of it. That’s a good thing, but it never hurts to remember as well.”

Soon enough they were seated at a table near the stage. The lead singer was dressed in a Scottish kilt and wore an American football jersey with shoulder pads. Robert explained that they were a cover band, and that meant they played music from other famous rock and roll bands mainly from the 70s and 80s. Harry really didn’t care; he thought it was huge fun. Every once in a while the singer would take a swig from a fifth of whiskey and then pass it down to the crowd, Harry took a couple of pulls off the bottle. They shared a bunch of laughs and a few drinks while the band took an intermission. Suddenly someone came up behind Harry and placed their hands over his eyes.

“Guess who” the blind folder said.

Harry turned and saw Drew standing there with a huge smile on his face. Unexpectedly Drew hugged Harry and turned to the rest of the group.

“Since cute English Harry refuses to introduce us. I am Drew and this is my boyfriend Douglas. We live around the corner from Harry” Drew announced

“Your boyfriend” Harry asked in puzzlement. Then total understanding dawned on his face as well as a stupid grin.

“Obviously my boyfriend is a bit dimmer than I expected. Nice to meet you I am Amber” She smiled and graciously shook hands with Drew.

Harry felt like he was the butt of many jokes that night and he made the best of it. Steve and the rest of Drew’s friends came over and hung out with them. They thought it was hilarious that Harry couldn’t put two and two together. Amber stepped in to defend Harry and explained he went to an extremely private school in England. This was his first time abroad as he only graduated a few months ago.

Amber drug Harry out to the dance floor against his will. He had never danced before unless you count the holiday ball a few years ago at Hogwarts. He figured out as long as he swayed with the crowd he minimized how stupid he looked. The females were going all out and dancing around, but most of the guys just stood there and kept rhythm with the beat. The band began to play a slower song with a loud steady drumming beat, which was almost hypnotic. Harry held Amber tight as she began to kiss slowly on his neck. The music and alcohol began to play an integral part in this dance. Ambers kissing became more passionate and finally Harry met her lips. Harry now understood what his friends had laughed about in the past. He had never wanted anything more than he wanted Amber right then. Her low cut dress showed beads of sweat slipping between her breasts. Their passionate kissing hit a crescendo with the music and caught both lovers breathless as they made eye contact. It was time to leave, they returned to the table to tell the others goodnight. To Harry’s dismay everyone decided it was time to call it a night and the left as a group, he hoped that the passion wouldn’t wane with the group in tow. Amber could tell he was struggling and reached for the back of his jeans. She pulled up close to his ear and whispered.

“Nothing’s gonna change what I’m gonna do to you” she finished with a sensuous kiss to his ear lobe.

The group was far more boisterous on the return trip. People could hear the crew cutting up blocks away. The flamboyant voice of Steve caused everyone to laugh. He was what the locals called a “Queen” and was proud of that title. They walked through the central business district or CBD and crossed Canal Street and into the French Quarter. Harry grew nervous because his new neighbors were walking with them and Cathedral House was before their house a few streets further up. Jackson Square was empty as usual given the late hour. The group entered the square and Drew started saying his group’s goodbyes. Harry looked toward the fenced in park area of the square. Something was stirring his alarms and he was trying to pin point the source.

He saw a homeless person sleeping on a park bench about twenty yards away. A small group of street performers were huddled over by the entrance to St. Louis Cathedral. Other than that nothing else of interest could be seen. Harry felt his internal alarms begin to screech at him just as Amber turned to warn him she felt ill intent from somewhere.

“DOWN EVERYONE DOWN!” Harry yelled as spells began flying from all directions.

Harry physically felt his detachment as his wand spun easily to block incoming spells. They appeared to be coming from everywhere. He sent stunning spells in return but was unable to find the casters. Time slowed as Harry searched for the attackers. Harry turned to find that Amber was defending and casting well, Robert had obviously found a good hiding place because he and Emily were nowhere to be seen. Time sped back up in time for Harry to see someone send a reducto spell that just missed him but exploded the ground just to his right. He rolled left but the dust had limited his vision.

“Dammit” Harry roared as he twirled his wand and gathered the dust in a swirling vortex that he sent towards the source of the spells. Harry realized it wasn’t just him and Amber fighting, he saw numerous blue colored spells fly past him towards the park and the screams told him they found their mark. He turned to find Drew smiling and flourishing his wand fervently. Then Harry saw Amber get hit by three simultaneous curses. Harry lost it, his detachment rose to a level he had never felt. It was like someone else was controlling him. His wand was a secondary weapon as Harry chanted spells in an ancient language. The spells were sizzling from his hands, and the environment itself became a weapon against his attackers. Lightning flew from the lamp posts striking the deatheaters. The statue of Andrew Jackson came to life and joined in the fight for Harry’s friends. That was when the pops of disapparation could be heard throughout the entire square.

Sirens could be heard coming in the distance and the homeless man was approaching Harry from behind. He had risen off the park bench as the first spell was cast and remained in the shadows watching Harry from the sidelines. Harry spun on the homeless man and noticed the staff in his hand.

“Hello Julius” Harry responded

Julius struck his staff to the ground and everyone disappeared from the squared. Harry blinked and once again he was standing in his sitting room at Cathedral House. He didn’t take the time to yell at Julius for doing that again. He saw Amber lying on the floor and rushed to her side. Drew came rushing over as well with Douglas in tow.

“Amber wake up” Harry yelled as he took the girl in his arms.

“Harry get help, I don’t know what hit her” Douglas replied

Harry looked at Douglas and then to Drew before quickly jumping toward his floo. He disappeared and within moments came rushing back with Madame Pomfrey and Minerva McGonagall right behind.

“I don’t know what hit her Poppy” Harry overheard Douglas say.

‘What the hell is going on, how does he know my school nurse? Why did Drew have a wand, where am I.’ Harry sat there shaking his head in his hands. Kreacher knew Harry was close to imploding. Kreacher realized that Harry was trying to process too much too quickly and it was driving him insane. Kreacher noticed blue sparks emanating off of Harry’s skin. He needed to act quickly so he apparated to get the only person Master Harry needed in this situation.

Moments later Hermione appeared in the sitting room holding Kreacher’s hand. Kreacher did not warn Hermione about what to expect. She woke up with the house elf standing on her stomach in her bed. All he said was Harry needs you Ms. and she allowed herself to be brought here. She quickly surveyed the room. Minerva was in a deep conversation with a very old man. There were a few well-dressed guys keeping to the corner of the room. Close to them but distant was a couple, they were holding each other and the woman was crying. On the couch Hermione could see a beautiful young woman lying very still while Poppy tended to her and two other well-dressed gentleman were assisting Poppy. Hermione turned and saw Harry bug eyed and what appeared to be glowing. He held his head in his hands and was shaking uncontrollably. This was not the first time she had seen Harry like this and knew what to do. Harry was on overload and needed to distance himself from the situation long enough to put a plan together. She ran over and grabbed Harry by the hands. She whispered something in his ear and then he allowed Hermione to draw him away from the crowd into the quiet of his office. After a moment Harry raised his head and smiled at seeing his old friend.

“I’m not even going to ask what the frick is going on! Just tell me who you need to talk to first?” Hermione stated

“Tell Drew to come” Harry responded

Hermione returned with Drew after a few seconds. She led the dashing young man to a seat next to Harry and then conjured a comfortable chair for her to occupy. Drew sat there and stared at Harry for a few moments and then turned to Hermione and introduced himself.

“Andrew Molten, pleasure to meet you. I believe you are Harry’s friend Hermione.” Andrew stated and Hermione gestured he was correct.

“First thing, why didn’t you tell me” Harry asked

“Because you didn’t ask” Drew replied

“Did you know who I was when I met you earlier today?”

“Of course I knew, just as I knew Poppy and Minerva and who this young lady was. You see I am a graduate of Hogwarts Harry. I am about ten years older than you though.” Drew stated

“What about Steve and your other friends.”

“No nothing but muggles, but they are aware of what Douglas and I are. They are scared to death right now. Probably never saw anything like that in their lives. Come to think of it, I have never see anything like that. That was the most amazing magic; I didn’t even know that was possible.” Drew laughed

“Alright, did you see anything that might identify the people?” Harry asked

“No I saw everything slow down and felt my movements become sluggish while seeing you moving at full speed, pretty awesome piece of magic there. During that time I counted about twelve different casters but there might have been more. They were well hidden.” Drew explained

“Could you please send the old man in here” Harry requested of Drew and Drew knew that he was being dismissed, he left the room.

“So I gather you were attacked” Hermione asked


“The girl on the couch, is that the Amber you wrote about”


Hermione sat back as Julius entered the room with Minerva. Hermione would have to sit here and pick more information from their conversation.

Julius approached Harry and took a long reproachful look at him. The look made Hermione feel uncomfortable, she was not used to Harry receiving those types of looks from anyone.

“All of this is your fault boy” Julius accused

“Julius that is no way to start” Minerva chastised the old man

“Stuff it Minerva, he needs to know.” Julius grabbed the seat Drew had left and pulled it over so he could have direct eye contact with Harry.

“Are you in control of yourself now?” Julius asked Harry and Harry nodded

“Good. That little stunt almost cost that young lady her life” Julius said as he jabbed Harry in the chest with his finger.

“We were attacked you old fool” Harry defended

“So you just decided to slow time down without regard to your fellow fighters. Do you have any idea what kind of harm you that could have caused? Do you even know why you were attacked tonight?”

“Probably because I am Harry Potter, that’s usually a good enough excuse for those assholes!” Harry exclaimed

“Minerva could you please excuse Harry, Hermione, and I for a few minutes we have some sensitive issues to discuss. Also please send Kreacher in here. He seems to be a very apt little elf, I need to send him on a mission.” Julius asked and Minerva sent Kreacher straight inside.

“Harry I need you to send Kreacher to fetch Ron, he will know where to find him. After that go outside and excuse your guests that do not belong here, check on your girlfriend and come back ready for our conversation.” Julius demanded rather than requested.

Harry did exactly as he was told. Harry waved Steve over and thanked him for a great night. Drew had already gathered his remaining friends and told them to keep quiet about this whole ordeal. Steve hung around long enough to thank Harry for the protection and then abruptly gave him a hug before he left. Harry approached Robert and Emily and noticed they were unharmed and was thankful for that. Robert assured Harry he was completely hopeless in a duel and his only concern was Emily. Harry couldn’t fault the man for that, and assured Robert that he would be at school on Monday. Harry then came over and knelt beside the couch.

“Will she be ok Madam Pomfrey” Harry asked

“What kind of question is that? Of course she’ll be ok. I am taking care of her.” Poppy responded with feigned offense

“Seriously young man, this young lady will be fine. My work was easy thanks to one of my favorite students here.” Poppy gestured toward Douglas

“Least I could do Harry. Sorry for not telling you sooner who we were. Drew and I planned on surprising you with the news. So, Surprise” Douglas said with a smile.

“If you think she is ok there on the couch that’s fine. If you want to put her in bed, she can take the master bedroom on the third level. Clotille will assist with anything. I will be in a meeting with Julius for a little while.” Harry explained to those gathered around.

Harry turned when he heard Ron’s unmistakable voice through the office doors. He was screaming at Kreacher in a very loud tone. Harry just smiled and headed toward the doors totally unaware of how much his life was about to change.


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