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Complications of a Teenage Pregnancy by minniemouse1097

Format: Novella
Chapters: 4
Word Count: 2,941
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Drama, Romance, Angst
Characters: Albus, Rose, OC
Pairings: Other Pairing, OC/OC

First Published: 08/19/2012
Last Chapter: 09/30/2012
Last Updated: 09/30/2012

Sixteen year old Ashley Finnigan finds herself pregnant and catches her boyfriend with a another girl all in one night. She thought her life was over. Until Albus Potter comes along to brighten up her life.

Chapter 1: Chapter One
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Shit. Shit. Shit.

This cannot be happening. How could this have happened? I must have cast the spell wrong. Okay. I'll try again.

'Graviditate.' And there it was again, the glowing green light floating straight from my wand to my belly.

I'm pregnant. I'm sixteen, not even halfway through my sixth year and I'm pregnant. How could I have been so stupid to not even check if he wore a condom. I just assumed he would because Josh isn't stupid, he's in Ravenclaw for christ's sake! Josh Woodward is my boyfriend, we've been going out for five months. And last month we did it for the first time. At a party in Hufflepuff tower. Drunk. Yeah, I guess it isn't surprising that I have now ended up pregnant.

What will my friends think? We always said that nothing could ever break us all up, our little group is just me, Albus, Rose, Lorcan and Lysander, we've all been close since first year when we all got locked in the luggage compartment on the Hogwarts Express by a group of seventh year Slytherins. What if this ruins our friendship? 

I'll be laughed at. Called a slut. Can hear the gossip already, 'oh look it's that Ashley Finnigan, daughter of famous Quidditch player, Seamus. She has a dead mum and now a baby.' As dad needed more press invading his privacy.

'Ashley?' I hear Rose shout from our dormitory.

'In here,' I croak. Her footsteps get louder as they approach the bathroom and when Rose opens the door, she sees me curled up on the floor, eyes all red and blotchy with make up run all down my face.

'Oh Ash, whats happened?' She asks as she sits beside me and puts a consoling arm over my shoulders. I can't seem to find my voice and just burst into tears in her arms. 'Sh, its okay, whatever it is, it'll be fine'

'But it's not fine! I'm pregnant!' I wail through my tears 'I don't know why I was so stupid, I just assumed he wore protection, I should have checked, it's all my fault!'

'Honey, if it's anybody's fault, it's Josh's, don't beat yourself up about it. Are you going to tell him?'

'I'm going to have to aren't I!' I can't seem to stop the tears flooding from my eyes, 'I can't have a baby, I'm sixteen! I've got NEWTs to pass! I can't pass them if I have a baby! My dad will kill me! Everyone will think I'm a slut. Everyone will leave me! But I can't just kill it. It is still a person, a baby. I don't know what to do Rose!' 

'Sh, it's okay. You'll have me, I won't ever leave you. No matter what you decide I'll stand beside you and hold your hand. I'm pretty sure Albus would do the same.' I look  up at her, a question in my eyes as to why she'd bring Albus up.

'How do you know that?'

'Er, because you and Albus are best friends, you two are closer than anybody I know. He won't leave you.'

'I guess so. Thank you Rose, I'm glad I have you.' We stay sat on the floor for half an hour, Rose just holds me as I cry and let it all out. When I begin to feel calmer, I stand up and remove all the make up off my face.

'So what about Josh? When are you going to tell him?'

'He has a right to know soon as possible I guess. He said he was tutoring in the library tonight, I'll go and talk to him.' 

'It'll be fine, Ash, I promise' I hug my best friend and say goodbye and I leave the Gryffindor tower in the direction of the library to find my boyfriend. I don't feel as alone now I know Rose will stand by me. I feel like she has given me enough Gryffindor courage to tell Josh.

When I reach the library, I look through the rows of books and tables and can't seem to find Josh anywhere. I decide to ask the Librarian, Madame Pince, if she has seen him.

'Oh yes dear, I gave him and Miss Parkinson permission to visit the restricted section to look up a book on unforgivable curses.' She responds kindly, I've always liked Madame Pince, she may be strict if you disrespect her beloved books, but if you're nice to her enough, she'll let you get away with anything. I thank her and head towards the restricted section, getting more nervous with every step.

'Josh?' I call as I wander around the shelves, I hear a giggle towards the far corner so I follow the sound until I reached a table sat in between two shelves, tears prickle my eyes as I have just found my boyfriend, pants around his ankles, lying on top of some slut with her shirt unbuttoned and skirt on the floor. I sob escapes from my throat and Josh jumps at the sound covers himself and looks at me, eyes wide in shock.

'Ashley, it's not wh-' 

But I didn't hear the end of his sentence as I ran as fast as I could with no place in mind but to get as far away from him as possible. I managed to get to the second floor before I collided with somebody. Their arms instinctively went around my waist to hold me up. I looked up too see Albus staring down at my with concern in his eyes. I put my head on his chest as my arms reached around his neck and started crying. 

Chapter 2: Chapter Two
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 We stayed in that position for what seemed to be hours but was probably only a few minutes. The endless sobs streaming out my eyes were wetting Albus' shirt. Once they began to run dry, I lifted my head and smiled weakly up at Albus who's expression showed nothing but concern on his flawless face. His hair was just like his dads', brown and messy and he wore a maroon t-shirt that clung beautifully to his abs. I know now is not the time to be gushing over my best friend, but sometimes I can't help it.

'What's happened Ash?' he asked, arms still firmly wrapped around my waist.

'Everything. Everything that shouldn't have happened, did. I've screwed everything up, Al, and I'm all alone! And when you find out you'll hate me!' tears began to fall again so I buried my head in his chest. 

One of his hands came up to stroke my hair as he said 'I could never hate you, even if I found out you were trying to reincarnate Voldemort! No matter what you've screwed up I'll always be here,' his hand came down to lift my chin up so my chocolate brown eyes met his emerald, green eyes 'you'll never be alone, I'll always be here no matter what. Now, tell me what happened?'

I blinked away tears as i struggled to say the words, what will he think of me? 'I'm pregnant! I'm pregnant and Josh has been cheating on me! I'm pregnant and I can't kill it, I won't kill it and I don't want to see Josh again but I can't have a baby on my own! My dad will be so disappointed and everyone will think I'm some sort of slag!' 

A flash of anger appeared on his face 'He cheated on you?' I nodded weakly in reply 'I'll kill him!' he exclaimed as he tore away from my arms and headed in the direction I came from. I quickly grabbed his arm and turned him to face me.

'No you mustn't! He doesn't know! He can't know Albus, he'll make me get rid of it I know he will! I can't kill it, Al, I just can't!' his expression softened as he embraced me once more.

'I'll still kill him for what he's done to you.'

'Please, Al, don't. It doesn't solve anything. Please promise me you won't do anything, at least not now. I need you! Please don't leave me.' I buried my face in his neck and he rested his chin on my head.

'I'm not going anywhere. Ash, I'll never leave you. You won't ever be alone.' 

I looked up and stared into his eyes, 'thank you Albus, you're the greatest friend I could ask for. I don't deserve you.'

We stayed like that, embracing and staring into each others eyes. Seemingly being lost in the moment, Albus slowly lowered his head as I raised mine to meet his, anticipating a kiss. We both closed our eyes and we both leaned in until our lips were an inch apart, the electricity surging in the small space between us. Al made the last move and connected our lips together and the electricity burst throughout my body, all my hairs stood up as we kissed. We pulled together so there was no space in between us and I opened my mouth to deepen the kiss. I threw my arms around his neck, nestling in the bottom of his hair as his caressed my lower back. A low moan sounded from the back of his throat which brought me back to my senses as I pulled away with wide eyes.

I shouldn't be kissing Al. He's my best friend. Why am I messing this up too? He doesn't like me that way and neither do I! Do I? Urgh, it must be the hormones, messing with my mind. I'm so confused. It was so wrong but why did it feel so right?
He was looking at me with confusion, he must think I'm off my head! He's Albus Potter! How could he ever like someone like me? Tears once again threatened to fall, 'I'm sorry,' I whispered as I turned and bolted down the corridor to my dormitory in the Gryffindor common room.

Chapter 3: Chapter 3
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I lay on my bed in the Gryffindor dormitory for the rest of the evening, crying. Crying, because I was pregnant. Crying, because I caught Josh cheating on me. Crying, because Albus and I kissed, and crying because I'm just so confused about it all, my head physically hurts. 

'Ashley!' I heard Rose shout as she ripped open the curtains on my four poster. She saw my tears and immediately sat down and wrapped her arms around me. 'Oh Ash, Albus told me what happened! Screw Josh, he doesn't deserve you or your baby. You don't need him, you've got me and Al! We'll support you no matter what!'

'Thanks Rose, I'm just so confused. I don't know what to do.' 

'I know you are, sweetie, but you can't hide away in your bed for the rest of your life. You must be starving, lets go to dinner.' 

'I don't want to see anybody! I can't. Josh will try to speak to me and I'll probably get angry and scream everything at him in the middle of the Great Hall. And I really can't face Albus after what happened!' 

'Why, what happened, sweetie? He seemed fine..' She questioned.

'Oh Rose! We kissed! I don't even know how it happened, it just did! It was the best kiss I've ever had and it felt so right! He's my best friend, we shouldn't be kissing! I shouldn't feel butterflies when I think about him! I shouldn't feel this way!' I cried into her shoulder as she held me.

'Well, finally!'

I looked up quizzically, 'what do you mean?'

'The whole school have been waiting for you two to realise you're feelings for eachother for years! Everyone knew you both did! Then you messed it up by getting with Josh but I'm not grudging you of that.'

'What? Its not like that! Al doesn't like me! Why would he like me? I mean I'm just ordinary, he's always gone out with girls so much better than me!'

She raised an eyebrow, 'if you're so ordinary, how come you're the only girl that he isn't related to that he has spent so much time with? He gets bored after a few weeks with those other girls! With you, he's never bored! How can you not see, it's so obvious!'


'No buts! Get up, I'm hungry so we're going to the Great Hall and eating!' She demanded, dragging me by the arm until I was stood, 'Wait,' she grabbed her wand and muttered some cosmetic spells and I felt my face tingle. 'Beautiful! Nobody will ever know you cried!'

'Thanks Rose,' I said as we walked, arm in arm, to the Great Hall. I loved Rose, she was incredibly smart and always knew how to cheer me up. I don't know what I'd do without her.

She squeezed my hand as we sat on the Gryffindor table, across from Al, Lorcan and Lysander. The Scamander twins were also our best friends, they were both tall, blonde, clever and hilariously funny. They were extremely good looking. They weren't identical but you could tell they were related.  I did have great friends.

'Hey Rosie, Ashtray.' Lysander greeted

'Ly, for the last time, stop calling me Ashtray!' I said, sitting down, picking up a chip and throwing it at his head. 

'Hey! Keep throwing things at me then I might transfigure you into an ash tray, Ashtray!' Everybody laughed at that, so I joined in. Its so easy to forget my problems when I'm with my favourite people. 

'You okay, Ash? You seem a bit off.' Lorcan asked, he always noticed when there was something up with anybody.

'Yeah, I'm fine.' I smiled and we all started shovelling food onto our plates, chatting animatedly about random things. 

'Ashley, can I talk to you for a second please,' a voice behind me asked. 

The owner of that voice was the last person I would like to talk to right now. My eyes made contact with Al and I grimaced at him slightly before turning around, 'Sure,' I said in an unaturally cheerful voice as I stood up and led the way out of the Great Hall.

AN: hi! I'd just like to say thankyou so much for reading, its great! I'd just like to ask you to reveiw with your comments as I'd love to know how you find it, it could be a load of crap for all I know! Again thank you for reading, I hope you're enjoying it!

Chapter 4: Chapter Four
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I led the tall blonde out the castle and didn't stop until I reached the old oak tree by the lake. I swallowed my nerves and turned around to face the boy who caused me so much pain. 'What did you want to talk about?' my voice sounded more confident than I feel. Good.

'I just wanted to ex-

'No need to explain yourself Josh, I saw everything so clearly I needn't an explanation.' I cut in sharply.

'No! It isn't like that it was just one time, I know this is hard for you, but you can get over it surely? Aren't I good enough for you to forget about it?' He smiled hopefully. That smile. I used to adore that smile, whenever I saw it my day got a little brighter. But anger surged through me as his tiny grin lit up his face.

'This is hard for me? I can get over it? You're good enough?' My sharp tone wiped that disgusting grin off his face, I stomped up to him and glared right into his face, 'You think this is hard for me? I find out I am pregnant with YOUR child and on my way to tell you I catch you shagging another girl? No it's actually quite an easy thing to handle.'

'What? You're pregnant?' The shock on his face was almost laughable.

'Yes, and I'm keeping it and there is no way in hell you'll ever have anything to do with it, you cheating prick!' I spat in his face and turned around to stomp back to the castle when his large hand wrapped around my wrist and spun me around. He laughed in my face, 'you can't look after a kid on your own. When everyone finds out you're pregnant, everyone will hate you. You'll be the slag that got knocked up. Your dad will disown you. Ha! I can see the news paper headlines now, 'Canons' captain, Seamus Finnegan abandons slag daughter and the whole wizarding world will hate you! Are you sure you want to keep it?'

Streams of tears were flooding down my face which only seemed to make him laugh more, 'I've got Al and Rose, they'll always be there for me' I said weakly but he just continued to laugh

'Yeah, like they're going to stick around and help you raise a kid when they could be making something of their lives. They'll leave eventually Ash, don't you worry. Now, are you going to keep it?' His grip tightened on my wrist as I tried to yank it free.

'I can't kill it. I just can't' I sobbed

'Well then, you're on your own. I'm off to the Great Hall to tell everyone the good news, have a nice life.' He let go of my arm and sprinted towards the Great Hall as rain started to pour down. I slid down to the grass, curled up in a ball and sobbed. Joshua Woodward really is an evil prick.

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