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Grand Scheme by charm_the_stag

Format: Novella
Chapters: 10
Word Count: 39,734
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Mystery, Romance, Action/Adventure
Characters: Scorpius, Albus, James (II), Lily (II), Rose, OC
Pairings: James/OC, Rose/Scorpius, OC/OC

First Published: 08/16/2012
Last Chapter: 07/01/2013
Last Updated: 07/01/2013

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A lot of things had been left unexplained in her life.
The truth always has a way of coming out and it's consequences might just be a mean bludger to the head...

But maybe in the Grand Scheme of things, it might not be so bad...or maybe it is.

Chapter 1: Chapter 1
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Lately I've been hard to reach, I've been too long on my own,

Everybody has a private world where they can be alone,

Are you calling me? Are you trying to get through

Are you reaching out for me, like I'm reaching for you?

-Eminem, beautiful.

Life was never fair. Learning it the hard way made it easy for her to come to terms with this fact.

She was perceived to be a model child. Top marks, even in elementary, musically inclined, first to finish the race.

Her demeanour was not hostile, it was guarded. A wary seven year old does seem odd, but it was accepted, being perceived as an old soul. She was lively yet her warm chocolate brown eyes beheld a tired look.

Childhood has poignant connotations of innocence and happy obliviousness to the workings of the real world.  She was one of the few children who had been deprived of a proper childhood. Under a strict disciplinarian- her mother.

The facade that was put up for the world was a brilliant act. A perfect hardworking child and her doting parents. But it was a facade. A deception.

The inner workings of the elusive and brilliant family were known to none and snoopy neighbours just assumed a snotty family who held a high regard of themselves. One of them recalled going over to their house when the Mallory’s had just moved in. She exaggerated their lack of hospitality and aloofness.

Little Arwen Mallory didn’t have many friends. A dog and a cat were not considered ideal friends, but they were patient listeners and understanding mates. She sat in the garden, in a part hidden from her house and talked to her loyal friends about her life. She would tell them tales of magic and happiness, wishing magic to save her from the wrath of her mother and ignorance of her father. It was the only time you would think of her as a child of seven.

Arwen was pushed to excel. Perfection and excellence was expected from her.  

There was always an impending doom awaiting her if she ever failed. The horror that lay ahead of her made her want to hide, she needed a place to hide.
Once, when she came home with a less than satisfactory result, her mother’s fury was so traumatising that she prayed for a miracle. In her favour, the roast in the oven caught fire causing quite a stir in the neighbourhood when the fire department had to arrive due to the alarms. She quietly went into her room thanking the burnt roast for its appearance.

The years went on and Arwen Mallory grew up to be a pretty little girl with a perfect record. Yet, we know that looks can be deceiving and so was her life. When she turned ten, her mother disappeared. She left before Arwen's father returned. Mrs. Mallory ignored her daughter's questions and quickly packed her belongings.

The parting words of her mother were not words of comfort. She looked at her daughter with contempt filled eyes and said, “The stars have aligned themselves. Better work harder girl.”

And with that she disappeared into the night, not once did she look back at the life she was leaving behind. Arwen asked her father but he had no answer. If he did, he never told her. Her mother had left her job as a lawyer in a local firm. Arwen was secretly glad her mother was gone.

Her father was even more distant but it wasn’t as bad as before. He still ignored her existence and went to work mechanically. He was the operations manager at a multinational company and was usually engrossed with his work.  A monotonous greeting and question on how her day was, and the day ended with him retreating to the library after dinner. She chose not to dwell on her feelings and went to finish her work, haunted by her mother’s words.

Later at night she would sit out and look at the stars. She loved the night sky and the constellations. Orion, the ruler of the winter sky would draw her attention, especially Sirius the star. Jet and Joy her furry companions would sit by her side and listen to her words. 

Her solitude was not enjoyable but she lived with it. Finding solace in books.

Then came the day Arwen found out she was a witch, part of a hidden magical world. It marked a new beginning. A fresh start.

She stared at Professor Longbottom incredulously. His dressing was horrifyingly odd. His purpose even more warped. A concept she had long given up on. Magic. Her mind couldn’t comprehend what he was trying to convey. She couldn't even remember offering him to sit down.

She found it offending when he called her a witch.

“Well Ms.Mallory you are a witch.”He stated casually, as if he was discussing a dinner menu.

“Excuse me!” Arwen gasped She stared at the man who had just offended her.

“And I am a wizard.” He grinned at her.

“Are you trying to be funny Mr. Longbottom?”Her eyes narrowed dangerously.

“What is the meaning of this!?” Shouted her dad, who had just entered the living room to see an oddly dressed man and his daughter talking about an absurd concept: magic. He noticed the man's attention being drawn every now and then to the curios and awards that decorated the room.  They both were standing near the coffee table. By the way the man was standing, it seemed like he wasn't going to stay for long.

“Good morning Mr.Mallory, I am Neville Longbottom, deputy head of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and I have come to offer a place in our school to your daughter. She is a witch. Oh, and by the way, happy birthday Ms.Mallory.“He grinned at her.

“Umm... are you sure I am a witch? Because I do seem to lack warts and a creepy toad.” She asked warily. Fairy tales had fuelling her imagination delightfully.”This isn’t a prank is it?”

“Hahahaha...Muggles. No, witches do not have warts and creepy toads. Mind you toads are amazing pets. You shall find other kids like you at Hogwarts. I have come to deliver your letter and if you accept I shall be accompanying you to buy your equipment and other things on the list.” Said Neville. He handed her the aforementioned letter and looked curiously at a plant that decorated the room.


"Non-magic folk, like your father."He replied quickly. He was still absorbing his surroundings. "Nice place."

“Now wait here Mr.Longbottom, you are saying that my child is to be packed off to an unknown obscure place to learn magic?” Asked her incredulous father.

“Yes, Mr. Mallory quite right! I must say it is a delightful place and she needs it to control her magical ability. I’m sure you might have had some unexplained occurrences happening when you were angry or frightened.” Replied Neville.

“Well... Professor Longbottom now that you mention it...  I guess there have been time where unexpected things happen to me. Like when mother was so angry at me when I hadn’t practised my music lessons for the day, I wanted a distraction and the pots beside her shattered and the other time when her car tires deflated and when I wanted to see something pretty, the lily in my hand turned into a butterfly and...” She went on. She had a lot of unexplained occurrences.

“Ah, accidental magic. Very common occurrence with all witches and wizards. You seem to be very powerful Ms.Mallory. I suggest you do accept. It would help control your magic.”

She continued with her observations, while Neville looked at her with a pensive expression. 

Her father looked at her silently, internally debating. It didn't take him much time to make up his mind.

“Take her.” He cut her rant off and told Neville. “Might as well harness her powers and save my house mysteriously combusting.” Looking at his daughter,”Take as much money as you want and get your supplies.”  Without further ado, he retreated back. Neville looked surprised at her father's behaviour.

“Your father is always this cut off from your life? Usually parents are over-excited or totally scared.” He murmured.

 Arwen stared at the floor. Unable to explain her father’s actions.  Her dog Jet and cat Joy were jumping about her legs, trying to gain her attention.

Neville looked at the girl, her wide brown eyes, her scrawny form that looked longingly at the door her father just shut, her tee read 'My purple socks are more awesome than you', he hid a smile and thought, Hogwarts shall treat her right. Maybe this is what she needs.


Year Five

 Location: Hogwarts, Great Hall.

She rose as she saw the doors of the great hall opening. Her brown eyes guarded. She made her way towards the boy who was walking towards her.

She broke into a sprint. Forgetting the crowd. He stood still and waited.

She had almost reached her him, when a flash of white light hit her.  “Protect her.”She whispered to the boy, as she comprehended what was happening, and then her world turned black.

Location: Under Fidelius Charm.

A man bent down on one knee and reported to his master, “She has been taken down.”
An evil laugh rang across the dark empty room.

Peeerfect.”The voice resonated in the empty room, making it sound even more sinister.

The man suppressed a shudder and got up. They had work to do.


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Chapter 2: Chapter 2
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You, don't you see the bridge,
I've built for you, it's just one step to start again.
-Walking On The Edge, Scorpions.

:: I know this chapter has a bit abrupt (jumped from year one to five) start... but that will pan out as the story moves on. Hope you like it! ::

Year Five

Location: Hogwarts Express

“Gwen come quick! Scorpius and Albus are waiting for us in our compartment!” Said an excited Arwen, as she pulled Gwen towards their compartment.

“Slow down Renny.” Smiled Gwen. She looked tired and had dark circles around her eyes.

“Not at all Flobberworm!”She poked Gwen and started laughing at Gwen’s petulant childlike expression. Her laughter was infectious, Gwen found herself laughing along with her.

“Missed you Arwen.” Said Gwen, as she hugged Arwen.

“Right back at you.” Mumbled Arwen.

Arwen’s brown eyes sparkled in excitement.

“So Arwen dearest, you must have been soo bored at home. I heard from a little birdie that you got five hundred letters from a certain someone.”Gwen smirked at her.

“Shut up Gwen.”Retorted Arwen, looking miffed.

Sure you don’t want to talk about it?” Teased Gwen. Her grey eyes sparkling mischievously.

“No Bartlett, I. DO.NOT. WANT to talk about it. “Seethed Arwen.

“Ok! Ok! Renny don’t get your knickers in a twist!” Gwen laughed out loud at Arwen's misery. “Circe, you get worked up so quickly.” She muttered.  

They slid the compartment door open and greeted the boys.

“Hey Renny, Gwenny.” Scorpius greeted them. Albus just nodded his head in acknowledgement.

“Hey Scoopy, Albie... So what’s the surprise?” Asked Gwen. Ignoring the glare both the boys aimed at her.

Arwen locked the door and cast a few enchantments around the compartment and sent a subtle nod towards the boys.

“Gwen, we did something...”Started Scorpius, but trailed off when he saw the look of alarm on Gwen’s face.

“Gwen chill...Watch this.” Arwen smiled reassuringly at her friend.

Gwen looked at her three best friends. Her eyes widening at what she saw before her.  She had different emotions flickering across her face.  Awe, shock, guilt, hurt and anger. This was their big covert operation she suspected they were on! They should have never done something like this for her.

Why?” She choked out.

“We love you Gwen.” Arwen replied, as if it was the most obvious thing. Arwen enveloped her into a hug. No one wanted to discuss the matter any further.

“Oh hey Arwen, rumour has it that you are James Potter’s girlfriend now.” Scorpius feigned nonchalance and then sent her his infamous Malfloy smirk. It was plain to see that he was trying to lift the tense atmosphere.

Arwen groaned.

“What has that prat spread around?”  Asked Arwen exasperatedly.

“Well, aside from the fact that he said that he had to woo you with five hundred letters, I mean wow, Arwen, five hundred! He said that you begged him to make him your boyfriend. The gossip groups have already started spreading it around. Which the time we reach Hogwarts, the latest news would be: Arwen Mallory, an awfully nasty bitch, used a love potion on the first born of the wizarding world’s saviour’s and hate baby crups and throw books at Moaning Myrtle.” Answered Scorpius. Gwen giggled and Albus snorted from behind his quidditch magazine.

“Al, I love you but your brother is a major pain in the ass.” Groaned Arwen, and she covered her face with her hands.

“Well, Renny he has been enchanted by your ‘eyes-that-are-the-colour-of-a-Firebolt-Excalibur’.” Laughed Albus. “When you have magic on your side five hundred letters isn’t that hard to write.”

“That doesn’t explain why he had to write so many letters!”

“He was bored.”That was the best explanation.

“Hey that was in third year when he used that phrase! Remember how he first described it?” Asked Gwen.

The three of them laughed at Arwen’s expense.

They sat and reminisced about their first year at Hogwarts.

Year One

A lone figure stood on platform 9 ¾. King’s Cross stationed did seem busy today with the hustle bustle of weirdly dressed folk and over-excited children, to whom the muggles seemed oblivious to. She looked around at all the families hugging and fretting over their children and her heart sank. She felt a tightening sensation in her heart. She looked at the mothers weeping over the impending absence of their beloved offspring’s and the lonely Arwen’s heart sank further.

Arwen boarded the train carrying her trunk.  Professor Neville had left amply clear instructions on what she was to do when she reached King’s Cross.  

She reminisced about the last few days. Her trip to Diagon Ally had been wonderful. The sight of the magical world had left her breathless and mesmerised.  Her wand was twelve and a quarter inches, Rowan with a phoenix feather core.  Mr.Ollivander did remind her of a decrepit lizard but his energy surprised her and she left with a new wand and respect for the old (being an understatement...ancient seemed more like it) Mr.Ollivander.

Her father had dropped her off in the morning, and with a nod of acknowledgement (maybe secretly conveying love and other emotions, that Arwen was sure that she had conjured it in her head) he left her on the station and drove off.

Maybe she shouldn’t be so emotional, she told herself. She thought she would have gotten used to the loneliness and abandonment. But she resolved to do her best at Hogwarts.  

She left Jet and Joy at a kind old lady across the street. She did not trust her father to look after her pets for her. She had purchased a new owl for company and named the tawny barn owl, Aurum after the colour of his bright molten gold coloured eyes. She found an empty compartment and settled down with Hogwarts: A History.

Suddenly the compartment door opened and two kids came in. Both of them were blonde and looked like siblings.

“May we sit here?” asked the boy.

Arwen nodded. They looked like first years to her.

“Hello, I am Gwen Bartlett and this is my cousin/best friend Scorpius Malfoy.” The girl chirped.

“I’m Arwen Mallory. Pleased to meet you.” Said Arwen shyly.  Making friends weren’t her forte.  Her peers usually seemed to be repelled by her presence or chose to berate her every few minutes. Oh the good days, she thought sarcastically.

“Well, I’m glad we are finally going to Hogwarts! I had been waiting for years. Isn’t that right Scorp?” Asked Gwen, her bright eyes twinkling.

Scorpius nodded. He was a shy kid.

“Well, which house do you want to belong to? I myself want to be in Ravenclaw, my whole family has been there. Scorp over here wants to be in Ravenclaw too, but he thinks he might end up in Slytherin like the rest of his pureblood obsessed family. Though come to think of it, Uncle Draco isn’t that bad. It’s grandpa Lucius that’s still obsessed. His stint in Azkaban may have caused him to lose his marbles.” She giggled.  She continued her ramble about Lucius Malfoy and his lost marbles. Scorpius shot Arwen an apologetic glance.

“I don’t know which house I’ll be put in.” Said Arwen quietly.

“Are you a muggle-born?” asked Gwen.

“Yes.” Replied Arwen warily. She had read about the pureblood prejudices and did not want any trouble. Bullies. She shuddered internally. She had been a victim to bullying and hoped to avoid it at Hogwarts.

“Oh! Cool. I never had a muggle-born friend before. Do you know what a frigigator is? Oh! And I really wanted one of those iPugs or something. Merlin they look pretty. Have you heard any wizarding world music by any chance? You should so totally check out Nargle Domination. Their new song ...”

“Refrigerator Gwenny, and iPod. Mother had gifted you one. It’s not her fault that you wanted to know what would happen to it if you put it in the microwave. “Scorpius smirked at Gwen.

She waved him off and continued.  The train had left King’s Cross a long time ago and the door opened revealing the trolley lady.

“Anything off the trolley dears?” she asked. Arwen was about to refuse but Gwen silenced her reply with a look.

“Arwen you should totally try Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans. I mean ever flavour! It’s time to educate you on the wonderful world of magical candy!“Gwen was jumping in her seat excitedly.


Twenty minutes and lots of beans later.


The door slid open revealing a frantic red headed girl.

“Hey, have you by any chance, seen two delinquents known as James Potter and Fred Weasley  run away with a cat?” she asked in a lofty voice.

“Nope.” Replied Gwen popping the ‘p’.

“Rude.”Scorpius muttered under his breath.

“By the way, I am Rose Weasley. I see that you are all starting Hogwarts with me. Well best of luck and see you around.” With that she went off. Arwen glanced at Scorpius. His seemed agitated and she chose not to question him.

“Ah! Our first run-in with a Wotter. (My was she rude!) Pleasant wasn’t it Scorp? You look like a million bucks.” Commented Gwen.

“Wotter?”Asked Arwen.

“A Weasley or a Potter. They are really famous families.  Harry Potter saved the wizarding world. Wallflower here is scared that he won’t be accepted here because his family fought on the Dark Lord’s side and shall be eternally damned at Hogwarts.  Scared right Scoopy?”

“Bang on Gwendolyn Marie Bartlett.” Gwen grimaced as Scorpius shot her an exasperated look.

“DO NOT CALL ME GWENDOLYN, SCORPIUS HYPEROIN MALFOY!” screamed Gwen. Scorpius seemed unfazed and stared at a Circe chocolate frog card.

“Ummm when are we going to reach Hogwarts?” asked Arwen awkwardly as Gwen glared at Scorpius.

Scorpius looked at his watch. “In another thirty minutes.”

“Okay Scorpius out! The girls need to change. “

With that he walked out grabbing his bag with him. The girls got changed and waited for his return. Arwen seemed to get agitated with every passing minute. What if she failed? What if she was never accepted? What house was she going to be in? 

Gwen sensed her agitation. “Don’t worry you will be fine.” She said kindly, holding Arwen’s hand. Arwen smiled back tentatively.

As they drew into Hogsmede station, Scorpius finally returned, sporting a bruise on his cheek.

“What in the name of Merlin’s pink heart boxers happened to you Scorp? A fight already?” fretted Gwen.

“Sins of the father...” Mumbled Scorpius, trying to evade her eyes.

The train halted and they got off.  Gwen was still fussing over Scorpius.

“What would Auntie Astoria say? Don’t worry about the bruise Scorp; I got something for it... damn Potter! Don’t worry we will get back at that prat. Won’t we?” She said with a maniacal gleam in her eye. “Don’t worry. Your family does not define you! You are your own person and Scorp, you are the nicest cousin I know...” she trailed off with a serious end. Scorpius pulled her into a hug.

“Thanks Gwenny. You are the best. Don’t worry. Umm we can’t get back at them...” Mumbled Scorpius awkwardly. “Father told me not get into trouble.”

Arwen felt a bit awkward for trespassing a family moment but Gwen pulled her hand and they got onto the boat.  

They started to drift towards the castle. It was a magnificent sight. The first years stared at it in awe.

Finally.” Murmured Gwen.

As they walked towards the hall, Professor Longbottom came out to greet them.

“Welcome to Hogwarts. I am Professor Longbottom. There are four houses- Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. Your house shall be your family for the next seven years. You shall be awarded points for your achievements. Points are taken away for misconduct. Please wait. I’ll come back when we’re ready for you.”

Rose Weasley was muttering spells under her breath, looking around at everyone with a superior look. Some of them were talking of ridiculous tasks that were to be done to get sorted. She shot them condescending looks. A bespectacled, messy hair boy beside her looked annoyed at her. So were a few students who cracked their emotionless masks to look at the bushy haired girl with disdain. The pureblood children.

“We shall begin the sorting ceremony soon. Please follow me.” Said Professor Neville, who had returned.

The little eleven year olds trotted behind the professor.  They gasped in awe when they took in the Great Hall. The enchanted sky captivated them.  A little ahead of them sat the old and dusty Sorting Hat on a stool.  It started singing a song and when it finished, an applause rang throughout the room. Professor Longbottom started the ceremony.

“Avery, Henry.” Called out Professor Longbottom from a list.

“SLYTHERIN!”  Slytherin’s clapped for their newest member.

“Corner, Ralph.”   


After a few more people...

“Potter, Albus.”

The hall started buzzing, people craned their necks to see Harry Potter’s second son.

 The sorting hat was put on his head. It seemed to take its time. 

“SLYTHERIN!” it finally cried out. 

Everyone was silent. Albus made his way towards the Slytherin table, ignoring the stares he was getting and sat down on the table. His face schooled into an emotionless mask.

His family looked gobsmacked.

 James Potter was banging his head repeatedly on the table. He looked like a fool. Gwen who was sorted into Gryffindor, snorted at the sight.

“Malfoy, Scorpius.”  After a while the hat shouted, “RAVENCLAW!”  Everyone looked flabbergasted.  Scorpius slowly went and sat down at the Ravenclaw table.

“Mallory, Arwen.” She went up and the hat was placed.

“Hmmm...Bright mind...Oh! Very bright! Ravenclaw would suit you. Hardworking, so would Hufflepuff... You are ambitious, maybe Slytherin... What is this I see?... courage... hmm you have made my work harder. It chuckled. Conflicting...yes you are hard to sort... and the secrets you shall find out Ms.Mallory.  Not Hufflepuff or Slytherin which leaves us with Ravenclaw and Gryffindor. You don’t even have a preference. Pity...I would have considered. What truths? All in good time child. Hmm you shall be placed in GRYFFINDOR!” it deliberated.

She walked towards the Gryffindor table and sat beside Gwen who was sorted there. Gwen gave her a small smile. Rose Weasley, Alice Longbottom and June Bradley were the other girls sorted into Gryffindor. Louis Weasley, Alistair Hyde, Eric Holt along with Ralph Corner were the boys sorted into Gryffindor.

The Sorting was done and the hat carried away.

The headmistress Professor McGonagall stood and started her start-of-the-term speech. She talked about the rules and regulations (looking particularly at James Potter and Fred Weasley as she mentioned rule breaking...they snickered and started whispering conspiringly.)

“Let the feast begin!” she concluded.

Arwen stared in awe at the magnificent spread laid out, she cooked at home. It was nice to have food ready for her. She soon dug in like everyone else, sighing in content at the divine cooking of the Hogwarts house-elves.

The prefects lead them to their dormitories where they had to give the password (Polyjuice) to ‘The Fat Lady’ portrait which lead them to their common room.

Arwen climbed onto her four-poster bed and closed her eyes. Her mind in a turmoil over what the Sorting Hat told her.
After humming a few more random tunes (which she had to try on the piano. She wondered if there was one at Hogwarts.) She waited for sleep to take over.

In her dreams she saw a shrouded figure, standing in front of her. She looked around. She couldn’t recognise the place. She wondered what she was doing there and who the shrouded figure was.  She walked around aimlessly. The figure stood there. She couldn’t reach out of communicate. It stood still. Time seemed to stand still. It was getting darker. It was as if she was falling into an abyss.

Scorpius Malfoy received a letter from his father telling him that he was proud of Scorpius.  He made friends with his dorm-mate Malcolm Wyatt (a muggle-born). Malcolm had a weird habit of humming the opening tune of PowerPuff Girls. Other than that he was a cheery guy and fun to be around with. Scorpius hoped his time at Hogwarts wouldn’t be bad but then again Potter and Weasley seemed adamant in making his life hell. His classes were easy, as his family had already arranged tutors a long time ago, for his benefit. The only highlight was the time spent with his cousin and her friend.



Albus Potter was more subdued. His sorting into Slytherin was a shock to everyone. His family were not all that pleased with his sorting. They seemed to be avoiding him. His housemates huddled together and were whispering amongst themselves. He was given looks of contempt. He sat alone most of the time.


As the days passed, Arwen came to enjoy her lessons more than she had in her muggle school. Rose Weasley seemed to take it as a personal challenge if anyone got a spell before her. Alice and June didn’t mind her behaviour, but Arwen and Gwen were not fond of her.

She spent most her time with Gwen and Scorpius roaming around the school. They seemed comfortable amongst themselves. They never got caught, as they were careful in their gallivanting. They spent most of their time in the library. Arwen told them about muggle life, on Gwen’s insistence. She really loved the muggle world.  In return, they told her about the wizarding world and pureblood culture. They spent hours in a hidden alcove they discovered in the library, where no one could find them. She felt happier than she had in years. 

The only downsides to her happy life were two meddlesome, grudge-holding and mischievous brothers.  They loved terrorising the three of them but they didn’t pick on Gwen much because she screeched like a banshee but chose to antagonise Arwen. Scorpius wasn’t targeted much because he had an uncanny talent of evading trouble, even though he was the main reason for their meddling (more like his family’s past was the main reason).


The Day Before Christmas Break.

Location: Gryffindor Common Room, Hogwarts

Arwen was sitting in the common room, finishing her homework as fast as she could.

Her mother's words haunted her sometimes and made her want to do better. She mentally went over the things she wanted to do during the break.  She planned on buying more books during the break. Though her father neglected her, he left her quite a bit of disposable income which she intended to use on her education.

The only person who didn’t seem so happy in Arwen’s educational interest was Rose Weasley. Arwen frowned as she remembered Rose’s basilisk-like glare when the Professor Longbottom awarded her a Mimbulus Mimbletonia for the best essay. Arwen didn’t dwell much on that fact and chose to evade Rose Weasley’s competitive fire.

It was dusk and she sat pouring over her transfiguration homework, her hair created a soft curtain between her and the world. She didn’t even notice Fred Weasley who came bounding towards her.

“Come quick! Your blonde friend hasn’t been found in four hours. She was last seen heading towards the forbidden forest!”He exclaimed.

It was true. She had noticed Gwen’s absence.

“Are you sure she isn’t with Scorpius?” asked Arwen, looking for a hint of deception from the infamous prankster.

“He sent me! Now hurry!”She seemed satisfied with his answer.

She didn’t need any further warning and ran behind Fred who was heading towards the Forbidden Forest.

“Umm Fred... where are we going?” she asked. She looked around a repressed a shudder. The forest was getting darker.

“Hehehe gullible first year!  James and I got a little surprise for you!” Smirked Fred.

“YOU LIAR!” screeched Arwen. She heard another person snickering.

“Let it out Jamie!” Shouted Fred as he backed into the shadows. Both of them where snickering.

Arwen looked around but there was nobody there. She reached for her wand and backed into a tree.

“Potter, Weasley this isn’t funny! I’m so gonna hex you guys to next year!” She was getting scared. Darkness wasn’t her best friend. 

Suddenly a shapeless figure floated around. She peered in its direction.  Summoning her Gryffindor courage and pointed her wand in its direction.

“Ah. Miss Arwen Mallory... we finally meet.” The voice rasped. “Do you know how much time it took to find you?”

‘This is your joke Fred and James?’ She thought.

“Of course you don’t know me. How can you?  You where only a baby when we last met.“ The thing laughed gently. “Only a baby... You can see I am formless... repercussions of my job!”It sighed comically.

“Who are you?” Arwen managed to get out.

‘I’ve had this dream before! That creature in my dream!’ She thought frantically.

 The formless thing had a raspy voice.

“Why, I only came to make an acquaintance today. We shall meet again Ms. Mallory or should I say... Ms.Pe- “the voice rambled and she could not get the last word he said. “Maybe some other day. ”

“What!? Wait!? Who are you? “She frantically asked.

“All in good time..... Obliviate.”  And she collapsed on the ground.


Hours Later.
Location: Saint Mungo's Hospital 

“What where you boys THINKING???” Screeched a voice. 

“She could have died...” said a man’s voice.

“Mom, she ran away. That wasn’t a part of our original plan. Pretending to be a dementor and scaring her a bit. That’s it!” cried out the indignant voice of James Sirius Potter.

“She’s only ELEVEN James! Eleven! How could you drag her into the forest? And you Fred, how could you let him?”

“Umm Mrs.Potter, you are disturbing our patient....”

“Grounded. Till next term. I might not even sign your Hogsmede form...”

“Ginny... the Healer...”

“Common Aunt Ginny, it isn’t so bad...”

“Don’t you start Fred Weasley!”

Arwen couldn’t help but fidget a little. The noise was getting louder. She blinked her eyes open. White light flooded her vision.

She was a bit disoriented.  Where was she? It didn’t look like the hospital wing. She had seen enough of that in her first few months alone.

“Where am I? “  Her voice came out hoarse. She looked around and was floored at the number of people surrounding her. Her eyes widened as she sat up and took in the Weasleys and Potters.

“Arwen you had us worried!” Cried out Gwen. She sat by Arwen’s bed. Her eyes were puffy. Scorpius was sitting beside her. He looked tired.

“Ms.Mallory you are in St.Mungos.” Said a bespectacled, messy haired man.  “I’m Harry Potter and I am so sorry for the reasons you have been put here. Well, mainly at the expense of the entertainment of my son and nephew. We had to bring in an Auror team to look for you. I have to ask you a few questions but you have to rest now.”

“Yeah cause Archer told you to.” Mumbled a red-haired man without one ear. “Hey kid, I’m George Weasley... I see my son put you here. I’ll tell you what! Come over to the shop I’ll show you a few ways to get back Junior. Top secret pranks! “He said, grinning at her. Fred shot his father an annoyed look.

“George Weasley! You will not teach the children your destructive ways!” admonished a kind faced plump woman and then she added softly, “I’m Molly Weasley dear. I’m these brats Nana. “

They continued to argue amongst themselves and introductions were made but Arwen was totally confused.

“What happened?” she asked.

“Dear, you were tricked into going into the Forbidden Forest by James and Fred. They planned on scaring you but you ran away and they couldn’t find you. The teachers were called in after they started panicking and then an Auror team was brought in to assist them. Harry came in with them. They found you after a few hours. You were bruised and had a few broken bones. You couldn’t be treated at Hogwarts, so you were brought to St.Mungos. We sent a letter to your father a few hours back but we haven’t received a response yet.” Said Ginny Potter and frowned in the end at the fact that Arwen’s father hadn’t replied yet.

“He is a muggle.” Murmured Arwen. She didn’t want to mention her father’s lack of concern for his daughter.

“Umm Arwen...” James was nervously ruffling his already messy hair, and then he looked at her.

 “We are s... Hey! Your eyes are like...Your eyes are, so brown... like... Hippogriff poo.” Said James inarticulately, looking dazed.

“What!?”Exclaimed Arwen, looking appalled.

The adults looked amused. Ginny Potter looked exasperated at her son’s train of thought and the kids started laughing. James looked like he had been hit by a bludger. Arwen was embarrassed.

“Apologise.” Commanded Ginny Potter sternly.

“Sorry.” Mumbled Fred.

James still looked dazed. Ginny Potter sighed.

Arwen didn’t reply but she acknowledged his apology.

She felt like something was missing. She didn’t remember running. She had backed into a tree and something was coming after her. A thing that knew her name.  Arwen shivered as she remembered the presence.

“Ah! Ms.Mallory I see you are recovering well. I’m Healer Archer. And please dear Wotters I request you to leave her alone a bit now. She’s over whelmed by your presence and numbers. “Said the healer.

“Some mate you are Reg.” Grumbled George Weasley, as all of them except Gwen and Scorpius trouped out.

“Hey Scorp, how was your first meeting with the entire Wotter clan?” Asked Arwen, smiling Scorpius.

“Hahahah you should have seen Ron Weasley when he saw Scorpius sitting by your bed. Said something about nice bones in Malfoy’s. He started staring at Scorpy as if he was some animal. It was funny” Grinned Gwen.

“They were sort of shocked to know I got put into Ravenclaw.” Stated Scorpius, he had an unreadable expression on his face. Arwen thought she would ask him about it later.

“Why aren’t you at home for the holidays?” Asked Arwen.

“Well, we couldn’t leave our best mate alone in the hospital during Christmas!” Replied Gwen.

“Yeah...We told our parents. You could come over you know. Mum is dying to meet you. But I should warn you. Be careful she loves everything muggle.  She might bombard you with questions.” Grinned Scorpius.

“Hell yeah! Muggles are soo fascinating...” and Gwen started her MuggleRants©, going on about rubber ducks. She had just met Arthur Weasley and they were becoming fast friends. The two of them started excitedly talking about muggles and rubber ducks, much to the dismay of the rest of the clan. George Weasley started banging him head on the wall. Molly Weasley started knitting and Ginny Weasley was so bored she dunked Ron Weasley’s head into one of Arwen’s pies by the table.

“My mum and Gwen are very much alike.” Whispered Scorpius.

“Hey, Mr. Potter would like to have a word with you Ms.Mallory.” Said Healer Archer, who just entered the room. “You two.” He said looking at Scorpius and Gwen.” Your parents are waiting in the lobby. I must say it’s causing quite a stir. Malfoys caring for Muggle-borns. Ron couldn’t stop poking Mr.Malfoy to check whether he was real or not.” He chuckled.

Scorpius and Gwen went out laughing at his father’s predicament.

Harry Potter came in after them.

“Hello again Arwen. I am truly sorry for the trouble my son has caused you. And also for the family battalion we brought along. They wanted to apologise for the action of the boys and meet you. My mother-in-law, Mrs.Weasley baked some pies for you. You should try it.” He gestured towards a nightstand towards her left that was filled with goodies.

”Except for the one where Ron’s head went.” He grimaced.”It’s half eaten too.”

“Hogwart’s is undergoing a bit of fortification and renovation... the reason why you were transferred here. I think my family is the main reason for the renovation. Dominique and Roxanne blew up the girl’s dormitory toilet. Well getting back to the original reason for this visit. As I said before, I needed to ask some questions...I could have waited a bit longer but the quicker we get over with this the better.”

Arwen nodded in assent.

“What do you remember? “

“Weas- Uh... Fred took me into the forest and then called out for James to help him with their prank. Suddenly I was alone and I backed into a tree. A shrouded figure was coming towards me and it said something I could not remember. Its voice was different and I can’t remember anything after that.” She tried to remember but she couldn't.

“You cannot remember how you broke your bones and got those scratches? And you are saying you didn’t run away from Fred and James?” Asked Mr. Potter raising his eyebrows.

“No.” Replied Arwen confused. “I just backed up into a tree near the place where Fred left me.”

“Ok Arwen. Our team found you in a place which didn’t show any signs of a struggle and it doesn’t explain your injuries. Someone wiped your trail clear and left you in an obscure place away from where Fred and James initially wanted to execute their prank.” Frowned Mr. Potter. “I’ll leave you now but one last question; does that scar on your palm make any sense?”

She looked at her right palm. There was a rough swirl, like a Celtic knot. There were eight stitches across it.

“I have never seen it before Mr. Potter. Cannot make any sense of it either."She was confused now.

“Okay, I’ll ask my sister-in-law Hermione Weasley if she can make any sense of the symbol. She is pretty good at these things.” He smiled. “Get well soon Arwen.”

“Thank you Mr. Potter.”

“Call me Harry.” He said and went off.

She lay back on her bed and starting tracing patterns on her palm. She couldn’t figure out what was wrong. It started tingling. Her curiosity was piqued. She kept tracing the swirl. What could this mean? She thought.

Arwen didn’t like being fussed. She was certainly overwhelmed by the number of people who came to meet her today. She was extremely tired and lay back on her bed, quickly succumbing to sleep. She drifted off... Missing the soft glow that encircled her scar.

Year Five

Location: Hogwart’s Express

Yeah... Hippogriff poo eyes. How romantic!” Said Arwen sarcastically.

They settled into their compartment and started a game of exploding snap.


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Chapter 3: Chapter 3
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Year Five

Location: Hogwarts

“Hey Mallory!”

Arwen chose to walk faster towards the Great Hall. James Potter chose to chase her (his favourite activity) after getting down from the carriages.

“Oye! Mallory what’s with the rush?”Called out James.

“Leave me alone creep! Five hundred letters and suddenly and somehow I’m your girlfriend?” Seethed Arwen. He seemed unfazed by her increasing anger levels.

“Come now love.” He put his arm around her shoulder. She shoved him off. ”No need to get so feisty Mallory! So you’ll go out with me?”He said eagerly. ”How many hearts are we breaking?” He grinned at her.

“Die Potter. “

“No, it’s James Potter.”

“Ugh! Potter you are infuriating.”

“It’s a part of my charm.”

“Deluded yourself into...What the mphhh” He kissed her abruptly.  She tried to escape his hold but the muscle and strength department had left him well endowed. She quickly shoved him off when she got the chance.

“Come now love, I know you want me too but we have company.” He gestured at the rest of the clan and friends while smirking at her.

 Scorpius and Albus were too busy to help her.  Scorpius was arguing with Rose and Albus arguing with Lily. Dysfunctional and violent family, she thought dryly. The rest of them were arguing about which pie that Nana Molly made was the best. Hopeless. All of her pies were amazing. 

She couldn’t stand James anymore. What was his problem? He acted like he wanted her. Sending all those outrageous letters (which had a lot of praises of him them too), kissing her at random moments (He stole her first kiss...jerk) and then he gets spotted with some random girl an hour later or so. She couldn’t understand why he played with her feelings. He was an arrogant, narcissistic prick. Always blowing hot and cold. It was unfair...he acted like he wanted her and then BAM! Next thing you know James Sirius Potter has been sighted in a random broom closet with some random slag.

She looked at him loathingly. His messy dark red hair that made his head look like it had been stuck out of an airplane.  He had a chiselled and arrogant face and his lips were curved into an arrogant infuriating smirk. Oooh that’s it!


Her slap rang though the air. The clan snickered.

 “How DARE you kiss me you dumbfuck! Go snog one of your skanks. Please, please just leave me alone.”

 With that she grabbed Gwen’s hand and dragged her quickly towards the Great Hall. Albus and Scorpius followed them. Albus felt a bit guilty for the way his brother treated his best friend. She didn’t deserve his pathetic treatment. Yet, he knew that his prick of a brother had a soft spot for Arwen.

James stared at her as she walked away. Annoying Mallory the moment she is sighted. Check!

It was always so fun to bug her.  Yes, he liked her but it was more fun seeing her all flustered. She was quite amazing to look at when she got angry. Her warm brown eyes glinting with anger, her face turning red, her soft brown hair framing her face...yep she was an amazing sight to behold.

“She totally wants me.” He smirked.

“Mate, the way you’re thinking... you’d be lucky if she even looks at you.” Said Fred.  “And you aren’t even looking for a relationship. Hell, you’re spotted in different broom closets with different girls, almost every day. Stop messing around with Arwen. ” Fred had grown fond of Arwen. They spent some summers working in his father’s joke shop. She helped develop some pretty amazing products.

“Do you always have to try to grope her James?” Asked Lily looking exasperatedly at her older brother . “Mom specifically asked you not to bother her and NO Arwen does NOT want you to.” Just as James to was about to say something.

“You know... you could try behaving nicely. Instead you’re a cocky sod all the time and  if stop going out with total airheads... she might consider looking at you. Those girls are a major pain in the arse.” Stated Rose loftily.  Her cousin’s conquests were pretty annoying.  The girls talked about him in the washrooms and she felt like puking every time, especially when they were graphic.

“Now you defend her. Maybe the fact that you became the prefect and not her mellowed you a bit.” Said James dryly. Okay so he was a bit of a playboy. He liked wait, he loved snogging. What could he do? He was horny and the chicks were ready to line up.

Rose blushed.

“Whatever.”She mumbled.  The Wotter clan trouped into the Great Hall.

The Wotter clan consisted of James Potter, Fred Weasley and his twin sister Roxanne Weasley and Dominique Weasley in their sixth year at Hogwarts. Louis Weasley, Dominique’s younger brother, Rose Weasley and Albus Potter in their fifth year. Lily Potter, Hugo Weasley, Rose’s younger brother and Lucy Weasley in their third year. Molly Weasley and Victoire Weasley had graduated a few years ago. 

Albus hung out more with Scorpius than the people in his house. People had come to terms with the fact that Harry Potter’s son was in Slytherin and had a Malfoy as his best friend.

They walked into the Great Hall and sat in their respective houses. Roxanne went to the Ravenclaw table. Lucy headed towards the Hufflepuff table. Albus who usually sat with Scorpius and Malcolm Wyatt went to sit at his own house table.

The rest of the clan were in Gryffindor. They took their seats and waited for the Sorting ceremony to begin.  They waved at Teddy Lupin, who was sitting at the teachers table. He started teaching two years ago, much to the delight of the Wotter clan and pretty much everyone else. Defence Against the Dark Arts seemed to become everyone’s favourite lesson. Professor Longbottom had become their new headmaster when Professor McGonagall retired and went to fulfil her lifelong dream of becoming a Quidditch commentator. He still taught Herbology even after becoming the headmaster.


Arwen was sick of James humiliating her in front of the school. He and Fred stopped annoying Scorpius after the incident in first year. But played subtle pranks every now and then. The fact that he was Albus’ best friend was the reason the rest of the family didn’t give him the cold shoulder. Fred stopped annoying Arwen after she started her summer job at the joke shop, but James couldn’t bring himself to do so.

Albus became friends with Scorpius during the summer break after their first year. Arwen, Gwen and Scorpius were strolling around Diagon Alley. Astoria and Draco adored Arwen and invited her over for the holidays. She spent most of her time with the Malfoys and Gwen, exploring wizarding haunts.  They went inside Quality Quidditch Supplies. There they found Albus and his sister Lily arguing heatedly.

Albus Severus Potter, of course you are wrong!” Exclaimed little Lily Potter. Her eyes fierce and her red hair dancing around her like an open flame.

“Common Lils, its fire-proof.” Said Albus, cringing at the use of his full name.

 “Hey Albus guess what?”


“I am always right! Its Quidditch dear brother, not dragon taming.” Replied Lily loftily, and went off with a pair of gloves. Albus started banging his head on the wall. It was pretty comical to watch.

“Oh hey! Hi.” Said Albus, noticing them checking out the latest broomsticks.

“Hi.” They murmured back. Arwen and Scorpius were looking at the broomsticks with reverent admiration.

“I don’t get why you love quidditch so much Scoop.” Gwen stated, looking at the brooms with disdain. The other three looked offended.

“Just because you can’t fly to save your life doesn’t mean we have to hate it.” Said Scorpius.

“So what do you think about the Nimbus XLR8?” Asked Albus, looking at the sleek new broomstick on display.

“Absolutely amazing. “Sighed Scorpius, looking at the broomstick longingly.” Trying out Potter?”

“Of course I am. I’m trying out for seeker.You?”Asked Albus.

“Chaser. Arwen here is a good chaser too.” He said, smiling at Arwen.

“Hey...How about you come over to the Manor and we play a game? You can bring Rose... Louis and whoever else you want. I really want to play quidditch today.”

“Yeah sure, I’ll ask my mum. See you later.” Said Albus.  Of course Ginny Potter had no problem to anything related to quidditch and sent him off with the rest of the clan to Malfoy Manor.  The Malfoys and Wotters met each other (after the incident) a few times and at ministry events. They were pretty cool with their children hanging out with each other.

After two hours of intense quidditch on the Manor grounds. Astoria Malfoy came in with refreshments. Albus and Scorpius started to talk. They talked for hours. The others got bored and went home.  Gwen walked over to where they we sitting and passing the quaffle amongst themselves.

“....Yes, blueberry pancakes over chocolate-chip ones any day.” Scorpius looked all excited and chipper.

“We should try making it sometime. I was sneaking around Nana Molly’s kitchen looking at her recipes when...”replied Albus, his eyes all sparkly.

Gwen left them there feeling slightly disturbed after hearing them talk. The two twelve year old boys were talking for hours about food.  She shook her head and walked off.

Albus and Scorpius kept going over to each other’s homes and soon enough both were somewhat inseparable.  Albus hung out with Scorpius and the girls.  Getting a bit distant from Rose, who didn’t like Arwen, Gwen or Scorpius.  She resented them later for stealing her best friend from her.  

She had an intense competition with Scorpius. They tried to beat each other in every test, just as their fathers had told them to. The others just sat and watched every time they started their verbal sparring. Fred summoned a bag of Bertie Botts multi-flavoured popcorn and sat with the rest of them, watching Scorpius and Rose argue and swear at each other.  Rose was very competitive, Scorpius couldn’t care less...but he enjoyed challenging Rose.

Rose also hated the fact that Arwen( who had no magical knowledge beforehand) also beat her at tests without trying much. Arwen didn’t dwell on the fact as much as Rose did. Gwen came as a package deal with Scorpius and Arwen. Rose was fiercely loyal, hardworking, loved knowledge like her mother Hermione, Weasley, loved her family but she was also overbearing, bossy, held grudges and worshiped authority figures.

Professor Longbottom delivered the start of the term speech and started the feast.

“Gwen for God’s sake please close your mouth!” Exclaimed Arwen, as she saw Gwen eating like a savage. Gwen just shrugged and continued with her eating marathon.

Arwen was playing with her gold galleon pendant.  She fidgeted with it for a while. She had finished her meal and was waiting for Gwen to finish her humongous pile of chicken (which was sure to go down in a couple of minutes. Gwen ate like a beast. How guys tripped over their feet for her was not credited by her table manners.) Especially with the full moon four days away, her metabolic rate seemed higher.

Gwen was beautiful. With her sunflower blond hair, streaked with brown highlights, her stormy grey eyes and her impressive physique, she was one of the most desirable female in the school. Being a part Veela caused many heads to turn but she never went out with anyone. Arwen wondered what would happen when Gwen would come into her Veela inheritance when she turned seventeen.


The feast was over and the prefects were calling for the first years to follow them. Louis was the male Gryffindor prefect.

Arwen and Gwen sat alone in the Gryffindor common room.

Arwen was tracing the scar on her palm.

“Ever wondered... if there was more meaning to that?”Asked Gwen, noticing Arwen’s old habit.

“Maybe...I never got anything close to this one.”

“Why do you want to meet up at the alcove?” Asked Gwen.

“Improvements to our map. Excursion.”  Smirked Arwen.

“Oh that’s almost finished? Great! And by the way...You didn’t have to do it you know.”Said Gwen sadly.

“Yeah, but I wanted to...We wanted to. ”Arwen emphasised.

Gwen pulled out her wand and started making puffs of smoke erupt from her wand. Arwen looked around the common room. Everyone had retired to their dormitories.  She was surprised that Fred, James and Jeffery weren’t in the common room going over quidditch plays. Maybe James and Fred were planning for the party tomorrow.

Jeffery Wood was the keeper on the Gryffindor team. Dominique was the beater along with Fred. She was pretty strong for a girl who had an insane love for all things girly and a perfect French manicure. James was a chaser, along with Louis and Arwen. Lily was their seeker. She beat their former seeker, Christina Finnegan in her second year to make the team.  Jeffery was their captain and was in his seventh and final year. Scorpius and Albus also played for their respective house teams.  With five Wotters on the Gryffindor team, people had cried injustice ...well after winning the last four years in a row; they had to reconsider their opinions, as the skills displayed by all the members left the school in shock.

Arwen summoned her bag.  She had an undetectable- extension charm on it. She fished out her note pad and began thinking of some new material to play on the piano. She sometimes snuck off to the Room of Requirement, where she had to ask for a quite place to play music.

“So Renny are you coming to the Back-to-(bring-awesomeness-to)-Hogwarts party?” Asked Gwen.

“Potter and Weasley are on it.  You know what he did the last time.” Replied Arwen.

“Hey we’ll make Potter say an unbreakable vow, to never ever drown you in punch and kiss you to find out what it tastes like.”Gwen said cheerfully.

“Ugh! Don’t remind me. James will never change.” Groaned Arwen, burying her face in one of the cushions.  

“Hey Renny, it’s almost time. We should take off.” Gwen got up and pulled Arwen along with her, out of the portrait. She quickly summoned her bag as the portrait closed behind them.

“Hmm, they are already there.” Said Arwen, looking at her galleon pendant. 

“Let’s hurry. Cast the disillusionment charm.”Said Gwen. Arwen flicked her wand at Gwen and then herself.  She took Gwen’s hand and they ran towards the alcove.

“About time.” Grumbled Scorpius, as he noticed them arrive.“Why do girls take so bloody long to get ready or whatever they do?”

“So Arwen... What’s on the agenda for tonight?”Asked Albus. He and Scorpius were going over the concept of family magic.

“Hmm have you got your father’s map?” He nodded. “I just need to check on the tracking charm on it again, our map just needs a bit map needs a bit more tweaking. I’m going to cover us from the old map.”

“Why did we have to make a new one? Dad gave me the map, James got the cloak.”

“You can give the map to Lily or you can keep it and Gwen and I use this one. Ours is a better map anyway. “Grinned Arwen confidently.

Albus passed her the Marauders map. Arwen set to work. Scorpius over seeing her progress and taking notes in his journal. The journal was special.  Only Scorpius could access it. It was his diary where he wrote about their escapades and spells and potion experiments.  Ravenclaw tendencies.

“So you girls coming for the party tomorrow??” Asked Albus.

“We have to convince Renny!” Gwen sighed dejectedly.

“Hey common Arwen, we’ll protect you from James.” Said Scorpius, a bit fiercely. He didn’t approve of James for Arwen like Gwen did.

“I’ll ask Lily to keep James away from you."Albus added.

“We’ll make sure you’re not near the curtains, punch bowl, basically the food table, dark corners, cupboards, snogging booths, game table, the bar, the truth and dare centre, the team quest challenge , photo booths...” continued Gwen, pulling out a list from her pocket.

“Hey I don’t need to be babied...Wait is that a list of things James has tried?” Asked Arwen, looking incredulously at the offending piece of paper.

“One and only, Scoop helped me make it. We must save it for the kids.” Said Gwen in a matter-of-fact manner. The boys snickered.

Arwen ignored them and continued working on the map as they kept reading out the stuff James had tried.

“Hey it’s done” she said, giving Albus his map back.

“So what do you want the instructions to be Charm Queen?”Asked Albus.

“I’ll give a quick rundown of the features. Usual map of Hogwarts and Hogsmede, location of people, made from indestructible paper...I don’t know about that but it survived the fire charm and aguamenti. It’s got the new corridors and passage ways and alcoves after the Second Wizarding War. Oh! By the way the Chamber of Secret is also there. Want to check it out? Albus you can try Parseltongue. I’ve always wanted to visit the chamber. There seems to be more than what your father said about that chamber.”Said Arwen, looking a bit wistful. “The Point Me charm just a bit different, more like a muggle GPS.” Gwen’s eyes lit up. “This map is a bit more private. I’ve make it such that only the four of us can access this map. Tricky, but I got the idea from the muggle biometric system.  It also transfigures and attaches itself to our tokens. So pretty easy to hide from Finch.” Said Arwen. “He’s not retired yet! He’s going to outlive us all.” She added sadly.

“That’s pretty good Renny. Magical signatures?” Commented Scorpius. She nodded.

 He took the map and cast the spell Arwen told him to, so did Albus and Gwen.

“Okay, to transfigure and attach it to our tokens mutatio signum adnecto, point at the map. To reverse it finite clostellum. To access the map, its Aperio Wanderer’s map. And to wipe it out Finite cantio.  I’ll show you the want movements.

Big words Arwen!” Complained Gwen.”Couldn’t you have tried to make something easier?”

“You’ll get used to it.” Shrugged Arwen. “Try it!” She said excitedly.

The three of them took about their tokens. A charmed galleon tied around their neck. What set it apart was a little phoenix engraved on it. Albus’ Aunt Hermione cast a protean charm for them and engraved the coins with a little phoenix.  They used it to communicate. Since Scorpius was in Ravenclaw and Albus in Slytherin and the girls in Gryffindor, this was a much more fun way of communicating.

“Mutatio signum adnecto” Chanted Scorpius, pointing at the map. The map kept on folding itself on the galleon and formed a scroll, attached on the phoenix’s leg.

Finite clostellum. Pretty good charm work, Charm Queen.” Commented Albus.

“Stop calling me that Albie.”She ignored Albus’ expression. Albus hated his name and most of the nicknames Gwen made up for him.

“When’s the next full moon Gwenny?” Asked Scorpius.

“In four days.” Sighed Gwen, looking out anywhere but their faces.

“Hey it will be fun this time.”Albus tried to cheer her. “We will be there with you this time and the next time and the next time and forever and ever, little wolf.” He smiled at her.

“Gwen we became animagi to help you. It was hard seeing you so unhappy every full moon.” Said Arwen softly.

“Illegally. You’ll be screwed if the ministry gets a wind of this and I was doing okay anyway.” Replied Gwen glumly.

“My dad told me that Remus Lupin found it better when his friends accompanied him even though it was dead wrong.” Said Albus.” And hey it might be fun!”

“Roaming around with a mutated werewolf.  As if being a werewolf wasn’t enough. Wish you didn’t put yourselves at such a risk. When did you start?” Asked Gwen.

“When you got bitten in third year.” Scorpius told her in a soft voice.


Year Three

Winter Break

Location: Malfoy Manor 

There was heavy snowfall. Arwen and Scorpius were both asleep. Gwen standing on the balcony that had a staircase leading to the gardens of Malfoy Manor. She saw the albino peacocks resting near the hedges.

Suddenly, she heard a sharp cry. One of the peacocks had blood pouring out of the wounds it had, another seemed to be dragged towards the forest. Gwen was curious. She walked towards the forest slowly.

She cursed her stupidly as she forgot about the full moon.A pair of haunting eyes seemed to come closer. She heard its growls.

It was too late when she realised what it was and reached for her wand...only to realise that she had forgotten it on her nightstand.

She ran towards the balcony, but she was too late. She werewolf pounced on her and bit her thigh. She let out a blood curling scream. Before the werewolf could do anything else, Draco Malfloy came running towards the garden and blasted the werewolf off Gwen. The werewolf quickly scurried off.

Gwen was infected.

Her lycanthropy was a well kept secret.  Arwen, Scorpius and Albus were the only friends who knew. Her parents were disgusted with what happened to their daughter. They looked down upon her as if she were the dirt beneath their shoes. After the first month, they kicked her out, refusing to shelter a monster. She went over to the Malfoy Manor where they welcomed her with open arms.

She started isolating herself, horrified with what she had become. 

During the full moon she was put in an enchanted room. It took some time till a batch of wolfsbane could be made for her, as they didn’t choose to go to St.Mungo’s for further treatment. Astoria was a Healer. She helped Gwen and prepared the potion for her.

Even with the potion, Gwen’s lycanthropy was over powering the effects. It didn’t last much long. Astoria started experimenting with the Wolfsbane trying to find the perfect potion for Gwen, but she had not concocted it yet. 

So, after their return to Hogwarts, the professors where informed of her condition and the infectiveness of the wolfsbane.  She went to the Whomping Willow to transform.

The transformations were painful. She cried and howled in agony as her bones broke and reformed. Her friends were worried. She carefully took care of her appearance, using glamour’s and concealment charms.

The rest of the school did not suspect her lycanthropy.

Even after the Second Wizarding War, the stigma associated with Lycanthropy ran deep. The reforms made for the benefits of dark creatures like werewolves might have eased some of their troubles but they were still looked down upon. They were still denied jobs and opportunities like everyone. 

Gwen was building a wall around her, but after months of coaxing and support she returned to her previous buoyant self. 

She wasn’t the same though. It took some time before she started laughing and smiling again.

Gwen was brash, quick-tempered and violent before her transformation; she was much more guarded and careful after it. They started learning occlumency with her, under the tutelage of Draco Malfoy. lIt helped in clearing her mind and gaining control over her emotions. Scorpius was already taught rudimentary occlumency when he was a child. Arwen and Albus learned it with Gwen from the basics. Learning occlumency caused their magic to come to them easily.

Her ‘furry problem’ was a touchy subject.

A mutated werewolf had sought her out and infected her. She was deathly strong.  Astoria thought that was the reason why the wolfsbane refused to work in her system.  She also avoided quidditch…not that she liked it enough to miss it.

Albus, Scorpius and Arwen decided to become animagus to help her. They succeeded.  Scorpius was a falcon, Albus a fox and Arwen a panther.  It took some time but under the supervision of Draco and Astoria, they were able to transform.

Year Five

Location: Hidden Alcove, Hogwarts

“Gwen, it’s okay. It will be fun. ” Smiled Albus.

“It’s about to be two guys. I think we should head back.” Suggested Scorpius, after looking at the time.

“Yeah guess so. You take the Marauder’s Map. We’ll use the Wanderer’s Map. Oh, we also need an introduction for the map, think of something… See you boys later! Good night!” said Arwen.

They set off towards their respective dorms.

Lying on her bed Arwen reflected over what they did today.

The work on the map was coming along wonderfully.  Maybe Gwen would be happier now. She was like a sister to her and she wanted to see her happy.  It was always hard for Gwen but she carried her burden well. Arwen admired her friend’s perseverance even though the self berating wasn’t that good.  

Her mind drifted to the dreams that plagued her. It was a huge maze. She looked around; the hedges were too high to make out where she was. The place was foggy and creepy. This was not the mindscape she had created while building her occlumency shields.

She kept running in it. Looking for something...something she couldn’t put her finger on. She felt like someone was telling her to move towards something.

Arwen did not give a flying shit about divination and didn’t look there for answers.  She hated Divination.

She eloquently called divination as ‘a whole lot of fancy horse crap’. She dropped Divination and took up Arthimancy and Ancient Runes in the start of her third year.

Professor Trelawany pounced on Arwen on the first day. After a month of Trelawany’s death predictions and signs, Arwen walked out of the stuffy room in a manner rivalled to Hermione Granger in her third year, except she accidentally smashed all the crystal balls and tea cups, unknowingly, as she exited the room. Ever since then Professor Trelawany has held a grudge against her.

With muttering and grumbling every time they crossed paths; she sounded like Kreacher, the house-elf. She met Kreacher when Albus had taken them over to Grimmauld Place.

She closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Her dreams took her back to the same maze.

The same winding twists and turns and endless running. The same perplexity and mystery surrounding this labyrinth that featured in her dreams.


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Chapter 4: Chapter 4
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Why, you wanna tell me how to live my life?
Who,are you to tell me if it's black or white?

-Have A Nice Day, Bon Jovi.


Year Five

Location: Great Hall, Hogwarts

Arwen sat alone at the Gryffindor table.

She couldn’t sleep well, and came in for breakfast pretty early. She sat munching on an apple and toying with her broomstick.  The weather looked good for an early fly before lesson. She did it when the dreams became worse and she needed to clear her head.

 There were only a few people present. The sixth year Ravenclaw twins, Olivia and Orillia Carter were practising hair charms on each other. They were the beaters on the Ravenclaw team. Aidan Rossi the fourth year Hufflepuff, whom she had met last year, caught her gaze and waved at her. She waved back. She had helped him in charms last year. Charms and potions were her forte.

An owl flew towards her.

That was surprising. The owls never came this early. It was flying towards her. Arwen frowned, she never received mail.

This owl was different, it was unnatural. It had sooty black feather and blood red eyes. Her owl Aurum was an affectionate bird, his molten gold eyes looked kind (bird standard) but this owl had downright frightening eyes. It sat down in front of her and turned its terrifying eyes towards her.  It stuck it leg out at her. She took the scroll from its leg and the bird set off. The other occupants seemed to notice the terrifying bird.

She looked at the scroll. The paper looked expensive; whoever sent this was rich. She looked at what was written. There were only four words, written in elegant script, ‘I like to play.’ She was confused. There was no name or anything. She grimaced at the words and mulled over its implication.

She wondered if it was some prank. She pocketed the parchment, and made a mental note to study it further later on.

After a while, the rest of the sleepy population of the school trickled into the Great Hall.

A very sleepy Gwen plopped herself beside Arwen and started pouring milk into a bowl.

“You’re up early.”Gwen commented.

“Yeah, couldn’t sleep much.” She replied. Gwen didn’t question her because she was busy inhaling her breakfast.

“You’re such a pig, dear cousin.” Stated Scorpius, taking a seat beside Gwen.

“Shut up Scorpy. I’m hungry.” Grunted Gwen.

“Ugh! You eat properly when mum is in the room.”

 Gwen wasn’t a morning person. Scorpius’ reprimanding tone was not improving her mood. She acted on her first impulse and threw a spoon full of cereal at him.

“Oh it’s on!”Proclaimed Scorpius and he poured a jug full of orange juice on Gwen. 

Gwen threw a waffle at him, he ducked and it hit Fred. Fred, being Fred charmed all the plates to throw the food at the person in front of it. It was chaos. 

Arwen quickly shielded herself, grabbed her broom and went off towards the grounds.  She had an hour to spare.

Her broom was a Firebolt Whiplash. A birthday gift from the Malfoys in her third year. She mounted the broom and took off. She did a few laps around the pitch and a few aerial acrobatics. She noticed another person coming from the changing rooms.

It was Caleb Ryan, the Slytherin in seventh year. She felt her heart flutter and she suppressed a blush. He was a gorgeous guy.  The epitome of tall, dark and handsome. His olive toned skin, curly black hair that were in a messy state, his blue eyes were dreamy...she suppressed a sigh.

God she was embarrassed by her actions. He was a mysterious guy and had a reputation of being unattainable. She had a small crush on him, hell! which girl did NOT have small crush on him. He was sex-on-legs. He was in the same sphere with James as one of the hottest blokes in the school.

His presence caused her to falter on her balance. She was just about to fall when a strong hand caught hold of her arm and steadied her. When did he get here so fast? He was just by the changing rooms!

“You zoned out. You okay?”He asked. His voice was also so dreamy. Arwen found herself blushing.

“Umm...I...Umm.”She stuttered. She mentally cursed her left for losing her bearings around him and making a fool out of herself. She tried to rein in her emotions.

‘Damn! Where’s occlumency when you need it!’

“Arwen-“He knew her name! Hallelujah!” Sorry for startling you.”He grinned.

“Thank you.”She muttered. She couldn’t look at him. “I... gotta go feed the buttergriffs! See ya!”She squeaked and took off as fast as she could.

Caleb watched at her as she flew back and grinned. Maybe he would get a chance to know her better at the party... if she comes.  

She mentally face palmed! She just said ‘I gotta go feed the buttergriffs” to Caleb bloody Ryan. There were no such things as bloody buttergriffs! She quickly went back to her dormitory, grabbed her bag. She reached class just on time.

Gwen looked at her and started laughing.

“What’s wrong?”Arwen sighed. Gwen was quick.

“You’re face sweetheart. You look like the love child of a beetroot and a human. “She snickered.” So what caused this lovely shade of red on your face?”

“Caleb Ryan.”No use fighting the inevitable. Gwen would have found out after giving her the third degree too.

“Ooh Captain Steamy!”She sighed. She might not date them, but she had a healthy appreciation for the opposite sex. She usually had nicknames for all the hot guys in school. Caleb Ryan, the Slytherin quidditch team captain was Captain Steamy for her. “Give me all the juicy details!”

“Nothing juicy about embarrassing yourself in front of a gorgeous guy-“

“So Ms. Mallory do you have something you would like to share with us?” asked Professor Chang, their transfiguration teacher.

“No, Ma’am.”

“Then please pay attention, this is your OWL year.”She reprimanded and continued teaching.

Arwen quickly took some time to recollect herself.

The bell rang and she went off towards the direction of the nearest girl’s washroom.

There she met the lovely and charming Kay Summer and her cronies Miranda Goyle and Olivia Parkinson. They were pretty nice when Kay wasn’t around.  

They were applying what looked like their tenth layer of makeup. They looked like the rejected applicants for The Memoirs of a Geisha, the movie. Arwen looked at herself in the mirror. No, she no longer resembled a lovechild of a beetroot and a human. 

“Hey Bitch!”Snarled Kay. Arwen internally sighed. How they loved to live up the Slytherin stereotype, though some of them were pretty cool, the others felt like they had to live up to the evil Slytherin mannerisms. Come to think of it a lot of students loved to stick to their house stereotypes too.

 She thought of the time when Fred came galloping on a wooden horse, screaming “charge” along with James into the Great Hall once. They were pretending to be knights. They kidnapped Rose and who was looking at them exasperatedly. She was arguing with Scorpius on a very important matter (Why your hair is white and not blond! Dammit! you resemble a carrot!).

“Hey Summer, it’s simply spiffing to see your lovely face in the morning.”Arwen started cheerfully. They had a wonderful relationship built on hexes and misconceptions.Kay was a pretty girl with an ugly personality.

“Stay away from Potter and Ryan!” Wow that was fast. She didn’t even know how Kay could think that she could like either, when one was a jerk and the other was unknown.

They were members of James’ fan club. A group of girls ready to annihilate (or seriously injure) any female James had shown interest in. They also had James hunts. Popular for his love for broom closets, they hoped they would get into one with him. They succeeded often, considering the fact that James was a manwhore.  Yeah, a manwhore who loves annoying me, thought Arwen.  She seemed to attract bitches and jerks. He might write five hundred letters but he didn’t mean a single word. He just liked watching her get angry. If James were a better person, she might have liked to go out with him.

“No intention of holding them back Kay.”She sighed.

“Yeah right! Bitch.”She sneered.

‘For a pureblood heiress, she sure was the epitome of class.’ Snorted Arwen internally.

“Yes I am right.”Arwen replied nonchalantly.

“You think you are so pretty but you are not! You are a charity case that the Wotters and Malfoy’s have taken up, Mudblood. They take pity on you because no one wants you!”Kay spat. “Even your own parents don’t want you! You may get good grades and be on the quidditch team, you might be Miss.Goody-two-shoes but in the end you are no one. You belong nowhere filthy Mudblood!“ She was on a roll. She hit Arwen where it hurt.

Arwen said nothing. She just turned around and left the washroom before they could see her crumple.

“Cowardly Gryffindor! You run away from everything!”Kay shouted at her retreating figure.

Arwen was quiet and ignored company the rest of the day. It happened whenever Kay lashed out like that. It was Gwen who found her sulking in the owlery with Aurum. Gwen dragged Arwen back to their dormitory before she could go hide. They had a party to get ready for!

Arwen groaned. She hated parties.

With the full moon in three days, Gwen couldn’t afford to lose control. She was pretty temperamental and morose a few days before the transformation.

Maybe she wouldn’t drink the punch this time. She could not hold her drink and became quite tipsy when the punch got spiked. Gwen was an amusing drunk. She had a tendency of talking to inanimate objects and fling food at random people and run away like a giggly mess. Albus could hold his drink. Scorpius had a good limit too. Though they ended up in pretty weird places the next day, if they got totally sloshed. Albus was once found inside a shower stall in the Quidditch changing rooms last year. Scorpius was found asleep under the Hufflepuff table.

“Aww Gwenny! Why do I have to go!? I don’t like parties!”Complained Arwen.

“Shut up Arwen. Let me think!” Snapped Gwen, looking at Arwen’s wardrobe critically. They were standing in front of Arwen’s wardrobe. Gwen suddenly started tossing things out furiously. The other girls in their dormitory were getting ready too.

“No...Not this...definitely not this...Nope...Arwen how could you buy this!? Too many tee shirts...Nope...Nope...Nope...”Mumbled Gwen.

Arwen just stared at the pile growing on her bed.  June looked at Gwen ravaging through Arwen wardrobe, widened her eyes and then went back to applying her makeup. Rose and Alice were taking a shower.

“You’re cleaning that.”Arwen stated.

Gwen snorted.

“Here this will be great!”She said.  She tossed her a lacy eyelet forest green and white dress.. She went over to her side and flung a pair of green heels at Arwen. She caught them with the reflexes of a chaser. Arwen grumbled about Gwen being a violent person and Gwen replied with a rude hand gesture.

She then went off to look for something for herself. Gwen loved clothes.  She and Dominique Weasley spent a lot of time discussing different fashion houses and flipping through fashion magazines.

Assuming Gwen didn’t want to get into the Muggle Liaisons Department, her next option would be to become a fashion designer but if her lycanthropy comes between her choice of career, she would have to become something like a writer or potions maker.

“Why do I have to go Gwen?”

“Cause I said so, love!”

Arwen gave up trying (for now) and went for a shower. She dried her hair and put on the dress. She started putting her makeup on.

“Wait I’ll do that.” Arwen turned to look at her. Gwen was looking amazing. She had a little black dress on. Her hair was mussed up and her makeup was heavy.

She started working on Arwen.

“Well we’ll get there by eleven.” Gwen looked around; the others seemed to have left already.

“I’ll be happy if we don’t ever have to get there.”

“Hey! stop being a party pooper. You look amazing. Maybe Ryan will notice you.”



“Slag. Why are we doing this again?”


“Rotten tomato.”

“Arwen...Rotten tomato?”

“Hey don’t diss my comeback skills.”

“There should be some skill...that was pathetic! “Mumbled Gwen.”You never had good comebacks. My best friend has horrible comebacks!! Merlin!”

“Heard that!”


“Want to get going?”Gwen nodded.

They headed towards the Room of Requirement. Fred and James usually hosted the parties. How the faculty never found out was a wonder. Maybe everyone was careful. Students below fourth year were not allowed. The parties were usually pretty intense and someone (Fred or James) usually spiked the punch.

They entered the room. It was pretty packed. The music pulsed and there were a lot of people on the dance floor. All the people, fourth year up, were there.

Arwen looked around. There was a fountain which was pouring butterbeer. The usual tables were set up. The lighting was intense. She looked around for Scorpius and Albus.

She spotted several red heads. Wotter clan-sighted.

 She felt her gut wrench when she thought about Kay’s words. She shook her head and walked towards them.

Albus and Scorpius-sighted. Scorpius and Rose looking at each other angrily. Everything looked normal.

Maybe one day she would find out what’s wrong with the two of them.  June and Alice were beside Rose talking to Louis. Rose shot Scorpius an angry look, spotted Eric Holt nearby and she grabbed his hand and led him towards the dance floor. Scorpius had a pained expression on in face for a second, and then it became expressionless. She would ask him about it later.

James was nowhere in sight, so she went over to Fred who was tending the bar without his second-in-command-bartender. Gwen left her and went to chat with the Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw girls in their year. Albus looked like he was betting with some of his housemates. They were pretty sneaky and they knew how to make good profit. Albus helped them run the Hogwarts black market. His connections came in handy when they needed something.

Dominique was flirting with Stephan Krum (nicknamed Hot-Hell Raiser by Gwen, his temper was impressive; he was a sixth year Ravenclaw). Roxy was lounging on the couch, secretly charming the hair colour of already drunk people. She was Fred’s twin…Didn’t expect anything more than that.

“Hey Freddie.” Fred gave her a huge smile. “Hey Arwen! Did Gwen have to drag you?”

“Yes.”Sighed Arwen.  Everyone knew she didn’t like parties.

And just as she was about to start a conversation, a couple of girls came in and blocked Freddie from her view. The gaggle of girls were throwing themselves at him…Not that he wasn’t bad to look at. He was a hot guy.

Arwen spotted Aidan Rossi and went over to chat with him.  He was a pretty cool guy.

They started talking about quidditch. Aidan was a chaser in the Hufflepuff team. That was when Caleb Ryan made his second appearance of the day. He crept up behind her.

“Hello Arwen…”He murmured softly in her ear.  “Fancy a dance?”

Arwen without thinking quickly turned towards the source of the sound. Sadly her hand smacked Caleb on the face. Her eyes widened as she took in who she had just slapped.

“Oh God Caleb! I’m so sorry! I didn’t know –“Arwen started off. She was so embarrassed; she felt her cheeks heat up.

“Wow, you’re face turns really red when you’re all flustered. “He murmured into her ear.  Arwen shivered at the sound of his sexy voice.  “Or would you like a drink milady as I assume that you have fed the fictional buttergriffs? “

Arwen took a deep breath to calm down and try to be like the normal self rather than a blithering idiot.
“Ah! A gentleman! Aren’t you a gallant young man? Yes, go fetch me a drink.” Replied Arwen loftily. Her eyes sparkling with mirth.  She decided she was done being a beetroot. She continued their seventeenth century flirting. She ignored the buttergriff comment.

“Anything my lady desires.”He said and kissed her hand. She tried to control a blush that was threatening to grace her cheeks.  He took her hand and pulled her towards the bar. “Butterbeer?” She nodded.  He got two butterbeers for them.

“Your drink, fair maiden.”He smiled at her. “Must I say, you have stupefied my heart! You look wonderful.”

“Why thank you kind sir. You don’t look so shabby yourself.” Oh, how she wanted to tell him that he looked like a Greek God dressed in dark wash jeans and black shirt.

“My offer stills stands milady. Would you care for a dance?” And then he curtsied. Arwen burst out laughing.

“You looked like a duck when you did that Caleb!”She told him when he raised a brow at her.

He laughed. “I try. So Arwen Mallory will you dance…Oh what the hell!”And he dragged her to the dance floor without waiting for her answer.

They danced around for a while, Caleb was a great dancer. They swayed to and fro during the slow songs. She was having fun but sadly her feet started aching. Damn Gwen for putting her into such high heels.

“Hey Caleb, I’ll catch up with you later. I’m a bit tired.”

“Okay. See you later Arwen Mallory. It was nice meeting you. ”He said and leant in to give her a kiss on her cheeks. She felt her cheeks heat up and went off to find a place to sit. She started an internal argument with herself on how easily she blushed; she was annoyed with herself. She took a seat beside Roxy who had a new set of pranks.

“Hey Arwen! How was your dance with Ryan?”She asked.

“It was wonderful.”Replied Arwen dreamily.

“You know James looked like he wanted to tear him limb by limb, but then he grabbed the nearest pretty girl he could find and started to snog her senseless. I just put an acid pop into her drink.”She smirked.

Arwen glanced at where Roxy was looking. James was near the bar and he looked like he was devouring the face of some poor girl. The drink in her hand was turning green slowly. 

“Tell me when she takes it.”

“Roger that. “Replied Roxy and started twirling her wand, waiting for the girl to drink.

A tired Gwen came and threw herself beside Arwen. She had also been dancing for quite a long time.

“I’m so tired!”She moaned.

“You know we could have skipped this party and stayed in the dorm or roamed around.”

“Yeah, and as if you weren’t enjoying dancing with Captain Steamy.”Smirked Gwen. Roxy snorted. “Did you feel his muscles? Have you seen his muscles during the Slytherin quidditch practice?”

“Yeah that was amazing!”She gushed.”Gwenny were you spying on the Slytherin practice session?” She saw Gwen smile sheepishly.” You’re such a creep!”

“See! do you regret coming out tonight? I doubt it...Looked like he was interested in you.”

“Yep damn right he was interested in her.”Said Roxy, twirling her wand in her hand.”Ooh look! She’s jumping up and down now.”

They looked at the poor girl in James arms. She was jumping up and down and shrieking. James looked horrified.

“I think James doubts his kissing skills.”Snorted Gwen.

James suddenly looked at them. He looked annoyed as hell. When he caught Arwen’s gaze, he looked angrily at her.  He stalked off to some unknown place after that. Roxy laughed.

“Hey! look over there.”Gwen pointed towards the direction of Scorpius and Rose arguing heatedly.

Granted, he was usually so cool and collected when they fought but this time he looked so frustrated, it seemed unnatural. Gwen looked concerned. Rose was as usual looking a bit haughty and indignant. Their arguments usually contained insults and sarcastic comments.

This looked serious.

“-Why do you even care?”Asked Rose coldly. Scorpius and Rose were pretty close so, they could hear what they were saying.

“He’s using you and you are too thick to see that.”Snapped Scorpius. Arwen guessed they were talking about Clive Maclaggen, the sixth year Ravenclaw. She saw Rose snogging him on the dance floor a while back.

“He hasn’t done anything wrong. What if I wanted to snog him? You just seem to assume everything. Why can’t you just leave me alone?”

“I never thought you would behave like a whore.” Rose was seething now. Fred, Louis, Albus and James and just come in, they looked that him murderously. Scorpius didn’t acknowledge them. He looked furious at her.

“How dare you call me that!? You disgusting Death Eater spawn!”Scorpius cringed; Rose knew she hit a nerve with that comment. She had never called him that before.  Seems like it was I’m-going-to-hit-you-where-it-hurts-day.

“Glad to know how you feel. Go snog Maclaggen, I don’t bloody care anymore Rose. I’m sick of this.” His expression was blank.Before Rose or anyone could react, he turned on his heel and quickly disappeared in the crowd.

Her three cousins looked at her furiously.

“You kissed Maclaggen?”Asked Albus angrily. They had gone into the protective brother mode. Maclaggen was out of bounds for someone like their Rosie.

“Why do you care Albus? Huh? Why do you care? You never seem to care what I do or do not do?”

“I’m your brother Rose. I always care for you.”Said Albus quietly.

“No, you don’t. You left me for those people and I don’t know you anymore.” She said those people like his friends were outcasts. She did not mask her annoyance. Albus had his poker-face on. Arwen knew him well enough to know he was getting pissed.

“You had no right to call him that. Maclaggen is trouble-“Arwen and Gwen stopped listening. Gwen pulled Arwen away from the family affair. They had to look out for their family. Knowing Scorpius he would have disappeared somewhere to calm himself.


Scorpius was heading towards the Ravenclaw tower. He was so angry and hurt. Even after all this time...his family’s history tainted his image. He cursed Rose. Yes, they argued a lot but he liked it. He liked arguing with the fiery, competitive red head. Yes, he had a crush on the girl who always sized him up as her competitor and now she used his history against him. It hurt.

Scorpius was so distracted he failed to sense that someone was shadowing him.

Suddenly, someone hit him on his back. The blow knocked him to the ground. Before he could get up and reach for his wand. Another blow came upon him and then another. Scorpius didn’t know when but his eyesight was getting blurred and he lost consciousness.


Arwen and Gwen were getting worried. They looked for Scorpius at his usual haunts but he wasn’t there.

“Damn where is the map!?”Asked Arwen.

“It is with Scorpius.”Answered Gwen. Her voice was laced with worry.

“Let’s head up to the Ravenclaw tower, maybe he decided to talk to Malcolm.” Malcolm never went to parties. Scorpius pretty close to him, not as close as to Albus, but Albus had family matters to attend to. Malcolm was a cheerful guy; maybe Scorpius thought talking to Malcolm would make him feel better.

They sprinted towards the Ravenclaw tower.

Gwen suddenly halted to a stop and screamed. Arwen looked at Gwen and turned to the direction Gwen was looking at. Gwen senses were sharper; she picked up scents and sounds better.

Arwen looked and she suddenly froze.

On the ground, fifty meters ahead of them was Scorpius. He was laying eagle spread in a pool of blood. His blood.  

They sprinted towards him.

Gwen started crying.

“Arwen, Arwen...! I can’t get a heart beat Arwen!”She cried out frantically, tears were streaming down her face.

Arwen was so scared. No she couldn’t lose her rock, her best friend.

They reached his body and turned him around. There was blood everywhere. His skin was deathly pale.

“Arwen do something!”Gwen looked like she was about to lose it.

“ Scorp, don’t leave us!”Said Arwen as she felt for his pulse. There was none.

She started pumping his chest. 

“Common Scorp! Please please please!”Cried Arwen. She reached for her wand and sent her patronus. It was difficult to think of a happy memory at such notice. She tried to remember the healing spells.

“Scorp! Scorp! Please...”Gwen hugged his bloodied, battered body. Arwen tried healing him, sending shock-waves though his body.  His body flopped like a fish. She tried it again.

“Gwen close his wounds. Now!”She barked.” We have to wait for help. I’ll try everything till then!”

“Scorp! Come on Scorp...!”

 Arwen frantically tried every spell she knew.

She felt hopeless. He could NOT die now!

“Scorpius!” She cried out in frustration.

She repeatedly sent shock-waves though his body.

She checked for a pulse. There was none.

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Chapter 5: Chapter 5
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But baby there you go again, there you go again making me love you
Yeah I stopped using my head, using my head let it all go.

- One More Night, Maroon 5.

Year Five

Location: Hogwarts

No! Arwen thought fiercely. A voice in the back of her mind told her it was hopeless.  She tried to ignore it.

Scorpius could NOT leave her!

She looked at Gwen. She was crying frantically, clutching Scorpius’ hand. Gwen had managed to close his wounds. Scorpius’ blood was on both of their clothes. She felt nauseated at the sight of so much blood, grief and hopelessness.

NO! She steeled herself. There had to be a way! She felt a surge of manic energy overwhelming her.

Something odd came over her, as she remembered an ancient piece of magic. That manic energy thrummed through her veins, making her feel giddy. She took a deep breath. Gwen needed her brother more. He was related to her. Arwen had adopted Scorpius as her brother. Blood will always be thicker than water.

“Gwen move aside.”She said harshly. Gwen looked at her with a frantic expression.

“What are you going to do?”Asked Gwen, she looked alarmed at the expression on Arwen’s face. It was deadly serious. She saw a hint of recklessness in her eyes. Gryffindor’s charge headfirst.

“Something I have a feeling about! No time to explain! We need to do something and help hasn’t arrived yet! ...Somehow.” She grimaced. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath and ancient words that she had no idea of a minute ago transformed that manic energy she felt.

“Arwen No! Dammit! Not you too! Bloody hell I don’t want to lose two people!” But she could not shake Arwen out of her trance. Gwen shivered, the air was cold. Her tears had stopped flowing. She felt drained of emotions. The magic Arwen was doing was not natural... it was dark magic. It was forbidden and you always paid a price for it.

 Gwen was afraid. Her inner werewolf revelled in dark delicious magic that seemed to permeate the air. Where had Arwen come across dark magic? Gwen was frustrated. She cried out and managed to send out another patronus. Why hadn’t help arrived yet?! She looked at her surroundings. No one was in sight. She yelled for help at the top of her voice. The cold wind caressed her and it was colder than before. The torches around them seemed to grow dim. She felt helpless. 

Arwen’s body began to glow and in a creepy way the scar on her palm was glowed even brighter.  Gwen was mesmerised. The light surrounding them was the only comfort she felt in the cold corridor.

She sent out another patronus.  Arwen was still murmuring in a dialect she couldn’t recognise. The air grew even colder; the life around them seemed to freeze. Gwen realised she couldn’t move. She started to panic and in the chaos that reigned in her mind, the only thing that brought warmth was the power emanating from the scar. It was the only thing that seemed to fight the darkness that was overcoming them. 

She watched helplessly as her friend’s life force was depleting. She saw a change come over Scorpius’ pale pallor. She felt a change come over the dead body.

“Arwen stop...please!”She begged in a last attempt. Her words met no reply.

She heard a faint heartbeat and Arwen collapsed on to the floor with a dull thud. Arwen was exhausted... but not dead. Gwen was glad. She felt relief wash over her body. She sensed a mild heartbeat in Scorpius.

 Loud sounds were coming from somewhere. It took some time for her to register, that she was sobbing loudly. 

Just then Madam Pomfrey, Professor Flitwick and Professor Lupin arrived.  

What in the good name of Merlin happened?”Gasped Madam Pomfrey.

“Please just help them.”Cried Gwen. “I’ll explain later.”

They were levitated and taken into the hospital wing.

Their clothes were soaked in blood. They looked like they had been out in a snow storm without the snow.

Gwen couldn’t stop crying. Madam Pomfrey was like a whirlwind. The old healer laid the two of them on the beds and hurried towards Gwen.

“Here take this and lie down.  We will talk later.”She handed Gwen a calming draught.

Gwen took the draught and felt sleepy; it must have been laced with sleep potion. She took the bed beside Arwen and passed out. Her last thoughts were about the glowing scar.


All the professors were in the hospital wing in their nightwear.

“Any guesses on what happened to them?”Asked Professor Flitwick.

“Mr.Malfoy had multiple broken bones- ribs, femur, his fingers, etc. He was attacked brutally. I had to give him skelegrow but he should be okay soon. He was so close to death.  What confuses me is Ms.Mallory. She was harder to heal; there was a dark presence around her. Like a dark shroud.  Even she was at death’s door. Poor child! “Fretted Madam Pomfrey.

“I sensed dark magic.”Professor Lupin told them in a serious tone.” I think she used her life-force to save Mr.Malfoy.  You cannot do that normally and it isn’t heard of. If it were known, Voldemort could have brought back all his fallen warriors. No doubt this was dark magic...It always has a drawback. But this is magic unheard of. With the amount of internal and external bleeding, Mr.Malfoy should be dead. It’s a miracle he survived. How Ms.Mallory came across such ancient and forbidden magic and survived it a wonder.”

“I could also sense it. Even though it’s gone now.”Murmured Professor Greene, the potions professor.

Everyone looked at the girl. They had different thoughts running through their heads.

“All of them need bed rest. Start of the term and such injuries! ”Madam Pomfrey fumed.

“I’ll ask them questions when they wake up. Send me a patronus when they do Poppy.”Suggested Neville.

Then they all left the hospital wing.  Madam Pomfrey looked at her patients one last time and turned off the lights.


Gwen woke up groggy in the morning. She was feeling very nauseous; the full moon was two days away. She looked around, she wasn’t on her bed. She suddenly gasped when she realised what had happened.  All the details of the night came rushing back to her. She fought back an urge to hurl. She felt panic rise in her chest.

“Oh, Ms.Bartlett you are awake. Good, take this. I know you are feeling giddy with the full moon and all.”Observed Madam Pomfrey and she gave her a goblet with some thick sweet smelling green liquid. “I’ll bring in the wolfsbane later.”

“How are the others?”

“Mr.Malfoy will not wake for another day or so. Ms.Mallory should be awake soon. They are healing surprisingly well. You are to stay here for another day before we release you. I have your personal effects with me. I must I say Professor Flitwick was quite alarmed by the amount of charms placed on those galleons.” Not enough to help against physical wounds, Gwen thought, she must ask Arwen to add a few more charms on them in future. “Mr. Potter stormed in an hour ago demanding to know what happened to his friends. I told him a bit of it, you can tell him when he comes to visit during lunch Ms.Bartlett. I’ll get you some breakfast now. Please lie down.”

Gwen looked at Arwen and Scorpius lying on the beds close by. She was stared at Arwen’s pale face. She had really given her life force to Scorpius. He didn’t look any better. There were bruises covering every inch of his skin but they were healing. She looked back at the moment when she almost lost her brother and sister. She snorted when she remembered Arwen always felt like she imposed herself on her friends who thought of her as family.

Madam Pomfrey brought her some light food and left her a number of potions to take after her breakfast. She waited till Gwen finished and then summoned the headmaster.

“I’ll call the headmaster now Ms.Bartlett. He wants to hear your account of the incident.”

 Professor Neville came in after a while and heard her story. He made no comment about the party and was more interested in what Arwen did. He looked at Arwen’s pale face pensively.

“Thank you Ms.Bartlett, I believe we have to wait for Ms.Mallory to explain what she did. Dark magic is illegal but I think we can excuse her.”He speculated.”Please take care Ms.Bartlett, I hope the wolfsbane works better this time.” And he left.

Albus came storming in later that day.

What the fuck happened to you guys?” His expression looked pained and his voice was horse.  His hair was in its usual state of disarray.

Gwen sighed and told him what happened. His face grew pale as he listened what happened a few hours ago.

Albus looked guilty. Gwen looked at his face properly and sighed internally. He was beating himself up for not being there for his friends.

“It’s okay Albus. We couldn’t have predicted the attack.”She tried to console him.

“Any idea who could have done this Gwen?”He asked in a tight voice. He had a murderous expression on his face.

“We have to wait for Scorpius to tell us.”Responded Gwen wearily. She was tired.

Albus sat down on her bed and stared at the floor. His handsome face was marred by his pained expression.  He looked like his father but he was taller than him. Gwen looked at his beautiful green eyes. She loved his eyes; it reminded her of the forest in spring. She might have also loved the person but she knew it would never work. He would not want a girl like her, he deserved better. He ran his hand through his hair in frustration; Gwen thought it was an endearing habit of his. His brother also had the same habit.

Albus was a good guy. Yes, he was quite and clever but he was secretive guy. You could not find out what he was thinking or feeling. Scorpius was also like him. Quite and secretive.  Maybe that’s why they were such good friends. They shared their deepest secrets and fears. Even though he was a Slytherin and Scorpius a Ravenclaw they were so alike. They had their own personal demons like everyone else.

“What are you thinking Gwenny?”

“I almost lost two of the most important people in my pathetic life Al.”She whispered, her voice laced with pain.

“Oh Gwen...”He murmured and gathered her in his arms. He smelt good, warm and spicy. “I’m sorry I wasn’t there to help Gwen and don’t sell yourself short. You are amazing-“



“Shut up.” Albus gave her a weak smile.

“I’ll be there during the full moon Gwenny.”Gwen didn’t meet his eyes. She was looking away. She suddenly felt angry. During these times she was more temperamental than usual.

“Why Albus? Why did you have to do this? I could kill you!”She cried out in frustration but not loud enough to draw Madam Pomfrey’s attention. “I could lose control, what if my mutation harms animals too!?”

“No if-ing Gwen. We’ll try. You are worth the risk.”He proclaimed. He was so sure that everything would be alright. It made Gwen want to fling something across the room to vent her frustration.

“I’m not...”She whispered. Albus was tearing up internally. He wanted to kiss her right then and there. He wanted to chase away her fears. He wanted to make her happy. But she wouldn’t let anyone in! It was so frustrating.

He couldn’t tell her because of the fear that she would push him away. She was like that. He settled for holding her close to him and offering his comfort. He stroked her soft golden hair. It wasn’t as pale as Malfloy’s. He looked at her. Her eyes had dark circles around them, her hair was in disarray, her face was deathly pale yet she never looked more beautiful. Her stormy grey eyes looked at him with the defiance fit for a queen. It made her all the more glorious. His little wolf.  He saw a few tears pouring down her cheeks. He wiped them off gently with his thumb.

Gwen didn’t notice Madam Pomfrey enter. She was about to admonish them for their actions when he shot her a look that told her to leave them alone. Her eyes softened and she went into her office.

“You are. No arguments. Now rest Gwen.”He murmured to her in a strong tone, that held no room for arguments. He kissed her softly on her forehead.  Gwen wanted to cry at his gesture. It was so full of love. It made her want to cry even more. She hated herself for being so weak, so vulnerable. She could not love him. He could not love her.

Their actions did not go unnoticed by Rose as she walked up meekly to Gwen’s bed.

“Gwen...”She said.

Gwen’s expression turned blank. She wanted to put the blame on Rose but she knew that would be a pathetic decision. She looked at the redhead. Her eyes were red and her face was pinched. She was tall but she looked so small right now. She was feeling guilty.

“Why are you here Rose?”Asked Albus coldly. Gwen was surprised at his tone. Albus was always kind to his cousin even when she behaved like a bitch. She looked at him. He stared coldly at his cousin. It made her shiver. One moment he was so gentle and loving and the next his mood plummeted south.

“Al...I’m sorry. I am so bloody sorry Al... If I could take it all back... I would... in a heartbeat!”Rose trembled. She was shocked at Albus’ behaviour but she felt like she deserved it. Rose saw forgiveness and a bit of hesitance in Gwen’s eyes. She knew that she would have to make it up to them. She knew it was wrong to hold a grudge. If she would have to make a change, she would make it now. She looked at her once best friend. She made her mind up to resolve her problems. Starting with her behaviour.

Albus looked at Scorpius.

“Apologise to him, not me.”

“I’m sorry Gwen. I wish I could take back what I said. I am sorry for treating you guys like shit. I am sorry for saying those things to Scorpius. He was looking out for me. I’m so fucking sorry.”She croaked. She looked like she was on the verge of a breakdown, tears were threatening to fall. Gwen felt bad for her. Both cousins were feeling guilty. They shouldn’t blame themselves for something they didn’t do.

“Hey Rose, its okay. Just don’t do it again. And it was not your fault.”Gwen muttered. Rose nodded. She wasn’t in her usual high and mighty self. She looked defeated.

Rose looked at Scorpius’ bed and paled. She walked over to his bed and knelt down at his bed side. Rose took his hand and started talking to him. She told him how sorry she was. She stared at his bruised face and felt her heart twist painfully in her chest. How many times had she wished she could punch his handsome face and disfigure it? It seemed like the universe granted her wish. She felt sickened by the very thought. No, she would never have such thoughts ever again. His face would heal, thankfully. She couldn’t run from the inevitable any longer.  She would tell him how she felt. She doubted he would ever forgive her but she hoped he would. She unearthed her buried feelings from the dark abyss she had sent them to.

She felt her mind burn all logic that was dear to her and she whispered her feelings to the unconscious boy who owned her fifteen year old heart.

“Gwen I have to go now. I’ll come back later.”He kissed Gwen’s forehead again. He stopped by Arwen’s and Scorpius’ beds, he held their hands and talked to them for a while, then he took Rose and left.

 Arwen groaned as she stretched and opened her eyes.

“Anyone got the number of the lorry who hit me?”She rasped.

“Hey Renny.” Arwen looked towards the source of the sound. Her mind felt foggy. She saw Gwen sitting on the bed beside her.  Arwen looked around; she was in the hospital wing. She remembered.

“How long was I out?”She asked, her voice hoarse.

“A day.”

“That means tomorrow is the full moon right Gwen?”

“Don’t even think about it. You are weak and we don’t need to take such risks.”Gwen reprimanded her sternly.

Just as Arwen was about to retort, Madam Pomfrey came bustling in.

“Oh good morning dear! Good to see you with the living!”Gwen snorted. “Here have this and after that you take these potions. You are still very weak from, whatever in the good name of Dumbledore, you did. Professor Longbottom will be here later to ask you a few questions.” She told her. Madam Pomfrey set the tray with the food and medicine beside her and went to check on Scorpius.

“We are talking about this later.”Arwen whispered.

“Arwen didn’t you hear what old Poppy said. You are really weak right now.”

Arwen didn’t reply, she started munching a piece of toast.

“Do you know what you did Renny?”Asked Gwen cautiously, almost like the answer would hurt her.

“Umm...No...I don’t. It just came to me...”Answered Arwen truthfully.

“It was scary Arwen. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful that you saved Scorpius and all, but that was seriously, extremely frightening. I wouldn’t never want to relive those moments.”She shuddered.

“None of us would. Hey, did Al visit?” And they started chatting about random things after Gwen filled her in on what happened after she passed out.


After a while Professor Neville came in.

“Good morning Ms.Mallory. I trust you are feeling better?”

“Yes, sir.”She answered.

“Okay, I’ll cut right to the chase. The faster we get over this, the better.”


“What had happened?”

Arwen told him her side of the story.

“So you don’t know what exactly you did?”Arwen shook her head.

“Well Ms.Mallory because the circumstances are different we shall not expel you for using dark magic.”And he muttered something like ‘Why does this always happen to me.’

“We shall start an investigation about the attack after Mr.Malfoy has gained consciousness.”Said Professor Longbottom. “Some people in the Ministry are curious. The Auror department will investigate more on this matter.”

“Okay sir.”Answered Arwen. Neville looked at her. He remembered the time when he first met her. The sad yet resilient eleven year old girl. Trouble invariably seemed to find her. He wished she were not so burdened by so many unnecessary problems. He sometimes talked to her. She was a bright and lively child, yet sometimes it seemed as if she carried a heavy burden on her shoulders; something that was not natural. He knew she never truly felt welcome in this new world. The scar on her palm was unique...he wondered if there were more obstacles on her path. He was fond of her and wished she had a normal childhood.

He bid them goodbye and walked back to his office.


 The Wotters had come to visit them after classes ended.  They sat around and played a few games of exploding snap.

Only James was absent from the gathering. Fred and Roxy were having a ‘Malfoy skin is whiter than ____‘contest.

“Dementor’s arse.”

“Eww. Aunt Luna’s wracksprout figurines.


”Ugh! That frauded wanker! A KICK-ASS PORCELAIN TOILET!!”

Frauded wanker? VOLDEMORT!”Exclaimed Roxy, looking pleased with herself.

“No Voldemort-Scorp comparisons, Rox. Scorpius paler than Voldemort.”Gwen shuddered.

“Okay that’s enough! Off you go! My patients need rest!”Madam Pomfrey shooed the Wotters out.

Arwen and Gwen were pretty tired, so they fell asleep quickly. Arwen’s dreams made her flit in and out of consciousness every now and then.

Arwen couldn’t sleep. She felt someone watching her.

She opened her eyes and looked around.  She groaned, as she realised who it could be.

“I know you’re there James. Come out.”She whispered and James suddenly appeared in front of her face.

“Ahh-Mhpm”Arwen screamed in terror but James hand covered her mouth with his, muffling the sound. Her eyes looked terrified.  He shot her an arrogant smirk.

“You pathetic bastard!”She whispered harshly, as he removed his hand.

“Hey my parents were married!”He cried indignantly.

“God you’re so creepy.” Arwen breathed.”Why are you here James?”

“Umm...How are you?”He asked her awkwardly.

“I’m fine James. “She snorted.”Thanks for your concern. Wait, I’m surprised you are concerned. Please don’t creep up on me like that and don’t you dare kiss me again.”

“And...Uh...Umm...Youaren’tgoingoutwithRyanareyou?”He rushed.

“Didn’t get you Potter.”Sighed Arwen. She was too tired to play one of James’ games.

“ARE.YOU.GOING.OUT.WITH.RYAN?”He pronounced each word slowly. His expression was blank somehow, which was strange because he had an expressive face. His hazel eyes tightened slightly.

“No, I am not Potter.”She saw his shoulders relax a bit.

“He seemed really interested in you.”He said. Arwen blushed as she thought about Caleb. This wasn’t missed by James. He frowned.

“He is a nice guy.”

“You don’t know that fucktard.”

“Well, I could get a chance to.”

“What if that wanker hurts you?”

“Language! Why do you care Potter? You do that on a daily basis.”She said sharply. James looked wounded for a second and then his famous arrogant face came on display.

“He’s not good. I can’t believe you would like someone like him. He’s the enemy and I don’t care Mallory. “He drawled.

“Yet you came here. “She was too tired to argue with James.

“Just wanted to annoy you. I like seeing you squirm. Annoying you is soo fun!”He smirked at her.

“Well, you succeeded. Mission accomplished. Go away James; go to some slag who wants your company. I’m tired and I can’t keep up with this. You think your arrogance is attractive, maybe to some people but not me. I don’t have the strength to argue with you anymore. I give up James! Please stop this game. Please, I beg you! “Arwen pleaded. She was so tired. She was hurt by what he said. He talked to her as if she were a traitor for liking Caleb. She had no more fight left in her.

James said nothing. He got up and walked off.  He kept walking. He had no idea where he was going. He ended up under a tree beside the Black Lake. He closed his and eyes and felt his gut wrench. He shouted out in frustration and buried his face in his hands.

He wanted to pull his hair out and beat himself. He felt reckless. He wanted to hurt someone. But he barely controlled his impulse. He was so furious. Hell, he was furious at himself.

He didn’t want to hurt her, yet he ended up hurting her so often. Her eyes, her beautiful, beautiful brown eyes which he had a hundred comparisons for, they looked so pained, so tired, so defeated. All the times he went out to bug Arwen she never looked at him like that.  But he ended up hurting her every single time.  He felt like a sadistic bastard now, for every time he took pleasure in her pain, for every time she discovered him with a different girl just after he told her he wanted her. 

Her lovely face turned red when he teased her and her eyes were so fiery and so warm. They reminded him of the comfort of melted chocolate. Hell they reminded him of a lot of things. He loved her eyes. They always looked so comical when she pleaded with him to leave her alone or when he suddenly snogged her. It was so endearing to see her so flustered.

Yet, he regretted each time he treated her like that and now he felt a thousand times worse. Like he crossed an invisible line, even if he hadn’t done much this time. He forgot the circumstances which had put her there. He felt guilty for not understanding that she didn’t want his arrogant attitude (which the other girls were so fond of). He knew he had screwed up big time.

She was an amazing person. She carried herself so gracefully and she was so strong. Her beautiful brown hair, which he wanted to run his fingers through. He wanted to caress her pretty cheeks that flushed red so easily. He wanted to look into the depths of her warm brown eyes. He wanted to kiss her extremely kissable lips. He wanted to love her... He suddenly backtracked to what just went through his head.  He groaned in frustration.

He could not love her! No, love could not happen at this age. Messing around was fun for James Sirius Potter but serious relationships was not something he ever wanted. He laughed harshly. No, he could not love her. He was sixteen!  He could not be in love.

Let her go to Ryan, he thought harshly. NO! Shouted a voice in head, contradicting that very thought. He could not let her go to Ryan. Knowing that he would receive her heart warming smiles, her kisses, and her affection.

Gah! This was so screwed up. He didn’t know what to think. He felt guilty for hurting her for so many years. What happened now that made him feel so? He never got a guilty conscience for his actions. James Potter never felt guilty but looking at her eyes looking so defeated, so meek, he wanted to drop down on his knees and repent. He knew he had pushed her too much.

He was an arrogant arse. He liked having fun and pranking. He liked snogging and having dalliances with girls that were easy. His family didn’t approve of that. They didn’t approve of a lot of things. But he was James Sirius Potter, the rule breaker. He had his dreams of becoming a professional quidditch player, he wanted to have fun. Now, he doubted every choice he made. He didn’t want his playboy image; he didn’t want to hurt anyone anymore. He wanted Arwen to look lovingly at him. Not the look she had given him a while back. That made him feel like a heartless bastard, maybe he was a heartless bastard.

His emotions were in a royal mess. Jeez! He was getting hormonal like a pregnant woman. He snorted at the thought. He didn’t know what to do. He was getting frustrated.

He got up. He was going to ask Albus for advice. That Slytherin was perceptive. His brother would look out for him, right?

He headed towards the Slytherin dungeons. Fuck! He didn’t know the password. He looked around to see if any Slytherin was nearby. He spotted Kay Summer with some Hufflepuff seventh year. She noticed him and walked towards him seductively.  The other guy was pushed off quickly. She had a new target.

“Why hello Potter.”She purred.”Are you here for me again?”

“Hey Kay can you give me the Slytherin password?”James asked her, he didn’t notice her trying to push her boobs out of her already revealing shirt which had four buttons missing. The fourth button popped right in front of him, but he was too distracted to notice. In the back of his mind he was surprised at his behaviour. One hour ago, he would have pushed her against the wall and snogged her senseless. She was one of his dalliances.

“I can, if you give me a kiss.”She said in a sultry tone.  Her eyes were fluttering and she took hold of his tie.

“Please Kay. Just give me the password.”James was getting desperate, he needed that password fast.

“Just one kiss James.”

James was so torn between running away from her and crucio-ing her into giving the password. He breathed out harshly and quickly gave her a peck on her lips.

“A proper one James.”She drawled. Her tone was so annoying.

“I swear to God Kay if you don’t give me that password, I’ll Bat Bogey Hex you. “He threatened her.

“You didn’t have to be so rude. It’s Acromantula.”She looked seriously pissed.

James quickly thanked her and sped towards the fifth year boy’s dormitory. He located Albus’ bed and shook him awake.

“What happened James? It’s bloody two O’ clock!”Grumbled Albus.

“I need you advice Al. Please!”Albus looked at his brother’s desperate expression and nodded.

And then he told Albus everything. Albus was looking coldly at him by the time he finished.

“You played with her feelings long enough James. I won’t be surprised if she starts like Ryan and rejects you.”He said coldly.

“Al please! I know I screwed up. But I’m your brother. You know I can change. You know I can be better. But I don’t know what to do! Help me goddammit!”James was getting frustrated.

“Do you love her?”He asked his older brother. Albus looked at James in the dim light. James looked so vulnerable. He wasn’t the usual air-headed brother he was so used to.

“I don’t know...”James whispered.”I don’t know anything, anymore. I’m so confused.”

“Give it a few days. Leave her alone for now. Change yourself. Stop going out with girls, hexing kids unnecessarily. Go clear your head off and leave me alone.”

“Thanks Al, even though you didn’t help a shit.”James turned around to leave. He was pissed at Albus. He wanted a better answer.

“Oh and James, You may be my brother but if you hurt her again, you are seriously going to get hurt. Remember, she is doesn’t have it easy.”Albus cautioned his older brother.

James met Albus’ gaze for a moment and then nodded.  

“James! Falling in love is different in the wizarding world.”Called out Albus, as he watched his brother leave.

He put on his invisibility cloak and set off towards the hospital wing. He wanted to see her face. And this time he wouldn’t sit so close, he thought. God, he was such a creep.

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Chapter 6: Chapter 6
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It's all a game, avoiding failure, when true colors will bleed
All in the name of misbehavior and the things we don't need.

- Carnival of Rust, Poets of the Fall.

Gwen looked at Arwen sitting on her hospital bed with a determined expression on her face. The map told her Albus was lurking around near the Whomping Willow. Gwen felt sick. This was not right.

“Please Arwen!”

“You can’t change my mind.” She answered stubbornly.

“But what if-“Gwen started getting panicky. Arwen flicked her wand and silenced her.

“Through thick and through thin, we will be there for you Gwen. Poor Scorp, he’ll be there next month! Look at him sleep! Want to scribble stuff on his face?!”Asked Arwen gleefully. She was trying to elevate the tension filled emotions thrumming in the room. Mostly it was coming from Gwen. Her nervousness was tangible.

Madam Pomfrey swept in before Gwen could answer.

“Here you are dear! Let’s hope it works. Come let’s leave.  Ms.Mallory please rest now. Don’t worry, she will be fine.”Madam Pomfrey looked a bit doubtful.  She handed Gwen a vial of thick brown potion.  Gwen chugged it down and tried hard not to hurl. It tasted disgusting, as always.

“Take care Gwenny.”Arwen smiled reassuringly. Gwen narrowed her eyes at Arwen’s expression. She sighed,  Arwen was not going to give up.

“Bye Arwen.”

It was an hour till midnight. Arwen began plotting her escape, humming the theme song of a James Bond movie. She couldn’t help it. Every time they snuck out she would hum it under her breath. She grinned at the prospect of sneaking around.

She knew that Madam Pomfrey would come to check on her once she returned, but would not do so again. She thought she would be pretty safe after Madam Pomfrey left. She planned on planting a dummy just in case.

As per plan, Madam Pomfrey did come to check on her.

A few minutes after she left, Arwen got up and checked the map which was now with her. Twenty minutes till midnight said her watch. She disillusioned herself and set off to meet Albus at their rendezvous point.  The disillusion charm was her speciality. She could produce a very strong one, due to which she never depended on Albus’ cloak.

She saw him leaning against a wall which was hidden from view. He looked like a scary Slytherin for a moment.  He had a stoic expression on his face. His hands were stuffed into his pockets. He looked like the kind of person you would never want to meet in an alley in the middle of the night.

“You ready for this?”He asked her seriously.

“You know I am.”She answered. “What’s with the scary dude get up?”

“Shall we?”He ignored her question.

“Why of course Al we weren’t waiting for hippogriffs to fly!”

“What about buttergriffs?”He shot back.

“How did you find out?”She thundered.

“I’m omniscient!”He smirked.

“No you jerk, you asked him!”Arwen accused.

“So are we going to transform today or tomorrow we got a cheery werewolf waiting for us!”Said Albus, feigning a cheerful expression.

“You looked –“

“Just shift!”

“Aye! Aye!”

Arwen took a deep breath and felt herself change. She looked at Albus; his fox had his bright green eyes which were framed by his spectacles. It looked quite funny. He was pretty big for a fox. He looked towards the tree and nodded and darted off to freeze the tree. He pressed the knot at the base of the tree and the tree froze he slipped into the tunnel. Arwen shot after him. The passage looked used.

She wound her way through the old passage way and entered the Shrieking Shack.

Gwen was lying on the floor panting; she was facing away from them. Arwen went and sat beside Albus. He looked so tense. His foxy nose was twitching. Gwen looked worse. In a few minutes she would become a full fledged werewolf.

She looked at her surroundings. The place looked dilapidated. It was evident that Gwen repaired all the furniture after she broke it but there seemed to be a few things she never bothered. The bed frame looked like it could crumble any moment. The wardrobe had been knocked over. There were chairs mangled around the room. She had no time to look around as Gwen’s transformation had started.

It was terrifying. Arwen’s whole body was tensed. She heard her friend’s bones break. She heard Gwen’s howl of agony as her whole body convulsed. Her fur started erupting, her claws came out. Arwen wanted to look away. The howls ripped through the night. It was so full of pain. Arwen could not look away. She saw her best friend turn into a werewolf.

Suddenly, the wolf with midnight black eyes turned her focus towards them. Her eyes had a maniacal and feral look in them.  She growled. Her hackles were raised. She quickly destroyed the nearest object she could find.

 Arwen let out a small growl. The wolf’s crazed obsidian eyes locked into her brown ones. She pounced on Arwen, sending the two of them crashing into the wall.

Arwen lay still in submission, ignoring the pain searing through her body.  The wolf bared its long teeth and snapped at her neck but Arwen did nothing. She let out a few growls, trying get to Gwen and let her take control.

Arwen let out a howl of pain as the werewolf bit down on her shoulders. She saw Albus ready to pounce, but he guessed that she didn’t want him to interfere. Instead he tried to get Gwen to calm down. He licked her snout. She could tell that the Gwen was fighting the feral nature of the wolf. She saw the wolf’s eyes close, her breathing ragged.  Thankfully, the bite did not affect Arwen. Gwen could not harm animals after all!

Arwen guessed Gwen was returning back because the wolf did nothing more than just growl. The wolf open her eyes (it was now yellow, the normal colour of werewolf eyes) and trained her eyes on the fox. The fox looked ready to attack but Arwen sent out a low growl, telling him to submit to the wolf. Albus lazily plopped down on the ground and wagged his tail. Arwen barked a laugh. Albus looked so funny. The wolf went over and sniffed him. Albus seemed to be in a playful mood, he suddenly licked Gwen from her nose till her forehead. Gwen growled angrily. She seemed to be in an internal battle with herself and she quickly darted to another corner, away from them.  Albus whined and went over to her; nudging the wolf who had suddenly distanced herself. The wolf let out a howl. Albus kept nudging her trying to get Gwen back. Gwen was fighting.

Arwen looked at the wolf. Her fur was midnight black even though Gwen was a blonde. After reading about werewolves she noticed that it was much bigger than a normal werewolf from what they had studied.  Werewolves didn’t have such eye colour changes. Maybe that was part of the mutation. Arwen got up from the place Gwen had tackled her into. She winced. Gwen was even more strong as a wolf, she was sure she a broken a few bones, she would have to wait until dawn to heal.

 Arwen couldn’t take it any longer and she collapsed on the ground. The wolf and fox came towards the panther and whined. The wolf licked the panther as if in apology. Arwen looked up, she noticed that Gwen looked fidgety; she must be fighting really hard to keep down the wolf from tearing her friends to shreds. Maybe this idea wasn’t bad after all, maybe Gwen was more in control with her friends close.

Arwen couldn’t get up, so Gwen and Albus flanked her. Her eyes were threatening to close but she fought against it. She had to return to the hospital wing by day break, by then Gwen would change back.

The rest of the night was uneventful. Gwen fell asleep but Albus and Arwen had to stay awake in case she woke up and attacked. It was dawn when she changed back.

She flung herself on Arwen.

“Arwen I’m so sorry!”

The two of them shifted back.

“Hey Gwenny!”Said Arwen weakly.”Good morning!”

“You’re one hell of a wolf Gwen.”Stated Albus, letting out a whistle and then he suddenly blushed, Gwen was naked.

“Umm...Gwen your umm...clothes.”He stammered. His face was flushed.

“Oh yeah! I forgot about them!”She chuckled and stalked off to retrieve her clothes. Albus tried hard not to stare at her naked rear.

“Like what you see Albie?”Laughed Arwen, looking at Albus’ face.

“Shut Up. Let me help heal you. Where does it hurt?” Arwen stretched and felt a sharp pain on her left shoulder. “We have to get back on time.”

“Yeah Arwen, you need to get back soon. Let me help too.”Said Gwen, Albus dropped his gaze, seemed like he could not look at her anymore. His face was red with embarrassment. Gwen put on a pair of shorts and a sweatshirt.

Arwen lay still as her friends did their best to patch her up. Thankfully she didn’t have any internal bleeding.

They got back on time. Gwen went with Arwen to the hospital wing and Albus back to his dorm.

“So how was it Gwen? Easier?”Asked Arwen on their way back.

“Yeah...”She answered softly. “It was the first time I slept as a werewolf.”

Arwen’s mood instantly brightened. She got to her bed and collapsed instantly, the fatigue overpowering her. Gwen looked at her friend sleeping with a content smile on her face. She looked adorable when she slept. She went to the office to wait for Madam Pomfrey to give some potions.

“Did it help this time dear?”Asked Madam Pomfrey when she entered her office.

“Not much. “

“Oh well there is always next time!”She said brightly, handing her the potions.”She will get a cure for you.”

“I’m tired Madam Pomfrey, I’m gonna crash out on one of the bed now, if you don’t mind.”

“No, of course not dear! I’ll bring some breakfast later on.”

Gwen nodded and succumbed to sleep.


 Scorpius was released earlier than expected (lots of puppy dog faces and promises to come in for regular checkups). He was questioned on what happened and an investigation was to start in a few weeks.  He now had a scar on his back. The person who had hit him left their mark on him.

“You know, it’s scary that someone unknown freak just attacked you Scoop.”Shuddered Gwen, as they sat on the Ravenclaw table during breakfast.

“Chuck it, it’s not something I want to think about.”Replied Scorpius sharply. He was in a sour mood. He was being mollycoddled and babied. He did not like it.

It had been two weeks since he had been released and people still stared at him as he walked down the halls. The whole event was hushed up. Not much was leaked out. Just that a student was attacked and there would now be an investigation. The student was identified quickly and the rumours spread around.

“He was attacked by an anti-Death Eater group.”

“Revenge against the cause of fall of Death Eaters.”

“Attempting suicide. Raving lunatic I tell you!”

“Rose Weasley beat the pulp out of him.”That made him even angrier or more like, it hurt his male ego. He was ignoring Rose. She tried talking to him, but he just walked away every time she came close to him. He didn’t want to face that red head.

Gwen cheerfully hexed whoever talked shit about Scorpius. She became even more protective of her cousin and stayed closer to him. Not that Scorpius was thrilled of being babied by Gwen. He usually went off with Albus into the forest when he got too pissed. They would run and let off steam.

“Sorry Scorpius.”Gwen replied meekly. She was hurt by his tone. Yeah, everyone’s emotions seemed to be messed up. Scorpius was a walking storm cloud. Gwen was more emotional than ever. The Wotter family seemed to be having a civil war.

“Gwenny...I’m sorry I’m being a jackass.”Apologised Scorpius instantly, he hated seeing Gwen sad.”It’s just hard.”He admitted.

“Oh! You poor baby! Rose is the reason for your...umm...hardness?”She grinned, suddenly looking south of Scorpius’ body.

Scorpius banged his head on the table a few times. Gwen just chuckled at her innuendo.

“Hey you just got better Scorp!”Stated Malcolm, looking worriedly at Scorpius.

It is not. God you have a dirty brain Gwen! ”Seethed Scorpius.

“Hey where is Al?”Asked Arwen.

“Quidditch practice. Flint is turning quidditch nazi. They don’t have a game for another month and a half. Davies had called ours in a few days. Smith has called the Hufflepuff team to training a week later for the match against you guys. Hey! Why hasn’t Wood called you for training yet Arwen?”Asked Scorpius.

“Secret tactics. Quidditch tactic forming 101! We have been studying different tactics!”Groaned Arwen. “We start training today evening.”

“Talking about team. James hasn’t bugged you in two weeks Renny! What’s up?”Asked Gwen.

“Dunno, but this freedom feels pretty good.”Grinned Arwen.

“What about Ryan?”Asked Scorpius, his tone indicated that protective brother mode was on.

“What about him?”Asked Arwen nonchalantly.

“Are you seeing him?”

“You know I am not.”

“Has he made any contact recently?”

“What’s with the third degree? No, not since that night. Al talked to him, guess he said something bad about me.”Said Arwen sadly.

“If he did, sitting down shall become a very difficult task for him!”Growled Gwen.

“Hey, it’s okay. It’s okay if he isn’t interested.”Sighed Arwen. Scorpius looked relieved. Gwen shot him a scathing look.

Just then Albus stumbled in and sat beside Malcolm, who was stuffing his face with bacon.

“Hey Albie.”Said Gwen, in an overly sweet tone. “What did you tell Caleb about Arwen?” Albus cringed.

“Nothing.” Albus replied very quickly.

“Al. Truth. Now!”

“Nothing, just told him to stay away and that the Wotter clan and Scorpius would break his bones if he comes close to Arwen.”Gwen looked furious.

“Al, I can very well look after myself, I don’t need a whole clan, you, Scorp, dementors, dragons, doxies and whatever to look after me and tell me what I can or cannot do. I can make my own decisions.”Arwen snarled. She looked at Albus angrily.

“Sorry for that.”He said looking genuinely apologetic.”We care for you Arwen.” Arwen’s eyes softened.

“I know you do but you don’t have to.”

“Now that’s all cleared up! Another question Al what’s up with James?”

Albus suddenly looked wary. “Nothing is up with him. Hey what’s up Diego?” He looked relieved as the third year Gryffindor walked up to them.

“Hey Al! “Answered Diego Sol. He was a cute kid. He, Hugo and the Scamander twins (Lysander and Lorcan, there were a lot of twins in Hogwarts) were usually found in the common room playing an intense game of chess or practicing for their Gobstone tournaments.

“I was asked to deliver this to Arwen.”He said handing Arwen a piece of parchment. It was an expensive looking parchment, but there was nothing written on it.

“Who gave it to you Diego?”Asked Arwen. 

“James Potter did.”Arwen suddenly became wary. What would he want now? He sent a blank parchment because he was feeling nostalgic or something? “Where is he Diego? I’ll go talk to him.”

“He was in the owlery.”He answered.  Classes were about to start, she would have to postpone questioning him. They missed Albus’ confused expression, which was on his face for a second, and then a blank expression replaced it.

“I’ll talk to him after training.”She said. 

The rest of the day passed and Arwen sat in the changing room waiting for the rest of the team to arrive.

Jeffery arrived soon after and started pacing around muttering different plans under his breath. The five Wotters arrived together. 

“Okay team! We have already discussed the new tactics. We need total dedication from your side. We have to win the cup this year too. Flint, Davies and Smith have to be demolished! We need to win this year. This is my last year and I want to win before I leave!”Said Jeffery going into his psychotic/emotional captain mode.

“Don’t worry Jeff, with your PMS-ing and amazing captaining we will win this.”Grinned Fred, Jeffrey shot him a scathing look. “Chill your tits Jeff or you’ll die early.”

“You’ll get into Puddlemere like your father, no biggie.”Said Dom nonchalantly.

“Okay enough! To the pitch, twenty five laps and then another twenty five on the broom and then circuit training.”Everyone groaned in unison.”What? You need to build your endurance. And I’ve booked the pitch tomorrow morning at five.”Everyone started crying out in indignation.

“FIVE! Are you totally nuts! I need my beauty sleep!”

“Dammit Wood! at least six?”

“No five.”He said firmly and led the team to the pitch.

James was unnaturally quite during practice and pep talk session.  It was weird, but no one questioned it. Wood was happy with the silence and the Wotter family kept up with their silent conversation.  For Arwen it just felt awkward.

Practice ended in two hours and everyone hit the showers.

Arwen finished extra early and waited for James outside the boys changing room.

Everyone had left and Arwen wondered if James was trying to drown himself in the shower.

Finally James came out. His hair was dishevelled as usual. He was surprised to see Arwen waiting for him.  He acted like he didn’t notice her and walked off.  He had a look of annoyance grace his arrogantly handsome face.

“Potter that was rude. You knew I was waiting for you.”She said, sounding hurt as she ran up to him.

“What do you want Mallory?”He asked harshly.  They started walking towards the common room...James tried to evade her.

“First you stick to me and then chose to flee every time you see me. Potter you are a temperamental little girl.”She replied dryly.

“Well you see Diego, gave me this parchment.”Rummaging her bag for the parchment.”He said you asked him to deliver this to me.”She said.

James looked at it.

“I was in the owlery when this arrived for you; Diego was there, so I gave it to him and asked him to give it to you. End of story.”He answered.

“Why are you ignoring me? Don’t get me wrong I’m thrilled-“His eyes tightened.”-But why?”

“Well truth be told, I’m sick of you.”He gave her look full of arrogance and hate. ”Oh look there is Haley, I asked her to wait for me. Now, if you will excuse me or just get out of my way, I have a very hot girl waiting for me.”He drawled.

Arwen did answer him. She gave him a hateful look.

“Potter is it too much to ask of you to treat me with some modicum of respect?”She asked him in a hurt tone. She didn’t wait for an answer and stalked off towards the Gryffindor tower.

Arwen walked faster, tears threatening to fall. He talked to her as if she was not worth standing in his line of vision. It hurt her. She felt worthless. Her parents didn’t want her and it seemed like people treated her like shit, just because she existed.  She would love to have James at least treat her civilly, even if she were an acquaintance, if not a friend. All he did was humiliate her. Her conscience was telling her to stop behaving like a wimp, but she could not help feel pathetic and unnecessary.

She wasn’t paying attention and she crashed into someone. That someone, was Caleb Ryan.

“Oh I’m so sorry Caleb. I wasn’t watching were I was going.”She mumbled and was about to walk off when Caleb grabbed her hand.

“Hey I’m sorry, it was my fault too.”He said softly.

“It’s okay.”And she tried to ease his grip on her.

“Arwen.”He said. She didn’t look at him. She didn’t want him to see her weak.

“Arwen, what’s wrong?”He asked. He stroked her cheek and lifted her face to meet his eyes. He saw her trying to look everywhere but his face. “Arwen, what happened?” He kept asking, but she didn’t divulge anything.

She looked at his face full of concern. “Nothing Caleb... I need to return now.”

“Arwen, I know you aren’t in the best of moods and I might be an utter jerk to ask you this, but will you come to Hogsmede with me?”He asked her. She looked at him. His beautiful eyes looked concerned but his lips had a hint of a smile. She suddenly felt her feelings of sadness slowly leave her, and she smiled at him. Let James rot in hell.

“I would love to Caleb, but I had to ask...Did you ignore me because of what Albus said to you?”She asked him.

“Well, he made it clear if I were seen fifty feet near you I would be hexed by the nearest Wotter member.”He grinned sheepishly. “They have been snooping around a lot. Sorry I avoided you.”

“They have no right to do that. I’ll talk to them if I have to.”She reassured him.

“Well, then I’m glad I stumbled into you. I think I would like to get to know you better.”He grinned and smiled. Arwen found his smile disarming.

“You...You do know Hogmede is a month away right Caleb?”She asked.

“And waste a month of ‘getting to know you’ time? Never!”He pulled a mocked horrified expression.

She laughed. He was not cold like other Slytherins; he was friendly and nice, bit like Albus.

He stared at her as she laughed. She looked beautiful when she was happy like this. He wasn’t thinking when he tucked back a stray curl of her hair. He saw her blush and smiled.

“You blush a lot.”He stated.

“Blame the genes.”She grumbled.

Caleb had a sudden impulse to kiss her soft red lips. He wondered what she might think.

“Well I better get going!”She said.”Thanks Caleb.”

She smiled brightly at him and turned around to leave.

What the hell! He thought, throwing caution to the wind. He wound his arm around her waist and twisted her to face him. Before she could say or do anything his lips met hers.

Arwen was shocked for a second before she started kissing him back. It felt amazing. His lips were soft and his strong woodsy smell was overpowering her senses. She felt weak on her knees. She did not notice that she was backed against a wall and his muscular body pressed against her. He wound his fingers into her hair and deepened the kiss. She felt his tongue trace her bottom lip and she moaned.

He took the advantage and passionately duelled with her tongue. She felt amazing against him. She tasted like cinnamon. God, kissing her was certainly one of the best things he had ever experienced.

They had to come up for air. They both were panting, like they had just run a marathon. He pressed his forehead against hers.

“I could say I am sorry, but truthfully, I am not.”He murmured. His voice was husky. Arwen felt her knees go weak at the sound of his voice. She could not find her voice.

“I’ll...tell you this Arwen... I am not using you...I could never hurt you like that...Hell, I know we don’t know each other...but I would like to amend that...I couldn’t help myself but Arwen I don’t want you to think I am using you...or anything.... I’ll take this slow...And by the way, it was amazing.”He struggled, trying to catch his breath.  He smiled at her, she felt breathless.

 “Thank you Caleb.”She said softly. “I need to get back now before Gwen sends a search party.” She grinned.

“See you tomorrow, beautiful.”He said and gave her a chaste kiss on her lips.

“Bye.”She said and walked away with a smile on her lips. She didn’t even feel the two hours of practice or James’ rude behaviour.

When she reached her dorm, she was attacked by Gwen.

“Where were you?!”Asked Gwen, and then she looked at Arwen closely.”You have been snogged!”

“You have been properly snogged!”She shrieked gleefully. “Who was it?”She asked jumping around like a loon. She attracted the attention of Rose, Alice and June. They were now looking at Arwen curiously.

“Caleb Ryan.”She sighed.

All the girls started shrieking. Gwen was the noisiest of them all.

“Oh my Merlin! You kissed Captain Steamy!”She shrieked.

“How was it!? How was it!?”Asked June excitedly and Arwen told them.

They were sitting on her bed listening to the whole thing that led to the kiss. Rose frowned slightly, when she heard what James had done. She made up her mind to call a family meeting later on.

“I wish I could get a kiss from Ryan.”Sighed Alice wistfully.

“Let’s hope Ralph doesn’t hear you say that.”Shot Gwen.

“I wish the same! He isn’t like James. No offence Rose but your cousin is pretty promiscuous. I can’t remember the last time we heard a rumour about Ryan.”Said June.

“Let’s get your outfit ready!”Shrieked Gwen suddenly.

Arwen shot her an incredulous look.

“Gwen it’s a month away!”She stated.

“We have to prepare you! I must speak to Dom about this.”She said in a serious tone.

Arwen sighed.

“Hey I have to wake up at five tomorrow so I’m off to sleep.”Said Arwen.

The rest of them got off the bed and mumbled goodnight to each other.

“Hey Renny.”Whispered Gwen. She came to her bedside.


“I’m happy for you. You deserve to be treated well.”

“Are you interested in someone Gwen?”Asked Arwen sleepily.

“No.”Answered Gwen. “No one would want a werewolf like me.”She whispered sadly.

“Gwen shut up. It doesn’t matter. You know you will find somebody who doesn’t care about your little furry problem and I’m sure I know someone too.”Mumbled Arwen.

“Good night Renny.”

“Good night Gwenny.”


He tried to escape the busty blonde. He was snogging her, but he could not help but think about the girl with the pretty brown eyes. He was still trying to sort his feeling towards Arwen. He managed to push her off him and walk off, before she could say anything with her whiney voice.

He smelt broomstick polish, Nana Molly’s blueberry muffins and cinnamon in the Amortentia last week. 

It hit him like a freight train when he realised that Arwen smelt like cinnamon. He tried to deny it. Hell, he was still trying to deny it, but he knew he was fighting the inevitable.

He did not want to seem weak. Love was for losers. James Potter could not fall in love.

He walked aimlessly for a while, thinking about his actions.  He shouldn’t have hurt her like that...he felt his gut wrench, as he remember her parting words.

“Potter is it too much to ask of you to treat me with some modicum of respect?”

He didn’t know why he was doing this to himself and her. He ignored her, but he felt himself regretting his decision. Bah! He needed to talk to Albus again. He planned on meeting him tomorrow.

He was heading back towards the Gryffindor tower when he suddenly froze. He could not move a muscle. He was rooted to the spot. He felt like someone had doused him in cold water. He felt his heart twist painfully in his chest, almost making it hard to breathe.

Arwen, backed up against a wall, snogging Caleb Ryan.

Somehow, he managed to get away from there. She was passionately kissing Ryan. He never got the chance to kiss her like that. He always forced himself on her. He always behaved like a bloody prat in front of her.  He was seething. She was kissing Caleb Ryan!

He stormed into his dorm room like an angry Greek God and grabbed the nearest object to him and flung it across the room. His roommates looked at him, horrified.

“James mate, what happened?”Asked Fred warily.”You were okay thirty minutes ago. Did something happen with Arwen?”

James shot him an angry look and flung himself on his bed. His breaths came out sharply, as he tried to reign in his temper. Fred didn’t question him again. He just looked at James, waiting for him to answer his question.

Brad Jordan shot a nervous glance at Fred, wondering if James would wreck the whole room. Fred just motioned everyone to get back to their work.

After an hour or so, Rose, Lily and Dominique stormed into their room.

“Shouldn’t you girls be asleep?”Asked Fred nervously. Weasley women had impressive tempers and they looked ready to annihilate him.

“James you asshole!”Shouted Lily.”What did I tell you!? You were not to mess with Arwen!”

“She went and bloody snogged Ryan!”Yelled James furiously.

“That’s because you hurt her James!”Said Rose coldly.

“If Albus finds out he is going to be so mad at you.”Said Dominique.

“I don’t care.”He said looking away.

“Yes you should.”Said Fred in a slow voice.”What did you do to her Potter?” He only called him Potter when he was furious. Fred didn’t have a fitful temper like most of the Weasleys...He had more of a dangerous temper. The one that builds and suddenly it’s too late to reign in. Thankfully, Fred rarely lost his temper, but now, it seemed like James was walking on thin ice.

“He told her to shove off, and leave him alone to snog another girl.”Stated Rose.

“How could you James. I thought you liked her...I thought you smelt her in the amortentia.” Fred’s voice was deadly serious.

“Now my own family is against me.”Muttered James darkly.

“You’re being a major asshole.”Snorted Dom.

“James, if you love her, then why do you treat her like dirt?”Asked Lily, looking at her brother with disgust. She could bring her older brothers to tears if she wanted to.

“I don’t know! I’m too young to be in bloody love!”Shouted James.

“You aren’t weak if you love someone James.”Said Rose softly.

“We love you James. You are family. We aren’t going against you. We want you to be happy. You have been bloody miserable for the past two weeks. If you keep this up...she will definitely fall for Ryan, and you would never get a chance to be with her. If you keep trying to protect yourself from love and being afraid of getting hurt, you will end up doing something you regret.”Said Dom.

“How do I take back what I’ve said and done in the past five years?”Questioned James in a tortured voice.

His family could see he was hurting. The rest of his roommates gave the family their space, and left the room.

“Apologise.”Said Lily simply.

“It isn’t as easy as that. What did Ryan say to her?”

“He asked her to Hogsmede James, and to hang out with her a bit.”Answered Rose.

“You might miss out on your chance if you don’t make amends James.” Lily told her brother softly. She went up to him, and wound her arms around her brother. The others stood around his bed.

“Hey Arwen is forgiving, mate. She is good. She has been though a lot. You know that it isn’t easy for her...She will forgive you James. She can’t hold a grudge.”Said Fred.

“You’re a good guy James. Let her see that side of you. Anyway, I’m telling Albus about this in the morning.”Lily stated. James looked resigned. Albus was going to find out anyway. 

“AND you need to stop fooling around with other girls.”Added Rose.

“Aye Aye captain!”Drawled James.

“I’m serious.”

“Okay... I’ll try... to be a better person.”He said, fighting the urge to reply, ‘No I am Sirius’. The girls smiled and went to hug their brother.

They left after saying good night.

James lay back on his bed and closed his eyes.

He resolved to make things right. He would not let Ryan take her from him. 

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Chapter 7: Chapter 7
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Year Five

Location: Quidditch Pitch, Hogwarts

“Morning team!”Boomed the voice of Jeffery Wood.

“Morning Wood!”Grinned Fred. “Why are you so hard in the morning, Wood?”

The rest of the team snickered loudly, despite their grogginess.

“Ten laps Weasley!”Barked Jeffery.

“Which Weasley?“Asked Fred innocently. Fred was having fun tormenting Jeffery in the morning for waking them up at an ungodly hour.

“Twenty laps!”

“Jeez you don’t have to be so hard on us!”Smirked Fred, and sprinted off before Jeffrey could do anything.

“The rest of you, ten laps and then circuit training!”Cue in a collective groan.”And then individual training! Now start!”He barked.

“What’s got his panties in a twist?”Muttered Dom.

Jeffery Wood kept them on their feet. Arwen was a bit distant from the whole team. Especially James. James looked nervous. His family were giving him encouraging and reassuring glances. They knew he was going to apologise after practice.

 James Potter was sucking up his huge inflated ego and apologising. He needed all the encouragement he could get.

He was having an internal debate for the entire length of their practise session.

“Hey Mallory I’m sorry. We good? ”*Insert charming smile* No.

Mallory just so we are clear. We’re cool.” Ugh she might hex me into next week.

Mallory it won’t happen again. You’re my girl, and I have weird feelings all over when I see you, or have an argument with you.”  What the hell is wrong with me?!

Hey Mallory I’m sorry for being an utter asshole.”Huh, that’s a start. Always downplay yourself, Uncle Ron style. He’s the coolest till; he says something stupid to Aunt Hermione. Those arguments are epic. Wait!! What was the line again?

Jeffery was not pleased with all the miss passes and dropped catches. He let it slide this time.

This time James waited for Arwen to finish her shower and get out of the girls locker room. James was leaning against the wall in front of the door. His family didn’t say anything as they passed. He knew they didn’t want to make him more nervous than he already was.

Arwen exited the changing room and saw James walking towards her. She froze. She didn’t want to face him again. She was just about to break into a sprint-

“Arwen don’t go. Please.”His voice sounded pained.”Hear me out.”

“What do you want this time James?”Arwen asked softly. She had a feeling this was due and he deserved a second chance.

“I... am sorry.”He saw the shock flit through her eyes, and then warmth. “I am so sorry Arwen. I am sorry for being a complete jerk towards you. Forgive me please?” After searching for the right thing to say, to not screw up again, he decided to bite the bullet and tell her.

“James Potter... apologising.”She smiled. James felt his heart skip at her smile.

“So do you forgive me?”He asked nervously, his handing running through his already messy hair. He looked adorable all nervous.

“What brought this on James?”She asked curiously. She was not stupid enough to think James would suddenly apologise after all this time.

 ”Guilt trip? Forced by family? Any ulterior motives?”James nervously avoided her eyes.

“I disrespected you... I treated you badly... I truly want a chance to make things better... Be a better person...No ulterior...motives.”He struggled with his words, but he was dead serious.

“It’s okay James.”She said softly.” I forgive you.”

She smiled brightly at him. James felt his heart flutter at her smile. What the hell? He sounded girly. But she never smiled at him like this. She was giving him a chance! After all that he had said and done. Without thinking he gathered her in his arms for a hug.

“Thank you! Thank you!”He shouted excitedly.

Arwen laughed at his exuberant expression. She felt a strange current run between their bodies. James Sirius Potter, apologising and willing to improve. She looked at him. He looked really, really overjoyed. She wondered what would have been his reaction if she shot him down or played hard to get. No, she could not do that to a person.

 “Put me down James!”

“I won’t do that again Arwen! I promise I’ll be good!”He said jumping up and down like a child. He put her down. He suddenly realised that he had held Arwen and she didn’t run, screaming bloody murder.

“Stop doing that, you look ridiculous.”She grinned at him. The corridors were empty, it was too early for the residents to be up and moving. Their footsteps echoed loudly on the sunlit corridors. To James, everything looked prettier. The old architecture of the castle, the mountains, the random hippogriff flying around, and most of all, the pretty girl by his side. 

James pulled out his wand, muttered an incantation, and conjured a rose for her. She blushed and he grinned. He decided watching Arwen flustered like this was more fun.

“Thank you James.”She said shyly.

“Oh, thank god I could do that! Rose smacked me on the head multiple times, till I could get that right. It doesn’t wilt for a month.”He grinned. “So are you going to sit at the Gryffindor table today?”

“Dunno. Maybe. Why?”

“Would you, Arwen Mallory, like to experience the ‘sitting with James Potter during breakfast experience’?” He asked playfully, as they were walking towards the Great Hall.

“Why? What does it entail?”She replied. He wasn’t annoying her or trying to kiss her. James was a good guy to be around when he wasn’t an arrogant jerk.

“Accept my invitation and you shall find out!”He mocked Professor Trelawney’s voice. 

 “I don’t like that woman.” Arwen grimaced. They were getting close to the Great Hall, it was still early.

“Arwen!”He said in a mock horrified tone.”You clearly do not possess the inner eye! Wait... I am deviating from the original topic.” He suddenly stopped.

“This is serious, Arwen.”His face totally devoid of any emotion. She looked at him. His face was serious, but his eyes were full of mischief.

“This is a matter of life and death.”He said seriously.

“Oh my!”She played along.

“It’s just a single word that would change our entire live.”

“Merlin! Tell me more.”

“No, I’m James.”He grinned. “Okay, Okay I’ve had enough. Just sit with me during breakfast Arwen. Please?”

“Sure, why not?”She answered nonchalantly.

James heart soared. She said yes... to him. He was surprised that she had forgiven him so quickly but he forgot that this was Arwen Mallory he was talking about. She was forgiving. He cursed himself for not doing this earlier.

The rest of the team were already sitting at the table. They smiled on seeing Arwen and James entered together, smiling.

“I take it he apologised.”Said Louis, as Arwen sat down beside him and James next to her.

“About time.”Muttered Lily. They all looked pretty pleased.

“So, that was a good practice session team. More focus on the game please. Tomorrow, same time!”Droned Jeffery.

Everyone cried out in indignation.

“We need to stay in shape, and focus to win the cup this year!”He said firmly.”Focus on the game.”

Fred muttered a few wood related jokes under his breath.

James was happy Arwen was beside him. He started telling her different family stories that she had never heard.

“-And then six year old Rose started screaming that the neighbour kid got her pregnant!”They all started laughing.   

“Pregnancy by kissing. Merlin,I forgot about that!”Laughed Fred, as he wiped a tear from his eye.

“Hey Arwen.”Said Diego, as he sat down close to them. Arwen almost missed the faint blush that came over Lily. “Hey Lils.” Lily lowered her head and muttered a hello. The protective male members of her family missed this because they were busy having a waffle eating competition.

Arwen suddenly remembered the parchment. She had left it on her nightstand. Suddenly, it struck her, that she had also received a letter of the same quality two weeks ago. She was getting a bad feeling about the letters. A feeling of dread crept over her.

 Her dreams were still the same. The maze with different levels.  It was a complex maze. Only a part of it had the hedges and shrubs. Some parts were huge castle corridors. Some parts were deserted village roads.

“Arwen...are you okay?”Asked James, looking very concerned. She snapped out of her reverie.

“Yeah, I’m okay.”She said. It felt a bit weird, James was concerned. Any other day he would have started yapping about himself and his conquests.

By then, the Great Hall was buzzing.  She looked around and spotted Gwen, Scorpius and Albus sitting at the Ravenclaw table.

“Hey James, I’ll catch up with you later...Thank you.”She smiled. ” Bye!” She went over to where they were sitting.

“You’ve forgiven my brother, it seems.”Noted Albus dryly.

“He apologised. He deserves a second chance.”She stated simply.

“You let him off too easily, Renny.”Grumbled Gwen.”I expected a bit of drama and wand work from you.”

“You’ll live.”

“Well, it is good that he apologised to you. But if he hurts you again... he is going to suffer.”Muttered Scorpius. Seemed like Gwen filled them in on yesterday’s events.

“Yeah, and if Ryan does something, he is also going down.”Said Albus fiercely.

“Some mentioned my name?”Asked Caleb coolly, he was standing behind Arwen. She caught Gwen grinning like a Cheshire cat. “I won’t hurt her Potter.”

“Hey Caleb!”Said Arwen cheerfully. “What’s up?”

“Can I walk you to class, milady?”He asked holding is hand out. All the girls in the five meter radius were staring at him (much to the indignation of the male population). They swooned and sighed when they heard his voice.

Arwen laughed.

“You don’t have to adopt the seventeenth century policies every single time, Caleb.”She took his hand and he kissed her hand softly. Another sigh ripped though the female population. My, weren’t there a lot of die hard romantics in the room. Arwen blushed.

“See you guys later.”She said to the three. She slung her bag over her shoulder and walked off with Caleb.


At the Gryffindor table, a certain boy was seething.

“How dare he!?”Growled James. “Slimy, good for nothing, Snakes!!”

“James, be reasonable. He got her a day before you. He got the head start. You could work a bit on it too. And we won’t be helping you much. Arwen won’t be a ball of sunshine when she realises the whole clan was meddling with her relationships.”Stated Lily.

“So, wassup with you guys?”Asked Lucy, buttering a toast.”One day, and the entire family dynamics are different. “

“Long story short. James was being an utter moron. James hurt Arwen. Caleb comforted Arwen. James realised his mistake. James apologised. Caleb whisked off Arwen. Big brother pissed. End of story.”Stated Roxy. ”They just filled me in. It might seem, as though James has got all the problems in this family” She speculate, and earned a “Hey!” from James. 

“Now, if you look at everything closely. You will notice that Rose is trying to woo Scorpius.”She snorted and Rose blushed, and the male members glared at her.”Freddy currently failing in potions. Dom has chipped her nail. Lily is crushing on Diego.”Insert the male glare. Roxy continued her family report.”Hugo lost a chess match for the first time yesterday. Louis has a crush on a seventh year-“

“Okay that’s it Rox! We don’t need to know that. Bring the focus back on James.”Cut in Louis, who had turned red and spat out in orange juice.

“A seventh year Lou.”Grinned Fred.”Classic classic.”He was muttering evilly.  

“What!? Lou a seventh year!?”Screamed Dom. The others swore that her voice could shatter glass. People were looking at Louis Weasley funnily.

“Thanks a lot Dom, I’m sure the entire wizarding world now knows.”Groaned Louis.

“Where do you hear all this stuff from Rox?”Asked Lily, looking at Roxy reverently.

“That’s for me to know, and you to grunt and complain in agony, as you are never going to find out.”And she gave a crazy evil laugh. “Cheerio family!” And she walked off to class.

“Barmy Ravenclaw.”Grumbled Fred. Roxy without looking shot a hex over her shoulder and ran off before any professor could catch her.  It hit Fred square on his face. His nose started going bigger.

“Barmy twin sister. Rose DO something! The ladies would get creeped out! “Cried Fred.

“Ugh! The things I do for this family.”Said Rose and used the counter spell.

“Thanks Rose. May Malfloy forgive you.”Said Fred sagely and James snickered. Rose shot him a scathing look and went off for class.

It was a month since the incident and the night of the full moon was drawing closer.

The fifth years and above were swarmed with large amounts of homework. Arwen hardly found the time to hang out with Caleb. Though she spent more time with James studying. Yep, studying with James Potter in the common room along with Gwen. The teachers kept giving them more work and she was usually buried under lots of scrolls.

James was not the same James Potter a month ago. He wasn’t arrogant as before. He was pretty fun to be around. She also enjoyed the few moments with Caleb who usually walked her to class. She remembered she had a date with him to Hogsmede the following Saturday. She smiled at the thought.

“What are you smiling about Renny?”Asked Gwen, looking up from her transfiguration homework.

“Hogsmede.”She sighed. Gwen smiled.

“You know the Halloween ball is coming up, we could go look for some dresses once you are done with your date?”She asked hesitantly.

“Sure!”Answered Arwen, without a second thought.

“Damn do the teachers find it necessary to burden us with so much homework, if it isn’t my lycanthropy, it will be my school work that will make me prematurely grey.”Whispered Gwen, looking dejectedly at her pile of homework.

“It’s two. Are you done with that? You could take my Charms and give me your Transfiguration homework. We’ll be done within an hour that way.”Suggested Arwen.

“Thank Merlin! Here take it! Take it!”Said Gwen eagerly. Arwen chuckled at her behaviour and handed her the essay.

Arwen looked up from her homework and looked around the common room. Mostly the fifth years and seventh years were in the common room, working furiously on their homework and whispering incantations under their breaths. Just a month into the term and the OWLS and NEWTS had everyone down under.

“Are you interested in going into a relationship this year, Arwen?”Asked Gwen suddenly.

“I doubt I’ll get the time. I’ll make a pathetic girlfriend honestly.”She said.

“So if Caleb asks you, you’ll turn him down?”

“We both have important exams in the end of the academic year. He is passing out. He might end it anyway before he leaves.”Arwen muttered, with a thoughtful expression. Gwen saw her go into over-analyze mode. How did the sorting hat, not put her into Ravenclaw with Scorp?  

“So... James Sirius?”Asked Gwen. Arwen blushed.

“Nope, not him either. I just want to get good OWL scores.” Gwen muttered ‘Ravenclaw’ under her breath.

“What about you Gwen? Are you going to tell Al?” Asked Arwen. Gwen instantly became wary.

“What am I going to tell Albus?”She asked hesitantly.

“That you have non-platonic feelings for him, and that you get the urge to kiss him every time he smirks. That you want to jump his foxy bones and snog him senseless?”She ranted off.

Gwen’s jaw dropped, and an almost unnoticeable blush graced her cheeks. She fidgeted and tried to evade the topic.

“I do not want to jump his bones.”She snorted.

“You are like my sister Gwen, I can read you like a book. You so want to jump his bones.”Smirked Arwen.

“Arwen, okay I admit that I might have a teeny -tiny tiiiiny crush on that Slytherin.”She gave up trying to lie to Arwen, it was usually hopeless. Arwen grinned at her.

“I knew it!”She chuckled and started to do a weird happy dance. Yes, that did attract the attention of the other occupants in the room. “Oh, go back to whatever you were doing!”She scoffed, looking at them.

“We are going to talk about this later, Gwen. Right now I really want to finish this and sleep!”

“Yeah, I forgot Wood makes you wake up at five in the morning and train.”Arwen groaned.

“Damn you Jeffery!”Arwen shouted at Wood who was sitting on the other side of the room, he shot her the finger. “Rude!” Gwen just laughed at her best friend.

“Stop laughing Gwen. I really am itching to hex that grin off your face.”Gwen instantly sobered up and continued with her work, as did Arwen.

“You got your first match next week right?” Arwen nodded. “Homework, full moon, quidditch aaand Hogsmede. You’re pretty busy this week.”

“Don’t remind me. I feel too high strung.”

“You could give Caleb a booty call.”Grinned Gwen.

“Shut up Gwendolyn Marie.”Gwen shot her a glare, which Arwen ignored.

They sat in silence after that and completed their work.

“Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! I’m done!”Shouted Gwen, throwing her hands up in the air.

“So am I. “Breathed Arwen.

They picked up their stuff, and made their way to their dorm. They got ready to sleep.

While rummaging through her drawer for her comb, Arwen noticed something. It was the two parchments. She sat on her bed and pulled the curtains for privacy. She looked at the first one. “I like to play.” The next one was blank. She traced the edge of the paper. She tapped the parchment.

“I, Arwen Mallory, demand you to reveal your secrets.” She had put the thought of the parchments, in the back of her mind of quite some time, she suddenly remembered to check them.

The same script started to write on the paper.

Your friends have suffered quite a bit, haven’t they?

A few months more and you will face worse.

In good time, I shall find the others

And you shall fall will them. “

She felt fear permeate her sense. She felt her breath quicken and she realised, she was gasping of air. The writer had attacked Scorpius and maybe Gwen too. Was she endangering her friends?

She shook herself furiously. She went to the washroom and splashed some water on her face. She had to go to Professor Longbottom and tell him. She was a Gryffindor. She could not show fear. Yeah right said a voice in her head. She mentally slapped herself for being weak. She put on a pair jeans and a sweatshirt, grabbed the map, and sprinted towards the headmaster’s office.

The gargoyle stopped her dead on her tracks. How could she forget the fact that she needed to know the password.


“I don’t know! It’s an emergency! Fizzing Whizbees, acid pops, lemon drops, chocoballs, cauldron cakes, cockroach clusters, jelly slugs, pumpkin fizz-

The gargoyle stepped aside and Arwen went in. She knocked the study door.

After a while a voice told her to come in.

“I’m sorry, Professor Longbottom. I needed to show you something.”She apologised.

“Oh, it’s quite alright Ms.Mallory. Now what is it what you wanted to show me?”

She handed him the parchments. He studied them for a while.

“Which dumb psychopath writes, ‘I like to play’?”He snorted, and then suddenly became serious.

“You think this person attacked Mr.Malfoy?”Asked Professor Longbottom. She nodded.

“It is a threat and a promise.”Said the portrait of Albus Dumbledore.

“Good evening professor.”Said Arwen.

“Hello Ms.Mallory, it’s been quite a while since you’ve been here. You evade trouble pretty well it seems.”He smiled as if he knew what she was up to with Gwen and the others.

“Hmm it seems we need to inform the auror team working on Mr.Malfoy’s case. We’ll do the best job we can to protect you, but you need to stay out of trouble Ms.Mallory.”Instructed Neville. “I’m going to keep these for a while. Check for a few more enchantments. You should be heading back to your dormitory. “

Arwen thanked him and left.

She had an impulse and headed for the Room of Requirement. She checked the map for Finch or the other professors.

She paced in front of the room, imagining a place to let her play her music, undisturbed.

A door materialised and she went in. The room was impressive.  It had good acoustics and a black grand piano sat in the middle of the beautiful room, waiting for her to play. The sheet music was sitting ready for her.

Arwen closed her eyes and just played her heart out. All her frustration and fears were brought out by her music, as it washed over her, and brought a sense of tranquillity in her. Her fingers swiftly moving across the keys. It helped her calm down. She felt peace in this room.

She did know for how long she just kept playing, venting her emotions but she figured it was time to head back. She felt better. When she reached the dorm and saw the time, she realised it was four in the morning. She would have to go for training in an hour. She got ready for the day and sat down reading her Care of Magical Creatures book.


“So, where to first?”Asked Caleb.

“Take me anywhere with you Caleb! Anywhere!”Exclaimed Arwen dramatically.”Just not Madam Puddifoot’s. That place makes me lose my faith in humanity, valentines “She paused.”And the colour pink.”

“Soo... Puddifoot’s it is!”Grinned Caleb.

“Ryan, you take me to that dreaded tea shop and you’ll never see me again!”Threatened Arwen.

“You wound my ego!”

“Jeez I wonder how?”Asked Arwen sarcastically.” You are basically emasculating yourself by suggesting going to that blasphemic pink atrocity. “

“You are coming with me to...Wait for it...”And Caleb just stood there grinning at her.

“Caleb, I’m waiting...I’m still waiting....Anytime now!”

“I wonder why you want to go anywhere. I pretty happy standing here watching you get all flustered.”He said and started laughing.

She hit his arm.

“Okay change of plans Slytherin! I decide where we are going! You can stand here and give birth to pygmy puffs and dream of pink tea shops orrr you could totally accompany me to Honeydukes, then Scrivenshaft's Quill Shop, then Wheezes and then The Three Broomsticks for lunch and then I’ll dump your ass and go shop for clothes in Gladrags!”Arwen proclaimed enthusiastically.Caleb just laughed.

“I think I’ll follow you! Lead the way.”He grinned.

She spent most of her time in playful banter with Caleb. 

“So what would you like to eat?”He asked her when they were seated in The Three Broomsticks.

“I’ll have the Saturday surprise and a butterbeer.”She answered.

“You do know that the surprise could be bloody terrifying too right?”Asked Caleb..

“Eh, whatever! I’m a Gryffindor!”She said haughtily. Caleb laughed, and relayed their order to a waitress.

She was shrugging off her overcoat, when she caught Caleb looking at her.


“Did I mention you look lovely?”Arwen nodded and blushed. Gwen spent the better half of morning preparing Arwen for her date.

 He caressed her cheek. He hadn’t kissed her again, since the corridor incident. He slowly brought his lips to hers. Arwen felt the room heat up.

Caleb gathered her in his arms. She was practically sitting on his lap and snogging him.

Someone coughed and they broke apart, both turning red with embarrassment.

The waitress had arrived with their order.

Arwen was taking off her gloves, when Caleb suddenly froze beside her.

“Caleb... what’s wrong?”She asked, looking worried. His face was a mixture of shock and fear.

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Chapter 8: Chapter 8
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Year Five

Location: Hogsmede Village


 “When did you get this?”He whispered, pointing at her scar.

“I got it in my first year. I was lost in the forest.”She was confused.

“Shit.”He swore under his breath. “Arwen, I have to go now... I’m sorry. I’ll explain later!”

He threw a few galleons on the dining table and stood up.

“I’ll explain everything, I promise. Please forgive me, I need to go now. Bye Arwen.”He said, and took off faster than her broom.

Arwen closed her eyes and tried to recollect her thoughts. He left her suddenly after seeing her scar. He knew what it meant.

“Dammit! Bloody bastard”She swore under her breath. She would have to wait till she met him again to get him to answer her questions.

She suddenly lost her appetite. She left a few galleons on the table and went off to find Gwen.

“You’re here early.”Remarked Gwen. She was outside the post office with Albus and Scorpius.

“Yeah... Caleb... had to go somewhere.”She finished lamely. Albus and Scorpius both growled.

“Hey, nothing went wrong. Just thinking about something.” She cut them off before they could question her. “Please, just drop it.” Their expression darkened. Albus nodded and took off with Scorpius. The girls headed towards Gladrags. Gwen had a questioning expression on her face but refrained from quenching her curiosity on what had happened.

“All this drama. Our OWL’s year, we should be focusing on our school work but instead we’re neck deep in all sorts of weird stuff.”Muttered Gwen, referring to full moon night that was two days away.

 Arwen hummed distractedly. Her mind was in turmoil. A hundred different theories came up. Coming to a conclusion that she was dangerous and that bad things usually happen to everyone she held dear.  

Gwen tried to engage Arwen into a conversation but her best friend could not keep up.

They quickly found their dresses and walked back in silence.


Caleb seemed to have disappeared. Arwen didn’t see him the next day or the day after that. She was pissed at him for leaving her hanging.

She was sitting in the changing room after practice. Jeffery took pity on them and scheduled their training session in the evening. With the game four days away, he was more harsh than usual. The rest of the team didn’t want to disappoint him and worked harder.

It was the full moon night. This time Scorpius was also going to be there for Gwen.

Gwen had already left for the hospital wing to take her meds. Scorpius and Albus were roaming around the forest. She had not told them about Caleb yet. She changed the topic every time it came up, so they stopped asking. They were worried with her recent behaviour. She was getting distant. Sitting and going over her texts like a woman possessed. They assumed it to be stress because of the OWLS.

She checked the map, that now she usually kept it with her.

She noticed that Albus and Scorpius were on the astronomy tower. She used the galleon to tell them that she was coming there and set off.


“James was pretty pissed when he saw her snogging Caleb in that booth.”Commented Albus.”He made most of his family members follow them around and keep him updated about what she was doing and all.”

“Your family into voyeurism?” Asked Scorpius dryly. Albus snorted.”The only reason I will not punch his face is because he is your brother.”Said Scorpius. They were in the balcony on the astronomy tower.

“Go ahead and do it. He deserves it for being a major pain in the arse.”Said Albus.”But the girls are supporting him.”Referring the female members of his family.

“Still not so fond of your family Al?”Smirked Scorpius. Albus grimaced.

“They are prejudiced in their own ways Scorp. We both have the same thoughts on the future. “Albus replied seriously. “They are brilliant people... but too prejudiced.” He sighed.

“Hmm... Still hate Ronald Weasley?”

“Sometimes. He is a good person... but he would never support my views. He always preached on how Slytherin’s were good for nothing evil gits.” He laughed without humour.”  The others are okay but I still catch them giving me wary looks at times, Scorp. My own family! They don’t trust me. They may show their trust and loyalty but sometimes their mask slips. Dad is the only possible person who would understand. The rest of the family...mum...they won’t Scorp!”He seethed. Scorpius looked at the anguish on his face. Albus always wanted his family to support his views, but he knew that it was a doomed plan to even share it with them.

“Albus...I know Grindelwald, Dumbledore and Riddle really escalated the prejudice in the magical society to the level of war. There was a time when the dark could practise dark magic without being hunted down. Bloody hell, even the werewolf scene was not so bad. Those laws were passed after the First Wizarding War, after Riddle fell at Godric Hollow. Back were not ostracized for being dark. Being dark never meant being evil and light never meant good.”Scorpius huffed. “Father still looks wistfully at the old dark tomes. The ministry still have wards around all our properties, which tell them if we performed dark magic.” Sighed Scopius.  

“Remember when we first met?” Asked Albus. Scorpius laughed.

“Yeah. Everyone still thinks we bonded over quidditch and cookies. Morgana! That is absolutely ridiculous!” Albus chuckled. “You manipulated them like a perfect Slytherin Al! Oh and Gwen looked so comical and Arwen, the muggleborn, they couldn’t believe it!”

“Arwen has come a long way. Her brilliant mind has been a great asset to our cause.”Commented Albus.

“She is a great friend. I’m glad she was never a bigoted magical. Never a naive muggleborn holding on to her culture, or a stuffy pureblood that could never adapt to change. Sometimes... I don’t think she is a muggleborn. What she did that day...could be her family magic.”Scorpius speculated.

“Good theory Malfoy. From what Gwen told me, that magic was pure dark. The werewolf in her was rejoicing the darkness, though she herself was in denial. She still denies the fact that she is a dark witch.”Sighed Albus.  He felt his galleon warm up.

“Arwen is on her way.” He looked at the galleon and frowned.

“We need to visit an enchanter. Maybe a combined Christmas/Yule present for the four of us.”Albus smirked.

“Why what is wrong with it?”Asked Scorpius. He pulled out his journal and quill.

“Give me a minute.”Muttered Albus.

“There are micro-fractures in the coin-“

“I’m glad you never use your Dark-Sight during quidditch Potter.”Stated Malfoy.

“I swore an oath I would not Malfoy. It was the only way. Once I’m out of my family’s way, I won’t have to pretend to wear glasses. They are annoying!”

“What else?”

“There is a stress on the metal. It’s not pure gold. It cannot take the stress of being a magical conductor. I would suggest mithril as the ideal metal. But that could cost an island for the amount we would need. We would try wand wood. Find a block that is compatible and strengthen it with runes. Runes would work best with a rare magical metal, but wood is the second best option. We could enchant it ourselves or take it to a professional enchanter who would do a much better job at it. It would last longer, withstand time and retain all its properties. Go to a dark inclined enchanter and an even more brilliant work would be done.” Both Albus’ and Scorpius’ jaws dropped.

“What the fuck?” Shouted Scorpius.

“Chill Scorp. Your privacy wards were a piece of cake to take down and replace.”Smirked Arwen. “I was the one who invented it after all. Which means I can tear that ward down.”She said, looking smug.

“Is it time to go?”Asked Albus.

“Want to see Gwen naked so bad Al?”Smirked Arwen.

“That’s my sister Potter! You better not be thinking impure thoughts when you see her.”Growled Scorpius.

“Malfoy.”Albus gave him a cold look.

“Ah, the face that made you King of Slytherin.”Grinned Arwen.

“I have no idea what you are talking about Renny.”Albus feigned nonchalance. Scorpius smirked.

“Albus, in your first week, five sixth year Slytherins who insulted you, mysterious ended up in the hospital wing. By the end of the year...No one bad mouths you. The Slytherins stop saying the word mudblood around you and Morgana knows what else happens in the snake pit!”Exclaimed Arwen.

“Why little lion, why don’t you brave the snake pit and find out?”He sent her a smile that would have frozen anyone else, but Arwen knew Albus.

“Potter, we have thirty minutes to reach the Shrieking Shack. We shall continue this discussion later. Are we clear?” She sent her own evil smile and sauntered away. Albus shuddered. She would have been a good Slytherin if she weren’t so impulsive.


Location: Shrieking Shack


“Hey guys.”Said Gwen weakly.

“You look like hell.”Commented Albus.

“Why thank you Snotter! I’m here for a bloody tea party!”Growled Gwen.

 “Certainly her time of the month.”Muttered Albus.

“One more word and you’ll become wolf dchow.”

“Chill your tits-“

“Albus shut up.”Said Arwen.

“Gwen do you feel any difference this time?”Asked Scorpius.”Mother put more analgesia and sleep potion this time, not too much thought because it might poison your system. She reckons it should do the trick this time...though she doubts the use of mint. Did it taste better?  She kept the same ratio of aconite to the other ingredients.  Did you take it for all the seven days?”

“Healer Scorpius...”Gwen rasped out. She was getting worse.”Yes, I took it every day making me more irritable than a grizzly bear in winter...and I made a few first years cry.... I got a huge impulse to sleep during each and every lecture and eat tons of meat. The potion was as disgusting as ever.  I’m ultra horny too! Is that normal?”She asked sarcastically.

Scorpius and Albus blushed.

“Umm dunno. I tell mother err...about the effects this time.”Mumbled Scorpius.

“So... now that you are done with your Ravenclaw rant. How do you feel about your first time Scorpius? Will you cry?”Grinned Gwen weakly.

“Gwen, shut up please.”Said Arwen.” Get out of your kit Gwen or do you want to emerge nude from the tree in the morning? I’ll make sure these boys don’t look.”


Gwen went into the bedroom.

“Al, thank god your relatives didn’t give away all the secrets of Hogwarts during their press conferences and books published. If anyone knew about this they would be in dead by now if they thought of entering this place.”Remarked Arwen.

“Yeah... Guess so.  Most of the family know about the Shrieking Shack.”They looked at him with disbelief.”No! I didn’t tell them about Gwen. I made it amply clear that they were not to enter and that there were new wards placed around this place that prevent people from entering. We are keyed into the wards, which is why we are able to enter.”

 “Only a few people know that Snape died here. They told the world that he was killed in the forest.”Said Albus.

“It’s almost time.”Said Scorpius, looking at his watch.”Shift.”

They changed into their respective animals and went into the bedroom.

Gwen was lying in a foetal position like the last time.

Then she started to change. Arwen felt like she could never get used to her best friend changing to a werewolf.

The same howls filled with agony echoed into the night. The intensity of the howl reverberated in the room.  Her bones broke. She cried even more painfully. They guessed that the wolfsbane didn’t help reduce the pain of the change this time.

A black werewolf emerged from the spot their best friend was a minute ago. She let out a feral growl.  Her eyes were black. Her true nature was in charge.

The three of them went closer to the werewolf. She didn’t attack this time. She plopped unto the ground and took deep breaths. The panther let out a whine, the werewolf looked up at her friend, and her eyes were not black any more. Arwen was happy. She nipped at Gwen’s ears playfully.

The werewolf got up and let out a bark. She started to nip the fox and the panther. The falcon was safely perched on the cupboard. She lunged at the falcon and it let out a cry of surprise.

They continued their game of tag and chasing their own tails (Scorpius looked upon his friend’s antics with huge amounts of boredom, in a very falcon way of course).

When they got tired, they huddled together and Gwen slept. The others could not risk falling asleep.


“You look shit.”Commented Malcolm.

“Mally... just shut up!”Snapped Gwen. Yep, her irritable grizzly spirit was still there.

“What were you guys doing?”He asked looking at Arwen, Scorpius, Albus and Gwen.

We were out all night looking for rainbow unicorn shit Malcolm! Now shut up!”Growled Arwen and suddenly fell face first into her pancake.

“Somebody help Arwen.”Mutter Albus, he was also close to falling into his porridge.

Scorpius sent a tickling hex at Arwen. She shrieked and got her face out of her pancake.

“Why maple syrup suits you Ms.Mallory!”Said James, sitting down on the empty seat beside her.

Arwen didn’t answer; she sent a tickling hex at Scorpius.

“Arwen stop...Hahaha.... I didn’t....Hahaha... make the hex.... last this long.”Gasped Scorpius.

Arwen relented. James was staring at her with a weird expression on his face.

“Good morning Potter.”She grumbled.

“Morning sweetness.”He replied still looking at her weirdly.

“What?”She asked.

James replied by licking her cheek.

“Eww James! that was disgusting!”Cried out Arwen.

“I like maple syrup!”Grinned James.

“Ugh! Scourgify!”Said Arwen pointing her wand at her face.  Her face got clean.

“I’m thinking of skiving today.”Said Albus.

“I’m not.”Said Scorpius.

“Ravenclaw. Copy all the homework for us will you?””Said Gwen.

“Arwen will be there with me too, right?”He asked looking in her direction.


“Hey Arwen, want to join me in a game of one on one quidditch. We won’t get caught. I promise you.”Whispered James into her ear.

“Tempting James but I can’t miss my classes.”She answered back. James face fell.

“Walk you to class?”He asked.

“Fine by me.”She sent him a weary smile. She was dead on her feet. James had to catch her quite a few times. His fan club looked at the two of them with contempt filled eyes...planning their next confrontation.  

They were walking towards the greenhouses.

“Hey, what happened to Ryan?”Asked James.

“He left early on our date and I’ve not seen him since.”Answered Arwen without any emotion.

“Bloody wanker.”James muttered under his breath.

“What was that?”

“Come with me to Hogsmede. I won’t ditch you!”Said James, giving her an enormous smile.

“And if I say no?”She shot back at him.

“Arwen Mallory, if you say no I will kidnap and put a silencing charm on you. Then, I shall very well enjoy my Hogmede trip with your wonderful presence giving me silent support!”He smirked at her.

“I might run away.”

“No chance! See this body?”He motioned at his impressive physique. Arwen blushed.

“I’m desirable aren’t I sweetness?”Grinned James. She was blushing furiously.

“You’re insufferable Potter.”She replied dryly.

“Soooo... will you go to Hogsmede with me?”He asked.

 “Hmmm why not?”She smiled at him.

“Thanks maple girl!” He grinned.”See you later, Arwen!”He kissed her on the cheek and left.

 He was ecstatic she said yes to him! This could never get old.


Location: Under Fidelius Charm

“Master we have found two more children.”

“Tell me all about them.”Ordered the man.

“Before I do... there is one more thing master.”He said hesitantly.

“It’s the girl, the Guardians will find out in a day or two.  What do we do?”

“The Guards will do just I planned.”He laughed. “The Guards are a proud bunch. They will not know what hit them. Oh the plans I have in store!”

“You told us that the maze is crumbling master.”

“All the more reason for you to hurry.”Replied the man dryly. “Now stop worrying about frivolous matters and tell me about those two children! Oh! I shall have fun playing with them a bit!” He laughed gleefully liked a kid.

“Yes master.”

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Chapter 9: Chapter 9
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Year Five

Location: Gryffindor Quidditch Team Locker Room, Hogwarts


“Okay team! First match of the season Gryffindor vs Hufflepuff! We trained hard for this-“Started Jeffery.

“No shit Sherlock.”Muttered Fred.

“-This is our defining moment-“

“How long does this usually last?”Whispered Dom to Louis.

“-We shall roar across the pitch-“

“Get to the point, Woody.”Snapped Lily Potter.

 “Sure.”Scowled Wood. “The Puff chasers this year are Macmillan, Rossi and Thomas, as you know. Beaters are Riley and Jones. And their seeker, I found out a few minutes ago... is your cousin Lucy Weasley.” Shock flitted across the faces of the Wotters.

“She tried out!”

“She didn’t tell us!”

“Oh God! I’m up against my cousin!”

“Yes. You are up against your cousin. Do not let that affect your game!”Stressed Jeffery. “And lastly, keeper Zack Smith.”He spat.  

“So Lily, we don’t know your cousin’s strengths so this time you’ll be an Observer Seeker, try to pull a Plumpton Pass if you can. Don’t come into the plays, until you get a good read on her abilities. Understood?”Lily nodded.” I want to see all the new plays we discussed from my Chasers, got it?”

“Aye Aye Wood.” The chasers bellowed.

“Good. Weasley beaters, my players should not get hurt! Increase the pressure on Rossi, I heard he has been training harder. Hmmm...Try knocking out Smith.”He grinned like a maniac. “They aren’t expected to play a clean game this time. So, play hard! Hit fast!”They nodded.

“Do you spend your time spying other teams Wood?”Asked Louis.

“What else would I do in my free time Weasley?”Snorted Jeffery. “Let’s go! We need to retain our title!”


“WELCOME TO THE FIRST QUIDDITCH GAME OF THE SEASON- GRYFFINDOR VS HUFFLEPUFF!”Boomed the voice of seventh year Gryffindor, Darrel Jordan.

“FLYING IN FIRST IS THE HUFFLEPUFF QUIDDITCH TEAM- CHASERS ROSSI, MACMILLAN AAAND THOMAS! BEATERS JONES AND RILEY. THEIR NEW SEEKER LUCY WEASLEY! AAAAND KEEPER CAPTAIN SMITH!”  The Hufflepuff team did a lap around the pitch. The Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin sections started cheering wildly. They wanted the Gryffindor winning streak to end.

“AND PLEASE WELCOMEEE THE LIONS!!!”He screamed into the mike.

The Gryffindor team split up as they burst out of the locker rooms. Lily Potter ascended vertically before plummeting back to their side of the field and faced their opponents. The three chasers spiralled around each other for one lap around the field before settling into their starting positions. Wood flanked by the two beaters flew towards the centre of the field, as their team mates worked up the Gryffindor supporters. Jordan announced the game and waited for Rolanda Hooch to start the game.

“I want a nice, clean game.”Madam Hooch told the teams. “Captains shake hands...Ready?”

The captains glared at each other and nodded. She released the snitch, then the bludgers and then- “Okay,“The quaffle was released.



“Hey Gwen, how are you feeling?”Asked Albus, looking at the players zoom by;  making mental notes on their performance.

“Better.”Replied Gwen, who was looking bored. She was sitting between Albus and Scorpius in the Gryffindor stands. They were decked in Gryffindor red.

“Hmm...good to know- Wow... brilliant Porskoff Ploy by Rossi- Merlin’s balls! Hahaha Dom hit him good, right?”Laughed Albus nudging Scorpius.

“Yep, Hufflepuff’s best player injured by Dom.”

“OUCH! DEMON WEASLEY KNOCKS OFF ROSSI IN THE MIDDLE OF A PORSKOFF PLOY! GO GIRL! KRUM YOUR GIRLFRIEND IS E-EVIL!”Thundered the voice of Darrel Jordan.  Dominique Weasley looked at the commentator’s box with fury.

“Krum looks pissed.”Commented Gwen, looking towards the lone figure of Krum sitting alone, near them. Scorpius snorted.

“He always looks pissed. Poor bloke. Can you blame him? Transferred to Hogwarts as punishment, in his fifth year.”Voiced Scorpius.

“He’s a pretty decent bloke. Smart. Quidditch prodigy like his father. Got a gaggle of girls lusting after his thick eyebrows-“Scorpius and Gwen snorted.” And has an affinity for dark arts.”Albus whispered the last part.

“Maybe that part adds to his sinister attraction.”Commented Gwen dryly. “And his temper! Hot Hell-Raiser!”Sighed Gwen. Albus looked a bit peeved. Scorpius ignored her last comment.

“He walks like a duck!”Gwen ignored Scorpius’ comment. She looked at the score board; the score was 140-30, in Gryffindor’s favour.


The Gryffindor stands erupted in cheers. The other houses looked on dejectedly.

“Let’s go congratulate them.”Suggested Gwen.  They made their way towards the Gryffindor team in the centre of the pitch surrounded by their supporters.

Madam Hooch was packing the equipment away, but a bludger escaped her grasp and went wild.

Before she could pull out her wand and destroy the rogue bludger, it zoomed towards a particular messy haired student. She felt a sense of Déjà vu as the bludger went straight for Albus Potter.

Albus Potter felt something speed towards him. With his seeker reflexes, he twisted his body to face the thing and he drew his wand from its holster. His Dark-Sight saw the bludger come towards him in slow motion.

Reducto Maxima!”He roared, and the bludger exploded.

He put his wand back in its holster and looked around. Gwen looked shocked, Scorpius had a grim expression on his face, and the rest of the school looked at him silently. What confused him was Arwen’s face. He caught a number of expressions flitting across her face. Why was she looking resolved? 

Their eyes connected. He searched for answers. Finding none, he turned on his heel and left for his dorm room.




“Did you explode the food on our guests?”Seethed Mother’s voice.

“N-no! I didn’t! I swear! Please believe me!”Begged six year old Arwen.

“I do not. It was your unnaturalness thing again!”She fumed. They had been hosting a dinner party, which was attended by some important clients.  

“How could I have done it!?”Shouted Arwen.

“Shut up! Maintain your decorum. Do you know how much you have embarrassed the family today? I taught you better table manners! You looked like a hooligan being chased after by those two infernal creatures!”She sneered. “And don’t get me started on the dinner fiasco!”

She grabbed her daughter’s shoulders painfully and looked at her in the eye.

“You are so fortunate that the guests had a sense of humour.  If they weren’t, I would have lost my job. You are to stay in your room and do your homework like a good little girl.”She sneered. “Today you have embarrassed us. You shall not be allowed to go out for the rest of the summer. Work on your etiquettes and stop behaving so plebeian! We have an image to maintain! Do you understand?”She shook her daughter’s shoulders painfully.

“Y-yes.”Arwen answered, looking at her feet. She tried to stop the tears from falling.

“And stop that stuttering! Do you have some speech defect?”Demanded her mother.

“No.”She answered in a small voice.

“Go to your room!”


“I got a complaint from the principal today.”Commented Mother, who was sitting across Arwen on the dining table.

“What did she do today?”Asked her father in a tired voice.

“It seems you were caught terrorising Ms.Wesley and her friends today. Did you or did you not know that her father is a very influential man?”Her mother’s eyes narrowed at her. Her father groaned.

“That man could ruin us!”He hissed.

“Let me take care of this, dear.”Her mother patted her father’s hand before turning on her.

“I didn’t do anything! I swear! She did it! She blamed me! She is evil-“Her mother cut off her rant.

“You are a menace! Stop whining. It is unbecoming of you. The girl was in hysterics-“Her mother glared at Arwen before she could retort.

“You are grounded. No going to the library for a month. We give you all these privileges and this is how you repay us! We had to ensure Mr.Wesley that you would not come near his daughter again. The school does not want to lose its major benefactor and threatened expulsion if you cross the line! I better not get any more complaints! Understood?”

Arwen nodded. She wanted to speak up but she knew that anything that she said would be disregarded.

“I also heard that you got a B. In ART!”

Arwen hung her head. This was about to get worse.

The Mallory’s never received a complaint after that.


“Hey! It’s that friendless freak!”

“No one wants you!”


“Freak! Must have cheated to get first place.”

“You hurt Greta’s bunny!”

“You still believe in magic! Such a baby!”

“Your dress is ugly! How did you get into a school like this?”

“Stay away! I’ll get freak germs.”

“You tripped Reggie! He did nothing to you!”

To say Arwen’s days at her muggle school were pleasant was an understatement.

She could not help the fact that odd things used to happen when she got all worked up.  After the incident with Melinda Wesley( when she was seven), she went from unnoticed, intelligent girl to the school freak. She tried remaining under the radar. Most adults just saw a brilliant, quiet and sweet little girl, but her peers ostracised her.

The neighbourhood where her family lived assumed the Mallory’s to be a snooty bunch. Luckily her school was in a different, more posh district and no one from her neighbourhood went to that prestigious school. They had no idea about how the other kids treated her or what those rich families thought of her.

The brilliant Mallory girl was just a little introverted, they assumed.

The truth was that she was a loner. The model child facade was a brilliant one. Her peers shunned her but her achievements were never lost at sea. The elders acknowledged her achievements.

Life wasn’t easy but she worked hard to make things work for her.

And all the anger she felt at her peers, was suppressed.


“F-Father! Why did mother leave?”Sobbed Arwen.

Her father looked shocked for a moment before steeling himself and heading to his study. She followed him into the room.  He saw an envelope addressed to him.

His expression turned grim as he read the contents.

“Father?”She questioned.

He looked at her seriously.

“Do not think on it. Everything has been taken care off. There will be a cook and a maid coming from tomorrow.”

“But why did she leave?”

“I have no answer for that.”And that was it. “Don’t ask me anything right now. I have to sort out some things.”

Arwen understood that she was being dismissed. She felt a burden lifted from her shoulders.

Her mother was no longer here! She couldn’t not help but be happy.

It was a good year before she entered the world of magic.


‘Why did these two have to target me?’She thought as she was under the shower. James Potter and Fred Weasley had dropped Dungbombs on her.

They were cruel bullies.

‘I’m going to be shunned again. ‘She thought dejectedly.’ The children of war heroes...So revered, so idolised, so arrogant. The teachers see nothing wrong in their actions.’Oh Ms.Mallory! I’m sure it was a harmless prank! Nobody is hurt.’ Wow, brilliant conduct of the teachers of Hogwarts. ’

“Arwen? Are you in?”Called out Gwen.

“Yes.”She uttered softly. She hoped Gwen would not hear her.

People laughed at her misfortune. What were a muggleborn’s feelings in equivalence to that of the golden children? She was not in a mood to talk to people.

“Arwen...We’re sorry.”Arwen was shocked.

“Gwen you have nothing to be sorry about!”She sniffed.”They would have done that to anybody.”

“Arwen...they are taking advantage of the fact that you know nothing about our world. Scorp is sorry you got dragged into his battles.” Gwen told her.

“It’s okay. I don’t blame him.”She responded softly.

“Arwen Mallory.”Her voice was stern.”You have don’t deserve this. It’s not your fault.”

“Hey! I got an idea! Why don’t Scorp and I tell you about the wizarding world and you tell us about the muggle world!”Exclaimed Gwen excitedly.

Arwen turned the shower off, wrapped a towel and exited the bathroom to face Gwen.

“That would be nice.”She whispered.

“Then that’s settled! You can tell me why the hell the muggles shake each other’s hands when they meet! That’s utterly absurd!” Arwen smiled as her friend went into her MuggleRant mode. Pureblood etiquettes.



“What’s a parselmouth?”Asked Arwen, looking confused. “Why are poisonous snakes wrapped around you?”

“Albus can talk to snakes!”Replied Scorpius cheerfully. “We were trying to get a black mamba out of ‘Serpensortia’.

Albus just looked at his three friends expressionlessly.

“You think any less of me?”

“No! Oh Morgana! It’s amazing!”Gwen gushed.

“Parselmouth is the ability to talk to snakes.”Explained Scorpius, looking at Arwen’s confused face.


“Yeah oh! Dammit its amazing!”Exclaimed Gwen.

“Dad knows about it. Didn’t tell the other family members, Potter family secrets. Hey...Guess you know it now. Met Scorpius in the forest in first year, when I was looking around for a future feeding ground, for Omorfia.”


“My pet basilisk!”Replied Albus cheerfully. Both the girls gaped at him.

“She’s a lovely snake honestly.”Added Scorpius.

“It’s a bloody five X, bloody basilisk! Not a krup!”Screeched Gwen.  Scorpius cringed.

“My ears!”He moaned.

“Common Gwenny, she helps regulate the acromantula population! Wanna meet her?”Scorpius asked her, excitedly.


“Ennervate. So...Albie dear, it’s been nearly two years since we’ve known each other...”Arwen started with a fake sugary voice. Albus and Scorpius looked at each, and squared their shoulders. Mallory temper and inquisition about to commence. Please fasten your seat belts and reapply the silencing charms.


She stared at the sentence.

The best way to master occlumency is to relive your memories and store them in your mindscape.

Relive your memories.


Pressurised childhood, traumatic start at Hogwarts, Albus Potter and a whole new world within the wizarding world. Dark Arts. Control. Mutated Werewolf. Pain.

An occlumens achieves animagus transformation much faster than non-occlumens. Mastering occlumency takes a number of years, but even at the second stage of occlumency, animagus transformation is easier to attain.

For Gwendolyn Barlett. Her first friend. Her best friend.

Scorpius ,Albus and Gwen already had a rudimentary shield. Albus was testing her progress every week.

After so many years, it hurts her pride to ask for help. But for Gwen, she would suck up her pride and ask.

Gwen assumed the reason they were honing the mind arts was because it was an immensely useful skill.

She complained that it should have been added to the curriculum. When they researched the subjects taught at Hogwarts, imagine their surprise to find out that it was taught but was discontinued around a century ago.


‘I like to play.’


Your friends have suffered quite a bit, haven’t they?

A few months more and you will face worse.

In good time, I shall find the others

And you shall fall will them. “


“We shall meet again Ms. Mallory or should I say... Ms.Pe-“


Arwen’s eyes opened, her breath was coming out in pants. She poured herself a glass of water and sat down on the edge of her bed.

Memory charm. A brilliant memory charm, which was not even detected by her occlumency meditation exercises.

She suddenly remembered the pain when the swirl on her palm was etched. Continuous chanting and the feeling of fire coursing through her veins. Bones breaking and her magic stirring a tempest within her.

Peverell. She a scion of the House Peverell. The last Peverell necromancer.

Her breaths came out in short pants. She felt gruesome memories flood into her mind, shattering her occlumency shields. Her vision was darkening. She wanted to scream for help. She felt like something was choking her.






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Chapter 10: Chapter 10
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“Ugh! Did anyone file a complaint against the Knight Bus?”Groaned Arwen, in a horse voice.  Alice handed her a glass of water as she sat up. Arwen smiled at her thankfully.

“Arwen!”Shrieked Gwen, and threw her arms around Arwen.


“Shit! Sorry Renny!”Yelped Gwen.

“Wha- What happened?”Arwen questioned, looking at the faces of her dorm mates.

“You had a mild panic attack, Arwen.”Answered June.

Arwen’s eyes widened.

“Panic attack?”Asked Gwen.  June nodded.

Realisation hit her like a lightning bolt. She quickly scrambled up from the floor where she was sitting, and where her dorm mates congregated around her.

“Uh...I need to go...Need fresh air-“Arwen rambled.

“You can’t go out in this weather!”Admonished Rose.

“Warming charms and a coat.”Arwen shot back, as she looked for her coat.

“You’ll  get caught and we will lose point!”Shrieked Rose.

“Shut up Rose.”Sighed Arwen.”I won’t get caught. Gwen I’ll see you later. Don’t worry. I’ll tell you later.”Giving her best friend a small smile. Gwen frowned but nodded.

She was almost out the door when she looked over her shoulder.  They were all back on their beds. Rose was giving her an angry look. The rest looked concerned.

“You will not tell anyone about what transpired here tonight.”She voiced softly, her wand weaving a confundus charm. Excluding Gwen, their eyes glazed over. Gwen pulled out her wand and shot sleeping spells at them. She looked at Arwen and waved her hand in a dismissive manner.

“Go. You look like you need a walk. We can all talk after classes end.”

Arwen muttered the disillusionment charm over herself and walked off towards the Room of Requirement, hoping there was no party going on over there.

She was lucky. It was empty. She asked for her music room.

The piano sat in the middle of the cold room. The polished wooden floors, the dark walls and the single torch burning in the room did little to add warmth; the room was too clinical to look warm.

Her long, slender fingers ghosted over the ivory and charcoal black keys, at an impressive pace.  Music was her secret. One she allowed herself to have. Everything else was bared for her friends to see.  The melancholic notes drifted into her mindscape. It was a type of occlumency exercise itself.

She had to tell her friends about her powers.  Someone needed to know if something happened to her.

Natural necromancers never lived very long.  Hunted and exploited. An abomination even in the magical world.

Albus. Sigh...Albus would use this to his advantage. He would be the first person to keep her safe and treat her right. He had the power. She let out an amused snort. 

He shed his insecurities the moment he stepped into Slytherin. He knew what he wanted. He was a Slytherin! Their ambitious natures were legendary. He patiently waited like a snake and struck when the time was right. He gained the power in his house fairly quickly. He wasn’t jaded by wealth or bigoted, like the majority in his house. He respected power and opinion.

She knew he needed her mind for his future plans.

She sometimes pondered over the fact that if she had never met Gwen and Scorpius that day on the train, she would never have found her talent in magic. She would have remained ignorant and gone through Hogwarts, learning basic magic, getting adequate grades, and finding a hard time attaining mastery in her chosen field of study.

Being with them opened her mind to the intricacies of magic and the neglected magicks.

All that research, runic sequences and magical theory would never have come to egress without the help of her friends.

What made them unique was their drive. They were highly determined and ambitious teenagers, with a common goal.

Albus was their phantom leader. Operating from the shadows. He was a complex fifteen year old. But then again Dark Lords always were exceptionally brilliant individuals, from a very young age. What made him different from the others was the fact that he was compassionate. A revolutionary with a logical set of plans.  He had his flaws and weaknesses like any other human being but never let his weaknesses rule him. He loved his sister. Little Lily Potter was the only one who could get him to act his age or adorably dumb. While James was his brash carefree older brother, who never understood him, he cared for his brother. 

Like any leader, he had his masks. Different masks for different people. But he was himself around the other three.

Scorpius was their mediator, researcher and Albus’ second in command. He came from a predominantly dark family, with a bitter past. He faced a lot of distrust and speculation from people. His family were one of the few dark families of Britain to survive the last war. Almost all the other families were sentenced to the Death Veil in the department of mysteries, and their children orphaned. Harry Potter had officially vouched for his family and saved them from extermination.  His father created a shaky truce with Harry Potter, which with time became a friendship and an understanding towards each other’s views. 

Scorpius was always wary of people. He wasn’t one to believe that everyone was dandy that had rainbows shooting out of their arses. He studied people closely, trying to determine their motives. While he put up a friendly and easy going front, inside he was calculating different case scenarios. Ravenclaw to the core, he loved books and reverently worshipped knowledge.  His charmed notebook was always on him. He loved writing about his experiences and observations.

Gwendolyn hated her name. She hated her family.  She hated her lycanthropy. Coming from a pureblood family, she had to cover certain parameters from her family’s approval. 

First- Get sorted into Slytherin. That would have worked out well, but the hat said she was more Gryffindor than Slytherin. Her lack of patience, her headstrongness and her fighting spirit.

Second- Do not mingle with undesirables.  As if Arwen was some last season fashion trend!

Third- Be a well bred pureblood, it will attract rich suitors. Of course, her family cared about its status and wealth. Prancing her around like a breeding mare during social events and grooming her from a very young age. It just was not her! 

She broke all the rules. It just wasn’t in her nature to be stuffy and bigoted. Her love for muggle culture was barely tolerated. She was intrigued by the fact that they survive everyday without magic.

After breaking all the rules, she didn’t have to wear a mask anymore. She could be what she wanted to be. She behaved as she pleased. Eating in a manner that would make the elitist pray to Voldemort for salvation.  Dressing up in muggle clothes, which were far better than wizarding wear.

She was their soldier, their brave heart and their joy. Fiercely protective of what was hers. She brought life into a dull party. She was vibrant.

They suspected her to be an empath.  On her bad days, they could feel her turbulent emotions wash upon them like waves.

Arwen...She was their constant. A jack of all trades, master in progress. She was a perfectionist by nature and nurture. She had a mind hardwired into innovation and development. It came easy to her. She was their inventor.

She had a fierce yet mild personality. She had the Gryffindor bravery and the headstrong nature of all Gryffindors. Something that got her caught in many sticky situations for charging ahead without prior planning, during the heat of battle. She was a no-nonsense type of a person, and James Potter’s attitude just grated on her fine-tuned patience. Although, these days James had not done anything to invoke her wrath. Other working on her OWL assignments, and their groups various side-projects, she spent quite some time with him on the quidditch pitch.  

Quidditch was their stress relief. Well, not for Gwen, though she loved ogling at quidditch players.

Together the four of them were a well oiled machine.  They worked well together and enjoyed each other’s company. 


She had to tell them.


“What happened last night?”Questioned Albus.  They were sitting in the Room of Requirement. Classes were done, and all day they endured a distracted Arwen.

Her eyes glazed over. It was as if she was not present in the room with them.

“Over seven hundred years ago, there were three brilliant brothers, said to have been blessed by magic itself. The three Peverell brothers were exceptional wizards-“Albus’ eyes widened. Scorpius and Gwen sat quietly beside her, and Albus across. The room reflected their sombre mood.

“The eldest was a dueller. Strong, skilled and ruthless. He devoted himself to Battle Magicks and his quest for power. He was Antioch Peverell. The second...was a necromancer. Immersed in the cursed dark arts. A rare prodigy...he was a natural. He was Cadmus Peverell. The third brother was compassionate and wise. Devoting his life to uncovering the secrets of magic.  He lived by Ravenclaw’s saying, ‘Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure.’  He was Ignotus Peverell. Your ancestor Albus.”She said, looking Albus in the eye. Before anyone could ask questions, she continued.

“After finishing their education, they went travelling around the world. They amassed immense amounts of knowledge. Each brother gaining more command over their respective domain. They met numerous people, trading stories and talents, building a collection of life debts, which of course they took advantage of.

 Those endangering incidents were engineered by them. The people they tricked were fooled into relinquishing their heavily guarded tribal secrets.

But unfortunately, their luck ran out. They were cursed, unknowingly, by a dying woman who caught onto their schemes. Before attaining those three magical objects, that changed their lives, did Ignotus discover the presence of an unknown curse. Horrified, that their brilliant lives could come crashing down upon them, they created a maze.

The maze was created to protect them in their hour of need. It was a magnificent design. Cadmus Peverell took extra time on designing the last frontier. His masterpiece. A Summoner.” They noticed that Arwen’s eyes turned slightly stormy as she talked about the necromancer.

“Ignotus Peverell did not trust the maze to help him, but he helped plan the maze. Antioch put the defence mechanisms and Cadmus-“She let out a condescending snort.”Blood wards, that only his descendants would access. Selfish on his part really. The maze was inspired by the Greek tale of Daedalus and his labyrinth on Crete. After spending time in Greece and gaining some unholy secrets of the magical maze, they were able to recreate a maze of the same concept. It is said to hide treasures and tomes of ancient times. Cadmus was not the only one who was selfish. The other brothers also set up their own hidden level of knowledge; though Cadmus’ was just plain terrifying. They spent a few years, fortifying their maze and sealed it up and put it on stasis. After that, they created a memory spell for their promising heirs and descendants.”She grimaced. “Like the passing on of pureblood family secrets, like you said.”She met Scorpius’ eyes.”Or a family grimoire.”  

“It was their greatest accomplishment...or so they thought. Then arrived the Deathly Hallows. Antioch fell first, as you know. He became careless and confident. His bloodlust knew no bounds, as he decimated challenger upon challenger. The bigger they are, the harder they fall.”She chuckled humourlessly. The others were entranced by her tale. It was never heard. They knew after this, she would bind this knowledge and hide it within the dark recesses of their minds, never another soul to tell, other than between them.

“As the story goes, Cadmus’ beloved died prematurely and Ignotus was the last brother to go. The youngest realised that the curse was set. After years of researching, he realised that she called upon magic itself to curse them. Justice, you may say. Antioch took the worst hit, being the leader and planner. Cadmus suffered like the victims he inflicted pain upon. The pain of losing a beloved. Ignotus was cursed for his ignorance, as he let his brothers scheme and take advantage of people. His knowledge of the maze wiped and the pain of losing his brothers. He lived a full life. Yet, he didn’t remember the maze that he and his brothers worked so hard on. Only his famed invisibility cloak and family grimoire was passed on to his heir. The grimoire had no account of the maze and its secrets. Cadmus’ line was the only line which had partial knowledge of the maze. Which birthed the Guardians. “

“Guardians?”Enquired Gwen.

“An old sect or you can say bound servants of the line of Cadmus Peverell.”Albus raised a questioning brow.

“Life debt...Again.”

“My, don’t these people love karma.”Muttered Gwen.

“I guess I now know why Ryan ran away.”Remarked Arwen.

“Why?”Asked Scorpius. But then his eyes widened in realisation.

“The maze is best left alone. The Guardians protect the maze, as one of the entrances is in their ancestral home.”

“Cadmus lacked space?”Gwen guffawed.

 “Nope, he just liked bugging his neighbours.”

“Oooh...Okay! Yeah that makes sense. Lovely chap!”

“Get on with it Arwen!”Albus sighed.

“So, where was I...So yeah, he called in the life debt, created an entrance and sealed the knowledge into a blood based secret. And yes, Caleb Ryan is a direct descendant.”

“He went off to inform them?”Enquired Scorpius.

“Yes. I think it’s going to open again.”She said quietly. Gwen looked alarmed. Scorpius and Albus sat straighter and looked at her seriously.

“Where do you come into this play?”Asked Albus.

“The curse on Cadmus Peverell was that the knowledge that he had sealed would only come forth for a female descendant...Born when the three stars aligned.”  Her eyes widened in realisation.

She knew...She knew...She fucking knew!”Arwen screamed. Her vision turned red. 


“Mallory! Shit! Arwen-“

Aguamenti!”Intoned Albus.

“Calm down Renny.”He said slowly.

“You didn’t have to pour water on me.”She seethed. Gwen muttered a drying spell.

Scorpius rummaged around in his and then pulled out a vial of Calming Draught and handed it to her. She gulped it down and felt the effects instantly.

“My...My mother. Her last words to me were ‘The stars have aligned themselves. Better work harder girl.’ She fumed. “Bloody bitch knew what was happening to me!”

“Arwen, explain.”Demanded Albus. Arwen squared her shoulders, adopted a blank look and started speaking.

“I was born under the influence of three stars that align once in a millennium. Enhancing my, now unlocked, talent of necromancy. As we know, Cadmus prepared an inheritance ritual for worthy descendants, the night-“She paused and took a deep breath.”I was in the Forbidden Forest; the last male descendent visited me. Well, he wasn’t human anymore, of course. Living a half life till he could pass on the knowledge of natural necromancers. He performed the ritual, the resurrection was nearby. It felt my presence and...And it melded with my core. Shattering my bones and weakening me. He locked all information with a superb memory charm that would shatter at a crucial moment. He faded from existence that day. His duty towards his ancestors, over. He said he had seen me when I was born but waited till I was at Hogwarts, to use the castle’s ambient magic for the ritual. Orrin Gaunt. Almost squib, cast out of his family for not being a parselmouth. Came into his partial inheritance that all potential scions of the Peverell line attain...Which I’m sure Tom Riddle got too. ” She guessed.

“So do you think he knows about the maze?”Asked Gwen.

“Yes. From what knowledge I gained yesterday, half of which makes me sick by the way...they found the door but had no key.”

“Bloody hell! You’re the key!”Scorpius’ eyes widened. Albus closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

“Dad told me there’s some stirring going on within the old crowd.”Albus muttered.

“Death Eater crowd?”Albus nodded.

“You think someone knows and is targeting Arwen?”Asked Scorpius. Albus nodded again.

“Hmm you were right about the family talent it seems.”

“I know.”

“What’s going on?”Asked Gwen nervously. Arwen stared at the patterns on the coffee table.

“I got two mysterious notes. They were threatening my friends. So, yes Albus, someone is after me. Someone knows about the maze. I’ve been dreaming about it.”She gulped nervously. Their eyes widened.

“We need to do something about this. We have to go to Gringotts to get an Abilities test for you.”Said Albus. “With necromancy as an ability...You’ll be hunted.” Everyone looked grim.

“We need more answers.”Stated Scorpius. The others nodded.

“I don’t think I can take this anymore. I need air.”Gwen stated.

“I think we all need some air before we can discuss this further. I’ll weave the secrecy spell.”Arwen proclaimed. They shrugged, knowing she would have done that.

After she finished her spell, they all got up and left the room in silence. Their minds overloaded with information and a sense of dread creeping in on them.


SO there it is.

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