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Connection With A Mudblood by MsJacksonMalfoyMellark

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Format: Novel
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 4,776
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Drama, Romance
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, Ginny
Pairings: Draco/Hermione

First Published: 08/10/2012
Last Chapter: 09/26/2016
Last Updated: 09/26/2016


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Five years have later. Draco having found Hermione lying in a pool of  blood, gets her to the hospital. He donated some of his blood to her, as she was on the verge of death. But, should he have done that?

“Who was it who gave me their blood then, if not you?”

“His name was Draco, dear. Lovely young man, I must say.” Her mom said.

Chapter 1: Not The Same Love
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“I’m pregnant.” The brown haired witch blurted out, a smile tugging at her lips. She was inside Ron’s bedroom, sitting on his large wooden bed. She looked up, only to see a shocked expression on her boyfriend’s face. Somehow, it made her feel uneasy.


“What?” The redhead asked, making sure he had heard it right. 


“Ron, I’m pregnant,” Hermione repeated, now a frown forming on her face. Ron furrowed his brows in confusion, running his hand through his hair, causing her to frown even more. Why didn’t he look happy? He should be happy that they were going to have a child...right?


“Hermione, I’m sorry, but I can’t,” He started, avoiding eye contact with the brunette. 


“You can’t what, Ron?” She asked, feeling her heart drop. Surely he didn’t mean about the baby. Ron loved children, she knew. Then why...


“I can’t have this baby with you.” What did he mean he couldn’t have this baby with her? He wasn’t making any sense. 


“Ron, what – what are you trying to say?” She could feel the tears welling up inside her as she tried to comprehend what the redhead had just told her.


“I never meant for this to happen! This is – this is too early. I’m sorry, Hermione, I can’t handle this. I’m not ready for all this,” he replied back, a frown plastered on his face. He looked up at Hermione, and immediately started feeling guilty. But he couldn’t right now. He wanted to start a family, he really did, but somehow he felt as if it wasn’t the right time for it.


“Look, ‘Mione. I love kids a lot – you know how much I do. But...I don’t think this is the right time for this...” The ginger head trailed off. “I think maybe we should give each other some space, for a while.” He turned on his heel and opened the door to exit when he was stopped by an arm turning him back around.


“So, you’re just going to leave me here! Without even asking me if I agree with this! You’re acting as if you don’t want to be together with me anymore,” the brown haired witch cried. What was so wrong about this? About her being pregnant? This didn’t make sense. Seeing the frozen expression on Ron’s face only seemed to confirm her fear. 


Hermione’s vision blurred, as she tried to keep her tears back - but it was no use, they easily trickled down her tanned cheeks. Where did it go wrong? Was it something she did? What was it?


“Hermione, I’m sorry, but I think we should break up after all,” he affirmed, looking directly at her. This wasn’t happening. 


“But, I – I thought you loved me,” her voice was cracked but she didn’t care. She wanted to know. “How can you say that you want to break up, when – when I’m pregnant, with your child!?” She exclaimed in frustration and hurt. He couldn’t do this to her.


“I do love you, ‘Mione, but,” he was hesitant. “But I don’t think it’s in the way that I’d consider wanting to marry you. I don’t know. I – I think it’d be best if we just stayed as friends.” How could he say that now


“We’ve been going out for two years now, how can you say that?!” 


“I know, but – I’m sorry, ‘Mione. I know I should’ve said something earlier, but believe me, every time I tried to, I’d see how happy you are, and I just couldn’t find it in myself to say it, knowing how much it’d hurt you,” he explained, but he knew it was too late. He was too late in confessing his true feelings. 


“Well, I’m feeling absolutely grand right now!” She exclaimed as more tears trickled down her cheeks. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Two years. He had two years to tell her, and yet, after she’s with a child, his child, he finally chooses to confess? 


“I’m sorry, I really am, and I know I should’ve told you...” the redhead trailed off, not knowing how to continue. Nothing he could say would make this situation any better. He’d been selfish. He knew he had played with Hermione’s feelings, and he hated himself for it. She didn’t deserve this. She deserved better. And she could’ve found better, if he had just confessed when he realised that he didn’t love her in the same way he did when they were seventeen anymore. He had ruined everything. 


He knew he was a coward. He knew, yet it didn’t stop him from rushed out of her apartment, closing the door shut. He walked into the bloody rain, pouring over his ginger head. He was so selfish.


“Ron!” Hermione bawled, she was far away from her, far away from reach. He had left her and her baby. Her perfect world had completely shattered like a mirror. She slid down the wall, pouring her heart out. She knew it wouldn’t make anything better, but she wasn’t going to stop – she needed the release. 


* * *


A hand connected hardly with Ron’s cheek. He only hung his head low, knowing what he’d done wrong. He deserved it after all.


“How dare you do that to her? How dare you!?” Molly Weasley shouted at her ashamed son.


“I didn’t mean to, mum. I didn’t want to, but I had to tell her the truth.” Ron explained. He couldn’t keep pretending.


“You were supposed to support her not destroy her, Ronald!” Mrs Weasley cried. “You should be there at a time like this, when she needs you the most. You’re going to be a father, Ron.” She breathed out.


“I don’t want to be a father!” He blurted out. Wait, no. That’s not what he meant. Molly’s mouth dropped open in shock as she gasped.


“I – I didn’t mean it that way.” Ron said intimidated.


“Just go up.” She dismissed him, trying to keep her anger from showing even more. Without another look at his mother, he went to his bedroom, with his head bent low.


* * *


Hermione greeted her secretary politely, who looked at her, concerned.


“Miss Granger, I had a call from Mrs. Weasley, she said she need to talk to you urgently, she wants you to drop by at the Burrow, straight after work.” Liz informed. Hermione nodded and entered her office, placed a lock on the room using her wand. 


She sighed as she settled down, well aware of what the older Weasley wanted to talk about. She didn’t feel as if she could go, she knew the older would support her, but she also knew she would break down if she was comforted by her – and Hermione Granger was not weak. She refused to be any more than she had been in the morning.



The day was going very slowly and Hermione was becoming irked by the minute.


Only two hours had gone since she had come in her office. She tried to bury herself in the huge pile of paperwork due for next week, but she couldn’t concentrate, because her mind constantly wandered to what occurred that morning. The loud music playing next door only made it worse, feeling herself grow more irritated. Who in their right mind would want to listen to such loud music in an office? Was no one else bothered by this? 


Hermione picked up the phone and called for her secretary. Whoever it was, they needed to turn it down.


“Liz, can you please tell the next door office to keep quiet, I’m trying to do some very important paperwork.” Hermione said.


“Yes, Ms Granger.” Liz replied.


After a few minutes, when she heard only silence, she breathed out exasperated. 


Finally! Looks like the person next door had shut off the music. 


She continued to check and sign all the paperwork left for her from her superior, until she heard a resound knock on her door.


Just when she thought she was going to finish all the paperwork. She pointed her wand at the door, unlocking it, and in entered the last person on the planet she wanted to have the pleasure of meeting – Draco Malfoy; a blue folder in hand. Had he always worked next door?


“Well, well, well, if it isn’t Miss Know-It-All. Just when I thought I had gotten rid of you ‘Golden Trio’ for good, you had to show up, didn’t you? He smirked his signature smirk. Even today, that smirk never failed to irk her.


“Out of all the floors, you had to have a job at this one. Just once I’d like to enjoy my life in peace.” She pleaded.


“Well, unfortunately, you’re not going to get any - not while I'm around. They don’t call me a party animal for nothing, you know.” He said as he walked over, always his arrogant self. Hermione rolled her eyes in disinterest at the comment.


“You haven’t changed a bit, have you, Malfoy?” she said, snorting. Of course, she hadn’t expected to see much change in him.


“What are you laughing at, Granger?” He glared at her, his hands resting on her desk, looking irked. She burst out laughing freely, only to annoy him further. Draco squinted at the brown haired witch in annoyance. She really enjoyed watching him so irritated, and it somehow made her forget about that morning.


“What the hell is so funny, Granger?” He snapped, glaring at her. Hermione attempted to compose herself and act professional.


“Party animal, in what world?” She snickered. 


“You know what? It’s pointless talking to you. I'm out of here.” He walked out in anger, with Hermione still laughing. What was he, a five year old? She thought disbelievingly. Just then, her secretary walked in.


“Miss Granger? Your doctor just called, she told me to inform you for your appointment due for next week, on a Wednesday at 10:30 am.” Liz said. Hermione nodded and went back to her office, back to work. 


The telephone was ringing continuously. Now what was it? She picked up the receiver and spoke.


“Hello?” Hermione answered.


“You finally decide to pick up the phone. For goodness sake, woman.” Malfoy.


“What do you want, Malfoy?” Hermione grumbled. She really had to return to her paperwork. She hated not being able to finish it long before the due date. It's just how it worked for her. 


“My blue folder, which is sitting on your desk. Drop it in my office, would you Granger?” He asked. She snorted as she noticed the folder on the wooden surface.


“Get it yourself, Malfoy.” She said, and with that she hung up the phone before the blond could say anything else. She snatched the folder of the desk and with a flick of her wand, transformed it into an ink pot. This was going to be amusing, she thought, forgetting about the pile of papers she had waiting for her. “Lazy git.”


She could practically hear the door next door closing, and the footsteps getting louder as they reached her office.


“Granger! Open the damn door!” Hermione flicked her wand and the door unlocked. He stormed inside, searching around for his folder.


“Have you become that lazy Granger, that you can’t even drop a folder in my office? Which is right next door by the way.” He complained. He looked around the office, unable to find his folder. That’s when a sudden realisation hit him. 


He then understood what had happened to it, or at least got the gist of it. He looked towards Hermione, with his arms crossed across his chest. 


“Alright Granger. Where is it? Hand it over.” He said, holding out his hand. He was really not in the mood for childish pranks.


“What are you talking about?” Hermione said innocently. But he knew she looked anything but.


“Enough with the innocent act, Granger. Potter and the Weasel King might buy it, but it won't work on me. I know you have my folder. Just pass it over, so we both can get back to work.” He suggested.


“What folder? I have no folder. Do you see a folder of any sort on my desk or anywhere in my office? No, I don’t think so.” Hermione tried to keep a straight face, but Draco could see the corner of her lips trying not to curve into a smirk. She was terrible at keeping her emotions in, he thought as he sighed exasperatedly.


“I can see your smirk, Granger. I am not blind, you know - now hand it over.” He said now serious. Again, he held out his hand hoping to have a weight put upon it, but no such weight was put on. What was wrong with this woman? Did she really have nothing better to do than pester him? He questioned, growing even more annoyed at the brunette.


“You don’t really think I’m gonna give it to you that easily, do you Malfoy? I thought you knew me better.” She said pouting. He closed his eyes, pinching his nose in annoyance. Had she always been this irksome? He decided to hear her out as he sighed in surrender, making Hermione smirk.


“What’s the catch?” He asked hastily, not wanting to waste more time than he already had. He made a mistake coming personally to collect his folder; he should’ve just asked his secretary – why didn’t he ask his secretary?


“You have to wear a chicken suit and do the chicken dance in public, in front of The Three Broomsticks. And you have to wear to work for a day.” She said, smiling mischievously. Was she enjoying this too much? Maybe. But it made her forget. 


“What?! No! I won’t do it! Just give me back my file, so I can get back to my client, Granger.” He said. She was starting to get on his nerves now.


“Okay, okay, you don’t have to wear it to work. But you still have to wear it in front of The Three Broomsticks.” Hermione giggled. This really wasn’t funny. 


“I won’t do it, Granger, you understand? Now stop playing these dumb games and just give me the file!” Draco’s anger was boiling up inside, gradually increasing, but Hermione was not going to give him the file so easily. 


She shook her head, she was not giving him the file at any time until he agreed to her deal. 


Draco was beginning to get pissed at Hermione for her childish behaviour, so he reached inside his pocket for his wand. This will teach her not mess with a Malfoy. He smirked at her and pointed the tip towards the brown haired witch and mumbled a spell, which Hermione couldn’t catch until she was transformed, her face growing many horrid boils. Soon, she was hardly recognisable.


“MALFOY! CHANGE ME BACK! NOW!” She practically screamed at him. What the hell was wrong with him? Couldn’t he take a little joke? She looked around for her wand and noticed it behind the tall blonde. But then again, she could do wandless magic. She began to think of the counter spell, when she got interrupted.


“Don’t even think about it, Granger. It won’t work, the spell can’t be countered without your wand, which is...oh would you look at that – right here,” the blonde waved the familiar wand in his hand mockingly. She glared at the blonde, but gave up in trying, knowing that certain spells couldn’t be done without the use of a wand.


“Only if you give me my file back, without any conditions, will I change you back and give you your wand.” He insisted, a smirk playing on his lips, trying to keep himself from laughing. It really was fun teasing the brunette, he had to admit.


“Yes, fine. Now change me back!” Hermione demanded. Draco obeyed and with a flick of his wand, she was back to her normal self. Hermione touched her face to make sure he had changed her back. Yes, everything seemed fine. She walked over to her desk and snatched her wand out of his grasp, sending another glare at the blonde before pointing her wand at the ink pot on her desk and transformed it back into the blue file it was before. She then handed it back to the blonde Slytherin.


“You ever do that again, you will regret it for the rest of your life.” She warned him while he only smirked at her.


“Whatever, Granger.” Draco said ignoring the threat. He snatched the file from Hermione and made his way for the door, when Hermione’s secretary opened it, which she shouldn’t have, because Draco had banged his head as she had opened it back. 


He placed his hand on his forehead, massaging his temples trying to reduce the pain the bloody door had caused him. 


“Oh my gosh, I’m terribly sorry, Mr. Malfoy! Are you alright?” The raven haired woman asked in a panic. 


That’s when he heard the hysterical laughter behind him, Hermione was practically laughing her head off. Draco glared at the witch with an irked expression for the nth time, and stomped out the door into his own office. 


Hermione composed herself to professional level (as much as she could be after what happened) and looked towards her secretary, who seemed to be trying very hard to keep a straight face, but couldn’t. She finally burst into laughter, Hermione joining in. 


Finally, when they had stopped, the secretary spoke up.


“What is it, Liz?” Hermione asked somewhat serious.


“It was your doctor, she wants you to come to the clinic today, as soon as you leave work.” Liz replied. That’s strange, she thought her appointment was not until Wednesday. She decided not to question it and just nodded at the raven haired woman. 


“Thank you, Liz. You may leave.” Liz closed the door behind her and went back to her desk. 


Hermione commenced on getting ready for her trip to the clinic, deciding that it’d be better if she continued with her work tomorrow, seeing as she couldn’t concentrate. 



She was anxious, to be honest - hopefully everything was alright.



Unfortunately that was not the case.



She greeted the doctor and sat down on the chair. And judging by the frown on her face, it wasn’t good news.


“Hermione, you must be wondering why I have called you here,” The doctor held up some X-rays of what must have been her abdomen and brain. “According to your last check up, it can be said that the unborn child is very sensitive. I suggest that you do not get stressed a lot, as it will have a huge impact on the child. Any sign of tension shown or if you do any hard labour work, at any point, it may put you child in grave danger. So please, I insist that you stay home at any cost, just to be on the safe side.” The doctor explained. 


“Also, you are working in the Ministry - I assume you are given large amounts of paperwork, am I not right? That can also affect your child as it often involves a lot of stress, so please, I advise you to stay at home, Hermione. It’s for the safety of your baby.” The doctor said before Hermione could protest.


“How long will I have to stay at home, doctor?” Hermione asked worriedly. She felt disappointed that she couldn’t go to work for a while. 


“It may be a few weeks or maybe months.”




“Yes, months. We need to take extra special care that your child will be born as healthy and fit as possible, but if you keep on stressing, then there is a highly likely chance that you baby might not survive. So please, Hermione. Listen to me, stay at home. It’s for your own good.” She said. Hermione sighed and nodded.


"Oh, one more thing, I think you should restrain from apparition as well." 


“I understand, doctor. Thank you.” Hermione frowned as she bid the doctor goodbye and left out of the clinic.


“I better use a taxi.” Hermione said as she stood outside the clinic. She walked towards the road, looking left and then right for a cab. Then she noticed a yellow glow getting bigger and bigger from the distance. Hermione held out her hand, so it was visible for the taxi driver to pull over.


“Where to, Miss?”


“17 Lily Lane.” Hermione answered as he stepped inside the vehicle. 



The taxi was at a sudden stop. Hermione looked outside to see the traffic lights change from green, to amber, to red. When the lights finally changed, the driver rode on.


Suddenly, Hermione heard a honking sound up ahead. It seemed to be driving towards the taxi. Hermione screamed at the driver to go the other way, the driver obeyed, and made a sharp turn to the left in attempt to avoid the car ahead. Only it caused the cab to collide into it. 


She got pushed forward abruptly, the seatbelt pressing hardly to her body before her head collided with the front passenger seat. She felt a sharp pain shoot through her head, making her wince. Trying to move seemed to be futile too, as her body refused to. Was this it? Was she going to die? Was her child going to die without even entering this world?


"...ger! Granger! Can you hear me?" A voice from far away called out. She tried to turn her head, but it only resulted in her feeling more pain. She could feel herself slowly losing consciousness and soon darkness surrounded her. 



"Granger, hey! Don't lose consciousness! Do you hear me?" When he noticed no movement from the brunette, his eyes widened. No no no, he had to get her to St. Mungo’s. Quick. 


Hastily, he reached inside to unbuckle her seatbelt and pulled it back so that it wasn't restraining her anymore. He then wrapped his right hand around the back of her neck, the other under her knees and lifted her up, pulling her out of the car. Steadying the brunette in his arms, he decided to apparate the both of them, knowing that he couldn't be any later to get Hermione treated, dismissing the sharp pain in his head. 


As soon as they reached there, he collapsed with the brunette still in his arms, his legs giving out on him from the impact of them apparating. He looked at Hermione in his arms, realising exactly why he was here. 


"We need a bed, immediately!" A male in white demanded. All the nurses present rushed to their aid, one placing Hermione on the white bed, another helping him up to stand. He watched as the bed was wheeled away hurriedly to the emergency and felt himself release a breath of relief. Hopefully, he had made it on time and the brunette would be alright. 


"We'll get you treated immediately as well. Please come this way," a nurse said, leading him to another room.  


* * *


“Is she alright, doctor?” Jenna Granger asked, anxious. When she had gotten visited by Ginny about the accident, she had dropped everything, and with her husband, Ginny had apparated the two parents to St. Mungo’s, the wizard hospital that their daughter had been admitted in. 


“Yes, but she'd lost a lot of blood. And the crash has caused too much damage to her abdomen...I’m afraid we couldn’t save the child. We are very sorry.” Jenna cupped her hands on her mouth, tears flooding her eyes, making her vision blurry. Her husband embraced her, to which she cried even more at Hermione’s loss. The couple had not even known that their daughter was going to be a mother. How were they going to tell her? 


“How are we going to tell her, Ross? She will be shattered.” She looked up, with many tears sliding down her cheeks. 


“I don’t know, love. I don’t know,” he looked at his wife with a worried look on his face.


The doors slid open to reveal a tall blond man, who had a bandage on his forehead with a blood stain visible on it. He walked towards the couple.


“How is she, Mrs Granger? Is she going to be alright?” He asked worried. Wait, why did he sound so concerned for the brunette? Just this morning they'd been at each other's throats. He shook his head, dismissing the concern. It was probably because he didn't want to be blamed for her death. That's all. Yeah. Nothing else. 


“The doctor said she’s going to be fine. But sh-she h...has lost her child.” Jenna started to sob again on Ross’ shoulder. His eyes widened in shock. Granger was pregnant?! 


“What?! She was pregnant?” He asked in disbelief. Somehow he felt angry at himself - for not being able to save both mother and child. Granted, he hadn't known, but that didn't stop him from feeling guilty. 


“Yes, she was. We only found out today. But we must thank you, Draco. If it weren’t for you, our daughter may not have survived either. Thank you very much for all your help.” Ross spoke in gratitude. 


“It’s okay, no need to thank me, Mr Granger,” Draco said, a faint smile directed at the couple. From the corner of his eyes, he noticed some movement and realised that the brunette was waking up. He should go. “But now, I must go. I have some very important business at the Ministry. Goodbye.” He exited the hospital altogether, apparently back to the Ministry, despite having been advised by the doctor to avoid doing so. 




Hermione started to gain conscious and slowly opened her eyes, only to see white. Where was she? How did she get here? She tried to think back on what happened but gave up as she felt her head pounding. That was when she heard a sobbing from her right. She slowly turned and found her mother crying silently. 


Why was she crying? 


“Mum, why are you crying?” Hermione asked startling the couple.


“Hermione, my child! You’re okay!” Her mother rushed up to her daughter and clasped her into an embrace. Hermione winced slightly, not completely recovered from her injuries yet. 


That's right, she realised. She had gotten into an accident. She was in the hospital right now. did she get here?


“Yes, mum, I’m okay. You can stop crying now. Really, I'm fine now,” Hermione chuckled softly. Jenna let go, but continued to weep, regardless that her daughter was fine. Something was wrong and Hermione could sense it.


“Mum, what’s wrong? Is everything alright?” She looked from her mother to father anxiously awaiting for their answer. This was making her even more uneasy. What was wrong? 


“I’m sorry, Hermione, but, your baby…it didn’t survive the crash. You’ve had a miscarriage.” Jenna hugged Hermione again, crying on her shoulder, while Hermione looked utterly shocked. 


No. They were lying. 


She placed her hand on her abdomen, clutching onto it tightly. 


No. This couldn't be. 


She felt her eyes sting. She closed them again, refusing to believe it. They were lying


“No! You’re lying! Dad, please tell me mum is lying!” She demanded, tears flooding and impairing her vision. When she caught the older avoiding eye contact, she clutched her stomach more tightly, looking down at it.


 It was gone. Her baby...was gone


“Hermione, it’s true - I’m sorry. You were losing a lot of blood, you were so close to death and the accident damaged your stomach. But we couldn’t give you any blood because ours didn’t match with yours.” Her mother sputtered out. Her head snapped up, ignoring the pain.


What - what did she just say? How could their blood not match? She was their daughter. How could none of their blood types match? 


“But, how is that possible? You’re my parents, we should have the same blood.” She said in disbelief. Nothing was making sense to her then. 


Lingering silence filled the air. 



A/N: I am back, after, ur, almost four years. I am so sorry for such a long wait - I just sort of lost my motivation along the way, and then life was coming in the way. I'm going to start uni soon, too - god, the stress! But, I told you, I wasn't going to abandon this story! After I read this again, I really felt like I couldn't continue like the way it was, so I chose to rewrite it; please forgive me, I know you'll have to read it all over again, but I tried to make it better, so please give me chance ;w; Also, if there are still any errors, I am really really sorry T-T