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The Chaser and The Keeper by Alwayswriting7

Format: Novella
Chapters: 38
Word Count: 45,149

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Romance
Characters: Scorpius, Albus, James (II), Lily (II), Hugo, Rose, OC
Pairings: James/OC, Rose/Scorpius, OC/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 07/20/2012
Last Chapter: 12/03/2012
Last Updated: 12/03/2012

James Potter and Kristen Wood have hated each other for years. Being the two best quidditch players in the school, they are constantly competing against each other. One day, James takes his desire to beat Kristen and her Ravenclaw quidditch team too far, ultimitely changing their lives forever

*"As the Days Grow Dark" (the sequel to this) is up now so if you enjoy this, you should read it!***

Chapter 1: The Beginnings of Hatred
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Chapter 1
Kristen Wood and her twin brother Andrew had huge smiles on their faces as they approached platform 9 and ¾. They were both 11 years old and in a matter of minutes, they would be boarding the Hogwarts Express and heading off to Hogwarts for the first time. The two of them couldn’t be happier.

“Mommy, why can’t I go to Hogwarts?” their little sister Savannah asked.

“You have to be eleven, honey. You’re only seven,” their mother, Stephanie, replied sweetly.

“But I don’t want to wait four more years!”

The twins felt sorry for their little sister. Here they were about to start their life of magic while she had to wait at home for the next four years alone. Her time would come soon enough though. Then they could all have fun together.

“Kristen and Andrew, how about you two go first?” there dad Oliver asked, referring to the platform looming ahead, “Your mother, sister, and I will follow you.”

“OK,” they replied happily in agreement.

Kristen and Andrew held hand’s and started running towards the wall. Instead of running into it, they went right through it, happily landing on the platform.

The two of them stood gaping at the huge train as the rest of the family came through the wall to join them. People rushed around everywhere, making sure their child was all ready to leave for another year at Hogwarts.

“I can’t believe they’re going to Hogwarts,” Stephanie said to her husband.

“Me neither,” Oliver replied, “Our kids are growing up.”

Tears were in both of their eyes and Kristen and Andrew rolled their eyes at them. Their parents were way too emotional.

A few minutes later, they had boarded the train and were now waving to their parents and sister as the train pulled out of the station. It made them a little bit sad, knowing they wouldn’t be seeing them until Christmas, which was still months away.

“Let’s find a compartment,” Kristen stated and her brother nodded.

By the time they started looking, most of the compartments were already full. However, they did manage to find one that only had three people in it. The twins knew all three of them, since their parents were really good friends with each other. Sitting in the compartment was Taylor Finnegan, Jessica Thomas, and Alyssa Lee.

“Kristen!” Taylor exclaimed, jumping up and hugging her.

Jessica and Alyssa also joined her, squeezing Kristen tightly. Andrew just stood there awkwardly. He had never been nearly as good friends with these girls as his sister had been.

“Hi Andrew,” Taylor said after a while.

“Hey,” he replied.

They took a seat and started talking for a while. They talked about quidditch, which most of them were absolutely obsessed with. Kristen and Andrew’s dad had even played professionally. After a while, they sort of did their own thing. Kristen pulled out Hogwarts a History, which her mom had gotten her days before. It was actually quite interesting.
In fact, Kristen was so engrossed in her book that she didn’t even hear the door open as three more people entered the compartment.

“Why on earth are you reading something as dull as that?” she heard a voice ask her.
Kristen looked up, glaring at the person who interrupted her reading. She recognized him immediately, even though they had never met. She had seen his face plastered all over the news papers throughout her lifetime. After all, he was James Potter, the son of the famous Harry Potter.

“This book is actually quite interesting,” she argued before looking back at her book.

“I think that’s the first time that has ever happened,” Fred Weasley, one of the other boys who had recently entered the compartment stated.

“I believe you’re right,” his cousin Louis agreed, “Usually they become totally absorbed in him once they realize who is talking to them.”

“If you don’t mind,” Andrew asked, “What on earth are you talking about?”

“Well I assume you know who we are,” Fred stated, “Or at least who our cousin talking to your sister is.”

“Yes, he’s James Potter and you two are both Weasleys’.”

“Well usually whenever James meets a new girl and starts talking to them, they start to swoon and act like he’s a freaking god,” Louis started.

“She, on the other hand, acted like she really didn’t care who he was,” Fred finished.

“I take it that that has never happened before?” Alyssa asked.

“Never!” Louis exclaimed, “I think the world might be ending!”

Kristen just rolled her eyes, not even bothering to look up from her book. From what she could tell, the Weasleys and the Potters sure were an odd bunch.


Later that night, once they had arrived at Hogwarts, it was the sorting banquet. They would be sorted into one of the different houses. Andrew definitely wanted to be in Gryffindor, while Kristen would be happy with either Gryffindor or Ravenclaw. However, they were both certain they didn’t want to be in Slytherin. They had heard a lot of bad things about those greasy slime balls.

Soon, the great hall was quiet as the sorting hat began to sort the first years into their different houses.

“Allen, Violet,” Professor McGonagall, the headmistress, read.

“Slytherin!” the hat shouted.

“Carter, Jason.”


“Dillon, Ashley.”


“Finnegan, Taylor.”

Taylor quickly walked up there, looking confident. She sat down on the stool and the sorting hat was placed on her head while the whole hall watched. It was only there for a few seconds though before the hat made up its mind.


“Grant, Samantha.”


“Higgins, Aaron.”


“Hiller, Lindsey.”


“Jackson, Ronald.”


“Lee, Alyssa.”

She quickly rushed up there, looking slightly nervous. The hat did not take a very long time to make its decision with her either.


“Miller, Rachel.”


“Nielson, Kailey.”


“Nott, Kevin.”


“Potter, James.”

James walked up to the stool where the hat was sitting like an arrogant fool, or at least that’s what it looked like in Kristen’s opinion. The hat barely touched his head before it made up its mind.


“Renolds, Joseph.”


“Richards, Harper.”


“Richards, Dylan.”


“Smith, Drake.”


“Stevens, Kim.”


“Stone, Henry.”


“Thomas, Jessica.”

She walked up, looking somewhat confident about the sorting, which was a lot better than most of the kids who went up. She sat down, and like some of the others, the hat only took a few seconds before deciding where to place her.


“Todd, Vincent.”


“Weasley, Fred.”

Being the Weasley he was, the sorting hat didn’t take a very long time before sorting Fred.


“Weasley, Louis.”

The sorting hat did practically the same with Louis.


“Wood, Andrew.”

Andrew walked up there, trying to look more confident then he was feeling. He really wanted to be a Gryffindor, but he wanted to be in the same house as his sister, who could very easily end up in Ravenclaw. However, the hat decided to go with what was in his heart.


“Wood, Kristen.”

Kristen walked up there like her brother, trying to look more confident then she was feeling. There was no way she was going to look weak and let James Potter later make fun of her for it. At this point, she wasn’t really sure where she was going to end up.

“You possess some characteristics of both Gryffindor and Ravenclaw. You are brave, and yet you have a constant thirst for knowledge,” the sorting hat whispered to her.

She sat there nervously, hoping the hat would make up its mind soon.


Kristen got off the stool and walked towards the cheering Ravenclaw table, sitting with the other first years.

With that, the sorting was over with. Andrew and Kristen were a bit sad that they had been separated into different houses, but both realized it was for the best. They could still see each other and hang out.

As Kristen walked out of the hall, she was reading a book about quidditch. She had already finished reading Hogwarts a History. As she was following a prefect up to the Ravenclaw common room, she ran into someone.

“Watch where you’re going!” a familiar male voice exclaimed.

“I’m sorry,” she replied, looking up.

Looking up, she realized that she had run into James Potter. He was staring at the book in her hand.

“You like quidditch?” he asked.

“I love it, actually,” she replied, passionately.

This made him laugh, causing her to glare at him.

“How is that funny?” she asked, seriously.

“It’s just that, you’re a girl and a total nerd,” James replied, “Pigs would fly before you could play a decent game.”

Kristen was deeply offended by this. He had insulted her feminism, nerdiness, and quidditch skills. That boy was going to pay.

“You know what, James?” Kristen asked, “I’m going to try out for the Ravenclaw quidditch team and in the first game I play against you, I’m going to kick your ass.”

With that she walked away, leaving James Potter staring after her. Never had anyone, especially a girl, challenged him like that. He hated her for it and she hated him in return. This is what started them down the roads to completely hating each other’s guts.



Chapter 2: The Plan
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Chapter 2

“Captain, the games going to start soon!” James nodded as his seeker raced past him towards the locker room.

Years had passed since Kristen and James had first started hating each other, but the hatred was still as strong as ever.. They constantly challenged the other, making it their goal in life to beat them in everything they did it. However, there was one field where they were pretty much equal, and hence competed even harder: quidditch.

Kristen proved James wrong and managed to make the Ravenclaw quidditch team in her first year. However, James had tried out for his house team that same year and made it. From their very first year, they had become some of the best players in the school. They had also started a rivalry between their two houses that would last for years.

The one thing that really annoyed James was that every game they played against Ravenclaw, Gryffindor lost. He was the best chaser on his team, but he wasn’t able to get too much in with Kristen as keeper. Besides, Ravenclaw ended up having the quaffle in their possession for the majority of the game. In the end of every game that Gryffindor had played against Ravenclaw, the Ravenclaw seeker would catch the snitch, and Ravenclaw would once again win.

Now Kristen and James were in their sixth year. They had both been made captain of their quidditch team fifth year. James was humiliated when Kristen won the cup instead of him. Her and her house had beaten Gryffindor and everyone else for the past five years. James was sick and tired of losing to her. So as the day of the Cup approached in their sixth year, James decided he was going to change that, whatever means necessary.

He knew that Andrew was going to be absolutely pissed at him. They had become best friends first year, and it always annoyed Andrew when James treated Kristen badly. There had been several times when he wouldn’t talk to James for days because of something he had done. However, this was not a time to play nice and be friends with everyone. This was a time to win the cup.

“Fred! Tyler!” James called out, “Can I talk to you two for a second?”

The two Gryffindor beaters nodded and headed towards the captain, thinking he’d be giving them some advice before the game. Advice wasn’t exactly what James had in mind though.

“I have a new plan to insure that we win this game,” James explained.

“James! The game starts in a half an hour! Why are you telling us now? We had a practice yesterday!” Fred asked, annoyed.

“I just thought of it now.”

The beaters rolled their eyes. They had both known James long enough to know that this plan was going to be something ridiculous.

“What’s the plan?” Tyler Russell asked.

“I need you to take out the Ravenclaw quidditch team,” James replied.

Both Fred and Tyler’s eyes went wide. They had known the plan would be ridiculous, but they didn’t think it’d be that stupid. James, seeing the looks the two beaters were giving him, decided to elaborate.

“Start by taking out Kristen and Kailey. Without their keeper and seeker, we should have the advantage. By that point Jessica should be able to catch the snitch and we can make it a quick win,” James explained.

“So we just have to take out the keeper and the seeker?” Tyler asked, “That’s not too bad.”

However, Fred had known his cousin long enough to know that that wasn’t the case.

“What happens if the game continues to go on for a while without the snitch being caught?” he asked.

“Just keep taking out people until the snitch is caught,” James replied as if it were easy to have practically no conscious. Not everyone hated the Ravenclaw quidditch team as much as James did.

“You want me to take out our own cousin? Do you want Uncle Ron to kill me?”

Rose Weasley, James and Fred’s younger cousin, played on the Ravenclaw quidditch team. She was the only Weasley so far to not end up in Gryffindor but she was happy with her placement. In the year she had been on the team, she really enjoyed beating her cousins at quidditch. It severely pissed them off. Even so, Fred didn’t want to hurt her. It made him shiver just to think about it.

“As I said, hopefully it won’t come to that, Fred. If it does, have Tyler take her out,” James explained.

“You are telling us to take out your own cousin if necessary,” Tyler stated, “James, I think you’re going crazy.”

“Why can’t we just play the best game we can without knocking everyone out?” Fred asked.

“Even if we play the best game we can, we’ll get beaten by Ravenclaw again. I personally do not want to go through that again,” James explained.

“You just don’t want to get beaten by Kristen again.”

James glared at his cousin. Of course Fred was right, but James wasn’t too big of a fan of admitting that.
“She’s always a pain in the ass, but it’s worse after they beat us in a quidditch game,” James stated, “She smirks at me like she’s so much better than I am.”

“Well, considering you spend your spare time embarrassing her, while she just ignores you and is the best of our year in academics along with quidditch, I would say that she is better than you,” Fred stated.

“Isn’t Kristen Andrew’s twin sister?” Tyler asked.

“Yup,” Fred replied.

“James, you want us to take her out first, right?”

“Yeah,” James replied.

“You are crazy. Do you have a death wish?

“See, I’m not the only one who thinks you’re totally insane,” Fred pointed out.

“Please?” James asked, practically begging.

“Fine,” the beaters stated agreed. James quickly ran away, not wanting them to change their minds.

This game was going to be a game like no one had ever seen before.

Chapter 3: The Game That Would Never Be Forgotten
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Chapter 3

14 people walked on to the quidditch pitch to loud cheers. The final match of the quidditch house cup was about to start.

“Let’s hear it for the Gryffindor team, which is captained by James Potter! We have Potter, Potter, Wood, Weasley, Russell, Finnegan, and Thomas!” Alyssa Lee, the quidditch announcer exclaimed watching the Gryffindor team mount their brooms.

“We are going to finally win this year!” James cheered confidently. He bumped knuckles with Jessica and Taylor, who were discussing strategy. “This game is ours,” Taylor agreed. Fred glanced at Andrew, mentally apologizing for what he was about to do. “I’m not exactly sure about this,” Tyler muttered to Fred. Fred sighed, hating the position he was currently in, “I think I might be more afraid of if we don’t do anything and lose. James would kill us.” Tyler was about to respond, but his words were covered up by Alyssa’s voice.

“Now we have the Ravenclaw team, captained by Kristen Wood. We have Wood, Neilson, Burke, Roberts, Carter, Milton, and Weasley!” Alyssa continued as the Ravenclaw team flew out on to the pitch.

Soon, both teams were in the air and the snitch, quaffle, and bludgers had been released. Everyone took their places, waiting for the game to begin. Seconds later, the whistle was blown.

“Another amazing save by Wood!” Alyssa exclaimed, “Carter has the quaffle, he passes to Weasley, who passes to Milton, who passes back to Weasley. She shoots and scores! Ravenclaw is leading fifty to ten.”

Tyler flew next to Fred, knowing it was about time to put their plan into action.

“So do you want to take out Kristen?” Tyler asked Fred.

“No! I’m really good friends with her brother! You know what he’d do if I knocked out his sister on purpose!” Fred replied.

“Wouldn’t he kill me as well?”

“You can avoid him for the next month until you graduate. I still have another year, plus I share a dorm with him where I can be easily murdered in my sleep.”

Tyler flew away, trying to position himself correctly. The bludger came in Tyler’s direction and he smacked it, sending it right towards Kristen’s head. Garret Burke saw the bludger coming as he rushed towards his captain, hoping to block the bludger before it hit her. Too distracted by the Gryffindor chasers who were headed her, she failed to notice the oncoming bludger until it was too late. The bludger slammed into her forehead causing her head to violently smack into the metal ring of the goal post. She slid off her broom and started to fall to the ground.

“Well that was surprising! She should have seen that one coming! Garret catches her and lowers her to the ground. There are a lot of furious faces out there. Is that revenge I smell?” Alyssa announced dramatically.

Tyler glanced at Andrew. If looks could kill, he would have been dead in a heartbeat. As it was, Tyler realized a month of hiding might not be so bad if it meant that he could live a little longer.

“I’ll take out Kailey,” Fred said, flying past Tyler.

He looked around the pitch for a bludger to send at Kailey. Hearing a crack, he noticed one was heading in Albus’s direction. Flying in between them, he swung his bat, sending the bludger flying in Kailey’s direction. His eyes followed her for a second before looking away in shame, knowing that in a matter of seconds, she would be unconscious because of him.

Luckily, Kailey had only been about ten feet off the ground, for she had been investigating a glint of light that had caught her eye. The crowd roared angrily at the Gryffindor’s unfair performance.

“It looks like the Gryffindor beaters aren’t playing very nice today. The Ravenclaws are pissed. It looks like Rose Weasley has taken the place as keeper. It doesn’t appear that anyone has taken the place as seeker. This game could have a very interesting outcome,” Alyssa announced.

Tony flew over to Garret. They had always known the Gryffindors to do crazy things, but never before had they been this psychotic.

“We have to do something about this,” Tony stated.

“We have two options: Continue on like we are or start taking out their team.”

“Option two.”

Tony flew across the pitch to where Jessica was looking for the snitch. He was sure that any minute she would find it. If Ravenclaw wanted to win this game, they were going to have to take out Gryffindor’s seeker. Tony followed the bludger, trying to get in a good position to hit Jessica. When one finally came, he hit it with all of his strength. Fred had seen it coming but hadn’t been able to react fast enough. He called to Jessica, hoping she would duck, but it only caused her to turn and face the bludger right before it hit her in the face, knocking her out. Fred caught her as she fell, fury visible on his face. They had underestimated what the Ravenclaws were capable of.

Using the bludger Tony just hit, Garret slammed it into Taylor’s head as she was about to save the goal. The quaffle flew through her hands as she raced towards the ground, caught at the last second by Albus.

“It looks like the Ravenclaws are retaliating! I think this might be the most people ever taken out in a Hogwarts quidditch game! The game isn’t even over yet! By the look on the faces of the Gryffindor and Ravenclaw teams, there could very well be more carnage to come,” Alyssa commented.


A group of teachers huddled together in the teacher’s box. This game was not going the way any of them had planned. It seemed as if children were being knocked out right and left.

“Rolanda, why don’t you blow the whistle and stop the game,” McGonagall suggested to Madam Hooch, “I believe we need to have a serious discussion with our beaters.”


Everyone could hear Madame Hooch’s whistle ringing through the stadium, but no one listened. Instead, the next time Tyler had a chance, he sent a bludger at Rose. She had seen it coming and managed to dodge it. He circled around to her blind spot, and when the bludger once again came his way, he smacked it, hearing the satisfying crack of the bludger making contact with her head. James caught her before she could fall too far, anger sketched on his face.

“Rose Weasley has been knocked out! Has anyone else realized that now all the girls on the quidditch pitch have been taken out of the game? How sexist!” Alyssa asked.

“Why did you take out Rose?” Fred demanded, approaching his fellow beater.

“James told us to take everyone out!” Tyler replied defensively.

“Couldn’t we have tried to win before we took out my cousin, moron?”

“Fred, they took out Jessica and Taylor. No matter what, this game is going to go on for a long time and a lot more people are going to be taken out unless we stop attacking people.”

Fred was about to say something when he heard Alyssa make another announcement.

“James Potter is out of the game! He never knew what hit him! Things are getting interesting. Both teams now have only four people left!” Alyssa exclaimed.

“Let’s kick these Ravenclaw’s asses,” Fred mumbled before launching a bludger at Jason Carter, who fell victim to his slow reflexes.

Back at the Ravenclaw end, Tony and Garret were discussing how to retaliate.“I’m going to take out Andrew now,” Tony told Garret, “Once he’s out, we have a good chance at winning.” “Kristen’s going to be so pissed at you,” Garret snorted. “Kristen’s unconscious. We’ll just say he got hit by a stray bludger if she asks,” Tony replied.

Knocking out Andrew Wood was easier said than done. At this point, he had realized that there was a very good possibility that the Ravenclaws would go after him. Prepared for the attack, Andrew weaved back in forth, making it very hard for a bludger to successfully follow and hit him. It was only when Tony hit a bludger at an odd angle towards his back that Andrew finally fell off of his broom. Albus tried to stop his fall, but failed. Instead, Andrew had fallen twenty feet, injuring his back even more and leaving him unconscious on the quidditch pitch now scattered with bodies.

“The game is getting dangerous!” Alyssa exclaimed, “Someone catch the damn snitch before you’re all unconscious!”

“Milton, ditch the quaffle! Just try to find the snitch! Make sure to watch out for the bludgers!” Garret yelled at Alex.

“Should we stop trying to hurt them and just see who catches the snitch first?” Tyler asked Fred.

“Hell no! They’ve taken out half of our team! We are going to continue, because otherwise the Ravenclaws are just going to take out the rest of us,” Fred replied, launching a bludger at Alex Milton’s head, where it made contact.


“We really need to stop this game,” McGonagall stated nervously, watching Garret send a bludger at Albus’s head.
“I’ve been blowing my whistle for the past ten minutes!” Madame Hooch pointed out.
“We could fly out there and stop them,” Professor Flitwick suggested.
“We’d probably end up getting hit with bludgers ourselves!”
“We could stun them,” McGonagall said.
Madame Hooch looked at her colleague as if she was crazy.
“Minerva, they’re on brooms. If we stun them, they’re just going to fall to the ground and hurt themselves even more,” she explained, “We can’t blow up the bludgers either, because we might hit a student.”
“Are you saying that we’re just going to have to let this bloodbath run its course?” Flitwick asked.
Madame Hooch nodded solemnly.


“Alex Milton and Albus Potter are out! Now the only people left are the beaters, Fred Weasley and Tyler Russell from Gryffindor and Garret Burke and Tony Roberts from Ravenclaw! Hopefully, one of them can catch the snitch, at this point I really don’t care who, before any more people get knocked unconscious!” Alyssa stated.


Savannah Wood and Lily Potter were trying to sneak out of the stands. The Professors had decided to not let anyone leave the stands because they were afraid they would go down to the field and cause even more chaos.

“Where are you going?” Harry Potter asked, “They’re not letting anyone out of here.”

“We thought we’d sneak out and see if Madame Pomphrey needs any help. After all, she’s going to have at least ten quidditch players unconscious in the hospital wing,” Lily replied.

Harry nodded, turning his attention back towards the game.

Savannah and Lily snuck through the cracks of the bleachers. Being small had its advantages. Soon they were sprinting down the hall towards the Hospital Wing, hoping they wouldn’t hear the terrible sound of bludgers hitting people in the head any more.


Fred and Tony had taken the positions as seekers. They were trying to catch the snitch while the remaining beaters were trying to knock them out. The audience was shouting at them to catch the snitch. At this point, most people didn’t really care who ended up winning the house cup; they just didn’t want to see even more people knocked unconscious. Ten people was quite enough for one day.

However, the action wasn’t over yet. As Fred and Tony raced after the now visible snitch, Tyler sent a bludger flying. It hit Tony in the head, knocking him unconscious. Garret, as the only remaining Ravenclaw, quickly grabbed his team mate and brought him to the ground. He shot up, hoping he still had a chance to grab the snitch. However, he didn’t, because Fred Weasley had just wrapped his fingers around the snitch.

“Fred Weasley has caught the snitch! Gryffindor wins the house cup! The game is over! Thank Merlin for that!” Alyssa exclaimed as the remaining three players made their way back down to the ground.

As Minerva McGonagall approached, all three of the quidditch players knew that there was going to be hell to pay for what they had just done.




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Chapter 4: The Aftermath
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Chapter 4

Lily and Savannah ran down the empty corridors until they came to a stop in front of the hospital wing.

“What are you two doing here?” Madame Pomphrey asked as Lily and Savannah walked into the hospital wing, “Shouldn’t you be watching your siblings play quidditch?”

“We would, except they are all unconscious,” Savannah replied.

“There are four people unconscious? Why haven’t they been brought up to me yet?”

“Well about that… The quidditch match turned into an all out war. Ravenclaws and Gryffindors alike were getting knocked out constantly. It was quite unpleasant to watch. There are a lot more than four unconscious people, more like at least ten. We can help, though! We can treat bumps and bruises really well. You can’t just do it yourself!” Lily pleaded.

“That many students are unconscious? Merlin, that’s concerning. I normally don’t allow students to help, but I imagine I’ll need it.”

The girls nodded, happy they could help, as the doors of the hospital wing flew open and the quidditch players were carried in.


McGonagall quickly silenced everyone. The parents, most of who had been screaming at Fred, Tyler, and Garret, and the conscious students turned their heads to face the headmistress.

“This is an outrage!” McGonagall screamed, “Never before has something like this happened! It’s a disgrace to the name of quidditch! Tyler, since you’re the one who started this mess, I believe you have a lot of explaining to do.”

Tyler quickly looked around the room, receiving several glares, before stuttering, “Well, you see…” He couldn’t really say anything else. He had never really been in trouble before, and he couldn’t help shaking beneath the evil glares and the headmistresses shrieking voice.

“It was James,” Fred stated, speaking up even though he knew his cousin would not be very happy about it, “He was the one who told us to take out Kristen and Kailey so we could win.”

“We wouldn’t let them get away with that, so we took out their keeper and seeker to try to even out the playing field,” Garret added.

“So it was James Potter who started this? Why am I not surprised? You were always getting in trouble during school, Harry, and he’s just like his father,” McGonagall stated.

“In our defense, Professor McGonagall, we were trying to save the world,” Ron Weasley spoke up, defending his friend.

“My son is an idiot,” Ginny Potter mumbled, rubbing her temples.

“As soon as Tony Roberts and James Potter awake, I will punish the five of you,” McGonagall stated.

Most of the parents sighed in relief. Fred, Tyler, and Garret looked around at the parents. The three of them received several glares from them. It was quite frightening actually. The beaters desperately hoped that they would be able to leave soon.

“What I want to know is why James would go to such lengths just to win the cup,” McGonagall stated.

“Kristen Wood,” Fred explained, “He hates her so much that he couldn’t stand losing one more game of quidditch to her.”

“My son caused eleven people to be knocked unconscious, including himself, because he wanted to beat a girl. That’s really low,” Harry mumbled.

“You would think that after seventeen years of living in my house he would realize that girls can be just as good at quidditch as boys can,” Ginny grumbled.

“My daughter is in the hospital wing because of these assholes. When will I be able to see her?” Seamus Finnegan asked, causing the students to look at their shoes and a shouting match to start between some of the parents.

“The hospital wing is too small for you to go see your children. When they wake up, you will be informed and you can see them then,” McGonagall yelled over the shouting.
This caused a lot more angry out bursts from the parents. However, they were soon interrupted by a knock on the door. Savannah stuck her head in the door and informed everyone that Tony Roberts was awake. His parents immediately jumped up and raced out the door. McGonagall asked Savannah to make sure they made their way to the hospital wing without getting lost, who nodded in agreement.

“The rest of you are free to go. I will owl you when your child wakes up. Fred, Tyler, and Garret, I shall let you know when we will meet to discuss your punishment,” McGonagall instructed as the room started to clear.

When everyone had left the room, McGonagall put her head in a pile of notices she still had to look over.

“Sometimes I really hate my job,” she muttered.

“I know exactly what you mean,” a lot of the portraits replied.

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Chapter 5: Living with the Consequences
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Chapter 5

James looked around a sterile looking room, trying to figure out where he was.

“You’re awake!” Lily exclaimed as she approached him.

If Lily was there, then it meant he wasn’t in the boy’s dormitory. The ceiling wasn’t blue, so he wasn’t still outside. All this thinking was making his head hurt.

“Where am I?” James asked.

“You’re in the hospital wing,” Lily replied, “That brilliant plan of yours backfired. Most of your team and the Ravenclaw team have been in the hospital wing.”

James looked around. It didn’t seem like there were tons of people in the hospital wing. Rose was a couple beds down, awake and talking to her boyfriend, Scorpius Malfoy. He noticed some other people lying in bed, and didn’t know if they were still unconscious or if they were just staring at the ceiling.

“Am I the last one to wake up?” James asked.

“No, you’re not,” Lily replied, “Andrew, Albus, Kristen, and Kailey are still unconscious.”

“Oh. When did everyone else wake up?”

“Well, over the past week Tony, Jessica, Taylor, Jason, and Alex woke up. Rose just woke up today. It was quite funny when Uncle Ron and Aunt Hermione came in. Scorpius was here and almost got caught by Uncle Ron. He had to hide under the bed!”

James and Lily laughed. Rose had been dating Scorpius for four months but she wouldn’t tell her family. They all kind of hated Scorpius just because he was Draco’s son. Scorpius was a really nice kid. He was even in Gryffindor, which pissed off his parents.

“Wait, how long have I been unconscious?” James asked.

“A little over a week,” Lily replied, “Who knew it took people so long to wake up after being knocked unconscious?”

Harry and Ginny Potter walked into the room, and upon seeing James, their expressions turned very angry. Noticing the look of fear on James’s face, Lily turned around, and walked away, deciding it was better to get away before her parents started going crazy on her brother.

“Hi mom, hi dad,” James stated hesitantly as his parents approached.

“What you did was extremely reckless and stupid. You’re lucky that none of these kids seem to be seriously injured! Your stupid plan made eleven people, including yourself, end up unconscious in the hospital wing! You should be ashamed of yourself James Sirius Potter!” Ginny reprimanded.

“Listen to your mother, James! If you want to beat Ravenclaw, practice more! I swear your pride will be your undoing!” Harry continued.

“I’m sorry,” James replied, “I was an idiot. Who ended up winning the game?”

“Gryffindor did,” Ginny replied, “But if I have any say, there will be no celebrating! You should be ashamed of what you did!”

“Your parents are correct,” McGonagall said, making her way towards the bed, “Meet me in my office with the beaters tomorrow night at seven o’clock.”

“Why should I be punished? The beaters are the ones who should be getting punished!”

“You were the one who told Fred and Tyler to knock start this war in the first place! You should definitely be punished!” Ginny exclaimed.

“Your mother and I have decided that along with whatever punishment McGonagall gives you, you will apologize to everyone on your team and the Ravenclaw team individually. Especially Kristen Wood. Also, you will be grounded for the entire summer,” Ginny added.

“That’s not fair!” James exclaimed.

“Neither is telling your team mates to knock people unconscious,” Harry glared coldly.

“You better hope that everyone else turns out alright and that they don’t have any serious injuries,” Ginny said, “Goodnight James.”

With that, Harry and Ginny walked over to the bed where Albus was still lying there unconscious. James was now feeling extremely guilty. Hopefully, no one would end up too damaged.

“I’m an idiot,” James mumbled to himself.




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Chapter 6: Waking Up to Reality
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Chapter 6

Over a week had gone by since the quidditch game disaster had occurred. By this point, James and the beaters were used to the glares they received from fellow students they passed in the hall. One thing that he wasn’t used to was the emptiness that filled the school. It was strange seeing Samantha and Kim without Kristen and Kailey. Scorpius looked almost lost without his best friend Albus, even though he looked better than he did when Rose had still been unconscious. James missed the presence of his best friend quite a bit. He would rather have Andrew scolding him about how much of an idiot he was than have him lying unconscious in the hospital wing.

Samantha and Kim ate lunch in relative silence. It felt so awkward eating lunch with just the two of them. They were used to having Kristen and Kailey around. Those two were much better at starting conversations then Samantha and Kim were. For the past week, meals had consisted of awkward silences, with random interruptions of half hearted conversations.

“If we eat quickly, we should have time to go visit Kristen and Kailey in the hospital wing,” Samantha stated during lunch on Monday.

“That sounds good,” Kim replied, “I really miss them.”

“Me too, it seems so weird without Kristen making remarks about how I should be with that Hufflepuff Drake Smith.”

“Considering she’s been bugging you about it almost every day for the past three years, I would have to agree with you.”

Drake Smith was a Hufflepuff in their year. He was quiet and shy, but he and Samantha sat next to each other in Transfiguration and talked a lot. Just by looking at them, it was obvious to tell that they would be extremely cute together. Kristen Wood spent quite a lot of time pointing that out to Samantha, who usually just rolled her eyes. Now, though, she would have been happy to sit through Kristen going on about her and Drake’s future together.

Samantha and Kim quickly gulfed down their lunch before rushing to the hospital wing. Taking a look at the clock when they walked in, they realized they had twenty minutes before their next class started. They had plenty of time.

“They look so peaceful,” Kim muttered as they were looking over the unconscious forms of their friends.

“They do look peaceful,” Samantha agreed, “I’d rather have them be awake and talking to us though. It’d be a lot more interesting.”

The two lapsed into silence. They’d been coming up here every day for the past week. It was quite boring just sitting on the side of the beds, hoping for the slightest chance that their eyes would flicker open. Sometimes Samantha and Kim silently feared that that would never happen.

The minutes ticked by and it seemed like today would be like every other day they had come. That Samantha and Kim would realize there was no difference in their friends and reluctantly make their way to Charms. A flash of movement caught Kim’s attention and she looked down to realize that Kailey’s eyes were slowly starting to flutter open.

“Samantha! Get over here!” Kim exclaimed, “Kailey’s awake!”

Samantha quickly rushed over to Kailey’s bed. Kailey was now looking between her two friends.

“This is definitely not the quidditch pitch,” she stated.

“What gave it away?” Kim asked, “This is the hospital wing.”

“How did I end up in here?”

“Fred Weasley hit a bludger at your head,” Samantha replied.


“How long have I been here?” Kailey asked, sitting up slightly, as everyone’s fits of laughter died down.

“A week and two days,” Samantha replied.

“I’ve been unconscious in the hospital wing for nine days?”

Samantha nodded.

“Is Kristen still unconscious?” Kailey asked.

“Yeah she is. So are Andrew and Albus. The others have woken up by now,” Kim replied.

“Others? How many people were knocked unconscious during the game?”

“Eleven people. The only people who weren’t knocked unconscious were Fred, Tyler, and Garret,” Samantha answered.

“Why in the name of Merlin were eleven people knocked out?”

“Well, you and Kristen were knocked out because James Potter told his beaters to take you out first,” Kim started.

“Tony and Garret weren’t too pleased about that so they took out Jessica and Taylor,” Samantha continued, “It sort of became a game of sorts. The beaters were knocking people out of the sky left and right. It was quite frightening to be honest.”

“Finally, Fred caught the snitch and Gryffindor won the house cup. However, I don’t think it was a very happy win, considering most of their team got knocked unconscious.”

Kailey sat there stunned for a minute. She didn’t think the game would get that out of hand. She was disappointed that they had lost the cup though. If the Gryffindors had played fairly, then it might have been the sixth year in a row that Ravenclaw won the house cup. However, her main concern was that Kristen, Andrew, and Albus were still unconscious. Even in the world of quidditch where players were often unconscious for days at a time, nine days was a long time.

“Is anyone getting punished for almost killing us?” Kailey asked.

“Tony, Garret, Fred, Tyler, and James are being punished. They have to go to McGonagall tonight to find out how bad their punishment is,” Samantha replied.

“Personally, I hope they aren’t allowed to play quidditch for the school anymore,” Kim stated, “They were reckless, stupid, and could have killed you all.”

“Could you imagine the Gryffindor team without them?” Kailey asked, “It’d be even easier to beat them!”

The three girls laughed again.

“I’m glad you’re awake Miss Neilson,” Madame Pomphrey stated as she approached, “Miss Grant and Miss Stevens, you might want to head to class. It starts in five minutes.”

“You’ll take notes for me won’t you?” Kailey asked as her friends gathered their stuff.

“Who do you think we are?” Samantha asked, “Of course we’ve been taking notes for you!”

“See you later Kailey!” Samantha and Kim shouted as they raced out of the hospital wing.

“I’m glad you’re awake,” Madame Pomphrey told Kailey again once everyone had left, “That makes one less person who can die on me.”




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Chapter 7: Apologizing
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Chapter 7

Later that night, Andrew opened his eyes. He had not remembered ever going to the hospital wing. It was very clear to him where he was, because no place at Hogwarts was as white and dull as the hospital wing. The last thing he remembered was a bunch of people getting purposely knocked out of the sky by bludgers.

He rolled over to his side to see Kristen’s bed right next to his. She was still unconscious, which Andrew wasn’t happy about. He wasn’t sure what day it was. However, he was sure some time had gone by. He remembered James, Rose, and some other people being knocked unconscious who were no longer there.

“I’m glad to see you’re awake,” he heard someone say.

Rolling on to his other side, Andrew saw that Kailey was awake, staring at the ceiling.

“I’d rather be asleep to be honest. I’m in quite a bit of pain,” Andrew stated, causing her to look over at him, “How long have you been awake?”

“ I woke up around lunch time,” Kailey replied, “Madame Pomphrey won’t let me leave until tomorrow morning. She’ll probably say the same to you.”

“Do you know what day it is?”

“It’s Monday, around seven thirty.”

Andrew’s eyes went wide. He hadn’t expected that long to have gone by. He had missed all his classes for that day. What worried him more though was the fact that Kristen and Albus were still lying there unconscious. That wasn’t a good sign.

“I’ve been unconscious for two days?” Andrew asked.

“No, actually, we’ve been unconscious for nine days,” Kailey replied.

“What exactly happened?”

“Long story short, James got tired of Kristen beating him at quidditch and told your beaters to knock everyone off their brooms, which caused our beaters to retaliate. Their stupidity landed eleven of us, including James and Tony, into the hospital wing,” Kailey explained.

“Who ended up winning the cup?”

“Gryffindor did. No one really cared about it though. Everyone was worried and pissed that so many people were knocked unconscious.”

Andrew took a minute to soak in the information. For no one to really care that Gryffindor had won, meant that the game had been as bad as it sounded. He couldn’t believe that James would do something like that. Well, actually, he could. James was known for doing stupid thing, especially when Kristen was involved. However, he hadn’t expected his friend to go that far to knock her, and ten other people, unconscious. That was just crazy.

The doors of the hospital wing flew open and Savannah walked in. When she saw that Andrew was awake, she rushed towards him, giving him a big hug.

“Thank Merlin you’re awake!” Savannah exclaimed, “It’s been over a week and neither you nor Kristen had woken up. Mom and dad were driving me crazy! They kept sending owls! I received one during Transfiguration today! Hopefully they’ll clam down slightly! I’m glad you’re alright though. I hope Kristen will wake up soon and then we can all be happy.”

“I hope so too, Savannah. So what have you been up to lately?” Andrew replied.

“Lily and I have been helping Madame Pomphrey in the hospital wing. It’s actually kind of fun, and it makes me really happy when people wake up. She said we can help out as long as one of our siblings is still in the hospital wing.”

“That sounds fun.”

“I’ll be right back. I have to tell McGonagall that you’re awake so that she can let mom and dad know.”

With that, Savannah hopped off the bed and sprinted out of the hospital wing.

“You’re sister has way too much energy,” Kailey stated.

“Tell me about it,” Andrew muttered.


Stephanie and Oliver Wood rushed into the hospital wing. When they saw their son, they grinned widely. Over a week without either of their kids waking up was nerve racking. Of course, they were still incredibly worried that Kristen hadn’t woken up yet, but the fact that Andrew had made them feel slightly better.

“I’m so glad you’re alright,” his mom said, wrapping him in a bone crushing hug and causing him to flinch.

“We were really worried about you, Andrew,” his dad added.

“I’m fine,” Andrew stated, “You should really be worried about Kristen though.”

“We are too. You do really have some assholes for friends.”

Andrew hated it, but he had to agree with his dad on this. James and Fred could be assholes at times, and that quidditch game proved it.

The doors of the Hospital Wing opened and Louis, Fred, and James walked in. Andrew could tell his dad was going to hurt his friends if he didn’t do something quickly. He glanced at his mom, sending her a pleaded look. His friends may be assholes, but he didn’t want them dead or injured.

“Let’s go check on Kristen,” Stephanie stated, grabbing her husband’s arm and dragging him away from the approaching teenagers.

“We’re glad you’re awake,” Louis said, standing at the foot of Andrew’s bed.

“Yeah, we really didn’t mean for you to end up unconscious,” Fred added.

“How badly did you guys get punished?” Andrew asked.

“We all have detention every day for the rest of the year. We also have to apologize to every person on both teams for our terrible behavior. We were also told that if someone ends up severely injured we will suffer the consequences, whether it’s getting kicked off the quidditch team, expelled, or put in Azkaban,” James replied, “I really hope she was joking about the last part.”

“McGonagall doesn’t joke.”

James’s face went noticeably paler. He didn’t think he would do very well in Azkaban.

“I’m sorry Andrew for knocking out you and your sister along with a ton of other people because I decided to listen to my idiot of a cousin,” Fred stated.

“I’m sorry too Andrew. I shouldn’t have let my hatred for your sister cause me to do something incredibly stupid just to win the quidditch cup,” James added.

“We’re glad that you’re OK though,” Louis said, “It wasn’t very good that you were unconscious for so long.”

“I just wish Kristen and Albus would wake up. They had no part of that stupid plan of yours whatsoever and yet they’re the ones who are left unconscious. Final exams start next week. Do you know how pissed Kristen is going to be when she wakes up and realizes how much study time she’s missed?” Andrew stated.

“Yeah, she’s definitely going to be really pissed,” James replied.

With that, Fred and James walked over to Kailey, hoping they’d be able to right some of the wrongs they had done.



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Chapter 8: Trying to Stay Strong
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Chapter 8

Tuesday and Wednesday passed without Kristen waking up. This greatly worried everyone. Andrew, Savannah, and her parents were extremely scared she would never wake up. Tyler was terrified he’d end up going to Azkaban for accidental murder. James was afraid that he would no longer have someone to compete against. He couldn’t imagine his life without a rivalry with Kristen.

Kristen was not alone in the hospital wing though. Albus was still unconscious as well. This caused even more people to be worried. James and Lily found that they couldn’t concentrate because their mind would start drifting to Albus lying there in the hospital wing, possibly never waking up again. Harry and Ginny were just as restless in their daily lives. Nothing would be the same unless Kristen and Albus woke up soon.

Andrew sat in the hospital wing next to Kristen’s bed. Lately, he’d spent tons of time there. The only time he wasn’t in there was when he it was closed or when he was in class. He had even taken to eating lunch in the hospital wing, much to Madame Pomphrey’s dismay. Currently, he had a free period, and decided to spend even more time in the hospital wing, hoping that he would be there when his sister woke up.

“Andrew?” he heard a voice asked.

Surprised, he quickly looked down, hoping it had been Kristen who had spoken. However, she lie as still and unconscious as she had been moments before. His face fell. Looking around the room, he now saw the green eyes of Albus Potter staring at him. Andrew stood up and walked to Albus’s bed, sitting at the foot of it.

“Hi Albus,” Andrew stated, trying to sound happier then he was, “It’s a good thing you’re awake. We were getting worried about you.”

“Worried about me? There were nine other people knocked unconscious before I was, including you,” Albus replied, looking around the hospital wing, “Where is everyone? It seems really empty in here.”

“Most of the people have already woken up. Albus, you’ve been unconscious for twelve days.”

Albus’s eyes went wide. He hadn’t expected to be unconscious for nearly that long. Exams started in four days. He only had four days to learn almost two weeks of material and review the rest. It was not going to be very fun. Thank Merlin he didn’t take OWLs until next year.

“You said most people have already woken up,” Albus noticed, “Does that mean that there is still someone unconscious?”

“Kristen’s still unconscious,” Andrew mumbled, looking at her bed.

“I’m sorry. She was the first one out and had nothing to do with everything. If anyone is still unconscious, it should be one of the beaters, who really deserve it.”

“Your brother deserves it to. Turns out he told Fred and Tyler to hit my sister and her team on the head with bludgers. Don’t I have just a wonderful friend?”

Albus wished he could say that he was surprised, but he wasn’t. James had always been kind of stupid. Only he would be stupid enough to think that purposely sending bludgers at people’s heads was a smart thing to do.

“I’m sorry, my brother is such an idiot,” Albus stated, “When you see him can you tell him and Lily, can you tell them to come up here?

“Will do,” Andrew replied, picking up his things, “Well, I have to go to class. I really am glad that you’re awake. One less person we have to worry about.”

“Kristen will wake up, Andrew. I know she will.”


“How was your free period?” James asked as Andrew sat next to him in charms class.

“It was alright. I visited the hospital wing again,” Andrew replied, “By the way, Albus woke up today and wants you and Lily to visit him when you get a chance.”

This news seemed to make James considerably happier. Although he wasn’t spending all of his free time in the hospital wing like Andrew was, he had been quite worried about his brother. He felt guilty, since no one would have been in the hospital wing to begin with if it wasn’t for his stupid plan. Sitting at the front of the classroom, he saw Samantha sitting at a table by herself. Usually Kristen was her partner. He couldn’t handle looking that way for more than a few seconds. He was the reason that Kristen wasn’t there.

“How’s Kristen doing?” James asked, “Is she awake yet?”

“I wish, but no, she isn’t. I’m really worried about her James,” Andrew replied.

“I’m sure she’ll wake up any day now.”

“What if she doesn’t? What if she never wakes up? What if that bludger caused some brain damage that ends up killing her? I don’t think I could live with that James!”

Andrew was really getting worked up. He was really close with his sister and couldn’t stand even thinking of the possibility of losing her. She was his other half. Without her, he would feel empty inside.

“You couldn’t live with it? I couldn’t live with it! Tyler couldn’t live with it! For now, she’s alive and breathing. You need to calm down before Flitwick comes over here and yells at us for not paying attention,” James stated rather harshly.

Andrew took some deep breaths. He knew that James was right. After all, he had absolutely nothing to do with knocking her out. Freaking out would do nothing to help Kristen. Hopefully she would wake up soon and everything would be alright again. For now he just had to concentrate on what Professor Flitwick was saying. When Kristen woke up, she’d want to see the notes from her classes. He knew that Kailey, Kim, and Samantha were probably all taking notes for her, but he didn’t care. If she didn’t need them, he could at least use them himself.

Kristen would wake up. He just had to stay positive. She would wake up and be perfectly fine. She’d start fretting about studying for final exams and complaining about how Ravenclaw should have won the cup. Someone would tell her what happened, and then she’d probably cuss out certain players on the Gryffindor team. As class went on, Andrew continued to take notes and think about what Kristen would do when she woke up. It was either that or falling apart, and falling apart definitely wasn’t an option. He had to stay strong




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Chapter 9: Hope
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Chapter 9

“Andrew, want to help Fred, Louis, and I plan a prank?” James asked, trying to keep up with Andrew’s fast pace as he headed towards the hospital wing, “We haven’t pulled one in forever. I was thinking we should do it to Filch; he’s been annoying the shit out of me lately.”

“I can’t,” Andrew replied, “I’m meeting Savannah in the hospital wing.”

“You need to take a break, Andrew. Just because you’re there almost every waking moment doesn’t mean she’s going to wake up any sooner.”

Andrew stopped in his tracks, turning around to face his friend and grabbed him by the shirt collar.

“You listen to me James Potter,” he said as Andrew struggled to get away, “I don’t recall you being in the mood to play pranks while your brother was lying in here. Now I know you hate her, but Kristen is my sister. I’m going to be by her side as much as I want. You have no right telling me to take a break, considering it was your brilliant plan that put her in there in the first place.”

He let go of James and stormed off. James stood there stunned. Andrew had never treated him so roughly before. He had deserved it though. James could once again feel the guilt eating him up. It had been his actions that caused Andrew to act like this. It was his actions that had put Kristen in the hospital wing for almost two weeks.


“Sorry I’m late,” Andrew stated, taking the seat opposite Savannah on the other side of the bed, “I ran into James on the way here.”

Savannah nodded and they fell into an awkward silence, hoping that during this silence, Kristen would wake up.

“Merlin,” Savannah muttered under her breath.

“What?” Andrew asked, looking over at her.

“I think I just felt Kristen squeeze my hand.”

Andrew’s eyes widened and he was immediately filled with hope. He just wish it wasn’t false hope.

“Do you think she’s waking up?” Andrew asked.

“I hope so,” Savannah replied, “Can you hear us Kristen?”

“If so, can you open your eyes and say something?”

They watched her to see what was happening. It took a couple seconds, but soon they started to see her eyes slowly flutter open. She looked around the room with her green eyes before finally landing on her brother and sister.

“Hi,” she said softly.

Andrew and Savannah engulfed their sister in a huge hug.

“What’s that for?” Kristen asked, “I only got knocked out of a quidditch game. What have I been out for? A couple of hours?”

Savannah and Andrew glanced at each other. Kristen was not going to be very happy to hear what they were about to tell her.

“Kristen, you’ve been unconscious for almost two weeks,” Andrew replied.

Kristen’s eyes widened. She definitely had not expected this.

“If I was out for almost two weeks, then that means that final exams start on Monday,” Kristen realized, “Shit! I only have a little over two days to study!”

“How did I know that studying would be one of the first things you talked about?” Andrew asked.

“I’ll go grab the notes your friends took for you and be right back,” Savannah added, before walking out of the hospital wing.

“Who ended up winning the cup?” Kristen asked once her sister had left.

“Gryffindor did,” Andrew replied.

This had been another piece of information he wasn’t too fond about having to tell her. She was going to be pissed.

“Damn it!” Kristen exclaimed, “I thought I trained my team better than that! How badly did we lose?”

“I’m not sure to be honest; no one really cared about the score. They were kind of worried about all of the unconscious people,” Andrew replied.

“How many people were knocked unconscious?”


Kristen’s eyes went even wider. She was kind of disappointed that she had been the first one knocked out. She wished she could have seen what happened.

“How on earth did eleven people get knocked out? Were you one of them?” Kristen asked.

“Yeah I was,” Andrew replied, before explaining James’s plan to his sister.

Kristen was quiet for a moment, soaking all of the information in. That game sounded rather interesting but quite ridiculous.

“James Potter is an asshole,” Kristen stated bluntly, “You really need to learn to pick better friends.”




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Chapter 10: A new side of James
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Chapter 10

When Savannah brought Kristen her notes, she brought the rest of the Ravenclaw quidditch team with her. Upon seeing Kristen awake, huge grins appeared on all of their faces.

“I’m so glad you’re awake!” Kailey exclaimed, hugging her.

“We thought we were going to lose you for a while there!” Jason added.

“Did you hear what happened?” Tony asked.

“I can’t believe the beaters were stupid enough to start that crazy shit,” Alex stated.

“Well, the Gryffindor beaters. We were just defending our team,” Garret corrected.

“My cousin is an asshole,” Rose finished.

“Yeah, I heard about what happened,” Kristen replied, “I can’t believe most of you guys were in the hospital wing as well.”

“Being the only person on this team who wasn’t unconscious, I must say, it was very unpleasant,” Garret stated.

“At least people were punished,” Kailey said.

“What was the punishment?” Kristen asked.

“Well all of the beaters, including Garret and I, and James Potter have detention every day for the rest of the year. We also have to apologize to everyone,” Tony replied, “I am sorry that we were not able to defend you better.”

“I’m sorry too. We should have stopped the bludger and prevented this mess from happening,” Garret added.

“It’s alright. Considering all that happened, I’m still proud of every single one of you. We had a fantastic year except for that last game. Yes, our winning streak is over, but I don’t think any Gryffindors are going to be rubbing that into our faces, considering what they had to do to win the game,” Kristen said, “We made James Potter get so desperate to beat us that he turned to violence. I think every single one of us has made Ravenclaw a force to be reckoned with.”

The Ravenclaw team clapped and cheered, gaining them some glares from Madame Pomphrey, which they ignored.

“Next year, we’ll kick their asses once again!” Rose exclaimed.

“I might be out of Hogwarts next year, but I’m going to go to every single one of your games and watch you all kick ass,” Garret stated.

“Same goes for me,” Tony added.

“Me too,” Alex agreed.

“No one messes with Ravenclaw and gets away with it,” Kailey said.

“Gryffindor shall meet our wrath,” Jason agreed.


Tyler walked into the common room to find James, Fred, and Louis talking by the fire. He approached them, for he had some news for them.

“Hi Tyler,” Louis said, “What’s new with you?”

“I think Kristen woke up,” Tyler replied.

The three sixth years looked at him. If he was right, then that was definitely good news.

“Why do you think that?” Fred asked.

“I passed her sister in the hall and she said, ‘Well it looks like you’re not going to Azkaban after all’,” Tyler replied.

“That definitely sounds like something Savannah would say,” James stated, rising to his feet, “Well it looks like we have someone to apologize too.”


Kristen watched as Tyler and Fred walked out of the hospital wing. They had apologized for being such asses. She was glad that they apologized, but it felt almost forced. She could tell that they didn’t want to be there and seemed to be extremely uncomfortable. Well, she assumed it would be uncomfortable having to apologize to someone that you purposely knocked out, especially when they were unconscious for a week.

Kristen was interrupted from her thoughts by the sound of the doors to the hospital wing opening. This time, it was James Potter walking through them. It was odd, but he actually didn’t seem to be as arrogant as he usually was. He seemed guilty and timid.

“How are you feeling?” James asked as he approached.

James Potter asking how she was feeling? That was definitely a first. This was really starting to get strange.

“I’m doing alright,” Kristen replied.

“That’s good,” James stated.

James took a deep breath; this was a lot harder than he had planned.

“I’m sure by now you have been told that the beaters and I were forced to apologize to everyone for our actions during the quidditch game,” James started.

“I have,” Kristen replied.

“Good. So I’m going to do this real quickly so we can both get on with our lives. I’m sorry.”

James quickly turned around and walked away. Kristen was stunned. She made her life a living hell for the last six years and was the reason she had been unconscious for almost two weeks and all she got was a simple sorry.

“Hold on, James,” Kristen said, stopping him before he reached the door.

He hesitantly turned around, not wanting to face her. She beckoned him to come back and slowly he approached her, afraid of what she was going to make him do.

“You need to apologize better than that, Potter,” she stated.

“I do not! My punishment was to apologize to everyone, not do a fantastic job apologizing,” James argued.

“You are going to apologize better than me or I’ll tell McGonagall. I’ll also tell your mother.”

James froze. His mom would flip out on him if she found out he had done such a terrible job at apologizing to Kristen. He was going to have to apologize better.

“Now get on your knees,” Kristen commanded, looking him in the eye.

He found her glare quite frightening. They were eyes that seemed capable of being so warm at times but also extremely cold. They were cold looking at the moment. He slowly got down on his knee.

“Both of your knees, you moron!” Kristen scolded, “You’re not proposing to me!”

James quickly got onto both of his knees, his face red in embarrassment.

“Now you are going to apologize for being the biggest ass ever,” Kristen continued.

James took a deep breath, trying to push through his embarrassment. After all, he was feeling awfully guilty about how terrible he’d treated Kristen.

“Well, I have to apologize for six years of being an asshole. Actually, I don’t have to apologize for all those years, I want to apologize. I remember that first day when I said that pigs would fly before you could play a good game of quidditch. I don’t think I’ve ever been proven that wrong before. I just assumed because you were a girl and a nerd that you wouldn’t be any good at quidditch. I guess I was just mad that you didn’t fall all over me like most of the girls I talked to.

“I’m sorry for setting your books on fire and pushing you in the lake. I’m sorry for using magic to hold you upside down, showing the entire school your underwear. I’m sorry for every time I threw a dung bomb at you or slipped some Weasley Wizard Wheezes products into your food and drink. I’m sorry for every time I used nerd as an insult, when I shouldn’t have been. I’m sorry for telling you to ‘fuck off’ the couple times you offered to help me with homework. I’m sorry for all the times I’ve called you ugly and fat, when you definitely aren’t.

“Most of all, I’m sorry that I almost killed you. I was sick of you beating me at quidditch. I still thought that I shouldn’t be beat by anyone, especially a girl. My desire to win just drove me over the edge. I didn’t think about the consequences of my actions. I didn’t realize that you would be unconscious for almost two week. I didn’t realize that it would cause your sister and brother to give up on their social lives. I didn’t realize that I would feel so guilty.

“I don’t want you to forgive me. I don’t deserve to be forgiven. For the past six years, I’ve been a complete ass to you when you have been nothing but nice to me. I can’t promise that I’ll never do something stupid to you again. I’m naturally stupid, and usually it gets worse when you’re around. However, I can promise that I’ll never have my beaters try and take you out again, Kristen. You might drive me crazy at times, but I don’t really want you out of my life. You make it a lot more interesting.”

With that, James got up and left the hospital wing, leaving Kristen shocked. She hadn’t expected James to apologize so much. Was it possible that James Potter might be not such a terrible person after all?





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Chapter 11: A Surprise in Diagon Alley
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Chapter 11

The sweltering August sun beat down on the Wood family as they made their way through Diagon Alley. All three of the kids would be back at Hogwarts in a little over two weeks and it was time to buy all the things on their lists.

“Savannah, you need new robes,” Stephanie stated.

“I think I’d rather not get pins stabbed into me at this hour,” Savannah argued, “I’m going to Flourish and Blotts.”

“I’ll join you!” Kristen exclaimed, grabbing her sister and rushing towards the book store.

“I guess we’re going book shopping,” Andrew stated unenthusiastically. He had never been a big fan of reading like his sisters were.

By the time Andrew and his parents entered, Kristen and Savannah were already scanning the book shelves for interesting books. Savannah was in the ‘New Releases’ section while Kristen was looking through the ‘Muggle’ section. His sisters would always be bookworms.


“You have got to see this,” Savannah stated, as she started dragging Kristen towards the ‘New Releases’ section located in the front of the store.

Kristen desperately tried to continue the large pile of books she had in her arms as she was forced to the front of the store.

“What is so important that you had to drag me over here?” Kristen asked, annoyed at her sister.

“Someone wrote a book about you.”

Kristen almost laughed. Why would someone want to write a book about her?

“You’re joking,” Kristen said, “I know this Summer has been slow on news, but not that slow.”

Savannah picked up a book and handed it to her sister. The cover read, “Potter and Wood, the two families that started one of the biggest rivalries Hogwarts has ever seen. By Olivia Skeeter.” Kristen’s jaw dropped. Olivia Skeeter was known for writing gossip and other rather non important things. Of course she would be the only person to write something like that.

“Skeeter didn’t write it about me; she wrote it about our family and the Potter’s,” Kristen corrected.

“It’s mostly about you and James though,” Savannah stated, “The inside flap really only talks about how you and James hate each other which caused the rivalry to be so big. Besides, if you look at the front cover, James and you are the only ones pictured.”

Kristen looked back down at the book. Sure enough, her sister had been right. On the cover was a picture of her and James going back and forth between glaring at each other and glaring at the photographer. She remembered the picture being taken. Skeeter had written an article about Kristen and James being made quidditch captain at the beginning of their fifth year. She had insisted on pulling them out of Charms on the first day of school, which had really irritated Kristen.

“What book are you looking at?” Andrew asked as he approached.

“This new book that Skeeter wrote about Kristen and James,” Savannah replied, handing another copy to Andrew.

Andrew quickly looked at the title of the book and groaned.

“It’s bad enough that my twin sister and my best friend hate each other. Why did Skeeter have to write a book about it?” Andrew asked before stalking off.

Kristen took the book, along with the huge pile of other books, over to the counter to pay for them. She wanted to see what this book talked about. She agreed with Andrew though; she wished that no one had written a book about her. People would surely be talking about it when they got back to school. Besides, if Olivia Skeeter had written it, there had to be some fake stuff in it.


James sat in his room, bored out of his mind. Being grounded really sucked. He hadn’t been able to leave the house all summer. He wasn’t even allowed to go into his backyard and fly his broom. Instead, James had been stuck reading boring books and watching boring muggle shows on the television.

Currently, James was home alone. The rest of the family had gone to Diagon Alley to pick up the school supplies. He wasn’t even allowed to get out of the house to pick up his own school supplies. James was really tempted to just go outside and fly for a little while, but he had no idea when his family would get home. If his parents found out that he had disobeyed them, he would have been in so much trouble. It was better just to stay inside and be bored.

All of a sudden, Lily bounded into his room.

“What do you want Lily?” James asked annoyed.

“Olivia Skeeter wrote a book about you and Kristen,” Lily replied, setting the book on his bed.

James quickly read the title and swore under his breath. Of course someone as popular as Olivia Skeeter would write a book about how much he and Kristen hated each other. It was the world’s revenge on him for being so stupid during the last quidditch game. Now every witch and wizard in the country would read it and think he was a total ass.

“I personally think the two of you would be quite good together,” Lily randomly stated.

James laughed at this. Lily was always quite random, but never before had she said something this ridiculous. He and Kristen hated each other. Why in Merlin’s name would she even think of something as unlikely as that?

“I’m going to give you a list of reasons of why it is never going to happen: 1- I hate her. 2- She hates me. 3- I don’t want to constantly be shown up. 4- Andrew would kill me, and I value my life and friendship quite a bit,” James explained.

“I think I know you well enough to realize that you really like a challenge. Yes, all those girls you snog in broom closets are going to keep you content for now, but sooner or later you’ll realize that you want more. That you want a challenge,” Lily argued, “Kristen Wood is the ultimate challenge. She’s smart and she is the only one who can beat you at quidditch. Besides, there is always the challenge of getting her. Sooner or later, I think she’s going to be too interesting for you to resist.”

With that, Lily left the room. She had left the book on the bed. James wondered if his sister had a point. Kristen had always been a challenge to him. He’d found it a bit exhilarating to compete with her at times. She was Kristen Wood though, his best friend’s twin sister and the girl he’d hated and annoyed for the past six years. Lily couldn’t be right. Besides, she was only thirteen. She really had no idea why certain people fell for each other. She didn’t know how Kristen and he worked better than he did. Lily had to be wrong. Didn’t she?



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Chapter 12: The Book and the Train
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Chapter 12

Kristen stuck her hand out the window and waved at her parents. When the train pulled away from the platform, she walked down the aisle, trying to find the compartment where her friends were. By one of the compartments, she saw several kids purchasing candy from the Trolley Lady. That was when it hit Kristen that this was the last time she’d be riding the Hogwarts Express to start a new year at Hogwarts.

She was interrupted from her thoughts when she stumbled upon the compartment where her friends were sitting.

“Kristen!” Samantha, Kailey, and Kim said simultaneously as Kristen walked into the compartment.

“Hi!” Kristen replied back, taking an open seat.

“Did you know that Olivia Skeeter wrote a book about you and James Potter?” Samantha asked after a while.

“Yeah, I read it.”

“What did you think of it?” Kailey asked.

“It was interesting, that’s for sure,” Kristen replied, “It wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. It pretty much just talked about how much we hated each other, which everyone already knows.”

“What did you think about that comment about yours and James’s sexual tension?” Kim asked.

“Totally uncalled for and untrue,” Kristen replied, “If I find out who wrote that anonymous quote, I’m going to punch them in the face.”

“I don’t think that you and James have sexual tension,” Kim stated, “However, I’m sure that there are several people who do.”

Kristen put her head in her hands. She was going to kill whoever had made up such a lie. Really, her and James Potter, the arrogant boy she had hated for years? If they were going to make up a lie, they could at least have made it slightly more realistic and believable. No one would ever believe that Kristen Wood and James Potter had sexual tension. Would they?


“So did any of you read the book about James and Kristen?” Fred asked.

“Don’t remind me,” Andrew groaned, “Why did that woman have to immortalize my twin sister and best friend’s hatred in a piece of literature?”

“Actually, I believe she immortalized their sexual tension,” Louis added.

Andrew groaned. Of course someone would bring that up.

“That was the worst part of the book. I’ve been having nightmares about the things that would happen if you two really did have sexual tension,” Andrew said.

“Would it really be that bad?” Fred asked.

“Yes, it would be. I’d probably catch some glimpses of the two of them snogging, which is definitely not something I want to see or even think of. Also, what happens if it were to end badly, which it most likely would considering how much the two of them currently hate each other? What if I’m forced to choose between one of my best friends and my sister? Merlin that would be just awful.”

Andrew shuddered at the awful thought.

“Besides, there’s the small fact that we absolutely hate each other,” James pointed out, “How exactly do you get ‘sexual tension’ from that?”

“Maybe it’s like muggle soap operas,” Jessica stated, walking into the compartment, “The two of you hate each other and then you one day realize that you’re madly in love with each other.”

“You’d be the couple that everyone loves,” Taylor added, joining the group.

“Or hated, considering that their houses hate each other,” Louis corrected.

“What if the two of you did get together and ended the huge rivalry between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw?” Fred asked, “I really would like not to be glared at by Ravenclaws.”

“I can’t believe you even think it’s a good idea for them to get together,” Andrew stated.

“Everyone listen up,” James said, “Kristen Wood and I will never get together, you can count on that.”

“Ten galleons says that he fancies her by the end of the year but she doesn’t fancy him back,” Fred whispered in Jessica’s ear, causing her to giggle.

“Ten galleons says that they get together by the end of the year,” she whispered back.


The two of them looked up to see Andrew and James glaring at them. It was definitely going to be an interesting year.




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Chapter 13: Quidditch Tryouts
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Chapter 13

Kristen stood on the quidditch pitch, the remaining members of her team from the previous year behind her, facing the group of people who wanted to join her team. Over the past couple of years, she had found that tryouts were her least favorite part of the year. So many people were cut, and she hated having the rejected people mad at her.

“I will be sticking with the people who remain from the team last year. This means that I will only be looking for one chaser and two beaters. If you do not wish to try out for one of those two positions, you can leave or sit in the stands,” Kristen continued.

A couple of people left after that. Now there were only about twenty people standing before her.

“I just want to say that I’m glad you’re all here. I know we didn’t exactly end last season well. Gryffindor may have beat us but I don’t think it was a game they were proud of,” Kristen stated, “We’ve won eleven out of the twelve games we’ve played against them in the past six years. For some of us, this is our last year before we leave Hogwarts. I know that I’m not going to end this year like I did last year. This year is not going to be easy. I will work you hard, and hopefully we will do amazing. We are going to kick ass at quidditch.”

Cheering followed Kristen’s speech. Everyone standing on that pitch, whether they were going to make the team or not, was determined to win. They had created a new reputation for their house in the past six years. No way was Gryffindor going to strip that reputation from them.

“Let’s start with the chasers,” Kristen finished, “We’ll tryout the beaters after that.”


“Thank you all for coming,” Kristen stated, “Results will be posted in the common room tomorrow morning.”

As everyone left, the remaining members of the team sat down on the bleachers to make their decisions.

“I think Savannah Wood should be the other chaser,” Rose stated, “She was really good.”

“Yeah, and she worked really well with Rose and I during tryouts,” Jason agreed.

“I think she’d make a great addition to our team, but you know everyone is going to be calling favoritism,” Kristen stated, “After all, she is only a third year and my sister.”

“Kristen, every year people call favoritism no matter what,” Kailey pointed out.

“Kailey makes a good point; no matter who you pick, someone is going to be going on about favoritism,” Jason said, “It will all go away once everyone sees how she can play.”

Everyone nodded.

“Now on to the beaters,” Kailey said, “How about that sixth year that almost took your head off, Kristen? I believe his name was Tom Burke?”

“I thought he was pretty good. He hit the target almost every time,” Rose replied.

“I also think that Lorcan guy was pretty good,” Kristen said.

“Personally, I think that Tom and Lorcan would be great beaters. They were very good individually but even better when they worked together,” Jason stated.

“They were quite a bit better than everyone else,” Kailey agreed.

“So are we all in agreement? Savannah Wood will be our new chaser and Tom Burke and Lorcan Scamander will be our new beaters?” Kristen asked.

Everyone nodded in agreement. It was going to be a good year, Kristen could already tell. Ravenclaw was going to win that cup back and prove to everyone how awesome they truly were.


“Alright everyone, we’re going to begin now,” James started, as all the people wanting to join the Gryffindor quidditch team gathered around him, “Anyone who is not from Gryffindor house, please leave. I know you all love me, but I must ask you to leave. Also, the only position we’re needing a new person for is for a beater. I will be keeping the rest of my team from last year. If you are not interested in playing beater, you may leave or sit in the stands.”

He waited a few minutes as the majority of the people left. Once everyone had left, there were about five people.

“We won the cup last year. By no means was that our shining moment. This year, we are going to defeat Ravenclaw without knocking out eleven people in the process. It will be hard work but hopefully we’ll actually be able to defeat the bookworms. Now everyone get in the air and do a few laps around the pitch,” James explained.


“That was a really good tryout;” James said proudly, “Results will be posted tomorrow morning.”

Everyone left as the remaining members of the team began to discuss who the beater should be.

“Personally, I think that Lily was the best out of all of them,” Albus stated.

“She’s your sister!” Taylor exclaimed.

“People will be calling favoritism,” Andrew stated, “Half the team would be related to the captain and the other half would be good friends of his. People are going to be pissed.”

“The Ravenclaw results were posted this morning. Apparently, Savannah is now on the team. Hopefully, people will be too busy calling favoritism on that to notice us,” James said.

“That’s crap mate,” Fred argued, “You are James Potter. People are definitely going to notice.”

“I think that Rachel should be the other beater,” Jessica said.

“She is pretty hot.”

This earned Fred a glare from Jessica.

“She’s really good. I’d say she was as good as Lily. Besides, if Lily didn’t make it this year, she still has four more years to play. This is Rachel’s last chance,” Taylor stated.

“I thought you two hated Rachel?” James asked.

“We don’t exactly hate her; she can just be a bit annoying at times,” Jessica replied, “However, we’re the only ones who have to share a dorm with her. Trust me, if she doesn’t get on the team, she will be bitching for weeks.”

“I’m not putting someone on the team just so you two won’t be annoyed by her.”

“You’re just putting someone on the team because she’s your sister,” Andrew pointed out.

“Kristen did the same bloody thing.”

“Since when do you try to do things exactly like my sister does? I thought you wanted nothing less than to be like her.”

James’s face turned red in anger as he glared at Andrew. How dare he compare James Potter to the annoying Kristen Wood?

“How about we take a vote,” Albus suggested, “All in favor of Rachel, raise your hand.”

Jessica, Taylor, and Andrew raised their hands.

“All in favor of Lily, raise your hand.”

This time, Albus, James, and Fred raised their hand.

“Notice how the only people who raised their hands are related to her,” Taylor murmured in Andrew’s ear.

“It’s a tie,” Jessica stated.

“Actually it’s not,” James corrected, “I’m captain and I technically don’t even need your opinions on who I should put on the team. However, I’m a nice person, so I let everyone vote. Being captain, though, I get the final say if it is a tie. Seeing that it is, it has been decided that Lily Potter is the new Gryffindor beater.”

He turned around and started to walk away, Albus and Fred following close behind him. Jessica, Taylor, and Andrew stood there shocked and angry, shouting one thing simultaneously, “That’s bullshit!”





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Chapter 14: Epiphanies and Awkwardness
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Chapter 14

James Potter found himself with some pretty big problems, and problems were one thing that he did not like. For instance, it was a problem that Kristen Wood had managed to put together a phenomenal team this year. The Ravenclaws had crushed the Hufflepuff team 450 to 0 the week before. Even for the Ravenclaw team that was impressive.

His solution to that problem wasn’t the best. Actually, if anyone found out what he was doing, it would be humiliating. He could imagine the gossip flying around the school if someone found out that James Potter was spying on the Ravenclaw quidditch team. He hated to admit that he was that desperate. He wanted another win against Ravenclaw before he left Hogwarts, and knocking everyone out again was definitely not the way he wanted to win.

That brought James to his second problem: Kristen Wood. There was something about her that seemed a bit different. Since seventh year had started, James had been trying to put his finger on it but he couldn’t figure it out. Could it possibly be the fact that she wasn’t evilly glaring at him like the rest of her house? James mentally agreed to that, trying to push the topic out of his mind, and focus on the quidditch practice.

However, it was when James was hidden underneath the invisibility cloak watching the chasers take shots on Kristen that he finally figured out what had changed about her. Her eyes glistened with determination. They must of done that before, she had been determined from the moment James met him, but he must have been too blinded with hatred towards her to notice. Her hair was messed up and she looked as if she didn’t care about her appearance, yet it was sort of fitting on her. She looked quite good. His eyes drifted down a bit and he realized that the sweat made her uniform stick to her curves.

What the hell? James thought, Am I seriously starting to think that Kristen Wood is hot?

It was when that strain of thought floated through his head that James realized that it was true, and that was unacceptable to him. He hated the girl. That was not going to change. James stood up and quickly made his way out off of the pitch. He had an awful lot of thinking to do.


James quickly made his way up to his dorm. It was a sunny day, even if it was the end of October, so he hoped that his friends were outside, especially Andrew. If he came in, he would just make everything a hell of a lot worse.

“You look troubled,” Louis said as James burst into the dorm.

James quickly looked around the dorm, checking to see if anyone else was in there. Besides Louis and James, Fred was the only one in the room. At least Andrew wasn’t there.

“I’m fine,” James lied.

“James, I thought you were a better liar then that! You are not fine mate. That is quite obvious,” Fred argued.

James walked over to his bed and sat down. As he looked up, they had looks on their faces that meant they definitely wanted answers.

“What troubles you?” Fred asked.

There was no use in lying; his cousins would figure it out sooner or later. Better just to save everyone a lot of time.

“I sort of had an epiphany,” James started slowly, “It’s not really a good epiphany though.”

“What girl was it?” Louis asked, before adding, “Don’t try to deny it; nothing else can make you look that troubled. It was a girl.”

“Well, earlier today I realized that this girl who I had never really noticed in that way before, was actually kind of hot.”

“Who was it?”

“Considering he’s not jumping up and down telling us who this girl is, she must be forbidden. Either she hates him or she’s off limits,” Fred noticed.

“Or both.”

Louis and Fred slyly smiled, having just figured out who their cousin was talking about.

“You realized that Kristen Wood is hot,” Louis stated.

“I’m extremely crazy,” James mumbled, looking down at his feet.

“I know you hate her and I’m good friends with Andrew, but I’m not blind. Looks like you aren’t either,” Fred replied.

“I’m really surprised you didn’t figure that out years ago,” Louis stated.

“Merlin, that girl is hot,” James said.

“What girl?” Andrew asked, walking into the room.

James, Fred, and Louis all froze for a second before blurting out a lie.




Andrew stared at the three of them. It didn’t take a Ravenclaw to tell that they were lying. It also didn’t take one to figure out why.

“You are obviously lying to me. The only reason you would lie to me is if it was my girlfriend or my sister,” Andrew stated, “Considering I don’t currently have a girlfriend, you must be talking about my sister.”

He sat down on his bed, putting his head in his hands.

“Why in Merlin’s name were you talking about my sister being hot?” Andrew asked, not really wanting to know the answer.

“Well, James had an epiphany,” Fred started.

“Merlin, help me.”

“I realized that her hair is really pretty and her eyes are very nice,” James continued, “Her curves-“

James never got the chance to finish because Andrew rose to his feet, shouting, “I do not want to hear about my sister’s figure!”

Everyone was silent for a few seconds.

“James, do you fancy her or do you just find her attractive?” Andrew asked hesitantly.

“I just find her attractive,” James replied, “I still hate her. This doesn’t change anything.”

“Good, but if you hurt her, I will hurt you.”

James knew that that was not an empty threat. The door opened then and Savannah walked in.

“How did you get in here?” Andrew asked.

“I climbed the stairs,” Savannah replied, acting as if her brother was an idiot.

“I think he means how did you get into the common room if you don’t know the password?” Louis asked.

“Well, this third year named Hugo, I think he’s your cousin, is quite a flirt and I think he fancies me. Anyway, I just batted my eyelashes a little and he gave me the password.”

“Merlin help me,” Andrew mumbled again.

He hit his head on the posts of his bed a couple times as everyone watched him.

“What do you want, Savannah?” Andrew asked.

“So you know how you pay me for telling you when Kristen has boyfriends?” Savannah asked.

“Are you serious?” Fred asked.

“That’s a bit obsessive,” James added.

“I need to protect my sister from stupid teenage boys,” Andrew replied, glaring at James.

“What do you do? Break up their relationship?” Louis asked.

“No, I just go and threaten the guy. I tell him if he hurts my sister, I will hurt him. Anyway, who is she dating?”

“Joey Renolds, a seventh year Ravenclaw, asked her out after quidditch practice,” Savannah replied.

With that, Savannah left the room and Andrew got up to follow her.

“Where are you going?” Fred asked.

“I’m going to go threaten Joey Renolds,” Andrew replied, before adding, “By the way, keep your cousins away from my sisters.”

With that, Andrew left the room. Things had just gotten a heck of a lot more awkward.




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Chapter 15: Battling Again
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Chapter 15

James rubbed his sweaty hands against the side of his pants as he walked with Andrew and Fred towards the quidditch pitch. It was the day of their first game against Ravenclaw and he was a bit nervous. Kristen had put together an extremely good team. Today would prove whether James had done the same.

“We are going to beat Ravenclaw today,” James said confidently.

“You’ve been saying that for years, James, and that has yet to happen, unless you count that fail of a win last season that landed everyone in the hospital wing or detention,” Fred pointed out.

“As long as neither of you does something stupid like you did last time, I’ll be happy,” Andrew stated.

“Don’t you two want to win?” James asked, annoyed at their lack of confidence.

“Of course we do, James! It’s just that we’re playing against my sister, and she usually kicks our ass at quidditch.”

James sighed. Andrew had a good point. However, that wasn’t going to cause him to give up before the game had even started. He was going to give it his all and he was going to beat Kristen Wood.


Kristen stood in front of her team in the locker room. Everyone had determined expressions on their faces. They planned on beating Gryffindor.

“Our last game was amazing,” Kristen started, “We crushed those Hufflepuffs. However, Gryffindor doesn’t suck at quidditch nearly as bad as Hufflepuff does. They are going to be a lot harder to beat. Don’t let our last win make you cocky. We have to play our best game if we want to beat them. I believe in everyone single one of you. If I didn’t, you wouldn’t be on the team. Let’s show the school who the rulers of the quidditch pitch are.”

Her team mates cheered. This was going to be an interesting game. Not as interesting as the last time they had played Gryffindor, but no one wanted a repeat of that game. They were just going to fight as hard as they could.


“The game has begun!” Alyssa exclaimed as the whistle was blown, “Potter has the quaffle, as in Albus, passes it to Wood, as in Andrew, who shoots on Wood, as in Kristen, but she saves the quaffle and passes it to Weasley, as in Rose. Is it just me or do these people need different last names?”

This comment got some laughs from the crowd. Between the two teams, there were three Woods, three Potters, and two Weasleys. If they kept saying last names, it was going to be extremely confusing. It always was.

“Rose has the quaffle, she passes to Jason, who passes back to Rose, who drops the quaffle because Lily just sent a bludger in her direction which she barely missed. Such a loving family, isn’t it? James has the quaffle, he passes to Andrew, who passes to Albus, who passes to James, who shoots, but Kristen makes another terrific save, which James doesn’t look to happy about. She passes it to Savannah.

“Savannah passes to Jason, who passes back to Savannah, who passes to Rose, who shoots and scores! The score is now 10-0 Ravenclaw,” Alyssa continued.

The game continued to go on for two hours. The teams were both really good. By the time two hours had passed, the score was 50-30 Ravenclaw. Both Taylor and Kristen, the two keepers, were playing fantastic. All of the beaters were doing a wonderful job of keeping all of the players conscious, which everyone was quite thankful for. The chasers were doing all right; they would have been doing better if the keepers weren’t doing as well. The seekers were still wandering around the pitch, keeping their eyes open for that snitch.

“Andrew has the quaffle, he passes to Albus, who passes to Andrew, who fake shoots before passing to James. She barely misses the quaffle and it goes through the hoop. The score is now 50-40 Ravenclaw. Dang, Kristen sure looks pissed about missing that save,” Alyssa continued, “Savannah now has the quaffle, she passes it to Rose, who tries to pass it back to Savannah, but it’s intercepted by James. He passes to Albus, who passes to Andrew, who passes back to James. James shoots and Kristen dives the other way. Wait! She stuck out her foot and kicked the quaffle away from the hoops. Kristen, that was a nice save but you’re playing quidditch not football.”

Kristen just rolled her eyes. It hadn’t hurt her foot too badly and she had saved the goal. She was going to win this game. No way was she going to let James Potter beat her.

“It looks like the seekers have spotted the snitch!” Alyssa exclaimed, and the crowd grew excited.

Kailey and Jessica were neck and neck, chasing after the snitch. They were both determined to catch it. They were close enough in score that whoever caught the snitch was going to win the game. They just needed a way to distract the other so that they could grab the snitch.

“Have you noticed that Jason has been staring at you this entire game?” Jessica asked Kailey as they raced through the air.

“He probably just wants to see if I’ve caught the snitch or not,” Kailey replied, trying to ignore what Jessica was saying.

“Whatever you say.”

“JESSICA, STOP TALKING AND CATCH THE SNITCH!” James’s voice echoed around the stadium.


“However, you on the other hand seem to have taken a fancying to Fred Weasley,” Kailey continued, acting like she didn’t hear her captain.

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” Jessica asked, her ears getting a little pink.

“I just think you fancy him. Unless, of course, those doodles on your Potion’s notes saying ‘JT+FW’ with a heart around it is referring to someone else.”

Jessica’s heart stopped for a second. Kailey was a Ravenclaw; she was supposed to be paying attention to what the teacher was saying, not looking at what her potions partner was doodling. However, denial had always worked for Jessica, and she had no reason why it wouldn’t work now.

“I have no idea what the hell you’re talking about,” Jessica said casually, turning her head to where Kailey had been.

Her moment of distraction had cost her though. Kailey had been able to pass her and was yards in front of her. James was screaming like a banshee. Jessica leaned forward on her broom, trying to coax it to go even faster. Her efforts were useless though, because seconds later, Jessica heard the cheers from the Ravenclaw section.

“Kailey Nielson has caught the snitch! Ravenclaw wins!”

Thanks to Kailey and Fred, Gryffindor had lost the game. James was going to be pissed. Damn them all, she thought angrily as she prepared to meet the angry Gryffindor mob.




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Chapter 16: More than Friends
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Chapter 16

Jessica quickly dashed out of the common room, desperate to escape the glares of the people in her house. Everyone was so angry at her. She knew she screwed up. James had yelled at her loud enough to wake the dead and everyone she ran into reminded her of it. Jessica just wanted to forget that the game had ever happened.

Thinking of what Kailey had said made her blood boil. Kailey had pushed her buttons and caused her to be distracted from the game. If Kailey hadn’t screwed with Jessica’s mind, Gryffindor could have won the game. Of course it didn’t help that everything Kailey had said was true. She did fancy Fred. She had fancied him since third year. However, she was certain that the friend zone was where she’d be spending the rest of her time.

“Jessica! Wait up!” she heard a voice call behind her.

She froze. She would recognize that voice from anywhere. In most cases, she would have been thrilled to talk to him. However, she was certain that he was just going to yell at her like everyone else. She had to face him, though. Otherwise, he could figure out what really was bothering her.

“Hi Fred,” Jessica replied, plastering a fake smile on her face as she turned around.

No matter how much she didn’t want to see him at the moment, her heart started to beat faster. Her fake smile turned into a real one. Damn, this confrontation was not going to be easy at all.

“Why aren’t you in the common room with everyone else?” Fred asked.

“In case you didn’t notice, everyone hates me,” Jessica replied, “They hate me more then they hated James after the house cup game last year.”

“I don’t think they hate you that much. You just got distracted; we all get distracted at times. Why were you talking to Kailey anyway?”

“I was trying to distract her!”

“Well, it seems as if that kind of back fired.”

Jessica looked at the ground and nodded.

“What were you two talking about any way?”

Jessica gulped. This conversation was definitely not heading in the direction that she wanted it to.

“Just potions homework,” Jessica lied, “I just got really excited that I did better on the homework than she did.”

“You really suck at lying, Jess,” Fred replied, “Anyway, you told me yesterday that you got an acceptable on the homework while Kailey got an outstanding.”

This wasn’t really going well for Jessica. She was making a fool out of herself. He was going to find out eventually. It would make things so awkward.

“There are not many things that can get you to freak out and be that distracted,” Fred pondered.

“I think I’m going to go to sleep now so I’ll see you tomorrow Fred,” Jessica stated, heading back towards the common room.

“It’s only three in the afternoon!”

Jessica continued walking towards the common room, acting as if she didn’t hear what he had said. However, what he said next caused her to stop in her tracks.

“Were you talking about me?”

Fuck, Jessica thought, This isn’t happening. I just have to stay calm and deny everything. Maybe I can save our friendship.

“No, of course not,” Jessica stuttered, “That’s preposterous. Why -”

She was interrupted before she could ask her question though. He had pressed her lips against hers. She had to admit, it felt more amazing than her wildest dreams. Had he actually fallen for her? She kissed him back hard, clearing her mind of any doubts she had. He ran his fingers through her hair. They stayed there for a few seconds before separating from each other.

“That was amazing,” Fred whispered.

“Totally,” Jessica agreed.

“We should do that again.”

He leaned in but she stopped him. As much as she loved Fred, she hadn’t been blind to his long line of snog buddies that had come and go over the years. Jessica was determined not to end up being on of them.

“Fred, I really fancy you, but if you’re just interested in using me as your next snog buddy, I’m not interested,” Jessica stated firmly.

“Why would I do that?” Fred asked.

“Well, you never really have actual relationships. It’s pretty much just snogging random girls all the time in broom closets. If you’re planning the same thing with me, I’m not interested. It’s better just to tell me now.”

Fred grabbed her hand and looked her in the eyes. It was strange for Jessica, because he actually looked serious for once.

“Jessica, I’ve been really good friends with you since first year. We’ve been there for each other through everything. Do you think I’d risk losing a friend like you just to try and make you a snog buddy?” Fred asked, “I’ve fancied you for months, Jess. I first realized it when you were knocked unconscious during that quidditch game last May. Holding you in my arms as I brought you to the ground made me realize that I wanted to be more to you than just a friend. That I couldn’t stand the idea of losing you.

“If I was brave, I would have told you when you woke up. I have no idea why I’m in Gryffindor, because I’m not all that brave. When you were being very vague about what you were talking about, I realized that you might fancy me as well. So I risked it. Jess, will you be my girlfriend?”

“Yes!” Jessica exclaimed, tackling him with a hug.

For the first time that day, Jessica was glad that Kailey had been such a pain in the ass. She didn’t care that most of Gryffindor was pissed at her. She didn’t even care that they had lost the game. After all, there were more important things in life, and quidditch was just a game.




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Chapter 17: Snowball Fights and Second Base
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Chapter 17

Kristen scooped up a chunk of snow and started rounding it into a ball, not taking her eyes off of her date, Joey, who was currently talking to Dylan Richards. Why Joey talked to that slime ball, she didn’t know. However, it gave her a perfect opportunity to do what she had been wanting to do all year.

“Oi! Joey!” Kristen exclaimed, causing Joey to turn around.

She threw the snowball towards his face, which barely missed him because he had ducked. Instead, it smacked into Dylan Richards’ face. He looked extremely angry at her, but that was nothing new. So he just flipped her off and stormed away.

“Don’t flip her off, Richards!” Joey yelled at his friend, who ignored him.

Joey then turned to Kristen.

“What the bloody hell was that for?” he asked, giving her a nasty look.

“It’s called having fun, Joey,” Kristen replied, smiling, “You should try it sometime.”

His face got redder and for a second, she thought he was going to explode. However, he just mumbled, “Let’s get back to the castle.”

They continued up the path in silence for a while, until Joey decided to try and break the awkwardness.

“So when is the next quidditch game?” Joey asked.

To be honest, he wasn’t a too big of fan of the sport. However, he knew that Kristen loved it, considering she was captain of the team, and he was trying to make an effort.

“Our next quidditch game is not until March,” Kristen replied, “The next game that is going to be played is in February, between Hufflepuff and Gryffindor.”

“Who do you play next?” Joey asked.

“We play Slytherin. It really doesn’t matter what happens in that game though. Since we already beat Hufflepuff and Gryffindor, we’re going on to the finals no matter what. However, I really would like to beat Slytherin as well.”

“I’m sure you guys will. Their team isn’t very good this year. They barely beat Hufflepuff, and that’s saying something.”

Kristen smiled. She knew that her team was going to beat Slytherin, something that was sure to piss off the Gryffindor team even more. They still hadn’t gotten over the fact that Ravenclaw had beaten them. Oh well, it wasn’t her fault that Kailey had managed to distract Jessica during the chase for the snitch.

“Do you like the snow?” Joey asked.

“Well, it’s amazing for snowball fights, but other than that, it drives me crazy. The snowball fights make it worth it though.”

“I never pictured you for the snowball fight type of girl.”

“My brother and his friends are always at our house during the winter. If I wouldn’t come out and join in the fight, they would bring snow inside and chuck it at me. So naturally, I worked hard so I could kick their asses and make them embarrassed because they got beat by a girl.”

The two of them laughed as they headed inside. Immediately they were greeted by the warmth of the castle, which felt extremely good compared to the frigidness of outdoors.

“Come on,” Joey said, grabbing Kristen’s hand and leading her down a corridor.

“Where are we going?” Kristen asked, “Final exams are coming up! I have to study!”

“You study way too much Kristen! You need to let loose and have some fun!”

He was the one telling her to have fun after the scene that had taken place minutes before? He certainly was a bit strange. Kristen rolled her eyes.
“I actually enjoy studying, thank you very much. Besides, if I don’t study, I’m not going to do well on the exams,” she stated confidently.

“You’re the best in our year. If you miss one night of studying, you are not going to do horribly on the exams,” Joey pointed out, “Besides, they aren’t for three more weeks!”

Joey pushed aside a tapestry and pulled Kristen inside.

“Where are we?” Kristen asked, looking around the dark corridor they were now inside, “Is this some sort of passageway?”

He shoved her against the wall and pushed his lips against hers. So this was just a new snogging spot. Of course it was. That seemed like all Joey wanted to do and that kind of annoyed her. She felt more like a snog buddy then a girlfriend.

She could feel his hand making its way down her back, inching closer and closer to her butt. Not bothering to move her lips, she grabbed his arm, moving it higher up her back. It seemed like he was always trying to get farther with her. They’d only been dating for a couple weeks. She thought that he was rushing things way too fast. Besides, she wasn’t a slag.

His arm only stayed there for a minute though. Soon she could feel it creeping around towards her chest, which once again annoyed her. Couldn’t he just realize that she wasn’t comfortable with going there yet?

She pulled away from him, looking quite annoyed.

“What’s wrong babe?” Joey asked.

“You keep trying to get to second base with me,” Kristen replied.

“I don’t see what the problem with that is.”

“I don’t want to get to second base!”

“Surely you’ve gotten to second base before. Probably even farther than that.”

“Actually, I haven’t, and I don’t plan on doing that any time soon.”

Joey stared at his girlfriend in shock. This was quite a surprise. Of course he knew that she wasn’t the type of girl who would do it with anyone and everyone, but he had thought that maybe she’d gone the distance in the past. She had had a few boyfriends before. After all, this was Hogwarts, and he had found out that hardly anyone was as innocent as they seemed.

“You’re eighteen, babe,” Joey stated, “It’s time to grow up a bit. There are fourth years who’ve done more than you have. That’s kind of sad.”

“Yes, it is sad that there are people as young as fourth year doing terrible stuff. I am not a slag Joey. Never have been, and never will be. If you can’t accept that, then you better just walk away now,” Kristen replied fiercely.

He was silent for a minute. For a second, Kristen actually thought that he was just going to walk away. Instead, he took a deep breath, smiled, and looked her in the eye.

“That’s alright, babe,” Joey replied, “I can wait. I’m glad you’re not a slag.”

She smiled at him, glad that he hadn’t left. She grabbed his hand and walked out of the corridor. Hopefully, their relationship would last.





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Chapter 18: The Broom Closet
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Chapter 18

It was Friday afternoon of the week before exams started. In a week, all of the exams would be over and Winter break would begin. They would have three weeks to have tons of fun, see family, and relax. It was something that everyone needed.

“Do you guys think you’re ready for final exams?” Samantha asked.

“I think so,” Kristen replied, “I’m definitely going to study more though, just in case.”

“Yeah, it’s better to be safe than sorry,” Kim agreed.

“We all have to definitely see each other over Winter break,” Kailey stated, changing the topic to something that was actually interesting to discuss.

“Well, once again my family is holding our annual New Years Eve party. You three are invited, of course. We’ll at least see each other then,” Kristen replied.

“That party is always so much fun!” Samantha exclaimed.

They were passing a broom closet when suddenly they heard sounds coming from inside it.

“I better take care of this,” Kristen stated, “I’ll meet you three back in the common room when I’m all done.”

“Alright, good luck Kristen,” Kailey said, before walking away with Samantha and Kim.

Kristen took a deep breath. This was Kristen’s least favorite part about being a prefect. It was her obligation to remove people from broom closets and give them detention. Luckily, most of the time they still had most of their clothes on when she found them. A lot of people at Hogwarts might be slags, but at least they had some class. Most people wouldn’t go all the way in a broom closet.

Kristen opened the door to see two people, half dressed, and sucking on each other’s face. Kristen gasped, realizing who the people are.

“Haven’t you heard of privacy?” the girl, a notorious fifth year Hufflepuff slag, asked.

“Well, I’m a prefect so it is my obligation to remove people from broom closets,” Kristen replied, “Also, considering you’re trying to shag my boyfriend, I think I have the right to interrupt.”

She heard Joey mumble some swear word under his breath, realizing who had found him. He stood up and faced her. He wasn’t wearing a shirt and his pants were unbuttoned.

“The two of you will be receiving detention,” Kristen said, trying to keep her voice from shaking.

She was so angry. She had thought that Joey had understood and was OK with the fact that she didn’t want to go as far as he wanted her to. Obviously that hadn’t been the case.

“What the hell is that for?” Joey asked, angry, “You have no right to do that!”

“Actually, since I’m a prefect, I do,” Kristen replied, “You will now have two detentions Joseph for arguing with a prefect.”

Before Kristen turned around, she saw him cringe at the sound of his real name. It served him right. She started to walk away when he heard her call from behind her.

“I never fancied you!” Joey called.

She turned around slowly, now glaring at him.

“Excuse me?” she asked, itching to punish him even further.

“I never fancied you,” Joey repeated, “I was dared to see if I could get in your pants because everyone else was too disgusted to try. Why would anyone ever fancy you? You’re the ugliest person to ever walk these halls!”

From in the broom closet, Kristen heard Alexis laugh but she didn’t care. She was totally focused on what Joey was saying to her.

“Also, Kristen, has anyone ever mentioned how fat you are?” he continued, “I honestly have no idea how you’re able to stay up on a broom. I wouldn’t be surprised if it just snapped because of your weight. You really shouldn’t eat so much!”

Once again that annoying laugh came from the broom closet. Kristen was just about ready to hex that bitch. However, the terrible things that Joey was saying to her had her way too preoccupied to even think about doing anything other than listening.

“I was doing you a favor, Kristen. I gave you the opportunity to lose your V card and you just threw it away. I guess you’ll just have to remain an ugly, fat virgin forever. I gave you a golden opportunity out of the goodness of my heart so that you had a chance to change that but you turned me down! I hope you like cats, because you’re going to be a crazy cat lady with no friends, bitch! The only reason you have friends now is because you’re brother threatens people to be nice with you! If he didn’t, you would be alone, because no one wants to be friends with someone like you.

“So give me a detention, bitch. Give me all the detentions you want. That’s not going to change the fact that you’re going to die alone, because no one is going to be friends with you on their own free will.”

Kristen stood their stunned. She had known Joey for years and never had she thought he was capable of saying things so mean. Kristen wanted to cry, but that wasn’t the type of person she was. She was going to stay strong. Otherwise, Joey would think he won and Kristen was not going to let that happen.

“Fuck you,” she said, before turning around.

“Come back here, bitch!” Joey shouted, “I’m not done talking to you!”

Kristen ignored him. He didn’t deserve any more of her time. Instead, she proudly raised her hand above her head and stuck up her middle finger, gaining applause from the small crowd that had formed around them. This is what he deserved.




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Chapter 19: Tears and Fists
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Chapter 19

James and Andrew hurried towards the library. They had been casually hanging around their common room when they realized that exams were in a little over two days. Neither of them cared too much about them, but their parents did, and they wouldn’t be too happy if James and Andrew failed all of them. So the two boys were off to the library, hoping to find a Ravenclaw who was willing to help them study.

“What’s the possibility that there will be a Ravenclaw in the library?” James asked.

“Well, considering it’s the week before exams, I think the possibility that we’ll find a Ravenclaw in our year in the library is pretty high,” Andrew replied, “Besides, we can go up to the Ravenclaw common room if we have to.”

“Do you know how to answer the riddle to get in?”

“No, I don’t. We’ll just have to convince some first year to let us in or hope we see one of my sisters.”

They continued walking towards the library, and soon they saw a familiar face run by.

“Kristen! Wait up!” Andrew shouted, hoping that she would be willing to help them.

However, Kristen didn’t stop. She just continued running in the direction of Ravenclaw tower.

“What’s wrong with her?” James asked.

“I have no idea,” Andrew replied, “But I plan on finding out.”

With that, he took off after Kristen, James right on his heels. It took a little while, but Andrew managed to stop her on one of the moving stair cases.

“Kristen, are you OK?” Andrew asked.

He was pretty sure he already knew the answer to that. Kristen had tears in her eyes, but was trying really hard not to let them show. She also looked angrier than she ever had before, which was really saying something, considering how often she got pissed off at James.

“No I am not OK,” Kristen croaked.

“What happened?” Andrew asked.

“Well, I caught my asshole of a boyfriend, who is now my ex boyfriend, trying to shag Alexis Hall in a broom closet. When I gave him detention, he started yelling at me and called me things like ugly, fat, bitch, along with telling me that I have no real friends because you threaten them all and that I’m going to end up a crazy cat lady because no one wants to be around me.”

Andrew and James stood there shocked as a tear rolled down Kristen’s cheek. Realizing what was going on, Kristen turned and dashed towards the Ravenclaw common room, ashamed that she had let James Potter see her cry. She was sure he would rub it in her face later. Once his sister had left, Andrew turned around and headed back down stairs.

“Where are you going?” James asked, following his friend.

“I’m going to find this asshole and beat the shit out of him,” Andrew replied, “No one treats my sister like that and gets away with it.”

“I’m going with you.”

“James, you know that if you help me, you’ll probably wind up in detention, don’t you?”

“I don’t care. I’m going to help you. No one should be treated like that. Hopefully, this will send a message to the school that no one treats a person like that and gets away with it. I have Lily to look out for. I’m going to make sure that no one messes with her or anyone else.”

Andrew said nothing in reply even though he wasn’t entirely sure if that was the entire reason James wanted to help. The two of them reached the broom closet. There were still sounds coming from inside it, meaning that Joey and Alexis must have continued doing what they had been doing before Kristen had caught them. Andrew yanked open the door and sure enough, the two were getting dirty in there.

“Sorry, but your shag session is over,” James said, taking Alexis and throwing her out of the closet.

The girl was a bitch and a slag, but she wasn’t the one they planned on being the crap out of. She quickly rose to her feet and sprinted down the hall, causing several people to turn and stare, considering she wasn’t really wearing suitable clothing.

“What the hell?” Joey shouted, unexpected by the blitz attack.

James and Andrew ignored him though. Andrew took his fist and smashed it into Joey’s jaw. Soon James joined in. Joey fought back though, once in a while landing a punch on one of the two guys. Suddenly a force propelled the three of them apart. When they looked up, they saw a seriously pissed off Minerva McGonagall standing before them.

“Fighting is not tolerated at this school!” McGonagall exclaimed.

“They just came in and started beating the crap out of me, professor!” Joey protested, trying to sound innocent, “I had to protect myself.”

“He said the worst things a person could say to my sister!” Andrew shouted, “He deserved what he got!”

“I have been informed of the situation,” McGonagall stated, “I have come to the conclusion that all three of you will receive detention for a month.”

“Why should I have detention for a month?” Joey asked angrily.

“I do not permit bullying of any kind, Mr. Renolds. What you said to Miss Wood is not acceptable. Those are cruel and untrue words. Your actions were just as bad, if not worse, than Mr. Wood and Mr. Potter’s actions were. As I said, all three of you will have detention for a month, starting once we return from Winter break.”

With that, McGonagall walked away. Taking one last glare at Joey, James and Andrew took off towards the Ravenclaw common room, wanting to make sure that Kristen was alright.





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Chapter 20: Siblings and Friends
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Chapter 20

Luckily for James and Andrew, when they arrived at the Ravenclaw common room, there were a group of first years heading in that they were able to slip in behind. First years were always so oblivious. Now the tricky part was how to get up the stairs to the seventh year girls dorm, where Kristen would most likely be.

“Rose!” James called out to his cousin who was studying by the fireplace.

She looked up, and James waved her over.

“What are you two doing here?” she asked, “Considering we beat you last month in quidditch, I’m pretty sure that you two are not Ravenclaws.”

James glared at his cousin. Of course she would still be rubbing that in his face.

“We need to get up to the seventh year girls dorm,” Andrew stated, “We really need to speak to my sister.”

“Well the stairs slide if a guy tries and climbs up them,” Rose replied, “However, I guess I could levitate the two of you up.”

“Thanks Rose,” James and Andrew stated as she pulled out her wand.

It was quite entertaining to watch the two of them get levitated up the stairs, and Ravenclaws gathered around to watch, but about a minute later, both of them were standing in the seventh grade girls dorm. Samantha, Kailey, and Kim sat in a circle on the floor, reviewing notes. However, Kristen was nowhere in sight.

“Have you seen my sister?” Andrew asked.

All three of the girls, having been too preoccupied with their studying to notice the intrusion, jumped. Once they realized who was standing before them, they calmed down.
“Yeah, she grabbed her broom and a beaters bat before flying out the window,” Samantha replied.

“Kailey, could I borrow your broom?”

“Sure, just bring it back when you’re done,” Kailey replied, before getting up and handing the broom to Andrew.

Everyone watched as Andrew flew out the window, heading towards the quidditch pitch. That just left James awkwardly standing there.

“Kristen looked really mad and upset when she came in,” Kim stated, “You don’t happen to know what happened, do you?”

James nodded before telling them everything. By the time he was finished, everyone’s jaw had dropped and all three of the girls looked extremely pissed.

“That’s terrible!” Kim exclaimed.

“I never knew he was such an asshole!” Kailey added.

“What I want to know is why you helped Andrew beat the shit out of him,” Samantha stated.

“Andrew is my friend, and I was right there. I also wanted to show the school that you don’t mess with people like that so my sister will never be treated like Kristen was,” James replied.

“I don’t think you’re telling the entire truth,” Kailey stated, “Going into it, you knew that you would end up with detention. Considering that you got a ton of detentions less than a year ago, you wouldn’t risk doing something like that unless it really was worth it.”

“As I said, I didn’t want anyone to treat my sister like that in the future.”

“James, if that was entirely the case, you would have gone back to Hogwarts and beat the crap out of the guy that hurt your sister if that ever happened. There is definitely something more,” Kim argued, “I think you fancy Kristen.”

James thought that was crazy. Yes, he still thought that Kristen was hot, but he didn’t think he fancied her. There was a huge difference. He was just helping a friend and protecting his family in the future.

“That’s preposterous!” James exclaimed, “We hate each other!”

“That’s a lie,” Kailey stated, “You fancy her.”

“Wow, this is something I never thought was going to happen,” Samantha said.

“I think the two of you would be quite cute together,” Kim added.

“I don’t fancy her! I just find her hot!” James exclaimed.

“Personally, I think you do fancy her. You just might not know it yet,” Kailey stated, “Anyway, we’re going to help you get together with her.”

Now that was definitely not something he’d seen coming. He hadn’t ever been particularly nice to the three of them. He’d even come up with the plan that landed Kailey in the hospital wing for a wing last spring! Could this possibly be a way of embarrassing him and getting the revenge they’d wanted for the past six months?

“Why would you do that?”

“Three reasons: one, we think the two of you would be really cute together,” Kim started.

“Two, we hope that if you’re together, a lot of the fighting between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw will stop,” Samantha continued, “You two started the rivalry, you might be able to end it.”

“Three, we don’t think you two actually hate each other. You definitely don’t hate her, considering you received tons of detentions because some guy wronged her. However, we don’t think she hates you either. Something changed after that game last May. She no longer talks about how much you annoy her. Whatever you said when you apologized to her, you must have really said something sentimental.”

James smiled. It was going to be weird having Kristen’s friends try and get him and her together. He was just going to see how things went.


Andrew flew on to the quidditch field to see Kristen whacking a bludger really hard. He could tell her eyes were red and that she had a thin line of tears flowing down her face that she tried to get rid of by constantly wiping at it.

“You would have made a decent beater,” Andrew stated.

Kristen turned to face him briefly before smacking the bludger once again.

“Everything that Joey said to you was a lie,” Andrew said.

“No it wasn’t,” Kristen mumbled, “He made a lot of decent points.”

Andrew couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Kristen had more self confidence usually than most people he knew. Never had he thought that someone’s words could reduce her to this.

“Kristen, you know that isn’t true,” Andrew told his sister.

“It is, though! He’s the second person to ever call me ugly, Andrew! Besides, I do eat a lot more than most people do,” Kristen argued.

“First of all, the other person who called you ugly was just James being an immature second year trying to make a joke. He didn’t really mean it. Second of all, the reason you eat more than most people is because you burn more calories than most people from playing quidditch so often.”

“Then why would he say these awful things to me?”

Andrew took a deep breath. He immobilized the bludger that was still soaring around the field and turned to his sister.

“He was trying to justify cheating. So he just picked some of the nastiest words he could and threw them at you. They’re lies though. Every single thing he said to you was a lie. You’re not fat. You’re not ugly. You’re not a bitch. You’re not going to end up being a crazy cat lady. I didn’t threaten any of your friends to be friends with you. You’re not a slag like a lot of people in this school, but by no means is that a bad thing. You are a beautiful and wonderful person, Kristen,” Andrew said, “Don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise.”

Kristen softly smiled, wiping the tears from her face. She was going to get through it. Her self confidence was probably going to be a bit shaky for a while, but she could get past that. She wasn’t going to let this cause her to fail her exams or do something stupid. Her brother had really helped her see that. Joey was just a typical cheating asshole.

“Andrew,” Kristen said.

“Yeah?” Andrew asked.

“Thanks for being there for me.”






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Chapter 21: Admitting the Truth
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Chapter 21

It was now Winter break and Christmas was only a few short days away. Snow sprinkled the ground outside, and often kids could be found playing in it. Everyone was in such happy spirits. Andrew could still see a sad expression on Kristen’s face once in a while when she thought he wasn’t looking, but for the most part, she seemed to be doing a lot better, which Andrew was thankful for.

Currently, Fred, Louis, James, and Andrew sat in James’s room. This was the last chance they’d see of each other until the annual Christmas party the Potter’s hosted the day after Christmas.

“So who did you all get for secret Santa?” Louis asked.

Secret Santa was a thing all of the kids did every year at the Christmas Party. They would pull names from a hat and have to get that person a present.

“I got Rose,” Fred replied, “I wish I could have gotten someone a little more fun to buy for. All she ever wants are books.”

“I got Taylor,” Andrew stated happily, “I’m not sure what to buy her though.”

“You could always just get her some quidditch stuff,” James replied.

“Yeah, but I want to get her something special.”

“Does Andrew have a crush?” Fred taunted.

“No, that’s ridiculous.”

However, his face gave away the fact that he was lying. He blushed just as red as most of the Weasleys did, which was really saying something.

“You do fancy her!” James exclaimed, “Taylor and Andrew sitting in a tree, K-I-“

James would have finished his little rhyme, except Andrew tackled him to the ground before he got the chance. This caused Fred and Louis to roll on the floor laughing.

“Shut the bloody hell up!” Andrew shouted.

“I will when you admit that you fancy Taylor,” James replied.

“While you’re at it, you should admit that you fancy Kristen, James,” Fred stated.

Andrew groaned, getting off of James and putting his head in his hands. He’d thought for a little while now that his friend’s feelings for his sister were a little deeper than James wished to admit. To be honest, it really bothered him that his best friend fancied his sister. He wondered how James’s uncle Ron had felt when he learned that his best friend fancied his sister. He probably wasn’t too happy about it.

“That’s preposterous. I don’t fancy Kristen,” James lied, “I just think she’s hot. That’s all.”

“If you just thought she was hot, you wouldn’t have beaten the shit out of Joey Renolds knowing that you would end up with a boat load of detentions,” Louis pointed out.

“I was trying to make a point!”

“Bullshit!” Fred argued, “You fancy Kristen! Just admit it already, James!”

Andrew kept his head in hands, softly muttering to himself, ‘this isn’t happening’ over and over again.

“Fine, I fancy her!” James exclaimed, giving up his protests, “I fancy Kristen Wood! Are you happy I admitted it?”

“No!”Andrew replied.

“I’m sorry, Andrew. Would you have preferred if I just lied about the fact that I have feelings for your sister?”

“Actually, yes I would, James. For six years, you’ve done nothing but been an ass to her. You almost killed her six months ago! Then suddenly a couple months ago I hear you talking about how you think she’s hot and now you’re telling me you bloody fancy her! That’s crazy James! You have done nothing but hurt her for six years! I’m absolutely terrified about the fact that you have feelings for her! You’ve never had an actual relationship, just bimbos you snog in a broom closet!

“I am frightened to even think how capable you are of hurting her, and this kind of hurt would hurt her a hell of a lot more than the stupid pranks you’ve been pulling for years. You saw and heard what Renolds did to her. I don’t think anyone has ever seen Kristen in a worse state then I did that day she caught him cheating and he said those terrible things to her. That hurt her a lot, but you are capable of causing a lot more pain to her then he was.

“You’ve known her for six years, James. You’ve had a relationship of hate with her for six years. If you were to pursue these feelings of yours and for some fucked up reason she felt the same way towards you, you would have the power to destroy her. If you used this power, I don’t give a shit if you’re my best friend or not James, I will hurt you. I will hurt you so badly that you’ll wish you’ve never been born. Just, don’t hurt my sister.”

After Andrew was finished, everyone was quiet. Never before had they seen Andrew go that crazy. James was honestly terrified for his life. He fancied Kristen, but maybe it wasn’t worth all the trouble it would cause.

“I’m sorry Andrew,” James mumbled, “I won’t do anything to pursue her. However, I do have to get her something. I got her for secret Santa.”

“If you get her the same thing you got her last time, I will never speak to you again,” Andrew replied.

Once before, in their second year, James had gotten Kristen as the person he had to buy a gift for. However, that had been when James was extremely immature. He had gotten her a makeup kit, telling her it would hide some of her ugliness and that she should use it. After that fiasco, Andrew had ignored him for weeks and Kristen’s hatred for him seemed to grow.

“I’m not that stupid anymore,” James replied, “I was thinking of maybe getting her a book. Do you know what kind of books she likes?”

“Books written by muggles,” Andrew answered, “Either fantasy, action, or adventure. Just don’t get her any lovey dovey crap. She’d probably just chuck it out the window.”

“I can’t imagine your sister chucking any book out a window,” Louis stated, “The Ravenclaws would probably kick her out of their house.”

“It would be quite fun to watch,” Fred agreed.

“You could always get Taylor jewelry that has quidditch stuff on it or something like that,” James suggested to Andrew.

“Do you think she would like that?” Andrew asked.

“She wears jewelry, especially earrings, all the time; they’d definitely be worn a lot. She also loves quidditch, so you’re good there. Besides, she’s a really good friend of yours. She’s going to like anything you give her.”

“Thanks, James. I do fancy her; I just don’t want to ruin our friendship.”

“You just have to look for an opening, mate,” Fred stated, “Maybe you could have James totally flip out at her too for something quidditch related. It worked well enough for Jessica and I.”

James glared at his cousin. He hated flipping out at people on his team; he only did it when necessary, such as his seeker being unable to catch the snitch because she was talking. Last thing he wanted to do was to purposely flip out on someone else to help them get together with his cousin.

“Can you believe that all of us are leaving our broom closet snogging days behind? Whoever thought that the four of us would end up falling for girls like them?” Louis asked.

“You didn’t mention that there was a girl you fancied,” Andrew stated.

“Who is she?” James asked.

“Alyssa Lee,” Louis replied.

“The quidditch announcer?” Fred asked.

Louis nodded shyly.

“Wow, I guess our snogging bimbos days are behind us,” James stated.

All four of them were quite happy to have put that behind them. It was more exciting to actually try and go for a girl with a personality. A girl who didn’t just want them for the snog. They had all found a girl worth fighting for.





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Chapter 22: Christmas At The Weasley's
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Chapter 22

“So Fred, I heard you got a girlfriend,” Bill Weasley stated, “Who is she?”

It was Christmas Day and the entire Weasley family was having dinner at the burrow, all in their Weasley sweaters that Molly continued to make over the years.

“Her name is Jessica Thomas,” Fred replied.

“Dean’s daughter?” Ron asked.

Fred nodded.

“I can’t believe my son has finally settled down,” George said, “I never thought it would happen.”

“Now if only James would settle down as well,” Ginny sighed.

“I’m right here you know,” James mumbled.

“All he ever does is snog a bunch of bimbos in broom closets!”

“Who the hell do you have spying on me, mum?”

He turned to face his brother and sister, the two most likely suspects. Albus just looked normal while Lily was smirking. She was definitely the spy.

“You’re spying on me for mum?” James asked angrily.

“As a matter of fact, I am,” Lily replied, standing her ground, “It’s a good source of money.”

He turned back to face his mum.

“Well, if your spy was actually accurate, you would know that I haven’t been snogging anybody in broom closets for a while,” James stated.

“He’s telling the truth,” Louis said.

“What has caused you to stop snogging in broom closets?” Harry asked, “Do you have yourself a secret girlfriend?”

“He wishes he does,” Fred mumbled.

“What was that, Fred?” his mum, Angelina, asked.

“I believe he said, ‘he wishes he does’, “Fred’s little sister Roxanne replied.

“So James, who is this girl that has sparked your interest?” Percy asked.

This received quite a few glances between the other members of the family, for Percy never usually talked about interesting things like this. However, no one said anything, desperately wanting to continue on the conversation.

“It is none of your business!” James exclaimed.

“We could always slip him some veritiserum,” Ron whispered to Hermione, earning him a slap on the arm.

“That’s illegal!” Hermione exclaimed.

“How about we play a game,” Fred said, “You ask me questions about this person that James fancies and I’ll answer with yes or no.”

“Sounds good to me,” Harry stated, and all the other relatives agreed.

“No!” James exclaimed, sending a stunning spell across the table at his cousin.

There were advantages to being seventeen. One of them was that a person could use magic outside of Hogwarts. That meant that Fred and James could legally duel across the Christmas dinner. Fred managed to block James’s stunning spell. James kept sending spells at Fred, who kept blocking them.

“Is she in your year?” Grandpa Arthur asked.

“Yes!” Fred replied.

“Does she play quidditch?” Charlie asked.


“Is she in Gryffindor?” Grandma Molly asked.


“Is she in Ravenclaw?” Percy’s daughter Lucy asked.


“Does she have any relatives in Gryffindor?” Rose asked.


“Merlin’s pants! James fancies Kristen Wood!” Albus exclaimed.

“I knew it!” Lily screamed.

“No I don’t!” James lied.

“Yes you do!” Rose argued, “Now it makes sense why you wanted to go up to her dormitory with Andrew after Joey Renolds said all of those terrible things and you beat him up!”

“James! Why in Merlin’s name did you beat this guy up?” Ginny asked.

“He said such horrible things to Kristen though, mum,” James replied, “He called her fat, ugly, a bitch, said that all her friends were bribed, and said she’d end up being a crazy cat lady and be forever alone because she didn’t want to go as far as he wanted to go!”

“Those are awful things to say to someone!” Audrey, Percy’s wife, exclaimed.

“How did she react to those things?” Hermione asked.

“Well, she seemed really upset when Andrew forced her to tell us what happened. It looked like she was trying not to cry. When we later went up to her dorm, her friends said that she was on the quidditch pitch and had brought a beater bat. It seemed like she was pretty pissed off as well,” James replied.

“Who wouldn’t be pissed off if someone said those terrible things to them?” Victorie asked.

“Wait, isn’t this girl the one you almost killed last May?” Teddy, Victorie’s husband and Harry’s god son, asked.

“Yeah that would be her,” James replied.

“She’s Andrew’s twin sister right?” Ginny asked, “What did he have to say about you fancying his sister?”

“He wasn’t too happy.”

“That’s an understatement,” Fred stated, “He practically screamed his head off at you when you confessed to fancying her.”

“It wasn’t a very pretty sight,” Louis added.

“I know exactly how he feels,” Ron stated, glancing sideways at Harry.

“How did you get over it, Uncle Ron?” James asked.

“It took a while, but eventually I realized that Harry wasn’t planning on hurting her and that he really loved her. That just because my best friend was in love with my sister, I didn’t want to lose my friendship. Of course, if Harry were to hurt her now, I would still beat the crap out of him, even though it’s been 24 years.”

James hoped that Andrew would be able to get to that point. He’d really hate to have to choose between them. However, if he had to, he’d choose his best friend.




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Chapter 23: The Party
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Chapter 23

It was the day after Christmas, and soon a ton of people were flooding into the Potter’s house for their annual party. Luckily, the Potter’s house was quite large and could easily fit the number of people that were now arriving. People that James’s parents had known from school and their families made up the majority of the guests, but there were also other friends of the kids and colleagues of the adults invited.

As Kristen walked into the Potter’s house, she found that she wasn’t dreading it as much as she usually did. A lot had happened over the course of the year. James had actually apologized to her for all of the awful things he did, something Kristen never thought would happen. There was also the fact that she no longer thought that James was the meanest person she had ever met; Joey had taken that spot. It was going to be an interesting day.

“Hi, welcome to our home,” Ginny stated as the Woods walked inside, “The kids are in the living room upstairs while the adults are in the one downstairs.”

With that, Savannah, Andrew, and Kristen headed to the stairs and started climbing up them.

“This is going to be so much fun,” Savannah stated happily.

Andrew nodded his head fervently and Kristen gave a small smile. She always felt awkward in the Potter house, considering how she and James didn’t get along.

“Hey Andrew, wassup?” James asked, greeting his friend, before remembering that Kristen and
Savannah were there and adding, “Hi Kristen, hi Savannah.”

“Hello,” they replied awkardly.

Walking into the living room, she noticed it was extremely packed. It seemed as if half of the school was there. The group was mainly Gryffindors though. The only Ravenclaws that Kristen saw were herself, her sister, and Rose. She assumed this was because of the fact that Gryffindor really hated Ravenclaw and vice versa. The only reason her and her sister were even invited was because they were related to Andrew. There were some Hufflepuffs scattered around; she saw that Alyssa Lee was one of them. There were even a few of the friendlier Slytherins there.

Kristen looked around the room. She saw Rose trying to pull Scorpius through the window. She presumed that Rose’s dad still had no idea who his daughter was dating and Rose was trying to keep it that way.

“Hi Kristen,” a voice from behind her said.

She turned around to see Taylor, Jessica, and Alyssa standing before her. Even though they were in separate houses, Kristen had managed to stay friends with all of them. Sometimes it was a little awkward being around Taylor and Jessica, who were in her enemy house, but she made it work. Besides, all of them were quite fun to hang out with.

“Hey!” Kristen replied back, engulfing them all in a hug.

“I feel that I haven’t talked to you in forever,” Taylor stated.

“I agree,” Kristen replied, “So what’s new with you guys?”

“I’ve been dating Fred Weasley for a little over a month now,” Jessica replied, slightly blushing.

“I had a Hufflepuff Slytherin game to announce at about a month ago,” Alyssa stated, “Those games are always so boring because both of the teams suck.”

“I’ve honestly had nothing interesting happen to me,” Taylor said, sighing.

“That’s better than having something bad happen,” Kristen replied, “I caught my boyfriend cheating on me and he decided that was the perfect time to completely insult me.”

“I heard,” Alyssa said, “I never knew that that guy was such an asshole.”

“What he did to you was completely uncalled for. I’m glad he’s getting punished for it,” Taylor agreed.

“You’ll find someone better than him, Kristen,” Jessica stated, “I know you will.”

“I really hope so,” Kristen said.

Soon it was time to exchange gifts. Kristen had gotten Lily Potter as the person she had to buy a gift for. She had gotten her a small, portable, magic mirror that would give her advice on anything from clothes to boys to quidditch. When she had given it to Lily, Lily had squealed with joy. Kristen assumed that meant that Lily liked it.

“Happy Christmas, Kristen,” James stated, handing Kristen a wrapped present.

The color drained out of Kristen’s face. She was afraid that she would receive a gift like she did in her second year. She didn’t believe that James had ever truly understood how much that gift had hurt her. Taking a deep breath, she unwrapped the present. When she what was inside, Kristen smiled. James had given her a book. It was a popular muggle book that she had seen in Flourish and Blotts over the summer, but had never gotten the chance to buy. Kristen sighed, relieved that it was a good present this year, and grinned widely.

“Thanks!” Kristen exclaimed..

He had never imagined how good it would feel to see her smile at him like that. Usually he just received glares from Kristen. He could feel his palms sweat and his heart beat slightly rise. It was a good feeling though. It definitely felt much better than when he hurt her.

“No problem,” James replied, trying to stay calm, “I hope you’ll enjoy it.”

“I know I will,” Kristen replied, smiling even wider before searching for a corner to start the book she’d just been given.

Soon it was a little after two in the morning and the Wood family decided it was about time to head home. Quickly saying goodbye to everyone, they left the house, walking towards the apparation point.

“That was so much fun!” Savannah exclaimed.

“Totally!” Andrew agreed, “I can’t wait until next year!”

“What did you think of the party?” Oliver asked Kristen.

He knew that Kristen wasn’t very comfortable with going over to the Potter’s. It was quite obvious that she didn’t get along with the oldest Potter boy. He wasn’t a too big fan of the kid either. After all, James had almost killed two of Oliver’s kids during a quidditch game.

“It was a lot better than I thought it would be,” Kristen replied.

This caused everyone to smile. Everyone had been worried about Kristen since Andrew had told them what Joey Renolds had said to her. The first few days she had been home, they had noticed a definite change in her overall attitude. It was more somber and less happy then it usually was. However, this was a good sign. Maybe things would be going up from there.



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Chapter 24: New Years Eve
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Chapter 24

It was New Years Eve and the Wood family was finishing cleaning up the house. This year it was easier than it usually was because Kristen and Andrew were allowed to do magic outside of school. The two of them, along with their parents, could quickly perform spells to help get the cleaning done, which reduced the amount of time spent on a certain task. Savannah, however, still had to do cleaning the muggle way, which drove her crazy.

The clock struck seven and soon people started pouring into the house. A lot of the same people who had attended the Potter’s Christmas party were at this party, but this time there were a lot more Ravenclaws.

“Kristen!” Samantha exclaimed, hugging her when she saw her.

She was quickly followed by Kailey and Kim coming to the party.

“I see that you managed to survive the Potter’s Christmas party,” Kailey stated.

“Yeah, I did. It actually wasn’t that bad this year,” Kristen replied.

A look of surprise was passed between her three friends. Kristen having fun doing anything remotely having to do with James was unheard of.

“Who did you end up getting a present from?” Kim asked.

“James,” Kristen replied, her voice lacking a certain tone of hatred that her friends had come accustom to over the years.

“Oh Merlin,” Samantha said, “Please tell me he gave you a better gift than he did in second year.”

“Thankfully, he did. He got me a muggle book. I already finished reading it. It was quite good I must say. We won’t be burning anything again this year.”

When Kristen had gotten back from Hogwarts in her second year, she had brought the stupid make up kit James had given her for Christmas. To cheer her up, Kailey had suggested burning the thing. It had been quite fun and made Kristen feel a lot better.

In another room, Andrew was talking with Taylor. He was actually enjoying the fact that he was having a conversation with her. It seemed as if he had been talking to her for hours. Looking up the clock, he realized that it was already 11:45. The New Year would begin in fifteen minutes.

“I never got a proper chance to thank you for that necklace you got me,” Taylor stated, fingering it as she spoke to him, “I really like it.”

He had decided on getting her a necklace with a quaffle on it. He had to admit that it looked quite good on her.

“I’m glad you like it,” Andrew stated, smiling.

“So what is your new years resolution going to be?” Taylor asked.

“I have a couple in mind. Like usual, I am going to try to get James to stop pranking my sister. He’s gotten better, but he still manages to pull something once every other week. Also, I think I’m going to try and settle down. I want to get out of random snogging in broom closets and actually get into a real relationship.”

“Does that mean that you have someone in mind who you would like to get into a relationship with?”

“As a matter of fact I do.”

All too soon the final countdown began.


“Can I ask you something?” Andrew asked.


“Yeah,” Taylor replied.


“What would you do if I did something crazy?”


“It would depend on what you do.”


“I don’t want you to hate me.”


“I could never hate you Andrew.”


“Then I’m going to risk it.”


“Risk what?”


“You’ll see.”

“1! Happy New Year!”

At that moment, Andrew risked it. He knew she could shove him away, repulsed at the idea. He knew that this could ruin their friendship. He wasn’t thinking though. At the moment, he wasn’t thinking about all the terrible possibilities that could happen. All he could think about was the fact that he had just pressed his lips to hers and he was unbelievably happy when she soon started kissing him back.

A few seconds later, they pulled apart, slowly looking up at each other. Smiles started spreading across both of their faces and Andrew realized that the risk had been worth it.

“Happy New Year, Andrew,” Taylor said.

“Happy New Year, Taylor,” Andrew replied.

This time it was Taylor who started the kiss, but he joined in almost immediately. She had liked Andrew for a while. She wasn’t the type of girl like Jessica, who had made it obvious enough so that anyone could figure out. Hers was for more secretive. She hadn’t told anyone, even Jessica, her best friend. She definitely hadn’t mentioned it to Kristen or any of Andrew’s friends. She had kept the secret in her heart, hoping one day that he might feel the same way she did. Well, it looked like today, the first day of 2022, was that day.


James and Louis stood in the corner, watching their friends kissing their girlfriends. Out of the corner of his eye, James could tell that Kristen was with her friends and not another guy, which made him happier. He wished that he’d have the courage to go talk to her. She’d just laugh in his face though. Besides, Andrew would probably beat the shit out of him if he tried to make a move on her.

“They’re so lucky,” Louis mumbled, looking at his friends.

“You could have found Alyssa and talked to her,” James stated, “I’m pretty sure she’s somewhere in this house.”

“I tried talking to her but she was with some other guy. I think it was Henry Stone. Anyway, if you take your eyes off of Kristen for a second and take a look to your left, you’ll see that she’s having the same kind of fun that our friends are having.”

James quickly looked, and sure enough, Alyssa’s lips were on Henry’s. He felt bad for his cousin. At least the two of them were alone together.

“You want to go over there and snog her, don’t you?” Louis asked.

“Yeah, I do,” James replied honestly.

“You can’t do that though. Andrew will hate you.”

James took a deep breath, looking quickly at Kristen, before turning back to his cousin.

“I know,” James sighed, “I know.”





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Chapter 25: The Secret Admirer
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Chapter 25

James sat at the Gryffindor table, eating breakfast and secretly glancing over at the Ravenclaw table. He was waiting for the mail to arrive, and he knew that something very special was going to be delivered to Kristen. He knew it because he had been the one to send it. She would be receiving a note from a secret admirer that morning.

Last week he had talked to Kailey, Samantha, and Kim. It was kind of weird having her friends try and get them together when Kristen still had no idea what was going on, but he didn’t care. He wanted something to happen, even if it would annoy Andrew. It had been a month since New Years, and his feelings for Kristen had only grown. So James decided it was time to put a plan into action before someone else did.

It had been Kailey who suggested the idea to write secret admirer notes. He thought that was a good idea, because Kristen would know how he felt without knowing who he was. This also prevented Andrew from becoming even more pissed at him, because Kristen wouldn’t even know who was writing the notes. As for the notes themselves, they would contain love quotes from famous muggle authors. He hoped his plan would work.

Soon the owls came flying in. He recognized the one carrying his note almost immediately. He had borrowed his Uncle Charlie’s owl. The reason he had done this was because he didn’t want anyone recognizing the owl and figuring out it was his. He had decided to go with Uncle Charlie’s owl because Uncle Charlie had no kids so the owl never made the trip to Hogwarts. It had never been seen by the majority of the kids in the hall.

On the other side of the Great Hall, Kristen saw a light brown owl with black flecks come flying towards her. She didn’t recognize the owl but was quite curious to see who it was from and what it was carrying.

“Who did you get an owl from?” Samantha asked as the owl landed.

“I honestly have no idea,” Kristen replied.

“It has a note attached to its leg. Open it up and maybe it will say who it is from,” Kim replied.

Kristen carefully untied the note from the owl and read the note out loud: “’If you live to be one hundred, I want to live to be one hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you’-A.A. Milne.”

Kristen felt her heart melt at this. It was so sweet. Never before had someone sent her a secret admirer note before. She felt quite honored.

“Who is A.A. Milne? I don’t believe I’ve ever heard of him? Does your admirer even go to this school?” Kailey asked.

Kristen laughed at this. She read a lot more muggle books than her friends did, so of course they wouldn’t know what the note was talking about.

“A.A. Milne was the person who said the quote. He was a muggle author who wrote a story called ‘Winnie the Pooh’ I believe. However, he is not the person who sent this note,” Kristen replied.

“So you have a secret admirer!” Kim exclaimed, causing a few heads to turn.

“I guess I do.”

Kristen blushed and smiled, happy that someone was thinking of her. It really made her happy that someone had taken the time to find this quote. Most of the people at Hogwarts wouldn’t be caught dead looking up quotes from muggle authors.

Back at the Gryffindor table, James was smiling at Kristen’s reaction. She seemed to enjoy his note. It had taken him a really long time to find the right quote. He wasn’t very accustomed to muggle books and quotes, but he knew that those were the books that Kristen liked best.

“James why are you smiling like an idiot?” Fred asked.

“I wasn’t smiling like an idiot,” James argued, turning his attention away from the Ravenclaw table.

“Yes you were,” Louis stated, “It was rather amusing I must say.”

“Was there any particular reason you were staring at my sister like that?” Andrew asked, looking at his food.

Just then, his cousin Rose came rushing over to their table.

“James, looks like someone else has an interest in Kristen,” she stated, “She received a secret admirer note this morning.”

“Actually, that was me who sent it,” James replied, “Didn’t you recognize the owl? It’s Uncle Charlie’s.”

“I thought the owl looked familiar! That’s so sweet James! Who knew you could actually be sweet sometimes?”

With that Rose skipped back to the Ravenclaw table. James turned back to his friends to see them all staring at him.

“I agree with Rose, that was really sweet,” Jessica stated.

“I thought I made it pretty damn clear I wanted you to stay away from her, James,” Andrew said, not looking too pleased.

“That’s why I sent her a secret admirer note,” James replied, “That way she has no clue who sent it.”

“This could cause the same kind of damage though,” Taylor pointed out, “You still have the power to hurt her through these notes.”

“Maybe you should just drop it,” Fred suggested.

“Then she’d realize that something was up, though,” Louis said, “You should keep sending them every so often and just never tell her who you are.”

“How did you even come up with something like this?” Jessica asked.

“I had help from Kristen’s Ravenclaw friends. They kind of figured out I fancied her before I did,” James replied, running his hand through his hair.

“How many people know you fancy her?” Andrew asked.

“Only those three, you guys, and my entire family, thanks to Fred,” James replied, glaring at his cousin.

“It was actually quite amusing,” Louis stated, “They were dueling across the Christmas dinner.”

“Just promise me you won’t tell her that you’re the one sending the notes,” Andrew said to James.

“I promise,” James promised, even though he desperately wanted to tell Kristen eventually. However, his friendship with Andrew was more important than a girl.

Soon the bell rang and everyone left to go to class. James could still see a smile on Kristen’s face, making him smile as well. It looked as if his first note had been a success.




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Chapter 26: Playing Hufflepuff
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Chapter 26

It was now Saturday and James gathered his team in the locker room. In a matter of minutes, they would play Hufflepuff. This should be an easy game. Hufflepuff had been beaten in both of the games they had played this season. The game against Ravenclaw they had lost 450-0 while the game against Slytherin they had lost 100-270. The only reason they had fared so well against Slytherin was because the snakes weren’t very good themselves.

“All right team, we can win this game,” James started, “Both of the games they have played so far they have lost. Yes, I know we lost our last game, but we should be able to win this game. If we win this game, and the game against Slytherin, we will get another chance to play Ravenclaw. Let’s go out there and kick some ass!”

His team cheered. He was glad that they looked so happy. His team tended to like games against Slytherin and Hufflepuff because they actually stood a good chance at winning. Besides, no one on his team was related to anyone on either teams, which was always a good thing. Also, since the other two teams weren’t very good, less crazy shit went down, something that everyone was thankful for.

Soon they were out on the pitch, waiting for the game to start. Taking a quick glance at the stands, he saw that Kristen was sitting in the Gryffindor section. This surprised him, considering that she really wasn’t a too big of fan of his house. Andrew was on the team though, so she was probably sitting there to support him. However, she, Savannah, Rose, and a couple of their friends stuck out like sore thumbs, having decided to wear blue instead of red. They might have supported Gryffindor because their families were on the team, but they would not be caught dead wearing the colors.

“The quaffle, bludgers, and snitch have been released!” Alyssa announced, “The game has begun!”

James quickly caught the quaffle and went flying towards the goals that Hufflepuff was guarding. He found it odd that Alyssa could sound so happy while commentating even though she knew that her team was probably going to lose. She must have gotten used to it by now, considering Hufflepuff had lost every game they had played since his first year.

“James passes to Albus, who passes back to James, who passes to Andrew, who shoots. Gryffindor scores! They lead Hufflepuff 10-0,” Alyssa commentated, “Drake has the quaffle, he passes to Henry, who passes to Ashley, who passes to Henry, who shoots but Taylor makes the save!”

The game went on like this for a while. Roughly an hour later, the score was 150-20. James was pretty OK with this score, but hoped his team would score at least three more goals before the snitch was caught. If that was the case, it wouldn’t matter who caught the snitch, Gryffindor would still win.

Suddenly James heard the sound of a bat and bludger hitting each other only a few feet away. He looked up to see Lily smiling at the save she had made.

“That was a close one! Cameron Stone just sent a bludger that almost hit James Potter! Luckily, his sister Lily was able to get the bludger away,” Alyssa continued, “Hufflepuffs, you should have learned your lesson with your game against Ravenclaw! We’re the friendly house! Trying to take out everyone is not a good strategy for you. Besides, no one wants that many people in the hospital wing again!”

There were some laughs at that. Henry glared at Alyssa, for he wasn’t too pleased that his girlfriend was making fun of their house.

“It looks like the seekers have spotted the snitch!” Alyssa announced, “Currently, if Hufflepuff catches the snitch, they will tie, and if Gryffindor catches the snitch, Gryffindor will win the game.”

Jessica and Lindsey, the Hufflepuff seeker, raced across the sky, trying to catch the snitch. Jessica could tell that Lindsey was trying to think of something to say that would distract Jessica. She didn’t know what it was with the Hufflepuffs trying to do the same things that had already been done, but Jessica sure didn’t like it.

“Lindsey, don’t even try distracting me,” Jessica stated, keeping her eyes on the snitch, “It might have worked last time but I sure as hell am not falling for that again.”

“You’re just afraid that I would succeed,” Lindsey sneered.

“Actually, I’m not. I’ve already gotten what caused me to get distracted last time. Your plan won’t work.”

With that, Jessica sped on ahead. Lindsey was desperately trying to keep up with her, but it wasn’t looking like she was succeeding. Her broom was slower than Jessica’s, giving her almost no chance to catch up. A little over a minute later, with Lindsey a good five seconds behind her, Jessica wrapped her fingers around the snitch, causing the Gryffindor’s to cheer.

“Jessica Thomas has caught the snitch!” Alyssa exclaimed, “Gryffindor wins!”

Both teams flew to the ground. The Hufflepuffs weren’t looking too happy, but that was to be expected. Gryffindor on the other hand couldn’t look happier. Well, they probably could have if it had been Ravenclaw they had just beaten. Either way, they were quite happy. All they had to do was beat Slytherin and they would be playing for the house cup. This year, hopefully they would win without almost killing everyone.

Once they had reached the ground, James went to turn to his friends, but found them too busy snogging their girlfriends. He quickly turned away, deciding that this was something he would rather not see.

“Not a bad game, Potter,” he heard a voice say from behind him.

He turned around to see Kristen standing there. She had come down to the pitch to congratulate her brother, but he was currently preoccupied and she didn’t really feel like interrupting. James hoped that she couldn’t hear his heart beat increase.

“However, you could have done better,” Kristen added.

“Don’t worry, we’ll do well enough to beat you for the cup come May,” James replied.

“It’s a little early to be getting this cocky, isn’t it? After all, in order for you to succeed, you would have to beat both Slytherin and Ravenclaw. Now, I believe your team can beat Slytherin, but do not believe that you can beat Ravenclaw. Your history is against you. We’ve beaten you twelve times while you’ve only beaten us once, and that was because you ended up knocking all of us out.”

“It’s so great to see that you have so much confidence in me and my team, Kristen. Don’t worry, we’ve still got over three months until the game for the house cup. We can definitely improve enough to beat you by then.”

Kristen laughed and smirked.

“I’d like to see you try.”





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Chapter 27: Valentine's Day
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Chapter 27

It was Valentine’s Day and Hogwarts was overwhelmed with love and energy. It was impossible to go anywhere without seeing people holding hands or snogging each other’s faces off. For couples, it was quite a happy day. However, people who were still single found the day slightly depressing. It wasn’t exactly pleasant to be constantly reminded that they were alone.

Two of the most surprising bachelors were James Potter and Louis Weasley. Usually, they would have asked some random girl who would practically faint when invited. However, this year, they hadn’t even tried to ask anyone. This caused for different rumors to go flying around the school. Some of them were as normal as the person they wanted to ask was taken to as absurd as being dared to see how long they could go without snogging someone.

Kristen and her Ravenclaw friends sat at their table, eating breakfast. None of them had a boyfriend, so they were planning on just spending the day together.

“Samantha?” a voice asked from behind Samantha.

She turned around to face Drake Smith. Her friends looked at the two of them anxiously, wondering what was about to happen.

“Hi Drake,” Samantha stated, trying not to blush.

Drake muttered a strand of incoherent words, looking at the floor. He seemed quite nervous.

“What was that?” Samantha asked, “I couldn’t quite hear you.”

“I think it would greatly help if you spoke up,” Kailey pointed out.

Drake took a deep breath. He felt extremely nervous. People all over the great hall were looking at him. He had been waiting years to have the courage to say this. If he didn’t say what he wanted to now, he would never get the chance.

“Samantha, will you be my Valentine and go to Hogsmede with me today?” Drake asked, sounding a lot less timid than before.

“Yes, I will,” Samantha replied, standing up as a huge smile spread across her face.

Drake’s smile matched Samantha’s when he heard her answer. With that, Drake grabbed her hand and they rushed out of the great hall, heading to Hogsmede.

“I was right,” Kristen mumbled to herself, than exclaiming, “I was right! It might have taken 3 years of me telling her that they belong together, but she finally listened!”

“You’re so going to rub this in her face, aren’t you?” Kim asked.

“Of course I am! What kind of friend would I be if I didn’t?”

Everyone who could hear her laughed. James looked up from his food to see a good chunk of Ravenclaw’s laughing along with Kristen. He wished he knew what they were talking about. Most of all, he wished that he had the courage to walk over there and tell her how he felt. Drake was a Hufflepuff and he had managed to ask Samantha on a date. James was usually quite good with girls and was a Gryffindor; he should have been brave enough to do it.

An owl came flying into the Great Hall and landed in front of Kristen. She quickly untied the note, immediately recognizing the owl. It was the same one that had brought her the first secret admirer letter. Opening up the letter, it read: “’Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the begging of love’-Mother Teresa.”

“That’s so adorable!” Kim exclaimed as she read the note over Kristen’s shoulder.

“Whoever this guy is really cares about you,” Kailey stated.

“I just really wish I knew who he was,” Kristen said, “Too bad he just won’t walk right over here.”

There were a couple of things holding James back from walking over there. The first one was that Andrew would be extremely pissed at him if he found out James had done that. He wouldn’t understand; he would just explode and go on about how he was going to hurt Kristen and when that happened, Andrew would hurt him extremely bad. The second one was the fact that he didn’t know whether or not Kristen still hated him. Besides, even if she didn’t hate him, there was almost no way she would like him. How could she after the way he had treated her in years past?

“You’re staring at her again,” Louis stated, causing James to blink and turn to his friend.

They were sitting by themselves today. Andrew and Fred were already in Hogsmede with Taylor and Jessica. They were the lucky ones. They didn’t have to deal with the girl they fancied already having a boyfriend or being totally forbidden and most likely hating their guts still. No, these were hardships that Louis and James had to face.

“I can’t help it,” James said, “You don’t understand how badly I just want to go over there and snog the daylights out of her.”

“I know what you mean. If Henry wouldn’t beat the shit out of me later, I would so go and snog Alyssa,” Louis replied.

“By the end of the year, we’re going to get together with the girls that we fancy.”

“You honestly think that Henry and Alyssa will have broken up by then and that Andrew is actually going to let you get together with Kristen, James?”

“Have you seen the way Henry and Alyssa have been acting lately? I’m pretty sure they’ll have broken up by next month. As for Kristen and me, I’ll have to talk to Andrew and try to at least get him to the point where he’ll still be my friend and not beat the shit out of me.”

Louis cracked a smile.

“That seems like a good point to get to,” he stated.

“So what do you think I need to do to get myself a better chance with her?” James asked.

“Well, you should probably become some sort of friends before you make your move. Ask her to help you study. Be nice, funny, and charming around her. Just don’t be the total ass you’ve been in the past and you stand a much better chance. Also, I would work on Andrew being OK with you wanting to date her.”

“That’s a lot of stuff. Do you think I’m capable of doing all that?”

“Think of it as a quidditch game. In order to succeed, you have to try extremely hard and play nice. Committing fouls is not going to get you anywhere, James.”




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Chapter 28: Crazy Bludgers
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Chapter 28

It was now March and it was the day of Ravenclaw’s game against Slytherin. They gathered in the locker room, waiting to head out on to the pitch.

“We can win this game,” Kristen stated, “Just do your best and don’t get cocky.”

Her team nodded and they were called out on to the field. Soon, all of the balls were released and the game begun.

“The Slytherins have the quaffle. Higgins passes to Zabini, who passes to Smith, who passes back to Zabini, who shoots! Wood blocks the shot!” Alyssa commentated, “Weasley passes to Carter, who passes back to Weasley, who passes to Wood, who shoots! Savannah Wood scores! The score is now 10-0!

“Zabini now has the quaffle, he passes to Smith, who passes to Higgins, who passes back to Smith, who shoots! The shot is once again blocked by Kristen Wood! Ravenclaw has possession of the quaffle once again. Carter has the quaffle, he passes to Wood, who passes to Weasley, who passes to Carter, who shoots and scores! Ravenclaw is now leading 20-0!”

Harper and Dylan Richards, the Slytherin beaters, flew over to each other. They could tell that the game was not going well and would continue going that way unless something was done.

“We need to do something,” Harper stated, “Otherwise we’re going to get slaughtered.”

“We could always try the ‘take everyone out’ method,” Dylan suggested.

“That would land us in detention with the whole school hating us. Besides, Hufflepuff has tried it twice and failed both times.”

“We’re not Hufflepuff though.”

“What we really need is some way to distract Kristen Wood. If we can distract her enough, we might be able to score enough goals so that it doesn’t matter who catches the snitch, we still win.”

Dylan slyly smiled. His twin automatically knew that he had some evil plan in mind.

“So you know how they’re always trying to shove that Harry Potter shit down our throats in History of Magic? Well, do you recall what someone did to one of the bludgers in a game during his second year at Hogwarts?” Dylan asked.

“They enchanted it so it chased after him until someone stopped it,” Harper replied.

“Well, I’ve been doing my research and I’m pretty sure I know the spell to successfully tamper with the bludger.”

This time both of the twins smiled.

“Go tamper with the bludger. We better start moving again before Aaron yells at us,” Harper stated before flying away.

The game had been going for only fifteen minutes, but it didn’t look very good for Slytherin. The score was currently 100-0. If they continued on this way, they could very easily get beaten worse than Hufflepuff, which would be humiliating. However, Dylan Richards had just managed to mess with the bludger, which would hopefully give Slytherin a fighting chance.

Kristen saw the bludger coming towards her and moved out of the way. It came back, though, and tried to take her out again. Kristen thought that was odd, because this wasn’t how bludgers usually acted. They usually came a person’s way once and moved on. When it came back a third time, she realized that the bludger had been tampered with. She flew around the goal posts, constantly moving, trying to block the shots and not killed at the same time.

“Someone’s tampered with that bludger!” she heard someone shout from the stands.

“It looks like that bludger is specifically trying to take out Kristen Wood!” Alyssa exclaimed, “That’s not good for Ravenclaw! I bet a Slytherin messed with the bludger!” McGonagall yelled something at her, “Sorry Professor. I’m just saying it’s the most likely reason! The last time someone messed with a bludger was 30 years ago! So unless there is some crazy house elf running around, trying to get Kristen Wood to leave Hogwarts because it’s apparently unsafe, I’m pretty damn sure that a slimy Slytherin messed with the bludger!”

Kristen was exhausted. She was doing figure eights around the goal posts. It was very hard work trying to time it so that she’d be able to quickly save the quaffle before continuing to run away from the bludger.

“Kailey, I’d really appreciate it if you caught the snitch soon!” Kristen told her seeker.

As she continued to fly around, Kristen was getting even more tired. She wasn’t sure how much longer she could take this.

“Are you alright, Kristen?” Savannah asked her.

She shook her head, too out of breath to answer.


From the stands, James could tell that Andrew was extremely worried. To be honest, he was too. She’d been flying nonstop for ten minutes and he could tell that she was getting really exhausted. He wasn’t sure how much longer she’d be able to continue.

“Who do you think did this?” Andrew asked, sounding rather angry and not taking his eyes off the game.

“I bet Alyssa is right; I think a Slytherin had something to do with it,” Louis stated.

“If they beat Ravenclaw and us, they will go on and play for the house cup,” Fred added.

“How much longer do you think she’ll be able to keep going?” James asked.

“I have no clue,” Andrew replied honestly.


On the pitch, Kristen could tell she was slowing down. She tried to push herself harder and harder, but this was getting a bit difficult. She was so out of breath that she could no longer speak to her team. Her muscles ached like crazy. Yet, the bludger was quite persistent and it was still following her around. Kristen had managed to save most of the shots. The score was currently 160-50. Ravenclaw was still in the lead but Kailey would have to catch the snitch soon in order for them to win the game.

Kailey circled the pitch. She desperately wanted to spot the snitch. She could tell that Kristen wouldn’t be able to go on for much longer. It would make everyone’s lives easier if she could just find and catch the snitch sooner rather than later. Suddenly, she saw a flash of gold in front of her and chased after it.

“It looks like Kailey Neilson has spotted the snitch! Megan Higgins is right on her tail though! This could very easily go either way!” Alyssa announced.

Kailey leaned forward on her broom, trying to make it go even faster. The snitch got closer and closer, until she finally caught the snitch, right before Megan slammed into her, sending her flying off her broom. The crowd gasped, but Kailey managed to grab on to her broom with her other hand.

“Kailey Neilson has caught the snitch! Ravenclaw wins! Now would someone please get rid of that bludger before Kristen Wood dies of exhaustion?” Alyssa commentated.

In a matter of seconds, someone had shot a spell at the bludger, causing it to explode. Kristen flew to the ground, breathing extremely heavily. That chase had really worn her out.

“Kristen? Are you alright?” Savannah asked as her team crowded around her.

Soon her brother and his friends had joined the group too. All Kristen could do was nod, for she was still too out of breath to speak.

“Kristen Wood, can I talk to you for a moment?” a woman asked, approaching the group.

Upon seeing who it was, Kristen happily nodded and followed the woman into a more secluded area of the pitch.

“As you may know, I am the owner of the Wimbourne Wasps,” the woman said, “That was a fantastic game. You have unbelievable stamina and were still able to make tons of fabulous saves even though you were being chased by a rouge bludger. I am here to offer you the position of keeper on my team. Would you be interested?”

“Yes!” Kristen managed to gasp.

She had dreamed of being a Professional Quidditch player for years. The Wimbourne Wasps were her favorite team, so she was honored to be asked to join that team.

“I’ll owl you with the details soon,” the woman stated, before walking away.

“What did she want?” Andrew asked as she headed back to where her brother, friends, and team were waiting for her.

“You are looking at the new keeper for the Wimbourne Wasps!” Kristen managed to exclaim.

Everyone cheered as they headed inside. Overall, even with the crazy Slytherins, it had been quite a good day.






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Chapter 29: Asking For Help
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Chapter 29

James sat down in the common room, extremely unhappy. Professor Binns, the ghost who still taught History of Magic, had just informed him that he was failing the class. At this point in their careers at Hogwarts, they were studying more recent events, such as the second Wizarding War. That topic was a topic that James usually spaced out during. He had heard countless stories from his parents and aunts and uncles about the war, why did he have to listen to his boring professor talk about it?

“You look extremely unhappy, James,” Louis noticed.

Out of James’s friends, Louis was the only once currently in the common room. He presumed that Fred and Andrew were currently somewhere snogging their girlfriends.

“Professor Binns just told me that I’m failing History of Magic,” James stated glumly.

“That’s what you get for never paying attention in that class,” Louis replied.

“I can’t fail that class, though! Do you know how embarrassing it would be if I, the son of the savior of the Wizarding world, failed the course all about how my dad saved the Wizarding world?”

“That would be quite amusing, James. Luckily for you, I have an idea that could help you.”

James leaned in, quite intrigued about what his cousin was going to suggest.

“Why don’t you ask Kristen to tutor you in the subject?” Louis asked, “She’s the best in our year and is usually willing to help people.”

“Have you forgotten what happened the last time she offered to help me with homework? There is no freaking way that she would agree after that,” James replied, remembering the terrible way he had treated her.

It was third year and James sat in the library, attempting to finish his essay on Werewolves that was due the next day. However, most of the information didn’t stick in his brain and he was left awkwardly staring at the words on a page. Giving up, James slammed the book closed, frustrated.

“Would you like some help?” a girl’s voice asked him.

James was tempted to accept the girl’s offer. Looking up and seeing who was standing before him changed his mind though. It was Kristen Wood, the know it all, goody two shoes, quidditch extraordinaire. She was probably there to rub her intelligence in his face.

“Fuck off,” he stated, bluntly.

“Excuse me?” Kristen asked, stunned that someone had spoken to her like that.

“I said fuck off,” James repeated, “I don’t need your help.”

Kristen turned around and hurried out of the library, looking at her feet the whole time. From that day on, Kristen never attempted to treat James nicely again.

“Well, you don’t know until you try,” Louis stated, pulling James out of the memory.


James walked into the library. He really wasn’t too big of fan of the room, but he knew that that was where he would most likely find Kristen. It took him a couple minutes to find her, for she was sitting alone at a table in the very back of the library. He approached her, taking a deep breath.

“Kristen,” James stated.

This startled Kristen and she quickly looked up from her book, turning around to face him. Upon seeing him, a small smile etched itself on her face, something that surprised James quite a bit.

“Hi, James,” Kristen greeted cheerily, “Is there something I can help you with?”

“Well, you’re the best of our year, and you actually pay attention in History of Magic, even though I have no idea how you manage it, so I was wondering if you would be willing to tutor me,” James replied.

He expected her to laugh at him or make some rude remark about how he should know that stuff, considering who is dad was. However, she said nothing of the sort. Instead, she smiled at him.

“Of course I will,” Kristen stated happily, “Sit down, and we can start now.”

“If it’s not a good time, I can come back later,” James said, “It looks like you’re working on something already.”

“That’s a potions essay that’s not due until after spring break. Now sit down and we can get started.”

James hesitantly sat down next to her. He noticed his heart rate pick up with her being so close to him but he ignored it. She was going to help him pass the class, nothing more.


Hiding behind a bookshelf and spying on the two was a small group of Gryffindors. When Louis had told his friends what James was up to, they hadn’t believed him. Now they were shocked at the fact that they were getting along so well.

“Looks like you’re going to owe me 10 galleons Fred,” Jessica stated, smiling.

“Not necessarily. She’s just helping him study. That doesn’t mean anything. However, he fancies her, so you’re going to owe me 10 galleons,” Fred argued.

“Do you remember what happened the last time Kristen offered to help him? He told her to fuck off. This time, he actually asked for her help and she happily agreed. These two are going to get together very soon.”

“What are you doing, Andrew?” Taylor asked.

Currently, Andrew was looking between two books, intensely spying on his twin and his best friend. It was kind of creepy to watch.

“Making sure James doesn’t make a move on my sister,” Andrew replied without taking his eyes off of Kristen and James.

“What are you planning on doing if he does make a move on her?” Taylor asked.

“Hex him into oblivion.”


Back at the table, totally oblivious to what their friends were up to, Kristen was telling James about the hunt for the Horcruxes.

“So do you know what a Horcrux is?” Kristen asked.

“Isn’t a part of the soul?” James replied.

“Yes, it’s part of a soul that is latched on to a person or object. In order to kill the person, all parts of the soul must be killed first.”

“Then why don’t more people make Horcruxes? Wouldn’t more people want to live forever?”

“It’s a very difficult process to create a Horcrux. They really didn’t tell us much, because they don’t want to have another Voldemort on their hands, but in order to create a Horcrux, there has to be a murder involved.”

James scrunched up his face.

“That’s rather brutal,” he stated.

“It’s not a very pleasant thing to do, that’s for sure,” Kristen agreed, “Do you know the Horcruxes that Voldemort had?”

“Well, I think there was a diary that possessed my mum. A cup, a ring, a locket, and a diadem, whatever the hell that is. Didn’t he have some weird snake thing that he turned into a Horcrux as well? Oh, and I believe my dad was an accidental Horcrux.”

“That’s correct. So the first one destroyed was the diary. It was destroyed by your dad in the Chamber of Secrets in his second year. He stabbed it with a Basilisk fang.”

“What the hell is the Chamber of Secrets? Some bedroom where some guy shags a lot of chicks?”

Kristen laughed at this.

“No, the Chamber of Secrets is a secret chamber hidden within the school that was built by Salazar Slytherin and used to house a Basilisk. The entrance is located in the girl’s lavatory that Moaning Myrtle lives in,” Kristen replied.

“Can we go down there?” James asked.

“I don’t think anyone has been down there since the second Wizarding War. Besides, you would need to know Parseltongue to get into the chamber in the first place.”

“My dad used to speak Parseltongue. Maybe he has a recording of him saying something in Parseltongue that I could use. If I was able to find a recording, would you go into the Chamber with me?”

Kristen took a deep breath. To be honest, the idea sounded rather stupid to her. However, the chances of him finding a recording were very slim and if he did find a recording, she’d get to explore another part of the school.

“If you can find a recording of your dad speaking Parseltongue, I shall go with you into the Chamber of Secrets,” Kristen stated.

James smiled. He hadn’t expected her to say yes. It was a great surprise that she actually did. Now he really had to find a recording

“It’s getting quite late, I should really head up to my common room and I would suggest that you do the same. I won’t give you detention for walking around the school after hours, but I’m sure another prefect wouldn’t hesitate to,” Kristen stated as she gathered her stuff.

With one last smile towards James, she turned and walked out of the library. James stared after her for a minute, wondering why it had taken him six years to realize how amazing she was.



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Chapter 30: Maybe She Fancies Him
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Chapter 30

Kristen walked around the castle with Alyssa. They were both prefects, even though they were from different houses. A lot of the time, the head boy and girl liked to have prefects from different houses patrol together, and this was one of those times. Both of them were perfectly happy with the situation, considering they had managed to stay friends even though they were in different houses.

“So we haven’t really talked in a while,” Alyssa stated, “What’s new with you?”

“Well, I’m going to be the new keeper for the Wimbourne Wasps ,” Kristen replied.

“That’s awesome! I knew that some team would want you! You’re an amazing quidditch player, Kristen. Besides, that game against Slytherin really showed how talented you are. I don’t think many other people would have been able to save shots while being chased by a rouge bludger.”

“I’m glad that you think I’m so good.”

“Kristen, I think everyone thinks you’re amazing. It’s not just me. Is there anything else that’s new with you?”

“I got another love letter a couple of days ago. It read: ‘Life is the flower for which love is the honey- Victor Hugo’. I get these letters roughly once a week. I really want to figure out who is sending them. Also, I tutored James Potter last night.”

Alyssa stopped in her tracks, making Kristen turn around and face her.

“What’s so weird about that?” Kristen asked.

“Last time you asked if he wanted help with homework he told you to fuck off,” Alyssa replied.

“That was third year. I think he’s matured since then.”

“Did a teacher make him go to you to be tutored?”

Kristen quickly ran the conversation she had had with James through her head.

“He didn’t mention it,” she stated, “Do you think he was forced to go to me?”

Alyssa noticed the expression on her friend’s face. It was a mix of unhappiness and realization that James might not have come to her on his own accord; that he might have been forced to do it.

“Why do you care?” Alyssa pried, trying to figure out what was going on.

“I don’t,” Kristen replied, wiping the expression off of her face.

“You’re such a bad liar Kristen. Do you fancy him?”

Alyssa saw her friend’s face go red. Just like her brother, she tended to have an extremely deep blush.

“You do fancy him!” Alyssa exclaimed.

“That’s preposterous!” Kristen argued, turning on her heel and continuing to patrol the halls.

“No it’s not! If you didn’t fancy him you wouldn’t be walking away from me right now!”

Alyssa hurried to catch up with her friend.

“I can’t fancy him,” Kristen said softly, “I’ll just end up hurt like I did with Joey. James would probably laugh at me if he found out. That would be so embarrassing! He’d probably tell the entire school!”

“Have you ever thought of the possibility that maybe he fancies you too?” Alyssa asked.

Kristen softly laughed at this.

“That’s impossible, Alyssa,” she stated, “He’s an attractive, womanizing quidditch player who doesn’t really give a shit about school. I’m a nerdy, quidditch player driven by the need to do amazing in school and quidditch. He made my life miserable for six years!”

“Your description is accurate for the first six years of school. This year, however, he has changed. He no longer pranks and embarrasses you at every opportunity. He isn’t constantly in a broom closet with some bimbo. Hell, I don’t think he’s been with someone since September! He actually asked you for help, Kristen! If he’s capable of changing that much, than he’s capable of fancying you,” Alyssa replied.

“It would never work. Besides, he’s Andrew’s best friend. I don’t want to ruin their friendship!”

“Kristen, you never know until you try.”

Kristen took a deep breath, trying to go through things in her head. At the moment, she thought it was probably some stupid little crush. Why would she fancy someone like James Potter?

“There’s no freaking way I’m telling him how I feel,” Kristen stated, “If he for some reason says he feels the same way about me, maybe I will try.”

There was a quick moment of silence before Kristen decided to change the subject.

“So what’s new with you?” she asked.

“Henry broke up with me a couple of days ago,” Alyssa replied.


“Apparently, he was still pissed about me ‘making fun of Hufflepuff in front of the entire school’ during the Hufflepuff Gryffindor quidditch game.”

Kristen laughed.

“That’s ridiculous! I mean, that game happened a month and a half ago! You were just telling it how it was and trying to give your house advice,” Kristen exclaimed.

“Yeah, well I was planning on dumping him anyway,” Alyssa replied, “For the past month and a half all he has talked about was that game and how they should have beaten the Gryffindor. I don’t get what it is with people being so obsessed with quidditch.”

“It’s a very demanding sport. It gives you this extreme drive to win and can cause you to do stupid things. It can bring people together, but it can also break them apart.”





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Chapter 31: The Chamber of Secrets
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Chapter 31

Spring break had come and gone and it was now the middle of April. In a month, Gryffindor and Ravenclaw would be playing each other for the quidditch cup. Both of the houses desperately wanted the cup. Gryffindor wanted to show that they could beat Ravenclaw without cheating. Ravenclaw wanted to continue winning.

Early that day, James had told Kristen that he had managed to find a recording of his dad saying something in Parseltongue and that he should be able to open the chamber. Kristen was a bit nervous about going in the chamber to be honest. What if for some reason they couldn’t get out of the chamber and were trapped in there forever? What if another monster had taken up residency within the chamber?

However, she wasn’t going to let James know how nervous she was. She was going to put on a brave face and act like she was perfectly fine with it. James and Kristen had agreed to meet outside the Ravenclaw common room at midnight. That was where she was when she felt a hand tap her on the shoulder.

Kristen jumped, startled by the sudden touch. She spun around, expecting it to be James, but no one was there.

“James?” she asked hesitantly, “Are you here?”

Suddenly she found herself unable to talk and realized that a silencing charm had been used on her. Now she was really scared. Maybe it would be best to just go back inside the Ravenclaw common room and go with James some other night. She started heading towards the door, but suddenly she was being levitated in the air.

She struggled to get free. She longed to be back in the common room where she would be less likely to be attacked. She couldn’t even see who was attacking her. All of a sudden, the levitating spell was lifted, and she came falling to the ground. She pulled out her wand, hoping she’d have time to cast a spell on herself before she smashed into the ground. However, instead of the ground, she fell into a pair of strong arms.

Looking up, she realized that James was holding her. Realizing that he was holding his best friend’s sister in his arms, he quickly put her down, and covered both of them with some sort of cloak.

“I’ll lift the silencing charm, but you have to promise not to start screaming,” James whispered.

Kristen nodded and soon found that she was able to talk again.

“What the fuck was that for?” Kristen angrily asked in a whispered tone.

“I found it quite funny,” James replied, showing her a cocky grin.

“Well it wasn’t.”

“Were you scared?”

“Of course I wasn’t scared. I just really don’t like be attacked in the middle of the night with no one around. How did I know you weren’t some former death eater trying to kill me?”

James laughed at this.

“Kristen, you are too funny,” he stated, “Now, how about you lead the way to the chamber?”

She led him towards the entrance of the chamber, choosing not to speak to him. She was very angry about what he had done. A couple minutes later, they entered the girl’s lavatory where Moaning Myrtle lived.

“That’s where the entrance is,” Kristen said, pointing towards the sinks in the center of the room.

“That doesn’t really look like an entrance,” James pointed out.

“Go up to the thing and play the recording. It should work.”

James listened to her. Once the recording had played, the sinks started shifting and a hole in the floor appeared.

“So we just go through here?” James asked.

“I guess so,” Kristen replied.

“Harry, is that you?” a voice asked.

“No, I’m his son,” James replied, as Moaning Myrtle came into view.

“Who did he end up marrying?”

“Ginny Weasley.”

Moaning Myrtle didn’t look too thrilled about the news.

“I met him when he went into the Chamber to save her,” Myrtle stated, “You look a lot like him. I’ll make you the same offer I made your dad. You can share my toilet if you die down there.”

“That’s disgusting,” Kristen muttered, before saying, “I’ll see you at the bottom, James.”

With that, she jumped down the hole, leaving James staring after her.

“Looks like someone is jealous,” Myrtle giggled.

James’s heart skipped a beat. Could that really be possible? Could Kristen Wood really be jealous that Myrtle was flirting with him?

“You really think so?” James asked excitedly, before adding, “I’m sorry, Myrtle, but I will have to decline your offer.”

With that, he jumped into the hole in the ground, leaving Moaning Myrtle staring after him. He went sliding down this large pipe like thing. When he reached the bottom, he came flying out. However, his landing was not as hard as he thought it would be.

“Get off of me!” he heard Kristen exclaim from underneath him.

He quickly got off of her. He reached out his hand to help her up but she ignored it, deciding to rise to her feet on her own.

“So where do we go now?” James asked.

“I guess we just follow the tunnel. The Chamber shouldn’t be too far away,” Kristen replied.

They walked in silence for a little while. About 500 feet later, they came to a door with snakes all over it. James played the recording again, and the door soon swung open. They hurried inside. The Chamber was rather large with snake carvings and statues all over the place. That wasn’t too surprising though, considering it was built by Salazar Slytherin.

“It was in here that your dad destroyed the diary and saved your mum’s life,” Kristen explained, “He also killed the Basilisk that lived here. I’m assuming that’s what all the bones are from.”

“How many people have been inside here?” James asked, continuing to look around.

Kristen thought about this for a moment. The number was probably pretty low, considering someone had to be able to speak Parseltongue in order to get inside it.

“Let’s see: Salazar Slytherin, Voldemort, Harry and Ginny Potter, Gilderoy Lockhart, Ron and Hermione Weasley,” Kristen said, using her fingers, “Probably not too many other people.”

“You forgot me and you,” James pointed out.

“I thought that was implied, considering we’re currently standing in the chamber.”

“Have you noticed that a lot of the people who were in the chamber together ended up together?”

Kristen blushed, even though she tried not to. That had been one of the first things she had thought of upon entering the chamber.

“I guess the hardships faced during that time brought them together,” Kristen stated.

“Maybe the chamber brings them together?” James asked, taking a step towards her.

“That’s a possibility.”

As James took a never step closer to her, Kristen could feel her heart beating fast. She could hear him breathing, that’s how close together they were. She looked him the eyes and then he brought his lips down to hers. Their lips seemed to fit together perfectly and both of them could feel their hearts beating faster and faster.

Then it was over. He pulled away and started walking towards the exit to the chamber.

“Oh Merlin, what did I just do?” he asked himself, “Merlin’s pants, I just kissed her. Andrew is going to freaking kill me. Why the hell did I just do that?”

He sprinted through the exit, leaving Kristen staring after him.

“Well, this really sucks,” she sighed before heading out of the chamber.




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Chapter 32: Returning
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Chapter 32

James sprinted back into the common room. It was now around 1 in the morning and he hadn’t expected to find anyone in the common room still. However, sitting in chairs by the fire place, James saw Fred and Louis waiting for him. Upon hearing him enter, they turned their attention towards him.

“James, if you really want to get Kristen, then going out late at night to meet other girls isn’t the best idea,” Fred pointed out, disappointed that his friend had given up.

“It’d be better to just ask her out,” Louis added.

“I wasn’t out with other girls,” James argued.

“Then what the bloody hell were you doing at this hour? Taking a leisurely stroll around the castle?” Fred asked.

“No, I was with her!”

Fred and Louis looked stunned. This had definitely not been the answer they had been suspecting.

“You were hanging out with Kristen Wood at one in the morning?” Louis asked.

“I never pegged her for that kind of person,” Fred added.

“We weren’t snogging or shagging!” James protested, “She was showing me the Chamber of Secrets!”

“What is that? A place where people get really drunk and spill all their secrets?”

“Honestly, you two need to pay more attention in History of Magic,” Louis stated, “The Chamber of Secrets is where Salazar Slytherin stored a Basilisk and where Uncle Harry saved Aunt Ginny and destroyed Tom Riddle’s diary, which later turned out to be a Horcrux.”

“Yeah, that’s pretty much how Kristen explained it,” James agreed.

“So you snuck out in the middle of the night to take an educational field trip?” Fred asked, “That is rather lame if you ask me. Did anything remotely interesting happen?”

James’s cheeks turned red and his cousins knew that something had definitely happened in the chamber.

“I think Kristen fancies me. She seemed to get quite jealous when Moaning Myrtle was flirting with me,” James started.

His cousins roared with laughter. Why would anyone get jealous of Moaning Myrtle? That was absolutely ridiculous!

“Later, when we were in the chamber, I kissed her,” James finished.

“Did she kiss you back?” Louis asked.

“Yeah, she did, but then I realized that Andrew was going to kill me so I kind of sprinted out of there.”

“You kissed her and then left her alone in the Chamber of Secrets?” Fred asked, “That’s probably the stupidest thing you’ve ever done!”

“I’d go with second stupidest, considering he did orchestrate that quidditch catastrophe last spring,” Louis argued.

James rolled his eyes. It’d been almost a year since that happened, and yet people still brought it up all the time. He understood how stupid he had been. Couldn’t everyone just forget about it and move on?

“James, if you want to be with her, kissing and running is probably not the best approach,” Louis pointed out.

“Especially after what Renolds did to her back in December. She probably thinks that she’s a terrible kisser or something,” Fred added.

James was quiet for a minute. He really should have planned that out better. The last thing he wanted to do was hurt her. What if Andrew had been right? What if he had hurt her more, by ditching her in the Chamber of Secrets, than Joey Renolds ever could? James didn’t think he could forgive himself if that was the case.

“Oh damn it!” James exclaimed, remembering something, “I left the invisibility cloak in the Chamber!”

“Kristen probably has it,” Fred stated, “I wouldn’t expect to get either of them back, her or the cloak.”


Kristen walked into her dorm to find all three of her room mates waiting up for her.

“Where have you been?” Samantha asked.

“In the Chamber of Secrets,” Kristen replied honestly.

Everyone looked at her like she was crazy. It was hardly the place they had expected her to say, but they could tell that she wasn’t lying.

“What the bloody hell were you doing in the Chamber of Secrets?” Kailey asked, “How the hell did you even get down there?”

“Well, I’ve been tutoring James Potter lately, and after learning about it, he wanted to go down there. So I told him if he could find a way to learn Parseltongue that I would go with him,” Kristen explained, “He listened to some of his dad’s old recordings and apparently on one of them he was speaking in Parseltongue.”

“What did it look like down there?” Kim asked.

“There were tons of snakes all over the place. It’s quite obvious that Slytherin built the place.”

The four girls discussed the Chamber for a while. Finally, Kailey couldn’t stand waiting anymore and asked the question that had been on her, Kim, and Samantha’s mind since the start of the conversation.

“So did anything happen between you and James down there?” Kailey asked.

Kristen blushed and her friends could tell that something definitely had happened down there.

“He, um, kissed me,” she mumbled.

“Did you kiss him back?” Kim asked.

Kristen nodded, her cheeks growing redder.

“Did he ask you to be his girlfriend?” Samantha asked.

“No,” Kristen replied, slightly annoyed, “He sprinted out of the Chamber, leaving me standing here. He didn’t even bother to grab his freaking invisibility cloak!”

Kristen placed the cloak on her bed.

“Do you know why he sprinted out of there?” Kailey asked.

“I heard him say something along the lines of ‘Andrew is going to kill me’. I think my brother has James scared for his life!” Kristen replied.

“What are you going to do?” Samantha asked.

Kristen thought about this for a moment. There were a lot of possible things she could do. It was hard to pick just one.

“I think I’m going to hold on to this cloak. If he wants it, he can come talk to me,” Kristen decided, “Also, I believe that I’ll be having a conversation with my brother.”

With that Kristen closed the curtains around her bed and tried to sleep. However, sleep evaded her for several hours. That damn James Potter had really messed with her.




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Chapter 33: Intervention
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Chapter 33

It had been two weeks since the incident in the Chamber of Secrets. Kristen hadn’t tried to talk to James because she didn’t want to seem desperate. He should be the one trying to talk to her after that stunt he pulled! She tried to make eye contact with him several times, hoping he’d get the hint and start talking to her again. It was really annoying Kristen. She hadn’t a clue of what she had done wrong. Was he avoiding her because they had kissed and she was his best friend’s twin sister?

Kristen hadn’t given James his invisibility cloak back yet. She had figured that if he wanted it bad enough, he would come and talk to her. Otherwise, she could keep it and maybe even use it if a situation arose. This didn’t make James very happy. He could no longer sneak out late at night to plan pranks on various students and professors. It made his evenings quite boring to be honest.

Both of their friends had noticed what was going on. They thought James was being stupid for avoiding Kristen. It would make things a lot easier if he would actually talk to her so they could work things out. Finally, they decided that they needed to confront him.

“James, we need to talk to you,” Louis stated, dragging his friend into a secret passageway.

“I don’t have time for this, Louis,” James argued, pulling away, “Quidditch practice starts in fifteen minutes. It wouldn’t look good if the captain was late to his own practice.”

“Half of your team is here anyway. Besides, they’re all related to or good friends with you. I don’t think they’d be that pissed off. Don’t worry though, we’ll be quick.”

James now stood in front of a small crowd of people. He recognized Kailey, Samantha, and Kim and knew that it had something to do with Kristen most likely. Alyssa was there as well, along with Jessica, Taylor, and Fred. The only really important people who was missing was Andrew and Kristen. That was when he realized they were probably going to talk to him about the stunt he had pulled a couple weeks back in the Chamber of Secrets.

“Hi everyone,” James said politely, “Would someone please inform me why we are here so I can get to quidditch practice?”

“This is an intervention, James,” Fred replied.

“Why the bloody hell are you holding an intervention for me?”

“You’re totally ignoring Kristen and it’s obvious she wants you to talk to her,” Samantha replied.

“It’s rather rude actually,” Kailey added.

“I’m just trying to avoid the awkward situation that would definitely arise if I went and talked to her,” James replied.

“There would be no awkward situation if you hadn’t kissed her and left her in the bloody Chamber of Secrets,” Louis pointed out.

“I’m sure Andrew would not be very pleased to hear about that,” Taylor stated.

“He’d beat the shit out of me! He told me to stay away from her and I kissed her! I’m trying to save my friendship!” James protested.

“He also told you not to hurt her,” Jessica said, “I’m pretty sure that you really hurt her by walking out on her like that.”

“Why the hell would she care? She hates me. She was probably disgusted that I kissed her and thankful that I left.”

“You are such an idiot,” Fred mumbled.

“For the last time, she doesn’t hate you!” Kim exclaimed.

“If she hated you, then why would she be constantly looking at you, pleading for you to come talk to her?” Samantha asked.

“Maybe she wants to scream at me,” James replied, “Besides, she should come to me if she wants to have that conversation.”

“It’s a pride thing; Kristen is not going to give in and seem desperate for you,” Kim explained.

“Have you ever thought that maybe she bloody fancies you as well?” Alyssa asked.

“She did kiss you back after all,” Kailey pointed out.

“That’s impossible,” James stated.

“No it’s not! You said yourself that she was freaking jealous that Moaning Myrtle was flirting with you!” Fred exclaimed, “The girl fancies you James!”

“Now she probably thinks you’ve led her on,” Jessica stated.

“I do fancy her! I just don’t want her brother to beat the shit out of me!” James exclaimed.

“You need to have a conversation with him,” Taylor said, “Tell him what happened and how you really fancy her, and maybe he’ll actually be OK with you asking her out! What you don’t want is for Andrew to find out what you did before you tell him. I’m pretty sure he would beat the shit out of you in that case.”

“You’ve been sending her love notes for months, James. You can’t just give up on her now. Especially since I know you’ve been sending notes since the incident. You’re not ready to give her up. Talk to her brother, work this shit out, and stop being an asshole,” Alyssa advised.

James took all of this into mind. He was acting like an asshole. It was not fun ignoring her like he was. He just didn’t want to be totally embarrassed or have his best friend be totally pissed at him. He would be graduating Hogwarts in a month and a half. He would be a chaser for Puddlemore United come July. None of the people he knew now could touch him then. Maybe it was time to take a risk. After all, he had come to the conclusion, many months ago that Kristen Wood was a girl worth fighting for.

“I guess I have been kind of an ass,” James stated, “I should probably work that out. By the way, when will I be able to have my invisibility cloak back?”

“She said she’ll give it back to you when you come and talk to her,” Samantha replied.

“Well, I guess I should talk to her. First, though, I should probably talk to her brother.”

“That sounds like a good idea,” Taylor agreed.

“Damn it!” Fred exclaimed, looking at his watch, “We’re late for quidditch practice!”

With that, along with a few other swear words, James, Taylor, Fred, and Jessica rushed out of the corridor. James had to admit he was feeling a lot better after that. He felt like he might actually stand a chance.




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Chapter 34: Giving Love a Shot
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Chapter 34

“Thanks for coming and talking to James,” Louis said to Alyssa as they walked down the hallway.

After James, Taylor, Jessica, and Fred had left, Kristen’s Ravenclaw friends had left as well. That had just left Louis and Alyssa. So he had decided to walk around with her. Now, as he walked with her, he could feel his palms sweating.

“No problem,” Alyssa replied, “Kristen told me she fancied him almost a month and a half ago. I could tell that he fancied her for even longer. Plus, I’m a sucker for romance. I would love for them to be together and happy.”

“Yeah, James realized she was hot back in October and realized he fancied her in December. Just by looking at him I could tell he really wanted to ask her but didn’t want to ruin his friendship with Andrew,” Louis agreed.

“I think the whole love note thing is unbelievably adorable. She always seems happier after she receives one,” Alyssa noticed, “I personally think that she was hoping that it was James who was sending them.”

“James is always extremely nervous when he sends it, but he lights up when he sees the look on her face. He likes the fact that he finally found a way for him to make her smile,” Louis replied.

“Do you think they will work out?”

“Yeah, I do. That is, if James ever works up the courage to ask her.”

“Relationships at our age don’t usually last very long, though.”

They had stopped and were now sitting under a tree by the lake. In the distance, he could hear the Gryffindor quidditch team practicing.

“That’s not always the case though. Take Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley, or Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, for example. They got together when they were our age and they ended up getting married and being together. My sister Victorie started dating Teddy Lupin in her sixth year, and they got married just last summer.

“It’s possible, Alyssa, it’s just more difficult. The real world tests relationships. Some of them are strong enough to last, others are not. I have a feeling that Kristen and James would last together. Yes, up until this year, they hated each other. Now, however, they are two completely different people. James no longer snogs random bimbos in broom closets. Kristen broke the rules and snuck out of her dorm in the middle of the night to visit the Chamber of Secrets with him. James is actually fighting for her, instead of just choosing a girl who will immediately want to be with him. They’re different people.

“However, they could very easily not work out. Both of them will be playing professional quidditch for different teams. They could just decide and give up. That’s part of life. If they don’t try, they’ll never know though. No one ever knows if they don’t try.”

Louis finished his speech to see Alyssa looking at him.

“That was very insightful,” she said, “It almost sounded like there is someone you would really like to try and be with.”

Louis blushed. This is one thing he hated about being a Weasley.

“I would like to be with someone,” Louis said slowly, “I would like to get the chance to try being together with them in the real world.”

“I know what you mean,” Alyssa agreed, “The last guy I was with ended it with me because I pointed out the fact that our house sucked at quidditch. I don’t think I’d ever want to get together with someone who plays quidditch, they’re all just way too obsessed with the game.”

“Well, by looking at some of my friends, it seems that a lot of quidditch players like to go with people who play quidditch. I guess they have the obsessive love of quidditch to bond over. The rest of us are left to try and make it work with a quidditch player or find someone who doesn’t play quidditch.”

“Can I ask you something?”

Louis gulped. He was afraid of what was coming next. He took a deep breath, and nodded.

“Before this year, you didn’t really talk to me. What changed to make you start?” Alyssa asked.

“My other friends simply became too obsessed with each other and quidditch. James started fancying Kristen, which severely pissed Andrew off, Fred and Jessica got together, Andrew and Taylor got together. I suddenly found myself sitting among couples snogging and James moping. I realized that I should probably find some more friends. I had always found your commentating on the quidditch matches quite interesting and when we became partners in Herbology it seemed like a good chance to make a new friend,” Louis explained.

“So you consider me a friend?”

Louis nodded. Alyssa took a deep breath. She knew the question that she wanted to ask next could ruin everything they had built this year, but she didn’t care. It was time to take a risk.

“Would you ever consider me anything more?” she asked softly.

This question made Louis’s heart stop momentarily. If he answered this question honestly, she would know everything. Their friendship could be ruined. However, they only had a month and a half left of their last year of Hogwarts. Soon they would be out in the real world. Maybe it was time to take a risk.

“I already do,” Louis replied, “You’re quite an interesting person. I enjoy the comments you make at the quidditch games. I like that Herbology is your favorite subject, when most people would answer with Defense Against the Dark Arts or something like that. You actually try in school, which is a rare quality to find in someone who isn’t a Ravenclaw. I like how you’re very opinionated and are willing to go against the crowd. I’m going to be honest here, Alyssa. I fancy you.”

He couldn’t believe what he had just said. Hundred of possible reactions played before his eyes. She could scream at him and never want to speak with him again. She could say she didn’t fancy him and things would be incredibly awkward for the rest of the year. However, the possible reaction he liked most of all was the one where she told him that she fancied him as well.

“I never knew you thought so highly of me,” Alyssa stated, a smile on her face.

“You’re an incredible person,” Louis replied, “It’s impossible not to find incredible things about you.”

“You should take a look at yourself sometime, Louis. You’re quite incredible as well. You’re one of the few Gryffindors who don’t seem to think that Hufflepuffs are useless. You’re not totally quidditch obsessed like a lot of people, but you seem to enjoy the sport. You hang out with people who pull pranks all day, and yet you manage to still work hard and care about school. Besides, has anyone told you how distracting your eyes are? They could suck a person right in.”

He could see her staring intensely at his eyes. It was rather cute in his opinion. It seemed as if Alyssa had fallen for him. Of course he could be over reacting. It was time to stop thinking. It was time to stop trying to over analyze things. It was time to take a risk. So with that train of thought, Louis leaned in and captured Alyssa’s lips in his. They tasted like strawberries. Suddenly, he felt her kissing him back. The girl he had fancied for months was kissing him back.

A few seconds later, they slowly pulled apart. When he opened his eyes, he could see her smiling at him.

“That was quite enjoyable,” Alyssa stated.

“I would have to agree,” Louis replied, “So what do you say? Would you like to give our relationship a shot?”

“That sounds like a delightful idea.”

He smiled and interlocked his fingers with hers. This day had turned out a lot better than he expected.




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Chapter 35: A Sibling Conversation
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Chapter 35

“So what’s new with you?” Andrew asked Kristen as they walked around the lake.

They had been taking these weekly walks ever since they were in first year. They had discovered it had been harder than expected to keep in touch being in different houses, so every Sunday afternoon, they would walk around the lake and talk about what was going on in their lives.

“Nothing really,” Kristen lied.

“You seem to have something on your mind. I’ve been noticing it these past few weeks,” Andrew noticed, “What is it that you’re thinking about?”

Kristen debated on what to do. She could lie, and make everything a hell of a lot easier, or she could tell the truth, and feel a hell of a lot better.

“Well there’s this guy,” Kristen started, opting for the truth.

“What’s his name?” Andrew asked immediately.

Kristen rolled her eyes at her brother’s over protectiveness.

“I didn’t really talk to him a lot before this year, but this year we started talking. Recently, he showed me that he fancied me but then decided to completely ignore me,” Kristen replied, ignoring her brother’s question, and being very vague.
“I take it you fancy this guy as well?” Andrew asked.

“Yeah, I do. I don’t know what to do.”

“Is this guy James?”

Kristen swore in her head. This conversation definitely wasn’t going the way she had wanted it to go.

“That’s ridiculous,” Kristen lied, trying not to blush, “In case you don’t remember, James and I hate each other.”

No matter how hard Kristen tried, she always failed when trying not to blush. When he saw the shade of pink appear on her face, he knew that the guy was James. He had known that James had fancied his sister for a while, but never had he expected her to fall for him.

“Don’t lie to me, Kris,” Andrew stated, “You fancy him don’t you?”

“I don’t want too, because he’s kind of a pain in the ass, but for some screwed up reason I do,” Kristen replied, “He wanted me to show him the Chamber of Secrets, so I went down with him a couple weeks ago. When we were down there, he kissed me, mumbled something about you killing him, and sprinted out of the chamber.”

Andrew’s eyes went wide.

“He kissed you and then left you in the Chamber of Secrets?” he asked, growing angry, “James is so going to pay for that!”

He turned away and started to storm off. However, before he could get very far, Kristen grabbed him and turned him around. Then she grabbed his shirt and pulled him down so that they were eye level.

“You are not going to beat James up,” Kristen stated.

“He left you in the freaking Chamber of Secrets! You could have died down there!” Andrew protested, trying but failing to break out of his sister’s grip.

“There’s nothing alive down there! All I had to do was summon my broom! I wasn’t going to die!”

“He screwed with your heart! He saw what happened to you after Joey Renolds screwed with your heart and he did the exact same thing!”

“He’s freaking scared of you, Andrew! He doesn’t want to ruin your friendship or have you beat the crap out of him!”

“That doesn’t excuse what he did!”

“I want you to talk to him.”

Andrew looked at his sister like she was crazy. Hadn’t she just stopped him from going to talk to him?

“Why do you want me to do that?” he asked.

“I want you to talk to him and tell him that he can ask me out if he feels like it,” Kristen replied, “You’re going to make it clear that you are not going to beat the shit out of him. Also, mention that I would like to talk to him at some point. Until he comes to talk to me, he’s not getting his invisibility cloak back.”

Andrew looked shocked.

“How did you get his invisibility cloak?” he asked, “He never lets that thing out of his grasp!”

“He left it when he left me in the Chamber,” Kristen replied, “It’s quite nice, so unless he comes and talks to me, I think I’ll keep it.”

“Who ever thought that Kristen Wood would ever use something as leverage?”

“Well, he is James Potter, the one person I would ever think of being evil towards.”

Both of them smiled. It sure had turned out to be an interesting conversation.

“So will you talk to him?” Kristen asked, “That is, without beating the shit out of him in the process.”

Andrew sighed. It wasn’t exactly what he wanted to do. However, she was his sister. He had spent the last eighteen years looking out for her happiness. Besides, if he had to have his sister fall for someone, he guessed that she could have chosen a worse person then James. Over the past year, James had become a better person. For years, Andrew had wanted Kristen and James to get along. So if that caused them to fall for each other, then he guessed it wasn’t the worst thing that could have happened.

“Alright,” James agreed, “I’ll talk to him.”

Kristen smiled.

“Thanks,” she replied, “I really appreciate it.”

With that they headed back to the castle. The conversation was a lot lighter, but Andrew wasn’t really listening. He was thinking about the conversation he was going to have to have with James. It sure was going to be a conversation he wished never to have




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Chapter 36: Permission
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Chapter 36

When Andrew got back to the common room, he was quite surprised to see that the room was rather empty. Usually it was packed with people who were goofing off and doing homework. However, there was only one person in the common room at the moment, and that was James Potter; his friend that he really needed to talk to.

“We need to talk,” Andrew stated as he approached James.

James rose from his seat and stood to face his friend. He was desperately hoping that the conversation wasn’t going to go as bad as he had feared it would.

“Yeah, we kind of do,” James agreed, trying to keep a calm expression.

“Why the hell did you leave Kristen in the freaking chamber of secrets?” Andrew asked angrily.

“I panicked. I realized you were going to be super pissed at me for what I had done so I got the hell out of there.”

“You mean when you kissed her?”

James nodded, looking at his feet. This was one awkward conversation.

“Why did you do it?” Andrew asked.

“I fancy her, Andrew!” James exclaimed, finally done with hiding his feelings, “I have fancied her for months! You, Fred, and Louis all have girlfriends now! You all get to be happy! Why the hell can’t I? Just because the girl I happened to fall for was your sister? The same exact thing happened with my dad and all that turned out pretty damn fine. You’re making it impossible though! Andrew, you are my best friend. Now I really fancy your sister, but I don’t want to lose you because of it! It’s making everything so damn difficult!”

James sat back in the chair and put his head in his hands. He’d let out a portion of all the anger he’d built up over the last several months. Hopefully it wouldn’t ruin things.

“This time last year, you were plotting to knock out her entire team in the quidditch match for the cup,” Andrew stated quietly, “Now you’re professing your love for her. Who knew how much could change in just one year?”

“I didn’t mean to kiss her. That’s not the reason I brought her down there. I was curious about the chamber, and, I admit, I just wanted to spend more time with her,” James said, “Then I saw how she seemed kind of jealous that Moaning Myrtle was flirting with me. I was so excited, and I realized that she might actually fancy me as well, and I kissed her. It was quite amazing, I must admit. Then I realized that you’d probably hate me so I just left.”

“She could have never been able to get up and ended up dying down there.”

“I don’t think so. Kristen’s a smart girl; I knew she’d figure out a way to get back up. Besides, as I already stated, I panicked.”

Andrew sighed. This was quite a difficult concept for him. He wanted to punch James in the face. At the same time he wanted to smile and give his friend a pat on the back for totally turning his life around. If only it had been some other girl.

“The fact that you kissed her isn’t what bothers me the most,” Andrew said truthfully, sitting down in the chair across from James.

James looked up, kind of shocked. He had expected that that would be the thing to anger his friend the most. After all, it was Andrew’s sister he had kissed.

“It was the fact that you left her in the Chamber of Secrets and are now totally ignoring her,” Andrew continued.

“I panicked. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have left her. I don’t plan on leaving her any time soon, Andrew. I know it was wrong to ignore her. I was just embarrassed and a little frightened that you would find out and kick my ass,” James replied.

“I never knew you were so frightened of me.”

“Everyone knows how far you are willing to go to protect your sisters. Hell, I helped you beat the shit out of Joey Renolds. I didn’t want to be the one to get the shit beaten out of me this time.”

Andrew cracked a smile and sat down in the chair opposite James.

“I don’t plan on beating the shit out of you James,” Andrew stated.

“Really?” James asked.

“If you want you can go out with my sister. That is, if she wants to go out with you.”

James’s eyes widened. Now this was something he definitely hadn’t expected.

“Are you serious?” he asked.

“However, if you ever hurt her in any way, shape, or form, I don’t care if you’re my best friend, I will beat the shit out of you. Is that clear?” Andrew continued.

“Very much so.”

Andrew smiled and rose from his chair. He was halfway to the dormitory staircase when James stopped him.

“Andrew, did Kristen mention when she would be giving me my invisibility cloak back?” he asked.

“I believe she said that if you want it back you have to come and find her and stop ignoring her,” Andrew replied.

James smiled. That would be easy enough to do.

“Alright,” he stated, “Thanks Andrew.”

Andrew turned around and continued up the stair case. He couldn’t exactly believe that he had just given James permission to go after Kristen. Well, at least the two no longer hated each other. Besides, if anyone had to date his sister, Andrew had to admit that his best friend was probably one of the people he would prefer her with.

James continued to sit, contemplating his next move. To be honest, he had never thought this day would come. He was going to go after the girl of his dreams, and he was going to make sure everyone knew how badly he wanted her.




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Chapter 37: The Quidditch Cup
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Chapter 37

The day of the big game had finally arrived. All the students, professors, and a lot of other members of the Wizarding world had been anxiously waiting for this day ever since the catastrophe of the last quidditch cup game. It was sure to be intense and a very good match of quidditch. Both teams were itching to get their fingers on the cup. Gryffindor wanted to show that they could win without playing unfairly. Ravenclaw wanted to get the cup back after losing it last year.

“For most of us sitting here, this is our last game of quidditch we will play as a member of Gryffindor house. In less than a month, we graduate. This is our last chance to prove how good we really are,” James said, talking to his team as everyone was preparing to take the pitch, “Ravenclaw is good, there is no denying that. They have beaten us in every game we played, except for the disaster of last year. However, we can change that. Yes, we’re the underdog in this game, but that doesn’t mean we don’t stand a chance

“I’ve known all of you for at least seven years. I have watched you all become fantastic people and quidditch players. We are good enough that scouts have come to watch us. I’ve already been chosen for a team, and I’m sure by the end of the day, at least one other of you will. Each and every one of you kicks ass at this sport, otherwise you would not be on the team. Taylor, we need you to save as many goals as possible. Make sure that they don’t get up by more than one hundred and fifty. Jessica, we need you to catch that snitch as soon as possible. If we can do that, then we can win this game. Let’s go Gryffindor!”

Meanwhile in the Ravenclaw locker room, Kristen was having a similar conversation with her team.

“We’re good, but so is Gryffindor. They are definitely capable of beating us. We have to work extra hard if we want to win. This is our last chance for the cup, at least for Kailey, Jason, and I. This is our last year of being on this team,” Kristen said, “If I had to pick one thing I’m going to miss about Hogwarts, it will probably be quidditch. I have been blessed to have been able to play such an awesome sport with such amazing people. Let’s prove once and for all that just because you’re smart, doesn’t mean you can’t play a fabulous game of quidditch.”

The speeches had been made. Both teams stood more determined then they had ever been. This game was definitely going to be one to remember; there was no doubt about it.

“First we have the Gryffindor team! Potter, Potter, Wood, Finnegan, Thomas, Weasley, and Potter!” Alyssa announced.

This was greeted with a thunderous applause from the section draped in red and gold. They were desperately wanting their team to win.

“Now we have the Ravenclaw team! Wood, Neilson, Scamander, Burke, Weasley, Carter, and Wood!” Alyssa continued.

The applause from the Ravenclaw section was just as thunderous as the Gryffindor’s were. Overall, the stand was split half and half. No matter what the outcome of the game was, there was going to be thousands of people extremely happy and thousands of people extremely pissed off.

Everyone watched as the players kicked off the ground and the bludgers, quaffle, and snitch were released.

“The game has begun!” Alyssa exclaimed, “Ravenclaw has possession! Savannah passes to Jason who passes to Rose who passes back to Savannah who shoots! Taylor barely makes the save! Gryffindor now has the quaffle! Albus passes to Andrew who passes back to Albus who passes to James who shoots! Kristen makes the save!”

This kind of action continued for fifteen minutes. Neither of the teams was able to score any goals. Both of the keepers were extremely determined not to let any goals in. If they wanted a chance at winning, they had to keep as much out as possible.

“We need to score a goal,” Jason stated as he passed the quaffle to Savannah.

“I have an idea. Pretend to shoot and then drop it to me,” Savannah replied, passing the quaffle to Rose.

As Rose approached the goals, she saw Savannah drop about 10 feet. The idea was fairly good. The play might actually work. As far as Rose could tell, Taylor was oblivious to the fact that Savannah had dropped a little. Rose faked the shot and saw Taylor’s hands reaching out to grab it. She dropped it, which Savannah immediately caught. Savannah then tossed the quaffle through the goal.

“Savannah Wood makes the first goal of the game!” Alyssa announced as the Ravenclaw section cheered loudly, “The score is now 10-0 Ravenclaw!”

It was obvious to everyone that the Gryffindor’s were not very happy about this. Andrew flew the quaffle up the field. Out of any of the chasers on his team, he knew the way his sister was going to react the best. She favored her right side, so it’d be easier to get a shot in on the left. She’d probably try to kick it if she dove the wrong way, so he’d have to fake right and throw down left. Hopefully that would work.

He approached the goals. Kristen looked extremely determined to save the shot. However, if Andrew wanted his team to win, which he really did, then he was going to have to score on his sister and piss her off. He faked right and saw her dive. He could see the look in her eyes as she realized her mistake and tried to kick it out of the way. The horror when her foot barely missed the quaffle and smacked into the goal post instead. The sadness as she realized that her mistake might end up making her team lose the game.

“Andrew Wood ties the game at 10-10!” Alyssa exclaimed over the cheering from the Gryffindor section.

To say that Kristen Wood was pissed was an understatement. She was extremely angry that she had missed her shot. She had let her brother score on her. It was unacceptable. She had caused the game to tie up again. Unless her team started scoring like crazy, which wasn’t likely considering how well Taylor was playing, the game would go to whichever team caught the snitch.

Kailey Neilson and Jessica Thomas circled the pitch. They both knew that the fate of the game rested on their shoulders. Whoever caught the snitch would win the game for their team. The other one would know that they had been the reason that their team lost.

Suddenly, a flash of gold caught both of the seeker’s attention. They both started chasing after it. Unlike the last time they played each other, neither of them was going to try and distract the other. They were both focused entirely on the golden ball that flew in front of them.

“It looks like both of the seekers have spotted the snitch!” Alyssa exclaimed.

The crowd roared with excitement. This was one of the most interesting parts of a quidditch match. The seekers were neck and neck. It could go either way. One of the teams would get the cup and the glory. The other would watch it slip through their fingers.

The other players on the field held their breath. Some of them knew that the outcome of the game might make or break their careers. Others were in it for the pride. They did not want to be defeated. For 8 of the 14 people on the quidditch pitch, including both of the seekers, this was the last game they would play at Hogwarts. They didn’t want to remember it as a loss.

Kailey and Jessica reached out their arms as they got within feet of the snitch. They were the same distance away from it. Soon both of them could feel their fingers scraping the gold medal on the outside of the snitch. It was practically within their grasps.

The crowd stood up and looked through pairs of binoculars, trying to figure out which of the seekers had caught the snitch. Would the Gryffindors prove that they were capable of beating Ravenclaw? Would the Ravenclaws regain the cup, winning it 6 out of the last 7 years?

“Kailey Neilson has caught the snitch!” Alyssa exclaimed, as Kailey held the snitch up in the air, the Ravenclaws cheered like crazy and the Gryffindors swore under their breath, “Ravenclaw has won the house cup!”

Kristen flew to the ground and greeted her team with a giant group hug. They had succeeded. They had defeated Gryffindor, even if it was only by a hair. Professor McGonagall was handing her the house cup. She held it in the air, letting each member of her team grab on to part of it. Several photographs were taken, some of which would probably end up in the Dailey Prophet.

“Kristen!” someone shouted over all the noise.

She finished taking the picture and turned around to see who had called her name. Surprisingly, she found that it was James standing there. He had been the one to call her. Kristen wondered what he wanted. He had just lost the game. She had thought he would have walked off to the locker room to sulk. Why in Merlin’s name would he want to talk to her? Unless, maybe he wanted to apologize for what happened in the Chamber. Maybe he was really fighting for her.

To answer her question, James stepped up to her and kissed her, not caring how many people were watching. The results of the game didn’t matter. All that mattered was that he was here now, standing and kissing the girl of his dreams, and that she was kissing him back.




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Chapter 38: Happy Endings
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Chapter 38

Every person on the pitch or in the crowd stared at the two of them. Most of them had been at the game last year and knew how much these two hated each other. Yet here they were, kissing in the middle of the quidditch pitch. This was definitely not something that had been expected.

Camera flashes went off from all over the place. No doubt there was going to be an article about the two of them in the Dailey Prophet or maybe some other book. However, Kristen Wood and James Potter didn’t really care. They were together and that was all that mattered.


“Andrew Wood?” a man asked approaching Andrew.

“Yeah, that’s me,” Andrew replied.

“I’m Royce Carmen, the owner of the Appleby Arrows. The way you played was phenomenal, especially that goal on the keeper. I was wondering if you would be interested in playing as a reserve chaser on my team.”

Andrew’s eyes went wide. He’d always loved quidditch, but had figured if anyone was going to make a career out of it in his family it was going to be Kristen. He couldn’t believe he was getting offered a position, even if it was just as a reserve. This was the opportunity of a life time.

“I most definitely would,” Andrew replied smiling.

“That’s great,” Royce stated, “I’ll send you the contract in the next couple days via owl.”

“Sounds good.”

They shook hands and went their separate ways. Andrew looked around the pitch. It seemed James was still kissing Kristen. He turned away, kind of disgusted. Soon his eyes found Taylor’s and he headed her way. Like him, she was grinning extremely wide.

“You look quite happy considering we just lost the game,” Andrew pointed out as he approached her.

“Well, you are looking at the new reserve keeper for Falmouth Falcons,” Taylor replied smiling, “You yourself look quite happy as well.”

“I’m a new reserve chaser for the Appleby Arrows.”

“That’s wonderful! We’re both going to be professional quidditch players!”

She kissed him and he kissed her back. Considering they had lost the house cup, the day was going quite fabulously.


“So it looks like James and Kristen are officially together,” Jessica stated, approaching Fred, “I believe you owe me 10 galleons.”

“We don’t know that they are together for sure, though,” Fred pointed out, “Maybe he’s asking her to be snog buddies.”

“After all the crap he went through to get with her? I highly doubt that.”

“It’s still a possibility.”

Fred sighed in defeat. He had lost the bet.

“There’s only one problem,” he said, “I don’t have 10 galleons.”

“What do you mean you don’t have 10 galleons?” Jessica asked, putting her hands on her hips.

“I bet Louis about when Andrew and Taylor would get together. I didn’t think they’d get together until Valentine’s Day. I was proven wrong and lost my money.”

Jessica sighed, shaking her head.

“Can I pay you in kisses instead?” Fred asked.

“I guess so,” Jessica replied, smiling.

Happy to pay up immediately, Fred leaned in and kissed his girlfriend. Fred thought that he and Jessica should use kisses instead of money in bets from now on.


“You did a wonderful job announcing,” Alyssa heard from behind her.

She turned around to see Louis standing there smiling.

“Well I’m glad you enjoyed it,” Alyssa replied, “Even if your team did lose.”

“Oh well,” Louis stated, “It doesn’t look like the team is very upset anyway.”

He motioned to the field where several people were kissing. It was quite odd to be honest, but unbelievably adorable at the same time.

“I say we join them,” Alyssa stated, leaning and gently pressing her lips to his.


“That was an awesome game Kailey,” Jason stated, “Especially when you caught the snitch at the end.”

“You made some really great plays too,” Kailey added.

“I didn’t score at all, though.”

“That doesn’t matter. We played as hard as we could and we ended up on top. We played the game by the book.”

“How about we do something off the book though?”

Kailey looked at him slightly confused, not knowing what he was talking about. Then she saw his eyes close and his lips move towards hers. At the moment, she couldn’t think of something she’d rather be doing, so she leaned in as well and their lips touched. Jessica had been right all those months ago during the first match they played against Gryffindor that year. Jason did like her, and maybe, Kailey liked him as well.


Tony Roberts, Garret Burke, and Alex Milton sat in the stands watching the events on the field. Like they had promised at the end of the previous season, they had come to every single one of Ravenclaw’s games. It was a strange feeling watching the new team. However, they had to admit that the team was just as good as the one they had been on the year before.

“Now that is not something I was expecting,” Alex stated, pointing to Kristen and James.

“Kristen Wood and James Potter together after what happened last year,” Garret said, “I don’t think anyone expected that.”

“A lot must have happened between them this year,” Tony stated.

“Not just them,” Alex pointed out, “Take a look at all that snogging going on out there.”

“Jessica Thomas and Fred Weasley; I think most people could see that coming though. She’s seemed to fancy him for years.”

“Taylor Finnegan and Andrew Wood are a couple I didn’t see coming, but I think they’re cute together,” Garret continued.

“Besides Kristen and James, I would have to say the most shocking couple is Kailey and Jason,” Alex stated.

“He’s liked her for a while. It was a bit obvious to tell.”

The three of them got up and started making their way down to the pitch, still discussing their friend’s love lives.


“Rose!” a shout came from behind her.

She turned around to see Scorpius running towards her. He had a huge smile on his face. When he reached her, he slowed down to a stop, and gently put his hands in hers.

“Our parents-“Rose started to protest, knowing how pissed her dad would be if he saw this.

“Who cares?” Scorpius asked.

Rose smiled. She was going to be a bit rebellious today.

“Not me,” Rose replied, and pressed her lips against his.


“What the bloody hell is Scorpius Malfoy doing kissing Rose?” Ron asked angrily, standing from his seat.

“Oh calm down, Ronald,” Hermione stated, “Let the kids have some fun.”


“Savannah,” Hugo said as he approached her, “That was an awesome goal, even if it was scored against Gryffindor.”

“Hi Hugo,” Savannah said, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, “Thanks.”

“Can you believe all these older kids? They can’t keep their hands off of each other!”

Savannah looked around. There sure were a lot of couples snogging. She saw James and Kristen, Andrew and Taylor, Jessica and Fred, Louis and Alyssa. She even saw Rose and Scorpius snogging, something she was sure would cause Rose’s father to freak out.

“I guess you can say love is in the air,” Savannah stated, “They all seem quite happy. I mean, whoever thought that-“

Savannah never got the chance to finish that sentence because before she knew it, Hugo Weasley had pressed his lips to her. This was her first kiss and she thought it was quite wonderful. He tasted like chocolate.


“It’s about time that Kristen and James got together,” Samantha stated as she and Drake stood hand in hand watching the events on the field.

“Yeah, and look at all the other couples too. Isn’t that Kailey and Jason snogging?” Drake asked.

“I think so. I believe that Savannah Wood is snogging Hugo Weasley. They make an interesting couple, but it’s cute. Andrew is not going to be very happy though.”

“He’s too busy snogging Taylor to notice at the moment though.”

Both of them cracked up. Drake turned to face her.

“I think I’m the luckiest Hufflepuff out there,” he stated.

“Why is that?” Samantha asked.

“Hufflepuffs are particularly good finders, but I don’t think most Hufflepuffs could even dream of finding someone as amazing as you.”

Samantha smiled and blushed. That was hands down the sweetest thing anyone had ever said to her.

“I love you,” she whispered.

“I love you too,” Drake whispered back.

With that, they gently kissed, knowing that this was probably the happiest moment of their lives.


Kristen and James pulled away from each other, smiling. That moment had been amazing.

“’Love be our token; love be yours and love be mine’,” James recited quietly, “Christina Rossetti.”

Kristen’s eyes widened. For months she had wondered who her secret admirer was. She had actually hoped that it was James who had been writing her the notes. However, Kristen was unsure that James was capable of doing something so sweet and romantic. Now, she had no doubt in her mind. James Sirius Potter was no longer the asshole she had originally thought he was.

“So you know how someone gave that anonymous comment to Skeeter about the two of you having sexual tension?” Fred asked, walking over with Jessica at his side, “Well that was me. I believe that I was right.”

James and Kristen rolled their eyes. She remembered the day on the train months ago when she thought that she wanted to kill whoever had said that. However, she didn’t find herself getting angry at Fred. That was because she no longer thought it was such a bad thing for people to think that her and James Potter belonged together.


The game had not turned out in the way some had expected. However, to the majority of the people in and watching the match that day, that didn’t matter. People had figured out where they were going to go in life. People had found happiness with the people they were with on the pitch. Everyone was happy, and that was all that mattered. Win or lose, life goes on. In the end, it doesn’t matter if you were a Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, or Slytherin. It didn’t matter who ended up winning the quidditch cup. Happiness and love had prevailed.




***I hope you enjoyed that :) The line about Hufflepuffs being particularly good finders is from A Very Potter Musical and the quote that James said to Kristen is from Christina Rossetti, just in case you're wondering. So this is it! The Chaser and the Keeper has come to an end!!! I can't believe it's over. I want to thank each and everyone who took the time to read this story, I really appreciate it. A special thanks goes to everyone who has reviewed this, I love reading your comments! It's not too late to tell me what you thought of this story, I'd really enjoy it. Well, this story has come to an end, but this is not the last you will see of this group of characters. As I mentioned earlier, I'm making this into a trilogy that is going to start getting darker. Hopefully I'll be ready to post the first chapter to the next book, which will be called "As The Days Grow Dark" by alwayswriting7, around New Years. So yeah, once again, thank you so much for reading :'D ***