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Escaping the Friend Zone by jess94

Format: Novel
Chapters: 54
Word Count: 84,581

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Contains Slash (Same-Sex Pairing), Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Romance, Angst, Young Adult
Characters: Harry, Ginny, Albus, Hugo, James (II), Lily (II), Rose, OC
Pairings: Lily/OC

First Published: 07/20/2012
Last Chapter: 05/20/2013
Last Updated: 05/20/2013


Ollie Benson is in love with Lily Potter - but he's also her best mate. Could he be the first guy in history to sucessfully escape the friend zone unscathed?. Over 10,000 reads, thank you so much!

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No final chapter as such, but as the main objective of this story (Ollie & Lily) is now over, consider this story finished

Chapter 1: Somewhere Only We Know
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 Chapter One

Looking out on the lake each night at sunset really is my favourite thing to do, there’s nowhere that’s really peaceful in the whole of Hogwarts except for this place and lucky for me no one really knows I come down here every night. It’s not that I’m depressed or one of those teenagers with issues that feels close to nature or some crap like that I just like coming down here to think and take thirty minutes away from my utterly insane peers

“Thinking again Benson?” came the voice of Lily Potter from behind me. I turn and smile at her, she’s absolutely gorgeous and the most sort after girl in the school “You really should do less of this; your brain might not be able to keep up and explode”. I smirked as Lily stepped carefully along the four small rocks before the big one I was currently sat on. It was a late September night about four weeks after we came back to Hogwarts and Lily had been down here with me each night without fail. I felt myself blushing as I watched her go from rock to rock with a hard look of concentration on her face trying her best not to fall in. She was wearing one of my Quidditch hoodies, a short denim skirt and had her glorious red hair tied back and had no shoes on; she grinned up at me as she reached the last rock

I pulled her up and she sat down next to me and rested her head on my shoulders, I was finding it very hard to breathe at this moment in time. If you hadn’t already guessed I am in love with this girl completely head over heels pathetic for her; she’s my dream woman after all. Beautiful, kind, feisty, funny and intelligence I couldn’t ask for better in a woman than the only daughter of the bloke who saved the wizarding world

We’d been doing this every night since we got back to school, Lily and I were best friends and had been since first year  though I’d never told me about my special spot until the end of last year and she’d been nagging me about letting her come down ever since. I eventually caved in and now this is kind of our special little routine, I didn’t mind as it meant more time spent with the girl of my dreams. I’m sure she doesn’t feel the same way about me as I feel about her. She’s Lily Potter for merlin’s sake, why would she be interested in little old me that way? OK, I’m not the ugliest guy in the world I’ll admit and I’ve been told by various ex-girlfriends that I was kind, funny and cute during our relationships and nine times out of ten the relationship only failed because my love for Lily got in the way

I’m not sure how long I’ve been in love with Lily, we’re in sixth year and I realised I fancied her in the second year but this in love thing didn’t come about until half-way through last year. It’s not like a creepy obsessional love where I sneak into her room every night and watch her sleep it’s the kind of love where everything she says I hang off every word, I get jealous when I see her with other guys but it’s not like I go around hitting them (well except Scorpious last year but the moron had it coming and Lily hates him anyway).

“What’re you thinking about” I ask her as she yawns, her head still resting on my shoulder

“Flobberworms” she says almost immediately. She lifts her head off my shoulder as I give her a weird look, she grins at me and my stomach does a backflip “Just they’re so creepy and ugly looking, but how they’re really important for gardens and stuff”

“How very deep Miss Potter” I reply

“Well thank you Oliver” she replies back resuming her position on my shoulder, we sit in silence for a few more minutes until she yawns

“Tired?” I ask her and she nods with her eyes closed as if she was about to go to sleep “Come on then let’s get back, we have got that History of Magic essay to hand in tomorrow”

Lily groans as I jump down from our rock and hold out my hand for her to take. I lift her down and nearly drop her in the lake, catching her round the hips just as she’s about to fall in

“Careful Benson” she says pretending to be annoyed “If the only daughter of Harry Potter is found dead in the river they’ll all think there’s some kind of uprising coming”

I chuckle sarcastically and walk on in front of her for a while until I notice how far behind she’s lagging. I walk back to her and she looks as if she’s about to fall asleep standing up, she gives me a pleading look and I sigh

“Get on then” I say crouching down as she climbs on my back and soon enough I’m giving her a piggy back to the castle well aware that she’s fallen asleep on my back. We’ll most likely get in trouble for being out after hours but I didn’t really care at the moment, my main focus was getting back to the Common Room and getting Lily to bed.

Mainly because she’s heavier than she looks, Lily’s skinny but she sure does eat a lot and you can tell when you carry her. That’s another feature of Lily’s that I love, I wouldn’t want a girl that refuses to eat for whatever reason and there’s no danger of that with Lily she eats more than I do. We reach the common room without getting caught though the Fat Lady rolls her eyes and mutters “every bloody night” to herself as we entered the now empty common room

“Lily, Lily come on wake up” I say as I put her down on the couch “I can’t go up to your dorm, the stairs will change to a slide again”

Lily laughed no doubt remembering an incident a few weeks ago; she’d fallen asleep so I decided to carry her to the dorm except the stairs changed into a slide as they always did when boys tried to approach the girl’s dorm. To cut a long story short I ended up in a first year girl’s dorm with my trousers around my ankles as Lily and her roommates fell about laughing

“I don’t want to go up a flight of stairs” she groaned

“Well where are you going to go silly” I ask smiling at her, she gives me one of her evil looks and I know what she’s thinking

“No, no, no you are not sleeping in my bed” I protest “Where the hell will I sleep?”

Lily pointed to the couch and gave me her puppy dog eyes until I sighed and said “fine” she got up excitedly and ran into my dorm which was at the top of a flight of stairs, it was then I realised I’d been had. According to Lily the boy’s beds were a lot comfier than the girl’s ones and she’d tricked me into this eleven times since the start of term. I conjured over a blanket with my wand and climbed onto the sofa and went to sleep.

Chapter 2: What I Go To School For
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 Chapter Two

After a deeply uncomfortable night on the sofa the last thing a guy wants is to be woken up by snotty first years poking him asking if he was dead. That happened to me this morning, seriously I’m sure we weren’t that rude to older students when we were in the first year I’m not even sure I spoke to anyone in the year above until Lily introduced me to her brothers at Christmas.

“Sofa again” asked my best friend Hugo Weasley, Lily’s cousin, as he came down the dorm stairs followed by Ryan Geller and Ben Thompson my other friends. Lily was behind them, shot me a cheeky grin and ran into her own dorm room “Mate, are you even listening to me” Hugo was snapping his fingers in front of my face; clearly I’d decided to not take my eyes off Lily. Despite being her cousin Hugo was the only person in the world who knew I was in love with Lily, he freaked out initially but was cool with it now though he said to make sure that James and Albus never found out

“Lily doesn’t half snore” said Ryan as we made our way down to breakfast about ten minutes later “I haven’t had a wink of sleep”

“How come she ended up in your bed anyway mate” asked Ben

“She was tired and didn’t want to go to her own dorm” I explained as we entered the Great Hall and sat down next to Rose Weasley and Albus Potter in the year below “So I said she could sleep in my bed”

“Without you I hope” said Albus sternly clearly having heard the latter part of our conversation. I grinned and explained the situation to Albus who made sure I knew that I would never invite Lily into my bed with the intention of having sex with her nor would I ask to go into her bed. I was also reminded that I was the only non-Potter boy that Albus (and by extension the rest of the family) trusted with his little sister and should remember that I earned that trust but it could just as easily be taken away.

“The Weasley/Potter’s are so overprotective” I groaned as Albus and Rose left the table to tutor Potions for first and second years “It’s so irritating”

“Dude, that’s my family” said Hugo outraged “And I am not overprotective of anyone”

“Last week you hexed Erik Sunderland in the first year for talking to Lucy” I exclaimed

“She’s 12” said Hugo sounding as if he’d been vindicated “She shouldn’t even know what a boy is let alone talk to one”. I sighed as Lily and her two friends Melissa Perkins and Rebecca Summerfield sat down next to us, Lily pinched one of my pieces of toast and began eating it

“So boys” said Lily putting her arms around Ryan and me “What are we going to do this fine October Saturday; I suggest we sneak into Hogsmeade”

“What’s the point” piped up Melissa “The trips start next week, can you seriously not wait one week”

Lily eventually admitted defeat when Ben said he had no money, Ryan was coming down with a cold, Rebecca had a date with a Ravenclaw boy in the library and Hugo left to go and study together leaving just Lily, Melissa and I

I didn’t mind Melissa not really, she was ok at times and a laugh but she was very shrill, uptight and high maintenance and her ideas of fun weren’t exactly what you’d call normal. Wizards Chess is only fun for about half an hour but then watching pieces of rock knock lumps out of each other became rather tedious


I was well aware that Lily was bored beyond belief; we had this thing about each other where we could tell what the other one was thinking without actually saying anything. Melissa on the other hand seemed to be having the time of her life as we walked down to the Herbology greenhouses to visit Nev and his weeds, I like the man don’t get me wrong but a person’s interest in plants should only go to a certain point and this man crosses it. Did you know there were eight different types of Mandrake? Because I didn’t

“Ah Miss Perkins” said Nev as the three of us entered the sacred Herbology greenhouses “I see you brought some friends along for a change, I must admit Benson I wasn’t sure you’d be one for additional Herbology lessons”

“Additional Herbology lessons” Lily and I exclaimed at the same time. Melissa turned red, good, she’d been caught in her lie the devious little told

“But you said you’d bring me here so I could steal gillyweed” said Lily angrily. Longbottom raised his eyebrows at Melissa who went even redder and muttered “I had to get them here somehow”

“Why would you think I wanted to do extra Herbology” I asked trying not to sound as angry as Lily, I didn’t want to be rude and Nev already did look quite hurt “I’m sorry but even Nev knows I suck at it. I didn’t even opt to take it for NEWTS and neither did Lily”

“Will you please call me Professor Longbottom” Nev replied through gritted teeth. Lily was off somewhere touching plants, that girl must have ADHD or something she seriously can’t resist touching things she isn’t meant to

“I just thought it could be fun” said Melissa brightly “I mean you did say you were bored, and Alice is coming to help isn’t that right Professor Longbottom”

“Oh yes my daughter should be here any moment” said Longbottom “Alice has agreed to help as a kind of work experience, she needs all the training she can get if she wants to become a teacher”

Hang on, Alice is coming?

I’m staying. She’s fit. I’m not in love with her but damn she’s one good looking girl, who knew Nev had it in him

“What are we staying” groaned Lily as I through her over a coat and a pair of gloves, she gave me her puppy dog eyes and pouty lips but it wasn’t going to wash with me today. I have chronic back ache from last night that’s down to her and I’m pretty sure she’s taken the five galleons I had by my bedside

“Yes Lilypad come on” I said taking her hand and walking her over to Melissa and Nev – sorry Professor Longbottom – who were placing several scary looking plants on the large table that spanned the length of the greenhouse

“But Ollie” she groaned as we began picking plant seeds out of dirt for some reason, man I’d forgotten how boring and mundane this subject was Alice had better arrive and quickly because if she doesn’t my life won’t be worth living, Lily is most likely going to kill me one we leave the greenhouse. Or before and she’ll take Melissa and Nev with her. Either way death is inevitable if you piss Lily off and man did she look pissed off with me

“Nev, I think this thing just farted” I said holding up a miniature Cactus that had a very bad and very strong smell coming off it

“No, no, no” said Nev taking the cactus thing off me “This is a swamp Cactus; they smell like that all the time”

“That is so gross” said Lily who was holding her nose just as Alice walked in the greenhouses apologising for being late. Alice Longbottom is absolutely beautiful with long blonde hair, gorgeous deep blue eyes and a smile that lights up the room. She’s head girl (much to the jealousy of Rose Weasley), top student in Ravenclaw and the first female Ravenclaw Quidditch captain for over sixty years. She’s also one of the nicest people in school and the most popular. In short, Alice Longbottom is wonder girl

The rest of the lesson went like clockwork now Alice was here and soon enough the two hours were up and it was time for dinner. Alice volunteered to stay behind and clear up as Nev had a staff meeting to attend to, Lily didn’t seem as pissed off as she had done an hour ago and though she’d probably never admit it she’d ended up really enjoying the session

“Coming Ollie dear” she asked me as I hesitated at the back of the green house, I looked to Alice who was struggling to lift various heavy plant pots back onto their shelves

“I’ll be along in ten minutes I think I’ll stay and help Alice” I replied, Lily rolled her eyes and grinned at me before leaving with Melissa. I turned back to Alice who was on her knees sorting out some of the smaller plants; I crouched down next to her

“Oh Ollie you didn’t have to stay” she said with a smile on her face

“No it’s fine I want to” I replied giving her a grin. We cleared away in silence for a few minutes before out of the blue Alice asked me

“So, how long have you been in love with Lily Potter?”

How did she know?

Damn it Hugo!

“Oh don’t look so terrified” she said grabbing my arm and giving it an affectionate squeeze “No one’s told me don’t worry it’s just something I picked up on”

“Why am I really obvious” I spluttered. Oh crap, what if Lily knew? What if everyone knew? What if they were all in the Great Hall laughing about how pathetic I am?

“No you’re not obvious” said Alice “I’m just quite good at noticing these things, so do you think she likes you back?”

“Why would she?” I replied “She’s the brilliant Lily Potter, who am I?”

“You are Ollie Benson” said Alice taking my arm making sure I sat down next to her as she perched on the end of the table

“Ollie Benson is a no one” I said “And even if I’m not, I’m certainly not good enough for Lily”

“Oh come on Ollie” she said nudging me “You’re sweet, kind, funny and very, very cute. The third year Ravenclaw girls never stop talking about you”

“Thanks but it’s not gonna happen” I got up and faced her “Lily just sees me as her best friend”

“Ah another comrade lost to friend zone” said Alice giving me a pat on the shoulder “We shall mourn you my brother. And don’t you worry I won’t tell a soul”. She patted me on the back, picked up her handbag and left the greenhouse telling me to lock up and give the keys to Nev

Wise girl that Alice Longbottom, a bit weird maybe, but wise all the same. Who knew an afternoon filled with Herbology could actually turn out to be fun?

Chapter 3: I Should Have Kissed You
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 Chapter Three

“Well thanks for that one Benson” said Lily as I helped her climb onto our rock by the lake later that night “The two things I hate most in the world; plants and extended periods of communication with bloody Melissa and you managed to combined them both into one hellish afternoon for me”

“To be fair, it was Melissa’s idea and not mine” I defended myself; Lily looked absolutely stunning as per usual

“Yes well you didn’t have to go along with it” snapped Lily “Just because Alice Longbottom waltzed in with her fake smile and silly blonde hair”

I laughed and put my arms around Lily allowing her to rest her head on my shoulders once again as we watched the sun set. A few thoughts occurred to me as we sat there just watching; the first one was that I could kill for some meat pie and chips; the second was trying to rhyme as many things with my first name as I could (there’s more than you think); the third was thinking about Alice Longbottom in a bikini but it was the fourth one that got me

I was looking down at Lily at the time; she was clearly in a rare moment of deep thought about something or other. She looked stunning and peaceful and I looked at her resting her head on my shoulders and me with my arm around the rest of her pulling her close to me. We were sitting how a boyfriend and girlfriend would sit; we were sitting just watching the world go by like a couple and most of all we bickered like an old married couple.

Except we weren’t a couple, we were two friends one of whom happened to be in love with the other one. This made me sad; I wanted to be with Lily Potter. I wanted her to love me back; I wanted to be her boyfriend, I wanted to wake up next to her every morning for the rest of my life, I wanted beautiful red headed and slightly hyperactive children with her and most of all I just wanted to kiss her there and then.

It was the perfect moment, the sun set, the beautiful girl, the slightly dorky English guy – it was like a stupid romantic comedy movie

“I heard Gabrielle Bolton has a crush on you” Lily piped up as we made our way back into the Castle about forty five minutes later “Rose and her friends were talking about it in the bathroom earlier, you could do worse Ollie a pretty seventh year Hufflepuff”

“I don’t want Gabrielle Bolton” I said seriously. No, I really want meat pie and chips “I don’t fancy her”

“But she’s gorgeous” exclaimed Lily “Really gorgeous and she has a crush on you Ollie, a really, really, really massive crush. She says your eyes are beautiful, she loves your personality and she’s fancied you for ages”

“Look I’m flattered” I said, a bit in disbelief. I didn’t even know that Gabrielle Bolton knew who I was until now, though I guess if she had a massive crush on me she’d stay away to avoid embarrassment

I know I don’t stay away from Lily, but she’s different. She keeps me going; knowing I’ll see her makes my day brighter. I sound like such a loser

“I’m just not going to go out with someone I don’t fancy” I said simply as we reached the castle wall, Lily gave me a smile and a stroke on the arm

“I’d just like to see my best friend happy with someone” said Lily “Though thinking about it Gabrielle is not good enough for you”

“Oh and why is that?” I asked in amusement

“She supports the Finches” said Lily “That makes her stupid”

I laughed as we walked back up to the common room

“And what are you three finding so amusing” I asked as I entered my dorm to find Hugo, Ryan and Ben in fits of laugher. I sat down next to Hugo on his bed and he pulled out a picture of Scorpious Malfoy, 7th year Slytherin git and biggest douche on the planet, tied up in his underwear on one of the Quidditch goal posts looking terrified

I gave Hugo a confused look

“I can’t believe you weren’t there” said Ryan “Basically, Astoria Lestrange found out good old Scorpy has been cheating on her with some girl for the past few weeks”

“So she hoisted him into the air and tied him up on one of the goal posts and got everyone to throw paint at him” said Hugo wiping some tears away from his eyes “I got him right on the face, I’m pretty sure he’s going to come after me but who cares?”

How did I miss this?

Oh yeah I was in plant world with Nev. Damn it Nev

“Mate you should’ve seen it” said Ben “I haven’t seen as many people laughing at the same time in all my life. I still hate Astoria because she’s a bitch but I’ve definitely gained a lot more respect for her”

“I can’t believe that I missed this” I said taking the photo from Hugo who was still wiping tears of laughter away from his face “I bet Albus wasn’t amused very much though”. Albus was head boy and boy did he make sure everyone knew it. Like being the son of the guy that saved the Wizarding world wasn’t enough, crazy one my future brother in law

I didn’t just say that

Moving on

“Actually he was pretty cool with it” said Hugo “He didn’t join in or anything but he wasn’t exactly in a rush to stop anything. I think it’s when people started throwing Quaffle’s that he thought it went too far”

“I don’t think that was fair enough” said Ryan “We should of used bludgers; everyone who isn’t in Slytherin hates Scorpious Malfoy”

“Lily’s gonna be so gutted that she missed this” I said “Can’t wait to show her, I bet she’ll already know come to think of it”

“Is anyone else really hungry” asked Ryan. YES. Still haven’t had my meat pie and chips

Chapter 4: Mysterious Girl
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 Chapter Four

The next day all anyone could talk about was the incident on the Quidditch field with Scorpious Malfoy and Astoria Lestrange; there was about fifty different versions going around however. But what most people wanted to know was who Malfoy’s mystery girl was. It turned out Astoria didn’t actually know WHO the girl Malfoy cheated on her with was; she just had evidence to know that he’d been seeing this girl behind her back. There were many different suspects:

Rose Weasley because Scorpious had been known to fancy her since there first year at Hogwarts. Luckily enough Rose is smart and realised with a slimy grease ball the guy was right from the start and was utterly repulsed by him; people seemed to think it was her as Astoria said it was most likely Rose

Another suspect was Kim Metcalfe; because well it’s Kim Metcalfe. She sleeps with anyone; she was who I was betting on.

Alice Longbottom was another suspect as she was mysteriously absent during the whole pitch incident and most people assumed she was hiding. I however knew it wasn’t her as she was with us in the greenhouse all afternoon and no way would she go near Malfoy in a million years. The girl has standards

Some people thought there was no girl and Astoria made the whole thing up so she could gain some attention, she liked attention

I wasn’t dwelling too much on the whole matter myself to be honest, sure I liked the idea of Malfoy being utterly humiliated in public but I’m just not that big of a gossip. Everyone else in my house seemed to be utterly obsessed with the story though like Freddie Weasley and some of his friends in the fifth year had begun taking bets on who the mystery girl was. Rose was not happy about that, mainly because the odds on her were so high

Hugo wasn’t pleased about it either, not for the humiliation of his sister but because he lost 10 galleons betting on Alice before Melissa announced Alice had been with us all that afternoon so it couldn’t have been her. The only other person who seemed utterly disinterested in the whole thing was Lily who just kept her head down whenever the subject matter was brought up – which was every breakfast, lunch, dinner and free period we had for about a week

“Seriously, dude, come on” said Ryan on the Friday night as we all sat on the sofa’s in the common room snug by the fire. It was raining heavily outside so Lily and I had put off our sunset watching for that night “It’s got to be Kim, it has to be. Rose has brains; Alice was with you guys it has to be Kim”

“There’s no way it’s Kim” said Melissa “I overheard Rodger Downham telling Lysander Scamander in Potions that he was with Kim all that afternoon, they’ve been seeing each other for months and you know how thick she is. If she’d been having it off with Scorpious behind his back she wouldn’t have lasted long”

“Why’s that” asked Ryan looking annoyed Rebecca had shot down his idea

“Because she’s so stupid she’d probably have called Rodger by Scorpious’s name and Scorpious by Rodger’s name” said Melissa “She still think Hugo’s name is Harold for merlins sake!”

“Oi Harold Weasley is a great guy” piped up Hugo “He’s in training to be a dragon tamer and he single handidly thought off seventeen dementors without a wand!”

I can’t believe he created a personality for the guy

“Why don’t you just tell her your name is Hugo” asked Rebecca with a grin on her face, she fancies Hugo by the way. Just thought I’d put that one in whilst I can

“How many cool people have been called Hugo” he exclaimed “I can’t think of one!”

“Yeah because there’s been so many awesome Harold’s” I added sarcastically. Lily, who was cuddled up to me in another one of my hoodies, smirked into my chest

“Yes there has” said Hugo “There’s, now let me see, there’s……”

“You can’t think of one” said Lily laughing out loud; the group burst into laughter as Hugo sat down next to Rebecca and brainstormed famous people called Harold with her. She looked pleased that he was paying attention for her; I bet that’s how I look when Lily talks to me.

“Ollie, there’s a letter here from mum” piped up a little high voice from behind me. I turned around to face my ikkle brother Jack who’s only in first year and had clearly had to pluck up a lot of courage to come and talk to kids five years older than him

“Cheers bud” I said ruffling his hair, cute little bastard “You gonna sit down with us for a while, seems ages since we’ve had bro time”

Jack went Scarlett but nodded and sat down next to Lily and me and began talking to Lily who seemed to regard him as the little brother she’d never had. These two are going to be brother and sister in law eventually so it’s important to me that they get on. I opened the letter from my mother

Dear Oliver,

I hope your 6th year is going ok and you’re studying hard! I know that NEWTS aren’t until next year and you’re probably more focused on having secret rendezvous in the Shrieking Shack with your latest girlfriend but these exams are damn hard and the work you do know really counts

Is Jack doing alright? You told me in your last letter he was struggling to fit in so make sure you’re extra nice to him and I know he’s your kid brother but just let him hang around with you and your friends occasionally. I’m going to see dad tomorrow, I’m sure he’ll send his love but you can’t guarantee much with him can you?

How is Lily? I love hearing from her, she really is a great girl Oliver please, please don’t muck it up. Send my love to the rest of the gang and once again please tell Ryan that I’m flattered but I can’t elope with him it would be highly inappropriate

All my love,


P.S. If you’re going to have sex please remember to be safe. You don’t want to end up with a kid at 17 like I did (not that I hold it against you of course!) Enjoy the cookies unless the damn owl has eaten them again

With a half laugh and sigh I stuffed the letter in my pocket and re-joined the conversation which had predictably returned to the “Who has Scorpious been shagging?” mystery so Lily and I quickly switched off and Jack had returned to his two friends in the corner. I grinned with pride as they laughed at a joke he told; if there’s one person I love more than Lily (and my mum) it’s Jack.

If anyone hurts him, I am going to Azkaban for murder I’m telling you now. You have been warned potential Jack bullies

The conversation about Scorpious’s mystery girl continued until Hugo shrieked “Supermans real name is Harold!”

“Dude its Clarke Kent” said Ben. The group laughed once again; and Lily had fallen asleep on me again. She uses me more than her actual bed

Chapter 5: Rumours
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 Chapter Five

Dear Mum,

I cannot believe you think so little of me! Like I would take a girl to the shrieking shack and fornicate… I am shocked at the very thought. Everyone knows that broom cupboards are all the rage these days. No but seriously I’m single at the moment and quite enjoying the freedom and I can assure you I am buckling down with my studies. I have to – I think Professor Longbottom would have my arse – sorry bum – on a platter if I failed.

Jack seems to be fitting in fine and has even made some friends now. He made them laugh the other day as well, I felt so proud. He comes and sits with us in the common room occasionally but he’s mainly off with his own mates these days and accused me of embarrassing him earlier today – guess this is how you must feel.

Lily’s fine… she’s just Lily really. Never changes, except she’s got a bit stronger so it hurts more when she decides to hit me and don’t worry I’m not planning on mucking up our friendship anytime soon. Rest of the gang are fine and Ryan, once again, asks for your fair hand in marriage. Speaking of you and relationships are you still seeing that Derek bloke? He was rich, keep him he had a pool

Send my love to dad when you see him.

All my love warm affection,


P.S. The damn owl ate the cookies again. Have you noticed how fat she’s getting? You would have thought flying between East London and Scotland on a weekly basis would thin her out a bit but hey we’re clearly no owl experts.

P.P.S I know you don’t hold my birth against me. It’s not my fault you decided to get knocked up at 16. Don’t worry, I’m not planning on getting pregnant this year and if I did get pregnant well there would be cause for concern

Mum and I have this jokey kind of relationship where we express affection by calling each other sluts and whores. It’s nice. Jack doesn’t get it, not that he would. Virgin. Well I am too but he doesn’t need to know that

Now onto someone who is actually a whore: Scorpious Malfoy. The now seemingly never ending search for his mystery girl continued well into the next fortnight and the idea being put forward were just plain silly now.

Jane Cox. She hasn’t had a boyfriend in ever and she has a beard. Girls shouldn’t have beards; sorry if that’s sexist of me but that is just what I think.

Some people were even suggesting that it wasn’t a girl – it could have just as well have been a boy that Scorpious was seeing. I would eat my hat if that was true, not that I have a hat. Hats are for losers, bald people and, if you’re really unlucky, bald losers. I don’t like Scorpious one bit but he was definitely not gay, most of Slytherin, Ravenclaw and some very, very insecure Hufflepuff girls could vouch for that.

Most people were bored by the news by now but there was still the odd few *COUGH Rebecca and Melissa COUGH* that found it the most interesting thing since sliced bread, which I don’t think is all that interesting. It’s Sliced, so what?

Even Astoria had given up on the drama of it all, she was over him apparently and had begun dating a 25-year old bloke called Scar, a man with a scar, who gave people scars and somehow looked a bit like scar himself. High standards that Astoria, remind me never to ask about her relationship with her dad I have a feeling I’d be there for hours

I’m in the library right now with Ryan and Hugo studying for a very important Transfiguration test tomorrow afternoon. I’m not really sure how it can be that important considering it’s the fourth important test in just five weeks and I’m pretty sure we’re not even being graded on it Professor Clarke just likes to keep us on our toes.

“I really wish you would just drop it” Lily said in an angry whisper as she, Melissa and Rebecca came to sit down next to us on the table “It’s really not a big deal at all”

“Oh come on Lily how can you say that” Rebecca replied “Scorpious Malfoy has another girl on the go, are you telling me you’re not in the slightest bit interested.” I looked up at Hugo who rolled his eyes at me and I turned back to my studies

“No I’m not” Lily argued “Malfoy’s had dozens of girls on the go since he discovered his private area in the fourth year. I couldn’t give less of a toss about his latest whore if I tried and I just don’t get why half the school is so obsessed”

“Because this girl is different” said Melissa in a low voice. I picked my head up and leaned in so I could hear what she was going to say next, this shit just got interesting. Hugo and Ryan seemed to be following in my lead; Ryan was practically sitting in Lily’s lap so he could get closer. Seriously dude, get off her. It’s hard to be in love with Lily when my best friend who isn’t related to her is kinda sat on her

“What’s so different about her” asked Hugo looking like an excited kid on Christmas Eve. Bless Huw; he’s a gossip at heart

“Scorpious was overheard telling Michael Jones that this girl was different” Melissa explained “Lorcan and Albus heard him the other day; he was saying how this girl is more than just a random shag. He said he was in love with her, he wants a relationship with her but she’s too scared because of all the gossip”

“Ironic isn’t it” said Rebecca “That the one thing we all want to know could be revealed to us if we all just stopped talking about it”. She had a point, the poor girl whoever she is must be scared out of her wits with everyone talking about her like she was some kind of common slut. It’s not impossible that she’s a clever girl with standards who genuinely likes Scorpious for who he is, though she must be a bit dense if she does

Lily had gone bright red, a sure sign that she was either angry or embarrassed. I could see why she would be feeling like that, angry that no one will stop talking about Scorpious and his mystery girl and she’s most likely feeling embarrassed because she fancied Scorpious once upon a time, a long time ago, I’m the only one who knows that by the way so keep schtum

The topic eventually drifted onto tomorrow’s Transfiguration test and with one look Lily and I both burst out laughing, out of the group we had studied the least and most likely were going to fail. Not that I as too worried, I only picked Transfiguration because I got an E grade in it as OWL and thought I had nothing else to loose. I have no passion for the subject, my true passion lies with DADA, Charms and Potions so it doesn’t really matter to me if I pass or fail

As for Lily, she just doesn’t seem to care about most things. I admire that about her; later that night I was making my way down to the lake for Lily/Ollie time when I bumped into Malfoy just casually hanging out by the front of the woods

“Keep walking Benson” he snarled as I walked past him. Git. I’ve never liked him and I hope this mystery bird of him dumps him and fast


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Chapter 6: She's So Lovely
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 Lily was in a bad mood all the following week, nobody really knew why and she wasn’t telling anyone. Not even me and I’m normally the one who Lily comes to confide in about stuff but she wasn’t coming forward to anyone with whatever was wrong with her, not even Rose who could normally get anything out of her. I’ve known Lily for six years and I’ve known her in bad moods and when you aren’t having to dodge the candles or various other potentially harmful object it’s better to just leave her alone and not interfere

On the Wednesday, I seemed to be the one bearing the full brunt of Lily’s rage for some reason unbeknownst to myself. First period was Defence against the Dark Arts which we had with the Hufflepuffs, in that class I sat next to a girl called Abigail Clayton. She may be a bit shy and nerdy but she’s a cool girl and I like her a lot, she’s also pretty but no one ever notices her because she’s overshadowed by more confident girls. I quite look forward to our lessons sat next to each other, she’s a good partner to have, we always get the work done but we manage to have a laugh as well

“I don’t think you’re someone’s favourite person this morning Ollie” said Abi as we practiced shield charms on each other. I blocked her expeliarmus, like a boss I might add, and looked over to Lily who had a look of anger that was clearly directed at me, I rolled my eyes and muttered “whatever” before switching places with Abi who blocked my curse easily, and she too must be a boss

“You know how it is” I explained as we sat back town together at our desk “No offence, but girls are like aliens to me. They can be fine with you one minute and totally off with you the next. I’ve spent the last few hours trying to figure out what I could have possibly done wrong”

That’s actually true and the closest thing I could think of was that I’d stolen a piece of her toast at breakfast yesterday

“You and Lily are really close aren’t you?” said Abi “It’s a shame that you’ve fallen out”

“I’m not even sure we did fallout” I said in general confusion “We were fine last night, then this morning she acts like I don’t exist and completely blanks me”

“Well I don’t know what to tell you” said Abi “But I can’t imagine you did much wrong, you’re one of the kindest people I’ve ever met”


She can’t have met a lot of people. Noting my sceptical look Abi continued “You are Ollie; you’re the only boy in the whole year who never picked on me in first year. You’re the only person who didn’t make fun of me when I fell off that hippogriff and showed everyone my underwear in Care of Magical Creatures and you’re one of my only friends”

“You have friends” I said trying to encourage her “You get on with the girls in your dorm don’t you? You and Hailey seem really close”

“We are” said Abi “But I don’t have any guy friends except you. I really look forward to talking to you Ollie, you’re so interesting”

My ego is inflating SO MUCH right now

“Well that’s very nice of you to say” I replied with a smile “And to be honest I look forward to talking to you; it’s the only time I actually get any sane conversation time”. She laughed and played with her hair, it’s a shame she doesn’t realise how pretty she is

“Hey” she said suddenly “I know you’re bummed about Lily and you most likely have plans with your friends but I don’t have anyone to go to Hogsmeade with I was wondering if you-“

“I’d love to” I said stopping her as soon as I could, she’d said all that in one breath

“Hang on, hang on” said Hugo half-laughing that lunchtime as we all sat on the fields outside school, it was very sunny for early October “You agreed to go on a date with Abigail Clayton”

“Yes” I said for the fourth time since lunch began “She asked me and I agreed to go with her, she’s a nice girl and I like her”

“But she’s weird” added Ryan “And she stares at you. Like a lot”

“That’s because she fancies him” said Melissa “And she has done since first years, she fancies you like mad Ollie everyone knows”

“Why are you guys do down on this” I snapped “I agreed to go with her as a friend for one thing, she’s good company and I like spending time with her”

“We’re only teasing you mate” said Ben with a grin “I like Abi, she’s a nice girl. I think you’ll have a great time with her in Hogsmeade”

“Thank you” I said feeling a sense of warmth towards Ben

Aaaaah Ben, I love Ben

The group fell silent as a moody looking Scorpious Malfoy walked by with his two cronies; he looked depressed almost not a surprise considering what happened. No one is any the wiser as to who the girl he’s been seeing is but it is well known know that they’ve had a big row and most likely broken up, yet the girl still remained anonymous. It was getting on my nerves now to be honest I just wish whoever it was would come forward and identify themselves as Scorpious’s girlfriend. Lily looked up at Scorpious quickly and then looked back down having gone very red in the process

That was strange

She can’t be, she wouldn’t be. No way would my Lily with an utter moron like Scorpious Malfoy, she has standards, she has taste and she has a brain for merlins sake. She hates Malfoy and has done since he landed me in the hospital wing in third year when he hexed me for no apparent reason; she’s hated him ever since he bullied me all throughout fourth year after discovering some very private information about my father. Malfoy has made my life hell for years and she still chooses to go him of all people

I need confirmation on this, but judging by the way Lily had been with everyone lately it made perfect sense. She was Malfoy’s secret girl

Chapter 7: Run for Cover
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Chapter Seven

I know that I don’t control Lily’s life, I know that she is perfectly entitled to date whoever she wants, however she wants to and whenever she wants to. I know that she’d punch me in the jaw if I tried to tell her what to do, I know that would only make her more determined to do it, I know her brothers are more scared of her than she is of them and I know that if it was any boy Lily was dating I’d be fine with it. Not fine with it, I am in love with the girl after all, but I’d at least be able to accept it if the boy was a nice guy who I know would treat Lily with the respect and kindness she deserves

But it’s Scorpious Malfoy; the guy is a jerk pure and simple. He’s a bully who picks on those weaker than him just because he can and to make himself look good in front of his silly little Slytherin whores. He’s a snob who looks down on so many people, myself included, because they haven’t had the money or the privileged background that he was raised with; not that his family deserve that wealth. For these reasons I was Scorpious Malfoy’s main target throughout first, second and third year

He and his gang of friends would chase me down corridors, they’d make fun of my tatty shoes and battered old books and school robes, he’d make digs about me being related to muggles and he even put my head in a toilet once

Moaning Myrtle was pissed

But then something happened; between third and fourth year puberty suddenly hit in. I’m an August baby so pretty much a year behind most of my year and had always been very small, however during that summer I grew and filled out a bit more. When I returned to school, I was taller than Scorpious (Still am by the way) and when he tried something on the second day of term I knocked him down in one punch. I didn’t even get in that much trouble, a week cleaning trophy cabinets was fully worth it after what I’d just done

Ever since then Malfoy has left me alone, he makes the odd jibe now and then like the other day outside the forest but mainly we kept out of each other’s way. This is what is annoying me about the whole situation; it was Lily for all of those years telling me to stand up to him, that he was a jerk and that he’d end up very lonely and alone. It didn’t make sense – I know she fancied him a bit once upon a time – but why would she go from loathing him one minute to being his shag buddy the next

I wanted to confront Lily, I really did but then I realised something. I have no proof; not one little bit which meant she could easily tell me I got it wrong or accuse me of lying and break off our friendship, I really didn’t want that. Clearly something happened between the two of them that caused them both to be in foul moods for days, maybe it was over, maybe she’d come to her senses and got rid of him. I decided to keep quiet over my suspicions for a while yet – like I say I could have got the whole situation wrong

Pushing Lily and Malfoy to separate parts of my mind so they couldn’t find each other I realised the next day was my date to Hogsmeade with Abi. Except it wasn’t really a date, as far as I’m concerned it’s just two friends of the opposite sex meeting up and spending the day together just hanging out. I knew that, Abi seemed to know that it was just everyone else who seemed to be having trouble accepting that there was nothing else in it.

“Come on Ollie” said Melissa over dinner the night before my arrangement to meet and hang out with Abi in Hogsmeade “She fancies you so much, it’s quite tragic really. I was in the bathroom with Roxy the other day and she was there. She couldn’t stop going on about you to her silly little friends”

With a loud sigh Lily suddenly appeared and sat herself down in between myself and Ben. She was at least speaking to me now she said she hadn’t spoken to me for those few days because she was in a bad mood and wanted some space. I had learned over time not to question Lily’s reasons for her bad moods though this time I had figured out why she was in a bad mood for the sake of a quiet life I decided to not make a deal and just accept her apology

“What are we talking about?” asked Lily as she began tucking into her jacket potato. I looked down at my food; I was a bit shy talking about having a date with a girl in front of Lily. Not that it would bother her she’s most likely just come from a bonking session with Malfoy in a broom cupboard

“Just Ollie and Abigail the swot Clayton” said Melissa laughing again; Hugo and Ben simply rolled their eyes and carried on eating whilst Lily perked up and looked somewhat interested “The little twits been on about him all day, she’s pathetic it’s like she’s in love with him or something. She’s so desperate it’s sad”

“Oh will you just shut up” snapped Lily; Melissa had awoken the beast within and from the look on her face Melissa knew it. Why wasn’t she running? That’s what I did “Why do you have to be so downright rude and nasty about people? Ollie’s one of your best friends and you’ve just said anyone who wants to go with him is desperate right in front of his face!”

Melissa looked terrified and rightly so, she was still at the table though so good for her. I would’ve locked myself in the boy’s toilets by this point

“Abi isn’t desperate” Lily continued “She genuinely likes Ollie, she has done for years and she’s happy he’s agreed to go to Hogsmeade with her. I’d brag if my crush did that and I know for sure you’d never fucking shut up about it” Melissa looked close to tears at this point; for a moment she looked as if she was going to fight back but decided against it and ran out of the great hall as Lily sighed sat down and resumed her meal as if nothing had happened and the whole great hall, teachers included, were looking at her

I saw Abi; face down on the table clearly mortified Lily had just blurted out her secret in front of the whole school. Lily’s fierce demeanour is one of the things I loved most about her but on this condition I wasn’t grateful for it; I was annoyed, really annoyed

And my mash potato had gone cold


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Chapter 8: Girls & Boys
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 Chapter Eight

It was about 2am before anyone in Gryffindor tower actually managed to get any sleep, Melissa had decided it was a good idea to argue back with Lily and they were up screeching at each other all night before Nev eventually came up and stopped the fight; several first years were crying, Freddie and Louis Weasley in fifth year had begun taking bets on very unlikely outcomes; Albus sat with his head in his hands looking ashamed and embarrassed and Rose missed the whole thing coming home just after the row ended, she was slightly tipsy and had been on a date in Hogsmeade; she wouldn’t say who it was but Albus reckoned it was some Quidditch star

As Hugo, Ryan, Ben and I finally got into bed at about two thirty I was worried, my arrangement (not date!) with Abi had already faced quite a big setback now everybody knew she fancied me and would most likely be hounding us all day and now I was probably going to be half asleep the entire time I was there. Just as I managed to nod off to sleep there was a knock on our door

“FUCK” said Ben getting out of bed grumpily making his way towards our bedroom door followed by a smirking Hugo

“Boy you are really not a morning person” he chuckled. Ben turned around and shot him a murderous glare. Ben reached the door to find Rebecca and the girls other roommate Leila Mullins stood at our doorway with sleeping bags and pillows

“Hello” said Ben and Hugo in unison sounding very confused; Ryan was spark out at this point and I just had abandoned politeness and hid under my covers to give the illusion I was asleep so nobody would talk to me

“Can we sleep in here” asked Rebecca sweetly; I bet she’s gone scarlett red Hugo only went to sleep in a pair of boxer shorts “The tension in our dorm is unbearable” I came up from under the covers and looked at the conversation taking place Rebecca had, as I guessed, gone completely red at the sight of her crush in nothing but his underpants. Hugo seemed not to have noticed and happily invited them in

“Becks you can have my bed if you want” he offered as she and Leila settled down on the floor “I don’t mind really and never let it be said Hugo Weasley isn’t a gentleman”. Rebecca looked delighted and kissed Hugo on his cheek before climbing into his bed

“Go on then have mine” Ben said grumpily to Leila who rolled her eyes and muttered “thanks” very aware he’d only offered because Hugo had. I looked over at Ryan’s bed – he gave me a smile and cheeky wink which I returned; we are the two most cunning of our group. I managed to drift off to sleep at around 3:15am just six hours before I was meant to meet Abi outside the Hufflepuff common room


“I told you he liked her back” said Rebecca the next morning as I very self-consciously got dressed in front of five people “Look how much effort he’s putting in; gelling his hair, brushing his teeth, having a shower, putting deodorant on”

“I’m not a caveman Bex” I replied “I do this every day you know”

“He does” confirmed Hugo; he and Rebecca were wrapped up together in a quilt looking cute “It takes him about ten minutes longer than the rest of us to get ready everyday”

“We can’t all inherit the Weasley ‘Oooh look I just rolled out of bed and did nothing with my hair but I still look gorgeous’ gene” I replied scathingly; Hugo laughed and put a hand through his own hair, which indeed did look perfect despite the fact that he’d only woken up ten minutes ago

It’s weird, out of all the blokes in his family Hugo possibly gets the least attention from the female kind (though it’s still a hell of a lot more than I get) despite the fact if you look at all of them he’s probably the best looking. Girls tend to go for James because he’s a star Quidditch player, Louis can speak fluent French which I hear girls find very sexy, Freddie because he’s tall, dark and handsome and Albus because he’s got all that mysterious vibe going on but poor Hugo normally gets looked over; except by Rebecca of course. Hugo isn’t star Quidditch player, he isn’t French, he isn’t mysterious or even deep he’s just Hugo; he seems happy enough to be honest but if all my cousins ended up in the Top 20 of Witch Weekly’s “Hottest Wizards in Britain” poll and I ended up 43rd I’d be a bit gutted (I didn’t even chart by the way)

“How do I look then” I said turning round having finished, mainly aiming the question at Rebecca and Leila but instead was met with


“Like a fairy”

“A toned house elf”

Rebecca and Leila laughed as I shot my ‘friends’ the finger and looked to them for a more honest and accurate answer

“You look gorgeous Oliver” said Leila “Abi is a very lucky girl”. Why am I not friends with the girl? How have I gone six years only uttering two words to her? She just called me gorgeous; Leila and I are now friends

“Leila’s right” said Rebecca (now resting her head on Hugo’s bare naked shoulder I may add) “You’ll be the bell of the ball” Not exactly what I wanted to here but I took it and bid farewell to my friends as I was due to meet Abi in five minutes, I reached the common room and waved at Jack and his friends who were playing exploding snap in the corner and passed Lily who was sitting by herself on the chairs

“Ollie” she said chasing after me when she saw me “Ollie; wanna hang out sometime today?”

“I can’t Lil” I said trying to sound apologetic but from the look on her face I could tell she knew I was still miffed at her about last night “I’ve got my meeting arrangement with Abi Clayton today”

“Of course you do” said Lily sounding crestfallen “Well good luck and I’ll see you later on, maybe we could have some Lily/Ollie rock time”. She seemed like she’d been crying and I felt a jolt of sympathy for her – I sighed

“OK, if I’m back in time” I said with a smile

She gave me a smile and headed back to the common room as I turned towards the Hufflepuff Common Room feeling quite nervous

Chapter 9: Our Time Now
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 Chapter Nine

“She’ll be five minutes” said Hailey Jones, Abi’s best friend, as I was kept outside of the Hufflepuff common room waiting as Abi was not quite ready yet. I yawned, it was only 9.30 and I was wondering why Abi had wanted to meet up with me so early especially as I’d had virtually no sleep last night thanks to Lily and Melissa. I felt somewhat self-conscious standing outside of the Hufflepuff common room by myself as various students made their way in and out of the room whilst I just stood there looking like a lemon

I thought I’d made myself look presentable for my meeting arrangement with Abi; jeans, my one designer t-shirts and squeaky clean blue trainers added with my gelled up hair, spot free face and plucked eyebrows I was looking pretty dapper to say the least. Not that I’m big headed or anything but I don’t see a problem with knowing when you’re looking good and I was looking good

“Hey ready to go” came a voice from behind me and I turned around to see Abi behind me grinning, my eyes nearly popped out of my eye sockets as she looked absolutely beautiful; her usual long brown hair was tied back in a bun; she hadn’t overdone it on the makeup and though what she was wearing was quite basic, a white t-shirt covered with a black cardigan and a pair of jeans, she really looked amazing and like me I guess she knew it

“Yeah of course” I said bringing myself back down to earth “Just one question; why are we meeting up so early” I asked her as we began strolling towards the great hall which would eventually lead us out of the school grounds

“I’m an early morning kind of girl” Abi explained as we reached the bottom of the staircase “Plus; I figured the earlier we got up we could still get breakfast at that amazing café in Hogsmeade”

Oh my god

I’d forgotten about Breakfast

I hadn’t even noticed all though once Abi had mentioned it I did begin to feel very hungry; she seemed very relaxed in my company considering the somewhat public humiliation that she’d been subjected too at the hands of Lily the previous night. The walk into Hogsmeade was lovely; I’d always known Abi and I had a similar sense of humour and we had quite a lot in common – only I hadn’t realised just how much. She, like me, had a younger brother in the first year; her dream job was to write for the Daily Prophet in some way; her position of choice in Quidditch was a chaser and (most importantly) she was just as obsessed with food as I was

“Oh thank merlin” said Abi was we reached the café she’d been speaking about for the past forty minutes (yes it took us that long to walk here) “They do breakfasts until eleven; trust me Ollie this will be the most gorgeous food you will have ever had”. She grabbed me by the hand and pulled me into the café, I’d never so much as stepped foot in the place in my life but it seemed very nice if not a bit pink and girly for my liking. Abi seemed to come in here a lot, she knew the waitress on first name terms and ordered her ‘usual’ recommending that I did the same.

“I’m glad we got to do this” said Abi as we waited for our food to come “I kept building up to ask you over the past few years and just never got around to it”

“Why not” I asked amused “It’s not like I’m a three headed dog or something; I don’t bite and I wouldn’t have said no. You’re a mate”

Oh crap

I just told her we were mates

Lily said that to me once, it’s soul crushing when your crush tells you that. Abi didn’t seem too bothered but I did see a momentary hurt look spread across her face but it quickly vanished and Abi soon returned to her bubbly self

“Yeah well I was nervous” she continued “People used to tell me that you only bothered talking to me because you felt sorry for me”

“Which people” I said getting angry “I’ll sort them out; I talk to you because you’re a good laugh and we have a lot in common”

“I know that now” said Abi “But two years ago, I believed it was true. Not because you were ever mean to me because you weren’t; but just because you were a lot cooler than I was”



I physically laughed leaving Abi looking a bit confused and annoyed. After I managed to compose myself I took her by the hand

“Sorry about that” I said “It’s just, I’m not nor have ever been cool or widely regarded as being cool”

“Oh come on you are” said Abi “You’re really popular”

“I am not cool” I repeated “Guess where I was on the night of that massive Halloween party that the seventh years through last year” Abi shrugged “I spent the night in the library with Hugo and Ryan making contingency plans for if there was ever an apocalypse and we were the last guys left on planet earth”

Now it was Abi’s turn to laugh out loud and my turn to go red in the face. Our meals soon arrived and it turned out that Abi was not wrong about this place; this was easily one of the most delicious things I’ve ever eaten in my whole life. Abi looked at me with a smile as I ate

“Come up for air” she commented “Anyone would think that you hadn’t been fed in a whole month”

“Sorry” I said wiping my mouth with a napkin “But that was just so delicious, I can’t believe that I’ve never known that this place exists”

“Well now you know don’t you” grinned Abi “Only don’t go telling everybody, I quite like that only me and my little group know about it”

“Oh am I part of it” I asked as we got up and paid the bill

“Part of what” she asked as I put her coat on for her

“Your little gang” I replied, holding the door open for her

“Only if you wanna be” she said as we began walking the now busy streets of Hogsmeade “There is a lot of talk and analysis about James Potter’s six pack”

“Maybe that place can be just our little secret then” I said “Oh and by the way, I’ve seen James Potter naked once. He aint all that”

“Ollie, he’s sex on legs” Abi exclaimed shouting it a bit too loudly and going red as various on-lookers gave her weird stares “And anyway how have you seen him naked”

“I spend quite a lot of my summer with Hugo’s family” I replied “James thought it would be a good idea to go skinny dipping one night; needless to say his parents were very impressed. I think Molly and Lucy were scarred for life”

Abi laughed “You’re so funny” she said “You know Ollie, what Lily said last night it is true you know”

“I know” I said taking her hand. She blushed

“I have fancied you for years” she said “It wasn’t like love at first sight or anything like that, it’s just gradually I realised I was falling for you. You’re so kind and sweet Ollie, you’re the nicest guy I’ve ever met and I don’t care if everyone knows it – I fancy you like mad” she finished her sentence by shouting.

Louis and Freddie were passing at the time; both wolf whistled and shouted “Get in there Ollie” before getting a smack around the head from Dominique

I laughed and feeling a warm sensation in my stomach I leaned in for a kiss that she seemed very happy to return

Chapter 10: Girlfriend
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 Chapter Ten

“So what does this mean” asked Abi as the two of us strolled hand in hand down Hogsmeade village. It was fairly busy now and students from Hogwarts were littered all over the place though no one seemed to pay attention to the fact Abi and I were walking hand in hand

“What does what mean” I said as I held the door to the Three Broomsticks open for her

“Us kissing silly” she said hitting me on the arm as we sat down on a table “Is it just the one kiss or could it be something… more”.

Girls really like to analyse situations don’t they?

Taking a deep breath I took Abi’s hand and looked straight into her eyes “This Abi means that I want you to be my girlfriend”. She went red and giggled like a six year old at the sound of the word girlfriend “That’s if you want me of course” I finished

“Of course I bloody want you” she said sounding the happiest I’d ever heard anyone sound. She practically leaped over the table in between us to give me a hug that at first was pleasant but after a while it began to feel like strangulation. Removing my girlfriend from my neck I got up and went to the bar to order two butterbeers with a big stupid grin plastered over my face

“I think you’re in there mate” said the barman as he poured our drinks. The guy had a strange scar on his head (he’s not Harry Potter); maybe he was Astoria’s new boyfriend. As the drinks were passed to me I suddenly heard five very girly shrieks from behind me and immediately knew who they were coming from.

Turning around my suspicions were confirmed as Abi’s four best friends were all now gathered around our table hugging, giggling and one might have been crying. I have never or will ever understand the female kind, I’m not rushing to tell Hugo, Ryan and Ben that Abi is now my girlfriend

Oh I like the sound of that

I have a girlfriend. Get me

“So did he make the first move or did you” asked the ginger girl sat closest to Abi; Megan Unwin was like Hufflepuff’s answer to Melissa. “Oh he did” said Abi “It was so romantic; I told him how I feel and then he just kissed me. It was like a movie”

The girls squealed again and noticing I was coming over they all left but not before all saying “Bye Oliver” in the same flirtatious tone. I passed Abi her drink and sat next to her this time putting my arm around her; she blushed again

“Abs, you’re my girlfriend now” I informed her “You really don’t need to blush anymore”

“I know I just can’t believe this has finally happened” she said kissing me on the cheek “I fancied you for six years and now I’m your girlfriend”

“Your easily pleased you aren’t you” I chuckled and she hit me on the arm

“This is a really big deal for me” she said resting her head on my shoulder

“I know, I know” I said kissing her forehead “It’s a big deal for me as well I hope you know”

“Oh really why’s that” she asked

“Of course it is” I said “Hugo, Ben and Ryan all haven’t had girlfriends for over a year now”. She hit me on the arm again

“This has just been the best day ever” said Abi as she and I made our way back up to the castle at around 6pm. It was October so the sun was probably going to set any moment and Abi wanted to get back before it was dark even though sixth year curfew wasn’t until 8.

“Yeah it’s been a pretty good day for me as well” I said as we entered the Hogwarts grounds “Had a nice breakfast, saw that eagle, found 10 galleons on the floor and got myself a new girlfriend. Not a bad day for Ollie”

Abi laughed “Even if you were really ugly I’d probably still fancy you” she said “You’re too god damn funny”

She must really know some boring gits if she thinks I’m funny. Then again she is in Hufflepuff

“So I’m not really ugly again” I asked deciding now would be a good time to start fishing for some compliments

“Of course you’re not” said Abi as we entered the Entrance Hall and I stopped her just outside the great hall “You’re bloody gorgeous Oliver; I think you’re the best looking boy in our year”

Ha! Take that Austin Baker. Blonde haired, blue eyed, ripped moron

“Cool” I said kissing her thank you “I think you’re pretty bloody gorgeous as well you know; always have”

“Well you’re the only one” she said pushing her hair back and blushing furiously; this girl has a serious blushing problem “No one ever pays that much attention to me”

“Well I like it like that” I said taking her hand once again as we strolled towards the staircases passing several second years playing exploding snap. I miss being able to play exploding snap at my own will; had way too much school work to do now “I like that I don’t have to worry about other lads lusting after you”

“I don’t think I’ll be able to be that laid back” said Abi looking towards several third year Ravenclaw girls who were waving flirtatiously at me. They’re not exactly stalking me; they’re the Weasley/Potter boy stalkers but when they can’t find Fred, Louis, Albus or Hugo to lust after they occasionally come after me, Ryan or Ben as we’re closely associated to the family

I like them. They bake good cookies save for the occasional one that contains love potion. Oh how we laughed at Ben when he was given detention for attempting to break into a second year dorm

I explained the situation to Abi who seemed to find the whole thing highly amusing though I did warn her that she’d probably be the centre of attention for tomorrow’s gossip now

“I don’t think we will be” said Abi “Not when they haven’t discovered who that girl Scorpious Malfoy has been knocking around with is yet”

And that’s when I remembered Lily. The girl I was meant to be in love with but hadn’t thought of once all day which is something that never, ever happens. Did I still love her? I guess I’ll just have to wait and see how I feel when I actually see her

Dropping Abi off outside her common room we spent a few minutes kissing until Albus came down and told us to stop; we were scaring some of the younger students

“So you and Clayton are dating” said Albus as he and I made our way back to the Gryffindor common room together. I liked walking around with the head boy it made me feel very powerful

“Yeah just started today” I replied “She’s fancied me for six years apparently; I must be blind or something I never noticed until a few weeks ago”

“You’ve never been too bright” said Albus as we made our way into the Gryffindor common room where we found Ryan, Ben, Hugo, Rebecca, Melissa and Lily all sat around the fire “But I hope you and Abi are very happy” he said patting me on the back before going over to Rose and his seventh year friends

“You and Clayton are together” said Hugo raising his eyebrows in surprise “Wow. I really did not expect that”

“Oh my gosh this is amazing” said Rebecca getting up and hugging me whilst jumping up and down “You two will be so adorable together”. Ryan and Ben didn’t say much but both looked happy whilst Melissa said that whilst Abi was a bit of a geek she did approve of her as my girlfriend

I looked towards Lily for the first time; she looked as beautiful as ever even though she was wearing only a grey hoodie and pink shorts. My stomach did a little back flip but nothing like the ones I used to get

She smiled sadly “I’m pleased for you” she muttered. As I sat down at Rebecca and Melissa’s request and began telling them the ins and outs of how it all happened Lily got up and went to her dorm; I may have been mistaken but I swear I saw a tear fall down her cheek as she left


 Hi everyone! Just a quick few things from me

First of all thank you so much for reading, the reading counts are nearing 1000 now so I'm very happy now. I would like some more reviews on the story though, at the time of writing there is only 5, I'll happily accept some constructive criticism as I'm still very much finding my feet with all of this so I'd really appreciate the advice

Hope you enjoy the rest of the story

Chapter 11: Case of the Ex (Best Friend)
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 Chapter Eleven

For a guy who’d been in love with the same girl for a good few years I felt weirdly amazing knowing that I had a girlfriend, I’d had some in the past but my love for Lily always got in the way and it all ended rather nastily. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that Lily was having secret snogging sessions with my worst enemy, which was something I was desperately trying to push into the back of my mind. It still made me gag a little when I thought of the two of them together but luckily Abi proved a positive distraction

The relationship seemed to have had a positive effect on Abi as well once shy and quiet she’d grown a bit of confidence and would now happily talk to people she didn’t know. I felt kind of proud in a weird way though she did manage to talk her way into helping several first year girls learn how to fly when she herself couldn’t. What was best about the whole thing was how happy everybody was that we were together. Hailey Cross, Abi’s best friend, had told us that we were ‘meant to be’ several times and that she always knew one day we’d get together, Melissa and Rebecca gave me some admittedly good dating advice (not starting at Alice Longbottom is going to be very hard), Albus said he was proud of me becoming mature and treating a girl right, Rose came up with our couple name (Oligail) and Hugo, Ben and Ryan were all excited about the prospect of being able to find a quicker way to cheat on homework and tests

“No but you don’t get it Ollie” said Ryan as the four of us made our way down to breakfast on the morning of the 27th October “You going out with her, and she’s like genius level, means you are more likely to be doing homework together, therefore you are more likely to get her answers and then you’ll pass them onto me”

“And why would I do that” I asked as passed Hugo’s third year stalkers. He seemed to be getting a bit more used to them now, he used to run off and hide in a broom cupboard whenever they appeared “Surely a professor would notice if five students all handed in the same answers”

“Not unless they’re all correct” interjected Ben “Because then the answers would all be the same wouldn’t they”

“I can’t believe you guys are using my relationship in this way” I said outraged as we sat down at a table and helped ourselves to food “For the first time in my life I am in a mature, adult relationship that I intend to keep”

“And you’ve actually managed to pull a girl that isn’t certified insane” said Hugo making us all shudder as we remembered what I went through with Scary Mary

I’d tell you but I really do not want to open that door

“Yes, yes I have” I announced proudly as Abi made her way over from the Hufflepuff table and slid herself in between Ryan and I “And very beautiful too” I said as I gave her a brief kiss on the lips that was quickly followed by three pretend gag reflexes

“You boys are so immature” said Abi through laughter as she stole one of my sausages. Oh she’s a food stealer fantastic. Good thing I enjoy kissing her “See, this is why my friends don’t want to merge”

“What do you mean by merge” asked Hugo looking as if he’d been deeply offended. Don’t blame him but Abi had a point; they were too immature for her friends. Hell I was too immature but they kind of had to deal with me and what kind of best friend’s boyfriend would I be if I let those three losers interact with them

So, that lunchtime I made arrangements for us all to sit together on the picnic and ‘luncheon’ as it were.


It was a pleasant day considering it was late October and, to my surprise and slight relief; everybody seemed to be getting on very well. As I’d predicted Melissa and Megan soon found out that they had a lot in common and instantly began bitching and gossiping about girls from Slytherin and Ravenclaw. Ben and Hailey seemed to have taken a shine to one another whilst Hugo, Ryan, Rebecca and Abi’s friends Serena and Levi went for a swim in the lake; Hugo and Rebecca flirting the entire time of course

Abi and I just sat underneath the tree with her head resting on my legs, I was really enjoying having a girlfriend but there was just one thing that was bugging me. It was mainly bugging me because the thing that was bugging me was the one thing I swore I wasn’t going to let bug me. Lily. She hadn’t spoken to me, not once, since I’d told everyone that Abi and I had become a couple, sure she’d still hung out with the main group but she avoided me in those situations and when I arrived to watch the sunset one day I found her there.

She just got up and left without saying a word to me, again looking as if she’d been crying. Scorpious is behind her acting like this I’m sure of it no doubt he’s deliberately poisoning her mind against me all the while he’s probably been cheating on her with a string of different girls. Rebecca and Melissa had tried to talk to her but I’ve been told Lily just switched off whenever my name cropped up in conversation and she refused to discuss anything at all about me. Hugo said it was just Lily pouting because I didn’t tell her I was going to ask Abi out or maybe I’d missed an arrangement we’d made together by accident but I knew it was something more

“I know what you’re thinking about” said Abi as we walked hand in hand around the school grounds during a free period that afternoon “Lily and why she isn’t talking to you; it’s okay Ollie I won’t be mad or anything if you admit it”

“Sorry” Damn, now I felt awful “It’s just after six years of having a laugh with her everyday it just feels kind of weird not having her about. My arm hasn’t been punched in two weeks”. Abi shot me a smile but I could tell she was upset I’d been thinking about Lily so I came up with a plan to cheer her up

“Where are you taking me” asked Abi as I dragged her through the forest “Ollie, I really don’t like this forest. I’m pretty sure You-Know-Who was buried somewhere around these parts”

“Oh stop worrying” I said as we approached the lake, the spot where I came to watch the sunset. Abi let go of my hand and walked forwards in awe

“I never knew that this place existed” she said sounding amazed “It’s beautiful; how do you know about it”

“Stumbled across it in fourth year” I said picking up a rock and threw it into the lake. It went pretty far, I tried not to look too smug but judging by Abi’s eye roll I guessed I hadn’t succeeded in doing so “Things were getting a bit – heavy – at home; I was in a bit of a mess one night and found myself here just watching the world go by. I don’t know why but it just helps me”

“Oh Oliver, you are so lovely” said Abi taking my hand as I lead her to the big rock and lifted her on top of it

“This would be a bad time to mention I’m afraid of water and heights” said Abi as I jumped onto the rock and shuffled along to be beside her. I put my arm around her and kissed her on the lips

“Nothing will ever happen to you when I’m around” I said “Abi, I would take a bullet for you. Maybe not in the head but definitely in the knee or groin or somewhere”

Abi snorted “You know how to kill a moment you don’t you”. I started laughing as well and kissed her again; it was then I heard a twig snap behind me. Turning around I noticed Lily looking up at Abi and I on the rock

“Thought this was meant to be our special place” she shouted sounding very angry “Our little secret, a place we only knew about”. She turned on her heel and heads away

“Lily come on stay” I shouted back, Abi looked utterly mortified

“No it’s fine” was her angry response “You and little miss sunshine are welcome to it, wouldn’t wanna ruin things for you would I?” With that Lily was gone and I turned back around to Abi who looked upset

“I am so sorry” I said taking her hand “I get it if you want to leave me”

“Don’t be stupid” said Abi looking me in the eyes “It’s taken me the best part of six years to finally get you; I’m not giving in just because Lily Potter’s throwing her toys out of the pram”

I like feisty Abi

Chapter 12: Teddy Lupin
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 Chapter Twelve

“Lily Luna Potter does not deserve friends” groaned Rebecca loudly as she sat down at the Gryffindor table for breakfast. I’d been down for about fifteen minutes with the boys and Melissa who wanted to avoid Lily as well “I’ve just completely had my head bitten off for asking her what’s wrong”. Rebecca made eye contact with me clearly hoping that I would give some established reason for why Lily was acting like such a cow these days but unfortunately for both of us I had no idea. Instead I kept quiet and continued eating my cereal as Hugo told Rebecca that it was most likely nothing and Lily would be back to normal in a couple of days

It had been a week since Lily had gone mad at the rock and we hadn’t spoken or even made eye contact once in that time. On one hand it felt very weird not speaking to Lily every day, I missed having a laugh with her and I missed our talks but I was so mad at her for the way she’d not just treated me but the way she treated Abi as well. Part of me wanted to tell the world that she and Malfoy were an item but I couldn’t deal with the drama of it all plus I’ve got a reputation for being quite nice and I didn’t want to ruin that.

Abi got over the Lily thing pretty quickly though I gather she was very annoyed when I was sulky about it for a few days. Things are going well for us though no stupid little drama’s, no tears and no jealousy plus she and Jack get on very well which is important to me and she’s become good friends with Rebecca and Melissa now. Five minutes later and Lily made her way into the hall and sat down next to Melissa who shot her a smile that was no returned; Melissa merely rolled her eyes and continued eating whilst Lily was clearly doing her best to ignore the fact that I was even their

“Alright Lil?” asked Hugo “Looking a bit down this morning love”. He got no reply from her but she did give him a brief smile before hastily finishing her breakfast and walking straight back out of the heal

“Moody cow” said Melissa “In fact; I’ve got a new rule for all of us”

“What?” we all replied in the same bored tone. Having known Melissa for six years now we all knew when her bossy side was about to rear its ugly head

“Well seen as though Lily is ignoring all of this” Melissa continued “I say that we don’t speak to her unless she comes to speak to one of us. If she’s making no effort I don’t see why we should”

“That all seems very third year” said Ben

“If that’s what it takes” said Melissa “Now does anybody have any objections” No one protested so Melissa banged her plate on the table and shouted “Motion carried”. Someone really needs to tell that girl she isn’t an actual judge

Not feeling that sure about the plan myself I left the great hall with everybody when the bell for first period went. One of the best things about being in sixth year was all the free periods you get and I, along with Rebecca, had been ordered to go to the Defence against the Dark Arts classroom to go and great the new teacher. The old teacher, Professor Carter, was about nine hundred and forty seven years old when he retired last summer and the post hadn’t managed to be filled before now

We’d had various supply teachers all year so far including one old lady who hadn’t actually mastered stupefy and who, I suspected, was actually a squib.

“Ah Rebecca and Oliver” said Professor Nev as we both reached the classroom a couple of minutes later than we were meant to “Glad you’ve arrived, I want you to meet Professor Lupin”. I looked up just to check that I hadn’t misheard the last name and sure enough their stood Teddy Lupin with a massive grin plastered on his face.


Not that I didn’t like Teddy of course I did, he’s probably the coolest person I’ve ever met and a real laugh as well but I won’t be able to take him seriously as a teacher. I’ve known the guy since I was eleven and though he was very talented at magic I just can’t imagine him dishing out homework and detentions. The first few years I knew him all he ever seemed to do was avoid homework at all costs and get in detention, a trait he seemed to have passed down into all the Potter/Weasley kids and those who associate closely with them (Rose, Molly and sometimes Albus being the exceptions)

Teddy and I made eye contact and began laughing whilst Nev sighed and looked as if he wanted to die there and then. Rebecca had gone scarlett red and was looking shyly at the floor, she fancied Teddy of course she did he was gorgeous. I’d fancy him if I was a girl or gay, in fact I think I actually fancy him a bit even though I’m straight.

“Just give him the tour” sighed Nev as he passed me the map and left the office with yet another sigh.

“So do I call your Professor or sir or master even if you prefer” I began, Teddy thumped me on the head and chuckled

“You will call Teddy and only Teddy” he said with a large grin plastered across his face. We began the tour, naturally, in the dungeons though I didn’t actually get why we were giving Teddy a tour of the school he only left four years ago

“Old place never changes does it” said Teddy as he, Rebecca and I climbed the staircases towards the Charms corridor “I don’t actually know why I’ve agreed to do this; I spent seven years doing my damn best to leave this place and now I’m back”

“I’m glad your back” I replied “As fun and rebellious as James was you were the ultimate prankster of Hogwarts. People still talk about the chemical spillage in the Slytherin common room”. Teddy burst into laughter and began telling the story once again, I’d heard this story so many times hell I was even their on the day but I could listen to again and again

Rebecca remained mainly quiet throughout the tour only piping up when Teddy asked if Moaning Myrtle was still about. Rebecca, it turned out, had a bit of a thing for all the Weasley/Potter boys even Louis and Freddie who were a year below us but she clearly held a special place in her heart for good old Hugo

“Aren’t you a bit worried Ted” I said as we arrived back at the classroom following the tour “I mean I burst into laughter, can you imagine how Al, Rose, Hugo and everyone else will react to you being their teacher”

“I expect they’ll all go red in the face” shrugged Teddy “And I’ll just give them detention; I think I’m going to enjoy this job”

I know, I know. This chapter was crappy filler but I had major writing block throughout. Hopefully I’ll buck my ideas up and the next chapter will have a bit more drama

Chapter 13: Hold On To Sixteen
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 Chapter Thirteen

“I genuinely don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone this excited about anything ever in my life” said Abi as she, Louis, Rose, Albus, Jack, Rebecca and I watched as Hugo, Ryan and Ben decorated the Gryffindor common room for Halloween. Considering they were two mature sixteen year olds (Hugo has never and will never be mature) they always got stupidly excited about Halloween every year and decorated the common room head to toe about a week before. It was a rainy Saturday in late October and the ten of us had avoided going outside due to constant rainfall and rumour has it Hagrid wanted help cleaning out the Flobberworms left overs and was hunting down students to help him

Melissa and Leila had both gone to Hogsmeade on a double date with twins Lysander and Lorcan Scamander from Ravenclaw; they were in the seventh year and did everything together. Lily was most likely off with Malfoy somewhere though she’d told everyone she was studying in the library all day; Freddie and Dom were in an all-day detention for letting off stink bombs near the Slytherin common room; Jack’s friends were doing their best to break into Honeydukes but Jack himself was on his last warning from Nev about trying to break out (I was so proud) and all of Abi’s friends had gone on a shopping trip in Hogsmeade but she couldn’t be bothered with it

“Hey” Rose whispered to me as she perched herself next to me on the sofa and passed me a chocolate “I’ve just noticed something, Rebecca fancies Hugo doesn’t she”. Rose only just realised this? Thought the girl had a brain!

“Yeah she does” I replied “But I don’t think she’s told anybody yet; she definitely hasn’t said anything to me but she might’ve told Dom, Lily, Mel or Leila”

“I think they’d be quite good together you know” said Rose looking as Hugo and Rebecca both put on scary masks and began laughing “He clearly likes her a lot as well, I think the boy needs a girlfriend to be honest. A lot of his issues come from lack of female interaction”

“Hugo doesn’t have issues” I chuckled taking another chocolate

“Doesn’t have issues?” said Rose incredulously “Doesn’t have issues? Ollie he’s the strangest guy I know and you’ve seen how many bonkers blokes are in my family”.

“Well what do you want to do about it” I asked her “Because we’re kinda stuck in a stale mate position; we know they like each other but they don’t know we know they know” That was confusing though Rose seemed to get the gist of what I was trying to say bless her

“True” she replied “But, never let it be said Rose Weasley never has a plan up her sleeve. I’ll get back to you Oliver; I think I have a plan”

“This isn’t going to be involving me dangling half naked from a tree again is it” I asked. Rose went red as we both remembered a very embarrassing incident from two years ago when we were convinced James was fooling around with his best friends girlfriend. Rose and I camped out all night in a tree trying to look into James’s bedroom in the Burrow. James saw us and to cut and long story short I ended up dangling half naked from a tree. Since that day Rose and I have avoided involving each other in our plans; which was easier said than done. Rose made a lot of plans and a lot of those plans involved spying on one of her male relatives

It turned out James and this girl was simply planning a surprise party for his mate. That was shocking though; James wasn’t well known for doing things for other people without something in it for him

“No it won’t” Rose replied with a giggle hitting me on the arm “I won’t say much now, but me and you are going to do some match making”

I gulped


As I had predicted Teddy wasn’t taken very seriously by any of the Potter/Weasley kids when he began teaching. Albus and Rose were mature enough to only make a few jokes but ultimately get on with their work; Dom, Freddie and Louis tried to use him to get off homework; Molly used him to try and up her social standing and Lucy remained shy and quiet as she was still at the stage that all Weasley girls have where they’re madly in love with Teddy from the ages of 8 to 13

Hugo seemed to be the only one not at all bothered by Teddy’s sudden presence in their lives he’d come to Teddy’s first class very hung over and didn’t even notice Teddy was the new teacher until the next lesson. Since then Hugo just acted as he normally did in Defence against the Dark Arts and that was sleeping on the back row; in his view giving us any lesson on a Monday morning was a massive ask and the school surely couldn’t expect him to be able to concentrate at 9 in the morning. I didn’t know Lily’s feelings on Teddy becoming a teacher as she still wasn’t speaking to me or any one in our group for the matter, she mainly hung around with Dom, Freddie and Louis these days though they seemed to be getting sick of her

“She’s so moody” Dom complained to me as she and I walked down to the kitchens at midnight on Friday a couple of days before Halloween “I mean she and I have always got on OK, she’s always been so wrapped up in her own little world, but we’ve always got on. Now I just want to punch her lights out”

“I don’t think you’re the only one” I said stopping us dead in our tracks as two teachers passed by; we were underneath the invisibility cloak which was my main incentive for going to collect the weekly midnight Friday feast for everyone. I’m not sure how long this tradition had been going on, maybe since Teddy and Victorie arrived, but every Friday all the Potter/Weasley kids and their friends would have a massive midnight feast in the common room “She’s pissed Melissa and Rebecca off something rotten. She won’t even make eye contact with them now”

“Someone needs to have a word with her” sighed Dom “Because if I get my head bitten off for nothing one more time, that girl will be picking her hair out of the sewage systems”. I laughed, I liked hanging out with Dominique. We returned with the food for everyone about twenty minutes and as we all began to took in I noticed the absence of Hugo and Rebecca

“They’re on a date together” Rose whispered in my ear “Well not a date per say, I just got Al to put them both in detention”

“You are first class bad ass Rose Weasley” I chuckled as I bit into a sausage roll. Rose pushed me and went to sit with Dom and Roxy who were having a very serious looking conversation that was most likely about hair dye or some crap. Abi, who was staying the night in Gryffindor tower, came and cuddled up to me and I put my arm around her. I looked around as my friends all had a laugh together and smiled. Lily may be being a nightmare at the moment but my life was pretty much perfect

Jack was happy, I had a girlfriend, and Hugo was most likely snogging Rebecca in a broom cupboard. Yep, things were great; at times like this I wish I could be 16 forever


Chapter 14: Halloween
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 Chapter Fourteen

“No Jack, no way” I shouted at my younger brother as we spent the day preparing for the annual Gryffindor Halloween party that evening

“Why not” Jack groaned

“You really think dressing up as Voldermort would be a good idea?” I snapped back at him “The bloke killed Al and Lily’s granddad as well as their uncle. Voldermort is strictly off limits”

“Well what else am I meant to wear” Jack shot back “Everyone else has costumes and I can’t think of one”

“There must be something” said Abi “Maybe we could wrap you up in toilet roll and you could become a mummy”

“No” Jack sighed “Miles is already doing that; I’m gonna go and find Lucy and see if she has any ideas. That’s if she can stop staring at me for all of five seconds; I don’t know why she always does it. I always make sure I never have food around my mouth when I’m with her”

As Jack exited the common room Abi and I burst into laughter. Poor clueless Jack completely unaware Lucy Weasley was most likely planning the seating arrangements at their wedding

“Oh bless him” said Abi through her laughter “He’s genuinely got no clue has he?”

“Not one” I replied still giggling “It’s fairly bloody obvious as well; all she ever does is stare at him and try to impress him. Poor girl”

“That’s how I used to feel about you” said Abi “I dyed my hair blonde for a bit in second year because I heard you say you preferred blondes to brunettes”


I’m going out with a complete nutter

“That’s… nice” I said slowly as Abi grinned and turned slightly red once again. I’d learnt a few things about Abi since we’d began dating; turns out she had it a lot worse for me than I originally thought she had and I’d finally uncovered the four yearlong mystery of who sent me the valentines card in second year

She has an older sister called Cassie who works in the Department of Magical Creatures Welfare office at the Ministry; her parents divorced when she was young but are still good friends; she doesn’t really fancy James Potter that much and just goes along with it and her favourite subject is Herbology.

I had issue with that but chose to overcome it as I’m a man. As we laid out the food, which I had been forbidden from touching, the door to the common room slammed shut behind us. Lily Potter gave me a glare before ignoring us completely and heading up the stairs to her dorm

“Cow” Abi muttered “Sorry Oliver, I know she’s your mate but seriously what is her problem? Have I done something to upset her?”

“No” I said vacantly “She’s just a naturally moody person, she’ll begin speaking to me again eventually. Just needs time”

“Well I hope you knock her back” said Abi fiercely “I mean it Ollie; you’ve done nothing wrong and she still chooses to treat you like this. That is not what I call friendship”

“She has her reasons” I sighed taking a pumpkin shaped cookie. Fuck it; I’m a rebel “Abs, if I tell you something will you promise to keep it a secret”

“What is it?” she said eagerly before adding “Yes, I’ll keep it a secret” after noting my raised eyebrows

“Lily is the girl that Malfoy has been seeing in secret for months” I whispered in Abi’s ear. Her mouth dropped wide open and she was clearly quite shocked. I on the other hand was relieved that I’d finally told someone my secret

“How do you know?” Abi asked me in a whisper as various students entered the common room to start getting ready for the party “Have you seen them?”

“Well, no” I said “But I’ve kind of figured it out like a big jigsaw; basically when the whole rumour was going about she was very quiet about the whole thing. I just assumed that like me she didn’t give two shits about what Malfoy was doing. Then she began to change; she was moody, aggressive and rude more often than before. She also became a lot more emotional and I noticed Scorpious looked the same as well. Then one day, the day you asked me to Hogsmeade actually, she and Scorpious had this weird eye contact. That’s when I figured it out”

“Proper little Gilderoy Lockhart you are, aren’t you?” grinned Abi clearly unaware of Lockhart’s failures as a detective and as a human being “That’s all very clever Ollie, but you haven’t actually got any core evidence have you?”

“Well no” I said “But it all makes sense in my head; it’s the only explanation. They’ve been dating in secret, they’ve entered a difficult patch, she obviously can’t talk about it to anyone so she’s being a moody cow and taking it out on everyone”

“I suppose” said Abi checking the time on her watch “Look, I need to go and meet the girls and start getting ready. I’ll be back about nine; I love you” she kissed me on the lips before departing the common room making a quick hello to Hugo, Rebecca and Louis as they entered the room

“Save me” Louis whispered reaching me before Hugo and Rebecca managed to “Those two have turned into Romeo and Juliette or something; it’s sickening”. I laughed, Louis made me laugh a lot, as Hugo and Rebecca came over hand in hand. They indeed looked very lovey and Louis really did look like he was going to puke

I like that Hugo and Rebecca are going out. There’s no love more pure than geek love after all

“So what are you coming as” asked Hugo as he, Louis and I made our way up to the dorm to get changed into our costumes. Ben, Ryan, Freddie and Melissa were all gathered in there already, Melissa helping Ryan into his Frankenstein costume and was clearly oblivious to the fact there were two half-naked boys next to her

“I am going as Letch from the Adams Family” I said showing Hugo my costume “And Abs is coming as Morticia we thought it’d be fun”

“Gross more like” said Ben “You two are too sweet it actually hurts”

“Well you aren’t going to like what Hugo is about to tell you” I said as I picked up a towel and headed into the bathroom to get a shower. Stepping into the shower I became lost in my own thoughts surrounding Lily. Despite all my efforts I still cared about Lily, a lot, I still loved her as well. Maybe just not as much as I did before, if that’s possible, and the thought that Malfoy may have messed her around or something sickens me.

Stepping out of the shower I wrapped a towel around myself and headed back into the dorm where, to my surprise, I found Lily dressed as some kind of cat. I blushed even though Lily had seen me without a shirt on before, hell she’s seen me in just a pair of boxers before, but it felt quite awkward being nearly naked around her now.

She looked as radiant as ever and just stared at me for a bit. She looked as if she was on the verge of tears

“Do you think you could look away” I said at last “I kind of need to get changed and I’d rather you didn’t see my… essentials”. Lily rolled her eyes and turned around as I quickly put on some boxers and trousers and gave her permission to turn back around

“Anything I can do” I asked as I slipped on a T-shirt. Lily sighed and sat down next to me on the bed and held my hand

“I’m sorry Oliver” she said beginning to cry “I’ve been treating you like crap recently; I’m sorry about that. I care about you, you’re my best friend and I hate what we’ve become”

“Well that’s nothing to do with me” I shot back; she looked offended for a moment but quickly nodded her head indicating she knew she was to blame “We were fine and then one day you just stopped speaking to me. Why?”

“I was upset, heartbroken” said Lily. I’ll kill Scorpious; I knew he’d done something “I’m in a mess Oliver, I’m so, so sorry. I never meant to hurt you, I know your happy with Abi and everything but I miss you. I really, really miss you”

“I’ve missed you too” I sighed

Before I knew it Lily leaned in for a kiss that I reciprocated. We kissed for about thirty seconds before Lily pulled away. I felt terrible

“I’m sorry” Lily gasped “I couldn’t stand it any longer”

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Chapter 15: Another Time, Another Place
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 Chapter 15

“Couldn’t stand what?” I asked as Lily suddenly burst into tears and clung onto me, I pulled her into a hug and tried to comfort her. I was as confused now as I had been before the kiss with Lily, nothing seemed to be making sense anymore. I know Lily better than anyone almost, she may be moody, short tempered and snappy at times but she’s loyal, kind and generally good natured. There is no way she’d ever cheat on someone even if it was Scorpious Malfoy.

Lily continued sobbing for a few minutes before managing to regain her composure and released herself from my hug. She laughed nervously as I gave her a confused look; she wiped her eyes and brushed her hair back into the place before taking my hands and looking directly in my eyes

“I couldn’t stand being away from you any longer” she said with a slight hiccough “And not just because you’re my best friend who gets me more than anyone else does, not because you’re the funniest, sweetest boy on the entire planet and not just because I missed everything about you. It’s because a few weeks ago I realised that I was in love with you; I’ve always loved you but I always thought it was like the way I love Hugo, Louis or even Al and James but I realised it was something different”

I gulped. This wasn’t happening.

“I realised” she continued “That I didn’t love you like a brother or a cousin, I suddenly found you attractive. I found myself getting butterflies whenever you were around me and it scared me Ollie, it really, really scared me. I freaked out, I couldn’t deal with it, and I wanted it to go away. So I distanced myself from you, found someone else, tried to make it work with him but it didn’t work. I was hung up on you”

I couldn’t believe Lily Potter was announcing her love for me. This is something I’d been dreaming of for near on six years, something that I’d always wanted so why don’t I feel happy about it? Why am I not declaring my love for her? Why aren’t we kissing?

Lily continued “Then you started dating Abi and it just crushed me. I couldn’t deal with it, each time I saw you with her it felt like a stab through my chest. That’s why I freaked at the rock the day, that’s why I had that row with Melissa for insulting you, it was because I loved you and I couldn’t have you”

She began crying again and I swiftly pulled her into another hug glancing down at my watch as I did so. It was already gone eight and Abi would most likely be downstairs waiting for me with all our friends, Hugo and Rebecca would be announcing their new found relationship to everyone, Dom, Freddie and Louis would be planning some kind of prank, Lucy would be staring at Jack who’d most likely think he’s got a smudge of something on his face. I wished I was down there, having a good time, dancing with my girlfriend, drinking with my friends

At least now I knew where I stood with Lily. She loved me. Lily Potter really loved me; she released herself from my embrace once more and kissed me again. This time I kissed her back, passionately and she ended up on top of me as we continued kissing passionately on my bed. It was wrong, so wrong but it felt so right at the same time. No matter how hard I’d been kidding myself I couldn’t deny how in love with Lily I was. I always had been, I always would be. The kissing intensified and I became aware of Lily’s hands creeping up my shirt


Not like this, not this way. I wasn’t a bad guy; I was one of the good ones. I wasn’t the kind of guy who sleeps with someone else at a party whilst his girlfriend waits downstairs. I didn’t cheat. I wasn’t James or Malfoy or Freddie. I was Oliver Benson and this was not happening, not then and not in that way


“Stop it” I said pushing Lily from on top of me and sitting up on the end of the bed “You shouldn’t have done that Lil, we shouldn’t have done that. It was wrong; I think it’d be a good idea if you just left now”

“Oliver” she said looking hurt and confused. I wished she wouldn’t look at me in that way. It broke my heart to see her upset but I cared about Abi, I wanted things to work with her and I didn’t want to be known as that kind of guy

“I’m sorry Lily” I repeated “But this – me and you – it just can’t happen. I’ve got a girlfriend downstairs who I really like, I’ve got a little brother to set a good example for, Then there’s Al, Hugo, Rose and everyone else who’d never forgive me. I can’t lose all those people Lily, I just can’t”

“Oliver, for once in your life think about yourself” Lily screamed “All you ever do is think about others, you never think what might be good for you, you never think about what you want. I know that since your dad got ill you’ve had to be a dad for Jack but you need to live your own life”

“How dare you bring my dad into this” I shouted back “That is so low Lily; even I wouldn’t have thought you were capable of that” She immediately looked as if she regretted her words “My dad’s sick, my mum had to look after him full time which means I had to look after Jack. It’s not my choice, I don’t want it. I’d love to be able to lead my own life but I can’t”

“You are such a coward” Lily fought back “Do you think I’m blind or something? I’ve known about your liking me for years and years and never said a word. It’s not like you hid it well, staring at me with your big puppy dog eyes all the time. I love you; you love me what the hell is the problem?”

“I’ve got a girlfriend” I repeated venomously “I don’t want to cheat on her, she doesn’t deserve that. She’s a nice girl, much nicer than you in fact”

“But what do you really want Oliver” Lily asked me “Do you want nice, safe Abigail Clayton or do you want me? The girl you’ve loved for years”

I said nothing and begin getting changed into my costume for the Halloween party which led Lily to roll her eyes once again. Once I had finished I pushed past her and headed for the door

“One thing Lily” I said turning back to her “Scorpious Malfoy. I thought you could do a lot better, I thought that you had more sense”

She looked shocked as I exited my room, wiped her lipstick from my lips, plastered a smile on my face and made my way down to the Halloween party



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Chapter 16: Fireworks on Halloween
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 Chapter Sixteen

I entered the party which already in full swing, people were clearly drunk and the music, some song about party and bullshit, was blaring out very loudly. Keeping the smile on my face I made my way over to Abi and tapped her shoulder. She turned around and embraced me immediately before kissing me multiple times on the cheek, she was clearly drunk.

“Where have you been?” she slurred poking my chest “I have been waiting for you for about an hour; surely it can’t have taken that long to get ready”

“I don’t feel too well” I said quickly trying to think of an excuse “I must’ve eaten something dodgy this afternoon”

“Well I had the same things and I feel fine” she said ruffling my hair “My poor Ollie; you look gorgeous tonight you know. I mean you look gorgeous all of the time but tonight you just look out of this world”

“You look out of this world as well” I said taking her hand. She really did, she looked absolutely beautiful I just wished she had more confidence in herself. She was soon blushing, at first that had irritated me somewhat but now I just found it very cute and endearing. Everything that Abi dad was kind of cute and endearing to be honest, she snuggled her face into my chest as the song about party and bullshit ended and a slower song came on

Soon enough I found myself slow dancing with Abi in the middle of the common room; everyone was getting progressively drunk except for me I actually hadn’t managed to touch a drop yet. Abi wouldn’t let me out of her sight and I was quite glad of that in a way it made me feel a lot less guilty about what had just nearly happened upstairs with Lily who still hadn’t come down yet. I looked around the common room at all my friends and considered what I had to loose

Hugo and Rebecca were snogging like there was no tomorrow in a far corner both looking drunk out of their minds; Leila and Melissa were sitting on Lysander and Lorcan who had both passed out; Roxy, Dom, Ryan, Freddie, Melissa and Louis were all being taught a muggle dance by Ben and Lucy, Jack and a few friends were helping themselves to any remaining food. Albus, in his vastly superior way, had put a charm on the alcohol which made it taste like pond water to anyone under the age of 16

The boy is so uptight sometimes. Except for now, now he’s dancing in just a pair of boxer shorts with a lamp shade balanced around his head. Rose would’ve looked unimpressed but she and her Ravenclaw boyfriend were swaying drunkenly about the dance floor. As Abi’s friends took Ryan, Ben, Freddie and Louis for a dance as a faster song came on I noticed Lily finally make her entrance into the party

She hadn’t put her costume back on; instead she was wearing a little short red dress that made her look ridiculously attractive. Abi’s jaw dropped as Lily made her way towards Declan Finnegan, Ravenclaw 7th year, and proceeded to begin dancing with him

“She is such a slut” said Abi scathingly as she and I flopped next to Hugo and Rebecca on the sofas “I mean honestly, I don’t like Malfoy but you’d think she’d have the decency not to have a dirty dance with someone else”

I caught Lily’s eye as she danced with Declan and I noticed the mischievous spark that had been missing for some time had reappeared. I was looking at Lily until I heard shouting and tilted my head to see Ben and Louis squaring up to eachother aggressively in the corner of the room. I looked around and no one else seemed to have noticed except me and it looked as if they were both about to kick off big time


“What’s going on you two” I groaned as I reached them. They were both very drunk, Louis seemingly couldn’t stand up straight, but I could tell there was genuine anger between them that stemmed a little further than drunken anger. There was a real tension between these two. Louis and Ben made eye contact for a moment, Ben shook his head and Louis seemed to understood this meaning

“He just spilt his drink down me” Ben said it was clearly a lie as Ben’s shirt was dry as a bone but feeling very tired I decided not to press the matter and returned to Abi who was in stitches as a drunk Hugo tried to explain exploding snap to her

“Ollie, Ollie, Ollie” said Hugo with a slur as I reached him “I cannot be-believe that your woman doesn’t know how to play exploding snap”

“I just never learnt” shrugged Abi. At this point the music stopped and I noticed Lily kissing Declan, this angered me and I left Abi to be lectured at by Hugo. Bumping shoulders with Declan as I reached Lily I spun her round to face me

“Oh hey dude, wanna dance” she asked enthusiastically. She was another one who was clearly drunk; was I the only one at this party not three sheets to the wind. I raised my eyebrows at her and she gave a little, albeit quite sexy, giggle and took me by the hand to the staircase

“What is going on with you” I whispered “You’re seeing Malfoy in secret, you kiss me and then you are all over Declan Finnegan. What the hell is wrong with you?”

“You know what’s wrong with me baby” she said with a slur putting her finger on my lips “My problem is that you, Oliver Jordan Benson, are a complete dork who has no idea what to do when a girl comes onto you. But somehow, you manage to find a medium where you’re very cute. You’re confusing” she finished sounding angry and poking me in the chest

“And you are drunk” I responded as she gave another sexy little laugh and tilted her head against the wall

“Do I look pretty tonight Oliver” she asked taking my hand “Because it’s all for you, I hope you realise that. But it isn’t because I want to impress you, it’s because I want you to have an idea of what you’re missing”

She kissed me on the cheek and put her hands threw my hair before exiting the staircase and walking back into the party. I sighed and sat down on the step putting my head in my hands trying to collect myself until I heard a pair of drunken people stumble towards me. A pretty but barely dressed Hufflepuff girl squeezed past me in a fit of giggles. I looked up and saw Al grinning at me in his moronic fashion

“She’s a nice girl that Stephanie” said Al sitting down next to me “I think that’s her name, I didn’t catch it. She wanted to know where the loos were so I said I’d show her; I think I’ve pulled”

I smirked. “Do you actually have any kind of conscience” I asked him, he laughed and shoved me “Her name is Stacey Downes by the way” I added as Al passed me a beer bottle

“What’s up with you then Benson” Al asked putting his arms around my shoulder “Is Clayton not giving you enough? Is she even giving you any at all?”

“Believe it or not Al, some people aren’t all about sex in a relationship” I replied. Al gasped in fake horror which made me laugh; he wasn’t a typical player and was nowhere near James or Freddie level but when he got a drink down him he turned quite flirtatious shall we say

“Come on then man” he said patting my back “What’s eating you up? I can always tell when you’re depressed Oliver, you take yourself away and try to make yourself invisible”

I did want to tell someone about what had happened with Lily. Really, I did but I needed to tell someone who couldn’t be biased about it in anyway and Al was not that person. I felt horrible about what I’d done with Lily, I looked as Abi, Megan, Melissa and Dom all danced happily together and had to fight back tears. That beer had gone straight to my head

“What do you think of me Al?” I asked “Really? What do you think?”

Al looked surprised and thought for a moment

“I think you’re a great guy Oliver” he said, he sounded like he was being honest “I think you’re a really good friend for Hugo and Lily; they can both get ahead of themselves sometimes and you keep them on planet Earth. I also think you’re one of the kindest, most loving people that I’ve ever met. You’re a bit of a dork and a moron at times but to be honest I really value your friendship”

Al patted me on the back once more as Stacey reappeared and dragged him back onto the dance floor, he certainly had pulled. I was hoping my conversation with Al would’ve made me feel better but in reality it made me feel worse. Much, much worse

Chapter 17: Girls Are Like Buses
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 Chapter Seventeen

Despite being one of the only people in Gryffindor tower without a hangover the next morning I still very much felt like I had one. I felt sick, tired, and emotional and I had a massive headache coupled with massive amounts of guilt and paranoia. The party had gone until 3am when Nev and Teddy came in and stopped it all, though to be honest Teddy looked like he wanted to stay, and everyone went to bed. By that point Lily had proceeded to flirt with about six other guys whilst maintaining constant eye contact with me; I’d tried to put her out of my head but it hadn’t really worked and by the time I actually managed to get to sleep I’d been angry for quite some time

This wasn’t the Lily Potter that I knew, that Lily Potter wouldn’t have encouraged me to cheat on my girlfriend. In fact the old Lily Potter would have hit me several times with a blunt object if I’d ever cheated on a girl; the new Lily seemed to be quite up for it. I really wanted to tell somebody, shout, scream and rant about last night; I wanted to ask for advice, I wanted somebody to tell me what to do and I wanted someone to assure me I wasn’t a horrible person for cheating on Abi. I thought of Abi, the last words she said to me last night were “You’re everything to me Oliver” and I felt so guilty about everything

“Oh mate” groaned Hugo massaging his head as he sat up “How much did I drink last night? Is there even any alcohol left in the world”

“I know how you feel mate” came Ryan’s voice from the next bed “I’m pretty sure I kissed Leila but I just can’t remember. I hope I did, she’s fit”. I gave Ryan a smile but stayed quiet as he, Hugo and Ben began to try and recreate the events of last night and from the sounds of it they’d all had better nights than me. Then again, my night last night made Abraham Lincoln’s trip to the theatre seem like a rousing success

Around half an hour we all made our way down into the common room where we found Melissa, Rebecca, Leila, Dom and Roxy all looking as rough as we all felt. Rebecca snuggled up to Hugo as he sat down next to her; I envied them in away it’d all been plain sailing for them so far. Roxy’s eyes lit up when she saw Ben but he didn’t seem to return it whilst Ryan shared an awkward glance with Leila. I sat myself down in between Melissa and Dom who both rested their heads on my shoulders

“Great party though wasn’t it?” said Rebecca “Best Halloween party for a few years I reckon; since Victorie was here at least”

“We were 12 when Victorie left” Ryan pointed out “Our idea of a good party then was balloons and sponge cake”

“I miss those days” groaned Melissa “At least after those parties I never felt like I was about to die”

“You were quiet last night Ollie” said Roxy “Normally you’re the life and soul but I don’t think I saw you so even much as have a drink; everything OK?” I looked up to see the rest of the group all looking me and my face immediately became red

“I just didn’t feel all that well” I lied as I had done to Abi last night “Felt sick all the way through the party, I didn’t want to leave Abi all alone though so I just didn’t drink much”

“Awww that’s cute” said Dom embracing me “You’re too cute you are Oliver, I only wish that some boy cared about me as much as you care about Abi”

“Lots of boys care about you” piped up Roxy “Like that Elliot Creevey kid in Hufflepuff; we both know he really cares about you”

“Piss off” said Dom despite her laughter “That boy is severely mentally unhinged or something. I mean ’16 Red roses, one for each year you’ve graced the planet with your beauty’. Please. Jog on mate” Everyone, myself included, laughed at Dom’s comments and when conversation soon turned to Lily and her behaviour last night I kept my head down and said nothing. It seemed even in there drunken stupors everyone had noticed Lily was acting very strangely and they were all very keen to find out why

I was so screwed


“Oliver” said Abi as she snook up behind me that afternoon in the library and put her hands threw my hair “Oliver, I feel as if I might actually die. I don’t think I’ve ever drunk that much in my life, you seem fine though”

“That’s because I am” I replied “I didn’t drink that much last night; remember I told you I didn’t feel too well”

“Vaguely” said Abi rubbing her forehead and looking pained “Please don’t ask me to think or even use my brain today; can we just go on a walk or something?” I grinned, shut my Potions textbook and packed my things together and placed my hand in Abi’s and headed out to the school grounds. On the way we passed Lily and Roxy; Roxy gave us a quick hello and left swiftly but Lily looked as if she was going to say something. Noticing the look I’d given her she merely nodded her head and followed Roxy

“She is such a pain in the ass” groaned Abi as we began walking around the lake “I mean honestly, the way she treats people. Just because her dad happened to save everyone doesn’t give her the right to treat people like shit. Especially you and your meant to be her so called best friend but she’s had no time for you ever since I arrived has she? Some best friend can’t even be happy that you’re happy. She acts like she owns you or something”

I had to agree, Lily had been a terrible friend these past few months. Going with Scorpious despite the fact that she knew how much I hated him, ignoring me for weeks for no valid reason and now all of this ‘love’ drama I was struggling to think of her as a friend let alone a best friend anymore. I listened to Abi rant about Lily for about half an hour, it was like six years of resentment and hatred coming out in one big long rant. It wasn’t the ideal thing for me to be hearing but I never told her to stop as that would’ve seemed like I was defending Lily. Me defending Lily was bound to lead to questions or some kind of row in which I blurted out the truth and then bam end of us.

Growing tired I requested we sat down on one of the benches surrounding the lake; it was November now but still pleasant enough weather to be outside. Subconsciously I began chucking rocks in the lake, maybe they symbolized the guilt I felt, and soon enough Abi joined in with me and about five minutes later we were both stood up having become very competitive

“No, no, no, no” I said taking Abi’s arms as she attempted to skim a stone into the water “You want to use your wrist more, that’s it bend it”. Abi looked up at me and smiled; she kissed me and turned back around. She skimmed the stone perfectly and we sat back down on the bench; she cuddled up to me

“I love you so much” she said “I know it may seem sudden but I really do, I can’t imagine myself with anybody else, I really can’t. You’re so incredible Oliver; you’re definitely the kindest person I’ve ever known. I don’t deserve you”

That did it

I began crying. I just couldn’t help it anymore; before I was coping by pushing it to the back of my mind trying to repress it but when Abi said all of that I couldn’t take it anymore. Because I wasn’t all the things she said but what got me the most was when she said that she didn’t deserve me. I didn’t deserve her, she was amazing and the best girlfriend someone could ask for. Lily wasn’t, she could be mean, cruel and downright nasty so why was I still in love with her? Why, once again, was I letting her ruin yet another relationship? Abi gave me a concerned look and pulled me into a hug, telling me that whatever was wrong I didn’t have to tell her there and then but she’d be supportive of me through whatever it was

I gulped. Girls are like busses; I wait sixteen years for one and then two come along at once

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Chapter 18: Study Time
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 Chapter Eighteen

Having convinced Abi that my sudden emotional outburst was down to stress and worry as my dad was ill and I had loads of work on, I spent the next few days keeping my head down and out of Lily’s ways. It was the Sunday before classes started after half-term and Hugo, Ben, Ryan and I had joined Freddie, Dom, Roxy, Al and Louis on the Quidditch Pitches as the Gryffindor Quidditch team needed to practice. I wasn’t on the team, I was decent at Quidditch but just didn’t have the passion for it that Al, Freddie, Dom, Ben and Ryan did but I enjoyed watching them. Hugo and Louis were the first two boys in the Weasley family not to have been selected for the Quidditch team in something like four generations not that it bothered either of them. Louis didn’t really need the added popularity that came with being on the team; he was good-looking and funny enough to get by and as he always said playing Quidditch often results in messy hair and possible facial injuries which he just couldn’t be dealing with

Hugo just didn’t care because he’s Hugo and he really doesn’t care about much except girls, sex and food. Ben, Ryan and I had been banished from the dorm constantly all week so he and Rebecca could study but everyone knew what they were really doing and books were not involved. Rose was disgusted and Teddy often beamed with pride as if he was a proud older brother. His teacher-student boundaries are well out of whack. The worst thing, for me, was that Hugo just wouldn’t shut up about it all to me and I hadn’t yet told him that Abi and I hadn’t done the deed yet or that I had never done it. At all. So I mainly replied with ‘yes’, ‘no’, ‘really’ and ‘that’s gross, please shut up’.

Hugo’s always been something of a Freudian nightmare; he was a very dirty minded pre-teen and was often in trouble for trying to sneak into the older girls dorms in second and third year. The only girl he ever caught in a remotely compromising position was his own cousin Victorie and I don’t think the two have even spoke or looked at eachother since that incident. As everyone else took to the skies Hugo, Louis and I made our way onto the seats where we were soon joined by Rebecca, Melissa and Leila. Rebecca sat down on Hugo’s knee and they immediately began a major snogging session whilst Leila seemed transfixed on Ryan as he flew, it transpired they’d never kissed but Leila had put a paralytic Ryan to bed the night of the party. It was clear they both liked eachother but seen as though Melissa had done nothing to try and get them together I decided to not bring the subject up; unless Melissa did it was very likely it wouldn’t have been widely discussed yet

“Fuck Quidditch is so boring” groaned Hugo during the second hour we were all stuck watching the team practice “Pass the ball, fly a bit, look for a tiny gold ball and then cheer like idiots when it’s all over – what’s the point?”

“Don’t ever let James hear you talk like that” chuckled Louis “He’ll disown you or kill you or something nutty like that, I do tend to agree though I can’t see the point of it all”

“What’s the little ball called again” asked Melissa who’d become so bored she’d begun to read Hogwarts: A History whilst sending scathing looks to Leila who’d clearly dragged her along so she could watch Ryan

“The Snitch” the rest of us replied in the same bored, monotone voice which was followed by laughter all around. I’d been the only one really paying attention throughout the whole thing (Leila just looked at Ryan, nobody else) and I thought the team looked as if they were in good shape for the upcoming Slytherin match. I really wanted them to win it purely to see the look on Malfoy’s face and I quite liked the idea of Lily being torn between him and family

She was mysteriously absent from the proceedings, despite being a chaser, though Rebecca told me she was in bed with a cold. In bed with Malfoy more like, she wasn’t even making any attempt to hide it anymore and it was only a matter of time before they were found out now. I felt bad when I thought of how Al and everyone else would react but I’d resigned myself to the fact that this was all Lily’s fault

As the practice continued Hugo, Melissa, Rebecca and I began our Transfiguration homework that we’d had all week to do but just hadn’t; Leila and Louis were deep in conversation about something. Both were looking up at the team; Leila transfixed on Ryan and Louis transfixed on Ben. There was still a definite tension between the two that hadn’t gone unnoticed; Hugo reckoned Ben had accidentally spilled Louis’ cologne or hair gel. I agreed, Louis was very obsessed with his image and how he looked. A metrosexual I believe is the correct term

“I bloody hate Transfiguration” Hugo complained “And Collinson hates me, she just gives me this look where it feels like she can see into my soul and she tries to crush it. Bloody witch, I swear she and my mum are in correspondence”

“Babe, is there actually anyone that you do like” asked Rebecca with a giggle. Hugo answered that he liked her and soon they were kissing again leaving Melissa and I to look awkwardly at one another

“So where’s Abi today then” she asked me

“Oh she and a few friends have tickets to go and see the Wicked Sisters reunion in Glasgow” I replied, relieved I wouldn’t be in attendance “Had it booked for months”

Hugo and Rebecca eventually finished kissing, we eventually finished the homework and the practice ended not soon afterwards. As we were getting up I noticed Louis and Leila in a very deep looking conversation, I hadn’t glanced at them for about an hour but it seemed the conversation had been going on for quite some time. Leila turned around having heard us all get up and mouthed “Just leave us”; I nodded and followed Hugo and the others down to the Quidditch pitch. I looked back and saw Leila embrace Louis in a hug. Louis had a hard time last summer, he’d finally summoned the courage to come out to his family and friends but not everyone had been accepting of it.

“That’s weird” said Hugo standing next to me “Trust me, something is going on there; I hope no one’s giving a hard time over being gay. I’ll kill em”

“I’ll be right there with you mate” I agreed looking at Ben flying around the pitch, glaring at Louis every so often

Chapter 19: The Truth
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 Chapter Nineteen





“Abi, I’ve told you a million times” I sighed “I don’t want to do anything big or special for my birthday, I just want it to be a quiet affair with you and my friends”

“But Ollie” said Abi sounding needy and resting her head on my shoulders “It’s your first birthday with me as your girlfriend, surely that’s something to add” Hugo rolled his eyes which made me smirk which in turns made Abi hit me (then him).

“So I should celebrate my birthday so you can have a good time” I replied raising my eyebrows, Abi sighed once again

“That’s not what I’m saying at all” she said sounding near to irritated “All I’m saying is that I think you should do something special… just me and you”. Hugo nearly spat out his water and hurriedly left the dorm after getting a scary glare from Abi. It was a rainy Thursday evening in mid-November and my birthday was coming up in sixteen days and Abi had been pestering me about doing something for weeks

I’d just never been that bothered about celebrating my birthday, it just signified me being one year closer to death. And people tell me I’m a pessimist

“So, by me and you what do you mean” I asked half-knowing what Abi was going to reply with, I suppose It had to happen one day

“I mean you and I have been going out for some time now” said Abi crawling onto my stomach and sitting down, luckily she was very light “We love eachother, we’re both of legal age so why not get down to it. You’re going to be seventeen Oliver and I’m sure you’re the only one of your friends who hasn’t done it yet”

Thanks. I wasn’t aware that I looked particularly virginal. With that and being strawberry blonde it’s a surprise I’ve actually managed to kiss three different girls

“Not that it’s any kind of bad reflection on you” said Abi quickly retracting “It’s a bad reflection on your friends and their loose morals. I mean honestly with the way that Hugo acts, you’d think he had no soul”

I don’t think my girlfriend likes my friends. I began mulling over the possibility of losing my V card for my birthday. On one hand it would be nice to get it out of the way; I saw a muggle film once about this guy who was 40 and still a virgin and I did not want to be him. Also, it would stop those awkward conversations with Hugo and I would be able to join in when all the other Potter boys make fun of Louis for being the last remaining virgin. Or maybe not, I’ve always thought that was really mean

On the flip side (gangsta), I don’t think I’m quite there in terms of maturity yet and then there’s the fear of it all going wrong. I don’t think anyone still wishing for a sponge cake, balloons and party games at a party is ready yet. Then again, I’m a skinny, secretly slightly dorky ginger boy yet I’d somehow managed to find a girlfriend who seems happy enough to sleep with me.

Decisions, decisions


“Can I make my mind up tomorrow” I groaned as Abi began poking me in the ribs where I was exceedingly ticklish. I’d had a very tiring day, first of all Hugo and I were late up so we had to run (Yes, run) all the way to Care of Magical Creatures. I’m not really a running kind of guy, or even a physically fit or athletic kind of guy so I was bloody knackered before second period had even started.

I then, somehow, managed to turn a second year into a violin during Transfiguration which the whole class, including the child thankfully, seemed to find incredibly amusing. Freddie spilled his custard all down me at dinner which made me have to go and change which then made me late which meant I had to run (again) all the way down to the Potions classroom. On my way down there, I tripped down a flight of stairs creating a nasty gash on my head which has now been bandaged

That I didn’t mind so much, I looked a bit like an Egyptian mummy which pleased me. After my hellish day I was ready for bed even if it was only half six; I yawned and Abi slapped me to wake me up

“I know you’ve had a bad day and I know you’re tired” she said as she grabbed my hand and pulled me over to the desk at the corner of our dorm “But we have to get this History of Magic essay in for tomorrow”

Why, oh why, had I not dropped History of Magic when I had the chance? Oh yeah, I somehow got an E grade in it and I always felt sorry for Professor Binns because nobody like him. I have this thing about lonely old people that crushes something inside me and it makes me upset when I see him by himself at lunchtimes. Even if he is a ghost who can’t actually eat anything, he really shouldn’t have to be alone

Abi thought I was sweet for worrying about him, everyone else just thought I was weird. I’ve only ever spent like six lunchtimes with him as well; I think I’m his favourite student so I suppose he wants me to do well. After what felt like forever, but was only about forty minutes, Abi and I finally finished our essay on Goblins in the 17th century.

I immediately slumped back onto my bed and Abi came and laid down next to me, I put my arms around her and looked out of the window. I hadn’t told a soul about what had happened between Lily and I at the Halloween party and though I was glad that Lily was keeping her distance and hadn’t told anyone yet, I knew what she was like and how spontaneous she could be. She could decide to tell anyone at any time

I felt like such an idiot for crying a few weeks before and Abi clearly had figured out that something wasn’t right; I’d told her some things about my dad but not everything. We were clearly thinking the same thing as Abi’s next question knocked me for six

“Oliver, what’s really wrong with your dad?” she asked turning to me. I gave her a sad smile; I knew the time would come when I’d have to tell someone who wasn’t Lily. She’d only found out by accident in the summer between fourth and fifth years when she turned up at my house on a whim

“I know it can’t be easy” Abi continued stroking my face, I felt myself blush “But I know you worry about him all the time, I just think I could help you in some way”. I smiled back at Abi whose nose did a cute twitch; I sat up, tucked my knees to my chest and sighed

“About four or maybe five years ago my dad began acting strangely” I began “At first we all laughed about it, he kept forgetting things like his wallet, his house keys but then it started getting worse. He kept forgetting people’s names, where he lived, what job he had…… he lost his job not long after”

I hated telling this story


“Mum took him to the doctors” I continued, now fighting back the tears “One day, he forgot something and he got so angry, he ended up hitting me. So mum took him and Dad was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s; he’s like a different person most of the time. He knows who mum is and sometimes, if we’re lucky, he remembers Jack and I”

Abi squeezed my hand as I struggled to continue

“Some days he’s fine and he’s really happy and on top of the world” I carried on “Some days, it’s like having him back but other days he’s just awful. He shouts, he screams and he gets violent because he’s so frustrated. Mum have up work to care for him full time, last summer we decided enough was enough. Dad’s in a home now getting the help he needs and Mum’s living her life; she even has dates sometimes”

Abi looked confused

“Just to you know get her out of the house, it’s just her now Jack’s started here” tears were pouring down my face by this point, there’s a reason I don’t confide in people often “I think she’s lonely, she just doesn’t say. Jack hasn’t really grasped what’s going on yet but he will do someday”

Abi pulled me into a hug as I began to sob. She promised me that she wouldn’t tell a soul, I’d never even told Hugo about this and he was my best friend. Abi hugged me for a while before I eventually drifted off to sleep in her arms

“I think you’re incredible Oliver” were the last words I heard before I drifted off 

Chapter 20: Admissions & Inappropriate Lusting
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 Chapter Twenty

The next Saturday night found Abi and I doing what we normally did on a Saturday night; kissing on my bed whilst everyone else attempted to be served alcohol in Hogsmeade with varying success. We’d been kissing for a few minutes and I was very aware that it was leading towards a dangerous territory and I wasn’t so sure I was ready to enter into that kind of relationship yet. Suddenly, Abi stopped kissing me and looked dead at me with a slightly worried look

“Look” she began with a sigh “You shared something with me last week that was so, so private and I thought you were really brave for doing it. So, I’ve decided that I’m going to be 100% honest with you and tell you a secret”

For a second I was concerned she was going to tell me she was a man or something but what she came out with did surprise me “I’m not a virgin Oliver” she blurted out, squeaked, looked shocked and pressed her hands to her mouth. A few different feelings entered my mind; first was a kind of anger that I literally seemed to be the only kid in my year with their V card intact and secondly I felt embarrassed that I was the virgin in the relationship. It didn’t change how I felt about Abi, I still loved her, but it did shock me a bit

“It was with Charles Green, you know the seventh year, I think he’s like deputy head boy or something” began Abi “He and I dated for a short time last year, he was great and so kind and one night we kind of did it. I’ve never told anyone this, but I trust and love you enough to know you won’t say anything”

I smiled at her. She looked concerned

“Well say something then you muppet” she said pushing me slightly “Come on Ollie; this is a good thing it means neither of us has to be scared when it comes to it”. I felt my cheeks go red and the galleon seemed to drop for Abi who stroked my arm

“Why didn’t you tell me” she asked, I wasn’t sure but it felt as if she was slightly annoyed “I feel like a right cow now”. Ignoring my pleasure that she ended her sentence in a rhyme, I took her hands

“I haven’t done it” I said “I think everyone just assumes I have because I associate with some of the biggest manwhore’s in the school. Truth is, I’ve never done it with anyone. I’ve never even come close; I just didn’t feel it was something to be in a rush about. Hugo, Ben, Ryan all the guys think I’ve done it, Lily thinks I’ve done it”

“I thought you’d done it” confessed Abi “I don’t know, you were always so confident around girls I just assumed you were experienced enough not to be shy. Now I see why you were so cagey about us doing it”

“Never even had a proper girlfriend before you” I chuckled; Abi smiled and her nose did a cute little twitch “I mean I have had girlfriends, but it was those third year relationships were you don’t talk you just kind of snog”

Abi snorted and then looked embarrassed “You’re so cute” she said pinching my cheeks and snuggling up to me. I put my arm around her and she rested on my shoulder. We soon resumed kissing until Hugo, Ryan and Ben walked in slightly drunk and worse for wear. Abi soon left and I spent the rest of the night half-awake so I could stop my friends vomiting all over the place

I wasn’t successful but as I finally began to drift off to sleep I was smiling. Abi had been great, about both secrets I’d shared with her, and Lily was keeping well out of my way now. I think we’d both accepted what had happened a few weeks ago as a mistake though I could tell she was upset we weren’t friends anymore. I was too as well but I had much more to focus on


“Now students” began Professor Castle, Charms teacher and complete bitch by the way “it has come to my attention that some of you are excelling very well in this subject. Some aren’t”. She directed that at Hugo, whom she’d been at war with since his first lesson in first year where he somehow managed to blast her beloved pet cat Lucky out of the window. Lucky wasn’t so lucky that day but he was fine in the end

“But for those who are excelling I have a very exciting opportunity for you” Castle continued “On a Tuesday evening, you can come back and help me tutor some first and second years who are falling behind on their studies”. I groaned as Castle looked at me with a dash of hope; yeah I was kind of awesome at charms but I didn’t want to spend my Tuesday evenings looking after snotty 12-year olds who were getting excited because puberty had just kicked in. As the class got to work, Castle came over to the table where I was sitting with Hugo and Melissa

“Miss Parker and Mr. Bennet” she said “I would be very pleased if the two of you take up this opportunity; it will look very good on personal recommendations when it comes to applying for jobs once you have graduated” Her voice was so posh and exaggerated like something out of Pride & Prejudice

“Professor, can I not come back and tutor kids” asked Hugo with a cheeky grin. He, and indeed everybody, knew what the reply would be

“Mr. Weasley” sighed Castle “You are barely working at a second year level let alone be able to tutor them, you make no effort with your appearance today your hair just looks like you’ve actively rolled in leaves and you’re always late. Do you seem like a worthy tutor?”

“I think I sound fantastic” replied Hugo straightening his tie; Melissa and I laughed

“That was a rhetorical questions” snarled Castle “Mr. Bennet, Miss Parker I trust I can count on your for Tuesday night”

I was desperately trying to think of an excuse about why I couldn’t come but I stalled and upon realising that You-Know-Who had a more active social life than I did, I caved and accepted. Melissa ran a Wizards Chess club on a Tuesday evening so politely declined though you could tell from her tone that she was more than delighted

“Professor” I asked tentatively at the end of the lesson “I’m not the only person coming back to Tutor the weeds am I?”

“Please don’t call them weeds Mr. Bennet, they are second years” was her condescending reply accompanied by a snarl “And no you are not, Lily Potter has agreed to help as well. Two students is sufficient though I would rather have had Melissa Parker, Lily was simply the next best person for the job. She jumped at the chance actually, especially after I mentioned your name, I think you may have an admirer there Oliver”

Get with the programme lady where have you been? And my second name is Benson not Bennet. Idiot

“Of course I can see the attraction” Castle began. I froze, I really hoped this wasn’t going where I thought it was “You’ve grown into a very handsome boy Mr. Bennet, it’s kind of why I wanted you to take these classes. The second year girl’s brains are mush unless there being talked to by a pretty face. The grades for Defence against the Dark Arts have shot up since Ted Lupin began, much to my chagrin of course, but I can’t deny what a pretty face can do. I’m hoping you’ll have a similar impact”

Damn my good looks. I didn’t know what was worse the fact I’d have second years lusting after me or the fact Professor Castle had noticed “how handsome” I’d become. Then it hit me who I’d be taking the sessions with and how she “jumped at the chance”. This could not end well

Chapter 21: Busted
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 Chapter Twenty-One

The next day was my first tutoring session with Lily though we hadn’t once met up to discuss any ideas or plans; we were going to wing it and all because of a bit of awkwardness. I didn’t suppose the second years minded, that year was the doss year after all, but I did feel kind of bad that Lily and I probably wouldn’t be much help towards them. It was my birthday that Thursday with a party in the common room planned for the Saturday night, which also coincided with the Gryffindor vs. Hufflepuff game, so the party was most likely going to be a double celebration. Or just a really sombre one of the team loses which would probably be my luck. It was late November now and the cold weather was settling in; even Astoria Lestrange had decided to cover up and she liked to show as much flesh as decency allowed

“Can’t you just tell me what my present is” I whined as Hugo, Rebecca, Louis and I walked down to the library for a revision session, mock exams were coming in January

“No” came the reply from all three. They’d all clubbed together and bought me something amazing apparently but stupidly they’d involved Melissa who couldn’t keep a secret for her life and accidentally told me over dinner the night before. Louis was sporting a black eye having ‘accidentally’ waked into a door but Roxy and Dom both reckoned he’d been punches by somebody and was behaving very secretively. The black eye only made him more popular with the girls though but for once he didn’t seem keen on being lusted after and even seemed shy. I, of course, had my own problems as later that day I’d be forced to spend an hour alone with Lily (and several 12-year olds) and was dreading it. I still hadn’t told anyone what had happened at Halloween but I really needed to but I knew nobody who could be neutral on the whole situation

“I wouldn’t worry about these tutoring sessions Oliver” Rose said as she joined us at the table about five minutes later “The second years will have a basic understanding of the course, and they want to be there as much as you want to be”

“That’s what worries me” I replied “What if they like kick off and throw things at me? I can’t defend myself; Lucy punched me in the stomach last week”. Hugo burst out laughing but I still maintain that Lucy is damn powerful for an eleven year old. And she fancied my brother who was still blissfully unaware and, if he was anything like me, would continue to be for five years.

“The second years will not attack you” Rose chuckled “They’ll most likely just sit there and look at you with vacant expressions whilst you and Lily try to teach them… or is Lily the problem here?” she added when she saw my expression at Lily’s name. Louis, Hugo and Rebecca were also looking at me now

“What?” I asked “It’s not like it’s new that she and I aren’t talking”

“We know that” said Rebecca rolling her eyes “But we still don’t know why Oliver, what exactly did happen between you two”. As much as I wanted to tell them everything because it was eating me up inside I had to remind myself I was surrounded by three of Lily’s cousins and her best friend

“I… we just… had a fight” I managed to stumble out. Lame

“A fight about what?” asked Hugo “Dude, you’re my best friend you CAN tell me”. I felt bad about lying to everybody I really did but if I told them the truth they’d probably never speak to me again and I couldn’t have that. Life at home hasn’t been great for years and I’ve come to think of Hugo, Lily and their family as my second family. I couldn’t risk losing them

“Just something stupid” I shrugged “Can’t even remember what it’s about now”. This didn’t seem to satisfy them but sensing how uneasy I had become nobody asked anymore questions about Lily and I thought it was clear I was lying. The worst thing that could happen now is if one of them asked Lily; she hadn’t said anything yet but I doubt that she’d lie if she was asked outright


“Let’s get this over with then” Lily sighed about four hours later as we arrived at the classroom to find Castle and several second years already sitting down. Castle got up and led Lily and I to the front of the classroom where she warned the second years that if they misbehaved then we would give their names straight to her. So much for getting them on our side then

Castle left not long afterwards and Lily and I were left standing awkwardly at the front of the class; after two minutes we began helping the second years with their swish and flick movements for Wingardium Leviosa, I remember how challenging I’d found that action in second year so could emphasise greatly with the one girl who got teary eyed when she was the only remaining student who hadn’t mastered it yet

I crouched down to her level and patted her on the back. “It’s alright” I said giving her a smile “It took me ages to get it as well; you’ll get there someday”

“No I won’t” the girl wailed making some of the immature boys smirk. Lily hit them on the head for laughing; I smiled slightly as I’d almost completely forgotten that Lily had that side to her

“Yes you will” I said rubbing her back affectionately “Come on you and I can practice this together ok?”

The girl nodded through her tears and took her wand and followed my wrist movements exactly and to her delight, and my relief, the feather she’d been trying to levitate duly lifted up

“I did it! I did it! I did it!” she shouted with glee embracing me in a massive hug which was unfortunate seen as though she only came up to my stomach so I was kind of winded but happy for her. “Thank you Mr. Bensons” she repeated over and over again as she and the other second years all left the classroom

Smiling to myself partly because I had helped a younger student out but mainly because I’d spent the last hour being called sir, I began clearing away the feathers and books we’d been using well aware the last time Lily and I had been alone in a room we’d ended up kissing. Lily watched me as I locked the cupboard and turned away

“You were amazing just then” she said as I reached the door “That girl was really grateful, I forget how good you are with little kids sometimes”

“It was nothing” I said with a shrug “I’m here so my job applications won’t look shitty because I’m quickly realising I’ve done nothing with my school life”. Except get myself caught in a very complicated love triangle

“Oh come on you care” said Lily with a laugh “I know you care, you care way too much that’s your problem”. I knew where this was going so tried to turn away but Lily pulled me back towards her

“Lily we’ve been here before” I said in a fast whisper “And I told you that I’m not doing this, I have a girlfriend and too much to lose”

“I know that” sighed Lily “And I know that I’ve been a cow all this year but it’s only because I love you Oliver. I think you’re incredible, the amount you’ve had to do because of your dad you’ve had to grow up so quickly and it isn’t fair. You haven’t been a teenager Ollie, you’ve been a dad to your younger brother but you need to start thinking about what’s good for you. What you want, screw everyone else?”

Unfortunately I agreed with everything that Lily had just said; I had spent the last few years fretting about Jack and mum and not giving a spare thought for myself. I couldn’t help it, as long as they were happy I was happy or so I thought. Though I’d been expecting it since the second we’d been left alone together I was still a bit shocked when Lily planted a kiss on me. I was about to pull away when a voice rang out



Chapter 22: Caught
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 Chapter Twenty-Two

I stopped kissing Lily, pushed her to one side and wheeled around to see Alice Longbottom, head girl, shaking her head at us with her arms folded. I was relieved, for a second I seriously thought that Abi had caught us. I looked to Lily who just looked annoyed that we had been interrupted and it was no secret that she didn’t really like Alice.

“Well are you going to explain” Alice demanded “Because the last time that I checked, Oliver was dating Abi Clayton who, by the way, is a very good friend to me”

“Look, don’t blame Ollie” said Lily. I was shocked “It was me, I kissed him out of the blue, he was going to push me away but you walked in at just the wrong moment”. Though trying to figure out Lily’s game here I nodded and Alice seems satisfied that I wasn’t the guilty party here. Lily eventually walked off after Alice told her she was lucky it wasn’t Al who walked in as he was on patrol duty as well. I thought I was lucky Al didn’t walk in, I’d have most likely been sent crashing to the other side of the classroom if he’d caught us. Once Lily left the classroom Alice sighed and came and sat next to me on the table I’d perched on

“So, you happy or sad about this” she asked “Because I know that you like the girl, you told me yourself and if you and Lily are going to get it on, please spare Abi that humiliation of being cheated on”

“I would never cheat on Abi” I exclaimed “I love her, like Lily said she just kissed me completely out of the blue then. I’m not that kind of guy Alice”. Except I was, still hadn’t told anyone about Lily and I on Halloween night in my dorm

“I know you’re not Oliver” she said stroking my arm with affection “Just watch yourself around Lily, I’ve known that girl since we were toddlers and she doesn’t like not getting her own way”

“I know how to handle Lily” I said “I’ve been staying out of her way for weeks, tonight was the first night we’ve actually spoken to eachother since Halloween”

“Why, what happened at Halloween?” asked Alice. Bollocks. I felt my face go red and my palms started to sweat, I deliberately avoided eye contact with Alice who turned me to face her “What happened at Halloween” she repeated in a harsh tone of voice

“Lily and I kissed… a lot” I spat out rapidly “I was getting ready, she came into my room and told me all this stuff about being in love with me. I was shocked but before I knew it we were kissing on my bed”

“On your bed” shrieked Alice “Oh my gosh, Oliver did you… you know?”

“Oh no, no, no” I said in a panic “No, we didn’t do that but we could have done if I didn’t stop it. Then Lily turned really nasty, said some stuff and I told her to stay away from me. We hadn’t spoken since, please you can’t tell Abi”

Alice sighed and I knew I’d fucked up big time now. It wasn’t only losing Abi that I was afraid of; I’d lose the Potter/Weasley’s as well. If Al was to ever find out I’d been kissing his baby sister he’d round up Hugo, Louis, Freddie, James and even Teddy might be persuaded and come after me. Ben and Ryan would probably join in as well and all the girls would think twice about talking to me

“Look” said Alice “I’m not going to tell Abi, I don’t wanna go out of my way to cause trouble for you Benson because I actually like you and I genuinely believe that you are sorry, but I’m not a liar and if for any reason I’m ever asked outright I’m going to have to tell her, OK?”

That was something I supposed

“Do you think that I’m a bad person?” I asked

“No I don’t” she said taking my hand “I think you’re a wonderful person, a bit stupid maybe but no I don’t think you’re a bad person Oliver”. As we were walking back to the common room we bumped into Al who seemed suspicious about what I was doing out so late at night. It had gone eleven now which meant Alice and I had been talking for the best part of an hour, as Alice left to get back to her common room Al and I proceeded towards the Gryffindor one. I always got a bit nervous when it was just Al and I; he was often very serious and I nearly always managed to somehow put my foot in it with him

“I don’t see you and Lily talk much anymore” he observed “There was a time when I used to think you two were stuck together with glue or something, what happened there?” Seeing my discomfort at the subject he placed a hand on my back

“I won’t be angry or anything if you’ve fallen out Benson” he said “As much as Lily is my sister and I love her, I know what a pain in the arse she can be and I acknowledge that if you have fallen out then it’s most likely her fault”

“It wasn’t” I said quickly

“Then, what happened?” asked Al now sounding a little bit confused “You can’t have just decided to stop talking to one another”

“OK, we had a row the night of the Halloween party” I said, it wasn’t even a lie not really “She just said some horrible things about my dad and I kind of lost it with her”

“Stupid girl” muttered Al under his breath “Do you want me to have a word with her or something, I’m sure I can make her apologise and see she was wrong. Even if I can’t Rose could give it a try, Lily listens to her more than anyone. Except you, of course” he added at the end

“No, no it’s fine” I said aware that would be the worst possible thing that could happen “Lily and I will sort it out in time; it’ll just take me a while to forgive her for what she said”

“Well I hope you do” said Al “I like you two being friends; you’re a calming kind of influence on her. I know I act quite cold towards you sometimes and I know I’m not as fun as James or Ted, but I want you to know I do see you as a friend Oliver”

“I see you as one too” I added. Al smiled as we turned the corner towards the moving staircases we saw two figures in the distance kissing

“Randy bloody Ravenclaws” Al muttered impatiently which made me smirk. We reached the kissing figures and to our shock we found Louis Potter kissing Ben. Al coughed loudly and both Louis and Ben stopped kissing and looked towards us, horrified 

Chapter 23: Long Night
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 Chapter Twenty-Three

“What the hell is this?” asked Al looking as shocked as I felt at the sight of Ben and Louis kissing. Ben stopped kissing Louis and pushed him away. Louis looked hurt and humiliated seeming to be on the verge of bursting into tears. I looked from Ben to Louis and a lot of things that had happened over the past few weeks all of a sudden seemed to be making perfect sense; the looks they shared, their near fight on the night of the Halloween party and Louis’ behaviour when we were watching the team practice.

“Is this what I think it is?” I asked mainly directing the question at Ben who looked away seemingly angry “Are the two of you… together?”

“No” Ben replied immediately “He came onto me”. Louis sighed and rolled his eyes, Al took a step towards Ben and grabbed him by the scruff of his shirt

“Is that true” Al asked him. Ben looked scared for a moment but eventually pushed Al off him “Yes it’s true” he spat “Louis kissed me out of the blue, I don’t know why it’s never happened before”

“Except that’s not true is it” I asked once again “Because I’ve noticed something between the two of you a few times, a glance here and there, that fight you nearly had”. Louis stayed silent and had his eyes transfixed on Al as if he pleading for help. Al didn’t notice

“Right fine” shouted Ben “Louis has a crush on me; it’s been going on for a while but he just won’t take no for an answer”

“Is this true” Al asked turning towards Louis “Have you got a voice?” Louis looked deeply hurt and shifted uncomfortably “Well” Al repeated growing more impatient by the second “Louis, is what Ben is saying true”

“No” said Louis “No it isn’t, Ben made the first move on me a few days before Halloween. We were studying together in the library, having a laugh and that, and then all of a sudden he leaned in for a kiss”. Ben looked humiliated as Al let go of him

“I kissed him back” Louis continued “I’ve always kind of liked him and I was pleased. I suppose maybe I’ve been coming on a bit strong and it’s made him angry at times, I’ve been trying to help him, I know how hard it is coming to terms with it. Especially with yourself”

I looked to Ben who had tears in his eyes and ran off. Instinctively I ran after him leaving Al and Louis alone; as I looked behind me I saw Al put an arm around Louis and guide him up the stairs. I eventually found Ben on the floor of a History of Magic classroom; he was crying so I sat down next to him

“Just don’t” he said “I’ve tried fighting it I really have; I know what’ll happen if anyone finds out Ollie, my family aint like Louis’ they won’t be ok with it”

“I wasn’t going to say anything” I said “Except that; you could have told me or Hugo or Ryan. We are your best friends; we’ll love you no matter what your sexual preference is. I might draw the line at goats or something however”. Ben laughed and wiped his eyes

“You’ve got no idea what my parents are like” said Ben “They say the most awful things about people they don’t approve of; one of our neighbours came out and my dad said she had a disease”

“Some people are just ignorant” I said recalling some of the things I’ve heard people say about my dad “Ben; they’re your parents, you’re their only son and they will love you no matter what”

“You don’t know that” said Ben sounding quite broken “I’m their only kid and my mum wants to be a grandmother so badly, and my dad pretty much hates anyone that isn’t a fat middle aged white bloke”

“So, this whole thing with Louis” I changed the topic aware that Ben was getting more upset by the minute “There must be a reason why you kissed him, do you like him?”

“Yeah” said Ben smiling “I really, really like him. He’s great and he’s been really helpful to me this past month. I feel bad about the way I’ve treated him, he always tried to help but I just pushed him away”

“I’m sure he knows you don’t mean it” I said smiling; Ben smiled back to my relief “And I’m sure that he won’t be angry with you, he’ll understand, it’s not like he hasn’t been through this himself remember”

“Yeah I know” said Ben “Thanks Ollie; you really are the nicest guy in the entire school. You promise me that you won’t tell anyone?”

“Of course I won’t; not until you’re ready” I said as we both got up and made our way to the door. I slung an arm around Ben’s shoulder and we eventually reached the common room to find Al, Louis, Leila and Dom sitting around the fire clearly waiting. From what I could tell from her reaction, Dom was fully aware of what had been going on between her twin brother and Ben as she squeezed Louis’ hand before he got up

“I’ve told Oliver everything” said Ben, once again nearly in tears “I’m sorry Louis, I know you’ve been trying to help and you don’t deserve to be treated the way I’ve treated you”

“It’s ok” said Louis stroking his arm “See, you’ve told Oliver everything. You can do it, you are brave enough”

“Oliver’s just one person though” Ben replied as I sat down next Dom & Al who both smiled at me, Leila came over and hugged me “I don’t think I can tell all of Gryffindor or the school. Malfoy would have a bloody field day if he found out”

“Just take it one step at a time then” said Louis smiling back at him and taking his hand “And we’ll all support you all the way won’t we guys” he asked turning towards Al, Dom & I and we nodded in agreement

“Thanks” said Ben looking at me and smiling. I smiled back as he and Louis kissed

“Damn it” said Dom “Even my brother has a boyfriend; if that isn’t a sign I’m going to stay single and get eaten by my cat’s when I’m dead then I don’t know what is”. We all laughed as Louis and Ben came to sit down next to us hand in hand.

I was pleased when an hour later we all headed to bed. It seemed like an eternity a go that Lily had kissed me when in reality it had only been a few hours; then I remembered it was my birthday the next day which meant party time

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Chapter 24: Happy Birthday Ollie
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 Chapter Twenty Four

I awoke the next morning to the pleasure of Jack and Hugo both jumping on my bed to wake me up, after pushing them both from my bed I suddenly realised why they had got me up at the crack of dawn. It was my birthday, correction, my seventeenth birthday which in wizard law meant I was now legally an adult and could do what I wanted, when I wanted to (except murder). I was pretty tired; Louis, Ben, Al, Dom, Leila & I only managed to get to bed at 2am and it was only 7.30 when I was woken and I’ve always been an eight hour sleep kind of guy

Soon enough what seemed like the whole house were packed into our dorm wishing me happy birthday, Lily stood in a corner looking embarrassed and uncomfortable and rightly so. Roxy and Fred bought me a book called “A guide to bewitching witches” which I assumed was some kind of joke present bought before I actually got a girlfriend, Al presented me with a new binder so I could keep my work together; not the most thrilling present in the world but probably the most useful one, Ben, Ryan and Hugo presented me with a framed picture of the four of us plus the girls on a beach last summer, Rebecca and Melissa both bought me a lot of sweets, Leila gave me what I originally thought was a colourful pebble but it actually turned out to be my birthstone and Rose gave me a kiss on the cheek and a new guitar pick. It was at that point I got my biggest, and best, shock of the day

I was presented with a brand new guitar, it seemed as if the whole house had coupled together and bought me it. My last one had been broken by Hugo and Ryan whilst they were drunk last year and I’d been wanting a new one ever since but I’d never got round to it. Feeling quite emotional I thanked (and hugged) everyone in the room who soon left leaving just Jack and I

“Here” he said handing me over a letter “It’s from mum”. I eagerly opened the letter and began scanning through it; we hadn’t been in touch since September as she’d been on holiday

Dear Oliver,

I hope this letter finds you well and happy 17th birthday Oliver, I’m so sorry I can’t be there but that’s what you get with boarding schools. They don’t seem too keen on parents sleeping in the dorms to be close to their children. Maybe it’s just me. I really hope this reaches you in time, the bloody owl’s had to fly from Paris and you know how fat it is.

Other than writing to wish my eldest a happy birthday I’m also writing to inform you that I won’t be home for Christmas this year. As you know I’ve been in Paris with my girlfriends for a few weeks and I’m heading back on Monday; however me and the girls have fallen completely in love with the hotel and kind of accidentally booked the same rooms for over the Christmas and New Year season. Very selfish of us, I know, but I reckon I’m damn entitled to as much R&R as I can get. Your grandparents will spend Xmas day with your father as I know it would be grossly unfair of me to expect you and your brother to cope on your own.

But don’t fear, I’ve been in contact with Molly & Arthur Weasley who are perfectly happy to have both you and Jack at theirs for Christmas. I’m sure you’ll have a fantastic time with all your friends and your always round there during the holidays anyway.

I’m proud of you darling, 17 years and you’ve never put a foot wrong and no one would have blamed you with all you’ve been through but you’re a credit, a real credit. I know I sound like a sentimental old cow but I just need you to know how much I love you. Even though your father and I were still at school when we had you, you were born in the second floor girls bathrooms after all, you were the best thing that could’ve happened to us.

All my love in the world,


P.S. Make sure Jack’s ok with Christmas. I’ll cancel in a heartbeat if he’s upset about it

All most in tears I put the letter down and pulled Jack into a strong hug, he wheezed and I let go of him aware I was likely suffocating him. He looked confused as I explained why we’d be spending Christmas with the Weasley’s but the second I explained that mum needed her rest he seemed to begrudgingly accept it and reached into a paper bag

“Jack, I told you not to get me anything” I said unwrapping what turned out to be a Wizards Chess set

“I know” said Jack “But I’ve only got one big brother and he’s the best so I thought I should; do you like it? Dad always used to play it with us when we were little. Do you remember?”

“Of course I remember” I said feeling quite chocked. For the third time in the day. Before 8am. I’m such a wimp “Jack this is amazing; you are the best little brother a guy could ask for” I said before pulling him into a headlock. We were laughing as Abi walked in and saw us; she grinned with amusement as I released Jack’s head, got up and kissed her

“Happy birthday boyfriend” she said kissing me again as we sat back down on the bed. Jack left to get ready for classes “And how does today find you?”

“I’m alright” I said “Bit tired; long night last night didn’t get off until two”

“Two?” exclaimed Abi “What on earth were you doing staying up until that hour on a school night Oliver; you’re gonna be half asleep all day”

“It’s my birthday I can do as I please” I said sticking my tongue out at her. She stuck hers back out at me and handed me her present. It was a scrapbook of all our pictures together; Abi loved taking pictures and took at least five of every date we went on.

“D’you like it” she asked sounding worried “It’s just I didn’t have much money, so the girls said that  I should do something from the heart and-“ I stopped her by kissing her, she kissed me back and soon enough we were kissing passionately on my bed. One thing led to another and let’s just say that only I could lose my virginity at 7.45am before classes for the day had even started. Hugo was gonna have a field day with this one


Isn’t Oliver just the sweetest?

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Chapter 25: Birthdays, Drunk Hugo & One Hell of a Party
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 Chapter Twenty-Five

The rest of my birthday passed with little drama. To my embarrassment pretty much everyone found out me losing my V card very quickly after Hugo guessed what the big stupid grin plastered on my face as I came out of the bedroom with Abi meant. I was quite surprised by the amount of effort people had put into my birthday; there was going to be a massive party in the common room later on and nearly everyone had bought me a present or at least a card. Teddy humiliated me in Defence against the Dark Arts by bringing me to the front of class and getting everybody to sing Happy Birthday to me. Scorpious Malfoy said it was stupid so Teddy sent him out and gave him detention for the rest of the week under the guise of ‘disruptive behaviour’; I would’ve thought this was grossly unfair if it had been anyone else. Even Lily had to stifle a giggle when Malfoy came out with his “Do you know who my father is?” line. It was only when Teddy reminded Malfoy that his father was on the side of the people who killed both his parents that Malfoy shut up and left

Despite the fact it was still about five weeks until Christmas the school was pretty much decorated and the ground was already covered in snow. We all got in trouble after everyone started a snow ball fight in the grounds at lunchtime but ended up carrying on until after four when classes ended, meaning pretty much all of Gryffindor, half of Ravenclaw and some daring Hufflepuff’s missed their afternoon lessons. Fortunately Nev realised he couldn’t give an about ninety students detention so let it slide after much persuasion from Alice. As we all got back to the common room people began to get ready for party. My party. They were throwing a party for me.

“Man, I cannot wait for this” said Ryan as he began the long process of gelling his hair “Tonight is gonna be the night lads; Leila and I will be wanting our privacy later on”

“Do one” said Hugo “Me and Rebecca have this room booked for later on”. I scoffed

“Come on mate that’s not fair” exclaimed Ryan “You and Rebecca are in here doing the horizontal hokey cokee every day. If anyone has use of the dorm for those matters tonight it’s Ollie; it is his birthday after all”

“Do one” Hugo fought back “Oliver has had his fair share for the day; we’ll compromise then shall we? How about if Ben pulls he gets use of the room?” Ben went red and looked at me; I winked at him which fortunately made him laugh.

“Ben” said Ryan laughing “Ben hasn’t had a girlfriend since third year and even then it was you know… Melissa”

“Tonight could be his lucky night” said Hugo. Ben said nothing and muttered something about going for a shower before taking himself into the bathroom. Hugo and Ryan looked guilty for a moment but pressed on getting ready

“I think we should say sorry when he comes back out” Hugo addressed Ryan “Guess he must be kinda sensitive about that; not his fault he isn’t as successful with the ladies as I am”

“Need I remind you that Rebecca is your first girlfriend since second year” I said raising my eyebrows “Victor Krum you are not mate”

“Need I remind you that Abi is your first girlfriend ever” Hugo shot back and I laughed pretending to be offended

“Well played sir” I shot back before hitting him around the head. Ben swiftly came out of the bathroom and received his apologies from Hugo and Ryan but insisted that they had not upset him. After we were all ready Hugo gathered us together in the centre of the room and made us huddle. It sounds weird, but we all did this kind of thing often


“Tonight is an important night in the history of our friendship guys” said Hugo looking around at all of us like a proud dad “Tonight, one of our own, Oliver Benson has come of age. Now he can buy us drinks, vote and, most importantly, receive a mandatory life sentence for murder if he chooses to commit such an action”. We all laughed as Hugo tightened his grip on my shoulder

“But seriously guys, I just want to say that I couldn’t ask for three better friends” Hugo continued; Ryan caught my eye and rolled his “I know we joke around and have kick ass banter but when it comes down to it, these past six years wouldn’t have been the same without you fellas, we’re like brothers and I hope nothing ever, ever splits us up. Brothers for life yeah?” he finished before breaking the huddle and placing his hand in the middle. We all put our hands on top of eachother before announcing “Brother’s for life” and breaking the circle up

It was nice but kinda unnecessary and I can only assume Hugo was already drunk. My suspicions were the confirmed when he fell over on flatground. Soon there was a knock on the door and we opened it to find Melissa, Leila, Rebecca and Lily all looking beautiful and immaculate with big grins plastered on their faces

“It’s party time boys” said Rebecca kissing Hugo as he reached her “You’re all looking very dapper by the way”

“You’re looking dapper two” replied Hugo “Well, the girl version of dapper anyway, hot. Except you Lily; you look like a ginger barbie”. Lily rolled her eyes before walking over to Ben and placing her hand in his and leading him out of the room, Leila then walked towards Ryan and did the same, Rebecca and Hugo the same before Melissa came forward and took me by the hand

We walked into the common room to find easily one hundred people all dressed and up and waiting. As I walked into the room Abi ran forward and kissed me as everyone began a rendition of Happy Birthday (for the eighth time in the day). Soon the booze was flowing, the music was blaring and the party had well and truly begun.

“Come on dude” said Hugo dragging me into the centre of the room and handing me an alcoholic beverage “It’s you party, just bloody well enjoy it”. Then he left my side to snog Rebecca; I realized I probably wouldn’t see Hugo for the rest of the night

“That boy is too horny for his own good” sighed Abi as she put her arms around my neck and began dancing with me. I looked up and caught Lily’s attention; she raised her glass to me, gave me a smile and a wink. I returned the smile hoping that maybe, just maybe, things were beginning to mend between us

Chapter 26: Friends?
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 Chapter Twenty-Six

“I have not felt this ill since James’ 18th” said Al the next morning as he pushed his porridge bowl away from him at breakfast “At least then I had some recollection of what had happened; I don’t even remember the party starting”. I groaned; Al hadn’t felt that ill in two years where as I had never even had a proper hangover until the day after my seventeenth. James’s 18th was pretty epic though; except for the hour where we couldn’t find Lily and ended up trapped in the Burrow loft with the ghoul who, to be fair, is a perfectly reasonable chap when he isn’t throwing wrenches at you

Percy Weasley let us out in the end. Condescending tool; I have never liked him, his bleeding wife or his bleeding eldest daughter Molly who, by the way, totally hates me for no apparent reason. Lily always said it was because she liked me but I’m pretty sure you don’t purposely aim darts at the head of the person you have a crush on. Seven stitches it took to stop my forehead from bleeding, and I passed out. Bitch.

“Did you have a good birthday Oliver” asked Melissa who was resting her head on Ben’s back as he was lying face down on the table

“Yeah it was great” I replied with a yawn rubbing my forehead “What I remember of it anyway; I’ve got this awful feeling Hugo and Freddie started playing catch with a log of fire at about two am”

“That explains why I remember going down to the hospital wing” said Rebecca excitedly “And why I woke up in Hugo’s bed alone, and why I can’t find Hugo, and why I remember Madam Bones yelling at me”

“Well I’m glad someone remembers something” groaned Ryan “I think I started having visions; I swear I saw Louis and Ben holding hands”. Both Louis and Ben turned scarlett red as I looked to both of them, Al was doing the same but Ryan’s comments seemed to go generally unnoticed by everyone. It all went quiet for a bit until Leila stormed up to Ryan and hit him around the head

“What the hell” said Ryan trying to stop her but Leila just kept on hitting; Ryan looked at me for help but that would’ve involved movement and I just wasn’t ready for that yet “Woman; why are you hitting me?” Rebecca then through some toast at his head for his sexist comment as Leila stopped hitting him and sat down next to him

“You, Ryan Webster, are a complete tool” she spat “You kiss me, throw up on my shoes, pass out drunk on by my bed and then leave before I woke up without so much as a note. I thought you were dead or worse”

“What could be worse than being dead” asked Ryan

“Really?” said Dom sounding miffed “That is what you’re choosing to focus on here; dude priorities you really worried Leila”

“Oh I’m sorry” Ryan put his arm around Leila who rested her head on his shoulders and stole some bacon from his plate; he looked miffed for a second but chose not to rise to it. Ryan was like the Joey of our group, he didn’t share food at all but he was the main stud and got to sleep with a lot of the girls but was seriously dumb. Hugo was definitely Chandler; a stupid idiot who always manages to put his foot in it somehow. I was Ross; the hot geeky guy who has disastrous relationships because he’s in love with one girl throughout the entire thing. Ben, if he was anyone, was probably Richard. Because he’s says he’s going to grow a moustache when he’s older “It’s fine, you’re forgiven” said Leila giving him a kiss on the cheek “I was just worried something had happened to you”

I, and everyone but Ryan, seemed to have guessed where this was going

“You were worried about me?” yawned Ryan with a big grin on his face “That’s really sweet; I’m also assuming you’re the reason why there was a blanket across me this morning”

Leila went red “I didn’t want you to be cold” she muttered. I caught Rebecca’s eye and she looked as if she was going to cry then and there. Ryan looked genuinely touched and stared at Leila for a few seconds before leaning in for a kiss which she reciprocated

“Oh stop being cute” snarled Dom “You’re just reminding me how desperately sad and lonely I really am”. Everyone left as Dom began telling us about her tragic single life; we all laughed and I looked around at my friends and smiled. Even though they were responsible for my head feeling as if it was going to explode I was still grateful as they really were the best friends in the world. Even Melissa.


“I have never, ever felt like this” said Abi around mid-day as she and I walked around the now iced over lake and through the 3 feet of snow that had fallen overnight “I feel like my head is too big for my body, like it’s gonna fall off or explode or something”

“I’m sure it won’t do that” I said squeezing her hand as we jogged to avoid several third years having a snowball fight “The fresh air has done me good, I felt like I was going mad inside especially when Jack emotionally blackmailed Hugo, Ryan and Louis into playing wizard chess with him”

“How did he do that” asked Abi gripping on to me as she nearly slipped on an icy puddle. I held her to me and kissed her as we continued walking

“Oh they accidentally broke his gobstone collection or something last night” I yawned as we sat down on a bench; my bum was immediately freezing but I still felt dizzy standing up so it was probably the best thing for me “Jack’s really good at guilt tripping people; he does it to me all the time just one look of those puppy dog eyes and I’m gone”

“So, what’re you planning for the rest of the day” said Abi leaning on my shoulder as we watched two third year boys attack a girl with snow. It was clear one of the boys really liked this girl as he offered her his hand as she tried to get back up; it was sweet and kind of reminded me of Lily and I at the same age

“Hugo, Al and a few others are on about going to Hogsmeade for some hair of the dog” I replied looking at her and brushing a stray piece of hair out of her eye “I don’t know if I’m gonna join them though; I don’t feel up to drinking again and I’d rather stay here with you”

“Awww that’s sweet” said Abi kissing me on the cheek “You can come down to our common room for a change; Hufflepuff gets the TV tonight so the whole house is gonna sit down and watch a movie. Popcorn and everything; you can talk to Tommy and everyone”

“I think I might just do that” I said putting my arm around her and pulling her into my chest. She snuggled up against me

“I’m so in love with you” she yawned; I was about to reply when a snowball hit me hard on the back of my head. I turned around to see Lily, Roxy and little Lucy headed towards us

“Ermm… ouch” I shouted as they ran towards Abi and I. Abi scowled at the sight of Lily who for a second looked as if she was going to reply but ultimately thought the better of it after Roxy shook her head

“Lils has something to say to you” said Roxy pushing her cousin forward. Abi and I raised our eyebrows as Lily went red, took a deep breath and announced that she has missed me, wanted to be friends again and was sorry for any pain and hurt she caused both Abi and I

“So, friends again” Lily asked holding her hand out to me. I looked to Abi who nodded with an air of reluctance and shook Lily’s hand

“Friends” I said smiling at her

Chapter 27: Leaving Hogwarts
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 Chapter Twenty-Seven

I was cautious around Lily after we agreed to be on at least speaking terms again, for all I knew she might’ve been up to one of her tricks but she did seem genuine and had been lovely to both Abi and I over the next couple of weeks towards Christmas. I decided this was a case of keeping your friends close but enemies closer however when I thought about it Lily wasn’t my enemy at all, in fact she was in a very similar situation to the one I found myself in. If anyone knew the pain of what it was like to be in love with someone and not be able to be with them, it was me. But I loved Abi, I wanted to be with Abi and I was happy with Abi. Lily seemed almost resigned to this fact and though she was being nice there was still a little twinge of suspicion in the back of my mind; I knew Lily, I knew her better than James and Albus did and I could always tell when she was keeping secrets.

Alice was shocked when I told her that Lily & I were friends again, but I promised her that there’d be nothing else going on between us now. I wasn’t sure if I was even in love with Lily anymore, I hadn’t thought about her in anything but a negative way for months now and my heart no longer fluttered whenever she was about. From what I could tell she had ended things with Malfoy as well, he snarled at us a lot which may have just been usual for him but it was more directed at Lily than anyone. Some damage limitation with Al and Hugo soon convinced it would be best if they never found out about Lily & Malfoy. It was now the last week before the Christmas holidays where Jack & I would be spending with Hugo’s family at their house with, from what I gather, pretty much daily visits to The Burrow and The Potters homes

Jack had been upset we wouldn’t be spending Christmas with mum but I soon turned him on the idea and now he seemed pretty excited, I reckoned it was because he fancied Lucy deep down and just hadn’t realized it yet. Hugo just reckoned it was because he liked Molly Weasley’s chocolate cake which, I admit, was one of the nicest things I’ve ever tasted. The most exciting part of the holidays was the New Year’s party that Lily, Dom, Roxy and Rose had talked Harry & Ginny into hosting at their house (mansion) on New Year’s Eve. Abi was going away to Switzerland with her parents for the holidays but we’d promised to keep in touch via letter and she told me she’d do her best to get to the New Year’s Party. Rose assured Abi she’d keep an eye on me whilst she was away, I was a bit confused about that but put it to the back of my mind.

“Dude, this is going to be the best Christmas ever” said Hugo as helped Jack and I finish off Jack’s packing forty minutes before the train was due to leave “My whole family go nuts around this time of year, at least if you’re there I can get away for a bit of peace”

“That would work” I replied with a grin “If Jack and I don’t go completely Christmas bonkers as well, there is no escape from it Hugo”

“Barr humbug” exclaimed Hugo as we zipped up Jack’s bags and headed out of the first year boys dorm and made our way down the stairs to the common room

“How come you don’t like Christmas Hugo?” asked Jack as we reached the bottom and exited the common room “Don’t you like opening your presents and stuff like that”

“Oh it isn’t the whole material side I hate” replied Hugo casting an arm around Jack’s shoulder “I like that, it’s just the whole over the top festivities that I can’t stand. Way too much joy and happiness for my liking”

“You see Jack” I interjected “I know you think Hugo is a lot cooler than me, and that he’s your hero or whatever but underneath it all he’s really a bitter old man who can’t stand others being happy”

“You wouldn’t have me anyway” said Hugo simply as we reached the entrance corridor where all the Potter/Weasley’s still attending Hogwarts were waiting for us. Lily, Dom, Roxy and Rose all cooed over Jack as he arrived; they found him very cute and constantly smothered him with hugs and kisses on the cheeks. A few weeks ago Ryan had asked Jack whether he minded this but Jack just said it made him look like a player which therefore made him more popular. I beamed with pride; my little brother was such a LAD and already had more action than I did at his age. He was turning into a bit of a lady killer; word on the street is some second years are even interested. I wouldn’t have stood a chance with second years at his age. Lucy looked disgusted and told her older cousins to stop embarrassing Jack as he wouldn’t like it

“So how are things between you and your love” I whispered to Louis as he, Dom and I climbed into the back of a carriage which would take us to Hogsmeade train station. Louis had asked Dom and I to sit with him as he wanted to talk about Ben and we were the only ones who knew

“Never been better” beamed Louis showing us a note that Ben had left him on his pillow it read “Love and miss you already xx”. Holding back the automatic gag reflex that came to me when mushy bullshit was presented to me, I told Louis I was happy for him and handed him the card back

“Do you think it’ll be long until Ben comes clean” said Dom “I mean I love him for making you so happy, but It can’t be easy for you pretending there’s nothing between you in public”

“It’s all right” shrugged Louis “It gives me a chance to openly stare at other boys; I swear one of the requirements for Hogwarts is a good genetic gene pool. Have you ever noticed how gorgeous everyone is?”

“Not really Lou, there are some right munters” said Dom as she and I laughed. Louis lived in a much more romanticized world where everyone was gorgeous and the world was filled with never ending meadows. We reached Hogsmeade station about ten minutes later just as the train was about to leave but just about everyone managed to jump on, Al and Freddie had to leap on as the train began moving, but it did mean we were all stuck together in one very cramped carriage at the back which involved the girls having to sit on the boys knees

“You’re sitting on my leg you ape”

“Damn Rox, you’ve piled on the pounds this year”

“I’m carbing for Quidditch arsehole”

“Hugo, please tell me that’s your knee and not what I think it is”

“Guys, Freddie’s let one off”

We were all soon in fits of laughter and I looked across at Lily, who was crushing Louis, and smiled. She smiled back

“To the best Christmas ever” said Hugo pushing Dom to the floor

“Best Christmas ever” was the unanimous reply 

Chapter 28: James Potter
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 Chapter Twenty-Eight

“Oh Oliver I can’t believe how much you’ve grown” said Hermione Weasley as she hugged me tightly as Hugo, Rose, Jack & I finally reached their house “It was only July when I last saw you, your easily about an inch taller than I remember” Ron eventually got her to stop banging on about my height and greeted me in the usual Ron Weasley way; a quick handshake before he made himself scarce and sat in front of the television (because Wizards have those now). Hermione made a fuss of Jack as well who had turned a bit shy and kept near me at all times, Hermione & Ron always insisted Jack and I call them by their first names and had been like surrogate parents to Jack and I the past few years

“Now I was going to put Jack in the spare room” said Hermione as she, Hugo, Jack and I made our way up the staircases with our bags “But Hugo insisted that you could all go in his; so one of you will be in the top bunk bed and I’ve made up a small camp bed for whoever wants that”. Jack gave me his puppy dog eye look which told me I’d be sleeping on the small camp bed for the next two weeks; Hugo winked at me in amusement as Hermione told me, once again, that I was now far too tall for her liking

Hugo’s bedroom was what you’d typically expect from Hugo; it was a damn mess most of the time but as he’d been away for three months it was actually reasonably tidy when we arrived there. Whilst most of his cousins rooms were plastered in Quidditch posters and memorabilia Hugo’s was instead made up of his favourite bands both wizard and muggle, he also had a fish named Nemo after the fish from the film and a picture board of all of his friends. I went over to it and laughed at how bad my hair was in second year, it looked as if I’d used up the whole world’s supply of hair gel single handidly.

“I cannot believe you still have these bunk beds” I said as we began to unpack “I mean seriously Hugo, you’re gonna be 17 in a few weeks’ time is it not time for a change”

“No way” said Hugo sounding outraged “These things are cool aren’t they Jack?” he finished directing the question at my younger brother who nodded enthusiastically as he made himself at home. As Hugo and Jack began to play a game of Call of Duty once we had finished unpacking I decided I would begin my letter to Abi who had told me she wanted me to write to her at least every day; it was clear she was quite worried that Lily and I would be in contact pretty much every day for the next two weeks. Hugo, Ben and Ryan thought it was a bit much especially considering they were writing to their significant others every couple of days. Alice thought it was fair enough and again warned me not to trust Lily

Hey babe,

Just arrived at Hugo’s and fully unpacked now. Hope you’re having a good-time in Sweden or wherever you are with you parents; I bet its snowier there than it is here but Britain’s giving it a good old go this year it’s freezing. I’m sending your present with this letter as I’ll likely forget to if I don’t do it now. Hope you enjoy it

Lots of love,


P.S.: Please don’t worry too much about Lily, I’ll keep out of her way if it’s what you really want”

As I attached my letter to the Weasley’s owl (there is no way mine could get to the centre of Europe without dropping dead in the ocean) I sighed. Maybe the guys were right, maybe Abi was being too demanding of me. She didn’t know that I kissed Lily twice, both of which she initiated, so as far as I knew she had no real reason to be suspicious. I decided soon to stop agonising over it as Hermione came over

“You’re not your usual chatty self-love” she said placing a hand on my shoulder “You know you can tell Ron or I if you have any problems, is it your dad?” Thanks to Lily all the adult members of the Potter/Weasley clan, including James, Teddy and Victorie, were all aware of my dad’s illness which is why I suppose they are always more than happy to have Jack and I stayed for quite long periods of time. I was at first angry with Lily for telling them but I soon realized she did it for my own good, I was too focused on it and trying to cope with it all on my own and I really needed some help. In my eyes, the whole Potter/Weasley family are just as much my family as mum, Jack and dad are

“Oh it’s nothing to do with that” I assured Hermione who gave me a kind smile “Hermione, you can keep a secret for me can’t you?”

“Oh course I can sweetheart” she returned with a comforting smile “Now, what is it that’s on your mind?”

“I kissed Lily” I said surprising myself at how easily it all came out “My girlfriend, Abi, doesn’t know about it. Or at least I don’t thinks she does, but she’s been acting quite strangely since Lily and I started talking again”

Hermione looked angry initially but soon realized how worried about the whole thing I was and patted my arm “Look” she began “Everyone has thought you and Lily belonged together for years, but this isn’t the right way to go about it. If you want to be Lily you need to dump Abi, it’s not fair on anyone of you”

“That’s not my point” I sighed “I don’t know if I want to be with Lily anymore, I used to think of nothing else but now… I just don’t feel the same way about her”

“And Abi, what about her?” asked Hermione “It may surprise you to know but I was once a teenager and I can relate to this. In our sixth year Ron dated this absolute dumb bimbo called Lavender Brown, just as I realized I had feelings for him and it was hell, pure hell. But we got through it and look at us now”

“I want to be with Abi” I continued “I like being with her, she’s a little bit high maintenance at times but I really love her”

“Well it sounds as if you’ve made a decision yourself” said Hermione kindly

“What about Abi though?” I asked “Should I tell her what happened between Lily and I? Because it doesn’t seem right keeping secrets”

“That’s you call Oliver” she said getting up “If you think that Abi knowing is for the best then you should tell her, relationships can’t survive without honesty. I would tell her if I were you”. I smiled and thanked Hermione for the talk before sitting down next to Jack as he, Hugo and Ron played a video game. Rose sat in the corner flicking through a gossip magazine, which featured James on the front as per usual, looking quite unimpressed. Hermione came over and perched on Rose’s chair

“So what are we doing tonight dad” Hugo asked a few hours later as we sat down for dinner in the kitchen. Two big sacks of presents had arrived from mum for Jack and I clearly intended as some kind of ‘I can’t be there so enjoy these presents instead’. I’d have rather had mum to be honest but I wasn’t going to complain.

“There’s a charity Quidditch match on we’re going to” said Ron between mouthfuls. Almost “James’s team are playing, it’s raising money for St. Mungo’s so I told Harry we’d meet him and his lot down there for it”

I was excited to see James, Ginny and Harry again and I always liked seeing Al but I was suddenly aware that keeping away from Lily was going to be harder than I had intended

Chapter 29: Ego
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 Chapter Twenty-Nine

“They say it’s going to be the snowiest winter in forty years” said Hermione as we left the Weasley house to travel, by foot, to the Quidditch ground nearby where the charity match was being played. It was snowing again as we left and Jack was dressed in one of Hugo’s coats as it turns out they were the only things we had forgotten to pack; it was massive on him and stretched right down to his knees. Rose linked arms with Hugo and I as we walked down

“I could bloody do without this” she complained “I know it’s for charity and crap but I could really do without freezing my arse off for two hours whilst James the golden boy does the family proud once again”

“Does the family proud?” scoffed Hugo “Rosie, James may be the best looking and the best at Quidditch but I’d say he brings more shame and embarrassment than the rest of us put together. Last year he made a pass at the Minister’s wife at the Christmas party”

“You people aren’t going to drag me to that again are you?” I moaned as we reached the grounds which were completely covered in snow. Lucky Quidditch was played in the air though the snow was now very thick “I look like a complete tool their whilst everyone’s showing off their wonder children”

“We’ll just hide under a table with Lucy and Molly again” shrugged Hugo “It seems to work for them”

“Yeah because their parents are so far up their own arses they never notice their daughters going missing” pointed out Rose who went scarlett red as Ron started jumping up and down having seen the Potters who made their way over

“Ron, Ron honey stop jumping” Hermione whispered in a cross manner to her husband who soon stopped jumping as looked round at Rose and Hugo who both shook their heads. Al and Lily were the first to reach us, which meant Hugo, Rose and I were subjected to snowballs to the face, as Ginny, Harry and James were talking to some important looking people in pointy hats. I was quite intimidated by Al but it had nothing on how I was when James was around. He was a lot more confident, outgrowing and spontaneous than I was; he was also incredibly good-looking and it made me feel quite insecure about how I looked next to him. I did have one thing over him though; self-awareness. The guy was self-obsessed and very vain which often gave off the impression that he didn’t care about people’s issues and to be honest he probably didn’t. That’s not to say he wouldn’t beat the shit out of me if he found out I made out with his sister. On a bed.

“I’m so glad you’re here for Christmas” Al whispered to me as the rest of his family made their way over “James has just been given the position of lead chaser and he’s only 20 thus making him the youngest in the team’s history. You can only imagine what that had done to his ego”

“Why does that make you glad I’m here” I whispered back watching Hermione and Ron embrace their nephew who looked utterly embarrassed

“I might get some kind of intelligent conversation” Al whispered back “Rose aside, my cousins aren’t the brightest bunch nor do they have the common sense you do”

“Thanks Al” I said punching him on the shoulder. Jack stood right next to me with his little teeth chattering like there was no tomorrow. I cast an arm around him to make him warmer; because that’s what big brothers are for. In theory anyway; James just pushed Al completely out of the way nearly splitting his head open in the process. Al insulted James under his breath and stood to one side

“So Benson, here for the holidays again” said James “Nice to see you and all that; hope your treating Lily well” he added with a wink. Jack looked as confused as I felt by this comment

“Congrats on making head chaser” I said “That’s really good”

“Really good?” James scoffed “It’s the best thing ever; I’m the youngest head chaser in the whole of the league since 1909! I’ve got new sponsors, new magazine deals, a brand new state of the art broomstick, free passes into the best clubs; I’ve even hired myself a new manager. She’s called Anna, she’s really hot”

“And that’s the reason you hired her?” asked Rose in disbelief “James you are such a git. I’m betting she’s just some kind of crazy fan girls who only wants you for your body”

“She does get to see rather a lot of it” said James lifting up his t-shirt to reveal his very toned stomach. I tried not to stare. Honestly but you could great cheese with those abs. Rose threw some snow at his face sticking her tongue out in the process “If you must know Rosie” he shot back “Anna doesn’t seem that into me; which is out of the ordinary and rather disturbing but I’m sure I’ll win her round”

“You’re so cool” exclaimed Jack which made Hugo and I face palm. We had spent the last two years trying to make this kid think James was a douche.

“Cheers squirt” said James rubbing Jack’s hair; not hard to see who his new hero would be after tonight

“James is not cool Jack” said Hugo “He’s a womanizing, empty headed jerk who thinks way too much of his own self-importance”

“Love you too Hugo” said James sounding momentarily offended but he soon shrugged it off. Lily and Al looked generally mortified at their brother’s behaviour and breathed a sigh of relief when he was called away as the match was about to begin

“Always a delight your brother” I told Lily as we made our way to the seats “Never misses an opportunity to remind me of what an absolute twit he can be. I’m pretty sure Jack now thinks he’s the coolest person ever”

“I’ll put an end to that” barked Hugo casting an arm around Jack and taking him to one side; I was kind of worried Hugo would corrupt my brother’s mind eventually but I really liked the fact they were friends. Hugo seemed to regard Jack as his own little brother presumably as he hasn’t got one; Jack seemed to look up to Hugo in a weird way as well. It made me happy

“That’s James on a good day” said Lily “You don’t have to live with him. He didn’t even say hi to me or Al when we arrived back it was all about Quidditch and Anna”

“And when it wasn’t it was about how many girls he’s had this past week” said Al “If I was mum and dad I wouldn’t  let him get away with it; we have a certain reputation to maintain and James walking around the streets of London in just a pair of boxers isn’t exactly helping matters”

“Oliver” came a voice from behind me. I turned around to notice Harry and Ginny Potter advancing towards us. I shook their hands; I liked Harry and Ginny for all their fame they seemed perfectly down to earth and were easily the most normal of all the little families within the larger Weasley family

“How are you dear” said Ginny kissing me on both cheeks then Jack “Lily tells me you’re predicted all O’s in your NEWTS. Your mother must be very proud”

“Oh yeah she is thanks” I said going slightly red. I looked at Lily who shrugged as if to say she was sorry; I winked at her, she blushed and then giggled. Then I noticed that butterflies in my stomach were back as I looked at her. She looked gorgeous in her red coat which complimented her hair very well and her green eyes were particularly prominent

This can’t end well

“And how are you settling in on your first year little man” Harry asked Jack as we took our seats “Percy tells us you and Lucy are best friends”

“Yeah she’s cool” shrugged Jack in a way only an eleven year old boy could “Oliver, can I have money for a hotdog please?”

“You ate two hours ago” I exclaimed; Rose kicked me and forced me into letting Jack have one. Though when Rose also arrived back with a hotdog I gathered she had ulterior motives for making me. The match itself was OK and James definitely had the talent to back up his ego; unfortunately we were sat right in front of some fan girls who screamed like banshee’s everytime James so much as looked at the Quaffle. Al looked like he wanted to die whilst Ginny looked like she wants the fan girls to die and eventually put a silencing spell around them.

I ended up sitting next to Lily who hugged me tightly when James scored his hat trick. We were both awkward as the hug ended and both blushed, soon parting and not really looking at eachother for the rest of the match. I thought no one had seen us but I noticed Hermione, Ginny and Rose whispering and giggling every so often. Hugo was oblivious he was busy listing all the wrongs James had ever done to him to Jack.

James’s team eventually won and we had to deal with his egotistical crap for the rest of the night as Ron invited the Potters to stay

Chapter 30: I'm Still in Love
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 Chapter Thirty

“Play it again uncle Ron” James said later on that night as we were all gathered round the TV at Hugo’s “I couldn’t believe I managed to pull off a wronski feint; I’ve never been able to before and I haven’t even been practicing it that much” I sighed, rolled my eyes and looked to Hugo, Rose and Al who were all looking as bored and irritated as I felt. Lily had fallen asleep on Hugo’s shoulder whilst Jack was utterly transfixed and fascinated by his new hero James Potter. Hermione and Ginny were having a gossip in the kitchen, most likely was about Audrey’s extreme weight gain, Harry had returned to the Potters as he had work in the morning whilst Ron was quite happy to replay James’ Quidditch achievements over and over again. Hugo told me that Ron was disappointed neither he or Rose showed any kind of aptitude for the game and thus put a lot of time into supporting James in his career; it seemed to work all round as Harry and James often rowed about Quidditch being James’s career. Though my opinion accounted for nothing I felt it was the best thing James could do. He wasn’t the most academic of guys but when you have amazing abs and are the best looking teenager in the country who cares about that?

“That is an amazing feint” said Ron his eyes glistening as he watched it; he shot a disappointed look at Hugo who just ignored and continued eating his strawberry ice cream. Rose rolled her eyes and signalled for the rest of us to go upstairs to her room. Rose’s room was your stereotypical girl’s room; it was very, very pink and there were pictures of horses everywhere with a big four poster bed in the centre of the room.

“He never fucking changes does he” Hugo announced about five minutes later; we all breathed a sigh of relief as no one wanted to be the first one to mention James and the previous few minutes consisted of a conversation about ferrets. “I mean seriously the ego on the guy”

“Try living with it” said Al “Everything has to be about James even things that don’t concern him; like when I got an O in my OWL Defence and he said it was down to him teaching me the spells. It was like he couldn’t deal with someone else achieving something”

“He hasn’t seen us since last May!” exclaimed Rose “He spends all summer in Europe with his friends partying like a bunch of trasheads, but not one word about how we were? It’s all about him all the time and I’m sick of it. So is mum she says dad should stop encouraging him”

“Even our mum is sick of it” said Lily “She’s proud of James and everything but she’s the only one who’ll actually listen to him about it; Al and I walk off now and anytime James tries to talk to dad it ends up in a row. Uncle Ron’s the only one who shows as much enthusiasm as James does”

“And we all know why that is don’t we?” said Hugo bitterly “Because dad can’t accept the fact that I don’t want to be a beer swelling moron who thinks about nothing but girls and chasing a stupid tiny golden ball around a stupid field on a broomstick that has more brain cells than the rest of my team”

“It’s not your fault your shit babe” said Lily sympathetically and as we all laughed I caught Lily’s eyes again and we both blushed “Seriously though, Hugo it doesn’t matter if you don’t like Quidditch. Uncle Ron should just accept whatever you want to be”

“Yeah” piped up Al “But this is Uncle Ron we’re talking about he’s as hot headed as a pack mule when he’s passionate about something”

“Maybe we should get Teddy to talk to James” suggested Rose “He is literally the only one that James listens to; he probably would’ve got an O in Defence if he’d been there when Teddy was teaching. Teddy could tell James to jump off a bridge and he’d do it”

“We need to make this happen” said Al through his laughter

“You’re quiet Ollie” said Lily “You got nothing to slag off James with? Let’s start with his extremely condescending attitude towards you and Jack”

“He ever upsets Jack and I’ll kill him” said Hugo sounding extremely genuine. I felt a warm affection for my best friend who winked at me

“Not really my place to say anything” I said “Not like I’m family or anything it’d probably be in my best interest if I remained neutral on this one”

“Fair” said Hugo “But I think we can all agree that he’s an absolute up his own arse moron who only cares about someone if there’s something in it for him”

“Careful Hu” said Al “Carry on this way and someone might get the impression that you’re none too fond of my brother”

“Gee, whatever gave you that idea?” replied Hugo sarcastically sticking his tongue out at Al who laughed a long with rest of us. The conversation soon turned on to school, exams, bitching about people we didn’t like and Christmas until James came in about half an hour later revealing that Ron, Ginny and Hermione had given us some money to go and have a night out in the little town close to Rose and Hugo’s house

Lily drew the short straw and had to walk with James as he banged on, yet again, about his Quidditch career. Rose interlinked her arm through mine as Al and Hugo walked ahead of us clearly bitching about James once again; those two were real bitches when they got together they were worse than Ginny and Hermione

“I know” Rose told me. I gave her a confused look “I know what’s been going on between you and Lily. Don’t worry I won’t say anything” she added as I gave her a worried look. I was bad at this keeping secrets thing wasn’t I?

“How do you know?” I asked

“Lily tells me everything” Rose shrugged “I’ve acted as if I didn’t know for months but really I know all the ins and outs. Malfoy, her loving you, Halloween, the tutoring everything… Oliver, I don’t think you realize how in love with you Lily is”

“Rose this conversation is entering very risky territory” I said in a whisper aware Lily’s two overprotective elder brothers were mere inches away from me

“Look, James and Al aren’t going to find out” Rose said squeezing my arm “And if, somehow one day they do, Lily, Dom, Roxy and I will be on hand to make sure they won’t hurt you. We know how to calm them down and I don’t think any of us would let you get hurt in anyway. You’re like another cousin really”

“Thanks” I said giving her a smile.

“Look Ollie” Rose sighed “I know this is so complicated and you are probably very confused about how you feel right now but just remember how it felt for all those years being in love with someone you couldn’t have. Because that’s what Lily is going through right now”

“What so I should breakup with my girlfriend just to suit Lily” I said getting slightly irritated

“No of course not” said Rose with a slight laugh “All I’m saying is keep it in mind how hard this is for her. She’s been stuck between a rock and a hard place lately; she missed you so much but she wasn’t sure she could deal with seeing you having a girlfriend if you were friends. But, she started missing you so much that she put that to one side just so she could talk to you again, to have you back in her life. Oliver, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone love you as much as Lily loves you. OK, maybe James just loves himself that little bit more” she added

We both laughed and I looked to Lily who now had interlocked her arms with James’s and was laughing happily with him, the conversation had clearly stirred away from Quidditch and seeing Lily laugh made my heart flutter. I couldn’t deny it anymore; I was still in love with Lily Potter


Chapter 31: Fight!
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 Chapter Thirty One

“James you wanna take it easy” said Rose her eyes as wide as an owl as James downed his third pint in twenty minutes “You’re gonna get liver poisoning or something”

“Can’t a guy celebrate” James shot back at his cousin with a slurred voice “Besides, it’s three days until Christmas guys the party season is on”

“There’s party season and then there’s liver failure bro” said Lily “And the way you’ve been putting it down your heading towards the latter”

“Oh will you lot lighten up” snapped James “I’m just trying to have some fun; believe it or not I don’t actually get to do this often”

“You don’t get to go out often?” said Al incredulously “I can’t remember the last time I didn’t see your drunken antics washed over the papers”

“I meant get to hang out with you guys” said James bitterly. Hugo scoffed and rolled his eyes whilst Lily hid a giggle “Seriously, when was the last time all of us hung out together? All the cousins”

“James, you do realize there’s about half of us missing” said Lily “Fred, Louis, Vic, Teddy, Dom, Roxy, Molly Lucy… those names ring a bell?”

“Course they do” said James louder than probably intended. Some of the locals had begun to give him and us weird looks “But I’m seeing all of them in a few days when we all gather for another joyous Christmas day at the grandparents. Can’t bloody wait” he finished sarcastically

“James they’re your family you should be pleased to see them” said Al “I know for a fact Louis and Freddie can’t wait to see you”

“The gay and the mindless dolt” said James downing a shot of whisky “Excuse me if I’m not leaping about with joy at that prospect. No doubt Dom will be bringing her boyfriend for the week, and I could do without hearing Roxy bang on about hair products and makeup”

“James, you’re just being downright nasty now” said Hugo sounding very angry “They are your family for god sake and when you wind up being a washed up player who looks 90 when they’re 30 they’ll be the only ones there for you”

“Oh pipe down tubs” said James “I love them all you know I do but I can’t help it if they’re fucking dull. Even Teddy’s gone downhill since he shacked up with Vic and had that kid”

“In other words since he settled down and made a nice life for himself” said Rose sounding as angry as Hugo “More than you’ll ever do; you may have the looks, the money and the talent now but it won’t last forever”

“Especially if you keep drinking as much as you do” said Lily “You’ve got four or five years if you carry on like this I reckon”

“Oh like I need advice from you losers” said James now sounding angry himself “Why would I want advice from the geek, the self-obsessed slut, the too cool for everything kid and miss up herself” he said pointing at Al, Lily, Hugo and Rose in that order. I was relieved he’d left me out, though that didn’t last too long

“Then there’s the silent fucking terror over there” said James pointing at me. I felt my cheeks go red “How have we ended up with you for Christmas again? Have you not go your own family to go to? Or is daddy having an off day again?”

I couldn’t help it; he said the only thing that would ever make me punch someone and I flawed him right there in the centre of the pub in front of half the village. Everyone looked shocked but none more so than James who picked himself up and simply went to the bar to order another drink however the landlord threw us out

“I had no idea you had something like that in you” Hugo chuckled as we began walking back up to the house “A bloody lip from you should shut him up for a bit, that will have severely damaged his ego”. I kept as far away from James as I could worried he’d take a revenge shot however with the fact that Al and Hugo made it so they were on either side of me told me James wouldn’t be getting his revenge shot any time soon. I was glad no one had asked why what James had said made me hit him but I did notice Lily looking absolutely disgusted with her brother.

“I’m sorry” I said “I’ve ruined everything haven’t I?”

“Ruined it” exclaimed Hugo “Mate when I said this was going to be the best Christmas ever it was just a figure of speech, but now you’ve flawed James in one punch I’m sure it will be”

“We should really got some ice on your hand when we get in Ollie” said Rose “I think you might have fractured it, looks really sore was one hell of a punch though”

“Harry and Ginny are going to kill me” I said “I just punched golden boy!”

“Harry and Ginny are not going to kill you trust me” said Hugo “Ginny will find it funny if anything and Harry will probably say James deserved it when he finds out why”

“Hang on, Ollie why DID you hit him?” asked Rose “I know he was being a bit of a prat but he must’ve said something really bad for you to just hit him like that”

“He said something about your dad didn’t he?” asked Al

I gulped. I knew the day would come when I had to tell them all about my dad and it seemed as if the time had arrived. I looked behind me to see Lily and James were quite a way behind, Lily seemed as though she was talking James out if punching the living crap out of me. I turned to face Al, Hugo and Rose and began to explain all about my father’s illness. By the end of it, Rose was nearly in tears, Al was silent in disbelief and Hugo just stepped forward and embraced me in the biggest hug ever

“Why didn’t you tell me you stupid little idiot” he said “This makes a lot of sense now I think about it, mate why didn’t you tell me I could’ve helped you”

“I didn’t want to burden you” I said trying my best not to cry. This wasn’t exactly the way I’d wanted to start the Christmas holidays “I didn’t even want to tell Lily she just found out by other means, those means being randomly turning up at my house one day”

“I can’t believe James would say that to you if he knew” said Al “I know he’s a bully at times but that was just plain cruel. What the hell is your problem” he shouted as James and Lily approached us and we began walking up the driveway of Hugo and Rose’s house

“James, what you said about Ollie’s dad was so cruel” said Rose “I can’t believe even you would use something like that when you’re insulting someone. You’ve gone way over the line tonight”

“What’s Ollie ever done to you shithead” said Hugo with hate in his voice “He’s the nicest person I’ve ever met, yet you treat him like that. You’re sick”

“Hang on Ollie, have you told them” asked Lily sounding very surprised. I nodded, she let go of James’s arms and pulled me into a hug which I returned. I looked at James who, for once in his life, looked very ashamed of himself and I ignored the fireworks in my stomach as Lily kissed me on the cheek

“Guys, can you leave Ollie and I to talk” said James

“No way you’ll probably kill him” exclaimed Hugo

“Hugo, its fine” I sighed “Go inside”

“No way, I’m not leaving you with him” said Hugo

“I promise I won’t lay a finger on him” said James, he looked honest which made me feel quite relieved and I eventually persuaded Hugo to go inside though he clearly was quite unhappy about it. I turned to James who looked as if he was going to puke

“Well thanks for that” I shot at him “You know James there is a reason I don’t tell people. I’m going to be asked if I’m ok every day for the next two weeks, so is Jack and he doesn’t even really understand what’s wrong with dad yet as it is. He doesn’t need this and neither do I”

“I know that” muttered James “I shouldn’t have said what I did, I went too far; I just get ahead of myself sometimes. I would have punched me as well if I was you; nice right hook by the way this is going to leave a wicked bruise”

“Whatever” I scoffed “James, you do realize that even now everything is still about you. All you said then was how you go too far and say things you don’t mean; you didn’t even say sorry to me. I guess you really are a self-obsessed moron. Hugo’s words”

“He really does hate me doesn’t he” said James “Oliver, I really am sorry about what I said, I didn’t mean to; I wish I was more like you to be honest”

“Why would you wanna be like me” I smirked “You’ve got it all; money, looks, talent, girls, abs. Your life is perfect”

“I mean I want to be like you in the way you always think of others before yourself” said James “What you do for Jack is amazing and he clearly worships the ground you walk on, I wish sometimes that Al and Lily looked at me that way”

“Well then don’t treat them like shit” I said “Listen to them every once in a while, take interest in things that they’re doing, be there for them, just be there big brother James. We all know you’re amazing at Quidditch but you need to realize it’s not the be all and end all”

“Yeah, I think I can do that” said James “I’m sick of people thinking I’m shallow and self-obsessed; I’m trying to change honestly I am, I read about myself in the papers and I don’t like the person I’ve become”

“You’re not a bad person James” I said “You wouldn’t be you if you didn’t boast, at least you have the talent to back it up, but you do need to consider the fact that what you say affects people. I’m going to have to explain to Jack that everyone knows about dad now, that’s down to you”

“And I am sorry honestly” said James “Oliver, Hugo’s right you really are the nicest person I’ve ever met. Friends?” he asked holding his hand out. I shook it, he put an arm around my shoulder and we went inside.

Hermione and Ginny had waited up and had been informed of what had happened by the others; after assuring them that we were ok James and I headed up to Hugo’s room where we were all sleeping. I looked to James as I fell asleep; there was definitely a lot more to that boy than meets the eye. He does have a heart somewhere

Chapter 32: Perfect Day
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 Chapter Thirty-Two

James apologized to everybody the next morning and seemed genuine when he said he was going to make sure not to be so self-centred anymore. Ginny seemed impressed that I’d managed to get through in one night to James what she had been trying for the past five years. Rose, Lily and Al had forgiven him but Hugo refused saying he it was too little too late as far as he was concerned; James quietly accepted this and slipped off quite early the next morning with Al as they were keen to avoid a day shopping in Diagon Alley two days before Christmas. Hugo and I were also looking to avoid that as well but we both needed to buy a few more presents for people and we both enjoyed going in the Weasley’s joke shop

“Merlin, I hate shopping” groaned Hugo as we all piled into the Potters big 4x4 car, at least it would be an eventful drive with Ginny behind the wheel. It was clear to see where Lily and James got their recklessness from “Especially this kind of shopping”

“Having to buy things for others” asked Rose “Well Hugo you should’ve done it when you had the chance. I got all my done by the end of November”

“Well then why the hell are you coming now?” asked Hugo as if Rose had just said something utterly ludicrous “If you don’t have to put yourself through it then why bother”

“I want to look at hats” shrugged Rose. Lily, who was sitting next to me, giggled into my shoulder which she was leaning on. We’d all only had a few hours’ sleep as we got in at two and Hermione and Ginny wanted to set off at nine at the latest. Jack, who’d gone to sleep at a reasonable hour, was wide awake and talking to Hugo who had cast an arm around his shoulder.

“At least you’ve done some shopping Hugo” said Lily “I’m getting everyone’s today, god knows how I’m going to manage it”

“Wait so you haven’t bought anyone anything yet?” I asked shocked “Not one person, damn Lily this is why we shouldn’t have stopped talking. No way would I have let you forget something like that”

“I didn’t forget, I just never got around to it” shrugged Lily “And don’t get on your high horse Benson, you still have to get things as well”

“For like three people” was my response

“One of them being Abi” coughed Hugo. Rose, Hermione and Ginny all looked at me with their eyes wide as eagles. Hugo and Lily were laughing to themselves whilst Jack shouted in fear as we nearly drove into a lorry as Ginny’s head was still facing in my direction

“You haven’t got Abi anything yet” said Rose looking like she had been slapped in the face “its two days before Christmas!”

“This is why you shouldn’t have a girlfriend dude” chuckled Hugo earning himself a kick in the back of the chair from Lily

“She just doesn’t tell me things like what she wants” I shrugged feeling quite guilty and scared; I really am the world’s worst boyfriend “I didn’t want to get it wrong it being our first Christmas together so I just kept putting it off hoping she’d eventually tell me what she wanted but she never did”

“You could’ve got her chocolates, or flowers, or a cute teddy” exclaimed Rose “Come on Oliver, there really is no excuse. If my boyfriend didn’t get me anything for Christmas I’d flip”

“Well for that to happen you’d actually have to get a boyfriend” said Hugo making the rest of us smirk; Rose seemed to be an eternal singleton despite being extremely pretty. Rose hit her brother over the head and turned back to me

“I would’ve done that” I continued “Except she’s diabetic, allergic to flowers and she thinks stuffed animals watch her in her sleep”

“You’re on to a winner there mate” said Hugo. I was annoyed at how funny he was finding this situation; Rose looked like she wanted to kill me whilst Hermione and Ginny were going on about ‘how I had a lot to learn’.

“I am so dumped” I moaned putting my head in my hands, Lily rubbed my back affectionately which only made the butterflies that had returned to my stomach become wild once again

“I would say so” said Hugo as Jack nodded. What did he know about women? Nothing, that’s what, he was 12, didn’t even realize Lucy was planning the seating plan at their wedding ten years from now

“Look Oliver” said Lily “You shouldn’t have put it off this long but this doesn’t have to be a disaster. There are two days until Christmas still and we’ve got a whole day in Diagon Alley we must be able to find something for Abi”. Rose and I both looked confused that Lily was offering to help me get my girlfriend a present, and avoid being dumped, when she was in loved me. Rose’s words the night before had stuck in my mind so I decided to accept Lily’s offer of help in the interests of keeping it friendly between us

Intrusting Hugo with Jack, something I was bound to regret, I went off with Lily to try and find a present for Abi. Diagon Alley was decorated for Christmas and it did look nice but it seemed like half the wizarding population of Britain had descended on the place as it was the last shopping day before Christmas. Lily dragged me from shop to shop buying all of her Christmas presents for people; it suddenly hit me whilst Lily offered to help me when I was carrying all of the bags around the Alley

“Lily, the only reason you offered to help me is so you had somebody to carry your bags around all day isn’t it?” I asked as we entered a little jewellery shop. I rolled my eyes as three second year Hufflepuff’s from school made kissy faces at me and called me ‘fit’. Lily laughed but actually looked a little jealous

“Not my fault I’m very cute” I said winking at her. She blushed and giggled before beginning to look through some necklaces as things got awkward

“So you did just bring me so I could hold your bags then?” I asked again

“Well, yeah” said Lily continuing to look through the necklaces “Do you think that Dom will like this?” I nodded as she took the necklace “I also brought you so it could be just you and me; I missed you every second of everyday”

“That’s sweet” I said as we headed towards the counter “But c’mon, you know we’re entering risky waters with talk like that Lil”

“True though” shrugged Lily as we began walking down the streets “Little things would happen during the day that I just wanted to tell you but I couldn’t, I just really missed you. But, yeah your right it’s better all-around we don’t go there”

“I just think that it’s for the best” I shrugged “I miss us just being best friends, silly stupid jokes with no awkwardness involved”

“Living the dream there babe” said Lily as we sat down in a café and ordered some coffee “But, I can be best friends again if that’s what you want. As long as you’re in my life, I lost complete perspective without you”

The next hour was quite awkward but we eventually got all of Lily’s important gifts out of the way so began to think about what I could get Abi. We tried everywhere from Flourish & Blotts to the Joke shop but I couldn’t find anything that would really please her. She was coming home a few days before New Year’s Eve now so I needed to buck my ideas up and get her something before then as she had got me an ‘amazing’ Christmas present according to her friends

“Come on Oliver think” said Lily as we headed into yet another shop “She must’ve told you something that she likes; she can’t just think that you can guess without having any information whatsoever”

“That’s the thing” I said “She likes lots but she doesn’t really love anything. She liked Quidditch for example but I’m not just gonna by her a broom because I know she wouldn’t appreciate it”

“What about clothes?” said Lily pulling me by the hand to Patel & Petal’s, the trendiest clothing shop for teenage witches run by identical twins (which amused me) “Come on, you know her measurements right?” I nodded as Lily began to shift through clothes “Just get her a top or something that’s really nice”

“I don’t know anything about clothes though” I said

“She must have a style or something” said Lily becoming distracted with a little black dress that really suited her “Man, I wish I could afford this little number” she finished and she placed the dress back with a sigh. After about half an hour I settled on a top that I wasn’t 100% sure she’d like but it would have to do, seeing I had some money left and Lily looking sad at the black dress I pretended I had left my wallet and raced back into the shop. I bought the dress for Lily without her realizing and hid it in the other bag

Lily linked her arm through mine as we reached everyone else who had about fifty bags of stuff between them. Hermione and Ginny, who had clearly decided to go bankrupt by the end of Christmas, then treated us all to tea at the Leaky Cauldron that was run by Nev’s wife Hannah. 

“I’m glad you lot came in” said Alice handing Hermione a bag “I bought you all a few little gifts, it’s nothing really but I always like to give something”. Hugo, Ginny and Hermione looked grateful however Rose and Lily did impressions of Alice who they nicknamed “little miss perfect”

“I saw you with Lily earlier today” Alice whispered to me as we got a second alone “I thought you were staying away from her when Abi wasn’t around”

“Abi can trust me” I shot back quite annoyed she was poking her nose in my business “Because that’s what relationships are built on Alice, trust. So you needn’t worry”

“It’s not you I’m worried about” said Alice indicating Lily who was talking to Jack who had slumped on her shoulder “Lily Potter can’t be trusted just you remember that”

I told Alice to mind her own business and went and sat down next to Hugo as our food arrived. We didn’t get back to the house until gone eight where Ginny decided that she and Lily might as well stay another night. I went up to get a change of shirt in Hugo’s room when we arrived at the house, looking around I noticed a letter from Abi. Eager to hear from her, I opened it

Dear Oliver,

I’ve just received a letter from Alice Longbottom. She’s informed me that you and Lily spent all day today alone in Diagon Alley together; you were walking arm in arm when she saw you. What the hell is this Oliver? I thought I made it clear I wasn’t happy about you and Lily spending too much time again over the holidays. I appreciate it’s hard but you don’t have to actively spend time with her.

I know I may be kinda out of line here but it’s for my own piece of mind. If you want this relationship to work you have to meet me halfway here or I can’t see any point in us continuing. Hate to put all this on you at Christmas but I just want to relax knowing you aren’t snogging Lily Potter all the time. We’ll speak when I get back

Merry Christmas, Abi

Who the hell did she think she was? I screwed up the letter and tossed it in the bin and as I turned around I saw Lily standing at the doorway. I slipped my shirt on as she entered the room, picked the letter out of the bin and scanned through it before throwing back into the bin.

“Wow, she’s a keeper” said Lily sarcastically I grinned despite myself “So, how are we going to go about keeping out of eachother way?”

“We’re not” I said firmly. Lily looked shocked but happy “I’m not being controlled like this, she may be my girlfriend but this is way out of order. Who the hell does she thinks he is?”

“She does have a point we’ve kissed twice since you went out” said Lily “I’m aware I initiated both of them but still…”

“That’s not the point” I said sitting down on the bed “It’s the possessiveness of it all for merlin’s sake; Abi is way out of order”

“Do you think she’ll dump you” asked Lily sounding a bit too hopeful

“Don’t know” I shrugged “Don’t really care now to be honest”. I lay down on the bed and looked up at the ceiling; for a moment I thought Lily and I were going to kiss again but she pulled away at the last second which I was grateful for; the last thing I needed now was to look like the bad guy

“You’re an amazing guy Oliver” said Lily “She needs to realize what a diamond she has in you; don’t keep thinking of it as us kissing think of it as me kissing you. There’s a difference”

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Chapter 33: Christmas Eve
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 Chapter Thirty Three

Christmas Eve

Lily and Ginny went home the next morning though we were due to see them again the next morning so I didn’t really understand why we all had to gather on the front porch to see them off at six am. Lily kissed me on the cheek before she left which didn’t go unnoticed by Hermione or Ginny, it also probably would give all the wives something to gossip about the next day. Hugo and I were heading over to Louis’ to spend the day with him, Al and Freddie (James was staying at home to spend time with his dad; clearly my advice had sunk in). I wasn’t really sure what this “hangout” would involve but I gather alcohol would be involved so I was pretty sold on the idea. Hermione and Rose took Jack over to Percy and Audrey’s so he and Lucy could meet up; Rose seemed to really resent the fact she’d be spending Christmas Eve with them

“Ah Oliver” said Louis’ mum Fleur, officially the best looking mother ever, as she greeted me on her front doorstep by kissing me twice on both cheeks “Eeet iz so nice to see you again. You av grown a lot since the summer have you not?” I nodded not really sure to what I was agreeing to, I always ended up in this weird kind of trance when Fleur was around, she was almost hypnotic in the way she spoke and moved. The rest of the boys had grown up with her so didn’t really get my fascination with her. Louis room was very typical of Louis; it was very clean, in order and very attractive looking. I noticed a lot of pictures of him and Ben at a park

“We went last week” he sighed “Ben’s gone away to America for Christmas, this was our last day together before he went”

“It’s two weeks Lou” I said with a smirk “I’m sure that you will live”

“Two weeks is a long time when you love someone though” said Louis “I’m sure your missing Abi just as much aren’t you?” I gulped; I hadn’t even begun thinking about writing back to Abi and had considered giving her present to Dom or someone else who wasn’t a possessive physco. Louis noticed my mood went funny when he mentioned Abi and changed the subject to how I’d been getting on with Hugo’s family. I was grateful; Louis certainly had more tact than certain male members of his family. Louis asked me to help take down the pictures of him and Ben before Hugo, Al and Freddie entered the room as they didn’t yet know that they were together

It made me feel quite sorry for Louis, he loved Ben a lot and clearly wanted to shout it from the rooftops but couldn’t because Ben wasn’t out yet. From what I could tell Louis was clearly quite miserable about the whole thing but wanted to respect Ben’s feeling and privacy and would sacrifice his own happiness for it. I came to the conclusion that Louis was an amazing person. Hugo, Freddie and Al didn’t notice anything when they entered the room and soon enough the conversation headed in the direction of me punching James a few nights before. I should have seen it coming

“It was amazing guys” said Hugo “I was so proud, he just walloped him then and there in front of the whole pub. You should have seen James’ face; I bet nobody’s ever had the nerve to do that to him”

“Teddy did it once” said Al “But then again James had insulted his dead parents so I think it was fair enough, I’m surprised it took this to change him though – no offence Ollie – but he’s been so much nicer these past few days. Like he actually has a heart somewhere in there”

“Well that makes his tinman nickname redundant then” sighed Louis “I’ll have to think of a new one now”

“Maybe we could call him Buzz Lightyear” suggested Freddie

“I prefer block head” piped up Hugo. We all laughed

“Why don’t you just call him James” I offered; they all gave me a weird look “I know James can be a bit headstrong, a bit of an idiot and yeah there may not be a whole lot going on upstairs and sometimes he acts like a caveman but it’s because you guys let him”

“What do you mean?” asked Freddie; though Hugo was clearly kicking himself internally for not thinking of calling James a caveman earlier

“I just mean that a lot of James’s behaviour comes half from him being like that and half from him thinking that’s how you all see him” I continued; I was taking a muggle psychology course on the side just in case I couldn’t find any jobs in the wizarding world “If you treat James like a moron and give him nicknames that make him seem like a moron then that is obviously how he’s going to act”

“Damn it Ollie, why you gotta be so deep all the time” exclaimed Al as the others laughed “But you are right, maybe we should meet James halfway here. He’s trying to be nice, let’s try to treat him like he at least has some form of a brain”

We all agreed except Hugo who began brainstorming ways to make James suffer, he’d made it clear that as far as he was concerned that was it between himself and James. I was touched Hugo was so angry on mine and Jack’s behalves but I felt kind of guilty for causing quite a big riff in the family but Rose and Hermione assured me that Hugo just needed one more excuse to cut James out of his life for good. They’d never got on since James made Hugo’s life hell as a child because he wasn’t athletic and he didn’t care about Quidditch.

Dom and Roxy soon came into join us and we ended up watching a muggle film called “It’s a Wonderful Life” which involves a family overcoming financial hardship at Christmas. The film was in black and white, which made it immediately crap in Hugo’s eyes, but I found it kind of inspirational and it made me think about what I had with Abi. If George Bailey and his wife could pull through all of that then I was sure as hell Abi and I could. She was worried that I’d cheat on her, I couldn’t really blame her. She knows I’ve like Lily for years, she kind of knows Lily likes me back, She knows what Lily is like and she’s aware we’re going to be spending a lot of time with eachother these two weeks. It made me feel quite guilty about being so angry with her, though I did still think she had gone way too far with what she said

Later that night, back at Hugo’s I began my letter to Abi

Dear Abi,

It will be hard for me to stay away from Lily and I don’t think it’s entirely fair of you to expect me to do so when I’m a guest of her families for Christmas. So how about we compromise? I will make it sure Lily and I are not alone together at any point and I won’t make a deliberate attempt to spend time alone with her like I did yesterday; sorry about that by the way. However, when in company I will talk to her, I don’t wanna be rude as I’m a guest and Lily and I are friends again and I don’t want her to think she’s done something wrong.

Happy Christmas, can’t wait to see you again and I’m looking forward to New Year’s Eve with you so much. Everyone sends their best to you and I’ve attached your present as well so I hope you like it, I’m sure I’ll love mine it certainly looks big anyway and thanks for getting Jack something you really didn’t have to but I’ll make sure he appreciates whatever it is

Have a good time skiing, eat as much crap as you want and most of all just have a bloody good Christmas because you deserve it.

Lots of Love,


P.S.: I don’t suppose you know why the owl is missing some of its foot do you? It’s missing some of its foot

Chapter 34: Almost
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 Chapter Thirty-Four

I probably should have suspected that it would have been Hugo who was the one to wake everyone up early the next morning; I had a massive hangover despite not having drunk THAT much compared to Hugo who was bouncing around as if he’d been sipping on orange juice all night.

“Thought you hated Christmas I groaned” as we began walking down the stairs. It was half past bloody six; Jack stopped getting up at that time four years ago “For someone who hates it you are being awfully positive today”

“I don’t hate Christmas” said Hugo “I said I hate all the festive happiness but when it comes to getting my presents, I am on it like a fucking car bonnet mate”. I smirked as we headed into the kitchen to find Hermione and Rose cooking breakfast and Ron looking even more hungover than me crashed out on the sofa. Hermione wishes her son happy Christmas before wishing the same to Jack and me. I soon saw why Hugo always got as excited about his presents as he did. He and Rose got loads from Ron and Hermione, more than Jack and I got combined, it made me feel quite envious as Jack and I opened the few we’d had. Mum was treating us both to a “second Christmas” in January, out of guilt I assumed. I was quite pleased with the presents I’d got; the entrie Weasley clan had all clubbed together and bought Jack and I MASSIVE bags of every flavour beans. Like seriously massive, I’m pretty sure Jack’s bag was actually taller than him. Rose got me a binder because I was always losing homework, Hugo got me a little but cool golden dragon model (I like dragons) and Ron and Hermione gave me a bunch of books that looked really interesting. Jack got what he had specifically asked for from everyone; sweets and lots and lots of them.

Ignoring the fact my little brother was probably going to finish the day the size of a house I gave the Weasley’s their presents from Jack and I (Like I’d trust an eleven year old to choose sensible presents) before rushing over eagerly when the owl arrived with a letter. It was from Abi. I was quite nervous; Hermione saw who it was from and offered to read it for me but I decided it was something I needed to do. Being dumped on Christmas Day was bound to be tragic enough anyway

I opened the letter

Dear Oliver,

I’m sorry. Really I am; I’ve never wanted to come across as one of those clingy girlfriends but I just do not trust Lily. I’m sorry; she knows you inside out and she knows how to work you. You’re too kind for your own good Oliver; you try to see the good in everyone which isn’t always a good thing. I appreciate it will be hard for you and Lily to stay away from eachother totally over the holidays and I guess I’m just going to have to trust you won’t hurt me

Send my love to Jack, Rose, Hugo and everyone and have a lovely Christmas Oliver, I do love you a lot and I will see you on either the 29th or 30th December it depends on how tired I am. Then we’ll party it up on New Year’s Eve!

Lots of love and happy Christmas,


PS: I have no idea how, or why, the owl has lost part of its foot. Tell Hugo he should really take better care of his pets

I sighed with relief, I was sure I’d have been dumped and I was glad Abi seemed to have realized staying away from Lily would have been damn near impossible. After breakfast; Rose, Jack, Hermione, Ron and Hugo and I set off to the Burrow for the big Weasley family Christmas. Jack clung on to me like no tomorrow as we used the floo network through the fireplace; it was his first times bless and I was glad he chose to come with me. As happy as I was that he and Hugo got on I liked to be reassured he still saw me as his big brother. Also, quick tip never, ever use the floo network with a hangover. Yikes.

Further note, Molly Weasley’s cooking is bloody excellent. I was so stuffed by the end of the meal I felt like I could barely stand up. Everyone else seemed to be suffering as well except James who was bugging everyone to start the annual Weasley Christmas day Quidditch championship. I really could have done without it; I was hungover, stuffed and terrible on a broom and I didn’t particularly like the idea of Jack participating in what could be quite a violent game if James and Al got as competitive as usual. Hugo seemed to be despairing of the possibility of a Quidditch match as well but everyone else rather annoyingly seemed fairly up for it.

“I hate Quidditch, I hate cold weather, I hate Christmas and I sure as hell hate James” said Hugo half an hour later as we waited for James, Harry and George to decide who would be on what team. Victorie wasn’t playing (pregnant), Molly and Arthur weren’t playing (old), Audrey wasn’t playing (boring as fuck) and neither were Hermione or Percy (General no talent in that field) leaving myself, Jack, Lily, Al, James, Harry, Ginny, Ron, Rose, Hugo, George, Angelina, Freddie, Roxy, Bill, Fleur, Teddy, Louis, Dom, Lucy, Molly and Charlie. Four subs per team suited me absolutely fine, luckily Quidditch only needs seven players per team

I was put on a team with Jack, Lily, James, Ginny, Rose, George, Freddie, Bill, Teddy and Dom whilst everyone else was on the opposing team (duh). After the toss of a coin James was made captain of our team. Rose, Dom and I made a collective sigh at this as Hugo and Al smirked on the opposing team. Hugo’s cool face didn’t last long as Hermione came over with all kinds of protective head gear for him to wear

“Oh I’ll just go without then shall I” Rose muttered to herself but clearly loud enough so Lily and I would hear “Mummy’s innocent little boy my arse. If I told her how much sex he’s had this past term…”

“Hugo the eternal virgin no more I take it then” said James approaching us from behind “Guys, we need to figure out who is going to sit out for a while”

“Jack!” I exclaimed immediately. He looked irritated with me and protested but James seemed to have cottoned on to something for the first time in his life and told Jack he could play later. I sent James an appreciative smile which he returned. To my dismay Lily, Dom and Bill all volunteered to sit out meaning I had to face the Quidditch violence. I was also made a chaser. As was Hugo, people did not seem to appreciate us having a casual conversation in the middle of a game. I liked watching Quidditch but I hated playing it. I looked down to see Jack wrapped in a blanket with Lucy to keep him warm. I envied him, not that he was snuggled up with an eleven year old, but more because he was warm, comfy and not flying around on a dangerous broomstick

Our team won. Of course and I didn’t sustain any major head concussions so it was an all in all success. Later on, all us young ones gathered in the living room at the Burrows whilst the adults did adult things in the kitchen (Don’t be dirty minded, they’re simply talking shit about friends behind their backs). We’d all started giving presents to eachother when Lily whispered “Come and see me alone” in my ear

I knew this couldn’t end well so I have no idea why I went up to her bedroom with her. She led me by the hand sat us down on the bed, she looked straight and me and, even if I say it myself, you’d have had to be blind not to see the pure look of love in her eyes. It made me feel both uncomfortable and happy at the same time. She put her hand on my face and stroked my cheek

“I love you” she said simply with a shrug “That’s it plain and simple Oliver; I love you. You’re everything to me and I got you something for Christmas I hope you’ll really like”. Lily pulled out a small wrapped up present and placed it in my hands. I looked up at her and smiled. “Well open it then you idiot” she giggled. I smiled back at her and began to unwrap the present. I nearly fainted when I saw what was inside. My mum’s necklace. My mum’s necklace she’d had to sell to pay for dad’s private care when he got ill

She’d cherished it, it was the first thing that dad had ever bought her and it had broken her heart to sell it. I looked at Lily in amazement; she shrugged and smiled like she’d not done anything big at all

“When you told me about it, it broke my heart” said Lily “It’s taken a few years but I finally tracked it down, it didn’t even cost me that much now. You do like it don’t you? I was worried you’d be pissed I didn’t get you something you could use”

“Lily, this is amazing” I said admiring the necklace “This is going to make Mum’s Christmas. Plus, I only got her some slippers this year so double yay”. Lily laughed and snuggled her face into my neck, I kissed her on the cheek and she went as red as her hair

“Now I feel bad I only got you that dress” I said

“What dress?” asked Lily sitting up

“Oh when I went back into that shop the other day at Diagon Alley” I explained pulling the present out of a plastic bag “I knew how much you’d fallen in love with it so I bought it for you”

“Oh wow, Oliver this is amazing” said Lily “I can’t believe that you did this; it must have cost you so much you can’t be spending all that money on me”. Her hand reached towards mine and grasped it, I smiled once again as Lily and I embraced. Nothing happened, but it could’ve. We both wanted it too



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Chapter 35: Boxing Day
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 Chapter Thirty Five

The rest of Christmas was spent getting some major drinking done with the Weasley/Potters; well everyone except Jack who I sent up to bed at 10pm which he wasn’t too happy about. Lucy wasn’t, mainly because she then had to go to bed as well as Percy realized they were the same age. I’m not really clear on what happened during the rest of the night though I was very pleased to wake up in an actual bed the next morning even if it was in-between half-naked Hugo and Louis. I’d had hangovers before, its second nature being Hugo’s best friend, but there was something worse about the one I was suffering from that Boxing Day morning. My only joy came with the fact that everyone else seemed to be suffering from the same thing

“Fuck, I think I’ve forgotten how to move” said Hugo that afternoon as he, Lily, Dom, Louis and I crashed out on the sofas back at Lily’s house. The Potters had by far the biggest, and the best entertainment systems, so going to Lily’s was an obvious choice when given the option between that and hitting the sales in all the muggle shops with the wives and daughters, watching James play Quidditch extremely hungover (Al and Freddie were taping it for us) or helping Molly Weasley prepare a buffet for later out of all the leftover food from Christmas day. Why Jack and Lucy opted to help her I will never know. Lily was sprawled across my lap in a deep sleep, I was tempted to draw a moustache on her face but thought better of it the last time I did that she broke my nose. It was awesome.

“Merlin, I feel so sick” groaned Louis “I don’t think I’ve ever been this hung over ever. I really hope I didn’t do anything embarrassing”

“Well luckily we all knew you had a birthmark on your ass Lou-Lou” said Dom “What’s not so lucky is that you felt the need to show us”. Louis groaned and hid his face in Dom’s shoulder who laughed, Lily grunted in her sleep as I began stroking her hair. One thing I had remembered from the day before was our little moment in the bedroom at The Burrow. It would have been the perfect time and place for us to have finally got together. But then I remembered Abi, and that she would be home in a few days and was coming straight over. I hadn’t considered how awkward that could potentially be. As I looked at Lily scrunch up her nose in a cute little way as she slept I felt myself blushing, I wanted to kiss her so badly there and then in front of everyone. I stopped myself and looked around to see if anybody had noticed. Luckily they hadn’t as they were all fighting over which was better; a rubber duck or a scuba diver. The Potter/Weasley kids were all very strange sometimes.

“That was a nice sleep” said Lily as she entered the kitchen about an hour later; I was already in there making myself a sandwich having regained my appetite a few minutes before “I have had such a good Christmas, no fights, no dramas from Dom everything has gone perfectly”

“Yeah it has been pretty good” I agreed as I buttered her bread for her (no innuendo) “I’m glad we came”

“I’m glad you came” said Lily leaning on my shoulder and yawning “I think the reason why it’s been so good is because we’ve had you around”

“Shut up” I scoffed “Like me being around has helped anyone; I punched James for Merlin’s sake”

“Yeah and he needed it” said Lily “Since that day he’s been really nice, or tried to be really nice at least, he and Al are getting on for the first time ever, he and Dad only have two or three rows a week and it’s made mum really happy”

“So what you’re saying I caused James to become a completely different person” I said with disbelief.

“If the cap fits” shrugged Lily biting into the sandwich I had made her “Oh my god Oliver, you are so good at making sandwiches”

“Lil, it’s putting a slice of ham in between two slices of bread” I chuckled “It aint exactly rocket science you know”

“Maybe” said Lily “I am such a cooking noob though, I seriously cannot so much as make beans on toast or even the toast!” she exclaimed. I laughed as she sat down at the table and began eating; I sat down next to her.

“So, how are you going to live when you leave home then” I asked “I mean if you can’t cook anything you are pretty damn screwed”

“I’ll just have to have you move in with me” she replied with a cheeky glint in her eye “Get you to do all my washing, ironing, cooking, shopping”

“What makes you think I’m going to want do all of those things for you?” I asked “I’ll be off living my own life somewhere”

“Well what the fuck am I meant to do?” asked Lily “I can’t do anything for shit; I even have to ask you to reach the top aisle in the library for me. How am I meant to cope in the big wide world without you?”

“Well chances are Hugo will have done something stupid and succeeded in destroying it by then” I replied and Lily snorted with laughter. It was then that I noticed the mustard smudged across her cheek, she hadn’t noticed and carried on eating completely oblivious to it. I faced downwards at the table trying to stifle my laughter

“Oi Benson, I know you’re laughing at me” said Lily “Don’t think I don’t know, I can always tell when you’re hiding something from me”

“Nothing” I replied “I’m not hiding anything from you”

“Yes you are” exclaimed Lily “I can tell. Oh my god, I have another zit don’t I? Shit, shit, shit Dominique is going to have an absolute field day with this one. Oliver, how big is it? Is it small or just like really big? Is my head even visible?”

“Lily calm down” I said pulling her towards the mirror by the sink “You’ve just got a bit of mustard on your cheek”. She went almost as red as her hair and made a whiny noise. I instinctively grabbed some kitchen role and wiped the mustard from her face. Being that close to her felt amazing, if not a little mustardy, her eyes sparkled as a massive grin formed across her face. I brushed some of her gorgeous ginger hair back and looked at her straight in the eye. I was well aware that I was blushing as much as she was but I didn’t care. She put her hand on my face and stroked my cheek, I pulled her into a hug and we just stood there hugging for about three minutes until we heard the others coming up the stairs

“Being in your arms is amazing” said Lily before everyone arrived “I know I haven’t had a hard life or anything but I’ve never felt as safe and secure as I did just then. You amaze me Oliver Benson, more and more everyday”. She kissed me on the cheek and made her way to the other side of the kitchen as Hugo and Louis stumbled in, drunk once again. I looked across at Lily and smiled, she smiled back and I’d never felt such a strong feeling of love for someone at that moment in time. Lily Potter was perfect, and I wanted her to be mine

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NEXT TIME: Oliver plans to dump Abi – but will it go according to plan? James is shocked when he hears who Oliver is dating and James finds himself in some relationship trouble

Chapter 36: Breaking Up Is Never Easy To Do
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 Chapter Thirty Six

My life had felt like a rollercoaster since I realised that I was still in love with Lily Potter. I’d tried to repress those feelings, ignore them and hope that they would go along but I couldn’t do it anymore. Everytime I saw Lily I nearly lost my breath, I felt like my heart was going to leap out of my chest and whenever I was away from her I found myself constantly thinking about her and when I could see her next. It wasn’t making things awkward though, because for the first time I was aware that Lily felt the same way about me as I felt about her. She felt like her heart was going to explode, she felt like there was something missing whenever I wasn’t there and she, as far as I know, was always thinking about me. I didn’t really care if anyone found out now; to be honest I didn’t know why I’d always been so worried about the matter of Lily’s family. They seemed to see Jack and I pretty much as members of the family. Then there was Abi. I felt awful about how I’d betrayed her, I didn’t want to be known as that kind of guy but I guess I was maybe all guys are the same after all. I’d decided that it was the end of the road for us, there was no point going on when I was in love with somebody else. It wasn’t fair on her and it wasn’t fair on me. That’s not to say I’d planned to move on to Lily the second that I finished with Abi, that would be really crass and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be in that place with Lily yet but I didn’t want the guilt of stringing somebody along so I had to end things between Abi and I it was the best thing all round

It was New Year’s Eve and the day of the Potters big New Year’s party at their house and Jack, Rose, Hugo and I had been roped into helping them set up all day. I had decided that I would escape and visit Abi sometime during the day; her flight home had been cancelled so she’d been stuck for three days, and tell her that I was breaking up with her. I was nervous, I’d never broken up with anybody before and all I could keep thinking about was how I was going to break her heart. Knowing that I was going to be the cause of so much pain made me feel sick, but it had done and I was sure Abi would have no problem finding another boyfriend as she was pretty amazing.

I looked at Lily, it was midday and I was about to leave to meet up with Abi at a park near her house to break up with her, she looked incredibly happy as I smiled back at her. Rose shot us both disapproving glances, she’d made her feelings on the subject perfectly clear and it was clear she thought what we’d done was cruel. It was although Lily argued that it would have been a lot more cruel to string Abi along anymore and it was better I got it out of the way before anything happen that put me in the wrong. I wasn’t really sure why I was putting in effort into my appearance considering what I was going to do when I met up with Abi but never the less I put on a nice buttoned up black shirt and my best pair of jeans

“You’re looking dapper” said Hugo “Going to see Abi are you?”

“He’s going to break up with Abi” shot Rose. Lily gave her cousin an evil glare but I just went slightly red and looked at the ground

“What? How come?” asked Hugo looking very confused “I thought things were going really well between you two”

“They were” I said looking at Lily and Rose, Rose sighed and walked off “I just don’t think it’s working”

“She did cramp your style a bit mate” said Hugo patting me on the back “I mean, don’t get me wrong I like the girl but she was batting out of her league a bit with you”

“There’s no need to be cruel Hugo” snapped Lily “Oliver just feels the relationship isn’t going anywhere so has decided to end it, isn’t the right Oliver?”

“Yeah” I mumbled checking the time on my watch. Half an hour until I had to meet Abi, James was late as usual. He had a hot date near where I was meeting Abi, and he wanted to give me some advice on how to successfully break up with somebody. James turned up with five minutes to spare, Hugo seemed shocked that he was helping me but James said his New Year resolution was to help at least one person per week. No one really believed that he would keep up to it and Hugo did point out the irony of the fact the first person he helps will cause pain to another.

“So then” said James as he and I walked into the forest near the house towards the portkey “Why are you breaking up with your girlfriend Benson? Too clingy? Not clingy enough? Have you since found out she’s a man”

“No, no and No” I replied putting extra emphasis on the last no “I just feel like the relationship isn’t going anywhere and wants the point if that’s the case?”

“Seriously that’s it?” exclaimed James “Oliver, I’m all for being single in fact I love it but come on she’s gonna want more than that. She’s going to want to know why you’re breaking up with her, what she did wrong, if there’s someone else…”

I looked down at the floor and James looked at me with a look of mild amusement plastered across his face “Oh my god there is someone else isn’t there” said James “Oliver Benson I had no idea you had it in you, you old dog. Wow”

“I don’t feel good about it” I replied praying inside he wasn’t going to ask who the new girl was

“So who is this new girl then?”


“Oh she’s… just another girl from school” I replied probably too quickly and panicky “You wouldn’t know her”

“I might” said James “I only left two years ago remember, chances are I’ll have known her if she was hanging around with you and Lily”

“No she wasn’t” I replied, again far too panicky “She’s French… a foreign exchange student from France… called Margaret”

“Dude, are you dumping Abi for a 65-year old” said James laughing out loud “How many young people do you know called Margaret”

I felt so stupid. I don’t think I’ve ever met someone called Margaret who wasn’t at least fifty, not that I’d met many Margaret’s in my time to begin with. I had to make thing after thing up about Margaret as James began questioning me. Margaret was 17, French, blonde part veela (James found it hard to believe I’d pulled one), her father was a millionaire, her mother had been a model in the 1990’s and she had two little brothers called Jacques and Christian. Luckily James had never been the brightest so seemed to take it in, though I probably shouldn’t have said that I’d asked her along to the party

James left me to go and meet his date in some pub; I walked around the park for a bit throwing stones into a lake when someone launched a massive snow ball that went right down the back of my shirt. I turned around to see Abi running towards me and she embraced me in a massive hug smothering my face with kisses

“I have missed you so much” she said as we sat down on a park bench. She would choose today of all days to look as pretty as I’d ever seen you “I had such a good Christmas with my family, it’s nice when it’s just us. My sister’s boyfriend turned out to be a bit of a sleaze, we found him in the broom cupboard with a ski instructor on Boxing Day. Sis wasn’t bothered though, said she was only with him because he had money”

I listened to her talk on and on about her holiday, I took some of it in but I was more concentrating on how I was going to tell her that I was breaking up with her. James told me to just come out and say it, don’t skate around the subject for a bit just get it over with.

“So, Oliver, how was your Christmas” asked Abi once she had finished her tale “Hope Lily didn’t drive you up the wall too much; are you ok you look like you’re going to explode”

“I’m fine” I lied; I was getting good at that “Look Abs there’s something that you really need to know. I feel horrible and I honestly wish I didn’t feel this way but I can’t be your boyfriend anymore”

“What?” said Abi smirking slightly “Oliver you’re not serious are you? You can’t be serious why are you doing this?”

“I just feel that we’re not really going anywhere” I said “I’m sorry but it’s just the way I feel, I hope we can still be friends”

“No I am not letting you do this” said Abi taking my hands “I love you Oliver, I fancied you for six years for merlin sake! I’m not just going to give up on us just because you’ve got cold feet all of a sudden. Where has this even come from anyway? You were fine with me a few days ago”

“I was mad with you a few days ago” I shouted back “You were acting all crazy possessive and I told you that wasn’t what I wanted”

“I thought we sorted all of that out” said Abi angrily “I thought you agreed to stay away from Lily… oh my god she’s behind this isn’t she?! I should have bloody known it! Little tramp, she’s always wanted to get her nasty false nails into you and I bet you were so willing weren’t you? Always looking at her like a love sick puppy dog”

“I have not cheated on you with Lily!” I exclaimed then sighed “OK, I kissed her. At my birthday party in November and then again in December but she came onto me both times. I’m sorry”

“You’re sorry?!” shouted Abi scaring some seagulls who flew away. Lucky bastards “You’re sorry?! You cheated on me with that cheap little tramp. The same little tramp that was sleeping with the boy who made your life hell for years. Still, I suppose I shouldn’t blame you. You’re a male, you’re weak and Lily Potter is a very, very pretty girl who must’ve been begging you for it!”

“She was not begging for it” I shouted. Great, now old ladies were staring at us “Lily came on to me twice and I knocked her back twice because I didn’t want to hurt you”

“Well you really failed there didn’t you!” exclaimed Abi “I can’t believe this… I can’t believe I wasted six years of my life wanting you, if I’d known you were a dirty cheat from the start I certainly wouldn’t have wasted all of this time on you”. She walked off. I stayed stood still on the spot for a few seconds until I decided to run after her

“Abi, please, look I don’t want you to hate me” I said grabbing her arm and turning her back to me, she shot me an angry look “I’m not a bad person, and I really am sorry for hurting you the way that I have. I know it makes me a massive bastard and I’m just going to have to live with that”

“Good” she said simply “Do you know what Oliver? You’re not breaking up with me; I’m breaking up with you. I don’t need you in my life, besides I’ve got a little confession of my own”

“Oh what’s that?” I asked. I really hoped she wasn’t pregnant. Abi smirked

“I’m the one that got Lily and Scorpious together” said Abi “Well, I’m the one who encouraged Scorpious to go for Lily. I knew a girl like that wouldn’t be able to resist him; good-looking, fit, athletic, rich, charming, popular… I knew he liked her, and I knew the little tart wouldn’t be able to say no to him”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing

Abi. Abi was the reason Scorpious and Lily got together, she set them up

“Why?” I asked

“Simple” Abi shrugged “I knew that Lily wouldn’t be able to say no, I knew that meant you’d be hurt and you’d fall out and that’s when I planned to make my move”

“You’re insane” I said slowly

“Yeah well it backfired on me in the end didn’t it” said Abi bitterly “He dumped her to get back with Astoria and you went with her in the middle of our relationship anyway. Guess I did it all for nothing”

“But… you were shy and sweet and cute” I said slowly “You never talked to boys except for me, no one even knew who you were. How the hell did you persuade Malfoy to go after Lily”

“I didn’t talk to him directly” said Abi “I couldn’t risk it getting back to you, so I wrote him letters telling him that I thought it’d be a good idea. He didn’t know who was writing them, he told me to leave him alone but the letters clearly had some kind of effect on him as not long afterwards he and Lily were datin”

“Abi, this really doesn’t seem like you” I said

“Well you know what they say” said Abi “It’s always the quiet ones that you’ve got to watch, I probably should’ve realized the same about you”

“So you did all of that just to get with me” I said “Why didn’t you just ask me out straight away? You didn’t have to drive a wedge between Lily and me, I would have said yes regardless”

“No you wouldn’t” shouted Abi “I asked you to Hogsmeade when Lily and you weren’t talking, you would not have said yes if you were talking to her. When you and she are friends there’s no talking to you, it’s like she has some weird spell over you. I had to stop you being friends so I could be in with a shot. It’s not too late Oliver” she finished coming up close to me “I can forgive you for what you’ve done, I really love you”

“Yeah well I don’t love you” I shot back “You’re pathetic and desperate”

She slapped me “Rot in hell” she spat before running off


Chapter 37: The French Problem
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 Chapter Thirty Seven

After Abi slapped me I just wanted to get back to the Weasley household so met up with James and his date, named Shoshanna, and asked if he’d come back with me as I didn’t like having to get portkey’s by myself. Shoshanna asked what a portkey was so James told her I was off my face on drugs and needed to take me home right away and he seemed very relieved that I had come to fetch him so quickly. James and I arrived back the Burrow and I suddenly remembered the lie I’d told him about the French girl called Margaret who was my new girlfriend and coming to the party tonight

“Oh hello dears” said Grandma Weasley “How are you Oliver?” she asked gripping me in a tight lung crushing hug “My, my I have to say you have grown and you’re looking thinner than I remember”. Was she kidding? If I was any skinnier I’d be a toothpick. Still the fast metabolism meant I could eat what I wanted when I wanted in huge quantities though I was very aware the weight would catch up with me. I felt relieved when she finally let me go; I needed to get to Lily before James asked her about my new French girlfriend called Margaret who didn’t exist. I was also keen to tell her what had gone down between Abi and I but I wasn’t really sure she’d be all that pleased to know Abi had been the one pulling all the strings behind her relationship with Malfoy.

Dom and Roxy were in Lily’s room when I arrived, I wasn’t overly pleased when they refused to leave as it meant two more people would find out Lily and I were in love and we were already being risky with Rose knowing. Dom was the biggest gossip in the bloody school and she couldn’t keep a secret for her life

“Oliver, are you alright?” asked Lily as I appeared in her bedroom doorway panting from running up the stairs. I try to avoid running unless being chased “You look like you’ve seen a ghost and if so why do you look shocked? It’s hardly rare”

“Lily, I have done something really stupid” I said moving towards her and perching on the end of her bed. Dom immediately lied down and rested her head on my legs; we seemed to have this deal that whenever I was around and she was tired I morphed into some kind of human pillow. Still, she always smelt nice

“What have you done?” asked Lily looking half-amused and half-panicked “You did break up with Abi didn’t you?”

“You broke up with Abi” exclaimed Roxy “Why the hell have you done that?” Lily hit her cousin round the head before telling me to continue.

“James asked me why I was breaking up with her and I told him it was because I was in love with a French foreign exchange student called Margaret” I said in one breath, they all looked amused and confused at the same time “James kept asking me stuff about her and I made up a bunch of rubbish including telling him that I invited her here. Tonight. For the party”

“…You idiot” was Lily’s reply. Roxy stifled a giggle but Dominique was fully on the floor in gut wrenching laughter “Why the hell did you tell him that?”

“Because, I didn’t want him finding out I was really breaking up with her because I was in love with you. We were in the woods it would have been a perfect place for him to kill me and bury the body” I replied matter of factly. Lily rolled her eyes as what I’d just said seemed to dawn on both Dom and Roxy

“Wait?” said Roxy “You two are in love”

“Yes” we replied together which probably didn’t help people. The only time people ever reply in unison with the same word is if they’re twins or so madly in love they know what the other was going to say

“Oh my god that is so cute” said Dom embracing us both “Can I be a bridesmaid at your wedding? Please, I promise not to sleep with any of the groomsmen”

“That’ll be the day” muttered Roxy as I laughed “So how long have you two been seeing eachother”

“We’re not” said Lily. Dom and Roxy looked confused, so did I “We’re aware we have a lot to lose here so we’re just taking it very slowly, if you want an idea of how slow just imagine James trying to do a Potions essay, nothing official”

“Oh that kinda sucks” said Roxy “I had my eyes on Ben for a groomsmen, he’s very fit”

He’s also very gay and in love with your cousin Roxy; Dom and I made eye contact and both hid a small giggle

“Guys, we still have one problem” I piped up “I told James I was dating a beautiful French girl called Margaret, what should we do? I don’t know any beautiful French women”. And you know what? I really should know some beautiful French women.

“We’ll just get someone to fill the role for the night” shrugged Dom “You guys can have a fight or something, break up and then the lie will be all over and you and Lily can make gorgeous babies”

“There babies will be so gorgeous” cooed Roxy

“We’re not having babies” exclaimed Lily …”Yet”


“OK, that plan could work” I said ignoring Lily’s comment “But we need it to be somebody James doesn’t know which could be a problem, I don’t think there are many girls he doesn’t know. She also needs to be able to understand and speak French”

“Not necessarily” said Lily “James is as thick as a plank of wood; he doesn’t understand Grandpa half the time so I doubt it’ll really matter. Actually, I’ve thought of someone”

“Who?” I asked

“A girl called Anita Watts in the fifth year” said Lily “She sometimes uses our shower because she doesn’t like the girls in her dorm, she’s a bit of a loner but quite pretty and she told me that she spent two months of the summer in a small French village with her grandmother”

“Perfect” I said “But will she do it?”

“She should do hopefully” said Lily searching her address book “Now; I know she gave me her home number a while ago. Aha, here it is”. I couldn’t believe my luck when Lily told me ten minutes later that Anita was delighted to help, though we both suspected she was just glad to be invited to the Potter’s New Year’s Eve party

“Look” said Lily as we sat Anita down on her bed “Thank you so much for doing this it’ll get us out of a really tight spot. Now you know Oliver don’t you”

I waved and smiled at her. She blushed and smiled back

“Now, can you see yourself kissing Oliver” asked Lily

“Definitely” said Anita straight away. She blushed, I seemed to have this effect on women and I hadn’t even been aware of it until a few weeks before. Talk about sixteen wasted years; I was being swooned over by half the female population. Well about four of them but it was still impressive “I mean... erm yes… I can see myself kissing… Oliver”

We left Anita to get ready after explaining the plan, Lily and I sat on the window ledge overlooking the Potter’s lawn. Jack was currently showing off to Lucy and some of her friends who had come over, Louis and Freddie looked as if they were planning something evil and Hugo and Rebecca were snogging by the pond.

“I can’t believe Anita likes me” I said to Lily still looking out of the window “I didn’t even know who she was”

“Loads of girls like you” said Lily kindly “I don’t know why you’re so down on your appearance Oliver, you are very, very handsome. Look, I’m not supposed to tell you this as its feminine law or something but in the fourth floor girl’s bathroom there’s a chart”

“What kind of chart?” I asked

“A chart rating boys looks” Lily replied “It was started about thirty years ago by some mad cow named Lavender Brown and every term there’s a selected ‘hotties list” Lily cringed at the term ‘hotties list’ but continued “And for the last three terms the only people who have stopped you topping the poll are my dear male cousins, my brother and Malfoy. You are one popular guy with the ladies Oliver Benson whether you believe it or not”

“Hang On” I said “So you’re telling me that in a world without Weasley’s, Potter’s or Malfoy I would be the most popular boy in school”

“Bet you wish we didn’t exist” said Lily with a grin

“But then I’d never have met you” I replied

I smiled at her and pulled myself closer towards her, the sun was beginning to set and preparations were being made for the party downstairs. Lily rested her head on my shoulder and looked up at me

“Promise me something” she said

“Anything” I replied

“This time next year you and I will be together” she said “Like properly together… no awkwardness, no waiting around for nutty exes to get the clue, no family who will turn into a lynch mob if they find out”

“Promise” I said kissing her forehead

“Say it properly you fool” said Lily turning and giving me a full on kiss on the lips that was only interrupted by a large “Ahem” from Al and Hugo

“Shed?” said Albus looking at Hugo

“Shed” Hugo agreed with a nod

I gulped. I didn’t know what the shed was but I didn’t like the sounds of it

Next Time: Hugo and Al demand answers but will the plan come together?

Chapter 38: A Surprising Turn of Events
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 Chapter Thirty Eight

As Hugo and Albus frogmarched Lily and I to a shed in the far end of the Potter’s garden far away from anyone else I seriously thought they were about to kill me. I shouldn’t have been so stupid as to assume they wouldn’t be pissed I’d kissed their sister/cousin; I suppose it does look kind of like I was taking serious advantage of their friendships and hospitality. The only thing keeping me reasonably calm was Lily and the fact there was a look of pure amusement across all of her face which told me this wasn’t going to be as bad as I was picturing. The shed was damp, old, cold and very creepy. Al plonked me down on a chair, turned a light on and shone it directly into my face. Damn thing was very bright

“Explain” he said briefly

“Ermm I” I began nervously. It was clear from her expression that Lily was trying to hide the fact she was laughing

“Kissed our baby cousin” said Hugo

“I’m three months older than you, you tool” piped up Lily “Anyway, I was the one who kissed Oliver”

“Regardless” said Al “He was the one kissing back, and he’s the boy who is very, very lucky the two weakest Weasley boys were the ones that found you”

“I’m not weak” exclaimed Hugo

“Yes you are” Al, Lily and I replied at the same time. I got a kick in the shins from Hugo for being cheeky, it would appear best friend status had gone out of the window here

“So, why were you guys kissing” asked Albus

“It was a moment thing” I said “It just felt right and before I knew it we were kissing”

“When you have a girlfriend?” said Albus sounding surprised

“They broke up this morning” whispered Hugo

“Oh” said Albus “Well, it’s still a stupid move Oliver. You’ve been friends with us for six years surely you must realize we don’t take kindly to boys trying to get random shags from our cousins and or sisters”

“Yeah I know that” I said “But this wasn’t just me after random shag with Lily, we’re in love”

“And I’m Professor Sprout” said Albus. Lily laughed out loud but was soon told to shut up again

“No they are actually in love” groaned Hugo “Well, Oliver’s in love with Lily at least he told me that he was last year”

“And you were OK with this” said Albus outraged “Your best friend was in love with your baby cousin”

“I am three months older than him” piped up Lily once again

“Well I wasn’t over the moon” said Hugo turning to look directly at me for the first time since we’d arrived in the shed of death. I wonder how many ex-boyfriends were buried under these floor boards “But, he’s my best friend and I love him so I accepted him. All I want is for him to be happy”

I smiled at Hugo. I love him too

Albus sighed and looked from Lily to me and then back at Lily. Lily nodded and explained to Albus how we were in love but weren’t together as we didn’t want to ruin anything by getting together too quickly. Albus seemed to consider this for a few minutes, in which nobody spoke and it was very awkward, until finally he untied my hands from the chair

“Look, I’m not over the moon about this and you two better not make it obvious or James will have you Oliver” said Albus “But, I know that you’re a good person and an even better friend and I know the last thing you’d ever do is hurt anyone”

“So, you’re not going to kill me” I said hopefully

“Like I’d have let him kill you” said Hugo embracing me

“Oliver” said Albus resting his hands on my shoulders. I’d never really noticed how green his eyes were, the damn things were like a meadow in spring “You have to understand that it’s natural we want to protect the girls, just like you protect Jack. Its instinct, just something we do we’d have never killed you we just wanted to get facts straight, and I am convinced you weren’t after sex”

“Took you long enough” sighed Lily “Come on Oliver, I left Anita locked in my room she’s probably wondering where we’ve got to”. Lily dragged me back to her room with Al and Hugo in toe wanting to know what was going on with Anita and, having kept enough secrets lately, we realized we had no choice to tell them. Both were highly amused by my idiocy but agreed to help along with Dom, Roxy and Rose who came up to Lily’s room. Anita and me had to pose for a lot of photo’s, learn various things about one another and practice kissing (I’d kissed three different girls in one day, get me) without looking awkward. That last bit was very fun though it did feel weird with everyone watching, well everyone except Lily who deliberately looked away whenever we did.

After perfecting the kiss it was time to get ready, learn some basic French and come up with a backstory on how we fell in love.

“You, my friend, are the biggest moron on the planet” said Hugo as he, Albus and I got ready in Al’s bedroom “Anyway, who the hell is called Margaret in this day and age”

“My girlfriend” I said. Al grinned

“James will be stupid enough to by this” said Al “I doubt anybody else will be though which might lead to some awkward explanations. Vic and Aunt Fleur in particular are probably going to ask Anita about her family and such”

“Well then we’ll just have to avoid them then won’t we” I replied “At the end of the day, the only person we need to convince is James, and like you said he’s very likely to buy it”

“I’m just worried about people like Rebecca and Melissa” said Hugo “They know Anita. They’re going to be very confused that she’s called Margaret, your girlfriend and a French exchange student”

“Not to mention Freddie and Louis are in her year” said Albus

“Can we please stop talking about how this plan is going to fail” I shouted “It’s going to work because if it doesn’t I’ll be buried in your back garden come this time next year”

“Well, I actually don’t think James will go that ape shit if he does find out” said Albus “He’ll be pretty mad don’t get me wrong, but he’s always had a bit of a soft spot for you Oliver even if he doesn’t show it sometimes”

“Yeah” said Hugo with a nod of agreement “Anyway, we’d all rather Lily went out with someone like you who we know and trust rather than some airhead hunk who treats her like shit”

Good thing they still don’t know about Malfoy

“Right boys” said Hugo to the whole group on the landing as the party began downstairs “Operation convince James that Oliver is really dating a pretty French girl called Margaret and isn’t in love with Lily has begun”

“Worst codename ever” said Rose. Hugo shot her the finger

“Potters, Weasley’s, Bennet and whatever Anita’s last name is go” said Hugo. I grabbed Anita’s hand and made my way downstairs sighing; Hugo was way too over excited about this plan. As we began dancing I looked towards Lily who was being chatted up by some fifth year and I felt a surge of jealousy. I caught her eye, she grinned and rolled hers. I smiled back at her, completely in love

Next Time: Anita makes a lustful confession and Oliver and Lily get a moment alone but it leaves Oliver asking questions

Chapter 39: New Year's Eve
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 Chapter Thirty-Nine

“This isn’t going to work” said Rose in a sing song voice as we all reached the bottom of the stairs, Anita and I were hand in hand by this point and it was only know I realized the flaws behind this scheme. I’d been so caught up in planning I’d failed to realize that Anita and I are strangers to eachother and we’re expected to have instant chemistry, a solid backstory on how we fell in ‘love’ and it was all just too many lies for my liking, especially when you add alcohol into the mix. Anita looked lovely though and you could just about believe that she did have Veela blood in her.

I hadn’t realized exactly how many people were going to be at this party. There had to be easily one hundred people in the house, which was luckily massive, but I guess I shouldn’t really be surprised as the Potters are the most well-known family in the country. The rest of their large extended family were in attendance (even Harry’s muggle relatives had wangled an invitation – though they looked very uncomfortable), Harry and Ginny’s personal friends as well as many important people from the Ministry and Quidditch industry with their families, James’s Quidditch team not to mention all of Al and Lily’s friends from Hogwarts. What was even more surprising was the fact that despite all these people being in attendance it still didn’t feel as if the house was full.

Anita, who seemed in her element, led me to the Dancefloor with the explanation that if we were a real couple that’s where we would be. I sighed. I hated dancing especially in public as I always became very aware of myself and at that point in time I hadn’t drunk nearly enough to lose myself in my actions. Some of Lily’s favourite muggle dance music seemed to be sound tracking the evening much to the displeasure of Hugo who was complaining that the sound was making his ears bleed. Lily rolled her eyes and grinned widely as she saw me approach with Anita

“How’s it going” she whispered to us as we reached her “Nobody’s asked any awkward questions have they? Aunt Fleur is my main concern right now, she’s very keen to meet Oliver’s French girlfriend and she thinks she might know the family”

“We’ll just avoid her” I sighed. I’d been looking forward to seeing Fleur though in reality it was probably a good thing as I always lost my words around her but I’ve never been one not to take one for the team. Anita and I danced for a bit, very awkward, before her feet began to tire and she decided that she wanted to sit down. That’s when James approached her

“Benson” he said shaking my hand “Well, well, well Benson, you said your girlfriend was pretty but I didn’t think she would be this beautiful” he finished kissing Anita’s hand. She giggled nervously but looked happy James Potter had just kissed her hand

“Thanks James, but stay away from my girlfriend” I replied “Margaret this is James Potter, you’ve heard of him in France haven’t you?”

“Oh yes” said Anita putting on an astounding French accent that surprised Lily, Rose and I “You’re a very big Quidditch star”

“Well I don’t like to brag” said James arrogantly. Lily coughed. James glared at her, then me like it was my fault. I really don’t know how he came to that conclusion

“So, pray tell, how did you two meet” asked James

“Oliver helped me with my English when I arrived at Hogwarts” said Anita. That accent was really fantastic “He gave me tuition every night, one thing led to another and before I knew it I was falling in love with him”

“Hang on, hang on” said James “It was you doing the chasing? Wow, Benson I’ve really underestimated you. You’re such a player”

I don’t know why but that made me feel quite happy

“Well it wasn’t all one sided” I interjected “I fancied her from the off, I mean I’m not blind obviously, why else do you think I offered her those lessons to improve her English?”

“Clever method” said James nodding “I can’t believe for all of these years I thought you were just Hugo’s slightly dorky but somewhat cute best friend. Clearly you are a god amongst men Oliver Benson” and with that James was pulled away by some Quidditch groupie. Anita and I discretely high fived as she pulled me back to the Dancefloor

“Thank you so much for this” I said as the dance began. It was a waltz. Simple as, we’d been taught this back in fourth year for some reason

“You’re welcome” said Anita with a smile “To be honest, I have an alternate motive for agreeing to do this you know”

“Oh really what’s that” I said moving us slightly to the left so Fleur Weasley wouldn’t spot us as she walked by the door

“Well, seen as though I have done you a massive favour” Anita continued “I thought that you and Lily could do one for me once this is all over”

“Sure” I said “What is it?”

“I want Fred” said Anita tilting her head to look at Fred who was dancing with a fifth year Ravenclaw girl, though he didn’t look happy about “I think he’s really gorgeous and I’d just quite like to get to know him better he doesn’t even know I exist at the moment”

“Unrequited love sucks doesn’t it” I said looking over at Lily who was being chatted up my a reserve member of James’s Quidditch team not looking impressed whatsoever

“Totally sucks” said Anita as we both laughed. Anita looked at me looking at Lily and stopped dancing “Dude, you’re clearly wanting to dance with Lily aren’t you?”

“Yeah just a little bit” I said back. I liked Anita; I didn’t really have a friend who was a girl that I could just be 100% honest with without fear that it’d get spread around the Weasley/Potter family like wildfire. Anita led me by the hand towards Lily, Hermione and Ginny

“Lily” said Anita putting the awesome (and kind of sexy) French accent back on “I was just wondering if you could take Ollie off my hands for a while he keeps stepping on my toes and it’s beginning to hurt”. I smiled at Lily who grinned

“I av of course tried to teach him to dance properly” Anita explained to Hermione and Ginny “But these English boys just can’t compare back to the boys we av back in France, not that I don’t love my little Oliver of course”

“Sure, I’ll take him off your hands for a bit” said Lily leading me to the Dancefloor by the hand, typically a slow song started as we began dancing “Anita’s French accent is quite scary it’s that good” she said as we watched Anita talk to James, Vic and Teddy

“She seems so confident considering this is the first time she’s ever come to one of your parties” I said “I remember when I first came in third year, I nearly vomited all over the carpet”

“Oliver you did vomit all over the carpet” said Lily “James thought it would be funny to give you your first taste of alcohol and you couldn’t keep it down well, the house stunk for weeks”

“I must have blocked that out from my memory” I chuckled

“Eugh, watching you dance with Anita all night whilst some idiot reserve chaser chatted me up has been awful” said Lily “He actually used the ‘did it hurt falling from heaven’ line on me, you wait until I tell James the guy won’t be able to stand for a very long time”

“Watching other guys flirt with you isn’t really that fun for me you know” I said “I wanted to punch that guy, I didn’t of course because he has 3% body fat and is made up of muscle and I’m just a skinny little shit”

“Don’t put yourself down Oliver” said Lily hitting me on the arm “Besides, I like a skinny man. One who I can beat up”

“You cannot beat me up” I said

“Oh yes I can” said Lily sticking her tongue out at me “If you don’t believe me we’ll have an arm wrestle right here right now”

“I’m not having an arm wrestle with you in the middle of a Dancefloor on New Year’s Eve” I said, Lily admitted defeat. I looked over at Anita and it was clear Vic had sussed she wasn’t French but was keeping quiet, James seemed in awe of her and Teddy just looked very confused as to why one of his fifth year students was pretending to be a French exchange student and my girlfriend.

“We should get over there before Teddy figures out what’s going on” said Lily pulling away from me, a feeling I hated. I pulled her back and quickly kissed her on the lips, she kissed back for a second before nervously checking to make sure nobody had seen. I didn’t even see the risk anymore; Hugo, Al, Roxy, Rose and Dom all knew, I was technically single and I’d heard Ginny tell a friend that all the adults were expecting tonight to be the night Lily and I announced that we were together

I looked at Lily as she intervened in the conversation with Anita, Teddy, Vic and James and I wondered to myself – why exactly was she so concerned about us being together?

Thank you for reading as usual. Did you enjoy the chapter? Why do you think Lily seems so concerned about her and Oliver being together? And I can confirm a future chapter will see Oliver play matchmaker between Anita and Freddie. How do you think he’ll do? I haven’t written the chapter yet but I’m guessing not very well

Next Time: Someone’s pregnant, but who?

Chapter 40: Baby
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 Chapter Forty

The rest of the New Year’s Party seemed to go by in a bit of a confusing haze, I seem to recall Louis and Fred somehow managed to bring a duck from the pond into the house that proceeded to do its business shall we say on various important Ministry personals shoes. I entered the New Year kissing Anita when I really wanted to be kissing Lily who was being kissed by the evil misogynist bench warming Quidditch jock from earlier, Ben and Louis kissed “as a joke” but I gather neither of them was happy as Fred in all his worldly tact shouted “Can you imagine how weird it would be if you two were together?”, Hugo entered the New Year not kissing Rebecca but having an argument with Teddy about homework (“You’re seriously asking me if I’ve done my essay? It’s three minutes to midnight on New Year’s Eve”) and my little brother entered it hidden under a table with Lucy and another boy scoffing any going food they could get their grubby little hands on. I honestly felt as if they had the best deal. Then, about half an hour after midnight, came the announcement

Rose Weasley, a girl I’ve always considered to be sensible, mature and dignified jumped on a table, turned the music off and proceeded to shout “OI WANKERS… SORRY FAMILY AND THEIR STUCK UP FRIENDS”. Needless to say this was met with shock by Hermione and Ron (although Ron did look as if he was trying to hide a laugh), horror by the rest of the adult Weasley’s and general amusement from Hugo and all the other cousins. Anita looked at me clearly confused as to what was going on, I explained to her that parties with the Potter/Weasley’s always ended up in some kind of disaster or down in the emergency room. The duck chose then to poop on me.

“I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY” Rose shouted even louder, weirdly enough she did not seem that drunk at all

“Honey, I’m sure whatever you have to say is very important” said Hermione in one of her cross terrifying whispers. Ron gestured to Hugo who seemed thoroughly amused but reluctantly came over and helped his father try to get Rose off the table but she wasn’t having it “But will you please just get off the bloody table”

Ginny Potter was hiding her head in her hands, Harry Potter and Bill Weasley were trying to hurry guests out of the house and Arthur Weasley merely continued snoring in the armchair he’d plonked himself down in two hours ago

“No, no, no, no” shouted Rose batting the hands of her father and brother away “No I won’t come down, I have got something to say and I want everyone to hear it”

“I knew it” shouted James “You’re a lesbian”. This was met by laughter

“Takes one to know one shithead” Rose shouted back. That shut James up, clearly he could not comprehend a witty comeback having just been called a lesbian “Anyway, I’m not a lesbian. No, if anything my news should rule that out indefinitely”

“Is Rose actually a man” asked my little brother who’d come out of his little fort with Lucy and the other boy to see what was going on. I chuckled and pulled my little brother into a hug and assured him that Rose probably wasn’t a man… probably wasn’t, at this point anything was possible as this was highly out of character for Rose

“Maybe she’s having a breakdown” murmured Dom

“I think she’d discovered Hugo’s secret iguana” I suggested

“If she says anything about my fucking iguana I’ll kill her” replied Hugo angrily.

“I AM PREGNANT” shouted Rose with a sense of glee. I immediately looked at Hugo who looked as if he was going to faint, which was one step up from his father who did actually faint. I looked to Lily who, along with Ginny and James, looked rather amused for a second before frowning


“YOU’RE PREGNANT” must have been screamed about six or seven times every half an hour in the Potter household the next day. After Rose’s announcement James and Al had managed to convince a lot of guests that Rose was merely drunk and kidding and had been trying to get attention. I couldn’t tell if people actually believed this or pretended too out of respect for the family, either way Rose was definitely pregnant as Hermione made her do several tests once the guests had all gone. That particular branch of the Weasley family, as well as Roxy and Fred, stayed over at the Potter’s that night which meant Jack, Anita and I were also forced to endure in the screechy, screechy aftermath

I spent the majority of the day cooped up in Al’s bedroom with Al, Lily, Anita, Fred, Hugo, Rebecca and Roxy as we listened to the hell unfold downstairs. Hugo hadn’t said much since last night and even Rebecca was struggling to get anything out of him, the poor boy was in shock but then so would I if my sibling stood up in front of all my family and friends and announced they were pregnant. Luckily, with my sibling being an eleven year old boy that was not likely to happen anytime soon. Fred was doing his best to lighten the mood with jokes but it wasn’t working on anyone accept Anita who found him hilarious.

“Well this could take the heat off me and you” Lily told me as we finally got a moment alone as a few brave souls, read everyone but Lily and I, ventured downstairs to retrieve some food “I can’t believe Rose is pregnant, I always thought it would be Dominique or Roxy but certainly not Rose. Hell, I’d have put me before Rose”

“Who do you think the father is?” I asked “I haven’t seen her with any boyfriend lately, or any boys at all for that matter. Then again I have been kind of distracted for a while”

“Certainly has been a crazy few months hasn’t it?” said Lily “You and I realize we’re in love, Hugo discovers sex, James has fallen for someone who won’t have him and Louis is in a relationship with Ben of all people”

“How the hell do you know about that?” I exclaimed

“Eh, I just guessed last night after they kissed” shrugged Lily “It seemed way too real to be a fake kiss”

“Hey that reminds me” I said brightly “We never got to have our New Year’s Kiss did we?”

“We did not” said Lily looking at me and smiling. She moved in and began kissing me, but not just a little kiss as one normally does at midnight but a big massive kiss that nearly knocked me off my feet. Soon enough we were both laid out flat on Hugo’s bed kissing the life out of eachother, Lily undid my belt buckle and ran her hand up my shirt but then just as she did everyone else walked back in the room with ice cream

“And that’s how you perform CPR” I said immediately springing up. Hugo smirked and said something along the lines of ‘once pregnancy is enough’ before handing me a bowl of ice cream. Jack, completely oblivious to this as Roxy had shielded his eyes as they walked in, came and sat in between Lily and myself and rested his head on Lily’s shoulders. I looked at them as they cuddled and felt all warm inside, which was nice as Hugo’s room wasn’t the best room for heat ventilation in the house

“What do you think they’re gonna do with Rose” asked Roxy, clearly it was time to talk about the elephant in the room “Do you think that she’ll get rid of it”

“Might depend on how far along she is” said Lily still red in the face from being caught “If she’s over a certain amount of months then there is nothing that she can do, she’ll have to keep it”

“Oh my god I’m going to be an uncle” exclaimed Hugo as if he’d only just realised. Rebecca patted him on the head and said “Yes babe, well done”. I chuckled

About half an hour later Anita got a message from her mother asking her to come home, she didn’t seem to want to leave but she seemed glad when Fred told her that they should hang out at school sometime now the whole Margaret lie was over. Being the gentleman, and more importantly fake boyfriend that I am, I offered to walk Anita down to the local village where her mum was picking her up. To my surprise Lily offered to come as well

“Bye Mr and Mrs Potter” said Anita with no trace of a French accent, it hardly seemed as if anyone would notice or care now “Thank you for a… lovely evening”

“Oh that’s alright dear” said Ginny “Come again, although preferably next time use your real name and don’t pretend to be Oliver’s French girlfriend to cover up for the fact he and my daughter are blatantly in love… oh don’t look so shocked you two it’s so bloody obvious, even Ron has spotted it”

Anita’s mum met us where planned and she seemed very interested for Anita to tell her all the Potter scandal that had gone down at the party, word had already spread around most of the UK that Rose Weasley was pregnant

“I can’t believe my mum knows” groaned Lily as she and I walked back up to the house through the snow “I thought we’d hidden it so well”

“Could be a good thing” I said “At least now we don’t have to run around like we’re guilty and have something to hide, at least this way everyone knows and we can just be happily together”

“Not that simple” said Lily shortly “James will kill you when he finds out you do know that, he’ll see it as a complete betrayal of trust and he’ll rip you apart limb from limb”

“I don’t care” I said taking Lily’s hand and giving her a big kiss “I don’t care if James submits me to the worst torture on the planet, if I want to be with you then I’m going to be with you and nothing is going to stop us now”

“We can’t” said Lily “Look, that’s really sweet but we can’t get together right now things are just so… inconvenient”

“Oh what so I’m an inconvenience to you am I” I shouted getting angry

“Oliver, you are the most important person in the world to me” Lily said “But, right now things are SO complicated what with Rose and everything, and you only broke up with your girlfriend yesterday people will talk if they see we’re together the next bloody day”

“Since when have you cared what anyone thinks” I retorted “I don’t see why you’re so down on us all of a sudden, you’ve been the one chasing me since Halloween I was perfectly happy with Abi before you started interfering”

“Oh dating someone you weren’t in love with, that was happy was it” Lily screamed “I told you how I feel about you because I couldn’t bare it anymore, I took a risk and I knew what damage it could do to us, I broke up with Malfoy for you. Then there was James, he’s so overprotective and I know what he’ll do to you if he ever finds out”

“Excuses” I shouted “If you wanna be with me which you say you do then we should be together right now, I’ve wanted this for six bloody years and now it’s here you’re being all pathetic and girly about it”

“Girly?” said Lily angrily “You think I’m being girly, you need to grow up Oliver and realize that the world isn’t just some magical Fairytale where everyone’s wishes come true and we all get what we want”

“I know that a lot better than you do you sheltered little princess” I shouted back “I’ve had to bring up my little brother virtually on my own for the past few years with almost no help. How is your life hard tell me, go on I wanna know? Is it all that money? Is it too high to count? Is it the massive family support system you have? Oh how terrible that must be for you”

With that she stormed off and unfortunately I had to follow her as I had no idea how to get back to the house.

It’s all happening now isn’t it? What do you think will happen next? Will Rose keep her baby, and more importantly who is the father? Will Lily and Oliver make up anytime soon, and will Lily come round to the idea of them dating?

Next Time: The gang are back at Hogwarts, but it’s not only Rose that people seem to be talking about

Chapter 41: Everybody Talks
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 Chapter Forty One

Though Hugo and Rose’s family was imploding following her pregnancy announcement, I was actually quite pleased to be leaving with them rather than staying with the Potters following my argument with Lily. She didn’t speak to me once when we got back and deliberately avoided coming out to say goodbye as we were all leaving. Roxy said she’d been crying, but I didn’t really care and was almost regretting dumping Abi now. I know what I’d said to her was harsh, but it was true Lily liked to think she was so worldly wise but she was really just a spoiled daddy’s girl who had no clue what the real world was like. She’d always been like that, she’d always complained about how shitty her life was and it was one of the few things that did annoy me about her. Lily had a lot of bad qualities, she’s only human afterall, but for the most part I found her flaws cute and endearing but that one always pissed me off to no end. In happier news, Jack had told me he shared his first ever kiss with Lucy on New Year’s Eve so at least somebody was happy and he was also completely oblivious to the drama unfolding around him. I was very envious, it felt so awkward being with the Weasley’s for the next few days

Ron just sat there in a kind of stunned silent anger with Rose, Hermione tried to be practical and booked Rose some ‘mummy and me’ classes at the local community centre which made Rose freak out and call her mum some awful names, Rose herself just hid away in her room too scared and embarrassed to come out and as far as she was concerned her life was over and Hugo, well Hugo did what Hugo always did in a crisis. Drink. A lot, and I was happy to join in as I wasn’t feeling exactly jolly following my row with Lily. However, when I woke up on January 4th (the day we were going back to Hogwarts) with a hangover for the fifth day in a row I promised myself no more drinking for a while.

“Now Rosie, just remember you’ve done nothing wrong” said Hermione as we all made our way through King’s Cross station at 10.30am that morning “And if anyone says anything you just ignore them OK? You have done nothing wrong here”

“Whatever” Rose mumbled before catching my eye, I gave her an encouraging smile which she returned with a sad one before she ran through the wall to the platform. The second she was gone, Hermione turned on Ron

“Ronald, you honestly could have said something to her” she said sternly “A goodbye, a ‘I still love you’ would’ve done the trick. I know she’s been stupid but she is still your daughter”

“I know” said Ron grumpily. Hermione smothered Hugo with kisses and hugs as he turned towards the barrier, he looked a mixture of mortified by happy by this however his half-smile soon faded as Ron came towards him and placed a hand on his back

“Take good care of your sister, son” he said “She’s really going to need it this term”

“I know” said Hugo nodding and with that he was gone through the barrier. Hermione kissed me on the cheek and gave Jack a hug apologizing, for the nineteen hundredth time, about all that had happened whilst we were staying with them

“It’s fine honestly” I assured her “Wouldn’t be a Weasley Christmas without a bit of drama would it? And this one has certainly lived up to expectations”. It really had done as well; I’d punched James, Lily and I were sort of together for a while but then not so much, Rose was pregnant and Dom had accidentally dyed her hair bright green on New Year’s Day when she and Louis had been fighting at home. She looked like a pineapple according to Louis

We sad a final farewell to the Weasley’s and boarded the Hogwarts Express. I normally hated going back after the Christmas holidays but I was quite glad to be this year, I’d missed a lot of my friends more than usual and I could get quite a lot of space from Lily and Abi now we were back.

I was going to make this term a lot less dramatic than the first


“Thank merlin I’ve got you guys” said Hugo as he, Ben, Louis, Freddie, Ryan and I sat in our compartment on the train “I think I’d go insane if I didn’t have all of you fella’s and Rebecca. Honestly, my freaking sister is pregnant for merlin sake. Pregnant and I’ve got no idea what to say to her or what I’m meant to do”

“Just be supportive, it’s the best thing you can do” said Ryan, now dating Leila it seemed judging by their passionate kiss on the platform earlier, Ben nodded in agreement “Rose is going to need all the support she can get now”

“It’s quite funny in a way” said Hugo with a sad smirk “Everyone always had me pegged down as the one who was going to fuck up and make a mess of their life, now look at Rose. Having a kid at school is never a good thing is it?”

“I admit it’s not ideal” I said “But it doesn’t mean Rose’s life is going to turn out terrible, my mum and dad had me at Hogwarts. Hell I was born in the second floor girl’s bathroom floor because they couldn’t get my mum to the Hospital Wing in time. Their lives turned out OK, mum has a good job”

“I suppose so” said Hugo “I just don’t know what to do; it’s always been Rose who’s been the mature one out of the two of us. It’s always been her looking after me, and now I’ve got to look after her and I’m not sure I know how to do it”

I thought to myself about Jack and what our lives would be like if he’d been the one having to look after me for five years. I was pretty sure that Jack could have done it, and I knew deep down that Hugo would be able to do it as well if he really put his mind to it. He and Rose may act like they hate eachother but they always, always stick up for eachother and Hugo would rip anyone who upset Rose limb from limb if he could. He was an awesome brother. Of course, I didn’t tell him this because we’re men and we don’t do that

The conversation soon turned to Christmas holidays, presents and Quidditch. Ben and Louis were sitting next to eachother secretly hand in hand; I did feel quite sorry for them. I was the only one inside this carriage who knew that Ben was gay and in a relationship with Louis and it must be very hard for Louis not being able to shout openly about the person he loved. But he couldn’t, because Ben wasn’t out yet and was clearly terrified of the prospect and it was clearly killing Louis. I looked over at him sometimes when he thought nobody was looking and he looked quite unhappy but he never said anything and that’s because it’s Louis and he is one of the kindest people on the planet. Ryan looked happier than I’d ever seen him as he talked openly about how he and Leila were now officially dating, Hugo said Rebecca was the only thing keeping him sane and it then hit me that I was the only single person in the carriage. Well except for Fred, but he was never really alone at night time if you know what I mean. It made me feel quite lonely

“Hey guys, do you mind if we sit in here” asked Melissa who came in with Leila, Rebecca, Lily, Rose and Dom. Rose was in tears and Lily looked as if she had just been dragged through a hedge backwards. Hugo immediately stood up and went to comfort his crying sister who gripped onto him very tightly. Lily didn’t look at me but I could tell that she was in her ‘so-angry-I-will-punch-anything-and-everything’ mood.

“What the hell has happened” as Ryan as Leila came and sat down on his knee

“Some seventh year Slytherin slut began cackling at Rose as we were getting snacks” said Melissa with a sigh “She called Rose a slag and a hypocrite and began pushing her so Lily sort of waded in and beat the absolute shit out of her”

“You beat someone up” exclaimed Louis “Lily, you do realize that Albus is going to murder you”

“I couldn’t give less of a shit if I tried” retorted Lily making Louis look as if he was about to be killed “I was sticking up for Rose, I am not in the wrong here and anyway broken noses can be fixed in a heartbeat”

“You broke his nose” I exclaimed. Lily shot me a cold look

“Yes” she said harshly “Did you think I was too girly to?”

That shut me up

Rose eventually stopped crying after ten minutes and apologized to Hugo who patted her on the back and told her it was alright. He already seemed to be stepping into his new role as the mature Weasley sibling well, but it didn’t last long as he pushed Rose to one side the second that the Sweet trolley came to our compartment

So much for this term not being dramatic, we weren’t even at Hogwarts yet and already Lily had been in a fight. Also, I noticed multiple times throughout the course of the journey that almost everyone who want passed our compartment either shot me a pitiful look, whispered to the person next to them or just smirked and pointed

Well, the Slytherins smirked and pointed

Bloody Slytherins

They ruin everything

Well, well, well it’s all kicking off… again. Do you think Lily was in the right or should she have not reacted to the Slytherin girl? And why are people staring at Oliver?

Next Time: The Hogwarts gossips are in full swing, it’s Oliver’s turn to fight and we learn who the father of Rose’s baby is

P.S.: Is this all getting a bit too Days of Our Lives? Just wondering

Chapter 42: Betrayel
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 Just a quick not before we begin, the father of Rose’s baby will not be revealed just yet as for the sake of drama I decided now would be a bit too soon


Chapter Forty Two

“Have you thought of any baby names yet?”


“How about Hector?”

“Hector! You think I should name my child Hector!”

“No, just a suggestion – what about Billy-Bob? Or Oliver Jnr.”

“Oliver, I’m not naming my child after you”

“……But no one ever names their children after me”

Rose sighed and continued to flick through the week’s edition of Witch Weekly which must have been a bit odd for her seen as though she was the front story. Hugo had made a rota by which one of us sat with her for an hour on a Saturday afternoon as she wasn’t allowed out to Hogsmeade in her condition for some reason. It was my hour now, then Lily was coming back and my hell would be over. I liked Rose, but I did not like pregnant Rose; she was rude, snappy, angry and constantly, constantly hungry she was almost like unpregnant Lily.

It was snowing outside. I sighed knowing I could’ve been outside having fun ambushing fifth year girls with snowballs with Hugo, Ryan and Louis but no I was stuck inside the empty Gryffindor common room with a pregnant and hormonal Rose Weasley who despite being mild mannered for the most part certainly had the Weasley temper gene within her when she got annoyed. The again, throwing peanuts at her probably wasn’t the smartest thing I’ve ever done. Suddenly, Rose clutched her stomach and gasped

Oh shit

“Oh shit” I exclaimed “Oh my god, you’re going into labour aren’t you? Oh shit. I have no idea what to do. I’ll get towels and hot blankets and leave you too it yeah?”

“Oliver, I’m not in labour you fucking idiot” said Rose through gritted teeth “The baby just kicked for the first time”

“What really?” I asked “Are you sure you should even be at that stage yet, it could have just been wind”

“It wasn’t wind, it was a kick and I know it” said Rose clutching her stomach “I am three months gone, maybe it is a bit early but it was certainly a kick. Oooh and another one – come and feel it”

“I don’t wanna feel it” I said. Pregnant women have scared me since I was about six and we got stuck in a lift with a woman whose water broke and mum had to deliver the baby. Bear in mind this was a glass lift and everyone in the shopping centre could see everything, which meant that it was hard to hide the fact that the six year old me had chosen that moment to wet himself, and two year old Jack decided to take his nappy off

“Pregnancy isn’t contagious Oliver” said Rose waddling over to me and placing my hand on her stomach, sure enough there was a kick. I’ll admit it was kind of cute but pregnant women still grossed me out

“Damn, that’s developed the Weasley spirit early” I said with a short laugh “There’s definitely some Ginny in that”

“I’ve fucked up my whole life haven’t I” moaned Rose

“No” I said “My parents had me at your age, a bit younger in fact, and they both did perfectly will until dad got ill”

“I suppose” sighed Rose “It’s just I’ve got NEWTS in four months by which point I’ll be ready to drop, that’s not exactly great timing is it. Oh, why did this happen to me?”

“Shit happens” I shrugged “Shit happens and you’ve just got to deal with it”

“See, that’s what I love about you Oliver” said Rose with a faint smile. The first time I’d seen her smile for a week. It was nice “You’re so deep, down to earth and realistic and you’re amazing at giving out advice”

“Do I detect a hint of sarcasm miss Weasley” I asked as Rose chuckled. Soon enough, Lily came through the door to sit with Rose but she didn’t once look at me. I kissed Rose on the forehead and left without uttering a word to Lily but I could tell she gave me a funny look, or possibly the middle finger, as I left the common room. Walking down to the grounds to meet Hugo and Louis I noticed that a lot more people were staring at me than usual, normally I got a few looks from silly third year girls but not much else, but what’s more a few of them were giggling and whispering about me as I went passed. I just shrugged it off and assumed it must have been something to do with Rose and the fact I stayed over at their house during Christmas. People probably thought I was the father or something stupid like that

I wasn’t


“Do people keep looking at either of you two” I asked as Hugo, Louis and I began to make our way into Hogsmeade “On the way down here, easily like seven people all looked at me and started whispering to eachother”

“It’ll about Rose” shrugged Louis “Besides, you’ll get used to people staring at you and whispering comes with the territory when you’re a Weasley or a Potter. I tend to just block it out and ignore it these days”

“Me too” said Hugo “Besides, they were probably just checking out yo fine ass”

Clearly Hugo’s New Year’s Resolution of trying to sound like an American gangster was holding up well. I sighed, relaxed and put the whole thing out of my mind when we arrived in Hogsmeade our main purpose being to spy on Fred and Anita’s blind date. We’d organised it a few nights before and Fred had no idea that the date would be with Anita, it was a bit risky but I owed Anita massively so agreed to set it up. I’d never played matchmaker before and to be honest I quite enjoyed doing it

“It seems to be going quite well” Louis whispered as he, Hugo and I sat ourselves down in the Three Broomsticks and spied on Fred and Anita. Anita seemed to be laughing a lot and had a constant smile on her face but I couldn’t tell what Fred was like as he had his back facing us though I gathered he was probably telling quite a lot of jokes in order to lighten the mood. Classic Fred Weasley

“For now” said Hugo “This is Fred we’re talking about, he could just as easily fuck it up. I hope he doesn’t though the dude needs a girlfriend like there’s no freaking tomorrow”

“I can’t wait to see the look on everyone’s faces when Fred brings home his girlfriend as an English girl called Anita when everyone knows her as Oliver’s French girlfriend called Margaret” said Louis with a cheeky grin plastered across his face. I hadn’t thought of that

“Hey guys, mind if we sit here” asked Melissa as she, Rebecca and Leila plonked themselves down next to us on the table “Merlin, the shops have been mental today. January sales will be the death of me”

“Will you be quiet, we’re spying on Fred” said Hugo in a fast cross whisper, very reminiscent of his mother

“Why is it whenever I approach you, you seem to be spying on someone” groaned Rebecca tilting her head around and spotting Fred and Anita.

“Awww that’s quite cute” said Leila “Ryan took me out to dinner on our first date, insisted that he paid and everything. It was so cute”

“At least you have a boyfriend” groaned Melissa “I might as well be on the other bus the amount of action I’m getting these days”

“Join the club” I said bitterly

“I don’t know if you’re strictly alone Mel” said Rebecca “That second years seems pretty intent on wooing you”

“He’s 12 and his name is Angus” exclaimed Melissa “Who the hell calls their child Angus, it’s the name of a burger for god sake”

“Better than half the names in my family” grunted Hugo “I mean Albus Severus, I’m sorry but that is a fucked up stupid name if ever I’ve heard one. They called me Hugo; it sounds like a slang term for a bogie”

I smiled delighted my parents had called me a sensible name. Oliver. Not much wrong with that, and what’s more nothing abusive rhymes with it. Win. Suddenly we all had to duck as Fred and Anita got out of their chairs and left the pub hand in hand. Naturally, we all followed but six teenagers trying to act stealth like never really works

“Hugo, you look like you’re in part of a Scooby Doo cartoon” said Melissa as Hugo creeped along after Fred and Anita. His response was to throw a snowball at Melissa; it missed and instead hit me in the eye. Anita had seemed to realize we were following her and Freddie but didn’t say anything his pet fish Andy. They went into the sweet shop which Hugo figured was a good thing as everyone goes in there and it would be a good cover if they happened to turn around and see us. Plus, he was really hungry

“I’ve never got the point of toffee apples” Melissa sighed as she and I stood by the toffee apples “I mean it’s just so strange putting toffee and apples together, don’t you think?”

“I’ve never really thought about it that much” I said

“You’ll have a lot of time to think about boring mundane things like that now you’re single” said Melissa staring intently at the toffee apple as if she was trying to decode a foreign text “Take me for example, just the other night I spent three hours thinking about what my life would have been like if my mum had been in the Dixie Chicks”

“Wow, you’re really selling the single life too me” I said with a slight grin.

“It’s not all bad I suppose” said Melissa “At least this way I can openly look at fit boys without feeling guilty, and this school has a lot of fit boys”

Freddie and Anita left the sweet shop after a while and headed back to Hogwarts, all of us still on their trail. Roxy had joined us after finding out her older brother was on a date; this was a big thing for Roxy fourth years loved to hear about this kind of thing. Fred and Anita were holding hands by this point. Everything was going well and we were perfectly well hidden until Hugo decided it would be a good idea to annoy Fred by unleashing a snowball fight on him. As Fred fought back eventually everyone joined and we were having a good time until Malfoy arrived

“Well, well, well what’s this then” he snarled at the sight of us all, Louis have me a concerned look and Hugo looked really pissed off “As a prefect I should inform you that any forms of fighting have been banned in school”

“This is a snowball fight you arse” said Hugo “It’s hardly hurting anyone is it, besides we’re off school grounds anyway you have no jurisdiction” I was inwardly pleased Hugo was using the complicated new words I’d taught him over the holidays

“I think you’ll find I do Weasley” snarled Malfoy again “Besides, since I became a prefect all I’ve wanted to do is find an excuse to get the Weasley’s in detention and now I’ve done it”

“Well good luck with that one” said Louis “You can’t really prove much can you Malfoy, it’d be your word against ours and there’s a lot more of us than there is of you”

“Oh you can count well done” said Malfoy cruelly “Like I car what some pretty little fairy boy this anyway”

Louis looked like he was about to burst into tears at these words, Freddie and I looked to eachother and we tried our best to grab onto Hugo but we were too late to stop him going up to Malfoy and punching him in the jaw. We probably should have stopped him sooner but seeing Malfoy whimper in his cowardly way was just too amusing but we eventually managed to pry Hugo away from Malfoy

“You all think you’re so perfect don’t you?” snarled Malfoy with a bloody nose “The Weasley’s, great saviours of the Wizarding World only you lot aren’t. You’re just a bunch of pathetic parasites living off the achievements of one man, one small pathetic man. You’re the saddest bunch of losers I’ve ever met”

“Coming from you” said Freddie “That’s rich. Everyone knows you’re a snivelling little toad Malfoy, even your own dad knows that.  You’re pathetic and nothing but a cowardly bully”

Malfoy smirked and looked towards Hugo

“That part of the family is the worst” said Malfoy “My father always said Ron Weasley was a weak little runt of the litter and his son is no different. Aint that right Hugo and your slag of a sister is no better. Getting herself pregnant at this age tsk, tsk, tsk what a mess”

Luckily, Freddie and I had a pretty firm grip on Hugo by this point though I didn’t know why we were holding him back. I’d loved nothing more than to see Malfoy ripped limb from limb, I guessed we were doing it to stop Hugo getting into any trouble as it was the last thing Hermione and Ron needed

“You’re just as bad, worse even” said Malfoy turning towards me, I should have expected it “I mean, you follow them around as if you owe them something. Desperate to be a part of their family because the one you have is shit because daddy’s a bit mental”

I’d never wanted to punch anyone more in my life, but I refused to give Malfoy the satisfaction. Freddie pushed passed Malfoy and led us all back into the Common Room where, to my horror, I found Rose and Lily comforting a crying Jack. Instinctively I rushed towards him, hugged him and let him cry in my arms

“What’s happened to him” I shot at Rose and Lily

“Some kids were picking on him” gulped Lily “Oliver, somehow everyone has found about your dad’s illness”


What will happen now Oliver’s secret is out, and who blabbed? Malfoy? Abi? Lily? The Weasley’s who know? Who do you think it was?

Next Chapter: Oliver’s world comes crashing down around him 

Chapter 43: Us Against the World
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 Chapter Forty Three

I stared at Lily. I immediately knew it wasn’t her who had told everybody, even if she was mad at me I knew deep down she’d never be able to do something like that. I looked around at Hugo, Rose and Al and regarded them as my family; I knew there was no way that they could do this either. As Jack sobbed into Lily’s arms I forgot I was angry, I forgot that everyone out there knew my dark secret and were probably laughing at us and I forgot all of the stupid drama that had been going on with me and my stupid love life lately because Jack was crying. My little brother, the most precious person in the world too me was sobbing his little heart out and all I wanted to do was hug him.

I took Jack’s hand and led him to my dorm and asked everyone to leave us alone for a while. Jack and I sat down on my bed and I cuddled Jack into me as he began to sob again. I wanted to kill; I wanted to find whoever had said something about my dad and tear them in two. Not for me, because I could deal with it, but for Jack who would have this following him for the rest of his time at Hogwarts now. Jack who was the sweetest little thing in the world would be bullied for having a ‘freak’ for a dad and there was nothing I could do stop it, I would be gone from Hogwarts in a year and Jack would be on his own. He didn’t really understand what was wrong with our dad himself and I’d tried so hard to shield him from it but that hadn’t worked. Jack knew there was something wrong with dad he just didn’t know what or why he was like that which meant he could hardly defend himself. Jack’s sobs stopped after a while and for a bit we just sat there in silence, he eventually drifted off into sleep his eyes still red from all the crying and I looked at him. I thought about how I would do anything, absolutely anything for this boy and how I knew he would do anything for me back. It was us against the world. Me and him, together, united it always will be for as long as we live.

Someone had upset him, someone had said something too him that had made him as upset as he was and I wanted to know who. I wanted to know who could be so cruel as to make this perfect little boy so upset, who would want to hurt him? I could’ve understood if it had been me but not Jack. He was the sweetest little kid in the whole wide world and he’d never upset anybody in a million years, what’s more he wouldn’t want too and if he did accidentally then the guilt would eat away at him until he was forgiven. When I was nine and he was four, Jack accidentally broke our grandfather’s war medals that had been left to me in his will when he died. I’d loved them because my granddad had been my hero and I was so upset when little Jack broke them. But as he sobbed as I shouted at him I’d suddenly thought how much I loved him. How he was my little brother and it was my job to protect him so I forgave him and told him it was alright. But that wasn’t good enough for Jack, he spent the next few months doing favours for me that I’d never asked him to do but he did them anyway because he wanted to make it up to me. Forget Lily and Abi, I looked at Jack and knew that there was someone in the world who loved me just as much as I loved him and my heart tore in two when I walked in and saw Jack crying his heart out on Lily

After what couldn’t have been for then half an hour Hugo, Louis, Al and Freddie were standing in the dorm with determined looks on all of their faces

“I want to find who did this” I said. Jack was still sound asleep “I want to find who did this and I want to make them pay – got a problem with that Albus?” I shot at Al. If anyone was going to stop me it was probably going to be him

“No. Not all” murmured Albus darkly. I got the impression he was going to try and stop me but he’d quickly realized nothing he could say or do was going to stop me.

“Good” I said getting up “Hugo, could you stay here with Jack please?”

“But I wanted to help you kick some ass” said Hugo sounding disappointed

“I know, I know” I replied placing a hand on his shoulder “But Jack’s really upset and I wouldn’t want him waking up around anyone but me or you. No offence guys but Hugo’s the only one I trust leaving Jack with”

“Sure” said Hugo looking at Jack “I’ll stay with him, but make sure you get a few punches in for me”

“Wait a minute” said Albus “This sounds as if you already know who told everyone, do you Oliver?”

“I have an idea” I said “It was Malfoy. It has to be, when we were in fourth year and he was finding ways to make my life a living hell he broke into Nev’s office and riffled through my student records. That’s when he found out about my dad, he blackmailed me for a while but then Lily hexed him and he’s been scared to say anything since. Guess he figured that he had nothing to lose so he’s told everyone”

“Bastard” whispered Louis

“Would explain why he was so cocky and arrogant with us all earlier” said Freddie “That was gloating if ever I saw it and I’ve known James all my life – that was definitely gloating”

“Guys, I hate Malfoy just as much as you all do” said Albus “But come on, we have no proof he did this and we can hardly just go charging round there. Oliver, is there anybody else that knows who could have said anything”

“Only Abi but this isn’t really her style” I replied “It’s got to be Malfoy, he’s the only person who knows who dislikes me”

“He’s the only person in the world who dislikes you” said Louis.

“Right so what are we going to do then?” asked Freddie “Because I’m all for punching Malfoy in the gut and I hate to say this but his dad is pretty high up. He could have us all expelled if he wanted too”

“No way would Nev let that happen” said Hugo sitting himself on the bed next to Jack and casting a protective arm around my younger brother “Besides, Draco Malfoy may be high up but he’s deeply unpopular and no one would really listen to him. Plus we have Harry fucking Potter on our side”

“Look” said Albus quietly “I don’t wanna get involved in this, I’m head boy and I can’t be seen doing things like this, but I’m not going to tell anyone and if asked directly if I knew I’ll say I didn’t. Oliver, I’d love to help you but I can’t”

“I understand” I replied with a nod

I looked to Louis and Freddie “Are you guys up for this?”

“Getting even with the guy who publicly outed me” said Louis “You fucking bet I am, it’s about time the pathetic little toad got what was coming to him”

There was a laugh

Lily entered the room

“I’m sorry” she said “But hearing you guys go all Fight Club is so funny. Not that you couldn’t take Malfoy of course” she added when Freddie looked offended. “Is he OK?” she asked me looking at Jack

“He’ll be fine, I hope” I said “We’re gonna leave Hugo with him so if he wakes up there’ll be someone with him he knows and trusts”

“So what should we do then?” asked Lily “Because beating him up is definitely not the answer at all”

“Well why the hell not” I asked “He deserves it, because of him Jack’s been crying his little heart out for the past three hours and I want him to pay”

“And we can make him pay” said Lily almost pleadingly “Oliver, we can make him pay and we will but beating him up is the best way to do that”

“Well I can’t think of a better way” I said storming past Lily and down through the common room out of the portrait hole I didn’t even looked behind me to see if any of the others were following me I just wanted to find Malfoy and punch the living daylights out of him. I knew he was on prefect patrol on the third floor because Melissa was with him and she’d complained about having to spend that much time alone with him. I only became aware that Lily, Freddie and Louis were following me when I heard them bickering from behind me

“He’s gonna do something he regrets”

“I think he’s doing the right thing. This is what I’d do if anyone ever upset Roxy”

I ignored them and continued running until I found Malfoy. He was outside the boy’s bathroom, leant against a wall looking smug and twat like as normal. He shot me an evil and amused glare

“What’s this Benson, come for round two have we?” he snarled “Good. I was hoping I could get you alone this time when you’re not around your little friends. I am ever so sorry that everyone has found about your head case father but I suppose it had to come out eventually”

“You piece of scum” I spat. Malfoy smirked as Lily, Louis and Freddie arrived on the scene. Freddie stood forward to get Malfoy but Louis held him back “What has Jack ever done to you eh? You know the little twelve years old whose life you’ve just ruined by telling everyone. All of his friends won’t talk to him and they’re calling him crazy and saying he’ll turn out like dad. Why now? Why did you tell now?”

Malfoy looked a little taken aback

“Benson” he said “I can honestly tell you that it wasn’t me who told the school this time. I’ve kept this for secret of yours for two years now – do you want to know why?”

“Why” asked Lily

“Because of what Oliver mentioned earlier” said Malfoy “Because of Jack, because of his little brother and I didn’t want to be the cause of someone getting bullied”

“Like I’m gonna believe that after all the shit you put me through” I shouted

“The shit I put you through ended two years ago Oliver” exclaimed Malfoy “Believe it or not, you don’t really enter onto my radar much these days. It’s not that I didn’t dislike you, because I really do, but as you say I have nothing against your little brother and further more I just simply didn’t care enough to be bothered to tell anyone”

“He’s lying” said Freddie

“No he’s not” piped up Lily “Guys, I know when Scorpious is lying and today he isn’t lying.  Honestly, I think he’s telling the truth”

“Well if it’s not him then who the hell else could it be” asked Louis

“Abi” I said, even I was shocked “Abi is the only person in the school who knows besides your lot and Malfoy. It must have been Abi, it can’t be anyone else because no one else even knows about my dad being ill”

It was Abi

I couldn’t believe I was saying it but Abi Clayton was the one responsible for everyone finding out. Malfoy smirked and left us behind. I turned to Lily who looked just as shocked as I did whilst Louis and Freddie just looked confused

“That bitch is dead” said Lily turning on her heels and running in the direction of the Hufflepuff common room. I caught up with her and turned her around

“Whatever happened to violence isn’t the answer little red” I asked her, she smirked and punched me in the arm. After persuading Lily not to knock Abi’s head off we decided to confront her anyway, I wanted to know how she could be so heartless and tell everyone something that I’d confided in her privately

Unfortunately none of us knew the Hufflepuff password so had to send in a weedy looking second year to go and fetch Abi who came out rather slumped and red faced. I instinctively held onto Lily to keep her from knocking Abi’s head off, I felt awkward as this was the first time she and I had seen eachother since we’d broken up

“Hi” she said in a voice so quiet I could barely hear her

“Hi” I said back “Care to explain why everyone knows everything about what’s wrong with my dad, just to let you know Jack’s devastated and cried himself to sleep”

“I’m sorry” she said in an equally quiet voice “I didn’t… I mean I… technically it wasn’t me who told everyone about your dad”

“What do you mean it wasn’t technically you” shouted Lily in disgust “Who the fuck did tell everybody then?”

“It was Hailey” Abi murmured again “She’s my best friend and I had to tell her when I found out, then when Oliver dumped me she said we should get revenge. I didn’t want too but she said you deserved it so she began telling people and it just spread like wildfire”

“Why the fuck did you even tell that little bitch in the first place” I shouted angrier than I ever had been in my life “Why the hell would you do that? I told you that under the belief that it was something you could keep to yourself, just between us”

“Hailey’s my best friend” Abi said in a voice that made me realize that even she knew that this was the worst excuse in the world “She made me tell her, I didn’t really want to do it”

“Well you certainly didn’t have too did you” I shouted “Thanks for ruining my life you stupid little cow, I’m well shot of you”

We turned and left

Heads held high. Except for Louis, because he fell over 

Chapter 44: Explosions
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Chapter Forty Four

The next week passed in a blur, a hazy taunting blur. It seemed all weekend all anybody could ask me was questions about my dad, what his condition was like and if he was crazy. Some people seemed genuinely curious and interested in his illness, the majority of Slytherin seemed to enjoy taunting Jack and I about it but what got to me the most was the people who expressed sympathy and pity. I hated it, a week ago I’d been Oliver Benson the slightly nerdy Gryffindor who no one had a problem with fast-forward a week and I was Oliver Benson the boy with a mental dad who’d had to raise his little brother because his mum had to look after said mentally ill dad. I hated it. I wanted things to get back to normal and I sure as hell hated Abi and Hailey.

Hailey was known to be a bitch, one of the biggest in the school and she could give Astoria a run for her money. The worst thing about Hailey was that she never, ever expressed any sorrow or remorse for things that she had done and if the blame was placed in her direction she passed it onto somebody else. In this case it was Abi who had learnt in a very hard way that Hailey was not all she’d seemed to be as a friend. Not that I had much or any sympathy for Abi, she’d betrayed me in the biggest way and it actually made me feel a lot less guilty about the way that our relationship had ended. I didn’t really know what was going on with Lily and I, we were speaking but both aware that the fight we’d had still lingered in the background and affected a lot of the way we were when we were around eachother.

Being in the sixth year I had it somewhat easier than Jack; except for the Slytherins most people in my year were mature and had some idea that this may not be an easy topic for me to talk about. My age also let me brush off comments from the younger students quite easily as well, unfortunately Jack couldn’t. He was twelve, a first year and quite a young one in terms of manner and behaviour at that and kids could be very mean at that age. I wanted to shield him from as much of it as I could but I was repeatedly told I couldn’t follow him around all day. Jack was very, very down and it tore me up inside. All of his friends had stopped talking to him, the only person in his year that would was Lucy Weasley, which meant he was around me and my friends a lot more which was good as I could at least keep an eye on him when he was with us.

What made things worse though was midway through the week Jack and I got news from mum that dad was ill in hospital with pneumonia. We both wanted to leave but Mum forbade it, we told Jack it was because she didn’t want us to worry over nothing but I was pulled to one side and told that Dad’s condition was quite serious. I was so worried but I put it to the back of my mind for Jack’s sake. He was my main focus

“Don’t worry Jack, I’m sure Adam and Ryder will start talking to you again soon” said Lucy in a upbeat tone of voice as we were all gathered around the fire in the common room the next Tuesday night “They told me they were feeling bad for ignoring you earlier”

“I don’t care” said Jack grumpily “If they were real friends then they would have still talked to me this week but it’s like they are embarrassed to be seen with me”. I cast an arm around my brother and let him rest his head on my shoulders

“I could kill the little morons” said Hugo darkly. Everyone raised their eyebrows “…I won’t actually do it though”

“I could kill Abi” said Dom “You know, I always thought that she was alright. What a bitch, of course we all already knew Hailey was”

“I’m surprised Lily’s gone a week without punching either of them” said Roxy

“The only reason I haven’t done is because I don’t want these two to have any more hassle” said Lily indicating Jack and I “But trust me I’ve had very graphic dreams in which those two have paid violently for what they have done”

“Funny” said Hugo “The only times those two have popped up in my dreams they’ve been having a half-naked pillow fight”

Rebecca hit him hard around the head

I laughed

For the first time in a week I actually laughed and smiled for real and not just in an attempt to boost Jack’s spirits. This is why I loved Hugo, always able to put a smile on my face even in the darkest of situations. Jack didn’t laugh though; he just stayed rested on my shoulder looking into the fire clearly wishing all of his problems away. It soon brought me back down to earth, how could I be happy when Jack was so miserable? I tightened my grip on him and for a second he looked confused but then he looked up at me and gave me a short smile he then wrapped his arms around me.

“I wish me and my brother got on as well as you two do” said Roxy enviously “Then again, Freddie does go and get me food from the Kitchens in the middle of the night. He uses it as a method to pick up girls on his way down mind you but still it’s a nice thing to do”

“James and I are quite close” mused Lily “I know he’s an arrogant dickhead at times, but I know there’s nothing in the world that he wouldn’t do for me. Albus too, don’t tell them because I need to pretend I hate them but I’d say I’m pretty lucky with my brothers”

“Louis’ cool” said Dom “I remember when I was younger and scared of the lightning storm going on and I went into his room and he let me sleep next to him in his bed. I guess it comes with being twins though sharing a uterus for nine months bonds you for life”

“Molly’s a bossy boots” huffed Lucy “But, she does make awesome pancakes”

“I’d love to get all sentimental about Rose, but the bitch is pregnant and somehow it’s my fault” said Hugo “So she can go to hell and back quite frankly, I mean who the hell gets that distressed over a milkshake”

Last week Rose had asked Hugo to go and make her a banana milkshake but he forgot and made her a chocolate one instead. His thanks was having it tipped all over his head in the middle of the common room. His hair still smelt like chocolate

We all laughed again, even Jack this time and seeing him with a smile on his face made me feel a lot brighter. Lily looked up at me and smiled, I knew she wanted to go and have a chat so I made my excuses and said I was going to bed. Around five minutes later Lily came into the dorm as I was getting changed

“Tough week” she said

“More for Jack than for me” I replied (half-naked I may add) “But I think it’s going to get better, beauty of going to a school like Hogwarts. Whilst it’s big enough for gossip to spread like wildfire it’s also small enough that anything constitutes for gossip and most things are forgotten in like one or two weeks”

“Benson the eternal optimist” said Lily sitting down on my bed “Never thought that I would see the day you got a positive outlook on life”

“Are you saying I’m negative” I asked

“No” said Lily “I think you’re just more realistic than most people and of course you are with your life, you need to be a little less serious Oliver and just let yourself have some fun without worrying about others all the time”

I sighed. I knew she was right but it was hard. Jack was the kind of kid who had to be taken to the Hospital Wing at least once a week because he’d been doing something stupid with his mates and everytime he did it worried me even though nine times out of ten it was nothing

“Looking good by the way” she said and for the first time I was aware I was stood in front of her in only underwear “You been working out or something, definitely a lot less weedy than you used to be”

“No just genetic muscle coming through” I replied

Lily snorted

“Genetic muscle” she repeated “You do crack me up Oliver. Look, about the other week it’s so stupid I shouldn’t be so uptight and worried about what my family will say. You are the most precious thing in the world to me and I’ll be damned if my family ruin it for us”

Soon enough we were kissing and this time there was no Abi and no guilt to stop us

Chapter 45: Mine
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 Chapter Forty Five

As creepy as it sounds, I really enjoyed watching Lily sleep the next morning. She looked beautiful as the faint January sun light shone into the dorm and highlighted her gorgeous raid her, slight freckles and her cute little button nose. I’d been pining for Lily since I was twelve years old and by some divine miracle my dreams had finally come true, not only had Lily and I slept together but there was nothing now to stop us becoming a couple. Girlfriend and Boyfriend. I was free, she was free and there was nothing left to stand in our way. I looked around the room; Hugo, Ryan and Ben weren’t in there though there beds had clearly been slept in, I looked at the clock and realized that it was nearly eleven in the morning. I knew I should get Lily up and get to class before we got in trouble but she looked so peaceful and beautiful I couldn’t bear to wake her up. I smiled and moved some of her hair from a face; a slight grin appeared on her face.

“Morning gorgeous” I said kissing her on the cheek. She turned to face me and kissed me back before stroking my face

“Never thought we’d get here” said Lily looking as if her wildest dreams had come true “You and me it always seemed like a fantasy that would never happen”

“Well it has so get used to it” I replied sticking my tongue out “So does this mean that you and I are… you know…”

“You know what” said Lily teasingly. Damn woman knew what she was doing

“Together… are you and I are together” I finished

“Well that depends” said Lily sitting up slightly and resting her head on my shoulders “Are you asking me if I want to be your girlfriend?”

“I suppose” I replied flicking her nose

“Good, because in that case the answer is yes” said Lily looking up at me “Yes Oliver of course I will be your girlfriend. Nothing in the world would make me happier; I don’t give a fuck if James or anyone reacts badly anymore. You are my boyfriend, I love you and anyone who has a problem with that can go to hell”

“Glad to hear it” I said with a yawn as I went into kiss her. We kissed for a few minutes until I began to feel a bit gross and decided to go for a shower. As I was standing in the shower I couldn’t help but smile to myself; I was Lily Potter’s boyfriend. Me, little Oliver Benson who’d fancied her since second year. The boy who’d written all those valentines cards to her, the boy who’d come so close to giving up because he felt she’d never love him back had finally got the girl of his dreams. I got out of the shower after fifteen minutes and noticed that Lily had fallen back to sleep, I kissed her forehead and tucked the covers over her. I lay down next to her and began thinking about the first time she and I had ever met, I must have drifted off to sleep or something because it suddenly felt like I was falling and falling.

The next thing I knew was I was at King’s Cross Station. I looked around the place and headed towards 9 ¾ and that’s when I saw us. My family. All of us; mum, Jack and I as well as Dad who at that point was still perfectly well. I wanted to go up and hug him but I knew I couldn’t, he was just a vision or a dream or whatever the hell this whole experience was. I walked towards my little family and watched the eleven year old me, a big gran plastered across his face, run through the barrier with his trollies for the first time. I followed my parents and the six year old Jack through and stayed with them as they said goodbye to my 11-year old self

“Now Ollie poo” said mum buttoning up her young son’s coat “Now I want you to have fun but I also want you to study hard. I know Hogwarts is exciting but it is a school as well”

Dad knelt down and patted the younger me on the back in a bone crushing hug. I remembered that hug well, this was the last time I saw dad before the symptoms of his illness began to come through. Eighteen months later he was virtually unrecognisable; I wanted to tell my eleven year old self to keep gripping onto dad, to never let him go and let him know that we’d always love him. But then I realized this me was 11, he didn’t know what the future held and he didn’t want to be seen being mushy with his parents in view of all his future school friends

As much as I wanted to stick with Dad, I followed my enthusiastic younger self onto the train and followed him as he keenly tried to find some fellow first years. I saw my first meeting with Hugo, Ryan and Ben and followed as they all sat down in a carriage. I then realized I was invisible to everyone as I fell over some kid’s bag with a thud and nobody seemed to notice. I looked around, I spotted a younger James shamelessly kissing a girl in only a way that a 13 year old could. Lots and lots of tongues. I also spotted a shy cute looking Abi sitting on her own with those god awful pig tails she used to have looking around for someone to talk too, I then saw Hailey come in and begin talking to her. I also witnessed a hilarious moment where Malfoy tried to get a carriage by announcing he was Draco Malfoy’ son, only for him to be hit in the face with an egg salad. I looked on the platform to see Roxy, Dom, and Louis looking envious as Victorie, a beautiful 16, boarded the train. I also saw Teddy have a lingering look at her bum. I chuckled to myself as I listened to the first conversation Hugo, Ben, Ryan and I all shared

“Well I think the pink poweranger is hot” said 11-year old Hugo. He always had been a horny little devil

The conversation soon turned to houses, subjects and families and that’s when Lily came in. As much as I wanted to amuse myself with seeing Lily’s ugly 11-year old pigtails in the flesh I instinctively looked towards my younger self as she entered our carriage and began shouting at Hugo for leaving her alone on the platform with Rose. Young Lily hit young Hugo over the head and introduced herself to younger Ben, Ryan and I. I was puzzled by younger Oliver’s reaction to Lily but then I remembered I (we’d) only started fancying her in the second year. First year was the year in which we were best mates. It made me sad that I’d forgotten that part of our relationship as I watched young Lily and the young me hit it off straight away.

“Oliver, Oliver wake up” hissed modern day Lily “Dude, you’ve been asleep for about three hours you lazy shit you do realize that we’ve missed all of our lessons”

“Well you could have gone I was the one asleep” I replied a bit pissed off to have been woken up from my dream, vision or possible schizophrenic fit

“I didn’t want to wake you up, you look very cute when you sleep” she said giving me a kiss on the lips “I’ve only been up an hour myself, we are so dead tomorrow you know”

“I know” I said taking Lily’s hand “But we will cross that bridge when we come to it Lils, I had the nicest dream though. I’m not sure if it was a dream or not actually, I was back at King’s Cross and I watched the first time we ever met”

“OK” said Lily looking confused “So what, you remembered it?”

“No it was more than a memory” I replied “Because it’s like I was actually there, I could touch things and see thing I had no recollection of happening”

“You are such a freak Oliver” said Lily giving me yet another kiss

“Who wants to be normal anyway” I replied. Lily nodded in agreement and dressed herself; she took me by the hand and led me out of the common room, the school grounds and down to the rock. Our rock. Our special place, the place I hadn’t been too for so long not since Lily had found me there with Abi

I climbed onto it and hoisted Lily up and we just sat there watching the world go by hand in hand. The entire world and the problems in it just seemed so irrelevant and far away from us at that time, it felt like it was only Lily and I in the world and I loved it. I loved her, and she was finally mine

Chapter 46: Interview
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 Chapter Forty Six

“So you two are like together” asked Dom after Lily and I had finished kissing in front of them all at dinner

“Why yes brains of Britain what gave it away” Lily replied scathingly. Dom chucked a grape at her

“You guys having a full on make out session in public” whispered Al angrily “Look, I have no problem with you two going out but do you have to be so… publicly passionate”

“Chill will you Al” said Lily “We’re in love, you should try the whole emotional and feelings thing some time bro you might enjoy it”

I smirked but Al gave me a cross look so I merely looked at the ground and then to Hugo who shrugged and gave me a ‘if you must’ kind of look. It had been Lily’s idea to announce our relationship to the school through a passionate public kiss than tell everyone; I hadn’t been too keen on the idea but it sure as hell seemed easier and a lot less irritating than having to explaining it to anyone with an interest. Lily was a Potter, everyone was going to interested

“This is so great” squealed Rebecca “You two together means we can finally double date and shit like that, oh my god this is going to be so great”

“Chill Becca” said Dom with a smirk “You seem to be more excited about these two being together than they are”

“Not possible” said Lily with a satisfied smile as she kissed me on the lips once again. Malfoy walked passed us and coughed loudly but then Louis, being the lovely legend he is, stuck his foot out and Malfoy went flying. The whole hall erupted in laughter as a red faced and furious Malfoy picked himself off the floor and ran out of the great hall followed by his Slytherin cronies. Louis looked incredibly pleased with himself. As expected the news that Lily Potter and I were in a relationship didn’t only just spread around Hogwarts like wildfire, it spread around the wizarding world fast than anyone realized news could travel. Lorcan Scamander, one he’d seen Lily and I kiss, called his mother at the Quibbler who immediately put out a story surrounding Lily and I that was almost entirely inaccurate due to Lorcan’s complete lack of knowledge regarding the relationship between Lily and I

But despite the inaccuracy’s in the article it was enough to set the ball in motion and soon enough every print in the country seemed to be reporting the story on some level. I felt really uncomfortable with the whole situation and was terrified that my father’s condition could become even more well-known as it only took one journalist to do some background digging for that to all come out. Lily seemed pretty laid back about it all which worried me however Hugo reminded me that Lily, and the rest of her family, were used to the constant press intrusion in their lives. I wasn’t, nobody prepared me and journalist scared the shit out of me

“Oliver Benson?” an attractive middle aged woman approached me as I walked down towards the rock one evening the next week “Hi, I’m Caitlin Darcy editor of Witch Weekly I just wondered if you would like to answer a few questions for us”

I wanted to run away but for some reason, most likely me hating to say no or disappoint people, I stayed and told Caitlin Darcy that I would be happy to give her an interview when I learnt that I would be getting paid for it. Caitlin led me to Hagrid’s Hut where she and her team had been staying for the past three days whilst Hagrid was off doing whatever half-giants do when they go on Holiday to France with Madame Maxine

“You do know this is technically squatting” I observed as I was sat down at the little table in the centre of the hut. I’d always wondered how Hagrid being the size he was managed to live seemingly comfortably in such a little hut

Caitlin laughed but I couldn’t tell if it was genuine. It probably wasn’t

“So Oliver tell us about yourself” said Caitlin taking out a quill and some paper “Don’t worry I’m not like that horror Rita Skeeter, I want to know about you, paint a picture of the boy who has stolen Lily Potter’s heart. Because Oliver, it seems to us that as a whole the nation is very protective of the Potter family and would hate to see Lily get hurt”

“Well” I stammered “What… what would you like to know”

“How did Lily and yourself first meet” asked Caitlin

“Oh right, easy enough, we met on the train to Hogwarts in first year” I began “I was sitting with Hugo and two other friends when Lily came in and started shouting at him for leaving her with Rose on a platform. I thought she was hilarious, we began talking and the rest is kind of history”

Caitlin nodded

“So was it a love at first sight kind of encounter” she asked

“Not really” I replied, the more I talked to Caitlin the more trustworthy she seemed to me “Lily and I were best friends after we first met and it was like that for about two years. We talked to eachother about anything and everything; we knew eachother’s deepest darkest fears, we were pretty much inseparable”

“So when did you first start to notice you feelings for Miss Potter were changing” was Caitlin’s next question

“Well, I knew I liked her by the end of second year” I said “But I don’t think it was really ever a crush until third or maybe even fourth year, but even then it was only me crushing on her I don’t think she felt the same back about me”

“Well this is all very interesting” said Caitlin “Let’s just leave the Lily situation for the time being and learn a little bit more about you as a person Oliver, really paint a picture of yourself – what are your favourite subjects or pass times”

I sighed

“Ermm, I like studying Defence, Transfiguration and Charms” Caitlin smiled and jotted down my answers “I have to admit I do quite like History of Magic as well as geeky as that sounds, I am a bit of a geek to be honest which was why I never felt I was good enough for Lily”

“I’m sure your good enough for her” said Caitlin and for the first time I felt as if she was being truly genuine in what she was saying to me now. “Now, Oliver, it’s no secret that James and Albus Potter are notoriously protective of their younger sister does this worry you”

“In all honesty no” I said with a shrug “I’m not scared because at the end of the day, Lily and I love eachother and there’s nothing anyone can do that will tear us apart. Al already knows and he’s been fine about it, I’m not too sure how James will react but I hope he can respect that I love Lily and I’ll never hurt her in a million years”

Caitlin smiled and nodded “And Lily’s parents I suppose are fine-“

“Yeah Harry and Ginny are cool” I replied “They’ve known me since I was eleven years old so they know I’m not a bad guy and Ginny told me she’d always thought Lily and I would get together in the end, I just hope they trust me enough with her”

“I’m sure they will” said Caitlin “In all honesty Mr. Benson you seem to be a very well-mannered and polite young man you’re a credit to your parents and whilst we’re talking about your parents…”

“No” I interjected immediately “I’m all for the public getting to know me as Lily’s boyfriend but the stuff the goes on between me and my family is very private and you’ll never find me talking about it, it’s never going to happen so don’t even try”

Caitlin nodded once again “I can respect that”

Half an hour and the interview was done, I left Hagrid’s Hut satisfied with myself

Chapter 47: Desperate Times
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 Chapter Forty Seven

At first glance Oliver Benson is your typical seventeen year old wizard. He’s funny, charming and sweet but at the same time quite shy, awkward and has a tendency to mumble his words when uncomfortable. One of the first things we noticed about Oliver was his good-looks, it’s certainly not hard to see why Lily Potter would fall for this boy and we have to admit we’re finding ourselves strangely attracted to Lily’s new beau and what’s more there is no denying that Oliver is really and truly in love with her. His little face lit up everytime her name was mentioned and he talked passionately about her, he remembers the first words they ever spoke to eachother, the first time he realizes he saw her as more of a friend and can remember the exact time and date of their first kiss. Yes, Ladies and – who are we kidding, what boy’s gonna be reading this? Oliver Benson is the real deal

I was very pleased with how well my interview had turned out and I had been paid quite a lot of money for it as well, Caitlin had stuck to her word and had kept out any information about my family and just kept it all about Lily and I. I felt like a celebrity all of a sudden as I was asked to sign many copies of that edition of Witch Weekly though I gathered that Lily was not best pleased I’d given an interview without telling her but she soon got over it when I took her out for an amazing meal in Hogsmeade.

Jack was back to his usual chirpy self which made me happy but I found myself missing his company a lot more than usual and from what I could tell he was still getting a fair amount of shit from people in his year and the second year. It was early February and Rose’s pregnancy mood swings had well and truly set in and poor Hugo was the one at the full brunt of it, he was really depressed over the whole thing and it was quite disturbing to see as he was always the one who made other people laugh in times of crisis. But Hugo was pretty much completely defeated as he stuck up for Rose all the time at school but no thanks as she would then snap at him and treat him like shit whenever she saw him. Rebecca said many times that she would have hit Rose for the way she was treating him if Rose hadn’t been pregnant.

“Oliver, hey, Oliver” Albus shouted as I walked alone to Transfiguration one Wednesday afternoon, Al was dressed in his Quidditch uniform “Oliver stop I need a word for you”

“It was Ben’s idea to place that lizard in Abi’s duvet”


“Nothing… so what do you want”

“Gryffindor keeper is out” panted Albus “He took a bludgers to the head in practice yesterday, been out in the hospital wing since so I’m down a keeper two days before the biggest match of the season so far”

“Wow, that sucks for you” I replied as we began walking again

“Yeah, yeah it does” sighed Albus “So I was wondering…”


“No as in yes”

“No as in no” I replied “Al there is no way I can fill in being keeper two days before a big match, besides I’m not nearly good enough”

“You’re better than you think you are” said Al “And I need someone right away, you’re quick on a broom, you can catch and I’ve seen you play keeper at home so I know you’re good enough”

“But they’re friendlies!” I exclaimed, playing Quidditch in front of people was my third worst fear after death and the Smurfs “They’re not competitive, even James holds back when we’re playing at yours”

“Oliver, I know stuff like this makes you nervous” said Albus practically pleading with me now “But seriously you’re the only other person I know with the talent at such short notice. Please, Oliver this could cost Gryffindor the whole tournament and I promised James I’d get us the hatrick this year”

“Fine” I sighed “But you owe me big time”

“You’re the one shagging my sister” said Al with a smirk “If anything you are the one who owes me something”

“Me and Lily are hardly at it like rabbits” I exclaimed probably a little too loudly

“Yeah, yeah just be careful Ollie the last thing we need is another pregnancy” said Al as he ran off to catch up with some of his friends. I walked into the Transfiguration classroom where I groaned as I noticed that I was the second person to arrive there. The first person to have arrived was Abi who sighed and looked mortified as I sat as far away from her as possible. The whole situation was exceedingly awkward. There were so many things I wanted to say to her, I wanted to tell her how much damage she’d done to Jack who was still getting bullied but I also weirdly felt as if I should apologise to her as the way I broke up with her was so sudden and it can’t have been pleasant for her.

In reality it must have only been about five minutes before anyone else came in but it felt like an eternity and I breathed a sigh of relief  when Lily and Hugo came and sat down on either side of me, both giving Abi the dirtiest looks as they did so. Hugo was sporting quite a nasty cut on his cheek and seemed miserable, he didn’t speak for the whole hour long lesson and when it was over he simply packed up his stuff and left the classroom. I tried to follow after him but Lily pulled me back

“Rose slapped him” she said “Astoria said something to her, she was upset and Hugo just kind of exploded at her. He told her that she was stupid for getting herself pregnant and that he was the one getting it from all angles. They had a massive argument and she ended up slapping him in the face. She’s crying in her dorm now, I was with her that’s why I missed charms”

“What do you mean he’s getting it from all angles?” I asked

“Ron’s been on to him to look after Rose a bit more, which is a bit rich if you ask me considering he hasn’t spoken to Rose since this all came out” said Lily with a sigh “He’s getting loads of shit from kids at school and on top of it all Rose the one person who he’s suffering for is treating him like shit as well”

I felt guilty

Really guilty

I’d been so focused on my own problems that I’d completely ignored that fact that Hugo was bloody miserable as well. Some best friend I was.

“I should go and find him” I said “Check he’s alright”

“Na, leave him for a bit” said Lily “If he doesn’t show up for Potions go and find him then, you know Hugo he’s probably just gone to the kitchens and he’s stuffing his face with chocolate pudding as we speak”

“Awww you’re so kind and nice” I said

“And beautiful too” asked Lily

“Of course” I said giving her a kiss on the lips “Am I a good kisser”

“The best” replied Lily

I kissed Lily again not realising Abi and Hailey were right behind us

“You’ve got some nerve” hissed Hailey

“Shut up” Abi groaned in a whisper

“Excuse me” asked Lily in her most fierce voice. Hailey flinched but stood her ground; I admired her bravery if Lily ever spoke to me like that I’d be running for the hills “Got nerve? How?”

“Flaunting your relationship about in front of Abi” said Hailey “Bit sick if you ask me after what you two did to her”

“Nothing on what she’s done to Oliver and Jack” shouted Lily. They were gathering a crowd now. Fred even coungered up some popcorn and a deckchair for himself and Louis and both sat down looking on in fascination “Jack is in tears every other night because of what you two bitches have done”

“Is he” asked Abi sounding horrified. She looked towards me. I just shrugged at her

“Yeah, yeah he is” said Lily angrily “That’s because of you”

“Because of you more like” said Hailey with in a ‘for you information’ kind of way “If you’d never stolen Abi’s boyfriend from her then this would never have happened”

“Oh really” shouted Lily “Look, what Oliver and I did wasn’t great but at least we never set out to hurt anyone… it just happened, whereas you two knew what telling everyone about Oliver’s dad would do it’s evil and just spiteful”

“Oh what like you” screeched Hailey “You and your family make me sick Potter, you all think you’re so great because daddy-kins saved everyone. You’re so high and mighty when actually you’re nothing more than white trash… for god sake your slag of a cousin is pregnant at seventeen”

That did it

Lily threw herself at Hailey was they entered the most vicious catfight I’d ever witnessed in my life. It wasn’t even hot or funny it was plain scary and both girls were giving there all to beat the other but it was clear Lily had the upper hand here. I tried to intervene and split them up with Ryan but we both backed off after being kicked quite hard in the shins.

“Expeliarmus” shouted Teddy as he turned the corner and saw the fight. It was still very strange seeing Teddy as a teacher. Lily and Hailey were thrown apart and I just about managed to grab onto Lily before she ran back towards Hailey who was being held back by Malfoy although he looked as if he wanted to let her go. Teddy then frogmarched Lily and Hailey to the headmaster’s office and as the crowd dispersed only Abi and I were left. We both stood there in shock and looked at eachother

“Oliver I’m so sorry” she said

“Save it” I said picking up my bag and walking off. I was already twenty minutes for Potions and figured there was no point even going so I set off looking for Hugo. I checked everywhere; the toilets, the kitchens, the Quidditch pitch, the common room, the dorm, the room of requirement and every available classroom and I couldn’t find him anywhere

I ventured outside telling myself he’d probably snook off to Hagrid’s Hut where he always went if he was in trouble and needed to hide from an angry on the warpath Rose. He wasn’t in Hagrid’s Hut and as it had taken over two hours to search the castle for him it was getting dark now and I was worried

Then I found him

On the outskirts of the forbidden forest, face down and unconscious on the ground. I dropped my bag and ran over to him shaking him desperately

“HUGO!” I shouted “Hugo, wake up mate. Wake up. HELP. SOMEONE HELP”

Chapter 48: Friends and Enemies
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 Chapter Forty-Eight

I continued crying for help but no one came and Hugo remained as motionless as he was before, he was breathing still but he was very cold. I looked at my watch and was shocked to see it was almost 8pm and Hugo had been gone for almost five hours and could have been lying out in the cold for all that time. I took off my jacket and put it around my unconscious friend and tried to lift him up but I wasn’t strong enough

“SOMEONE HELP” I called out again and this time there was actually a reply and someone was running towards us with a torch. I held onto Hugo’s ice cold hand as whoever had heard me came into view. I was shocked to see that it was Scorpious Malfoy but this wasn’t the time to be picky about who was coming to help me. Malfoy rolled his eyes when he saw me but looked horrified when he directed the light towards the floor and noticed Hugo’s unconscious body. He practically went white

“What’s happened” asked Malfoy as he bent down and knelt over Hugo’s body

“I don’t know” I said “He was in a mood all day because he had a fight with Rose, he stormed off after Transfiguration and no one saw him for hours. I looked for him for a while and then found him like this”

“He is alive isn’t he” asked Malfoy

“Yeah” I said feeling Hugo’s wrist “There is a pulse but it’s weak, we need to get him to the hospital wing as soon as”

“Right then” said Malfoy putting his torch to one side “Come on, I’ll take his legs and you take his arms” We hoisted Hugo up and began to walk him back into the school together though we didn’t speak once. It was clear Malfoy was genuinely concerned for Hugo as he kept looking back over his shoulder at him, occasionally he’d look at me and seem as if he was about to say something reassuring but he never did. He didn’t need to; I knew what he was thinking all the same. About halfway up to the school we bumped into Hagrid who duly carried Hugo the rest of the way for us

“What on earth has happened to him” asked Nurse Mason as Hagrid placed Hugo down on a bed in the hospital wing “He’s as cold as ice, what the hell was he doing outside at night in this cold?”

“I don’t know” I said looking at Hugo and feeling a mixture of guilt, horror and sadness “He missed last period because he had a fight with his sister and he was upset, afterwards I tried to look for him but couldn’t find him anywhere. I was looking around for hours and then I just found him like this by the forbidden forest”

“You don’t think he’s been attacked do you” asked Hagrid

“No, no I wouldn’t say so” said Nurse Mason “He doesn’t seem to have been anyway, except for this scratch on his face he hasn’t got a mark on him. This simply looks as if he’s collapsed it’s just why he’s collapsed I’m more concerned with”

“I’m gonna go and get Rose” Malfoy whispered in my ear and with that he was gone. I wanted to thank him as I knew he probably wouldn’t come back tonight but I reasoned it could wait until the morning.

“Oliver, does Hugo have a history of this?” asked Nurse Mason

“Not that I know of” I answered unable to take my eyes off my best friend’s lifeless body “He is going to be okay isn’t he Nurse Mason”

“Hopefully” was her reply “But you can never tell with something like this, it may well be something eternal that was can’t see. Hagrid, could you go and get the headmaster and Teddy Lupin for me please”

“Yes of course” said Hagrid who winked at me in a reassuring manner as he left the hospital wing. I just wanted to break down and cry but I knew I’d have to keep strong for the rest of the Weasley’s when they arrived. I was sick of being strong for people

“He could’ve been attacked I suppose” said Nurse Mason “By a spell or something, oh heavens this would happen my first month in the bloody job wouldn’t it”

“You’re doing really well” I said with a smile. She smiled back at me

At that moment Rose, Lily, Rebecca and Al all burst through the doors and ran towards us. Rose burst into tears the second she laid her eyes on her little brother, Rebecca just looked numb and went and sat by her boyfriend taking his hand, Lily embraced me in a massive hug and began to cry as Al started questioning Nurse Mason and I about what had happened. I wished I could have told them more but I just didn’t know. I didn’t know why he was outside alone at that time of night. I didn’t know if he was attacked or had just collapsed and I didn’t know if he was going to live or not. He sure as hell didn’t look healthy, he was practically blue

Teddy, Nev and Professor Acaroid the headmaster then came in and asked us all if we’d leave except for Rose as her parents would be soon arriving. It was past midnight by this point and Lily, Rebecca, Albus and I were all very aware that there was no point in any of us trying to get to sleep now so we just stayed by the fire in the common room. Lily sat on my knee and buried her head in my chest like she normally did while she was upset whilst Al tried his best to keep a hysterical Rebecca calm

Dom, Roxy, Freddie and Louis joined us after a while after deciding themselves that there was no point them trying to sleep either.

“Fucking classic Hugo” said Freddie “Don’t look at me like that Lil you know I love the guy but come on this is Hugo overall. Keeping us all worried, on our toes all the time wondering what stupid thing will happen next”

“This is more than him just being hyperactive you tool” said Lily angrily “This isn’t like he’s fallen out of a tree again or passed out drunk on the floor, he’s down there and nobody knows if he’s going to live or die”

“Is it really that bad” asked Louis in a timid voice. Al nodded. Louis would have burst into tears if Dom hadn’t pulled him into a hug

“This is my fault” I said. It was my fault “I should have been keeping an eye on him, making sure he was OK not worrying about my own stupid problems. He was suffering and I did nothing to help him”

“Things were bad for you though” said Rebecca “Hailey had told everybody about your dad and Jack was getting bullied of course you were distracted, this is Rose’s fault if anyone is to blame she’s been treating him like shit for weeks and I’ll tell her when I see her next”

“Don’t Bex” said Al “She’s already upset enough and I think she knows that people are going to blame her when everyone finds out, it’s not gonna help if you two get into a fight”

“Speaking of fights” I piped up suddenly remembering Lily’s fight with Hailey from earlier in the day “Lily, you didn’t get into too much trouble for fighting Hailey did you?”

“Not after I put on the waterworks” said Lily with a grin “Nev’s just given me a week’s detention and a warning saying that if I do this again my punishment will be a lot more severe”

“You got lucky” I said

“I am lucky” she said “Because I have you and I know you’ll always be here for me. You’ll always be here for everyone”

I glanced around at the rest of the Weasley’s and they all smiled back at me. They really were my family and I loved each and every one of them. The topic soon shifted to everyone remembering funny stories about Hugo and the night ended up with lots of laughter as we all reminisced over all of the crazy stuff Hugo had got up to over the years. The bungee jump off the top of the Astronomy tower in fourth year definitely topped it though


I woke up at about 11am the next morning, a Saturday, to find Lily still curled up on my lap deep asleep. I stroked her gorgeous ginger hair and thought to myself how lucky I was to have her, we were the only ones left in the common room and as much as I wanted to go and check on Hugo I didn’t want Lily to wake up alone worried about Hugo so I sat back and watched what was left of the fire from last night burn away. Jack came in with a few friends and approached me, he looked worried

“Is it true what everyone’s saying about Hugo” he asked in almost a whisper “Millie Collins told me that he was dead, he’s not dead is he Oliver?”

“No mate, he’s not dead” I said with a smile taking my little brother’s hand “No he’s just ill and there doing everything to make him better”. I cried a little bit, Jack loved Hugo almost as much as I did but for once the roles between us seemed to have been swapped around as soon enough it was Jack hugging me and telling me that everything was going to be ok.

Lily woke up around half an hour later and the first thing we did was go down to the hospital wing to check on Hugo. Nurse Mason told us that we weren’t allowed to see him yet as Hermione, Ron, Ron’s parents and Rose were all still with him and wanted to be alone for a while. I was just grateful that he was still alive but from Nurse Mason’s body language I could tell that Hugo’s condition was still very serious. Lily cried on me for a bit before I dragged her off to Hogsmeade

“Oliver I really don’t think that I’m in the mood for this” she said as we sat down in the Three Broomsticks pub with a butterbeer each “It doesn’t feel right coming out drinking when my cousin’s fighting for his life up there”

“I know it’s hard, believe me” I said “Dad’s given us a scare plenty of times, luckily he’s recovered from his latest bate of pneumonia and I’m sure that Hugo will too. The thing is, during those times when you’re sitting around waiting for news the best thing you can do is be distracted taking you mind off it really does help”

“But what if… Oliver what if Hugo dies” squeaked Lily barely able to say the words herself. I took her hand and looked at her deep in the eye

“In the very unlikely event that Hugo should die, and then I will stick by you and support you and all of your family one hundred percent” I told her with all honesty. I wanted this to make her feel better but it only made her cry more

“I love you” she said “You’re the kindest, biggest hearted boy I’ve ever met in my life. I’m sorry it took us so long to get to where we are now”

“At least we finally got there” I said “Some people never do, they spend the rest of their lives married to people that they don’t really love or don’t love as much as they love someone else. We’ll never have that; you’re the one for me”

“You’re the one for me too” said Lily “Lily Benson may sound like the name of a supermarket chain but I really want it to be my name one day”

“And someday it will be” I said

After a few hours in the village Lily was in a much better mood as we walked back to the hospital with the intention of visiting Hugo with chocolate, flowers and big cuddly teddy bear. Hand in hand we walked up through the snow and we’d just reached the ground when I spotted Malfoy who I realised I hadn’t thanked yet for his help the night before

Lily couldn’t have looked more surprised as I called him over. Malfoy came over with a slight grin on his face and for the first time in my life I didn’t feel like punching him in the mouth

“I just wanted to say thank you for last night” I told him “I’m pretty sure it’d have been too late for Hugo if you hadn’t arrived on time”

“It was nothing” said Malfoy “Never thought I’d see the day I’d willingly help a Weasley though… Lily, how are you?”

“Fine” she replied rather coldly. She was clearly feeling rather awkward

“So, where do we go from here” asked Malfoy “I don’t suppose we can be enemies any more now, and I have nothing against you anymore really something like this puts life into perspective. I have no reason to hate you”

“Me either” I said with a shrug “And I’m not saying we’ll be best friends but I suppose from now on we can at least be civil”

“Sure” said Malfoy offering me his hand. I shook it

Chapter 49: Musings
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 Chapter Forty-Nine

Lily and I returned to the hospital wing to find, to our relief, that Hugo had made massive improvements throughout the day and although he was still unconscious he should make a full recovery.

“Oh Oliver I don’t know how I can ever thank you” said Hermione Weasley giving me a massive hug and smothering me with kisses on the face when she laid her eyes on me “If you hadn’t found Hugo when you did he could have died!”

“I was just in the right place at the right time” I shrugged. Hermione kissed me on the cheek again before looking in my eyes

“Well thank god you were” said Hermione with a yawn “Ron’s gone to find us a room in Hogsmeade and Rose has gone to bed and I am so tired but I don’t want to leave just in case Hugo wakes up”

“We’ll stay with him” said Lily with a smile and Hermione left after not much more persuading hardly surprising considering how tired she looked. Lily and I sat next to Hugo’s bed. He simply looked asleep and peaceful albeit still a bit pale and I thought to myself how lucky I was to have Hugo Weasley as a best friend. Having nearly lost him I’d been thinking about how much he’d done for me and Jack over the years and how often he’d put his own health and safety at risk just to do something for us.

“I’m gonna kill him when he wakes up” said Lily “What the hell was the stupid idiot doing? Out that late at night, no coat, drinking something bad was bound to happen to him”

“That’s what I’m worried about” I said “What if he meant to do it? What if he took himself off to such an obscure place because he didn’t want anyone to find him?”

Lily nodded and squeezed my hand, it was clear that she had been thinking the very same thing. Hours passed and Hugo didn’t wake up so Lily and I just talked pretty much about everything we could think of; how I couldn’t believe that Scorpious and I were now OK with eachother, how Lily genuinely had no clue about who the father of Rose’s baby was and we spent about half an hour trying to figure out who it could be

We eventually narrowed it down to Filch

I really hoped that wasn’t true. Time passed and Hugo still didn’t stir and eventually Lily fell asleep on me so I carried her onto another bed and left her alone to sleep. Making my way back to Hugo, I thought of my own father and how many times I’d seen him in hospital practically at deaths door like Hugo. It’s not something that you ever manage to get used to and in a way seeing Hugo in the same situation was sadder because he was so young and had a lot to look forward to in his life. Hugo was a bright kid, exceptionally bright when he wanted to be, but he was just so god damn lazy that you wouldn’t know it.

Hugo never judged anyone; he judged people less than I did. Even James who he didn’t particularly like Hugo never was outright nasty or rude to him he just glared angrily occasionally and tutted whenever James said anything over the top and self-righteous (which was a lot of the time). Everyone loved Hugo at school, Albus reckoned that if the family weren’t famous and they were all just normal kids then Hugo would probably be the only one as popular as they all were. I agreed, it was near impossible not to like Hugo he was just one of those people you come across in life that you just immediately gravitate to. It’s hard to explain why; there’s just something about those kind of people and Hugo Weasley was definitely one of them.

It’s why Ron Weasley annoyed me so much on occasion. He was constantly striving for Hugo to be better; to be more like James, Teddy or Fred, to be the perfect Quidditch player and be the perfect son which was never going to happen. Hugo was just… Hugo and pretty damn amazing at that and it pissed me off so much that Ron blatantly couldn’t see the wonderful son that he had before him, neither could Rose see that she had an amazing brother. She just passed him off as a pig headed moron who didn’t care about anything or anyone but himself it was like she’d been walking around for sixteen years with her eyes shut and her ears not working. Hugo knew all of this and I gathered that it was probably the reason that this had happened: He was sick. Sick of being the dog that the Weasley/Potter family seemed to enjoy kicking because he wasn’t simply outstanding in anyway; he was just a normal kid in an extraordinary family. The shallow tabloid magazines often liked to rank the Potter cousins on various things such as looks, talent, date worthiness, intelligence, style and many other shallow things and Hugo often always came out last. Because he wasn’t as good looking as Al or Louis, because he wasn’t as intelligent as Rose and Molly, because he wasn’t as talented as James or Fred and because he didn’t have the star quality or charisma of Lily or Dom. He was just a kid; a good-looking one who was just a little above average in everything kid. But that’s not good enough when you’re a member of the Potter/Weasley family and it’s not their fault

They’re put on a pedestal and are expected to be the best at everything. Some of them were, some of them weren’t and Hugo was firmly in the second category. If he wasn’t called ‘boring’, ‘pointless’ or ‘the extra one’ in the press he was either completely forgotten about or made fun of for the birth mark he had on his neck and stuff like that takes its toll. Hugo had experienced that all of his life and he said it didn’t bother him, he wanted to be just normal, but it was clear that it did. Imagine being voted the ugliest in your family or the guy the least amount of girls would want to date (not that girls didn’t want to date him) and then when you did get a girlfriend everyone questions the mental health of that girlfriend and he’d been suffering. He’d been suffering in silence and I’d failed him. Lily had failed him. Rose had failed him. Ron had failed him. Pretty much everybody had failed him. The sad thing is we all knew nothing would change for Hugo following this, if James had been the one landed in hospital the press would be all over it but because it was Hugo it had received minimal attention. A side column in the middle of the Daily Prophet in between an article on magic weed killer and a piece about shamed Order member Mundungus Fletcher

At about 2.30am I was still awake and had been talking to the unconscious Hugo for about two hours with his hand in mine as I did so. Lily was fast asleep on the next bed and I was about to go and join her when Hugo suddenly gripped my hand. He groaned and I called for the nurse

“Soppy git” he mumbled as his eyes opened for the first time. I nearly burst into tears as he gave me one of his biggest, cheeky smiles. Hugo Weasley was back, and this time I was going to be a better friend to him

Sorry for the long wait between chapters at the minute; hopefully my life will sort itself out soon but I’ve got final exams coming up plus I’m moving apartments and my computer is slowly dying a death

Also sorry that this is a bit of a crappy filler chapter, I had serious writers block

Also, next chapter is a special chapter as it’s the 50th one. It’ll be written from Lily’s point of view

Chapter 50: Rock Bottom (Lily's Chapter)
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 Warning: This chapter contains content some people may find upsetting

Chapter Fifty

Lily’s point of view

I had expected Hugo to go back to his old self pretty much straight away but that unfortunately did not seem to be the case. Oliver and I went to sit with him a lot over the next week or so expecting him to be his usual jokey self but he wasn’t; he was shy, quiet and was downright depressed and he only seemed to be getting worse as the week went on. I was seriously worried. Hugo was like a younger brother to me; though I spent more time with Dominique and Rose it was Hugo who was my favourite cousin. I suppose that’s what comes with being born closest to one another; we’d always been paired together ever since we were little and we’d kind of bonded because of it. Not to mention the fact that our mothers were best friends so we spent a lot of time around eachother and we both were the youngest out of our siblings so found solace in playing with someone our own age

I love my brothers but they’d never truly been there for me in the way that Hugo had. James outright refused to acknowledge that I had pretty much done with puberty and was into boys whilst Al always got extremely clammy and nervous around me whenever I tried to bring the subject up with him. They never understood me and I had been in situations with a lot of relationship trouble and I wanted someone, a guy who wasn’t my dad or brothers to talk to, it used to be Oliver but things had changed between us so Hugo stepped in. I remember the first time it happened; in September of sixth year when I’d just begun seeing Malfoy. A decision I regretted in that instant and to this day still can’t fathom why I even considered him. I was trying to make Oliver jealous but it didn’t quite work and Malfoy was a royal jerk to me.

I was sat crying alone in the Gryffindor common room. It was either the last week of September or the first week of October and I had just come back from the Slytherin common room where Scorp and I had been getting intimate. He’d come on a bit too strong, nothing dodgy or anything he’s not that bad, but it freaked me out and I had legged it from the common room in tears. I wanted Oliver. All I could think of was Oliver and how I wanted him to hold me and look after and kiss me. I had just realized I was in love with him and I needed him. But when I got back to the common room it was empty, it was a Hogsmeade weekend and all the first and second years were outside as it was still abnormally nice weather outside. So I curled up alone on the sofa and just began to cry. I was crying because I’d pushed the boy I loved away and I was crying because I had chosen to date someone who had no respect for me and my family. He only wanted me for my body, that much was clear and I knew I couldn’t tell anybody. Al and the rest of the boys would freak out and attack him and the girls would be furious with me for even considering Malfoy. I was trapped and I certainly couldn’t tell my mum, dad or any of my aunts or uncles. I definitely couldn’t tell Oliver what I was doing. It was just me. Or so I thought

Ten minutes later Hugo walked in, chuckling to himself about something or other in his way; he noticed me crying on the sofa and immediately walked over. I sat up. He gave me one of his “Hugo looks” which told me whatever it was would be OK with him and also told me that I didn’t have to tell him and that I could just cry on him for a while if I wanted. I did. For about half an hour, it actually got kind of awkward and embarrassing

“What’s up” he asked

“If I tell you something, you have to promise not to speak a word to anybody” I told him

“Not even Oliver” asked Hugo “I always tell Oliver everything”

“Especially not him” I insisted. Hugo nodded and I told him. I told him everything. I told him how I was in love with Oliver, how I’d probably been in love with him all along but had only just realized, I told him about how badly I’d treated Oliver whilst I’d known he fancied me, I told him about me and Malfoy and what had happened between us that morning. I expected him to go ballistic and throw something or do something violent to Malfoy. But he didn’t. He said “Right” nodded and continued to hug me. We then chatted for a few hours like old friends, we laughed over memories together and he told me that he really fancied Rebecca and wanted to date her but he felt she was out of his league. I told him to go for it; having been in the same dorm as Rebecca for the best part of six years I knew about her fancying Hugo since the second she had first seen him on the Hogwarts express. I told him he was good enough for Rebecca, I actually told him he was too good for her, that he was too good for any girl but he didn’t believe me. That’s when I first noticed there was more to my cousin than met the eye.

That’s when I should have been there for him and helped him, it was clear to me that Hugo was suffering at that moment but I did nothing to help him. Instead I focused on myself and my stupid relationship drama’s and I continued to mess things up for Oliver and Abi. I had felt bad about that until we all found out what a manipulative and spiteful cow Abigail Clayton really was underneath her nice girl act; I had suspected something wasn’t right with her all along and it wasn’t just because she was dating the guy I was in love with. In time, I finished with Malfoy and concentrated on Oliver. I don’t think Hugo was all that pleased with our behaviour in the whole thing but he recognized we were in love and let us be happy and didn’t cause any problems for us. Then came the announcement

I couldn’t believe it when I found out Rose was pregnant. Rose of all people! The girl who seemed to regard me as a slut for years, OK maybe slut is a bit excessive but she did certainly think I was looser than I should have been. I spoke to Hugo a lot after she announced her pregnancy and I tried to defend him when Uncle Ron tried to blame the whole thing on him; he said that Hugo should’ve kept his eye on Rose more and made sure she wasn’t  hanging around with inappropriate lads. That was the first time in my life, well over the age of two that I’d actually seen Hugo get emotional and cry. It was disturbing, very disturbing. Here was Hugo, a boy who lived life to the full and didn’t take things seriously breaking down and sobbing in front of me; when he looked at me it was if his eyes were begging me for help. But then, Oliver and I had our row and I was soon distracted. For such stupid reasons as well and the distractions kept on coming when Hailey and Abi told everybody about Oliver and Jack’s father.

What is worse is that I was still lying to Hugo and Oliver as well, because a few weeks before Rose had told Dom and me who the father of her baby was. I was shocked. Dom was shocked (and nothing shocks her). We couldn’t believe how stupid Rose had been. How stupid they both had been. How was I meant to tell my cousin, my brother and my boyfriend that the guy who got Rose pregnant was one of their best friends?

Then, the next thing I knew Hugo was on deaths door in the hospital wing. Rebecca was beside herself as were Oliver and Rose and I supported them, it was ironic in a way that the only person I wanted to talk to about Hugo’s collapse was Hugo himself. I wanted answers, I wanted to know why it happened but he wouldn’t open up


“Lily?” asked Hugo waking up. It was a sunny Saturday afternoon in late March and I had told Oliver to go and have some fun with everyone else in the lake. I didn’t much fancy it and due to my ginger hair and pale complexion I often sunburnt easily as well “Where is everyone?”

“They’re outside babe” I said taking Hugo’s hand and squeezing it. He smiled at me, I was pleased to see a hint of the old cheeky Hugo “How are you feeling? Do you wanna talk?”

“Yeah, yeah, I’d like to talk” said Hugo with a grin “How’s Quidditch? Are Gryffindor doing well?”

“We’re playing Ravenclaw in the final in a few weeks” I replied with a grin “Albus has somehow roped Oliver into playing keeper”

Hugo chuckled. I nearly cried from happiness at the sound of it

“That’ll be funny” said Hugo still chuckling; his voice was still weak though “Have to get out of here in time for that”

“I’m sure you will be” I replied giving his hand another squeeze “A place like this is no place for you; you need to be outside causing some trouble in the lake. Pretending to be the giant squid or something”

“That is so third year” said Hugo with another chuckle

We sat in silence for a few minutes

“What happened Hugo” I finally asked. He sighed. “Please tell me, you can trust me and you kept my secret and I promise I will keep yours if you tell me yours”

He looked down at his feet like a little boy in trouble with his dad. It was almost as if he was ashamed of whatever it was.

“Get Oliver” he murmured “If I’m going to tell anyone, I want him to be here as well”. I immediately left Hugo and ran outside to the lake to find Oliver. I probably shouldn’t have ran so much as everyone immediately assumed something horrible had happened to Hugo when I arrived. After explaining that Hugo wanted to speak to Oliver I dragged my boyfriend forcefully back to the hospital wing. As we walked hand in hand I looked to Oliver and appreciated what a good boyfriend I had nabbed for myself

A.    He was totally hot. Like crazy gorgeous, though he was another one who could do with a self confidence boost

B.    He was the kindest guy in the world and I knew he would do anything for me or anyone else he loved

C.    He loved me. He loved me for me, not who I was perceived to be or because of who my family were. That was a big thing for all us Wotter cousins

We arrived back at Hugo’s hospital bed. I took Hugo’s hand again as Oliver put his arm behind me and encouraged Hugo to begin talking

“The reason” he said, he was clearly struggling to word things properly but it was clear he genuinely eager to get whatever it was off his chest “The reason that I fainted… it’s because I haven’t been eating properly”

I was flawed

“Erm, there was an article a few months ago in Witch Weekly that ranked all the Potter boys on their looks, talent, intelligence and all round rateability” he continued with tears forming in his eyes. I had to blink back tears from my own as did Oliver “It sounds so stupid because it’s just a stupid gossip magazine but…but what they said about me was really cruel and downright nasty”

“What did they say” I asked. I’d never be caught dead reading Witch Weekly. It was a horrible magazine now, run by a woman named Romilda Vane it seemed to get kicks out of insulting and humiliating anyone it could

“They pretty much said I was ugly, weedy, weak and that I looked like I could be Voldermort’s little brother” said Hugo, he wasn’t even trying to hide his tears now “They said all these things about how amazingly gorgeous all of the other lads were and then they said that about me; it just made me feel like shit. It wasn’t that the article was as bad as some of the ones I’ve seen before, but it was kinda the straw that broke the camels back”

“So, what did you do” Oliver asked

“I began these insane workout routines” said Hugo “I got up every morning and ran a full course around the Quidditch grounds, back through the forbidden forest, back up through the castle and then by the Herbology greenhouses. It took me three hours and I always did it before breakfast, I just wanted to look like James or Freddie. At first, I planned to eat afterwards but I always either felt too sick afterwards or forgot too so I didn’t and then before I knew it I was skipping meals, and if I did eat I became paranoid about it”

Hugo went onto tell us that he’d been suffering from an eating disorder for six months. I felt sick. How had we not noticed that things were that bad for him? Anytime he ate something, he just threw it back up and he’d gone unnoticed all this time. I’d never felt as guilty or ashamed of myself in all my life

Hugo needed help. He needed professional help, he needed to get better and although it took us some persuading we eventually managed to make Hugo see it that way himself and a few days later he was taken from Hogwarts to St. Mungo’s to recover. We were told it wasn’t our fault but I couldn’t help but blame myself. He’d been there for me, why I hadn’t I been there for him?

Chapter 51: Outside Advice
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 Chapter Fifty One

I was devastated

Totally devastated

I didn’t pride myself on many things but one of the things I did pride myself on was the fact I was a good friend. The guy who was always there to support his friends and family no matter what, the guy that they could turn to when they needed help with something. But my friend, even worse my best friend had been trapped in his own personal hell for month’s possibly even years and I hadn’t even noticed anything was wrong with him. It wasn’t even like I could have easily missed the signs as I shared a freakin bathroom with Hugo for ten months out of the year at Hogwarts and I practically lived at his house during the summer holidays. How was it that I hadn’t noticed what he’d been doing after every meal? I kept trying to tell myself that I’d had a lot on myself to contend with what with Jack, Dad and all the Lily drama plus the fact that Hugo had hidden what he was doing very easily as well but I couldn’t shake the thought that I could have helped him more from my mind. I tried to cast my mind back over the past few months and beyond and tried to remember if Hugo had, at any point, come to me looking for help and I hadn’t noticed. I couldn’t think of any, he hadn’t reached out to me at all but that only made me feel worse. Maybe he thought I wouldn’t be interested? Even worse, maybe he didn’t trust me enough? So much for being the guy that everybody could turn too

Lily was also blaming herself and had taken everything quite hard whilst Rose just spent days crying after Hugo was taken to Mungo’s, it was clearly a mix of hormones, grief and guilt. Ben, Ryan, Louis and Freddie did their best to try and lighten the moods at mealtimes and during the weekends but it never quite worked despite their best efforts. The only positive thing that had come out of the whole thing was an article in The Quibbler written by Luna Lovegood after one of her sons informed her about what had happened to Hugo. Luna had condemned the way that Hugo had been treated in the press throughout his life and though she’d never been taken seriously as a journalist the article actually seemed to have struck a chord with most publications. The Daily Prophet actually ran the story and issued an open letter of apology to the Weasley family for any articles or pieces that may have caused offence or upset to Hugo or any of the other family members. Quidditch Weekly actually printed a piece called “Hugo Weasley: A True Weasley” which was extremely complimentary about Hugo. It seemed, at least, that the pointless abuse Hugo received in the press would stop which would aid his recovery quite well. It was too little too late as far as Albus and Rose were concerned though.

We were all sitting in the common room on the last Sunday of the Easter holidays before lessons started again and as usual everyone was completing homework that had been set to do over the two weeks but had left it to the last minute. A few weeks on and a lot of the drama around Hugo had settled down thought it was still a touchy subject amongst the Potter/Weasley kids seen as though Louis and Freddie had been given two weeks’ worth of detentions each for attacking a group of sneering Slytherins in the Great Hall

“OK, elephant in the room time” said Melissa “Does anyone know when Hugo will actually be coming back to school? Won’t he miss out on a lot of his studies?”

“You have met his mother haven’t you?” Roxy replied with a smirk “Trust me, he may be recovering from a serious illness but I highly doubt Aunt Hermione is going to let him fall behind on his work. Especially not in his sixth year”

“Merlin, the exams are so close” groaned Ben “I know I’m going to fail Potions I just know I am, I haven’t concentrated all year. I’ve got a T coming my way I can just feel it”

For once in my Hogwarts career I was actually feeling pretty damn confident about my upcoming exams. I was doing well in Defence, Transfiguration, Charms and Potions and I was looking to at least pass History of Magic and Ancient Runes. Surprising when you think about all of the drama I’d had thrown my way over the course of the year yet I’d somehow managed to stay on top of all of my work and actually do well

Clearly, I was some kind of super human

“Try being pregnant with NEWT exams on the way” said Rose “I’m probably going to have to come back and re-take them next year at this rate. That’s if I’m allowed to bring my kid”

“You’ll do fine” said Albus encouragingly though it was evident that he didn’t quite believe what he was saying was true. There was no way Rose was going to pass, we all knew that the stress of her pregnancy and now Hugo’s illness had impacted her grades and now she’d probably be very lucky to even graduate the rate she was going at

It was kind of ironic or sick that I’d strived to be in a happy loving relationship with Lily for years and then the second that happens the whole world turned to shit. If I wasn’t so anti-Divination I’d swear there’d been some kind of suck curse placed over mine and Lily’s relationship; this should’ve been the happiest time in my life but it wasn’t. I was down, everyone was down just no one wanted to show it for the sake of everybody else. Plus, on top of all that Al had somehow roped me into playing keeper in the final of the Quidditch House Cup. I suck at Quidditch. It doesn’t say much for Gryffindor if I have to be roped into playing the final match because the keeper was still knocked out in the hospital wing

He’d been unconscious for three weeks

No one seemed that worried about it though

“Dude, you suck so bad at this” Roxy told me as she hovered near me during practice the next Tuesday; she was right I did suck and Roxy had this trait of only ever being able to speak the absolute truth to everyone. She couldn’t lie for some reason, even if she ended up hurting people because of it

Needless to say Freddie was none too happy when she told his first girlfriend she had gained weight over the summer holidays. She had to be fair but still it was a harsh thing to point it

“Cheers for the confidence boost” I muttered as yet another Quaffle inexplicably slipped through my hands and into the goal “Not like I’m totally crapping my pants about Saturday anyway, you making snarky remarks from your broomstick is really going to help me”

“At least I’m not giving you false hope” Roxy replied cheekily winking at me before flying away to engage in Chaser like activities. Merlin, I hated playing Quidditch and I scorned myself for agreeing to help Albus out even though it was a mixture of me being both intimidated by Al a lot and my obsession with not disappointing anyone. Damn my good nature!

The practice eventually finished leaving me bruised, bloodied and completely knackered mainly thanks to Roxy and Al. After a long shower I stepped back into the changing rooms which were empty and changed slowly; for a while I just sat down on the floor mulling things over. Hugo, Rose, Ben & Louis, Scorpious, My Dad, the Quidditch match… ‘When had life become so bloody complicated?’ I thought to myself as I buried my head in my hands and sighed heavily pushing my head back against the lockers

“You look like you could do with a chat” came a girl’s voice. I looked up to see Roxy Weasley approaching me with her evil grin plastered across her face “I’ll talk to you Benson, you and I don’t talk alone enough anyway”

“Yes we do” I said “I’m always at your house in the summer”

“Yeah because you’re Fred’s friend” said Roxy with a scoff; she was very cocky for her fifteen years “Come on Ollie think about it; when have you and I ever just had a one to one conversation?”

I paused. I couldn’t think of one, it made me feel kind of bad

“I know it’s nothing personal” she said squeezing my arm “I mean there are a lot of us Weasley cousins and I understand if you think I’m the least interesting – I thought I’d at least rank above Molly but if that’s how you feel”

“I do not think you’re boring” I told her. She chuckled “Well, you’re certainly more interesting than Molly is anyway”

It felt strange talking bad about a Weasley but in all honesty Molly was probably the most boring person I’d ever met. I also sometimes forget that she exists

“Well I am glad about that at least” she replied with a smile. Roxy was fairly different from the rest of the Weasley girls; in terms of looks she’d inherited more from her mother’s side (as had Fred) which meant she stood out more from the blondes (Victorie, Dom and Lucy) and the redheads (Rose, Lily and Molly). She was also a lot gutsier than the rest of them and easily the one who was most into Quidditch. Truth be told Roxy was a bit of a tomboy, but a pretty one

“This year’s been really tough for you hasn’t it?” she said after a few minutes of silence “I mean I know you had it bad for Lily and that sucked, but then when I found about your dad-“

“Oh please, no sympathy” I begged her. I hated getting sympathy

“No, I was just going to say how brave I think you are” she said with a kind smile “And that what you’ve done for Jack is amazing, practically raising him the way you have – it’s nothing short of incredible Oliver. I mean, Freddie’s older than me and lord knows I have to act like his mum when we’re at Hogwarts but you-“

“Thanks” I said with a smile whilst hoping that she’d stop talking

“I know you’re hurting Oliver” she continued “I know that you blame yourself for what’s happened to Hugo but you’re not and you need to stop blaming yourself for everything. Let yourself see what everyone else sees; let everyone else see how perfect you are”

She blushed at that moment and suddenly the reason she’d never tried initiating a one to one conversation became apparent. I took her hand smiled, she smiled back, kissed me on the cheek then got up and left. I stayed for about ten minutes before leaving myself, feeling happier than I had done in days 

Chapter 52: The Naked Chapter
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 Warning: This chapter contains scenes of nudity. Just thought I’d make you aware.

Chapter Fifty-Two

“This couple’s night was a fantastic idea Oliver” Lily beamed after I’d fed her yet another Strawberry the next Friday night. The idea had come to me in the middle of one of my History of Magic daydreams a few days before, I’d thought to myself as Binns droned on about the Goblin wars of the 17th century that Lily and I needed some quality alone time together. What with me trying to look after Jack who was in tears every five minutes because of Hugo, revising like fuck for my exams and listening to any worries Louis and Freddie had as well as Lily being a crying post for Rose and Rebecca at intervening periods we’d barely had a minute for eachother the past few weeks. So, I planned a surprise romantic picnic on our rock at sundown which we could do now seen as though it was late April and the warm weather was finally coming

“Well I’m a pretty fantastic guy” I said proudly

“You are” Lily said with a smirk “And am I correct in thinking that I just heard Mr. Oliver Benson of all people boast? Wow, I thought the Prophet was lying when it said hell had frozen over… but I guess, I guess it must be true”

“Sorry” I said earnestly “I didn’t mean to sound like a massive big head or anything”

“Oh Oliver, you are lovely” said Lily stroking my face “At least you have a right to boast about being a fantastic guy. Because you actually are a fantastic guy”

“And you’re a pretty sick girl” I replied

“Will you please don’t trying to sound like an East London street tough?”

“Fine” I grumbled “It turns you on though”

“You’re nice, normal London accent turns me on Oliver” said Lily with a giggle “Your poor impression of a chav however, does not”

We finished our food and for a while we both just sat there thinking to ourselves looking as the sun set for the night. I though back to seven months ago and how we’d been in just the same position, watching the sunset on our rock her head on my lap with my arms around her, and how it’d had been lovely and torturous at the same time. Because I was in love with Lily then but she didn’t know and I didn’t know how she felt about me. I couldn’t believe that we’d gotten to where we were and I couldn’t believe how much I loved Lily, it surely wasn’t healthy. I missed her anytime she wasn’t near me. Even if she only popped out of class for a few minutes to go to the bathroom, I missed her

“I think Roxy has a crush on me” I informed her after half an hour of silence

“What makes you say that” asked Lily sitting up “She better not have come on to you – that slag, I knew no good could come from Uncle George having a daughter. No morals”

“She didn’t come onto me” I assured Lily “But it was just something I could tell from the way she was… plus she blushed like fuck after telling me how amazing I am”

“Dude, everyone blushes around you” said Lily “It doesn’t mean that they fancy you – it’s just that your amazingness makes them feel embarrassed about how shitty they are”

“No, she definitely has a crush on me” I said “I can just tell”

“Whatever” said Lily off handidly “I can’t say I’m pissed that one of my female cousins is jealous of me for having you. But if she does anything to harm our relationship I will knock her stupid half French head off!

“Roxy isn’t half-French babe; Vic, Dom and Louis are”

“Oh yeah, I should probably have known that shouldn’t I?”

“Well they are your cousins”

“Yeah but they suck” said Lily “Well, no, but they’re not that fun at the moment. Then again, I don’t suppose that any of us are”

“Come on” I said squeezing her shoulder “Just don’t think about it all tonight, you’ll get upset and I don’t want that. It’s our night, just us, nobody else”

“OK” she said laying her head back down on my shoulder. I was getting tired and was just about ready to recommend going back in when Lily suddenly jumped up and announced “I know, we should go skinny dipping”


“WHAT?” I exclaimed

“Come on” said Lily as she began to take off her clothes. For some reason I tried not to look even though we’d seen eachother naked a dozen times by now. It felt different outside of a bedroom. Plus, we were actually outside and she was getting naked. Someone could see. Once the deed was done Lily jumped into the water

“Come on you big girl” she shouted as she began to swim around. I gulped

“I don’t want too, I’m shy” I shouted back

“What have you got to be shy about?” Lily said bemused “I’ve seen you naked a thousand times now and you’ve got a great body anyway – just get naked and get in the water”

A beautiful ginger girl was telling me to strip naked and get in the water with her and I was being hesitated. What the fuck? Oliver Benson, biggest wimp to have ever existed ever. Once Lily made a chicken noise that was the final straw. Looking around to check to see if anyone was around I quickly removed all of my clothes before jumping into the water

I’d never felt so free, so happy, so energetic, liberated or full of life. I was cold though. April may have been spring time but it was hardly a Heatwave that day. Lily didn’t seem to care as she swum about happy as a girl could be, I was just glad to see her smile and have fun again for the first time in weeks. After about half an hour Lily got bored and went to put her clothes back on as I swam about for a bit longer finally feeling more at ease


“Oliver” said Lily tentatively now fully dressed “Oliver, I’m not quite sure how exactly to tell you this but…”

“But what-“I asked though deep down I already knew the answer

“Someone, or something, may have taken your clothes” said Lily slowly and wincing as she did so. Great. So I was stuck completely naked in a cold lake on a late April’s night with no clothes to get changed back into when I got out of said lake. It was getting really dark now, I was scared of being left alone naked and defenceless so Lily running back to the castle to get clothes was out of the question. I was utterly stuck.

“What the hell are we going to do?” I asked Lily

She didn’t seem to have any answers either

“Look at it this way” said Lily “At least this means I can be satisfied by ogling your ever improving abs for a bit longer”

“Oh great” I replied sarcastically “I’m stuck completely naked in a freezing lake, my clothes have been stolen, it’s dark and three miles back to the castle. But that’s alright, because at least my girlfriend can objectify my naked body for a bit longer. Just fine. Have I mentioned that I’m naked?”

“Yeah and neither of us brought wands so it’s not like I can just summon you some clothes either” said Lily with a shrug “The way I see it, there’s only one option”

I gulped

“Not that Lil, anything but that”

“It’s the only way” was her dark reply

“Now” said Hagrid as he rapped me in some kind of rug that was incredibly large but itchy and probably covered in animal disease “I’m not going to even pretend I want to know why you was naked in the lake Oliver”

“We told you” sighed Lily “Oliver’s clothes were burnt off by a fire breathing skunk so he jumped in the water to cool himself down”

“Oh yerr I bet that’s wha’ really append” replied Hagrid with a knowing smirk to himself “Lots of fire breathing skunks round ‘ere it’s a real problem”

“Well, do you have a better explanation” asked Lily

“You two were… how you say? Oh yeah… you two was engaging in the orizontal hokey cokee” said Hagrid with a bellowing laugh as Lily and I looked horrified “Don’t worry, don’t worry I aint gonna tell anyone”

“Please don’t” I said. I didn’t feel with it at all. Hypothermia was definitely settling in. Just then there was a knock on the voice followed by the unmistakeably strict and irritated tone of Professor McGonagall. Lily and I tried to hide but there was nowhere to as Hagrid’s hut was so small and in the process of doing so Lily accidentally knocked off my rug/robe exposing my fully naked form to McGonagall just as she stepped in the hut

She screamed

Lily screamed

Hagrid immediately tried to explain why there was a fully naked sixth year boy in his hut this late on a Friday night

And me? I just shut off and went to my happy place

I’m king there

Yeah so this chapter was… interesting. The last few chapters have been very heavy and light on comedy stuff so I wanted to lighten things up a bit here. I know Ollie has a lot of female fans out there so I thought to myself “Why not just get him naked for ¾ of a chapter”. And, because this is my story and I’m in complete control of it, I decided I would do that. Plus, I imagine Oliver to be incredibly hot – so a quick question – how do you imagine Oliver looking?

Chapter 53: Crazy In Love
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 Chapter Fifty Three

“So, you were naked?”

“For the last time yes”

“But, like, fully naked?”

“For Merlin’s sake, yes I was fully naked” I barked at Louis and Freddie who had been finding the whole thing way too amusing for my liking. So after I inadvertently revealed myself to my head of house and the head of the school no less, things kind of went from bad to worse. Panicking as she knew there was no way McGonagall wouldn’t tell the Potters Lily quickly came up with an elaborate cover story in which I slept naked and was prone to sleep walking. In her story, she’d been having a detention with Hagrid when they spotted the fully naked me wondering around in his sleep in the grounds and took me into the hut.

McGonagall seemed satisfied with this but it meant that I was being referred to the schools therapist for counselling session and, to my humiliation, the following sentence came out of McGonagall’s mouth “Mr. Benson, as well toned as your body may be I heavily suggest you begin wearing underwear to bed”

Oh yeah and after that I promptly collapsed from hypothermia and had to stay in the hospital wing for a week to recover, Freddie and Louis visited me every chance that they got in order to question me about what had happened. Hagrid, it transpired, had accidentally revealed the secret to a fourth year Care of Magical Creatures class so now everyone in the school knew about what had been dubbed as The Event. How he’d got on to discussing me or the fact I was naked in a class full of people two years younger than me was a mystery but it had happened. Lily was embracing what had happened and Al, to my surprise, found the whole thing downright hilarious and assured me that he wasn’t mad with me. I didn’t explicitly mention that Lily and I were having sex but it was clear he’d figured it out for himself and had accepted it. Lily was nearly 17 after all and therefore perfectly capable of making her own decisions

“I can’t believe Minnie saw you naked” Freddie said with a booming laugh “Dude, I mean, I love you and shit Oliver but that is just too fucking funny. McGonagall saw everything?”

“Every part of me” I said going red faced but that only succeeded in making Freddie and Louis laugh even harder

“Oh mate, I’ve known you get into some pretty embarrassing situations but this just has to top it” said Louis barely audible through his cries of laughter.

“It isn’t funny” I tried to insist but despite myself I managed to let out a small giggle. Freddie had nearly wet himself by that point

“Well, that’s gonna be your transfiguration lessons a lot more awkward” he grinned “Oh, how I wish Hugo was here to see this. Might just be the thing that could have cheered him up”

“First of all” I cut in “Hugo has a serious mental and physical health problem, it’s a much bigger case than just cheering him up a bit and secondly-“

I paused

“Secondly what” Louis prompted me


Unfortunately this only made the two morons absolutely hysterical all over again


At least they and Albus were finding it funny; a lot of people had very weird reactions to The Event for example; Rose’s reaction was one of disgust and we got a stern telling off for having such an active reckless sex life

Not that Rose could talk

Pregnancy and all

Melissa and Rebecca found the whole thing initially quite funny but as time went on they became more and more repulsed by the idea of my naked form. Not because they thought I was ugly, mainly because they thought of me as a little brother and thinking of me that way ‘just didn’t feel right’. Leila and Anita merely moaned about the fact they didn’t get to see it whilst Malfoy delighted in telling anyone who didn’t yet know the delightful news. Abi, I heard, merely shrugged it off and tried her best to ignore the situation entirely. Ben and Ryan remained fairly passive on the subject and had been keeping to themselves ever since Hugo left. I was getting a tad paranoid I’d done something to upset them; neither had so much as spoken to me since Hugo left for St. Mungo’s over a month before

But, on top of all the awkwardness of people finding out, third year girls winking at me through the windows that let you see into the hospital wing and teachers suppressing smirks whenever they walked by the most awkward thing about the whole mess was having to explain to Jack exactly what had happened

“Oliver people are saying you were naked” he piped up on Wednesday afternoon when he came to visit me in the hospital wing “Oliver, why were you naked?” he asked again after I initially failed to reply

“Look, mate, I didn’t want to have this talk with you just yet but it’s time I did” Eugh, I hated having to go into ‘dad mode’ with Jack but someone needed to have the birds and the bees chat with him sooner or later. I’d been planning to let Hugo, Fred or Louis do it but I decided against warping my brother’s idea of sex for future years to come

“Is this about sex?” he asked. He looked as uncomfortable as I felt

“Yes mate, it is” I said trying to sound as unawkward as I could but I probably sounded like Professor Filch. Eugh, imagine having the birds and the bees conversation with Filch! Good thing the bloke never had kids

“Nope. No. Don’t wanna know la-la-la-la” he said loudly putting his fingers in his ears, closing his eyes and shaking his head violently from left to right

“Jack it is time” I said getting my little brother to concentrate “Now, you’re 12 years old and your probably noticing some changes. Girls will seem more attractive to you, you’ll have strong feelings and… inhibitions will take over. And as these feelings become stronger you’ll grow into a teenager and make really stupid decisions – No! – let yourself be talked into making stupid decisions like removing all your clothes in public”

“That-that wasn’t the birds and the bees talk was it Oliver?” Jack asked clearly perplexed and disturbed by my sudden rant on the teenage psyche.

“No, I’m just sick of being judged harshly for what happened” I said “I mean, yeah it was a stupid thing to do but it doesn’t mean I’m some weird pervert does it”

“I guess not” Jack said slowly. His discomfort was evident “Oliver, it’s OK, I already know all of this bird and the bees crap”

“You do?” I asked shock “How? And why did you let me embarrass myself like that? Don’t you think I’ve had enough of that for one life time?”

“Well” Jack began slowly “Hugo kind of told me everything when he was drunk two Christmases ago and secondly, I just wanted to see your awkward approach to everything. I’m not some innocent little kid you know. I’ve done things with girls”

“What things” I asked dreading the answer

“I kissed Lucy last week” Jack said in the way only a 12 year old could “We’re going out now, we’re boyfriend and girlfriend”

As cute as that was it made me feel kind of bad for Lucy. She clearly had a massive crush on Jack which he was unaware of but now they were in a first year relationship any future prospect of them dating properly was gone. Boys never take first year relationships seriously. Hell, I had one with Melissa!


“I bet you’re glad to be out of the hospital wing” said Lily as linked arm in arm with me as we headed into Hogsmeade slowly the next Saturday “And, I’m sorry that I made Professor McGonagall see you naked”

“Yeah well you’re lucky you’re so beautiful, I might never have forgiven you otherwise” I said wrapping my arms around Lily as she laughed. We walked hand in hand into Hogsmeade intent on having a date that didn’t end in me naked in Hagrid’s cabin. I hadn’t been able to look Hagrid in the eye since. Not that I ever could in the first place that bloke is TALL

“Not that I didn’t enjoy seeing your naked body” Lily began

“Dude. Stop” I told her “I really, really, really just want to forget that it happened. Hopefully everyone will move on sooner or later”

“Yeah about that” Lily began slowly

I gulped

“What?” I asked “Lily, for god sake what has happened now?”

“Well I didn’t tell you because you were ill and a bit out of it and I was scared, but-“Lily paused again

“Oh my god, please just tell me” I asked desperately

“Well, when we were at the rock, we didn’t realize that there were some paparazzi watching us” Lily began again. God, no. “And when you got naked, they decided to start taking photos. One even filmed it. So… anyway, pretty much every gossip magazine in the country, and I think America, has had it as their front cover headline for the past week. And the video may have gone viral of WizTube…”

“I’m going to die” I said weakly “I’m actually going to be fucking killed. By your dad. Or James. Or any male members of your family who now know and they’re all going to tear me limb from limb. Oh god, this is the worst thing that has ever happened to anyone ever”

“You’re so cute when you’re stressed” said Lily sitting me down on a rock as I began to hyperventilate. I wasn’t asthmatic but I sure as hell could have done with an inhaler. Lily rubbed my back affectionately until I returned to normal breathing pace “Look Oliver, it’s not ideal and I’m not exactly thrilled that the world has seen my fat thighs-“

“You’re perfect” I assured her “You’re the most beautiful girl in the world”

Lily smiled and blushed

“You do melt my heart sometimes Oliver” she said kissing me “And don’t worry, I’m sure that no one from my family is going to kill you. They all really like you and there all kind of against the whole murder thing”

“I bet James isn’t” I said “He’s going to hunt me down, he’s going to kill me and he won’t even do it the wizard way he’ll make it long, slow and painful”

“He can try” said Lily determinedly “If James comes after you, he’s going to have to get through me first. Which he won’t, because I’m his sister and his kryptonite. There’s no way he’s going to do anything”

“Are you sure?” I asked

“Very” said Lily “Now come on, let’s shop until we drop” she dragged me up by the hand

“I thought we were going for lunch and then a walk” I protested

“The shopping is the walking you fool” said Lily “Besides; the bags will do your muscles some good. You’ve got some serious Quidditch practice to do before we crush this time next week”

“I was kind of hoping that the keeper would be back on his feet before now” I said “I’m so nervous, and that guy has been out for a month. He’s shown no signs of getting better; shouldn’t we be more worried”

“I guess” shrugged Lily “Now come on, Lily wants some new shoes”

Merlin, I can’t express how much shopping disgusts me. I hated it. The only reason I put up with it was because I was with Lily and I hated being apart from her. I’d entered the stage of the relationship where I missed her whenever I wasn’t in direct contact with her. It was getting ridiculous; just a few days before we’d been sat apart in Potions and though I could see her it was like the hour from hell. I hated it and loved it at the same time. I was pretty sure that how much I loved Lily was driving me pretty crazy as well. I’d always been somewhat off kilter but I was bloody fucking insane now, a few nights before Hogsmeade I locked myself in the dorm and, for whatever reason, cried hysterically and ugly for about ten minutes before shaking off whatever had put me in that emotion in the first place in a second

Love; it does weird things too you 

Chapter 54: Revelations
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 Chapter Fifty-Four

“You do it”

“No, you do it”

“You do it”

“No, you do it”

“Louis, if you don’t do it I will crack an egg on your head”

“Please don’t”

So, Louis and I were planning to sneak out of Hogwarts in the dead of the night and head into Hogsmeade. Why? Because James had found out about a certain nudity scandal that had been leaked to the press (COUGH by Hailey COUGH) and needed urgent ‘big brother warns off little sister’s boyfriend’ chat. But of course being James he couldn’t just have that kind of conversation in the daytime when it’s light and I didn’t have to sneak around the castle with a little French boy who is scared of his own shadow. No. James Potter had to meet me in the Hogs Head in dead on midnight so he could do a press conference in London first

I didn’t even know why he was having a press conference. What was he promoting? Vanity?

I had decided to bring Louis along because I figured that not even James’s warped yet weirdly empty mind would allow him to kill me infront of someone. Louis it has to be said was not best pleased to have been woken up by me and dragged down the dark corridors of Hogwarts towards the secret passage to Honeydukes

“Oliver, it won’t budge” said Louis pushing himself hard against the rock that bad been put infront of the entrance to avoid students getting out “Can’t you try?”

“Well if you can’t do it then I certainly can’t” I argued “You’ve got a lot more muscle than me Louis; I have the arms of a nine year old girl”

“I won’t argue with that” he said with a shrug however the rock then moved by itself, although Louis will tell you he moved it on his own HE DID NOT, and we made our way through the secret passage to Honeydukes. It was dark and we couldn’t really see but it was OK seen as though we decided to play a game where you sing a song and then when the person finds a word that is also in another song they begin singing that song. It was fun, and Louis actually has a very decent singing voice. I sound like a pig being trodden on

“I wonder what James wants” said Louis

“I don’t know” I sighed “Let’s face it, he’s probably just going to kill me for being naked in a lake with his baby sister. I know I would if it was Jack”

“I doubt he’ll kill you” Louis replied, it was a dark but I could tell that he was rolling his eyes “It might not even be about that”

“I don’t see what else it could be about” I said “I mean, the only thing that connects James and me is that I’m dating his sister. That’s it. He’s hardly going to call me for a social chat and a catch up”

“I still don’t see why I need to be here” said Louis followed by a very deliberately loud yawn

“So you can stop James from murdering me” I said matter of factly

“Not gonna murder you” said Louis again followed by a few minutes of silence before “Ben and I are announcing our relationship at the end of the week”

“Oh dude, that’s excellent” I said being genuinely pleased by this news “Awww, I’m well happy for you. This is just the kinda good news that everybody needs”

“Yeah, I know” said Louis again I couldn’t see him but I knew his beautiful bright grin was plastered all across his face “It’ll be the perfect end to a very angsty school year”

“This year has been big on the whole angst front hasn’t it?” I agreed, my life over the past year had been like a soap opera for sure “Merlin, it’s weird to think how different everything was just a year ago. I was still madly pining after Lily, Hugo was going through his own personal hell, Rose was an oven without a bun and Ben was straight”

Louis chuckled as we reached the end of the passage. Quietly we climbed out of it and tentatively made our way outside onto the streets of Hogsmeade. It was surprisingly cold for a May night and Louis’ teeth chattered slightly as we made our way towards the Hogs Head Inn where James had told me that’s where he would be. I was very nervous by this point and pretty much expecting death at the hands of my would have been brother in law, I just couldn’t see he didn’t want to talk about my nakedness the week before

Like everyone else at school, the gossip magazines hadn’t stopped talking about it. Though the good news was I was now listed on the sexiest teen wizards aged between 16 and 20 in Britain poll (I was #22, just infront of Malfoy – boo yah!). I also seemed to have developed my own personal set of fan girls since the incident which was nice. I already had my fair share but it was mainly spill overs from the Weasley/Potter boys that went after me, but now I had my own and they followed me everywhere. Even the bathroom once and I have no idea how three third year Slytherin girls managed to sneak into the bathroom of the sixth year Gryffindor boys but they managed it. Creepers. But then again, they’re Slytherins

We entered the pub to find James sitting in a far corner with a serious expression glossed across his handsome face. The pub was empty but for him, one middle aged couple pretty much shagging in the corner and a very grumpy looking bar man

“Oliver, take a seat” James said as Louis and I approached. I gulped and did as he said immediately whilst Louis went to fetch a chair from another table and sat down next to me, James looks surprised to see Louis there “And why have you brought The French Connection” he asked pointing at Louis who glared at his cousin

“Nice to see you as well” he muttered

“Whatever” said James turning back to face me “Now Oliver, I know you’re probably thinking I’m going to kill you for being naked in a lake with my sister”

I gave Louis an ‘I told you’ look. Probably not the right time

“Errrr” I managed to sound out as Louis stifled a grin and a chuckle

“But” breathed James “As much as the thought frankly disgusts me, and I do want to throttle you for it, I’ve actually asked to see you tonight because I believe you’re a good person and I need your advice”

James needed my advice? I’d have laughed out loud if I wasn’t aware he’d probably punch me right in the face if I did

Louis, however, made no such effort

“So, what’s wrong” I asked slowly

“Well, recently, I’ve had this weird feeling in my chest” said James “It feels like sinking or something, everytime I try to focus on something else this feelings comes back and it feels a lot worse everytime”

“Could be gallstones” said Louis with a chuckle. He was kicked by his cousin

“No, it’s like in my heart” said James “See, a few weeks ago my assistant Anna made a pass at me and I had to fire her. I can’t be having things like that. But since I fired Anna, I haven’t been able to concentrate on much and my games been off. Plus, I can’t stop actually thinking about Anna herself and wondering if she’s alright”

“Dude, you’re in love” I said bluntly

“Fuck” said James “I was worried that might be what this was”

Half an hour later, I’d explained to James just how I’d successfully managed to, in his words, escape the friend zone. James seemed to hate matured a lot, he said ever since Hugo became ill he’d made an effort to be a better person as he’d felt bad because he made fun of Hugo a lot too. I left with a sense of pride and accomplishment as well as relief that James was currently digging a shallow grave for my corpse in the Forbidden Forest

About an hour later, Louis and I returned to the common room expecting to find peace but we walked into an argument between Rose and Ryan. Neither noticed we were there as they were too busy screaming at eachother

“This is all your fault” said Ryan “Not mine, I am not being held responsible”

“You’re such a piece of shit” retorted Rose “I’m glad you don’t wanna be involved, I wouldn’t want someone like you being the father to my kid anyway”

“WHAT????!!!!!” Louis and I exclaimed at the same time

Rose and Ryan looked at us. Terror written across their faces