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Enchanted by Dragon Lady

Format: Song fic
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 847

Rating: 12+
Warnings: No Warnings

Genres: Fluff, Romance
Characters: Hermione, OC
Pairings: Hermione/OC

First Published: 07/13/2012
Last Chapter: 07/17/2012
Last Updated: 07/17/2012

It's strange how you meet some people isn't, being paraded around like a prize cow is not how she imagined she's meet someone worth while

Chapter 1: Enchanted
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A/N  I do not own anything you recognise from JK Rowling or Taylor Swift


‘ A Ministry ball, again’ she thought, she hated these things, since the end of the war she was paraded out being the one of the ‘golden trio’ who actually worked for the ministry. Harry had gone into Quidditch, he basically had the luxury of getting what he wanted because of who he was, not that he had done it that way, he’d tried out like all the other seeker wannabe’s. Ron worked alongside George. He wasn’t as good as George in the inventing department but his marketing and sales skills shocked everyone, lest himself.

The ball whose doors she was hovering outside was to celebrate the success of the recent meeting with the muggle prime minister. The Ministry were celebrating everything at the minute. It was four years after the war and relations between the two communities had only just thawed as the muggle prime minister blamed the wizarding world for every problem that it had.

She took a deep breath, held her head high and opened the door. It seemed like her boss, Doug Roberts, The Head of Magical Law enforcement, had been waiting for her to arrive for as soon as she opened the door he was there “Hermione” he said while going and grasping her arm to escort her into the room “we didn’t think you would make it, don’t hover at the door, come in, come in” and them he promptly dragged her over to the nearest group of people he wanted to impress. It happened to be a group of people which included the Minister, Kingsley and a couple of aurors who had been in the order. Mr Roberts then completely made a fool of himself “Kingsley, have you had the pleasure of meeting my best employee, the current Head of magical creature law, Miss Hermione Granger?” as he said this he was beaming “Yes Doug” replied Kingsley in his deep voice ”Hermione and I go way back” Kingsley then turned away from Doug and embraced Hermione in their customary greeting hug. Hermione then turned to Mavis and Richard, the two aurors, and greeting them. This was the problem with Mr Roberts he forgot that most people knew Hermione but it never stopped him from trying to look important by introducing her to the people he deemed important. She seemed to know that this night would not be any different to the others where she would just stand there with a fake smile and forced laughter as always.

She’s been at the ball for an hour now, her feet hurt and her face ached from the stupid smile fixed to her face. She was stood with a group of people who were all talking around her leaving her free to look around the room. After a minute or two she caught sight of someone she didn’t know but faintly recognised and she did a double take, during this their eyes met and her first real smile of the evening graced her face. Subconsciously they both made their way towards each other. Once they were near enough, the vaguely recognised man held out his hand “Marcus Flint” grasping his hand she replied “Hermione Granger”. He smirked and that gave away where she recognised him from, he’s been at Hogwarts a few years above her, the Slytherin smirk gave it away “That’s a nice name, I’ve never heard it before, what is it you do” she could hear the teasing in his voice, the majority of the wizarding world either knew her or of her. She smiled “Thank you, I generally do this and that, I mainly keep my head down and let the world pass me by so I remain un-noticed” She knew at that moment, Marcus would match her step for step with any remark made which was nice. She wasn’t being sucked up to because of who she was and what she had done. They spent the best part of an hour talking, it was nice, having someone so quick witted to spar with. Unfortunately the night came to an end and the two went their separate ways.

Hermione decided to go home the muggle way, the tube followed by a short walk. The fresh air was needed. All the way home her thoughts were on one person, Marcus. No plans had been made to see each other again, nothing had been said as to either of them were in a relationship. All she could do was hope that there was no-one at home waiting for him and that she see him around the ministry soon. She wondered if he’d had as good a time that night as she had. She hadn’t realised she’d reached her door until an owl made its presence known as she’d been wrapped up in her thought so much. The owl dropped an envelope at her feet and flew into the night. Opening it she smiled.

I was enchanted to meet you.
PS How does dinner tomorrow night sound?