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Enchantress by Zyii

Format: Novella
Chapters: 17
Word Count: 41,312

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Contains Slash (Same-Sex Pairing), Substance Use or Abuse

Genres: Humor, Mystery, Romance
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Snape, Sirius, Lucius, Draco
Pairings: Draco/Hermione

First Published: 07/08/2012
Last Chapter: 10/09/2012
Last Updated: 10/09/2012


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Not many people knew who the main families were or their purpose in the Wizarding world. There are certain points in time when a supremely powerful Witch is born. Like Wizarding royalty, these witches are followed by all others. Their actions admired, their requests followed through. This is the story of life after the war when a new Enchantress appears. Who will she chose and what will she do? 

Chapter 1: Chapter One - He's Back
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Chapter One – He’s Back

Strong Language

Sirius Black is back!

Witnesses this morning witnessed the explosion surrounding the veil deep within the Ministry of Magic. Though the veil itself remained unharmed the same can’t be said for the amount of rubble and smoke that littered the hall. The noise started earlier in the morning and began increasing in volume as the morning progressed. Unspeakables and Ministry officials charged into the room after the noise alerted them, wands at the ready to face the coming danger.

Eye witnesses state that as the explosion ended and the smoke cleared the image of a man staggering forward came into view. Officials raised their wands ready to attack, no one has ever returned from the veil before – though there have been many studies into the resurrection of those trapped within the veil. The staggering man seemed disorientated and also had his wand out as if to fight. As the smoke cleared altogether witnesses gasped at the man before them while he look back confused.

Sirius Black, known for being falsely imprisoned and escaping from Azkaban was pushed into the veil six years previous by Bellatrix Lestrange (his cousin) during the battle at the Ministry. It is said that his Godson Harry Potter mourned the loss of his Godfather greatly.  Lord Black appeared as he would have been six years ago, the veil seemed to have stopped him from aging.

After no threat was revealed, Lord Black was taken to St. Mungo’s for testing and to be questioned by Ministry officials. The question remains, how did he manage to escape the veil? Why was he the only one to return? And how will his Godson take the new that he is back?


A Great Golden Wedding

As the wedding of Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley approaches, who will be lucky enough to find themselves invited to the wedding of the century. Miss Granger was seen in Diagon Alley last week looking quite disheveled and tired, has Mr. Weasley been keeping her up too late?! And what of the new of Sirius Black’s return, will he be one of the lucky people to receive an invite?

For more information, turn to page 6

Lord Malfoy looked up from his morning addition of The Daily Prophet, the news that Sirius Black was back was interesting indeed, and it meant that the Lords could finally meet for the first gathering since their grandparents were around. Since the end of the war and Voldemort Lord Malfoy had had time to reevaluate his morals and beliefs, he’d joined Voldemort because he didn’t believe in the growing number of muggleborns polluting the Wizarding population and in such a dangerous time Lord Malfoy believed that joining with Voldemort would keep his family safe. It didn’t take long for him to realize that he’d joined the wrong side but by then he was in too deep and couldn’t get out. Lord Malfoy had since struggled with the guilt and the pain of his past actions but he at least had turned to the light in the end. He had served his time, a minimum of three years in Azkaban (curtsey of Narcissa’s involvement in the war and the words of Harry Potter and Hermione Granger) and he had spent the next three years reestablishing his name into something more worthy of the magic his family held. There were still people who would look down at his family or try to shun them, but for the most part the past had been left forgotten. It had been decided after all that it wasn’t illegal to wear the dark mark as most of those people branded had been branded without consent or by force. Furthermore, every person carrying the dark mark or under suspicion had been given a fair trial after the war. There was many more like Lord Malfoy who had paid their dues and were now making their way in the new Wizarding world while others were still in Azkaban or the newly erected prison that took much of its influence from high tailed muggle prisons.

Well well well he thought. Lots of changes, with the return of Lord Black the Pureblood court could meet once more. It would be good to feel the power of the old blood and the gifts of the goddess again. Too long they had ignored the ways of Mother Earth. It would not do to anger her further for she could give as well as she took. Lord Malfoy vowed to wait a few days before addressing Lord Black formally with a written letter and case of Ogden’s finest. The newly returned Lord would do well to learn of this new world less he jumps straight in with accusations.

And what of this Granger-Weasley wedding, it was enough to cause Lord Malfoy to smirk. An upstanding smart witch like Miss Granger would have little benefit from marrying the Weasley child. That one had very little brain cells to rub together. It was true he’d played a spectacular game of chess in their first year but his achievements after that are hardly worth mentioning. No, Miss Granger would gain nothing but an eternity of boredom by marrying the Weasley boy. She should marry someone befitting the station of a war hero heralded as the brightest of her age. Lord Malfoy smirked to himself, if he’d had these thoughts a mere seven or eight years ago, he might have thought he was going mad.

I’m going mad she thought as all the shops seemed to blur into one. She couldn’t distinguish one colour from another; all styles of clothing became one. It was maddening and was making her head hurt. Two weeks till the wedding and her stress was becoming unbearable. Ronald was no help, always sulking off or finding excuses. Harry was always with Sirius who had suddenly returned from the veil or off with Ronald. Hermione only saw Sirius the once and he’d picked her up, spun her around an exclaimed how happy he was to see his Princess again. Hermione’s exhaustion was getting the best of her and in some selfish way she couldn’t wait for the wedding to be over.

Seriously? Thought Sirius as he looked between the two people before him, it sickened him, the way they were behaving. More hearts and friendships would be broken through this and he found himself wondering what exactly had happened in the years he’d been gone.

He’d received a rather formal letter this morning from Malfoy alone with a rather expensive crate of Ogden’s. He wasn’t terribly shocked by the announcement of the five Pureblood Lords coming together in Court. Rather he’d learnt some things during his time in the veil that desperately needed to be put into light.

She arrived home early having given up on her quest in Diagon Alley. She’d expected the house to be empty not filled with questionable sounds; she wasn’t in the mood for Ronald’s antics she just wanted to crawl into bed and sleep. The problem was there was already someone in it, two someone’s at that and neither were female. Oblivious to their audience the two kept going indulging each other with murmured words of love. It’s hard to imagine what it feels like to realize your fiancé prefers men to you and not just any man but the savior of the Wizarding world. Hermione would say she felt sick to the stomach at what she saw.

She stepped away, angry tears falling from her eyes. In an irrational moment of distressed magic she blasted apart everything in the house.

“What the fuck?” came the muffled voices as the lovers came to investigate.

“Hermione” stuttered Ronald, “It’s not what it looks like”.

“How long?” Whispered Hermione to no response, “How long?!” she screamed.

“Ten years” whispered Harry Potter.

Hermione didn’t need any more words, she fled to the one place she still felt safe in. 

I started writing this story while on holiday in Ibiza and it produced a lot of laughs there for my friend and I. I have continued writing it since, hopefully you will enjoy it as much as I have ~ Zyii 


Chapter 2: Chapter Two - Emotional Torment
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Chapter Two – Emotional Torment

Her head was still in a whirlwind of emotion. Her heart clenched painfully as she reencountered all that she’d seen. Ten years he said, so this relationship had started in their fifth year of Hogwarts. Even as she thought about it she could see how stupid she’d been. How could she not have seen what was apparently starring her in the face, it was foolish to blame herself and she had to actively stop herself from doing so. She felt worthless and used. Everything in the last five years was such a blatant lie. Were they ever going to tell her or was she to remain forever in her world of impossible dreams.

In her flurry of emotions and tears she hadn’t really thought that the person of the house would be busy and so she burst into the room quite without proper grace and manners, startling both Lord Malfoy and Sirius from their conversation. She backed away startled, she knew she must look a mess, hair running wild and her eyes all puffy and red from her tears.

“I’m sorry” she managed to stutter out. She thought it maybe too cowardly to run out but either way her body seemed to be frozen.

“Princess, what’s wrong?” asked Sirius. She liked that he called her Princess it made her feel safe, like he was a big grizzly bear looking after his cub.

“I’m not getting married” she sobbed the last of her shock ebbing away.

Sirius growled sending Lord Malfoy into confused curiosity. Sirius had to ask her, he couldn’t just blurt out his own suspicions.

“Why not Princess?” he asked slowly dreading the answer she’d give.

“I caught Ronald” she whispered, shocking Lord Malfoy with her words, “With Harry. They’re been together for years”. If possible Lord Malfoy’s eyes widened ever further, making him look like one of those cartoon animals.

It was as Sirius feared; the broken look in her eyes was enough to melt even the hardest of hearts. He could no longer stand watching her quiver and shake where she stood so he carried her onto his lap, stroking her hair and holding her protectively as all the world’s oceans seemed to pour from her eyes.

Lord Malfoy was rarely surprised but even he couldn’t mask his emotions at this particular situation. Lord Malfoy thought back to the conversation he’d had with himself many nights ago and to the conversation he’d just been having with Lord Black. The Weasley boy was foolish to treat Miss Granger thus and foolish boys will always pay for their mistakes thought Lord Malfoy snidely.

Once they both heard the soft snores of Miss Granger, Lord Malfoy silently departed; sharing a look with Lord Black that promised this wouldn’t fade without a written account. Lord Malfoy had left Severus for too long, his taciturn lover was probably hiding away in some corner of the library with a frown on his face. He knew Severus had missed Miss Granger’s company as of late, as had he. She had an incredibly amount of love to give and was always willing to help those in need. And yet those two dunderheads had trampled over her precious heart like it was a stone beneath their feet. By the time he was home to Severus there was so much anger in him that he had no doubts of tomorrow’s daily headline.

“What happened?” asked his taciturn lover jumping Lucius from his angered state. He hadn’t noticed Severus arrive.

“I’ve just come from Lord Black’s, he had the most interesting news but we were interrupted by a disheveled teary eyed Miss Granger”. If Lucius’s reaction to the news way anything to go by, Severus’s was sure to be explosive.

“What happened? Is she alright? Why was she crying? Who hurt her?” Severus demanded his eyes blazing slightly showing the fury in his eyes.

“She cancelled the wedding after she caught the two dunderheads together in a lovers embrace. Apparently, that relationship had been going on near a decade” spat Lucius.

For once in his life Severus seemed lost for words, his vision quickly turned to red as he digested Lucius’s words. They were both very protective of Miss Granger, hell Severus owed his life to her. The Wizarding World wasn’t as judgment as the muggle one and choices of mate weren’t frowned upon. Most Wizards batted for both teams. Severus had been Lucius’s lover way before Narcissa and her death only bought down the last barrier that separated them both from the everlasting comfort of each other.

Severus stood taking Lucius’s hand in his own and leading him to the floo. He had but one destination in mind and the Weasley boy and stupid savior were about to learn what happens when they upset the celebrated Miss Granger.

Sirius watched her sleep for a good few minutes before agreeing with himself that he could use a large glass of firewhisky. Drinking his whiskey and starring deeply into the fire Sirius pondered all that had happened. Thinking of Harry made him wonder what to do, he was his Godfather after all yet he didn’t think he could bear seeing his Godson now. He’d already altered the wards to deny him and Weasley entry; he wouldn’t let them further hurt his Princess.

His eyes delved further into the fire as he thought of what Lord Malfoy had told him. If they did indeed find this hope maker the Wizarding World may well change for the better. They had after all as the Pureblood court promised to protect Mother Nature’s own, Sirius had filed the information away as he’d told Lord Malfoy what he’d learnt in the veil.

There were others hidden in the veil you see, lost souls forever trapped. He’d met the one person there that he’d never expected to see: his brother! There was a lot of amnesty between the two brothers, Regulus was still bitter but at least he’d managed to deviate from his parent’s will at last – it’s what had landed him in the veil and send Kreacher mad. Apparently this true nature wasn’t all he’d kept secret. He’d fallen in love with an outcasted squib from a low Pureblood family. He’d have given her the world if he could. But she found out he’d joined the Dark Lord and she’d run from him. Regulus had asked his brother to find her, find out what had happened to her. Her name had been: Isabella Knight.

Hermione woke in the morning to the unmistakable sound of happy chirping birds. It wasn’t something that made her mood better in any way. Her eyes were sore from all the crying she’d done yesterday and she could feel a strong headache coming on. Someone had thoughtfully put out a pepper up potion on her bedside table. It had Severus’s mark on it so he must have been here recently.

Sirius finished reading the Daily Prophets front story with an air of fear and contentment. The fear was for how Hermione would act to seeing it. In his mind’s eye they’d done the right thing, now there would be no misconception of the facts and those two boys wouldn’t be able to manipulate the facts to cause Hermione any more pain.

Shocking Scandal Destroys the Golden Trio as Wedding is cancelled!

The eagerly anticipated wedding of Miss Hermione Granger to Mr. Ronald Weasley has been officially cancelled. Those of you who read last week’s article know that Miss Granger was seen out and about looking stressed from wedding preparations. Well sources close to Miss Granger have confirmed have confirmed that Miss Granger arrived home early last night and found her former fiancé in bed with none other than Mr. Harry Potter himself! It seems these two lovers have kept their relationship a secret for many years using Miss Granger as a cover.

This reporter is shocked by the betrayal the two Wizards played on Miss Granger and hopes they soon realize what a tragic mistake they’ve made. I’ve been told that Miss Granger’s anger was so great that she blasted apart everything in the house. No news on how the Weasley family has taken their son’s deceit but Mr. Potter has been banned from his Godfather’s house and many friends have begun to shun the two Wizards.

Never fear dear readers, Miss Granger is in strong hands, being protected by great leaders of society; Lord Malfoy, Lord Black and Mr. Snape. They won’t let anymore harm befall Miss Granger. Those rejoicing of Miss Granger’s new single status – beware, remember she’s wicked quick with a wand and heartbroken. Proceed with caution.

He grumbled as he lay down his own Daily Prophet. He’d read the main article and felt relief as well as anger. If she was his girl she’d want for nothing. His crush on her had formed years ago and only grown with time. They worked together at the Ministry and he’d grown to love the banter their friendship held. He’d always been jealous that Weasley got her first not that she’d have accepted his pursuit of her in school. He’d always be her friend first and foremost. She was one of the only people he could trust explicitly, and she’d never once judged him on his mistakes from the war. Yes, if he could do it he’d try his luck and win her heart. 

Chapter 3: Chapter Three - As Luck Would Have It
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Chapter Three - As Luck Would Have It

“Ronald Weasley how dare you treat Hermione this way! I am absolutely disgusted. You’re just lucky you don’t work for the Ministry or you’d find yourself jobless. And you Harry, I thought you had more sense. Hermione was your best friend and you’ve just ripped everything from her. I want you both out of my house right now! I can’t even bare to look at you. Don’t you are show your faces here again till you’ve made things right with Hermione!”

The Prewitt family temper had come out in force when she’d read what her son and Harry had done to poor Hermione. Hermione who she thought of as one of her own children, she couldn’t believe the deceit her boys had put her through. Idiots both of them and she had thought she’d raised Ron better. If there was one thing molly couldn’t stand it was a liar and a cheat. She was still a loving Mother by heart but even this was too big a situation to overlook.

As Hermione made her way to breakfast she wasn’t the least bit surprised to see Lucius, Severus and Sirius waiting for her. They had become her family of late, Sirius coming into the fold upon his return. Without the influence of James Potter, Severus and Sirius had formed an unlikely friendship and let bygones be bygones.

Their eyes betrayed their caution as their Gryffindor Lioness strolled in for breakfast. It was a rare moment to find these three dominating men unsure of what to say. Somehow the traditional lines of ‘It’s going to be ok’ and ‘there are plenty of better people out there’ wouldn’t help Hermione in her situation or her mood. So instead they’d opted for comfort food and soppy films. Lucius had helped Sirius install a TV system that morning claiming that if Hermione was to live with him he’d need it. Clearly he was speaking from experience; with the film choices came a mound of delectable food:  chocolate, ice cream, biscuits, sweets, it looked like they’d raided the inside of Honeydukes just for her. She smiled sweetly at them; she didn’t want to cry, not anymore. She just wanted to mend herself and forget about it. Severus would pursue his lips at her refusal to talk about things. He was forever trying to get her to open up about things but she continued to remain ever stubborn.

Severus was like her Father figure, while Lucius was the Mother hen. Sirius filled his role as the funny Uncle who was slightly inappropriate but Hermione never took him seriously.

She had the day off today and knew she could take some sick leave but she didn’t want to appear cowardly or fragile in this situation, she didn’t want to let Ronald or Harry win. Besides if she hid herself away the rumors and whispers would only get worse. She was sure her partner would drop off any work that needed doing. Lucius had probably told him where she was hiding. Perhaps she’d be able to persuade him to stay for a film or two. Although he’d probably grumble all the way through about the absurdity of it all like he usually did.

Starring off in space she seemed to be watching the film and not watching at the same time. Severus had been left in charge of her, both Lucius and Sirius having duties to attend to. Severus worried for Hermione, bottling up ones emotions were never a good thing to do.

“Miss Granger, Hermione. Talk to me” he commanded in that velvety silk voice of his.

“About what?” she asked disinterested.

“I don’t want to talk about it” she replied shortly.

“You shouldn’t bottle things up” he reprimanded.

“I’m not. Just because I’m not willing to talk doesn’t mean I’m bottling things up. It just means I’m not ready. I don’t have to share everything to be ok” she huffed.

Severus dropped the subject after he felt several items start to shake from the force of emotional magic she was producing. It wasn’t good to anger an emotional witch; emotional flaring magic could be dangerous to deal with. Severus vowed not to push he again and simply wait till she was ready herself.

Sirius was not having a good day, the hall of records had not been as helpful as he’d thought and some old crotchety maid from the births office had refused to give him any information because he wasn’t of any family relation. Sirius was not happy; his famous charm was doing nothing to secure the information he needed. He wished he had some Slytherin cunningness to help him but alas he was merely a Gryffindor with some Ravenclaw thrown in. It was as if this Isabella Knight had never existed, there wasn’t even a beginning of a trail for him to follow. Somehow he hoped Lucius was having more luck than him.

Lucius wasn’t having much luck either. He wanted to find Mother Nature’s own and offer her protection as per the vows he took but finding her was proving incredibly hard. He didn’t have a name or an appearance to go on, just the magical signature he’d felt but a short while ago. The last recorded descendant of Mother Earth disappeared over 1,000 years ago having been driven into hiding by over-zealous men and continuous demands.

Draco stopped by in the afternoon carrying an armful of work that couldn’t wait and relieved a stressful Severus from his charge.

“Are you the one responsible for Severus’s frown” said an amused Draco.

“Perhaps” replied Hermione.

“He’s only trying to help” said Draco.

“I know, that’s what makes me guilty” she mumbled.

“What are you watching?” asked Draco.

“Just some romcom” she replied happily.

Draco placed the work down on a table briefly wishing he hadn’t bought it and studied the Hermione in front of him. She was hiding her sadness very well but it was obvious to Draco how broken she was when her smile didn’t touch her eyes.

“Draco will you sit and watch with me?” she asked her eyes shining unusually bright.

Draco didn’t really have a choice but to comply with her wishes, he didn’t want to be the one to rid her face of that smile, even if it was a fake one.

He sat with his usual grace until he felt her move his arm and snuggle against him. He made no move to dislodge her but rather welcomed the warmth her body created next to his. At least Severus could enjoy quiet afternoon with him here. Their friendship had blossomed over the years and Draco had become the one Hermione leaned on most. At times their friendship was kept secret from those now not mentioned because they couldn’t forget old prejudices. But Hermione and Draco needed one another; they needed the companionship and assurance of always being there for each other. They enjoyed the lack of judgment and acceptance of pass mistakes.

Draco knew that however much Hermione was trying she was struggling with the pain inside her head. Draco attempted to get her mind off it.

“Have you read the letters yet?” he asked.

“No” she replied softly.

“Don’t you think it’s time you should?” he persisted.

“No” she replied her voice equally as stiff.

“Hermione it’s been over two years don’t you think it’s a bit cowardly not to read them? It was her wish for you to know the truth” he told her.

“She lied to me Draco” she responded.

“I know but wouldn’t you like to know why?” he countered.

She sighed.

“Read them Hermione, if not for yourself then to get your mind off other things” he said looking at her knowingly.

Hermione huffed angrily as Draco left later that afternoon. It was none of his business after all, why did he have to bring it up? It wasn’t a topic she wanted to talk about. She’d been luckier than most she supposed, neither of her parents had died during the War. Her Father had up and left them when Hermione was fourteen and Hermione’s Mother had quietly passed away after an illness some years ago. But her Mother had lied to her, that’s why Hermione was so angry. The Father that she’d loved and then hated when he left wasn’t her Father at all but a mere substitute posing as someone he wasn’t. That’s why her Father had left, because Hermione’s Mother had admitted that Hermione wasn’t his. She hated her Mother for that and she hated him for walking out on her.

She had left some letters upon her death for Hermione to read and Draco was correct it had been over two years and she was yet to read them. Perhaps it was time, what better way to remove sadness from the heart than to fill it with anger.

My Darling Girl,

If you are reading this then my time is up. I want you to know that I loved every minute that you were in my life. I know you are very angry with me and have been hurt by my actions. I’d like to say I had your best interests at heart and that’s true to a degree but I was also scared. The letters I’ve left will explain things to you as will my diary. I hope that when you’ve finished reading you won’t judge me too harshly. The things I kept secret I did for a reason, I needed to keep us safe.

I’ll love you for a million more days.

You’re Mother.

Hermione sighed; it was just like her Mother to make things as soppy and heartfelt as possible. Well her tone of phrase wasn’t going to melt the hurt she’d caused Hermione, she resigned herself to reading at least one letter. The letters seemed to be inserted into the diary at certain points; obviously there was a certain order to read in. Hermione opened the first letter carefully it was already crumpled and worn with age.

My Dearest Angel,

With every passing moment away from you my heart only grows fonder. I long to be able to hold you in my arms again, my nights are torturously empty without you here to comfort and love me. These are dark times, my family expects certain things from me but I would run away from it all if I knew you were there to take me away from it.

I am alone here now my brother has gone. I wish I hadn’t acted so stupid and had let him take me away as well. I feel like I’m drowning in a sea of society and expectation. I want to marry you; I want to spend all my days with you. I want to declare my love for the entire world to hear. My dearest girl I count the days till I can see you again, your beauty is like the nights sky that sends me peacefully to sleep.

Forever you’re avenging knight,

     I send you all my love.

The letter trembled in Hermione’s hands, whoever this person was they’d obviously loved her Mother very much. Hermione wondered if the write of this letter was her Father.

The alarm went off way too early for Hermione’s liking. Her dreams disappearing as she woke. She had work today yet she’d loathed going in, she knew putting it off would only come to bite her in the bum later.

“Are you going to work Princess?” asked Sirius.

“Yep, so don’t try to stop me” she replied.

“Wasn’t going to, I know how you like to keep busy” he teased her.

She smiled as she bit into her morning toast.

“Say Princess, if you were trying to find a person and only had a name to go on, how would you do it?”

“I’d check the hall of records and the births office. If that didn’t work I’d widen my search to the muggle world: Hall of Records, Police department, birth and death office. You could check the muggle phone directory, failing all that I’d hire a private investigator, perhaps a Wizard and a muggle one. Why?” she asked curiously.

“I’m trying to find someone and it’s proving very difficult” he replied.

“Well if you need any help ask me”.

“Have fun at work!” he said as she stepped into the floo.

“You know I will!” she chuckled. 

I once said that 'Queen of Gorgeousness' was the best story I'd written so far and my favourite. Now I think I'm getting a new favourite. Enchantress makes me giggle ridiculously and makes my Mum wonder if I've lost it. Let me know what you think!

P.S. for any of you who get confused, this is a heads up. All written work that is in italics means that it's a letter or a diary entry from Hermione's Mother. AKA the words her Mother left for her. Hopefully ya'll have worked that out, but this is a reminder just in case (: ~ Zyii

Chapter 4: Chapter Four - Exploding Anger
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Chapter Four – Exploding Anger


Mild Language

Possible Sensitive Topic

Substance Use/Abuse

Hermione was quite happy when she arrived at work, the whispers and sympathetic comments she’d expected to hear were absent. Apparently the people in her section knew her better than she thought. She smiled softly at the sight of her hot chocolate and a fresh croissant on her desk. Draco knew Hermione often forgot to eat breakfast so it had become his mission to make sure she didn’t go hungry.

Hermione and Draco managed the magical creatures section at the Ministry. They worked with werewolves, mermaids, centaurs, house elves, goblins, talking dragons, unicorns as well as many others. They were the only Ministry sector to have changed countless laws, form many successful charities and be making a profit. The fact that they could even provide homes for unicorns spoke highly of their excellence, though it was only Hermione, being of a pure heart, who could help the unicorns.

She ate her second breakfast while looking over her schedule for the day. She had a meeting with the centaurs in the afternoon and some house elves that needed work were arriving this morning. Draco and Hermione also had some new legislation to work through to make sure everything was in order before it was passed.

Draco popped in several times during the day, smiling to himself when he saw that Hermione had chocolate in the corner of her mouth. She blushed prettily when he told her. Hermione’s day was going well, she’d managed to find work for all the house elves, two of which actually wanted pay and days off. Granted one wanted to be paid insilk scarves but it was an improvement.

Draco was out for lunch when Hermione assumed the person storming into her office was an angry client, it wasn’t.

A whirling angry redhead shouted “How dare you!”, “It was none of your business!”

Hermione’s temper immediately spun to the surface.  The only emotion she felt wasextreme anger and for a second she wondered why this was. 

In a dangerously calm voice she replied, “You made it my business when you brought it into my house!”

Ronald snorted and spluttered indignantly.

“You’re supposed to be our friend, how could you out us like that” asked a dejected Harry.

“I don’t believe this! You’re kidding right?! We aren’t friends. Friends don’t betray each other like this. I was with Ron for seven years and you were making love with each other behind my back. Were you ever going to end the charade?”

They had the decency to look slightly uncomfortable but at the same time defiant.

“Why did you propose to me Ron? And why did you congratulate me Harry? Why hide it? Who were you afraid of? Family? The press? Adoring fans??”

“You don’t understand, I love you Hermione but I love Harry more” moaned Ronald.

“If you loved me you would never have proposed in the first place” she muttered.

“You’ve ruined Harry’s career you know. No one will talk to him in his Auror department.  They all whisper behind his back and give him filthy looks!” said Ronald.

Hermione sighed, “Why are you here?”

“We came to hear you apologize” said Ronald arrogantly. 

Hermione was so shocked she couldn’t speak.

Harry took a step forward but before he could say anything an imperious voice cut in -

“You have some nerve.  How dare you come here and harass my partner at work. Leave instantly before I call for security!” said Draco acting every bit the Pureblood supremists.

For a moment Ron and Harry looked as if they would make a fight of it but Draco heldhis ground and they slowly turned and left with eyes full of hatred and anger. Hermione guessed this wouldn’t be the last she’d see of them. She fell into Draco’s friendly embrace and willed herself to stop shaking. She wondered briefly why she only felt relief, she’d spent seven years of her life with Ronald and strangely she only felt peace now that it was over. Surely that meant something.

“Come to dinner with me” said Draco.


“Come to dinner, go on we’ll have fun. Have some food, drink and relax” he continued.

She smiled it did sound tempting and she always had fun with Draco.

“I’ll pick you up at seven then” he said knowing he’d won.

She childishly stuck her tongue out at him.

“Go home” he told her.

“But it’s not even lunchtime” she said.

“It’ll take you the rest of the day to look beautiful for me” he teased.

“Maybe I’ll go see your Father and tell him how you insult me” she said in response.

“You wouldn’t” he paled; she could be vicious when she wanted.

“Try me” she replied, “I might visit them anyway. I haven’t seen your Father since I burst into Sirius’s house and I feel I owe Severus an apology for snapping yesterday”.

Draco smiled at her knowingly and sent her on her way.

When Hermione arrived in the Manor all was quiet. She began her leisurely walk to the library where she knew the two men would be. There was one part of her journey to the library that Hermione hated. Passing Narcissa’s portrait where it hung in a deserted part of the hallway was always an unpleasant experience. The portrait had never spoken but always stared at her with barely concealed hatred”.

“They don’t want you here” her ice cold voice cut through Hermione’s tough exterior.

Hermione stopped to look at the portrait in disbelief, “And of course you were so loved by them” she retorted.

“Don’t talk about things you don’t understand” hissed Narcissa’s portrait.

“I understand more than you think”.

“Stay away from my Draco!”

“You can’t tell me what to do!” replied Hermione curtly.

“If you don’t stay away from him…”

“You’ll what, continue to shout at me?” mocked Hermione.

“You stupid pathetic girl, no Malfoy would willingly associate themselves with you. Malfoy men would only keep a Mudblood like you around for sexual favors other than that you’re useless just like trash” flashed Narcissa triumphantly.

Hermione glared at her, she should know better but after her clash with Ron and Harry that morning her control was decidedly thin and she already felt her magic swirl around her.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING? WHAT’S HAPPENING? NO, STOP IT, YOU CAN’T DO THIS!!” the sound of Narcissa’s screaming brought the thudding footsteps of Lucius and Severus running just in time to see Narcissa’s portrait burst into flames and become a pile of ash. Hermione sighed in relief and felt her increased magic fade away. Lucius saw the look on Hermione’s face and filed the event away for later.

“Lucius I’m sorry I don’t know how that happened” Hermione stuttered.

“Hush child if anything you did us a favor” replied Lucius.

“Why are you here Pet?” inquired Severus.

“Draco sent me home” she whispered.

“Such a punishment, why did he do that?” quipped Lucius.

“Because two angry people decided to visit me at work” she said, “And Draco asked me to dinner” she mumbled not looking either man in the eye.

Both Lucius and Severus declined to comment but they both shared a secret smile. They were just about to send her on her way when they realized she had nothing to wear for dinner that night. Lucius promised to have something sent over for her and Hermione had no choice but to accept. Malfoy men did love to spend money on family – which is what Hermione was to Lucius.

Sirius had struck gold so to speak. He’d found proof that this Isabella Knight did exist. He’d taken Hermione’s advice and widened his search to include muggle aspects. It was easy to pose as a private investigator and it certainly saved him money (not that he was in any danger of running out). He’d found her name recorded in a muggle hospital but what was shocking was what she was there for. It seemed that Isabella didn’t just run away from his brother out of some misguided reason but took their unborn child with her!

True to his word Lucius had sent Hermione a burnt orange sun dress to wear that evening. Shortly before Draco arrived Hermione found she was strangely nervous for reasons she couldn’t understand. Sirius laughed at her inability to sit still, Hermione had hung out with Draco many times before but somehow the way Draco had asked her to dinner earlier had sent her into a flutter.

As it was, she needn’t have worried; dinner flowed superbly from start to finish. Not an awkward pause in sight. It was so easy to live without expectations when they were together. They argued wholeheartedly on matters relating to new Werewolf legislation and laughed about how Lucius and Severus behaved in public. Draco complimented Hermione on her outfit, chuckling softly when she mentioned his thanks should go to his Father. Draco had the wonderful ability to make Hermione forget everything else and actually have good fun.

After dinner Draco persuaded Hermione to continue their night of fun with a couple of drinks at The Irish Firebang, which was Diagon Alley’s biggest bar/club and run by the ever cheery Seamus Finnegan. Seamus always had a table for Hermione and had developed a strong manly friendship with Draco over the years.

“Hermione!! We haven’t seen you in a while. Well done mate for getting her out again”  said Seamus slapping Draco on the back and winking at Hermione.

“What can I get ya?” asked Seamus leading them to a private booth.

“Firewhisky” said Draco.

“A Tequila Sunrise please Seamus” added Hermione.

If Wizards were under the impression that they had the best alcohol on offer they were sorely mistaken. Surely they had good whisky, brandy and elf wine but muggles had so much more. Seamus’s club had popularity like no other because it served both muggle and Wizarding alcohol.

Hermione’s drink was mostly orange with red juice lacing the top. Seamus always added a cherry to her straw. Hermione even managed to persuade Draco onto the dance floor. His dancing had improved since she first introduced him to muggle dancing. She was sure that if Lucius or Severus ever saw her muggle dancing they’d die from shock.

Seamus smiled knowingly as he looked at Draco and Hermione. Sometimes those with the most history were better suited. Oh no! Here comes trouble thought Seamus; he motioned for one of his bigger security guards to go over and stand by Draco and Hermione. Seamus didn’t want any trouble in his club tonight and if trouble started he would side with Hermione, after all he owed her a lot and certainly never would have opened this club without her help.

Ron and Harry just wanted a quiet night out away from all the negativity and were used to being welcomed with open arms into Seamus’s club but tonight he didn’t seem pleased to see them. That’s when they saw Hermione, the one person who had turned the world against them, never for one instant blaming themselves for their own selfish behavior.  Ron moved quickly towards Hermione.

“You’ve got some nerve coming to our club”, he said.

“Oh you own it then do you Ronald?” said Seamus softly.

“Why should she be welcomed in and not us?” demanded Harry.

“Probably because she owns half of it” replied Draco.

“What?” thundered Ron.

“You didn’t know?” said Draco.

“No they thought they were welcomed so nicely on their own merit” said Hermione her eyes spitting fire.

“Still hanging out with Malfoy then” said Harry, turning on her.

“Well, he is a better person than you two ever were” she replied sweetly.

Harry felt angry and raised his voice “I want you to leave Sirius alone” he said, trying to gain the upperhand by changing tactics.

“Excuse me?” said Hermione, somewhat gobsmacked.

“Move out! I don’t want you poisoning Sirius against me anymore!” thundered Harry.

“You poisoned his image of you yourself Harry when you lied, cheated and betrayed me” replied Hermione stiffly.

“What would your mother think of your behavior Hermione?” questioned Ron.

“Don’t you dare mention my Mother” warned Hermione.

“Touched a nerve have I?” mocked Ron, “I bet she wouldn’t agree with the company you keep. Fraternizing with Slytherins!  They’ll only leave you, just like your Father did all those years ago” said Ron maliciously.

Yet again Hermione felt her magic increasing without warning and concentrated solely on Ron, drawing her magic to her in great waves; she wanted to hurt them, to make them suffer, like she’d suffered under them. It was easy to call upon what she wanted; she knew their inner- most fears and projected them forcibly into their mind. Ron was the first to fall under her stare, his screams and twitches drawing the attention of many other people.

“What’s wrong Ron? Where does it hurt? What did you do to him?” shouted Harry.

Seamus had acted quickly, opening the second part of his bar up and allowing his security guards to herd people into the other room. A few people remained behind, those who knew Hermione well or were indebted to her. They’d all wanted to hurt the boys of the Golden Trio themselves but they were content with watching Hermione exert her own magic. There would be no witnesses to this.

“I did nothing, it isn’t my fault his mind is so easy to enter” replied Hermione. She didn’t need to enter Harry’s mind, his greatest fear was losing the people he loved, for all he knew Ron was dying right now.

Hermione felt her magic slide away once her job was done, she was so close to castrating the two of them but she couldn’t bring herself to cause that much pain.

“Seamus I think you have some rubbish to take out” she said smoothly.

Seamus laughed at her comment and ordered his guards to whisk away the offending objects.

Though not much is yet posted, I am halfway through writting this story. I think it's going well and like where it's going. I still don't have a job (boo!) so I'm writing a lot more and will probably end up with a lot of completed stories to post! :) Anyhow, if you like...tell me what you think. ~ Zyii

Chapter 5: Chapter Five - The Past
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Chapter Five - The Past

It was late when Hermione got in; Draco, ever the gentleman, had walked her up the steps of Grimmauld Place and, smiling, kissed her on both cheeks. He’d left her with the promise of hot chocolate and pastries at work tomorrow. She passed the library on her way upstairs and was surprised to see a knocked out Sirius asleep on books and pieces of paper. He was obviously working hard on something. Hermione charmed a blanket to cover him and keep him warm as he slept.

Hermione sat down on her bed not feeling the least bit tired but knowing she should really sleep. She decided to read one letter before bed, though the letter turned out to be a diary entry.

January 1978

Today will be the first day in over seven years that my parents will grace me with their presence. To them I am an abomination, someone who should be hidden away and not mentioned. They blame me for what I am but I blame Mother and her wandering libido. If she’d stuck with Father I’d have been normal…perhaps. Purebloods don’t take kindly to squibs, so when it was apparent that I had no magical abilities I was shipped away. I live a life of secrecy and forbidden longing. One day I’ll break free and then I’ll be gone.

He came today, escorting my parents like some sort of God. I watched them arrive from my window. For a brief moment his eyes locked with mine and I was drawn into the depths of the brightest blue. Matron Belladonna yanked me away from the window then, she said it wasn’t ladylike to stare from a window but assumed I didn’t understand, being a lowly squib.

I didn’t know why my parents were here. Seated in one of the smaller rooms they conversed with Matron while I was ignored. He stood in the corner waiting patiently for it all to end. Even with my head bowed I could see his fine profile. His locks of fine black hair fell to his shoulders and were pulled back into a loose ponytail. He seemed superbly well dressed so I assumed he was a Pureblood but I didn’t know what family he belonged to or the purpose of his being here. After a few minutes of idle chitchat it became apparent what this visit was about:

“You girl! Great Uncle Alfred has died” said my Mother, I felt a pang of sadness, Uncle Alfred had always been kind to me.

“He left you money, a considerable amount. You will sign it over to us now, you have no need for it you aren’t even a witch” stated my Mother.

I felt hope, a first in a long time, if I had money I had a future outside this house.

“Yes be a good girl and give us the money. Uncle Alfred obviously wasn’t in his right mind when he wrote his will” said my Father.

“No” I said mustering my courage.

“Excuse me” screeched my Mother.

“I will not give you the money, it was left to me!” I said.

“Why you insolent little chit” cried my Father.

“Do tell Father. Is your insistence to get my money because the great family fortune is no more or because Uncle Alfred didn’t include you in his will?” I asked, terrified but also triumphant at my sudden backbone.

My parents looked scandalized, Matron had a look about her that promised punishment but the young man looked impressed, his eyes sparkling with humor and I felt proud of myself.

“How dare you talk to your parents that way!” shouted Matron.

“They aren’t my parents, not really. They haven’t raised me, they don’t love me. They shut me away in this house because they are ashamed. Let’s face it we both know that Father here isn’t my real Father; there is no resemblance at all. You’re all living a lie; I turn seventeen in a few months and with the money that Uncle Alfred has left me I actually stand a chance of a normal life”.

“You’ll regret this” hissed my Mother.

“Empty words Mother, you can’t threaten one you pretend doesn’t exist”.

Today’s events made me feel good about myself. It felt good to stand on my own two feet and tell off those who call themselves my family.

Hermione looked up from the diary in shock. Her Mother had been a Pureblood squib. That meant Hermione wasn’t a muggleborn. She was a half-blood or a Pureblood depending on who her Father was. Suddenly, her mother’s legacy seemed very interesting indeed.

When Draco saw Hermione at work the next day, he found her in a state of high excitement, amusement and curiosity. She was pacing back and forth in her office, her brow was furrowed but her eyes were sparkling.

“Draco! I’ve been waiting for you!” she huffed in annoyance like he’d kept her waiting.

“Here I am Granger at your service” he muttered cheekily.

She glared at him playfully, “I started reading the stuff Mum left me” she began.

“And?” he prompted.

“And I’m not a Muggleborn” she whispered.

“What?!” shouted Draco.

“My Mother was a squib from a Pureblood family. She hasn’t mentioned who my Father is yet but I’m definitely no longer a Muggleborn” she said.

“Wow, I knew your Mother had secrets but this is above and beyond what I was thinking. Have you told anyone else?”

She shook her head.

“We should tell my Father and Severus, they might be able to help. What was her name?”

“I only knew her as Caroline Granger but I’m beginning to think she changed her name” said Hermione.

“Hmmm” said Draco deep in thought.

“Please don’t lets tell them yet, I want to keep it a secret for a little while longer” she pleaded.

“You told me” he replied.

“You’re different” she said, which pleased Draco immensely.

“What had you so amused?” he asked.


“When I walked in your eyes were sparkling with amusement” he said.

She looked at him strangely for a moment then handed him the paper.

Weasley’s Complaint Laughable!

Potter’s Comments Backfire!!

It was reported last night that Ronald Weasley made a formal complaint against Miss Hermione Granger. He claimed she attacked him without cause using dark and forbidden spells to harm him. His complaint was laughed out of the office and Potter was reprimanded for bringing the department into disrepute by lying. Mr. Weasley swears that there was a room full of witnesses at The Irish Firebang but when this reporter spoke to Seamus Finnegan, the club’s owner, we were told that Mr. Potter and Mr. Weasley had entered the establishment earlier that evening and made a beeline for Miss Granger who was accompanied by Mr. Draco Malfoy.

They proceeded to harass and insult Miss Granger until Mr. Finnegan was obliged to call his guards to come and remove them from the premises. Mr. Potter’s allegations against Miss Granger have earnt him a formal warning from the Auror department. Both Mr. Weasley and Mr. Potter were warned that if any more allegations or mention of inappropriate behavior against Miss Granger reached the Minister of Magic’s ears, there would be serious consequences. There was no comment on how Miss Granger is taking this new media attention.

Draco laughed out loud as he read the article. Clearly the two dunderheads had learnt nothing and were still making the same school boy errors.

“Are you sure you raised the boys right Hermione?” he teased, “They seem no better than common mules!”

She giggled at his mock shock.

“Remember my Father and Severus will expect you for dinner on Friday. You won’t get out of it because of this!” he joked.

Friday night dinner had been a regular occurrence for many years. It was a chance for these mismatched people to act like a proper family and of course it gave Severus the chance to experiment with food, he really was a wonderful cook. Hermione knew Draco would want her to share what she’d discovered but she was reluctant because she knew it would change everything.

Enjoy lovelies :) ~ Zyii 


Chapter 6: Chapter Six - The Start Of Something New
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Chapter Six – The Start of Something New

Sirius wasn’t getting nearly enough sleep. His quest was taking up so much time. He hadn’t had a chance to charm a beautiful girl since he’d returned from the veil. He wished he’d been able to bring his brother back with him but whatever fates had allowed him back obviously hadn’t felt that his brother deserved to return as well.

He’d been excited when he’d first found proof of Isabella’s existence but his excitement had quickly vanished when he realized how hard it was to find more information on her. This woman seemed to have lived the most secluded life, but Sirius was up for the challenge as he’d promised his brother he’d find the truth.

Hermione worried about Sirius’s obsession with finding this mysterious woman but recognized the need to follow it through to the end. It became her mission to make sure he didn’t forget to eat and sleep. Hermione was having dinner at the Manor tonight and had resigned herself to telling Lucius and Severus what she’d learnt.

April 1978

Today was my Seventeenth birthday. Two letters arrived for me this morning and I managed to intercept them before Matron. One detailed the money Great Uncle Alfred had left me and how I could access it from Gringotts. But the second letter made my day. I’ve stuck it in here so I’ll always remember. It was addressed to The Brown Eyed Beauty, In the Smallest Room of Red Cottage:

Brown Eyes,

     Happy Birthday! I wonder what you would do now with all your inherited money. Will you live a life of action and adventure? You certainly have the spitfire personality to do it. I loved watching you give your parents a dressing down. Purebloods like the mare of the weakest kind. If you wondered why I was there your parents owe money to mine and I was sent to make sure they didn’t try to escape their debt. I’m glad you stuck to your guns and your money. Your parents can’t hurt you now.

The owl’s name is Bel, she will always find you when you want to send me a letter and she will always find you for me.

You don’t deserve the hand you’ve been given and I know you’ll do great things. I want to be a part of your life. I haven’t managed to stop thinking about you. I come from an old Pureblood family where tradition and devotion go hand in hand. There is so much expected of me and all I want to do is make my own decisions but I haven’t been given a chance.

I await your response with the gladdest of hearts!

     Your tall dark and handsome stranger.

It seemed to Hermione that her Mother had been besotted with this stranger, she just hoped as she read on that this stranger didn’t break her Mother’s heart. Who was he? Why were no names mentioned? Who or what were they hiding from?

Hermione dressed in a daze flooing to the Manor with a million questions embedded in her mind. Between reading the diary and arriving at the Manor she’d begun to feel guilty for the way she’d treated her Mother when she was alive. If Hermione had had a past like her Mother’s she’d have probably wanted to keep it a secret as well. Suddenly there were moments of Hermione’s past that were now put into perfect clarity.

“Hermione, Hermione! Miss Granger!!” bellowed Severus.

“Sorry” said Hermione, coming to.

“Are you alright Hermione?” asked a concerned Lucius.

“Yes” replied a distant Hermione.

Lucius and Severus exchanged a look and ushered Hermione into a chair by the fire as she had gone a deathly pale white. It was as if all the things she’d found out had finally sunk in and she’d gone into a panicked shock.

“What’s wrong? Draco mentioned something but he didn’t go into detail” said Severus.

Hermione looked into the kind faces of her adopted family, “I’m not a Muggleborn” she whispered.

“Sorry what did you say?” inquired Lucius.

“I’m not a Muggleborn” said Hermione firmly.

Lucius and Severus shared a look that clearly said they both thought she’d gone mad.

“My Mother left me a diary and a series of letters when she died. I didn’t read them because I was angry at her. My Father left because she’d admitted to him that I wasn’t his. Draco persuaded me that it was time to read them” she paused.

“My Mother was a squib from a Pureblood family. They hid her away because they were ashamed. The first time they saw her in seven years was because a relative had died and had left her money. Her parents were trying to get her to sign the money over to them but she refused. A man had accompanied them on the visit, he wrote to her on her birthday. There is no mention of names so I don’t know who he was”.

Lucius sat there in shock, his mouth parted and his eyes widened, Severus recovered before his lover.

“So you’re a half-blood or a Pureblood” he muttered.

She nodded.

Lucius was still processing the information. In his search for the Enchantress he’d long held suspicious that Hermione was it. Her magical signature matched the one he’d felt before and he’d witnessed the greatness of her magic first hand. Her change in blood status didn’t do anything to change that fact Lucius just wondered how to tell Hermione who she was and what was expected. On top of that who was her Father? Was he alive? Did he know about her? He’d have to have a meeting with the Lords to figure out what plan of action would be best.

Hermione never came to their dinners empty handed. She always had something to tell them and this was apparently no different. Each now had a lot to think about, things would only get more interesting from here on in.

Lucius paced back and forth waiting for the others to arrive. The once gleaming black and white tiles lay discolored and decayed, their glorious appeal ruined by years of neglect. It had been years since this room had been filled with the power of the five united together. The balls were long forgotten, the mannerisms a thing of the past. All traditions lost as the Lords had died away. The room recognized the power like a returning beacon. Gleaming thrones rose up from the floor and waited for their masters to be seated. It had been over half a century since the last Lords had called a meeting and even then it hadn’t been for the noble reasons their court stood for.

Now though they had a purpose, a calling, to espouse the feelings of protection and devotion they’d pledged to uphold when they were mere lads. The honor of guiding, protecting and aiding an Enchantress was their divine right. They’d been picked by Mother Nature’s first descendant and the rights were passed down through generations. No other family or Pureblood line would satisfy an Enchantress. Her magic was linked with the Lords. Each Lord represented one aspect for the Enchantress: safety, love, protection, passion, devotion, hunger, calmness, comfort, closeness, home, power etc. Each Enchantress had a different combination.

“I welcome each of you Lords to the place of our Lord creations as a united front. The Pureblood Court” said Lord Malfoy.

The Wizards sat a little straighter in their thrones, throwing out their chests with pride at being one of the five Lords in court.

“I call you here because I have found the next Enchantress and I wonder how we go about telling her who she is” said Lord Malfoy.

“Who is she?” shouted Lord Byron.

“Where did you find her?” asked Lord Gold.

“What is her blood?” asked Lord Nolan.

“Gentleman please! Let’s not resort to shouting in this sacred place” said Lord Malfoy, “Lord Sirius can tell you who she is for she lives under his protection”.

Lord Black smiled, “Our Enchantress which we have sworn to protect is Miss Hermione Granger”.

Gasps ran through the five Lords they’d all heard of Miss Granger. She was perhaps the most famous witch in the last 1,000 years.

“She is a Muggleborn” declared Lord Nolan.

“No” replied Lord Malfoy, shocking all the Lords including Lord Black.

“She recently found out that her Mother was a squib from a Pureblood family, she is no more a Muggleborn than you or I” said Lord Malfoy with a smile. Oh how he’d have been rolling in his own grave if he’d said those words mere years ago.

“I propose Miss Granger is told of her inheritance by Lord Malfoy and Lord Black” proposed Lord Gold.

“Yes. It seems she is most comfortable with the two of you. Once she is used to the idea, she can be introduced to the rest of us” said Lord Nolan.

“We don’t want to scare her away” said Lord Byron chuckling.

“Then it’s settled. Lord Black and I will tell Miss Granger of her inheritance” said Lord Malfoy formally.

“It will be up to her to form the bonds. Each of us should expect a visit when the time comes” said Lord Nolan, “We must remember to be patient with her”.

“Agreed” replied the other Lords.

“Has she shown the extent of her power yet?”

“Yes. I have seen it firsthand” said Lord Malfoy.

“But she isn’t controlling it yet” said Lord Black.

“No. At present it comes forth when she feels a certain emotion; anger, revenge, sadness. In time she will learn to control her magic over emotions” answered Lord Malfoy.

“Has she chosen yet?” asked Lord Byron.

“No. But her magic hasn’t had a chance to. It is still wounded from the fiasco with Mr. Weasley and Mr. Potter” snarled Lord Malfoy.

“It used to be that the Lords were more than Guardians for their Enchantress but I doubt Miss Granger would chose any of us for that right, we are too old for her. I fear what will happen if our magic isn’t enough to balance her” said Lord Gold.

“We shall cross that bridge when we get to it. Chances are her magic will seek out someone compatible before she starts to flare” said Lord Black.

“Agreed” declared the Lords.

“Lord Black, you mentioned wanting to bring something to the Court?” prompted Lord Malfoy.

The Lords were allowed to bring forth ideas, if they were without gain and done with honorable intent they were accepted.

“You are all aware of my sudden return from the veil. I’d love to tell you all how I did it but the powers that be didn’t let me in on that secret. Within the veil there are many trapped souls. Most are from disobedient Pureblood families, trapped there as a punishment. During my time I managed to find my brother trapped there” he paused.

“Apparently my crazy Mother had pushed my brother through the veil when she realized he was trying to break away from Voldemort’s control. My brother was the first to find out about Voldemort’s horcruxes but he was pushed into the veil before he could destroy the one he’d found and find the others”.

“In the veil my brother and I cleared the air between us. It seems my brother was madly in love with a girl who suddenly disappeared. My brother assumed she’d either been chased away by our dear Mother or had found out that he’d become a Death Eater. He asked me to find her. Her name is Isabella Knight but the trail I found was very short. She seems to have kept her life very secret. The only information I found was in a muggle hospital that stated that she’d had a child. I promised my brother I’d find out what happened to her and now by extension what happened to the child she had”.

“I remember the Knights, they were once a very prominent Pureblood family but they ran into high debts. They owed a lot of money to your family Lord Black if my memory serves me correctly” stated Lord Byron, “But I never heard of any Isabella Knight”.

“Are we all in agreement that this matter should be looked into?” asked Lord Malfoy.

“Aye” said the Lords.

“Then make it so” said Lord Malfoy formally.

Hermione sat in the kitchen of Grimmauld place, one leg tucked under the other as she sat at the kitchen table munching on some chocolate biscuits. Sirius was out, disappearing through the front door some time ago and had yet to return. She had the latest diary entry in her hands. What a life her Mother had led. Hermione felt angry that she’d never thought to ask her Mother about her life prior to having her. Reading these words was giving Hermione a new found respect for her Mother.

May 1978

I long for the days when I see Bel at the window. She’s a very smart bird; she always appears when Matron is far away. Matron would kill me if she realized that I was getting letters. I fear Matron less and less these days, she is even less of a squib than I am. She’s only a muggle, what’s she going to do, whip me? I’ll be out of here soon. Everytime I try to leave she appears like a snorting bull ready to trap me again. But he said he’ll come for me. It’s his birthday in June. He says he’ll help me move away from here when he turns seventeen. He says Matron won’t be able to argue with him, especially now – since the destruction debt my family has run up – Matron’s continuing employment rests with his family and not mine.

God I can’t wait to leave this place. I look around and I don’t see one thing that resembles me. I’ve been here for half my life and the walls are still as plain as when I arrived. I have no belongings of my own, Matron said only good girls were allowed such treasures as toys and fine clothing but being a squib she says I’m a bad girl. Sometimes I think Matron has a warped sense of right and wrong.

But it’s easy to forget the horrors of life when I think of him. If I just picture his face in my mind all my troubles go away. I long to write his name down but I can’t risk Matron finding this diary – even though I hide it well. Once I’ve escaped from this place I will write his name for the entire world to see and then no one would be in doubt of my feelings for him.

We live in such different worlds and yet they are so similar. I am hidden away because of society while he is bound by society. I am about to break free while he is quietly drowning. He talks about missing his brother, his devoted house elf and crazed Mother. He speaks such sweet words of longing to me, I know that wherever he is, if I am there with him I am safe.

I hope people are still enjoying this. I have almost finished writing this story and have currently taken a break from its fluffiness to write another story which is more dark and angry. ~ Zyii 


Chapter 7: Chapter Seven - The Enchantress Is Revealed
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Chapter Seven – The Enchantress is Revealed

On Saturday morning there was a soft knock at the door followed by a bobbing tray of food that was carried by an incredibly small house elf. She could just about see its ears flapping madly at the sides. This wasn’t a regular occurrence; in fact she’d never had breakfast brought to her this way. Thus this occurrence meant one of two things. Either someone had died or Sirius needed something from Hermione. Well she wasn’t going to rush and get up just to suit Sirius. She was going to stay in bed and enjoy this fabulous breakfast before leisurely showering, dressing and heading downstairs. She smiled to herself as she thought of the ever impatient Sirius pacing downstairs waiting for her to appear.

When she finally entered the library where Sirius was waiting she was surprised to find Lucius there as well.

“Enjoy your leisurely morning?” teased Sirius.

 “Hush you. If you wanted me down quickly you shouldn’t have sent me that delicious breakfast” she smiled.

Lucius’s Pureblood image slipped as he couldn’t contain the smile her words brought forth.

“We wanted to talk to you Princess” said Sirius.

Uh, oh thought Hermione, he actually sounds serious. Hermione panicked as she tried to think of what she’d done wrong. Oh no! She thought, they must have found out what happened at The Irish Firebang. Were they going to turn her in? She hadn’t done anything illegal but she did attack an unarmed wizard. Did that sort of attack carry a punishment?”

“I didn’t do anything wrong” she blurted out; she’d never been good at lying.

“Pardon?” asked Lucius.

“What didn’t you do wrong?” asked Sirius.

“Um. You didn’t want to talk to me about what happened at The Irish Firebang?” she murmured.

“What happened at The Irish Firebang?” asked Sirius.

“I read the paper but assumed it was all lies” said Lucius.

“What did happen?” asked Sirius who said it in a way that made Hermione know she’d dug this hole and wouldn’t be able to escape it now.

“I attacked Ron at the club. He just made me so angry spouting on about things he had no right to!” she exclaimed.

“So what did you do? How did you attack him?” asked Lucius.

“I attacked his mind; I filled it with a million spiders. I made him feel like they were climbing all over him, that they were inside him. I wanted him to feel my pain. I wanted him to go mad with fear” she said with venom.

“And what of Harry?” asked Sirius tentatively.

“There was no need to attack him. His greatest fear is losing the ones he loves. He was punished by watching Ron’s pain” she spat.

“You don’t regret it? You have no feelings of guilt?” asked Sirius.

“No. Their magic pains me. I cannot stand to be around it. Being near them feels dangerous” she said. Lucius and Sirius shared a look. That was a confirmation of identity if ever there was one.

“Hermione, what do you know of Enchantresses?”

“Enchantress, what now?” she asked.

“She wouldn’t have known. It’s a concept only told to Pureblood men” said Sirius.

“Ah of course, that is true” muttered Lucius.

“Hello, still here!” said Hermione impatiently, “Explain please!!” she demanded.

Lucius looked amused by her outburst; she looked just like a darling child when she was cross. He expected her to stamp her foot at any minute.

“Ah Enchantress is a rare breed of witch, a descendant from Mother Nature herself. She usually possesses a power equal to no other, has a pure heart with an overwhelming desire to help people. Has a natural affinity with the earth and its creatures and has a lot of love to give. It is said that those she considers family are protected always while those she considers a threat are punished accordingly”.

“The last known record of an Enchantress was over 1,000 years ago. She lived for a very long time but was betrayed by one of her protectors who she’d taken on as a lover. Her magic felt the betrayal, in her case the pain was strong enough for her magic to take her own life” added Sirius.

“But that’s just one example. Enchantresses are rare and far and few between but when one does emerge it is a time of great prosperity within the Wizarding world. Enchantresses carry a lot of power of their shoulders. Of the Mothers own they have the ability to change things. Their word is law. That might sound strange to you but an Enchantress works through the purity of her own heart. Your own magic would forbid you from doing anything that strayed from Mother Earth’s will or put you in danger” said Lucius.

“You think I’m an Enchantress?”

“We know you are an Enchantress” said Lucius.

“Hermione, you brewed a polyjuice potion in your second year. You saved my life twice. You saved countless people in the War, you burnt away Narcissa’s portrait, you survived torture. You’re actively changing countless laws. You found your animagus form at fourteen” said Sirius.

“If you would like to be tested to prove it you can”.

“Yes please” she answered.

“Fine, transfigure this book into as many animals as you can” instructed Lucius.

For the next half an hour Lucius and Sirius watched in astonishment as Hermione transformed the book into animal after animal without breaking a sweat or getting bored. When she finally returned the book back to its own form she looked expectantly at Lucius and Sirius, “Well?” she asked.

Sirius was still astonished so it was Lucius who answered.

“My dear girl the last person to be tested like that managed six transformations and was registered as a Mage. I lost count after eleven transformations. Well done!”

Hermione blushed at Lucius’s praise. She felt happy, free and powerful, her magic was humming with contentment. Before either person could talk again an owl passed through carrying a formal certificate and a letter, the certificate read:

Miss Hermione Granger

High Enchantress of the Wizarding World

War Heroine and Brightest Witch

Mother Earth’s Own Descendent


The letter read as follows:

Dear High Enchantress Miss Granger,

     Congratulations on your recent inheritance. Being gifted as an Enchantress is a treasure indeed. You surely have a lot to learn but having witnessed your magic firsthand I think it’s safe to say we can expect great things from you.

Do not worry about the sudden increase in press attention or obsessive followers. Your Lords will protect you always and the Ministry Aurors are at your service.

I’d like to invite you to tea at the Ministry. Rest assured I want nothing from you – though I am excited to see you. It would be good for us to meet before the press gets too wild.

Sincerely your servant,

     Lucinda Raven

           Minister of Magic

Hermione was in awe of the formality the letter held. She and Lucinda were old friends and Lucinda had done much work to ensure people trusted the Ministry again. Neither Lucius nor Sirius had mentioned much about the Lords though.

“Who are the Lords?” she asked.

“Well you are looking at two of them” said Lucius seriously.

“Then there are Lord Byron, Lord Gold and Lord Nolan”.

“What do the Lords represent?” she asked.

“Well that depends on the Enchantress. Tell me Princess, how do you feel around Lucius and I?” asked Sirius.

Hermione pondered the question, “Sirius feels like a calming breeze soothing my fears and calling me home when I stray too far. And Lucius stands tall and fierce as my protector. He feels safe and like family. He protects and stands true” she whispered.

She’d let the words run from her mouth before she’d really had a chance to think about them and was now feeling embarrassed by her words.

“Don’t feel embarrassed Princess” said Sirius sensing her unease, “Your magic chooses us for a reason. The words you just spoke are how your magic feels about us, it’s how we’re linked. So it’s nothing to fear. I’ll stand tall as your calm breeze calling you home and Lucius will wear his badge of protector and strong family figure with fierce regard and pride in his heart”.

“Would you like to meet the other Lords?” asked Lucius.

“Not yet” she replied.

“Then what would you like to do Princess?”

“Can we visit Lucinda? She wants to have tea and I have some questions to ask her” she pouted her lips leading the two Lords to wonder what she’d read to put that frown on her face.

Lucinda had a very large smile on her face as she saw Hermione being escorted towards her office by two of her Lords. One was tall fair and imposing (Lord Malfoy) while the other was tall dark and handsome (Lord Black). Lucinda found herself licking her lips at the thought of being in such company. If Lucinda hadn’t been such good friends with Hermione she might have been inclined to ignore the Ministry rules on Enchantresses and try to manipulate Hermione to her own agenda. But she’d seen what Hermione could do with a wand and she rather liked her job – a job Hermione could take away in the blink of an eye now that she was an Enchantress. She did wonder though if she’d done the right thing including Auror protection in the letter she’d sent.

“Enchantress Granger” she formally welcomed Hermione as she approached her. It seemed her formality had startled Hermione which was good; it gave her time to collect her nerves. Once they were in her office some of the formality could be dropped and Lucinda squealed in delight as she swept up Hermione into a hug – much to the amusement of her accompanying Lords.

“I must say I’m surprised to see you so soon” said Lucinda.

“It was your letter” replied Hermione.

“Ahh” said Lucinda glancing nervously from the Lords to Hermione and back again.

“You are my friend first and foremost but you are the Minister of Magic. I have to know you won’t work against me in any way or try to manipulate me to further dishonest ventures” said Hermione.

“I won’t” replied a very pale Lucinda.

“Will you formally uphold the oath of the words Enchantress Granger just spoke” asked Lord Malfoy.

“I will” answered Lucinda.

“Then it is done” replied Lord Black as the magic recognized the oath and made it so.

“Right” said Hermione happily, “You mentioned a guard of Aurors. Not that I think my Lords will EVER fail me but I insist on picking the team personally. I will not put my faith in some of the people you have working down there”.

Lucinda found herself agreeing to Hermione’s terms before her mind had fully had a chance to catch up. Once it had been established that Hermione could come in at any time to choose her guard, Hermione and her Lords were out of her office in a flash promising to visit again soon.

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Chapter 8: Chapter Eight Everyone Loves a bit of Harmless Flirting
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Chapter Eight – Everyone Loves a bit of Harmless Flirting

After such an eventful day Hermione was thankful for the peaceful evening she had to herself, though admittedly she was slightly upset that Draco was away on business – sorting out the latest dispute with the Southern Atlantic Mermen. No matter, she’d be able to tell him when he was back but even then the information wouldn’t be fresh in her mind. Her Mother’s letters were becoming more interesting, the latest letter was from her Mother’s mystery man.

Brown eyes,

     Count the days. One, two, three, four, five. Then I’ll be there to take you away. Don’t fret, don’t worry, and don’t fear. I’ll be there to take you away. I found the perfect little home for you. Somewhere where you will be safe and no one will be able to hurt you.

My Birthday was a quiet mind-numbing affair. My Mother threw a party. It was filled with all the cream of Pureblood society. All the well bred gentlemen and simpering annoying girls. I fear she wants me to choose one as a bride but how can I think of those monstrosities when my heart belongs only to you. Yours is the face I want to wake up next to and the smile I want to see every day. Your heart is the one mine beats loudly for. It will always be you. I belong to you, I always will.

Forever yours,

     The Dark Stranger.

After reading the latest installment Hermione found herself wishing for a love like the one her Mother had. They’d had but one meeting and were already declaring love for one another. It was like the world’s best love story, like all the classics rolled into one. What Hermione wouldn’t give for a love like that, she sighed, dreaming achieved nothing but disappointment. If she wanted a love like that she’d have to actively go out and find it. Besides she didn’t even know what happened with the love between her Mother and this strange man.

Urgh! Thought Draco as he pulled yet more seaweed off his wet body, why were all the Mermen disturbances over Mermaids? This time a Mermaid from one prominent family had been pledged in marriage to the son of another. The problem was she was in love with someone else and refused to marry the Merman she was pledged to. This had caused a riot within the Mere Clans and thus Draco had been sent to sort it out.

He wished he was at home though; he had a strong suspicion that Hermione needed him for something. He hadn’t seen her since before she went to dinner with his Father and Severus. He missed her, she’d become a permanent fixture in his life and not one he was willing to give up.

In all his years growing up he’d been searching for that special someone. He knew love matches were rare within Pureblood families but he continued to hope against all hope that he found a love match that suited him before his Father decided it was time for him to be married via an arranged marriage. He still hoped his Father had changed those ideas.

No, the sooner he was back home and away from this water the better. All this seaweed really was enough to put you off swimming.

Hermione proposed not to meet the remaining Lords until Draco was back. She told Lucius and Sirius that Draco made her comfortable and had the ability to make her forget everything else. She said she’d need him to walk into the lion’s den with her. Lucius asked her why Sirius and he weren’t enough to soothe her concerns. But she replied saying that they were more than adequate but that Hermione didn’t want the formality or the pressure that would come from meeting the other Lords with two Lords present. After all she countered, she’d be perfectly safe with Draco as he would be the next Lord Malfoy and had already taken his vows. At which point Lucius and Sirius realized they didn’t have a leg to stand on and couldn’t argue with Hermione anymore. They left with a bow to Hermione declaring they had business to attend to leaving a tired Hermione to wait for Draco.

As it turned out Hermione fell asleep before Draco returned, so it was a very hyper and energetic Hermione who graced Malfoy Manor with her presence the following morning, sparing no glance to her surroundings as she walked merrily to Draco’s room. She stopped dead after opening his door, there was Draco half naked. His lower half wrapped in a towel, his chest still glistening with water droplets, his hair slick against the back of his neck. Hermione felt her mouth go dry as she looked upon his glorious body.

“Enjoying the view there Hermione?” asked Draco.

“Sorry” she stuttered, when had he got so close? She could clearly see the line of hair on his chest that disappeared under the towel.

“I’m up here Hermione” he whispered huskily.

She managed to raise her eyes to meet his.

“Hello” he breathed.

“Hi” she muttered.

He lowered his head to hers, giving her every chance to pull away and kissed her longingly on the lips. She sighed into Draco’s mouth as his tongue fought with hers. Both were breathing heavily at the end but neither seemed to pull away.

“Ahem” the sound and accompanying cough made the two jump apart as if struck by lightning.

“Ah Draco you’re back. I trust you are well Hermione?” asked an amused Lucius.

“Uh fine thanks” stuttered a very embarrassed Hermione.

“Are you seeing a Lord today, seeing as Draco’s back?” he asked with a mischievous smile.

“Of course, I said I would” replied Hermione slightly agitated.

“Right well, I’ll leave you to it. Hermione, perhaps you should knock next time you come to surprise Draco” said Lucius sniggering.

Oh that man! Thought Hermione, her magic acted but she had some control over it and Lucius ended up with a pillow hitting him full speed in the back of his head. He turned around in shock but Hermione merely stuck her tongue out at him and disappeared into Draco’s room. Draco shrugged at his Father; this had been an amusing morning he thought.

The Manor that Hermione and Draco stood before wasn’t as grand as Malfoy Manor. It wasn’t big and spooky nor was it a cottage with a white picket fence. It just looked like a normal Manor house and not the Manor of a Pureblood Lord. However looks can be deceiving as Hermione would find out when she remembered that she was a witch and he was a wizard.

“Miss Granger” Hermione jumped grabbing Draco’s hand in the process.

“I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to startle you. I just wondered if you were going to stand out here looking at my house all day” he said his mouth curling upwards.

“I’m sorry Sir” replied Hermione.

“Let us go inside. I heard from others that you tend to miss meals” he smiled at Draco’s expression, “So why don’t we treat ourselves”.

From her only two experiences with Pureblood Lords, Hermione wasn’t expecting what she was seeing. He led them down brightly lit hallways filled with colorful paintings and antiques. The man of this Manor seemed to break the mould of the typical Pureblood that Hermione had become accustomed to but perhaps that was too judgmental after all Lucius had changed for the better hadn’t he?

“Please sit” he motioned to the two seats opposite him.

Lord Lysander Gold sat elegantly in his chair, his arms on the arm rests, his hands tipped together under his chin. Lucius Malfoy had warned him that Miss Granger would be stopping by and he’d received a formal letter from Miss Granger herself.

Miss Granger was a complex person to study. She seemed at ease with the situation though not with her surroundings. Her facial expressions showed an air of confidence yet her eyes showed her nervousness. She seemed to unconsciously lean towards Draco for support, he wondered what was going on between the two of them. Adding to that, he could feel her magic pulsing around the room. Her magic was remarkable, it almost seemed to have a life of its own, roaming around the surrounding area, making sure Hermione was safe before retreating back in her magical core.

“Thank you for letting us into your home Sir” said Hermione.

“No need, Miss Granger, and please call me Lysander. It makes me feel old to be called Sir” he chuckled.

“Then you must call me Hermione” she replied.

“You are very powerful Hermione. It must have been a shock to find out your true heritage”.

Hermione paled slightly before realizing that Lysander was talking about her heritage as a descendent of Mother Earth and not the heritage of her parents and where she came from. The slight whitening of her face was something that did not go unnoticed by Lysander and he filed the information away for later use. Perhaps the other Lords would know something that would cause Hermione’s slight panic.

“Yes it was shocking but at the same time it explained a lot” she admitted.

“Explained a lot?” he enquired.

“Well I’ve had outbursts of magic before but I never really thought about what was causing it. I spent my time at Hogwarts thinking most things were incredibly easy. I spent so much time in the library because I needed something to challenge me. Learning spells was a good way of doing that” she paused for breath.

“I’ve always been very aware of my intelligence and the attitudes of others. When Lord Malfoy told me who I was and why I was so powerful it just made sense. Like all the baffling things in my life were suddenly explained”.

“She brewed the polyjuice potion in her second year, had her patronus by her fifth year. Created countless new spells, saved many lives during the War and because an animagus in fourth year though she won’t tell me her form” grinned Draco.

Lysander nodded thoughtfully, she was a remarkable woman. Lysander wondered if seeing him first was the correct move to make. With his light open Manor, his caramel coloured skin, bright eyes and a flare for colour he was probably the least intimidating of all the Lords. She’d be in for a shock if she thought the others would be as easy going as him.

Imagine that, the great Hermione Granger sitting in his Manor. He’d heard great things of course and Mr. Malfoy had just confirmed some of those things. He’d been neutral in appearance during the War but he had a heavily stocked potions lab in his basement in which he had brewed many potions mostly healing ones for people during the War. Sides didn’t matter to him so much; he’d tried to stay neutral. Everyone deserved the right to be healed, he’d become a doctor to the masses if you will.

“Lucius explained everything to you?” he enquired.

“Not in detail”.

“Is there anything you’d like to do?”

“I want to help people. Draco and I have helped a lot of magical creatures at work but there are so many others that need help”.

“Such as?”

“Like those orphaned by the War, those still stuck in St. Mungo’s, those who’ve been falsely accused and need representation” she said.

“That sounds like a lot of work, how would you do it?” he asked politely.

Draco nodded for her to continue, he was the only one so far to have heard her idea. It was a dream she had that she wanted desperately to become real but she didn’t have the funds nor did she think that anyone would take her seriously.

“I want to open a practice that deals with four main areas: reconstructing families for the orphaned and the lost, a healing center dedicated towards the permanent residents of St. Mungo’s, a law firm for those falsely accused or those in need of representation and a magical creatures section. Draco and I have spent too long making significant improvement in that department to give it up now”.

“You’ve given this a lot of thought”.

“Yes” she replied.

“Why is it not up and running yet?”

“It was just a pipe dream I haven’t the money and things kept getting in the way” she admitted.

“But it is still something you want to do?”

“Absolutely” she replied.

He was pleased with her response, her incredible mind was fully up to the challenge and she’d definitely picked three areas that the Ministry was failing in. With some serious thinking her pipe dream could become something more real. Hermione might not have much money but the Lords’ certainly did. He’d be happy to head up the healing sector if she so desired. Good things were bound to come from this and bad things would probably follow.

Since the beginning of their conversation the sun had moved from its original position in the sky and was now setting in the far East turning the sky from a light blue to the pinkest orange it now was. Time flies with good conversation.

“We must be heading home” said Draco, the setting sun acting as a reminder for what time it was. He’d prefer not to be over-tired for work tomorrow.

“Right” said Hermione distractedly, “Thank you for inviting us into your home and for the pleasant conversation Lord Gold” said Hermione formally.

He bowed in response, Oh she was good he thought.

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Chapter 9: Chapter Nine Not All Lords Are Happy Ones
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Chapter Nine – Not All Lords Are Happy Ones

Mild Language  

Hermione felt a bit confused. Whenever life seemed awfully slow suddenly things begin to come along all at once; being an Enchantress, finding out about Ron and Harry, her closeness with Draco, meeting the Lords, and her future ideas. Life could be slow at times but it was never uneventful. At least there was one thing that Hermione could count on at a time like this and that was the steadiness of the words her Mother left.


July 1978

Today was singularly the best day of my life! Matron didn’t stand a chance once he arrived; he scared her into a little box. She has no power against a Wizard. He was so attractive when he wielded his wand. I’d been waiting so long for this day and the months had been going by so slowly.

But the time had finally come. He’d come in and swept me off my feet. He carried me from the house of my nightmares and took me somewhere that was safe and my own. The place he found me is just so amazing. It’s small, yes, but it has space and potential.

I can’t wait to be able to buy my own furniture, get a job, and have my own life. He’ll be in it, my new life, he said he would. He makes me so happy. From words to speech, his eyes sparkle brightly when he talks to me. He is so handsome when he’s serious and passionate about something.

He says he’s passionate about me, it makes me blush. Falling in love is such an easy thing to do, I think I love him. Isn’t that great, I have the best hopeful feeling in my gut right now. We talked all night long, nothing happened beyond talking and the most chaste kiss in the world.

It was so special I feel like my life is moving forward in a positive way.

For the first time I’m happy without restraints, without fear, without worry. God I’m going round in circles all my thoughts are the same, I keep repeating myself. I will never forget this day!!

Hermione giggled at her Mother’s words. She sounded like a love struck teenager. The happiness her Mother felt practically leapt off the page. Hermione was glad that at least her Mother had found happiness after such a lonely childhood.

Hermione sighed, Draco would be here soon. One Lord down two to go. Lucius suggested she get the visits over as quickly as possible. Hermione was all for that approach but it was still hard to present yourself to someone who knows more about you than you do yourself. They were to visit Lord Byron next. He was the most difficult Lord – apparently – and Lucius had given Hermione a box of expensive cigars to give Lord Byron. Supposedly they were to sweeten him up.

“Are you ready?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be” she grimaced.

“It’ll be fine, you’ll see”.

“Have you ever met Lord Byron?” she asked.



“And he scared me so much I hid under the table”.


“Hey, I was six?” declared Draco.

“Wuss” she said.

“Be nice or I won’t let you kiss me again!”

“But, but” she saw his teasing face, “You’re an ass” she said.

“Takes one to know one!” he dodged her flailing arm.

“We’ll be late come on!”

30 Seconds Later



“You deserved that. Don’t apparate me without telling me. I could have been splinched”.

“Relax Hermione”.

“Say you’re sorry”.


“I won’t kiss you again” she grinned evilly.

“You’re a mean woman”.

“I know, now say sorry”.

“Sorry” he mumbled.

“Good boy”, she patted his arm condescendingly.

She looked at the castle in front of her. It didn’t look very appealing. He had the old creepy castle thing going for him alright. Perhaps he was a recluse; she opted for knocking and being led down the halls by a house elf. She didn’t want the embarrassment of being caught staring at a house again.

“Miss Granger, Welcome” his voice was deep and reverberated around the room they stood in, “Please, sit”.

They sat in chairs that had high rigid backs and soft duck feather cushions.

“Lord Byron thank you for allowing me into your home, I bought these for you” she held out the box of cigars and waited for Lord Byron to take them.

“Most kind” he said stiffly, which caused Hermione to become uncomfortable.

“Your power is strong” he stated.

“Yes” she replied.

He frowned, “Hmm”.

“Do you know what I do?” he asked.

“No Sir” she replied.

“I’m a lawyer, the only worthy lawyer to grace the Wizarding World”.

“That’s um nice” said Hermione.

“You’re awfully young to be Mother Earth’s new Enchantress”.

“Thank you!”

“Do you play?”

“Pardon?” she asked.

“The piano, do you play?”

“Yes” she said most confused by his behavior.

“Play something” he said pointing to the piano.

“Ok” Hermione’s hands were sweaty. This man’s voice was so cold and dominating, the lion within her was shaking. She sat at the piano and played a melody of Chopin music. She’d forgotten how much she loved the piano. At Hogwart’s there’d been scarcely a chance for music.

When she stopped Lord Byron applauded and his whole demeanor seemed to change.

“Wonderful, beautifully exquisite, music comes from your soul. Your soul and magic are in perfect sync. Your power will lead us to greatness”.

Hermione wasn’t really sure what he meant but she wasn’t willing to voice any opinion that might make him surly again. People like Lord Byron were good at changing moods to influence the situation.

“Well now, what’s this?” he asked seriously.

“Excuse me?” enquired Hermione nervously.

“Mr. Malfoy and yourself, are you an item?”

“That’s a bit personal don’t you think?” replied Hermione.

“Hmm” was the only response she got.

She was beginning to feel uncomfortable again. She thought that perhaps it would be best to spend as little time as possible with the man. She wasn’t going to be scared away by his impolite manner though.

“Thank you for your hospitality but we must go” she said stiffly.

“Of course” he replied sarcastically.

Draco stood to leave, waiting to escort Hermione out but something in Lord Byron’s sarcastic tone of voice stopped her.

“What is your problem? Are you always a jerk or is it just because you’re old and alone?” she demanded her eyes sparkling with a fiery heat.

Lord Byron merely raised his eyebrow, making Hermione’s annoyance grow.

“Oh I forgot, you like to make judging remarks and make others feel uncomfortable with your silence and mood swings because that’s how you get your kicks”.

The eyebrow rose even further.

“You maybe one of my Lords but you won’t get far with this attitude” she said.

Now it was time to leave, she was appalled by his behavior, really she expected better. She was shocked that Lucius didn’t tell her what an absolute jerk he was. She’d be having words with Lucius later.

“Well that was fun” said Draco once they’d apparated away.

Hermione glared at him.

“Ok, so it was a disaster but I know a way to make it all better” he teased.

“Oh really?”

“Come out with me tomorrow night”.

“Like a date?” she asked.

“Yes a date” he confirmed. 

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Revenge (Draco/OC): Revenge consumed her. It was all she saw, breathed and ate. Sometimes revenge can lead you to the brink of insanity. Sometimes it brings relief. Nell Santoro is looking for revenge. She wasn't looking for love, friends or family. 

Star Crossed Lovers (James II/OC): Sometimes love needs a little push. It's not always easy, sometimes hate gets in the way and pain, betrayal, hardship. Sometimes the road to love can be ful of joy, happiness, laughter, desire, fun. But when both sides get in the way, things can get catastrophically complicated.

Heaven's Not Far At All (Draco/OC): When Heaven falls into Draco's life, it's like nothing can go wrong. But Heaven is hiding a dark secret, one that will consume both her and Draco if she doesn't say something soon. Now others are conspiring against them. Is their love enough? 


Chapter 10: Chapter Ten - A Ballet Comes to Life
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Chapter Ten – A Ballet Comes to Life

Hermione enjoyed spending time with Draco. He was everything that a girl wanted from a boy all rolled into one giant ball of good. She wouldn’t call him perfect though or her ideal man as that implied there was no room for improvement and that my friend is a bad situation to get into.

Her time with Draco was spent very normally compared to the rest of her life. Life was a dance of emotions; an elegant Waltz, an exciting Charleston, a passionate Salsa. But sometimes one needed a break from the dancing emotions, Draco was the perfect distraction. He made her feel alive and she was starting to realize how much their friendship meant to her and how, even when she was with Ron, her thoughts and feelings for Draco hadn’t been completely proper.

Draco was punctual in picking her up the following evening. He wanted this night to be good, special and a surprise. Hermione usually hated surprises she had trouble putting her trust in others and really who could blame her? However a realistic little voice in the back of her mind kept telling her that Draco could be trusted.

The mind was a funny thing, the games it plays to bring out your worst fears and worries turning them tenfold. This was silly and as Hermione put the final touches to her makeup and dressed up with her earrings and bracelets, she looked at herself in the mirror and packed her fears away. She’d have fun tonight; she always did when she was with him.

He knocked at the door of Grimmauld Place in the normal way, no flooing into the house, no apparation. He’d arrived in a sleek black car that would be their transportation for the evening. His crisp grey suit was neatly ironed and brought colour to his pale skin unlike a black suit would do. Hermione opened the door herself, she’d forbidden Sirius from getting involved, he always had a knack for verbal diarrhea and the less he spoke to Draco on a night like this the better.

Draco thought she looked breathtaking. When she opened the door he was momentarily stunned by her natural beauty. Some girls caked on the makeup, they mistook belts for skirts, had fake body parts or were after something he didn’t want to give. But here stood a girl who took no part in the above list, he was quite privileged that Hermione even thought to look at him. Girls were everywhere but a real honest to god girl was hard to find.

Hermione looked elegant in her purple shift dress, hugging her chest it flared out from her waist and fell into a pool around her knees. The sleeves were capped and the purple colour shone invitingly against Hermione’s blushing skin.

“Where are we going tonight?” she asked.

“It’s still a surprise” he replied, “Your chariot awaits my Lady”.

He offered her his arm and led her towards the sleek black car. Regardless of the driver it was Draco who opened the car door for Hermione to slide into the car.

“A driver Draco?” she said with a smile.

“Tonight will be special” he replied mystically.

Draco had a lot riding on this night; this wasn’t just a date with any ordinary girl. Draco had made a promise to himself the day he’d read that article about Ronald and Hermione’s split. Hermione had been in his life as a good omen for many years, the thought of losing her now didn’t bear thinking about. This night would be a success for him, for her, for the both of them.

As the car drove through the busy streets of London Hermione let her mind wander to the possible ideas and locations of her date with Draco. Never had she felt so alive, this feeling of excitement and well-being that she felt with Draco by her side. She wasn’t one to believe in fate, but perhaps things were at last coming together for her. They do say that the love that blossoms from hate is the strongest. She wanted to berate herself for all those years she spent with Ronald, a man who was so completely wrong for her but she’d stuck by him and for what? If she was honest with herself she’d say it was because she was scared to be alone. But she wasn’t alone and dwelling in the past only brought fears and negativity. Hermione was a strong willed, independent woman, this was her chance.

The scenery outside the car window changed and she suddenly realized that the streets they were driving down were the ones of muggle London not Wizarding London. It seems strange to not notice that when you think of Diagon Alley but in truth there were many other parts of the Wizarding London, not all were open to every witch or wizard and not all were as easy to access as Diagon Alley.

As the car started to slow down, Draco was already standing on the pavement before the car came to a complete stop and walked around to let Hermione out. The driver drove off as Draco and Hermione walked away and it was then that Hermione first realized where they were, what they were seeing and how much information Draco had absorbed about her over the years.

Covent Garden Opera House loomed high and statuesque in front of them, its bricks telling a thousand stories, the lighting reflecting a million colours. Draco felt his first flush of success for the evening as he gazed upon Hermione’s face lit with pure joy and excitement. It’s funny how much information the brain holds and saves on someone who’s important and close to your heart.

“What are we seeing?” she asked as he led them inside the building.

“Do you remember Christmas a couple of years back, you came over for a Friday night dinner with my Father and Severus after you’d had an awful fight with Weasley. You and I stayed up late talking, and you mentioned how much you loved the ballet” he stopped waiting for her to work it out.

“Oh Draco, you didn’t!” she replied excitedly.

“It’s a special 30th anniversary performance. I thought seeing as you love this particular ballet so much that you’d like to see it”.

“This means more to me than you’ll know” she replied sincerely.

“I’d do anything to make you happy Hermione” he replied.

“And sitting through a ballet won’t hurt your masculinity?” she teased.

“No” he said, “But don’t even think about trying to get me into any tights!” he replied.

She giggled all the way to their seats, Draco thought for a moment that she was having some kind of fit; people around them were staring at her hysterical laughing. For a moment he felt some panic and embarrassment but later decided that he didn’t care. If Hermione was happy, he was happy. Even if the image of him in tights was what had caused this particular giggling fit.

As the lights went down and the curtain went up the excitement of the Opera Hall heightened intently, but Draco didn’t care for it was at that moment that Hermione reached down and clasped his hand in hers, a constant reminder that she was here with him. For the first time in his life he enjoyed the ballet, but that may have been more to do with his chosen company than the dancers in tights.

The night’s sky sparkled within Hermione’s eyes as the ballet came to an end and people began to get up and move. She was touched that he would remember such a fact about her. The ballet, and this one in particular, meant very much to Hermione for reasons she tried to forget and remember at the same time. You know that moment when you are on a date with someone, you let your guard down and begin to think that this could be it for you, that this is the one you think you could spend the rest of your life with? Well Hermione felt like that now. It was most unlike the feelings she’d had with Ronald or even Victor before him. Draco was an entity all of his own, Hermione wouldn’t change it for anything.

“You enjoyed it then?” asked Draco.

“Of course” replied Hermione excitement still running through her veins.



“These dates, it’s alright that I’m courting you isn’t it?” he asked uncertainly.

“I love that you are courting me Draco, such a gentleman” she placed a chaste kiss on his lips.

Draco didn’t want to rush things too quickly. One could never forget how long she had spent with Ronald, they were over now of course but the path from pain to salvation was a long one and Draco didn’t want to lose her simply because he pushed her too far too soon. At least now she knew without a doubt that he was courting her, and she hadn’t run yet, knowing what ultimately happens when a courting comes to an end.

Draco took her for a quiet dinner and then took her home in the sleek black car that had appeared to pick them up and drive them back to Grimmauld Place.  At the front door he took her in his arms and they tenderly kissed. A perfect end to a perfect evening.  Draco desperately didn’t want this night to end. His brain was hardly in charge at the moment and he wanted to whisk Hermione inside and upstairs to a bed. But he held on to his self control. The longer they waited the better it would be.

Sirius heard Hermione come home that evening, she was all smiles and excitement bouncing around like a small rabbit. Sirius was glad she was having some fun in her life. He could vaguely feel some of her emotions and knew that whatever Draco had had planned for this night it had made Hermione very happy. He was in no way afraid for Hermione’s safety when she was with Draco. He had been having long chats with Lucius and Lysander. Lucius said he too had felt whispers of Hermione’s emotions and Lysander had concluded that this was happening because Hermione was close to the both of them and was close to them before they realized she was an Enchantress.

Lysander had talked about his reservations about Lord Byron, his temper and mood swings were known throughout the Wizarding world. Lysander had long held a suspicion of Lord Byron’s behavior but was unwilling to part with his theory as of yet, he was sure someone far more intelligent was about to figure it out as well. He mentioned in passing, however, the dream Hermione had for opening her own multifunctional practice. Both Lucius and Sirius thought it was an excellent scheme and would expect nothing less from a mind such as hers. They recommended he bring it up at the next Lords meeting which would be after Hermione had met the last Lord, Lord Nolan.

Sirius walked confidently down Diagon Alley, taking little notice of the gaggle of beautiful witches following in his wake. Instead he made his way strongly and purposefully towards Gringotts. He couldn’t believe that he had never thought of this before, if his brother had loved this Isabella Knight as much as he’d declared to him while in the veil then surely his brother would have left something for Isabella, or at least done something for her while he had been alive.

He asked the gnarly looking goblin if he could see his family accounts that were under his deceased brother’s name. The goblin looked slightly apprehensive at the request but recognized the voice of the head of the Black family and even a goblin like him couldn’t deny the request. Sirius was given a box of papers to look at and go through. He was more than surprised by what he found.

Not only had his brother set up an account for the mysterious Isabella Knight but had also set up a joining account for any children that they may have in the future. Clearly his brother had had high hopes for this Isabella Knight and had loved her deeply. Apart from the heavily filled accounts it appeared that his brother had also purchased a small cottage for his beloved. It was still under his name but according to the papers had been given freely to a Miss. Knight.

There was an address at the bottom of the paper that Sirius hoped was still valid. He wished to visit the house and discover what was there – if anything. It seemed his brother had thought of everything except what to do if Isabella suddenly disappeared. As his brother told him in the veil, his life wasn’t worth living without Isabella there with him. The veil was a happy alternative to the sadness her departure had had on him.

Without delay Sirius made haste to the address on the papers and now stood in front of the cottage his brother had purchased all those years ago. It must have been the first thing he bought with his large inheritance once he’d come of age. It looked perfectly ordinary; with slight wear and tear in places but certainly not the dilapidated house Sirius was expecting to find. It gave him hope that perhaps someone did live here after all.

The gate creaked as Sirius pushed it open, vibrating against itself as it slapped back into place after he’d gone through. The windows shone, the colour of the building was yet to fade. Someone was taking very good of this house. Sirius expected to find the front door locked but as he pushed up against it, it moved inwards revealing the house beyond.

The interior of the house was simple yet if you looked carefully it told the story of whoever it was that had lived here. It wasn’t filled to the brim with knickknacks or riddled with unwanted furniture; the items dotted around meant something to the person who lived there. You could tell even at a glance that everything in this house was chosen with the utmost care.

The house was silent, the furniture and items were well looked after but there was an air of mystery and a layer of fine dust that suggested no one had lived here for a while. As Sirius walked around quietly taking in all the details, he thought how perfect it all appeared considering Isabella had disappeared so long ago. Suddenly…


Sirius spun around. Kreacher! What was he doing here?

“Master?” enquired the elf nervously, his eyes darting around.

“What on earth are you doing here Kreacher?” asked Sirius. Hermione had been teaching him to be kinder to Kreacher, and they were now on better terms since Sirius had passed on a message to Kreacher from his brother.

“Master Regulus left me a job to do Sir” replied the elf.

“What job Kreacher? What do you know of Isabella Knight?” asked Sirius.

Kreacher flinched nervously, unwilling to answer, his eyes darting hither and thither.

“You can tell me Kreacher, I too have a mission to fulfill for my brother, I need to find Isabella” said Sirius quietly and calmly, knowing this was the best way to deal with him.

“Tell me what my brother asked you to do Kreacher and what you know” demanded Sirius strongly but calmly.

“Master Regulus bought this house for Miss Isabella Knight. She was a lovely girl and Master Regulus loved her so much. He said she had had a troubled life and deserved some goodness. He said he was going to marry her. He was sad after you left Master, he missed you but then he met Isabella and he became happier. He asked Kreacher to keep his secret from the family. Kreacher met Isabella, she was kind to Kreacher. Master Regulus told Kreacher to keep an eye on Isabella and to help her out when Master couldn’t be near her” he said.

Sirius knew that Kreacher had kept this secret for years and it was most likely the combination of Isabella’s disappearance and his brother’s demise that caused his fall into despair and hardness, not the fact that he’d kept information from his dearly departed Mother.

“So you’ve kept this house in check all these years?” asked Sirius. Kreacher nodded.

“Do you know what happened to Isabella Knight?” asked Sirius softly.

“She left” replied Kreacher.

“Why did she leave?” Sirius persisted.

“She found out about Master Regulus becoming the dark Wizard Mistress wanted. Isabella was scared; she thought that everything about her life with Master Regulus was a lie. Kreacher tried to stop her, tried to make her see but she wouldn’t listen. She said she had more than one life to think about and couldn’t risk the danger she thought Master Regulus would put her in. She was distraught when she left and Kreacher had to tell Master Regulus the bad news. Master Regulus closed in on himself but he kept telling Kreacher that it wasn’t Kreacher’s fault”.

“It wasn’t your fault Kreacher” said Sirius.

“But Kreacher should have stopped her, Kreacher shouldn’t have let her disappear” Kreacher wailed.

“Hush Kreacher” Sirius tried to soothe his distraught house elf, “Do you know anything more?”

“Elves sense magic Master, Kreacher thinks, he thinks that Miss Isabella was carrying a child” whispered the elf.

“She was” responded Sirius as he watched Kreacher’s eyes get wide.

“Kreacher looked after the house even though Miss Isabella had gone. Kreacher kept it good just in case she came back”.

“You’ve done a good job Kreacher” said Sirius affectionately patting the elf on his head.

Sirius looked around the empty house and wondered about all the memories that were hidden here. He so desperately wanted to find out what had happened to Isabella Knight, the baby and all the lost memories that led up to the moment in which she disappeared.

Hermione opened the next letter to read, it was from her Mother’s secret admirer. It seemed things were heating up.

My Dearest Girl,

     I hope you are flourishing in your humble abode, I know with all the money your uncle left you that you will be able to furnish it to your heart’s desire. I know you wanted to buy your own house but I just couldn’t resist. I don’t want anything in return; it gives me great pleasure in being able to gift you with a house. I know that you will be completely safe in the house and I know how much you will love it.

I miss you every day. My life becomes lonely without you, I long for the day in which I can see you again. The house I live in is a lonely one. I miss my brother dearly but I have no way of contacting him. I just wish I knew where he was, I want to apologize, and I didn’t mean half the things I said to him. I feel lost without him, he was always the one to look after me and lead me down the right path but without him here I find it harder to stay away from my parent’s grasp.

I will come and see you this weekend; I cannot stand to stay away from you. I will take you out, we will go somewhere amazing. Buy yourself a dress, a simply marvelous dress, for you Isabella Knight are about to get taken out for the time of your life.

You are my world; you will always be my world. I will always take care of you.

     Always yours R. 

Chapter 11: Chapter Eleven - When It Rains It Pours
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 Tut Tut Harry...

Chapter Eleven – When it Rains it Pours

Hermione had spent more time recently in the past than in the present. The words her Mother left were becoming the best romantic novel that Hermione had had the pleasure of reading in a long time. She wondered greatly who this mysterious man was who was now calling himself R. As she read more she found herself forgetting who the story was about and just reading for the pleasure of it. It was dangerous to think that way, these words weren’t just a story, they were the memories of her Mother’s life, a life she had before Hermione was born.

To set her sights away from the past Hermione had decided it was high time to pick an Auror crew from the Ministry. She had officially reviewed Lucinda’s request as nothing more than a request. She had her Lords after all and saw no reason for needing other guards. However, Lucinda was turning out to be rather more persistent than Hermione had counted upon. Under the guidance of Lucius Hermione had decided it would be rather better to keep the Ministry happy. It was obvious that the Ministry was just trying to get its hooks into Hermione despite the words she’d had with Lucinda earlier that month.

She had chosen Lord Gold to accompany her for today, she needed his logical mind. He had a presence similar to Severus and she knew that he would be a great help to her today. She also had a question to ask about Lord Byron. She’d been reflecting on the day they had met and thinking it over in her head for quite some time now. She knew of people with bipolar and split personalities but somehow he seemed unique in himself. There were certain aspects of her meeting with him that led her to believe that there was something else altogether at work.

Lord Gold greeted Hermione at the entrance of the Ministry, “Enchantress” he bowed formally before placing her hand atop his and leading her inside. The customs of an Enchantress, her court of Lord’s and surrounding public people were similar to the customs of the Georgian era – which included the regency period.

“Lord Gold, might I enquire something of you?” she asked formally. At first she had hated these formal terms, instead of just saying what she wanted she had to participate in this complicated song and dance. However, after a while she had gotten used to it and really it was rather fun to do, and the regency period had always been a favorite of hers. Now she was living the reality of some of the traditions of those times.

“Of course Enchantress, I am here at your command” he said seriously though she could see the glint of amusement in his eye. Lord Gold was a good conversationalist and Hermione found herself becoming good friends with him.

“It’s about Lord Byron, he’s inflicted yes?” she asked.

“Quite possibly” he replied.

“I’m serious. Was he always like this or did something happen?” she asked.

“I believe it started sometime after his wife left him. He was too focused on his job and not enough on her. He’d been working on a big high profile case. He was devastated when she left but if anything it just made him work all the harder” he answered.

“It’s possible that the emotional side effects of losing his wife are what caused his change in attitude” she said.

“What do you mean?” enquired Lord Gold.

“Well sometimes when someone suffers an emotional breakdown of some kind they can force out feelings, thoughts, emotions that are causing them harm. These elements become locked inside them unable to get out”.

“You know a lot about this?”

“I know a little but I don’t think that’s what caused his change” she replied.

“Then what did?”

“Lord Byron is a powerful wizard and despite his own problems he couldn’t remove himself in case another Enchantress came along. I think he used a spell to cut out the emotions that were hurting him the most. That’s why he’s so surly, angry and fearsome and it’s why on occasions when he comes into contact with certain things that his mood changes and he becomes softer and kinder once more”.

“What do you propose to do about it?”

“Something. I’ll look into it, if I can help him I will” she replied.

“As you wish Enchantress” a slight nod of his head showed her that he respected her decision.

The doors to the Auror department were thrown open and out walked a slightly harassed looking receptionist, upon seeing Hermione and Lord Gold, she let out a shriek of surprise and then blushed profusely.

“Enchantress, they are ready for you” she bowed awkwardly before Hermione, and Hermione had to stop from laughing at this awkward situation.

“Thank you” she replied formally and allowed Lord Gold to swiftly drag her away before her giggles surfaced.

Hermione had been unsure what to expect from today’s situation but she hadn’t expected to see all the proposed candidates lined up like criminals against a white screen. This certainly wasn’t what she signed up for.

“Enchantress” some man bowed in front of her, he seemed to be the one running this ‘event’ if you will. He was slightly older with a balding head, his clothes were scruffy, and he had sweat dripping from his brow. Hermione frowned.

“What is this?” she asked politely.

The man looked about him with confusion. He couldn’t tell if Hermione was being serious or not.

“These are the candidates for your Auror guard team” he replied.

“See now there is the problem”.

“I’m afraid I don’t understand” he squeaked rather like a small girl.

“I was under the impression that I was here to pick out my own Auror guard” she said simply.

“No disrespect but these are matters best left to the men perhaps you could wait outside while myself and your gentleman friend make arrangements” replied the balding man.

A saner man would have realized his mistake; certainly the other inhabitants of the room realized it and took several steps away from the man in question. They’d been skeptical of his idea from the beginning, it was not what they had been told from their bosses but the balding man had insisted that this was how the Minister wanted things to be handled. As usual this was just another person trying to take advantage of the Enchantress. Well, bad news for him, he picked the wrong Enchantress to mess with.

“Excuse me?! And just who are you?” asked Hermione with a voice that could cut through glass.

“Thomas Thackery” he replied sharply.  “Now I think it would be best if you wait outside” he blundered on and motioned his arm towards the door expecting her to comply and follow his command.

She ignored him. She had the oddest feeling that she’d seen him somewhere before and it wasn’t a good feeling!

“What are your names?” she asked pointing to two men standing off to her right.

“Paul Holmes” replied the first.

“Tim Ember” said the next.

“What fine names she replied” she was rather enjoying herself, “Please restrain Mr. Thackery for me” she asked sweetly.

They immediately did as they were told much to Hermione’s pleasure and Thackery’s displeasure.  

“What are you doing, let go of me! I am in charge here!” shouted Thackery.

Lord Gold motioned another strapping young Auror forward, “If you would, could you please find the chief Auror in charge and the Minister of Magic herself and ask them to come down here immediately. Tell them the anger of a very powerful Enchantress is about to be unleashed within the Ministry” he proclaimed and the young Auror sprinted away. All the while Hermione had been working out her own game plan, she could feel her magic rallying around her, she knew at some point she should stop but having worked out who was really behind this, she couldn’t think of one reason why she should.

“But you aren’t in charge Thackery. You never were. You’re a liar aren’t you Thackery?” she said softly in a voice that raised hairs on the back of necks.

“What do you mean?” he asked pathetically with a whimpering voice.

“Oh I think you know don’t you. You aren’t here on the Minister’s orders, far from it. I happen to know the Minister, we’re old friends. No your purpose in making my life difficult was ordered by someone else. And I’m guessing you did it because he gave you a great deal of money” she said.

Finally locating the shimmering glimmer in the room, she knew she was already winning the battle, so why not have a little fun. If he intended to try and manipulate her or sabotage her life further, he was about to learn that he should have left well alone. It was easy to immobilize him from where she was standing; she didn’t even need her wand now for simple spells. To everyone else it seemed as though she was walking towards thin air but she knew where her goal was and took pleasure in what she was about to reveal.

“Your Master Thackery is just upset that no one believes in him anymore” she whispered to her audience, as she grabbed hold of the flimsy invisible material and pulled it back to reveal a frozen Harry Potter, “Hello Harry, how nice of you to join us” she replied with a thin smile.

For all his idiocy Ronald had always been right, Hermione could be scary when she wanted to be.

“Now what is this latest plan for I wonder? Sirius still not talking to you? No more fans flocking at your door? Colleagues not believing a word you say? Well that would all certainly get you into a very angry mood” she paused to look over her shoulder, “Oh hello Minister Lucinda, oh and you brought Mitch Conrad with you, excellent”.

Though Potter was frozen his eyes were now dancing around frantically.

“What’s going on?” asked Lucinda.

“We are about to find out” replied Lord Gold.

“See Harry here, sent this imposter Thackery in to commandeer this little selection process so he could try and manipulate the chosen guard to spy on me and manipulate me for his own agenda. Seems Harry here is a little put out that all his lies have come back to bite him in the face”.

“But why?” asked a shocked Lucinda.

“Harry here suffers from many things, the public usually only read the heroic deeds or the lies that were written during the war. They never saw the real Harry. This is the real Harry. He’s manipulative, he uses his tragic past to lure you in and once he has you hooked he can use you for his own endeavors. He craves attention and he had it, till he lied and cheated his way through my life. With the truth still circulating out there Harry finds himself without the attention he craves. And what does one do when they have been slighted by one person, they seek revenge of course” she smiled.

“It’s just a shame that poor little Harry here never fully realized how powerful I am. I was never under his control, and I will always beat him. Without me, it’s doubtful that Harry would have survived long enough to defeat Voldemort. And he knows it; I was his poor little bookworm, always there to lend a helping hand. Looks can be deceiving Harry, remember that” she said, her eyes devoid of their usual sparkle staring hard and unblinking into Harry’s.

She looked towards Lucinda and Mitch. “I will select my own guard thank you, starting with Paul Holmes and Tim Ember. For both of them showed quick thinking when given a direct command” she said. “Do with Harry and Mr. Thackery here what you will but if I ever find dear sweet Harry within five yards of me, I will not be responsible for my actions”.

“Furthermore, I ask that the Aurors that I choose be allocated new offices. Trust is a fine thing and if this is the height of Ministry security I find myself extremely displeased. They will become The Knights of Duty. Once arrangements have been made I will return to move them to their new place of work. They will work closely with my Lords to ensure the utmost protection and will have the opportunity to learn new skills and branch out in other areas”.

Lord Gold looked on with an impressed air; you certainly couldn’t deny that Hermione had style. She knew what she wanted and went for it. He thought this was an excellent idea. Certainly removing the chosen Aurors from their mad Ministry haven had been a wise choice and the chosen few could expect great things from their new careers. Hermione’s decree had passed as soon as she spoke it. Anyone chosen to be in her Auror guard would become knighted in title and be presented with a badge of honor to wear. Hermione had already created the badges and both Paul and Tim were already wearing them. She worked fast and her magic was unlike any other. It would have taken others a great deal longer to come up with the system she had just created let alone creating a badge without a wand. She was magnificent.

Lucinda knew that the moment she had walked into the room that whatever Hermione said she would have to agree with. The Enchantress brought big changes but Lucinda had a sneaky suspicion that some of these changes wouldn’t be good for her, and where exactly was Hermione going to move these newly appointed Knights of Duty?

In the end Hermione chose ten people: Paul Holmes, Tim Ember, Mark Honor, Coraline Stitch, Guy Rock, Robin Hunter, Sara Tropolis, Lorrain Boux, Richard White and James North. Seeing as they now worked for her and at a considerably higher amount than the Ministry was paying them, she instructed her new Knights of Duty to head home for the day. Arrangements needed to be made for them, a structured set of rules made up, a look into their family history and any hidden talents they may have and, not least, their uniforms designed and made!

It sounded like Hermione was building an army but she wasn’t. She was just following her gut feeling, the decisions she’d made today felt right to her and she found it hard to believe that previous Enchantresses relied solely on their Lords.  The idea of the Court of the Enchantress was one that Hermione felt was absolutely necessary, she could feel it in her bones that this was the right thing to do. Things were certainly looking up!

Lucius stood staring out of the window and sipping his hot cup of tea, he waited patiently for his son to appear downstairs. His lazy son whom he loved very much was still asleep. Lucius could be a patient man but he wasn’t patient right now, much to the amusement of Severus.

“Stop staring outside Lucius, he’ll be down when he wakes” said Severus upon hearing Lucius’s mumbled moaning.

Severus came to stand behind his strong minded lover, “I know you are curious for answers and you will get them, just stop standing there staring out, it’s unnerving” said Severus.

Lucius chuckled slightly at the thought of anything unnerving Severus, “I suppose you are right” he replied solemnly.

It was at this point that Draco finally managed to drag himself from the confines of his bed and downstairs for breakfast. Draco was usually an early riser but on occasion he quite liked having a lie in.

“Good of you to make an appearance” drawled Lucius to his son.

“It’s barely eleven Father” replied Draco.

“Your Father dislikes waiting” said Severus with a smirk placed upon his face.

“Ahh so he’s waiting for something?” said Draco.

Severus cocked his eyebrow and Draco rolled his eyes in response.

“What’s going on with you and Hermione?” asked Lucius straight to the point as usual.

“Why Father, I have no idea what you are referring to” Draco said in a teasing voice.

Lucius glared at his son and his teasing ways, “You know what I mean”.

Draco sighed at his Father’s dramatics. “Something is going on I guess, but you will not interfere Father” said Draco seriously.

“Your impatient Father doesn’t want to interfere Draco, He’s just being incredibly nosy as after all no one wants the Enchantress to be hurt” said Severus in a Professor like voice.

Draco glared at the two annoyingly imposing men that stood before him. “This is not something silly or trivial. I want to be with her, to watch endless sunsets with her, I want to live by her side until my dying breath” he replied with a raw emotion that hadn’t been exposed to his Father or Severus at any point before.

“Such romanticism” said his Father chuckling to himself.

“I’m courting her alright? I like her, I have always liked her and now I have a chance to change that like into something more” said Draco; he hated having to let his guard down in front of his Father. It was an old habit but he never wanted to disappoint his Father or make him see this weakness he had for Hermione.

“I see” said his Father.

“You don’t agree with me?” asked Draco, “Don’t think I deserve her?”

“While your Father fails at getting his emotions across, I’ll answer. We agree with you and you do deserve happiness and if you obtain that happiness with Hermione then we are all for it. Your Father is finding it difficult coping with the blurring of the lines between being a Lord and being your Father” said Severus.

“So neither of you will stand in my way? You won’t interfere or meddle?” asked Draco.

“I can’t speak for your Father but I don’t tend to mess with the lives of others” said Severus with a cold glare in his eye. Draco couldn’t tell whether Severus’s glare was aimed at himself or his Father but it was far too reminiscent of his Professor days and Draco found himself quite unnerved.

Lucius feigned shock, “I would never interfere” he said, though his words fooled no one. “Fine, I promise not to interfere” he said dramatically.

“Right well, on that note, I’m going to head off” said Draco.

“But you don’t have work today!” said Lucius.

“So! That doesn’t mean I don’t have things to do” responded Draco.

“What do you have to do?” demanded Lucius.

“Something with Hermione” replied Draco to which both Lucius and Severus raised their eyebrows to. Draco ignored the expressions on their faces and strode out the door.

The house wasn’t as grand as the estate that Lord Byron lived on, nor was it as small as the cottage that Lord Gold lived in. It was more like a country manor or a home fit for a prince, or a stately home from years past. It seemed to Hermione if she could just get two out of three of the Lords being good people then she could cope. Lord Byron was a working image, there was definitely something lurking behind his cold façade. His old self was trying to break through but his cold hard shell was too strong. However, Hermione was working on it.

A female elf (or rather what Hermione assumed was a female elf) opened the door when they arrived. She was wearing a pretty pink pinafore over a cream top. The elves ears flopped about as she practically skipped down the hallway leading the way for Hermione and Draco. They were led not into a normal meeting room as at Lord Gold’s or a stuffy old music room such as Lord Byron’s. Lord Nolan it seemed preferred the outdoors, and who wouldn’t with a garden such as his. Luscious plants that Hermione couldn’t even recognize ran along the entire length of the back of the house. So many colours and shapes coming alive in this green space and situated in the foreground was a delicate looking garden set, a table and chairs made out of rusted iron. Someone, probably the elf had thought to put out a selection of mini cakes, tarts and sandwiches. Someone had definitely gone to a lot of trouble.

As Hermione and Draco were seated, a man appeared from the back of the extensive garden and began walking towards them; he seemed to be holding something that looked like a big ball of fluff in his hands. As he neared them they recognized what the fluffy puff was, or rather, Hermione did. The man was carrying a lionhead rabbit; it was terribly small and extremely cute.

“Welcome Miss Granger, Mr. Malfoy, I am Lord Nolan. I’d shake your hand but I’m afraid this fluff ball has it otherwise occupied” he said cordially.

“It’s no trouble” said Hermione; “It’s a Lionhead right?” she enquired.

“Yes. You have previous experience with rabbits?” he asked.

“Not really but I had one when I was younger”.

“What did you call it?” he asked.

“It wasn’t very original but I called him Peter” she replied.

“After Peter Rabbit?”

“Yes” she replied amused.

Draco looked a little lost at this line of conversation but just assumed it was another muggle thing that he didn’t understand.

“Are you well Miss Granger?” asked Lord Nolan.

“I am very well thank you and please call me Hermione” she replied.

He nodded his head in thanks for allowing the use of her given name, “Then you must call me Henry” he said.

“Do you have a lot of animals Henry?” she asked.

“Only ones who are lost and are in need of help or a home” he replied.

She smiled; Henry Nolan seemed the perfect model for the sensitive man. He clearly had a personality that was looked for by many a woman. Hermione felt that if her pipe dream became real then Henry could very well be put to use as the head of the reconstructing families department. Hermione had decided that looking after her could be a boring thing for the Lords so she decided to devise a way to incorporate their own skills and keep them occupied. She’d decided that her pipe dream would be the perfect way to do that, now all she needed to do was make it real.

“Your mind never stops talking does it?” he asked rhetorically.

She looked at him with a bemused expression on her face, “I do spend a lot of time thinking” she replied.

“I suppose with a power such as yours you have to spend a lot of time thinking” he said, “But I sense that you never let it consume you do you?” he asked.

“No, I never get trapped in my mind or my power” she said. She was beginning to think that Henry Nolan was a man of great skill and talent. He saw the world differently from others, giving him and those around him a new perspective on things.

“And you Mr. Malfoy, you’ll never let her forget what is important and what isn’t will you?”

“No Sir. I’ll always remind her if she is going too far” he replied.

“That you will, that you will” he replied seemingly deep in thought.

Out of all the Lords, Henry was the one with the most knowledge of the elusive Enchantresses. It was not knowledge that had been passed down through any generations and his Father had certainly not mentioned this knowledge. It was knowledge that he himself had found and been rewarded by. Enchantresses were few and far between, they’d done great things and terrible things. They’d stopped wars and started wars. They’d lived and died; they’d been taken away, hidden, and broken free. Each new Enchantress was like a blossoming flower, beautiful to look at but also like a jellyfish, deadly to touch.

Henry could read Hermione like an open book. She was almost completely good, completely light except for that small tremor on the edge of her mind that was filled with darkness. The darkness had come from the ordeal she’d suffered and the deeds she’d committed during the unpleasant times of War. Henry couldn’t fault her for that. He could see her goals though; he could see her ambitions and what she wanted from life.

He could see what an important role Draco would play for her and how the secret that consumed her would finally reach the light. Henry had a talent for seeing people, he wasn’t superman, nor was he a common freak, he just had a talent. So far no one had kidnapped him like they do with people who are special in those muggle movies, so he liked to think he was doing something right.

There was just something about Hermione that promised great things but not in an obvious explosive kind of way that wowed people for a short while. This was like a slow ever changing matter that would go down into the history books for all time. Henry was glad he was to be a part of it. Great things would be accomplished in the next fifty years, and Henry knew with that there would be surprises for them all. Now she had met all the Lords the real fun could begin.

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Chapter 12: Chapter Twelve - Date Night
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 Chapter Twelve – Date Night

November 1978

I’d been waiting patiently for the night out that R had proposed. I’d never been dress shopping before, or any kind of shopping for that matter and I was excited about getting a dress which he would like. It was difficult going shopping; I ended up sticking to the muggle parts of town because I didn’t want to risk running into anybody.

I tried not to look suspicious but I’m sure I couldn’t help myself. I was so nervous and I had no idea what would suit me. I went for colours that looked bright to me; I was so fed up with blacks and grays, that I just wanted some colour in my life. The shop assistant sensed my distress and ended up helping me pick out a dress.

Though I was alone it was one of the best experiences of my life. I felt like royalty trying on all those clothes. Some made me look horrendous, others made me laugh myself silly. I finally found a dress though I wasn’t sure at first but the sales assistant kept jumping up and down declaring that it was the perfect dress for me so I bought it.

The dress is beautiful and as I looked at myself in the mirror I saw someone completely different.  When you are younger and you read those princess stories and cannot fathom the transformation the heroines go through. Looking in the mirror at my appearance was like that, a magnificent transformation.

I had the most wonderful night with R. It’s funny how much things can change in a year. This time last year I’d been doubting my own existence, I was so alone and afraid. Then, just like the knight who saved the princess in the story, R came charging to my rescue.  

My life has changed drastically and I’ve grown much closer to R. If someone were to pop my happiness bubble now I don’t think it would matter because I have R by my side. He told me tonight, when he took me out to dinner. I was content with being close to him, with being his friend and confident. Now I am much more and it warms my heart greatly.

I cannot imagine my life without my R. He asked for me that evening at dinner. He’s finished school now and though he’s living at home he feels that he’s got some of his own control back. He says that his parents aren’t pressuring his as much but I am worried. We both know what path his parents want him to go down but I’m afraid that their silence on the matter bodes ill.

R once mentioned that he wanted to marry me, he wanted to be with me for the rest of our days. He was once a friend, a savior, a boyfriend. As of tonight he is my fiancé. I was anxious about saying yes, not because my love for him had wavered but because I am worried for what the future will bring.

My dress was perfect, the night was perfect and the conversation was … well even more perfect!  R is the shining light in the dark cavern I have spent half my life in. Now I am a better person because of R and he is a better person because of me, or so he says. He wants a quiet wedding he says, with only us and a witness. He doesn’t want his parents finding out in time to stop us.

I love him with all my heart; I cannot imagine life without him. Since the night he asked me to marry him things have only got better and better. It’s like we are two halves of the same coin. Is it possible to have found your soulmate so early in life?

Recently he’s been shifty, unpredictable, and nervous. I’m worried about him; I don’t understand what this behavior means. I hope it is just a passing phase. He still makes it out every Friday for date night. I hold on to those moments, I relish them, I know that whatever is bothering him he will talk to me when he’s ready. I just hope he comes back to himself soon. I don’t wish to lose what I’ve just found.

He says I must not worry because he loves me and will always love me. I just have a horrid feeling that he is going to leave me.

Hermione looked up from reading the latest entry; it was very different from the previous ones. It seemed something was happening between her Mother and the mysterious R. Perhaps not all was as it seemed between the two of them. She could feel her Mother’s pain through the words that she’d written, it was clear that her Mother was troubled about her true love.

Hermione dearly hoped that everything would work out for her Mother and her lover. She was starting to get a small amount of doubt in her mind; perhaps this was a fruitless adventure, perhaps this mysterious man was just a mysterious man and not the Father that Hermione wished he was. It was all too confusing really, just as things seemed to be going well for her Mother, they’d started to go downhill again. She just wanted her Mother to be happy, and she knew for all her smiles and laughter when she was alive, she wasn’t as happy with Hermione as she was with her lover R.

Hermione had hoped to read the entry and gain confidence for her date with Draco. She didn’t need the confidence really but she wanted the joy of basking in a situation similar to her Mother’s. Hermione sighed.  Her circumstances were completely different and she knew it.

Enough talk of the past, Draco was taking her out tonight and she had no idea where they were going. She didn’t know how was he going to top a night at the ballet. He’d bought her a dress though, it was stunning. It was a halter-neck, coming in close at the waist then flaring out and down to her ankles. It was in a colour of the richest purple. Draco seemed to have decided that he liked Hermione in purple and it got her away from the reds she was prone to wear. Once he’d sufficiently moved her away from her red obsession she assumed he’d get her into other colours as well.

Hermione thought she looked sufficiently pretty by the time Draco came to collect her. Dates with Draco were like a night off from all the rules, a time for fun and recklessness. She knew Lucius and Severus knew where they were going for they’d been smiling secretly at her all week and kept dropping cryptic hints at their Friday night dinner. Sirius had made himself scarce for the evening after complimenting Hermione on how beautiful she looked. Sirius had rather a peculiar feeling in the bottom of his gut like his little Princess was growing up and leaving him behind. It was silly really but he felt like that all the same.

“Hermione!” gasped Draco as she opened the door.

He’d been unsure of the dress he’d sent her but looking at her now, it was clear that he’d definitely chosen the right dress for his girl. He took Hermione by the hand and apparated her away – though this time at least he remembered to warn her.

Hermione wasn’t a fan of fancy places and fancy things, but Draco had a habit of changing Hermione’s mind. He made her close here eyes. Where was it that Draco had apparated them to for their date? Why the top of the Eiffel Tower! The sun was just setting and the tower had clearly been closed for everyone else. She was already impressed, but knowing Draco there was more to it. She knew from personal experience that Draco liked to spoil those important to him.. However she’d never been on the receiving end like this before.

Hermione and Draco weren’t just going to have dinner at the top of Eiffel Tower; they were going to cook the food themselves. There is nothing like a cooking session to bring two people together. Hermione thankfully knew how to cook; Draco could just about make pasta without burning it. It was sure to be an interesting endeavor once Draco had let Hermione teach him the ropes. In order not to spoil the lovely dress, Draco had even organized a chef’s apron for her and a chef’s hat for him.

Such laughter, such teasing, such fun and romance, Hermione didn’t think she’d had this much fun in a long time. She’d thought the ballet was something incredible but this topped that. She wondered what Draco would do next. In all honesty Hermione would be happy on any date with Draco. She acknowledged to herself that she liked Draco more than she’d liked any previous love attraction in her life.

Luckily Draco only managed to cut his palm while cutting up mushrooms, but apart from that the stir-fry they made together went really well. There was a lot of laughing and fun conversation between the two of them. It was like they’d been together for an age and had never been parted. There wasn’t a moment of silent contemplation, not a moment of awkward silence, not a moment of embarrassed blushing. If making your own dinner on the top of the Eiffel Tower wasn’t fun enough, one thing led to another and Hermione was trapped in the strong arms of Draco as he twirled her around the imaginary stage, two minds dancing as one.

It was perfectly idyllic and Hermione didn’t want to stop dancing with Draco in that moment.

“Hermione” Draco whispered as the dance came to an end.

“Yes” she replied breathlessly.

“Is this too soon?” he whispered.

“Is what too soon?” she asked.

“I think. No, I know. I love you Hermione” he said solemnly.

Hermione smiled warmly, she knew love didn’t work in the way it was supposed to. Love was difficult and didn’t always follow the path it was supposed to. It didn’t matter to her that she’d been previously engaged or that the breakup of her engagement was a mere couple of months ago. Love didn’t work on a time scale, it tended to come in and disrupt life regardless of rules and structure. Hermione was sure that her relationship with Draco would cause the press to go crazy and make gossip history with the more unsavory characters but she was fed up with trying to please others. Her relationship with Ronald had been based on a pretence with her constantly trying to keep him happy and not thinking of herself.

No, in a very uncharacteristic move, Hermione decided to disregard her need to please others in favor of her own heart and happiness. She decided that it shouldn’t matter what others thought of her if she was happy and at the end of the day, the people who stood by her would be the only people worth having in her life anyway.

“I love you too Draco” replied Hermione, “I think perhaps I always have” she whispered.

Draco smiled at her his heart melting. Compared to the confident bossy attitude that Hermione often embodied, it was good to see a more vunerable side of her and, Draco thought, she looked very cute this way.

“So does this mean” began Draco but he stopped at Hermione’s groan, looking at her with an amused expression and a raised eyebrow.

“Go on” said Hermione with what she hoped was an innocent expression.

Draco glared at her with fake hurt, he had become softer and more romantic with Hermione by his side but after her groan he wasn’t sure how to put things. Should he ask her to be his girlfriend or was that a bit too school like? Should he just ask her to be his, or was that too possessive? Women he thought were difficult creatures, you had to be careful or you could end up trying to ask them something and offend them instead.

“You’re thinking awfully hard there aren’t you Draco” teased Hermione.

He looked at her awfully confused that he’d completely phased out in front of her, sending a light blush to stain his cheeks.

“Shall I make it easier for you?” she asked.

“Sorry?” came Draco’s response, his deep thinking apparently confusing him more than expected.

“Will you be mine Draco?” she asked with the most soppily sweet expression plastered on her face.

Draco couldn’t help but fall for that expression – as would most men – and found himself nodding before his mind fully processed the words she had spoken. He’d have to work on that at some point or she could use that look to her advantage and he’d be none the wiser.

“Draco” she whispered.

Draco’s dazed state finally ended and he forced his eyes to travel from her body to her eyes, the enjoyment and happiness he saw in them was enough to make any grown man turn into a pile of mushy smiling goo. Hermione seemed to have a way of projecting her emotions on to others, when she was happy others became happy, when she was sad others wanted to comfort her. Of course this only applied to people with a good emotional range – that, of course, excluded both Ronald and Harry from the list.

“Yes?” he replied breathlessly, their faces just inches apart, he could clearly see the freckles that lay scattered across her nose.

“Kiss me” she asked.

How could he refuse an offer like that from the woman he loved. Atop the Eiffel Tower surrounded by the stars and the moon, the two people stood in a lovers’ embrace, sharing a kiss that expressed the love they felt for one another.

If ever there was an advert for the best date imaginable, this was it. Hermione knew without a doubt that even if it didn’t work out, nothing would ever come as close as this to perfection.  Draco would always be in her mind.

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Chapter 13: Chapter Thirteen - The Academy of E. Earth
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Chapter Thirteen – The Academy of E. Earth

The New Silver Couple

Reports suggest that the meeting of Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy in Seamus Finnegan’s club a while back was not a chance encounter but rather the start of a romantic relationship.

Inside witnesses explain how Hermione and Draco came together at the Magical Creatures department – in which they are both heads of departments – and became close. It is reported that Draco was the first by her side after the break down of her upcoming wedding to Ronald Weasley. Sources suggest that flirtations started from here and grew into something more.

They were seen lunching in Diagon Alley this week looking very happy and loved up. Lord Malfoy expressed his happiness for the two young love birds while Lord Black expressed his happiness for Hermione finding love.

Tough luck for all those admirers of Hermione and Draco looks like they’re off the market now.

No news on how Ronald Weasley and Harry Potter are taking this newest development in Hermione’s life. But if their school attitudes are anything to go by the chances are that they aren’t taking this news well.

Hermione discarded the Daily Prophet with a sigh of amusement. She wondered when the Prophet would report real news and not just the latest gossip but she supposed it was the gossip that people really wanted to read. Anything news worthy had become taboo since the end of the war. If it was bad news that couldn’t be handled by normal means then it was usually kept away from the public to avoid mass panic. Still she wished they had something else to write about other than her relationship with Draco.

Hermione picked a book off one of the many shelves in Grimmauld place and curled herself up on a sofa to read. There was a Lords Court meeting today, she didn’t know what it was about which irked her. However, sometimes her Lords held a meeting to discuss something without informing her, so she tried not to think logically about reasons they might do this because it usually ended up giving her a headache.

Anyway, if whatever was discussed by the Lords was passed, Hermione was always informed, which was why she was waiting patiently in the library with her book. Usually on days off she’d be off somewhere with Draco but it seemed the Mermen had grown to trust Draco and wouldn’t have anyone else as their liaison officer. Meaning that once again Draco was stuck somewhere deep below the surface of the sea sorting out another mermen problem. There weren’t usually many problems with the mermen but it was mating season and some could be a little over zealous with their demands – much to the annoyance of the mermaids.

While Hermione was just beginning her new book the Lords had congregated at their court, their gleaming thrones once again burning brightly against the day’s sunlight. It was Lord Gold who had requested this meeting now the Lords had all met Hermione, so it was he who held center stage now.

“I wish to bring forth an idea from our Enchantress which I feel should be put into action and made real” he began formally, “Our Enchantress has put in a lot of work into this idea which she describes as a pipe dream. A pipe dream I believe now has the chance to become real”.

“What is this pipe dream?” asked Lord Nolan.               

“Our Enchantress wishes to open an Academy which specializes in four main areas. She feels that apart from one area the other three have been severely halted by the Ministry. She wants to make a difference where others have failed. She also wants to incorporate her Knights of Duty into the Academy”.

“What are the areas she wants to help?” asked Lord Malfoy.

“She would like to create a Healing/Potions department that deals with those confined to St. Mungos, those suffering from unsolvable cases etc. A Lawyers Special Case department which would deal with those falsely accused or those in need of legal aid. She would like to move the Magical Creatures department from the Ministry to her Academy because she feels she could then make bigger strides without the confinement of Ministry rules and lastly she would like a Reconstructing Families department that would deal with the orphaned and the lost”.

“It sounds like it’s been given a lot of thought. Who will run the departments?” asked Lord Black.

“I believe she will search for the correct people herself, I know she has a fair few in mind. However, she has already decided on the heads of departments should those people choose to accept”.

“Who has she chosen?” asked Lord Byron.

“She wishes for Lord Black to head up the Reconstructing Families department, Lord Byron to take on the Lawyers Special Case department, myself for the Healing/Potions department though she also wants Mr. Snape there as well. She wishes for Lord Nolan to help Draco and herself in the Magical Creatures department and would like Lord Malfoy to oversea, direct and help her Knights of Duty”.

“That sounds like a fine plan” said Lord Malfoy, “Are we all willing to donate our own money for this cause?” he asked.

The other Lords nodded their heads.

“Perfect” said Lord Malfoy.

“All in favor of making this pipe dream real?” asked Lord Gold.

The raised hands confirmed the notion had passed.

“All in favor of keeping this under wraps until we’ve secured a building and made the necessary developments?” again the raised hands confirmed that the notion had passed.

Needless to say the five Lords left their meeting feeling very pleased with themselves. The thought of making this pipe dream reality brought smiles to all their faces, especially when they thought of how surprised and happy Hermione would be.

“What are you doing tucked away in here Princess?” asked Sirius as he returned home to find that Hermione hadn’t moved from the spot he’d left her in earlier.

“Reading” she replied still immersed in her book.

“What? You haven’t read the entire library yet?” said Sirius in mock shock.

Hermione threw a pillow at him and missed quite spectacularly.

“Careful there, you almost hit me” he replied.

“Just be thankful I don’t throw books at you” she said.

Sirius composed his face to look hurt, “Are you saying that you value books more than me?”

“Well…” she teased.

“Maybe I’ll have to ban you from the library” he said.

“You wouldn’t” she replied.

“It all depends”.

Hermione flicked her wand and a plate of freshly made cookies appeared which Kreacher had baked this morning.

“If you ban me from the library, I’ll keep these cookies to myself” she replied.

Sirius looked horrified, “Fine, you win but only this time” he said in a huff as he pounced on the plate of cookies she was offering him.

It was Sirius’ job to keep Hermione occupied while the other Lords made arrangements. It was something that was easier said than done for Hermione had a knack for knowing when something was being hidden from her.  This meant a great deal of acting skill on Sirius’s part. Luckily he was well versed in the art of charming a lady, and while Hermione was immune to his flirting charm, she wasn’t immune to the rest of his charms and thus became putty in his hands. Especially when he offered to read allowed to her.

“Whatever happened to that person you were trying to find?” she asked when a lull came in the conversation.

“I’m still trying to find them” he replied.

“Oh” was all she said. She desperately wanted to ask who he was looking for but he had an expression on his face that clearly showed he didn’t want to talk about it. Knowing that he didn’t want to talk about it led Hermione to believe that it was something big but she knew with confidence that he would tell her when he needed to.

While Sirius sat stretched out on the sofa with Hermione curled into his side, the other Lords were busy making arrangements. Through Lord Malfoy’s connections with real estate, they’d found a perfectly large five floor building to suit Hermione’s needs. It was a beautiful old brick building from the outside, not a modern concrete building – most of which seemed to be made of glass now.

They figured that the ground floor could be allocated to the Knights of Duty and the Lawyers Special Case department, that way the Academy would give off an air of serious importance. Floor two would be the Magical Creatures department – if they got permission to move it – or would become the new Magical Creatures department if the Ministry was less than cooperative. Floor three would become the Reconstructing Families department; floor four would house the patients from St. Mungo’s and other establishments while floor five would hold the Potions lab and other such medicines so that the smells and gases wouldn’t affect the patients below.

Severus was overjoyed with the prospect of working at his trade again, he was even more embarrassed and proud that Hermione wanted him specifically to work within and head up the Potions section. Lord Gold was a fine man to be working alongside with, even if he was technically going to be Severus’s boss. Severus couldn’t contain his glee at finally being able to work without restrictions or judgment. It was to be a new area of work for him and one he looked forward to immensely.

There was also the added bonus of working near Lucius. That had been one of the reasons why Severus had never returned to work at Hogwarts because he didn’t want to be apart from Lucius. That wouldn’t matter now, as they would be working in the same place and for the same extraordinary person.

The work that was being done to make this plan real was actually quite liberating. It’s often that people like Hermione are taken advantage of and not treated with the respect they deserve. None of them knew how previous Enchantresses were perceived; most of the information concerning them had become mere myths and legends during the years of their absence. Really the Lords were running on sheer luck. They put their faith in two rules, one which was law and the other which was common sense. Rule One; the words of an Enchantress are law. Rule Two; Never anger a female.

Everyone knew of Hermione’s temper, and men being men were bound to slip up one day. They were just trying to keep her anger state to a minimum.

As the painted walls dried and the floors were laid, everything was going according to plan. Recruitment had been done silently and secretly, the Lords were careful to investigate every aspect of the people they were interviewing, they didn’t want the trouble of upsetting Hermione by their choices later on. As said, everything was going according to plan and being executed with the utmost care. The only part left uncompleted was the Magical Creatures section.

It had been left up to Draco – because he worked in the department – to petition the Minister of Magic and request to move the Magical Creatures department from the Ministry and into the Academy of E. Earth. It was a big task that Draco was hoping would go smoothly. The Minister of Magic was after all a good friend of Hermione’s and Draco had already heard whispers within the Magical Creatures they helped saying that they wanted the move to be successful.

For this reason, Draco found himself standing outside the Minister of Magic’s office waiting patiently for her to finish whatever meeting she was in, so that he could go in and talk with her.

As a very hairy Bulgarian man emerged from the Minister’s office, her secretary, a very sickly make-up caked female told Draco that he could go on in. Her arm lingered on his arm a little too long and he hoped she hadn’t tried flirting with him…there was only so much rejection of people he could take before he lost his temper. Most of the females running after Draco were only interested in his name or his vaults anyway, so why would he waste his time.

“Mr. Malfoy, welcome” said The Minister of Magic, “Please sit down, would you like some tea? Coffee?” she asked.

“Tea would be fine” replied Draco.

Once tea was poured the tension in the room seemed to increase quite dramatically.

“So, what did you want to talk about?”

“I would like to move the Magical Creatures department from the Ministry” said Draco.

The Minister’s face seemed to pale slightly, like she’d been hoping he wouldn’t say that.

“I’d heard rumors that you wanted to do this but I had hoped I was wrong” she replied, “I’m afraid I cannot let you move a Ministry department”.

“Ahh, see I know you can and I know you will. I’m but a mere messenger. The request comes from Enchantress Granger. You and I both know that her word is law”.

The Minister spluttered into her tea, “How dare you presume to cite the law to me, I am the Minister of Magic and I am telling you that the department will not be moved” she shouted indignantly.

Draco pursed his lips and frowned at the Minister, “Are you not one of Miss Granger’s friends Minister?”

“That has nothing to do with this matter”.

“Yes, but did she not visit you recently warning you not to stand in her way?” continued Draco like the Minister had never spoken.

“I am not standing in her way! The Magical Creatures department is part of the Ministry and cannot be moved”.

“I had so hoped you would cooperate. Seems I was wrong, no matter” said Draco, a hint of the old Draco coming through in his voice.

“What do you mean?”

“You didn’t think this was our only option did you?” he smirked, “Oh your face says you did. Let me enlighten you, three quarters of the cliental of your Magical Creatures department now belong to the Magical Creatures Sector at The Academy E. Earth and all your employees in your now empty Magical Creatures department now work for The Academy E. Earth” said Draco.

“What? Why?”

“Enchantress Granger is above Ministry law, which is the whole point of Enchantresses; they have the power to change things and aren’t restricted by laws or rules of society. Enchantresses are incapable of evil and nefarious deeds which make them honest and pure. The Magical Creatures department is where Enchantress Granger and I have invested half our lives and yet still the Ministry creates new laws that stop us from helping others, or cuts back on our monthly budget. With the department out of the Ministry it is beyond your control and your prejudices against Magical Creatures. Enchantress Granger and I will be able to change and help even more that we could before”.

“But I’m the Minister of Magic” she whined.

“And you have to learn that there is a higher power here now, one that trumps you every time. Don’t make this difficult for yourself.  The press and the public back Enchantress Granger. If you are seen making trouble for her, the public won’t look at you kindly and you may find yourself out of office”.

With a last glance at the Minister’s face, Draco left the office and walked back to the newly completed Academy E. Earth with a smile on his face and hope in his heart. He rather thought that that had gone quite well. He hadn’t had to resort to anger or violence – habits which he rather preferred to keep in the past – but he had found the Minister’s sudden change of personality rather interesting. At first he was told that she (the Minister) was good friends with Hermione and that Hermione had warned her against getting in her way. The Minister had seemed quite cooperative then, and seemed willing to let Hermione go about doing what needs be. However, in the meeting Draco had just had with her, she seemed adamant about getting in Hermione’s way. Her constant boasting that she was indeed the Minister of Magic just confirmed to Draco that she was jealous of Hermione for being a more powerful witch with bigger influence. If needs must Hermione could easily replace the current Minister for another.

Draco could only assume that the Minister didn’t think her behavior would get back to Hermione, whereas Draco would inform Hermione of the Minister’s change in attitude as soon as he could. Well he’d have to wait until her surprise was revealed to her before he could tell her or she’d wonder what he was doing visiting the Minister in the first place.

There was a sea of contracted plumbers, electricians, muggle trained wizards who could handle technology, builders and decorators traipsing around the building when Draco returned to it. He had thought his Father was being a little too ambitious wanting to get everything done in a minimum of two days but everything looked set to be revealed to Hermione tomorrow. Draco knew that most of the people here would be working through the night and earning a fortune – courtesy of the five Lords.

Draco could see that the only Lord who appeared unhappy was Lord Byron. It had been agreed by the others and Hermione herself that he was indeed under some sort of spell or in a trance if you will. Hermione said she’d seen this behavior in a number of muggles but with the added enhancer of magic something seemed to have gone wrong and he was now trapped in that state. It was like he had taken a potion to remove all the love, sadness and happiness from his soul and how he was just left with hate and emptiness. Whatever had happened, Draco hoped that Hermione could find a cure for him soon for he brought the whole atmosphere down and made others uncomfortable. Nobody wanted a grouchy old man for a lawyer when they were seeking help.

The night was coming to a close, the sun was rising, the birds were chirping and there was already a pot of coffee waiting in the kitchen of Grimmauld Place when Hermione suddenly awoke from her peaceful slumber. The last thing she remembered was falling asleep in the library while Sirius read to her. She smiled softly in the knowledge that it had been Sirius who had carried her up to bed and cocooned her in the blanket. When he wanted Sirius could be really sweet, he had always been kind and considerate to her while he saved his mischievous and flirty ways for other times. Hermione always thought it was quite sweet the way Sirius behaved with her, he treated her a little bit like glass but loved her as family and Hermione knew he was ever thankful for her part in saving him from the dementor’s kiss.

Hermione had been suspicious yesterday when Sirius had insisted on keeping her stuck in the house and entertaining her. For a moment she’d been worried about what sort of entertainment he meant but then she’d begun to wonder why he wanted her to stay in the house and what was going on that he didn’t want her to know about. Her first thought was that someone had done something stupid and dangerous and they were trying to clear it up before Hermione could find out about it. She hated to think it was a surprise, she didn’t hold much in store for surprises. Most of the surprises she’d received during her life had been from Harry and Ron and the only thing that unearthed for her was that they never really knew her. Like the time they took her to a Quiddich match for her birthday…Or the time they threw away all her books so they’d have room to play Exploding Snaps…

But she knew Sirius loved her and reasoned that any surprise Sirius had in store couldn’t be that bad especially since he knew how dangerous she could be with a wand. Her thoughts carried her all the way from her bedroom down to breakfast, where the object of her thoughts was trying to make pancakes.

“What are you doing?” she asked rubbing the remains of sleep from her eyes.

“Making pancakes” replied Sirius.

“Is that what that burnt thing on the pan is supposed to be?” she asked.

“Urh yes?” he replied.

“Idiot” she mumbled. “Sit down!” he obediently dropped the pan, moved away from the disaster he’d created and sat at the kitchen table.

Hermione made quick work of clearing up the mess Sirius had made and using the remaining ingredients to make proper pancakes that were actually edible.

“How do you do it?” Sirius asked though it sounded more like a choked splutter considering his mouth was stuffed full of fresh hot pancake, one of many that Hermione had just put on the table.

“I’ve made them before” replied Hermione.

Sirius seemed to sulk at this.

“Didn’t you use a recipe?” asked Hermione.

“No” muttered Sirius, “I’ve seen you do it before, I figured that was enough knowledge to make them myself”.

“You really are an idiot aren’t you” she giggled.

Sirius scowled but didn’t comment, he didn’t want her to take away these delicious pancakes, which were like heaven in his mouth.

“Ok so you were trying to make pancakes…why? Either you’re in trouble and need my help or you want something from me” said Hermione smiling.

Sirius pretended to be shocked and hurt, “Must you always assume the worst in me?” replied Sirius.

“It’s not assuming the worst when it’s the truth” said Hermione pointedly glaring at Sirius. It was a glare that said ‘tell me what you know or be prepared to have your butt kicked’.

Sirius didn’t want his butt kicked by Hermione. She knew some pretty terrible spells, most of which were her own creation, “Alright, don’t hex me love!” exclaimed Sirius.

Hermione lowered her wand slightly, “So you’ll tell me?” she said smiling.

“I won’t tell you but I can show you. It’s a surprise after all” he teased.

Hermione pouted, “I don’t like surprises” she moaned. 

“You’ll like this one” assured Sirius dragging Hermione along behind him.

The workers had been working hard all night to make sure everything was completed and the finished result was quite stunning. The Lords were especially pleased. They stood proudly outside the entrance waiting for Hermione and Sirius to arrive. The Knights of Duty waited inside the ground floor of the building. Draco waited with the Magical Creatures department – some clients had even come to celebrate and Severus waited patiently on the top floor with the potions.

Sirius had managed to persuade Hermione to wear a blindfold. She looked quite sweet with her red summer dress and blindfold attached. She didn’t like being kept in the dark and not being able to see but she trusted Sirius completely. When they finally came to a stop Hermione was itching to take the blindfold off.

“Are you ready Hermione?” asked Sirius.

“Sirius” moaned Hermione irritated.

Sirius chuckled and finally removed Hermione’s blindfold shouting ‘surprise’ as he did along with the others. Hermione blinked once or twice her eyes becoming accustomed to the bright light of day. She saw her five Lords standing before a grand building. They all looked incredibly proud of themselves. Hermione looked about their heads and let out a gasp of surprise. Painted in large gold letters were the words ‘The Academy of E. Earth’. Hermione felt tears well up in her eyes. She couldn’t believe they had done this for her and she couldn’t wait to explore everything.

“This was a good surprise wasn’t it Hermione?” asked Sirius amused by Hermione’s shocked expression.

Hermione nodded slowly.

“Would you like a tour of everything?” asked Lucius.

Again Hermione nodded speechless.

Lucius smiled at the ever silent Hermione it was amusing to find her so speechless. Lucius and Sirius led the front of the party, with Hermione following while Lord Gold, Lord Byron and Lord Nolan bought up the rear.

As Hermione entered the building she was struck by the beauty of it. The rich colours were lined with gold, silver and bronze. She assumed each floor was colour coded to match its department. Hermione was shocked to find that her Knights of Duty had already been given uniforms, as she’d been looking forward to that task but she could not deny that they looked rather dashing. Their robes were made up of the deepest purple colour with silver lining, while their coats were made in a royal blue colour. They stood to attention awaiting Hermione’s command. This was exactly what Hermione wanted for she had a plan to exact. With a flourish she handed Lucius a large folder that left the Lords wondering where she’d been hiding it.

“My Knights of Duty” she said, “you look fabulous” she giggled, “The folder I’ve just handed to Lord Malfoy is something of great importance. I hope you will all work together on this one for I will need help” she said.

She was greeted with a combination of bows and curtsies, followed by a bout of ‘of course Enchantress’. Hermione vowed to come and see their progress after she’d seen everything else.

Hermione was led over to another part of the ground floor by Lord Byron. This area she was told was to be the Lawyers Special Case department, dealing with those who were in dire need of help or had been falsely accused of crimes.

Through all the happy smiling faces, Hermione could see but one which was still as grumpy as an old sour maid. This was something which Hermione intended to sort out shortly. She left the Knights of Duty and the Lawyers Special Case department to their work as she continued with the three Lords to the next floor.

She was told by Draco, who looked quite handsome in front of he,r that this was the new Magical Creatures department. She was surprised to see all her colleagues there and even some clients around to celebrate with her. This floor was painted in luscious colours of forest green. Draco managed to let Hermione know how uncooperative the Minister of Magic had been. The look on Hermione’s face was enough for him to know that the Minister would be in for hell later. Draco promised he’d see Hermione soon, placing a tender kiss on the back of her hand letting her know how he felt. Then Hermione was led away to floor three.

The third floor was allocated to Reconstructing Families (like the lost, the orphaned, etc), and with Sirius heading this department it was of no surprise that the décor was red and gold. Sirius proudly told Hermione that he already had a large base of families willing to adopt or foster the children in need. Sirius was happy to finally have a purpose to work again and he knew more of families than most people having been rejected by one and fostered by another.

“You will do great things here Sirius” said Hermione proudly.

“Thank you” replied Sirius his eyes alight with emotion.

It was then that Hermione was taken up to the fourth floor with only Lord Gold by her side, Lord Nolan having stayed with Draco where he was to become part of the Magical Creatures department. Floor four was for the patients that St Mungo’s couldn’t heal. Hermione was surprised to see Luna Lovegood there as Chief Healer, she was expertly trained after all and would be a great help.

Hermione passed Luna a folder marked important, Luna looked at Hermione seriously like she almost knew what lay within. She watched as Hermione was led to the final floor by Lord Gold.

Hermione was quite surprised to find the Potions and Healing lab, though smelling quite potent was not doused in creepy dungeon colours, but rather decorated in pale creams and whites. And there standing in the middle of it all was Severus Snape. Upon seeing him there back at his trade Hermione’s face lit up in a humongous smile that covered her whole face.

“Severus!” she exclaimed running up to give him a hug.

Severus chuckled at her hyper response, “Hush child, I’m trying to work!” he mocked her in a fake stern voice, much to Hermione’s amusement.

“So have you been truly surprised?” he asked her.

“Well and truly and oh so completely, this is wonderful!” she announced dancing around like a kid at Christmas.

Ok so I still haven't finished writing this story. There are three chapters left for me to post before I shall take a break and try to finish it. So please stick with me :) ~ Zyii 


Chapter 14: Chapter Fourteen - People Chose Their Own Path In Life
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Chapter Fourteen – People Choose Their Own Path in Life

Mild Language

Scenes of a Sexual Nature

Sirius had been enjoying a quiet day out after a week of hustle and bustle working in the Reconstructing Families sector. The work was hard and demanding but it was also very rewarding. Sirius was glad of this day off however and as he walked down Diagon Alley he was surprised by how much he had changed since his return from the veil. He still had fun but he was no longer the adult child that he used to be, he’d finally grown up and stopped flirting with anything that moved. He liked to think that Lily, James and Remus would be proud of him now.

However, life has a funny way of destroying happiness. Sirius was in a good place in his life right now, so of course that meant something had to come along and disrupt it. What better disruption than that of the angry black haired young man now heading his way.

Sure some people would argue that Sirius had handled the situation badly, this young man was his Godson after all but he had gone against everything Sirius thought was right and had hurt someone very close to him. Sirius didn’t take that lightly and wouldn’t forgive easily. It no longer hurt but he was still angry at his Godson’s behavior.

“Sirius! Sirius!” yelled his Godson.

Sirius had no choice but to stop and turn around, all hope of a quick getaway now impossible.

“What?” asked Sirius coolly.

Harry paled slightly before he became angry once more, “Stay away from Granger she’s contaminated you!” he shouted.

“As opposed to you who just lied, betrayed and hurt her” growled Sirius.

“You’re my Godfather, you’re supposed to look after me and teach me things, not abandon me”.

“You don’t need to be looked after and anything I could have taught you you’ve already broken” said Sirius.

“I’m in love” moaned Harry.

“That is no excuse for what you did”.

“I’m not the bad guy here!”

“I’d say you were and so would many others” said Sirius Shortly.

“Stay away from Granger! This is all her fault, she’s been spreading lies!” shouted Harry.

“Don’t tell me what to do boy!”

“God, she’s got you all wrapped around her finger. All this stuff about power and Enchantresses it’s all lies” screamed Harry, attracting several passing observers to the conversation. A better man might have taken the conversation to somewhere more private at this point but Sirius for one thought that Harry deserved this lesson in humility.

“The only liar here Harry is you. What good is the so called savior of the world if you can’t even trust him? Enchantress Granger is bound by the earth of Mother Nature. She is pure and good and will lead the Wizarding World where you never could” said Sirius seriously, by now the gathering crowd had begun to pay attention to what was being said.

“This is ridiculous. This is Granger we’re talking about. You know, that know it all frumpy muggle born!” snarled Harry.

“You know I always wondered why you forgave Weasley after he abandoned you in the forest yet you stayed mad at Hermione for ages because your wand had been broken while she saved your life!” shouted Sirius.

“Shut up! Just shut up!” yelled Harry.

“You do not live up to the image people see. You’ve been blinded by fame and power. I hope you come to your senses boy before you destroy yourself” said Sirius, taking one last look at his Godson, shaking his head with disappointment before he apparated away.

Sirius returned home in an angry huff only to find an equally annoyed Hermione. She had a bowl of chocolate ice cream before her, a clear sign that she was upset about something.

“I’m guessing you saw Harry” she said.

Sirius looked surprised – how had she known that?

“He saw me before he stormed off to find you” she said.

“What did he want?” asked Sirius.

“Oh the usual, for me to stay away from you and stop poisoning your mind. He went on about me lying to the world and pretending to be something I wasn’t. He tried to tell me that I should withdraw from society and stay away from everyone” she said bitterly.

Sirius was angry at what his so called Godson had said to Hermione and half of him wanted to find his Godson immediately and hex him into oblivion but his duty to Hermione stopped him in his tracks.

“What did he say to you?” asked Hermione.

Sirius huffed, “Similar to you. That I should stay away from you, that you were a liar and a bad influence and that I should look after him because he was my Godson and I owed him that” growled Sirius.

“I think all the fame and power has gone to his head” muttered Hermione.

“I think he’s become a more unpleasant person than I ever thought he could be” said Sirius.

“War changes people Sirius”.

“He’s had six years to change Hermione and now he’s bitter and twisted. He’s lost sight of what’s important in life. If he’s not careful he’ll likely lose it all and go mad”.

“You sound like you’re speaking from experience Sirius” said Hermione.

“When you belong to a family like mine Hermione you end up seeing all sorts of things” said Sirius, “Well I think I’ll go into work”.

“But Sirius it’s your day off!”

“Hermione I can’t sit still like this I’m angry. Work will give me something to focus on”.

“If you’re sure…” muttered Hermione.

“Of course I’m sure Princess” said Sirius before leaving for the Academy.

Seeing as Hermione was now alone, she felt she should read another of her Mother’s entries. She’d quite forgotten about the diary since the opening of the Academy. The next entry she read Hermione could tell that her Mother had been at her happiest when she’d written it.

January 1979

Now I believe my heart couldn’t possibly feel anymore love or be more complete. In less than a year we both will be joined together forever and always, then nothing will ever separate us. It was this night that he took me to bed for the first time. Our love for each other was so strong it took my breath away as he took me to new heights that I’d thought were mere myths. I don’t know how I can ever feel more love than I do right now.

All that silliness I’d thought before. I chastise myself for thinking so poorly of him. He loves me and together we are complete. Our life will move forward together our love will know no bounds. We are made for each other, our love is as deep as the wide oceans and none can stop it.

Imagine me, the poor unloved child alone in the world, finally worth something. All my dreams have come true, I want for nothing.

Hermione couldn’t help the tears of happiness as they fell from her eyes. She’d never known such happiness as that which she read in her Mother’s diary. To find someone like that must be one of life’s greatest gifts. Hermione secretly hoped she could find this kind of love with Draco.

All these thoughts of happiness had made Hermione more determined than ever to help others in need. There was one person in particular who desperately needed her help. Hermione had already worked most of it out but it needed a bit of tweaking. She’d be combining several potions together and wasn’t sure which ingredients would cancel out others or react badly to one another. She’d written down all her research and was on her way to delivering it all to Severus. Lord Byron was a patient in the Special Case hospital floor at the Academy and had been there in an enchanted sleep since Hermione had handed that important folder to Luna.

It was a quick apparation that got Hermione to Severus and Lord Gold.

“Hermione what are you doing here?” asked Severus.

“I think I solved it but I need you to make it, I don’t know what ingredients will counter react with each other” she said.

“Solved what?” asked Lord Gold.

“The curse that Lord Byron is under” replied Hermione.

“What was it?”

“One he did himself” she said.

“You mean he actually wanted to be like this? To be cold and uncaring?” asked Lord Gold.

“Some things are too painful to bear” said Severus.

“Lord Byron has hidden long enough. It will hurt but he will be better for it” said Hermione.

“I hope you are right” replied Severus thoughtfully.  

Chapter 15: Chapter Fifteen - Love Trials and Tribulations
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Chapter Fifteen – Loves Trials and Tribulations

February 1979

I couldn’t understand what was happening to me. How could I have been so stupid, the bouts of sickness, the inability to sleep, the mood swings. I’m pregnant; the test in my hand confirms it. How could we have been so stupid to not use the contraception charm? Or even a simple muggle condom. This is too soon, we aren’t even married, what will he say? It doesn’t matter; I will love my child whatever happens. I will give them the childhood I never had. I can’t think of myself now I have a new life to think of. I hope he will be happy when I tell him.

Hermione found the worries of her Mother quite endearing. Knowing her Mother had just found out she was pregnant with Hermione, Hermione knew there were only a few entries left to read. There were no more letters as far as Hermione could see suggesting the not so happy ending that Hermione was hoping for. Nevertheless Hermione was a smart girl and was beginning to figure out who her Mother’s mystery man and Hermione’s Father was. If it wasn’t for the passing conversation she’d had with someone many months ago, she might never have made this connection.

Hermione decided since it was her day off that she would visit the one place she’d avoided for the last two and a half years. She was no longer angry as she had once been and she needed to be able to tell her Mother that she was sorry, even if that apology was coming a little too late. Hermione had never set much store in religion but she held much hope and she hoped that her Mother would hear her words from wherever she now rested her head.

“Where are you going?” asked Sirius.

“Out” replied Hermione.

Sirius nodded curtly.

“Are you alright Sirius?” she asked.

“Fine, just made a breakthrough is all” he replied nervously.

Hermione had the sense to leave Sirius to it; he had seemed nervous yet excited, so whatever he had stumbled upon had to be big news. She knew Sirius would want to explore all options before he revealed his finds to others. In that sense Sirius and Hermione were alike.

It didn’t take long for Hermione to reach the quiet place she was going to. She had always felt that there was something magical about graveyards, all those forgotten stories, all the untold memories. Graveyards were supposed to be sad; a place to remember those who had passed. Hermione didn’t view it as an ending of something rather as a beginning of something new. She was glad that even though she’d not visited her Mother’s grave since the burial, she’d hired someone to care for the patch of land. It seemed that Hermione’s Mother had been loved by many people in her later life. The patch of land where her grave now stood was bigger than any other, and was a sign that showed how well loved she was by society.

Hermione paused briefly as she gazed upon the headstone. She hadn’t designed it nor ordered it yet here it was and inscribed with words that weren’t familiar to Hermione. It was just another part of the puzzle, Hermione supposed that in death her Mother was free to be who she really was and not the fake image she’d projected.

Hermione sat before her Mother’s grave and laid a bunch of white daisies next to the headstone. Hermione remembered that her Mother had always preferred wild garden flowers to the artificially perfect blooms bought in a store. Hermione’s Mother had liked the small things in life; she’d liked those things that were untainted, free and wild, without restriction. She hated those things that were tied down in life; she used to think it was a shame. Hermione understood now why her Mother had felt like that.

Hermione felt silly talking to a grave but there was no one around and she didn’t think that her thoughts would do the apology justice.

“Hi Mum. I don’t know where you are right now but I hope it’s somewhere that’s full of colour and life. I know that’s what you would have wanted. I’m sorry it’s taken me over two and a half years to come and visit you. I was angry. The lies you’d told had unraveled my life and I was being selfish taking it out on you. I should have known that there was a perfectly good reason for your actions”, Hermione paused, already feeling the tears beginning to course down her cheeks. She hadn’t planned to get emotional but it seemed her heart had other ideas.

“You told me so many times but I’m glad I was able to brighten up your life, I know it doesn’t change anything but I’m sorry for the hand you were dealt. It must not have been easy for you growing up. I also know that the last years of your life weren’t as good as they could have been. That’s partially my fault, but I know you were also hiding from your demons, I hope you faced them in the end”.

She sighed; she could hear the soft crunch of footsteps in the distance.  The grass crumpling under the weight of somebody’s feet.

“I’m sorry for all that I did to make your life hard, I know I said I hated you for what you’d done, but I don’t. I never did, I was angry but I never should have said that. I miss you, I really do. I can only hope that I’m forgiven. I wish I could see you one more time” she sobbed, her emotion finally getting the best of her.

She felt warm arms encircle her and pull her up to her feet, her tears were flowing freely now as she was enveloped into a loving embrace.

“Hush love, it’s just me”.

“D-Draco?” she stuttered, her sobs making it hard to talk.

“Yes love, I’m here”.

“You followed me”.

“Of course I did love, you needed me. I wasn’t going to let you face this all alone”.

She snuggled into him, “Thank you” she mumbled.

“No problem, I’ll always be here for you” he replied.

“I made your shirt wet” she muttered pulling away slightly.

He looked down at her tear stained face. Even with tears running down her cheeks and puffy red eyes, she looked beautiful to him.

“It’s just a shirt” he said.

She gave him a small smile and he leaned down to place a gentle kiss on her lips.

“Take me home Draco” she requested.

Draco could only nod and comply with the request of the witch who had captured his heart.

As Draco and Hermione apparated from sight, a lone figure walked into view. The man had been staggering nervously from grave to grave in search of the right name. If he’d arrived five minutes previously things would have been quite different. He was so tired of this search, so weary. But he continued through his own suffering, the graves becoming blurry as he tried to read yet another inscription. He wished his search hadn’t led him to a graveyard, he’d been ever so hopeful that it would all turn out alright.

He didn’t know much about muggle graveyards but he moved away from the stones covered in moss and mold, the ones where the writing had almost gone, the ones that had been forgotten in time and instead searched ones that were clearly cared for and still loved. That’s where he finally found her, nestled within a small hedgerow with beautiful country flowers. He sank to his knees in a combination of joy and grief. Joy that he’d finally found her and grief that he was too late. His fingers traced over the engraving on the headstone.

Isabella Knight

Formally known as Caroline

‘I am not alone for I have

My child, my love, my life’.


He felt the sorrow enter his heart knowing that the Isabella he’d spent so long searching for had died. Part of him felt like his quest was now over, part of him was glad that he couldn’t tell his brother what had happened to Isabella. Yet another part of him knew that his search was far from over. He knew Isabella had been pregnant when she’d run from his brother and here on her gravestone was proof that that child could possibly still be alive.

He might still have a niece somewhere out in there in the world, yet he didn’t know her name or where to look for her. How could he stop his search when there was still someone missing? He had to continue looking if not for himself then for Isabella, his brother and this child.

He stumbled away from the grave with a new determination in mind. He could find what he needed; it was probably in records somewhere in a forgotten cabinet. He’d find the child.


The New Golden Couple

Hello hello my dear readers, what a scoop I have for you this week! Forget romantic dates; forget families’ visits and romantic gifts. The new Golden Couple had a date in a graveyard of all places!! That’s right readers, the young handsome Draco Malfoy and plain Hermione Granger were seen cavorting in the middle of the graveyard. Their kisses would have awakened the whole graveyard if they had continued that way for long.

Their eyes were sparkling with untold love! Does this mean something more for the Golden Couple? Could there be ringing bells in the near future? All this reporter can tell you is that Ronald Weasley really lucked out when he discarded Hermione Granger.

Now she’s an Enchantress with her own Academy, an army of Lords and Knights of Duty and a fortune that she probably isn’t even aware of! It’s a pity that Mr. Malfoy got in there first ladies and gents as I imagine Miss Granger would have an army of admirers if she was still single. Her looks wouldn’t feature considering who she is and how much money she stands to gain. Just as well!

Hermione threw down the Daily Prophet in an angry huff, what had seemed to start as a quite pleasant article had turned sour and unkind. Who was this reporter to comment on her life with Draco? At least it wasn’t Rita Skeeter, but it appeared to be someone who was copying her and that was never going to be a good thing. The world could do without Rita Skeeters at all!

The problem was that the Wizarding World didn’t seem able to function without the gossip that the Daily Prophet produced. It could be said that life was boring now that there was no real threat. It could be annoying however, when you were someone like Hermione, to be constantly hounded and presented in the gossip columns.

What could she do with the press hounding her, wanting answers to her relationship with Draco? Should she fight back? Press charges? Ignore them? Hermione had a smart brain but she was also cunning, she decided quite spontaneously to hold a ball. It would be the correct thing to do really. Since the opening of the Academy, everyone had been flushed with a heavy flow of business, then there was the matter of establishing a new center for magical creatures (Hermione still refused to speak to Lucinda) and what with her and Draco making the front page every other day, things were hectic. A ball would be just the thing to smooth things over and for others to see that Hermione and Draco were serious about each other.

What sort of ball should she hold though? There were so many different themes to chose from; winter wonderland, wild west, back to school, classic, costume, Halloween, James bond, and around the world. Suddenly she smiled, ‘of course’ she said out loud: A Venetian Masked Ball!  Everybody would enjoy that.

She would organize for the Knights of Duty to have most control in planning the event, they could even act as the security. She would have them wear beautiful 18th century red coats lined in gold with braided trimming. They’d have to hire a hall or a marquee. She was sure Lucius had the relative connections; perhaps she could persuade Lucius and Severus to hold it at Malfoy Manor. She’d have to invite some important people, but mostly it could just be for friends.

Speaking of Severus she really needed to see him now. She realized she’d kind of left him in the lurch earlier by hurrying away and not fully explaining. Plus if she saw him now, chances were she’d bump into Lucius, and then she could talk to him about her ball idea.

Funnily enough Severus was placed exactly where she had left him, his shoulders tensed and bent over his desk intently studying something. Hermione watched him happily for a few moments before making her presence known.

“Severus” she announced.

“Hermione” he paused, “You are truly spectacular”.

“I am?” she asked.

“This cure, all the work and the research you’ve done. The theories you must have gone through. It really is an exquisite piece of work” he replied.

Right the cure she thought.

“It’s almost finished” he said, “Over there, the big cauldron on the end” he waved his hand in the general direction.

Hermione made her way over, looking at the potion excitedly. So her research had really worked, she’d had her doubts when she’d handed it all over to Severus but here stood the result of all her hard work.

“Will it hurt him?” she asked.

“Most assuredly” he replied.

She nodded her head, it was silly really but she wanted to make this as non painful as she could.

Severus sighed, “The cure was always going to be painful; Lord Byron locked away his heart, that comes at a price.  Lord Byron sealed away his heart and as a result he became the man we see today. To remove that lock takes some powerful magic, magic that you have Hermione. Lord Byron may not be happy with what we are to do but I believe no one should have done what he did to himself, nor have to suffer through it” said Severus.

Hermione nodded, she could understand his reasons. Surely there was a time in most people’s lives when they felt like Lord Byron had. There is always that moment when you wish that you could just lock up your emotions and protect yourself. The difference between Lord Byron and the rest of the world was that he was foolish enough to do just that. Severus was right, no one should have to suffer like that.

Hermione wanted to run away when it came to administering the potion to Lord Byron. A small part of her was worried about his reaction and was scared that he might blame her. After all he’d locked his heart away for a reason, so logically speaking Hermione had no right to interfere. She was very nervous as she looked down at Lord Byron, he was strapped down to his bed. This was a precaution they said, in case things took a turn for the worse. Again Hermione didn’t like it but she understood.

In the end, it was Luna who administrated the potion. Her no nonsense attitude worked quite well in the situation, but no amount of calm words or forward planning was ever going to erase the sounds of the broken screams that came from Lord Byron. It was like the whole world was coming down around them, he sounded so terrified, weak and vunerable. Whatever he was seeing, whatever he was feeling, Hermione wished she could stop the pain for him. She didn’t think his reaction would be this bad, she didn’t think about all the years he’d kept his heart locked away.

His screams went on and on until there was nothing left, he’d screamed his last scream. Then if possible things seemed worse, he just lay there, eyes unblinking, body unmoving. Hermione thought for a split second that he had died, but no she could very faintly hear his heartbeat. It was traumatizing to see him this way. Hermione couldn’t stop staring.

“Hermione”, yes that’s definitely Luna’s voice thought Hermione, “Hermione, why don’t you go home, you look very pale” she said.

“Home, yes, ok” stuttered Hermione, she seemed for once at a loss for words.

“He’ll be ok. We’ll be watching him twenty-four seven, but it will be a slow healing path” said Luna.

Hermione nodded dumbly, stumbling away from the silent Lord and home to the comfort of her bed.

This story is coming to an end, I hope people are still enjoying it ;3 ~ Zyii 


Chapter 16: Chapter Sixteen - In The End, We All Just Disappear
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Chapter Sixteen – In the End, We All Just Disappear

March 1979

When I look back on my life, these past few months have been my happiest. I never thought I’d feel this happy, I never thought that it would ever come to an end. When I envisioned my life he was always there standing proudly next to me. I was so excited to tell him about our child. Alas the hand we are dealt plays out in a mysterious way, and so I find myself alone without a place to go, I’m fighting the tears so hard and my hands are shaking. I don’t know what I will do, I can only think of one thing and it is so preposterous that I cannot imagine doing it. I will not give my baby up, I will keep my baby safe. I will never love again.

For he has ripped out my heart and stuck a knife through it, I thought he would never venture down that path. He told me he wouldn’t, he told me that his parents had no hold over him, that he would do nothing to put us in danger but he has. Why would he want to become one of those? What possessed him to do it? Doesn’t he know that I’ll be killed on sight if they know of our relationship? Whatever his reason, I don’t think the shattered pieces of my heart will ever be fixed again. All my hope and my love will go to my baby now, and even then I don’t know if I’ll ever be fully fixed again.

He said he loved me. He said he needed me. He said he wanted to marry me. Does all of that mean nothing now? Or does he expect me to stand beside him loyally while he goes about doing awful things.

How could he? I cannot judge him because of his family though I am now fearful of my life. He told me about his manic cousin, I can’t help but think she will come for me. I have to protect my child when it’s Father has just become a Death Eater.

I shall disappear for good.

Hermione started at the entry in her hands. The pain and the torment her Mother was going through was so clear on the page, Hermione felt like she had lived the moment. It all made perfect sense to her now, the reason her Mother refused to mention Hermione’s real Father. Who would want to be reminded of that, of someone you loved so completely who had then gone against everything you represented. Hermione couldn’t comprehend how her Mother had coped with finding out her lover had become a Death Eater.

Hermione’s Mother had seemed so happy in the last entry, with the discovery of being pregnant and the excitement of telling the Father. Hermione was happy that her Mother had never had the intention to carry out an abortion. No her Mother had done the one thing that she’d believed was incredibly selfish and unforgivable, she’d found a poor unsuspecting man, seduced him and made him believe her unborn child was his. Hermione could see why she had done that, she’d been scared for her life and the life of unborn Hermione and was seeking protection from another man. It was easy to see why she had chosen Hermione’s surrogate Dad, who was as big as they come, a real strong man.

Hermione didn’t really know how she felt knowing that her Mother was never truly happy again. Oh Hermione knew that she brought light into her Mother’s life but it must have been hard for her, looking at Hermione every day and remembering what once was. Hermione wondered about her real Father then, where was he? Did he die in the first war or the second? Was he still alive? Did her Mother and Father get to meet one last time? Hermione wished that they had, she wanted them to desperately have one last moment together. They were star crossed lovers, just like Romeo and Juliet.

Hermione wished the journey had had a happier ending. The beginning had seemed so joyous and the start of something new. Even as Hermione began wishing for a happy ending she knew she was being naïve, if it had been a happy ending, she would have seen it during her Mother’s last days and there would have been no need for this story.

Wait, what’s that? Thought Hermione, as she looked at something that was glinting underneath all the letters and diaries, it was a faded sealed envelope, the paper coloured with time. It was addressed to Hermione’s Mother but as far as Hermione could tell it had never been opened. Hermione wondered if her Mother had known it was there or whether it had just appeared and become forgotten. Despite her curiosity Hermione carefully opened the envelope afraid of crushing whatever lay inside.

It took a full two minutes before Hermione started breathing again. As she stared at the words on the page she couldn’t help but think why hadn’t she spotted it before. Of course it hadn’t been obvious but Hermione felt she should have known. This changed everything. She finally knew the name of her Father and in knowing that, she knew the reason why he had never come searching for her Mother. There were five words written on the paper above the name, words that burned through the universe ‘I will always love you’. Hermione couldn’t help but think his words had come too late for her Mother but having known the story of her Father she couldn’t help but blame her Mother for not hearing him out before she disappeared. Everything seemed far too complicated now and also far too simple at the same time.

Hermione needed a break, shopping would help. One floo powder moment later and she was gone.

After visiting the grave of Isabella Knight, Sirius had been at a loss as to what to do. When his brain suddenly started to work again, he couldn’t help but hit himself in the face. Back at the graveyard he hunted down the keeper to enquire about the lot of land that Isabella’s grave was on. It was clear to him that someone had been there recently, the flowers were still fresh, and Sirius desperately needed to know who owned that plot of land.

“Can I help you?” his voice was gruff and old, like his face which had weathered with time.

Sirius turned towards the keeper, “I’d like to ask a question about a grave site”.

“Ask away” replied the keeper.

“I was wondering who owned plot 570, where Isabella Knight is resting” replied Sirius.

“Plot 570 hmm” said the keeper, “What you be wanting to know that for” he said with narrowed eyes.

Sirius knew this wasn’t going to be easy, “You see the occupant of the grave Isabella Knight had a daughter and I’m trying to find her” he said.

“Why do you need to find her?” asked the keeper.

“Because she is my niece and I promised my brother” he replied.

“Where’s your brother then?” asked the keeper.

“I’m afraid he already passed on” replied Sirius.

“Hmmm” said the keeper, “It’s a lovely girl who owns that plot, you sure you ain’t going to hurt her?” questioned the keeper.

“No, I promise I am not going to hurt her” said Sirius sincerely.

“Here” said the keeper handing Sirius a folded up piece of paper, “You’ll find her there but I don’t want to hear of you causing any trouble you hear me!” said the keeper, much to Sirius’s surprise.  Whoever owned Isabella’s plot of land had obviously made a great impact on the keeper.

“Thank you” replied Sirius.

He couldn’t contain his excitement as he walked away from the graveyard, in his hand contained the address of Isabella’s daughter, he was so close he could feel it. What would he say once he found her? Would she be happy to have new family? Or would she have a family of her own?

His hands shook as he unfolded the paper, his brows furrowed as he read and then re-read the words before him. Surely that couldn’t be right he thought. Then it hit him like a ton of bricks, the whereabouts of Isabella’s daughter was staring him right in the face, why hadn’t he seen it before? He couldn’t believe he hadn’t worked it out sooner, it was so obvious, and she even looked like his brother.

As he thought about it he could barely contain his glee, but then his glee turned into nerves and doubt as he pondered the right way to go about this. It was one thing to find her but another thing entirely to talk to her. The Leaky Cauldron seemed the perfect place to sort out his thoughts and emotions and as he sat down with a copy of The Daily Prophet in his hand, he couldn’t help but laugh out.

Potter is kicked out!

Weasley’s Disappearance!

This reporter is no stranger to gossip dear readers and what a lot of gossip we’ve had this year. I for one thought it had all calmed down but believe it or not Mr. Potter and Mr. Weasley have been out spreading more trouble yet again.

Since Potter’s formal warning with the Auror department about the stunts he’s pulled against Enchantress Granger, you’d have thought he’d have learnt his lesson but alas it turns out that the boy who lived doesn’t know when to stop.

Speaking today with the Auror department’s chief Auror I was informed that Potter entered the Ministry establishment earlier that day shouting obscenities and demanding that Enchantress Granger be arrested for poisoning and using dark magic on the notoriously single Sirius Black. It is no secret that Sirius Black has blanked his godson since the incident between him and Mr. Weasley emerged last year but what Potter was insinuating was completely preposterous.

Everyone knows that an Enchantress is incapable of anything related to dark magic but Mr. Potter seems to be running for the impossible boy award. He was said to be shouting that it was the Auror’s duty to arrest Enchantress Granger, as he was after all the Savior of the Wizarding World and knew how to spot a dark wizard.

It will of course be of no surprise to you, dear readers, that after spouting off all this rubbish, Mr. Potter was officially kicked off the Auror squad, forced to hand in his equipment and forced off the premises. It begs the question, is fame really a good thing?

With the dismissal of Mr. Potter I hear you readers ask where is Mr. Weasley in all of this? Well I can officially report that Mr. Weasley has disappeared, left Potter and Wizarding England for good. No one knows of his current whereabouts. The Weasley clan cut ties with him months ago but it can be revealed that he left Potter after realizing that he wasn’t for him.

Choke on that readers! After an amazing ten year relationship and the humungous turn of events a year ago with Mr. Weasley, Mr. Potter and Enchantress Granger, it seems one of the morons has finally seen sense.

When approaching Enchantress Granger for a comment, she simply stated that it wasn’t her problem and that the world would be a better place without their meddling troubles.

Stay tuned for more gossip next week!

Sirius laughed out loud scaring many passersby with his bark of a laugh. That article was the most fun he’d had in weeks. He couldn’t help but think how the mighty had fallen, it was amusing to think that while those morons fell, Hermione rose even higher. He could bet those boys were kicking themselves now but Hermione wasn’t the same girl she used to be (thank goodness), so there would be no forgiving from her. As far as she was concerned her friendship with the boys was over, and that suited everyone quite nicely.

Sirius wasn’t the only one who found the article amusing, the whole Academy was shaking with laughter, as were various members of the Weasley clan, Seamus Finnegan and Neville Longbottom and all that any of them could think of was how the mighty had fallen.  

Chapter 17: Chapter Seventeen - Four Little Words: The Reveal
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Chapter Seventeen – Four Little Words: The Reveal

Lots of lives are coming together by a series of different events. Hermione was waiting for her dress to arrive, Draco was in a meeting with Lucius and Severus, Sirius was buying presents and wondering what to do excitedly, The Knights of Duty were busy making arrangements for the ball, Potter and Weasley were off the scene and life seemed relatively safe.

Draco tried to remain calm as he talked to his Father and Severus. It was a serious matter having to talk to both of them at the same time, especially about a subject that was so important to all of them. It didn’t matter though, Draco was serious about this and he would walk through fire to attain what he wanted right now. If he got his Father and Severus on side the rest would be a walk in the park.

Luckily for him, they seemed to be delighted, especially if their identical smiles were anything to go by. According to Severus, Lucius now owed him 10 galleons! They’d bet on Draco and Hermione’s life, that was something that Draco wasn’t really surprised about but still it was a little annoying.

He was happy that his Father and Severus were happy for him but he wasn’t so impressed that they were laughing at him. This was a serious matter! After the laughing had died down, his Father’s face became more serious as he looked at his son. Perhaps now really wasn’t the best time to be frivolous as he could clearly see Draco was not amused. After all wasn’t this what they all wanted, the peace, the love, the bringing together of families, the perfect end to a chaotic year.

“Alright Draco we’re sorry for laughing” said Lucius.

“We didn’t mean to laugh at you Draco, we are just find it amusing that it has taken you so long to come and talk to us about this” replied Severus.

“I just wanted to make sure I was certain” said Draco.

“You’ve been certain for years and you know it Draco” replied Lucius.

“I’ve wanted it for years but I wasn’t certain that it would ever be the right time” he said.

“And it’s the right time now?” asked Severus.

“Yes. Definitely” replied Draco.

“Well, then you will be needing this won’t you” said Lucius.

“Thank you” replied Draco as his Father placed a small square velvet box into his hands.

Draco left with a smile on his face, today was good.

Draco had spent long and hard thinking about how to propose to Hermione. At first he wanted to do something really special because Hermione meant everything to him. But the more he thought about it the more he realised that it didn’t need to be overly special or extravagant, Hermione already knew how much Draco loved her. A big fanfare and parade wasn’t going to make it special. Something elegant and simple though, would do it. Draco didn’t think he’d been more nervous for anything in his life before. He knew that Hermione loved him but there was always that small sliver of fear that she’d reject him.

He didn’t really want to plan anything like a picnic or romantic dinner, he didn’t feel like he could drag this out, he just wanted to be able to take her somewhere that meant something to the both of them and then pop the question. His hands felt sweaty just thinking about it.

He thought about taking her back to the Eiffel Tower for that is where he first felt that he truly loved her but he didn’t want to erase the memory they had there. He also thought about asking her on the steps of the Academy but that didn’t seem right either. He could always take her to a muggle place but that didn’t seem special enough. Finally he thought of the best place, it was somewhere that meant a lot to both of them and had featured greatly in their lives. What an appropriate place to bear witness to his request of her.

“What are we doing here Draco?” asked Hermione as they wandered along the edge of the Black lake. The school wasn’t back yet so it was quiet and peaceful. The castle was looking down at them, as if protecting them from harm.

“I wanted to take you somewhere that meant a lot to both of us. I know you spent a lot of time here, it was like your place to come and relax at. I used to see you curled up under the tree with a book in your hands. You always looked so peaceful and happy. I used to come here to get away from everything else. I could be myself when I was here, the water helped me to relax and unwind” he said.

For someone as smart as Hermione, Draco was quite glad that she had yet to work out why they were there. It made the surprise all the sweeter.

“Hermione, you mean everything to me, literally. I know we come from different backgrounds, like different things, have different views but I couldn’t imagine a single day without you in my life. You’ve transformed me body and soul and made me better, I was lost before you, struggling to cling to the light and avoid the darkness. I never want to lose the feeling I have with you, you make me feel so special and worthy. I want to be the one who always holds you close at night, the one who listens to your worries and fears, the one who stands by your ideas, the one who makes you laugh and smile, the one who holds you when you’re sad and the one who gets to have your love”.

Draco paused to get down on one knee, “Hermione, would you do me the greatest honour of becoming my wife” he asked nervously.

Hermione had been silent through his speech, her tearful eyes the only sign of her emotional state. She looked down at the vunerable face of the one she loved with all her heart, “yes” she replied.

Draco’s heart exploded quite spectacularly in response to her one word of commitment. He felt like a star shooting across the sky. This is what absolute joy feels like. Unable to keep his excitement contained, he picked Hermione up and twirled her around in the air. The sun came out and it seemed like the whole of Hogwarts was rejoicing in the light of this joyous occasion.

Daily Prophet Big News

Something has happened between Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger though both remain tight lipped about it. Who knows what secret they are hiding, the Wizarding world can only guess and the true answer remains a secret. With the upcoming ball of celebration for Hermione Granger, who knows what will be revealed. This reporter patiently waits for gossip along with all of Wizarding Britain, stay tuned dear readers, stay tuned!

The ball was finally happening, it was mere moments away. Hermione looked down at her dress and exquisite mask, she felt like a complete princess. Tonight would be fun and Hermione was really looking forward to it. The Knights of Duty had really outdone themselves. This wasn’t exactly their forte and until recently they had been formatting a structure plan to ensure the safety of Wizarding England for generations to come. However, now they had become party planners and were hugely enjoying it.

As Hermione dressed so did Draco, Sirius, Lucius, Severus and everyone else. So many thoughts were running through everyone’s heads,

Draco stood alone in his room, his reflection in the floor length mirror projecting everything a Malfoy should be. He would always be a Malfoy but he was now somewhat changed. Changed for the better, if he had imagined his life when he was eleven this would not have been what he’d have thought of, yet now, he couldn’t think of any other future. This was where his life now lay. This was his future. The last year had been a rollercoaster, a rollercoaster of a million different emotions that seemed to put life in perspective. When Draco looked into the mirror he didn’t see a replica of his father, he didn’t see the damage all those years in the dark did, and he saw himself. It was a good image, being himself felt real, being with Hermione felt right, his life was taking a turn for the better and he felt complete.

In another room down the hall, Sirius was having similar thoughts of the past. This past year had been a trip into the past for him, a trip down memory lane, and lost moments of time. When he’d worked out the secret he couldn’t believe that it had taken him so long to work it out. Seeing it now it seemed so painstakingly simple. That tunnel he’d been travelling through for so long had finally come to its lighted end. His only wish was to be able to tell his brother about it, he hoped and prayed that the fates above looked down on him and passed on his news.

The ballroom looked exquisite. Elegant drapes hung from the windows, pillars stood regal looking at the doors. Elves popped up with their neatly ironed pinafores and trays of goodies in their hands. Guests mingled and danced. The gowns and robes were elegant. The masks added to the secrecy of the night, everyone was in good spirits. This was a ball to rival all others, even top society wives couldn’t dream of pulling off something like this.

The occupants were still waiting on two very important guests, like the King and Queen on prom night, people were buzzing in excitement for their impending arrival. Lucius and Severus were making rounds, talking to people and acting as hosts. Sirius was seen with a gaggle of girls following closely, though he looked like he was trying to ditch them. If Sirius was to be dropping his wild ways the Daily Prophet would surely have something to say about it.

A fanfare started, trumpets tooted loud and clear. The music was perfect and it drew silence over the whole crowd. The main doors into the room opened slowly. The effect was simultaneous, everyone gasped. It was a gasping sight. Draco with his usual arrogant air had a true smile on his face, half the female population were just gagging at the mere sight of him. It didn’t matter to him that he was attached to her, he was drooling material, and they were all in love.

The real beauty however was Hermione herself. People had outdone themselves for the ball; costumes had authenticity, creativity, colour etc. Hermione’s costume had passion, it fitted her like a glove, it was simple and understated, and it was perfect. She’d changed her mind about her dress so many times, buying several different outfits. In the end she’d chosen a forest green dress, strapless, it hugged her chest and hips, flaring out into a fishtail and stopping just short of the floor. Her mask was a combination of shimmering silver and elegantly black velvet. She hadn’t chosen Slytherin colours on purpose but she rather liked it.

There was a collective silence as everyone took in the presence of the two people before applause ran out through the room. Whether you loved or hated them, the respect was evident. They weren’t going to give a speech that was done earlier by Lucius. They merely walked to the centre of the ballroom and began dancing. Everyone made a circle around them watching in rapt attention as the glided through their dance. They’d announce the important information later.  

It wasn’t long before others were dancing again, Hermione was glad for that for she still didn’t like being in the spotlight. Her ring glinted in the light the candles made, the soft glow making the dancing seem more personal. Hermione enjoyed dancing, the waltzing, the Charleston, ballet, tap, but she loved to tango above all others. It came so effortlessly for her and Draco, words weren’t needed when they were dancing like this. All too soon though there was a tap on her shoulder and Sirius was asking for a dance. Draco took this as his que to leave and wandered off to talk to his Father.

Sirius looked down at Hermione with wonderment in his eyes, seeing how much she’d grown, changed and developed this past year was an inspiration to almost everyone in this year.

“Hermione” he said.

She looked up at him, in his eyes it was an expression of innocence, curiosity and mischief. (This could be a most climatic moment!).

“Sirius” she mimicked with his level of seriousness.

“I have something to tell you” he said.

“And I you” she replied.

He seemed surprised by this, “Lady’s first” he offered graciously.

“How long have you known that you were my Uncle” she said innocently.

Sirius’s eyes shot down to hers in astonishment, how she knew before he did was a mystery he was willing to uncover.

“Only recently” he replied, “How did you know?”

“I finally got round to reading all the letters and diary entries my Mum left me, that and Bert from the graveyard where she’s buried phoned me to say some strange man with shaggy black hair had been noising around” said Hermione.

Sirius smiled, a big happy honest to god smile, it transformed his whole face. Sirius had been missing out on true blood related family for so long that he’d forgotten how good it felt to be a part of something.

“You know technically speaking you’re Hermione Black now” he said.

Hermione smiled, “Actually I’m about to become Hermione Malfoy” she said winking.

Sirius gasped finally noticing the ring on Hermione’s finger.

“That’s the announcement?” he asked.

“Yup” she replied drawing the P out so it popped.

Their dance continued for some time until Sirius became more agitated and jumpy much to the amusement of Hermione.

“I know you want to tell people, go on, it’s time for announcements anyhow” said Hermione.

Sirius smiled.

“How about I get on up there and tell everyone about my wonderful Uncle” said Hermione before walking away.

She joined Draco on the raised podium and waited for silence to fall.

“I’d like to thank you all for coming here tonight. A lot of you have been there to watch this year progress and have been a part of all the wonderful changes. First off I’d like to thank all the party organisers and my Knights of Duty for their hard work and effort. Secondly I’d like to thank Lucius and Severus for being my extended family, I’d like to thank the Lord’s for guiding me through everything and Draco for always standing by me” she paused.

“Secondly I’d like to welcome the return of Lord Byron, who has made a full recovery thanks to the combined efforts of Severus Snape, Lord Gold and Luna Lovegood; his weight was hard to carry but has finally been lifted from his shoulders”.

“Thirdly, I’d like to tell you all about a journey I’ve been on this year. Not a journey to Enchantress or even a journey to my love for Draco but a journey to find myself. My Mother passed away some years ago and for a long while I was angry at her. She left some letters for me to read and it took two years and the encouragement of Draco for me to finally read them. Over the course of the year I have been reading about the life I never knew my Mother had. She felt in love in a time when she’d been hidden from the world for being a squib. Her love was for a pureblood and it was almost unforgivable for them to be together but they did it anyway. Their love was strong and true but like other unforgettable romances it was not to last. She got pregnant with me and found out that her lover – whom she was to marry – had been forced by his family to become a Death Eater. She fled the Wizarding world and never returned. My Father deflected from Voldemort almost as soon as he was recruited, and died a hero’s death”.

“I know you’re all wondering who my Father was and who my Mother really was. I knew my Mother only by the name she called herself, but her actual name was Isabella Knight. Her parents banished her to the muggle world to live under a cruel guardian when they realised she was a squib. Between the ages of five and eighteen, she only saw her parents once and that was to tell her that she was left some money and should hand it all over to her parents because they were broke. It was also the day she met the love of her life”.

“The love of her life had a brother who walks among us this day, so for now my name isn’t Hermione Granger but Hermione Black. Regulus Black was my Father and Sirius Black is my most amazing Uncle” Hermione finished to a complete silence and then a deafening round of applause.

She waited till the crowd had died down again before continuing, “Onto my last item of news” for this part she ushered Draco forward and grasped his hand in her own, “This man standing next to me has been the guiding light in my life for the past year. Our friendship grew into love at a steady pace, our passion never dwindled. He’s helped me through the ups and downs and I’ve always remained there for him. So it gives me great pleasure to announce my engagement to Draco Malfoy!” she said.

This time the applause was more deafening than she could have possibly imagined, it sounded like something were about to collapse, the roar of applause was so loud that glasses around the room began to shake.

Then came the resounding chant ‘kiss, kiss, kiss’ people began clinking their glasses, clapping their hands, stamping their feet.

There wasn’t really much room for refusal, like the saying ‘start as you mean to go on’ this would be a kiss that would go down in history for many years to come. As Draco looked into the eyes of Hermione he whispered “I love you” before swooping down and bestowing upon her the most passionate kiss the world had ever seen.


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