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Dear Diary by Mischief_managed18

Format: Novella
Chapters: 11
Word Count: 36,447
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Romance, Angst, Young Adult
Characters: Teddy, Scorpius, Albus, James (II), Lily (II), Hugo, Rose, Victoire, OC, OtherCanon
Pairings: Rose/Scorpius, Other Pairing

First Published: 06/11/2012
Last Chapter: 07/22/2014
Last Updated: 07/22/2014


The story of Rose Weasley and growing up. Told through diary entries, dialogue, and letters.

Chapter 1: Oddities
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I know, I know. Here I am with yet another story. But, since my other next-gen is coming to a close I figured I'd start this one for you guys. I have another one in mind as well. Happy reading, let me know what you think! 

Discalaimer: I do not own HP or the wonderful world these characters live in. All that credit goes to the lovely JK Rowling and her incredible mind. We should all thank her for being here at this moment. S2

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Rose was bouncing up and down in her chair, as was the usual before breakfast. She tended to be far too hyper in the mornings, something her mother called a blessing and her father called a curse.


"Rosie, would you knock it off?" Hugo said, shuffling into the kitchen and slumping down in the chair next to her, yawning.


Rose punched him as hard as she could in the arm.“Don’t. Call. Me. Rosie,” Rose said, eyes narrowed.


“Oi! Piss off!” he yelled, suddenly more awake.


“Kids, quiet down. Hugo, be nice to your sister. And Rose, he only calls you that to get a rise out of you. You’re merely feeding into it.” Hermione said, one hand on her hip as she turned away from the stove for a moment, eyebrows raised.


“Sorry, mum.” Rose and Hugo said at the same time, both sitting back in their chairs. 


Ron came into the kitchen a few moments later, his hair ruffled and his eyes still half-shut.


“What’s all the noise?” he asked, though it came out more along the lines of “Whtsllthnse?” Rose smirked and shook her head; Ron had always been a mess in the morning.

“That would be your children, of course,” Hermione said. Though from her tone of voice, she found it all somewhat humorous.


“What’d you guys do this time?” her father asked, attempting to look at them seriously though his attempt failed miserably.


“He called me Rosie,” Rose said flatly, gesturing to Hugo.


“Hugo, how many times do we have to tell you not to call her Rosie? You know how much she dislikes it. Besides, that’s not a nickname, that’s lengthening her name. And Rose, you know the main reason he does it is to get a reaction out of you, right? He’s a nine year old boy.” Ron grumbled, sitting down in his chair and nodding off, his head hitting the table.


So much for that lecture,” Rose thought to herself. Her father was hopeless sometimes.


Hugo laughed beside her and she found myself joining in. Mum turned around and shook her head stating, "He never could stay awake without food in front of him.”


“Rose, dear, would you mind waking your father? Breakfast is nearly ready and he needs to be up.” My mum said from the stove, not even glancing at us.


Rose sighed to herself and stood up, walking over to her father. She poked his arm and he didn’t seem to move at all.


“Dad.” Rose said, still nothing. She shook his arm a bit and he still didn’t move. “Dad!” She said a bit louder and he still didn’t stir.


“Mum?” Rose said and she turned around once more, rolling her eyes at Ron.


“Yes, you may.” She said, smiling. Beaming, Rose ran to grab the pitcher of water from the fridge, something they always had handy for this purpose.


“Three, two, one.” Hugo counted down and Rose turned the pitcher upside down, dumping its contents on her father’s head.


“BLOODY HELL!” Ron said, jumping up and swinging his arm out just after Rose ducked, causing him to get off balance and slip on the spilled water, nearly falling. He caught the back of the chair and lifted his head, now dripping wet, and glared at her.


Rose set the pitcher down on the table and backed up slowly as his eyes narrowed.


“It was you today, huh Rose?” he asked, cocking his head to the side.


“Sorry daddy,” she said, stifling a smile.


“You better be, you know what this means right?” he said, standing up slowly. Her eyes widened and she backed up another step before turning around and running out of the room.


Her father’s footsteps followed closely behind and she bolted out the back door, laughing the whole time.


She ran as fast as she could, scrambling up the nearest tree. Her father reached the tree moments after her and jumped up, grabbing onto her foot. She pulled away and all he got was her shoe, causing him to curse.


“You win.” He said, now laughing. Rose stood near the top of the tree, her sock nearly making her slip, as she stood upright.


Finally, she burst out laughing, clutching the tree trunk, tears streaming down her face.


“Come on, love. Let’s get some breakfast,” Ron said and suddenly, Rose was levitating. She glanced down and saw that he had his wand out, leading her down to the ground where she landed on her feet with ease.


“Well, come on.” Rose said, grabbing her father’s hand as she skipped back towards the house.


“Rose, aren’t you forgetting something?” he asked, stopping and bending down to pick something up when she realized what it was... her shoe.


“Oh, right.” Rose said, laughing. She slipped the shoe on halfway and resumed her skipping, which proved to be quite difficult. She nearly fell over ten times by the time they’d finally managed to make it back to the kitchen. She took both shoes off and made her way towards the sink so she could wash her hands.



Hermione was cleaning up the water with her wand when they walked in and Hugo was smiling as he watched her. Hermione turned back to her as she made her way to the table. She raised her eyebrows at Rose who cocked her head.


“What’ve you got into this time, dear?” she asked and Rose gave her a strange look.


“What do you mean?” Rose asked and Hermione laughed as she reached out to wipe something off Rose’s nose with her thumb.


“You had dirt smearing your nose,” she said, laughing, “You really are your father’s daughter.”


Ron laughed and made his way to the counter where Hermione had all the food laid out. He grabbed the pancakes and a huge plate full of eggs and carried them over to the table. Hermione grabbed the fruit and a new pitcher of cold water as well as orange juice as Ron made his second trip to the counter to grab the bacon.


Breakfast at the Weasley house had always been something extravagant. Hermione loved cooking and refused to do any of it with magic because she’d been raised to do it without. She said if felt like cheating if she used magic.


The back door opened and a few seconds later, Ginny and Harry came in, their kids in tow. Now they could truly begin their breakfast.


“Sorry we’re late.” Ginny said, attempting to flip her hair out of her face but her mane of red hair kept falling into her eyes. “Albus over here insisted on keeping us up late last night to watch the meteor shower and we only just woke up.” She said and Al grinned from behind her.


“So worth it.” He said, sitting down in the chair next to Rose and instantly grabbing food off every plate.


As if this were the cue, the rest of the family sat down in their spots and began digging in, making it yet another typical morning in the Weasley household.


“James, please, chew with your mouth shut,” Ginny said and James grimaced, always the gentleman.


“Rose!” Lily shrieked from across the table, beaming.


“Yes Lily?” Rose asked, smiling. Lily was two years younger than her and had always been the sister Rose had so desperately wanted.



“You and Al are going to get your letters soon!” She said, bouncing up and down.


Al groaned beside her and Lily glared at him.


“She won’t stop talking about it.” Al explained to her, rolling his eyes.


“I know,” Rose said, sounding upset.



“Try to control your excitement, Rose.” James said and Rose stuck her tongue out at him.


“Kids, enough,” Harry said and Rose gave him a grateful look. He smiled at her before turning back to join in conversation with the rest of the adults.


The rest of breakfast flew by without much conflict and eventually, the Potters had to leave, something to take care of, Harry had said and Rose sighed.



She made her way to her room, perfectly content to spend the day up there, reading and writing.


Rose’s room had always been the one place she could truly be relaxed in. It was fairly small, a bed off to the side and a small table next to it. There was a large window on the opposite wall, with a view of the fields beyond. There was a small dresser that held her clothes and a few posters and paintings on the walls. Aside from that, there wasn’t anything but a ladder. The ladder sat in the very center of her room and it led to a door that she could open. When she opened the door, she could climb through and she would be directly under another ladder that led to her own tree house.


The Weasley’s had built their house right next to a giant tree, the random rooms seeming to fit right into the branches and the uppermost branches reaching right over Rose’s room, making a perfect spot to put a tree house. Her tree house had everything in it: a desk, a bookshelf full of all her favorite books, and a couch that took up the whole back wall. It was all quite simple, really.


Ron and Harry had built the entire thing when Rose was about six years old and had continually begged them to make her one. At first, they were going to go with a traditional one to put in one of the many trees in the backyard but Rose thought of the idea for the one above her room and, well, the idea stuck.

Rose made my way into the tree house and grabbed a book off the shelf, immediately settling into the couch and beginning to read.


~*~*~ Two hours later ~*~*~


There was a knock and Rose realized it was someone knocking on the tree house which usually meant one person... her mother.


“Yes, mum?” Rose said; a few moments later Hermione poked her head up.


“Hey, love. Can I come up?” she asked, looking around and smiling.


“Sure.” Rose said, setting the book down and stretching as Hermione made her way in.


“I’ve always loved this. You’re a lucky girl, Rose.” She said, stroking Rose’s hair and sitting down next to her.


“I know I am. Thank you, mum.” Rose said, leaning against her and closing her eyes.


“I brought you something.” She said and Rose sat up, looking at her curiously.


She laughed, “Nothing too special. Just something I figured you could use.” She said and pulled something out from behind her. It was wrapped and looked like a book. Rose smiled as her mother held it out to her. She took it and immediately began pulling away at the wrappings.


It was a diary.


The cover was white and covered with green and brown vines. The vines made up intricate swirling patterns, some dotted with leaves and, of course, roses.


“I know, I know. Not everyone likes to use them, but I figured since you were always writing, this would help you organize some thoughts and to release everything on the days you want to. Believe me, there are days it’s more useful than you’d know. I kept one, and I regret nothing. I love being able to look back at it.” Hermione was now beaming, her eyes filled with tears.


“It’s perfect, mum.” Rose said, seeming to sound surprised that her mother would think of such a splendid gift.


“Oh, I’m so glad!” she said, clapping her hands together. “That one is special. It’ll add a page when you begin running low and it remembers everything you tell it. If you ever need to look up a specific day or want to look at a topic, just write it in the little “search” box on the back page.” She said and smiled at Rose, kissing her on the forehead.

“Th-thank you, mum.” Rose stammered out and Hermione nodded, leaving the tree house and leaving Rose to look over the diary that now rested in her hands.


June 11th, 2017


Dear Diary,


I find writing like this to be a bit odd. I mean, I’m not actually writing to anyone; it’s just me telling myself what happened each day so I can go back through and read it at a later date. I hope it serves its purpose and ends up proving to be useful in later years. If anything, you can be what I tell my stories, my troubles, my everything to.


Mum just gave this to me, saying that she’d kept one of her own since she was about my age and that one of her favorite things to do when dad is away is to read through her old passages, especially those regarding him.


I feel like most people start these sorts of things later on, I mean I’m only ten at the moment. But, alas, here I am. It’s now late June and I’m eagerly awaiting my letter to Hogwarts.


Well, I suppose I should fill in some background information so I feel like you actually know me.


My name is Rose Weasley. I’m the daughter of Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley. My birthday is August 9th, 2006 and I am a Leo. I have a younger brother named Hugo who was born July 20th, 2008. My parents are Harry Potters’ best friends and, well, he’s my uncle. He’s married to my aunt Ginny and I’m quite close with his children, James, Albus, and Lily.


I’m said to have inherited my intelligence from my mother. According to many people I’ve talked to, she was ‘The Brightest Witch of Her Age’ and it shows. I get most of my looks from my father, the red hair, freckles, and blue eyes especially. I did however get the curly, bushy hair from my mother’s side.


Here’s some things most people don’t know. I have a tendency to wander, especially late at night. I usually can’t sleep so I’m up nearly all hours reading whatever I can get my hands on. One of the biggest things most people don't know is when I go to Hogwarts, I don’t plan on being in Gryffindor. I want to be a Ravenclaw.


I’ve always found something fascinating about being a Ravenclaw, especially with my thirst for knowledge. I could read all the books in my house, and believe me there are a lot, and it wouldn’t be enough. I’m fascinated with puzzles, and I love solving riddles. It’s hopeless, but I feel like if my mother hadn’t been a Gryffindor, she would have been a Ravenclaw.


My mother always says that she knew I would be a clever one from a young age. Apparently there were times when I would do something I wasn’t supposed to, even before I could walk and talk, and she’d take a toy away from me only to find it sailing over her head seconds later and into my hands. I’d always figured out cheats or shortcuts in things she’d never even thought possible. Apparently my father didn’t know how to handle me half the time and would just sit there watching me, completely in awe.


My parents are two of the most incredible people in the entire world. My mother, as I said, is beyond brilliant. She is now a spell inventor and is at the Ministry five days a week in her office trying to invent new spells. She keeps claiming she’s close to a breakthrough but can’t reveal any more than that because it’s all confidential until it’s made public. My father, on the other hand, is an auror. He and my uncle Harry became aurors without even completing school, partly due to the fact that they had aided in Voldemort’s defeat and were a part of so much of the war against him.


My parents are the greatest parents outside of work as well. They support my brother in anything and everything we do and they’ve trained us from a very young age both Muggle and magic subjects. Because my mother is Muggle-born, there’s a strong influence of Muggle things and subjects in our lives and my granddad Arthur ends up joining us half the time when we go to Muggle locations or learn about certain subjects.


 My father, because he’s such a big fan and had his moments in school, has taught us how to fly and play Quidditch since we were tiny and as of now, I’m hoping I’ll be able to try out for Seeker or Chaser, I haven’t quite decided which. My brother Hugo, on the other hand, has taken after our father and is a natural Keeper.


I have the greatest, and biggest, family a girl could ask for. Though they’re loud and obnoxious at times, I love every minute of it. I have ten cousins, five uncles, four aunts, and both sets of grandparents. Let’s just say, special occasions can get a bit out of hand.


Uncle George is the prankster, apparently he and his twin Fred, who died in the Battle of Hogwarts, were famous for it and own a joke shop called Weasley's Wizard Wheezes. He and my aunt Angelina have two kids, Roxanne and Fred II. Uncle Percy had some issues with the family in the past but has since repented and he and his wife Audrey have two kids as well, Lucy and Molly. My uncle Bill is the eldest of my uncles and he and my aunt Fleur have 3 kids, Victoire, Dominique, and Louis. My uncle Charlie is extremely down to earth and is one of the funniest of my uncles, but he isn't married and doesn't have any children. Then there's my aunt Ginny, her and Harry have Lily, James, and Albus. It's a lot of kids and a lot to remember, but all in all, I wouldn't trade it for the world.


Aside from that, there’s not much to me. I’m a pretty boring person and there’s nothing special about me. I’m just... Rose.


Until next time,



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Chapter 2: Acceptance
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 Woo! Chapter 2!! :D And we're off! I always feel like the second chapter is what truly reveals something about the story. This didn't reveal a whole lot, but I promise some long chapters for this story. :) 

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June 12th 2006


Dear Diary,


I’m pretty sure today was the best day of my entire life.

It started out as any other day does, waking up before ten and being downstairs for breakfast with the family by half past ten. We ate breakfast as usual and father talked about the new dark wizard that’s apparently on the rise now. They’re trying hard to catch him, but he’s proving to be quite tricky to catch.

Mum said Hugo and I could play a quick game of Quidditch with father before we began a basic lesson or two and then we would have lunch before doing a Muggle history lesson.




“Rose, Hugo, you guys go play some Quidditch with your father for a bit. We’ll start lessons a little later.” Hermione said, catching Rose off guard. She never told them to do stuff like that; her first request was always the lessons and learning something. Then if they had time left over or if they wanted to take a break she’d allow them to do something like Quidditch.


Rose glanced up at her, eyes wide and her mouth hanging open.


“Oh come on Rosie, I know that you guys are dying to get out there and play, besides, the weather is utterly perfect today and I won’t make you guys miss out on that.” Hermione said, beaming and kissing Rose on the forehead before standing up and smiling once more. Rose couldn’t help but continue to stare up at her in shock.


“Yeah, Rose. Why argue?” he said with a wink, standing up and kissing her mum on the cheek, Hermione’s face now tinged red. She smiled at him and he beamed back, wrapping her in an embrace that left even Rose blushing. Rose stood up and pushed her chair in, knowing now wasn’t the time to argue.


“I- I’ll go grab my stuff then.” Rose stammered and ran out of the room, excited for some fresh air.



Mum happened to be in a particularly good mood today and I think it had something to do with the fact that she was getting closer to a breakthrough with her newest spell. Whatever the reason, she’d insisted that we play Quidditch so my father, Hugo, and I made our way out to the field by our house.

The field is about a five-minute walk through the woods right up against our house and is surrounded by trees. We live in a wizard community called Godric’s Hollow along with Uncle Harry and Aunt Ginny. It’s where Uncle Harry had always wanted to live.



Before making her way outside to join Hugo, who she could see sitting on the fence behind their house beaming with excitement, she tiptoed past the kitchen and stole a glance inside. She saw her parents sitting there, Ron smiling down at Hermione, who looked so beside herself with happiness; it was unbelievable. He kissed her on the forehead and she closed her eyes, leaning into him.


Rose smiled to herself before opening the back door and stepping outside into the warmth. Watching her parents look so in love was something Rose had always loved doing. She’d always vowed to herself she’d find the same thing.



The three of us had walked to the field, joking and laughing as usual. When we stepped out into the clearing, there was already a group of people playing. Of course, it was the Potters.

James, Al, Harry, Ginny, and Lily had all been flying around, screaming and laughing as we came into the clearing. Al spotted us and shouted, causing Uncle Harry to look down before demanding we join the game.

We’d made teams and after an extremely close and nearly three-hour game, Ginny, Al, Lily, and I ended up beating the others when I’d caught the snitch.

Our parents had all flown down to the ground, sitting and watching as all of us flew around, practicing passing the Quaffle, catching the Snitch, and hitting Bludgers. That’s when it happened.



“Lily, make sure you lean forward when you’re trying to fly like that, don’t lean back or you’ll confuse the broom!” shouted Harry from below, causing Lily to groan. She and Hugo were the least apt flyers and the two of them were still getting the hang of things.  


She leaned forward slightly and the broom shot forward, causing her to scream before leaning back and nearly flying off the front of the broom when it came to a complete stop. Hugo laughed and leaned forward to clutch his stomach, which caused his broom to also shoot forward. Ginny groaned from below and mounted her broom, flying up to Hugo and Lily where she started showing them techniques. It paid to have a professional Quidditch player in the family.


“Rose, you’re chaser now.” said Al as he threw the Quaffle at her. She caught it just before it hit her in the face and Al smirked. “Nice one,” she said and stuck her tongue out at him.


She felt the back of her broom suddenly grow heavier and turned to smack James, thinking he was pushing down on it, something he often did when he and Al decided to gang up on her. When she turned, she saw an owl had perched on the end of her broom, an envelope in its beak.



I got my Hogwarts letter today! While playing Quidditch no less! The poor owl had landed on my broom and I thought it was James trying to play a joke on me and I nearly smacked it. When I saw what it was, I nearly screamed and fell off my broom. I took the envelope from its beak and stroked its head before it took off flying up and over the trees. 

Al had received his at the same time, and we opened our envelopes while still flying. I still can’t believe it, it’s nearly time to go to Hogwarts myself! After all these years of hearing the stories my parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents (on my father’s side of course) had to say about the school and everything it offered, I’d never been more excited for anything in my life.

My father had immediately given me a hug as my aunt and uncle did the same with Al. After a while, we all made our way back to our house so we could talk to mum and celebrate.




She nearly fell off the broom and had to steady herself with the hand she’d had out to smack James. She steadied the broom and reached out towards the owl, which hooted softly.


She took the envelope from it and stroked its head, barely aware when it took off once more and flew away, disappearing over the trees. She stared down at the envelope in her hands, hardly aware of anything besides the fact that she was holding a letter from Hogwarts in her hand. Her hand trembled as she read the neat emerald green print on the front spelling out her name.


Rose N. Weasley


Rose glanced up and saw that no more than ten feet from where she was, Al too held an envelope. He glanced up, eyes wide. When he saw that she held an envelope as well, he beamed.


“On the count of three, Rosie?” he asked, laughing nervously. She nodded, not trusting herself to speak.






“Three!” They both said at once, both trying to keep their nerves under control.


On “three”, they both tore at the scarlet seals that held them shut, pulling out their letters and holding onto their brooms with every muscle in their legs. Rose’s hands were shaking as she opened the flap and was barely able to get the letter itself out of the envelope.


Rose read the letter several times before flying down to her father as quickly as she could.


“DAD!” Rose shouted and he, Ginny, and Harry all turned to look. “I GOT MY LETTER!” she shouted. She threw her broom on the ground and ran to her father.


“Me too!” Al said from behind, landing next to her a second later, tossing his broom to the ground right before he was attacked by Ginny from above.


“Oh, Rosie, this is so exciting! Your mother will be beyond happy, I’m sure.” Ron said as he wrapped Rose in a hug. Conversation erupted around her and Rose stood there smiling.


 “Oh, Rosie!” She said, tears streaming down her face a few minutes later when everyone had gone to their house to tell Hermione the news.


“Mum! It’s not the end of the world, we all knew it was going to happen.” Rose said, attempting to calm her mother down.


“I’m just happy is all,” Hermione said, finally pulling back.


“What do you say we celebrate?” Ron said from behind, putting a hand on Hermione’s shoulder. 


She nodded before her face suddenly lit up and she clapped a few times.


“I’ll make dinner and we can have butter beer and invite the Potters over, I’m sure they’re all as excited as we are what with Albus getting his letter as well. Oh it’ll be so much fun!” she said, running to the kitchen beaming.


Rose looked up at her father and he shrugged. “Let her have her fun.” He said, lightly punching Rose in the arm before following her mother into the kitchen.


Within the hour, they were all sitting down to what they could only describe as a feast. Hermione had made steak and potatoes, corn, pudding, cake, green beans, a broccoli casserole, rolls, and had set out several jugs of butter beer.


After supper they all played games, both Muggle and wizard. Rose ended up beating James at Wizard’s chess, much to his dismay. It was a talent Rose had picked up from her father, who was now beaming at her as James stormed from the room, muttering something about losing to a girl.


“Movie time?” Hermione asked, her smile wider than I’d seen in years.


“What’d you get?” Ron asked, sounding nervous. Rose laughed, knowing that Hermione had probably gone out and got some muggle movie and he was scared to see what it was this time.


“Lord of the Rings,” she said nervously. “I’ve heard it’s fantastic. The books were incredible, I read them years ago. They made the first one five years ago and I’ve been dying to see it. It’s so interesting to me to see what Muggles think wizards are. It’s full of wizards and elves and trolls and there’s a lot of battle scenes and, well, they’re incredible,” she said, trailing off.


“Sounds bloody brilliant.” Ron said, standing up and kissing her on the head as she smiled and popped the movie in, causing us all to fall into our usual spots when Hermione put movies in.


The movie ended up being even better than they’d all expected and Rose made her mom promise her that she would find her copies of the books so Rose could read them. Hermione had laughed and promised Rose, muttering something about them probably being at her parents’ house.


The Potters ended up staying at our house until nearly midnight. We’d all had a huge family supper in the late afternoon. Afterwards we’d played games and watched a Muggle movie my mother had bought called Lord of the Rings.

We said goodbye to the Potters and my mother insisted Hugo and I both shower before turning in for the night. I showered and made my way back to my room, way too excited to sleep. So here I am at nearly one in the morning, writing in my diary and explaining how I got my Hogwarts letter.

I still can’t believe I’ll be going to Hogwarts soon, I’m sure everything will be a dream come true.

I best be off now, mum would kill me if I were up this late.


Until next time,




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Chapter 3: Visits
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“ROSE NYMPHADORA WEASLEY!” someone shouted and I groaned, rolling over in bed. There was a moment of panic when I started falling at hit the ground a moment later; I sat up immediately while rubbing my throbbing arm I had apparently landed on.


I glanced around and realized I was in my tree house, which explained the whole falling thing; I’d rolled right off the couch. As always, I was the epitome of grace.


The voice calling me had belonged to Al, I knew that the moment I’d heard it, which meant that he was downstairs in my room. This also meant I had about a minute before he tried coming up here, and frankly, no one but my mother was allowed up here.


I stood up too quickly and all the blood rushed to my head, leaving me dizzy for a moment. I sat on the couch and put my head between my knees, I only got this way when I was hungry. Right on cue, my stomach growled.

“Coming!” I yelled down to Al, not wanting him to even think about coming up here. He’d always resented the fact that he wasn’t allowed to come up here and would usually give me mere minutes before attempting to come up.


“You have thirty seconds, dear Rosie!” he taunted from below and I sighed.


“I’m coming, I’m coming!” I yelled and began descending the ladder. I made it to the bottom and hopped off onto the floor, landing without a sound, something I’d mastered years ago. One of the few times I actually managed to be somewhat graceful.


Glancing up, I realized Al was sprawled across my bed, his hands resting behind his head and a wide grin plastered on his face.


“Albus Severus, you better have a damn good reason for waking me up.” I said, glaring at him.


His left eyebrow shot up and he laughed. "Your hair is a mess. Besides, you realize it's nearly noon?" 

“And that’s what you came to tell me?” I snapped, flopping onto the bed beside him, “besides, there’s no way it’s noon.” I stole a quick glance at the clock on my wall and groaned, he was right.

“Can’t a guy visit his favorite cousin without having a reason?” he asked, smiling. He gave me a light shove but with my balance being so off after waking up, I toppled off the bed and landed on the floor with a crash. Twice in one day, it really was a talent.


Al burst into laughter and I groaned, though I couldn’t help but join in, laughing at myself.


“I’ll just stay here all day.” I said after flipping over and burying my face into the carpet, my voice muffled.


“You most certainly will not!” he yelled, jumping off the bed and lifting me to my feet by my arms, “we’re going to visit Uncle Fred and Uncle George!”


“We are?!” I said, clapping my hands together. One thing that always managed to make my day was visiting with them. Well, visiting Uncle George then stopping by the cemetery to put flowers down and talk to Uncle Fred’s grave. Uncle Fred was Uncle George’s twin but had died in the Battle of Hogwarts at age nineteen.


“Well, first order of business, dear cousin, is fixing that hair of yours.” He joked, picking up and strand of my hair and clicking his tongue as he dropped it back into place.


I stuck my tongue out at him and shooed him from the room, ordering him to wait downstairs as I bounced off to the bathroom to get ready.




June 13th, 2017


Dear Diary,


Today was surprisingly fun.


Albus stopped by at around noon, somehow I’d managed to sleep until then, to wake me and asked me to come to see Uncle Fred and George. Well, not so much ask as tell me I was to come with him.


I didn't mind him stopping by, Al was my favorite cousin, but don't tell Lily that, she'd be quite upset.



Making my hair presentable is actually far more simple than it would appear to be. There’s a product that was invented by a fellow witch with similar problems to my own. She has a mass of curly brown hair, much like mum’s, and the product is simple. You spray it in your hair, brush your hair, and poof! Your hair will no longer be tangled or frizzy or whatever other problems you were having with it.


The thing is, it returns your hair to its more “natural” state, so if you have naturally curly hair, it’ll still be curly, straight will be straight, etc. Lucky for me, however, there’s another product that you can spray in that’ll make your hair straight if you wish. There’s one to make your hair curly as well, but I definitely don’t need that one.


After two minutes, my hair was halfway down my back and nearly perfectly straight. It wasn’t that I didn’t like the curly, I just liked to change it up every now and then. I smiled at myself and made my way to my room to change into something presentable.


I settled on a pair of jeans and a v-cut grey shirt with my favorite light blue jacket and my blue Vans.


Excited to get going, I decided running down the stairs was the best choice, nearly falling on the way down and proud of myself when I made it to the bottom. I heard voices from the kitchen and made my way in there, finding Al talking to my father.


My father and Al sat across the table from each other, talking and eating from a bowl of pretzels between them. I rolled my eyes, the boys in my family never stopped eating.


“Ready to go, Rosie?” Al said through a mouthful of pretzels and I scowled. Though I should probably be disgusted by such behavior, I wasn’t, it was the nickname that had me scowling, and he knew it.


“Let me grab something to eat. I’m starved.” I said and made my way to the fridge. One of the joys of having a muggle-born mother is that we have some of the muggle technology and such and it makes things much easier when you can’t use magic.


I found some leftover waffles and heated them up in the toaster before dousing them in butter and syrup while my father and Al continued talking. After eating both waffles in a matter of a minute or two, I stood up and washed my plate before placing it on the drying rack.


“Shall we?” I said, beaming. My father yawned and stood up from the table, shuffling off into the other room.


“We shall!” Al said, offering his arm.


“Is he not coming?” I asked, gesturing in the direction my father had walked off.


“Nope, just the two of us, darling.” Al said, winking.


“Oh joy.” I said, jokingly rolling my eyes.


“Pshh, you love me.”


“Only because I have to.” I said, smiling, “hang on, where’s everyone else?” I asked, realizing for the first time the lack of my brother, mum, and James in particular.


“Out and about. Doing their own thing. Mum is out shopping with your mum and Lily, Hugo, James, and my dad are all off playing Quidditch, your dad’s about to join them, so that leaves the two of us.”


“How come I wasn’t invited to go do something?” I said, not really upset, just curious.


“Rosie, come on, you hate shopping. Plus Hugo wanted some intense training, he only has two years before he’ll be trying out for the Gryffindor team to play with the rest of us and my dad and James volunteered. Your dad’s going to go play keeper.” I sighed. He was right, I wouldn’t have wanted to join in anyways.


“Yeah, yeah. I suppose you’re right,” I said, “I suppose we best be off.”


“FLOO POWDER TIME!” Al said, beaming and running to the fireplace in our living room. That kid gets way too excited over the simplest of things.


~*~*~ 2 hours later ~*~*~


Al and I spent a while visiting with Uncle George at his house above the shop while it was lunchtime but afterwards had to return to work.


We talked with Aunt Angelina for a bit before leaving, she had sent the twins away to her parents for the week and was in desperate need of some alone time so Al and I left a little after two.


“Well… where to now?” Al asked, neither of us really looking forward to what was coming next.


“Flower shop?” I asked quietly and he nodded.


The two of us made our way through Diagon Alley, making small talk occasionally. One thing I’d always admired about Al was that we could be talking about absolutely nothing and it was never awkward.



After I'd fixed my hair, I made my way downstairs to grab a quick breakfast before Al and I left. While I ate, Al and dad talked for a while, bonding over pretzels and talk of Quidditch as usual.


Dad went to get ready as Al and I left. Apparently he was going to play Quidditch with Uncle Harry, James, and Hugo while the girls, aside from myself, were out shopping. You see, I’m not much of a shopper and they’ve pretty much all but given up on even trying to get me to say yes to buying even a new shirt.


Al and I travelled by Floo powder to Uncle George’s, causing Al far too much excitement, where we spent a few hours talking with him and Aunt Angelina before Uncle George had to head back to work. Unfortunately, Aunt Angelina had sent Fred and Roxy to her parents’ house for a while so we didn’t get the change to visit with them. A little after two Al and I left, making our way down Diagon Alley.




As was usual, Al and I split the cost of a large bouquet of sunflowers. According to Nana, they were the only flowers Fred could tolerate on any level. We made our way through the streets and out of Diagon Alley to the local Wizarding cemetery in London.


Uncle Fred’s grave was on top of a hill towards the center of the cemetery, meaning it was quite a walk. When we finally got there, I set the flowers on his headstone, tears already forming in my eyes. I could barely make out the writing on his headstone, though I knew what it said by heart.


Beloved twin, brother, son, and friend. A true Gryffindor


Fred Weasley


1 April, 1978- 2 May, 1998


Mischief Managed


I wiped what little dust was on his grave away and sat down in front of it, Al sitting beside me.


“It’s just horrible that so many died at such a young age.” Al whispered. This type of conversation seemed to happen every time we came.


“I hate that we never even got to meet him, yet I still feel so close to him. How’s that even possible?” I said, tears threatening to spill over onto my cheeks.


“I suppose it’s all the stories?” He asked, though I knew it was  more of a statement.


“I know… it’s just hard. I want to actually sit down and be able to have a conversation with him. To know Uncle George’s other half, and I don’t mean Angelina. To see the mischief they created and to understand why

everything is the way it is.”


“The way they always describe him, he was always so happy and full of life.” He said, smiling to himself. Al was always that way, always happy and smiling and so excited for what the day held in store, and I knew he hoped he would almost be the second coming of our Uncle Fred.


I smiled to myself through my tears, imagining everything that was to come. I knew that Al would drag me into his endless pranks; he needed someone to come up with them. I was always the brains behind his operations, but didn’t really take part in them… I was far too clumsy for that. The only time I held any measurable amount of grace was when I was on a broomstick.


For a while we both just sort of talked to Fred. Telling him what had been going on with the family and what we’d been up to lately. We told him about receiving our acceptance letters while on our brooms and about how excited we were to finally start school at Hogwarts.


After we’d finished talking to Fred, we sat in silence for a while before finally standing up to make our way out. We walked in silence, heads down. I was kicking rocks with my feet when I suddenly collided with something solid, causing me to fall to the ground. Three times in one day… not bad.


Al began laughing and I turned to glare at him before I realized he was standing next to another boy. He must’ve been the one I ran into. He offered his hand to me and I took it gratefully as he pulled me to my feet.


He must’ve been our age, no more than twelve, with very pale skin. He had a splash of freckles on his nose and the most incredible blue eyes I’d ever seen. He had long shaggy blonde hair that seemed to ceaselessly fall into his eyes, causing him to brush it back with his hands, which sent a wave of butterflies through my stomach.


Suddenly, I wished I hadn’t been crying so much. I probably looked like a bloody mess. Face and eyes red from the tears, hair probably a disaster.


“Thank you.” I muttered before quickly walking past him, causing Al to awkwardly thank him before running to catch up with me.


“What was that about?” Al asked me after a few minutes.


“What?” I asked, not really understanding what the big deal was.


“Why didn’t you stop to actually say anything?”


“It wasn’t necessary.” I said and Al seemed to drop the subject. He knew it wasn’t best to push me. Besides, there was nothing else I could’ve said. All he’d done was rudely run into me and then help me up. I sighed to myself and continued walking.




After Al and I left Uncle George’s, we knew it was time to visit Uncle Fred. You see, Uncle Fred was Uncle George’s twin, the one who had died in the battle of Hogwarts at only nineteen years old. Though we’d never known him, it was somewhat of a tradition for me and Al anytime we visited Uncle George. It had started when we were little and our parents would stop by and it had never stopped.


As usual, we stopped by the flower store and picked out a large bouquet of sunflowers for Fred, allegedly they were the only flowers Uncle Fred could tolerate.


Uncle Fred’s grave was in the Wizarding cemetery in the heart of London. It was amazing what we could hide from the Muggles, especially with the size of the cemetery.


We put the flowers on Fred’s grave and sort of talked to each other and to Uncle Fred for a bit as we usually did. Letting him know how the family was doing and what was going on. Telling him how we’d received our acceptance letters and everything else that had happened. Finally, we sat in silence for a while before deciding it was time to leave.


On the way out of the cemetery, I had one of my “Rose moments” and ended up running straight into someone. He was about my age and had extremely pale skin. He had shaggy blond hair that fell into his amazing blue eyes. He helped me up before I thanked him and left, Al in tow.




We ended up getting back home just in time for dinner. We walked in and the whole house smelled of soy sauce and dill. A huge smile spread across my face as my stomach grumbled and I realized how hungry I was. The smell meant one thing… my favorite.


My mother made a lot of delicious meals, but one had been my favorite since I was little. It was one of the simplest recipes in the world, but it was delicious. She put chicken thighs in a pan and filled the bottom of the pan and coated the tops of the chicken with soy sauce. She then sprinkled a small amount of garlic powder followed by dill on top of the chicken before placing it in the oven to bake for a couple hours.


I bounded into the kitchen, Al close behind and we both nearly tripped over ourselves while attempting to run to the dining room table just as my mum was pulling the chicken out of the oven.


“Nice of you to join us.” Mum said, smiling as we slid into our seats.


“You missed an amazing shopping day.” Lily said from across the table, beaming and standing up as she spun around, a skirt that I assumed was new billowing out around her.


“Looks great, Lils.” I said and she slumped into her chair, obviously knowing that I really didn’t understand or care about fashion or clothes.


“You really did.” Ginny said, smiling and patting Lily’s head. “We got a nice lunch and walked around Muggle London for hours. We’re going again next week if you’d like to join. We’ll even go watch a movie if you want.”


I sighed. I knew they would try to get me to go out with them a few times before summer was over and I was gone until Christmas. I felt like I had to oblige at this point.


“Sure, sounds great.” I said and nearly everyone sitting at the table stared at me in shock.


“Really?” Lily squealed and I couldn’t help but smile.


“Yes, really. I want to spend some time with you guys before I leave for school.”


Mum began gushing about how excited she was, followed with a full story of the day’s events from Lily, which I hardly paid any attention to. I couldn’t help it; I was still focused on that boy from the cemetery and the strange desire to want to see him again. I kept trying to push it aside, but it didn’t work.


After dinner, the Potters left and my family went off to do their own things. I made my way back to my room and read for a few hours before deciding to make it an early night.




Dinner was amazing. My favorite. Mum had a knack of making the most incredible food, but my favorite of hers by far was the soy sauce chicken she made. Al and I made it home just in time to eat dinner with everyone.


The whole thing seemed to go by in a blur. Before I knew it, I was agreeing to going shopping with the rest of the girls, much to my mother’s delight, and was being told of all the wonderful shops they’d visited while Al and I were out.


Finally, dinner finished and the Potters went back to their house. My family split off, everyone going to do their own thing. I read for a few hours before writing this and deciding on an early night. It was a fantastic day overall, but I can’t seem to get my mind off that boy. So silly of me considering I’ll probably never see him again. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll forget about him soon enough.


Well, I’m out for the night.



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Chapter 4: Needless Worry
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Rose awoke and glanced at the calendar next to her bed before groaning and slowly rolling out of bed. She wasn’t too thrilled for the day ahead of her, but if she didn’t get up now she would be tortured by her cousin Lily who was due at any moment.


Against her better judgment, Rose had made a promise to her cousin as well as her aunt and mother that she would join them on their day out. This meant a day of shopping, something Rose couldn’t stand.


She shuffled her way into the bathroom and tore a brush through her hair, wincing as it caught in the knots and tangles of her curls. Pulling her hair back, she tied it up with a ribbon, sighing as a few ringlets fell loose.


Quickly, she grabbed her toothbrush and put toothpaste on it before she started brushing her teeth as she made her way from the bathroom to her dresser.


As was usual, she settled on jeans and a t-shirt before returning to the bathroom to spit out the toothpaste and place her toothbrush back in the cabinet.


Five minutes later, Rose made her way into the kitchen just as Lily came bursting in through the front door.


“Well you look like crap,” said Lily, just in time for her mother, Ginny, to walk in behind her.


“Lily!” Ginny shrieked, gawking at her daughter. “Apologize to her, right now!”


“Aunt Ginny, it’s fine. Really,” Rose began and Ginny’s eyebrow’s raised. “I told her to tell me when I’m not “looking my best.” I realized I sort of just slack off and I’d rather know when I should at least attempt to dress a little better. Unfortunately, looks count for a lot in our world today… well, not just our world, but the world in general.”


“You realize you speak as someone way older than your age, right love?”  Ginny asked Rose, looking amazed. “You could’ve been a little nicer about it, young lady. And Rose, don’t worry about looks. You’re not even eleven dear and you have nothing to worry about, you’re always pretty.”


Rose blushed and shook her head, “Thanks Aunt Ginny, but as my aunt you’re sort of obliged to say that.”


Ginny sighed, not wanting to argue with her niece. Rose was far prettier than she gave herself credit for, but there was no use arguing such vain topics.


Rose took her aunt’s silence as an excuse to get her breakfast started and she made her way to the freezer. She pulled out a box of frozen waffles and placed two in the toaster as her aunt and cousin watched.


“Did you want any?” Rose asked them, realizing she should have offered as she was getting her own food.


“No we’re fine,” Ginny said, sitting down at the table. “Lily and I had muffins before we left. Al went a little nuts last night when he couldn’t sleep and made a bunch of food. We should’ve brought some over.”


Rose laughed, typical Al. That kid was always cooking if the opportunity presented itself.


Hermione came into the kitchen, glowing as usual in the mornings, just as Lily made her way over to sit next to her mother.


Hermione nearly floated across the kitchen and kissed Rose on the cheek, causing Rose’s nose to scrunch up.


“Morning mum,” Rose said before making her way to the pantry to grab syrup.


Hermione then bounced her way over to Ginny and embraced her, the two of them falling into conversation immediately. They then made their way to the front room to talk as usual.


“Did you want to change your clothes?” Lily asked, making her way over to Rose.


Rose sighed to herself, knowing that fighting it wouldn’t do any goo din the end.


“When in Rome, right?” Rose said and Lily squealed, clapping her hands together.


“I can go pick something out while you eat. Meet me up in your room!” Lily said, bounding out of the room. Rose rolled her eyes, Lily was always so excited about these kinds of things.


As if on cue, her waffles popped up from the toaster and Rose grabbed a place. She covered them in butter before dousing them in enough syrup to fill all the holes in the waffles and then some.


She grinned to herself as she grabbed a fork and knife and went to sit down at the table.


Rose ate the waffles much quicker than she’d hoped to and sighed to herself as she walked across the kitchen to wash her plate and silverware. She placed them on the drying rack and decided she’d better make her way upstairs.


A couple minutes later, Rose walked into her room before nearly having a heart attack. Clothes covered the floor and the bed and Lily was standing in the center of the whole mess, beaming.


“What. Did. You. Do?” Rose asked, horrified as she looked around the room.

“Well, all those times I’d gone out with mum and Aunt Hermione I’d convince them to buy a thing or two for you and, well, it added up,” Lily said, looking thrilled with herself.


“But why did my room explode?” Rose asked, hating the sight of her room being so messy.


“Well I had them hidden under all your clothes using a spell your mum had cast for me until one of us chose to lift it. It’s my birthday present for you but there’s no way in heck that I can wait another month and a half,” Lily broke off and laughed somewhat nervously. “So… ta-da!”


Lily spread her arms out and gestured to all the clothes. Rose began to actually look at all of the clothing around her, noticing several skirts and a few dresses. She saw several pairs of shoes, some fitted jeans, and several tops, including some frilly ones Rose wouldn’t ever pick out on her own.


“Oh goodness… well, I don’t know what to say,” Rose said nervously, hugging her arms to her chest as if in an attempt to hold onto her simple clothing.


“You don’t have to say anything. Pick something!” Lily said, now nearly bouncing up and down as she watched Rose walk among the sea of clothing.


“How about this,” Rose started, looking overwhelmed. “You get to pick out what I wear today.”


Lily’s eyes grew several sizes and she let out a small squeal. She walked around, picking up a few things and tossing them at Rose which she attempted, and failed, to catch.


“Well, go put them on!” Lily said and Rose sighed. She made her way to the bathroom, not quite sure what to expect.


A couple minutes later, Rose emerged and Lily couldn’t help but smile. Rose was wearing a teal shirt that had a black lace trim and a strip of black lace running down the right side of the front. She had on a jean skirt and black leggings, a plain black sweater over the shirt, and black flats.


Rose shifted her shoulders and adjusted the ends of the sleeves, clearly uncomfortable, though Lily was too excited to take notice.


“Perfect!” Lily shouted, running over to grab Rose’s and before dragging her down the stairs. She pulled Rose into the front room and Ginny glanced up at the girls before doing a double take. Her jaw dropped and she stood up.


“I see you’ve received an early birthday present,” Ginny said, looking at her daughter who merely smiled.


Hermione looked even more shocked than Ginny, “My goodness love. You look beautiful.”


“Thanks mum,” Rose said, adjusting her sleeves once more, clearly uncomfortable with all the attention focused on her.


Hermione made her way across the room and pulled her daughter into the kitchen. “You know you don’t have to wear any of this stuff if it makes you uncomfortable,” she said, having picked up on Rose’s nervous habits.


“Lily just wanted you to have the clothes so you had the option to wear them and not have to go out shopping with us in order to get anything; she knows how much you dislike the whole shopping process.”


Rose nodded. “I know, mum. But I figured I’d made her happy for today and when I’m comfortable, I’ll wear them. It’ll be nice to have the option to dress up a little when I want to.”


“Excellent. Just don’t grow up too fast. I worry about you already,” Hermione said, smiling at her daughter. “Sometimes I think you’re so much older than you are.”


Hermione ushered Rose back into the front room where Lily was bouncing up and down with excitement.


“So, where are we going?” Rose asked, somewhat afraid of the answer.


“Well, we were thinking we’d go to the cinema, maybe have lunch, and anything else you can think of for the day.” Ginny said, smiling.


“So… no shopping?” Rose said, hoping her voice didn’t reveal how excited that thought made her.


“No shopping,” Ginny said, laughing.


“Errm… well okay then. Shall we get going?” Rose asked, wanting to get the day started.


The four left the house, all of them excited for the day, Rose included.




                                                                                                                                                                       June 21, 2017


Dear Diary,



Today was actually an interesting one. I woke up and realized it was the day I’d promised to go out with Lily, Aunt Ginny, and mum.


We were supposed to go out shopping and I’d been dreading it all week. I hated the whole process of going from store to store to try on endless articles of clothing. I enjoyed having some nice clothes to wear every now and then, but the process of obtaining them had never been worth it to me, especially since I was picky.


I guess I should explain that prior to the beginning of summer, Lily and I had one of our usual long talks in the field and I’d brought up wanting to have an actual wardrobe. A set style perhaps. Even before we’d had this conversation, I knew I never really dressed all that well. I’d made Lily agree to tell me when I wasn’t looking my best so I’d know and could make a conscious effort to work on being less lazy.


Well, long story short, today I’d rolled out of bed, threw on some clothes, and tossed my hair up. So, when Lily arrived she’d told me I looked like crap and I’d agreed to let her help me choose something to wear. When I’d made my way upstairs after letting her up there for about five minutes alone, I’d found my room to be a complete mess.


Apparently, every time Lily had gone shopping with mum and Aunt Ginny, shed convinced them to let her but some stuff for me so she could surprise me with a “new wardrobe”. It was her very early birthday present to me, something she couldn’t wait for anymore so she revealed it early. I let her pick something out and we made our way downstairs to show mum and Aunt Ginny.


I had to admit, I actually liked a lot of the clothes but I didn’t know how often I would wear them by choice.


Mum told me I didn’t have to wear anything if I didn’t want to and that Lily had merely done it knowing how much I disliked shopping. I was beyond grateful and touched by the gesture.


I did find the whole thing rather odd though, I mean I was eleven for Merlin’s sake. I had plenty of time before I had to worry about dressing well and all that jazz, though I suppose I had to start somewhere. Sadly, looks meant a lot in the world today.


I was even more shocked when I found out that they’d decided that we wouldn’t go shopping today and would instead be going to the cinema and lunch, and figuring out what else to do at that point. Needless to say, I was actually excited when we started the day.




Since everyone had something to eat before leaving the house, Hermione while the girls had been upstairs, they agreed to go to the cinema before eating lunch.


There was some new romantic comedy that had come out that Ginny couldn’t stop gushing about. No one else had a real preference as to what they went to see, so they purchased tickets for the one Ginny wanted and made their way inside.


The move was another typical romantic comedy, which everyone but Rose thoroughly enjoyed- she merely pretended to laugh at the funny parts to please them. It wasn’t that she hated them, she just preferred movies with more substance.


The four witches made their way through London and seemed to blend in completely- something Rose had always loved. Because Hermione was muggle born, they all loved going to Muggle London and exploring, Hermione showing them around.


“Any ideas for lunch?” Ginny asked as they walked along the Thames.


“Sandwiches alright with everyone?” Hermione asked, having a certain little sandwich show in mind.


Rose and Lily nodded both hungry after the movie and having walked around for a couple of hours.


“Sounds good to me!” Ginny said, smiling.


Within ten minutes, the four were making their way into the show, taking in the warm, rich smell of fresh bread.


They ordered their food and made their way to the outside tables. The weather was overcast, but not rainy. It seemed as if just about everyone were out and about today, the streets teaming with people.


“Where else would you like to go, Rose?” Hermione asked as she took a sip of her water.


Rose thought about it for a moment before a smile spread across her face.


“Can we go to Diagon Alley? I really want to check out the newer brooms,” Rose said, actually sounding excited with her plan. “Plus I need a good broom care kit and I want to get a few new books before we pick up my school books and I’m swamped with work.”


Ginny laughed, “She really is your daughter, ‘Mione.”


Rose blushed as her mother answered, “Sounds like a plan, love. I need to visit Flourish and Blotts anyways, plus, as an early birthday present, we can visit Eeylops and at least get an idea of what you want to bring to Hogwarts. Your father and I decided that would be a part of your present.”


“I can’t believe you’re leaving me and going to Hogwarts. I’ll be all alone,” Lily said, looking disheartened.


“You have Hugo,” Rose started, not wanting her cousin to be upset. “Plus, it’s only a year and I’ll be home for the holidays, not to mention we can write.”


Lily seemed to feel somewhat better but before they could respond, the waitress came out, placing their food on the table.


The four began to eat, not making any conversation beyond small-talk.

They finished their food and left the shop a few minutes later, Rose buzzing with excitement. Even though she’d been to Diagon Alley the previous week with Al, she was somewhat excited to actually go into some of the shops… which was something she never thought she’d say.


After making their way through the Leaky Cauldron, the four of them made their way into Diagon Alley and straight to Quality Quidditch Supplies. Rose found herself beaming the moment they walked in, feeling right at home.


Hermione and Lily wandered the store together, not really interested in anything. Ginny and Rose on the other hand were in heaven. They ran from item to item, examining everything closely, beyond thrilled with everything on the shelves.


“Aunt Ginny!” Rose cried excitedly upon finding the newest broom on display. She stared up at the Firebolt 4, longing dancing about in her eyes and displayed clearly on her face.


Ginny approached her niece, just as awestruck. They stared up at the sleek black bristles, the silver-painted handle, and the blue engraving at the end that read Firebolt 4- 2017. It had been nearly ten years since they released the latest model, and this one was supposed to be unbeatable.


“It’s amazing,” Ginny said breathlessly.


Rose sighed and tried to tear her eyes away from the broom. She failed miserably and ended up turning around in an attempt to focus on something else, running straight into someone and falling on the ground.


“I’m so sorry,” Rose muttered, more towards the ground than anything. Someone put a hand out to help her up and she allowed them to pull her to a standing position. She found herself face to face with the blonde boy from the cemetery.


“You have a habit of running into people, don’t you?” He asked, smirking.


Rose nodded, not sure what to say. She cursed herself for being such a klutz when it came to anything aside from flying.


“Rose!” Lily called from behind and Rose seized the opportunity to leave.

“Gotta go,” she whispered and ducked away from him, running over to her cousin.


“Who was that?” Lily asked curiously and all Rose could do was shrug. She could honestly say she didn’t know.


Lily looked skeptical but in the end decided not to push.


Hermione walked over, looking anxious. “Shall we go to Flourish and Blotts?” she asked, looking hopeful to leave the Quidditch shop. It wasn’t that she hated the sport, she just wanted more than anything to be among her books.


Rose laughed at the sight of her mother and nodded. “Sure mum. Can I get a broom care kit though?” she asked, smiling up at her mother who sighed.


“Of course, love,” she started, loving her daughter’s enthusiasm. “Go grab one and I’ll be in line.”


Rose ran off and found a good care kit. Her broom at home was one of the original Firebolts, the same broom Al and James had, making it fair when they all played together.


She found Hermione towards the front of the line and within a few minutes, they’d paid and were making their way from the shop and towards Flourish and Blotts, both buzzing with excitement as Ginny and Lily trailed behind, eying the fronts of other shops.


“If you two want, we can meet in front of Eeylops in a little while? Let’s say in an hour?” Hermione said to Ginny and Lily who she could tell would be bored a few minutes into book shopping.


“Sure!” Ginny said, grabbing Lily’s hand as the two headed off the opposite direction.


Much to Hermione and Rose’s dismay, the hour flew by much quicker than they’d hoped. They left the store with five books each, and that was trying to limit themselves. They shuffled their way to Eeylops where Lily and Ginny stood, laughing as soon as they saw Hermione and Rose.


“Come on, let’s get Rose an animal. Or at least make some sort of decision,” Ginny said, putting an arm around Rose and leading her inside.


Rose had been inside several times to get food for Pigwidgeon or Clara or to just look around with Al on a few occasions.


After looking around for a few minutes, Rose made up her mind. As much as she’d always wanted her own owl, she could use the school owls or her parent’s. She wanted an animal that she could actually take with her and who could stay in her room, so she decided she wanted a cat.


“I’ll make the actual decision on which animal to get next time I come. I want Al to be here as well, the cat kind of needs to get along with him,” Rose said and Ginny laughed.


“I’m so glad you two always take the other into consideration,” she shook her head and kissed Rose on the cheek. “I love how close you guys are.”


“At least I know someone will be keeping an eye on her while she’s there,” Hermione said, laughing.


“Oh you can bet your butt there will be someone keeping an eye on her. I mean you’ve got Al, James, and Teddy. Plus we can always have Hagrid keep an eye on her as well,” Ginny said, winking at Hermione.


“Please… you guys know I’ll behave. What sort of mischief would I get into?” Rose said, looking up at her aunt and mum with a quizzical look.


“Oh dear, you clearly don’t know what blood runs in your veins,” Hermione said, ruffling her daughter’s hair.

“Which might discount the whole James and Al watching her, huh?” Ginny said, shaking her head. “They’ll be an interesting trio.”


“Ugh. Mum, can’t I go to Hogwarts this year?” Lily asked, looking upset.


“Love, you know as well as I do that’s not possible. Besides, I had to wait just like you did. But you know what? You’re lucky. You still have Hugo to wait with you and you’ll have six whole years with Rose and Al. Be patient dear,” Ginny said, hugging her daughter.


“Are we ready to go home?” Hermione asked, exhausted. It was nearly supper time and she figured they should be getting home. Harry had volunteered to make dinner and they all knew how well that might turn out.


“Yes! I need to make sure my husband hasn’t burned down the house,” Ginny said with a sigh.


They made their way back to the Leaky Cauldron and apparated back to the Potter’s house.


Smoke billowed from the kitchen window and Ginny let out an exasperated sigh. “Not again.” She muttered and made her way inside.


They followed her in and found Harry pulling something that looked like a black log from the oven and running past them and out the door.


Al stood in the corner of the kitchen, laughing and wiping a tear from his eye.


“Seriously, mum. You need to teach your husband how to cook properly,” he said between laughs.


“Let’s crack all the windows open and I’ll find something for us to eat. I’m sure there’s something that’s edible,” Ginny said and they all went to open windows as Ginny started bustling around the kitchen.


After an hour or so of frantically running about the kitchen and Harry apologizing profusely, the Potters and Weasleys sat around the table, looking at a nice salad and pasta that Ginny had managed to whip up, with the help of Hermione.


After dinner, the Weasleys made their way back to their home, where Hermione retired early, wanting to get a start on one of her new books. Hugo crashed on the couch and Ron made his way to the bedroom shortly after Hermione, exhausted.


Rose made her way up to her room and groaned as she saw the mess still spread across the floor.


After nearly half an hour of folding clothes, she’d managed to make a few piles next to her dresser and made a mental reminder to have her mum expand her dresser so the clothes would fit.


She crawled into bed, grabbing one of her books along with her diary, content with how the day had gone.




We went to the cinema and saw some new romantic comedy that Aunt Ginny was dying to see. It was alright, but not really my cup of tea. I would have rather watched a movie with a deep plot or something, but it wasn’t all that bad.


After the movie, we walked around London for a bit, just enjoying the decent weather and the chance to get out of the house for a bit.


Mum showed us this nice little sandwich shop right off the river, somewhere she used to go with her parents, and then they made me decide where I wanted to go next.


I’d been dying to go to the Quidditch shop to check out the new broom and possibly get a good care kit for my broom, and I also wanted to get a few books before I got my school books and would be loaded down by all the work I had to do. Mum needed some new books as well, and she wanted me to get some idea of what animal I would like to bring to school, as she and dad were planning on buying me an animal for my birthday.


We made our way to Diagon Alley and Ginny and I went a bit crazy in the Quidditch shop. We must’ve spent a good half-hour staring at the Firebolt 4. I love my Firebolt, but that broom was beautiful.


I ran into the blonde boy from the cemetery again... literally. I seemed to have a talent for running into things… and people. I couldn’t seem to form any words when he talked to me, but luckily Lily called me over when I should’ve responded and I used that as an excuse to walk away. I don’t know what’s wrong with me or who that boy is, but I get an odd feeling about him.


I made my decision on what animal to bring to Hogwarts! I really want a cat… I don’t know what it is, but I absolutely love cats and I can use mum’s owl- Clara or Pigwidgeon if I need to, or even a school owl. And a toad is just out of the question.  I want to go back again before my birthday with Al so we can pick a cat out that gets along with both of us, I know he’ll be around it almost as much as I will so it’s sort of necessary.


It ended up being a fairly long day but I got five new books and a broom care kit. We went to the Potters for dinner and Uncle Harry managed to burn dinner so mum and Aunt Ginny had to find something else to make.


We all sort of went our own separate ways after that and here I am. I’m actually pleasantly surprised at how well today went and I’m sort of looking forward to the next time I can go out with everyone.


I wish I knew who that boy was, but I guess maybe I can find out when I go to Hogwarts… Oh well, no use worrying about it now.



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Chapter 5: Surprises
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"Come. On. Rose!” a frustrated Al nearly shouted, attempting to drag a barely-conscious Rose out of bed.


"No!" Rose mumbled quietly, burying deeper into the covers of her bed. Al looked at the covers and saw a small ball at the foot of the bed.


He rolled his eyes and then pushed up his sleeves, determined. Gripping the edges of the covers, he ripped them from the bed, revealing Rose curled in a tight ball. She began shaking her head and reaching around with one arm in search of the covers.


"Rose Nymphadora Weasley," he said firmly, crossing his arms over his chest. "I did not sneak over here at one a.m. to have you refuse to get out of bed!"


"Well then why did you come over?" Rose mumbled into the sheets, her hand still desperately searching for the covers.


"Because I'm making sure your birthday is a bloody good one, that's why!" he said in a frantic whisper, realizing he had been too loud before and not wanting to wake anyone else.


"What are we doing?" Rose asked groggily, slowly sitting up.


"I thought you'd never ask!" Al said, offering his hand to her. "But alas, it's a surprise!"


"Al. You know I hate surprises," Rose said, groaning.


"This way, m'lady," Al said, ignoring her comment, his hand still outstretched for her to take. 


Rose hesitated, eying her cousin up and down before she sighed, giving in and taking his hand. He nearly yanked her off the bed as he glanced at what she was wearing. She was wearing long pajama pants and a thin tank top.


"You'll need a sweatshirt. And maybe some shoes?" Al said, making his way to Rose's closet and tossing her a pair of her shoes as well as a sweatshirt.


Rose sat on the floor and clumsily put her shoes on. She smiled when she realized Al had tossed her favorite sweatshirt to her, one her father had bought her from Rome.


As soon as she'd finished changing, Al pulled her from the room and they tiptoed down the stairs and to the front door, opening it silently.


The two kids took a deep breath of cold air when they stepped outside and Al smiled. Though it was summer time, the night air was crisp and cool.


"Al! Where are we going?" Rose asked as they made their way across the back lawn.


"Hush woman!" Al said, laughing as he began to skip across the lawn. Rose couldn't help but smile at her cousin's enthusiasm as she allowed him to pull her along.


A few minutes later, they arrived in one of the many fields behind the houses and Rose gasped. In the middle of the field, there was a large blanket and in the moonlight, she could make out what looked like a few more blankets folded to the side, pillows on the blanket and a basket with something large on top.


"Happy Birthday!" Al said as they approached the blanket. He bowed and gestured her forward.


As Rose got closer, she could see that what sat on top of the basket was a cake that read 'Happy Birthday Rose!' across the top.


"Al, you shouldn't have!" Rose said, though a look of excitement was clearly visible on her face.


"I would've lit the candles, but considering I'm not allowed to do magic and leaving them lit while not being here wouldn't be so smart because, well... fire," AL said, laughing to himself.


"What's in the basket?" Rose asked cautiously.


Al laughed and set the cake aside, opening the lid to the basket.


"We've got some cold milk, can't have cake without it! We've also got some hot butterbeer in the thermos and a bag of pretzels I managed to slip from the pantry," he said, pulling each item out as he mentioned it.


"Wow... Al. Thank you," Rose muttered, not knowing what else to say.


"Not at all, m'dear," Al said, smiling.


Al pulled a lighter form his pocket and lit the candles. He set the cake down in the center of the blanket and sat down behind it, before he gestured for Rose to join him.


She sat down across from him and he centered the cake in front of her so she could read the words.


"Make a wish!" Al was now beaming as he watched Rose close her eyes for a few moments before opening them and blowing out all eleven candles with ease.


"Let's eat!" Al said, removing two forms from the basket as Rose removed the candles from the cake. He then poured the milk into two cups and handed one to her.


Al raised his cup in a mock-toast and said, "To the best cousin ever on what shall be the greatest birthday ever!"


Rose rolled her eyes but brought her cup up to meet his. "Cheers," she muttered before laughing and taking a sip.


They both picked up their forks and began eating the cake, drinking their milk, and talking on occasion. After they'd eaten more than half of the cake and were both full to the point of bursting, Al set it aside.


"Ready for the main event?" he asked cheerfully.


"Should I be scared?" Rose asked, cautiously eying her cousin.


"Absolutely! ... I'm kidding, Rosie. You should see your face!" he laughed nervously as she glared at him for using that nickname. "There's a meteor shower tonight! How perfect is that?"


Al was now nearly bouncing up and down with excitement and Rose couldn't help but smile. One thing they'd always enjoyed together from a young age was meteor showers.


"Looks like someone up there loves ya, Rose," Al said, pulling the butterbeer and pretzels from the basket once more.


They both lay down next to each other on the blanket, using the pillows Al had brought. Rose couldn't help but smile at the way her birthday was already coming along.




                                                                                                                                   August 9, 2017


Dear Diary,


      I'm sorry it's been so long since I've written. Life has been pretty boring though. All you missed was a few lessons with mum, some Quidditch, and Hugo's birthday.

        Anyways, today is the big day! It's finally my eleventh birthday! Because it's already August now, I'm less than a month away from starting school at Hogwarts. How crazy is that?!

        Today started off amazingly well and I owe it all to Al. Don't tell Lily, but Al is definitely my favourite cousin. He woke me at one in the morning and took me to the field. He'd made me a cake and brought some snacks so we could eat and talk and watch the meteor shower.

        Al and I have always loved watching the meteor showers together, ever since I can remember. Though usually we have to get permission to watch them.

        I couldn't have asked for a better way to start the day. We did have to sneak out of the house and I was dead tired later, but it was worth it!




"Are you nervous?" Al asked randomly. "For school I mean?" He looked at Rose who appeared to have been caught off-guard.


"I- I haven't really thought about it," she took a sip of butterbeer and seemed to think it over. "I suppose I am."


"I know I am," Al admitted. "It's a whole new chapter, ya know? A new adventure, I suppose."


Rose laughed, "I like the sound of that."


"Me too," Al agreed. "We'll be the most amazingly awesome new Gryffindors ever!"


Rose gulped, "About that..."


"What is it?" Al asked, sitting up to look at his cousin.


"I- I don't know if I want to be a Gryffindor," Rose let out quickly.


"Well, why not?" Al asked curiously.


"I want to prove that us Weasleys aren't always destined to be in Gryffindor. That we can be loyal or smart or cunning," Rose said, not knowing what else to add.


"I guess you're right... I'd always just assumed we would be in Gryffindor. But what if I'm not? Then what?" he asked, sounding scared.


"Then you're not. You'll still have me, no matter your house. You'll make friends and thrive and they'll be some of the best years ever," Rose said with confidence.


"I guess you're right. Thanks for being so smart. What would I do without you?" he asked sheepishly.


"You'd manage," Rose said, laughing.


"I don't know about that," Al started. "You always know what to say. You're always there for me and you're just bloody amazing. You're my best friend, Rose." Al said, the corner of his mouth turned upwards in a half-smile.


"Aw, Al!" Rose said, hugging her cousin. "I'm glad to hear that because you're mine."


They both lay back down and talked for a bit, enjoying the meteor shower. After about an hour, thirty or forty meteors, and several yawns, they both decided to call it a night.


Al folded up the blanket and hugged Rose goodbye before grabbing his stuff and heading off towards his house. Rose then began the walk back to hers.


Rose slipped in through the front door and by some miracle manages to make it to her room without a sound. She put the covers back on her bed and removed her shoes before she slipped under the covers and fell fast asleep.




        Al and I talked for a bit about school. We realized we were both nervous about it but of course we were also excited.

        I finally told him that I wasn't really planning on being in Gryffindor. He was surprised at first but eventually realized it wouldn't be the end of the world if we weren't.

        We both also realized that we were truly best friends. Starting school with a best friend will make things nice, I think. I guess I'll have to wait and see.

        We talked for a while before we both decided we were quite tired and we called it a night... Or morning? I made my way back home and somehow I managed not to wake anyone. I ended up falling asleep immediately.




"Happy birthday Rose!" her family shouted as they came into her room. Ron was carrying a tray loaded with all of Rose's favourite breakfast foods.


Rose grumbled and slowly sat up, yawning before she smiled at her family. "Thanks guys."

Ron made his way over to his daughter’s bed and set the tray over her lap, beaming as he did so.


Rose looked at the tray and saw bacon, eggs, sausage, hash browns, orange juice and crepes.


“Mum, this is amazing, thank you guys!” Rose said, grabbing her fork and knife, hovering over the food and not knowing where to begin.


“You’re welcome, Rose! We figured we’d bring you breakfast now and let you eat then we can decide what you want to do when you’ve finished,” Hermione said, sitting down on the edge of the bed and kissing her daughter on the forehead. Rose scrunched her nose and nodded as she dropped the fork and knife and picked up a piece of bacon.


“Can’t believe you’re eleven, Rose,” mumbled Hugo, looking almost sad.


“Cheer up, Hugo,” Rose said after finishing her bite of bacon. “You’ll be eleven next year, plus you still have Lily.”


He gave her a half smile as Hermione placed her hand on his back and the two of them left the room, followed closely behind by Ron.


Rose glanced at the clock and groaned, it was only eight in the morning, which meant she’d only been asleep for about five hours. She yawned before picking up the fork and knife and getting to work on the rest of her breakfast.


Ron, Hugo, and Hermione sat eating their breakfast in the kitchen when Rose made her way in, carrying her nearly empty tray. “It was delicious, thank you.”


Hermione smiled and stood up, walking over to Rose and taking the tray from her. Rose resisted at first but knew it wouldn’t be any good with her mother.


“So Rose, what do you want to do today?” Hermione asked as she was washing Rose’s plates.


“Errm… maybe a game of Quidditch later, a trip to London would be nice, and umm, dinner?”


“Is that all? What do you want to do in London?” Ron asked, grabbing his plate as well as Hugo’s off the table and making his way to the sink alongside his wife.


“Well, we can go get my animal?” Rose suggested, unable to hide her excitement.


“Of course!” Hermione said, beaming and placing her hands on either side of Rose’s face though they were still dripping wet. She kissed Rose on the forehead and Rose laughed, pulling back, her face now covered in dish soap and water.


“Thanks mum.”


“Why don’t we all go get dressed?” Hermione suggested, looking to her son and husband, eyebrows raised. “Would you like to have the Potters join us?”


“Sure!” Rose said, looking forward to spending a day with the family.


“Excellent, I’ll call Ginny now, be ready in an hour or so, we can all meet down here,” Hermione said, not really speaking to anyone in particular though the whole family got the message: be ready in an hour.


Rose made her way upstairs and got dressed, selecting a simple outfit: black boots over skinny

jeans and a long-sleeved, knee-length black sweater.


Rose checked her clock and realized she still had about forty five minutes until she had to be ready and meeting her family, so she made her way to the tree house. When she made it up, she grabbed a book off the shelf and sat on her bed, immediately becoming enthralled in the book.


After what Rose thought had been mere minutes, she checked the clock and realized she only had a couple minutes before she should be downstairs. She sighed and stood up, stretching before making her way down the ladder.


“ROSE!” someone screamed as Rose walked into the kitchen, just before someone ran into her full speed, wrapping her in a hug.


“Hey Lil, Rose said, hardly able to breathe.


“Happy birthday, Rose!” Lily said excitedly, pulling back and beaming at Rose.


“Thanks, Lily,” Rose said, backing up and running into someone else.


Rose turned and saw Al standing there smiling. “Happy birthday,” he said with a wink and Rose smiled.


For the next several minutes, Rose was surrounded by people all wishing her a happy birthday even though all she wanted was to be lost amid the crowds of London, invisible almost.


“Ready to go?” Hermione asked and Rose couldn’t help but nod and nearly run from the room.


Within an hour, the large family was making their way down the streets of Muggle London, talking and laughing loudly. They seemed to blend in seamlessly.


They made their way through the crowds until they reached the Leaky Cauldron, slipping inside.


The first stop was Eeylops, where Rose was bouncing around, looking in every cage with a huge smile plastered on her face. Her and Lily oohed and aahed over all the different animals and though Rose already knew she wanted a cat, she enjoyed spending time in the shop.


“Rose, come here!” Hermione said from across the store and Rose made her way over to her mother, not knowing what to expect.


Hermione gestured Rose to look inside a smaller cage that seemed to be tucked in the corner. Rose glanced inside and immediately fell in love with the creature inside. A small kitten was sitting in the back corner of the cage, its bright green eyes wide with curiosity. It made its way towards the front of the cage where Rose was peering in and mewed quietly.


The kitten had jet-black, silky fur that seemed to poof out around her head and tail. It had a white spot behind its ear that appeared to almost wrap around the base of the ear. Rose noticed, as the kitten got closer, that it appeared to be in the shape of a crescent moon.


“I want it,” Rose whispered and Hermione laughed, making her way to the front of the store.


A few moments later, a woman came back and smiled at Rose, “I don’t know why no one has chosen this one. She’s such a sweet heart. Doesn’t make any fuss, is generally pretty calm, and has been here nearly a year yet has hardly grown at all. I almost wonder if she’s not fully grown already.”


The woman carefully removed the cage from the stack of cages and handed it to Rose who carefully picked up the cage, looking inside at the small cat.


After a while, they’d picked out a few toys, a bag of food, a couple bowls for food and water, and a self-cleaning litter box with some litter. They made their way from the store and Rose appeared to be beside herself with excitement.



            I was awoken, yet again, in the wee hours of the morning. Well, not so wee this time, but my parents and brother came in my room at about eight this morning with a tray of my favorite breakfast foods. 

            The tray was loaded with eggs, hash browns, orange juice, bacon, and crepes. I did my best not to laugh when I saw the crepes; mum had learned to cook them from my Aunt Fleur, something she hated to admit. She’d always make them for special occasions though; my brother and I loved them.

            They left me alone for a while so I could eat in peace. When I made my way back downstairs, they asked what I wanted to do for the day. I decided on a trip to London, mainly to get my pet for Hogwarts. Mum gave us an hour to get ready and after getting dressed, I went up to the tree house to read for a while.

            We invited the Potters and when I went downstairs when the hour was up, Lily attacked me, the rest of the family joined in wishing me a happy birthday. After that whole ordeal was over, we made our way to London and wandered about a bit before going to Diagon Alley.

            We went straight to Eeylops and we must’ve spent a good hour or two in the shop, looking at all the different animals and creatures they had. Lily, mum, Aunt Ginny and I were having an absolute blast while James, Hugo, and Al were poking at some weird spiky thing in a cage and dad and Uncle Harry talked off to the side.

            Mum called me over after a little while and I could tell she was excited about something. I immediately went over to meet her and glanced into the cage she was looking at. I fell in love with the cat inside immediately.

            She was tiny and just sitting in the back corner of the cage. She had huge green eyes and silky black fur. There was a white spot that wrapped around the base of her left ear that actually looked like a crescent moon. She approached the front of the cage and mewed at me before sitting down and looking at me curiously. I knew right away she was the one.

            We left the store a few minutes later with the kitten and everything I would need to take care of her. Then I realized I still needed a name for her.



The family walked back to the Leaky Cauldron where they were able to use the Floo Network to get back home for a small fee.


“Well, now I need a name for her,” Rose said, sitting on the couch and opening the cage. She set the cage on the floor, allowing for the kitten to come out on her own time.


“Why don’t you post it on Wizbook?” Lily suggested.


“Even though the only people I’m “friends” with on there are family members?” Rose asked, laughing.


“Well then you’ll get everyone’s opinions. Even if you don’t actually figure out a name you’ll have suggestions. It’s worth a shot.” Hermione said, smiling at Rose. “You can use my computer.”


The kitten, eyes wide, made her way from the cage slowly and Rose picked her up, cradling her against her chest. She made her way from the room and to the den where her mother’s computer was.


Rose sat down in front of the computer and a moment later, Lily brought a chair over and sat down next to Rose as they waited for the computer to turn on. She set the kitten on her lap and the kitten immediately curled up, purring slightly.


The computer turned on a few moments later and Rose flicked the monitor on. Within a few minutes, she was on Wizbook.


Just got a new kitten. Black with a moon-shaped spot behind her ear. Name ideas?” Rose posted on her wall and waited to see if anyone would respond.


A notification popped up and Rose clicked it, it was from her cousin Molly. “Molly!” Rose laughed and shook her head.


Another notification popped up, this one from Fred. “Ellie?” Rose debated it for a moment; leave it to Fred to actually suggest a decent name. It was cute and actually fitting.


She looked at Lily, “What do you think about Ellie?” Lily looked at the kitten and seemed to debate it.


“I like it, but let’s see if there’s anything else.”


They waited a few minutes and just before Rose was about to log out, another notification popper up. It was from her Aunt Fleur. She clicked on it and read, “Elune. Lune means “moon” in French, and combining it with Freddy’s suggestion of “Ellie”, I think it works quite nicely.”


Rose sat back and seemed to think about it.


“It’s perfect.” Lily said from behind her and Rose couldn’t help but agree. She liked her aunt’s comment, thanked them all for their suggestions, and shut the computer off, knowing she’d found the perfect name.


Rose and Lily nearly ran back to the rest of the family, excited to share the name with everyone.


“Elune!” Rose said, beaming and holding the kitten up in the air.


“And who came up with that brilliant name?” Ginny asked, her left eyebrow arched.


“Aunt Fleur.” Rose said and both Hermione and Ginny blanched. Ron laughed and Harry smirked, knowing how much their wives hated Fleur. They had a habit of calling her “Phlegm” though apparently they’d grown much fonder of her than they used to be.


“Freddy helped!” Lily piped in and that seemed to give Hermione and Ginny some comfort.


“Well then, Elune it is. And it’s a lovely name!” Hermione said, walking over and scratching Elune behind the ear before kissing her on the head.


“Well, Rose. It’s only noon. What else would you like to do?” Ron asked his daughter, smiling down at her.


“Errm… lunch? And Quidditch? And then I’d like to watch the next Lord of the Rings movie!” Rose said, actually excited for the rest of the day.


“That sounds lovely,” said Hermione, nearly running from the room. She paused before leaving and turned towards Rose, “What would you like for lunch dear?”


“Just sandwiches? If that’s alright with everyone?” Rose asked, glancing around the room. No one objected and Rose smiled at her mum.


“Excellent, they’ll be done in a little while then.” Hermione said, making her way from the room.


Within an hour, the entire family had devoured the sandwiches Hermione had made and everyone, including Hermione, was dressed and ready for a game of Quidditch.


They split into teams- Harry, Ginny, Hermione, Lily, and Hugo versus James, Al, Rose, and Ron. It was one of the few fair ways to split the families and everyone had always agreed on it.

The teams talked strategy for a few moments before taking to the air. Rose and Harry were the seekers, Hugo and James were beaters, and everyone else was a chaser.

Rose dropped the ball right above all the chasers and Harry released the snitch and the bludgers, all of them preparing for the game.




            When we got home, Lily suggested I use Wizbook to ask for opinions on names. I guess I should explain Wizbook, huh? Well I guess it’s a lot like Muggle Facebook, but for wizards. It’s one of the few places online we can openly talk about magic and the like without being found out by Muggles. The only people with whom I’m friends with on Wizbook however, are my family members. Exciting, I know.

            But, I listened to Lily and mum allowed me to use her computer so I posted telling everyone what she looked like and asking for opinions on names. Naming things wasn’t exactly a strength of mine and I was hoping someone in my family could come up with a good name.

            Molly, my dear cousin, posted that I should name her… Molly. I laughed and waited to see if anyone else had a suggestion. Freddy commented a few moments later saying I should name her Ellie. I liked Ellie and it was a cute name for a kitten, but I didn’t want something quite so... human? So I waited and just before I was going to close it out and check back later, Aunt Fleur commented saying I should name her Elune. Lune was French for “moon” like the spot behind her ear and combining that with Freddy’s suggestion for Ellie, she figured Elune would work.

            Lily and I were immediately in love with the name and went to go tell the rest of the family. Mum and Ginny were enthusiastic until we’d told them where we got the idea for the name. They weren’t very impressed. Lily let them know that Freddy had helped and that seemed to comfort them.

            Mum asked me what else I wanted to do and I decided I wanted to have lunch and then go play Quidditch. So mum made sandwiches and we all ate before making our way out to the Quidditch field.


After merely twenty minutes, Rose caught the snitch just before Harry, causing her team to win by a hundred and twenty points.


“Did you want to play another game?” Hermione asked, looking at Rose.


Rose shook her head, “No, that’s alright. I’d rather do something else. Actually, I’d really like to watch the next Lord of the Rings movie. Then dinner and then the last one?” Rose asked, beaming.


“Sounds like a plan, darling.” Hermione said, kissing her daughter on the forehead.


After dinner, they did cake and presents. Rose received a box set of the Lord of the Rings books, a gift card to a Muggle bookstore, and something that left her in shock… the Firebolt 4. Rose nearly screamed with excitement and her parents were thrilled.


They went out to go for a fly and Rose got to try out her new broom, ecstatic. She gave everyone a turn and they all marveled at how well it flew.


Before they knew it, the day was over. The Potters left and Rose and Hugo were left yawning, ready to get to bed.

Rose made her way up the stairs and to her tree house, picking up her diary and writing, more than thrilled with the way the day had turned out.


            My team won the Quidditch game! I caught the snitch, though Uncle Harry was just behind me. The game didn’t last that long and mum asked if I wanted to play another game but I said I’d rather go back home and watch Lord of the Rings.

            We went back home and watched The Two Towers. I fell even more in love with the series at that point and couldn’t wait to watch the last one. Mum had made my absolute favorite dinner yet again and I was beyond excited.

            After dinner, we had cake and mum said it was time to open presents. The first present I opened was a box set of the Lord of the Rings trilogy and I was suddenly very excited. I had some new books to read! The next gift was a gift card to a Muggle bookstore. I thought that was the last of my presents, but mum disappeared and came back a moment later, her hands behind her back.

            She and dad were beaming and I gave them an odd look before mum revealed what was behind her back. I got a Firebolt 4!! We went out to the field again and I got to fly around for an hour before I gave everyone else a chance to do the same. It was the most incredible broom ever. It flew perfect, it was fast, and smooth, and I was in shock.

            The day ended and I couldn’t believe that it had come and gone so quickly. It was one of the longest days I’d ever had, especially since Al and I had stayed up so late to watch the meteor shower and by the time nine rolled around, I was beyond exhausted.

            I have to say, after everything that happened, today was the greatest day and the best birthday of my entire life. And it all started with Al.

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Chapter 6: Supplies
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Rose awoke to a thin, gold ribbon of light streaming in from a crack between her curtains. She smiled and took a deep breath in before smelling the pancakes, immediately jumping out of bed, and running down the stairs as fast as her legs could carry her.


As she ran down the stairs she was also greeted by the scent of bacon and another semi-salty smell that she guessed was hash browns or some other form of potatoes.


She ran into the kitchen and stopped a foot away from her mother, though her hair had a different plan and as Hermione turned to face her daughter, she was greeted with a face and mouthful of hair.


Hermione detangled herself from her daughter’s hair and began laughing.


“I believe your hair has a mind of its own,” she said as she gave her daughter a hug. “Morning, love. You seem to be particularly happy today.”


Rose beamed up at her mom and nodded her head. “How could I not be? I start at Hogwarts in a week and we’re going shopping for all my school stuff today. Of course I’m excited and happy and… nervous,” she trailed off, her mind wandering to a hundred different places.


“Oh, Rose. You’ll be fine. I know how nerve-wracking this can all be, believe me. I was a Muggle-born going to school in this crazy new world that I had no idea even existed until I was eleven. I can tell already that you’ll be brilliant with magic and you can always write if you need anything.”


Rose nodded and her eyes misted over as she gave her mother a half-smile. “Thanks, mum,” she whispered, and Hermione wrapped her in another hug.


“You’re welcome. Now, would you mind setting the table? And grabbing the orange juice and water from the fridge?” Hermione asked. Rose nodded, doing as her mother said before she sat down at the table and glanced around the kitchen.


She took note of the yellow walls that seemed to bring sunlight into the kitchen even when it was dark and gloomy out. The white tiled floors and the dark, stained cabinets with the white countertops. The house was the only place she’d ever known since she was little, and the thought of living somewhere else for months had begun to make her nervous lately. She wanted to make sure she would remember every detail while she was at Hogwarts.


“Rose?” Hermione said for the third time, finally snapping Rose out of her head.


“Hmm?” Rose answered, not knowing her mom had called for her several times. Hermione shot her a quizzical look but decided not to bring it up.


“Would you mind waking your father and brother? They need to get up soon or we’ll never get going,” she said as she flipped a pancake and a piece of bacon at the same time, her focus clearly on the food before her.


“Of course,” Rose said, standing up and smiling as she made her way back upstairs to wake Hugo and her father.


Rose approached her brother’s room and opened the door as quietly as she could. Hugo lay curled up at the center of his bed, looking like a tiny ball as Rose tiptoed towards him.


As soon as she was about a foot away from his bed, she pounced on the mattress and launched Hugo a good foot in the air, causing him to yell and flail his arms out. He landed face down on the mattress with a groan.


Rose began laughing, clutching her stomach as Hugo grumbled, “Shove off it, Rose.” He gave her a push and she toppled off the bed, though she never stopped laughing.


She jumped up and sat on the edge of Hugo’s bed, patting him on the head. “There, there. Come on, mum’s making breakfast and we want to get a head start on the day so we can get to Diagon Alley fairly early.”


“It’s. Too. Early,” Hugo grumbled before grabbing his pillow and putting it over his head.


“Oh no you don’t!” Rose said, pulling his pillow off and rolling Hugo towards the edge of the bed. He froze when he realized what she was about to do.




Thud. Hugo hit the ground and Rose ran from the room, laughing as Hugo yelled after her.


She burst into her parent’s room and ran across to the curtains before opening them as wide as she could, the sunlight bright and nearly blinding. Her father groaned from the bed and she ran over and jumped on the bed.


“Come on, daddy! Mum nearly has breakfast ready and she wants you and Hugo downstairs now. She made a lot of bacon and some delicious smelling pancakes.”


Ron took a deep breath and groaned, though a small smile played at the corner of his lips upon smelling the food his wife was cooking.


“Gimme a minute,” he mumbled, barely audible.


“If you aren’t down in the kitchen in three minutes, I’m bringing the pitcher of water.” Rose said as she skipped out of the room.


She made her way back down to the kitchen and her mom turned to her as she came in.


“What were all those thumps from upstairs?” Hermione asked, one eyebrow raised in question.


“Hugo wasn’t cooperating,”  Rose deadpanned and Hermione rolled her eyes before turning back to the stove.


“If he’s hurt, you’ll be in trouble,”  Hermione said and Rose stifled a laugh.


Right as Hermione finished her sentence, Hugo and Ron shuffled into the kitchen side by side, both yawning and sporting half-opened eyelids.


“I’m impressed, Dad. It didn’t even take you two minutes!” Rose said, smiling at her father who merely groaned in response and sat down in his chair.


There was a knock at the door and Rose jumped out of her chair before running out of the room to greet the Potters. Al stood in the back, looking as nervous as Rose felt. He gave her a smile and she returned one as best she could. They all made their way to the kitchen, Al, James, and Lily all carrying plates filled with fresh fruit and Ginny carrying a tray of fresh-baked cinnamon rolls.


“Nice hair, Rose,” Al said to Rose as he passed by her, giving her a smirk. She stuck her tongue out at him as she followed his family into the kitchen.


She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, though she knew the effort was futile and that the rest of her hair was probably an utter mess. Knowing it wasn’t worth fussing over, she joined her family at the breakfast table and as soon as everyone sat down, they all began to dig in, grabbing food off every plate they could reach.



August 25, 2017

Dear Diary,

                This next week will be the longest week of my entire life. I start at Hogwarts in exactly one week and I couldn’t be more nervous and excited all at once. What if I completely fail? What if I can’t find a wand that works for me?

                We went to Diagon Alley today and the entire time leading up to it I could hardly breathe because I was so nervous. I didn’t know what to expect and though I’d been to Diagon Alley more times than I could count, it was different this time. I was actually getting my school supplies. I would be leaving for Hogwarts and spending the next seven years of my life at Hogwarts.

                Today started out like any other, though it didn’t turn out to be that way in the end. Mum made a brilliant breakfast as usual and the Potters came over so we could all go to Diagon Alley together so Al and I could get everything at once. Diagon Alley is where the real fun for the day began…




After breakfast, Rose and Lily made their way upstairs so Rose could change out of her pajamas  and Al and James sat in the living room playing Wizard’s chess until Hugo came down fully dressed a few minutes later; then, the three of them made their way to the backyard. The adults sat in the kitchen, talking and waiting for the girls to get ready, knowing it wouldn’t be a quick process if Lily had anything to do with it.


The adults were surprised when within fifteen minutes of going upstairs, the girls made their way into the kitchen. Rose was wearing jeans and a nice sweater with black flats, while her hair was straight and halfway down her back.


“Well are we ready to go?” Hermione asked, standing up and looking from the girls to the rest of the adults.


“I believe so!” Ginny replied, smiling and putting her arms around the girls’ shoulders before walking them from the room, the rest of the adults trailing behind.


Harry made his way to the back door and called for the boys, who came in a few seconds later.


“We’re going to take Floo Powder to George and Angelina’s flat so we can visit with them for a bit before we head off to do all the shopping,” Harry said as soon as everyone was in the room.


Hermione took the bowl of Floo Powder down from the mantle and held it out to Lily and Rose. They both took a handful and stepped into the fire, holding hands with their free hands as they stepped into the fireplace, tossing their powder in the flame before stepping in.


“Uncle George’s flat, above Wizard’s Wheezes,” they said in perfect unison as they disappeared in a burst of green fire.


The rest of the family followed them and within a couple of minutes, the entire family was dusting themselves off and talking to George and Angelina, as well as Fred and Roxy who had just come back from Angelina’s parents’ house.


After talking for a while, the three families left the flat and made their way through the shop and out onto the streets, George catching up with them a few minutes later after letting his assistant know he was in charge for a while.


“Well, first things first; let’s get some of the stuff that isn’t so bad to carry. We should get your cauldrons and all the other supplies we can get there like your scales and phials and such. Then we can get your robes and do wands right before we do books last so we don’t have to lug those around all day,” Hermione was saying as she led the group.


The group made their way through the crowded streets of Diagon Alley and made their way into the cauldron shop, where they were able to get their cauldrons as well as their scales and phials. They placed everything in their cauldrons as they made their way out of the shop and Rose and Al exchanged nervous glances, things were becoming more and more real.


The large, boisterous group stopped in one more store so that Rose and Al could get their telescopes before they all made their way to Madam Malkin’s so Rose and Al could be fitted for their robes and James could be fitted for some new ones.


They stepped through the door and Rose couldn’t help but gasp. She hadn’t been there in years and it was even bigger than she’d remembered. The inside of the store was enormous and covered from floor to ceiling with bolts of fabric.


“Hogwarts?” A voice said from next to the group, startling most of them.


“Yup!” James said, quite chipper compared to his usual mood. “Need to get resized; I actually grew a couple inches this summer.”


Ginny rolled her eyes at her son and couldn’t help but laugh.


“We’ve also got a couple first years here,” Ginny said, putting her hands on both Al and Rose’s backs and pushing them forward a foot or so.


“Very well, I’ll take them in the back to do their fittings, if you guys want, I just put in a few tables and some chairs if you’d like to wait over there,” the woman said, gesturing towards a few tables tucked away in the front corner of the store.


She then turned and walked towards the back of the store, Rose and Al hesitantly following behind her.


The woman pushed back a curtain and revealed a small room with a platform in the center and a mirror on the remaining three walls.


“Why don’t you have a seat, Rose?” the woman asked, gesturing to the chairs off to the side. “Albus, go ahead and step up onto the platform. Don’t worry, the tape will begin your measurements; now,  I have to go and get the other boy who just came in,” she ran out of the room, leaving a now terrified Rose and Al behind.


“Bloody hell,” Al whispered. “How does she know our names? And I hadn’t heard anyone walk in. And… oh Merlin.”


Rose stood frozen for a few moments before walking over and taking a seat on a chair, “you better get up there, Al.”


He nodded and stood on the platform. The tape measure shot up from a small table and began measuring everything it could possibly reach on Al. He stood there, frozen, staring at Rose with eyes wide.


The curtain opened once more and there stood the woman, gesturing forward the blonde boy Al and Rose had run into in the graveyard and that Rose had seen a couple weeks ago. Rose gulped. This terrifying experience seemed as if it were about to get worse.


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Chapter 7: Finder's Keepers
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The boy entered in, followed shortly by the woman. He gave Rose an odd look before the woman nearly threw him in the chair next to Rose. She sat frozen, unwilling to even glance over at him.

As the tape continued to take measurements, Al stood frozen in horror, his eyes wide. The woman began to circle him like a vulture, making little noises to herself. After what felt like ages to the kids, the tape finally fell back to the table and Al let out a breath of relief.

A few seconds later, fabric, scissors, pins, needles, and thread started zooming in from different sides of the room and surrounded Al. The woman had her wand out and was flicking it around and smiling as if she were conducting a band.

Rose stared up at her cousin in horror, knowing that she would be next, and began to freak out.

She felt a hand on hers and she jumped, turning to find the blonde boy’s face inches from hers. “If we run now, she might not be able to get us,” he whispered and Rose couldn’t help but laugh.

She covered it with her hands, attempting to stifle it but the woman had already heard her. She lowered her wand, causing everything surrounding Al to freeze, a needle mere centimeters from his eye, which was now crossed to look at the needle.

“I don’t think that’ll do you much good, dearies. You still need your Hogwarts uniforms,” she said, winking at Rose and the blonde boy before turning back and resuming her wand waving.

“All done!” the woman said in a singsong voice a few moments later. She took a step and Al was now standing there, wearing a perfectly fitted set of robes. The woman was handing him a folded piece of black cloth Rose assumed was an identical set to those he was wearing.

Al, shaking from head to toe, stepped off the platform and stumbled over to the other side of Rose and took a seat. He drew his legs up to his chest with the fabric between his legs and chest and wrapped his arms around them, his eyes still wide.

“Well, miss Rose, you’re next!” the woman exclaimed, a look of pure joy on her face.

Rose slowly stood up, hesitant to approach the platform. She took a deep breath and stepped onto the platform, trying not to look at the blonde boy. Immediately, the tape measure zoomed up from the table and began its job.

“These tape measures are fabulous. They measure everything possible and can remember every person they ever measure. Then, the next time it goes to measure a familiar person it recognizes them immediately and only needs to measure differences, whether that’s growing or shrinking and it automatically updates the measurements,” the woman said, beaming as if she couldn’t be more proud.

Al and the blonde boy both let out nervous laughs when the woman turned to them as if asking for them to give her praise for her wonderful tape measure. She turned back to Rose who let out a heavily sarcastic, “Fantastic.”

The woman’s eyes grew large and despite what Rose had clearly expected, she smiled at her, “Well, aren’t you feisty?”

Rose blushed but was spared from responding when—just as they had for Al—pins, needles, fabric, and all the other necessities for the robes began swirling around her as if she were in the middle of a tornado.

“You’re that kid we ran into… err… who Rose ran into at the cemetery, yeah?” Al asked the blonde boy, switching seats so he sat next to the other kid as soon as he’d stopped shaking. He was whispering, knowing that for whatever reason, Rose hadn’t been too kind to him the last time and probably didn’t want to talk to the boy now.

The boy laughed, “Yeah that was me. I was visiting my grandfather’s grave. How about you?” the boy asked, looking genuinely curious.

“Our uncle,” Al said, gesturing to Rose.

“Oh. Is she your sister?” The boy asked, looking slightly confused.

Al laughed, “Nah, she’s my cousin and my best friend, though I’m closer than I am to my own sister. And brother for that matter.”

“Ahh… well, you’re lucky,” the boy said, his tone sounding sad.

“Do you not have a brother or sister?” Al asked him and the boy laughed.

“Oh, I have a sister all right. Pain in the butt that one is. We don’t really get along all that well,” the boy said, his voice holding no real emotion to reveal how he felt about that, though his eyes were clearly saying he was sad.

“Has it always been that way?” Al found himself asking, not really aware that he was trying to keep the conversation moving forward.

“For as long as I can remember, yes,” he said, shrugging his shoulders. “I mean, she’s a year younger, and I’m supposed to be all big brother on her, and I care about her, but we’ve just never really got along. She’s the golden child and I seem to be the black sheep of the family…” he trailed off and shook his head, clearly not wanting to elaborate.

“I’m sorry,” Al said, not really knowing what else to say.

“All done!” The woman exclaimed and Rose hopped off the platform, grabbing Al by the wrist and pulling him to his feet.

“Oh, Albus!” the woman said as Al and Rose were about to run into the other room. Al gulped before the woman continued, “Be a good lad and send James back here when you go out there. By the time he gets back I should be about ready for him and he’ll only take a moment.”

Al nodded, clearly not wanting to say anything, before Rose pulled him into the other room and the two of them nearly ran to their families.

“James!” Al shouted as they approached their families all sitting around one of the tables tucked away in the front corner of the store. “James, she wants you in there now.”

James nodded and began walking towards the back room, his face stern, looking as if he knew exactly what it was he was walking into.

Rose glanced around the table and noticed it was only her parents and Hugo with Lily and Al’s parents sitting at the table.

“Where’d Uncle George and Aunt Angelina go?” she asked curiously.

“Oh they took Fred and Roxy to the toy store and then they’re heading back home, you know how restless the twins can get,” Ginny said nonchalantly.

Rose shrugged and sat down in one of the empty chairs, just as the bell above the door rang, signaling someone walking in. Rose and Al both glanced up to see a blond man walk in and they both knew immediately he had to be the father of the blond boy they’d run into on so many occasions.

Rose and Al exchanged glances as he walked past their table and sat down next to a tiny brunette woman who was sitting at a small table behind them, though they hadn’t noticed her before.

“Where’s Scorpius?” the man asked, glancing around.

“In the back with the owner,” the woman said, putting down the book in her hand and smiling up at the man.

Al and Rose exchanged looks before turning back to their families. Hermione, Ron, Ginny, and Harry were all staring at the man with a look of what appeared to be shocked.

“Draco?” Hermione said, her voice shaky. Rose looked to her mother and saw that Hermione as well as Ginny, Harry, and Ron were all staring at him, their eyes wide.

The man—Draco—looking at them with shock clearly displayed across his face. “Well… hello everyone.”

“Hi!” Lily said, looking very cheery despite the obvious tension.

“It’s wonderful to see you, Draco!” Hermione said, standing up and walking towards him. He stood up and she wrapped him in a hug. He appeared to be shocked and seemed to stiffen before finally bringing his arm up and patting her back, his eyes still wide. Hermione pulled back and looked at the woman he’d been sitting with, “Is this your wife?” Hermione asked.

Draco nodded but didn’t say anything. The woman stood up and offered her hand to Hermione, who took it as the woman said, “Astoria.”

“I’m Hermione, and this is Harry, Ginny, and my husband Ron,” she said, more to Astoria than Draco. “And these are my children, Rose and Hugo and Harry and Ginny’s children, Al and Lily, their son James is in the back,” Hermione said very quickly in what sounded like one breath, pointing to each person as she rattled off the names.

“Pleasure,” Astoria said rather stiffly, looking as if she felt rather out of place.

“Our son, Scorpius is in the back as well,” said Draco, seeming to find his voice at last.

“Lovely! And what a unique name,” Hermione said, smiling.

“Draco’s idea. Sticking to the whole star thing,” Astoria said, seeming to be amused.

“Our daughter, Charlotte is at home. Her name is normal,” Draco muttered and Astoria laughed and looked to her husband with a look of amusement.

“Only because her middle name is Lyra. Plus, she goes by Charlie, but that’s hardly the point,” Astoria said, shaking her head.

“Dad!” everyone heard and turned to see the blonde boy, Scorpius, bounding towards them.

“Hello, son. I want you to meet some old friends of mine as well as their children,” Draco said, smiling as Scorpius made his way over and gave his father a hug before turning to the large group, his eyes wide.

Draco rattled off the names of everyone in the group, including the children, as if he’d known them for years.

“Hey, Scorpius!” Lily said, clearly not picking up on, or choosing to ignore, the tension once again.

“Uhh… hi everyone,” Scorpius said, leaning back against his father’s chest.

A moment later, James appeared and the woman walked over to Ginny, whispering something to her before Ginny pulled out a few coins from her purse and handed them to the woman.

The woman then made her way over to Hermione, who did the same before Ron grabbed Rose’s wrist and pulled her out of the store, muttering a “Let’s go,” to the rest of the family.

Hermione muttered a “Sorry,” to Draco and his family before the group followed Ron out of the shop.

The group found themselves outside, with Ron red in the face, looking as if he were about to explode. “I swear, next time, I’m going to punch him in the face,” Ron muttered, still holding tightly to Rose’s wrist

“Ronald, let it go,” Hermione said soothingly to her husband. “And you can release your daughter’s wrist now, you didn’t need to yank her out of there anyways.”

“But he-”

“It’s in the past, love. I’ve heard he’s quite the renowned Healer now. He’s obviously repented from his old ways and he hasn’t done anything wrong that we know of since we left school. Just leave it for now,” Hermione said in an even tone, the only thing that calmed Ron down when he got angry.

“Well I’ve got my eye on him,” Ron mumbled.

“You always did,” chimed in Harry, earning a half-hearted glare from Ron.

“Where to now?” asked Ginny, clearly keen on changing the subject.

“Wands?” Hermione suggested. “Then books last?”

“Mum, what did Draco do when you guys were in school?” Rose asked and Hermione blushed slightly before looking at her daughter.

“That’s a story for another day, it’s not something that particularly matters,” she said.

“Hermione! It matters! He was-” Ron began but Hermione cut him off.

“No, it doesn’t matter, Ron. Just leave it.”

Hermione began walking towards Ollivander’s, Ron following her and Ginny and Harry exchanging glances before following them, the kids falling in step behind their parents. Al gulped and approached Rose, his face pale, “What if there aren’t any wands that work for me?”

“Don’t be silly, Al. There’s bound to be a wand for you,” Rose said, though she looked nervous herself.

They approached Ollivander’s, a store now owned by the son Ollivander had adopted and trained up after the war. He’d died only a few years previous to now, but his legend definitely lived on with his son.

Harry opened the door and everyone piled in, Rose and Al bringing up the rear.

“Looks like quite the party we’ve got here,” a voice said from behind the rows of shelves that lined the back of the store, though the person it belonged to was nowhere to be seen.

“We need two wands today for a couple of first year Hogwarts students,” Hermione said, though she looked confused as to whom she was speaking as she approached the counter.

“Fantastic!” the voice said again and a moment later a young man sprang up from behind the counter.

Hermione jumped back slightly when he popped up from behind the counter and the man smiled upon seeing he’d frightened her.

“My apologies, miss,” he said, bowing slightly. “And which two of you are getting your wands?” he asked, smiling at all of them and glancing to each of the kids.

“M-me,” Rose piped up, her voice shaking.

“And me,” Al said, both of them stepping towards the counter looking scared to death.

“Well there’s no need to look like I’m going to chop your head off. I’m going to find you a wand, not chop your head off using a guillotine! You should be excited!” he said, looking more than excited to be helping them.

“Step up here to the counter and I’ll grab a few wands for you each to try out,” he said before disappearing among the shelves.

A few moments later, he returned with an armful of wands, looking contemplative as he set the boxes on the counter and read the labels on a few before pulling out two of the boxes and removing the tops.

He made his way around the counter and stood in front of them, holding out an open box to each of them.

They both grabbed the wands that were being held out to them rather hesitantly, Rose’s doing absolutely nothing and Al’s sending out a small jet of sparks, though he looked as if he were about to throw it.

“Well, young man, looks like you’ve just selected your wand! It’s eleven inches, Oak, Dragon Heartstring, and reasonably springy. You’ve got quite the wand!” he said, beaming at Al.

Al glanced at his wand, fairly long, with small, rune-like symbols carved in a spiral from the bottom to the tip, stained an almost black.

The man took the wand from Rose and made his way over to the pile of wands before pulling out another one and removing the lid. “Well, we need to find you one, young lady.”  

He offered the box to her and she took the wand, once again, nothing happening. Rose frowned, clearly growing more and more nervous.

“Not to worry, I’ve had people try more than fifty wands before finding one that was fitting,” he said and Rose’s eyes grew wide. He laughed, “That’s not the norm.”

He repeated the process with a few more wands before Rose picked one up from the box, her eyes growing wide as soon as she touched it. A huge jet of sparks flew from it and the young man beamed.

“THAT is your wand. It seems to really like you. Ten inches, Hazel wood, phoenix feather, nice and supple,” he said, looking quite pleased.

They paid for their wands and made their way from the store, Rose and Al both looking quite relieved and happy to have found wands that worked for them.


            The first store we went to was to get our cauldron and any other Potions supplies and such that we could get there so we’d also have the cauldron to carry things the rest of the day.

            The day was going fairly smoothly until we made our way into Madam Malkin’s to get robes for Al and me and to get James some new robes. The owner of the store was absolutely crazy! She was really quirky and just sort of odd and there was something I couldn’t quite put my finger on.

            So, when we got into the store, she dragged Al and I into the back room and she put Al up on the platform, and that’s when it got even weirder. First, there was a flying tape measure that started zooming around and measuring Al wherever it could, while I sat quietly in a chair. The woman disappeared for a few moments and guess who she brought back?! THE BLONDE BOY!! That’s right, he came into the room with Al and me and I nearly screamed. I don’t know what it is about that boy, but I seem to run into him far too often.

            The woman practically pushed the boy into the chair next to me and it got to be super awkward. Then, the boy randomly grabbed my hand and said we should run. The woman told us it wasn’t a good idea, but it nearly scared me to death. And there’s something… sad about him, I’m not quite sure what it is. But the excitement was short lived because she finished with Al a little after that and then it was my turn.

            I can’t even begin to explain how terrifying the entire thing was. Scissors, needles, and all the other stuff zoomed around my face, missing my skin by mere centimeters. When she finished, I couldn’t grab Al and run out of there fast enough. Then we were told to send James and we ran back to the families. We sent James and waited at the table when even more stuff happened.

            So, this man walked in the store, and it turns out my mom knew him!! His name is Draco and I’m assuming that he went to school with my parents and Uncle Harry. I mean, Aunt Ginny went to school with them as well, but she was a year behind. So my mom called his name and he kinda looked shocked to see all of them. My mom gave him a hug and then introduced all of us. He then introduced his wife and kinda freaked out and half introduced his son Scorpius, who, believe it or not, is the blonde kid!!

            So now I know the name of the mysterious blond boy… Scorpius. It’s an odd name, but somehow, it’s sort of fitting for him. Apparently his dad has some weird thing with stars and naming his kids after them because it’s some family tradition or something. I also found out that he has a sister, though I’m not sure how old she is or where she was today. But then my dad pulled me away from the store and kind of had a freak out moment. I’m not sure what Draco did, but apparently it was something bad because my dad sounded really angry. I tried to ask, but mum said it was a story for another time. Now I’m really starting to get curious.

            After that whole thing though, we went to Ollivander’s so that Al and I could get our wands. We were both insanely nervous that we wouldn’t find a wand and would be stuck without one forever, but good news, we both found one!!

            My wand is ten inches long, made with Hazel wood, phoenix feather core, and is “nice and supple”, whatever that means. All I can say is it’s beautiful. It’s stained a deep brown, though not as dark as Al’s wand- his is nearly black. It has an intricate swirling pattern along the base of the wand where I hold it, and what looks like vines wrapping from the base to the tip.


The rest of the day passed by without much trouble, the families making their way around Diagon Alley to all the various shops before they made their last stop of the day, Flourish and Blotts to get all of their books.

Rose and Al made their way through the store, Al holding the list and reading off each title as they ventured off to find the books, the rest of the families wandering around on their own. They would find each book, each grab a copy, and toss them in their cauldrons, which were growing progressively heavier as they made their way through the store.

“I want to grab my own copy of Hogwarts: a Histroy. Mum has her old copy, but it’s all battered and worn and I really want to have my own copy,” Rose said as they found their last book. Al rolled his eyes but smirked at his cousin.

“You would, Rose. Lead the way!”

They wandered around some more until Rose spotted what she wanted, a single copy of Hogwarts: a History sat on the shelf and as she reached for it, someone else did as well and she turned to see Scorpius standing there, looking shocked.

“You can have it,” he said, turning away.

“No, it’s fine, you can have it,” Rose said, though she didn’t want him to take it, she did have a copy she could borrow from her mother. “I can use my mum’s copy.”

“A-are you sure?” he asked, seeming nervous. “I don’t mind if you have it, I don’t really need it, I just thought it would be nice to have a copy.”

“Oh for Merlin’s sake!” Al said, grabbing the copy and tossing it at Scorpius who caught it midair. “She can just have her mother’s copy for now, her mother wouldn’t be opposed, that way everyone’s happy.”

Rose glared at him and Al pretended to take no notice and instead waved to Scorpius. “We’ll see you around!” he said cheerfully and pulled Rose down the aisle so they could go find everyone else.

“What was that for?” Rose whisper-yelled as they made it out of Scorpius’ earshot.

“Rose, you just wanted an extra copy, you didn’t need it. You’re normally so good about making friends with new people, why are you being so weird with this guy?” Al asked, confronting her about it before she’d have time to make up an excuse.

“I- I… I don’t know. There’s just something about him, I’m finding it difficult to wrap my head around,” she said, looking confused.

“Maybe you like him?” Al suggested. “But you barely know him.”

“I don’t like him!” she said rather defensively.

“Fine, fine. Figure out what it is, he seems pretty cool.”

Rose rolled her eyes, “I’ll try. But I’m not going to promise you anything.”

“Yes ma’am,” Al said right before spotting his mother near the front counter.

The two of them found their families a couple minutes later, and within an hour they were all back at home, putting their new things in their respected spots.

The busy day had been a success and everything that they needed had been purchased. Everyone made their way to bed, content with the day they’d had, and just about everyone nervous at the prospect of Al and Rose starting school, though for different reasons.


            Well, after we got wands, we made our way to a bunch of the stores and even stopped to get lunch as well as ice cream a little later on. Then, when it was about three in the afternoon, we all made our way to Flourish and Blotts so we could get our schoolbooks.

            Al and I found a system that worked out pretty well. He had the list out and would name each book down the list. Then the two of us would go find it and I would grab a copy for each of us and place them in our cauldrons before we went to go find the next book. We found them all within twenty minutes and then I decided I wanted a copy of Hogwarts: a History so we set off to find one.

            There was one book left on the shelf when we found it and someone reached for it when I did. Guess who it was? SCORPIUS! That bloody jerk showed up yet again! Then, Al had the nerve to give him the last copy! I mean… I shouldn’t be too angry because I can just use my mum’s old copy, but there’s just something about Scorpius that frustrates me. Al thinks I like him, but that’s crazy. I barely know him, and I’m only eleven!

            After that little run in with Scorpius, we ended up checking out and leaving the store. Then we headed home, had a nice, quiet dinner, and everyone went their separate ways. It was a crazy and super eventful day, but overall, it was amazing. I got all my Hogwarts stuff, I have my own wand, and I learned Scorpius’ name… starting school in a week is sort of scary to think about, but I need to stop dwelling on how nervous I am. It’s happening, and that’s all that matters. Plus, I’ll always have Al by my side.

Out for the night,


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Chapter 8: Luggage
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Disclaimer: I know that I'm no JK Rowling, and I know you readers are smart and know what's mine and what isn't. The characters and this world all belong to the AMAZING JK Rowling! Also, The Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices series both belong the the ever amazing Cassandra Clare. :)

I would also like to extend my thanks to my amazing beta reader, MadiMalfoy, for sticking with me through my craziness and for being one of my best friends. :)


August 31, 2017

Dear Diary,

I swear, this has been the absolute longest week of my entire life. Normally, summer would come to a close and all it would mean is the end of a season. This time however, it means the beginning of a huge chapter in my life.

Most of my week consisted of reading, or rather rereading one of my absolute favorite series of books- The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare, as well as the series’ prequel series- The Infernal Devices.

I’ve found that I’m in a much better mood when I read my books because I get so sucked into their worlds and they provide a nice distraction. Though, I’ve also found that I get so attached to the characters that I feel as if they’re real.

I guess I’m more nervous than I’d ever thought I would be, and I’m not entirely sure why. I knew it showed though, as my mother constantly kept checking on me.

A few days back, mum gave me yet another present. She found me in my tree house as usual and handed me a wrapped package. I took it hesitantly and she prompted me to open it. It was an electronic book reader that she’d apparently had for years. She’d taken the time to put all my favorite books and stories on it and performed magic on it so that it would actually work at Hogwarts as well as stay fully charged so I would never have to bring a charger to school.

Being my mother, however, she told me I had to read more paper books than I did from the device, but she’d wanted me to be able to take some of my favorite Muggle books with me. My mum is always looking for ways to incorporate Muggle stuff into the magic world. Anyways, I’m ranting. I think it’s best if I get to—or try at least—to sleep. Goodnight.



*The next morning*

Rose groaned as she stood by the door, looking extremely anxious to leave, her trunk next to her and Elune perched on top in her cage.

“Why are you groaning?” Hermione asked as she came into the room.

“We’re going to be late!” Rose grumbled, glancing around as if searching for something.

“Your father and brother will be down in a moment. Stop fretting, Rose. We still have a few hours yet and all we have to do is stop by the Potters’ house. You know the drill, Kingsley sent a Ministry car for all of us.”

“The perks of being friends with the Minister for Magic,” Ron said as he came into the room, Hugo a few steps behind him.

“And you working as an Auror alongside Harry. Not to mention the fact that I work for the Ministry as well,” Hermione said with a tone of amusement.

Ron laughed and kissed his wife on the cheek, “You’re quite right, dear. All of that definitely helps as well.”

“Well, seeing as Rose is anxious to leave the house, I talked to Ginny a few minutes ago and she suggested grabbing breakfast near King’s Cross?” Hermione suggested, now that the whole family was present.

“But I’m starving,” Ron groaned.

“You’re always hungry. Grab some fruit or something to eat now then, Ronald. We’ll be there in an hour or so, I’m sure you can manage,” Hermione said, giving him a playful smile as he made his way to the kitchen. He emerged a few seconds later with a half-devoured muffin he’d managed to find, eating as they made their way to the front door.

“Packed everything, Rose?” Hermione asked her daughter for the third time that morning.

“Yup!” Rose said, beaming at her mother. “I’ve checked several times.”

“I’m so glad you always manage to think ahead,” Hermione said as her children and husband walked through the front door. She followed behind, closing and locking the door with her wand as they made their way to the yard.

“Hand me your trunk, Rose. I can carry it to their house for you,” Ron said as he took the trunk from her. “Bloody hell!” he grunted, nearly dropping it.

“Careful!” Rose said, looking concerned.

“What’s in here?” he groaned as he lifted and began to lead his family across the field and to the Potters’.

“Nothing,” Rose said a little too quickly. “Just the usual first year stuff.”

 “Bloody hell, James! Would you mind NOT killing your sister? SHUT IT!” they heard Ginny yelling as they approached the house.

“Nothing changes,” Ron mumbled as they walked up to the back door. Hugo ran ahead and knocked on the door.

A flustered looking Ginny answered the door, holding James up by the back of his collar, her hair in her face.

“I swear, this kid gets so rowdy when he’s nervous,” she said through bared teeth, letting his collar go.

“I’m not nervous,” James muttered as he ran to the next room. Ginny sighed, her hair hanging around her face like a mane.

“You look like a lioness,” Hermione said, smiling at Ginny as she led them into the house.

“They should all be ready in a moment,” Ginny said as they made their way into the living room. She flopped onto the couch and mumbled into the cushion, “I need sleep.”

“Come now, Ginny. You can sleep in the car, love,” a voice said from the kitchen.

“NANA!” Rose nearly screamed, running across the room and giving her grandmother a hug.

“Hello, Rose,” Molly said, smiling and hugging her granddaughter. “Come here, Hugo,” she said, gesturing to her grandson who immediately smiled and ran over to hug his grandmother.

“Let’s get going,” Molly said, making her way to the couch to get her daughter up and moving. Ginny reluctantly got off the couch and shuffled after her mother out the back door and to the car with Ron, his children following.

Rose skipped alongside her aunt and grandmother once they were outside making their way to the car. Harry stood next to the car with a scared looking Albus as Ron made his way over and loaded Rose’s trunk into the car.

Albus and James’ owls sat in their cages next to the car—Al’s snowy owl that he’d named Hedwig and James’ barn owl, Ares—both hooting as the families dashed about. Rose shifted Elune to her other hand as she made her way to the car, smiling at Al.

James came out of the house a few moments later with Hermione and Lily, looking much calmer than he had minutes previously.

“All right, everyone in!” Molly said, opening the door and ushering everyone into the car.

“Where’s granddad?” James asked, glancing around hopefully.

“He’s with Bill and Fleur helping them get Dom and Vicky to the train on time,” she said, rolling her eyes. Her distaste for Fleur was obvious, even now. “They’ll meet us at the station.”

Everyone made their way into the car, Al and James the last to step in because they had to grab their owls’ cages.

Rose gasped as she climbed in, clearly not having expected what was before her. The car had looked tiny from the outside, but the inside was enormous.

There was a small kitchen, just a refrigerator and a counter with a microwave though, two large sofas, a TV against the far wall, and a door off to the side that was slightly ajar, revealing a small bathroom.

“I love magic,” Rose said as she plopped onto the couch, setting Elune’s cage at her feet. Harry beamed at her as he closed the door behind Al.

Al made his way over and sat next to Rose, giving her a nervous smile, and within moments, the car was moving.


September 1, 2017

Dear Diary,

Today is the day I’ve been waiting for since I first heard about it. I’M GOING TO HOGWARTS!

I’m super nervous about everything, especially being sorted into a house. I mean, what if I’m unsortable? Would I have to go live in a broom closet? Would I be like the house elves?

Mum’s calling me from downstairs, so I suppose it’s time to go. I’ll write more tonight after I’ve been sorted… if I get sorted.


An hour or so later, the car came to a stop and Al groaned, looking as if he might throw up.

Everyone piled out of the car and quickly closed the door behind Harry as he climbed out last, earning a few odd looks from passing Muggles upon seeing ten people climb out of the small car.

The car had dropped them off at a little café, the driver promising to be back for them in forty-five minutes.

The families put the kids at one table and the adults at the other in the hopes that it would be far easier to be seated and served that way.

Within ten minutes, everyone had muffins, bagels, bacon, biscuits, or pancakes loaded onto their plates, and orange juice, coffee, or tea in their cup.

Al and Rose picked at their food, hardly eating as they exchanged nervous glances from across the table while James, Hugo, and Lily were eating their food and conversing as if it were any other day.

Right on time, they were paying the bill and stepping out to the curb forty-five minutes later, just as the car was pulling up to get them.

**10:40 AM**

The Ministry car pulled up to the curb at King’s Cross station about twenty minutes before the Hogwarts Express was due to leave and the families piled out of the car in mass chaos.

“Ginny, do grab Ares for James, will you?” Molly shouted to her daughter as James nearly walked off without him, leaving a screeching owl behind.

“Lily, grab Hedwig, please?” Harry said and Lily beamed, happy to have something to do.

Al looked as if he wanted to say something to her but instead swallowed and followed closely behind his father as they made their way to grab trolleys for everyone’s trunks.

Five minutes later, the whole lot was making their way through the barrier between platforms nine and ten as inconspicuously as possible, going in pairs as best they could.

Rose froze as the Hogwarts Express came into view. The large, scarlet steam engine glistened and smoke blew from the top. People bustled around from all sides and a smile crept across her face.

Al walked up next to her and nudged her arm with his shoulder, “It’s really happening.”

“Yeah,” she whispered, smiling at him.

“Come on, Rose,” Hermione said, putting her arm around her daughter and leading her towards one of the train cars.

There was a low growl from behind Rose; she turned to see Ron glaring down the platform. She followed his gaze and saw Scorpius standing not too far away with his parents.

“Rose,” Ron said, leaning down to his daughter, his face a few inches from hers. He placed his hands on her shoulders and looked directly at her. “You will beat that boy at everything, you understand me?”

“Ronald,” Hermione said, placing a hand on his shoulder.

“Daddy, I don’t kn-”

“Just promise me that you’ll make sure you beat him at everything,” Ron demanded, his eyes boring into Rose’s.

“I promise,” she whispered and Ron pulled her into a hug.

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Chapter 9: Boarding
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Disclaimer: I know that I'm no JK Rowling, and I know you readers are smart and know what's mine and what isn't. The characters and this world all belong to the AMAZING JK Rowling! Also, The Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices series both belong the the ever amazing Cassandra Clare and Lord of the Rings belongs to the incredible JRR Tolkein.


“That’s my girl,” Ron said as he pulled back from Rose.

Rose’s mouth went dry at the thought of what her father would say if she ever didn’t follow through with her promise. Her face clearly showed doubt, though Ron didn’t seem to see it.

Hermione approached Rose, shaking her head as she put her arms around her daughter.

“Don’t listen to your father,” she whispered in Rose’s ear. “He just likes to harbor old grudges. Just be yourself and don’t stress, he won’t love you any less for anything.” She kissed Rose on the forehead.

Rose smiled up at her mother, seeming to be a little more at ease now.

“Rose!” Rose glanced to her left as her mother pulled away and was nearly tackled to the ground in a flurry of red, which she realized was Lily and her hair.

Lily refused to let go, shaking her head when Rose tried to pull away. “Lily… you’re going to have to let me go at some point,” Rose said in a wheezing voice, hardly able to breathe.

“Rose, you can’t leave!” Lily shrieked in Rose’s ear, tears filling her eyes.

“I’ll write you all the time! And I’ll be home for Christmas,” Rose said, patting her cousin on the back. “It’ll fly by!”

“Lily, dear, stop suffocating Rose. You’re going to want to keep your closest cousin around for later and you’re headed down a road that’s killing her… literally,” Ginny chuckled, coming over and putting a hand on her daughter’s shoulder.

Lily finally pulled away from Rose, tears rolling down her cheeks. “Oh no! Lily, it’s okay. Besides, you’ll be joining us in just a year! It’ll go by really fast,” Rose said, trying to be reassuring.

“Love,” Ginny said, putting her hands on either side of her daughter’s face after wiping away her tears. “I was in the same situation, watching Harry and Ron, along with the rest of my brothers, go off without me. I know it isn’t fun, believe me. But it’ll be your turn before you know it! And you have Hugo, not to mention Freddy and Roxy.” Lily attempted to smile at her.

Hugo came over and Lily went to give her mother a hug.

“Well, I guess this is goodbye,” Hugo said, a sad smile tugging at his mouth.

“You act like it’s forever,” Rose said with a laugh. “I’ll be back for Christmas!”

Hugo pulled Rose in for a hug and Rose’s eyes grew large in shock. Hugo was not the affectionate type, and the hug clearly surprised her.

The train whistle blew and Rose’s face scrunched up in nervousness. Al walked over to them, accompanied by Harry, looking extremely nervous. Ginny and Harry exchanged looks and she gave him a big hug, “Make sure you write, love!”

He grumbled, “I will, mum. Don’t worry, I promise.”

Harry and Ron grabbed their trunks, along with James’, tossing them on the train. There was a loud shriek and Rose and Al turned mere seconds before Dominique came bounding towards them. Her curtain of blonde hair was billowing out around her and she threw her arms around them both.

“Bye Rose, bye Al!” someone said and Rose stood on her tiptoes to see Bill and Fleur approaching, hand in hand, with Arthur not far behind, looking flustered.

“Bye!” Rose and Al shouted in unison before Dominique pulled them to the train. They all grabbed their animal’s cages and climbed on board just a couple seconds before the train lurched forward.

Victoire jumped up just before the train gathered speed, smiling at them before disappearing in the crowd, finding a group of her fellow seventh years. James was right behind Victoire, smiling mischievously, obviously proud of the fact that he’d just made it.

The four of them stood in the entrance way for a moment, waving at their family as the station slid out of view.

“Well, let’s go,” said Rose, turning and heading down the corridor in search of an empty compartment.

“JAMES!” someone yelled and they all turned to see a tall brunette boy walking towards them. He was tall for his age, clearly friends with James. He had short, chestnut colored hair and bright blue eyes. His skin was slightly tan, and he had clearly spent a lot of time in the sun.

Dominique grabbed Rose’s arm as he approached and Rose saw a glint in her cousin’s eyes. She laughed at Dominique, but the boy looked taken aback as if Rose had laughed at him.

“We’re going to go find a compartment, you guys can meet us if you’d like,” Dominique declared, spinning around and pulling Rose with her, as she still had her hand on Rose’s arm.

Towards the end of the train, they found an empty compartment and Dominique nearly shoved Rose inside. She slammed the door behind them, causing all to run straight into it, having been following just behind them.

“We’ll talk later,” Dominique said to Rose, her eyes flashing with anger.

“Merlin, Dom! Were you trying to injure me on my first day?” Al asked as he opened the door and stepped in, rubbing his forehead.

“Sorry, Al,” she mumbled before flopping down into the seat closest to the door and stealing glances at it every few seconds.

“James and your precious Henry will be here soon, don’t you worry your pretty little head off,” Al said, ruffling Dom’s hair before taking a seat on the opposite side of the compartment, near the window. Dom glared and stuck her tongue out at him.

Within a few seconds, she pulled a mirror out and was trying to fix what little damage Al had done. Rose and Al both shook their heads and Rose took a seat next to Al and smiled, though she could tell something was wrong and that it was more than nerves.

“What’s wrong?” Rose asked, eying him carefully. He glanced at Dom, right as she let out an angry huff.

“I’m going to the restroom to fix this!” she shrieked, pointing to her hair as if it were falling out.

“Always so dramatic,” Rose said a moment after Dom had slammed the door and stalked down the hallway. She turned to Al, “So? What’s wrong?”

Al sighed and looked at Rose, “I’m not sure what to do about the whole house thing.”

“House thing?” Rose inquired, giving him an odd look.

“Yeah, like what house I should be in,” he said, shaking his head as if trying to get rid of an annoying bug.

“It’s not like we have a choice though, is it?” Rose asked, trying to comfort him.

“That’s the thing, though. I just talked to my dad and he said that sometimes you do have a choice… he had a choice,” he stated, shaking his head again.

“Well, why are you stressed? Just pick what feels right if that’s the case. Whatever happens, you’ll be at Hogwarts, and you’ll have the best time regardless,” she said, nudging her cousin and smiling at him. He beamed at her just as the compartment door flew open.

James and Henry walked in, a large group of girls following behind them, giggling excessively. James winked at them before walking into the compartment and closing the door behind them.

“There must be a shortage of guys here,” Rose said and James and Henry turned to look at her. She covered her mouth and then squeaked out, “that was out loud, wasn’t it?”

James shot her a glare, though she could tell it was joking. He flopped onto the bench opposite them, belly-first.

“Dear cousin, I simply know how to attract all the ladies, it’s my charm,” James mumbled into the seat cushion before rolling onto his back and putting his arms behind his head.

Henry burst out laughing, “He’s lying. They all like him because he’s the son of Harry Potter.” James glared at him and all the color in Al’s face drained, knowing he was doomed to the same fate.

“Jealous, Henry?” James said, arching his eyebrow. Henry rolled his eyes and shook his head.

“Hardly,” he walked over and sat in the only empty seat, right next to Rose. “We haven’t met. I’m Henry,” he said, holding out his hand.

Setting Elune’s cage between her feet on the ground in front of her, she reached up and shook his hand, “Rose.”

“Where’s Dom?” James asked and as if on cue, she came bursting in, her hair—if possible—more perfect.

“Hi, Henry,” Dom said dreamily and Rose had to stifle yet another laugh at her cousin’s obviousness.

“Hello, Dominique,” he said curtly before turning back to face Rose. Rose saw Dom fuming by the door, but Henry couldn’t see her, and nor did he seem to care. “So, Rose, Al, what houses are you two hoping to get into?”

Al nudged Rose, “Ravenclaw,” she blurted out.

“Dom, who had been walking over and was in the process of shoving James off the two extra seats he was occupying, froze and looked at her cousin.

“WHAT?!” she and James exclaimed in perfect unison, James sitting up and staring at her wide-eyed.

“You’re a Weasley, Rose,” James said firmly, as if that meant something.

She laughed, “You’re starting to sound like all those purebloods with the whole Slytherin thing. I don’t want to be defined by my blood,” she said simply.

“I know what you mean, Rose. Which is why I want to be in Slytherin,” Al said and everyone turned to look at him.

“What’s wrong with you two?” Dom nearly shrieked.

“Ravenclaw’s not all that bad,” Henry said and Dom glared at him.

Dom snorted, “Says the Ravenclaw.”

“I fail to see what the big deal is,” Henry said calmly. Rose was exchanging looks between James and Henry as if trying to figure out why they were friends, Henry seemed to catch on. “Just because I’m in Ravenclaw, it doesn’t mean I don’t love your twisted, prat of a cousin in his own way. We were partnered together for potions on the first day of our first year, and we seemed to get along well,” he shrugged and James smiled.

“It’s a big deal because Weasleys are like… known for being in Gryffindor,” Dom said, sounding almost offended at the thought of anything different.

“Sometimes traditions need to be broken,” Rose said simply.

“Okay, maybe that’s true. But Al… Slytherin?” Dom asked incredulously.

“What’s my full name?” Al asked and they all gave him an odd look. “Well?”

“Albus Severus Potter,” Rose answered and Al nodded.

“And who was I named after?” he asked, looking at each of them.

“Albus Dumbledore and Severus Snape. Two headmasters of Hogwarts, two men your father looked up to in the highest regards,” Rose answered and again, Al nodded.


“And…” Rose said, thinking for a moment. “One of them was in Slytherin,” she finished and Al smiled broadly.

“Exactly,” he said. “I was confused about the whole thing, nervous about whether or not I would be placed in Gryffindor, but after talking to my father, and having Rose confirm that I should pick what feels right if given the choice it just seemed, well, right.”

Rose’s face lit up with a smile and Al couldn’t help but smile in return, seeming to be more at ease now.

“You guys are second years and have seen how much diversity there is even among a house itself and here you are, still stuck on stereotypes,” Henry remarked, shaking his head, though he was smiling. “These first years are showing you up.”

Dom pursed her lips, “You guys are right, I’ve just always imagined the whole lot of us in Gryffindor together, so it’s weird trying to picture anything else.”

“My own brother,” James said jokingly, standing up to ruffle Al’s hair. Al scrunched his nose and jokingly punched James’ arm. Dom seized the opportunity and sat back in her seat across from Henry while James was still standing.

He turned back around and put his hand to his mouth in mock-surprise, “You brat!”

Dom’s eyes narrowed, “Yeah, well, you’re the prat for taking up the whole bench.”

James clucked his tongue and shook his head, eyes narrowed as if he were accepting a challenge. He sat in the middle seat before spinning and spreading his legs down the bench, placing his head in Dom’s lap and smiling up at her.

“Must you?” she asked, scowling at him.

“Oh, dear cousin, I’m afraid I must,” he said, batting his eyelashes.

“You are so lucky I love you,” she said, ruffling his hair. “And that your hair is so darn soft,” she said, playing with it.

James grumbled, “You’re going to mess it up!”

Having inherited extremely untidy hair both from his father and his namesake, it was rather difficult to “mess up”.

“Yeah, I’m messing it up,” Dom snorted and everyone laughed.


Bloody hell, today certainly has been interesting so far. I made my dad a promise I’m not so sure I can keep. He wants me, and made me promise, to beat that Scorpius boy at everything possible. Mum said not to worry about it, but it’s hard not to.

We boarded the train after that and I had a little talk with Al about houses before James and his friend Henry joined us. Henry’s a Ravenclaw! We ended up getting on the topic of what house Al and I want to be in.

Despite myself, I ended up telling everyone that I wanted to be in Ravenclaw and Al said he wanted to be in Slytherin. Dom and James were more than a little freaked out at first, but I think they’ve warmed up to the idea and if we do happen to get into the houses we want, I’m sure they’ll come around entirely. Well, I’d better go, I’m in the bathroom “changing into my robes” and it’d be best if I actually came back in my robes.


“Any’zing off ze trolley?” they all heard from a few compartments down and Dom’s face drained of every ounce of color. She slid down to the ground and groaned, covering her face as Fleur came into view, pushing the sweet trolley, a large group of boys following behind her.

Fleur loved doing this. She usually worked at Gringotts alongside Bill, but would make the trip to work on the Hogwarts Express three times a year, practicing her English and selling a lot because of her good looks and charm.

Dom stood up and Fleur’s face lit up. “Dominique!”

“Mama, please, can we not?” Dom hissed at Fleur. Fleur winked at the rest of them and grabbed a few things off the trolley, handing them to Dom and blowing her a kiss. Dom rolled her eyes and took them, making her way back to her seat, where she nearly sat on James’ head.

“Rose! Al! Good luck wiz ze sorting!” Fleur said before Dom threw the treats on the ground and went to slam the compartment door. Fleur looked slightly hurt, but smiled nonetheless and made her way gracefully down the corridor, several boys in tow.

“Well, we’d all best go change,” Dom said, and not wanting to argue with an upset Dom, they all obliged.

Within half an hour, they had all changed into their school robes and were now sitting in a circle on the floor, laughing, talking, and eating the sweets Fleur had left them.

The sky outside the windows was progressively becoming a darker shade of blue, and they could no longer see what they were zooming past.

Before they knew it, the train was coming to a stop and Rose and Al shot each other nervous looks. They all grabbed their animals and joined the throngs of students in the corridor.

There was a large collection of animal cages just outside the train on the platform and James gestured for Al and Rose to follow him.

“Put them here,” James said as he set Ares down. Al and Rose obeyed and set a now meowing Elune and a frantic looking Hedwig down. “Al, Hedwig will join the other owls in the Owlery and her cage will be in your dorm; Rose, Elune and her cage will be in your dorm,” he explained and they nodded.

“Come on, let’s go get a carriage!” Dom said, tugging on James’ sleeve. “Good luck you two!” she said as they ran off.

Henry laughed and looked at them, putting a hand on Rose’s shoulder, “I’ll have a spot saved for you if you make Ravenclaw. Good luck, Al!” he said before running off after Dom and James.

“Firs’ years! Firs’ years, over here!” Rose and Al both grinned widely and made their way to their old family friend, who also happened to be Al’s godfather.

“Hagrid!” They yelled as they approached. He looked down and smiled at them.

“It’s good t’er see you two!” he said to the two of them before speaking to the group. “Follow me! C’mon, don’ be shy!”

They walked down the path a ways, most of them huddled close together, looking nervous. Then, they came around a bend and Hogwarts came into view. Several gasps escaped the mouths of the first years and Hagrid smiled, “Hogwarts!”

Hogwarts stood over the vast, black lake before them, its windows glowing warmly. The many turrets and towers were easy to make out from all the light.

“Okay, let’s go! No more’n four per boat, c’mon!” Hagrid said and all the first years scrambled to get into boats, Rose and Al along with a couple other boys got into the one directly behind Hagrid, as he needed a whole boat to himself.

As soon as the last first year sat down in the boats, they all began to glide forward across the black, glass-like surface of the lake.

“Great weather t’night!” Hagrid said, turning to Rose and Al.

“Better than when my father arrived,” a boy said from behind them and they turned to see a curly-haired blond boy with bright yellow eyes.

“Y’er Dennis Creevey’s kid, aren’t ya?” Hagrid boomed, grinning at him.

“I am! How’d you know?” the boy asked, clearly surprised and thrilled that someone knew his father.

“Y’er got his hair color, and it was rainin’ like mad when he was a firs’ year and we crossed this lake,” Hagrid said, smiling at the memory. “What about you?” he asked the black-haired boy in their boat.

“Err… my mother’s Cho Chang, my father’s a muggle,” he said and Rose and Al smiled, having heard all about Cho from Harry.

“Heads down!” Hagrid shouted suddenly and they all ducked.

They came into a large, underground harbor where the boats docked. The first years piled out of the boats and stood waiting.

“C’mon, follow me!” Hagrid said and they all followed him up a large set of steps.

They came upon a huge set of oak doors where an older witch stood, with her peppered hair pulled into a tight bun.

“Welcome, to Hogwarts,” she said and the doors opened.


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Chapter 10: Deciding Moment
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The first years seemed to stop breathing altogether as the doors opened wide, revealing a large, warm hall. The stone flooring seemed to extend as far as they could see. To their left was a black passageway; their right another set of large doors, and in front of them a grand marble staircase, climbing up beyond their view.

“Follow me over here,” McGonagall said, leading them all to a small room on their right. A few looked terrified, not sure what to do.

“What sort of test do you think it is?” some small brown-haired boy whispered.

“It’s just a hat,” someone said with a laugh.

Glancing over, Al and Rose spotted Scorpius, who smiled at them, causing Rose to tense up and grab Al’s arm tightly.

“Rose,” Al hissed, trying to loosen her grip. “CALM DOWN!”

McGonagall cleared her throat as the door closed behind the last first year as they made their way in.

“Settle down,” she said impatiently and the room grew silent. “You’re about to be sorted into the houses that are to be your homes for your entire education here at Hogwarts. The houses are Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin.

“You will work together towards the house cup- points will be rewarded for triumphs and deducted for rule breaking. I’ll be back in a moment; I need to check that all is in order.” She finished with a lip twitch that looked like an attempt at a smile.

She swept out of the room and nervous chatter broke out among the young kids.

A few minutes later, McGonagall returned and all the children fell silent immediately.

“They’re ready,” she said. “Follow me.”

The children fell silent and followed her through the other set of large doors into the Great Hall. Most of the students gasped yet again.

If there was a ceiling, it was nearly impossible to tell because the stars and moon shone brightly down on them. Thousands of candles floated above the students at varying intervals, casting a warm glow over everything in the Hall.

The Hall was huge, with four long tables to their right, each with a different House sitting at it.

To their left was a single long table running the width of the room instead of the length like the others. The professors all sat along the table, smiling at the incoming students.

At the center between the students’ table and the professors’ stood a stool and perched atop the stool was an old, raggedy-looking wizard’s hat.

As the last first year grouped towards the center, a seam split open at the base, forming what looked like a mouth and it began to sing:

Now here we are again
another year to begin

Those who are to be sorted
don’t get your wands all contorted

You may belong in Gryffindor
Where the bravest of us dwell

Or you may become a Hufflepuff
whose caring nature never fails

You may be joining Ravenclaw
if learning is your niche

Or you may belong in Slytherin
if you’ve an ambitious mind

But no matter where you end up
you’ll drink from a new cup

This year is just beginning
so everyone is winning

Try me on- don’t be alarmed
for as a hat, I’m not armed

Just place me on your head
I’ll tell you and you’ll be led
in the direction of your dreams
for this is no mere scheme

The entire hall began to echo with the sound of cheers and applause when the hat stopped singing.

“Shall we?” McGonagall asked, this time grinning. She pulled out a scroll of what appeared to be names.

“Alden, Hannah,” she read and a small blond girl at the back of the group let out a tiny squeak. She made her way towards McGonagall, visibly shaking.

McGonagall picked up the hat as the girl tentatively sat at the very edge of the stool. The hat barely brushed her blonde hair.

“HUFFLEPUFF!” it shouted and the table second closest to the wall burst out in applause. She gave a small smile and hopped off the stool, running over and taking a seat.

“Allen, Richard,” McGonagall said and the brown haired boy who had whispered about the hat earlier stepped forward, looking confident. He soon became the first new Gryffindor and the table closest to the wall stood up to cheer.

“Bowen, Thomas,” she said as Cho Chang’s son made his way forward and was also placed in Hufflepuff.

“Burdis, Grace,” was placed in Ravenclaw followed by “Byde, Alexis,” who was placed in Slytherin.

“Cattermole, Jamie,” was placed in Gryffindor and then “Creevey, Colin,” was placed in Hufflepuff. From there, the names seemed to slip by more quickly, houses being called at random.

Finally, the name, “Malfoy, Scorpius,” was called and a faint murmur broke out around the hall. Rose and Al both seemed to hold their breath as the hat was placed on his head.

“SLYTHERIN!” the hat shouted and Al smiled a little bit as Scorpius slid off the stool and made his way over to the cheering table.

A couple of minutes later, “Potter, Albus,” was called and just about everyone turned to stare at Al as he made his way up to the stool.

 “Good luck!” Rose said as he made his way towards the stool. He sat down and the hall grew utterly silent as they waited to see where the Chosen One’s second son would end up.

Al smiled slightly as the hat touched his head. His face became one of concentration as the seconds ticked by before the hat yelled, “SLYTHERIN!”

Rose and Al both beamed as Al hopped off the stool and made his way over to the Slytherin table where he sat down next to Scorpius, shaking his hand.

“Weasley, Rose,” McGonagall said and, though it wasn’t quite as silent as when Al was called, everyone grew quiet and stared all the same. She glanced over at the Slytherin table and Al beamed and gave her a thumbs up. Nodding at Al, she made her way up to the stool with a small smile.

She sat down on the stool and closed her eyes as McGonagall placed the hat on her head; and the hat shouted, “RAVENCLAW!” nearly immediately.

Rose’s eyes shot open and she smiled as she nervously slid off the stool and made her way to the Ravenclaw table where, as promised, Henry had saved her a seat.

“Congrats, Weasley!” he said, putting his arm around her shoulder as “Zabini, Meghan,” was placed in Slytherin.

The sorting finished and McGonagall placed the now silent hat back on the stool. She made her way to the podium and cleared her throat, causing the hall to fall quiet once again.

“Welcome to the beginning of another year at Hogwarts, everyone! It’s going to be an excellent year. I hope you all find comfort in your houses as you settle in, but we must cover a few rules before our feast begins.” She gave a small smile before continuing.

“The forest on the edge of the grounds is strictly off-limits. I’m afraid I must warn a few of you against following in your parents’ footsteps in that aspect and I assume I don’t need to tell any of you twice.” She looked slightly amused as she looked around the hall.

“Quidditch tryouts will be held soon, though unless there are some extenuating circumstances, will be off-limits to first years. Contact your team captains for further information about your particular house’s rules.”

“Our caretaker, Mr. Grayson, wishes me to remind everyone that he has a revised list of forbidden items posted on his door. He also wishes to advise everyone that it would be in their best interest to check it out.”

“That about covers it all for tonight, I’m sure we’re all nearly starved, so let the feast begin,” she said, and the empty gold plates in front of them all magically filled with food.

There were several gasps from around the hall. Within seconds, a cacophony of conversation broke out all around the hall. Rose smiled and began loading her plate with food immediately, her stomach growling.

“So, what’s the Ravenclaw common room like?” Rose asked Henry, who laughed and shook his head.

“You’ll have to wait and see for yourself,” he said, still smiling. “It’s good to have a nice surprise every now and then, Rose.”

Rose scrunched up her nose, “Yeah, I’m not too fond of surprises,” she muttered.

Henry took a sip of his pumpkin juice, though Rose could see him smiling from behind the glass. He set it down and looked at her, “Doesn’t mean they aren’t good for you though every now and then.” He winked and began eating from his plate.

She sighed and turned to her food. She cut off a bite of steak and pulled it from her fork with her mouth, chewing a couple times before her face lit up.

“Merlin’s pants!” she said and Henry nearly choked on his food.

“You don’t say!” Henry said with a laugh after taking another drink of his pumpkin juice.

“This food is bloody amazing!” she squealed, spooning a heap of mashed potatoes onto her plate before grabbing some chicken legs and a roll.

“You’re telling me,” Henry said after swallowing one of his bites. “I looked forward to this stuff all summer. It never gets old. Those House Elves do some seriously good cooking.”

Rose smiled, “Yup! And thanks to my mum, those of them who want it get pay and vacation days.”

“Your mum started that?” he asked, looking surprised. “Blimey. I mean, James told me it was his aunt, so that makes sense. Isn’t your mum like really smart?”

“Well, yeah. She started up the whole organization in her fourth year. According to my dad, she was highly dedicated,” she said, smiling. “He thinks almost too dedicated, but she managed to accomplish a lot. She is a very ambitious person, and quite clever.”

“But according to James she was a Gryffindor?” James asked, looking confused.

“Well, of course. She was beyond brilliant. But, being a part of the Golden Trio, she sort of had to be smart. I’m surprised you didn’t know all that,” Rose said with a smile, though Henry’s face grew red.

“Well… I’m a Muggle-born,” he mumbled.

“So was my mum!” she said, grinning and he returned her smile with a sheepish grin of his own.

“Well, that does make me feel better,” he said, laughing.

The rest of the meal flew by; revealing a round of incredible desserts mere seconds after the dinner dishes disappeared. Within an hour, everyone seemed to be stuffed and some of the students were groaning.

All of the dessert dishes disappeared and McGonagall rose from her spot at the teacher’s table and walked to the podium once again. She smiled and cleared her throat and waited a few moments for all the voices to die down.

“Now that we’re all full, I daresay that it’s time for some sleep. Prefects, you know what to do. Good luck to you all,” she said with a smile and everyone rose from their seats.

The talking around the hall was now a dull roar as everyone but the first years and a few prefects began to walk out of the hall.

Someone tapped Rose’s shoulder and she turned to see Al standing there. She nearly tripped over the bench as she stepped over it and wrapped him in a hug. “AL!” she squealed, right in his ear.

“Ouch, Rosie!” he said with a laugh and she scrunched her nose.

“Rosie?” she said, ruffling his hair.

He grimaced, “Sorry.” He mumbled. “But hey, dad was right! It let me choose and this just seemed like the best choice… We did it, Rose!”

She nodded and smiled, “It would appear so.”

Scorpius came up behind Al and Rose seemed to freeze. He smiled at her and then turned to Al.

“Come on, Albus! The others are leaving,” he said and sure enough, the newest Slytherins were nearly twenty feet away from them, following an older student.

“I’ll talk to you later, ‘kay Rose? Good luck!” he said with a smile before he and Scorpius ran to join their fellow Slytherins.

“First years, follow me!” a girl’s voice said and Rose turned to see a tall blonde girl waving her arms. “Ravenclaws, if you would kindly make your way towards me. Don’t be shy!”

The girl smiled as several first years queued up in front of her. Someone tapped Rose on the shoulder and Rose turned to see Henry smiling down at her.

“Good luck, Rose! First surprise coming right up,” he said with a wink and made his way over to James who was waiting for him by the door out of the hall.

“Okay. So, I believe that’s all of you?” the blonde girl said, looking around at the first years. “There should be nine girls and eleven boys,” she muttered as she did a quick head count.

“Yup! Looks like we’re all set!” she smiled and turned towards the exit, her long hair twirling out around her as she turned. Her curls bounced with each step and Rose took a deep breath, focusing on the curls as she followed the group of Ravenclaws from the hall.

The girl turned to face them once more after they left the dining hall and emerged into the entrance hall.  She looked absolutely thrilled as she looked among the first years. “Okay. So, I’m Erin. I’m the seventh year Prefect for Ravenclaw as well as this year’s Head Girl.”

A few of the first years looked impressed as Erin continued, “So, if you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to come to me! And if I’m not available, you have the other Prefects you can go to. You’ll meet them all in just a couple minutes!”

“Where’s the common room?” a taller black-haired boy asked.

“Getting to that,” Erin said with a smile. “And if you’ll all follow me, I can show you!” she said and turned on the spot once more.

They made their way across the entrance hall to the large marble staircase that Rose assumed was the main staircase. Once making their way up, they came to several sets of stone staircases.

“Careful, guys. These can be a bit tricky, as they like to move. So, stick close and don’t wander off!” Erin said and began climbing the stairs.

After climbing five staircases, Erin began make her way down a corridor, turning around a couple times to make sure the whole group was there.

“Almost there!” Erin said as they came upon a metal staircase that spiraled upwards. “Being Ravenclaws, as knowledge is our thing, we don’t have a password. Instead, the knocker at our door will ask you a question or a riddle. If you get it wrong then you have to wait for someone who knows the answer, allowing you the chance to learn something new!” she said as they were climbing the staircase.

They finally made it to a small corridor, though they were all swaying from dizziness. An oak door stood at the end of the corridor and in the center was a large, bronze, eagle-shaped doorknocker. Aside from that, the door was completely bare.

Erin knocked once with the knocker as the remaining first years crammed into the small corridor.

“What gets wetter as it dries?” the door asked.

A small girl yelled, “A towel!” before clasping her hands over her mouth, looking as if she feared she’d just spoken out of turn. The door opened and Erin beamed at the girl.

“Very nice!” What’s your name?” Erin asked, still smiling. The girl turned red immediately.

“Sally,” she said, her voice barely a whisper.

“Well, Sally, well done!” she beamed and made her way through the doorway, holding it open as all of the first years made their way in.

All of them held their breath as they made their way in, several gasping as they looked around.

Ravenclaw’s common room was breathtaking. It was nearly perfectly round, with a domed ceiling. Its carpet was a deep, midnight blue, while the walls were snow white with high, arching windows every ten feet or so.

The ceiling was also a midnight blue, though painted stars were scattered across it, twinkling as if they were real. Bookcases and chairs lined the walls and some tables were scattered amongst the middle, along with a couple of large couches.

To their left was a large fireplace with a fire dancing merrily in its center. Directly across from them was an archway and to its left stood a white marble statue.

“Well,” Erin said, turning to them with a grin. “This is your common room! You’ll be spending a lot of time in here these next seven years, so I hope you find it comfortable.”

“Oi! Mark!” Erin said suddenly and a brunette boy who was walking by the group stopped and turned around.

“Yes’m?” he said, looking confused.

“Go grab the rest of the prefects so we can do some introductions. They need to know who you guys are,” she instructed, smiling, and Mark nodded, walking towards a small group sitting near the fire.

“Before I do introductions, make sure you’re at breakfast by nine tomorrow. We’ll be starting classes at eleven tomorrow, a bit later than usual, but it gives everyone a little time to adjust. So make sure you’re there early to get your schedules,” she finished just as a group of four students made their way over to the first years, Mark walking in front of them.

“Alright guys, so my fellow Prefect is Mark. He’s the other seventh year. Then Julia and Steven are the sixth years,” she said, gesturing to a raven-haired girl and a small blonde boy who both gave quick waves and smiled. “And your fifth year Prefects are Alexis and Oscar,” she said, and a girl with magenta hair and the brown haired boy next to her waved.

“If you ever have questions or need to talk to someone, you’re welcome to come to any of us,” she said. “You guys can go back to whatever now,” she laughed.

“Bye guys!” Mark said as he put an arm around Julia and the group turned and walked back to their spot.

Erin glanced around and yelled, “Charlie!” a girl laying on one of the couches sat up, looking confused. She stood up and made her way over to the group.

“Yeah, Erin?” she asked, smiling at the first years.

“Everyone, this is the Ravenclaw Quidditch captain. She’s a sixth year so don’t be shy, she’ll be here when you guys are able to try out,” Erin said.

Charlie gave them a half-smile, looking out of place. “That’s me. Uhh… I’m kind of tired so I’ll see you all later. I’m not so good at speech giving when I’m tired. Congratulations on making the best house,” she said, winking before she walked away.

“Okay, that’s about it for tonight. Girls, your dorms are through that archway to your left. Boys, it’s the same but to your right. Get some rest!” Erin said and walked over to the other Prefects.

“So was it worth the surprise?” a voice said and Rose turned to see Henry standing there with a crooked smile.

She felt herself smile in return, “Most definitely. Thanks for not telling me anything.”

“My pleasure. I didn’t want to spoil this for you. Just wait until tomorrow morning when you get to see the view from up here.”

“That good, huh?” she asked with a laugh.

“Guess you’ll just have to wait and see if I’m right,” he said, a smile spreading slowly across his face.

“I suppose I will,” she smirked. “Thanks for saving me a seat and everything. I’m going to try and find my dorm and settle in for the night.”

“No problem,” he said, giving her a quick hug. “I’ll save you a seat at breakfast.”

“Sounds like a plan!” she said and smiled up at him.

“Henry!” someone called and Henry turned and walked to a boy sitting at one of the tables. He turned and waved at Rose before she made her way over to the archway.

There was yet another spiral staircase and Rose began climbing it, sighing as she realized how much stair climbing this would involve. Every five steps or so, there was a door to the left. The first read, “7 A-L” which she figured was seventh year and the letters of last names, meaning she was at the top.

Nearly out of breath, Rose reached the door that read, “1 M-Z” and pushed open the door.

The room was circular like the common room and had four large beds with midnight blue curtains around the back. Thick blue comforters were folded back, revealing bronze sheets and at the head of the bed were two pillows—blue with bronze stripes running down the left side of each.

There was a series of windows around the room and the ceiling was the same as in the common room. A door stood to the right from the entrance door and Rose heard a shower running from behind it.

She smiled and looked around, seeing that there was a trunk at the foot of each bed.

Walking around clockwise, her bed was the third from the door and on top of her trunk was Elune’s cage, which stood open. She looked around and saw Elune perched on the pillow on the right of her bed, purring.

“I know, girl,” Rose said to her, walking over and scratching Elune on the head. “We’re home.”


                Okay… so I have some good news! I MADE RAVENCLAW! I’m still a bit shocked. I mean, it was what I wanted but there was some part of me prepared for it not to happen. I feel like I’m one of the first Weasley’s to *not* to be in Gryffindor, so that’s sort of odd. But to be honest, I feel at home here already.

                When I put the sorting hat on, it talked to me before making the decision, but it was like it was speaking directly in my head. All it said, “A broken chain,” and that was it. But then it yelled Ravenclaw and I barely had time to dwell on it. Not sure what it meant though.

                Oh! Al made Slytherin! Which, as it turns out, he chose. He seems to be friends with Scorpius already… who also ended up in Slytherin. Not that I really care.

 James’ friend Henry was fantastic tonight. He’s super nice and he saved me a spot next to him at dinner and promised to do the same for breakfast tomorrow. It’s nice to feel like I already sort of know someone who’s in my house.

I’d best be going. I want to meet all my dorm mates before I go to bed and I’m exhausted, so it’s about time to start getting ready for bed. I’m so excited for this chapter of my life to begin!


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Chapter 11: Towels
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Rose sighed and slid off the bed, opening her trunk and placing the diary on top before grabbing her pajamas and shutting the trunk. Turning to head to the bathroom, she realized she’d forgotten to grab her toiletries, which she grabbed from the top- having placed them strategically based on her mother’s suggestion. She smirked as she made her way to the bathroom and knocked.

“Y’all are good to just come on in,” a muffled voice said from behind the door, though it was the accent that surprised her- definitely American Southern.

“Errm are you sure?” she asked cautiously and heard a tinkling laugh.

“Positive,” the voice said. “It’s like a locker room  in here, we’re sharing with the other first years and there’s a door on the other side that connects from their side, but really, there’s like five showers and five bathroom stalls and seven or so sinks. Y’all are fine.”

Rose opened the door and had to stifle a gasp. The tile across the floor was a dazzling bronze color, and there was a midnight blue door directly across from her, which opened just a few seconds later, revealing a black-haired girl who smiled at Rose.

To her right was a few feet of tile and the entire wall was filled with a row of sinks, and the voice had been right, there were seven.

To the left was a row of stalls and across from it were more stalls, where Rose saw steam rising in tendrils and realized that it was a row of showers. She walked in and glanced around, smiling to herself.

The stall doors were the same midnight blue as the doors, with a single bronze stripe running down the left side of each. The showers were the opposite, the shower curtains bronze, with blue stripes running along the bottom. On the back wall was a large mirror that went from the floor to the top of the wall. When she glanced up, Rose saw that once more, while the walls were white in here, the ceiling was still splattered with bronze stars.

Steam stopped coming from the shower stall and the curtains were pulled back, revealing a small girl with a towel wrapped around her hair- though a few loose strands revealed a dark brown color- and watery blue eyes. There was a splash of freckles across her nose, but aside from the towel, the girl was completely naked.

“Umm,” Rose said, her eyes wide. The girl glanced down and laughed.

“Right… sorry. I’m not used to sharing bathrooms and whatnot, being an only child. Not quite sure what’s expected and all that,” she said, blushing. “If y’all would excuse me,” she smiled at Rose and the black haired girl and slipped through the door Rose had come through.

The girl rolled her eyes, “Well she’s a bit thick to be in Ravenclaw.”

Rose turned and looked at the girl, her eyes wide, “Excuse you?”

“Oh please. She’s probably some homeschooled freak from America who couldn’t make any American school and had to beg to get in here. Mum always said McGonagall had a knack of being a pushover,” she said, flicking her black hair over her shoulder as she began brushing her teeth.

Seething, Rose took a deep breath and closed her eyes. “Nice snap judgment. You really should get to know people before you do that sort of thing.”

She set her toiletry bag on the shelf above one of the sinks and made her way out of the bathroom and back into the dorm room.

The brown-haired girl sat on the bed to the left of Rose’s in a ball, her arms around her legs and her chin resting on her knees.

“Hey,” Rose said cautiously, making her way over to the girl who jumped a couple inches before wiping at her face.

“Umm… hey,” she said and gave Rose a weak smile.

Rose sat on her bed facing the girl and gave her a reassuring smile. The girl was dressed now, wearing light blue pajama bottoms and an oversized black t-shirt. “You alright?”

The girl nodded, her eyes still glossy with tears, “I think so.”

“I’m Rose,” she said, offering her hand though the gap was several feet wide. “It would be nice to have a friend around here, and I think you’ll do just fine,” she winked.

The girl tentatively slid off her bed and closed the gap, grasping Rose’s hand and shaking it. “I’m Becky. Well, Rebecca Lauren Miller- though now that I’ve said all that it seems rather pointless.” She shook her head but gave Rose a smile. “I’m sorry about the whole being naked thing…” she trailed off, looking embarrassed.

“Hey, you left an impression already, that’s impressive,” Rose laughed and Beck’s lips curled upwards- the beginning of a smile. “Anyways, I’m going to go brush my teeth and then we can continue this conversation, alright?”

“M’kay!” Becky said, now beaming.

Making her way back to the bathroom, Rose prayed that the black haired girl would no longer be in there, though as she opened the door she was disappointed.  The girl was standing before the large mirror, poking and prodding at different parts of her face.

“Have to go comfort your girlfriend?” the girl said, glaring at Rose through the mirror.

Rose closed her eyes and shook her head, making her way to the sink. “Is there a reason you’re so bitter towards her?”

“I’m a proper Ravenclaw,” the girl said with a cold laugh. “That girl clearly isn’t, she’s already displayed that she lacks common sense.”

“She had a moment of confusion,” Rose said, putting toothpaste on her toothbrush and nearly squeezing the bottle everywhere due to the anger rising inside her. “And you need to get off your high horse, wouldn’t want to fall and hurt that pretty little face.”

The girl turned as Rose was wetting her toothbrush and began brushing, hard. Her gums began bleeding instantly and she winced but continued to brush.

“Was that a threat?” the girl said, her left eyebrow arched nearly to her hairline.

Rose shook her head and finished brushing her teeth while the girl was glaring at her. “Depends,” Rose muttered as the girl approached her.

“Wait,” the girl said, a sneer forming on her face. “You’re the Weasley kid, aren’t you?” she said, walking around to the other side of Rose and causing Rose to have to turn, placing her back against the cold sink.

“What if I am?” Rose asked, trying to sound confident.

The girl laughed, “So that’s where you get all that false confidence. Mum was right about your family. So smug and arrogant in all the ways they shouldn’t be. Stop sticking up for the weak, you could do so much better.” The girls eyes were now sparkling with something Rose couldn’t quite read. Joy? Anticipation?

Rose looked the girl straight in the eyes, “Meaning?”

“Be friends with me. We could take this place by storm, you and I would make a great pair,” she said, offering her hand out to Rose. “The name’s Kira. Kira Butler.”

Rose shook her head and grabbed her toiletries from behind her, “No thank you. I’m perfectly capable of sorting out those I see fit to be friend material out from the rest.” Rose pushed past Kira and heard her scoff.

“You’re going to regret this,” she hissed.

Rose turned and winked at Kira before going into her dorm, “Or maybe you will.”

Three girls sat in a circle in the center of the room when Rose walked in, Becky being one of them.

“ROSE!” she shrieked and stood up to give her a hug. “I’m being totally honest here; I thought y’all was a goner. That girl is far too evil,” she said with a shiver.

Rose smiled a little bit, “I have a feeling I only made her angry. Though the good news is it’ll all be directed at me now, not at you.”

“Well what’d you say?” Becky asked, her blue eyes wide.

“A bit of this, a bit of that. She told me I was already choosing the wrong friends and wanted me to be friends with her instead all because I’m a Weasley and she thinks that means something and wants her and I to be the best of friends and ‘take this place by storm’.” Rose said, putting air quotes around the last bit.

Becky still looked scared, “I said no, of course. And she didn’t take it too well.” Rose smiled reassuringly, not sure if she should be proud or not to have already made an enemy.

“I could kiss you already!” Becky said, wrapping Rose in another hug.

Rose just laughed, “I would much rather be friends with you. That girl is awful.”

“Well, c’mon!” Becky said with a smile. “We all gotta get to know each other!” she pulled Rose down so that she was sitting with the other girls as well, both of whom were blond, one with green eyes, the other with brown.

“Errm… hi. I’m Rose,” she nervously waved and looked between the blonds.

“I’m Victoria,” the brown-eyed girl said, “and this is my sister Robin. Our last name is Wilson and I’ve got to say, it’s kind of a shock for us to have ended up in the same house.”

Robin nodded, “We went into this expecting to only be seeing each other during meals and the occasional lesson and stuff, but I think it’ll be nice to still be together.” She beamed and nudged her sister in the arm.

“So we’ve got Becky, Robin, Rose, and Victoria in this dorm,” Rose said with a smile. “I already like you guys better than the other first year I met.”

“Who was that?” Victoria asked, cocking her head.

“Kira Butler,” she said, grimacing.

Robin let out a laugh, “That girl is awful, not that it’s any surprise. It’s Pansy Parkinson’s daughter. She married some bloke from Durmstrang who didn’t speak a whole lot of English and ended up leaving Pansy when Kira was a few years old. Pansy tells everyone he died so she was able to keep the last name and the money, he didn’t want it anyways. Rumor is he’s living in the Muggle world and he has a whole other family somewhere.”

Becky’s eyes were wide, “Why would Pansy tell everyone that?”

“She’s ashamed. But mum’s really good friends with Pansy’s so called best friend Daphne Greengrass and Pansy told Daphne everything. She wants everyone to believe she’s still loyal to her ‘dead husband’ even though it comes down to nothing but blood status and money, mum reckons that she had him under a love potion for years and when he escaped he didn’t care about returning to the wizarding world for fear someone else might do it to him,” Robin said, shaking her head. “So. Much. Drama.”

“Poor Pansy,” Victoria said, shaking her head.

Robin scoffed, “Yes and no. I mean, yeah, it sucks to be left, but look at the circumstances. I wouldn’t want to live under a love potion and have to deal with a wife who I didn’t actually care for and a life I’d never asked for. The whole situation is just kind of awful.”

Victoria shrugged, “I suppose you’re right.”

Becky yawned and they all seemed to snap out of whatever state they’d been in.

“I think it’s time for bed,” Rose said, laughing. Becky yawned again but nodded in agreement and they all stood up, making their way to their beds after quick hugs and mumblings of good nights.

Rose quickly changed into her pajamas and jumped onto the bed, causing Elune to lift her head from under her paws, lazily looking up at Rose and letting out a disgruntled meow.

“Oh, hush. You’ve been sleeping all night, I’m sure,” Rose said, picking the cat up and holding her against her chest where she purred contently. She buried under the covers and pulled them up to her chin, placing Elune right on her chest and scratching under the cat’s chin.

Elune purred with content and was asleep within seconds, “And you’re out already,” Rose laughed.

Lights were turned off and within a few minutes, the dorm room was completely dark, save for a tiny sliver of moonlight coming through each of the windows around the room, and the faint glow of stars from the ceiling. Rose smiled to herself; it was like being back in the field with Al and watching the meteor shower. Within minutes, she was asleep.


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