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Dangerous Existence by WildCat

Format: Novel
Chapters: 9
Word Count: 15,914
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Drama, Horror/Dark, Romance
Characters: Dumbledore, Lupin, Snape, Sirius, Lily, James, Regulus, R. Lestrange, Pettigrew, OC
Pairings: Other Pairing, James/Lily, Lucius/Narcissa, Sirius/OC

First Published: 06/09/2012
Last Chapter: 11/10/2013
Last Updated: 11/10/2013

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There is two words that describe Regulus Black: Arrogant Slytherin. I hate him with the very fibre of my bones. But lately I can't help but notice that my heart starts to beat furiously when I look at him. What is the matter with me?


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Chapter 1: Meeting
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                                                    Chapter One:
                                            September 1st, 1979
   “No! Please! Don’t leave me!” The woman screamed, tears streaming down her face. 

  “I have too! This is something I must do!” The man standing before her, said quietly.   

  “I need you!” The women’s voice was a whisper now.

  “I’m so sorry! I love you so much!”

  “I love you too!”

  “Goodbye, Alexandra!” He said and kissed her delicately, but passionately.

  “Goodbye!” Tears poured out of her eyes as he left. She sunk to the floor. Curled in a

ball, she rocked back and forth, howling her despair to the world!

                        September 1st, 1977. Exactly 2 years earlier                                       


   As the train puffed out of the station. I dragged my trunk through the corridors looking

for my friends. I spotted them sitting together in an otherwise empty compartment. I

had never had a big group of friends, just me, Jackie and Soph. Soph’s real name is

Sophie, but everybody calls her Soph.

   “Hey Alex, we were wondering when you would find us” Sophie called. That's my

name; Alexandra Fore

                                                                                                                                                             “Well if you had just waited for me to show up” I puffed, trying to heave my trunk into the

overhead compartment. Jackie quickly got up and helped me. Once it was tucked

away, I slumped down on the seat opposite Sophie.


  At this point, you might be wondering, who is this strange person and what is she on

about? Well, I tell you. My name is Alexandra Fore, I live with my uncle in the

countryside of England and have done so ever since my parents died when I was a

baby. I never knew and my uncle doesn’t talk about them much. Apparently they died at

the hand of Voldemort, a rising dark wizard. My parents were in the Order of the

Phoenix you see.

  When I was eleven I was as excited as any other witch or wizard who has just

received their Hogwarts letter. On the first of September I boarded the train with

everybody travelling to the school that would become my second home. God, that

sounds corny. Anyway, I met Sophie and Jackie (her real name is Jacqueline, but

nobody calls her that) on the train when I sat in the same compartment as them.

We’ve been friends ever since. At Hogwarts I was sorted into Gryffindor just as I had

wanted, as were Jackie and Soph. For the past six years I’ve loved Hogwarts and as I

said before, it’s my second home.

  Every summer Jackie and Sophie would come to my place or I would go to one of

theirs, but no matter what, we spend every minute of every day together. It’s been that

way for the past six bloody amazing years and it’s fantastic.


 I was brought back to the present by Jackie waving her hand in my face.

 “Hey, are you in there?” Jackie asked, annoyed.

  “Of course I am. What did you think had happened? I’d magically left my body?” I was

a little annoyed as well that Jackie was being so rude.

  “Wow, we haven’t seen each other for a whole WEEK and you two are already

annoyed at each other. I think that’s a record.” Soph said, sarcastically.

  Jackie and I are known to have hot tempers, and you can often find us arguing over

the simplest of things.

  Our group is different from other groups of friends. We're lots of fun, we love to have a

laugh and we love playing pranks, which has brought us quite close to James Potter,

Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew, even though they’re two years above

us. I’m a brunette, Jackie is a redhead, and Soph is a blond. Some people get

weirded out when they look at me because I have really strange, forest green eyes.

 "So,” Jackie said “what’s being happening your end? I’ve just been hanging with my

two best friends all summer.” She grinned and put an arm over my shoulder.

  A little while later, after the trolley had come and gone, we were munching on

chocolate frogs and talking about the holiday, when the compartment door slid open. A

black haired, arrogant looking boy, who looked slightly familiar, and another taller, dark

haired boy barged in.

 “I hope you don’t mind if we sit here here?” The arrogant looking one said and then,

not waiting for a reply, promptly sat down.

 “No, it’s fine” I said moving over to make room. The two boys ignored me and started

talking in low voices. I heard the word pureblood mentioned and I realised what house

they must be in. I doubt they knew that all three of us were in Gryffindor.

 I glanced over at Soph and Jackie. Soph was biting her lip, and Jackie had a frown on

her face. So they had heard the word pureblood too. I racked my memory trying to see

if I had ever seen these boys before. They definitely weren’t in our year, but they might

have been in 6th year.

 Then it hit me. The arrogant one was Sirius Black’s younger brother, Regulus Black,

which is why he looked familiar. I'm a chaser on the Gryffindor quiddich team, along

with Sirius, so I knew he had a brother.  I was not sure who the tall one was, but I was

pretty sure he was a Slytherin. Just like Black.

 As these things ran through my head, I didn’t realise I was staring at them until Black

looked up and said “What’re you staring at?”

 “Nothing, but I was wondering what people will think when they pass by, and see two

Slytherin boys in a compartment with three Gryffindors. I wonder what would happen to

your reputation?” I retorted, not liking they’re attitudes and being Gryffindor

immediately becoming defensive. Black gaped and stared at me in shock.

 “You’re in Gryffindor” he said, not sounding as confident as before.

 “Yup” I said, and Soph and Jackie nodded. “Want to leave?” Black’s eyes narrowed

and he sneered at me.

 “I have a better plan” He drawled “why don’t you leave?” The question took me by

surprise. And then I narrowed my eyes too. How dare he? We got here first!

 “No” I said, my words dripping with anger “I don’t think we will.” Soph looked a little

hesitant about this proclamation, but Jackie nodded at my words.

 Black looked at me and then said “Are you sure? You could walk away unscathed if

you go now, but stay and I’m afraid you won’t look pretty afterwards.”

 “Is that so?” I said drawing my wand “well I am not in Gryffindor for nothing you know.”

  Black glared at me and drew his wand. His friend stayed where he was, obviously

enjoying the show. Jackie and Soph stayed back, knowing I wanted to fight Black

myself.  I wanted to wipe the sneer of his face without any help.

 “Black raised his wand and cried “Expelliarmus.” I deflected it easily. “Is that the best

you can do?” I sneered at him and then cried “Petrificus Totalus.” Black deflected it

and then said “You know what Rabastan? I don’t think it’s worth fighting these girls.”

He said the last word with distaste. The other boy, Rabastan, nodded and turned to

the door.

  “Really?” I said “you know, Slytherins are much bigger cowards then I could ever

imagine them to be.” Black whipped round at the door.

 “You’ve made an enemy of me, Fore. Remember that. This isn’t over.” He turned and

walked out the door, closing it with a snap behind him.

    “So that’s Rabastan Lestrange” Sophie said as the door closed. Jackie nodded.

 “All I know about him is that his brother is the death eater, Rudolphus Lestrange” she


 “Well, I now hate Regulus Black” I commented.

 “Yeah that was weird” Sophie said “I mean to try and kick us out of our own


 “Yeah” Jackie said “I’m glad I’m not in the same house as him.”

 “Well, who would want to be in Slytherin anyway?” I said.

 For the next couple of hours left before we reached Hogwarts, the girls and I talked

about lots of things. It wasn’t until later that I found out a surprising secret; we were

talking about Quidditch, and wondering if Jackie and I would make the team (Sophie

didn’t play), when Jackie said “Have you heard that William Tate, you know, the

Gryffindor Keeper?” we all nodded and I noticed that Sophie had looked up from the

book when William’s name was mentioned. “Well” Jackie continued “apparently he is

going out with Jocelyn Vane, the newly chosen Ravenclaw Quidditch captain.”

 “And?” I said not understanding.

 “Well” Jackie said “I thought Sophie would be interested in that piece of gossip.”

Sophie looked up, startled.

  “Why?” she said cautiously.

  “Soph” Jackie said, sighing “we know your secret. You don’t have to hide it anymore.”

  “What secret?” I asked surprised.

  “Don’t you know?” Jackie asked, equally surprised. “Soph fancies William Tate.”          

“ did you guess?” Soph spluttered.

 “Well, it was pretty obvious, because every time...”

 “Hang on” I interrupted “why did nobody tell me?”

 “I thought you knew” Jackie said.

 “I didn’t know anybody else knew” Soph said softly “well, I guess the secrets out now.”

 The conversation slowly turned away from Soph’s crush, to other less important


 As the train drew nearer to the station, Soph, Jackie and I quickly changed into our

robes and packed up our belongings. We left our luggage on the train and found a

carriage that would carry us up to Hogwarts. I looked out the window as we slowly

trundled up to the castle, thinking about what other secrets this year would hold.

  Soon everybody was sitting in the Great Hall and the Sorting began. I wasn’t really

interested because I was hungry. Not that much later though, the sorting ended and

the food appeared. I was talking to Sirius Black, who was sitting on my left, when

Sirius suddenly said “So, what have you done to my darling brother to make him

glower at you so much?”

 “W…What?” I said “Oh, that. Well, we sort of had a disagreement on the train. Then he

declared me to be his enemy.”

 “Really?” Sirius asked, sounding interested “What did you do?”

 “Nothing. He came in with Rabastan Lestrange, and asked us to leave. I said no, of

course and he got all angry. We shot a few spells at each other, said a few taunts, he

declared me his enemy and that’s about it.”  “Wow” Sirius said, sounding amused

“Well done. I can’t even get him to talk to me - not that I want him to, of course - let

alone declare me his enemy.”

 “Oh” I said “well, I’ll try to keep up the good work, make him hate me some more. For


 “Thank you. It’s about time somebody showed him he’s not boss.” Sirius said,


 “I'll do that” I said, and the conversation ended. Dumbledore got up soon after, made

his speech and everybody started to get rise, getting ready to leave the Great Hall.

 “Anybody know the password?” Jackie asked, from next to me.

 “It’s Giant Squid” said James Potter. I wondered how he knew, but then remember

that he was now Head Boy.

 We made our way up the marble staircase, following the crowd of Gryffindor students.

  By the time we arrived at the portrait of the Fat Lady, I was dreaming of a nice warm

bed and a fluffy pillow. Separating from the rest of the crowd, Soph, Jackie and I

climbed the stairs to the 5th year girl’s dormitory. When we got there, our two other

roommates were already there. I had never been particularly close with Violet Smith or

Jane McClaggen. They were sluts and dated different boys every week. I nodded my

head hello at them. And quickly found me bed, undressed, went into the bathroom to

brush my teeth, then climbed into bed.

 “Night” I called to Sophie and Jackie, then pulled my curtains shut, and rolled over. 20

seconds later, I was asleep.


Hey Everybody,

So, this story is about one of the reason Regulus Black stopped being a Death Eater, except it is from Alex's point of view. The next chapter is going to be more exciting. Please give your thoughts on it.


Chapter 2: Fighting
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                                                         Chapter Two:

  The next morning, I woke up early as usual. Making sure I didn’t disturb the others  - who were late sleepers, whereas I woke up early every morning - I quickly got dressed and hurried downstairs for breakfast.

  The Great Hall was virtually empty, since it was only 7:30. But I was used to this. I sat down at the Gryffindor table, nodding to a few 5th years as I did. I looked around. There were five 4th years at the HufflePuff Table, two 6th years at the Ravenclaw Table, and to my disgust, Lestrange, Black and another boy who I knew to be called Jasper Avery, at the Slytherin Table.

   Black turned around at that precise moment, and caught me looking at him and his friends. I glared at him, and he sneered back. I turned away, just as I heard him whisper to Lestrange;

  “Fore looks like she got out of bed the wrong way, then fell into a thorn bush, doesn’t she.”

   I whipped around and jumped up, pulling out my wand. “I heard that, Black.”

  “Oh, did you. Well then you will know it’s true” Black called. Everybody in the hall had turned to watch our argument.  

  “How dare you!” I cried. Black stood up, as I raised my wand. But before I could cast a spell, there was a shout.

  “Fore, lower your wand. You too Black” McGonagall said, as Black tried to cast a spell while I wasn’t looking. “Please follow me” McGonagall said icily. I reluctantly followed McGonagall, glancing behind me to see Black right behind me. I sneered at him.
McGonagall stopped in the Entrance Hall.

  “I am very disappointed in you two” She began “Fighting on your first day, I would have thought better of you. Well” she said “maybe not you Fore. But you Black, you should know better. You are a prefect after all. If this happens again, I shall take your prefect badge a way.” I grinned at Black’s face, hoping his badge was taken away. “Same go’s to you Fore” McGonagall said, catching my smile “If I see you fighting again, no more Quidditch.”

  “B..b..but” I spluttered “Professor, you wouldn’t do that.” I was the best chaser there was, besides James Potter of course.

  “Yes I would” said Professor McGonagall and she walked away.

  “This is all your fault” I said whipping around to face Black.

  “Actually, it is more your fault” Black smirked “You after all, were the one who drew your wand. All I did was comment to my friend.” I stepped forward so that we were nose to nose, and slapped him hard.

  “I hate you” I hissed and walked back into the dining room.

  When I stalked into the Great Hall, I saw Soph and Jackie sitting at the Gryffindor Table, yawning.

  “What’s wrong with you?” asked Sophie.

  “Everything” I said, slumping on the seat next to Jackie “I had a fight with Regulus Black again. I was about to jinx him when Professor McGonagall appeared and took me and Black out into the Entrance Hall, and told him if she found him fighting again she take away his prefect badge.” I explained, and Jackie grinned at this thought “But then she said, if she saw me fighting again, she’d take away my spot on the Gryffindor Quidditch Team.”

  “Merlin, that’s bad” Sophie said.

  “I know, so now Black is going to try and get a rise out of me. Especially when I slapped him and told him I hated him after McGonagall left.” Jackie started clapping, which made us all laugh.

  That morning, we had Double Potions, which was one of my favourite subjects. Then, after lunch we had Defence Against the Dark Arts. That was also one of my favourite subjects, so I by the time we got to Transfiguration - another of my favourite subjects - I was in a very good mood.

  We were in the middle of Transfiguration, when there was a knock on the door, and a timid looking, little first year came in.

  “Excuse me Professor” she said “But, I have a message for Miss...” She looked down at the envelope she was holding. “For Miss Alexandra Fore.” I looked up in surprise. Who could it be from?

   “Thank you” said Professor McGonagall “I shall give it to Miss Fore after class.”

  So as soon as class was over, I hurriedly took the envelope from Professor McGonagall and Sophie, Jackie and I began to read as we walked up to the Gryffindor Common Room. It Read:

                       Do You Really Know How Much I hate You?


  I snorted. “Isn’t Regulus Black theatrical?” I said.

  “Yeah” said Jackie “Do you really know how much I hate you?” she said deep voice, imitating Black. We all laughed and headed up to the Common Room.


  Later that night, I was sitting in the common room, finishing my homework when Sirius Black climbed through the portrait hall. He saw me, grinned and walked over to me.

 “You had a detention on the first day of school?” I asked.

 “Yup” he said grinning.

 “Well, it doesn’t surprise me” I said, rolling my eyes “what was it this time?”

 “James and me skipped two of our classes, and then in Transfiguration, we set McGonagall’s desk on fire.”

 “Impressive” I said “why did you do it?”

 “Cause we were bored” Sirius said.

 “Of course” I said laughing “why did I even ask?”

 “I thought you knew me by now?” Sirius said in a fake hurt voice. And we both started laughing.

 “Speaking of Impressive” Sirius said, his smile gone “I heard that you and my brother had another fight."

  “Oh yeah, that.”

  “No matter how happy I am that you did that, I have to warn you that Regulus will go to whatever measures to make your life miserable.”

  “And? What do I care?” I asked.

  “Just letting you know. And I like your attitude.” Sirius said yawning “Well I’m off to bed. I’ve had a busy day.”

  “Yeah like setting teachers desks on fire?” I snorted.

  “Exactly, like that” Sirius said grinning “Well, night.”

  “Night” I said, still grinning.


   The next day I woke up and headed down to breakfast, praying that Black wouldn’t be there. I entered the Great Hall, looked around, and gave a huge sigh of relief.

  “Thank god” I whispered. I spotted Sirius sitting at the Gryffindor table, bleary eyed, and headed over to him.

  “Morning” I said cheerfully.

  “I know, I know, you don’t have to rub it in” Sirius grumbled.

  “Don’t have to rub what in?” I asked confused.

  “That’s I’m up so early.” Sirius said with a yawn.

  “Well, why are you up so early?”

  “Cause, I have another Detention with McGonagall. She made it in the morning on purpose.”

  “Oh” I said “But then, why is James not here?”

  “His is tomorrow morning. McGonagall is having us do them on different days.” He stood up and stretched, then said “Well I’d better go. See you later.”

  “Yeah, bye.”

  “Oh and remember, make my brother lose his prefect badge.”

  “I’ll try” I said laughing.

  A little while later, Jackie and Soph walked into the Great Hall. I waved at them to come and join me.

 “Hey” I said.

 “Hey” Sophie said, dropping into the seat next to me. Jackie sat down on my other side and said “Any sign of the show off?”

 “Nope” I said cheerfully and then added “Thank God!”

 “Well, we just saw his prankster older brother” Soph said “and we were both wondering why he was up so early?”

  “Apparently his second detention is this morning” I said “He should know better than to play pranks on McGonagall.”

  “Besides being up so early, he was also looking very cheerful. Which was strange.” Jackie said, slyly.

  “What do mean?” I asked.

  “Well it seems as though something or someone made him happy this morning.”

  “Oh god” I groaned “Not this again.”

  Ever since four year, Sophie and Jackie have been sure that Sirius liked me. I thought it was ridiculous. But they kept up the teasing and the refusal to believe that Sirius and me were just friends. It seems they still believe that.

 “How many times have I told you, Sirius and me are just friends.”

 “Because it’s not true. You’re just trying to deny it.” Sophie said

 “I give up” I said in exasperation “I just give up.” Soph and Jackie sniggered.



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Chapter 3: Thinking
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                                           Chapter Three

  “Well done, Miss Fore” said Professor Slughorn “You are the only one who has successfully brewed the Felix Felius. 30 points to Gryffindor.”

   I was sitting in the Double Potions classroom on Thursday. Two days after my fight with Black. This morning I’d arrived in the Great Hall to see Black there. I’d walked passed his table and completely ignored him. Sophie had been with me and she had glanced at him and said that by the look of things, he had completely ignored us. Which was a relief. I don’t think I could bare being kicked off the Quidditch Team. Our first practice was tonight and I couldn’t wait.

  “Alex” I was jolted out of my thoughts by Jackie’s hiss.

  “What?” I hissed back.

  “It looks like we are going to be playing in the rain.”

  She was right. Even from the dungeons, you could hear the pounding of the rain from outside.

  “Well I don’t mind, as long as there’s no lighting” I said.

  Ever since I was a little girl, I’d had a deathly fear of lighting. Every time I saw it, I was scared.

  “Don’t worry” Sophie said, from my other side “James will cancel practice if there is.

  You know Dumbledore doesn’t like us to practice if there’s lightning.” Sophie was right, Dumbledore did hate us practice when there was lightning, and James knew I hated it, so he normally cancel if there was lightning anyway.

  At 6:15 Jackie and me headed out into the pouring rain, towards the Quidditch Pitch.

  We arrived, soaked at the changing rooms, and hurriedly changed into our gear.

  “Ah, Fore, Taylor. There you are” said James Potter.

  “Hello to you too, James” I said.

  “Why hello girls” said Sirius, putting an arm around each of our shoulders “I’ve missed you so much.”

  “Get off Sirius” I said, rolling my eyes.

  “What? I just want a hug.”

  I looked at him and then began to laugh. Sirius joined in and then we were rolling around in fits of laughter for no apparent reason. James was watching us with a bemused expression on his face, and Jackie was rolling her eyes.

  Suddenly, James shook himself “Ok guys” he said “this is Quidditch practice, not the common room. You can laugh all you want, up there.” He stared pointedly at Sirius and I. “Now, let’s get out there and practice some Quidditch.”

  "Do you have to give a pep talk before practice?" Jackie asked "Isn't that just for before games?"

  "Yeah, whatever!" James said, everybody laughed.

  I stood up and brushed as much grass off myself as I could, even though I was now covered in mud. I knew by the end of the practice, however, that I’d be covered in mud anyway. Afterall, it was pouring down out there.

   We practiced for 2 hours, and by the time we were finished everybody was soaking wet and exhausted.

   10 minutes later Jackie and I followed the team into the Common Room. Sophie greeted us with a wave. She was sitting in a chair talking to Remus Lupin. We trudged over to her, still sopping wet and dripping all over the floor.

  “Hey” I said, slumping to the ground by Soph’s feet.

  “Augh, get off my feet. You’re all wet. Go up and have a shower.”

  “Allright, allright I’m going.” I grumbled, turning to Jackie I said “You coming?”

  “No. I’ll wait here until you’re done. You take forever.”

  “Fine” I said “suit yourself.” I trudged up the stairs to the girls dormitory and stripped my clothes off. Climbing into the shower, I suddenly felt relaxed. The steaming hot, pounding water was soothing on my aches muscles.

  As I stood there, Regulus Black popped into my head. I jumped in surprise. Why was I thinking about him? I hated him? But then a question popped into my head.

  Why did he hate me? What had I done to him? Sure we had abit of a fight on the train, but that shouldn’t make him hate me, should it? And then I thought of another weird     question.

  Why did he come into our carriage in the first place? If he wanted a carriage to himself, why did he pick our one?

  Then it hit me. He fancied Soph or Jackie. It couldn’t be me, you could tell he hated me. Jackie, not too sure. But Soph, why she was perfect. Perfect blonde hair, perfect blue eyes, perfect petite figure.

  I quickly turned the water off, got out, and wrapped myself in a towel. Then, forgetting there were still lots of people in the Common Room, I ran down the stairs that lead to our Room.

  “Soph” I called “Soph?” Everybody was staring at me. Some were pointing and laughing and then I suddenly remembered. I was in a towel. Embarrassed, I hurried over to Soph, who was sitting next to a still sopping wet Jackie.

  “Soph” I said breathlessly. She looked up.

  “Yes?” She asked, taking in my towel and sopping wet hair with an amused glance.

  “I need to talk to you” I said “you too” I said turning to Jackie.

  “Well, I have to go up and have a shower anyway” Jackie said.

  When we got upstairs, Soph and Jackie turned to me. And before I could speak Jackie said. “Did you see Sirius’s face when you appeared in just you towel?”

  “What? Jackie, we don’t have time for this now.”

  “But come on Alex, didn’t you see his face.” 

  “No, and I don’t care. I’ve made a big discovering involving Regulus Black.”

  “Ok, let’s hear it then” Soph said.

  “Right” I said “I was in the shower when a question popped into my head. You know when we were on the train?”

  “Yeh” said Jackie.

  “Well, I was thinking. If Regulus Black wanted an empty carriage, why did he come into ours? I mean, he could have scared some little first years and gone into their carriage, but instead he came into our carriage. He should have known we wouldn’t tolerate him ordering us around.”

  “Where are you getting with this?” asked Jackie.

  “Wait, wait, just listen. So, I think there is only one explanation.” Soph and Jackie looked at me in bewilderment. “He’s in love with Sophie” Sophie looked at me “He didn’t want anyone to know, so he pretended to sit in our carriage because he decided he wanted it. But the real reason was so he could see Sophie.” I looked at them, hoping to see impressed faces, but instead, I was met with disbelieving ones.

  “Oh come on guys. It’s not that hard to believe.”

  “Look” Sophie said “Regulus Black is a stuck up pig who thought he could order 5th years around. It’s that simple.”

  “Yes but then why did he declare me his enemy?”

  “I don’t know, why?”

  “See, if he was my enemy he would have a perfect excuse to see you more often.”

  “That is completely ridiculous” Jackie said “anyone can see, he just didn’t like people standing up to him.”

  “Well, if you think my idea’s are silly, I’ll go talk to Sirius about it.” I turned and headed for the door.

  “Good luck with that. He’ll be too busy staring at you half naked body to pay any attention” Jackie laughed. I looked down and remember I still had just a towel on. So, I went over to the chest pretending I had known all along, dressed, and hurried downstairs, slamming the door behind me.

   Ten minutes later, Sirius and I were sitting in the library. I had just told him what I thought and to my relief, he had a thoughtful expression on his face.

  “So, what do you think?”

  “Well, it possible. But I just don’t see my brother falling in love with Sophie. He’s too perfect to fall in love with a Gryffindor.”

  “But you think it could be possible?”

   “Yes” Sirius looked at me “what are you going to do?”

  “I’m going to sneak into the Slytherin Common Room and spy on him.”

  “Alex, Regulus wouldn’t tell anyone. He would be shunned by his friends.”

   “Well, I’m going to find out.”

  “If you insist, you might as well take something of James’s.”

  I looked at him. “What does James have that I might need?”

  “You’ll see.” Sirius said.      

   “James” Sirius said to James, who looked up from where he was sitting “Can Alex borrow the you know whats?”

  “Cause” James said “I’m surprised she hasn’t already.”

  “What are the you know whats?” I asked.

  “Sirius” James said “all this time and you haven’t told her?”

  “Told me what?”

  “About the cloak and the map.” I looked at him, a bemused expression on my face.

  “Come with me” James said. So, Sirius and I followed James out the portrait hole along the corridor and into an empty classroom. Then James proceeded to to take something out of his bag. It was a long shimmering cloak.

  “What is it?” I breathed.

  “A true Cloak of Invisibility” James said proudly.

  “Where did you get it?” I asked.

  “It was handed down from my father. Apparently it’s been in the family for generations.”

  “Wow” I said.

  “Yep” James said, happily “and you can borrow it for whatever scheme you’re cooking up.”

  “James...” began Sirius. I elbowed him to shut up about what I was actually doing, and he did. Luckily James wasn’t listening. He was too busy pulling something else out of his bag.

  “And this” he said “is the Marauders Map.”

  “The what?” I asked.

  “The Marauders Map” James said looking from me to Sirius “Oh come on Sirius. You didn’t tell her about this either?” Sirius grinned, embarrassed. James turned to me, opened the map and said. “I solemnly swear I’m up to no good.” I looked at him. “It’s how you open the map” he said “anyway, this map shows you every person in Hogwarts and where they are at the moment.”

  “Wow. Where did you get this?”

   “We made it. See” James pointed his map at the top where it read; Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs are proud to present the Marauders Map.

  “Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs? That’s you?”

  “Yep” James pointed at himself “I’m Prongs, Sirius is Padfoot, Remus is Moony and Peter is Wormtail.”

  “Cool” I said grinning.

  “And they’re all yours until your done with whatever you’re doing.”

  “Thank you so much” I said, excitedly. And then as a second thought “Can I show Jackie and Sophie?”

  “Yeh, alright” James said, looking at me and shrugging his shoulders.

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Chapter 4: Spying
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                                                       Chapter Four


 That night, I slipped out of bed, still fully clothed, and sneaked downstairs. I hadn’t told Soph or Jackie of my plan to spy on Black to prove my point. I had also made James and Sirius swear not to tell anyone. I would tell my friends later, when I had found out everything I needed to know.

 When I entered the Common Room, it was completely empty so I through the cloak over my shoulders and snuck over to the portrait hole, proceeding to climb out. I padded down the corridor until I came to a suit of armour. I snuck behind it and pulled out the Marauder’s Map.

 “I solemnly swear I’m up to no good” I muttered. The map materialised. I found my dot and slowly search for Black’s. It was in the Slytherin Common Room. That meant getting inside, which would be the tricky part.

 I creeped out from behind the armour and slowly made my way down to the Slytherin Common Room. I jumped at any noise, forgetting I was invisible. When I reached the corridor that lead to the Common Room, I took out the map again. Just my luck, Rabastan Lestrange’s dot was heading toward the common room. I hurried after him.  
 Pretty soon, I rounded the corner and saw Lestrange approaching a solid wall. I crept forward, just in time to hear him mutter Pureblood. The wall opened to reveal the Common Room. Lestrange entered and the wall closed behind him. I crept forward and muttered pureblood. The wall opened for a second time. I entered the common room. It dim, eerily lit place. There was a crackling fire in the grate, creating dancing, flickering shadows on the walls.

 It was around 3 in the morning, so there was practically empty. However, to my luck, Black was stretched out on the couch by the fire, obviously he’d been waiting up for Lestrange, who was perched on one of the armrests. They’d obviously been talking about something secretive, because they immediately stopped talking when the wall opened again.

 “Who’s there?” called Black. When there was no response, he turned back to Lestrange. “Probably just a prefect still out on patrol.” He said.

 “Yeah” Lestrange agreed “well, I’m going to head up to bed.”

 “Ok” Black said “I’m going to stay down here for a bit. I need to finish some homework.”

 Lestrange muttered a goodnight and headed upstairs. Black stayed on the couch, looking round. Then he got up and began to pace around the room, obviously deep in thought. I was curious as to what he was doing, but didn’t dare move. 10 minutes later, he stopped pacing and walked towards the stairs for the boys dormitory, obviously heading up to bed.

 When he was gone, I looked around. I noticed he had left his bag on the floor by the couch, so I hurried over to it. I threw the cloak off and onto the couch, then sat down and lifted the bag onto my lap. I opened the bag and began to sift through stuff.

 There was lots of books and parchment and quills, but nothing else worth looking at. So, I closed the bag and put the cloak back on and headed  upstairs to the boys dormitory. Luckily, there was nothing preventing me from climbing, so I was soon at the top. Quietly opening the door to the 6th year boy’s dormitory, I peeked inside. The room was dark, but I was able to make out 5 beds. There were green silk curtains surrounding all of, them except for one. I assumed this was Black’s bed.

 Minutes later, Black came out of a door that obviously led to the bathroom. He headed over to his bed and sat down on it, preceeding to start getting changed. I wrinkled my nose in distgusted. Did I really have to watch my enemy get undressed? I didn't dare move, so I had to watch Black. Finally he was in just his boxers. I was surprised to find he actually had quite nice abs. To my relief, he then got into bed.  I quietly sat down and waited for him to fall asleep.

 Soon, his breathed changed and I knew he was asleep. So I hurried over to his bed and began to search his stuff, trying to find any clue that he liked Sophie. There was nothing. Absolutely nothing, however, I did find a piece of paper under lots of clothes that felt interesting. I couldn’t make it out through the darkness, but I decided to take it back to the Gryffindor Common Room with me. Realising I wasn’t going to find anything else to night, I crept out of the dormitory out of the wall and back to bed.

  The next morning, I woke up to find myself fully clothed, lying on top of the sheets and the clutching the piece of parchment. I looked at my clock. It read 9:00 am, which  meant that Soph and Jackie would be awake and wondering why I wasn’t downstairs eating breakfast like I usually was . I jumped up, stuffing the piece of parchment in my back pocket, I hurried downstairs to the Common Room, not bothering to change clothes.

 Soph and Jackie weren’t there, which meant they were already down in the Great Hall, eating breakfast. I climbed out of the portrait hole and rushed downstairs, praying that Jackie and Soph wouldn’t ask too many questions about why I woke up at 9:00 instead of 7:00.

 When I entered the Great Hall, I saw them eating breakfast in their usual spots. I hurried over to them.

 “Hey” I said, breathlessly.

 “Hey” Jackie said. She opened her mouth about to ask a questions, but I interrupted her.

 “I know, I know” I said “you want to know why I was up so late.”

 “Yes, actually I do.”

 “Well, I stayed up late doing homework, that’s all” I looked at them, praying they’d believe me.

 “Alex” Sophie said “you were spying on Black, weren’t you?”

 I looked at her incredulously. “How did you know?”

 “Well, A. You had your lying face on. B. James told us.”

 “James Potter” I snarled “I swear I’m going to kick him so hard, he won’t be able to walk for a week.”

 “Hey” Jackie said “Be fair, we did force him to tell us.”

 “Really?” I said, forgetting to be angry “How’d you do that?”

 “I told him, I tell Professor McGonagall he was still up to mischief.” Jackie said “Anyway, he seemed quite eager to tell. Apparently you made him swear not too.”

 “Yeah, why’d you tell him, but not us?” Sophie asked.

 “Because, when I told Sirius, he told me to tell James, because James could help.”

 “Yes, he told us about the cloak, and the Map.”

 “So” Jackie asked “why’d you spy on Black?”

 “So, I could prove that he was in love with Soph.”

 “Well, why don’t you tell us what happened from the beginning.” Jackie said. So, I told them everything and when I was done, Sophie asked, “So, what the piece of parchment say?”

 “I told you, I didn’t have time to read it” I said. But, I reached into my back pocket and took it out. I opened it, and Soph and Jackie peared over my shoulder. On the piece of paper is a Skull with a snake protruding from it’s mouth. Under it are the names,

                                        Regulus Black
                                        Rabastan Lestrange
                                        Jasper Avery
                                        Severus Snape
                                        Dale Travers
 “Oh my god!” I whispered “That’s the Dark Mark!”

 “Which means...” Jackie whispered.

 “Those people want to be Death Eaters!” Sophie whispered, staring at us with shocked eyes.”

 “But they’re only 16, why would they be thinking about that now?” Sophie cried out.

 “I don’t know, but...” I trailed off, not knowing what to say.

 “We’ve got to tell Dumbledore” Jackie said, grimly.

 “No” I said “No, I have a better idea. I’m going back to the Slytherin Common Room!” Jackie and Soph stared at me. Soph was about to protest when I silenced her with a glare.

 “No excuses, I’m going back!”

 “Who’s going back where?” Sirius said, yawning at me.

 “I’m going back to the Slytherin Common Room.”

 Sirius looked at me in surprise. “So you didn’t find what you were looking for?”

 “Not exactly” I said “But I did find something else.” I showed him the parchment. He read it and gaped at me, but before he could say anything, James appeared.

 “James Potter” I growled “I have a score to settle with you!”

 “Hey, I was forced into it telling them.” He turned to Sirius “What are you reading?” Sirius showed it to him.

 “I found that in Black’s stuff” I informed him, forgetting to be angry “I want to go back and see if I can find anything else, but these two won’t let me” I said pointing at Soph and Jackie.

 James stared at the letter and then back at me. “Oh you're going back” he said “You’re definitely going back.”

  So, that night Jackie, Soph, James, Sirius and I waited until everybody had left the Common Room, then James handed me the cloak and the map, they said good luck and I left.

 When I reached the wall leading to the Slytherin Common Room and had muttered the password, I entered the Common Room. This time it was empty. I looked around. There was nothing interesting down here, so I crept upstairs. I inched the door open, and tiptoed inside. Everybody was asleep.

 I looked around, as before, all the curtains were closed except for Black’s. This time, however, he was actually in bed. He obviously hadn’t bothered to close them. I crept over but as I did, my foot caught on a rug lying on the floor and I tripped and fell on Black’s bed.

 But not just on his bed, I fell on top of him. He jolted awake and sat up, nearly making me topple of the bed. He was looking straight at me and I realised that the cloak must have slipped of. He looked at me and smiled.

 “Well, well, well! Alexandra Fore, what a surprise to see you!”


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Chapter 5: Discovering
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                                                          Chapter Five


 “What the @#!*% are you doing in here?” Regulus Black whispered.

 “W..w..what?” I gasped, fully aware that I was on top of a practically naked 16 year old boy.

 “I said, what the @#!*% are you doing in here?”

 “I was just......” I trail off, not what to say. I mean, I couldn’t say I was snooping to see if there was any more evidance about him wanting to become a death eater. Or the fact that I was also looking for evidance that he liked Soph.

 “You were spying on me, weren’t you?” He stared at me, in disgust.

 “Actually, I wasn’t.”

 “Oh yeah, then what were you doing?” He asked, and when I didn’t answer he laughed quietly. “I knew it. What were spying about? Trying to find out what I’ll do to you without McGonagall knowing?”

 “No, I was looking to see what other stuff you might have about becoming a Death Eater.” Black’s sneer faltered and I grinned. 1-0 to me.

 “You what?” He spat in outrage.

 “I said, I was looking to see what other stuff you might have about becoming a Death Eater.”

 “H h how did... when did you see that?” He was staring at me, his face deathly pale, in shock.

 “Last night” I said. I might as well tell him, I mean, he’ll get it out of me anyway. The Invisibility Cloak was lying on the bed next to me. I carefully, without Black noticing, slid it under my shirt and out of sight. “I found it in your stuff.”

 “How did you know the password to the Common Room?” He sneered, having composed himself.

 “Your friend Lestrange was kind enough to enter as I came around the corner. I heard him say the password.”

 “Why didn’t he see you though?”

 “I believe that is my business.” Black stared at me for a minute, then all of a sudden, he stood up, grabbed my arm, and marched out of the dormitory. “Get off me” I snarled. Black didn’t say anything until we’d reached the sofa in the Common Room. He dragged me over to it and sat down, forcing me to do the same.

 “Surely you didn’t know about the piece of paper last night?” He asked, sneering. I looked at him, then suddenly jumped up and bolted for the Wall, taking Black by surprise. I raced down the corridor, wondering if he would follow me. When he didn’t, I pulled the cloak out from underneath my shirt, threw it over myself and hurried up the stairs to the Gryffindor Common Room.


 10 minutes later, when I climbed through the portrait hole, out of breath, I found James, Sirius, Sophie and Jackie asleep in the chairs. I crept over to them, still in the invisibility cloak and jumped on top of Sirius.

 He woke with a start, and his eyes flew open. Leaping to his feet, - knocking me off of him in the process - he looked around wildly. The noise had woken the others, and slowly got to their feet, yawning and looking around. Since they were still half asleep, I decided to have a bit of fun.

 I crept up to my dormitory and went into the bathroom. Filling up a bucket with water and hiding it under the cloak, I then hurried back down the stairs. Sirius was saying, “But I swear. Somebody jumped on top of me.”

 “You must have been dreaming” James said “There’s nobody here.”

 “Maybe it’s Peeves” Sophie suggested. Jackie nodded.

 That’s when a bucket of icy cold water came splashing down out of nowhere, and soaked them all. I began to laugh. I couldn’t help myself. It was just too funny seeing their shocked faces as they stared wildly about them.

 “Alex” Jackie sighed “I know you're there.” I took the coat off, still laughing hysterically. Everybody just stared at me, shivering.

 “Oh come on” I said “you’ve got to admit that’s funny.” They looked at me.

 “Jumping on top of me is funny?” Sirius asked, frowning.

 I nodded. “You should have seen your face” and I was off again. This time James joined in, then Jackie and Sirius, then Sophie. Soon, we are all rolling around laughing. Everybody still sopping wet except me.

 “So” James says when we’ve stopped laughing “Did you found anything else out about Regulus Black?”

 At the mention of his name, I stiffen. What do I say, that he found out? That for some reason I told him what I’d discovered? “I got in alright” I start “But when I was in the Dormitory, it was really dark. And I tripped.”

 “You tripped?” Sirius asked, incredulously.

 “Yes, and I fell on top of Regulus Black’s bed.”

 “What?” James cried, shocked “What happened?”

 “If you’d stop interrupting, I’d tell you.” I said “Anyway, I fell on top of Regulus Black’s bed and woke him up. He started asking me questions about why I was there and how I got in.”

 “You’d didn’t tell him anything, right?” Jackie said.

 “Welllll...” I dragged out the word.

 “Oh god” Sirius said “not a good sign. Dragging out words.

 “Well, for some unknown reason I actually told him about how I found the piece of parchment.”

 “WHAT!” James jumped to his feet. “Alex” he moaned “How could you?”

“It just sort of slipped out” I said.

 Sirius yawned. “James, we can talk about it in the morning. I too tired. It’s like 5:00 in the morning.” James sighed and nodded. So we all head up to bed.

 5 minutes later I was climbing into bed and I couldn’t help but think about how I was lying on top of a 16 yr old boy in just his boxers. And how nice that certain boys abs are.

 The next morning was Saturday, so I slept in. When I finally got out of bed it was 10:30. I quickly got dressed, brushed my teeth and headed downstairs to find Jackie and Sophie.

 I found them sitting at their usual spots in the Great Hall. They’re weren’t alone, however. Not surprisingly, James and Sirius were sitting with them. But Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew were also sitting there. I wondered if Sirius or James had told them about the List.

 “Morning” I said, sitting down with a thump.

 “Morning” Sirius said, brightly.

 “What are you so cheerful about?” I asked.

 “He’s been like this all morning” Remus told me “At one point, I think I even caught him humming.”

 I stared at Remus. “Are you serious? I don’t think I’ve ever heard Sirius hum.”

  “Yeah, it was a first for me too.” Remus smiled “By the way, is what I hear true?”

 “I don’t know. What did you hear?”

 “That you snuck into the Slytherin Common Room.”

 “Oh, yeah that’s true.”

 “I think that was very brave of you” Peter piped up. I looked at him. For some reason I never really liked Peter Pettigrew very much. He sucked up too much, and he was whiny.

 “No it wasn’t” I said “I mean, I had the invisibility cloak.” Peter shrugs, still staring in admiration. “Anyway” I continued “what are we going to do about Regulus Black?”

  “We?” James asked “don’t you mean you?”

 “Oh come on” I shouted in exasperation “you’re the one who gave me the cloak.”

 “Yeah, but only because Sirius asked me too” James stated.

 “Fine” I said “I’ll go by myself.’
 “What? Right now?” Sirius asked.

 “Yes, I need to get this over with.”

 “Fine, but what are you going to say? I mean, you can’t just tell him to forget you spied on him.”

 “I’ll think of something” I said, frowning. I turn to James “do you think you I could borrow the map again?”

 “Yeah, sure” James said. He hands it to me and I climb to my feet and march out of the Great Hall.

 “I solemnly swear I’m up to no good” I muttered, once I was safely behind a suit of armour. The map reveals itself I quickly searched it for Regulus.

 I finally spotted him in the dungeon with Rababstan Lestrange’s dot. So I headed down.

 I arrived in the dungeons 10 minutes later. Regulus Black was still down here. I followed the map to where the label said he was. I rounded the corner and saw him sitting in a small group, talking. I quickly dodged back out of sight and peered round the corner. Nobody heard us. I suddenly realized who the group consisted of. It was the boys who were on the death eater list.

 “You obviously know why we’ve gathered here” Regulus Black was saying. Everybody murmured yes. “Right, then let’s get started. You know what we have to do. Snape you ask the 4th years with Lestrange. Avery and Travers, you ask around the 5th years. And I will have a word with the 7th years.

 The boys began to disperse and I quickly drew our heads out of sight. Pretty soon, everybody was gone except for Black. I stepped out from around the corner, and Black whirled around.

 “Hello” I said and I smiled at him sweetly.”

 “What the @#!*% are you doing here?” Black spat.

 “Oh, just finding out what you’re up to” I said, mildly.

 “That’s none of your business.” Black snapped.

 “Actually, I think it is. It has been since you declared me your enemy.”

 “What is it with you?” Black cried in frustration. He looked at me, and then suddenly stormed towards me and pressed me up against the wall. My heart began to beat quiet furiously and I didn’t think it was fear. “What is it with you” Black growled “that make me feel so...” He trailed off, leaned in and kissed me.



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Chapter 6: Feeling
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                                               Chapter Six:

 As Regulus Black’s lip touched mine, I felt a shock travel up my spine. Without thinking, I began to kiss him back. I suddenly came to my senses, and I pushed him away roughly.

 “What the hell” I shouted. Regulus grimaced. He seemed just as shocked about snogging me as  I did. “What the hell” I continued “Why did you kiss me? Were you trying to distract me? How dare you!” I was ranting, but I couldn’t help myself. Regulus Black, the arrogant, conceited slytherin who apparently hated me, had just made out with me. And the worst part was, I had let him. I had kissed him back.

 Regulus looked at me. “I’m sorry” he said, not at all sounding sorry “It was an accident. It won’t happen again.”

 “You have got to be kidding me? An accident? You just kissed  me, you little piece of shit.” I shouted, and again, he winced. “Lower your voice” he breathed. The thing was, being kissed wasn't that bad, but from a lowly, arrogant, disgusting, Slytherin, it was.

 “Lower my...lower my voice? As I just said, you just kissed me. And now you expect me to lower my voice?” I was practically screaming now. Who did Regulus Black think he was? Did he really think he could get away with snogging someone and then saying it was an accident? And snogging your “enemy”, as he called me. I was not going to let him get away with this.

 “Do you think you can snog anybody you choose to, whenever you like?” I screamed.

 “No” he said, calmly “I told you, it was an accident. Now excuse me, I do not want to be here when the teachers because of your screaming!” He turned and swaggered away. I stared after him, my mouth hanging open. Then I came to my senses. I could deal with Black later, right now, I had to get out of there before the teachers came.

 I slipped the cloak over my head and hurried back to the Gryffindor Common Room. My head was reeling and I was still furious. I didn’t want to see Jackie and Sophie, so when I entered the common room, I immediately hurried up the stairs to the Dormitory.

 Throwing off the cloak, I sat down on my bed. It was around 1:00 on a saturday afternoon, so the only people in the common room where Jackie, Sophie, James and Sirius, still waiting for me to arrive. I suddenly realised that they had probably seen the portrait hole open and since nobody stepped in, they’d probably guessed it was me.

 I sighed. I really didn’t know what to tell them. I didn’t want to say that Black had kissed me. I still hadn’t fully come to terms with that fact myself. Just then, Jackie and Sophie came in.

 “Hey” Jackie said “we thought we heard you come in. Why didn’t you tell us you were back?”

 “I didn’t see you” I lied, lamely.

 “Alex, I know when you’re lying. Come on, tell the story to all of us. Remember, Sirius and James can’t come up here.”

 I sighed again and resigned to following Soph and Jackie downstairs. When we got down there, Sirius jumped up. He smiled at me, while James looked at me, curiously.

 “I told you she came in” Jackie said.

  “What happened?” James asked. Sirius looked up too. Then he pulled me over and sat me on top of him. I didn’t protest.

 “I went down...” I began and continued to tell them exactly what had happened. I stopped at the spot where Black whispered to me, before kissing me.
 “And?” Soph asked.

 “Well...” I paused and considered my options, before deciding to tell them the truth. “Well, he said something about something” I didn’t want to repeat his words “then he kissed me.”

 I suddenly felt myself fall to the floor.

 “What?” Sirius snarled. I rubbed my back and said “I said, he then kissed me.” I looked around myself. Soph and Jackie were standing frozen, James had his mouth open, and Sirius was looking furious.

 “How dare he!” Sirius shouted “I’m going to settle a score with that little @#!*% .” I was about to protest, when I had a thought. If I protested it would seem like I liked Regulus or something. So I let Sirius storm out to deal with his brother.

 I turned away from the portrait hole to see 3 still shocked faces there. “Oh come on” I said “it’s not that bad.”

 “Not that bad? Not that bad? Alex, a slytherin snogged  you!” James said, making a disgusted face.

  “Yes I know but...” I trailed off, not knowing what to say.”

 Then Soph piped up, “Did he say anything before he kissed you?”

 “Umm, no” I said, deciding to keep the information about what he’d said to myself. “He just pressed me up against the wall, and kissed me.”

 “Please, spare the details” James said, still disgusted.

 “I wonder” Jackie said, thoughtfully. “I wonder why he kissed you. I mean, surely he doesn’t go around snogging every girl he happens to stumble upon.”

 “I don’t know” I said, just as confused.

 “Maybe” Sophie said “maybe he likes you.” We all turned around to stare at her. “What?” she asked “it’s a possibility.”

 “I’m not sure” James said “I mean, Regulus is a pureblood Slytherin. He wants to join You Know Who’s ranks. I don’t think he would stoop so low as to like a Gryffindor.”

 I frowned and said “Look, whatever the reason is, it isn’t because he like me.”

 “But you were very keen to believe he liked me” Sophie said.

 “That’s true” Jackie agreed “What if he likes you and not Sophie? What if he went into our carriage because you were in there?”

 “Not possible, definitely not possible” I said, shaking my head “Anyway, I’m going to bed.”

 As I lay in bed, I couldn’t stop thinking about Regulus Black kissed me. He had said it was a mistake, but why was it a mistake? I mean, he couldn’t have mistaken me for someone else! I was still thinking about what happened when I fell asleep.

  The next morning, I entered the Great Hall with Soph and Jackie, to find a pleased Sirius sitting with Remus.  

 “What did you do?” I sighed, sitting down next to him. Sirius just smiles. “Come on, out with it” I snap.

 “Alright, alright. Keep your hair on.” Sirius muttered “Anyway, so last night after I left the Common Room…”

  “More like stormed out” Jackie giggled.

 “Shut up” Sirius grumbled, then turned back to me “Anyway, as I was saying” he said, glowering at Jackie, who looked back innocently. “After I left the Common Room, I searched the map - which that and the cloak, I luckily had in my possession - to find my brother’s dot. By that time it was around 4:00 pm, so he was in the Slytherin Common Room. I remembered what you said about you password and crept in under the cloak. My dear little brother was, luckily, the only one in their. So, I took off the cloak and took him by surprise. Well, you can see the rest for yourself.”

 Sirius jerked his over to the entrance to the Great Hall. I looked over. Regulus Black was entering with Rodolphus Lestrange. Even from here I could see that half his face was purple. He had a big black eye and a swollen nose which looked like it was broken,

 “Sirius” I cried “You did that to him? Why?”

 “He needed to be taught a lesson” Sirius replied, a little embarrassed.

 “Yeah, but wasn’t that a little harsh?” I asked, incredulously.

 “Alex, he kissed you without your permission!” I just sighed. Just then, Black glanced over at the Gryffindor table. He saw his brother, and his lip curled into a sneer. Then he saw me, and something else filled his eyes. Something like longing. I shook myself. I was imagining things. But why was I imagining those sort of things?

 “Alex, Alex!” I started.


 “Weren’t you listening to anything I said?” Soph asked, annoyed.

 “No, sorry.” I wasn’t looking at her. Black had just gotten up to go. At that point, I decided. “Listen, I have to go. I forgot something in the Common Room.” I hurried out of the Great Hall, after Regulus.

 But he wasn’t there. I looked around to see where he could have to gotten to, when a hand reached out and pulled me behind a statue. I struggled free and looked up into the face of Regulus Black.

 “Looking for me?” He sneered.

 “Actually, yes.” Black’s face took on a startled expression. “I wanted to ask you something.” I stared at him, defiantly.

 “Go ahead, ask your question.” Regulus sneered.

 “Well now I have 2 questions, so here goes. Firstly, why were you hiding behind a statue and and why did you grab me and ask me if I was looking for you? I mean, afterwards, you had a surprised expression on you face.”

 “I was hiding behind the statue, because I knew you’d come looking for me after yesterday” He paused “And I was surprised that you were so forward. Does that answer your question?”

 “Yeah” I said, taking a deep breath, I said “Here’s the second question. Why did you kiss me yesterday?”

 “Ah” he said “that one’s a little hard to answer, so if you’ll excuse me. I need to be getting back to my Common Room.”

 I stared after him in outrage. The nerve! He was definitely avoiding the question! I stalked back into the Great Hall, still fuming.

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Chapter 7: Becoming
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                                                            Chapter Seven:



  Today the Slytherin Quidditch team had practice. Rabastan Lestrange and I had decided to go down a little early to practice. It was freezing outside as we headed down to the pitch. To my dismay, I saw little figures, wearing scarlet and gold, flying around the hoops in the distance. That meant the Gryffindor practice hadn’t ended yet. Then I realised another thing. If the Gryffindors were practising, then that meant Alexandra Fore was there as well, seen as she was part of the team.      

  I stopped dead in my tracks and Rudolphus ran into me. “Watch it” he cried. I wasn’t listening however.

  “Hey, Rabastan, why don’t we go back up to the castle and come back when the Gryffindor Quidditch team is done” I said.

  “What, and lose the fun in taunting the Gryffindors? No thanks.” Rabastan replied.  A sigh escaped my lips. I might as well resign myself to seeing Fore. But I didn’t want to talk to her about last night, and no doubt she would ask seen as she did this morning. I had been able to avoid her question then, but I didn’t know if I would be able to do so again.

  I still couldn’t believe Fore told Potter and my traitor brother. I didn’t really think she would when I kissed her. Mind you, I hadn’t really thought anything seen as it had been a spur of the moment decision.

  We reached the pitch and Rabastan set down his broom and put on his gloves, since he was keeper. Even though I was a seeker, I still enjoyed playing chaser once and a while.

  “Oi” Somebody shouted “What do you two think you’re doing?” It was James Potter, the Gryffindor captain. He was striding over to us with my darling brother and Fore at his side.

  “Getting ready to play Quidditch” Rabastan sneered at him “What does it look like we’re doing?”

  Potter’s face turned red. “You are not allowed to play on the pitch until our team is done with practice” He snapped.

  I sighed for the second time today. Normally I would love to taunt the Gryffindors, but all the arguing was making my face throb. It was still purple after Black had punched me last night.

  “Says who?” Rabastan sneered at Potter. The whole Gryffindor team was now here, all of them looking on curiously.

  “Says the rules about the pitch, stupid.” Potter replied, also sneering.

  Rabastan was about to reply, but I got there first. “Leave it, Rabastan.” I said “It’s not worth it.”

  “Oooh” A girl’s voice said “The mighty Black is backing down. What a surprise.” I looked to the source of the voice and saw Fore standing there, glaring at me. So that was how she was going to get back at me; by humiliating me in front of the whole bloody Gryffindor Team.

  “Who said anything about backing down?” I sneered.

  “Hmm, well let’s see. You did.” She said smugly.

  “Is it wrong to not want to fight the Gryffindor Team every time we see them? After all, we really don’t want to go anywhere near you blood traitor scum.” I immediately knew I’d gone too far when Alexandra Fore’s face turned to thunder along with the rest of the team.

  Her face livid and her fists clenched, Fore stalked up to me looking like she wanted to kill.

  “What did you say?” She snarled in my face and before I could respond, she punched me in the left eye. The same eye that Sirius bloody Black had punched the night before. I recoiled as I felt a white hot pain blind my eye. I could feel blood trickling down my face and I staggered. Rabastan quickly hurried over to me and threw my arm over his shoulder. He turned and sneered at the Gryffindor Team, then began to steer me up to the castle.

  I could not believe Fore had done that. Ok, I had gone a little too far in saying they were blood traitor scum, but she didn’t have to punch me in my already black eye. I mean, she made it bleed for crying out loud.

  Once Rabastan and I were in the hospital, I told him he could go, and he hurried off looking relieved.  Just then, Madam Peony – the healer for Hogwarts – hurried out and gasped when she saw my face.

  “Oh my poor child, come lie down quickly.” Well, I wouldn’t say I was a child, but whatever. I could barely see now. My eye was on fire, and I couldn’t see a past my feet. Madam Peony began dabbing something on my eye. It was cool on my eye and eased the pain.

  “I’m afraid your eye is infected, my dear.” Madam Peony said “You will have to put this salve on your eye every night and keep it covered for about two weeks or so.” I nodded that I understood. “Now, can you see out of your other eye?” She asked.

  “Sort of. It’s coming back now.” I replied.

  “You will have to stay here for an hour or so until you vision has fully returned.” I nodded. 



  About an hour later, I could see almost perfectly out of my right eye. Madam Peony put a eye patch over my left eye and handed me a bottle of the salve. Then I hurried out of the Hospital Wing in relief.  It was dinner time so I decided to go down to the Great Hall, since I was starving.

  When I arrived, I spotted Rabastan sitting at the Slytherin table and I headed over to him. Lots of people stared at my eye patch and I heard Potter shout “Oi, you know this isn’t a fancy dress party don’t you?” A lot of sniggers followed his words.

  I glanced over at Potter, just in time to see Alexandra Fore glare at Potter and whack him over the head. That surprised me. Why would Fore tell Potter off? Wouldn’t she be egging him on? Just then, Fore glanced up and met my gaze. Instead of looking hateful, she looked worried. That surprised me even more.

  I sat down next to Rabastan and he nodded at me. For a while, I sat there next to Rabastan, eating. All of a sudden, Severus Snape leant over from my left and said, “You do know that Alexandra Fore is staring at you.” I followed his gaze and saw Fore staring at me. She hurriedly looked away, but not before I caught a flash of guilt in her eyes.

  So she was sorry. That was surprising. I hadn’t suspected that from her. Maybe I should talk to her. No, then she’d ask why I kissed her and I couldn’t tell her that seen as I didn’t know the answer myself. I continued staring at her and at one point, Sirius – who was sitting next to her – whispered something to her while glaring at me and she turned and looked at me. How close were my blood traitor brother and Fore? My stomach clenched at the thought, and I didn’t know why.

  I stood up and headed towards the Entrance Hall. I was just about to head through the door to the passage that leads to the Slytherin Common Room, when there were footsteps behind me.

  “Wait” The voice was female and reluctantly I turned around to face Alexandra Fore.

  “What do you want?” My voice was full of contempt and Fore flinched.

  “I... I wanted to talk to you.” She said, a little nervously. 

  “What about? If you want to know about the kiss, then I’m sorry but I can’t tell you.”

  “That was partially it, but I actually wanted to say sorry for punching you. You were horrible, but then so was I. I swear I didn’t mean to make your eye bleed.”

  “Oh, well apology accepted.” I said.

  Fore looked at me, seemingly expectant, and I suddenly realised that I should apologise for saying what I said, but I didn’t.

  Probably realising that she was getting nowhere, Fore said, “Why did you kiss me?” 

  I sighed, and then said, “I can’t tell you. I just said that.”

  “Why?” Fore demanded.

   “Because…because I don’t know myself. Happy now?” I couldn’t believe I just said that. I turned around, leaving a shocked Fore, and hurried down the passage to the Slytherin Common Room.


  The next morning, was Monday, so I dressed and headed down to the Great Hall early. When I arrived, Rabastan was already there, and to my dismay, so was Fore. I still couldn’t believe I’d talked to her normally. I mean, it was bad enough I’d kissed her, but to have a conversation. She was a blood traitor Gryffindor.

  I sat down next to Rabastan and said, “Morning, has the morning post arrived yet?”

  “No, not yet” Rabastan replied. Since it was nearing Christmas, I was expecting a letter from my parents tell me whether to sign up to stay at Hogwarts or come home. My parents were sometimes too busy to have me come home.

  As if on cue, all the owls began arriving with the post.  I saw my huge black owl, Ghost, coming swooping down and I cleared a place for him to land. Untying the letter and opening it, I began reading it.

It read;

My dear Regulus,

Your mother and I are very busy at the moment and we will unfortunately be unable to have you come home for the holidays. I hope you understand. Your mother wishes to inquire about your plans involving the Dark Lord and when they will be finished? Enjoy your holidays as always.


Your loving father, Orion

  I sighed. My mother wanted me to become a death eater sooner rather than later. I looked up and over at the Gryffindor table to see Alexandra Fore talking to Sirius. There was definitely something going on between them. My stomach clenched for the second time in two days. What the @#!*%   was happening to me?



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Chapter 8: Fearing
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                                                          Chapter Eight:



  I could not believe I punched somebody in the eye. Why the hell would I do that? I lashed out unexpectedly because my temper got the better of me. I didn’t mean to, I mean I never physically try to hurt somebody. Not ever.  I sighed and accidentally knocked over my pot of ink. Now my Ancient Runes homework was destroyed. It didn’t really though, because I was too preoccupied with my thoughts.  I was just sitting here, pen raised, thinking. Then I decided. I needed to stop this constant thought of bloody Regulus Black. I had barely done anything with Soph and Jackie all year.

  I got up and hurried over to the staircase to the girl’s dorm. “Soph, Jackie?” I called, running up the stairs and into the dormitory. Sophie was sitting on her bed reading, while Jackie was doing homework. They looked up when I ran in. “I’m sorry” I said breathlessly “I’ve been ignoring you all year and you are my best friends. Will you forgive me?”

  Jackie grinned, jumped of the bed and hugged me. “Soph?” I asked. She looked at me, then grinned, and came over and hugged me too. “Right” I said “This weekend’s a Hogsmeade weekend. Do you want to have a girl’s day out and go?”

  “Hell yeah” Jackie said. Soph nodded. Then we hugged again and squealed. Suddenly I felt the happiest I had felt all year. Who cared about Regulus bloody Black? I had my best friends and that was all I needed.

  The next day, we all got up especially early to get ready for the Hogsmeade trip. We then hurried down to breakfast. Only a few people were there and none of them were from Gryffindor. We ate and chatted, and ate some more. Slowly, one at a time, people began to trickle into the Great Hall, filling it up as they did. Along with these people came James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter.

  “Hey” I called to them. Sirius spotted us and wandered over, plopping in a seat next to me. The rest followed.

  “Soooo” said James “any news about Regulus?”

  “No” I said “And I’ve decided to not talk, think, or notice him anymore. It’s a complete waste of my mental energy.

  “Sounds good” Sirius said grinning and putting a arm around me. Remus smiled at me and turned to talk to Sophie. Just then, James spotted Lily Evans walking into the Great Hall with a group of friends.

  “Hey Evans” he sang out “over here.” Lily heard him and turned. When she saw who it was, she sighed and was about to turn away when she saw me.

  “Alex” she called hurrying over. I stood up and gave her a hug. “I haven’t seen you in forever.” She said.

  Lily and I knew each other because I had helped her hide from James at times. Of course, I’d never told him that. I scooted over, closer to Sirius, so that Lily could sit down next to me.

  “How’s life as a head girl?” I asked her. She grinned and said, “Despite having to share the duties with James, great.”

  “I still can’t believe James became a head boy. I mean, it’s just so weird.”  I agreed with her.

  “Oi, I’m sitting right here you know. And in case you’re wondering I became a head boy because Dumbledore believed I was worthy of it.”

  Sirius snorted into his eggs and began coughing rather loudly. James glared at him while Lily and I glanced at each other and grinned.

  “Anyway” I said “Who’s going to Hogsmeade today?” Everybody chorused that they were and started chatting again. Soon enough, it was time to go. I linked hands with Sophie and Jackie and we headed off for Hogsmeade.

  It was early December, so there was barely any snow which made the trip easier for us. When we arrived we walked down the cobbled street to Honeyduke’s, a favourite of ours since we were all obsessed with chocolate. Once buying our huge amounts of chocolate, we headed down the street to the Three Broomsticks.

  As we stepped inside, I grinned at the room. I loved the Three Broomsticks. The atmosphere was always cheerfully and fun. We found a booth and sat down. When the waiter came, we ordered three butterbeers and began chatting about everything going on at the school. Halfway through our drinks, I looked over as the door opened and a hooded figure stepped in. As she pulled down her hood, I let out a gasp of recognition. It was Bellatrix Black who just graduated school last year and was Sirius’s cousin. Bellatrix, Sirius had told us, was a huge supporter of You-Know-Who and was a soon to be death eater.

  Sophie and Jackie had looked over at my gasp and were now gaping at the women. What was she doing in Hogsmeade? The question was soon answered as Regulus Black and Rabastan Lestrange appeared next to her. Regulus and Bellatrix murmured to each other in low voices for a moment before walking over to a booth in the corner. I watched them, pretending to sip my butterbeer the whole time. Sophie was looking a little anxious and Jackie had a frown on her face.

  “Hey, listen” I said to Soph and Jackie. “There table is right near the bar. I’m going to go up and order us another round of drinks, but try and here what they are saying at the same time.”

  “Alex” Soph warned. But I ignored her and picked up our empty mugs and walked over to the bar, passing close by Bellatrix’s table. “Hi” I said to the waiter “I’d like three more butterbeers.” The waiter nodded and disappeared behind the bar. I stood there, trying to hear what was being said. I heard whispers of what was going on, including the words, recruit, soon, worried, impatient and how many. The waiter reappeared with three frothing mugs of butterbeer.

  “That’ll be 1 galleon and six knunuts.” He said.

  “What?” I asked distractedly “Oh” I quickly gave the waiter the money, but it was too late. Bellatrix had looked up suspiciously and was whispering to Regulus. I pretending to not notice them, picked up the butterbeers, and hurried back to our table.

  “Whew” I said, sitting down. “That was close, they nearly discovered that…” I broke off midsentence at Soph’s warning look. Slowly I turned around. Bellatrix was standing there, inches away from me looking furious.

  “Hello” she said, in sneering, cold voice. “May I be so impertinent as to ask who nearly discovered what?”

   “Excuse me?” I asked, recovering quickly.

  “I said, may I ask who nearly discovered what?” She repeated in a deadly voice. I looked back defiantly. “I’m sorry” I said “But aren’t you being a tad rude?”

  “Me?” She asked, all traces of a smile gone. “You are the one who was eavesdropping on mine and Regulus’s conversation.” She said. Regulus slowly got up when he heard Bellatrix’s raised voice.

  “What proof do you have that I was eavesdropping?” I spat at her “I was merely getting me and my friends some drinks. Is there anything wrong with that?”

  Suddenly, Bellatrix’s voice dropped to a whisper as she said in a deadly voice, “I should warn you, Miss Fore, become too involved and an accident, may… just… happen.” She turned away, but not before I drew my wand.

  “Are you threatening me?” I asked. She slowly turned around and a terrifying smile creped onto her face.

  “Ah, Miss Fore, so you want to duel, is that it? Well, then a duel we shall have.” Slowly, she drew her wand. By now, we had attracted quite a crowd of people, including Regulus and Lestrange.

  “Alex, let’s go” Jackie said urgently.

  “And turn down this duel? I don’t think so.” I said. I knew I was being foolish, but I didn’t care. I turned back to Bellatrix. “You want a duel? I’ll give you a duel.” I was about to cast a spell, but she got there faster.

  “Petrificus Totalus” She cried.

  “Protego” I muttered, my shield charm appearing and deflecting her jinx.

  She then shot spell after spell at me. I was very good at duelling, but I had trouble stopping her jinxs and I barely was able to shoot a spell of my own. All of a sudden, Bellatrix shouted a spell so fast I couldn’t stop it. The crucio curse travelled from her wand and hit me straight in the chest.

  Immediately, the most terrifying, unbearable pain entered my body. I fell to my knees, screaming my lungs out. My vision was going black as the torment continued. I heard the faint sound of shouting and somebody kneeling beside me calling my name before my eyes rolled up in my head and everything turned to nothing.


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Chapter 9: Questioning
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                                           Chapter Nine:  


    For days I drifted in and out of   sleep, voices murmuring to myself and only after Merlin knows how long was I able to open my sleep crusted eyes to find myself in the Hospital Wing lying on a bed with a sleeping figure beside me. It was my uncle. I didn’t know why he was here because I couldn’t seem to remember anything. I recognised him but I didn’t know from where. Then after ten minutes of confusion, everything came flooding back and my head began to pound as though I had drunken a thousand shots of whiskey.

  I tried to sit up in bed but the pain was unbearable and I collapsed back down. My moving must have woken my uncle because he began to stir and then he opened his eyes.

   “Alex?” he said, looking anxious and joyful at the same time. “Are you ok?” he asked.

  “I… I think so.” I said as I felt somebody stir on the other side of the bed and I turned my body painfully to see, Sophie and Jackie lying there. Both were waking up because of the voices. Jackie opened her eyes first.

  “Alex” she squealed “Alex, you’re awake. Oh Merlin, you had us worried.” Soph opened her eyes, saw me, leapt up and hugged me squealing my name the whole time.  My attention turned back to my uncle when he said. “Alex, do you remember what happened?”

  I looked at him. What was he talking about? “What do you mean?” I asked.

  Sophie drew back with a gasp. “Alex?” she asked “You don’t remember?”

  “Remember what?” I asked getting slightly irritated.

  “Remember how you ended up in St Mungos.” Jackie responded.

  “What… we’re in St Mungos?” I asked looking around and suddenly realising that this wasn’t the hospital wing after all.

   “Yes, you were in the three broomsticks and…” Soph paused here for a moment and my uncle stepped in, saying “And then you and you’re two friends went ice skating on the lake and you slipped and fell through the ice. We had trouble finding you. You caught hypothermia and I’m afraid you may have lost some of your memories.”

  I looked at my uncle here. He seemed so solemn when he said all this and he sounded like he was telling the truth. But there was something about what he was saying that made me think otherwise. I pushed it to the back of my mind for now.

  “How… long have I been asleep?” I asked slowly.

  Jackie looked at my seriously and replied, “a week and two days.”

  “What?” I asked staring at her in shock. “You’re joking right?” All three shook their heads as at that moment, a man in a white coat came in.

  “Ah, you’re awake. How are you feeling? I am Doctor Turner and I have been looking after you during your time here.”

  I looked at him and said, “I feel a little sore and my head’s about to explode but otherwise I’m fine. When will I be able to leave?”

  “I’m afraid you’ll have to stay here for a few more days.” Doctor Turner said “However, today is Thursday and I’m sure you’ll be ready to be transferred back to the Hospital Wing at Hogwarts on Sunday. You’ll be fine with some rest there for a few days.”

  I just stared at him and said bluntly, “Is it true that I may have lost some of my memories?”

  “I believe that you don’t remember anything from that fatal day, do you?” I shook my head. “What about the day before? Do you remember anything from December second?”

  I nodded. “It was a Friday.” I said “We were making plans for a trip to Hogsmeade the next day. I did my homework for the weekend.”

  “Very good” Doctor Turner said “Then everything is fine except for that one day. I believe your uncle has told you what happened?”

  “Yes. I fell through some ice and it took awhile before I was rescued so I got hypothermia.”

  Doctor Turner nodded but as I looked at him, I had the sense that I was being lied to again.  He said however, “You need your rest. Your friends and uncle can visit later.”


  The next few days were filled with sleeping and dozing. I awoke occasionally to nibble at some food and talk to Soph and Jackie. Soon Sunday arrived and I was set in a wheelchair and put in a van with Jackie and Soph (my uncle had had to return to his house and had said goodbye to me earlier) which drove the whole day and when the doors were finally opened we were in Hogsmeade. The nurses had told me that we couldn’t apparate because I was still too weak.

  I was wheeled up to the castle and Professor Dumbledore met me there, welcoming me back as we travelled up to the Hospital Wing. When we arrived, Sirius and James were there waiting for us. When Sirius saw me, he looked up relieved and ran over to help with my wheelchair.

  “Hey” he said. I smiled at him. “How are you feeling?” he asked.

  “Much better” I responded “I can’t believe I fell through that ice. I mean, how stupid was I?” At these words, Sirius stiffened and a slightly startled look appeared on his face.

  “Ice?” he asked.

  “Yes, you know. That’s how I got hypothermia. I fell through the ice on the lake.”

  “Of course, right” Sirius said quickly “I wasn’t thinking.” After that, Sirius seemed very keen to leave, but I kept insisting he stay, so he didn’t. Finally, after pacing around the room for what seemed like hours, he stopped and said, “Jackie, Soph, can I speak to you in private please?”

  Jackie and Soph both got up, looking nervous. I stared back and forth at them. What was going on? Sirius marched out the Hospital Wing doors, Jackie and Soph following. I could hear whispering from them, but I couldn’t make out what they were saying. I slowly reached for my wand on the bed side table. I quietly waved my wand and muttered the eavesdropping charm I was so good at. 

  “Why the @#!*% , did you lie to her?” That was Sirius. Then Soph’s quiet voice spoke up “We didn’t. It was her uncle. We were about ready to tell the truth, but he stepped in before we could and told her that.”

  There was silence for a moment and then, “And everybody just went a long with this?” Sirius was speaking again “Why didn’t somebody just tell Alex the truth? She deserves to know. I mean, she’s kind of in danger now, isn’t she.”

  “I know, but I have you seen her?” That was Jackie now “She’s so much happier than she would be if she knew.” Sirius sighed and said “Alright fine, but just for now. I will tell her the truth later. She deserves to know the truth at some point.”

  I hastily withdrew my eavesdropping charm and lay back down in my bed, pretending to have fallen asleep. There were footsteps and the door opened as Jackie and Soph came back in. However, there was no Sirius. He had gone. I felt vaguely disappointed but then pushed it aside. I needed to concentrate.

  What had my uncle said that was a lie? It immediately occurred to me. I had thought my uncle and Soph and Jackie had been a little weird when they’d said that I had fallen through the ice and caught hypothermia. Now it made sense. I would bet my Quidditch robes that what they had told me was a lie. That meant, that somehow, I had to find out what had actually happened to me. I wasn’t going to get it out of Jackie or Soph, and probably not Sirius. But then who?

  A picture flashed into my mind all of a sudden. It was a young man, leaning over me, shouting at me to wake up. The image disappeared all of a sudden. I was so startled, I almost opened my eyes. Where had that image come from? Who was it? It was somebody recognisable, but I couldn’t place my finger on them.

  All of a sudden, it came to me. The man had been tall, with black hair and he looked a lot like Sirius. I suddenly realised who had been standing over me, shouting my name. Who had been the young man in my image. It was Regulus Black and he was going to help me find out what had happened. That image must have a memory. That’s all it could be. This meant Regulus Black had something to do with what happened to me on the day of my accident. I had to find him.


The next few days were my recovery days before I went back to school on Thursday. Jackie and Soph had to go back to school and so I was all alone and in that time, I plan how I was going to talk to Regulus. He was very confusing; declaring me his enemy and then kissing me in a little weird. I decided I was going to have to corner him after Potions one day since that was the class we had with the slytherins.

  Thursday rolled around and at 7:00 am Madam Pomphry let me live the Hospital Wing and head down to breakfast. I was relieved to be out and about again instead of stuck in bed. I was becoming really sick of the Hospital Wing.


   I headed down to the Marble Staircase to the Great Hall, where Jackie and Soph had saved a seat for me.  On my way in, I glanced over at the Slytherin table, wondering if Regulus Black was there. He was, and he was staring straight at me. My quickened under his gaze because I couldn’t help but think that there was something mysterious about his eyes. I shook myself. Why was I getting like this? It wasn’t like me and I couldn’t figure out what it was.

  Regulus was still staring at me and as I looked at him, I was curious as to why he looked ashamed. Why would he be ashamed? I put that bit of information to the back of my mind and continued to the Gryffindor table. Quite a few people were looking at me and whispering. Including Sirius; he was watching and I turned a little red as I wondered if he had seen me looking at his younger brother.

  I mentally shook myself again. What was up with me today? I sat down next to Jackie and Soph, noticing the paper in Jackie’s hands as I did. “Anything interesting?” I asked.

  “Uhhh…”Jackie said “Sort of, umm… Alex, you’re in the papers.”

  “What?” I gasped “You’re joking? Why? What for?” I was incredulous. Why would I be in the Daily Prophet?

  “Your accident; apparently somebody found out about it and decided it was important that it was in the paper.” Soph said, quietly.

  “What?” I went to grab the paper but Jackie wouldn’t let me.

  “I don’t think you should read this” she said, nervously “It’s not that it’s bad or anything but Professor Dumbledore told me you shouldn’t because it might be traumatizing. He’s filed a complaint at the ministry and they’ve had all of them burned. The ones here are programmed to vaporize in…” She looked at her watch “thirty seconds.”

 “You’re joking right? Why would it be traumatizing? I’m perfectly fine. This is ridiculous. I…” My protests were stopped as around the room, a dozen newspapers, including Jackie’s, disintegrated.

“What the @#!*% ?” I said, turning Jackie and Soph “Why the heck won’t you tell me what’s going on? What happened to me?”


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