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Queen of Gorgeousness by Zyii

Format: Novel
Chapters: 20
Word Count: 61,880

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Humor, Mystery, Romance
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, McGonagall, Bill, Fleur, Draco, Pansy, Blaise (M), OtherCanon
Pairings: Draco/Hermione

First Published: 03/04/2012
Last Chapter: 07/03/2012
Last Updated: 07/03/2012


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Hermione Granger has been through it all. She’s been loyal and fierce, nerdy and strong, caring and passionate. She’s been jeered at and bullied, insulted and teased but she doesn’t let it get her down. When she was young her Mother always told her the story of the ugly duckling. Hermione believed that one day her ugly duckling form would change, what will happen to her with the help of a little exploding potion?

Chapter 1: Chapter One - The Ugly Ducking Flies
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Any of you who have read the first two chapters of Listless, I'm deleting it from the site, I don't feel it's going where I want it to and it doesn't seem like many are enjoying it. If you read Julietta: Lost and Found and enjoyed it, then you'll like this one as well, they're quite similar. So I hope you enjoy this and please tell me what you think, there is only so much blind writing I can do ~ Zyii

Caution: Mild Language

Dead. Her parents were dead, the war was over. Hermione had spent the summer months after the war under the guidance of Bill and Fleur Weasley. The end of the war also brought the end of The Golden Trio. The end of the war also brought about the end of Ron and Hermione. Ron thought that he deserved Hermione after the war, that she was his prize. She told him where to go, she wasn’t going to be anyone’s prize. She knew how Ron was, he was insanely jealous and thought the perfect woman would be a replica of his dear Mother, while Hermione wasn’t going to be anyone’s stay at home wife, she wanted to have her own life, and this didn’t include Ron anymore. The Malfoy’s had regained their status after testifying and producing evidence. It was shown that although they believed in blood purity, most of their actions during the war were forced, or an act to save their own family. Through memories it was shown how they changed sides during the war, and helped protect those of the light. With Ron and Hermione not speaking and the cold shoulder of Molly Weasley, things put a strain on Hermione’s relationship with Harry and Ginny. Ginny wasn’t as annoyed by things as Harry, she had always been jealous of Hermione and her relationship with Harry and Ron and with her out of the picture, Harry on the other hand was livid, he had this vision in his mind of what life would be like after the war. Him with Ginny, Ron with Hermione and they would live happily ever after. Now that vision was broken and Harry, in his selfishness couldn’t see past that.

Neither Ron nor Harry knew Hermione’s parents are dead. They knew she’d gone to Australia to find them, but they hadn’t noticed her come back looking pale and thin. They hadn’t seen her puffy eyes or the lack of bossiness. They hadn’t even asked her what was wrong, they were so wrapped up in their own little world of happiness, nothing else could penetrate it, let alone the sadness of another friend, that was forbidden.

Returning to Hogwarts to repeat their last year, Hermione, Ron, Ginny and Harry were joined by Malfoy, Flint, Pucey, Parkinson and Blaise. The Slytherin’s seemed subdued since the war, it could be argued that they all lost more than the light during the war. Most of their actions weren’t their own and were only done to save their families – try telling that to Harry, Ron and Ginny, well it wasn’t going to happen. They saw the world in black and white, there were good people and bad people and no in-between.

Hermione was still a bossy know-it-all, at least to the remains of the Golden Trio, they were finding this last year at Hogwarts hard now they didn’t have their precious Hermione there to essentially do all their work. However pride was stopping them from getting off their high horses and apologizing to Hermione. You only have to look at the way they treated Hermione when Harry received the broom from Sirius to know that they were not going to be moved from their position. They were stubborn and would remain stubborn, even if they were in the wrong.

Their new Potions teacher was a bit of a flake, nothing like Professor Snape. Just how this teacher managed to become a teacher was a miracle, he didn’t seem to know what he was doing half the time and Hermione was grateful that she at least was proficient enough in potions not to feel jaded by this complete letdown. Unfortunately though she still had to share a table with Harry and Ron, the tension the three of them created was enough to stifle talk in the whole room, not even Draco could come up with any cutting remarks. However, Ron seemed to be making up for where Draco failed. Enter the worst potions lesson in the history of lessons, Hermione was just glad she knew this potion. Though the boys weren’t talking to her, that didn’t mean they didn’t try to get a look in to what she was doing, they both realized they would fail without her. The two dunderheads weren’t her responsibility anymore, so teachers would finally realize just how bad at work they were. There would be no more free rides just for being Harry Potter or the Weasley that helped him defeat Voldemort. People always seemed to conveniently forget that Ron had walked out on Harry and Hermione during the hunt for horcruxes. Ron was always going to come before Hermione and frankly she was sick of it. Now there was no more danger why should she put herself in the firing line just to be shot down again.

BANG! Ron’s cauldron erupted sending purple fumes everywhere, students panicked and screamed as several were hit with some sickly green gunk. Ron as usual quick to blame anyone over himself turned to Hermione, shouting and screaming at her, saying she should have told him he was doing it wrong that the explosion was her fault. Hermione would have answered back had she not been covered in the sickly green gunk, she was actually in a lot of pain, tears streaming down her eyes and all Ron could do was try to blame her. Students fled the classroom and the teacher stood on the spot momentarily shocked.

“Shut it Weasel, don’t blame Granger for your shitty little mistake” shouted Adrian Pucey, this year’s Head Boy.

“Everyone knows you’re shit at potions Weasley, you only survived this long because of Granger and now she’s no longer helping you we’re all at risk” chimed in Parkinson.

Ron huffed angrily, “Why are defending her, you’re all Slytherin’s, you hate scum like her” he shouted.

That comment would probably have hurt Hermione more had she not been near collapsing from the pain.

“The only scum I see here is you Weasel, oh and Potter over there. You hate Slytherin’s but we would never treat a friend this way” growled Blaise Zabini.

“You don’t know what you’re talking about” replied Harry.

“We do. We know of your little happy vision, we know Granger didn’t want that. We know you cut her off because she didn’t fit with your happy ending” said Marcus Flint.

“You lot are scum, you’ve bullied Hermione for years, called her names, made her cry and now what? You’re suddenly defending her, I don’t buy it” said Harry, taking his leave.

“You lot are welcome to her, we don’t want her” growled Ron, following Harry.

Hermione couldn’t feel, she couldn’t move, it hurt so much. How the Slytherin had avoided getting hurt. She felt her knees collapse as she fell to the floor awaiting the impact she was surprised when she found herself gripped in strong hands.

“Let’s get you to the Hospital Wing Granger” said Adrian Pucey.

The Hospital Wing was filled with those effected by Ron’s exploding cauldron, mostly though it seemed with a quick wave of Madame Pomfrey’s wand, they were right as rain again and allowed to leave and go back to classes. Hermione however was different, once Adrian had placed her on an available bed and explained to Madame Pomfrey that Hermione was closest to the explosion, thus getting hit the most, Hermione had promptly fainted, causing panic within the Hospital Wing.

She was so covered in gunk that no one could see the changes taking place. When she began to shake and emit a vibrant white light, Madame Pomfrey asked Adrian to go and fetch Professor McGonagall – Headmistress -. Under the gunk and the light Hermione was changing, her hair went from the frizzy birds nest to pin straight and blonde,  her eyes changed from their dull brown to taking on a pinkish hue, she grew a little taller, she gained a bigger bum and chest and her skin tanned a little. No one would look at this girl and think it was Hermione Granger.

McGonagall came running in with Adrian trailing behind her as the bright light surrounding Hermione disappeared. Madame Pomfrey approached cautiously as she began removing the gunk that covered Hermione and checked her out for other possible injuries.

“Oh my god” cried McGonagall looking down on the person that used to be Hermione.

“She’s changed? But how?” whispered Madame Pomfrey.

“Why is there a gaggle of Slytherin’s outside this room?” asked McGonagall.

“They brought her in and refused to leave. Apparently there was an explosion in potions, Ron Weasley’s cauldron to be exact”.

“Well that explains everything. Poor girl, the war ends and she loses both her parents and her friends” said McGonagall sadly.

“Perhaps you can answer another question Minerva, do you know why the sorting hat is here?” she asked the Headmistress.

Minerva looked perplexed, “I don’t know, I didn’t order it here” she replied.

“I am here to resort the Zabini child” said the hat.

“Zabini child?” queried Minerva.

“Yes, the one lying here before you” replied the hat.

Minerva and Poppy gasped, “I never knew the Zabini’s had a daughter” whispered Poppy.

“It was kept secret, she was taken during a raid after the first fall of Voldemort. They looked everywhere for her but could never find her. The potion must have reacted with whatever barriers had been put in place to hide her true form” replied Minerva.

Hermione opened her eyes, sat up in bed and stared at the two women before her. Had she heard correctly? “Professor?” she inquired.

“Oh dear, you’re awake” replied Minerva.

“The sorting hat is here to resort you child” she continued.

“W-why?” whispered Hermione.

“We aren’t sure, the hat only appears when a sorting needs to happen” replied Minerva as she placed the hat on Hermione’s head.

“Ahh welcome back dear. Being a Zabini suits you better I think. Hermione Granger was a bit of a bizarre name, not at all befitting for a pureblood. But we are getting off topic. Where to put you, you can’t go back to Gryffindor, they never deserved you, you’d be bored in Ravenclaw and the Hufflepuff’s are fickle. No I’ll put you with your brother, you need all the family you can get, SLYTHERIN!” cried the hat.

Hermione stared before her, eyes unblinking. Slytherin! Why why why why why! “I don’t understand” whimpered Hermione.

“You didn’t give her a mirror” questioned Minerva, Poppy shook her head.

“Why would I need a mirror, Professor what’s going on?”

Hermione took the mirror from Poppy, and looked at the person reflected in it. No no no! This person wasn’t her, she didn’t have straight blonde hair or pinkish eyes and she never remembered having a chest this big. Her hands started to shake as her mind processed what the hat had told her. Minerva and Poppy had left Hermione to absorb her changes alone but Hermione wasn’t taking it well and everyone knew how temperamental her anger could be.

“ZABINI!” she screamed.

The Slytherin’s outside shuddered at the volume of her voice, tables shook as her anger grew sending her magic out in waves of uncontrollability, even a couple of glasses shattered. Minerva and Poppy looked on worryingly but felt like they couldn’t interfere.

Blaise Zabini shakily stood up and walked towards the room with Hermione. When he walked into the room, he stopped dead, looking intently at Hermione as Hermione looked back at him. Neither spoke for a long time, they simply stared at each other.

“Evvie?” whispered Blaise.  

Chapter 2: Chapter Two – Jealously Only Serves to Separate the Weak from the Strong
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 Mild Language 

 Chapter Two – Jealously Only Serves to Separate the Weak from the Strong

“Evvie?” repeated Blaise, awestruck by the girl in front of him.

“Blaise I don’t understand” whimpered Hermione/Evvie.

“I thought you were dead” he whispered.

“Blaise, who am I?” asked Hermione/Evvie.

“You’re my sister, my twin sister” said Blaise not even bothering to hide the tears rolling down his cheeks.

“But I don’t understand” said Hermione/Evvie.

“You were taken in a raid that happened after the first fall of V-Voldemort. We looked everywhere for you but you were never found. Our parents presumed the worst. Mother was inconsolable, Father died in that raid, so she lost half the family, she grieved for ages. She always kept me close after that, afraid that if she didn’t she’d lose me as well” explained Blaise.

“I’m I’m” stuttered Hermione/Evvie unable to make heads or tails of the situation.

“You’re my sister Evvie and you’re safe” whispered Blaise, slowly moving towards Hermione/Evvie so he could hug his sister.

“Evvie?” she whispered.

“That’s your name, your real name. Evvie Anna Zabini. It’s beautiful, just like you. Unless you’d prefer to be called Hermione?” said Blaise.

“The sorting hat said Zabini suited me better. Hermione Granger just means a bossy know-it-all with no friends and no family. I always wondered what life would be like after the ugly duckling transformed, perhaps it’s time to find out” she whispered, giving Blaise a small smile.

The door knocked and opened slightly.



“Can I come in?”


“Oh my dear, my poor little girl, it really is you” whispered the intruding woman.

Evvie looked at the woman before her, she was like a carbon copy of Evvie just older. It was safe to say that Evvie took after her Mother. This was all so overwhelming. Evvie had always thought it weird being Hermione Granger, being an incredibly powerful witch and being a supposed muggleborn; somehow it just didn’t make sense to her, like something was missing. Well if ever there were an opportunity to show her something that did make sense, then it was the woman now standing before her. Hermione had never called the Granger’s by Mum and Dad, something she always found a little strange but they’d insisted she call them by their first names, so she had.

“Mum?” whispered Evvie.

“Evvie” replied Mrs. Katherine Zabini pulling her daughter in for a hug, both crying in the emotional situation.

Katherine Zabini pulled her daughter back so she could study her properly, “You’re so beautiful my child. Thank you for everything you did in the war, you did so much to save the Wizarding population. I know without you that Mr. Potter and Mr. Weasley wouldn’t have stood much of a chance. Thank you for survive my dear child, so that we were finally able to find you. We’ve missed you so much. Your Father would have been so proud of you my dear” Katherine sobbed.

“What will you tell your friends?” asked Katherine.

“The truth” replied Evvie.

“They don’t deserve to know” muttered Blaise.

“That doesn’t mean I should lie to them”.

Katherine Zabini stayed with her son and daughter for many hours, each relishing the opportunity to learn about each other. Blaise quickly realized how alike his Mother and sister were, they both had that glare that could silent him in a heartbeat. He’d learnt so much about his sister, he was bemused as to how he never realized how alike they were before. Then again before when it was supposed Evvie was muggleborn Hermione Granger, she wasn’t exactly a person a Slytherin would be able to socialize with.

It was late when Katherine Zabini finally took her leave, taking with her measurements for Evvie’s new size, she promised to have a full wardrobe of clothes and school robes to arrive by owl post tomorrow morning. She left her daughter in the capable hands of her son, knowing he would protect his sister at any cost.

It was decided that Evvie would tell Ron, Harry and Ginny of her new identity in the Hospital Wing as it was neutral territory and Madame Pomfrey wasn’t far away if an adult was needed. Blaise wanted to stay with his sister but she begged him to go, he told her the password to the Slytherin common room before he left. As much as he hated to leave her, it would give him a chance to explain what had happened to his friends.

It was doubtful that Harry, Ron and Ginny would have come to the Hospital Wing had they not been commanded there by Professor McGonagall. She’d told them that there was something important they needed to know about Hermione, nevertheless they were reluctant to go, Ginny especially who felt that Hermione was just monopolizing attention again.

“Well we’re here aren’t we, where is Hermione” huffed Ron.

“I don’t see why we have to be here” whined Ginny.

“Shh, did you hear that? Who’s there? Show yourself!” Harry demanded.

“Who’s there, someone whose giving you one last chance” replied Evvie from the shadows she was standing in.

“Hermione? Stop playing around”.

“Whose playing Harry” replied Evvie stepping from the shadows.

“Who are you? Where is Hermione?”

“Is this some kind of joke” said Ron angrily.

“No it’s simply a chance for you to see the truth” replied Evvie.

Harry and Ron took out their wands, “I wouldn’t if I were you, Madame Pomfrey is in her office. I wouldn’t want you to get in trouble”.

“Who are you?” demanded Harry.

“I am Hermione, or rather I was. I have another name now” she said.

“What is that supposed to mean” said Ginny.

“Didn’t you ever wonder why I returned from Australia so sad, why I started to lose weight?” asked Evvie.

Harry shifted from foot to foot guiltily.

“No of course you didn’t, you didn’t want anything to penetrate your happy little world. You just decided to assume the worse instead of giving me the opportunity to explain. I’d like to thank you though Ronald for making a mess of a very simplistic potion today, otherwise I wouldn’t have known who I really was” said Evvie.

“I’ll ask you one more time, who are you?” said Harry shaking with anger.

“My parents died in Australia, I was too late to save them. They perished without even knowing they had a daughter. The potion that exploded on me unlocked wards that were placed on me, you see I never was a Granger, they never even adopted me, they only found me. Today I found my real family, so I’m not Hermione Granger anymore. I’m Evvie Anna Zabini, Blaise is my twin brother” replied Evvie.

“Urgh that’s disgusting Hermione”

“Is this some kind of sick joke?”

“She’s just trying to get attention” said Ginny.

“No Ginny I’m not. I’m trying to tell you the truth, it’s not my fault you are too blind to see it”.

“What, so just overnight you become a Slytherin?” questioned Harry.

“Yes. Blaise is my brother and I was resorted into Slytherin. I won’t lie I was a little scared when the hat called out Slytherin”.

“You’re a traitor” yelled Ron, “I knew you couldn’t be trusted”.

“Stop being a stupid git. You lot still see the world in black and white, the wars over, the old prejudices are gone. It is no longer just good and evil, the world is made up of grey. Everyone and everything deserves a second chance” said Evvie.

“No bloody way am I calling you Evvie. You’ll always be the bossy know-it-all Hermione Granger” said Ginny.

“Yeah this is just a cry for attention, what potion did you take Hermione, you always were an ugly duckling. Always jealous of people like me, you could never be gorgeous like me” shouted Ginny.

Evvie sighed, this was going if not worse than Evvie had expected.

Ginny took a threatening step towards Evvie.

“Hermione you make me sick. Evvie sounds like a whore’s name, fits you perfectly then. Always have to be the center of attention don’t you. Well you belong in Slytherin. At least in Slytherin you won’t be able to corrupt my brother or Harry anymore. The day you go will be better for us all” she drew her hand back and struck it across Evvie’s face. The force of the impact split open Evvie’s lip and her cheek had the makings of a bruise.

Evvie had never been hit before, not even when she was being tortured by Bellatrix.

“You had your chance” said Evvie walking away from her ex-friends.

Meanwhile in the Slytherin Common Room

“What do you mean you have a sister?” asked Adrian.

“I mean what I said” said Blaise.

“But I never knew you had a sister” said Draco.

“My Mother hid it. You remember the raids that took place after the first fall of Voldemort?” they all nodded.

“Well in the raid that killed my Father, my sister was also taken. My Mother searched everywhere for her but she was never found so she presumed the worst”.

“But she isn’t dead?” questioned Marcus.

“No she’s alive”.

“What happened to Granger after we took her to the Hospital Wing?” asked Pansy.

“Well that’s it. The potion reacted with wards that were placed on her. Hermione is my sister, Hermione is Evvie” explained Blaise.

“No, are you sure?” whispered Draco.

“Positive, I was there all afternoon with my Mother. It’s her”.

“What’s going to happen to her?” asked Marcus.

“She was resorted into Slytherin. She’s in the Hospital Wing now telling Potter and the Weasels what has happened” said Blaise disgustedly.

“But we treated her so badly” whispered Pansy.

“I know but Evvie is a special person. She doesn’t see the world as black and white like others do. She won’t lie and say she wasn’t hurt by our behavior towards her but she knows most of it was a defense to protect yourselves against a higher power”.

“Why is she telling them, they don’t deserve to know, I didn’t think they were friends anymore” said Marcus.

“They aren’t.” replied Blaise getting angry, “You know she dumped Ron, Potter thinks she did it because she’d cheated because when she came back from Australia she was withdrawn and quiet”.

“But she didn’t cheat?” asked Adrian.

“Please Hermione, sorry Evvie, isn’t capable of cheating” replied Pansy.

“You’re right, she didn’t cheat. She went to Australia in search of her parents. Did you know she obliviated them and sent them to Australia during the war to save them?” the others shook their heads, they didn’t know that, “Well when she found them in Australia, she found them dead. She didn’t get there in time to save her parents, they died not knowing they had a daughter. She blames herself for it” replied Blaise.

“But that’s horrid, it wasn’t her fault” whispered Pansy actually looking quite concerned.

“Does she still look like Hermione?” asked Draco.

“No. She looks like a younger version of Mother. She has pin straight blonde hair and pinkish eyes. They’re gorgeous her eyes. She’s grown a little taller and her skin has tanned a little, and she’s filled out in all the right places” replied Blaise.

“Will she forgive us for the way we’ve treated her? No doubt people will be warning her against us” said Pansy.

“She will forgive us, Evvie’s a very forgiving, compassionate person. When I was talking to her earlier she said she was scared about coming to Slytherin but that there was nothing left for her in Gryffindor. She just didn’t feel like she belonged. Don’t worry about people warning her against us, the only ones who would do that are Potter and the Weasels and my guess is they really aren’t her friends” he replied.

“What do you mean?”

“Oh come on, we’ve all seen it, they’ve treated her like shit over the years. Potter always believes Weasley over her. They always teased her for wanting to learn, they criticized her the first time a boy took any interest in her. Weasley was forgiven the moment he returned after leaving the others while on the run yet they both didn’t talk to Evvie for months when she reported the mysterious broom Potter had received in third year to McGonagall. And that she-weasel, she’s a bitch if ever there was. I constantly overheard her belittling and slagging off Evvie, that girl is jealous and would do anything to see Evvie out of the picture” muttered Blaise.

“But what, wait, who is that?” said Pansy pointing to the common room door.

It had opened and closed letting in a blonde haired person. She had her head bend and her hand placed to on the side of her face.

“Evvie?” called Blaise.

She stopped before him like a deer caught in headlights.

“Evvie, look at me” pleaded Blaise.

Evvie slowly lifted her head to look at Blaise, her hand stained with the blood falling from her lip, the flesh under her eye turning the brownish green of a bruise.

“Oh my Cara, my Cara, what happened” whispered Blaise carefully caressing his sister’s cheek.

“You were right, they didn’t want me” she said between sobs.

“Shh Cara, they don’t deserve you” whispered Blaise.

“It hurts Blaise, it really hurts” she whimpered.

Blaise led her to the couch and sat her down next to Pansy, Blaise sitting on her other side.

Pansy took a brave step, placing her hand over Evvie’s. “Who did this to you?” she asked.

Evvie turned her head momentarily surprised, “Ginny, she said the ugly duckling wasn’t allowed to transform. She said, she said…” mumbled Evvie.

“What did she say Cara?” asked Blaise.

Evvie turned to look at her brother with fear and anguish in her eyes, “That no one would ever want a –sob- ugly duckling” she cried.

Pansy was furious that the She-Weasley would say something like that to Evvie, though she hate to admit it, it was easier to imagine those words if they were spoken to Hermione Granger but Evvie Zabini was gorgeous, if Pansy hadn’t been so sure of her pureness of heart she might be jealous of her beauty herself. As it was Pansy was under the impression that she and Evvie would become the best of friends and now that Evvie was a Slytherin and the sister of Blaise, the dice had been rolled and revenge had to be taken.

“That girl did this to you” said Adrian.

Evvie nodded her head, she felt unreal. Her hands were shaking, her face hurt. Was it strange to feel so secure around a bunch of Slytherin’s who had previously bullied her? But she was one of them now wasn’t she.

“Pansy, can you take Cara up to her room and heal her please” requested Blaise.

So many years with the same boys taught Pansy not to ask questions, they were obviously waiting for the girls to depart so they could leave and exact revenge upon the Weaselette who had unwittingly sealed her fate.

From the next chapter on Hermione will always be called Evvie

Ahh Slytherin's are so much more fun than Gryffindorks :) In other news, I booked my holiday and my nightmare of a dissertation is almost over!! There is light at the end of the tunnel!! :D ~ Zyii

Chapter 3: Chapter Three - Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold
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Pansy led Evvie up to the room they would be sharing along with Daphne Greengrass and Millicent Bulstrode. The other girls were in the doom when they arrived and no doubt would be informed of the what had happened when they returned. Pansy sat Evvie gently down on her bed and busied herself with finding the correct potions to reduce the swelling bruise on Evvie’s face. Evvie sat silently throughout the ordeal as if the words would not come to her.

“You know I never meant any of the things I ever said to you” said Pansy, Evvie looked up at her in indifference.

“I was always quite impressed by you actually. Your power is so great and you never let anyone get you down” she continued, “I’m sorry for the things I’ve said that have hurt you” she finished.

Evvie finally seemed to have found her voice, “P-Pansy it’s alright, everyone deserves a second chance. If you’re giving me one, you should get one as well. I don’t blame you for anything you’ve said to me. It may have hurt at the time but you were scared for your own safety. I cannot hold that against you” whispered Evvie.

Pansy smiled, “I know how bitchy I appear normally but I’m not really like that, it’s more of a front. I know this sounds weird coming from me but I really hope we can be friends” she said.

“I’ve never had a female friend before” whimpered Evvie.

“Why?” asked Pansy.

“Ginny was too vindictive, I couldn’t trust her and Lavender and Pavarti didn’t see me as a girl” she replied.

“Well I see you as a girl Evvie, a very gorgeous girl” she giggled.

“What’s my brother going to do to Ginny?” asked Evvie.

Pansy sighed, “Exact revenge I assume. It’s best not to get involved”.

“She won’t be seriously harmed will she?”

“I expect not”.

Evvie faulted, “Is it wrong that I feel no remorse over whatever my brother will do to her?” asked Evvie.

“No” replied Pansy, “I think she deserves what she gets, she’s a horrid piece of work. That girl throws herself at anything that moves, you watch, she’ll get bored of Potter soon enough” said Pansy.

“This is going to sting a bit” said Pansy dabbing a bruise swelling potion on Evvie’s cheek.


The boys growled together as they thought of the pain inflicted on Blaise’s sister. All thoughts of muggleborns and know-it-all Hermione Grangers were out of their minds. Now one of their own had been hurt and their one combined thought was that of revenge.

“She will pay, now” whispered Blaise.

“How will we get to her? Gryffindorks are so aggressive”.

“Please, Ginny’s a desperate girl, if she thinks a hot Slytherin male is waiting outside her common room for her, she’ll be out in a flash!” commented Adrian.

“I’ll do it” said Draco, answering the silent question; “It’s the least I can do” he looked meaningfully at Blaise. In truth Draco was struggling with this new bit of information, it wasn’t every day that you learnt the girl you’d tormented for so long was actually your best friend’s sister. That was a lot to deal with, and Draco knew – despite Blaise’s assurances – that Evvie wouldn’t forgive him easily.

“That makes sense, she does pant after you when she thinks no one’s looking” Goyle chuckled.

“What will you do? You can’t leave physical evidence on her or questions would be asked” muttered Adrian, clearly annoyed that they couldn’t inflict the same pain on Ginny as she had done on Evvie.

“Leave it to me, I know just the spell” Draco smiled maliciously. It was a smile the boys were used to but they hadn’t seen it for a while, and seeing the same malicious smile plastered upon Draco’s face sent shivers down their spines.

“Hey Ginny, there’s a gorgeous Slytherin waiting outside for you” giggled one of her friends.

Ginny burst open with pride, checking herself out in the nearby mirror, she knew she looked hot, it was more of an attention seeking thing, she knew people would likely tell her how amazing she looked if she took a double take at herself in a mirror – she wasn’t disappointed.

“You look stunning Ginny, go meet your Slytherin! And tell us the details!!”

Draco turned as he heard the portrait door open, Ginny slunk out in what he assumed she thought was a sexy pose – actually it was rather disgusting.

“Draco, to what do I owe this pleasure?” she simpered.

Draco inwardly cringed at the improper use of his first name, Gods, this chit really did fancy herself above all others.

He motioned her to follow him with the curl of his finger, she followed obediently as if pulled a long by an imaginary piece of string.

“I never knew you felt this way about me, I must say I’m flattered” she gushed once they were completely concealed in the darkness of the nearest alcove.

Draco let her babble on a little longer, increasingly looking forward to returning to his own common room.

“Of course you know I’m with Harry, but well…what Harry doesn’t know won’t hurt him right” she looked up at him meaningfully.

Gods she was awful. Just how many people has she spread her legs for!

“As repulsive as that sounds, I’m going to have to decline” he said formally.

Ginny looked confused, it didn’t take much then, “But then I don’t understand”.

“You’ve been a bad witch haven’t you” he continued.

Ginny regained her composure, “I can be very bad if you want me to be” she said in what she obviously believed was a sexy sultry voice, personally it just made Draco want to gag.

“Girls like you need to be punished”.

“Yes Draco, please punish me” she whimpered.

Draco smiled at her ignorance, really this was too easy, “If you insist”, he raised his wand, “Morsus” he whispered inwardly laughing as Ginny fell to the floor in pain unable to make a sound. Morsus was an old spell it simply meant pain. It wasn’t illegal like the cruciatus curse but it worked in a similar way.

Draco looked down at her viciously, “If you ever lay a finger on Evvie again, I’ll make sure I break every bone in your body!” he spat, releasing her from the spell and walking away. Justice was served.

“It’s done” said Draco as he returned to the sanctuary of the dungeons.

“Did she suffer?”



“And she knows what will happen if she ever lays a finger on Evvie again” he huffed.

“What will happen?”

“I will break every bone in her body” growled Draco his eyes turning intense forbidden gleam.

Blaise studied his friend momentarily, usually he could read Draco very well but now he was getting nothing from him. This was a situation that needed monitoring. For now however, there were more pressing things at hand, his sister being one.

“I’m going to check on Evvie” he mumbled to the others.

Pansy had since cleaned up Evvie’s face and applied the swelling reducer to her bruise. In the time that they’d left the boys, Evvie had also met Daphne and Millicent – or Millie as she liked to be called – and they’d been informed of her situation and who she was both past and present. Evvie found Daphne to be on a similar intelligence level to her and quite a complex person to understand. Evvie felt ashamed of the way she had previously judged both Pansy and Daphne for they weren’t at all how she’d imagine. Then again, thinking on things how much can you learn about a person from a few choice words spoken in heated arguments. Millie was the biggest surprise, Evvie remembered her as a broad shouldered tomboy with a lot of acne. The girl standing before her however was none of these things, it seemed that she’d finally shed her tomboyness and become a proper lady, she looked amazing, and you could tell from looking at her that she felt it too.

A knock at the door brought the girls out of their bonding session, “Who is it?” inquired Pansy.

“It’s Blaise” replied the voice behind the door as Pansy quickly let him in.

“My Cara” he whispered drawing his sister close, “Thank you” he mouthed to Pansy.

Evvie enjoyed the safety her brother’s embrace gave her, she wanted to cry but was afraid that it wasn’t very Slytherin to do so, so she tried her hardest not to.

“You’ll be ok here?” he asked her releasing her from his hold.

She nodded, “Yes, the girls have made me feel very welcome, I feel I have actual friends now” she whispered, lifting her head to look at him. The sadness and vulnerability shinning in her eyes told Blaise she was telling the honest truth.

“Get some sleep Cara” he kissed his sister’s forehead, “Look after her girls”.

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Chapter 4: Chapter Four – Jealous Girls, Hormonal Boys and a Glass of Cherryade
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Mild Language

Evvie woke up the following morning feeling refreshed and reborn again. She sat up in her bed, pushing hair from her face and wondering where on earth that annoying tapping sound was coming from. As she stood up and walked in the direction of the bathroom, the tapping increased, looking up she realized it was an owl tapping at the window and carrying an impossibly large package. She allowed the owl entry into the dorm, giving it several owl treats as a reward for carrying such a large parcel. She smiled at the parcel’s wrapping Slytherin green and silver of course but it was from her Mother and oh wow contained her new wardrobe. The clothes had been shrunk to fit, so she took them out before enlarging them again. Some of the clothes looked so magnificent, clothes that Evvie would never have thought to wear while she had the body and looks of Hermione Granger. Even now she looked at some of the clothes with a doubtful expression.

Anything’s possible she supposed. She guessed that since she was a new person it might be good to have a new image as well. She always wanted her last year at Hogwarts to go out with a bang, perhaps this was the way to do it. She often wanted to shed the know-it-all image she had, there was so much more to her than books and intelligence but no one had let her show them, till now…

Even being friend with Harry and Ron since she was eleven, they’d never seen her as more than a bossy book obsessed student, they hardly recognized that she was a girl. Staying with Bill and Fleur during the summer had shown Evvie that there were actually people out there who were willing to get to know her for more than just her surface. That reminded her, she needed to write a letter to Bill and Fleur explaining what had happened. She set down to do just that after she’d put away all her new clothes. It had taken her several times to write the letter and she was finally satisfied with what she’d written, she’d outlined what had happened to her, her change in appearance, family and house. She’d put that she hoped they still considered her family but could understand if they no longer wanted anything to do with her. It was once she’d finished her letter that she realized the owl was still there. Looking at the card her Mother had sent her once more she realized the owl hadn’t left because it was hers. She stroked the owls light brown wings, “Gar” she whispered knowing that the strange name fit this owl, “Will you please take this letter to Bill and Fleur Weasley” Gar nipped Evvie’s finger affectionately and flew off out the window, her letter attached to his leg.

Evvie was looking through her new clothes when the other girls finally awoke. Usually she’d be dressed by now, but McGonagall had passed a new rule when becoming Headmistress – based on something Evvie had told her about muggle life – 7th years were now allowed to wear their own clothes under their school robes, it was to give them a bit of freedom and make them feel more adult. But secretly Evvie felt McGonagall did it because she wanted the returning 7th years at least to actually have a chance at being teenagers without worry.

“Your new clothes came then”.

“Yeah but I don’t know what to wear. I don’t even know what suits me. I’ve never been into this stuff” Evvie pouted.

“And now you are?” asked Millie.

“I want to have the best last year ever, so yeah” said Evvie.

“Well why didn’t you say so” giggled Daphne.

“You’ll help me?” asked Evvie.

“Of course, everyone knows Slytherin girls dress the best” smirked Pansy.

With help from the girls Evvie was transformed from not knowing what to do with her newfound appearance to rule the school with her outfits. It seemed very unlike the old Hermione to be so excited about clothes and boys but she was tired of being that person. She really just wanted to be a teenager in the last year that would allow her that, and really, everyone is allowed to change who they are aren’t they.

“You look gorgeous” squealed Millie.

“All hail the Queen of Gorgeousness” the girls all giggled.

“We should probably head down or your bother will have worn a hole in the carpet waiting for you to get up” Pansy giggled.

As they walked into the common room the reaction to the girls presence was simultaneous. While other girls looked on jealously, the boys shifted from foot to foot trying to hide their lust and desire. Daphne, Millie and Pansy were nothing new, they always looked stunningly perfect but Evvie outshone them all. Below her Slytherin robes she wore heeled cowboy boots, purple skinny jeans and a tight fitted tank top. Her choice in clothes was plain and bold but they deliciously hugged her curves making every head turn her way.

From the group waiting for them, Blaise was the first to recover; this was his sister after all! The other boys took longer to stop the drool formulating in their open mouths. Evvie was surprised at the reaction she got from the guys having never been in that position before. The girls she could handle, there would always be jealousy and rivalry between girls, you just had to learn to ignore it – and know some pretty good spells.

Draco looked on with desire burning in his eyes before quickly schooling his features into a more neutral expression. It wouldn’t do for Evvie to think he liked her, she was downright gorgeous but he wasn’t good enough for her and he doubted he’d ever be forgiven. But still, she did look good in that outfit!

“Cara” Blaise greeted his sister; she looked happier, happier than he’d even seen her as Hermione Granger. That was good; he vowed to always make sure she was happy.

Evvie whispered close to his ear to be sure no one else would hear, “Do I look ok?” she asked timidly.

Blaise didn’t even need to look at his sister to know why he was asking him this, he could see her hands shake nervously. He’d never seen Evvie with her guard down, only ever as the self-righteous Granger, he took this as a good sign that after only a day she was letting her guard down around him. He thought her transition into Evvie would have been a lot harder for her to come to terms with had she not been outcasted by her old friends and spent the summer with Bill and Fleur Weasley. As it happens he knew his Mother was looking to have tea with the newly married couple and year about her daughter.

“You look gorgeous Cara” he said honestly, “Are you ready?” he asked.

“No” she replied honestly, “But let’s go”.

The others looked on at this intimate display of sibling emotions, with the exception of Daphne all the others were only children and had never felt the companionship that Blaise now had with Evvie. With family the ties could be picked up easily and forged again, for family stayed always, friends never did, or that was Evvie’s opinion, perhaps in the coming weeks that would change.

There was something to be admired by the way Evvie held herself as they walked to the Great Hall. Deep down she was still the same person, she refused to become manipulative and mean just because she was now in Slytherin. Don’t get her wrong, she didn’t now have ideas to make Slytherin good, she just knew in herself that she’d be the rare good one. With the exception of Lavender in 6th year and Professor Trelawney, Evvie tried not to judge people and was fair and acceptable to all. She treated others as she wanted to be treated in return. It hadn’t worked quite that way in Gryffindor. It can be said that Gryffindor’s are brave, but they certainly aren’t loyal and are more into self-preservation than the Slytherin’s were.  It would be a nice change to see how things progressed for her in a different house.

The dynamics of the walk to the Great Hall were interesting to watch and observe, yet with the exception of Draco and Blaise, it was apparent that none of the others had noticed it yet. Without any prompt or decision the leading pack had been created, Evvie in the middle, the girls close behind, Blaise and Draco on either side of them with the rest of the boys bringing up the back. It was unusual for a group to be formed like this; it was the sort of alignment you’d associate with a celebrity visit as a form of protection, not as a walk to get breakfast. Nevertheless the connection had been established and Evvie was in the front of it.

If the Slytherin’s were used to being stared at before, this was nothing if not impossible. Every set of eyes was trained on the group as they entered the hall and sat down. It was Evvie’s presence that caught the most attention, though the odd formation of Slytherin’s waggled a few eyebrows as well.

Evvie never liked being in the spotlight, she didn’t like being watched intently, it reminded her too much of being on the run. So she did what anyone would do, she tried her best to block it out and remain as normal as possible but if anyone were to look under the table they would see how she was really feeling by the shake of her hands. Evvie was a strong witch; she’d make it through this ordeal.

Pansy struck calming gold when she asked Evvie what classes she was taking, “Transfiguration, Charms, Potions, Ancient Runes, Arithmancy and Herbology” replied Evvie to a few stunned faces.

“You aren’t taking DADA?”

“You’re only taking six classes?”

Evvie smiled tightly, “I didn’t want to be noticed for just my brain anymore. So I decided to only take the classes that I loved. It would be pointless taking DADA I wouldn’t learn anything” she replied.

“No one thinks of you as just a brain Cara” said Blaise softly.

Evvie looked up at her brother’s sincerity, “Oh but they have for seven years” she smiled sadly.

No one really knew what to say after that but the silence wasn’t awkward. If anything each of the Slytherin’s was thinking of a way for Evvie to develop more. Obviously they knew of her past but they hadn’t known how it affected her. Each little bit they learnt made them more determined to help her have the best last year possible.

Draco shifted uncomfortably in his seat, well aware that he was in the foreground for seeing Evvie as just a big brain and taunting her for it. Under Blaise’s questioning stare he felt even more vunerable, unsure of how he felt.

The ugly duckling flies just as is proper. Evvie didn’t know what to do with herself. This new found popularity was unnatural for her; she didn’t know where to put herself. Breakfast might be over but classes were about to begin, and that’s where things would get difficult. Blaise, Draco and Adrian wanted to be in all classes with Evvie because they didn’t trust other people. However fate was not so kind and there was at least one class Evvie had without the protection of the Slytherin’s: Herbology, which unfortunately Evvie had to suffer through with Harry, Ron, Ginny and a whole lode of other Gryffindork’s.

Evvie enjoyed Herbology almost as much as Neville and he was always kind enough to talk her through plants that she didn’t know much about. No one knew much about Evvie’s little weakness with Herbology but Neville was good at keeping secrets, after all Evvie was the one who always helped him with potions, so he didn’t mind repaying the favor.

“Oh look it’s the traitor” groaned Ron.

Harry said nothing, like he wanted to rebuild the bridge but couldn’t quite make it happen.

Evvie sat on a table by herself, as people were still arriving to class.

“How’s it feel having no friends? Oh wait you never had any friends” Ron guffed.

Lavender and Pavarti strolled in, making a beeline for Evvie.

“Can we sit here?” asked Lavender.

“Uh sure” replied Evvie.

“You look gorgeous Evvie, where did you get those boots” squealed Pavarti.

Well this was new thought Evvie. “Uh they’re from a muggle shop”.

“What are you doing talking to the traitor?” sneered Ginny as she walked in the room.

“Oh get over yourself Ginny” said Lavender.

“What? It’s not like she belongs here, she’s just an ugly duckling trying to change” said Ginny.

“Yeah and now she’s more gorgeous than you’ll ever be” replied Lavender smugly.

“Just leave off her alright” added Pavarti.

“Just wait one minute”

“Give it a rest Ginny. You guys are supposed to be her friends, something life changing has happened to Evvie and suddenly you’re all against her. It’s like the war changed nothing” said Neville.

Ginny looked outraged that Neville had got involved.

“Can we have a bit more work and less talking at the back please” cried the teacher.

“There is a difference between changing and trying to be someone you’re not” hissed Ginny.

“Have you ever thought about being a duck?” asked Evvie smiling mischievously.

“What are you, trying to be a freak like Luna?” said Ginny.

“Ha, and you call yourself her friend” said Pavarti.

“Poor poor Ginny, weren’t you warned not to continue this” said Evvie mockingly, pleased when Ginny’s face paled.

“Shame you haven’t learnt your lesson” Evvie raised her wand in a flicking motion, “Mellis Pluma” and suddenly Ginny was covered in a sticky substance with feathers covered on top.

“I guess what’s what a real ugly duckling looks like” said Evvie as the class bell rang.

“Did you guys hear what Ginny said to Evvie” asked Pansy running up to Blaise and Draco.

“No, what?”

“Ginny started dissing Evvie, looks like your threat didn’t work Draco” she smirked, “So Evvie hexed her. I didn’t know the spell I think Evvie must have made it up herself but it covered Ginny first in honey and then in feathers”

Blaise chortled while Draco was torn between laughing and being angry that Ginny had ignored his threat.

It was odd to feel so at home with the Slytherin’s but Evvie was a Slytherin now. She was as they said a new person. The Great Hall at dinner showed Evvie how protective Blaise could be, which meant by extension how protective Slytherin’s were of their own.

After telling Blaise to back off a third time in the row, she settle for childishly throwing her peas in his face.

“What the hell was that for?” he demanded.

“Stop being over protective! So Ginny didn’t head your Slytherin warning. I dealt with her, I don’t need you to fight all my battles. I got on fine before, why would things change now” she huffed.

“Just trying to make up for lost time Cara” he mumbled.

“I know, but just tone it down or something” she replied.

There was a scuffle of movement behind Evvie.

“Missy Evvie” came the squeaky voice of a Hogwarts Elf.

“Yes” replied Evvie as the elf handed her a tin can, “Thank you” she continued as the elf smiled and popped away.

Evvie popped open the can and took a long sip, closing her eyes in contentment. She opened them to the confused eyes of her fellow Slytherins.

“What on earth is that?!” asked Adrian.

Evvie smiled, they really were missing out, “Cherryade” she winked as she drank.

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Chapter 5: Chapter Five – Be My Friend, No Be Mine! We Can Talk About Boys, Fashion and Make-up. Oh Kill Me Now!
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Strong Language

Evvie could be easily recognized in between classes from the cans of Cherryade she carried with her. She used to drink it like a dirty little secret in the Hogwarts kitchens but why hide anymore, it was about time some muggle aspects made their way into the Wizarding World.

She could hear the giggling behind her and wished it would stop. She could handle the staring by now, and the whispering wasn’t going to stop soon but the giggling, the giggling Evvie couldn’t stand.

“Would you two stop following me around and giggling” exploded Evvie.

It shut the girls up momentarily. They looked slightly put out by the girls outburst. Why was the source of the giggling always Lavender Brown and Pavarti Patel?

“We just wanted to be your friend”.

“Yeah come hang with us. You can tell us all about the hot boys in Slytherin”.

“You never wanted to be friends before” said Evvie.

“You were boring before” said Lavender.

“And now you’re not” added Pavarti.

“Plus Blaise is your brother. And Draco, he’s so hot. You could introduce us” said Lavender.

“And why would I do that?” asked Evvie.

“It’s not like you have a chance. You may now be beautiful but you’re still the same old Granger” snarled Pavarti. “I’d love to sink my teeth into Draco, you’d never be in his league!” she added spitefully.

“Pavarti!!” said Lavender shocked, stepping away from her friend.

“Showing your true colours at last Patel” Evvie said.

“I’m really sorry Evvie, I did really just want to be your friend” said Lavender, pulling Pavarti away before she did more damage.

Slytherin Common Room

The boys were lounging around on the sofas, the girls gossiping at their feet. They entryway to the common room banged open.

“Uh oh” muttered Daphne.

Seething, Evvie was absolutely seething, to the point that if she could blow steam from her ears she would. How dare Pavarti say those things it was absurd! Evvie didn’t fault Lavender, she had been obsessive when it came to Ron but otherwise she was harmless. Pavarti had a vindictive streak.

“Evvie are you alright?” asked Daphne.

“Un-fucking-believable” muttered Evvie in response.

She turned on them eyes blazing, “If you wanted to be friends with someone, how would you do it?” she asked to the silence that didn’t want to respond.

“Why would I want to be friends with someone just because they’ve decided I’m no longer boring!” she huffed.

“Why would I want to be friends with someone who implied that I could never get Dra-“ she blushed, “That I couldn’t get a man”.


“Pavarti Patel what a joke. I should have just hexed her, I hate being reminded of who I was. Why does everyone assume that to insult the bookishness of Hermione Granger is to insult me!” she shouted.

“Cara please”

“Don’t you dare tell me to calm down Blaise!”

“Pansy” she whimpered.

Pansy stood along with Millie and took her upstairs. Only Daphne remained as an explanation to the boys.

“Care to explain what all that was?” asked Blaise.

Daphne sighed, sometimes boys really were stupid! “Evvie’s trying to shed everything that people remember her for. She’s insecure – and being around Potter and Weasel so long I’m not surprised why. She used to hide behind her books and intelligence. Evvie as you see her now was always there before, people just refused to see. Remember when she set those birds on Ron or punched Draco? That was Evvie as we see her now”.

Daphne paused for breath, “My guess is Pavarti called on Evvie’s insecurities” she glanced briefly at Draco before continuing, “She probably told Evvie that no guy would ever want her despite her new looks”.

“Why would she believe that?” asked Adrian.

Daphne rolled her eyes, “Please! Between previous comments made by us, Harry only having eyes for the She-Weasel, the Weasel’s jealousy getting in the way and the idiots that are Victor Krum and Cormac McLaggen you can’t blame her for her attitudes” she shared a look with Blaise when she mentioned Victor’s name.

“She’s scared” said Draco.

“She has reason to be” huffed Daphne.

“Go help Cara please Daphne” said Blaise.

Pansy and Millie were teaching Evvie about fashion and Make-up but more importantly how to appear confident and hard edged even when you weren’t feeling it on the inside.

Evvie was getting it – slowly – she wasn’t a Gryffindor anymore so she needed to stop wearing her heart on her sleeve. She was thankful for the girls help. She felt safe under their wings and an actual sense of friendship. With their teachings she’d get better and the next time she was confronted by someone like Pavarti she’d be the one to come out on top.

Down in the common room Draco was thinking about what had been said. Had she been about to say his name? No it must have been someone else. Draco wouldn’t get his hopes up for something that would never happen.

Blaise looked at his friend thoughtfully; he could see the conflicting emotions run past his eyes while the rest of his face remained impassive. He used to be so easy to read thought Blaise as he starred at the closed fortress of his friend’s face.

Evvie returned later that evening, no act of anger left on her features. Her clothes however left the boys struggling to contain themselves. She wore a small white tank top with small pink sleep shorts and light brown uggs. The other girls followed her over to the boys.

“What” she smirked, “Haven’t you ever seen a girl in pajamas before?”

The boys shifted around her, only Blaise was unaffected but was amused as she tortured the others. His sister was a real firecracker.

The girls giggled at her antics.

It was fast being seen that Evvie was more comfortable in the Slytherin common room than anywhere else, though she could hold her own if needed. If she came across Potter or the Weasels it was usually a punctuated awkward moment before they each went their separate ways.

Evvie’s fashion got better and better and more people asked her where she’d got them. She’d kept a little of her muggle past with her. The clothes her Mother sent contained items from the muggle world. Her Mother wasn’t like all the other Pureblood supremists. She knew the Zabini’s had stayed neutral during the war but she hadn’t expected to get a Mother as nice as Katherine but perhaps that showed Evvie’s prejudices and assumptions.

The only one Evvie felt uneasy around was Draco – surprise surprise – it wasn’t as if he had said anything bad, he just remained completely indifferent like he’d follow the other Slytherin’s but never seek her out. If it wasn’t for his part in the revenge against Ginny, Evvie would have thought he felt nothing at all for her. She supposed it was hard for him, her changing from everything he hated to everything he was supposed to be. She’d put everything from her old life behind her, forgive and forget she thought but he seemed to keep pulling her back to the past.

As the weeks went by Evvie became more frustrated by Draco’s behavior, it was like a thorn in her side.

“Why don’t you talk to me?” she asked.

“I do”.

“No you don’t, never alone. Always in group situations”.

“Maybe I don’t want to talk”.

“Draco look at me” she whispered.

“Why is it you want to talk to me?”

“I want to move past this I want to be friends”.

“You may have a different face, a different identity but we’re still the same people. Why do you care so much?”

“Why do you not!” she demanded.

“What is your problem, you find yourself a new family and a new look and suddenly demand that everyone talk to you!” he said his voice rose.

She whimpered.

“What do you want from me” he shouted.

“Nothing” she replied in a small voice.

“Friendship” he sneered.

She said nothing.

“You deserve more” he whispered leaving an angry and tearful Evvie behind.

Pansy came up behind her, wrapping her arms around Evvie’s waist and resting her chin on Evvie’s shoulder. Evvie leaned in to the comforting embrace.

“It’s alright Evvie” she murmured, “He’s just angry with herself. Don’t take anything he says to heart” she turned Evvie around so she could wipe the tears from her face.

Evvie didn’t know how she’d managed before she had Pansy by her side but she sure as hell wasn’t going to do anything to lose it.

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Chapter 6: Chapter Six – Ex’s Are Bad News. If You Are unfortunate Enough to Run into One Better Make A Quick Exit
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Sensitive Topic – Strong Language

Victor Krum strutted around thinking he was god’s gift to women. He had girls falling at his feet begging him to date them. He had his pick in women and really it was expected of him to have scandals to his name. Any publicity was good he thought. There was still the one that got away as everyone had. Hermione Granger had been the unusual girl he’d set his sights on during the Triwizard Tournament. Never had a girl made him work so hard and he’d hoped to get something for all his troubles but he was sorely disappointed, his attempts failed by some meddlesome Slytherin’s and he hadn’t heard from her since.

Fortunately the Daily Prophet was great with reporting gossip and Hermione’s transformation to Evvie was obviously reported. Naturally Victor recognized the hotness in her transformation and felt he deserved another go at attracting her attention. Thus he headed towards Hogsmead with his goal in sight and his determination set.


The girls were lounging around in their room wondering what to wear to tomorrows Hogsmead trip. They’d been giggling for a while over the recent gossip circulating the school. Luna Lovegood had discovered the insults Ginny had been spreading around the school. There had been a massive argument between them and the divide between the girls of the school had worsened. Now you were either on the side of Ginny – girlfriend of Harry Potter and bitch of Hogwarts – or the side of Evvie – hot goddess with a heart of gold.

 Evvie hadn’t had her fair share with male suitors; there had been Victor Krum, the ghastly Cormac and then Ronald. The war had started up before she could pursue anything further. She was as they say still a little innocent. She’d read all the relevant books of course but they weren’t the same as actually having the experience.

Victor Krum was in Hogsmead looking every bit the stuck up wizard he was. The students would start arriving soon and he had no worries about Evvie being with company. He’d get her alone if he wanted.

It was still warm enough to not have to cover up with lots of clothes. Evvie’s outfit for the Hogsmead trip was simple. Her staple cowboy boots, black leggings, a plain maroon skater dress paired with a navy cardigan. That was the thing about Evvie’s style, it was never too loud or demanding. It was simple yet sensuous.

Blaise was on high alert he’d heard the rumors of Victor Krum’s appearance in Hogsmead. He stood before Draco, Adrian, Marcus and Goyle, wearing a hole in the carpet and barking orders to them. They knew not why it was important to keep Krum away from Evvie but it must have been something pretty big for Blaise to react the way he did.

The girls knew who was in town as well – though only Daphne knew the real reason it was essential to keep Krum away from Evvie – They hadn’t told Evvie what they knew, Daphne didn’t want to upset or scare her.

Ron was a pompous arse that much was true. When Victor Krum had come to Hogwarts during their fourth year he’d behaved like a besotted fan. So jealous of Evvie’s infatuation with him and the fact Krum had ignored him had hurt Ron’s pride. But rumor has it Victor Krum was in Hogsmead so perhaps Ron would get his chance at being friends with the famous seeker after all.

As the students began walking to Hogsmead, in what was sure to be an eventful day. Evvie was lost in thought, she still hadn’t heard back from Bill and Fleur Weasley and her insecurities were beginning to make her think they had rejected her. Then there was all the stuff at Hogwarts, Evvie was beginning to find it difficult who to trust and who was being nice only at face value. She now understood why Slytherin’s were so untrusting and into self-preservation. They had to be! Another thing then – Slytherin! – It was so hard to understand Slytherin. Most of these people were born Slytherin but she had no training.  Yet another thing to add – Pureblood society – she knew nothing of it. Not how to act, how to talk, how to think, how to present herself. As much as she was changed she was also lost in a sea of things she didn’t understand.

Evvie hadn’t spoken to Draco since their mini argument. Pansy tried to soothe her fears but Evvie was still left feeling unsure. Draco was a conundrum, on one side he seemed to have accepted Evvie and on the other side he hadn’t.

Hogsmead looked much better than it did before the war. The result of the war had left it rather damaged and so it had been rebuilt by volunteers’ and the finished result was incredible. It was like Hogsmead was new again. The group had a leisurely walk around the town stocking up of things they’d run out of.

Evvie wanted to go in the pet shop – Crockshanks had perished during the war – but the others were cold. So she vowed she’d go in after a butterbeer at the Three Broomsticks. They managed to get a nice big table, the girls happily tucked in the middle of all the boys.

“Penny for your thoughts?” asked Blaise.

“Sorry what?” replied Evvie.

“What were you thinking about?” asked Blaise.

“Lots of things” she said.

“Tell me what’s worrying you Cara” he demanded softly, knowing she’d open up when he called her that.

Evvie sighed nothing got past Blaise.

“Rejection” she mumbled while Blaise merely waited for her to continue.

“Rejection from Bill and Fleur, not knowing whose being fake or not, Draco doesn’t like me. Slytherin confuses me and I don’t understand the Pureblood society”.

“That’s a lot of worry” replied Blaise happy when his sister graced him with a small smile.

Daphne’s jab in the ribs bought Evvie’s attention back into main focus.

Great! Ronald Weasley heading this way- this day didn’t seem so great anymore.

“I think I’ll go to the pet shop” Evvie said, leaving before anyone could stop her. Oddly Ron didn’t acknowledge her leaving.

Evvie was in for a treat when she walked into the Pet Shop. They had a new littler of half-kneazles in. She bent down to look at the kittens on – a black one with white socks and tail – untangled itself from the others and padded over.


It nudged her hand into petting it. Evvie went to withdraw her hand only to be met with a very disgruntled “Meooow!”

Evvie was sold, the half-kneazle wanted her and she wanted it. It would be good to have a familiar again. She decided to name the kitten Socks – and it seemed to approve – so she took it to the counter to buy.

After sending her other purchases back to Hogwarts she walked from the shop with her new familiar in her hands. As she stepped from the shop she wasn’t expecting to find the person before her, she felt the fear rise up, Socks struggled in her arms trying to protect her new Mistress. But it was too late, as Socks dropped to the ground Evvie was whisked away.


“What do you want Weasel” growled Blaise.

“Do you know who is in town?” he asked smugly.

“Oh I don’t know your lover” laughed Pansy.

Ron reddened, “Victor Krum actually” Blaise’s face stiffened.

“Ooo struck a nerve have I” he mocked.

“You don’t know anything” said Adrian.

“Did you know Krum and Granger used to have a thing? I heard he wants to start it up again” he smirked.

“Have you seen Granger?” he laughed walking away.

Daphne and Blaise paled.

“Shit” he muttered pulling Daphne up with him.

“We need to find her now” he growled.

“Why?” muttered Goyle, “Krum’s a nice bloke”.

“He’s far from nice” replied Daphne sternly.

“I won’t put her through that again” said Blaise.

“I’ll get-“

“No, Draco. I need you here. Goyle Run back to Hogwarts and get McGonagall. Everyone else, wants out” they darted from the pub looking every inch the fearsome Slytherin’s.

“I haven’t seen you in so long Hermy why don’t you write to me” murmured the voice somewhere to the right of her.

She didn’t know if she expected an answer, she was too scared to move.

“I taught you how to be a girl and you denied me Hermy” he said, his breath like a razor sharp knife on the wind.

“Why Hermy why!” she felt her body fly across the sky.

God’s he was more deranged that Bellatrix. At least she could understand what Bellatrix had said.

“You are no longer with the Weasel. You are unattached. So will you date me? Will you be my girlfriend? You must Hermy you must” his gentle caress turning painful.

The search for Evvie had become wide spread a few more teachers becoming involved. The rest of the students were sent back to school. Ginny mumbling all the way that Evvie was just seeking attention as usual.


“Draco what was that?”


“Isn’t that the description of the kitten Evvie bought?”

“Yeah I think so” he replied.


“I think it wants us to follow it” said Pansy following the kitten.

“Pansy don’t be stupid” replied Draco.

“Draco shut up!” said Pansy walking away leaving Draco no choice but to follow.

How lucky they were to have followed the little kitten for it lead them right to Evvie and her captor. She looked scared but not too harmed, at least Draco couldn’t see any blood. Krum seemed to have come undone ranting and raving. They heard bits of what he was saying but not enough for it to make sense. It was easy to stun and bind him – one too many bludgers to the head seemed to have affected his intelligence!

Pansy reached Evvie’s side first – Draco having finished securing Krum had left to find the Aurors.

“Evvie can you hear me?” asked Pansy, Evvie mumbled her response; Pansy’s eyes began to tear up.

“It hurts” mumbled Evvie.


“Wrist, ribs” replied Evvie.

She allowed Pansy to check her out. Pansy found three broken ribs presumably from her fall and a fractured wrist presumably from where she’d been grabbed. All in all it could have been much worse. 

Chapter 7: Chapter Seven – Brave Faces, Cat Fights, a Quiet Moment and a Mother’s Love
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Strong Language

The events of the incident between Krum and Evvie had been kept secret by McGonagall and other staff members. They didn’t want the rest of the school finding out what had happened. Evvie had suffered enough, they didn’t want her to be humiliated further and if word got out of what had happened it would most definitely get twisted leaving Evvie more hurt.

Physically Evvie recovered quickly it was easy for Madame Pomfrey to fix her up. Emotionally her healing was slower but Evvie wasn’t a stranger to emotional suffering. She’d get through it. She put on a confident front blocking out all the negativity but she didn’t feel so happy on the inside. She still felt a little scared but she knew she shouldn’t be scared; Krum was still detained at the Ministry so he wasn’t around to inflict fear on her. She may be a little scared but she had become more confident in herself since the incident.

Despite the fact that the real events had been kept secret, that didn’t stop the rumor mill from turning out lies. The Rumor Mill really stood for Pavarti and Ginny. While Ginny went for a more obvious approach, Pavarti went for more of a side swipe approach because it helped her keep off the radar.

As usual it was Herbology that caused the most problems. Evvie was beginning to think it would be a good idea to ask McGonagall if she could switch to private lessons because the insults she received were becoming unbearable. She always sat next to Neville now, he was the only Gryffindor to remain friends with her – though Lavender seemed to be coming round as well. He didn’t agree with Harry or Ron’s treatment of Evvie. He’d been through a lot and knew Evvie didn’t deserve the same.

“Where have you been Granger?” taunted Ginny.

“Krum probably had her all tired up, don’t know what he sees in her” said Pavarti snidely.

“As if, Krum wouldn’t want someone as cold as her” giggled Ginny.

Evvie took several deep breaths clenching her fists in an attempt to control her anger. Beside her Neville wondered went people would learn not to mess with her.

“Honestly I’d be surprised if anyone took to her, she’s not exactly marriage material” said Ginny, “And all that stuff with Krum, she was just vying for attention”.

“She was probably trying to beg him to take her back” added Pavarti.

“That’s enough” said Lavender.

“No one asked you Brown!” replied Ginny.

“Siding with the enemy now Lavender. You’ll regret it!” added Pavarti.

Lavender slipped from the room in search of help, Blaise or any Slytherin.

“Have you seen what she wears? There is no way she picks out her own clothes, she has no taste”

“Poor Blaise! Imagine having that as a sister. I think I’d kill myself wouldn’t you” the girls snickered together.

“Hey Granger, what do your muggle parents think of your new look. Oh wait, they’re dead. Probably took one look at you and kicked the bucket!”

“So pathetic, look she’s hardly controlling her emotions at all”.

Those people who actually had a few working brain cells knew what was coming if Evvie couldn’t control herself, it’s a pity not everyone was that observant.

“Awh did Krum overwork you”

“Krum wouldn’t go near a whore like that” said Ron.

Lavender returned silently with Blaise in tow, they watched worriedly from the sidelines.

“You guys make me sick” said Neville, “I can’t believe I spent so long thinking you were my friends!”

“Sticking up for the whore Neville. What are you hoping she’ll pick you next” smirked Ginny.

“I wouldn’t bet on it mate. She’s dead on the inside. She’s not even worthy of the beggars off the street” shouted Ron.

As usual the only one not to open his mouth was Harry – unusual given his trust issues and insecurities. You’d think he’d be the first to open his mouth and shout obscenities; perhaps the Weasley’s really did have him under their thumbs. At least with them he had some sense of a warped family. Family is all he’s ever wanted right?

Evvie’s fists were curled up in an attempt to quell her anger but she was losing the battle. These people, these ridiculous narrow mind people were the reason there was so much bad in the world. It’s like when something new is found people will become weary of it because it is new and no one knows a thing about it. When people are scared or insecure they resort to violent belittling ways to protect themselves from harm. The fact that their action hurt other people is of no consequence.

“Awh look, she can’t even control her anger, look how much she’s shaking” said Ginny to Pavarti.

They seemed to have teamed up in this tirade but who knew what their own intentions were.

“It’s pathetic. At least Hermione Granger knew her place, getting a new face doesn’t mean anything. You can’t change who you are Hermione” ranted Ginny.

“No man wants a girl whose head is always stuck in a book! There are some things in life that you can’t learn from a book, not that you’d know that!” said Pavarti.

Evvie was a strong witch but she’d never been good with tears, they always seemed to come before she could stop them but she was trying her hardest not to let them fall. She didn’t need to let them know how much they were getting to her.

“I heard your ‘Mother’ bought all your new clothes, what she couldn’t bear to look at you in your disgusting muggle rags” shouted Ginny laughing at her own genius.

“No one would want to look at that! I’m glad I got out when I did, she probably would have tricked me into something and I’d be stuck with her for life, could you imagine how horrid that would be” said Ron.

Blaise found it hard to watch on as his sister was falling apart but a silent touch from Lavender prevented him from moving. Neville was doing his best to dissolve the situation, since the war, he’d gained some confidence and he was no longer the push over from his past.

“Would you two stop throwing insults at her, you go on and on but the only thing you’re succeeding in doing is showing yourselves up as bullies. It’s so obvious that you’re jealous of Evvie. Pavarti you’re jealous because you’re used to being the most popular girl in school and Ginny you’re jealous because Evvie has everything you wished you had. Would you both just grow up!” roared Neville.

“No one asked you Neville” sneered Ginny.

“Did you ever think that without Evvie some of us wouldn’t even be here. It’s fine to praise boy wonder over there but you and I both know he wouldn’t have succeeded half as much as he did if it wasn’t for Evvie. We owe her an awful lot. They way you are behaving just shows your true selves. You are all vindictive, manipulative, spiteful people and I hope you regret your actions or your lives are going to be so pitiful” replied Neville, Evvie was touched by his comments.

Both Ginny and Pavarti momentarily stopped talking, looking dumbfounded at Neville. Evvie offered Neville a small smile and Blaise hoped this was the end of it.

“What was that?!” demanded Ron.

People exchanged confused looks.

“What was what?” asked Harry, speaking for the first time – stupid git!

“That smile. Why did she smile at you Neville? What’s going on?” continued Ron.

“Oh my God” breathed Ginny.

“What?” asked Pavarti.

“She’s sleeping with Neville, the whore! That’s why he’s standing up for her, she’s corrupted him!! Urgh no one is safe. What the fuck do you want Granger?!” spat the raging redhead.

Neville opened his mouth to retaliate but Evvie stopped him.

The occupants of the room felt a strong charm ripple over them, they shifted uncertainly but recognized that they were safe. Everyone knew not everyone was safe but those about to be hurt realized nothing.

Evvie took a deep cleansing breath.

“Do you like attacking people? Does it make you feel good? Powerful? Does it make you feel better than others when you put people down? Do you like the rush you get when you know you’ve made someone else cry?” she paused for effect.

“If you feel all these things like you’ve so eloquently demonstrated you do, then you’re no better than the scum we just defeated. The things you feel will drive you insane and then it won’t be long before what you’re doing isn’t enough. How long before you torture someone to get a thrill? How long before you beat someone down till they’re dead? How long until you lose your last bit of sanity? If you lose it all you’ll end up in Azkaban right alongside the murderers you helped put there. If you end up there nothing in the world will be able to save you”.

“So you know what, you can carry on insulting me if it makes you feel better. As Neville said the only person it shows up is you. It shows how weak you are, you need to insult others to feel powerful. And really, I don’t give a shit about what you say to me, I know it’s lies, my friends know it’s lies, and anyone else really isn’t that important. Popularity and looks fade over time, when you haven’t got them left what do you have? Well in your case, nothing!”

Evvie walked to the door, “Oh and here’s a little something to remember me by, Offensus Incidere Unconscious!” with a flick of her wrist Pavarti, Ginny, Ron and Harry lay unconscious on the floor, bloody scratches standing out on their skin.

The Herbology teacher was sacked that day.

Peace, Quiet and the Black Lake

The black lake was good for thinking. Evvie sat off the way, not near that stupid big tree everyone always wanted to sit by. She was thinking of recent and past actions. The spells she’d been using recently were all of her own creation. Some were good others were bad. They were all made while they were on the run, the bad ones were there mostly to protect her and help in attacks while the good ones she’d created just in case she had survived the war.

It was peaceful out here, the afternoon wind blew across the lake and long grass Evvie sat nestled in. She’d felt no remorse when she’d cast that spell earlier today. It was a complex one, first it shocked the victim, then sliced a series of shallow cuts all over the body and finally knocked the victim unconscious. She said victim but really it was created to use against Death Eaters. She’d used it earlier in her defense and as a warning. If they wanted to fight her with words, she’d fight back with spells – although words were much more fun!

She contemplated her life, she felt like she was stuck at a crossroads unsure of which way to turn. It wasn’t that she hated being out of control, she just hated feeling so lost. Her thoughts of feeling lost turned to what she’d lost and then what she’d gained. She had a family for the first time in her life that wasn’t afraid of her. They didn’t plaster fake smiles on their faces when she did something magical. They didn’t look at her like she shouldn’t have been there. Oh she was sure the Granger’s had loved her on some level but she’d always seen the judgment in their eyes. She knew she hadn’t belonged and she knew they feared her.

Thinking of the Granger’s moved her thoughts to her real parents. Her Mother seemed a wonderfully honest person, when they’d shared that emotion hug in the Hospital Wing Evvie had felt like she’d come home. She’d been writing to her Mother since that day and was surprised by how alike they were, she wished she was out of school and able to spend more time with her. She wondered about her Father, neither Blaise nor her Mother seemed to want to talk about it. Evvie knew it was cliché to think it but if her Father died in the same raid she went missing in, wasn’t there a chance that he wasn’t dead at all. Wasn’t there a chance he was just misplaced like she was, it was silly she knew, they’d probably searched high and low, found his body or something but Evvie could help thinking that there was something more. She’d always been curious in that that seemed closed.

“How long have you been sitting here alone?”

She jumped at the deep masculine voice that penetrated her quietness. She turned slightly meeting the cool grey eyes of Draco Malfoy.

“A while, I needed some time”.

“It’s getting cold, you should go back inside”.

“I appreciate your concern but I’m fine” she replied a little annoyed. She assumed he’d walk away but was surprised when he sat down next to her.

“I’m sorry” whispered Draco.

“For what?”

“Everything. I’m sorry for the person I was. For the insults I hurled at you, for the pain I caused. I’m sorry. My beliefs, my social standings, my family. I know I sound like a broken record when I say I was brought up to believe things a certain way but if you think for a minute that I still believed in those things after I first laid eyes on you, you’d be wrong. Evvie, you challenged everything I’d been lead to believe, I was forced to view things in a different light”.

“But the insults, you still”

“I know. I’m sorry. I felt scorned. I’d put myself on the line when I’d asked Potter to be my friend and he just shoved it back in my face. I spoke to him as the etiquette dictates and he just assumed I was being rude. He judged me before giving me a chance. I never wanted to be a Death Eater, my Mother didn’t want it either, I think my Father realized his mistakes the moment Voldemort asked for me but by then he was in too deep and couldn’t back out. I was grateful when Snape killed Dumbledore, and even more so when I found out it was set up. I was never going to kill Dumbledore, I was trying to drag out my mission as long as possible, I’d only agreed to it because they’d put my Mother’s life on the line, I couldn’t afford to lose her” he took a breath.

“Draco, it’s”

“No, don’t tell me it’s ok. It was never ok. When they bought you into Malfoy Manor I thought of a thousand ways to get you out. I didn’t want you to get hurt, you didn’t deserve it. You were so brave and pure and you deserved so much from life. Instead I had to stand there and watch as you bared your life to my deranged Aunt. When my Aunt left you there bleeding on the floor I wanted so much to cradle you in my arms and make all the pain go away but my Father forbid me. It wasn’t the first time I’d been crucio’d for feeling things that I shouldn’t. When my Mother came with the news that you’d escaped, I was so relieved, I hoped and prayed that you were alright”.

“Then I saw you again at the Battle of Hogwarts, I followed you into the room of requirement, I wanted to make sure you were alright. It was so obvious that you were with Weasel and didn’t need my protection but I couldn’t stop myself, I needed to make sure you were ok. I couldn’t believe it when my Father forced me to him again. I never counted that my Mother would have a plan. She gave herself willingly to the Ministry, showed them all her memories and requested a divorce from the madman that was my Father. As you know Father ended up getting kissed, the day after it happened I remember coming back to the Manor and feeling happy for the first time in my life. My Mother had a smile on her face for the first time in years. We celebrated. That day my Mother showed power I never knew she had, she’d moved all the furniture we owned into a storing facility and with the help of our house elves she completely tore down the entire Manor. Everything was washed away leaving behind a clean slate. She’s been rebuilding it ever since, it’s almost finished now. She says it’s now a house she’s proud of, it’s a house without shadows and it will be a house that’s full of laughter”.

“Draco, I”

“Shh. I just wanted you to know. You said you wanted to be friends right. I’m temperamental, possessive and jealous but I’m also loyal, trustworthy and I love the longest”.

She reached for him, “Draco please”.

He drew back, “No, you don’t deserve me, I’m not good enough” he whispered, disappearing into the darkness that was creeping all around.

For a minute she’d felt almost complete, then the feeling had been ripped from her once more, leaving her feeling more confused and lost than ever before.

“Evvie are you out here?”

“Pansy?” said Evvie, “Over here”.

Pansy came into view, “Have you been out here all alone?” she asked.

“No, I was with someone but they just left” she replied evasively.

“Your Mother’s here, she asked me to come get you”.

“Mother’s here, why?”

“Blaise called her. Something to do with the events of this morning’s Herbology lesson”


“Anything you want to tell me?”

“I cursed some people” she replied.

Pansy’s eyebrows rose, “Please don’t look at me like that. I tried to ignore it but it just got worse and worse. They were waiting for me to snap and I did, just not in the way they expected. I just gave them something to remember me by”.


“And I feel no remorse”.

Pansy smiled, “The Herbology teacher was sacked today, and a replacement has been found. Which reminds me, Professor McGonagall asked that you go and see her tomorrow morning”.

Evvie’s face whitened.

“Oh I wouldn’t worry, she didn’t seem angry, actually it was more like she was trying not to laugh. She asked to see Neville and Lavender at the same time”.

They’d reached the stairs to the girls dorm and Pansy stopped, “Aren’t you coming up?” asked Evvie.

“Nope, your Mother is up there, something tells me she wants to talk to you alone” Evvie nodded her head and continued upstairs.

Katherine Zabini perched on the edge of her daughter’s bed. She’d been quite concerned when she’d received an owl from Blaise and then a floo call from Professor McGonagall, they both expressed wished for her to come and visit her daughter. A million things had gone through her head at the requests; was her daughter alright? Was she hurt? Had something happened? Was this to do with that Krum boy Blaise had told her about (he hadn’t told her what had recently happened).

Her daughter came into the room and rushed to put her arms around her Mother, Katherine felt her daughter relax in her arms. The trust this girl had in Katherine was astonishing for they had only just found the connection.

“You are unhappy” whispered Katherine to her daughter.

Evvie nodded, allowing her Mother to wipe the tears from her daughters face.

“What has made you so sad Cara?” she asked.

“I feel so lost” her hands started to shake, “Everywhere I look I’m reminded of what was but no one is able to let me be what I am. I don’t know which way to turn, what if I turn the wrong way and can’t make my way back. It’s like I’m seeing things for the first time. People I thought were my friends are nothing more than memories of an empty life, they never existed, I see that now. Then I walk into the snakes den and it’s like I’m home. No one judges me, questions me, and asks more of me. Yet I’m still lost, I can’t find my head it’s like it’s buried in sand, I keep trying to find it but I keep coming up short”.

“My magic is out of control. It’s stronger since the change. I feel like it’s calling to something but I can’t work out what it is. It’s like it’s pinning for something that is missing. I feel it right here” she placed her hand over her heart, “It hurts, like something is stopping it from being whole and I have no idea what it is. I cursed some people today, it was with a spell I created, I felt no remorse for what I did. I’m not dark, I’m not, I just, and it’s so hard. I’m trying to find my way in this darkness and everywhere I turn something tries to stop me. I’m not asking for an easy ride. I just want to know what’s going on”.

“What about Blaise, Pansy, Daphne, Draco, how do they make you feel?” asked her Mother quietly.

“Blaise is me; he’s a part of me. I see him and I feel a little bit safer. I know that if I’m near him I’m protected. Even before the change he was kind to me. I guess he reminds me of what I have, he shows me that there are people who know me for me and accept me as that. Pansy grounds me a little. Knowing her now I could never imagine her as a bitch but I know what part of her is still there , it’s just not directed at me anymore. If she went away from me I don’t know how I’d cope with it, it’s like when I’m feeling sad or angry or worried her presence has the ability to calm me. Does that make sense?” he Mother nodded, “I trust Daphne because she was there for me once, she’s important to Blaise as well though I’m not sure if they know it yet. If I needed to tell someone something it would be Daphne that I’d go to”.

“You didn’t mention Draco sweetheart”.

Evvie’s hands shook just a little bit more, “Malfoy and I are always going to let sparks fly, our entire childhood was spent throwing insults to each other. She’d call me that word and I would feel so little and insignificant. Then we grew up on opposite sides of the war. He was frightened. I was unappreciated. We were both fighting for a better life without realizing it. I never hated him, how could I hate someone who was so alike me. We had so much in common but I don’t think he ever allowed himself to see that. He said he doesn’t deserve me, he won’t even give it a chance, he’s already made up his mind and pushed me away. He didn’t even give me a chance. He just said what he had to say and disappeared, he didn’t give me a chance to talk. I feel more lost when I’m with him than any other time but I also feel hollow when he leaves. It’s like I need him and I don’t need him at the same time”.

Katherine stroked her daughter’s back soothingly; she had a lot of troubles poor thing. It was obvious to Katherine that no one had really taken the time to talk to her daughter, and so she’d kept everything bottled up. No doubt those so called ex friends were keeping her busy making her looking after them so much that she never had time for herself.

“And the people Blaise tells me are hurting you with words?” she enquired.

“Sticks and stones Mum – sorry, Mother”.

Katherine smiled, “You can call me Mum Evvie, and in fact I’d prefer it. Mother makes me seem so old”.

“Weak people throw insults because they are jealous and insecure. It hurts what they say to me but I pity them. For them that’s their life, and the way they carry on they won’t have a good life. I only have a year left, then I don’t have to deal with them anymore, I’ll just have to survive till then” Evvie mumbled.

“Sticks and stones as you say Cara. They all feel they are the ones who should be allowed this second chance that you have. You are better than all of them. Don’t cry. You have so much power, your intelligent, your passionate, caring, loving, you are loyal. You are going to achieve so much in your life, and these people will look back on the things they’ve said and regret it because when they come looking for a better life, you won’t be the one to help them” said Katherine.

“Thanks Mum” whispered Evvie.

Katherine looked at her exhausted sleeping daughter, all her worries and troubles had made her so weak and tired, and her body had shut down against it all. Katherine laid her daughter down and wrapped her in a blanket. She left in search of McGonagall and a favor. 

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Chapter 8: Chapter Eight – Old Family, A Night with Pansy, A Chance Taken and A Blackened Emptiness
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Mild Language

Bill and Fleur Weasley stood around making their small Cottage look remarkable. Fleur had made sure everything was clean and Bill had hung decorations from the ceiling and walls. They’d been concerned when they’d suddenly lost contact with Hermione. Then they’d got that letter from her explaining what had happened, how she could think that because of her changes they would no longer wan to associate with her. To them she was family. They’d been unable to find time to write back however as Fleur had discovered she was pregnant and Bill had taken more work on at Gringotts. Then to top it off they’d had a visit from Molly Weasley, demanding that they stop associating themselves with the harlot that was Hermione Granger. She’d demanded that they see sense and start talking to the family again. Fleur had shown Bill how passionately she considered Hermione her family when she told his Mother that in no certain terms would they break contact with Hermione as she needed them. She’d gone on to tell his Mother that she shouldn’t believe everything her children told her for it was obvious to all that her two youngest children were manipulative liars. She’d continued to rant about whether Molly Weasley even knew what had happened to Hermione over the summer or if she’d just listened to her youngest son’s poorly constricted lies – the latter it would seem!

She’d ended the rant with telling the Weasley patriarch that Hermione would always be considered family which is more than can be say for Molly and that until she worked out the truth and made mends with Hermione she wouldn’t be welcomed at Shell Cottage. Nor she mentioned would she be allowed anywhere near her grandchild if this was the way she behaved. Molly Weasley had been outraged but hadn’t managed to get two words of insults out before her son banished her from the house.

It had been soon after that argument that Katherine Zabini appeared on their doorstep requesting any information, stories, and pictures of her daughter that would give her memories of her life. A friendship had been struck up quickly between Katherine and Fleur, they were each powerful women with powerful hearts. They weren’t as they said women to be trifled with. Katherine had appeared again at their doorstep some weeks later – Fleur and herself had been conversing through letters but this just couldn’t wait.

“What a surprise to see you here, please come in” said Fleur, opening the door for Katherine.

“I’m sorry for turning up unannounced. I just came from Hogwarts” she replied.

“Is something wrong?” asked Bill coming to sit beside his wife.

Katherine nodded, “Evvie is so lost and sad. I spoke with her earlier, she said she didn’t know who she was, that she was searching for herself but it seemed to be lost in the sand” Bill and Fleur looked on concerned for Evvie and the worried that was so evidently clear on Katherine’s face, “She said that something was calling her magic but she couldn’t work out what it was. She said that it hurt in her heart, like something was stopping her from being whole. I was worried then. Then she said how powerful her magic had become” Katherine shifted slightly.

“She cursed some people. Your youngest brother and sister being some” Bill noted her silence but motioned for her to continue. “It was a spell she’d invented herself while on the run, she said she used it when attacking Death Eaters. It happened in Herbology, apparently your sister and brother were going at her a long with someone called Pavarti? Blaise said he watched the whole thing – invisible of course – he said watching her was incredible. They’d been insulting her, it started with remarks about Krum – I don’t know what happened between them but I imagine it was bad – then it developed on slights against her purity and personality. It kept escalating each attack getting more vicious, Neville – her friend I believe – stood up for her but they still wouldn’t stop, they were waiting for her to crack” Katherine took a deep breath and continued.

“She did crack but not in the way you’d expect. Blaise said he’d never been so scared of a calm voice before. She called them on all their faults and likened them to Voldemort stating that the way they were going they’d end up just like him, trapped in Azkaban with all the other murderers they helped put there. Then as if to further her point she cursed them”.

“What was the curse?” asked Bill.

“Offensus Incidere Unconscious it literally means shock, cut, unconscious. She said she felt no remorse for what she did. I asked her why she chose that spell to use and she replied that her magic told her to, that if she’d used anything else they would have died”.

Fleur placed her hand gently over Katherine’s to stop the shaking and to comfort her.

“I spoke to Minerva, she seems to think that glamour charms weren’t the only ones put on her. Usually as you know your magic bonds with your soul up until the age of one or two. It seems that this bonding was stopped midway as Evvie was taken. Her bonding process was never complete, so when she says her magic is talking to her, she means it. Minerva also mentioned that her power was so much stronger because the barriers containing it had been broken when she transformed. Now she just has to learn to control her new found power”.

“Is there anything we can do?” asked Bill.

“Actually yes, Minerva recommended that Evvie needed time with her family. She’s with Blaise always at Hogwarts and I can see her whenever I want to – given recent circumstances – but I was wondering if you would allow Evvie to stay with you this weekend. I know it’s a lot to ask but she misses you so much and I would hate to think what she would do if she ever lost you”.

“Of course we’ll have her this weekend. Evvie will always be a part of our small family; even my veela blood says to protect her” said Fleur firmly.

It was Friday afternoon when Evvie found herself standing in McGonagall’s office waiting to use the floo. She’d been called in quite randomly and had been worried that she was in trouble – though she couldn’t remember ever doing anything bad – she was quite relieved when McGonagall explained it all.

So she was getting to spend two whole days with Bill and Fleur Weasley, she was really looking forward to it. She’d been worried after she hadn’t heard back from them, she’d assumed that they didn’t want anything to do with her anymore. It was silly for her to think that but Evvie was still very self conscious, she was still suffering from being underappreciated by Harry, Ron and Ginny, it had left lasting effects on her.

No matter, in her eighteen years of life, she was learning to accept things and not to let things get to her so easily. It was hard to stop the hurt but she tried. McGonagall ushered her through the floo unwilling to allow it to remain open for long and Evvie immediately found herself in Shell Cottage. She hadn’t been able to say goodbye to anyone before she left, so she hoped someone had told them or there would be a lot of worried Slytherin’s walking about.

When Evvie had talked with McGonagall she’d also been told that McGonagall had deemed it prudent for Evvie, Neville and Lavender to have separate Herbology classes due to the situations that had been occurring in the class. A new Herbology teacher had been found – one who actually knew the subject as well as how to control a class – and McGonagall was very happy to let Evvie, Neville and Lavender have more private and difficult lessons with the new teacher.

“Hello?” Evvie called into the house, would it be selfish to say she’d been expecting a big welcome?

The house was silent, but they’d known she was coming hadn’t they? She tiptoed quietly from the sitting room, out into the hall and into the kitchen. As she turned the handle of the kitchen door and opened it quietly she was surprised by both Bill and Fleur who had been hiding there. The room was decorated with lots of bunting and fairy lights, they’d obviously gone to a lot of trouble to surprise Evvie.

“Welcome home Evvie” said Fleur warming, bringing the girl she thought of as family into a tight hug, “Now let me look at you” Fleur stepped back so she could look over Evvie’s new appearance. Evvie blushed under their eyes, she still wasn’t used to people looking at her.

“You’re beautiful Evvie” said Bill, causing Evvie to blush even harder.

“I bet you can’t hid from anyone now” said Fleur with a hint of mischievousness glinting in her eyes.

Evvie chuckled, “No, I can’t”, then she frowned, her voice lowered an octave, “I thought you didn’t want to know me anymore, you never replied to my letter” she muttered in a small voice.

“Hush now” replied Fleur leading Evvie to sit at one of the kitchen tables, “It’s been quite an uprall since we received your letter”.

Evvie looked from Fleur to Bill and back again.

“See we got your letter and we were amazed at who you really were  but that was never going to change the fact that you are part of our family” said Bill. “Shortly after that we had a visit from your Mother, she wanted to get to know us because she knew we were important to you and she wanted to be told some stories about you. Fleur and your Mother have been writing to each other weekly since they met, I have no doubt of the strong friendship they have”.

“Then quite suddenly we had a visit from my dear Mother. I won’t lie to you Evvie, she called you an awful lot of horrible names. I was shocked by how vicious she had become. I always felt that when it came to Ron and Ginny Mother had forgotten her iron hand. They both grew up knowing all the comforts but none of the rules. They’ve been manipulating her for years and she’s so far into it that she can’t get out. She believes everything that Ron and Ginny tell her, more fool her. She’d come round to demand that Fleur and I stop associating ourselves with you”.

Evvie gasped, her eyes blinking back her innocent tears.

“Fleur made me very proud that day, you would have loved to have seen her. She completely let rip over my Mother. Told her not to be such an idiot, and told her that you would always remain part of our family. She went on to list all your qualities that make you an impeccable person and then chastised my Mother for her upbringing of Ron and Ginny. To end it all my darling wife told my Mother that she wouldn’t get to see us nor her soon to be Grandchild unless she made things right with you” Bill finished with an angry glint in his eyes.

“Bill I’m sorry you had to do that to your Mother” mumbled Evvie.

“You didn’t make him do anything Evvie. It was his decision to make. He’d been on rocky ground with his Mother since the end of the war. He doesn’t believe in the decisions she’s made regarding Ron and Ginny. The way they’ve been raised will only hinder them in the future”.

“Fleur’s right Evvie. I made my decision because it was the right thing to do, my Mother needs to learn a lesson and if that means I have to avoid her until she makes things right with you then I will”.

“Oh but promise me that when she does come seeking forgiveness, don’t give it to her easily or she won’t learn anything, make her work for it” he winked.

Evvie giggled, she always liked Bill’s sense of humor. He was always crafty in making light of situations, it was one of the reasons Evvie loved him so. It seemed they’d planned out the entire weekend. They’d obviously missed Evvie very much, it must have taken a lot of time to decorate the house so. Evvie was ecstatic to hear about Fleur being pregnant, they hadn’t had time to tell her with all that had been going on but it was welcomed news to Evvie’s ears.

First however, Bill and Fleur wanted to know all about Evvie’s time at Hogwarts. Between Bill’s Mother and Evvie’s Mother, words had been thrown but none of it was substantial. Especially with Fleur being part veela, she would do anything to keep those she considered family safe, that meant hearing about everything that Evvie was going through.

“Evvie, tell us what has been happening at school” asked Fleur gently.

“Yeah, and don’t be afraid of telling us anything” added Bill sternly.

Evvie knew Bills comment was addressing any concerns she had about mentioning his siblings. She’d hoped to avoid talking about this again, letting her guard down around her Mum had been shocking enough. However she guessed Bill and Fleur were easier to talk to about these things as she’d known them longer.

Evvie grimaced, “What’s happened at school?” she repeated, “Have you ever felt like you’d spent the last however many years putting your trust in the wrong people?” Fleur nodded, she understood what Evvie was saying, being a half veela, she knew what it was like to put trust in the wrong people, there were always those people who wouldn’t understand what they didn’t know.

“When Ronald mucked up that potion and I got caught in the blast. I changed as you know. When I found out who I was and had had a conversation with my twin, Blaise and my Mum who had stopped by, I agreed with McGonagall to meet Ronald, Ginny and Harry in the Hospital Wing – as it would be mutual territory. Needless to say my explanation went exactly as I expected. Harry demanded I tell him exactly who I was while he held his wand to my head. Ginny told me I was nothing but a whore so Slytherin was welcome to me, and Ronald acted like he always does, temper first thought second”.

Evvie paused for breath, “The Slytherin’s welcomed me. As you know only a few of the seventh years came back to repeat. Blaise must have told them before I arrived at the common room. Did you know your sister slapped me?” Bill shook his head horrified, “Yeah, she cut my lip open and bruised my cheek. Well after that Blaise and his friends wouldn’t let me out of their sights. I made friends with Pansy, best friends really, it’s nice, I’ve never had that before. Life has been good since I found out who I really am and moved houses”.

“But?” asked Fleur sensing there was a but.

“But that all comes to heads in Herbology, that’s where your brother, sister, Harry and Pavarti hold fort. They’ve been bullying me verbally. I guess Mum must have told you about the spells I’ve been using. I suppose I should say I’m sorry for cursing your brother and sister but I can’t lie to you, so I can’t apologize”.

“What have they been saying to you?” asked Bill, his eyes turning slightly yellow as his werewolf tendencies came to the forefront.

“Oh that I’m a whore, that I’m an ugly duckling, that I’m frigid and cold, that I have no friends, that I belong in Slytherin because I’m a traitor, that I’m just seeking attention, that Blaise must be horrified at having me as a sister, that even with my different appearance I still don’t have a hope of ever getting a guy etc. I know I shouldn’t let their words bother me but when you hear something repeated enough times you can’t help but let it get to you”.

“Ahh Mon Cherie I’m sorry you’d had all this trouble. It’s not easy being accepted I know but you have family here and with your Mother and Blaise” murmured Fleur in a soothing voice.

“I’m sure your Mother has told you this before but they will regret their actions. Those that speak with spite, bitterness or hate will always get their just rewards” said Bill.

They spent the rest of the evening chatting and catching up with things that had been happening. With Fleur being pregnant, she’d had to cut her hours from work and was spending more time working from home or spending time in her ancestral home in France, while Bill had been promoted at Gringotts. After the war he switched his position from being in the field to a desk job because he didn’t want to spend time away from Fleur. Bill had such control and knew so much about curse breaking, it took a lot to impress the goblins of Gringotts but Bill seemed to have done it and therefore gained a promotion. He was now the leader of a large division of people and earned himself a high wage.

Sunday was spent with Fleur devoting her time to help Evvie further her wandless magic. Evvie had got down her wandless magic to all the basic spells and some more complex ones but she needed to improve if she wanted to master it. So Fleur had been devoting her time to help Evvie achieve that. There was another good thing that came from Fleur teaching Evvie wandless magic. Evvie had been thinking for sometime on the supposed death of her Father. Something inside of her knew it wasn’t correct, when she confided in Fleur that something was calling her magic to something that was hidden further away. Fleur was quick to jump in and help, she said it spoke of a higher power, a connection that must have been established during the time that Evvie had been taken and her Father disappeared. Fleur explained that connections like that were powerful and that obviously when Evvie had transformed the connection had been once again established.

Fleur promised to keep Evvie’s secret hidden and search for information of that particular raid and search out any information about Evvie’s Father. Fleur could sense that this was something of importance to Evvie and no one could really blame her for wanting to have a complete family. Fleur had also sensed Evvie’s magic calling to something. Like when a werewolf claims a person as a member of their pack, the bonds were similar with veela’s, thus with Evvie being claimed as a pack member to Bill and a family member to Fleur, she was far more protected than other people and would be helped in her quest by any means possible.

It may seem quite a feat suddenly deciding to find ones Father who was supposedly dead, but since when had Evvie managed to have a quiet year. Some would say she lived on off the danger, that without Voldemort her life was boring. Harry had spent his life searching for a family; didn’t Evvie deserve the same fate? Some would argue that she’d already had her chance at family with the Grangers, so therefore didn’t deserve another one. However, if Evvie didn’t decide to find her Father, there wouldn’t be much of a story now would there. Everything has to have a little bit of drama otherwise things would be stuck in a never ending loop of dullness.

Evvie returned to Hogwarts on Sunday evening feeling refreshed and happy, she felt like nothing could get her down with the happiness she was currently feeling. Of course statements like that never last for long, but this was for living in the moment and all that jazz. In her pocket she carried two halves of a locket. Fleur had given it to Evvie when she’d described the friendship she shared with Pansy; though it was new it was deep and powerful. Fleur recognized it for what it was but didn’t think that Evvie needed to know just yet. Evvie didn’t need to worry about anything extra for the time being.

Evvie walked straight from McGonagall’s office to Slytherin common room, she was reminded as she left that her private Herbology lessons with Neville and Lavender would begin next week. Evvie was fortunate in her walk back to the common room in that she didn’t walk into anybody, the halls seemed quite deserted. It was after dinner but it was quite unusual for the halls to be so empty, no doubt there was a party going on somewhere.

The Slytherin common room was surprisingly empty as well, most of the younger years were absent, they were either in bed or sneaking around the castle looking for trouble. Blaise, Pansy and the rest of her friends were comfortably situated on the sofas near one of the fires. Evvie had been sick of the others complaining about how cold the dungeons were, so she’d not only charmed the fires to always blaze bright and warm but she’d transfigured the stone cold floor into a deeply luscious green carpet, that was impervious to dirt. It was a wonder no one had thought of doing this before.

Evvie moved silently through the common room, no one had noticed her arrival yet, she tiptoed towards her friends. They were all gazing into the fire lost in thought.

“What are you all staring at?” inquired Evvie quite loudly.

She got her desired result; they all jumped, spinning around to attack the intruder.

“Jeez guys, it’s only me” she added sheepishly.

They redrew their wands on sight of her. Blaise punched her lightly on the arm, “You scared the crap out of me!” he said.

“Why didn’t you tell us you were going away, I was frantically worried looking all over for you until McGonagall informed me that you’d gone” huffed a sullen Pansy.

“I didn’t tell you because I didn’t know. McGonagall wanted to see me in her office and before I knew it I was being pushed through the floo to Bill and Fleur” she replied.

“More Weasels?” asked Adrian slightly disgruntled.

Evvie sighed, “I guess they are technically, but I don’t think of Bill and Fleur as Weasley’s. They were the only ones who stood by me during the summer, they offered their house to me. They’re like an extended family” she replied.

“Ok sorry to sound Slytherin-ee but how can you trust them? Considering how the rest of them have been treating you?” asked Marcus.

“Well first off, it’s only Mrs. Weasley, Ginny and Ron who have been treating me badly and secondly, how much do you know about werewolf and veela bondings?” they all shook their heads and offered up little information.

It was ok, Evvie was used to explaining things, “Well you know Bill was attacked by Greyback, while not during the full moon he still has some wolf like tendencies, for him I have become part of his pack. You all know how strong a werewolves pack is, he will go to any lengths to keep me safe. As for Fleur she is a half veela, their bondings are similar, she sees me as a member of her family and would do anything to keep me safe. So in return they get my trust, they’d never do anything to hurt me and have always been there for me”.

Blaise nodded in agreement to Evvie’s status. He’d been slightly concerned by her apparent connection with the newly married couple, even with his Mother’s soothing words, he was much less concerned from hearing Evvie talk.

“I need to borrow Pansy for a moment” she grabbed Pansy by her hand and yanked her up the stairs.

“Woah what’s the rush!” exclaimed Pansy.

“I have a present for you” said Evvie.

Pansy squealed in excitement.

“I was talking to Fleur about you. About how I valued our friendship and how much you meant to me” Evvie mumbled, “She gave me this to give to you”. Evvie handed her one half of the necklace. It was of simple design, half a heart with best friends written on one side and forever on the other, Evvie had the other half of the heart.

“You don’t have to wear it if you don’t want to, I know it’s not expensive or anything, I just wanted to show you what our friendship meant to me” mumbled Evvie embarrassed. She’d never done something like this before, she didn’t know if it was too weird or not. She wasn’t sure if people even gave presents to those they had deep friendships with. Worst case scenario she’d just made a fool of herself.

Pansy looked up at Evvie with tears brimming in her eyes. Pansy wasn’t someone who was known for crying, she was hard, sturdy and bitchy but the raw emotion Evvie had presented whilst giving Pansy her half of the necklace had broken her down in more ways than she could count. She’d felt a strong connection to Evvie the first moment she changed, she couldn’t explain it because she’d felt nothing but strong dislike towards Hermione Granger.

Evvie made to take the necklace away thinking that Pansy’s silence was a rejection but she was stopped by Pansy’s hand.

“No don’t take it back. I want it” replied Pansy.

“Are you sure, you don’t have to feel obliged to wear it if you don’t want to” said Evvie determined that Pansy should accept it for the right reasons.

“I don’t feel obliged, I want to wear it. You just stunned me that’s all. I’ve never had anyone do anything like this to me. I’ve never had a friend like you. Gosh just listen to me I sound like a proper Pansy!” she giggled at her own joke.

Pansy put on the necklace and then helped Evvie with her own. She was shocked beyond shock by Evvie’s emotional outburst. She had friends of course, or people she was forced to befriend to keep her family safe. She’d always longed for the friendship she now had with Evvie, the kind of friendship where you could ask them anything in confidence, where you could trust them explicitly, where they would be by your side in any situation. She’d found that with Evvie, she didn’t want to lose it.

They hugged and cried at the emotional situation, it was a tender moment for the two girls. Once tiredness overrode emotion, Pansy fell into a fitful sleep, which left Evvie to put her to sleep. However, once that was done Evvie was at a loss of what to do, she wasn’t tired enough to sleep, so she thought of going down and seeing if Blaise was still up.

The common room was empty when she got down there, well almost empty, she saw a familiar head of blonde hair sitting in front of the fire. She was in half a mind to go upstairs again but she decided against it.

She had feelings for this man, she knew she shouldn’t have them, she knew the chances of him returning them were slim but if she didn’t try she wouldn’t know.

“Hi Draco” she murmured.

He looked up to acknowledge her presence, he’d been lost in his own thought, a world of darkness where he was trying desperately to find the light.

“How come you are still up?” she asked.

“I was thinking” he replied.

Evvie should have taken that as a sign that he didn’t want to talk, however, she was too nervous to notice his own discomfort.

“Draco I was wondering. The Winter Ball is coming up soon. I was just wondering, I mean it’s not important” she was babbling, she knew it. Draco looking like he’d rather be anywhere else but here.

“Would you go to the Winter Ball with me?” she asked in a small voice. In her mind she was condemning her forwardness, what was she thinking, this was ridiculous, she was a planner not a spontaneous person. She wished the ground would just swallow her up, how very unSlytherin to put her heart on the line like that.

Draco sighed; he was condemning himself to a life of solitude because he felt he didn’t deserve the one person he wanted to be with.

Life was silly sometimes, making people believe the worst in themselves, sometimes all it took was a little push in the right direction but it was up to others whether or not they took that push and acted accordingly.

“You don’t want to go with me” he replied.

She was confused, “Yes I do, it’s why I asked” she said.

“I won’t go with you” he said stonily.

He got up, looked at Evvie with a cold gleam in his eyes, and walked away.

Evvie stood still and stiff, well there was her answer wasn’t it. She’d put her heart on the line, she’d asked her question and she’d got her answer. She didn’t realize how much it hurt to hear his answer. Well that shows how much I feel for him then doesn’t it she thought.

No tears fell this time, perhaps she was too far past being able to cry having cried for so long. She felt numb inside, she felt a blackened emptiness consume her as the hope that was growing inside her diminished and died.  

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Chapter 9: Chapter Nine – A Brother’s Anger Explodes, Draco Runs in Fear, Evvie loses her Fieriness and A Ball is Planned
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 Chapter Nine – A Brother’s Anger Explodes, Draco Runs in Fear, Evvie loses her Fieriness and A Ball is Planned

Mild Language

“Have you seen Evvie?”

“No, I haven’t, I was just looking for her”.

“Is there something wrong with her?”

“I don’t know, why?”

“I just have a brotherly feeling like I should punch somebody”.

“Draco, hey Draco, wait up!” shouted Blaise.

God damn it, what the hell was wrong with everyone, first Evvie now Draco runs from me. What the hell man! Blaise was pissed.

“Evvie what are you doing out here?”

“Oh I was feeding the thestrals” replied Evvie, “I don’t find them scary anymore, Luna was right, they are calm and friendly”.

“Have you been out here long?” asked Pansy.

Evvie shook her head, she hadn’t, she just needed some time to think.

“Blaise is looking for you, do you know why?” asked Pansy.

“I expect he wants to ask me what’s happened” she sighed.

“And what did happen?” asked Pansy concerned.


“You’re lying” replied Pansy.

“Maybe I am” countered Evvie.

“We’re best friends, why won’t you tell me”.

“Perhaps I don’t want to feel embarrassed again” she sighed.

“Was it Draco?” Evvie paled.

“Did he do something?” Pansy prodded.

“He did nothing but show me how stupid I’d been” mumbled Evvie.

“I don’t understand” replied Pansy.

“I miscalculated something and now I have my answer. Don’t worry about it Pansy I’m not”.

Pansy didn’t believe Evvie but sensed that she wasn’t going to get much more out of her. At least if Blaise asked her again she’d be able to tell him that it had something to do with Draco.

“I’m hurt that you don’t think you can tell me but I’m sure you have a perfectly good reason for doing it, so I will drop it for now” said Pansy.

“Thank you” mumbled Evvie.

“So the ball’s coming up, that should be fun, are you going to go with anyone?” asked Pansy.


“Why not?”

“There is no one willing to take me for just me” replied Evvie.

“What are you talking about Evvie, plenty of people will want to take you”

“Yes but it won’t be for the right reasons”

“What’s that supposed to mean?!”

“It means no one will ask just because they want to go with me. It will either be because of my new looks, my new family, a pity date or a chance to humiliate me. I don’t want that!” she shouted.

“So you won’t go with anyone because you’re afraid they’ll have asked you for your looks, your family, out of pity or to humiliate you? That’s a bit of an assumption” replied Pansy.

“It’s not an assumption Pansy, it’s the truth. I’ve seen how people look at me. I’ve seen the judgment in their eyes. I’ve seen the curiosity, I’ve heard the whispers”.

“Not everyone is the same Evvie”.

“I’m grateful to you and the others. You keep me safe, when I’m with you it’s like all my problems melt away, I know it’s silly to think like that, it’s something a child might say. You guys can’t protect me forever, just because you haven’t been there or seen things from my eyes don’t mean it hasn’t happened. There may well be someone different out there, if there is chances are he won’t want me”.

“Who doesn’t want you?”

“It is neither here nor there. It is not important because it will never happen. Life is not the fairytale I want it to be. I once dreamed that after the war everyone would get their hearts desire, it was foolish to think things would change so quick”.

“Evvie you aren’t making much sense”.

“I think that’s the point. Why must we all be sensible all the time. If I had my time over again, I wish I had gone to school anywhere but here”.

“Why would you say that?”

“It’s not because of the war like you might think”.

“Then what is it because of”.

“Have you ever noticed how the ranking of society has never been such a big issue as it has been in England. Not just within the Wizarding community, I mean with muggles as well. Third Class, Second Class, First Class. Purebloods, Half-bloods, Muggle-borns. Everything is kept separate as though you could be tainted by socializing with someone from another rank. It’s like in India where you have to marry into the rank you were born in, anything else wouldn’t be right”

“I just think if I had a chance to go somewhere else, an American school, an Australian school or even Beauxbatons life would have just sailed by so easily. I know I’m not a muggle-born like I thought but that really doesn’t matter. That social hierarchy is everywhere at Hogwarts, one can’t be seen talking to others without consequence, ‘blood-traitors’ shout at Purebloods, Pureblood’s shout at muggle-borns, muggle-borns shout at half-bloods. It’s stupid, the way we’re been raised, even now nothing matters but money, power, blood, social standing etc”.

“Love doesn’t function into it. It seems no one marries for love and if they do it’s unrequited, they feel it but their partner doesn’t, the marriages are filled with lies and hate. It doesn’t matter if you have an attraction to someone, doesn’t matter if they like you and you like them, chances are it won’t happen. There is always something counting against them, like a continuation of Romeo and Juliet over and over”.


“Oh God, what am I doing here. Shouting my head off at things that have no meaning. I shouldn’t be worrying about social standing or blood or love. What business have I got to be thinking of those things? I’m eighteen years old, I’m a grown up for God’s sake and I’m worrying about things that are trivial. Where did my childhood go? On broken dreams and empty promises”.

“Is this all because of a guy?”

“No, it started with a guy, it ended with my own failure”.


“Do not worry, I am Evvie, I survive right. We’ll just take this episode as a mental breakdown of character, no one needs to know, especially not Blaise. I feel in need of some Cherryade, are you coming?”


“Draco, fuck man stop running” panted Blaise.

“What do you want?”

“Why were you running from me?”

“I wasn’t!”

“You were!”


“Do you know why Evvie is acting strangely?”

“Why would I?” said Draco defensively.

“Bit touchy there are you? Always a sign that you know something”.

“What do you want from me?” said Draco.

“Just to know if you know anything about Evvie’s strange behavior” replied Blaise.

Draco seemed to crack, his once expressionless face showing all emotions.

“Yes I know something about her strange behavior, I know why she’s acting strange because I know the person who did it to her” replied Draco.

“Great! You can tell me who to punch” grinned Blaise.

“It was me” mumbled Draco.

“What?” Blaise replied his grin slipping from his face.

“It was me, I’m the reason she’s walking around like the fire has gone from her eyes”.

“What did you do?”

“I did nothing but tell her the truth”.

“Draco, what did you do?”

“She asked me to go to the ball with her”.

“What did you reply?”



“What the hell would you have wanted me to say?” shouted Draco.

“Mate calm down”.

“No! It’s alright for you guys. You’re all forgiven”.

“So are you”.

“Well I shouldn’t be. All the things I’ve done to her, all the things I’ve said. I shouldn’t be allowed within ten yards of her. I’m not good. She’s had enough shit in her life, don’t you think she deserves a chance to have some good?”

“Draco, mate, you aren’t the one to decide that for her. You’re hurting her with this attitude you have. She wanted to be friends with you but you wouldn’t let her, she tries to talk to you but you don’t reply, she asked you to the ball because she wanted to go with her and you what? Tell her you won’t go with her because of your stupid guilt!!?” thundered Blaise.

“That’s right, I Draco Malfoy feel guilty. God knows I should have burnt alive for what I’ve put people through. She was tortured in my ballroom for being the one thing she isn’t. I stood there and watched her in her pain”.

“That wasn’t your fault Draco, you know it wasn’t”.

“It doesn’t matter. I’m not made for good people like her. She needs someone who can look after her, protect her, love her, cherish her, make her laugh, hold her when she cries, comfort her, read with her, talk to her. I’m not that person”.

“No one is asking you to marry her or date her, she just wanted you to take her to the ball” shouted Blaise.

“Then what?”

“What are you talking about?”

“The ball, it wouldn’t just end with the ball. The ball would lead to dating and God knows what else. I couldn’t let that happen”.

“Well you didn’t even give her a choice”

“It’s better this way”.

“No it’s not. Draco it’s her choice. Not yours, if she asked you to take her you should have said yes”.


“No buts. All I hear you talking about is yourself. Your pain, your guilt, your suffering. You don’t mention her at all. You seem to have already made your mind up about things without even giving her a chance to see you. Grow a pair man and stop acting like some pitiful little child because really that’s all you are”.

“I’m trying to save her!”

“No! You’re trying to save yourself. You’re scared, weak and pathetic. Until you know your own heart and aren’t going to hurt my sister further you stay the hell away from my sister!” yelled Blaise.

“So this is how it’s going to be. Years of friendship down the drain for one small disagreement” muttered Draco.

“Nothing about my sister is small and you’d do well to remember that” thundered Blaise. He took one last disgusted look at Draco and stormed away from who he now assumed to be his ex-friend.

Time Flies Far Too Quick For Anyone To Notice

The Autumn ball was coming up, a masquerade theme, to bring out the mystery in everybody, it was romantic really, you might find the love of your life but you wouldn’t know him/her for their masks. It was just the thing to lift people’s spirits, for plans to be made, dresses to be bought, dates to be acquired and a chance to have fun.

Evvie pondered her choice of gown. Originally she hadn’t intended to go, she thought it would be much better to stay in her room with a glass of something and a good book but Pansy made her come. They were all worried about her; they reckoned Evvie had lost her feistiness. It was probably correct, since her rejection from Draco her body and mind seemed to have been fighting with each other. She knew she was being silly and that she should get up from this mess she was in and get on with life. I guess you could say that she couldn’t believe she’d laid down her heart like that and watched as it crumbled before her eyes.

Should she have not asked Draco to the ball? Would things have been better if she hadn’t? No one would know, you can’t change the past without consequences.

Her fingers paused over a dress made from the richest purple. She pulled it from the rack and looked upon its glory, even before she tried it on, she felt in her heart that this was the dress for her. It was sleeveless and strapless, coming in tight at her chest and waist and then flowing straight out till it hit her knees and stopped. The material was so soft and light, catching the light as she moved. If she could find some gold heels and accessories to go with the dress she’d look perfect. She’d have to find a gold mask to match as well.

She made sure no one saw her dress, the girls had tried and the boys had asked but she had told no one. She saw this as the one night where she could be herself without the restraints that others put upon her. She’d darkened her hair colour slightly, so no one could truly recognize her with her mask and outfit on. She knew that if she dressed with the others they’d know who she was, she didn’t want that. She’d finally reclaimed some of her feistiness, she wasn’t going to lose it again.

She changed away from the common room and made her own way to the Great Hall. The others were already there; they’d given up on waiting for her assuming that she was already there. Blaise was trying especially hard to find her but was having no such luck.

Fate had a twisted way of working, anyone who had been under her spell found their lives changed dramatically. Fate was present at the Christmas ball, pushing those people that needed to be with each other together and separating those who were bad from one another. There were always people who tried to rule over fates strict hand, fate let them have their fun before reminding them who was actually in charge. Yes, fate had a twisted way of working.

Evvie was enjoying herself, she was enjoying the attention that wasn’t directed at anything other than the mysterious person she appeared to be. She could do anything, be anything, and say anything tonight and no one would judge her because they wouldn’t know it to be her.

Ginny sauntered into the ballroom, her green dress clinging to her in a way that was unnatural. How some of these girls thought they looked sexy was beyond amusing, clearly they hadn’t been taught well by their Mothers. You should never overly flaunt yourself, because then all you become is some tacky desperate object. The idea was to remain mysterious and let the man chase you, until he caught up with you; clearly Ginny though that slutty prostitute was a look that would entice men to her, or rather one particular man.

She hadn’t just left the situation up to her own sexuality, no no, that would be foolish. She’d made a potion as well, should things need a little extra hand. It was a rendition of the common love potion, her Mother had taught it to her. Apparently a lot of women in Molly’s family had used it to ensnare the man they desired. Don’t you wonder what Arthur Weasley would say if he found out his wife had love drugged him into the life they now led?

To top off Ginny’s ‘master plan’, she’d gone ahead and invited Krum as well. Don’t misunderstand me, I know as the writer you are thinking, how would Krum even enter the castle after what he’d done – or rather tried to do. It seemed silly since everything that had happened during the war but polyjuice potion was still commonly used and not so easily recognized, especially if the transformed person was a random nobody that no one knew. Besides with everyone in masks, no one would realize it was Krum when he changed back.

In Ginny’s eyes, Potter was a catch but he was nothing compared to Malfoy. Potter could give her fame but Malfoy could give her power, wealth and fame. She hated to say it but Evvie actually looked good in her outfit, annoyingly so that Ginny couldn’t fault it. She could fault Evvie herself but it wasn’t nearly as fun as putting her in her place. Ginny could spy Malfoy off to the side. It seemed like there was a rift between Malfoy and Evvie but that didn’t stop his eyes from following her around the room. Ginny didn’t like the attention he was giving Evvie. She sauntered over, confident in the fact that Evvie would soon be occupied by someone else.

“Lord Malfoy” she simpered, it was good to use his title; a title she hoped would be hers one day.

Draco rolled his eyes towards the desperate girl. He had an inkling of who she was but he wasn’t certain damn these masks! God he hated girls like this, the desperateness in their advances only showed their true desires. Draco didn’t want a girl like this; he wanted someone who could hold an intelligent conversation, someone who was passionate and caring. Perhaps if he opened his eyes he’d find her…

“Care to dance?” she asked.

“No” he replied disinterested.

“Can I get you a drink?”

“Fine” he replied just hoping she’d go away.

He was lucky, she did storm away but not for long. So what is her initial plan failed she had lots more up her sleeve.

A commotion near the doors of the Great Hall sparked Ginny’s attention. She turned her body full force towards the sounds and marched towards the commotion. Oh good, he’s here she thought. As long as he remembered his goal was not one of the idiot girls currently in front of him things would be good. She caught his eye and motioned for him to follow her and leave the gaggle of girls.

“Are you ready?” she asked once they were situated in front of the refreshments table.

Krum looked ready to burst, like he couldn’t understand why he was being asked this question, “Of course I’m ready, you don’t think I’d screw it up a second time! She won’t get away from me again!”.

Ginny saw something in his eyes then that was slightly unnerving. Kind of like he wasn’t all there, it planted the first seeds of doubt in her mind but she didn’t stop the plan….foolish girl.

She could have continued with the plan but it was far more interesting to stand here and watch Krum’s advances on Evvie. She could continue seducing Malfoy after she’d watched this amusing display.

Evvie was having a wild night. She felt so free and excited. Not even the Yule Ball had made her feel this way – but that was a night best forgotten anyway. Evvie felt like she had been dancing nonstop all night. She’d danced with anyone and everyone, from Ravenclaw’s to Hufflepuff’s alike. Her dances with the Slytherin’s were the best but perhaps that’s because they could actually dance. However the one person she wanted to dance with the most was still ignoring her.

She happened to catch the eye of an attractive man. He was mysterious, despite his mask and costume. Evvie didn’t think she’d ever seen him before. He seemed most determined to dance with her and keep her away from others. She didn’t like the discreet dominating attitude. She’d tried to get away from him several times only to be hauled back into his unyielding grip. Far from being scared, Evvie was annoyed, she finally managed to escape him by sending him off to fetch a drink.

Ginny watched Krum approach her, his transformed self was fading fast.

“She still resists me” he growled.

Ginny ignored him for she saw where Evvie was heading – towards Blaise and Draco – so she needed to act quickly. She grabbed glasses of punch and discreetly poured the potion into one. She looked around quickly to check that no one had seen her. She handed two drinks to Krum, “Go now” she hissed, watching triumphantly when Evvie was stopped from her goal.

Perfect! She sauntered over to Malfoy, “Lord Malfoy, your drink” she spoke warmly.

Draco glared at her; he’d hoped she’d given up when she hadn’t returned quickly. He took the drink hoping she’d go away if he drank it. He downed it in one, much to the glee of Ginny; she waited patiently for the potion to kick in.

“Excuse me” he murmured. He’d seen a set of hands on Evvie’s form and he’d seen the look on Evvie’s face. He hadn’t heard the words she’d uttered but the look on his face was enough to convince him that he needed to take action.

Ginny stood waiting for his declaration of love but was a little confused as Draco walked away from her and towards Evvie.

“Take your hands off Evvie she doesn’t belong to you” he murmured, his silky voice sending shivers up Evvie’s back.

“She doesn’t belong to you either” snarled the male, his voice seemed to be changing from perfect English to that of a German lilt, what the hell thought Draco.

“No she belongs to herself” replied Draco steadily.

“Ha! You are wrong, she is mine!” shouted the man, downing his drink in one go.

Shit thought Draco. He carefully maneuvered himself in front of Evvie, and tore off the mysterious man’s mask, a gasp was heard by all those near, Victor Krum stood completely still in the middle of the ballroom.

Evvie gripped the back of Draco’s suit almost to the point of pain, Draco could hear her quiet whimpers as if it was the only sound he could hear. The other Slytherin’s were around Evvie in a second, the teachers crowded round the intruder while they awaited the arrival of the aurors.

Ginny watched on in horror, she couldn’t understand what had happened. She’d given Malfoy the potion he should be fawning all over her by now, not protecting Evvie. Ginny watched as the aurors arrived and took down Krum – he was now firing random spells – quickly and efficiently. As he went down Ginny was struck with an overwhelming desire to be sick. Her body was churning against her, how she felt was kind of like the equivalent of going through a ringer.

The event of Krum’s downfall signaled the end of the ball. The group of Slytherin’s escorted their Princess away. Draco for once locked away his own emotions and beliefs in favor of defending and protecting a very shocked Evvie. Ginny had left without a care for her failed plan, she felt like her stomach was on fire, she just wanted to find a bed to lie in and hope that the pain went away.

With the masked ball over and everyone dispersed, Evvie’s friends now knew who she was, she wasn’t a hidden mystery behind a mask anymore and therefore had to face the questions of others.

“Are you ok?”

“Did he hurt you?”

“Why didn’t you call for help?”

“Why did you dance with him?”

The list of accusatory questions went on and on. It was almost like they thought she’d willingly danced with him knowing who he was.

Hello! She wanted to shout. It was a masked ball! HE WAS MASKED! And clearly using polyjuice potion to mask his appearance, how was Evvie supposed to know who he really was? He only started to get creepy when he’d come back with drinks and then Draco had arrived. It was only then that Evvie felt scared.

She could see Draco from where she stood in the center of all the concerned people. He was seated in front of the fire, his hands linked together atop his knees. He was brooding she could tell. He looked so troubled, a part of her wanted to go over and comfort him but she knew her behavior wouldn’t be welcomed. She was not what he needed no matter how much she wanted him.


Chapter 10: Chapter Ten: A Run In With Potter, Judgment, The Truth And Geoff The Giraffe
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Chapter Ten: A Run In With Potter, Judgment, The Truth And Geoff The Giraffe

Mild Language Warning

 “Oi watch it!” exclaimed Blaise.

“Sorry, oh it’s you” sneered Potter.

“You got a problem with me Potter?”

“No just everything you stand for” he retorted.

“You have no idea what I stand for” Blaise replied.

“I know you don’t care that your sister is a whore!”

“Don’t you dare talk about things you don’t understand”.

“I’m not afraid of you!” shouted Potter.

“Maybe so but you should be afraid of my sister”.

“Why would you say that?” demanded Potter.

“She knows everything about you. Knows your fears and weaknesses, knows how you think and what you do” sneered Blaise.

“So, your sister is still a whore!” shouted Potter.

“Still can’t say her name Potter? You’re such a joke!” replied Blaise.

“How dare you!”

“Oh I dare. You know nothing of the girl you were ‘supposedly’ friends with for seven years”.

“I know lots of things about her!” said Potter.

“Oh really? What’s her favorite color? Favorite food? Favorite place? Favorite book? What does she want to do when she leaves Hogwarts? What really happened when she went to Australia? Why is she scared of Victor Krum?!” shouted Blaise.

Potter said nothing, proving Blaise’s point.

“See you know nothing about her” said Blaise bitterly.

“But Krum…”

“Krum attacked Evvie during the Yule Ball and it was Daphne and myself who saved her” roared Blaise.

“He? Why didn’t she?” murmured Potter.

“Why didn’t she what? Tell you? Why do you think she knew what your responses would be”.

Potter looked at him questioningly.

“Weaselette would have accused her of leading him on and would announce that she deserved it. Weasel would have told her she shouldn’t have worn such a dress if she wasn’t advertising and you would have assumed that it was her fault for not realizing his intentions”.

Potter opened his mouth to reply but Blaise stopped him, “Save it for someone who cares Potter. You stay away from my sister if you know what’s good for you and don’t you ever call her a whore again!”

“Or what?” countered Potter.

“Or you’ll no longer be the boy-who-lived” growled Blaise.

Both boys stormed off in different directions, neither noticing the hidden figure that had heard everything.

The common room was quiet that evening. The seventh years dominating the sofa’s by the fire. Evvie had managed to situate herself near her brother, snuggling close to his side. Blaise wasn’t complaining, he liked spending time with his sister but he did wonder what had caused this behavior and he intended to find it out. Evvie liked having a brother she could crawl up against; it was like by just being near to him she felt all her troubles go away. It’s uncommon for siblings to be so close, even those who were argued often. Perhaps Evvie and Blaise were different because they’d only just found their sibling connection, so were closer for it.

As Luna Lovegood walked around the grounds of Hogwarts in deep contemplation, the more she thought about it, the more she preferred the company of the returning Slytherin’s. She’d never been one to divide people by their beliefs and attitudes, she knew just how many people judged her and what they thought of her but she really wasn’t that bothered by it. She was more concerned by how others were acting. There was one person in particular whose behavior had been bothering her; perhaps it was because she harbored a small crush on said person that she was noticing more about him.

Harry Potter equaled confusion. She remembered him when they’d all first arrived at Hogwarts. All fresh faced and scared. She’d watched from afar as they all grew up and took on challenges that were far beyond their respective ages. She’d watched his dallies with Cho Chang and then with Ginny Weasley. She didn’t understand how someone as seemingly good as Harry seemed to go for the girls that were most wrong for him. She suspected it had something to do with his awful upbringing, those who tended to not have the more normal childhood tended to walk blindly through the rest of their lives. She knew Harry wanted a family one day, she wondered what lies Ginny had fed him about family life to ensure that he didn’t leave her.

Luna was aware of Ginny’s less than pleasant traits, she was basically just a lying grabbing whore but she was good a lying and manipulating situations to her advantage, which was probably the reason why no one had realized her true nature. Luna felt a mixture of happiness and sadness when she thought of Evvie Zabini. The happiness was because Evvie had finally found a family that accepted her for who she was and friends that cherished and respected her. She felt sadness for the pain Evvie was still going through, the loss of her parents, the lost of trusted friends and what she suspected was the loss of rejection though she didn’t know who had rejected her.

Luna couldn’t understand how Harry could just abandon Evvie like he did. After watching her put up with Harry and Ron for seven years, never once complaining when they put her down or teased her for things, she had stuck by their sides through all the ups and downs and he’d left her at the first sign of a down.

Speak of the devil, here he comes now thought Luna. Oh bugger, he looks angry!

“Hi Luna”.

“Hello Harry, what’s up?” she asked.

“I ran into Zabini” he said.


He glared at her, “No, the other one”.

Luna sighed, “Why can’t you say her name she was your friend for seven years!”

“She’s not my friend, she’s a traitor”.

“How can you say that?”

“Easy, she’s a traitor”.

“Harry James Potter you are a bastard!” said Luna bitterly. Harry looked a bit shocked by her outburst.

“What have I done?” he asked.

“What haven’t you done” she muttered.

“Sorry I missed that, what did you say?” he inquired.

“You can be so stupid sometimes Harry” she replied.

“What do you mean?”

Luna sighed heavily.

“You’d think given your life Harry that you’d understand Evvie’s a bit more. You may know many things Harry but the knowledge of judgment and truth isn’t at the foreground”.

Harry just looked at her, he hated it when people accused him of not doing something, or not knowing something, and he wasn’t very good at accepting criticisms.

“I remember when we were younger and had just arrived at Hogwarts, how you and Ron gelled immediately. It took a little longer with Evvie, boys will be boys and girls will be girls. You finally clicked though but you were never as good to her as you were to Ron. You were friends with her yes, but you always seemed to keep her on the sidelines, like she wasn’t good enough to be accepted properly. You always teased her and belittled her. I know that your comments along with Ron have hurt her more than Draco’s ever did”. She paused for breath.

“She stayed with you through it all. She always had your back, always saved you from your own mistakes. She never judged you and she always told you the truth. How did you treat her in return Harry? Not well. How long did you ignore her after the broom incident? Did you ever thank her for all the help she gave you at the Triwizard Tournament? How many times did you tell her she was wrong? When she sent her parents to Australia what did you say? Did you even know what she’d done? Look how easily you forgave Ron after he ran out on you both, yet you stayed mad at Evvie for weeks because your wand had got broken when she saved you!

“She put up with all your bullshit and ever once complained. She stuck through the war with you till it ended. Then she went off to Australia in search of her parents and she finds them already dead. And you and your pathetic accusations paid no heed to her paled drawn features when she returned, you blocked out the tears you heard, the silence she made. You didn’t even inquire what was wrong; you merely made an assumption, one that just happened to fit her displays of emotion. You didn’t even give her a chance to explain”.

“You’ve spent too long with the Weasley’s Harry. I know you see them as your adopted family and the older ones; George, Bill, Charlie and Percy they’re fine because they got away but Ron and Ginny are stuck under the grasp of Molly Weasley and I know you can see the influence she’s had on them however much you try to hide it. I think you are so desperate not to be alone that you’re sticking with a family that is so wrong for you. You let Ron, Ginny and Mrs. Weasley feed you lies about Evvie, all of which you willingly believed. You never made your own opinion, just fed of the opinion of others. Evvie deserved so much more of you”.

“Finally when the potion struck her and she transformed, she gave you the opportunity to really see her. And what did you lot do, you called her a whore and a traitor. Does that sound like something a friend would do, after all she’d done for you, and you judged her at the first step. Did you even listen to anything she told you or were you just blindly listening to the insults your Weasley friend’s spat at her. You call her a traitor, why? Was it because her family is in Slytherin? You should know the Zabini’s were neutral during the war. Is it because she’s now in Slytherin and friends with Draco, Pansy, Adrian, Marcus etc. How low can you sink Harry, frankly those people are much better than anyone in Gryffindor house. I like the Slytherin’s but then I’ve never been one to hate someone for their background, which is exactly what you did”.

“How did Evvie treat you when she learned of your past? She treated you no different than anyone else; she saw you as her friend and didn’t care for anything else. You learn of her past and shun her immediately. The world isn’t made up of black and white Harry; it’s mostly a grey world out there”.

Luna looked at Harry intently, “I’m sure you’re angry at Blaise because he gave you a shorter speech of the one I’m giving you now. Wake up Harry, break away from the Weasley’s and take back control of your life. She doesn’t deserve you, Ginny that is. You should see by now that she’s only interested in money and fame. I’m tired of sitting in the shadows silently Harry, fix your life, fix things with Evvie then come find me ok?” Luna smiled sweetly as she left Harry to his own musings. He would have a lot to think about now.

Ron had been searching for Harry for well over an hour now but still couldn’t locate him. He would have used the map but it seemed to have mysteriously disappeared. That was the thing about Ron, he couldn’t remember a single thing from the map, he always needed it to remember where he was going, there wasn’t enough room in his head for him to remember it all.

Ron was also thinking about things but they were less deep and life changing than Harry’s thoughts. Ron’s consisted mainly of Evvie Zabini. The words whore, slut and bitch circulated a lot when thinking about her. He was a cross between angry and jealous. He’d been a git basically, he’d known Evvie had been panting after him for quite some time but he’d been with Lavender when he’d found out. He’d only ended it with Lavender in the hopes that he could get some action out of Evvie as well but it turned out that Evvie wasn’t as free minded as Lavender. However, Lavender wouldn’t take him back so he was stuck with Evvie.

He hadn’t been a good boyfriend to her; in fact he’d barely realized she was there at all. She was more like a trophy girlfriend, although being with Evvie came with a price she was constantly putting you down (actually it was just that Ron was so dumb it was hard to have a normal conversation without him thinking she was using her intelligence against him).  It had been easy to slag her off, in fact he enjoyed doing it, and he always had. She was an easy target and being able to put someone down once in a while was a boost to Ron’s ego. Then though she’d gone and changed.

And wow had she changed. Suddenly Ron felt jealous of Evvie. How could someone so un-girlish turn into an Aphrodite like figure, it was mind boggling. At first Ron had entertained ideas of getting back together with her; he’d be the envy of everyone with her on his arm. However before he could put that plan into action he’d found out about her family, her past and he’d blown his top, called her all sorts of names, still was calling her names. He’d been jealous, she’d suddenly found herself belonging to one of the richest pureblood families and was now friends with all the rest. Ron was jealous of that; he always seemed to want more than he had. He’d love to be able to say he was friends with the wealthy Slytherin purebloods but he wasn’t.

It was easy to call her a whore and a traitor rather than admit that he was incredibly jealous. Besides he still had Harry and Harry was bound to marry Ginny one day (he was so far under her thumb as it was) and Harry was a generous guy, perhaps Ron could persuade Harry into giving him some money, he sure had enough of it.

So Ron went around slagging off Evvie as much as he could. He was still angry at himself that he’d let her fall through his fingers. His temper always had a penance for acting before his mind caught up with it. Then Krum had come announcing that he wanted pay back from Evvie for leaving him in the lurch and Ron was more than happy to comply with his wishes. It would be good to see the witch knocked down a few pegs, he remembered being furious when Evvie had attended the Yule Ball with Krum. He couldn’t wait to see her humiliation at the hands of Krum but somehow it had all gone wrong, he’d been arrested by the aurors in Hogsmead and again at the masquerade ball. Ron didn’t understand what had happened but his brain reasoned it must have been something pretty big for the aurors to be called, he couldn’t deny then that Evvie had been lying.

Still he could call her a whore and tell people she was a desperate slut who was crap in bed. He never seemed to tire of this particular line of insults, he was currently telling some Hufflepuff fifth years all about it. Ron would learn that when spouting off lies, you really shouldn’t do it in the openness of a crowded corridor; you never know who might be listening.

“Pansy have you seen Evvie?” asked Blaise.

“Not recently, she said she had something to do” replied Pansy.

“Did she say what it was?” inquired Blaise.

“Not as such, she just mentioned that she was off to ruin someone’s childhood memories” said Pansy.

Blaise looked at her strangely.

“Your guess is as good as mine Blaise, but I hope she tells us when she returns, I’m so curious” said Pansy chuckling.

Ron made his way slowly up to his bed, it had been a long day for him, and insulting people really tired you out especially when you were trying to get the lies to spread as Ron was. Ron wasn’t thinking about anything particular when he went to bed; he was just looking forward to a nice long nap. Unfortunately for him a certain someone had heard his boastful insults today and had just had enough for it. The person had friends in Gryffindor so was able to mutter the password and slip in unseen. The only request made was that whatever happened to Ron would be witnessed in some way to those in his house.

Many people remembered Ron’s fear of spiders, if not for what Fred and George did to him when he was young then for the forbidden forest/aragog incident during his second year. But it wasn’t spiders that his tormentor intended to use. Few people knew this about Ron but hidden at the bottom of his trunk was a stuffed giraffe that he’d had since he was small. He’d named it Geoff the Giraffe. No one knew that he still had it except this one person for he’d let it slip during a moment of weakness.

Ut Vita was an unusual little spell, one that the creator was proud of. Simply put it meant ‘to life’, it had the ability to bring to life any inanimate object. The spell was currently being used to bring Geoff the giraffe to life. Slowly but surely the giraffe moved around the trunk making scratching noises, thuds and thumps that were loud enough to bring Ron into a semi state of sleepiness. Once there the giraffe left the trunk and began its steady journey up the bed and towards Ron. The spell caster was clever, all the other boy’s in the room were in a deep sleep, prevented from waking and spoiling the plan. The giraffe stomped its feet a little on Ron’s shoulder and blew air from its nostrils onto Ron’s face.

Ron twitched a bit but remained asleep, this angered the giraffe, it’s stomping became more insistent and harder, to the point where Ron was sure to have small giraffe shaped hoof prints on his arm. The giraffe’s annoyance at Ron’s continued sleep heightened and quite out of character the giraffe spat a massive glob of spit on Ron’s face. That got his attention, for he sat bolt upright and opened his eyes in disgust.

A quick casting of Sermo per Censura made the giraffe talk. Not just any talk, the caster wanted to invoke fear and judgment upon Ron. 

“Ron we used to be friends” whispered the giraffe.

Ron paled.

“You abandoned me Ron, just like you abandoned Hermione Granger”.

“She was the only one who knew about me and she didn’t care, she didn’t judge you. You scared her away” said the giraffe.

Ron shivered.

“You shouldn’t have done that Ronald. You shouldn’t be spreading lies about her. I know the true liar Ronald, it’s you”.

Ron tried to move away from the giraffe.

“You’re a liar Ronald Weasley and you will pay for your sins”.

The last thing the caster heard before leaving was Ron’s panicked screams that would surely wake the dead. The caster left with a smile upon their face, they needn’t be there for the humiliation that followed, and they’d seen enough. Justice had been served. 

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Chapter 11: Chapter Eleven: Curiosity Killed the Cat; Will it Kill Evvie or Just Satisfy Her?
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Chapter Eleven: Curiosity Killed the Cat; Will it Kill Evvie or Just Satisfy Her?

Mild Language

When someone gives you a topic that you aren’t allowed to talk about does it make to heed that rule? No, it makes your more curious. Evvie wanted to know about her father but no one seemed willing to talk about it. There were some things that didn’t add up. Her Mother had told her that she and Evvie’s Father had mourned her when she’d disappeared and had searched all over for her, yet Blaise had told her that her Father had died in the same raid that she’d disappeared in.

That didn’t make sense right? Someone couldn’t have missed her and searched for her at the same time as apparently dying. She knew something wasn’t right, she could feel it in her bones, like her magic was drawn to something unseen. She’d asked Fleur to help her in her quest because she could trust her to be discreet and knew Fleur liked a good mystery as well as she did. Evvie knew that curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back, she only hoped that she’d find the satisfaction in her quest before she died like the saying suggested.

She decided against her better judgment that she ought to try and talk to Blaise about her Father. She couldn’t talk about her suspicions but she could at least question him about their Father. She was desperate to learn about him.

“Blaise, what was our Father like?” she asked.

Blaise visibly stiffened.

“He was good” replied Blaise unable to look her in the eye.

“How did he die?” she asked.

“In the raid”.

“I know that, but how?”

“Why does it matter?” he replied.

“He was my Father too, don’t I deserve to know a little about him?” she asked.

“It’s none of your business!” shouted Blaise.

Evvie paled, “None of my business” she stuttered.

Blaise looked at her for the first time since she started asking questions.

“I see how it is. There was me thinking how great it was to finally have a proper family. Yet apparently it’s none of my business what happened to our Father. How is that, is it because I’ve only just found out about my family? Am I not good enough? Don’t I deserve to know?”

“Didn’t you ever think it was a topic that was hard to talk about?” thundered Blaise.

“I’m family, it shouldn’t be hard to talk to me!” replied Evvie.

“I’m not talking about it, you have no right to know” said Blaise.

“Fine, fine” said Evvie.

She’d had enough, she’d known it would have been difficult to breach the topic of their Father with Blaise but she’d hoped for more than he’d given her. She was furious, and here she’d been thinking that they’d been getting on so well. She wanted to believe that this was just a mistake that Blaise was just surprised and didn’t mean to react the way he did but she’d seen it in his eyes. She’d seen how he believed it wasn’t her business and that had hurt her. For all his protectiveness, for all his caring friendship, it seemed he didn’t completely think of her as family like she did of him. It was like being transported back to Hermione Granger, where she wasn’t good enough to be told secrets and kept in the loop.

Well, she was a fighter; she wasn’t going to give up just because Blaise was being a complete bastard. There were other people she could go to for information. She’d go to Daphne next; she was close to Blaise, very close. She would have gone to Draco but well, things weren’t exactly good between them at the moment, and he’d probably rat her out to Blaise anyway. Daphne cared for Blaise but she also cared for Evvie. She knew more about Blaise than Blaise did himself. Evvie assumed Daphne had a crush on Blaise; it was obvious if you looked at them the right way.

“Daphne can I ask you something” she asked quietly.

“Sure” replied Daphne.

“You can’t tell Blaise about this” added Evvie.

“Ok” replied Daphne slightly unsure.

“I want to know what happened to my Father, all of it, not just these lies”.

Daphne sighed, “I knew this would come back to bite them. I told them they should have told you but they insisted that it was none of your business, so stupid of them. I’ll tell you what I know, but I don’t know everything, some things are a mystery even to me”.

“I’ll be happy with anything you tell me”.

“You are right though, he didn’t die in the raid that you disappeared in. I think that was just a cover for what really happened” said Daphne.

“It all started with your Mother really during school. She was very beautiful and popular but she was also kind and intelligent. I know she was matched to your Father but I believe they were in love before they knew of their upcoming nuptials. I’m told it was a happy time, my Mother was at school with yours, she always said it was very obvious how much in love your parents were”.

Evvie sensed a but coming.

“But, there was one dodgy character. Kind of like how people viewed Snape but worse. He crawled his way around the school, he practiced the dark arts but wasn’t a member of Voldemort’s group. I’m told he looked a little bit like a greasy weasel. I don’t know his name or what happened to him, I just know that he had an unnatural obsession with your Mother that borderlined stalking”.

“I know this situation with his man got worse as school went on but once your parents had left school the creepy guy seemed to disappear. All was great for a while, your parents married, had fun with their early married life and then you and Blaise came along. Life seemed good. Until that raid, the one where you were taken, no one knows why you were taken during that raid, it still remains a mystery”.

“This is where it gets a bit confusing, your parents did look all over for you after you’d disappeared but they couldn’t find hide nor hair of you, so naturally after a sufficient time you were declared dead, and your parents went into mourning. However, as I understand it, your Father never believed that you were dead; he became manic in his searches to find you, and started to received threatening letters from a mysterious writer. It was somewhere during this time that your Father went missing, no one knew where he’d gone off to, he’d just said that he had some business to take care of, whether he was following a lead on you or not, no one knows. What I do know is that they never found his body and as with you after a significant amount of time had passed they declared him dead”.

“Your Mother went into a grief that I don’t think she’s ever recovered from. She hardly speaks of him anymore. She used to tell Blaise stories about your Father but she always told him that these stories were very secretive and shouldn’t be shared with others. She told him never to tell people of the real way he died, he was always to tell them he died in the raid that took you”.

“That’s all I know, I promise” finished Daphne.

“Oh God” replied Evvie. That was more information that she’d hoped for. It was information that churned through her body stopping at nothing to infiltrate her brain with thousands of possibilities and theories. This seemed far more complex that she’d imagined.

“What are you going to do with all this information?” asked Daphne, though she was afraid of the answer.

“I’m going to find him, my Father. I’m going to find him and save him”.

Daphne paled at Evvie’s answer, she should have known that Evvie wouldn’t have just been satisfied by the information Daphne had shared with her. She should have known that Evvie would want to do something with the information she’d been given. She should have known that Evvie would have an ulterior plan when she’d asked Daphne for information, no matter now, Daphne had promised not to tell Blaise of this conversation.

Evvie’s next stop was to find out who this mysterious third party was, however that was a lot harder to do when she didn’t know his name. The easiest thing would be to check the library records of past students, there were books for each year, they weren’t like yearbooks of the muggle world but they were similar. Perhaps she’d be able to find a picture of her parents with said creepy man. It was worth a try after all.

As luck would have it someone else had also made a breakthrough. Fleur had been hard at work using her sources and contacts to help Evvie with her quest and had actually managed to unearth the name of the mysterious man. She sent her results via owl post, and when Evvie opened the owl’s letter she was very pleased with the content.

Marcus Boyle. That was his name, the greasy weasel’s name. It was stated that he was not a Slytherin like Evvie had guessed but rather a Hufflepuff. If it’s one thing you don’t think of Hufflepuff’s being its practitioners of the dark arts. When you think of Hufflepuff’s you think of people with not many brain cells, but perhaps that’s a stereotype.

Now she knew his name, she was able to go back over the books to find him. Luck was on her side, more so than before. Not only did see find a singular photo of Marcus Boyle but she also noticed that within every photo of her parents, Marcus Boyle was lurking in the background. He really took unconditional love to a new level, he made Snape’s obsession with Lily Evans look normal. Boyle really was a nasty looking man, his hair was a degree of greasy that Snape’s had never been, it looked a bit like wet straw and was thinning in places. His face had the scrunched up look like he’d pulled a face in the wind and got stuck that way.

It wasn’t good to judge people on their looks but Evvie couldn’t imagine Marcus Boyle ever being a nice person, and somehow that made judging him easier. According to the book, the last sighing of Marcus Boyle was in a little bookshop in Hogsmead where he presumably worked right after leaving Hogwarts.

As a returning seventh year, Evvie didn’t have to abide by as many rules as other years. She was just lucky that she was allowed back to school, at one point it had been discussed that returning seventh years would become eighth years but due to the diminished student population that plan was scratched. Besides back to the rules, as a returning seventh year Evvie could get permission to go to Hogsmead whenever she wanted and thus that is what she went to do.

Evvie was beginning to regret going to Hogsmead so late in the afternoon. Without the normal flux of students the village was quiet and eerie. The once bustling village now stood somber and repaired. The silence was deafening even The Three Broomsticks was subdued though still filled to the brim with the usual drunkards.

The Bookshop was off the beaten track that should have been Evvie’s first clue. It looked suspiciously like the front of the Hogs Head the first time Evvie visited it but since then Evvie had learnt not to judge things at face value. The door creaked when she opened it, a little chime above her indicated to the store keeper that someone had arrived. She didn’t see the man when she first walked into the store. It was dark and musky and Evvie was outraged that the books didn’t look like they’d been probably cared for.

“Can I help you?” Evvie jumped, she hadn’t heard the man approach her.

“I-I was looking for Marcus Boyle” stammered Evvie.

The book clerk visibly stiffened at the mention of the name. Apparently that name didn’t bring up pleasant memories for the book clerk.

“What did you say?”

“Marcus Boyle, did you know him?” asked Evvie.

“Why do you want to know?” he asked in response.

“It’s important” replied Evvie evenly.

“Marcus Boyle is the devil’s child; you’d do well to stay away”.

“Why do you say that?”

The book clerk turned and for the first time Evvie got a glimpse of his face. She gasped at the horrific gash that lay across his face, the burnt flesh and boiled skin.

He acknowledged her gasp with a simple statement, “Courtesy of Marcus Boyle”.

“He did that to you?” she asked horrified.

“He’s a violent man when he’d angry” he replied.

“Why was he angry?”

“I expect it had something to do with the marriage of Katherine Williams”.

“Who was Katherine Williams?” asked Evvie dreading the answer.

“Well she would be Katherine Zabini now” the book clerk thought out loud.

“What can you tell me about them? Please!” begged Evvie.

“I reckoned you’d have heard of the triangle between the then Lily Evans, James Potter and Severus Snape”.

She nodded in response.

“Well this triangle was a whole lot worse. Tales of unrequited love are never good ones” he paused, “Let me see” he murmured, he seemed lost in memories.

“I can’t tell you everything. I know they said he disappeared but they never found hide nor hair of him. I don’t want to end up further scarred or worse dead” he motioned for her to move further into the shop clearly he was as frightened as his voice suggested.

“Marcus Boyle was from an ordinary family, they were neither rich nor poor. I believe both his parents were half bloods. He was sorted into Hufflepuff. He seemed an average normal boy till he met Katherine. He thought she was god’s gift, an angel in disguise. He set his mind on claiming her. It was feet easier said than done for her heart was already set on another, Andre Zabini I believe his name was. Marcus wasn’t one to give up because of competition. He pursued her relentlessly, drove her into feared state from his continual presence. His nature just sent her further into the arms of Andre Zabini. He tried everything but was unsuccessful. It was around this time that his behavior started to change. People said they heard him talking to himself, others saw displays of his violence, and there were even a few who believed he’d sold his soul to the devil himself”

“Suddenly his tactics changed, they became more sinister. He started hunting Katherine, cornering her, forcing her into conversation. He began showing his violence to others, using unheard spells, causing panic and fear. He attacked Katherine’s friend, she begged him to stop but he told her he wouldn’t unless she agreed to him demands”.

“What were his demands?”

“That she break off the engagement to Andre Zabini become his wife and let him take them far away. If she agreed he promised to stop hurting the people she loved. But she couldn’t accept his deal, she couldn’t give up Andre. It was right after graduation that he disappeared. He’d been working here during the summer months. Katherine was happy. She thought his disappearance meant the end to all the panic and fear. She moved on with her life, married Andre Zabini, had children and forgot all about Marcus”.

He paused and his face transformed into a gruesome painful expression.

“Have you ever heard of the muggle story character Rumplestiltskin?” he asked as Evvie nodded.

“Marcus was a bit like Rumplestiltskin, he liked making deals and he always collected. He made a deal to Katherine and didn’t appreciate it when she rejected him. She sealed her fate then, he was never going to let her go” he gasped in pain.

“Are you alright?”

“You look just like her you know, Katherine looked like you when she was young. Andre Zabini is not dead, his grave is empty, he is at” he gurgled too much and Evvie never heart what he meant to say.

She stood frozen in horror as the book clerk seemed to choke on his own saliva. She watched in horror as a dark brown substance dripped out of her eyes, nose and mouth. Evvie’s heart beat rapidly in her chest as the book clerk dropped down dead. Evvie seemed to unfreeze, she ran from the shop without looking back once. Neither was she looking where she was going either.

“Ommph” she ran into something solid.

“Evvie what are you doing here?” the something solid turned out to be Draco.

“Nothing” she stuttered.

“Where did you come from what are you doing? Blaise has been looking for you”.

Evvie pointedly refused to look at him.

“Blaise is right your Father is dead. Don’t look into something that isn’t there” he commanded.

He was still holding her like he thought he could shake some sense into her.

“Let go of me” she said, he complied and she stormed away quickly from the one person who set her heart aflame.

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Chapter 12: Chapter Twelve – Some People Can’t Take Back What They Dish Out. This Is Their Downfall
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Chapter Twelve – Some People Can’t Take Back What They Dish Out. This Is Their Downfall

Strong Language

Evvie was still in shock from the events that had occurred at the bookshop. It was quite a shock for anyone to watch a person die that way, so sudden and unexpected. Evvie suspected the book clerk had a curse on him that would activate the moment he said too much. It also worked as a horrid threat to Evvie. A part of her wanted to run and hide if that was the sort of thing that Marcus did to people. Yet another part of her just felt more determined to get the truth.

She knew the sensible responsible thing would be to tell someone of what she witnessed and the dead man that she’d left behind. However, some small voice inside her was telling her not to say anything. The situation was fishy and would be made even more complex if it was known that she was involved. As it was she was getting enough grief from Blaise and Draco combined. Blaise had finally gotten through apologizing to Evvie stating how sorry he was and that he just got angry because it was a sore subject for him.

Evvie hadn’t really forgiven him – whether Blaise knew that or not was a different matter. Evvie had been deeply hurt by Blaise’s comment that it was none of her business; it would take a great deal for her to forgive him. Draco was also giving her grief. He stood firmly by Blaise’s side in the matter but he was also suspicious of Evvie and her current actions. It was him after all who had found her in Hogsmead, he was keeping a special eye on her and she in turn was avoiding him at every turn.

The guilt was slowly eating her up, where had the rule abiding Hermione Granger gone? Had she simply disappeared when she’d become Evvie? She desperately needed to tell someone what she’d failed to report. As she made her way to breakfast she prepared herself, intent on informing McGonagall as soon as breakfast was over. However, she never got that far. What caught her attention as a side article of the Daily Prophet stopped her current course of action head on.


In a surprising turn of events the old bookshop in Hogsmead village is up for sale. Customers say the book owner mysteriously packed up and left one day. Some regard this as suspicious while others are happy for the owner who had reportedly been thinking of retiring for some time. One customer, Mrs. Featherton explained how thrilled she was that the owner had finally retired and hoped he’d gone somewhere warm and sunny as a retirement treat. Who knows why the book store owner suddenly had a change of heart and retired from his beloved book shop and who knows if the bookshop will remain? The question is what prompted this unexpected retirement and who will buy the shop.

Evvie read and reread the article with confusion in her eyes. How could the book owner have this article about him when he was dead not retired? And who had written the article? Who had given the information?

Oh my god thought Evvie, was Marcus Boyle in Hogsmead, did he come to dispose of the evidence? Thought Evvie, she wished to the high heavens that he hadn’t realized there were any witnesses to his death and that if he had he didn’t know it was her. Shit shit shit chanted Evvie, today just didn’t look like a good day anymore. She would keep her silence about her involvement, perhaps it was selfish but she didn’t want to end up like the book store owner. She wasn’t about to give up on her quest to find her Father but she didn’t want to continue her search right now, not when things seemed so dangerous. She’d have to do more research first.

Did you ever wonder what happened to Ginny after the ball? She’d been so quiet and withdrawn lately that Evvie had almost forgotten about all the insults she’d thrown. There was always Pavarti picking up the slacks but she always was a bitch, even Ronald had quieted down but that might have something to do with his nightly stuffed visitor.  

Ginny had been going downhill for quite some time, she was still her bitchy annoying self but that was put aside with the current way she felt. It had all happened when Krum had been taken out by the auror squad. As she’d watched him be taken down, her head started t o spin and she’d grown both nauseous and clammy. She’d been standing off to the side as it was, confused by the lack of potion reaction with Draco that she hadn’t really been paying attention to what had happened. Now she seemed to be in a constant state of sickness, her magic was acting strangely, almost as if it were pulling her towards some unseen object. You’d think that Ginny would have read all the effects and side effects of the potion before she made and administrated it. She’d been so caught up with her plan that she hadn’t taken the proper precautions. She didn’t know that when the potion interacted with someone who’s magic was harmoniously joined with hers that they would become binded - Binded as in being married without having the wedding or binding ritual.

She also should have been more careful when she’d sneaked the potion into the glass at the ball. Sure she’d looked around to make sure no one had seen her but in doing so she’d taken her eyes off the glasses and therefore hadn’t noticed when someone spelled the glasses to switch positions. She hadn’t counted on the person of her affections being suspicious of her actions. Draco didn’t need to look directly at Ginny to realize what she was up to, funnily enough he wasn’t new to girls trying to outsmart him with potions and spells, he could spot a suspiciously acting girl a mile off. It comes from being surrounded by girls desperate to get their hands on the Malfoy fortune. A lot of the pureblood heirs had to learn to protect themselves from money grabbing whores like Ginny. So Draco had been secretly watching Ginny as she spited his drink with the potion, as she’d turned around to make sure she hadn’t been caught.

Thus the potion she intended for Draco to drink was actually drunk by Victor Krum. You can just guess what happened then can’t you. If you are thinking oh shit their magic bonded, you’d be right. Ginny was feeling so sick and weak because she was away from her bonded, they needed to consummate the bonding soon or one or both of them would go mad or worse die. She needed to find her bonded lover quickly before the consequences took over. It was funny how the people who wanted what they never deserved always forgot to read the fine print, when life hands you lemons they obviously forgot they were supposed to make lemonade and tried to make orange juice instead.

Victor Krum was sitting in an overnight cell at the Ministry of Magic. Remember when he said ‘all publicity was good publicity’? Well he was seriously reconsidering those words now. He was facing several charges and fines and was given a restraining order not allowing him to come within twenty yards of Evvie Zabini. He couldn’t understand why they kept talking about Evvie Zabini, he didn’t really remember his actions from that night or who she was. He just needed to see Ginny Weasley, he’d been asking for her for a long time but no one would tell him where she was or when she was coming to see him. He was getting rather anxious, something within him was saying that unless he found her soon bad things would start happening.

As it was he was facing a suspension from Quiddich and wasn’t allowed back in England for a further six months. Perhaps luck was on their side as one plucky young Auror thought it best to inform Arthur Weasley that the confined Quiddich star was asking for his daughter. That in itself puzzled Arthur Weasley for he wasn’t aware that his daughter and the famous Quiddich star knew each other. If there was one thing that Arthur Weasley regretted in life it was the way in which he let his wife spoil his two youngest children. Ginny especially was tainted by her upbringing for she was the only girl. He opinion had been favored by others and her manipulation techniques had been avoided too long. It was with a heavy sigh that Arthur Weasley traipsed down to Krum’s holding cell, knowing that what he found there was sure to be unpleasant.

Arthur was never a man to get angry or shout at people, he usually left that job to his darling wife. However at this present moment he felt that if he saw his daughter or his wife, something inside of him would snap and he wouldn’t be able to control himself. What was his daughter thinking using that particular potion, it was well known for being banned years ago, the only person she could have learnt it from would have been Molly, which enraged Arthur more.  Even more annoying that his daughter’s stupid plan was that she’d apparently got it wrong and ended up binding herself to the confused shouting mess of Victor Krum. Arthur would say it was twisted karma, trying to manipulate people around you for your own personal gain; you can’t force matters of the heart. How would he react I wonder if he knew the same potion had trapped him into his marriage with Molly?

Well Arthur refused to feel sympathy for his only daughter, in fact he couldn’t feel sympathy for her, and she’d done something so stupid and dishonest that he wondered where his little princess had gone. If he was honest with himself the answer would be that he hadn’t seen any sign of his princess since she started Hogwarts. Now he had to go to Hogwarts and explain the situation to Minerva, surely Ginny wouldn’t be able to continue with her studies now, she’d have to survive with just her O.W.Ls now. After all, she’d sealed her fate and was now for all purposes a married woman, she’d have to move in with Krum and she’d be stuck with him for her life. Not only stuck with him but stuck in Bulgaria for the next six months. Arthur knew Krum was suspended from Quiddich for the time being but would he ever be allowed to play again? And what would his daughter and her new husband do for money and food? Arthur almost felt sorry for his daughter but as the saying goes, she’d made her bed now she’d have to sleep in it.

Arthur sighed, life hadn’t been kind to the Weasley’s recently, and this was just another situation in a long line of painfully annoying ones. He’d have to watch his wife now, he wouldn’t let her get away with all the things she had over the years, and it was time to take back his command of the family. Molly would soon learn what it was like when she crossed her husband. Arthur knew fetching his daughter wouldn’t be pretty; she would not be pleased to know she would be stuck with someone who was facing several charges of assault nor the fact that he would give her no wealth or title. Yes, he knew his daughter well, he knew exactly what she was looking for, with Ginny it seemed that love didn’t factor into the equation, she was searching for wealth, fame and titles, that was what mattered to Ginny Weasley. Arthur sighed, why fate continued to be unkind to his family.

Draco was walking past the Headmistresses office as he saw Ginny Weasley being dragged up the stairs by her Father; he smirked to himself, if Ginny was in trouble, which was only too amusing for Draco. He sighed dramatically, he liked to think he’d grown more mature in recent years, war tended to have that effect on people, especially when you’d been involved the way Draco had. Draco walked around aimlessly till he found himself back in his own room. He stood in front of his mirror and looked at himself.

He wasn’t impressed with the image that looked back at him, looks were important to some, the used to be important to him but no more. Draco wondered where his life had gone; it seemed only moments ago that he was a young boy with the never ending love of his Mother and pride of his Father before him. Yet since then his life had become one complicated mess after another. His life was a series of tremendous ups and downs, more downs than ups really. Hogwarts had become his sanctuary; at Hogwarts he was away from all the pain and the hurt, there was no disappointment from his Father, no fear of darkness, and with no rules or demands. Draco could just be himself. Well that wasn’t so true, he could be himself within his small group of friends but then they’d mostly all been in the same boat since they’d come to Hogwarts, Draco’s behavior to others (especially Evvie) wasn’t who Draco really was, it was a front, a fake disguise to save him from disappointment and pain. He needed to have a reputation that pleased his Father while he was at Hogwarts. Now though the war was over and Draco’s Father’s opinion was no longer his concern.

What has it all lead to? His life seemed empty and unimportant. Blaise had told him not to involve himself with Evvie until he knew what he wanted. He was in conflict; his brain and his heart were fighting hand in hand with his morals and his conscious. Part of him wondered if life was worth the heart ache of letting someone inside the barriers he’d created. Chances are he’d get hurt; people never seemed interested in Draco, only the Malfoy name and the Malfoy vaults. Was it too hard to want to be liked for himself rather than his name? Perhaps a small part of Draco’s brain thought he deserved it after all he’d done and all the acts he’d committed. Are you still worthy of love when you’ve been shrouded in darkness?

Was it worth it? Letting love in? Deep inside, Draco was just as vunerable as the next person, he was a normal person with normal needs. He thought of Evvie, she looked spectacular at the ball, she always looked good, even as Hermione Granger, Draco was impressed by her. She had so many different smiles, and Draco loved all of them, when she smiled her whole face lit up, it was mesmerizing to watch. She got so excited at the smallest of things, she was an incredibly friend, she valued knowledge and loyalty. She loved chocolate and Cherryade, she always put others feeling before her own, she was very selfless. Draco wanted to let her in, he wanted to be her friend, wanted to share things with her, wanted to kiss those delectable lips. Blaise was right, Draco was being selfish, in his quest to avoid Evvie he’d only been thinking of himself and his own past actions and mistakes, he’d never given Evvie a chance to form her own feelings and opinions. He should have remembered that feelings aren’t one sided, they always go two ways.

Perhaps if everyone else could, Draco should try to let her in. It would be hard, as much as she lit up his world he also found her incredibly annoying, they seemed to argue about the most stupidest of things. It was ridiculous really, but every time Draco saw her he seemed to find the need to argue too strong, the words would leave his mouth before his mind had a chance to catch up. For once Draco was at a loss, he didn’t know how to move forward, he felt clammy and sweaty like a pubescent boy with his first crush. He’d never felt this way before, usually charming girls came naturally to him, he could get any girl he wanted, it was easy to find girls to fall into his bed. What was it about Evvie that made him nervous and set him on edge? He stopped starring at his own reflection, there was only so much one could take of their own personal pity party.

While Draco had his own pity Luna walked around in a similar state of mind. Luna knew what others thought of her, she knew they thought she was weird, odd and bizarre. They looked at her in a way that was almost like they pitied her or didn’t trust her. Luna never felt like being anything other than herself, she saw people living a life that wasn’t theirs. Like they were afraid of who they were, Luna was never afraid of who she was. Perhaps that is down to the influence her parents gave her or perhaps it comes from a lifetime of not following the herd.

Whatever the reason, Luna was about to take a big step. She’d often wondered why she was put in Ravenclaw, oh she was clever enough but that seemed to remain the only factor. She could have been placed in any house and been happy. Perhaps that’s why she was different, she would have been happy in any house and would have thrived anywhere, others were not so lucky. Most of the Gryffindor’s: Harry, Ginny, Pavarti would have been lost if put in any other house, in much the same way as many Hufflepuff’s, Ravenclaw’s and Slytherin’s would have been but not Luna.

Luna had only ever had a small group of friends, until the creation of Dumbledore’s Army, she’d really only had one; Ginny and even Luna realized how unfriendly Ginny was. The creation of Dumbledore’s Army opened Luna’s world up to the possibility of friends and real friends at that. However, since that fateful day and the trials that they’d all been through since, Luna had reexamined the friendships she’d made that day and realized that half of them were as phony as the lies told throughout the Wizarding world. Luna didn’t want friends who weren’t real.

You may wonder where all this is leading to, Luna had already told Potter where to go, what was her next move to be? It was simple really, she wanted to follow the one person she considered a real friend; Evvie. Some might argue this point and say that Evvie wasn’t a real friend to Luna, just take a look at how she judged Luna when they first met. But this is what Luna liked so much about Evvie, she didn’t hide the fact that she found Luna a bit different, she argued with her on all the strange facts Luna knew and gave her more of a friendship than she’d ever had before. Perhaps it sounds silly but Luna liked the fact that Evvie hadn’t pretended to be anything other than what she was and that in turn had made Luna consider Evvie to be one of her true friends.

The transition from Ravenclaw to Slytherin friends was easier than Luna anticipated, perhaps it was because Luna hadn’t many strings attached in Ravenclaw or that she’d severed all her strings from Gryffindor. She didn’t really know but she was pleased with how well the Slytherin’s accepted her, they didn’t call her out for being different from them but rather welcomed her with open arms. Luna couldn’t tell whether this was because of something Evvie had said or whether they were acting on their own accord but she liked the feeling of completeness that she hadn’t had before.  

I apologise if this chapter seems a bit iffy. I wrote half of it last week then unfortunately I ended up in hospital and had to have surgery, I'm now out of hospital but still in recovery. So I wrote the rest of the chapter post surgery, so if it sounds a bit bizarre or doesn't make sense, then that's why. I read it through and it sounds alright to me but you never can tell ~ Zyii

Chapter 13: Chapter Thirteen – Evvie Learns How Much Unrequited Love Hurts and How Stupid People Can Be
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Chapter Thirteen – Evvie Learns How Much Unrequited Love Hurts and How Stupid People Can Be

Mild Language

Her boots punctured loud and clear along the floor making others crawl back in fear. Oh how she loved to inflict pain and fear upon others, she relished in it. She used anything to her advantage to rise to the top, oh they said purity mattered little anymore but she knew differently. She wanted the bright large wedding with everything in top of the range; she wanted all the guests to bask in her glory, to bask in her moment of popularity. Her marriage would bring a horde of opportunities; society wouldn’t be able to get rid of her once she’d secured a high profile marriage. But one step at a time she was too young to be married right away but that didn’t mean she couldn’t start to plan.

Right now she wanted but one thing, she wanted popularity and control over two people and she wanted to make a third person’s life a living hell. She wanted to control Draco and Blaise, she wanted to discredit Evvie and she wanted to be powerful beyond all. Who did Evvie think she was, she would never be good enough for Draco Malfoy? She couldn’t even argue that blood purity meant anything for Evvie was a pure in blood as she was, however that meant little now. No despite her blood she was still a nuisance, an annoying nuisance that needed to be taken care of.

So she decided to do the one thing that any good bitchy little minx would do. She hatched a plan, a plan that would remove Evvie from the center of everything that was keeping her from reaching her plans. And what was the easiest way to do that? To discredit Evvie of course, she didn’t need complex plans like Ginny or petty words like Ron, she needed a rumor plain and simple. But what would be a successful rumor, Evvie was so unlike anyone she’d ever met, she would be hard placed to find a rumor sufficient enough. For a girl like Evvie who was so well known for being a pure innocent child with all naivety still intact, so the only way to discredit her would be to start a rumor that would show Evvie up to not be as innocent as she seemed.

The perfect way of course would be to start a rumor that linked Evvie to an older man that would be sure to destroy her oh so perfect image. First of all no one would believe the rumor at first but that was the beauty of it; the rumor was so farfetched that it might actually happen. The rumor mill was easy to power up and run; she started with first and second’s years, and watched how it spread through the years until in made a circuit around the returning seventh years. Oh it worked quicker than she imagined it would, this was rich, so rich, and all she needed to do was sit back and watch as the rumor took hold. She certainly didn’t need to bother with Evvie after the rumor did its work, she’d be ruined.

“Have you heard?” asked Pansy.

Blaise nodded absentmindedly, he’d heard and he knew it was complete folly. If one was to start a rumor about another, the least they could do was create a realistic rumor but perhaps that’s what the point of the rumor was. It was targeted in a way that would only appeal true to certain people, certain people who were already doubtful about their own feelings, feeling vunerable and confused. When he spoke of people he really meant just one person who was known for acting before thinking, the man, the legend, the hot god, Draco Malfoy.

The man, the legend the hot god was currently storming down countless Hogwarts corridors to find the object of his anger. He wanted to roast her alive, he wanted to strangle her, he wanted to hurt her and by god he was so angry. Why would she flaunt her feelings so openly, tease him with affection when she meant nothing of it. Why did she do it? Was it just so she could secure secrecy between her and her older forbidden lover. How could he have been so stupid, to have hoped for something more than what she apparently was willing to offer?

Oh this was going swimmingly, absolutely swimmingly she thought as she followed Draco silently down the hallway.

“You stop now!” he shouted at her, finally catching up with the object of his anger right outside the entrance to the Slytherin common room.

She stopped though she refused to turn around. She didn’t need any more drama now; she’d just finished writing her letter to Fleur Weasley, explaining to her all that had happened recently. She was confused about whether to continue her search or not, she wasn’t afraid for her own safety but rather the safety of others, especially others that she loved.

“Where do you get off acting all innocent” he snarled.

“Excuse me?” she asked.

“Don’t act all high and mighty now, I know your secret”.

“What secret?” she was completely confused by his behavior, she had yet to hear the rumor.

“The secret of your little lover” he practically spat in her face.

“What lover?” she asked.

“Stop with the act!” he shouted.

Now she was angry.

“What act, I have no idea what you are talking about” she replied, their combined shouting had alerted members of the common room, half of which had scuttled away in fear while the other half moved closer to the door in an attempt to hear more.

“People have been talking about you”.

“Oh so this is a rumor, and since when have rumors been correct” Evvie spat her response in his face.

“Oh stop the lying we all know you aren’t so innocent after all!”

She shook her head in disbelief, “What are you talking about?”

“Your secret lover, your secret older man!” he shouted.

She laughed, he growled, “That’s the rumor”.

He nodded to angry to speak.

“You’ve got to be kidding me. Whoever started this rumor had to realize it was completely stupid. Not just completely stupid but would only be believed by certain people, i.e. you” she said shaking with fury.

“What” he spluttered, “Why are you trying to blame this on someone else?”

“Why do you care so much? You say you don’t care for me beyond friendship and even friendship is hard for you. Yet this rumor starts and you act like I’ve betrayed you in some way” she replied.

“Why can’t you just admit that you’re seeing an older man!” he shouted.

“Because it isn’t true! The only men I’ve ever been involved with are our age!” she shrieked.

“Why do you continue to deny it!”

“Why do you continue to insist that it’s true”.

“Because it is!!”

“Who told you” she asked.

He mumbled his response.

“Speak like an adult, tell me who told you this” she responded.

“Pavarti Patel” he said, as she laughed, “But that doesn’t make it any less valid, she just wanted to let me know what a disgusting slut you were!”

Oh Pavarti loved this. This was greater than the best gossip of Witch Weekly.

The Slytherin common room door opened, Blaise stood furiously in the open door. Never had he expected Draco to behave this way, hadn’t he explicitly told him to stay away from his sister until he knew his own heart. Trust Draco to fall for something as stupid and farfetched as this rumor. Draco was an idiot, Pavarti was a bitch and Evvie was hurting. It may be a cliché but Blaise didn’t want anyone to hurt his sister, he knew that was hypocritical seeing as he’d hurt her before but still no one hurt his sister and got away with it.

Pansy came up behind Blaise followed by Daphne, apparently they weren’t the only people on the scene, other Slytherin’s piled in behind them and no one could mistake the head of blonde hair belonging to Luna. It seemed that Evvie always had people around to protect her in every situation she found herself in.

Pavarti was loving this, she didn’t realize the others didn’t believe the rumor, neither did she realize they knew she was there. Pansy sneaked up behind her, Pavarti was oblivious as she was too involved in the current action to realize she was about to be unmasked. A well placed charm ensured that she was unable to move, not that she realized that, Pavarti was great is gossip, fashion, boys and rumors, she wasn’t very good with charms and magic.

“Step away from my sister Draco” said Blaise.

“Why, she’s a liar!” snarled Draco.

“When are you going to learn to think before you act” responded Blaise.

“Why are you defending her, she lied to us all!”

“Who told you the rumor?”

“Why does everyone keep asking that, what does it matter who told me, it’s still true”.

“No it’s not and if you had more than two brain cells to rub together you’d know that as well”.

“How’s it going Pavarti” mocked Pansy as she uncovered the frozen Pavarti.

Draco and Evvie spun around in shock.

“Has she been there the whole time?” whispered Evvie.

Pansy nodded, “She probably followed Draco to see the results of her meddling”.

Evvie had had enough of backstabbing bitchy people, when she transformed and found out her new identity, she knew it would be a little bad but she never expected the drama to unfold quite like this. She imagined that at some point things would die down, new gossip would come along and people would forget about her. Yet somehow things hadn’t quite happened like that, things keep happening. It was infuriating.

“Well let’s see shall we, I for one am sick of being picked upon constantly” she pointed her wand at Pavarti, “Narro Verus” she whispered watching in delight as the magic did it’s work.

Pansy stepped back, she loved watching Evvie when she used magic, people were right about the cleverest witch of their age, she could be really scary.

“Talk before the teachers come and I have no more chance to hurt you” said Evvie as she smiled evilly.

Pavarti looked at Evvie like she was worse even than the dirt under her feet, just once thought Evvie, I’d like to have a drama free day where everything works out as it should and no one is trying to ruin my life. Was it cliché to say that every teenager thinks their life is to be ruined by others, perhaps but regardless of that it was what was happening to Evvie.

“Why should I talk to you” said Pavarti.

“You’ll talk to me regardless” said Evvie.

“I was going to ruin you with the simplest rumor possible. Of course no one important would believe the rumor, there were only two people I wanted to make believe the rumor. Blaise and Draco and I sort of knew that it would fail with Blaise, but then I didn’t really know how close you and Blaise were but Draco was easy betting. I wanted what any girl wants, to be popular, and have a man. The man I want is Draco but unlike Ginny I wasn’t stupid enough to create a complex plan I knew once I had Draco and Blaise on my side I would be in complete control, Evvie wouldn’t have a chance if neither Draco and Blaise were on her side” she looked immensely pleased with herself.

“It was all a lie?” whispered Draco.

“I told you it was but you refused to believe it” spat Evvie in response.

Draco had the decency to look shame faced, though Evvie couldn’t care less. Was this how it was always to be? - Constant arguments and longing glances. Evvie wasn’t sure if she could stomach more of this, perhaps it was time to count her pennies and forget all she hoped she’d have.

“Evvie I’m”.

“Save it for someone who cares Draco” replied Evvie, she wasn’t going to be bullied into forgiving him again. When he was ready to act like a grown up then she’d be willing to talk to him but until then she didn’t much care.

How tragic to go from one fierce argument to the notion of unrequited love for however much Evvie and Draco refused to believe it they both had strong feelings for each other, feelings that had the promise of turning into something more if they’d just give it a chance. It was no longer an action waiting to happen in their own hands, other people; other things were at work here. Are you wondering what ‘other things, other people’ means, well for starters it means all the people who were friends with Draco, Evvie or both. Secondly it means a higher power, some people refer to it as fate, and fate had a hand in manipulating the lives of Draco and Evvie together or that was what fate was trying to do. The two people involved were making it very difficult, not to mention all the other people who kept trying to interfere.

Despite all the anger of the most recent argument both Draco and Evvie were wallowing in their own self pity parties and unrequited feelings. Evvie sat alone in the dorm room, Pansy and the others had given up trying to console her, for you can lead someone to the water but you can’t make them drink. Evvie wondered why, just why bad things kept happening to her. Was there something wrong with her? She thought so because despite everything, despite all the lies and the secrets, all the anger and the arguments, all the hurt and the pain Evvie still felt something for Draco.

She felt a longing, a desire to see him in ways that weren’t strictly confined to the realms of friendship. She wanted to hold and be close to him, she wanted to laugh and joke with him, she wanted to share moments and memories with him, she was stupidly falling for a guy that was both totally out of her league and totally and completely wrong for her. How messed up was that? Well it was probably as messed up as most girls’ lives are countless boyfriends and mixed relationships later we all find the perfect someone. How tragically perfect that Evvie falls for the perfect someone before her time.

Draco likewise was having similar feelings; his feelings were along the lines of anger and embarrassment. He couldn’t believe his feelings, thoughts and emotions had gotten away from him again, he couldn’t believe he still continued to act without thinking first. Unlike Evvie, Draco didn’t believe in the hands of fate, he didn’t believe in the helping hand of others, if he were to win back Evvie’s heart he’d have some serious work cut out for him but wait, where did that sudden thought come from? Why did he want to win Evvie’s heart back when he never had it in the first place?

Draco was a foolish boy, he didn’t believe in things he couldn’t understand. He didn’t realize that the heart retching feeling in his gut was his feelings. He had feelings for Evvie and as soon as he realized this his problems would be much easier. Draco was a foolish boy, he acted before he thought and in doing that he had ruined perhaps the last chance he had in getting Evvie. Hope was not lost; don’t think that, through the ups and the downs and the twists to come perhaps Draco and Evvie would find a way to come together. Perhaps is the word to use but if they never got together where would be the sense in the story?

Let’s leave Draco and Evvie alone for a while, their problems will take a while to work out, if they are spoken about any longer people might think they are the only two characters in this story. And those simply isn’t true, there are many more characters that need attention, just because they are supporting cast doesn’t make them any less important, besides they all have their own rules to play, who knows, they might end up surprise you dear reader.

Harry Potter stood outside the Slytherin common room, the one place he really didn’t want to be. The reason he was here? Well where else was he going to find Luna but the Slytherin common room where it was said she hung out. Why she had to hang out here of all places Harry didn’t understand. What did the Slytherin’s have that other houses didn’t. Slytherin’s were nasty untrustworthy people why did Luna think they were better people to hang out with. Harry’s temper was running away from him before he had a chance to stop it. He had to pause and take a few controlling breaths. Luna had already explained everything to Harry before, she’d told him to think about everything, that things were as black and white as he’d assumed.

With Ginny out of the picture for reasons unknown to Harry, his head felt a lot clearer, his feelings a lot lighter. It was almost as if he were under some sort of mind spell. That would explain his sudden sense of clarity, with Ginny removed from the picture the spell or whatever had happened to him had weakened, thus he was thinking of his own free will. With Ginny out of the picture Ron was no longer much of a threat. Whether he knew of the spell placed on Harry or not, Harry was no long as influenced to what Ron said as he used to be.

“Are you going to stand outside of the common room all day Harry?” asked Luna smugly.

“I er I” he stuttered.

“You came to apologize?”

“Yes, I’m sorry. You were right about everything”.

“Of course I was Harry, you took longer than I thought to realize that but Evvie said you would”.

He mumbled something unintelligible.

“Oh Harry, you aren’t still afraid of the Slytherin’s are you? You are silly, Harry. You came to apologize yet you’re making the same mistakes again” Luna shook her head sadly.

“Luna wait, please I’m sorry”.

“So am I” she replied.

“Luna don’t write him off” said Evvie who’d appeared behind her.


“He was under a spell. I couldn’t work it out at first but since he’s been away from Ginny it’s become clearer. He’s still under the lasting effects so don’t judge him too harshly. Make him come inside”.

“Yeah Harry come inside” said the voice of Neville Longbottom.

“Yeah Harry the Slytherin common room is so much fun” added the voice of Lavender Brown, “If I’d have known earlier I would have become friends with Slytherin’s way earlier!”

The small group of people walked a very confused Harry into the Slytherin common room, whatever happened behind the door it was Harry’s decision to make, only time would show his answer.

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Chapter 14: Chapter Fourteen – What happens when an idea festers for too long? It becomes worse than it was
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Chapter Fourteen – What happens when an idea festers for too long? It becomes worse than it was

Evvie shouldn’t have left the matter of Marcus Boyle to fester for so long. Leaving it to fester was like not seeing a healer when you obviously need to or refusing to remove the plaster because you think it will hurt. Evvie had let things festers, good old trusting intelligent researching bossy Evvie had done the one thing she would never normally do. You should never let anything fester for too long, it only ends up becoming worse. Oh don’t fret dear reader it isn’t as bad as it seems you seen Marcus Boyle hadn’t even heard of Evvie Zabini nor who she used to be called. He didn’t know of her involvement with the book clerk or anything, as far as Marcus Boyle was concerned Evvie Zabini didn’t exist at all.

Evvie had gotten over her fight with Draco as much as she wanted to remain forever angry with him it just wasn’t in her nature. The more she found herself trying to hate him the more she found herself secretly liking him instead. Oh it was a vicious circle to be sure one that will no doubt become more annoying before it got better. For whatever her faults may be, Evvie was indeed a romantic girl, she wanted the knight in shining armor, someone who would come in and sweep her off her feet. It was childish and silly but her idea of man was based on old romantic love stories – and really don’t you think those sorts of stories ruined us all realistically? It’s like Disney but worse.

As mentioned some time ago the dance around between Evvie and Draco was being observed by others who were just as annoyed by their continual lack of progress. The girls being girls had come up with several plans to get their two friends together but each one kept blowing up in their faces either from Draco’s temper or Evvie’s defensiveness. Pansy was beside herself, she could see the way her dear friend looked at Draco when she thought no one was looking, and likewise she could see the way Draco looked at Evvie when he thought no one was looking. This game they were both playing was maddening and Pansy wished they would just give up and give in, it would save a lot of hassle and drama plus both Draco and Evvie deserved some happiness.

Pansy had approached Evvie (why didn’t anyone else think of that) and just come out with it instead of beating around the bush with haphazard plans.

“Evvie what is this thing with you and Draco?”

She stiffened immediately, “What do you mean?”

“I mean what everyone else means, it’s clear you both like each other what’s holding it back?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about” she said defensively.

“Yes you do, stop being evasive and talk to me” replied Pansy.

“Draco doesn’t want me Pansy”.

“He does I’ve seen it, we all have”.

“No. Yes” she huffed, “Well even if he does he’ll never act on it. He doesn’t want me Pansy, he doesn’t even want to be my friend yet he’s willing to shout at me for some jumped up rumor” she sighed “He can’t have it both ways”.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean he can’t tell me he doesn’t want me one minute and then act all betrayed and caring the next. You saw how attentive he was at the ball, and then the next day he was back to his normal brooding self”.

“Why don’t you do something about it?”

“I’ve tried”, she sounded tired.

“That’s it? You’ve tried and now you’re giving up?” Pansy couldn’t believe it, it didn’t sound like Evvie at all.

“Pansy even if he did feel something for me and actually managed to let go of everything else to pursue it” she paused.

“Yes?” urged Pansy.

“Draco doesn’t need someone like me” she mumbled half heartedly.

“What do you mean?”

“I’m not pretty” she sighed.

“Evvie how can you say that?”

“I’m not special. People don’t notice me. I’m not up with the social etiquette. Pansy its simple, I was born to be my quirky intelligent self, forever ignored by every male Wizard”.

Pansy was shocked by Evvie’s outburst, she knew Evvie wasn’t like other girls and was somewhat quieter but she wasn’t prepared for the vulnerability and sadness that shone from Evvie’s eyes letting Pansy know that she honestly believed this to be the case. She honestly believed she was without beauty and any other female quality to offer. It was ridiculous and preposterous and yet as Pansy sat there next to her friend she understood how Evvie had come to this conclusion. Being friends with Potter and Weasel all these years had taken its toll on Evvie, all their comments had beaten her down into submission until she no longer fought their comments but merely accepted them as truth. Pansy was shame faced to admit that comments she and fellow Slytherin’s had made in the past probably hadn’t helped in Evvie’s opinion of herself. It was something Pansy felt she had to rectify right now.

“Evvie listen to me” she said as she brushed a fallen tear away from her friend’s cheek, “You are beautiful. Honestly” she added for good measure.

Evvie looked at her with disbelief etched into her eyes.

“I wouldn’t have pegged you as a girl who needed confirmation of her beauty”.

“Not conformation, it would just be nice to hear it said”.

“Well I’m saying it! You are beautiful. Any guy would be lucky to have you and no I’m not just saying that. You have a lot to offer someone. Looks are just an added bonus, don’t let it ruin your life, as you have so much to give”.

Evvie sighed.

Pansy tried another tactic.

“Evvie, imagine if you had beauty beyond belief, would it make you happy?”

Evvie neither nodded nor shook her head, so Pansy continued, “If you had nothing but beauty would you get anywhere in the world?”

“No” mumbled Evvie.

“Would anyone take you beyond face value?”


“What would happen if you just had beauty? Beauty fades what would you do when it was gone?”

Evvie didn’t have an answer but she understood what Pansy was saying.

“You can’t rely on beauty Evvie. You have a mind; you have a world outside beauty to offer. Never forget you are more than just a pretty face”.

“When did you get so wise?” she asked Pansy.

“I’ve always been wise, I’ve just never shown it before” she smirked.

The girls sat in quiet serenity outside until the sun began to set. Hogwarts was safe, yes? Correct, mostly. The wards had been changed, updated and strengthened since the war but well if there wasn’t a chance of mistake I’d have to end the story right here. Evvie was the first to hear it, a little creak on the wind, the crunch of gravel under a foot, the smell of grass being squashed. She tensed, something telling her to be ready for something. Pansy noticed the sudden change in her friend’s calm exterior.

“What’s wrong?”


It was amusing just how many unregistered animagus’s there were knocking about, the Ministry was really getting lax in their control over that sector, there really should be some sort of spell that could identify an unregister animagus. The wind carried the promise of a threat to Evvie and for a brief moment she felt stilled with panic before she let her fighting senses take over. She couldn’t see anyone but even she didn’t hold to the notion that Hogwarts was now impenetrable once again. People were always able to find ways into places they shouldn’t.

That was why Evvie couldn’t see her attacker but could sense them; the power of an animagus is as wondrous as it is unique. Animagus’s come in all shapes and sizes rather like humans, the choice of animal comes from the persons own unique power, the more pure a witch or wizard the more powerfully pure their animagus is. Animagus’s are also influenced by people’s personality traits, hence why Pettigrew was a rat. The slimiest of people have the slimiest of animagus’s, the ones that crawl in the gutters, hide in the dark corners and pounce on their victims.

Evvie felt all the hairs on the back of her neck raise as if someone was but a hairbreadth away. Evvie had a right to be worried but also there was no need for it. There were suspicious things stalking her but for now they weren’t there to cause trouble but merely to observe and follow. See Marcus Boyle may not know of Evvie Zabini but that didn’t mean his minions didn’t. There were those loyal followers that sought to follow Voldemort and then there were the obsessive fans that sought to follow Marcus, sometimes the more frightening power is the one that isn’t put on constant display.

Evvie hadn’t been as undetected as she would have liked, it mattered little now as Marcus was yet to be told but it was still enough to set her on her guard. What happens when too many minions decide to make a move? Well it’s a bit like a dumb blonde girl trying to change a light bulb, it ends badly. That was in essence what was happening today, a thread bear gang of lower level minions had transformed into their animals and were stalking Evvie as she sat with Pansy outside. To say they were stupid would be an understatement, combined they were thicker than one singular troll. They barely had two brain cells to rub together, let alone enough to realize that this was wrong, they should have left well alone.

“Evvie what’s going on? Are you alright?” questioned Pansy.

Evvie tensed at the sound of her voice but did nothing to answer Pansy’s questions; if possible she stiffened further and glanced around herself, as if attempting to seek out those who were watching her. After a few minutes of steady watching Evvie relaxed, whatever was out there clearly had no intention of harming her, yet it wouldn’t do well to linger out here even further. She looked across to her loyal best friend, would there be harm in telling her? She didn’t want to bring Pansy into the dangerous situation but she desperately needed a confidant that was closer than an owl away.

“Come with me Pansy” she announced.

“Where are we going?” she asked in response.

“You’ll see” she replied.

She led them through the school, up moving staircases and along secret passages till they reached the room of requirement – one of the rooms that took the longest to fix after the events of the battle of Hogwarts.


“Shh” said Evvie a little harsher than she intended. She wasn’t able to speak freely until they were safely inside the room.

“Evvie what’s going on?” she asked.

Evvie panicked for a moment, could she really involve Pansy in this? What if it went wrong? What if Pansy got hurt? Could Evvie live with herself if that happened?

“Evvie you’re scaring me a little” commented Pansy.

“Sorry, I’m having an internal battle” she admitted.

“About whether or not to tell me” Pansy guessed.

“Well yeah”.

“What’s stopping you from telling me?”

“You could get hurt” said Evvie.

Pansy pondered this, “Could you get hurt?”

“Yes” said Evvie unwittingly.

“Have you been hurt?”

“No” stuttered Evvie.

Again Pansy pondered this, “Please tell me. Most situations in life can hurt people and I’d hate to think of you going through this alone”.

Evvie hated to admit it but Pansy did have a strong argument and Evvie couldn’t really take away her power of choice.

“Will you promise not to tell anyone else?” asked Evvie, she knew in she should have probably asked for a wand oath in the matter but somehow she didn’t think Pansy would ever betray her confidence.

“Of course, I promise Evvie” said Pansy with a hint of worry as to what her friend had got herself into.

Evvie looked at her friend for a good long minute before deciding that this was a good thing to do, she couldn’t continue down this road alone and she trusted Pansy enough to believe she wouldn’t tell another living soul.

“I’ve been looking for my Father”.

“I thought he was dead?” whispered Pansy.

“That’s what Blaise said after he shouted at me that it was none of my business” Pansy rolled her eyes at that, “But in actual fact they never found his body and the facts I was given were a bit too shaky for me to believe so I researched”.

Pansy couldn’t help but think that was such a typical thing for Evvie to do, when in doubt do research!

“I enlisted the help of Fleur Weasley, she always likes a challenge. I found a lead a name: Marcus Boyle. It lead me to a book shop in Hogsmead, the owner there told me everything he knew about Marcus – apparently there is something about the man that makes him more terrifying than Voldemort ever was. The book owner told me it was because Marcus didn’t flaunt his power in the same was that Voldemort did, everything Marcus did was done subtly, calmly, quietly but still radiated an immense power”.

“Pansy I watched as the book owner dropped down dead from telling me too much. It was like a threat and a warning all in one. There might as well have been a big banner saying ‘This is what happens if you cross Marcus Boyle’. I was so scared I just ran without looking back, I ran into Draco he didn’t see what happened but I think he suspects something. I was going to tell McGonagall I swear I was but I was scared I didn’t want to involve more people. I thought about giving up my search it seemed to dangerous”.

“Then one day I noticed an article in The Daily Prophet, it said that the owner of the book shop had decided to retire early and had sold his shop and moved somewhere warm to celebrate his retirement. Well I couldn’t tell anyone what I’d seen now for all intensive purposes the article was telling everyone the owner was alive and well. I don’t know whether it was thinking of the book owners death of thinking of everything so far but I decided that I wouldn’t give up. Now that I know everything about Marcus and my Mother and Father I don’t see how I can give up, I know my Father is out there somewhere. I can’t really explain it but I know he isn’t dead because I can feel his magic. I just need to find him and if that means starting a fight with Marcus Boyle then I will” finished Evvie.

Pansy had listened to what Evvie said with wide eyes and an open mind. The only words that had caused her heart to stop momentarily were: Marcus Boyle. She’d heard snippets of conversations between her own Father and her Father’s friends in relation to that name. Marcus Boyle was the stuff of nightmares; he was a lone beast that wandered the nightly shadows in search of victims to pray upon. They say he sold his soul to the devil, he was so feared by all families ever Voldemort himself couldn’t recruit Marcus. Pansy had hoped the dangerous times would end with the fall of Voldemort but it looked like things were about to get hairy again. No matter what the outcome, Pansy wouldn’t leave Evvie to face it alone.

Christmas is a time of celebrations, a time for family to come together and celebrate. A time for religion and singing, stockings and chestnuts. Yet as Evvie awoke on Christmas morning, dressed herself appropriately and situated herself among the throngs of present opening, all she could think about was the fact that her family was not complete. How could they all sit here smiling, laughing and generally having a good time when their Father, husband and family member was out there somewhere battling for his life.

Evvie hadn’t gotten over the comments Blaise had said to her. If he ever mentioned the conversation to their Mother, she never said a word to Evvie about it. Evvie felt unhinged, disjointed, confused. She couldn’t fathom how her Mother and Blaise had survived this long; she couldn’t understand why they had stopped searching for someone who was so obviously not dead. If it had been Evvie, she would have never stopped searching but she had two things her Mother and Blaise obviously lacked, an extraordinary brain and a bravery to fight.

Evvie went through the motions of Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day etc. She was lacking the real emotion but had enough to make it look real. This should have been a joyous occasion, the first in a long line of new family Christmases but she couldn’t bring herself to enjoy it fully. It was like there was a cloud of tension and false information lurking around the house, it seemed to seep into her family members like a disease leaving them confused and out of control. Only Evvie seemed to realize there was more at play here, she was willing to fight for her Father, even if the end result wasn’t to be good.

The unsettling feeling came prior to New Years Eve. Pansy had been given permission by her parents to hold a New Years Eve party (her parents would be away celebrating with their own friends this year). Pansy had only invited a select group of people, mostly Slytherin’s with the exception of Luna, Lavender and Neville. Harry had declined the invitation, he couldn’t quite bring himself to spend a night with a group of Slytherin’s, he still believed everything they did was a trap to hurt him (stupid idiot) so had opted to go to a New Years Eve celebration with other friends.

The celebrations for New Year’s Eve started out well, everyone was having fun, and the firewhisky had been cracked out as had the brandy. People were in good spirits and even Draco seemed to have come out of his grouchy slump. They’d played traditional New Year’s Eve party games both muggle and wizard. Generally everyone was having fun laughing and joking with each other, there were even some new romances forming and some snogging in dark corners if you looked carefully.

Evvie wasn’t one for drinking copious amounts, she didn’t relish the joy of having a head rush or a loss of control as others did. Some called her up tight for not wanting to get drunk but she just preferred to remain in control and have a clear memory of the night. That didn’t mean she didn’t drink, she just knew her limit and knew when to stop. She had that feeling again, like the one she’d had out by the lake with Pansy. Like someone was watching her. It was unnerving and she didn’t like it, though try as she might she couldn’t shake the feeling that something was there in the shadows. It was enough to get her to stop drinking; she might be being a little paranoid but better safe than sorry.

It was supposed to be his day off, no it was his day off yet he’d had to come back. He slid quietly through the back door, the members of the party hearing nothing over the loud noises of their music and the voices of other people. The Parkinson’s household was mostly run by elves who had been set away for the night by the Mistress and Master but the Parkinson’s also had a handful of human servants, of which he was one. He was new to the household but not to the business. He knew what it was to be a servant, he’d been on all his life to various people but the Parkinson’s should have been more careful when screening who they’d hired, if they’d done a throughout job perhaps he wouldn’t have been hired at all.

It was a shame really, he didn’t want to have to kill the young Miss but if she or any of the other party guests got in his way he’d have to do it. It was the girl he was after, the one with the powerful magical signature, the one who had been asking all the questions and poking her nose in where it doesn’t belong.  She was who he was here to kill, he’d been given orders you see by this man and this man was someone you never crossed, if you didn’t follow through on what he’d asked chances are you’d just ended your life. The servant wasn’t a stranger to killing, you don’t have to be mad to be a killer and his abnormality gave him more power than most. As he looked at the full moon hanging brightly in the night’s sky he couldn’t help but think that luck was on his side.

At first Evvie was sure that she was imagining things. She knew that alcohol can sometimes confuse your senses or make you believe in things that weren’t really there. She’d stopped drinking and her senses were becoming clearer but she couldn’t be sure. No, she wasn’t imagining things, there was definitely something there. It was like the feeling you get when you watch a horror film and you think to yourself don’t go down into the dark scary basement run away! No don’t go towards the screaming run away! Evvie felt that familiar feeling like something was about to happen, something wild and dangerous. She tried to signal to Pansy and the others but they were too busy partying and having fun. She reassured herself that there was at least a stash of hangover potions in the nearby cabinet, if only she could persuade her friends into each drinking a vile.

Evvie hurriedly made her way over to the cabinet, only pausing when she heard the unmistakable sound of an animal’s growl. This wasn’t like dog’s growl or any other small animal’s growl. This was like a fully blown big gigantic animal’s growl. She was surprised she was the only one to hear it, but then the music was pretty loud. She used her wand to silence the music to the outrage of her friends who insisted she turn it back on.

“Stay quiet” she hissed, they looked at her with varying degrees of confusion, like they couldn’t understand why she was behaving like this. She wished desperately they’d act on her behavior and each drink a hangover vial. Pansy was the only one to sense Evvie’s panic and do what Evvie was wishing. Once Pansy regained her senses, she too could feel that something was wrong.

“Why are we being quiet?” whispered a giggling Lavender.

“Turn the music back on” whined an annoyed Adrian.

“I said be quiet!” said Evvie, “Listen do you hear that”.

The group remained quiet, so quiet that you could hear a pin drop. Then they all heard it, low and long the growl brought with it the promise of pain and fear. Each face blanched as more and more of the party reached for vials of hangover potion to clear their senses and their heads. No one moved a muscle. Evvie could hear the animal pacing outside as if it were looking for a way in, Evvie wondered why it didn’t just rush at the door.

It was scary listening to the animal pace up and down beyond the door, its claws digging into the wooden floor making scratches, its growl reverberating around the walls of the room. They were sitting ducks, just standing around waiting for the impact to come. They could do nothing, they were trapped, this room was cornered off from the others in the house, and the only point of exit was the door that the unknown animal now stood behind. Identifying it as unknown was a bit silly, Evvie had looked out the window and seen what hung in the sky, and this could be no coincidence. The party, the absence of parents, Evvie, the full moon in the sky, the animal behind the door, there was no doubt in Evvie’s mind that the animal currently outside was a Werewolf and that this Werewolf had come for her life.

The animal was luring them into a false sense of security, once there it would strike. The plan worked to a fault, there was a moment of overpowering silence, when people looked at one another to ascertain whether the danger was over. Then suddenly, quick as lightening the door was blown from its hinges as the huge werewolf launched itself into the door. People jumped back in fear as the growling increased and by the light of the moon they were able to watch in mixed horror and fear and the werewolf presented itself to its audience.

For a moment or two no one moved, everyone seemed to be calculating their options; where to run to, how to hide, how to defend, how to protect. Evvie had already concluded that their best bet was to lure the werewolf away from  the door, then they’d be able to make a run for it. Evvie had to keep reminding herself that this werewolf was NOT like Remus Lupin and WOULD kill them all if it wanted. Thankfully Evvie wasn’t the only one to come to this conclusion, Draco, Pansy, Luna and Blaise had made the same connection.

The unsaid plan was a bit like sheep herding, people standing at strategic points, pushing the animal to where they wanted by closing in on it. It seemed to be working and the wolf was moving. But oh if they could hear the wolf’s thoughts perhaps they wouldn’t have chosen the path they had. The werewolf was practically smiling inside as he LET the group of people box him into the corner. It was so much better when they ran thought the inner wolf. It preferred the chase more than the killing and was so happy that he was going to get a chase, rather than cowards that just wanted to be killed. Perhaps this would be more fun than he originally thought.

Have you ever been chased through a house by a werewolf? Let me tell you, it isn’t fun. It’s like a complex game of hide and seeks meets tag except you don’t ever want to be caught or found. How to kill the werewolf, now that was tricky, in all the running and shouting and trying to escape the werewolf, no one had actually thought about killing it. Funny that no one would think of the ONE thing that would solve all the problems but when you are running for your life, important things like that tend to slip your mind. Everyone had been well and truly separated, perhaps that was the aim the werewolf had all the time, it was easier to kill people when they were separated and alone than in a big group.

Evvie breathed a heavy sigh of confusion and fear. She’d seen Draco not moments ago, she’d caught a glimpse of Pansy as she hurried down a corridor, she’d seen her brother hiding behind a tapestry. The urge to panic was overwhelming but somehow Evvie managed to contain herself. She’d put herself in battle mode – a mode she had hoped she’d never be in again. But something was stopping her from being completely alert and in control.

Evvie’s mind was working a hundred beats per second. Who sent the werewolf? Why was the werewolf here? What is its purpose? Is it trying to scare me? Is it a threat or a warning? Is it to try and get me to stop my research? Is it here to kill others or just me? How did it get in? How did it know I’d be here? Is this just a coincidence? Does Marcus Boyle know about me? Is that a sword?

The questions flew out of Evvie’s head hard and fast, she could hardly keep up with the movements of her own brain. Till the last question which caught her by surprise, sword? Right there was a sword above her on display; if she could just reach it…there she had it. She’d never picked up a sword before, she’d had the odd fencing lesson when she was younger but she’d never held a real sword much less had the opportunity to use one. I was quite heavy, it sent her arm drooping downwards with its weight but if Evvie could just position it so she’d have a chance.

With that in mind Evvie did what all the others wished they could do. She moved from her hiding place and back into the room that the werewolf had first barged into. She neither met nor saw anyone on her way back, chances are they were either well hidden or had managed to escape. That’s another thing! They’d never even checked to see if the floo network was working nor the apparition point – chances are they’d been disabled this werewolf seemed to have come prepared with inside knowledge.

Evvie made her way silently to the middle of the room, she tucked the sword securely behind her back, so it looked like she was completely unarmed, her head was bent her arms and legs pointed at different angles, she looked like a dancer about to take flight. She waited patiently for the beast to smell her out, a low tumbling growl alerted her and she knew the werewolf had caught her scent. She kept her head bent and waited, soon enough she heard the sound of claws against wood as the werewolf leisurely padded into the room. The beast gave off the feel of doing a victory dance, like it was glad she had stopped running for it could now exact its orders. It moved, no bounded straight towards her without a care for its surroundings.

Just a bit more, just a bit more pleaded Evvie in her head as the werewolf’s form advanced upon her further.

Just when the werewolf was so close it could have taken Evvie’s head off in one clear swoop did Evvie act. She pulled the sword from behind her and swung it with all her might straight through the neck of the werewolf. There was a moment where neither moved, the werewolf just stopped and seemed to look at something just past her shoulder before a slimy squelching sound was heard and the werewolf’s head fell quickly from its neck. The headless body fell soon after the head; Evvie dropped the sword to the floor in a clatter and sighed a big sigh of relief. She briefly heard the voices of others around her before the world around her darkened and she became an unconscious mass on the floor.


(In case you were curious, Ginny’s New Years Eve was spent realizing the horrible situation she was is and coming to terms with the fact that she was married to Victor Krum who now had a huge fine to pay and was banned from Quiddich. While Ronald had spent the night with what he presumed was a lovely blonde girl who fawned over the war hero. That was until her woke up the next day to find that the blonde girl had left him more than one gift that needed to be treated by St. Mungos!!!).

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Chapter 15: Chapter Fifteen – When the New Year begins people must think of their future careers
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Chapter Fifteen – When the New Year begins people must think of their future careers

Strong Language

It takes a certain amount of courage to recover after a Werewolf attack. Parents were called, house elves cowered, servants were screened for loyalty but the Aurors were never called. The rift created between Purebloods and the Ministry of Magic during the war had never fully recovered and as such Purebloods were reluctant to call upon the Ministry in situations that were best sorted without their interference. Why involve outside help when you could solve the problem yourself. Pansy’s parents were unwilling to sit through the questions that would come with their complaint. Yes it was unusual for a Werewolf to be without a pack, let alone attack without reason, which automatically led the Parkinson’s to believe this was a deliberate attack. They knew not who within their house that night was the target but they were reluctant to take any chances with a Ministry who was likely to condemn them at first chance and blame the ordeal on enemies made in the war. No the Ministry wasn’t one to help; even now it was still riddled with corrupted and power hungry people.

Naturally questions had been asked and friends had been taken away by their parents, Neville had put up a fight when his Grandmother came to collect him but she wouldn’t take no for an answer, as was with everyone else until only the Slytherin’s remained. Don’t think they whisked their children away for fear of the Slytherin’s; most old prejudices had died out post-war. But there were still times of uncertainty, death eaters were still being rounded up and there was always room for more violence, evil wouldn’t stop just because Voldemort had fallen.

There was something unnerving about having to stand in a line in front of one’s parents. You’d try to look at the ground or avoid their gaze; you’d be a goner if you made eye contact with them. Even more unnerving was standing in a line with your friends, having to avoid not just your own parent’s eyes but others as well.  Adrian, Millie, Goyle, Daphne, Blaise, Pansy, Evvie, Draco, Marcus and Theo stood in a line waiting for the tyrant of lectures that would come from their parent’s mouths. Though it wasn’t their fault none of them would put it past their parents to make it so.

“What were you thinking?!”

Oh hell here it comes thought each Slytherin respectively.

“You are complete idiots!”

“Did we not bring you up better than this!”

“I am disappointed”.

“This is a disgrace”.

Evvie ever the one to be logical couldn’t help but be confused about the comments. She’d expected to be quizzed on why a werewolf attacked the house and what had they done to provoke it. Yet she got the feeling that what was being said wasn’t leaning towards that answer.

“You stupid boys” scolded Nott’s Father.

Oh shit was the combined thought in the boy’s heads.

Pucey Senior looked livid. “Where were you?” He bellowed, “Hiding, cowering, you pathetic children you aren’t men at all!” he thundered, “If you were men you wouldn’t have run away with your tail between your legs and left a girl to do your job!”

Evvie was about to complain to that comment, she was certainly NOT a little girl, but a slight shake of her Mother’s head stopped her burning desire to comment.

“It’s your job as a man to protect the females. Not to run away in fear. You are just lucky Miss Zabini worked out what to do. If it had been up to one of you everyone would be dead by now!” shouted Nott’s Father.

“If you had done your duty as Gentlemen you wouldn’t have left a woman to do the deed” added Goyle Senior.

“In all due respect, Evvie can take care of herself” said Draco. Wrong move son.

“You’re lucky your Father isn’t on the scene boy” cried Goyle Senior.

“We mean no disrespect Miss Zabini, we all know of your triumphs of war but that doesn’t avoid the issue that these boys shouldn’t have run from the danger, they should have stood strong and protected the women, tis how we raised them” said Nott Senior.

“I think I understand what you are saying” said Evvie, “But lecturing your son’s on proper gentleman etiquette seems a bit redundant when we’ve just been attacked by a Werewolf. Perhaps it would be prudent to worry less about who saved who and worry more about how the Werewolf got past all the wards and into the house” replied Evvie matter-of-factly.

“What do you suggest girl” growled Goyle Senior.

Evvie thought it funny how the parents kept changing the terms they used from boy to man, girl to woman. Almost as if they thought Evvie and the others would be more frightened and annoyed if referred to as boys/girls rather than men/women which they were.

Evvie turned her attention to the Parkinson’s.

“Forgive me Lady Parkinson but Pansy mentioned that you employ some servants as well as house elves?” Lady Parkinson nodded in response, “Wouldn’t it be more wise to assume that the Werewolf was one of your servants? That would certainly explain why it was so easy for it to slip past the wall undetected, and why it could navigate so well around the house”.

People nodded their heads in agreement. Evvie was pleased that she’d moved the conversation on to other things. She was still terrified as to the reasons behind the Werewolf attack but as long as she remained calm and collected there was no reason for anyone to believe it was her fault that it had happened. Chances are their parents would look into the matter and come up with nothing, the incident wouldn’t be forgotten but it wouldn’t be mentioned again and the parents would remain on high alert for any future attacks. However, they’d forget to follow up on the attack that had just happened, which was all good in Evvie’s eyes, she didn’t need more unanswered questions.

While the ‘adults’ spent their time ranting about the Werewolf incident and who on earth they could have offended – the list was very long! Evvie was busy thinking about more important things. Now it was January there were only six months till the N.E.W.T.s started, the Hermione within Evvie had come out in full force, how she could worry about Marcus Boyle and Werewolves when she had her N.E.W.T.s to consider. She didn’t know what she wanted to do after Hogwarts, she didn’t hold much faith in the Ministry, she’d like to start her own business but she didn’t have the funds for that. Nevertheless she wanted to do the best she could on the N.E.W.T.s because it would give her the most chances later. If that made her a bookworm for putting her studies over her social life then so be it.

Evvie worried about her choices for after Hogwarts, she might now be a Zabini but she didn’t know if she had a substantial inheritance to fall back on. She didn’t want to be indebted to her family; she wanted to stand on her own two feet. She didn’t like the idea of having to sponge off other people, some called it independence others called it stupid pride. Evvie wasn’t the only one who was worrying about her life after Hogwarts, her friends were having similar problems.

Draco knew he’d be expected to take over the family business but he hoped he be able to branch out in areas that he enjoyed and extend that to opening his own company. Pansy and Daphne knew they wanted to open a fashion and beauty line that would overtake Madame Malkin’s and Witches Scent in popularity and purchases. Neville knew he wanted to apprentice in Herbology and become a Master, he entertained ideas of opening his own Apothecary plant shop or become the next Professor of Herbology. Mille might have shed her tomboy image but she still entertained ideas of being a professional Quiddich player, Blaise wanted to enter the Ministry of Magic, Luna would overtake the running of the Quibbler, Lavender wanted to do something worthwhile but she didn’t know what and Adrian and Marcus wanted to start their own law firm together, so no other person could be unjustly persecuted by the Ministry.

Regardless of all the school pressure Evvie had on her shoulders, she still wouldn’t give up the search for her Father. If anything the Werewolf attack had only increased her desire to find him. The attack suggested that there was something worth hiding, if there was no danger that Evvie would find something out that she wasn’t supposed to then the attack would never had happened. Just the fact that it had made Evvie think that there was definitely something being hidden, something that she was determined to find out.

With all the kafuffle that had been happening it was a wonder than anything was getting done. The lectures the boys had received from their parents had reverberated down to their cores. Draco more than any other, he knew he’d been a coward and had hidden when the werewolf attacked, he hadn’t spared a thought for anyone else in the house, he’d only been concerned with getting himself to safety and the concerned him. He had thought that since the war he’d changed, his actions at the Parkinson’s let him to doubt that change, he wondered if he were always going to remain cowardly for he didn’t want to.

It was kind of just like something inside him snapped, and he actually saw himself for the first time. He saw all the good and the bad, all the things he’d done and all the things he wanted to do and he saw who he wanted to be and who he wanted to share his life with.

“Evvie can I talk to you?”

Evvie looked up and was startled to find Draco looming over her shoulder.

“Sure” she murmured.

“Evvie, willyougooutwithme?” he stammered.

“Excuse me” said Evvie, looking at Draco liked he’d grown a second head or something.

He sighed; his calm sophisticated attitude seemed to have just flown out of the window. Why did he have to pick now to become a stuttering mess?

“Will you go out with me?” asked Draco unable to look into Evvie’s eyes.

“Excuse me!” said Evvie.

Draco just looked at her seemingly confused, “What?”

“Did you just expect me to say yes?”

Some of the vulnerability Draco was feeling in asking Evvie out started to creep back into him, “Yes” he stammered out.

“Seriously?” she asked, Draco didn’t know what to say, so he just remained silent.

“Draco we haven’t exactly, I don’t know. You shout at me all the time about stupid things, you told me you couldn’t be my friend, you wouldn’t take me to the ball, you blank me, you look at me like you feel something for me but you never do anything about it. Why should I take you seriously now?” she asked.

“Why do I have to prove myself to you?” he asked.

“I didn’t say you did, I just said I was having trouble taking you seriously” she replied.

Draco growled, actually growled at Evvie’s comment, he was stupid to believe that Evvie would accept his request immediately. He was foolish, he had a lot to atone from especially where Evvie was concerned but he’d hoped that she wouldn’t reject him so completely, it was a little damming for the soul.

“Draco” she whispered.

He didn’t give her chance to formulate a further sentence, he brought her close the him crushing his lips against hers, it was an act of desperateness, a plea for her to realize he was serious, he put everything he had into that one kiss and hoped against hope that he pulled it off correctly.

The kiss broke leaving a heavily panting Evvie in its wake, she felt dizzy and weak kneed, when she looked into the eyes of Draco she saw the man she’d been searching for since the beginning. He’d shed his beliefs and his arrogance, he’d let her in, his vulnerability had saved him. The Queen of Gorgeousness had got her man.


~Love has been in the air as they say for more couples than just Draco and Evvie. Take Ginny and Victor for instance. Having come to terms with the fact that she’d never complete her N.E.W.T.s and the fact that she was joined to Victor FOREVER had waned. Victor was still coming to terms with his Quiddich ban and the money he had to pay for his crimes to society. And don’t tell anyone yet but they may not have been very safe in the bedroom department, surely they wouldn’t want to hear the patter of feet so soon into their situations but perhaps they had no choice.

~What happened to Pavarti? Didn’t she just disappear off the face of the earth after her humiliation in trying to pull Evvie down a peg or two? Well no one survives a humiliation like that, especially a humiliation dealt out by the Slytherin popularity group. She was still around the castle she just wasn’t drawing attention to herself, she didn’t have very many friends since she tried to ruin Evvie’s life. She just wanted to remain anonymous until Hogwarts ended, then she could run away with her tail between her legs.

~Lastly, look out Neville and Pansy, looks like fate isn’t only playing a part in Draco and Evvie’s lives, apparently there is a budding romance set to be between Neville and Pansy. It wasn’t hard to see why, Pansy was best friends with Evvie and Neville had once again proved himself to all when he stood up in Evvie’s defense. Pansy could easily see the passionate love, loyalty and bravery in Neville and she loved his quirky attitude, likewise Neville loved how open Pansy was with Neville, he loved her loyalty, her compassion and her humanity. When they get together it’s sure to be explosive.

 Enjoy lovelies, this chapter was fun to write ~ Zyii

Chapter 16: Chapter Sixteen – What happens when the mystery man of people’s nightmares becomes real?
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Chapter Sixteen – What happens when the mystery man of people’s nightmares becomes real?

Strong Language

In the shadows that housed the darkest of scum walked a man who neither showed nor hid his repulsive nature. He rarely left the comfort of his great castle but there was always room for change. The powers that be were working against him and a meddlesome little witch sought to destroy what he’d sought to hide. Perhaps it was his mistake to become a recluse. He always pitied Voldemort, his arrogance and boastful attitude had been his downfall. One could learn much from Voldemort’s failings and really there was nothing more pathetic than a greedy half-blood intent on revenge against those who’d born him.

Marcus had achieved many great things in life, one of which was hidden deep within his castle. He always prided himself on his torture techniques. He enjoyed hearing the pitiful whimpers of his victims – it bought him great pleasure. Marcus was a quiet man, who sought a quiet life. He didn’t need to be known and feared by everyone to feel powerful. He knew he was powerful, he could have been the power behind the Ministry had he been so inclined but he preferred to be tucked away working on his projects and inventions.

He’d hoped never to have returned to this godforsaken place. It had been droll and tiring when he’d worked his summers here in Hogsmead but he’d had to remain close while his dark side was still incomplete. The only reason he set foot in the dingy bookshop at the dead of night was to make sure the old codger hadn’t left any of his secrets of information lying around. Marcus already knew he’d breeched the curse, the bookshop owner was dead after all, but it had taken Marcus a while to work out who the old codger had told his secrets to.

The smell was disgusting like someone had died here – oh wait they had, he chuckled to himself. Being back on the scene of many a childhood vision allowed his memory to drift to the past and a place long forgotten, it wasn’t something he usually did.

I’d always longed to go to Hogwarts my parents boasted about all the happy times and adventures they’d had. Each getting soppy and admitting that Hogwarts had found them both their true love. However soppy that was it was always slightly sickening to hear about your parent’s love life after all these years. My parents didn’t have any expectations for me nor did they demand I be put in a certain house, they were those sorts of free and easy people.

I remember looking around Hogwarts in awe. I knew what to expect unlike those of muggle parentage but it was still a breathtaking sight to see the castle appear from behind the mountain as they road forth in their small boats. Imagine my surprise as I was sorted into Hufflepuff! Surprise turned to annoyance and anger when I realized that most Hufflepuff’s were pathetic while the rest amounted to nothing impressionable. Well some people always broke the mold, perhaps he’d be the one to do that for Hufflepuff.

My first few years passed without incident or any memorable event. I first noticed her during my fourth year. I suppose you could blame my sudden fascination with her on teenage hormones but what started out as a fleeting fancy quickly turning into more. She was a goddess, a sun kissed angel in my eyes. Once I’d set my sights on her everyone else paled into comparison. Her long hair hung in delicious coils down to her waist; she had the perfect figure, her tantalizing curves sending sparks of magic through every part of me. Her name was Katherine and by Gods I wanted her. I wasn’t the only one wanting her attention, there were many that sought to court her. That was until he arrived. He who made my blood boil, the man who had everything but still wasn’t happy until he snatched from me the one thing I held dear: Katherine.

I was never one to give up easily, to others the mere presence of Andre Zabini was enough to seek another witch out for attention but I refused to lose out to Andre. My fellow classmates couldn’t understand my infatuation with her; they couldn’t understand why I couldn’t just admit defeat and move on. They didn’t understand what I felt like when she was near, her smile sent warm shivers down my spine. She was so nice to everyone, I deluded myself that she must feel something for me also, and she must feel the same way!

My perusal of her continued yet everything I attempted sent her further into the arms of Andre. I was getting desperate, my arms ached from emptiness, I longed to wrap her in my warm embrace. She was everything to me, if only she’d see a thing passed Andre, she’d only see how much I cared.

The answer to my prayer came in the form of a book, a big black book hidden within the depths of the restricted section. At this point I’d heard a lot about dark magic but I had yet to become actively involved in it. The book must have heard my desperate pleas for Katherine because before I knew it I found myself chanting along to an unknown spell, I only realized the consequences of my actions when I smelt the putrid smell of my own burning flesh. I knew now that this was the final condition of the spell I’d chanted and I hoped to all things above that life was about to get very good for me. 

For a moment I was angry with myself but then I felt the immediate flush of power course through my veins. My magic was more powerful; my want trembled in my hand. My mind was full of possibilities, each more daring and dangerous than I ever thought I could think up before. I wondered what the consequences would be; it was foolish to believe that magic didn’t come with a price. I’d read enough to know I’d given something away for the price of this new found power but I was foolish enough to believe my burn would be my only suffering.

With my newfound power I quickly excelled in classes and collected a force of followers. I hadn’t asked for the followers but it was a nice change to be a dark role model for others. I became an unstoppable force, younger years were terrified of my presence but I was capable of avoiding the attention of the teachers. I continued to woo Katherine but she was uninterested, she soon found me disgusting and creepy, she formally rejected me and that rejection stayed with me for years to come.

I realized my current tactics weren’t working. I’d thought I’d get a chance to shine but fate must not have liked me. I got a job in the same bookshop I’m currently standing in. Something within me was telling me to stay close to Hogwarts and in doing so my power increased tenfold. Finally I had the power to eliminate those who sought to beat me down. I knew all about Voldemort, God knows he tried to recruit me but he was more talk than power. I wanted to get my hands on Andre, I wanted to tear him limb from limb, to watch him bleed on the floor; take from him everything he held dear. Without Andre, Katherine would be free game; I could take her without complaint.

Fate it seemed wasn’t supporting my plans, Hogwarts ended, everyone graduated and Andre whisked Katherine away before my powers had fully manifested. No matter, I would prevail in the end. I removed my parents from the picture and inherited the dark castle. It was perfect for my dark experiments and party revels. The weekly treat of torturing a victim always brings a smile to my face the more screams the better.

Everything had been going perfectly well in the last decade. I watched the rise and fall of Voldemort and I laughed, he was a foolish idiot, he wasted his power on frivolous ideas of revenge. If he had just refrained from his boastfulness and spent more time honing his arts than he did perusing Harry Potter he might have survived and not died at the hands of the young Potter. Well his death is my gain, it means I now become the darkest of all Wizards. My secrecy and hidden dark deeds make me a cut above the rest, I’d done things others only dream about in their darkest fantasies.

Urgh! But then this meddlesome Witch came along and stuck her nose in. What was her intention? Why was she looking into matters that didn’t concern her? My followers are that of a lower breed of class, they can’t even identify her by name. I sent that Werewolf to the Parkinson’s on a whim that this Witch would be there. It was a plan that backfired on me, the Werewolf didn’t kill any of its targets and ended up getting killed himself. Idiot! Never send a cub into do a man’s job.

Well it was inconsequential regardless, I have an inkling of what the Witch is looking for but she would never find it, in the chance that he did meet this annoying Witch, her life would make for a quick exit.

He laughed to himself mechanically as he stepped from the useless old bookshop and disappeared into the night.

Eighteen Years Ago – Katherine’s Memoirs

Katherine looked around her new home with a sense of awe and happiness. As was the way with Pureblood families they’d gotten married straight after Hogwarts graduation. They were one of the luckier couples they’d actually fallen in love. Others weren’t so lucky especially when it came to arranged marriages. Andre and Katherine were so perfectly matched, each bringing out the best in each other. Their relationship melded together with ease, their friendship was an art form only getting better with time.

Katherine had been a Princess girl, she’d always wanted to meet her Prince Charming and live happily together beyond the glistering sunset. It seemed an age ago to Katherine when she’d been stalked and pursed by Marcus Boyle. At first she’d felt sorry for him, she was already enamored with Andre when Marcus made his intentions towards her known. But with each increased seduction he sent her way she got more and more concerned by his action and behavior.

His perusal of her had gotten her so frightened and unnerved that she feared travelling would Hogwarts alone. She wasn’t completely convinced she’d gain help from the teacher’s should she ask for it. They all saw a different side to Marcus, a Hufflepuff innocence if you will. Well it didn’t really matter now, since Graduation, their Wedding and then the Honeymoon, Marcus Boyle seemed to have dropped off the face of the planet. Katherine wasted no further time thinking of Marcus when she had her new life to start.

Katherine hadn’t talked to Andre much about having children. They were more content with seeing where life took them. Being married took a lot of pressure off their back from their parents. Children were a natural progression from marriage, so neither party was afraid of the pitter patter of tiny feet not happening. As it was, the news that Katherine was pregnant (and with twins no less) came sooner rather than later. It was a troubling time, Voldemort was gaining power for the first time, families were disappearing, and others were being recruited for both sides. It was a time of uncertainty, Katherine and Andre did well in staying under Voldemort’s radar, surely if he had known the type of power they both held or the mere fact that Katherine was pregnant with twins, he would have made an effort to recruit them to his cause.

As it was, they were lucky, they watched on from the safety of their home as Voldemort rised in power and fell at the hands of the Potter’s little son. Time passed and Katherine gave birth to two beautiful babies, a boy Blaise and a girl Evvie. Nothing could have prepared her for the joys of Motherhood, in the first few months of life those babies were spoilt rotten! The power of their magic visible from three months onwards, little Evvie especially showed great potential (would you expect anything less?).

As the twins grew older things began to get less comfortable and more suspicious, as the twins reached the eighteen month mark, Katherine started to notice the odd behavior of her husband Andre. At first a million theories entered her head, each more farfetched than the last, from thinking he was having an affair to thinking they had money troubles. She quickly resolved to push all theories from her mind till she knew the complete truth. It was a truth she was never to truly learn.

Andre had heard talk, whispers really that had travelled on the wind about a new threat of danger. At first glance Andre hadn’t paid much attention, if this were to be the start of another supremists tyrant then he and his family would stay well away. But when he heard the mention of Marcus Boyle’s name something in the way the shiver that ran up his spine told him it wasn’t good.

There were a group of them from Hogwarts that had always had suspicions about Marcus. Something just wasn’t right when it came to him. This wasn’t a petty jealousy thing on Andre’s behalf in response to Marcus’s continuing obsession on his now wife Katherine. It ran deeper than that to the whispers of corridors and the untold stories from house elves. There was something dark and sinister festering within Marcus, something that had the power to rip things apart if only Marcus’s mind was focused.

Andre had other reasons to be suspicious. The sudden disappearance of Marcus didn’t sit well with Andre. Especially since Andre was aware that Marcus vowed never to give up on Katherine. You wouldn’t just disappear after announcing something of that degree unless you were using your disappearance to plan something bigger.

An old seer once told Andre that any daughter born to him would have the power to keep the world a peace for 1,000 years, through a deep powerful magic, an intelligence that could hold a cap to no other and a heat that was pure and open. Whatever Marcus’s plan was Andre couldn’t risk him getting his filthy hands on his beloved daughter. Andre formed a group of fellow graduates for Hogwarts, those who feared what Marcus might do or feared for the safely of their family against the one they once wronged. They came together to seek out once and for all the information that would tell them whether he was dead or better yet the information that would lead them to him so they could kill him themselves.

Herein started the beginning of the raids, they started small and escalated to a number of places’ taking several days to search. Everytime Andre returned from a failed raid he could see the concern and confusion reflected in his wife’s eyes. Yet he couldn’t bring himself to tell her, he loathed to hear her forbid him from continuing – even if it was just to keep him safe. So he let her suffer in silence feeling sadness and betrayal, arguing with himself that it would be better in the long run. As the raids continued in force so did the anger of those left out of the loop finding Marcus was becoming a new obsession, Andre was neglecting his family in perusal of someone who may or may not be dead. Katherine loved her husband dearly but was getting fed up of having to reassure her children that their Daddy’s absence didn’t mean that he didn’t love them.

They were foolish to believe they could single out Marcus and destroy him. They didn’t know of Marcus’s ties to the dark arts nor those he commanded under his power. Marcus was ready for them before they knew it. Each home of the raiding members was attacked, the families scared and people killed. Marcus let some of his best men, Werewolves and Giants handle Andre and his family. The fact that Andre and Katherine’s daughter went missing during the attack was purely coincidental but was a glorious turn of events that send Andre raging after Marcus in a fit of absolute madness.

The fact remains that whatever happened to Andre as he set off after Marcus after his daughter’s disappearance is a mystery as are the questions to why he never came back and where he is now.  

Back from Ibiza this morning, so knackered. I had a short nap, then instead of sleeping longer, I came on here to post this chapter :) Queen of Gorgeousness is almost coming to an end but never fear a new story shall be appearing shortly after ~ Zyii


Chapter 17: Chapter Seventeen – Why Does Drama, Danger and Death Follow The Same Crowd, Do They All Wear A Sign That Says ‘Put Me In Moral Peril?’
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Chapter Seventeen – Why Does Drama, Danger and Death Follow The Same Crowd, Do They All Wear A Sign That Says ‘Put Me In Moral Peril?’

Strong Language

This chapter was written through the long hot days, suffered by long torturous headache and the secret wishes of fewer bills to pay. It marked the 50,000 word mark (which makes me extremely happy) and it’s only halfway done. For those who have stuck with the story keep holding on =] your reviews make my day light up like Christmas tree decorations but I’m more happy that you are all enjoying the story as much as I am enjoying writing it!

In a dark dungeon beyond several different complex spells and wards, countless doors and homemade traps lives a man so ragged, dirtied and lost that he could barely remember his own name. The floor is dirty after so many years of neglect, the plain mattress on which he’d spent so many years upon had barely any stuffing left and was riddled with all sorts of bugs. His long hair was more lice than anything else. He remembers not why he is here nor how long he’s been kept in his room but he remembers it being for something important. Once upon a time he remembered having a purpose that filled him with love. All he feels now is emptiness.

He remembers a woman; she appears to him in his dreams sometimes. He calls her his angel and he remembers a beautiful little girl, his treasure. And he remembers an equally gorgeous boy that stands guard over his treasure protecting her always. When he remembers these people it’s as if the cloud around him head lifts a little and he feels less crazy and more at peace with himself. But these moments don’t last for long and once again so soon after they come he is pulled back to a land of confusion and lost souls. His mind and soul have become separate, all notion of magic forgotten, he’s simply become an empty shell of a once glorious man.

He’s been kept here so long he thinks he’s been forgotten, at first he remembered being visited almost every day. He doesn’t remember why he was visited, what the purpose was but he does remember the pain. He started to associate the visits with pain. He’d try to shy away from his visitor or hide himself from view. At first he was visited all the time but then as time went on the visits decreased and decreased until they disappeared all together and left him alone without a single thing to hold onto his sanity with. There was a fine line between torture and comfort. Torture was pretty self explanatory, not something one enjoys but at least the torture came with a constellation prize, and the torturer at least gave him some social comfort.

Evvie looked a Draco in shock, the force of their kiss still lingering on her lips, it tingled all the way down to her toes.

“Do you believe me now?” asked Draco.

She couldn’t deny what she felt in that kiss, perhaps it was time to let go of everything else and take a chance, “Yes” she replied.

Draco smiled, the first real smile to grace his lips in a long while, “Will you go out with me then?”

She nodded, happy to accept his embrace.

He shifted in his sleep, his cocooned embrace doing nothing to starve off the coldness he felt in the room. He wished he had a blanket to call his own but it had long since disintegrated along with most other things. But wait, what is that sound? It comes from up above, it sounds like footsteps from a distant past. Friend or foe, live or die, he cringed away from the noise as words assaulted his mind bringing up memories that made no sense.

Evvie lounged around with her back against Draco and her feet just dipping into the water of the black lake. It was a serene moment for the both of them after months of arguments and short tempered words.



“Why did we wait so long for this?”

“Because we were foolish, no I was foolish”.


“Why? Well because I thought you deserved better, looking at my actions from the war I knew I could never deserve you so I pushed you away” he muttered.

“That’s silly. I chose you Draco, many times over. I could have shouted it from the top of the highest roof and you still wouldn’t have realized”.


“No buts Draco. I want you and you want me. We’re together now so these games need to stop. Why do you think we had all those fights?” he raised his brow quizzically, “Sexual tension” she giggled and soon he felt himself chuckling along as well.

Evvie had a lot on her mind as several people were about to find out N.E.W.T.s didn’t seem that important to her anymore – and honestly she could take them now and pass with flying colours she was that prepared. She hadn’t given up her search for her Father; she hadn’t paused in her search or had any doubts in what she was doing. Pansy had become a Godsend in the search; Fleur had taken a back seat since her pregnancy had continued.

But Pansy wasn’t helping as much as Evvie thought for all intensive purposes she was but Pansy had been a Slytherin for over seven years and she knew how to fool someone. She’d become obsessed with finding her Father and Pansy was worried for her. She was happy to help her friend as long as she had a backup plan to get her out. Evvie wasn’t the only one good at spells, she’d spelled all Evvie’s clothes – for she didn’t know which ones she’d end up using so she couldn’t risk leaving Evvie unprotected – she used a combination of location charms and protection charms.

Pansy had a nasty feeling that Evvie was on to something and that Evvie would disappear in the night. It was a nightmare keeping this secret but Pansy couldn’t risk telling anyone else about Evvie’s plans till she’d gone, even if that meant putting Evvie’s life in danger.

“Evvie what’s wrong?”

“Nothing” muttered a distracted Evvie.

“You aren’t having second thoughts about us are you?” asked Draco letting his vulnerability shine through.

Evvie turned, focusing her attention on Draco, “No” she replied wholeheartedly.

“Then what’s wrong? You seem distant and occupied”.

Evvie sighed, she knew she should tell Draco, tell someone but she couldn’t risk someone putting a halt in her plans. She was almost certain she knew where Marcus’s castle was, there were things she needed to do there that Draco was sure to put a stop to.

“There is just something I need to do”.

“Tell me what it is, perhaps I can help you”.

“No” replied Evvie wishfully, “You’ll try to stop me”.

“Then it’s dangerous” said Draco frowning.

“It might be”.

“Then you’re right I would stop you. I cannot risk your safety when I’ve only just found you”.

“I have to do this. Haven’t you ever done something because your heart and soul depends on it”.

Draco was reluctant to nod but he couldn’t deny that he’d done the same thing.

“I just don’t want to lose you, so if you have to do whatever this is, just please stay safe” he murmured.

The embrace and tender kiss she placed on Draco acted as her only words of comfort.

Evvie managed to do what no other person living or dead has managed. She’d found the location of Marcus’s castle she’d had to apparate from Hogsmead to just outside his apparation fields at the dead of night. She’d come prepared with a series of potions, getaway Portkeys and a selection of three wands secreted away in her invisible arm grip.

The years of the war had been hard on Evvie but she had learnt how to survive in very harsh and dangerous situations, the horcrux hunt had honed her defensive, protective and silent techniques. She walked stealthily with an air of confidence, she looked like a seasoned warrior but within the walls of her heart, the erratic thumping of her heart was telling a different story.

The castle loomed in front of her, its dark and foreboding turrets still casting a shadow under the moonlight. The castles outside seemed relatively unprotected, she only had to stun one person but she assumed the castle itself was protected by wards. Once she breeched those wards, they’d know someone was there and the battle would really begin.

While Evvie made her way to the castle that held that which called her magic. Pansy had just awoken, realizing Evvie had gone. It was now time for the second part of her plan. It involved a complex set of spells and the cooperation of the Hogwarts house elves to wake everyone up and collect others from various places. Pansy dressed in camouflaged battle gear and waited in the Slytherin common room for everyone to gather.

It was quite a sight when they all gathered together. Draco, Blaise, Adrian, Luna, Harry, Lavender, Pansy, Daphne, Neville, Millie, Theo, Marcus, Parents of the students involved, McGonagall, Hagrid, Andromeda Tonks and some other Order members. Madame Pomfrey was on standby at Hogwarts should they need her. Even Pansy was amazed by how many people had gathered to save the Queen of Gorgeousness (even if their Queen didn’t acknowledge her beauty inside or out).

They were coming to her rescue whether she wanted their help or not. Evvie had already breeched the castle’s wards. She tiptoed into the foyer, everything there was as dark and disgusting as the outside suggested. Hark! Here that? The sounds of approaching footsteps, Evvie gripped her want tightly in her hand, its presence calming her nerves, her pinkish eyes blazing brightly.

The sounds were getting louder; they were closing in on her. She would go down fighting. What she wanted was in this castle, she knew it, and she could feel it if only should could find it.

“What do you think will happen after Graduation?”

“What do you mean?”

 “Will we still be together?”

“If I have anything to do with it, I’ll never let you go”.

“Do you mean that?”

“You know how Purebloods react to relationships and marriages, we’re in the clear. I don’t ever want to let you go but if you so desire it, I will”.

“I don’t want to lose you. I’m an old fashioned girl. I’m in this for the long haul. What makes you think I’d let go of my Prince Charming after just securing him?”

They met together for an intimate but chase kiss; it spoke of all the moments come to pass and all the others yet to come.

Evvie was surrounded, she’d managed to stun and wipe out several others but this was harder than she thought. She felt like she hadn’t really thought things through, she couldn’t give up now though not when she was so close.

Spells were being thrown every which way; Evvie was running out of places to hide. As she hid behind the nearest stone pillar she wiped the sweat from her brow and heard the unmistakable sounds of apparation pops.

Shit! She thought, were more arriving? There comes a point in one’s life when you question your plans of logic. This was one of those times. Evvie was a bookworm at heart, she had a logical mind. How had she failed so? For one who had suffered so much during the war and learned so much in defense and plans of attack, she’d been incredibly stupid.

“Evvie!” someone yelled.

What the hell? Thought Evvie.

Someone grabbed her from behind pulling her away from the safety of the pillar. She struggled against the arms holding her captive.

“Let go of me!” she screamed.

“I will not you stupid girl” replied her captor.


“Who else would it be?”

“I don’t know, maybe someone trying to kill me! Why are you here?”

“To save you from your own stupidity”.

Evvie glared at him, and then glared at the others who appeared through the smoky dust of the continual fighting.

“It’s only stupidity if you refuse to believe”.

“What the fuck are you playing at?! Didn’t you think how your action would affect others?”

“None of you were supposed to know!”

“And that makes it better?” said Draco as he dodged a badly aimed curse.

Evvie stayed silent, she was angry, for many reasons but Pansy’s betrayal, Draco’s attitude and the pitying glances she was getting from the rest were forefront in her mind, fueling her anger further.

They were all condemning her for something they refused to acknowledge. She’d prove them all wrong, then they’d be begging at her feet for her forgiveness.

“What the hell were you thinking coming here alone?” Blaise asked putting his two cense in.

“Don’t test me Blaise” warned Evvie.

He saw his chance in the battle; she was unprepared arguing with one of her own. His Master would reward him greatly for this treasure if it was killed. Take aim and fire!

“Avada Kadavra!!” he shouted.

“DUCK!” bellowed someone else.

Stone erupted and crumbled all around; people covered themselves to avoid the smoky dust. The green jet of light had exploded in the center of the room and disappeared just as quickly. When the dust and smoke cleared it was a moment before anyone moved.

“Evvie!” Shouted Draco, but she was nowhere to be seen.


Evvie sighed in blissful happiness. Had it really taken so little to make her this happy? When she tried to picture herself without Draco she found she couldn’t do it. He bought out a level of confidence in her that she never had before. She knew she wasn’t beautiful or stunningly pretty like other girls but with Draco she at least felt worth of his attentions.

She was falling hard and fast for Draco. She loved his gentle caresses, his tender kisses and his passionate heart. She was able to say with full mushiness that she could picture a future with him. Alas that future really all depended on the next few months. She had to keep in mind that she may not be around for that envisioned future.

“What are you doing up here?”


“Of what?”

“Of how much I want to be kissed”.

“I think that can be arranged” he said cheekily.

The buildings foundation rocked and swayed under the weight of destruction that was taking place inside. Inside his cell the man paced nervously, something inside him heart was calling his old self forth yet he was still as trapped as ever within his own mind. He knew something wasn’t right as the floor below him shook and the ceiling above him trembled. Was this the end of his everlasting solitude or would he become part of the growing rubble?

The walls shook from the force of his footsteps, his shined shoes reeked of fine breeding. The crisp suit fitting like a glove, his hair neatly trimmed and slicked back with ample amounts of grease. The only thing that gave away his perfected pureblood image was the look in his eyes, a combination of anger and pure hatred. He never thought he’d be standing here today, holding fort as his castle tried to crumble around him.

Utterly pathetic, he’d worked so hard to get where he was today. He’d heard whispers on the wind. She was here, the one who stole his heart and kept it captive all these years. One whisper of her name and he was transported right back to Hogwarts and the humiliation of losing her again and again. He should have realized that she was never his. He was foolish with his plans; he should have just killed her and be done with it. He couldn’t do it though; he was unable to kill the one who had caused him so much pain. So by chance he’d done the next best thing and taken her love from her. But what had it cost him? A life unloved, a life full of darkness and shrouded in mystery. Oh but it had been good, all the wondrous things he invented, all the spells, the revels, the torture. It was all worth it.

The wards and doors shook with the force directed at them. Boom, Boom, Boom! They were blasted from their hinges, metal flung every which way as yet another obstacle was brought down. The spells were daunting, sweat dripped heavily from their neck to their shoulders. The concentration involved was damning. Bam! There went another door, Whoosh! Yet another spell was destroyed. Their hearts desire just moments away.

He cowered into the corner, his knees drawn up, and his arms sheltering his head. He didn’t understand what was happening, the noise, the commotion, sending his mind into turmoil and shivers up his spine. The walls vibrated from an invisible force as cracks started to appear in the bricks before him. He curled even further into the corner, his mind and heart playing against each other. One told him to hide the other told him there was nothing to fear. Something was awakening within him; it was strong, dangerous and familiar. It boiled all the way down to his core and sent fire through his veins. Something was calling out to him and it started to bring his magic back.

A final heave hoe, a furrowed brow, rattled hair and dusty clothes and the final door collapsed where it stood, crumbling to a pile of rocks. The dust that scattered was vast and thick. It rose up and consumed all in its path. The man coughed and wheezed from his secluded corner. Once the dust settled he saw a figure standing within the falling dust. It was like looking at an angel from his dreams, familiar yet so new.

He resisted the temptation to cower away from the figure. Something inside him called to this angel, pulling him to his feet and walking him towards her.

“Who are you?” he managed to croak out.

“A friend” she replied.

“I know you don’t I?”

“Yes in a distant memory” she replied.

“You feel safe” he commented.

“Let’s go”.

Memories long since forgotten played out through the minds of unsuspecting victims, a child running wildly through the garden, taking a wheelbarrow ride with friends, catching animals and hiding from parents. A Father playing hide and seek with his children, letting them ride on his shoulders, reading them bedtime stories.

A Father hugging his child and smiling softly when the child fell asleep on his lap, smiling when seeing his children excited and bringing laughter to the house, reminding his young son that he should always be brave and look after the girls. Telling his daughter she was the prettiest girl in his life.

Seeing his angel wife and being reminded of how lucky he was. Seeing the love in her eyes and knowing he was home.

The man sagged against the shoulders holding him up. He’d tried desperately to stand on his own and not burden his savior but his legs were too weak. He could hear the sounds of battle as they neared the front foyer, he didn’t want to sound too optimistic but it sounded as though someone was winning, he hoped it was his angel’s side.

The man in the crisp suit with the shined shoes and the slick hair had arrived too late. As he looked at his destroyed wards and spells and the empty cell before him he felt a ripple of fear. He was still powerful but not how he once was, time had weakened him.

He’d felt fully safe in the knowledge that though his castle had been breached it was near impossible to dismantle the wards and doors he’d placed at the entry to the cell. He shouldn’t have been so arrogant; the situation now was the consequence of his earlier actions.

He was drawn towards the battle sounds. His wand twitched nervously in his hand sending coloured sparks to the floor. Anger pulsed through his veins, all the worst spells he could think of were waiting on the tip of his tongue. He saw the damage to the front foyer and was thankful the battle hadn’t moved further into his castle. He saw the bodies lined up, his own pathetic men had fallen victim to mere children of the light.

Sweat was running from people’s brows, the air smelt of death and pungent smoke. Where was the little cretin? He couldn’t believe his prisoner had already left the castle.

They struggled across the foyer, the dusty smoke acting as an invisible blanket for them to hide under. They spared little attention to the people around them, it wasn’t as important as getting out of there alive. They were so close.

“Halt!” came the voice with a power that could stop traffic.

The voice had little effect on most people but it did much to get into the minds of the angel and the man she was struggling to keep upright. Words were thrown all too fast, words that promised the follow up of pain, torture and death.

He was so close to taking even more from the tormenting angel that stole his heart. Two words and she’d lose even more and then he’d be at peace, two words that’s all it takes, two little words.

“Avada Kadavra!” 

Chapter 18: Chapter Eighteen – Sweep Away the Lice, the Mould, the Dirt, the Rags and the Unkempt Hair and What is Left? – Just a Perfect Gentleman
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Chapter Eighteen – Sweep Away the Lice, the Mould, the Dirt, the Rags and the Unkempt Hair and What is Left? – Just a Perfect Gentleman

Strong Language
Sensitive Topic - mention of torture.

He’d been in the care of the perfectly professional team at St. Mungos for hours now and he was only just beginning to feel clean again. He felt very weak in himself and knew the staff wouldn’t mind if he were to fall asleep but he wanted to be aware for this moment. He’d spent so much time being lost within his own mind with his own confusing thoughts and memories that this was like a breath of fresh air. How long had it been since he’d seen his own reflection? He couldn’t even remember. He felt like he was like a special guest at a spa, first they’d let him into a beautifully large and vast bath when they’d helped him strip and led him slowly into the hot waiting water. It was like being given a new lease of life, of that’s what the water felt like to him. When they eventually removed him from the water his fingers had gone all pruned like but he no longer smelled of dirt and scum, now he could faintly smell mint and lemongrass. They’d worked for hours on his hair as well, at first he’d thought they’d just shave it all off but instead they worked through it tirelessly combing out all the lice and mould that had got stuck in there. Once they were finished his hair looked glossier and healthier, any remains of his time in captivity completely washed away. They’d given him fresh soft bed clothes to wear, he assumed they’d burnt his old rags because he couldn’t see them anywhere, the feel of the fine cloth on his back was an experience he wasn’t likely to forget in a long time. His body was undernourished but it was nothing a few good meals wouldn’t fix.

He wished he could remember the name of the angel who saved him, she’d looked so familiar like a person from a distant dream of memory, he felt sure he knew her; she certainly seemed to know him. The healers had told him that his memories would come back in time, the amount of neglect and torture he’d been subjected to have forced him to push his memories to the back of his mind and hide them from whoever was trying to find them. They’d been locked away for so long that he was unable to retrieve them himself. The healers recommended a series of sessions with a mind healer to help him regain his memories. They’d already taken samples of his blood and matched it to DNA they had on file. They had just decided to put off telling him who he was until he was more within his own mind, there was no use worrying him over nothing.

There had been several other beds set up near the recovering man. They were all people who were hurt from the battle, a set or highly professional aurors had been appointed to guard over them. They weren’t in trouble for their actions but rather openly celebrated, as they’d achieved what the Ministry had been trying to do for years. It was yet another blow to the Ministry being beaten by a group of teenagers. The Ministry could learn a lot from the teenagers if it let go of its pride.

In one of the beds lay a woman who was so gaunt looking and cold to the touch that she could have been mistaken for being dead. As it was she was just in a deep sleeps, the healers had thought it wise after seeing the extent of her injuries. They were sure that their patient hadn’t even realized how close she was to looking death in the face. It wasn’t so much her physical injuries that were cause for worry more that she’d almost used her entire magical force up. She’d be heavily sedated for days while her body and her magic recuperated.

The woman in question thought she had died. In the confinement of her own mind the world was seemingly white and empty, not an object or person in sight. She found herself rather disappointed if this was to be her afterlife. She’d expected she’d be rejoined with all the others who had died in the war in some sort of heaven like area but it seemed more like she’d got stuck in some in between area. Perhaps this is where you came when you first died, perhaps there were some forms to fill out or some questions to be asked before you were allowed to move on. She knew her death meant that she’d succeeded but in her state of mind she felt hard pressed to find a downside in her death. The thoughts and feelings of all the people she left behind seemed distant and unimportant if she had succeeded as she thought she had.

Although quite suddenly, a spike of fear settled into her gut, perhaps this nothingness was the place people when to if they’d killed in their former life. Can ones soul truly stay whole if one kills without malicious intent? Surely there must be some truth in that or this place would be overrun with a million murderers. She was quite lucky that she didn’t have to face the likes of Bellatrix Lestrange, Voldemort or Umbridge again.

She felt guilty still for the lives she had ended, they all say all’s fair in love and war but it all seemed very unfair to her. The emotional experiences from battles since gone never really leave you.

As the morning sky drifted past the daily hours into the nights light, the patients slept patiently through all the worry and anxiousness others were feeling. They knew not that there were many people wanting to shout at them or curse them for their foolish behavior. They slept peacefully as the healers worked their magic and the injuries they sustained were closed and mended.

They’d been hard pressed to keep this information out of the news but money always went a long was to procuring silence. They’d give the reporters the relevant information when they were ready. The last thing they needed was to be bombarded by vicious reporters looking for juicy stories and lives to ruin.

It was a further two days till the remaining two patients finally awoke. The girl had been moved into the room with the man after they’d heard him whispering about an angel and her whispering his name. It became apparently necessary for them to be together when they awoke. The man was the first to wake up, the healer on duty was very happy with his progress.

“Mr. Zabini can you hear me?” she asked in a quiet clear voice.

“Just about” Mr. Zabini croaked out and was grateful when the healer passed him a drink of water, the water felt heavenly in his parched mouth.

“We’ve kept you heavily sedated while we fixed you so don’t try to move too much as you are probably still a little sore”.

“You know my name” he muttered.

“Yes Mr. Zabini, don’t worry, once you are feeling better I’ll arrange some lessons with a mind healer and we’ll work on getting your memories back for you”, the healer smiled down at him.

“Where is the angel?” he asked knowing he must sound quite silly to this kind healer.

“She’s right behind you Sir, she hasn’t woken up yet but we expect her to any moment now” she replied.

“Is she ok?” he asked moving slightly so he could look at his unconscious angel.

“She will be. She gave us quite a scare, whatever she did she almost completely drained her magical life force, she’s very lucky to be alive” said the healer.

“She saved me” commented Mr. Zabini.

“Then you best thank her when she wakes” smiled the healer, “I’ll be back when she wakes, call me if you need anything”.

After the healer had left, Mr. Zabini returned his gaze to his angel and began to study her. She looked so innocent and pure yet completely mature beyond her years as well. Her skin was very pale, her eyes were closed and her hair was laid out around her life an unearthly halo. Whoever she was and wherever she’d come from he was grateful for what she’d done for him. He wished she would wake up soon so he could tell her in person.

The unconscious angel moved in her sleep, her body was waking up but her mind still staying within the confines of her mind. Her mind was reluctant to wake up from the safety in which it found itself, the subconscious still believing it was dead. I don’t want to go back, don’t send me back! You aren’t sending me down are you? I didn’t mean to kill, it was done in defense. Don’t leave me, it’s quiet here, it’s peaceful! The mind desperately chanted words and phrases that would keep it where it was but it wasn’t able to keep the mind in its quiet peaceful corner, as the body came back to the living so followed the mind.

The eyes opened before the mind adjusted, blinking rapidly in the overly bright light. The mind repelled against the bright arena it found itself in.

“Are you alright?”

What was that voice? Why did it sound so familiar? Slowly the mind was opening back up and the memories of recent events were coming back in force, the assault on the mind was almost enough to push it back under but somehow the mind prevailed.

“I-I think so” she replied.

“Do you know where you are?”

“The Hospital” she responded.

 “Do you know who you are?” he asked.

It was that moment that the healer decided to walk into the room, “Oh good you’re awake, how do you feel?”

“A little confused but otherwise fine” she replied.

“Hmm Miss Zabini you scared a lot of people with your actions, you’re lucky to be alive” said the healer as she bustled around, tending to the younger Zabini and propping her up with pillows. When she was done, she left the room leaving the two patients to catch up.

“She said Zabini?” questioned the elder Zabini.

“Yes, Evvie Zabini” she replied.

“You saved me?” he questioned.

“Of course” she replied.

“Why?” he asked.

“Because you’re family” she said.

He looked at her with a shocked expression. She realized in hindsight that she probably should have sugarcoated her response; after all he still had his memories to recover.

“Family?” he whispered.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that, you don’t have all your memories back yet” she hung her head in shame.

“No. I-I like that I have family. Are there others?” he asked.

“Yes” she replied.

“Who are they? Where are they?” he asked curiously.

“You have a wife Katherine and a son Blaise, they’re waiting outside I assume” she replied.

“A wife” he murmured, “She looks like you but older, she was my angel on the darkest nights”.

“You remember her?” asked Evvie shocked.

“I remember the angel. Everything is jumbled” he responded.

Evvie nodded.

“I remember a little boy. I don’t know if he is mine or not but I remember telling him to always be brave and protect the girls” he said. “Girls, there was a little girl also” he whispered.

“Yes” croaked Evvie.

“She was…lost. Gone for so long. I-I tried to find her…my sweet angel. She just disappeared…I needed her. Gone, gone, forever gone” he muttered.

Evvie had to hold back the tears, the brain was a fragile thing at best but when throwing in missed memories and it was like treading on egg shells, Evvie didn’t know what she should say and what she shouldn’t.

“Do you know where my sweet angel is?” he asked her.

She didn’t know whether he meant her Mother or herself.

“She would be around your age I think” he muttered.

“Yes. I know where she is” replied Evvie.

“Where is she? Can you take me to her?” he rambled.

“She’s right here” whispered Evvie.

“Where?” he demanded.

“You’re looking at her…Father” whispered Evvie.

Andre Zabini looked at Evvie for a full 10 seconds. In his perusal of her it seemed as though the world had stopped. If he dismissed her claim she’d be devastated, but could he be held accountable for that devastation when he is missing half his memories. Well those 10 seconds were definitely some of the longest seconds in Evvie’s life.

“I saw you in a dream recently” he stuttered, “I thought you were my other angel. I didn’t realized you were all grown up. You disappeared. I searched for you. I was going to get you back. I was going to save you” he muttered, the words coming out fast and furious.

“It’s ok Papa, I’m here now” the word Papa seemed the right one to Evvie, it rolled off her tongue quickly and seemed to soothe Andre.

“You only ever called my Papa. B-Blaise always called me Father. But I was your Papa and you were my sweet angel” he sobbed.

“Shh Papa, it’s ok, don’t cry” whispered Evvie, she stretched her arm out to reach his, so she could hold his hand, it was the only movement she could do without pain and she was very thankful for it.

“How long have I been gone?” he asked.

“Just under sixteen years I think” she replied.

“How long have you been back?” he asked.

“Just under one year” she replied.

“How?” he asked.

“I was hit by a potion in school and the effects of it unlocked my true image. It was easy to figure out after that” she replied.

“So I never managed to find you?” he asked.

“No but I was raised by good people” she replied.

“Who?” he asked.

“Muggles. Dentists actually” she responded.

“Where are they now?” he asked.

“They died, in the war” she said.

“The war?” he asked.

Oh! Evvie remembered the war would have only just begun to start when Andre went missing.

“The War that was just starting when you disappeared” she said thoughtfully. “Voldemort was ripped from his body by the Potter’s. It took him fourteen years to get himself back into a body and from then on the war escalated into the great battle of Hogwarts which happened three years later” she said, “Voldemort is dead now” she added.

“Lots of changes then” he smiled weakly.

“Lots of changes” Evvie echoed.

“Mr. Zabini” said the healer as she walked back in, “We’re going to take you to the mind and memory ward now. Yours is a singular case, we don’t know how long it will take for you to regain your memories, it could be a day, it could be a week, but we will start now” she said.

Andre glanced back at Evvie, “What about?”

“Miss Zabini needs to rest!” said the healer, “She’s exerted a lot of energy just talking to you now. How do you feel Miss?”

“I feel fine” said Evvie.

The healer pierced her with a death glare, “Sleep now!”

“I don’t want to” replied Evvie, not liking this new healer at all.

“Fine” growled the healer, injecting Evvie with a dreamless sleep potion and sending her off to lala land.

“What did you do?!” demanded Andre.

“Put her to sleep” said the healer coldly.

“She was perfectly fine” replied Andre.

“I’ll be the judge of that” said the healer hotly.

“Says the TRANIEE healer. Who let you in here?” asked Andre.

“It’s none of your business” replied the healer.

“It is if you’re putting my angel to sleep without her permission” replied Andre.

“How dare you question my authority!” shouted the healer.

“How dare you come in and act without permission” responded Andre.

“What on earth is going on here!” said the chief healer as she walked into the room.

She glanced at the scene before her; the unconscious patient, the incensed Father and the angry trainee healer.

“Somebody tell me what’s going on” demanded the chief healer.

The trainee healer jumped right in before others could stop her, “I came in the take Mr. Zabini to the mind and memory ward. I told Miss Zabini to go to sleep but she refused so I put her to sleep. Mr. Zabini was judging my work ethic” she replied icily.

The chief healer pursed her lips, ignoring the trainee healer she turned to Mr. Zabini, “Sir could you please tell me what happened”

“Certainly! This…healer stormed in and demanded that she take me to the mind and memory ward. She turned to my sweet angel and told her to sleep. My sweet angel told her she felt fine. But this healer here demanded that she should sleep. My angel struggled against her, she didn’t want to sleep and she didn’t need to, so this so called healer forced my angel to sleep by injecting her without permission with a dreamless sleep potion mixed with a sleeping draught” growled Mr. Zabini.

“Trainee Healer Smith, is this true?” asked the Chief Healer.

“Of course not. This patient is missing memories, why take his word over mine!” she demanded.

The Chief Healer glared at her, “Trainee Smith, what exactly are you doing in here?”

“Transporting Mr. Zabini to the other ward” she replied.

“But weren’t you told to stay away from this room as it wasn’t within your training rights” replied the Chief Healer.

Trainee Smith coloured slightly, “I heard the Healers outside talking about how they needed someone to move Mr. Zabini but they were all too busy, so I came to do it instead” she replied with a sense of aloofness.

“Despite the fact that you were told to stay away”.

“What difference does it make” she growled.

“A lot of difference” said the Chief Healer, “Mr. Zabini my apologies, someone will be up to take you to the mind and memory ward shortly”.

“What about my angel? And what about her?!” demanded Mr. Zabini.

“Your angel shall be fine, she should wake up in a day or two and Trainee Smith will find herself in front of the health board, stripped of her trainee status and receiving a large fine” replied the Chief healer.

“Nooo” shouted trainee Smith as the Chief healer dragged her from the room.

The next few days were tense for the patients and the family waiting outside. With each passing day Andre Zabini remembered more and more of his past life. He encountered many headaches and became used to the constant tears that fell from his eyes. Evvie remained asleep for near to three days, once the potions wore off she drifted in and out of consciousness on her own accord. Her magic keeping her in a state of lucidity as it worked to restore itself properly.

While the other visitors passed in and out Katherine Zabini, Blaise Zabini and Draco Malfoy were constant occupiers of chairs in the hallway. So much so that the Chief healer had sanctioned off a room just for them that was complete with beds for rest. The three occupants were exhausted from remaining awake for so long and using up their emotional range of anger, worry and sadness.

While Katherine worried for her daughter and returned husband, Blaise worried for his sister and his mother, Draco worried solely for Evvie. At first he’d been inexplicitly mad at Evvie for her actions and for not telling anyone what she was doing but as time went on in the hospital his anger disappeared and was replaced with a fear so strong he wondered what would happen to his soul should Evvie not make it. He also carried a burden on his shoulders, one he wasn’t sure if anyone else knew yet, he knew if the same thing happened again; his actions would be the same a thousand times over. He just wished he knew what the consequences to his actions would be.

Two floors up and three doors to the left the healers in charge were clapping wholeheartedly and wiping tears from their eyes. This had been an emotional rollercoaster for the last few days, after removing the complex set of spells placed on their patients mind, it was just a matter of slowly coaxing the memories back to the present. The healers had been involved completely and were so happy for what they and their patient had achieved. One brave healer stepped forward.

“Welcome back Mr. Zabini” she stated.

“Thank you” he replied in a rich deep voice, “It’s good to be back”.

“Your family is waiting downstairs” added another Healer.

 Andre’s heart lit up like a beacon he couldn’t wait to see his beloved Katherine and son Blaise again.

“I need to see my sweet angel” he commented.

“Miss Zabini is downstairs. She was asleep the last time I checked on her but should be awake now. Her magic should be fully restored now” replied the Chief healer who had made it her mission to see to the recovery of the two Zabini patients personally.

“Thank you” replied Mr. Zabini.

She was sleeping so peacefully when he arrived in her room. The healers instructed him to lie back against a bed they’d placed next to hers. He felt anger for all the years he’d missed, anger for not seeing her become this glorious angel and anger over that stupid trainee healer who put her to sleep.

“Papa” she cried out in her sleep.

“Shhh I’m here angel” he whispered comfortingly.

She whimpered in her sleep softly before ever so slowly regaining consciousness.

“My dear sweet angel, my Evvie” he murmured.

“Papa?” she questioned.

“I here” he replied.

She wanted to ask how long she’d been asleep for and how long it had taken him to regain his memories but it didn’t seem like the correct time to ask.

The door creaked open slowly allowing entry to three exhausted people. Andre’s heart sang out as he recognized his beloved Katherine and his grown up son, he even recognized the child of Lucius and Narcissa, Draco he remembered his name to be.

“Andre? Is that you?” whispered his wife, shocked beyond belief. She’d refused to let herself believe he’d been found and rescued, so much so that she’d forgotten that it was true.

“It is Katherine, I’m back” he replied in an equally emotional filled voice.


“Blaise” said Andre lovingly.

Hugs were given and received, bone clenching hugs at that while the family reconnected with each other. Draco knew he should leave and give them some space but he couldn’t tear himself away especially now when he could see his Evvie so delicately lain on the bed before him.

“Evvie, Evvie” he murmured hiding his head in her neck.

She welcomed his embrace, knowing he was trying to convince himself that she was there and she was alright, she hated that she’d hurt him but she would do it a million times over if it meant getting her Papa back. Draco wanted so desperately to be angry at Evvie but seeing her there before him he just couldn’t muster that emotion up. All he felt was sorrow and relief and he knew he’d never let her out of his sight again.


“My sweet angel”.

“My darling girl”.

Her family all started talking at once, stopping once they realized their names for her. Draco untangled himself from her neck but remained close to her allowing her to tangle her hands with his.

“I think what we are trying to say” said Andre, “Is how you found me and why you told no one else” he added.

Evvie sighed a heavy sigh, if there was one thing she didn’t want to tell everyone else about it was how she’d found her Papa and why she’d kept it to herself. She didn’t want the others to feel guilty about her admission but knew they would regardless; there is always some price to pay.

“I’ll tell you but you may not like why I kept it secret” she replied solemnly.

Her Papa nodded.

“It started when I was transformed in the potion, with my appearance changed; I put every other significant change down to my transformation. However, I began to feel a kind of thumping deep within me, it was never ending and it made me feel like I’d forgotten something. It was calling me forth into the unknown and I knew beyond my vision that something was waiting for me. I got my answer when I learned of my past. No one would talk about you Papa; you were like a big secret, like if you were talked about it would make everything a lot worse. I hated it. I tried to talk to Blaise about you but he shouted at me, he told me it was none of my business and that I should stop poking my nose around where it wasn’t wanted”.

“For all your insistence that I was part of the family and you’d missed me all these years you blocked me out of the one piece of information that I deserved to know. You were the same Mother, giving me half facts and refusing to talk about it. It was ridiculous, if anything it made me more curious to find out the truth. And you Draco, automatically taking Blaise’s side, shouting at me for getting involved where I shouldn’t. He is my Papa too, just because I was taken away didn’t mean I wasn’t allowed to know him!”

“So I did my own research, I had help I’ll admit but I’m not going to reveal the person who helped me. I looked through past year books and old records. I found out who’d you’d been running from all those years. Marcus Boyle ring any bells, he should, he’s the one responsible for all this. The day I found out about Marcus Boyle was the day I saw a bookstore owner die. Then there was the werewolf attack and I knew I was being watched. It was obvious really, Marcus was feeling threatened so he sent out his minions to threaten me as well”.

“It didn’t work, if anything it made me more determined. I knew I was looking for my Papa, I knew it was his magic that was reaching out to mine. I knew that we had a strong connection. I worked tirelessly for months finding the secret location of Marcus’s castle. It felt so simple when I found it, dark wizards tend to use the home of their ancestral parents as that dark castles, evil lairs etc”.

“Granted at this point I shared my burden with another, turns out I should have thought more carefully about who I trusted with the information. I had thought I could trust her, I didn’t think she’d involve anyone else. For whatever her reasons it’s still a betrayal when you come down to it”.

“By the time this lot arrived I’d already infiltrated the castle, broken several wards, stunned and killed several of Marcus’s henchmen. You lot should have stayed well away, your arrival caused the battle to escalate. I almost died, thanks to the distraction you all created but I managed to get away. Regardless of the battle and the people who had arrived I had a mission to carry out. I followed the trace of magic that called to me, I followed it all the way to the basement, I undid countless complex spells and blasted away countless doors until I finally reached my Papa. It was hard getting you out of there as you didn’t understand what was going on nor who I was nor who you were”.

“Marcus caught up to us at the foyer right when we were about to disappear. I saw the torment in his eyes, he thought he was looking at a young Katherine, it was like losing you to Papa all over again. But he didn’t get a chance to act this time, he was killed straight away by the killing curse”.

“The curse you threw Draco, you killed Marcus Boyle didn’t you” she cocked her head to the side waiting for his answer.

A note to the wise, as many have continued to ask this; Blaise’s character is Italian, I am unsure as to whether he is Italian in the books but every most every fanfiction story I’ve read with him in it, he has been Italian. When I write him, he is always Italian. Cara is an Italian word, it translates to: dear one, loved one, darling etc. I hope this will clear up any confusion on the subject.  

Love you all (especially Shortie) ~ Zyii

Chapter 19: Chapter Nineteen – Insert your own mushy Title for the Enormous Amount of Emotional Content to Follow
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Chapter Nineteen – Insert your own mushy Title for the Enormous Amount of Emotional Content to Follow

Strong Language

Warning: reference to torture

All eyes were on Draco following Evvie’s comment; he felt the sweat start to pool on his palms. He didn’t want to go to Azkaban; it was self defense…right?

“Yes” whispered Draco, “He was going to kill Evvie, I couldn’t let that happen, I thought I’d lost her once already that night, it was in defense” he mumbled, “Am I going to Azkaban?” he asked worriedly.

“No you are not” replied the Auror in charge who had just walked into the room.

“Mr. Zabini welcome back” he added, “Son we have been trying to locate and execute Marcus Boyle for over a decade. Mr. Zabini here wasn’t the only person to go missing by Marcus’s hands though he was the only one to survive. You’ve done the world a great justice by getting rid of Marcus, no doubt you’ll be rewarded handsomely by the Ministry for your achievement” commented the Auror as he retreated from the room.

Draco breathed a sigh of relief that he hadn’t realized he’d been holding.  He’d been so scared that his actions would have given him a one way ticket to hell. From the mistakes he’d made during the war he’d learnt to keep his head down and not draw unnecessary attention. In everything that had happened, Draco had only been concerned with saving Evvie but in the aftermath and recovery he’d began to worry about what would happen to him. Thankfully the Auror had set him on the straight and narrow but he still wondered what would happen to his soul. He was already so broken; his soul was surely in danger of keeping him from the good part of the beyond.

Evvie put a comforting hand atop of Draco’s pulling him for his depressing thoughts. She didn’t want him feeling guilty for protecting others. It’s not as if he’d killed anyone in cold blood. It had always been as a last resort.

“It’s time for your story now Papa” said Evvie her pinkish eyes glowing unnaturally bright.

“Yes I suppose you’ve all waited long enough” chuckled Andre, “I suppose you’ve worked it out already” he said looking at Evvie.

“You know what part we want to hear Papa” said Evvie solemnly.

Andre looked at Evvie seriously, “I’ll tell you later angel” he looked at her knowingly. She wanted to know of his time in captivity and if anyone deserved to know of his time there it was his beloved powerful angel.

So instead his family began to explain all that had happened in his absence. He was gobsmacked to hear about all the things that had happened. Especially the life his daughter had led from age eleven to now. His daughter truly was an all powerful witch; all that the seer had predicted had come true. Suddenly Andre was grateful that his angel had disappeared and been kept safe. He knew she hadn’t exactly hidden herself during the War but he was thankful that Voldemort never got his teeth into her. To hear what his daughter had become, the brightest witch of her age, war heroine, survivor of torture at the hands of Bellatrix, it was enough to boggle his mind. Sure when the seer had predicted the greatness of his future child he’d been delighted but in all his wildest dreams he never expected her to achieve this much. It made him truly proud to be a parent.

Much of the next few days were spent catching Andre up to current events, whether it be through his family and friends or newspaper clippings and books written about the war. So much had changed it seemed the world he had left had disappeared. This new world was far different from anything he imagined and it would be hard coming to terms with the changes and fitting in to the new life he found himself in.

Andre got to leave the hospital the following week, the chief healer in charge deeming both Andre and Evvie well enough to leave. Though she mentioned to Evvie that she should ease herself back into her magic and not attempt any large or complex spells straight away, instead she should give herself a chance to let her magic reacquaint itself with spells.

Katherine was glad to get Andre home she’d hardly been able to get him away from their daughter. She knew they shared a special bond together; they had even when she was small. She was her Father’s daughter and he would give her the world if he could. But Katherine needed some time with her husband, she needed to reconnect with him and needed forgiveness for giving up the search on him. She needed to make sure that he knew she still loved him and that she shouldn’t have listened to the Aurors, she should have listened to her heart and searched for him till she came to the ends of the earth. She needed the absolution his forgiveness would give her.

Slowly but surely, things seemed to return to normalcy. The world kept turning as Andre made his way back into society. Life stopped for no one, the danger had done its damage, broken people had been fixed, what was lost was now found and the world kept turning. Katherine’s world was brighter, there was still love in her marriage, though it would take time to reconnect completely – they had been separated for over a decade after all. Blaise had got the Father he always knew he needed. Andre had got the family he knew was missing and Evvie had got the Father she’d been searching for. Sometimes there were good days, sometimes, though very rarely, no one died, it was a good day and life kept moving.

Draco sat in the study of Zabini manor, his palms were sweating and he was trying hard not to crease his clothes. He was about to have the ‘talk’ with Andre. He knew it was coming, Evvie was her Father’s world, and of course he would want to know Draco’s intentions.


Draco jumped, embarrassed at his reaction, he heard a deep chuckle from behind him.

“Nervous are you?”

“No Sir” he replied.

“You love my daughter” it was merely a statement and Draco didn’t know if he should answer or not.

“You saved my daughter and by extension you saved me” he paused, “For that I am grateful. You have my respect Draco so do not lose it”.

“Sir?” questioned Draco.

“What are your intentions?” asked Andre sternly.

Draco gulped, “I love her” he started shakily.

“More than?”

“I’m sorry Sir I don’t understand”

“What do you love her more than?” sighed Andre impatiently, “Do you love her more than yourself? More than your money? Your inheritance? Your expectations? What do you love her more than?”

“I love her more than life itself” replied Draco, “I’d do anything for her”.

Andre starred at him intently, “Yes, I believe you would” he replied.

“I don’t want to lose her, I will protect her always” mumbled Draco, “I want to be with her forever if she’ll let me”.

“You have my blessing; you know what that means boy. Don’t hurt her, or you’ll have a lot more than me banging down your door” snarled Andre, a clear warning that Draco should heed should he wish to stay alive.

“Yes Sir” he replied.

Evvie was lucky to have a Father such as Andre, the rest were not so lucky.

Andre felt cheated. He was thankful for this second chance with his family and with life but he’d missed out the most important years of his children’s lives. Not that they acted that way, but Andre longed for memories of his children growing up, memories that he knew he’d never get. At least in the case of Evvie he was as in the dark as Katherine was to her growing up. They’d both been kept out of something that should have been their biggest joy. Andre felt content in the knowledge at least that he did have some images of his children when they were young and he was making new ones right now, ones that would never be taken from him.

“Papa?” called Evvie walking into the library, the room had become a haunt of Andre’s he felt solace in the books just as his daughter did.

“Come here angel” Evvie warmed to his voice, to the rest of her family she was Evvie but to her Papa she was his sweet angel and it made her feel special like they shared a secret.

She went to him willingly; he was her Papa the one she’d gone to the ends of the earth to find. She’d follow him anywhere if it meant bringing him back to the family once more.

“You wanted to know about my time in captivity didn’t you” she nodded her head, leaning up against him and allowing him to stroke her hair, it was a comforting gesture. He didn’t want to scare his daughter but she wanted to know and she deserved to know.

“You mentioned your torture during the war” he began, wincing when he thought of her being tortured, he wished he’d been her to stop that from happening. “Well my time in captivity was like that, that pain you felt but every day. It was never ending and it was ten times worse. I won’t tell you exactly what was done to me, which is a burden I will carry alone. But you survived Voldemort, you know how he worked, Marcus was like a quieter more fearsome version of Voldemort. He didn’t parade his power around for all to see, he kept himself hidden because it allowed him more freedom. But they were both driven by one of the same things; revenge. I know Voldemort wanted a lot more but in his later years – from the sounds of it – you cannot argue that he wasn’t fueled by revenge. Killing Potter would have given him the revenge he seeked from being thwarted by the Potter family”.

“When the nights were young the torture was grand, Marcus would visit me daily just to put me on the brink of death. He seemed unwilling to kill me but I never learnt why. He didn’t need any information from me, he already knew where Katherine was and how she was faring. He called it a twisted sign of fate. If he couldn’t have her then neither would I. He wanted Katherine to spend her life in misery for rejecting him. Marcus wasn’t in his right mind, which was clear. Whatever he’d undertaken to get where he was then had taken far more from him, I hardly believe there was much humanity left in him. He’d lost all that to the darkness”.

“The funny thing about captivity, it makes you reevaluate your life. With four blank peeling walls there wasn’t much to stare at or much to do. I put my most treasured memories; the ones of Katherine and of Blaise and of you into the back of my mind. I kept them there for so long that I forgot about them. I became separated from who I was and I became a walking robot, a man without memories, a man without the pain of loss, the pain of sadness, the pain of pain. I was trying to distance myself from myself so I wouldn’t feel anymore. I couldn’t stand to feel anymore. The pain was just too much”.

“Through it all, right at the back of my mind, hidden away was a spark of hope. I didn’t know what to do with it in the state that I was in but I clung on to that little spark of hope. I knew that somehow somewhere something was coming for me and perhaps if I hoped hard enough that spark would set me free. I can’t explain it, I wouldn’t say I knew you were coming because I didn’t. For all I knew you were dead and I didn’t remember you by that point anyway. I just knew deep down that someone was coming to save me. It might take minutes, it might take weeks, month’s years but I knew someone was coming. That hope kept me alive, through the pain, the taunts, the emptiness, it was all worth it”. Andre paused to let the tear leak from his eyes, all the pain he’d buried from this family was leaking out the only way it knew how, through his eyes.

“Papa?” questioned Evvie feeling the wetness of his tears fall upon her hair.

“It’s alright, I’m fine. I’m not done yet” said Andre.

“When I was very young I met a seer” Evvie scoffed. “Don’t scoff angel she was real” he said seriously. “She told me that one day I’d have a daughter. This daughter would be the most powerful witch in over a century, she told me that my daughter would achieve great things and suffer from great hardships but she would survive it all. I remember feeling amazed that I would one day have a daughter, Katherine and I were seeing each other at that point but nothing was concrete or set in stone. I didn’t really set much in store for what the seer predicted, I knew I would love my daughter no matter what but just hearing about the things you’ve done, the seer sure did underestimate you didn’t she. You turned out to be far more powerful, far more intelligent, far more beautiful, passionate, loving and brave than I could have ever imagined”.

“When I saw you standing within the smoke, I thought I was looking at Katherine from the past. I knew you were my spark of hope, I knew you were the one I’d been waiting for, the hope to save me. I couldn’t have done it on my own. I’d forgotten what magic was, I’d become so separated from myself that I had become someone else entirely. If you weren’t as magnificent as you are I think I would have died in that cell. You my girl are my savior, my sweet angel” he murmured.

“Papa” cried Evvie, hugging her Father tightly as he continued to stroke her hair. They stayed like that for what seemed like hours, the emotional revelation that Andre had unloaded was enough to halt all further thoughts in Evvie’s head. She just wanted to stay close to her Father and remind herself that he was here now and wasn’t going anywhere.

“Draco was here earlier” he whispered to her.

“He was? Why didn’t he come see me?” she sounded hurt.

“I asked him to come see me” replied Andre.

“Oh no. Please don’t tell me you went all protective Papa” she moaned.

He chuckled, “I might have done” she groaned, “I didn’t embarrass you angel, he just had a couple of answers that I needed”.

“What answers?”

“He loves you”.


“He didn’t tell you?”

More silence.

“Do you love him?”

“Yes Papa” she whispered.

“I gave him my blessing” he replied, “He saved you, he saved me, he loves you. That earnt my respect and my blessing. I’ve seen the way you two look at each other, there is something special there, don’t lose it” he murmured.

“I won’t Papa”.

“I know you won’t angel” he replied.

Life goes on, but who has been left behind?

In light of recent events, the Werewolf, the Battle at Marcus’s castle, Evvie’s fight for survival mindsets had been changed. You could say it gave a people a new perspective on life, on what was important and what wasn’t. Somehow Hogwarts didn’t seem that important anymore, exams were exams as long as they were passed people didn’t seem bothered by them anymore. School was a thing of the past as people came together with words of love and adoration to plan their new lives leaving the school yard taunts, the pain, the danger, and the war memories behind. It was to start something new and it was worth it.

From out of the rain came the couples that said no to society, no to rules, no to playing safe, no to the idiots. Life would be better for them all from here on out. They’d planned for a better future and they’d get one:

She was tall blonde and no longer a shrieking girl who did nothing but gossip. He was tall dark and handsome, the quiet type whose silence spoke of a million secrets. They’d been weary of each other at first, a Slytherin and a Gryffindor, when was that ever a good combination but the secret glances, the bare touches, the conversations bought them closer together. The night of the Werewolf attack, and all they could think was if the other was alright. He would never have forgiven himself if she had been hurt and she couldn’t imagine what her life would be like if that Werewolf had killed him. Family wasn’t an issue, neither was money or Hogwart’s grades. He wanted to go into Publishing, it was a big market and if he started a company he could spread his work through both the muggle and the Wizarding worlds. She wanted to be a fashion designer, she had the brains to do it, and she wasn’t a dumb blonde and never had been. He gave her confidence to be herself and she gave him the ability to love without fear. ~Lavender and Theo taking the world by storm.

She was once a mean bully insecure in herself. He was once a shy mouse afraid of his own shadow. The war had changed them. It had made them see the grey in the world. There was a lot of grey compared to the black and white that others saw. Suddenly what was right and what was wrong seemed insignificant. She wanted more from life; surrounded by boys she lacked the one man to set her heart a flutter, to send her veins burning with fire, to follow her in her dreams. She wasn’t looking for the one; she was looking for the right one, she was looking for the spark. He’d become someone knew, he had this confidence he’d never had before, he’d seen her one day and thought how beautiful she’d become. They’d stood up for a mutual friend at the same time and suddenly realized the connection they shared. They were more alike than they imagined, they had the same passions, desires, aspirations. He wanted to be a herbologist, to travel the world, find plants that had yet to be discovered and he wanted to follow him. ~Pansy and Neville redefining the spark.

She’d been yearning for him for so long but he let her down again and again. She thought he’d change, believe he loved her enough to see his mistakes but he didn’t. So she let him go, it was for the best despite the pain in her heart. That’s when he’d found her, broken and struggling to survive. He thought she was the most wonderful girl in the world. She captivated him; he found himself watching her every move. He helped her heal and in turn he fell in love with her. She was the light to his darkness. Her words of wisdom like a cool sea breeze, he could lose himself in the safety of her worlds. She in turn saw him in a new light, she saw not the friend she’d gained, nor the one who had fixed her. She only saw the one who held her heart, the one who she couldn’t live without. Where the future would take them she didn’t know or care – neither did he – they would be together, that was all that mattered. ~Luna and Adrian proving there are always more fish in the sea – better ones as well.

She’d follow him to the ends of the earth and back again, she’d keep his secrets, she’d been his shoulder to cry on, she’d be the steady voice he listened to, she’d be his forever. He’d love her for all his days, he’d protect her from harm, he’d defend her honor, he’d listen to her every word, and he’d make her feel treasured every day. Theirs was a love story to rival another’s; they’d been together through it all. Before the war, were everyone was pretending to be safe, through the war where everyone was scared, after the war where everyone was picking up the pieces. Through the return of Evvie, through the death of Marcus, through the return of Andre, they’d seen it all. He’d marry her right now if she asked; in fact he intended to marry her before the year was through. He didn’t want to miss one minute of their life together, they deserved this, deserved each other. ~Daphne and Blaise showing the strength of love.

The others don’t bare a mention, Harry, Ron, Ginny and Victor. Bad things happen to bad people. The roads you chose to walk down are the roads you live for life. You don’t get to turn around and come back if you’ve made a mistake. Some of the decisions we make in life we make forever. There is no undoing some mistakes. Perhaps some time in the future these four people will learn from their mistakes, or perhaps that is wishful thinking. One can only hope.  

Chapter 20: Chapter Twenty – Epilogue: To Hold You So Close
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Chapter Twenty – Epilogue: To Hold You So Close

Mild Language

Starring across a sea of heads donned in graduation attire, it seemed so long ago that they were all starting life out at Hogwarts, so many changes since then, so many sleepless nights from forgotten homework, so much heartbreak over stupid boys, so much fun and laughter, so much danger and fear. It seemed like a lifetime was spent at Hogwarts, the life of so many was buried beneath its walls the stories of so many students trapped forever, only to be remembered by the portraits that watched the walls. Hogwarts had seen many changes over the years, the school stood proud once more, opening its doors and welcoming it’s students with open arms, the school kept everyone safe and sound acting as a mother to all the students who lived within. Some students didn’t want to leave the safety of Hogwarts and indeed some returned, for McGonagall it seemed as though she’d never left Hogwarts.

The school didn’t hold the same things for her anymore. At one point Hogwarts had been her home, the place she felt most safe in, the place her friends were, the place she could learn and grow as a person. Now she got the latter from other places, Hogwarts was no longer needed, and as for safety well she felt most safe within his arms. She’d broken away from the graduation party, the whoops and cheers becoming a bit too loud. Sitting in front of the Black Lake watching the Giant Squid dance in the water gave her a moment of serenity.

Sometimes it was hard to imagine all the changes that had taken place over recent years. The Golden Trio had crumbled, her parents had died, she’d transformed, been catapulted into a new family, her real family. She’d lost friends and gained new ones, lost love and found it. She’d almost died several times for several reasons, she’d killed for fear of being killed, she’d been tortured for being something it turned out she wasn’t. She’d risked her very existence to find the one thing that was missing. She didn’t know what would have happened to her if she’d been wrong in her predictions and her Papa hadn’t been where she thought he’d be, or worse if she’d found him dead.

When she was young as all little girls tend to do she’d wished for the perfect fairytale story with the perfect family and the perfect prince charming. And it seemed through all the trials and tribulations that she’d endured that she’d finally found that perfect fairytale story. She had the perfect family, her Papa, her Mother and Blaise. The family may be cracked and patched up to other people but to her she only saw the faces of people who made her life worth living. As for her Prince Charming, well she’d hit the jackpot there. They always say that love can grow from hate, and oh how she used to hate him and now she loves him with all her being. Of course he fits the role of Prince Charming perfectly, not many people can pull of that look but he has it down to a T.

She laughed when she thought of all that had befallen Ginny and Victor she couldn’t help but think they deserved all they got but if the rumors were true then she pitied their child who was soon to be born. No child deserves to be product of a loveless marriage just because their parents were stupid idiots. Speaking of stupid idiots Ronald and Harry took the gold medals. Ronald was always going to be a lost cause; he wanted far more from life than it would give him. He would be better off moving to a place where no one knew him then he could start afresh with no expectations but Evvie suspected he liked the limelight too much to give it up. And Harry, well it had seemed for a while that Harry was coming round and thinking for himself but at the end of the day it seemed that Harry preferred to stay within the safety of what he knew rather than see the world for what it really was. In rejecting the one person who had seen him for his true self he had thrown away his one chance of true happiness. He’d learn but by then it would be too late.

Life had given them a second chance to be a family; she didn’t want to waste that, not for anything.

She still wanted to be a healer, though perhaps not on the same ward as that trainee healer who was mean! She wondered what his plans were. They’d never really talked much about the future; she’d been so focused on the present. She knew she loved him but she wasn’t sure if she was ready for anything else. She knew one thing for certain though.

“What are you doing down here?” he asked, he’d noticed the moment she’d disappeared but had given her time to herself before following.

“Thinking” she replied, he always had a knack for finding her.

“That sounds a bit serious” he remarked with a smile on his face, “Care to share?” he asked.

“I think I need a holiday, no we need a holiday, don’t you think?” he cocked his head, “A nice holiday away from everything else would suit me nicely I think” she decided.

“If you want we could turn it into a honeymoon holiday” he muttered quietly.

She gazed at him unblinking. Is this what he wanted? She thought.

“Why don’t we go on holiday first, then you can think of putting a ring on my finger” she said with a smile.

“Deal” he replied, “Come on you, your family will be missing you” he said wasting no time in dragging her along with him and back to the castle.

“And we have a world to explore” she giggled.

That we do he thought, and with her by his side, it was sure to be bloody fantastic!

It was 1:28am on the 22nd of June that I finally finished Queen of Gorgeousness. It was a long road to travel but one I thoroughly enjoyed. I struggled over the ending, I kept writing things and then rewriting things, I was looking for the perfect ending. I didn’t want another marriage or strictly planned out ending. I thought there would be more chapters, maybe twenty-two or twenty-three but I realized I was just trying to drag it out; there would have been nothing to fill those chapters with. It’s hard to acknowledge that this story has ended. I definitely think it’s my favorite story so far. I hope you’ve all enjoyed it as much as I have and that the ending was pleasing.

If I have to thank anyone it would be to all the people who have read this story and reviewed it. My special thanks goes to Shortie who diligently reviewed all chapters of this story and continually converses with me on the forum. You are a godsend! And I would still be working out how to request a banner if you hadn’t come along!!

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