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Format: Novel
Chapters: 16
Word Count: 77,923
Status: Abandoned

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong language, Mild violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance use or abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme

Genres: Drama, Fluff, Romance
Characters: Albus, Hugo, James (II), Lily (II), Rose, Scorpius, Teddy, Victoire, OC
Pairings: Lily/OC, Arthur/Molly, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Rose/Scorpius

First Published: 03/02/2012
Last Chapter: 04/05/2013
Last Updated: 04/05/2013


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I am Lily Luna Potter and my life is perfect, with the exception of one minor problem: I'm pregnant.

Welcome to my life, my ramblings and the bumps along the way. These are my teenage confessions.

*Now abandoned, hopefully to be re-written in the future. Thank you all for R+R'ing!*

Chapter 1: Confession 1 - Of Sickness, Boys And Shocks
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Here I am, alone in my dorm lying in bed on a Friday night. I should really be coming back from dinner with everyone else, but no, I'm stuck in bed. I've been ill since Sunday, and it's now Friday. Now normally I don't get ill at all and apart from the odd cough or cold I'm always fine. I don't have a bloody clue as to what's wrong with me, except...

There was knock at the door and my cousin Rose entered, making me lose my train of thought. Her red hair was pulled back into a pony and her uniform was still as neat as it is when she leaves for breakfast in the morning. I briefly wondered if she should be in the library or reading a book since that's all she does.

Rose came over and sat on the end of my bed making it creak a little. I felt her cold hand on my warm forehead to check my temperature like my mum normally does if I'm ill, "Feeling any better Lil's?" She asked as she took her hand away.

"Urghhh." I managed to groan as I sat up slowly.

"I'll take that as a no then." She chuckled, Actually chuckled to herself about me not being well. I saw her rummage around her school bag which she had dropped on the floor and pull out some books. "By the way you've got homework. Roxy picked it up and asked me to give it to you."

Rose then started to ramble on about what I've got to do, but I wasn't listening, I just sat there and nodded my head every now and again. I was annoyed at the fact she had chuckled to herself about me being ill, I mean she wasn't the one who hasn't been able to keep down any food over the past six days apart from a few bits of toast. She wasn't the one who had been sick at least ten times each day, morning, afternoon and night.

She wasn't the one who had a weird metallic taste in her mouth, she wasn't the one who was constantly tired but couldn't sleep. She wasn't the one waiting for this months period, she wasn't the one... Oh shit, then it dawned on me, realisation hitting me like a slap in the face. I couldn't be could I?. Oh no, Oh no, double shit.

"Earth to Lily, are you still there." Rose said as she waved her hand in front of my face.

"Huh," I shook my head, "Rose listen I don't think that this is some bug. I think, I think, IthinkIcouldbepregnant." I blurted out.

Rose looked at me and I could see she was trying to register what I had said, "Wait, what did you say Lil?"

I sighed, "While you were babbling on about homework that I'm probably not going to do, I was talking to myself in my head saying only you could chuckle at me being ill. And how you're not going what I'm going through, and I mean according to my head I'm still waiting for this months period." I explained as I watched her bottom jaw go straight to the floor.

"But Lil's, your periods are all over the place. I expect you'll be on next week."

I shook my head, "Rose, we're not all as clockwork as you. But I can just feel that something is wrong, I've got all these symptoms and I don't that it's food poisoning."

Rose looked at me, "Well what are they?" I listed all my symptoms, her blue eyes were as big as saucers after I had said the last one. "Lil I think you may be right, I mean they are all pretty much symptoms of being pregnant. As are feeling faint or dizzy and having sore boobs. But you haven't had sex have you Lil, because otherwise it's pretty impossible."

"Hmm," I mumbled as I thought about what she had said, I have been feeling a little dizzy and my boobs have been sore but then again they normally are when I'm due on. "Well yeah I might have had sex." I said casually and then added, "How come you know the symptoms of being pregnant?"

"Wait what?, are you saying that you're not a virgin." Rose said a shocked look on her face.

I could see that she was avoiding my question but nodded any way and her jaw dropped again. "Once you've picked your mouth up off the floor, are you going to tell me how you know the symptoms of being pregnant? I did notice you avoided my question."

Her mouth closed and then she started to do an impression of a goldfish, "I, well, I, well. Well isn't it obvious Lil, look at the size of our family. Someone's always been pregnant."

"I shot her a look that said 'liar', "I know fully well that is complete and utter bullshit as no one has been pregnant in our family for fifteen, sixteen years. And I know for a fact that you were only three when Lucy was born. So that is so not how you know."

"Fine," She practically yelled, I noticed her eyes looked slightly cloudy as she said, "If you must know I was..."

Rose stopped as the door opened and in walked Laura, one of my dorm mates. Great I was just about to fine out how Rose knew the symptoms of being pregnant and in walks her of all people. She's nice and everything but she's one of the biggest gossip's in our year apart from her best mate Becca Parkinson. I bet she's come to see if she can find out what's wrong with me. So far I've gotten away with saying food poisoning for the first two days but now I've said I must have picked up some virus.

"Oh hi Rose, I didn't know you were going to be here. I just came to check on Lily and see of she wanted any food." She said indicating to the plate in her hand.

Yeah right, it's most likely that she's trying to see if she can spread some gossip about me, I thought.

"I've brought a plate of roast chicken, stuffing, vegetables and gravy." She told us as she came closer.

As mouth watering as that sounded my stomach had other ideas. As soon as I caught a whiff of it I hurled myself out of bed causing Rose to squeal as she fell off, and ran to the bathroom to throw up the contents of my stomach. Trust me there wasn't much in there in the first place. I heard Rose tell Laura to take the food away and to tell the others to stay away as I needed peace and quiet.

I silently thanked Rose as I heard a soft knock on the bathroom door and Rose walked in. I felt the urge to be sick again and Rose held my ginger hair back as the toast that I ate this morning all came back up. Once I had finished I grabbed a hair bobble from the counter and pulled my hair up into a pony and attempted to brush my teeth.

As soon as the toothpaste touched the inside of my mouth I was sick again, instead of trying to brush my teeth again, I stayed sat on the floor next to the toilet. "Can you get me a glass of water please Rose." I croaked.

She went into the dorm and came back with the glass that had been sitting on my bedside table, she filled it with water and I took off her. My throat was really dry and there was a yucky taste in my mouth, I downed it and stood up slowly with a little help off Rose. I went back to bed and curled up under my duvet as Rose got me another glass of water.

She settled it down on my bedside table and sat back on the end of my bed before saying, "And if you must know, it's because I was in exactly the same position as you are now. That's how."

"What are you kidding me!" I tried to yell except my voice came out all croaky.

Rose looked at the floor and then at me, I could see tears in her eyes, "No Lil's I'm not." She whispered.

"But I see no baby, your stomach's still the same size as it was last year." I replied quietly.

Rose looked at me her eyes welling up, "That's because you wouldn't and I never had the baby. I miscarried last June, I was ten weeks and I would have been due last month." The tears were falling down her cheeks thick and fast.

I crawled down my bed and pulled her into a hug. "Oh Rosie, I'm so sorry I had no idea." Now I felt really bad about asking her why.

"It's ok Lil," She sniffed, "Not many people did know. I only found out I was pregnant three weeks before it happened. Only six people knew."

"I'm sorry Rosie." I couldn't believe what I was hearing, my cousin: Rose Weasley, professional know it all and the daughter of two thirds of the golden trio had gotten herself pregnant at seventeen and only six people knew. "Rose, how come only six people knew?"

Rose sniffed again and I handed her a tissue from the box next to my bed, "I told Scorpius that I thought I was the day after I realised, we did a test the week after and it confirmed that I was. Dom found out after she found me on the bathroom floor in our dorm, once she realised I was bleeding she went and got Madame Pomfrey. Madame Pomfrey told Dom that she had to call mum as she's my emergency contact and Dom couldn't exactly refuse. Mcgonagall had to know since she's the head and she excused me from classes as I was on strict bed rest and having counselling and the girl in the pharmacy: Bee." Rose sighed and her hands went down to her stomach.

My cousin Dominique Weasley, knew and I didn't. I get that she and Rose are best friends, but Rose and I have always been close since we were little. There might be an age difference but Rose is like the sister that I'll never have. If I had known I would have been there for her, I know that Rose didn't exactly have the best year, last year.

She told her parents that she was dating Scorpius Malfoy, needless to say Uncle Ron went ballistic, he hates anyone in the Malfoy family. Mainly because Scorpius' father and grandfather were death eaters, they tried killing him, Auntie Hermione and dad once. Uncle Ron's always hated the Malfoy's according to dad and I don't he'll change.

Uncle Ron is the only one in my family who has a problem with Rose dating a Malfoy. Nana loves Scorpius, whenever he comes to the Burrow she's always trying to give him seconds and thirds as according to her he needs fattening up. I mean it's not like it's some random boy Rose found on the street, ok so it's her dad's enemies son but Scorpius is my brother Al's best friend and we've know him for years.

Grabbing some more tissue's I wiped my tears as I realised I was crying and then wiped the tears from Rosie's cheeks. "I just can't believe it Rose." I said as my hands hovered over my own stomach, I was scared now. More scared that when I realised I might be pregnant.

Rose saw my hands hovering and said, "Lil I didn't mean to scare you. If you can manage, there's a Hogsmeade trip tomorrow, we can go and get a pregnancy test. How far do you think you are?"

I tried working it out in my head as Rose blew her nose but I gave up, I've never been the best at math." How long ago was the second of March, I know Slytherin beat us at quidditch that day."

"It was six weeks and one day ago." She replied almost instantly. God I wish I was as brainy as her when it comes to math and most subjects in general - well apart from Potions. Even though she's Hermione Weasley's daughter who was top of every subject in her year (except Defence Against The Dark Arts which my dad beat her in.) Rose isn't top of everything, she sucks at potions (She get's this from uncle Ron according to dad).

I'm really good at charms and potions, whenever I'm mad beware, I produce a mean bat bogey hex thanks to my mum who taught it me and my potions skills come from dad's mum and my namesake Lily. I'm rambling to myself again, aren't I.

"Who's the daddy Lil?" Rose asked whilst giving me a funny look.

"Huh?" I blurted out, I did not expect Rose to ask that. I mean I know she'll have to find out sometime but I always thought that I would tell the father I was pregnant first, not my cousin. Then again I didn't expect to be thinking I was pregnant at sixteen. I took a deep breath and mumbled, "It's Jake."

Rose looked at me and raised her eyebrows, "Jake as in Jacob Smith, the one in your year, best friends with my brother Hugo." I nodded, "I thought James and Al had scared him off years ago with their 'big brother' talk." She said giggling a little. I must say it's nice hearing her giggle.

"Yes that Jake. His brother Jamie is friends with Al and Scorpius." I said letting a giggle escape from my mouth. My two older brother's James and Albus are way too overprotective of me, back when I was a first year they yelled at a boy just for talking to me. Imagine how they'll react when they find out I'm pregnant. Aww crap, they're going to kill Jake for sure.

"Really but they don't look alike."

"Yeah, I know. You probably wouldn't have know they were brothers, but their mum's got brown hair and their dad's got black. Jake is like his mum and Jamie's like his dad." I pointed out. "Their sister Izzy is a sixth year and their other sister Lola is a first year and they've got six more sisters at home."

Rose's eye's widened, "Wow, their family sounds as big as our's. So how long have you been dating, my guess is a couple of months."

My stomach felt slightly funny as she said that, it could be because I haven't long thrown up or the fact that my cousin, my own flesh and blood would think that I would have sex with someone I had been dating for a few months. Please, I'm not my cousin Molly. She has a reputation for shagging on the second date.

I shifted so that I could cross my legs, "Actually we've been together two years."

"Two years, bloody hell!" She said looking shocked. "How did you meet?"

What is this Rose twenty questions? "At the new year's eve party two years ago, we started dating in the March and here we are two years later and still as happy."

My stomach felt funny again and I jumped off my bed and rushed to the bathroom, just in time as well. I made my way back into the door and climbed back in bed after draining another glass of water. Rose was now perched on our cousin Roxy's bed which is next to mine.

"Does anyone know about you two then, I'm surprised James or Al hasn't killed him."

As I got back into bed I rolled my eyes, "Of course people know, unlike you and Scorpius who kept it quiet for five whole years, that's....sixty months." I told her doing the math in my head.

"That's different. You know how much dad hates the Malfoy's. Anyway do James and Al know?"

I lead down and looked up at my canopy which I had decorated with stars and planets, "Well duh, his brother is friends with Al. James didn't exactly care as he was too busy studying and Al didn't mind, he was just glad it wasn't some leech who was going to use me because I'm famous."

"Um Lil," I looked over at Rose who looked a little sheepish, "I forgot to ask did you and Jake remember to use protection when you two you know."

"Rose if we did, I highly doubt that I would be sat here in bed on a Friday night throwing up, now would I dear cousin. I remember mumbling something that sounded like the contraceptive charm but I don't think I said it right. It was all heat of the moment."

She threw Roxy's pillow at me, "Eww too much info Lil, But you do actually know what it is right?"

"Of course it's Tueri Incantatem, mum told me it the night before my sixteenth birthday, along with a speech about being responsible." I told her.

"No it's not, either your mum doesn't know how to say it or you heard her wrong. It's Tueri Infantem. You should know Lil, I thought you were better at charms than me."
I threw the pillow back at her, "Haha, go in my trunk and somewhere at the bottom there should be a pink, frilly book called Charms and Potions for the 16+ Witch."

"Mother of Merlin, who in the world bought you this?" I looked up to see her looking horrified as she pulled it out of my trunk.

"James of course, who else? Look up the pages about love life." I instructed her as I lead back down on my pillows.

"Eww did James actually read this before he gave it to you, some of these pictures are really graphic." She commented.

"Probably not, I bet he just went into Flourish and Blotts and asked the shop assistant what he could get for his sisters sixteenth birthday"

"Why would you think that?"

I shrugged which was pretty hard to do when you’re lying down and said "I saw him that's why, he's so clever that he didn't realise that I could be in Flourish and Blotts as well. I swear he takes after your dad."

"Thanks, ah ha found it. The contraceptive charm is ninety-nine point nine per-cent effective if said correctly , the correct saying is Tueri Infantem and it can protect you from babies being produced. See I was right."

"Well there's nothing I can do about it now." I yawned.

"Well there is, you know you've got three options right."

"Yeah I know and I think I know what I'm going to do."

"What you gonna do?" Rose asked as she hovered over me, her schoolbag slung over her shoulder.

"I shall tell you tomorrow if I feel well enough to accompany you to Hogsmeade and we shall find out if I am most defiantly pregnant or not." I yawned again and my eyelids felt heavy, I tried batting away her face with my hand, "Now I'm not being rude Rosie, but can you go now please as all this talking and throwing up has made me kinda tired and I haven't been sleeping well all week. Oh and if you see my besties Livi and Kayl tell them I'm fine and I've gone to bed, make sure you tell Roxy as well. Also tell my dorm mates Cerys or Laura that is they wake me up there shall be bloody murder." I mumbled as I shut my eyes.

"Night Lil's." She whispered.

"Night Rosie." I mumbled into my pillow as I pulled my quilt up over me. I'm pretty sure that I fell asleep before the door had even closed.

 - Potterfan310

A/N I see Lily and Rose as pretty close, kinda like sisters. What did you think of Rose's little bombshell? Does Laura give a good impression or is she just a nosy so and so....

Thanks for reading, reviews are much appreciated.

I'm re-writing each chapter - The characters, plot and ending aren't changing just the dialogue and the way it's written. Hope you enjoy it x

Edited - 02/04/13

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Chapter 2: Confession 2 - Of Friends, Tests And Finding Out
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Chapter Image by naughtforreal @ TDA. 

I woke up to find sunlight filling the dorm. Sitting up slowly, I stretched and remembered the conversation I had with Rose last night.

"Shit." I mumbled under my breath.

"Ahh you're awake then sleepy head." Came a voice coming from the bathroom, I recognised it as Olivia 'Livi' Thompson, one of my best friends and room mate. As she walked out I saw that she was plaiting her medium length brown hair, her blue eyes sparkling like sapphires in the morning sunshine.

I love Livi, she can always cheer me up when I'm sad or calm me down when I'm angry. Livi's great like that and is one of the many reason's I love her. Livi's muggle-born and lives with her mum, dad and younger brother Isaac. Like me she was still in her pyjamas, and she started to get clothes out of her trunk while I tried to stop myself from falling back asleep.

Unlike me, Livi has curves, something I wished I had. I'm kind of medium sized, and I if I am pregnant, I'm going to end up looking like a whale in nine months time. Speaking of my possible pregnancy, today is the day I find out. Today is judgement day.

I flopped back against my pillows and muttered again, "Shit." Livi shot me a dirty look, she hates swearing and rarely ever does unless she's annoyed, angry or upset, "Oops, did I say that out loud, sorry I didn't mean to."  I had meant to, but she wasn't supposed to hear me.

Livi giggled as she pulled out a pair of blue jeans, "Yes you did. Are you feeling better today?"

I shrugged, "I do feel slightly better, I'm not as tired as I have been, I must have slept really well last night."

"Yeah you did, I'm surprised half the castle didn't wake up what with your snoring." She giggled.

I grabbed my tissue box and threw it at her, "Haha, aren't you funny. You know I don't snore."

Livi grinned at me, "Keep telling yourself that Lil. You were out like a light according to Rose, you've been asleep just over twelve hours."

"Where is everyone and what's the time?" I asked curiously as it was just the two of us when normally it's me, my two best friends (Livi and Kayl), my cousin Roxy, Laura (cousin of the stupid Becca) and Cerys (kind, happy, blonde and unique).

"It's nearly nine, Kayl and Roxy have gone down to breakfast to meet the others. Laura's probably somewhere with Becca and Cerys is in the common room, I saw her just before I came up."

"Explains why the room is so empty." I yawned.

"God Lil, you're not still tired are you."

I shrugged, "A little, I haven't been sleeping well since I got this bug have I. I guess it's just catching up on me."

She shook her head as she got dressed in her blue jeans, a grey top and a black hoodie as well as her Gryffindor scarf, hat and gloves. "Are you staying here or you feeling well enough to come. No ones seen you for ages." Livi said once she was dressed, she looked at with me with those big blue eyes of her's and I sighed.

I know I have to go, I need to find out whether I'm pregnant or not. I think I know what I'm going to do but I'm not a hundred percent sure. If I am, I am and if I'm not then it's a false alarm and I can calm down a hell of a lot.

"I do feel better, so I might come but first can you get me Rose please, I really need to speak to her."

Livi nodded, "Do you want us to wait for you or..."

"Can we meet you in the three broomsticks at eleven."

"Course, she you later Lils." Livi called as she crossed the dorm and left.

I yawned again and stretched out in bed, pulling back my quilt, I lifted my pink pyjama top up and looked at my stomach. Maybe it was my imagination but it looked different. Maybe it looked bloated, but there was definitely something there. The door opened and I hastily pulled my quilt up over me. I looked up expecting to see Rose but instead I saw Livi.

"Lil is it ok if Jake comes up. He saw me come down and asked if you were well enough for visitor's."

"Yeah, sure."

I shut my eyes for a minute so that I could think, am I going to tell Jake that I think I'm pregnant now or wait until I find out for sure. What if I tell him and it turns out to be a false alarm, but what if I tell him and it's not.

"I'll go and find Rose now, but I won't tell her to come up for ten minutes." Livi told me quietly.

I smiled as I opened my eyes again, "Thanks Liv."

She waved her hand in response as she left the dorm once more. I heard her tell Jake he was allowed up. Boys aren't allowed in the girl's dorm and at the bottom of out stairs there's a portrait of an ancient witch who guards' the girl's rooms. She doesn't allow boys up unless a girl tells her it's ok. If they don't and a boy comes up regardless then the stairs turn into a slide. If you ask me it's a pretty fun way of entering the common room.

I sat up just as the door opened and there in the doorway was my boyfriend Jake who looked slightly horrified at the fact he was in our dorm. I mean we're not the tidiest people in the world and there are knickers' and bra's hanging from the beams. Mainly because we forgot to put our washing out for the house elves to collect, so we did it ourselves as we were in need of underwear and the only place we could think to dry it was the ceiling.

Actually my cousin Dom suggested that we hang it out the window, but I really didn't like the idea of people seeing my underwear or even stealing it. I saw he was staring at the side of my bed closest to the window, I looked down and saw a load of snotty tissues from where I had aimed for where I thought the bin was.

I can't actually blame him, if I wasn't one of the people who lived here then there is no way that I would step foot in here. Jake's tall frame was blocking most of the doorway and I could just make out his perfectly toned abs through his green t-shirt which was a little tight.

"You can come in you know, I'm not contagious." I told him.

He ran a hand though his messy brown hair and smiled the smile that I love so much. "I know. How are you? Livi say's you're coming to Hogsmeade."

I nodded as he pulled me into a hug, I could smell his boy smell and I felt like I was in heaven. We broke apart and he kissed me on the mouth, I closed my eyes as I felt his warm lips on mine.

"I'm feeling much better now." I said breathlessly when we broke apart. I looked into his green eyes, which remind me of grassy meadows and thought back too the first time we kissed.

I smiled at the memory, I love him so much.

"I love you Lil's." He whispered as he planted a kiss on my forehead, great he can read my mind as well. "Miss Potter, would you accompany me to Hogsmeade?" He asked.

"I will but I really need to do something with Rose first. I'm meeting the others at the three broomsticks at eleven."

He smiled as he pulled me onto his lap, "Perfect, It's a date."

I giggled, honestly if there was one boy in the entire world who can make me feel like I'm the only girl in the world, then it's Jake. He's so romantic and kind and sweet.

"Thanks for understanding." I whispered as I wrapped his hand in mine.

"So what have you and Rose got to do?"

"I want to tell you but it's kind of private." I replied as I buried my head into his neck, inhaling his smell.

"Oh really well then I won't ask anything else." I love him that he's so understanding, most boys aren't like that.

"You're the best." I said turning around to kiss him. Before I knew it I was on my back and Jake was leaning on top of me, putting all his weight on his hands as we kissed. For some reason I had a feeling of déja vú but my train of thought was broken when the door opened and in walked Rose, a stack of toast in her hands.

"Oh my god, I think my eyes are permanently scared Lil." She called as she headed straight back out the door.

I looked back at Jake who was still on top of me, "I guess I'll be going then. See you later." He gave me one last kiss before climbing off my bed, "You can come in Rose. Bye Lil."

I smiled looking up at the stars in the canopy above my bed.

"I see your feeling better then." She laughed as she walked over and sat on Roxy's bed.

I stuck my tongue out at her, "May I remind you how many times I've walked in a room and saw you with your tongue down Scorpius' throat." I pulled a face, "Way too many times Rose, way too many. I am scared for life because of it."

"Oh shut up. Here." Rose handed me the plate of toast and I took it gratefully since I haven't had a proper meal in nearly a week.

"Fanks." I said with my mouthful, once I swallowed I added, "So what's the plan then?"

"The pharmacy is on the edge of town, You're better off buying a few muggle test and a pregnancy potion just to make sure. And then we're meeting the other at eleven in..."

I put my hand up to cut her off, "Yeah I know, in the Three Broomsticks."

"Are you going to get dressed then?"

"I suppose so." I replied as I got out of bed slowly, as soon as I was on my feet I stood on my tip toes and stretched causing Rose to look at me funny. "What, I'm stretching." I told her.

She shook her head and muttered something that sounded a lot like "Is she insane?"

As I gathered my tidy jeans, a purple top and some underwear, Rose picked up the book off Roxy's bedside table and started reading. I entered the bathroom and looked in the floor length mirror, noticing that I looked completely awful.

My hair was scraped back into a pong which was falling out, my eyes had bags under them and my pyjamas looked terrible. I mean they're the pair that I wear when I'm ill, they're purple with unicorns and rainbows on them. I just can't part with them as I've had them since I was eleven, I used a special charm to make them bigger as I got older.

I jumped in the shower and the water felt so nice and warm against my skin, once I got out I felt revived. Like I was a flower that had just been watered. I pulled my jeans on and was just about to put my top on when I realised that I hadn't picked up a bra.

I looked through my washing basket and eventually found one that looked the cleanest. Normally I have to put it on the middle clasp, but today it felt really tight. I sighed as I un-done it and put it on the last clasp. It felt better but it was still on the tight side. Pulling my top on I looked in the mirror again and this time I noticed a slight curve to my stomach. Turning sideways, I could see it and I doubted that anyone else would notice but I could.

Turning around I quickly brushed my hair and put it up in a messy bun before leaving the bathroom to put my socks and shoes on. "Right I'm ready." I informed Rose as I pulled my grey hoodie on and picked up my bag. Rose didn't even look up from whatever she was reading until I poked her. "I said I'm ready."

Rose shrugged causing her red curls to cascade over her face, "I know but I was trying to finish this page." She told me indicating to the book.

Eventually we made it out the dorm and through the castle, taking a few of the short cuts that we knew. As we walked past the great hall, I could smell all the food, the bacon, the eggs and my stomach felt funny.

I left Rose and rushed to the nearest bathroom which luckily for me was down a corridor opposite the entrance hall. I just managed to reach a cubicle before the toast that I ate early came up. I heard the door and I was just about to speak thinking it was Rose when I heard a Becca Parkinson's voice.

It was just my luck that she picked the sink opposite the cubicle I was in. Her dark hair shone with grease and I shuddered. How could someone have that much grease in their hair? She looked just like her mother, the same pug shaped face, brown eyes, greasy hair. Becca's mother Pansy Parkinson was a complete cow to Auntie Hermione when they were at Hogwarts and it seems that Becca hates me.

She's always trying to come up with gossip or she's after  the boys. Mainly the Slytherin's as they are pure bloods or the Hufflepuff's because they're considered  'gullible and a good shag', her words not mine.  Becca is the Slytherin slut, she hates me and my family and is failing most of her subjects which isn't such a big surprise since she doesn't even study.

My hands were clutching the cold toilet bowl and when I looked up I saw her look at me in the mirror as she put lipstick on, "Hi Lily, throwing up again are we. I thought you were better." She said with a nasty smile.

I cursed myself for not locking my cubicle and replied, "Well I was but then I saw your face and threw up. I still have this bug, so you might not want to come too close in case you catch it." Ha the only thing that she's likely to catch is an STI. She started to back away over to the other side of the bathroom. I prayed that I wasn't going to be sick again as flushed the toilet, the door went again and this time it was Rose who looked worried.

"Lil, what happened? One minute you were behind me and then the next you weren't. I was about to get in a carriage when I noticed you weren't behind me."

"I smelt food that's all. If I can get some water that'll be great, but please can we leave here, Becca's over there." I whispered.

We left the bathroom and Rose dragged me down a shortcut to where the Hufflepuff common room is, "What about my water..." I started to protest.

Rose smiled, "Don't worry, we're here."

I looked infront of us and saw a painting of a giant fruit bowl, really? Why on earth has she brought me to see a painting. I watched as she reached out and tickled the pear, which giggled. Giggled?

"Rose what?"

"You want water, I'll get water. I suggest you stay here otherwise you might be sick again." She replied before disappearing. It didn't take long and Rose was back within minutes, two bottles of water and a packet of ginger biscuits in her hands. "Here you go," She said as she handed me a bottle and put the other one and packet in my bag. "I got you some ginger biscuits to help with the sickness."

"Thanks. So that's the kitchens?"

Rose nodded as we made our way up to the entrance hall, "Yep." She said popping the 'P'.

The sun was shining and it was quite a warm day for April, the sky was blue and there were fluffy white clouds floating in the sky. The light hurt my eyes for a bit as I've been in a dark dorm for a week, but my eyes soon adjusted. A carriage pulled up in front of us, to most people it looks like nothing's pulling it but it's actually thestrals.

Thestrals are the magical creatures that pull the school carriages, only people who have seen death can see them. Rose and her brother Hugo can see them as they saw their mum's dad die but I can't.

We climbed in and I drank my water as I stared across the grounds thinking about what I'm going to if I am pregnant, when I'll tell Jake, how I'll tell my parents and my O.W.L's. Once the carriage stopped just outside of the school gates we walked the rest of the way into Hogsmeade.

"Rose, what's the time?" I asked, feeling more nervous now that we were here in the little village.

"It's half nine." Rose replied, "Do you want to look in some shops before we go to the pharmacy?"

I didn't really care, but I did know that if I didn't find out soon, I might explode. "I think we should look in some shops first, and then make our way over slowly, so that we don't look too suspicious or like we're doing something we shouldn't be."

Rose nodded, pulling her scarf around her face as she dragged me in the direction of Honeydukes. I stayed outside as I had a feeling that all the sugary smells would have made me sick. Rose bought sugar quills, jelly slugs and ice mice, she offered me some but I refused. I wasn't taking the risk of me being sick, I have to find out if I'm pregnant or not.

We walked around for a bit before heading over to the bookshop which was near the pharmacy. The bell rang as we entered and Rose zoomed off to look at books. She has hundreds already so I don't see why she needs more. It took ages for her to finally pick one and then pay.

Eventually we left and turned right in the direction of the pharmacy which was a couple of doors up from the bookshop. I made Rose go first and the bell chimed as we entered causing the brown haired women at the counter to look up. She must have been around twenty to twenty-five as she didn't look very old. I swear I recognised her from somewhere but I couldn't think where.

"Hello, any thing I can help you with." She smiled.

I was about to say no when Rose cut infront of me and said, "Yes please Bee."

"What can I help you with?"

"Can we talk in private?" Rose asked and Bee nodded. I watched as she walked around the counter and over to the door. She locked it and then conjured up a sign that said 'back in 5 minutes'. She came back over and went in one of the two doors that were behind the counter, Rose followed leaving me stood there looking around.

"Lil come on." She called sticking her head out of the doorway.

"How do you know her and can I trust her?"

Rose sighed and came over to me, "Listen to me Lil, she helped me when I came in last year. She can be trusted ok. Bee never told a single soul."

I nodded but I still wasn't totally convinced. I followed Rose into the room which was bright yellow, a little window was behind the desk which took up most of the room.

Bee pointed her wand at the door and said a spell that I didn't recognise and I saw a plant, a muggle computer and three chairs. I sat down next to Rose and Bee spoke directly to me, "I'm Beatrice but call me Bee. Anything we talk about will stay within these four walls, ok." I nodded, "So what can I do to help?"

It was Rose who spoke as I couldn't seem to find my voice, "My cousin Lily here has been ill since last Sunday and at first she thought it was food poisoning or a bug. But then she told me her symptoms and I realised they were what I had, basically she thinks she's pregnant and want's to confirm it."

Bee nodded causing her brown hair to fall around her shoulders, "I see, and how long ago did you have intercourse Lily?"

"Nearly six weeks ago." I managed to whisper.

Bee smiled at me, "I'll be back now, what did you want?"

"Two potions and four muggle tests." Again it was Rose who spoke. I had no idea what happened to my voice, so I got out my water and took a sip. My throat seemed less dry but I still couldn't talk.

Bee came back in the room her dress swishing around her, she handed a white bag to Rose. Maybe she thinks she's more responsible since I've only said four words to her. "They both come with instructions and if you see Madame Pomfrey she'll be able to tell you how far you are. I'm guessing five or six weeks. Cassy will make sure that you're ok and then refer you to St.Mungos the further along you get. If you need any help or advice don't be afraid or ashamed to ask." Bee stopped for a minute and smiled, "I've been there before Lily."

"What really?" Look at that I managed to talk.

"Yes, I was in sixth year, I found out at three months. And because I was too afraid to ask for help and I didn't want to tell the father as I thought he wouldn't take it too good, I kept it to myself and tried to deal with it on my own. I had my son Codie at seven months, he was tiny but he pulled through. He's two coming up three and is fighting fit. So believe me when I say if you need anything I mean it, even it's just a question"

I smiled, "Thanks."

"I work here on Monday's, Tuesday's and Saturday's, nine to one."

"Thanks." I said again as Rose put the white package in her bag and handed Bee the money.

"You'll be fine either way those tests turn out, good luck." Bee smiled as she went and unlocked the main door.

We left after waving to Bee, I swear I know her but I don't know where from and it's bugging me. I decided earlier on that I wanted six tests mainly because when the time comes, I can have proof to show Jake or my parents if they don't believe me.

Before entering the three broomsticks Rose stopped and looked at me, "Do you want to do them here?"

I nodded, "I have to know Rose. I'll do one know and the rest tonight or tomorrow. And if I need to tell Jake then I want him there when I do a test.

She nodded and pushed the door of the pub open, it was pretty packed what with the nice weather. Even though we were nearly half and hour early the other's were all sat at a table in corner. I spotted Livi, Kayl (my other best friend), Roxy, Jake, Hugo, Matt and Leo (Jake and Hugo's best friends). Jake's older brother Jamie along with Albus, Scorpius, Dom and her friends Maisie and Bethany.

Al, Jake and Kayl waved as Rose motioned that we were going to the bar to get drinks, once out of sight of their table, Rose pulled me into the ladies toilets. I looked around to make sure no one else one in here and had to squint a little as the bright red walls were a little too bright for my liking. Rose checked each cubicle and then locked the door with her wand and asked, "Potion or stick?"

"Which is quicker." I replied almost instantly.

"The stick takes a minute and the potion five."

"I'll do one of each."

Rose opened the bag as she said, "Your better off doing the potion one first." before handing me the box containing the wizarding potion.

I turned and went into a cubical muttering "Ok." to myself. I turned the box over and read the instructions:

Remove cork from flask and then fill with the lady who is expecting's urine.

Replace cork and give a shake before leaving for five minutes.

If it turns blue you're not pregnant, if it turns red you're pregnant.

I took the flask out which contained clear liquid and did what I had too, I gave it a shake as I left my cubicle. I placed it on the counter next to the sinks as I washed my hands. Rose was stood calmly in the corner and I started pacing, waiting for the five minutes to be up. Back and forth I walked until out the corner of my eye I saw something change colour.

I stopped pacing and watched the liquid inside the flask change from yellow to orange and then finally to red. Shit.

Rose simply looked at me and handed me the muggle test, I sighed as I went back in the cubicle. The instructions for this were really blunt:

Pee on stick and wait sixty seconds. One line means you're not pregnant, two means you're pregnant.

I did as it said and as I waited I closed the toilet seat lid and sat on it whist counting down the seconds in my head:

60, 59, 58, 57, 56, 55, 54, 53, 53, 52, 51, 50, 49, 48 .......... 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ...

The moment of truth, one line appeared and then another. I groaned and closed my eyes, I lifted my knees up and buried my face in my lap. I was most definitely one hundred percent Pregnant,

Knocked up,

With child,

Up the duff,

Bun in the oven,


Up the spout,

My eggo was definitely preggo. Two tests had proved it, both magic and muggle and they couldn't have been wrong could they?. I started to cry, the tears pouring down my face. I heard Rose knocking on the cubicle door but ignored her until she said, "Lily, are you ok. Is the test positive or negative? Please open the door."

I reached over and opened the door of my cubicle slowly with the test still in my hand, just as another door was being opened and there in the main doorway was stood Dom ....

Cliffhanger alert!!

How do you think Dom reacts? What do you think Lily will do?, When will she tell Jake?

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Chapter 3: Confession 3 - Of Spilling Secrets, Annoying The Enemy And Telling My Best Mates
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Chapter Image by naughtforreal @TDA
"What the fuck are you two doing in here. Everyone else has gone back up to the castle to the Room of requirement to chill out except Kay and Livi who said they were going to the common room. I decided to come and find out where you two had gone as you weren't at the bar. Now why was the door locked with magic?" Dom said as her eyes looked at me hunched on the toilet seat with the pregnancy test still in my hand and then they flickered to Rose who was stood near the counter where the potion was. Dom's eyes grew wide, in fact they were huge.

"Again are you gonna explain why the fuck your in here, why the door was locked with magic and why is there a pregnancy potion by there and a test in your hand?" Dom nearly yelled, looking pretty pissed.

"Close the door Dom and I'll explain." Rose said calmly.

Dom looked at Rose clearly annoyed, "For fuck's sake Rose. Again?"

Honestly I have no idea how Dom's brain works, has she not noticed that I'm the one bawling my eyes out, with a pregnancy test in my hand. Rose locked the door with a different spell and then she started to tell Dom the story. I was thankful she left out Jake's name.

I'm sixteen for crying out loud, I can't have a baby. I'm still a baby myself, I still rely on my mum for most things. I mean I think I know what I'm going to do, abortion is out of the question there's no way I could do it and I don't think I could live with myself. So that leaves keeping it or adoption and I have to tell Jake. I mean if my stomach sticks out a little now, wait nine months and I'll be bloody huge.

Rose must have finished explaining as Dom came into my cubicle and pulled me into a hug. She broke away and pushed her long blonde hair over her shoulder, "Lil's it's going to be ok, we're gonna get this sorted." She said pointing at my stomach which was concealed behind my legs.

I wasn't able to speak, was Dom suggested what I think she was. I tried to speak but Rose got there before me," Dom, you can't make decisions for her. She's sixteen and old enough to make them herself."

Dom looked at me, her blue eyes still wide and then at Rose, "Exactly Rose, she's sixteen and pregnant. She not going to be able to look after a baby through her fifth year and she's got her O.W.L's coming up. What's she gonna do, turn up to her exam with a screaming baby on her hip. I hardly think so."

I can't believe Dom was suggesting I get and abortion, is she for real? And she keeps on talking like I'm not even in the room.

"Lily's old enough and what ever she chooses to do, I'll support her. I know what it's like." Rose calmly told Dom whilst giving me a small smile.

Dom put her hands on her hips making her look slightly evil what with the curtain of blonde hair that was down her back, "Well I'm sure you two have a lot in common, what with both of you getting Knocked up before your eighteen." Dom then pointed a finger at Rose, "You should have got it sorted before you got attached and became so fucking miserable and grew so old over the summer and she..." Dom spun around and pointed a perfectly manicured finger at me, " She should get this sorted before she loves it."

I'd had enough, "SHUT UP!" I yelled, "BOTH OF YOU JUST SHUT UP!, Rose is right I'm sixteen and it's my decision not your's Dom. If you think I could live with myself after killing my unborn baby then you've got another thing coming." I paused for breath and to wipe away my tears, "I didn't ask to get pregnant and neither did Rise. Do you really think she wanted to lose her baby, No. But we're the one's who have to live with the fact we got pregnant so young. I don't care what you think Dom, I'm doing this my way and no one, NO ONE is going to change my mind. OK!"

I stood up and pushed past Dom, grabbing Rose's bag with the test's in as well as my own, unlocked the door and stormed out. Who does she think she is, she's doesn't know what it's like to have tiny little mistake to change your whole life forever. I still had the test in my hand so I threw it in the nearest bin before running through Hogmeade.

A carriage was just about to leave but I managed to jump in. I hadn't noticed there were people in it and they happened to be none other than Laura and Bloody Becca. Great could my day get any worse.

"Hi Lily, you ok. I heard you were feeling better." Laura said brightly as her head bobbed sending her light brown ponytail all over the place. Laura can be really nice, but we've never really gotten on, mainly because her best mate is Becca who hates my entire family. They've know each other since they were little because Becca's mum is some distant relative of Laura's dad.

"Are you crying Lily?" Becca's dull voice asked.

Isn't that bloody obvious there's tears running down my and snot dripping from my nose, god she's so stupid. "No, I'm impersonating a fountain." I said sarcastically.

Laura giggled and Becca gave me a dirty look, "Jeez, I was only asking. No need to bite my head off."

"Yeah well you can clearly see I'm crying, so was there any point in asking me."

"She has a point Bec." Laura pointed out. See this is why I like Laura, she's one of the only people who will stand up to Becca. Most people won't argue with her as she always wins no matter what, but Laura will and she's know's she'll win. Becca will go in a strop for a few days and then come crawling back. I've never known why Laura takes her time after time, but then again Becca is family and who else would they speak to.

"Siding with her you. Siding with the traitors, half-bloods, muggle-lovers and mudbloods are we Laura." Becca said slyly.

God she's suck a dick. I hate her.

"Bec, you've got to stop believing all that shit that your mum tells you. That was back in her day, times have changed for the good of our future and you know it." Laura said loudly.

That shut her up, she thinks she know's everything because her mother is Pansy Parkinson. Becca's exactly like her, she thinks she rules the Slytherin girl's dorm which she doesn't and she thinks that all the boys want her when they don't. I swear she lives in a totally different universe, actually I wish she did because then I wouldn't have to put up with her.

We were nearly at the castle and as soon as the carriage stopped Becca was first out, she entered the castle without even waiting for Laura. I started to walk with Laura through the entrance hall and I could just make out Becca heading towards the dungeons.

"Do you want a tissue?" Laura asked, pulling out a packet and offering me one as we walked up the grand staircase.

I took one and smiled at her, "Thanks Laur."

"Do you want to talk about why your upset and is there anything I can do for you."

"Not really," Merlin no, the whole school would probably know within five minutes, "Could you find Livi and Kayl if it's no trouble."

She nodded, "Sure, but where are you going to be."

I smiled to myself as I thought of somewhere, "Tell them I'll be near a place which brings couple's together. They'll know what I mean."

"Ok," She said giving me a confused look as she carried on up the stairs, she stopped halfway and turned around, "Lil, if you ever need to talk, I'm here for you."


I made my way up to the second floor, thinking about how I was going to tell Jake and then our parents. Mum and dad are gonna kill me. I looked around checking for prefects and teachers before pushing the wooden door with a sign that said 'Girls' open and entering.

You may wonder why checked, well this isn't an ordinary Hogwarts' bathroom it's the entrance to the Chamber Of Secret's and it's haunted by this ghost called Moaning Myrtle. Normally students avoid it unless their desperate to use the loo. I made sure that Myrtle wasn't around, I really don't need her knowing that I'm pregnant. Myrtle's nearly as bad as Laura and Becca when it comes to gossip.

I walked passed all the toilets and stopped outside the wall at the end, I looked behind me before pulling my wand out and tapping the six bricks in a specific order. As the last brick flashed blue I leant against the wall and came out in my secret room. Actually it's mine, Kayl and Livi's secret room, we got Rose to make it for us as we had no where to hang out. It's a bit like the room of requirement, it's completely soundproof and know one know's it's here.

To enter you have to tap six specific bricks in a certain order, we change it every week so that no one can guess it. I placed the bags on one of the bean bags and sat on the sofa. I'm gonna take another test, I thought, just to make sure that I am.

I got out another of the muggle tests, looked through the mirror that hands beside where we come in and saw that the bathroom was empty. I walked through and went into the end cubicle and did what I had to. I sat there staring at the two line, I'm pregnant for sure.

"Psst, Lily are you in here?" I heard my other best friend Kayleigh Jessop whisper.

"Like that's going to work Kayl. The room's soundproof." I heard Livi say.

"Oh yeah I forget." Kayl muttered. I smiled to myself, Kayl is kinda ditzy as you can tell and can always make me laugh no matter what.

I cleared my throat and spoke, "Guys, I'm in here." I stuffed the the test in my pocket and unlocked the door. Kayl come rushing towards me, her blonde hair flying everywhere and pulled me into a hug.

"Laura said you were upset, what's wrong." They both said in unison.

I nodded to the room, "In there."

They nodded and Livi pulled her wand out and tapped the bricks. Once we were all inside I flopped down on a bean bag and sighed. "You two need to sit down, I have to tell you something." They both looked at me but sat down on the sofa. I opened my mouth but closed it again, if I can't tell my best friends then how the hell am I supposed to tell Jake.

I took a deep breath and tried to find all my courage, I'm a Gryffindor for Merlin's sake, "You know how I've been ill all week, well itsbecauseImprgenant." I said the last of it all merging together.

Livi looked at me, "Say that last bit again Lil."

"I said it's because I'm pregnant." I told her slowly.

I saw the colour drain out of her face and she didn't say anything, she just sat there open mouth whereas Kayl asked, "Can we be godmothers?"

I raised my eyebrows at her, "Kay I've just said I'm pregnant at sixteen and your asking if you can be godmothers."

She nodded before pulling me into another hug. I swear that girl is mad, but then again with five siblings at home you might be. Kayl is a half-blood and lives with her mum, step-dad, her brother Alfie (who's a third year Gryffindor) and her half sisters: Ellie and Jasmine and half brothers:Toby and Ryan. Her dad ran out on her, her mum and Alfie when she was three and Alfie was one, she's never seen him since and has always called her step-dad 'dad'.

Once she let go I turned to Livi, "Say something please."

"A-a-are you sure?" She stuttered.

I nodded, "Pretty sure. I've done three tests and they're all positive." I pulled out the one from my pocket and showed it to her.

"Lil, how? when? who? and how are you so calm?" Livi asked as Kayl sat one of the other bean bags.

Calm, does she honestly think I am calm. I am not calm, I'm going insane, I'm sixteen and pregnant. I'm still a child at school. My cousins and best friends know before the father.

"Liv unless you didn't pay attention when we were given sex ed lessons then I'm pretty sure you know how. About six weeks ago, after the Gryffindor Versus Slytherin Quidditch match and with Jake, obviously."

"Lil how could have been so silly not to use protection."

I rolled my eyes, Livi is the mother hen of our group and she takes good care of us even if she can go a bit overboard. "Save me the lecture Liv, Dom and Rose have already said it." I said wearily as I got out my bottle of water, "I said the charm wrong as it was all heat of the moment."

"Wait Dom and Rose know?"

"Yeah, Rose thought I was pregnant because of my symptoms and Dom walked in and saw the pregnancy test in my hand." I explained looking from Livi to Kayl, before taking a swig of water.

Kayl smiled wickedly at me before saying innocently, "Was he any good?"

The water came shooting out of my mouth and nose and whilst I tried to stop coughing Livi yelled at Kay, "You can't asking people things like that."


"B-because that's private between Lily and Jake." She spluttered.

I smiled, "It's fine Liv. I guess so, I mean it's not like I've slept with anyone else so I can't exactly compare him. But yeah I guess it was good." We all looked at each other and burst out laughing.

We sat there for a while and it was Livi who broke the silence, "So what are you gonna do?"

"I'm not sure, I'm not having abortion that's for sure. That leaves me with keeping the baby or adoption. I still have to tell Jake, and I guess we'll decide together. If he wants anything to do with me and it."

Kayl put her arm around me, "Lil, Jake loves you and you know it. He'll stay, I know he will."

"You've really got to tell him soon. And by soon I mean today or tomorrow."

I sighed, I know I have to tell him but if what if I mess it up. What if he doesn't want anything to do with me or the baby, what am I going to do then.

After half an hour of discussing when and how I'm going to tell Jake we left. Kay and Livi offered to come back to the common room but I told them to go to lunch as it was just gone one o'clock. The castle was quiet as I walked up to the seventh floor and thought about the thing that was growing inside of me, there's an actual person inside me. Ok they may not look like a baby right now if I'm what five, six weeks but once it grows it will.

I didn't see Rose or Dom as I passed the tapestry of Barnabus the Barmy and his ballet dancing trolls. The common room was empty when I entered, the fire flickering away. I took the tests out of Rose's bag and put them in my own before dropping her bag off in the seventh year dorm. After that I went and hid my own bag at the bottom of my trunk and gathered up the homework Rose had brought me.

I went back into the common and sat down in one of the squishy red arm chairs, spreading my books out around me. It didn't take too long and I was done by half two, there were more people in the common room, mainly first and second years since their not allowed to Hogsmeade.

After packing my stuff I decided to take a walk, as I got halfway through the castle I changed my mind and headed towards the astronomy tower. Ever since Albus Dumbledore fell off the tower, people don't really use it because they think it's haunted. I know I'll have privacy and that I'll be able to think in peace. I conjured up a pillow and blanket, arranging them against one of the walls before sitting down. I pulled my legs up so that my chin was touching my knees and looked over of the grounds, letting my thoughts wander.

I honestly think I must have fallen asleep because next thing I know, I'm curled up the foetal position and the sky is dark. I yawned and stretched as I sat up, rubbing my eyes. Deciding that I really should go back to the common room, I made the pillow and blanket vanish and left.

The common room was pretty full when I entered and I was nearly knocked over as Livi and Kayl hurled themselves at me, Livi yelled, "Oh my god, where have you been?"

"We were so worried." Kayl chimed in.

"I'm honestly," I told them as they each took an arm and guided me up the girls staircase, "I just went to the Astronomy tower and I must have fell asleep."

"You nearly gave us a heart attack, don't ever do that again Lil. Especially now your y'know."

"Liv you can say it, just not infront of other people."

"Fine, especially now your pregnant. Now go get your pyjamas on, we're having a girly night since you've had a pretty rubbish day." Livi instructed me.

We spent the night painting our nails, doing our hair and talking about stuff and avoiding the subject of me being pregnant all together. When I curled up in my nice warm bed, I thought how ironic that it was wasn't long ago that mum was lecturing me the night before my sixteenth birthday about sex and using protection. And here I was seven months later, a few weeks pregnant.

Fifth is year is so not going to be fun.

Next chapter is a flashback - Enjoy
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Chapter 4: Of Charms, Family And My Boyfriend
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Chapter image by naughtforreal @ TDA!!

AN - This is whole chapter is a flashback, enjoy :)

We had been back at school for nearly a month when before I knew it was half term and my sixteenth birthday was here. I'm having a big party at the burrow where my Nana Molly and Granddad Arthur live. There's going to be a big white marquee, the very same that my uncle Bill and auntie Fleur got married in back in August 1997.

My god brother Teddy and my cousin Tori have both celebrated their sixteenth, eighteenth and twenty-first birthday's, my brother James and cousin Fred have celebrated their sixteenth and eighteenth birthdays with a joint party since they were born six days apart and are practically inseparable. Al and Rose will be celebrating their eighteenths here in December when we're all home for the holidays, as their birthdays are November thirtieth and December sixteenth.

Dom and Molly will be celebrating their eighteenths next year and Hugo has his sixteenth birthday party back at the end of August since his birthday is September fifth. And last but not least Louis, Roxy and Lucy will be having their sixteenths next year. As you probably know that in the wizarding world we become an adult at seventeen, but there is a reason we celebrate our sixteenth, eighteenth and twenty-first birthdays.

The reason is because on our seventeenth we always get together and go for a meal, just family. No friends and your only allowed to bring your boyfriend/girlfriend if you've been dating a year or more, unless your engaged or married.

And lastly no reporters, ever since the war the Weasley's became just as famous as dad, auntie Hermione and uncle Ron. There are always reporters trying to find stuff out about us and if that fails they make it up. The amount of times I've been asked if James is engaged or if uncle Percy is still alive, it's unreal. When we have the parties, reporters are only allowed in for two hours, any more and they would see what our family is like after they've had too much alcohol.

Either uncle George or uncle Ron tries to run around starkers (and pull flower's out of places I do not want to mention) depending on who's turn it is as they are apparently trying to be like their uncle Bilius who was and I quote from them 'the life and soul of a party'. Or when Dom starts pole dancing using the poles that are holding the marquee up, (that happened last year and James and Fred's eighteenth) and trust me that is not something you want to see.

Like I was saying the Burrow and The Weasley marquee has got so many memories and this year it's created a whole lot more.

It was around six o'clock and I was sat at the breakfast bar reading a book and drinking apple juice. Dad was in work (He's an Auror), as was James (He works at uncle George's joke shop) and Al was in his room with Scorpius playing on a muggle X-box. Scorpius is also staying the night as he's invited to my party, so he's coming along to the Burrow with us.

Mum was behind me making spaghetti bolognese for tea and I could hear her humming along to the radio which was playing in the background. Five minutes later mum came over and stood on the other side of the breakfast bar, she looked at me and then sighed, "Lily I know you probably don't want to hear this, or you might already know but I need to talk to you about sex and protection."

Oh dear Merlin, was my mother really going to talk about this in the kitchen, when Al and Scorp are upstairs and could come down at any time. "Mum, honestly it's ok. I know everything, you don't have to tell me." I said trying to reason with her.

She gave me a stern look, "Lily darling,, don't be embarrassed it's completely natural. I just want to talk to you about protection and the consequences. Always use it or you'll get pregnant or an STI and I don't want my baby girl having a baby until she's ready or any sort of nasty infection. Ok."

I sighed, there's no way I'm going to get out of this. Once my mother's mind is made up no one can change it, except maybe dad.

"As you know, tomorrow you turn sixteen and therefore you are the legal age to have sex. I know you and Jake have been going out nearly two years and I want you prepared for when you're ready."

G.r.e.a.t, here comes the sex talk.

Mum carried on even though I was bored out of my brain and not really paying attention, "I'm going to teach you the contraceptive charm and just because I'm teaching you it, does NOT mean that I'm giving you permission to sleep around, ok. It's Tueri Infantem, repeat after me, Tueri Infantem."

"Tueri Infantem." I repeated.

"Tue-ri Infan-tem." Mum said slowly.

"Tue-ri Infan-tem." I repeated, even though I already know the charm. They gave us sex ed lessons at school, back at the beginning of the month.

"Promise me that you'll use it, and don't let anyone pressure you into sex."

Mum went back to stirring the bolognese and I hopped down off my stool and made to leave just as uncle George casually strolled into the kitchen as if he just walked into people's houses everyday without knocking. Well he usually does, but that's not my point, we might not have been home.

"Hiya Gin, hey Lil." He called as he walked straight past me and mum and headed for the fridge.

"I'm guessing Angelina isn't home yet then?" Mum asked her brother.

"Nope, Fred's at the shop with James and Roxy's over her friends. So I thought I would come and visit my favourite sister." He turned and grinned, giving me a wink before turning back to the fridge.

"I'm your only sister." Mum retorted.

"I know," He replied from within the fridge.

"And anyway the reason you came over was because no one will cook for you as your all alone at home. So you thought you would stop by in the hope I was cooking and then see if I would give you any." Ha mum knows him so well.

"Yeah pretty much, thanks for the offer sis. What's for tea then?" He asked with a smile on his face. How mum never went insane when she was growing up with six brothers, I'll never know. I've only got two and I'm already slightly insane.

Mum shook her head and said, "Spaghetti bolognese."

"Yum." Uncle George said as shut the fridge behind him, he then put a jar of peanut butter down on the counter before getting two slice's of bread and a knife. I raised my eyebrows at him, "What I'm hungry. I've been on my own all day."

"You really need to learn to cook uncle George." I told him.

"Nahh, why bother when I've got Angie, mum, three sister-in-law's and of course my darling sister."

I laughed but mum hit him around the head before saying, "You better not say that when we're all at the Burrow, you wouldn't make it out alive."

I watched as he smothered the bread with peanut butter and then grabbed a packet of cheese and onion crisps. He battered the packet and then opened it letting all the crumbs fall on the bread before topping it with the other slice.

I pulled a face as he tried ramming it all in his mouth, "That's revolting." I told him as I turned to mum, "How long til dinner?"

"Five minutes, your dad will be home soon and so should James." She added as she looked towards the clock. I followed her gaze and saw that the hands 'James' and 'Harry' were both pointing to travelling. You see we have a clock exactly like Nana Molly, on ours there are six hands: dad, mum, James, Al, me and Teddy. Originally Nana's started out with nine hands, it now has twenty-seven including Teddy.

If my party is anything like my life then I should expect a lot of madness and a hell of a lot of laughing.





 Tap. Tap. Tap.

If I ignore it it'll go away, I thought.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

There it is again, but I'm going to ignore it. I don't care, I need my sleep.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

In the end I sat up in bed and looked around groggily for the source of the tapping noise. I saw a fuzzy shape outside my window and headed over opening it. In flew a tawny owl, I recognised him as Hooter, my boyfriend Jake's owl.

Hooter landed on my bed with a flump and I walked over to him, I untied the package from around his leg and then took him over to my own owl Persephone's cage so he could have a drink. Wondering why on earth Jake would have sent me an owl and this time in the morning I ripped open the letter and read:

My dearest Lily,

Happy 16th Birthday, I hope you enjoy today. I know I'll be seeing you tonight but I just couldn't wait to give you, your birthday present. When I saw it I though of you and what you mean to me.

See you later,

Love you lots,

Jake xxxx

Crap, I had forgotten that today was my own birthday. I picked up the package and unwrapped the purple paper carefully. Inside was a navy blue box, the sort that you would get from a jewellers. I opened it and out fell a little note in Jake's hand writing:

'When you put this on, it will remind you of our love and that we are forever and always. If I ever stop you or you stop loving me then take it off and it's power will live no more x'

And there inside nestled amongst white satin was the most gorgeous necklace I had ever seen. It was a silver chain complete with a love heart hanging from it, around the heart's outside there were little ruby's embedded in it. It was gorgeous, I took it over to my dressing table and put it on in the mirror. I smiled as I picked up a piece of parchment and a pen and wrote:


Thank you so much for my necklace, I love it and the colour it's gorgeous. I can't wait to see you later, so I can thank you properly.

Lots of love,

Lily xxxx

I sealed the letter and went over to Zephie's cage, Hooter held his leg out and I attached it. I watched him as he flew out my window into the starry night sky. As I climbed into bed I looked at my clock and saw that it was just gone one am. I snuggled under my quilt and fell asleep once more.

When I eventually woke I up, I yawned and stretched before getting out of bed and putting my dressing gown on before going downstairs. When I entered the kitchen I was greeted by the heavenly smell of pancakes and mum.

"Happy Birthday sweetie." She said pulling me into a hug. "Your presents are over here." she indicated to the breakfast bar where a small pile of parcels in blue paper were.

I had just opened my first present (a silver charm bracelet with a diamonté 'L' hanging from it)when mum put a plate of pancakes in front of me and dad walked in. "Happy sixteenth birthday baby girl." Dad said as he gave me a hug and kissed my forehead.

"That's a pretty necklace." Mum commented as she put a plat of pancakes in front of dad as he sat down.

"Hmm." I mumbled through a mouthful of pancake, once I swallowed I was able to answer properly, "Thanks, Jake sent it over this morning as he didn't want me to have to wait."

"Aww young love, how I wish I was your age again." Mum said as she looked at dad dreamily.

"I doubt that mum," Came Al's voice as he and Scorpius entered the kitchen. "Weren't you sixteen in the middle of the war?"

"Stop ruining the moment Al." Mum snapped as she came out of her trance.

"Happy birthday sis." Al mumbled as he handed me a small neatly wrapped box. Inside was a miniature red and gold Gryffindor crest to go on the charm bracelet that mum and dad had bought me. "The lion has a special charm on it and roars if a stranger comes within a certain length."

I hugged him and whispered "Thanks."

"You'll have to wait for mine and Rose's present." Scorpius informed me as he helped himself to some orange juice.

When James finally got his lazy ass out of bed and downstairs, he handed me my present which was rather book shaped and quite heavy. Now normally I receive some sort of joke set or something from Weasley's Wizard Wheezes but this year off my eldest brother I had a book. A pink frilly book to be precise, called 'Charms and Potions for the 16+ witch'.

I tried not to look to revolted at it's frilly ness and half expected James to shout 'joke' but he didn't. I read the back which said it included love spells, the contraceptive charm and tips on how to make your love life more interesting. I laughed as I read the last one wondering why on earth over sixteens would want to make their love life more interesting.

My laughter caused James to snatch the book out of my hands and I saw his eyes dart across the back cover, reading what I had. "If I ever find out you have any sort of love life then I will personally kill the boy in question or at least make sure he can never have children." He said with a smirk.

Oops he better not find out about me and Jake, but then again we've been dating for one year and seven months. It's not my fault he hasn't heard the Hogwarts gossip. We left our house at twelve and set off for the Burrow. On the journey Al told me that he had charmed the lion to roar if any male came near me but then thought it was pointless considering as our family is mainly made up of males.

When we arrived the marquee was already up and I could see a few balloons outside. I went inside and sat in the living room with a good book. Once my uncles and aunts started arriving I was given even more presents. Off uncle Bill and Auntie Fleur I had two books as well as a large slab of Honeydukes finest white chocolate which happens to be my favourite. The first book was called 'How to charm your hair' and the second 'Make your clothes last ten times longer'.

Once I had unwrapped them uncle Bill pointed to the clothes one and whispered, "There's a spell in there which can make things that fit you when you were younger to fit you now. I used it on a pair of Louis superman Pyjamas about eight years ago. He stills wears them now."

I giggled, it was a cute thought. Louis and Hugo had this big obsession with muggle super hero's when they were younger, the had the comics, clothes and toys. Louis' favourite was superman and Hugo's was Batman.

"Lilllllly!!!!" Came the voice of my cousin Hugo as he ran into the room. "Happy birthday!" He yelled.

"For god's sake Hugo calm down." Uncle Ron grumbled as he walked in along with Auntie Hermione, with Rose trailing behind.

"Happy birthday Lily." Auntie Hermione beamed as she handed me my present. I opened it to find a very large box of Bertie Botts every flavour beans and a jewellery box that played a beautiful song. It wasn't until auntie Hermione said, "It's Hedwig's song." That I recognised it. When I was little I could never sleep without it, dad always used to sing it to me every night without fail. On top of the lid was my name and date of birth carved in fancy lettering and surrounded by swirls.

"Thank you, it's gorgeous." I said giving them each a hug.

I went up to my room to put my presents in a safe place but as I left the living room I was stopped by auntie Angelina and uncle George, "Happy birthday my favourite niece." Uncle George said in a low voice, "Just don't tell the other's I said that." He added with a wink as he handed me a an envelope. Inside the card was a two year season pass so that I could go and watch my favourite Quidditch team The Godric's Hollow Girl's when ever I wanted and I wouldn't have to pay. I thanked them both before carrying on upstairs.

As I entered the kitchen I was hijacked by auntie Audrey and uncle Percy, I unwrapped their present which was book shaped and very heavy. Molly was hovering behind her parents and was mouthing something at me, I couldn't make it out so I carried on with opening my present.

Inside were three books, two muggle stories called Romeo and Juliet and A Midsummer Night's Dream and the third was a very thick book all about the Ministry of Magic (just what ever teenage girl wants.) "Thank you." I said forcing a smile on my face.

"Glad you like it."Auntie Audrey beamed, she ruffled my hair before she went over to annoy Nana, whoops did I say annoy, I meant see if Nana needed any help.

"Sorry Lil, I tried to persuade them not to buy you the ministry book."Molly whispered, "The other two books are really good though."


I saw Molly wave her hand and in came Teddy carrying a large purple box complete with a big silver bow on top, followed by James, Al, Scorpius and the rest of my cousins who were all singing "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to Lily, happy birthday to you!" whilst I just sat there grinning like an idiot.

"Happy sixteenth!" They all yelled as Teddy placed the box in front of me. I lifted the lid and found all of my favourite things which included: a huge photo of me, Al, James, Teddy and my cousins, Lot's of sweets from Honeydukes, various Weasley's Wizard Wheezes products, a book all about my favourite Quidditch team, a hand made seashell mirror, three more charms for my bracelet (a wolf, a lily and a diamonté heart) and all my favourite muggle DVD's.

"Thanks guys I love it, just like I love you all Lot's." I called as I pulled them into a group hug just as Nana came over with auntie Audrey trailing behind her.

"Nonsense Audrey I'll be fine, you go and find Percy."

I smiled to myself, Nana's not too fond of Molly and Lucy's mum and never has been. Auntie Audrey always tries to help Nana or mum or my other auntie's when they don't need it. I think that she feels she has to step up and be as great as Nana, she tries but fails badly.

Once Nana had shooed auntie Audrey from the room she pulled out an envelope from her apron pocket, "Charlie sends his love." She said.

I opened it and found a birthday card, inside was a little dragon charm for my bracelet and some money off uncle Charlie.

"I can't believe your sixteen Lily, it still seems like yesterday that you were born." Nana told me as she pulled me into an unexpected hug. Once she let go she announced, "Right you lot out the kitchen, I have work to do." With that she shooed us all out the kitchen and we went off in different directions.

After a quick lunch I went upstairs to start getting ready, towards the end of the summer when we went dress shopping for Hugo's sixteenth birthday party we bought dresses for today as well. No one has seen mine yet except for Rose (because she helped me pick it) as I've kept it a close secret. Each of our dresses are different and they match our personalities, every birthday party we have to have a new outfit because according to auntie Fleur 'a girl can never be seen in the same outfit twice' especially when the Daily Prophet and Witch Weekly reporters are around.

Since I'm one of the youngest I have hundreds of dresses which live in my walk in wardrobe back at home. They're all different colours, styles and lengths and I have to say that this dress is my absolute favourite.

It took all afternoon for us to shower, put on face masks, paint our nails, do our hair and put our dresses on and eventually at five o'clock we were already. I haven't seen the boys since lunch time and I know for a fact that half an hour ago they were playing Quidditch because I saw and heard them outside.

I was stood in front of the floor length mirror in mine and Rose's room looking at myself, my dress was short and ended halfway between my knee and thigh. It was in my three favourite colours: blue, pink and purple. The top half is a butterfly and in the middle is a silver gem, the butterfly wings spread out each side and are complete with sequins and sparkles. The skirt is pale blue and then on top are layers of pink and purple netting, it stick's out a bit but not to much. It's perfect.

My long auburn hair was bumped up on top and then my fringe swept across the right half of my forehead. At the back where my hair met in the middle I had a gorgeous butterfly clip that was made up of purple and lilac gems holding it in place. I put my necklace off Jake back on, not caring that the gem's in it were red, I'm never taking it off apart from when I shower or go swimming. I had sparkly silver heels on and on my right wrist was my new charm bracelet complete with my diamonté 'L', the Gryffindor crest, the dragon off uncle Charlie, a wolf, a lily and a diamonté heart.

"You look stunning Lily." Rose said as she came up behind me and stood next to me, I was nearly the same height as her with my heels on mainly because Rose had silver ballet pumps on.

I smiled, "Thanks Rosie, you too."

Rose was wearing a bright blue one shouldered dress that came just above her knee. The blue of her dress matched her eyes and went well with her red hair which was all pulled to the right side and pinned, creating a small pony tail which was curled, just above it was a white flower. The top half of her dress was all sequined and sparkled in the light, it had a wide waistband and then the skirt which had silver sequins on it, stuck out just like mine. She had on a matching silver necklace and bracelet which both had a diamonté 'R' hanging from it in a star.

She smiled back at me which was one of the first times I've seen her properly smile since the summer and finished her look by putting on shiny lip gloss. The door opened and in walked Roxy who was wearing a floor length, strapless forest green dress which complemented her skin really well. Her dress had gold beading across the top which then came under her boobs and around her waist to make a cross. Her dark hair was straighter than normal and curled slightly, pinned back with a beautiful square clip that was covered in green and silver gems. To match the gold beading on her dress she had on a pair of sparkly gold shoes that had a flower on the side.

Roxy looked amazing and considering that you'll normally find her in jeans and a t-shirt (she loves Quidditch way too much and is such a tomboy), I think a lot of boys will be after her tonight. Fred will probably have to fend them off with a stick, then again he would try and fight them with it, maybe that's not the best of ideas. The last thing I want is Fred fighting and getting hurt especially since tonight is my night.

Don't get me wrong as much as I love my weird and wonderful huge family but when it comes to Birthdays it's the only day that's all about us. Today's my time to shine as we only get one day a year all to ourselves. It's really annoying coming from a big family especially when it comes to birthday's and Christmas'.

Molly really surprised me when she walked into mine and Rose's room carrying a bottle of what looked like vodka and a glass. She was wearing a yellow dress with a black sash. It wasn't the colour that surprised me, yellow's her favourite colour despite the fact she's a Ravenclaw, it was the style and length. I though that Molly's dress was going to be short and slutty but it was far from that, it was strapless, elegant and classy. It came just above her knee and when she twirled to show us it spun around her.

I noticed that she had jazzy shoes on (black heels with silver stars) and her brown hair wasn't in it's usual ponytail but pinned up in a messy bun. "If your shocked at me wait until you see Lucy." She laughed when she saw my face. "Her dress is awful mum picked it for her. Drink?" She offered holding up the bottle.

"She's underage Mol." Rose said. "As are you."

Molly shrugged, "Only by a year, one shot isn't going to hurt anyone now is it?"

Rose sighed knowing that she wasn't going to win this argument. "You better not have offered the others any."

"Only Dom, Al and Scorp, who all accepted I might add. It'll calm your nerves Lil."

I shook my head, "No thanks Mol if mum or dad smell alcohol on me I'll be as good as dead before my party even starts."

She laughed, "Ok then, see you down stairs." And with that Molly left out room closely followed by Rose who was muttering something about going to check on Scorpius. I looked in my mirror once more before leaving the room. On my way down stairs I nearly bumped into Lucy who was coming out of one of the bathrooms.

Her dress wasn't as awful as Molly made out but I think it would have looked better on a younger child of about ten rather than a fifteen year old. It was fuchsia pink with a bubble hem skirt, thin straps with a bow on the waist. It came just between her thigh and knee and it was quite nice. I have to say her shoes were much worse, they were vile. They were black velvet with a small heel, an ankle strap and had a bow with a diamonté center on the front.

Lucy's face looked disgusted, "You look Stunning Lil." She commented when she saw me.

I smiled, "Thanks and you Luce."

Lucy scoffed, "I hate my shoes I swear they were made for a five year old. My dress isn't bad but I just wish I had different shoes. And if I did mum would probably quiz me as to where these went since she picked them out. I'm fifteen for crying out loud surely I should be able to choose my own clothes."

"Your hair looks nice." I told her. Her brown hair was straight and she had a black hair band with a bow on the left.

Lucy sighed, "I'm fed up of mum treating my like a child just because I'm her youngest child and the youngest grandchild doesn't mean she can baby me. I swear I might end up doing a Molly and rebelling."

I laughed, "I can't really see you as rebel Luce."

She sighed again just as Auntie Audrey's voice came up the stairs, "Lucy where are you come here?"

"Great." She muttered as she left me alone on the landing. You see once the twelve of us came along Granddad extended the Burrow. I'm really glad that it's held up by magic because it looks really worse for wear on the outside and I swear it would fall down otherwise.

Nana Molly and Granddad Arthur still have their room now with and en-suite, mum and dad are in mum's old room which was expanded back when she found out she was having James. Uncle Ron and Hermione are in his old room, Uncle Percy and Auntie Audrey are in his old room because he couldn't stand sleeping in another room that was different. Uncle George and Auntie Angelina are in one of the the new bedrooms that was added because Uncle George didn't want his old room because of all the memories.

These days James and Fred share Uncle George and Uncle Fred's old room which is still in the same state as it was back it day. Uncle Bill and Auntie Fleur are also in a new room complete with en-suite and Teddy has his own room which's had here since he was a year old.

Albus, Hugo and Louis all share a room, Dom and Molly share, Lucy and Roxy and then finally me and Rose. Before there was one bathroom and six bedrooms and now there are five bathrooms and fifteen bedrooms. Like I said I'm glad this place is held up by magic otherwise god knows what would happen.

I entered the kitchen to find Tori and Dom stood talking and they greeted me in unison with a "Happy Birthday."

I smiled as I took in their dresses which were totally different. Tori had on a long strap less red dress that had hundreds of diamonté's and sequins under her boobs and around her waist. It was really floaty and swished when she moved. Her blonde hair was down and had a slight wave to it. Lucky girl, I can never wear red as it clashes with my hair too much. She sat at one of the miss matching chairs at the dining table and slipped on a pair of silver heels that had silver stones all down the middle and stood back up making her much taller than normal.

"I'm off to find Teddy." She informed us.

Dom had on a short strapless gold dress that was mid thigh length. The bodice was covered in golden sequins and the floaty net skirt had clusters of sequins which reflected the light when she moved. Dom had on matching golden shoes and her long blonde hair was down and had a slight wave to it. Dom looked like an angel since she was a vision in gold. I swear she could easily be a goddess.

The rest of my family entered the kitchen and there were 'oohs' and 'don't you look beautiful'. I have to say that the boys had scrubbed up pretty well considering they had been playing Quidditch an hour earlier. These days only older people were dress robes so the guys were all in suits as it's much 'cooler'. Teddy was in a black suit with a red shirt that matched Tori's dress and a black tie, his hair was brown instead of it's normal bright blue.

My eldest brother was in a white suit (god knows why) and a black shirt and for some reason he had on black sunglasses. I frowned at him and he just smiled back. I'm telling you that boy was dropped on his head as a baby, I swear he was even if mum and dad deny it. My other brother Albus was in a black suit with a green shirt and black tie, at least he didn't have sunglasses on and his messy black hair looked relatively tamed.

I nearly yelled at Fred when I saw him, mainly because he was in a bright orange suit, shirt and bow tie that classed terribly with his hair. He also had a matching hat, cane and shoes. Why the hell am I related to a bunch of weirdo's first James and his sunglasses and now Fred dressed in orange. I have no idea what runs though his and James' brains (probably nothing but stupid ideas).

Rosie was stood hand in hand with Scorpius (much to Uncle Ron's dismay) who had a grey suit which matched his eyes and a blue shirt which matched Rose's dress and a grey tie. Louis and Hugo were the only two who looked relatively normal, both of them had black trousers and a white shirt on complete with a black bow tie. You see they love this muggle show called Doctor Who and therefore think bow ties are cool as the Doctor say's they are.

Nana looked amazing in purple dress robes complete with little silver starts that shimmered in the light. All my Aunties looked gorgeous in their dresses and looking at mum in her green dress it's really hard to believe that she's had three children. One of them being totally insane aka James.

Everyone left the kitchen in two's and three's leaving me, mum and dad alone. It's custom for your parents to walk you in and then they let you go and disappear into the crown. At the end of the marquee is where my cousins plus Teddy and me (when it's not my birthday) normally stand, they then split in half and reveal your best friend(s) or the person that your dating.

Five minutes later dad was on my right and mum was on my left. "Ready." Mum whispered. I nodded and she squeezed my arm as we left the kitchen and walked across to the marquee. When we entered I was amazed, I had never seen it look so pretty. All around there were pink, purple and blue banners, streamers and balloons. Not too mention hundreds an hundreds of fairy lights. It look absolutely amazing.

"HAPPY SIXTEENTH BIRTHDAY LILY!" Everyone yelled as mum and dad gave me a kiss on each cheek before leaving me alone. I was blinded by the flashing lights of the reporters who were shouting 'over here' or 'look at the camera'. I was starting to wish that I had took a shot of that Alcohol Molly had offered to calm my nerves, I swear my hands are shaking. I posed for the last time and once I managed to see again, I could see all my cousins, Teddy and Scorpius. I waited a second before walking forward and they started to split to reveal Kayl and Livi, my two best friends.

"Happy Birthday! Here's your present Lil." Kayl squealed as she handed me a small package. I unwrapped it there and then knowing that if I didn't Kay would have done it for me.

I pulled her into a hug, "I love it Kay." I told her as I attached the little silver doe to my charm bracelet. "Thank you."

"Feeling any older yet Lil." Came Livi's voice from my right.

I laughed, "Older but definitely not wiser."

She smiled as she handed me another small package that was wrapped in blue and silver paper. "Happy birthday Lil."

"It's beautiful." I said as I pulled the charm out the box. It was a little puzzle piece engraved with the word 'friends', Livi then explained that she and Kayl each had a piece, her's saying 'Best' and Kayl's saying 'forever'.

"They all fit together in a line because we're best friends forever." Livi told me as she held up her right wrist so that I could see a silver bracelet with a puzzle piece hanging off. I hugged her and pulled Kayl in as well even though she had started talking to Roxy. "I love you two so much."

"Love you too." They replied. Once I let them go I was finally able to see what the were wearing, Livi had gone for long light blue dress, the top half was all shimmery and glittered in the light. Her brown hair was all in curls around her shoulders and I could just see a pair of silver ballet pumps sticking out. She looked amazing.

As did Kayl who had on a white fifties style halter neck dress which had a blue and red flower pattern all over it, complete with a thick red belt around her waist and a red flower just above her right boob. Her blonde hair was wavy and she had matching red ballet pumps on which had a flower on the front.

I felt someone tap my shoulder and saw Livi and Kayl smile, I turned around in curiosity and nearly squealed with joy: it was Jake. He had on a black suit and a purple shirt. I launched myself into his arms and he just about caught me. I kissed him full on the mouth not caring that any of my male cousins or family were around. Jake was kissing me back I was literally in heaven with no plans on stopping. I love him so much.

We eventually broke apart and he put me down, Jake ran a hand through his brown hair which was spiked. "Happy sixteenth." He whispered as he kissed my forehead . "I'm guessing you liked my present then."

"Oh Jake it's gorgeous, I love it just as much as I love you." I informed him as my right hand reached to my neck to check that it was still there. I grabbed his hand and led him straight to the dance floor.

After dancing with Jake I left my friends and mingled with various relatives and people from Hogwarts including Auntie Luna, Uncle Rolf and their twins Lorcan and Lysander who are in their second year at Hogwarts. For ages I was talking Auntie Hannah, Uncle Neville and their four children: Alice who's nineteen, Matt who's fifteen and one of Jake and Hugo's best mates, Lewis who's Eleven and just started Hogwarts and finally Daisy who's only eight. I was really surprised to Mcgonagall sat at a table talking to dad, I mean she's getting on a bit.

Once the reporters were gone I was able to enjoy myself a lot more and throughout the rest of the night I danced, I talked and I drank alcohol (with mum and dad's permission). It was just gone midnight when most people went home, mum, dad, Nana, Granddad and all my aunties and uncles had all gone off to bed whilst we were still dancing the night away.

I knew that I was tipsy, because one minute I was dancing with Jake, the next I was walking outside the marquee with him with no memory in between except that I fell twice. We walked passed a blonde who I think was Kayl, since the dress looked familiar with her arms wrapped around some dark haired boy, snogging his face off.

We also passed James who was talking to a brown haired girl that I didn't recognise, but she had a pretty white dress on and gorgeous red sparkly shoes. She smiled at me as we went by and I think I smiled back, but I can't be sure. Jake lead the way towards the house and we stopped outside the backdoor, he kissed me and his kisses were like heaven, my fingers fumbled with the buttons on his shirt and one of his hands moved down my back towards my bum.

I let my fingers run over his well defined abs and as I got towards the top of his trousers, something went off in my head. I knew what was going to happen if we carried on like this and I wasn't ready yet, I wanted it but I wasn't ready.

"Jake we can't." I whispered, "Not yet any way. Some day but not now. I'm only just sixteen and my parents would kills us. Not too mention neither of us has got protection."

"I know and we will wait." He said as kissed me again on my forehead. I yawned and he noticed, "Come on then birthday girl, let's get you to bed." Jake picked me up and carried me through the kitchen and up all the stairs and entered mine and Rose's room. He lowered me onto the bed and I felt him pull my shoes off before pulling my quilt up over me. "Night Lil, sweet dreams." He kissed me again and muttered, "Love you lots."

"Love you too Jakey." I murmured as he left my room closing the door behind him.




I was all snuggled in bed when I heard a lot of noise mainly shouting coming from downstairs. I shot up in bed but soon regretting it as my head was pounded and I felt a little dizzy and sick. It took me a minute to realise that I still had my party dress on, how had I gotten here, I thought. Then I remembered Jake had carried me, bless him.

I stretched and got out of bed, looking at the clock I saw that it was seven o'clock. That means I've only had about five hours sleep and that I have four more hours to sort myself out so that we can leave for Kings Cross. I grabbed a pair of leggins, clean underwear, socks and a top out of one my draws and walked across the hall to the bathroom. From inside I could hear someone being sick, lovely, just want I want to hear first thing in the morning.

I was just about to knock when it opened to reveal Kayl who looked really worse for wear, She looked like I felt.

"Morning Lil, still in last night's clothes I see." She muttered groggily.

"I didn't have a chance to change last night because I fell asleep. Kay just how much did you drink last night?"

She groaned, "Way too much, I really need sleep but I still have to grab my stuff and go home. I'll tell you on the train later Lil." She said quietly as she walked back to the guest room she was sharing with Livi.

I went into the bathroom and had a long hot shower before getting changed, I hung my dress up on the door so that I would remember to get it later on when we leave. I looked around and realised that Rose wasn't in her bed, I frowned as I wonder where she was or most likely who she was with.

The shouting from downstairs suddenly got louder, curiosity got the better of me and I crept down stairs. I sat on the top step so that I could see the living room and still be hidden from view. Rose was sat on the sofa still in her pyjamas with mascara streaks down her face, she looked incredibly pissed off and was shouting at Uncle Ron. Scorpius was in one of the arm chairs looking scared stiff and auntie Hermione was trying to calm her husband (who looked like he was going to explode) down.

"What the hell do you think you were doing. Just because I gave you my permission doesn't mean that I can't withdraw it within a second and I think you've just violated that." He yelled.

"For god's sake dad we were only in the same room. THE SAME ROOM, NOT THE SAME BED!" Rose yelled as tears fell down her rosy cheeks, "I was so tired that I would have fallen asleep on the stairs, this house is so ridiculously big and if it didn't have so many sets of stairs then maybe I wouldn't have slept in that room. NOTHING HAPPENED!" She yelled.

I would definitely have to ask her later on what happened, preferably once we were on the train and away from uncle Ron. Uh oh, I thought as he rounded on Scorpius.

"And as for you, you may claim that you are nothing like your father but you're still a Malfoy and if you so much as do anything that she doesn't want you to or if you hurt her in any way I swear you will never be able to walk again. You got that." He yelled, his face turning redder with every sentence. It's clear to say that uncle Ron was definitely mad.

"RONALD BILIUS WEASLEY, you cannot say that to a child. I trust Rosie and Scorpius and if nothing happened then nothing happen. Ok Ronald." Auntie Hermione scolded her husband. It's so fun to watch her, Nana or mum yell at uncle Ron, he always get's so scared. It's quite funny actually.

"You don't know shit about us dad, we've been together four years and eight months and I only told you in the summer so that you would get off our case. Mum already knew and you know why, because she doesn't care about who his parent's are. YOU DON'T KNOW HOW IT FEEL'S TO LOVE SOMEONE SO MUCH AND YOUR OWN FATHER HATES THEM." Rose paused for breathe and wiped away her tears before continuing, "Just because you and his dad didn't fucking get along when you were younger does not mean that Scorpius is like him, because he's not. There are a lot more things about me that you don't know dad, ok. You don't know what I've had to deal with so just piss off and STOP INTERFERING IN MY LIFE." She yelled before storming out the room. She ran straight past me, nearly knocking me over.

From upstairs a door banged and I wanted to follow her and find out what was wrong yet I still stayed rooted to the spot. Uncle Ron then rounded on his wife whilst Scorpius looked like he would rather be a place very, very far away from here.

"What does she mean, there are a lot more things about me that you don't know. What's going on Hermione, what hasn't she been telling me?" Uncle Ron growled.

"It's not my place to say Ronald. You're going to have to ask her yourself once you've calmed down."

Auntie Hermione left the room leaving Scorpius alone with uncle Ron, I silently giggled as I watched Scorpius slip into the kitchen whilst uncle Ron's back was turned. I made my upstairs and knocked on my door, from within a small voice said, "Come in."

Rose was curled up in a ball on her bed, she looked awful. Her hair looked like a birds nest, her eyes were red and puffy, her cheeks were rosy with long black mascara smudges down them and her makeup from last night was ruined. And of course she there were tears and snot everywhere.

"Shh Rosie, it's ok." I said trying to soothe her as I stroked her red curls.

"I'm guessing you heard that then." She sobbed

"Yes," I mumbled, "And when your not upset you can tell me what happened."

"Like I said Lil, nothing happened. I was so tired and a teeny bit drunk, I couldn't be arsed to walk up all the bloody stairs so I went in the guest room Scorp was in. He came up and got my pyjamas, I changed and then we fell asleep in the same bed." She paused and looked at me as I passed her a tissue, "Nothing happened Lil," She said as she saw my smile emerging. "When dad knocked and came in to tell Scorp to get up since Nana told him to wake to boys up. He spotted me in bed and thought we had slept together. Well we did but not in that sense."

"It's ok Rosie, you know what uncle Ron's like. He'll get over it eventually, maybe in like twenty years." Rose giggled, "Rose um what did you mean when you said there were a lot more things that you don't know about me?" I asked hesitantly.

"Lil as much as I want to tell you. I can't, not right now. But I promise I'll tell you."

I nodded just as there was a knock on the door, I looked up and saw auntie Hermione. I gave Rose a hug and left so that they could talk. I picked my dress up off the door on the way out and went to see if mum and dad were ready to go home.

All I could think about was how this had been the best birthday in all of my sixteen years on this planet.

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Chapter 5: Confession 4 - Of Forgivness, Sneaking Out And Heartbeats
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Chapter image by naughtforreal @ TDA!

I woke up at two and then again at four, I just couldn't sleep as I had been thinking too much about the fact I was pregnant and then I had been thinking about my birthday. Mum's going to love me, I pretty much ignored what she had told me about using protection. And the proof that I was here: I was sixteen and pregnant.

I eventually fell back asleep and woke up at at a normal time: eight o'clock. I dragged myself out of bed, got some clean clothes and went and ran myself a bubble bath. By the time I got out it was nearly nine, had I really been in there that long, I thought. As came out the bathroom fully dressed I noticed that Kayl's bed was completely empty, Livi was sat up in her's reading a magazine. Cerys was still asleep as she was snoring lightly, Laura was painting her nails and Roxy was just leaving.

I sat down on the end of Livi's bed and was just about to ask her where Kayl was when she stumbled through the door.

"Oops, what's the time?" She asked.

"It's nine. Where have you been?" Livi asked as she started to use her mothering voice.

This was so unlike Kayl, she's been acting a bit weird, well more weird that usual. I think something might be going on but I'm not sure.

"I was with a boy." She blurted out. "I was helping him study last night and I ended up staying in his dorm as it was really late when we finished. Nothing happened though." She added as she saw the almost identical look's on mine and Livi's faces. "He's really nice."

"Who is he then?" Livi questioned her.

The smile on Kay's face dropped, "I can't tell you that. We've only been dating a while and we're not ready to come out to the world just yet."

I exchanged looks with Livi and we burst out laughing as did Laura who then said, "God Kay are you sure you don't swing the other way, what with the way you said that."

We started laughing again, Kayl smiled as she made her way to the bathroom. "Oh and Lil, Rose want's you to meet her in five minutes outside Barnabus." Kay called over her shoulder before shutting the door.

"Thanks." I replied to the closed door. "I best get going then." I left them to it. In the common room I passed Roxy who was talking to Hugo and Matthew 'Matt' Longbottom. You may recognise the name Longbottom, Matt's dad is uncle Neville aka the Herbology professor.

He's got short brown hair and brown eyes just like his dad, he's also one of Jake's best friends, the others being Hugo and Leo Madden, a tall blonde haired, blued eyed boy who's quite shy . I made my way to the tapestry of Barnabus and walked passed it three times thinking, 'I need the place where Rose is'. After my third turn the handle appeared and I pushed it open.

I had barely entered when I was nearly knocked off my feet by Rose who had hugged me. "Oh Lil, I'm so so sorry about yesterday. I meant what I said about supporting you whatever you choose." She gushed.

I looked around and saw that we we're in a large room complete with floor to ceiling bookcases packed with books, a kitchen area, a large red sofa and a load of multi coloured bean bags. In the right corner there was a pond with a waterfall, it looked pretty and sounded great except that the sound was making me want to pee. I'm guessing this is Rose's little haven. I chose to sit on the sofa and said "Thanks. Livi and Kayl both said the same thing."

"So when are you going to tell Jake?" Rose asked as she took a seat on a beanbag.

I actually have no clue, when or how to tell him. I mean do I just walk up to him and be like 'hey Jake, guess what I'm pregnant' or do I sit him down and tell him. I'm so confused as it is, I'll have to tell her something otherwise she'll keep on.

"Soon." I said.

I swear she rolled her eyes at me as she motioned to the door, "Come on let's go get some breakfast." And with that we left the room.




For the past month weeks my morning sickness has gotten a lot worse. Except it's not just in the morning's it's at break, between third and fourth lesson, lunch and then around six o'clock and nine o'clock. It's driving me up the wall, I think people have started thinking I have an overactive bladder or something because I seem to spend all of my time in a bathroom.

I still haven't told Jake and if my calculations are right I'm about nine or ten weeks. I can tell Jake's worried about me, he's even made Hugo question me. I can't put it off an longer, I know you have a scan at twelve weeks so I have to tell him within the next two weeks somehow.

After lunch I rushed to Myrtle's bathroom since it was the closet to throw up. Kayl and Livi were waiting outside so that we could make our way to charms. I felt awful and the last thing I wanted to do was sit in a stuffy class room making things fly around.

"Go on, "I told them, "Tell Flitwick I've gone to the hospital wing because I don't feel well." Reluctantly they left me and five minutes later I was on the way to my dorm.

Once inside I dropped my school bag, went and washed my face realising I looked so pale. As I brushed my teeth trying to get rid of the yucky taste I realised that I needed to speak to Bee. I grabbed my small bag from my trunk and put my wand, purse and a bottle of water inside.

The corridors were quiet and I tried not to make any noise as I walked towards the statue of the one eyed witch which is a secret passage to Hogsmeade. I made my way down the passage and after what felt like forever I came out in Honeydukes. I know most of the secret passageways in and out of Hogwarts thanks to the Marauder's Map, dad, uncle George, James and Fred.

I took my tie off and shoved it in my bag, I had on a white, black skirt, black jumper and black socks and shoes. Hopefully it doesn't look like I'm skiving school, maybe going to work since I'm dressed kind of smart.

I've never skived school before, the other's have. Mainly Fred and James and sometimes Dom but never me. I would have never done such a thing before now, but things have changed and so have I. There's now a small person in me.

I made my way towards the pharmacy not caring if anyone saw me and I tried to remember what day's Bee said she worked. I was silently praying as I entered the shop and I felt a sigh of relief when I saw Bee and her cheery smile behind the counter. "Shouldn't you be in class right now?" She asked in a jokey way, it didn't sound like she was going to turn me which was good.

I shrugged, "I was sick, so I went to my dorm to lie down and I realised I needed to speak to you. So here I am."

Bee smiled, "And what was it that you wanted to see me about?"

I looked around making sure it was just me and her and whispered, "The baby."

Bee nodded and locked the door as before and took me into the little room. "How can I help, is everything ok?"

I sat down and stated to babble away, "The sickness is driving me mad, I'm really tired. Only five people know and not one of them is the father. I don't have a clue how to tell him, he's really worried about me and I've been avoiding him a little. I don't know what to do about school, I mean will I be allowed to stay. I think I'm nine or ten week and I know you have the first scan around twelve weeks, I've not told Madame Pomfrey and too be honest I'm just totally and utterly confused."

Bee smiled, "The sickness can be help, I can prescribe you a potion. As for the tiredness try and rest as much as you can and go to bed earlier. And if you think your boyfriend's worried about you then sit him down and talk. He needs to know since he's the father."

I sighed, "Just wondering how did you tell you little one's dad?"

She sighed, "I didn't. He didn't know I was pregnant and he doesn't know that he has as a son right now either. We were best mates, there was a party and things happened. I found out at three months, I was scared out of my mind, probably the same way your feeling now." Bee told me, "I didn't know what to do or who to turn to. I didn't tell him or my parents or even my friends. I kept it to myself because I thought that if no one knew then it couldn't be real. Except it became very real when I went into labour two months early."

"I want him to know, I just don't know how to tell him. I was thinking of showing him one of the pregnancy tests that I bought here."

"Just do what you feel is best Lily. As for telling Madame Pomfrey, I'll come up with you and explain if you like after I've finished work. She'll be able to do a scan, a checkup and tell you how far you are."

"Thanks, I appreciate it." I replied as Bee got up and picked up a few leaflets from behind her.

"Here," She handed them to me, "Have a look through these, I'm going to be about ten minutes. You can wait here if you like."

I nodded and she smiled. I swear Bee is really familiar to me, I swear on Merlin's life that I've seen her before. She left me alone and I looked at the leaflets, they included Choosing Abortion, Choosing Adoption and Keeping Baby as well as one with advice about being a first time mum. I totally ignored the abortion one and only partially flicked through the adoption one.

I was reading the leaflet about Keeping baby when Bee came back in and said she had finished her shift as Nancy had come to take over. We walked through Hogsmeade, neither of us saying much until we reached the Hogwarts gates.

"How did you get out of school, without anyone seeing you?" Bee asked me.

"I, um. I used a secret passageway." I told her feeling slightly guilty.

Bee smiled at me, "The one that goes into Honeydukes, I'm guessing."

"Yeah. How did you know?" Only the Potter-Weasley clan and a few of our close friends know about the Marauders Map and the Invisibility cloak.

"I knew your brother James." She explained, "And your cousin Fred, they were in my year when I was at Hogwarts. You might have seen me at your birthday party."

So that's where I recognised her from, she has smiled at me when myself and Jake had walked passed. She was on a white dress and had been talking to James. Shit. If she knew James, would she tell him that I was pregnant. He'll go mad.

"I thought I recognised you from somewhere. You have to promise me that you won't tell James. Promise."

"Lily I wouldn't dream of it. Patient confidentiality and all that, either way I wouldn't tell him Lily."

As we carried on up the driveway she told me about her son Codie and how she managed in her sixth year and that she never sat her N.E.W.T's.. The castle was pretty quiet as we walked through it, our footsteps echoing around us. When we reached the first floor where the hospital wing is Bee walked right through the empty ward and knocked on the matron's office door. Madame Pomfrey answered looking quite surprised at the sight of me and Bee.

"And to what do I owe this pleasure Beatrice. I hope you and Codie are both well?"

"We're both great." Bee replied, " Is it possible for us to talk in private?"

Madame Pomfrey nodded and ushered us in, closing the door behind her. This Madame Pomfrey isn't the same one that was here in my parents day, this is her niece Cassandra 'Cassy' Pomfrey. She's really nice and has a special bed reserved for us Potter-Weasley kids because we always seem to end up in here with Quidditch related injuries or just general injuries/illnesses. Cassy isn't that old, I'd say she's in her early thirties and she's a lot nicer than old Madame Weston who was really nasty, I have to say I was glad that she retired in my second year.

I took a seat as did Bee who spoke first, "Cassy, you know when I was here I was pregnant and I didn't tell anyone. Well Lily here is pregnant and she thinks she's about ten weeks."

"Madame Pomfrey nodded and looked straight at me, "Have you confirmed this with a test?"

I nodded, "Two muggle and one wizarding."

"I see, do you think you can tell me the date you conceived?"

"March Second," I said blushing.

"And when was your last period?" Madame Pomfrey asked.

"I'm not really sure. I normally write it down and I've been really busy what with my O.W.L's coming up and I'm not usually on the same time each month so I really don't know." I blushed again and felt my cheeks get hotter, it was slightly weird talking about these things with people older than me, even if they were both women.

"Well Miss Potter, if you follow me I can do a routine checkup and check how far along you are."

She got up and opened the door, myself and Bee followed her over to the nearest bed, She moved the screens so that they surrounded the bed. I was glad because if someone walked in they wouldn't be able to see me.

"If you could hop onto the bed and lie down. And could you lift your shirt up please. I shall be back now."

I did as she asked and jumped on the bed, I rolled my shirt up so that my stomach poked out. Since last month I swear my stomach has definitely got bigger. I turned to Bee and whispered, "Will you stay please."

"Of course." She said offering her hand to me.

I mouthed "Thanks." and squeezed her hand as Madame Pomfrey came back, "First of all I'm going to say some special spells to definitely confirm your pregnant and then I will located the baby's heartbeat."

She got out her wand and started to move over my stomach, I then watched as it moved to a certain spot and hovered there. "Would you like to hear baby's heartbeat?" She asked. I nodded and she gently tapped the point on my stomach that her wand was hovering over. The room was then filled with a fast rhythmic beating, so much faster than my own. I could here it, my baby's heartbeat, it was completely amazing.

"It's amazing." I whispered.

"You're just gone ten week Miss Potter, you and baby both seem fine."

I smiled, I honestly can't believe this. There is a little person with a heartbeat inside of me. Me: Lily Potter has a little person inside her. It was only when Madame Pomfrey spoke again that I lost my train of thought.

"You can roll your shirt down now. If you would like to come back into my office." I did what she said and followed her back in along with Bee. "I wish for you to come back in two weeks so that I can do your first scan. I'm going to give you some pre-natal vitamins and you are to take one a day. I'm glad you came to see me, you're not on your own you know. You're most definitely not the first and you won't be the last either." She glanced towards Bee who blushed and then turned her attention back to me. "Does the father know yet?"

"Well I was planning on telling him in the next two weeks, but I don't know how to."

"I'm sure you'll find a way, but he needs to know. As does the headmistress, I have to inform her of your condition. I'm not going to rush you but your parents need to know as do the father's."

We left the office and back down the empty ward, "Thanks Madame Pomfrey." I said at the doors.

"Just doing my job and please call me Cassy, everyone else does. I'll see you two weeks, how does Saturday the twenty-fifth at eleven o'clock sound?"

"Fine, thanks."

"Goodbye girls and take care." Cassy called as she closed the doors behind us.

Bee insisted on walking me up to the Gryffindor common room as she wanted to see if the castle had changed since she was last here. "How come you never came back?" I asked as we stood outside the portrait hole.

"I just couldn't leave Codie with my parents and I didn't want to see his father." She replied as the fat lady came into view.

"Password?" Came her posh voice once I was in front of her.

"Pygmy Puffs." I replied and she swung open. "Thanks for coming with me Bee, it means a lot."

I watched as she got out a piece of parchment and a pen out of her bag, "No problem and if you ever need to contact me either send an owl to this address, ring me or come see me in Hogsmeade." She handed me the paper which had an address and two numbers on, I frowned, "The first is my mobile and the second is my house phone."

"Are you going to stand there all day and gossip?" Came an irritable voice.


"Take care Lily." Bee said as she pulled me into a hug.

I watched as she walked back down the corridor and enter the common room quickly. It was empty since people were all in lessons, taking advantage of the quietness I decided to go and take a tap. I headed into my dorm and led fully clothed on my bed, my thoughts were of my baby's heartbeat and I fell asleep.

I awoke to a lot of noise, I looked towards my clock and saw that it was seven o'clock. Great I've slept from two this afternoon and I've missed both lunch and dinner. My stomach grumbled and groaned, causing me to realise how hungry I really was and that I really wanted ice-cream. I got changed into leggings and a long top before I left the dorm and entered the common room to find all of my cousins minus Molly, Dom (thank god, I still haven't spoken to her since she suggested I get an abortion), Louis, Lucy and my brother Al. But on the upside Jake, Scorpius, Livi, Kayl, Leo, Matt, Jamie, Bethany and Maisie were all here as well as some of the younger and older Gryffindor's.

I was kinda confused as why they were all here, considering half of them aren't even Gryffindor's.

"Awake then." Jake said to me as I went over and sat on his lap. "I heard you weren't feeling very well earlier, so we're all here to cheer you up."

I groaned silently but said "Thanks." As I hugged him.

My stomach growled and groaned again and I felt really hungry, "I need to and get some food, I'm starving." I looked over to Rose who was sat on Scorpius' lap playing with his blonde hair, Livi who was sat in one of the chairs reading Witch Weekly and Kayl who was on the floor leaning against the sofa painting her nails, hoping that one of them would pick up the hint. Eventually Rose did who nudged Livi.

"We'll come along. I fancy a walk. You coming Kay?" Livi said.

"I think I've left my potions essay in the library." Kayl said absently as she screwed her nail polish bottle up and put it in her pocket as she stood up. "I think I'm going to get it." She added before leaving without a backwards glance, blowing on her nails as went.

Well that was strange, "What was that about?" I asked no one in particular.

Most of them shrugged but it was Rose and Dom's friend Maisie who answered tucking her blonde hair behind her ear as she said, "She's been acting strange lately and I've seen her in empty classrooms talking to herself, she seems to be alone but the way she speaks makes me feel like there's someone else in the room."

I like Maisie, she can be pretty shy and never tries to be the center of attention unlike some people, (cough*Dom*cough) and she's really nice. Maisie's normally pretty quiet and with her blonder hair, blue eyes and the fact she looks like a china doll, boys are always drooling after her. Her beauty is something that can rival Dom's and she's like an eight veela or something.

"Right let's get you some food." Livi announced as she stood up abruptly and my stomach growled again.

"I think I better be off as well." Al said, "You coming boys?" He added to Scorp and Jamie who both shook their heads.

"Can't be arsed to move." Was Jamie's reply.

Al shrugged, "Fine. I'm off to the Quidditch pitch to practice."

I looked at him, is he mad? "Al it's probably half seven now, at night and you want to go play Quidditch right now. I swear mum dropped you on your head as a baby."

He pulled a face at me and pushed past leaving the common room, it was either him or James who got dropped and right now I swear it was Al because he is not making any sense. Myself, Livi and Rose then left talking about how Kay was being weird as was Al.

Once we were outside the kitchen's entrance Rose reached out and tickled the pear which opened wide allowing us to enter. The kitchens were a huge room, similar to the great hall complete with four identical tables in the same places.

Livi gasped, "Wow!"

A small house elf who was wearing a black skirt and pink blouse came over, I noticed she had huge blue eyes and asked how she could help. Auntie Hermione and her S.P.E.W campaign have done a lot of good and now more of the Hogwarts house elves are doing a Dobby, bless his socks and are wearing clothes instead of a rag and accepting wages and the odd holiday.

"A bowl of mint chocolate chip ice-cream, a bowl of chips and some cherryade, please." I asked and the little elf scurried away to get them.

Rose gave me a look that said 'weirdo' whilst Livi was fascinated by the elves. "And they've always been here, like always. How come some have clothes and other have snot coloured rags on?" She babbled on.

"Liv Shh, they've always been here as far as I know and some have clothes because they're the one's my mum has helped and the others didn't want to know." Rose answered.

I thanked the elf that had served us and we left, "I need to talk to you." I told them as soon as we were outside the kitchen's. I walked on ahead of the other two who were talking about some romance novel that Rose was reading. Once I was outside the room of requirement and walked three times in front of old Barnabus thinking 'I need a comfy place to talk'. Once a handle appeared I let myself in, it was a small room with lots of comfy chairs and a large bookshelf.

I took a seat and started eating my chips, every now and again I dipped one in my ice-cream and it tasted so good. Rose and Livi were both in the corner by the bookshelf whispering to each other before each pulling a book out and sitting down. I finished eating and took a swig of my cherryade before calling them over, "Can I remind you, we came here to talk not to read." I said loudly causing them to jump a little.

Livi put the book back where as Rose brought her's with her.

"When I said I was going to the hospital wing earlier I lied. I went to my dorm and realised I needed to speek to Bee. I took the tunnel and went into Hogsmeade to see her, Bee gave me some leaflets and then came back up to the castle with me. I saw Madame Pomfrey who confirmed my pregnancy, I heart the baby's heartbeat which was amazing. I'm ten weeks so I have to go back on the twenty-fifth for my twelve week scan and she's going to set up a meeting with Mcgonagall sometime this month."

Livi looked kinda confused, "Who's Bee?"

Before I could answer Rose jumped in, "She's works in the pharmacy in Hogsmeade, she was in Hogwarts with James and Fred and she now has a son."

Livi nodded and then said "But ten weeks Lil, blimey."

I laughed, "I know and the heartbeat was so amazing, it kinda made it seem more real because I could actually hear it. There's actually another person inside of me."

Rose gave me a hug and whispered, "I bet it was so amazing Lil, treasure that moment forever."

I gave her a small smile in return and felt a pang of guilt, Rose never got to hear her little one's heart beat. She never got a first scan and she never saw her baby. That must have be so horrible for her. Pulling myself together and hoping I wasn't going to burst into tears I told them my plan on how I was going to tell Jake, but I'd need their help.

Once they had both agreed to help I stood up, "Come on we better get back to the other's or they'll start thinking that Myrtle's kidnapped us or something." I picked up my cherryade and made to follow Livi out when I noticed Rose still had the book in her hand. Typical.

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Chapter 6: Confession 5 - Of Telling Jake,Tears And Being Left Alone
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Chapter image by naughtforreal @TDA!

Tonight's the night I plan on telling Jake, tonight's the big night. I'm still sure on whether it's a good idea to take him down memory lane but he might be able to work out what I'm trying to say without me actually saying it. And if all else fails I still have a potion and two muggle tests to prove it.

My sickness has improved since I started taking the potion Bee prescribed and now If I'm lucky I might only be sick twice a day instead of ten times. My plan is going to be taking place after lunch so I left ten minutes early so that I could get up to the seventh floor and open the room of requirement whilst the castle was quiet. I walked infront of Barnabus and thought 'I need the place Jake thought of on March second.'

After my third turn the handle appeared and I let myself in. The room was exactly like I remembered it and it all seemed perfect. The plan is that Rose and Livi (Kayl seems to be living in a world of her own right now and gets very embarrassed around Jamie, Al and Scorp) are going to tell Jake I need to see him and their going to bring him here.

I sat down on the red sofa and waited. Not long after there was a knock on the door and in walked Jake who looked highly confused, shocked and slightly scared. Rose also walked in and handed me the bag containing the tests. Both she and Livi mouthed "Good luck." as they shut the door leaving us alone.

"Um Lil what's going on and why I am getting a strange feeling of déja vú?" He asked as he came and sat next to me.

I took a deep breathe, "I need to tell you something important but first I need to take you down memory lane."

"Ok, to when?

"March second when we came here to this room, this room as it is right now.""So that's why it seems so familiar, go on..."



I had just been having a nice dream about a pool that was filled with clear blue water and a golden beach was in the distance when I woke up suddenly. I checked my clock and saw that it was seven thirty. I groaned as I rolled over and then I realised the date. Today was mine and Jake's two year anniversary as well as being the first Quidditch match of the season. Mainly because Madame Scott has been off ill and Professor Mcgonagall couldn't get a replacement.

It's Gryffindor against Slytherin and there's probably going to be a bloodbath out on the pitch. I'm not actually on our team but I love Quidditch. I'd rather watch it than play it too be honest, I've never been such a big fan of brooms. When I was little I nearly fell off one thanks to James and Al.

I went to tryouts last year because Livi reckoned that I should try and get over my phobia. I went for chaser and was in the final three but I decided not to as I know only too well the injuries my brothers and cousins get.

I eventually re-awoke at eight o'clock and whilst I waited for Kay and Livi I took a shower and got dresses in nice warm clothes. I thought about how my life was pretty good at the moment and tried to imagine what my future would be like. Once they were ready we went down to breakfast.

Our team was already there as were Rose, Maisie and Bethany, I noticed that the Slytherin team were also here. Al, Scorpius and Jamie came over to our table as did Molly and Louis from the Ravenclaw table and Lucy and her friend from the Hufflepuff table.

Looking at them I noticed that apart from myself, Livi and Kay. Rose, Molly, Louis, Lucy and her friend all had on a red and green rosette. You see it's always really hard to decide who you're going to support when Gryffindor and Slytherin are playing mainly because Dom, Hugo and Roxy are on the Gryffindor team and Al is on the Slytherin team.

I mean I am a Gryffindor and they are my cousins but Al's my brother and I hate choosing between the houses, I don't see why we can't get on when it comes to Quidditch. I mean we're perfectly good friends otherwise.

None of us support Hufflepuff when they play as too be quite honest their players are shit apart from the one chaser who's really quick. I'm quite surprised that she didn't become seeker with that speed. I don't support Ravenclaw unless their playing Hufflepuff, it's not that I have anything against the Puff's , it's just that I prefer Ravenclaw. Last year Slytherin won the house cup and Al was extremely please, he didn't stop gloating about it all summer. Al's the Slytherin captain and has been since his fifth year so it was a proud moment for him when the team won. Although it was bloody annoying for me since I had to listen to him going on about the fact he won all summer.

At half past eight the teams left the great hall to make their way to the pitch to get changed and talk about strategy and stuff. We didn't leave until Mcgoggles announced that it was time to go down. When we got to the castle doors I was able to see that it was hammering down with rain, the wind was blowing causing trees to sway and there were massive puddles everywhere.

We made our way to the pitch as quickly as possible so that we wouldn't get too wet.I sat with Livi, Kayl, Rose, Louis (he likes to think of this as 'family time'), Molly as she doesn't really have friends to sit with. Maisie, Bethany, Matt and Leo.

Why oh why did it have to rain on today of all days, I thought. After the match myself and Jake are supposed to be going to Hogsmeade to celebrate our anniversary and then we'll go to either our common room or the Slytherin's for a party depending on who wins. I really hope that this match doesn't last for hours, it's bloody cold out here and I really want to spend time with Jake as today is a special day for us.

Back when my parents were here Auntie Luna did the commentary for a bit. Uncle Ron always said it was a right laugh to listen too. These days Auntie Luna teaches Care Of Magical Creatures and a raven haired, fifth year Hufflepuff called Ebony Styles does it. Ebony's best friends with my younger cousin Lucy and they're a right pair of goody two shoes.

They never ever seem to do anything wrong and I honestly don't think that either of them has gotten a detention since they started. Instead of sitting with us Lucy was sat next to Ebony.

Professor Mcgonagall signalled to Madame Scott to start the game. Both teams came walking out from the changing rooms to the middle of the pitch. At the start of every game Ebony says all the players names and their positions as well as a fun fact about certain individuals or the team. It's rather annoying and half the time the facts are not fun!

"And the Slytherin's are out," Came Ebony's voice booming through the stadium. "The captain and seeker Albus Potter, Chasers Scorpius Malfoy, Riley Harris and Rhianon Lewis. Beaters Ethan Coleman and Jamie Smith and lastly keeper Tyler Johnson. Jamie is the older brother to Gryffindor's very own beater Jake and seeker Isobel." The crowd groaned including us but Ebony still carried on, "From my sources I can tell you that a certain blonde who goes by the name of Malfoy is seeing a red haired young lady who goes by the name of Rose Weasley. And as you all know Albus Potter is the second son of the great Harry Potter."

Rose's cheeks started turning even more redder and most of the people in our stand have turned to gawp at her, it's not like they don't know she and Scorpius are going out. I mean half the school has probably walked in on them snogging in an empty classroom or a broom cupboard.

"And here come the Gryffindor team, Looking good this year. Captain and chaser Dominique Delacour-Weasley has made a good choice with her new team mates. The other two chasers are Liam Finnigan and Roxanne Weasley. The beaters are Jacob Smith and Hugo Weasley. Zara Woodrow is the keeper and finally Isobel Smith is the seeker." Ebony stopped to breathe before continuing to bombard us with useless facts that we already know. "As you may or may not know, Dominique, Roxanne and Hugo are cousins and Jake and Isobel are brother and sister. Keeping with a family theme here are you Dominique?" She laughed, "I'm quite surprised that all of your family isn't on the team. And speaking of family rumour has it that a certain Lily Potter is dating Gryffindor's very own beater Jacob Smith."

A few people laughed and I felt my cheeks get hotter as people turned to look at me. It's not like it's new news they already knew we were dating. I swear on Merlin's life that I'm going to kill Lucy and her stupid friend Ebony when I next see them

As they are the captains Dom and Al have to shake hands, once that was done Madame Scott blew her whistle and the teams flew into the sky battling against the wind and rain. Madame Scott then released the balls and the game had begun.

Within the first twenty minutes they were all soaked to the skin and looked like they were freezing to death especially Isobel. I'm so glad that I wrapped up warm in layers and that I put my waterproof on. I'm cold but I bet their colder. Dom had scored twice, Roxy once and Liam once. Then Scorpius scored as did Rhianon making the score forty - twenty to Gryffindor.

I kinda blanked out and before I knew it everything was happening so fast and the score was ninety - eighty to Slytherin. I could see that Al was hovering around the edge of the pitch out of the way of the other players looking for the snitch but he wasn't the only one as Izzy wasn't far behind. The weather improved and it stopped raining meaning that I could better now that the rain wasn't  hitting me in the face.

Al dived suddenly as did Izzy who was hot on his heels. Even if Izzy did catch the snitch we wouldn't win unless Dom, Roxy or Liam scored again. Al slid up his broom and was so near the end of the handle that he looked like he would fall off when he reached his arm out and caught the golden snitch which seemed to struggle against his hold.

There was a huge eruption of cheers from the Slytherin's and I mentally yelled, "Noooo!" People looked at me again and I turned and gave Livi a look that said ' I just shouted that out loud didn't I'. She nodded and I sighed, even Rose looked miffed that we had lost. The final score was two hundred and forty to Slytherin and eighty to Gryffindor.

"Party in the common room." Someone yelled as we started to leave the stadium.

Why did they have to win, I was looking forward to OUR common room party for winning and not the stupid bloody Slytherin's. Don't get me wrong I'm happy that Al won but I'm not a big fan of the Slytherin common room. It creeps me out as it's down in the dungeons and I swear to god that one time I saw the giant squid swim past one of the windows. Our little group minus Louis who had gone to find his friends and Molly who was going to find her 'boyfriend' and I use that term loosely, were making our way across the pitch talking about the game. Jake walked out of the changing rooms looking amazing, his hair was still damp and sticking up in every direction possible but he looked as cute as ever. He had on dark jeans and a black shirt that had thin purple stripes going down it, a black jacket slung over his shoulder.

"Hiya gorgeous." He said flashing me my favourite lopsided smile.

"On about me are you Jake." Came a voice from behind is. It was Al which made us all laugh.

"Of course Al, both the Potter's are gorgeous." Jake said with a smile on his face which caused me to giggle.

"You lot coming to the party?" Al asked as I went and hugged Jake.

"Of course, like we would miss it." Matt said.

"You know it won't start until like six tonight and you never have them earlier because of the teachers and the fact that we're all going to Hogsmeade right now. Stupid." I told my darling brother.

"Jeez Lil, someone's upset that they didn't win." Al chuckled.

I turned around and grabbed Jake who was trying to pull on his jacket since it was cold, "Stupid Slytherin's." I muttered.

"Oi I heard that Lil." Al yelled after me.

I don't care, I just wanted to spend time with Jake and then I realised that I had to get changed. I stopped abruptly on the edge of the pitch and turned to Jake, "I need to get changed before we go to Hogsmeade." I told him as I stood on my tip toes to kiss him.

"Ok Lil, I'll meet you in the entrance hall in an hour."

I raised my eyebrows at him, "Do you really think it's going to take that long to get ready?" I asked.

He shook his head, "No because you're beautiful as you are Lil and I don't care whether your wearing a pretty dress or your jeans and hoody. You're beautiful to me no matter what."

I gave him a hug and kissed him again before walking back to the others.

"Back so soon Lil. Couldn't stay away from the winners could you."

I scowled, why is he so cocky, I swear he gets it off James. Stupid boys."Shut up Al, just because you beat us doesn't mean that you're going to win the house cup."

"Yeah well we're on our way aren't we. I mean we just have to be the Claw's and Puff's and the cup is our's again." He grinned.

God Al it's just a bloody game.

"I'm sure you'll win against Hufflepuff,"Kayl said, "Their crap."

"Come on guys, I need you to help me get ready." I said aiming it at Liv and Kayl. "You guys can come as well if you like." I added looking at my female cousins and Maisie and Bethany.

Dom, Maisie and Bethany excused themselves as they were going straight to Hogsmeade to flirt with the cute bar man in the Three Broomsticks. We all left the pitch saying goodbye to the girls on the way. It was just myself, Kay, Livi and Rose by the time we got to the seventh floor as we had left the boys in the entrance hall as they were walking too slow for my liking.

Once in our dorm Roxy went for a shower and Rose started to think about hairstyles for me whilst Livi and Kayl raided my trunk for clothes. After Roxy had finished in the bathroom I went in and looked in the mirror, god had I really been down to the match looking like this. My hair was a mess and looked like I hadn't even brushed it thanks to the stupid wind. My face was pale and my cheeks bright red from the cold and thanks to the rain I had mascara streaks under my eyes. How I got a boyfriend looking like this, I will never know.

I cleaned myself up and took off my wet clothes chucking my dressing gown on top of my underwear and black tights and went back out to the girls. I sat on my bed and looked at Rose, "Can you do my hair please." I asked batting my eyelashes.

She laughed, "That may work on Uncle Harry and Jake but it doesn't work on me."


"I was thinking of putting in curls but since your being childish I won't."

"Pretty please Rosie." I said doing my sad face.

Rose rolled her eyes and then pulled out her wand, "Sit still then." She ordered me as she started muttering and moved her wand around my hair.Once she was done my hair was in loose curls, oh how I love Rose for knowing these sorts of spells, they're so much quicker than putting my hair in curlers and doing it the muggle way.

Roxy was lying on her back, her head lolling over the end of the bed so that she was looking at us upside down. "How about that one." She said pointing to a purple dress that Kayl was holding up. "Jake had purple stripes on his shirt so you'll match and it'll look good on you Lil."

Kayl chucked it over to me and I pulled it on, it was short and came just above my knee. It hugged my figure and was pretty low cut which enhanced my boobs. I'm really not sure this is my dress, I'm pretty sure that I don't own anything this low cut, I thought.

Roxy wolf whistled and then said, "See Lil it looks good on you."

"Are you guys sure this is mine?"

"It was in your trunk Lil." Kayl told me.

Livi then did my make up whilst the others watched, I slipped on my black pumps and my black cardigan. I picked my bag up and twirled around, "What do think guys?"

"You look amazing Lil."

"I'm not coming to Hogsmeade, I'm too tired." Roxy yawned.

I picked up my black winter coat and left the dorm calling "bye." to Roxy. The boys were stood in the corner of the entrance hall and as I made my way down the last of the steps there were wolf whistles and I felt myself blush. I walked right up to Jake who's back was turned and whispered in his ear, "Happy Anniversary."

He turned around and smiled at my appearance before giving me a hug, "And you Lil."

"Can we go now?" Al asked ignoring the fact that me and Jake were kissing.

We left the castle and I pulled my coat on before getting in one of the carriages with the others. Once we were in Hogsmeade Jake pulled me back when I tried to follow the others. "We're not going with them."

I frowned as he slipped his fingers in mine and we walked towards the edge of Hogsmeade. We stopped outside this little place that I thought was a shop until Jake informed that it was a restaurant. It looked pretty small to be a restaurant but when we walked inside it was huge.

A guy in black trousers and a white shirt with grey hair came over carrying a clipboard. "Hello there, I'm Luigi and welcome to Papa Luigu's. I will be your waiter this afternoon. Have you made a reservation or would you just like a table?" He asked.

"I have a reservation under the name Jacob Smith."

"Ahh yes," Luigi said as he consulted his clipboard, "This way Sir, Madame."

We followed Luigi upstairs where there was more seating that was private, he showed us to a booth and handed us our menus before leaving us alone.

"Wow Jake, how did you know this place was here?" I asked as I took in all the Italian decorations around us.

"Jamie told me about it."

"It's magical." I smiled. Looking at the menu I couldn't decide because all of it sounded so yummy but eventually I chose Spaghetti bolognese as it's one of my favourites while Jake chose lasagna. We ate, drank and talked and when we were both finished Luigi came back over with our bill. Before I could look at how much mine was Jake took the bill.

"You're not paying Lil. It's our anniversary."

He held out my coat for me to put on and then put his own own before making our way downstairs. Jake handed the bill to Luigi who gave us change and then we left.

"You look amazing Lil." Jake said after the door shut behind us.

"Thanks, you too." I added giving him a kiss on the cheek which then changed to lips. The village was slowly getting darker so we made our way back up to the school. Once we were in entrance hall I undid my coat as the castle was warm, I noticed there was something funny about the place as it was unusually quiet and no one was around. I went over and peeked into the great hall, there were a few people but now many. I spotted Lucy and her friend Ebony.

"I'll be back now." I told Jake. I entered the hall and made my way to the Hufflepuff table, I got a few wolf whistle sand one 'hey sexy' but I ignored them and carried on. "Where is everyone Luce?" I asked.

She looked me up and down taking in my dress before saying, "Well most people have gone to their common rooms since dinner is nearly over and others have gone to the Slytherin's party. But we're not going, we're going to read."

"That's nice and thanks Luce."

"Hey Lil want to join us." Lucy called after me as I tried to escape.

"No thanks." I called back to her. I grabbed Jake's hand and pulled him in the direction of the dungeons. We went down corridor after corridor until we came to the wall where the Slytherin common room is. Outside was a small boy who was a first year, I'm guessing since he's tiny. "Can we go in please?" I asked him nicely.

"Name please, you're not allowed in unless your on the list or a relative or friend." He said.

Honestly does this kid not know that I am the daughter of Harry Potter and that this is my stupid brother's party.

"Lily Potter and Jacob Smith." Jake said quickly, knowing that I was going to yell at the little titch.

Titch looked at his list and then turned to the wall, "Severus Snape." He muttered.

The wall broke apart to reveal the passage to the common room. Titch took our coats and we entered. The Slytherin common room is in the dungeons and has really low ceilings and a green tinge since it's under the lake.There are lots of low backed black chairs as well as dark green ones. All of the furniture is made of dark wood and there are little alcoves of the main room and I swear I just saw a skull on top of a cupboard. It's a pretty grand room but it gives me the creeps.

I've been here many times before but I've never seen it this crowded. I could see all of my mates on one side of the room and made my way over whilst Jake went to get drinks.

Four hours later myself and Jake left to go for a walk, our walk had brought us to the seventh floor where we were hidden in an alcove kissing. I was up against the wall and Jake was leaning me, kissing like mad. His lips were warm and I could smell his great boy smell that makes me feel safe in his arms. I think we've been here for ten minutes or maybe more, it's not like I'm counting.

I broke away causing Jake to look at me, "What's wrong Lil?" He asked.

"I've been thinking about this since my birthday and I'm ready." I whispered.

"Are you sure?"

"Never been surer." I giggled. We left our alcove and ran down the corridor giggling like fools in love, which we are. "Wait!" I yelled causing Jake to jump.


"There's a no boys rule in our dorm and I really don't fancy your dorm especially since my cousin sleeps there."

"Good point." He said and then turned back down the corridor to Barnabus the barmy's tapestry. After three turns a handle appeared and he pushed it open allowing me to walk in first.

It's amazing, there was a huge four poster bed with a canopy in the middle of the room, a small kitchen was to the right, a living room and a door going off which I'm guessing leads to a bathroom. This place looks exactly like a flat. The bed was covered in white Lily petals and I smiled, Lillies are my favourite flower as well as being my name. I took my cardigan off and folded it neatly before placing it on the sofa.

Why am I being such a neat freak at a time like this, I'm planning on having sex with my boyfriend of two years who I love very much and I'm folding my bloody cardigan.

"Are you sure Lil's?" Jake asked."I know we said we'd wait until we were both sixteen, which we both are but..."

"Are you having second thoughts?" I asked closing the gap between us so that I was inches from him.

"No Lil's I love you to the moon and back."

"So why the hesitation?"

"You seem nervous that's all." He replied.

I smiled and kissed him, wrapping my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. He caught me and I kicked my shoes off, hearing the thump of where they landed. We were kissing like we were in the alcove except this time it was more passionate. I felt Jake moved and he flung me on the bed causing me giggle as he crawled on top of me.

My right hand fumbled with the buttons on his shirt, his hands either side of my me supporting himself so he wouldn't squish me. Once the buttons were undone he sat up and pulled it off along with his t-shirt, both were flung to the floor.

I sat up and his hand found the zip on the back of my dress, then they moved down to the hem and he started pulling up over my head. He chucked it away and stood up to unbuckle his trousers, he stepped out of them and jumped back on the bed causing me to giggle. Next thing I knew both our underwear was gone and then I realised we had no protection.

"Jake, you got any condoms?" I whispered into his ear as he trailed kisses down my neck.

"Shit! No I haven't. Hang on Lil what about the contraceptive charm."

Shit, what was it. Why oh why did I have forget something as important as the contraceptive charm now. Mum only taught it to me a few months ago, surely I can remember it. I racked my brains and something came to me, tueri, tueri. Tueri Incantatem.

"Oh yeah." I grabbed my wand off the floor and pointed it at my stomach, "Tueri Incatatem." I said loudly and clearly, My stomach glowed for a second and I felt a tingly feeling go through my body causing me to shiver. Jake kissed me again which lead to more, much more. Tonight I lost my virginity.


I woke up and stretched, this wasn't my bed. Strange? Then I remembered, I wasn't a virgin any more. Were you meant to feel different after doing it because I didn't, I just ached in places that I didn't know could ache. I looked next to me and saw that Jake was still fast asleep. I looked at the clock on the bedside table and saw that it was eight o'clock. Shit, today was Sunday and Mcgonagall had organised extra Transfiguration lessons for us fifth years. Aww crap.

I poked Jake and he mumbled into the pillow and his hand made an attempt to bat me away. "Jake it's Sunday wake the hell up we have extra Transfig lesson with Mcgoggles in less than an hour."

I pulled the sheet off the bed and wrapped it around me as I gathered up my underwear, clothes and shoes before putting them back on. I grabbed my wand which I found under the bed and went into the bathroom, I pointed it at my hair and it became straight and knot free within seconds. I then left and grabbed a pillow to hit Jake with. I whacked him with it twice in the hope he would wake up.

He shot up, "Wazgoingon." He said groggily.

"Jake it's now ten past eight, we have fifty minutes to get back to the dorm, chuck our uniform on and grab our Transfiguration stuff as we have an extra class. Please Hurry." I insisted.

"Ok, ok." He said as he got up, I turned around and sat on the sofa whilst he looked for his clothes and got dressed. I tapped my foot in the hope it would hurry him up but I can't complain as I was enjoying the view. Jake does have a rather nice bum. We left the room at half eight.

Not caring if anyone saw us we broke into a run holding hands and by the time we reached the portrait of the fat lady we were out of breath. Jake said the password and we stumbled in. The common room was empty except for Dom. She was sat in the corner doing work by the looks of it. I then realised today was her birthday, "Happy eighteenth Dom." I called to her before kissing Jake and running up the stairs. As I got to the door I could hear voices, one female and one male. I think.

"I'm fed up of sneaking around, can we please tell someone." The girl's voice said. Hang on I recognise that voice, it's Kayl's.

I pushed the door open as quietly as possible but I failed since the door creaked, Kayl jumped so much that she fell off her bed. I felt something brush past as I entered and looked but saw nothing.

"Who're you talking to, I heard voices?" I asked as I went over and searched through my trunk for my uniform, not caring that it was creased. I un-zipped my dress and pulled it off.

"I was rehearsing a play." She replied as she picked up her Transfig book and shoved it in her bag.

"Oh what's it about?" I asked as I did my shirt up. I knew Kayl was hiding something from the way she looked so nervous.

"It's a bit like Romeo and Juliet." She replied, "But no one dies and they should end up happily ever after. See you in Transfig." And with that she rushed out the door."

I didn't have time for make-up but I was glad Livi had put waterproof mascara on last night meaning I wouldn't have to reaply any. I stuffed my book and some parchment into my bag, picked my watch up and left. I waved to Dom as I left the common room and called, "You can have your present later." She nodded and went back to her work.

I didn't see Kayl as I ran through the castle like a loon taking short cuts here and there. According to my watch it was five to nine. I've got five minutes to get from the seventh floor to the ground floor. Just great. Why did Mcgonagall insist on having extra lesson for us on a Sunday as well. I know we have our O.W.L's but they're a long way away. She may be like eighty but she's still teaching but hey wasn't Albus Dumbledore like one hundred and fifty when he died and he was still the headmaster before that.

I skidded down the Transfiguration corridor, damn everyone had gone in already. I was just about to knock the door when Kayl came skidding down the other end of the corridor.

How on earth was she later than me, she left before me?

"What?, How?" I started to ask.

"Later." She breathed clutching her side.

At that precise moment Mcgonagall opened the door,"Miss Potter, Miss Jessop, may I ask why both of you are outside my class and not in it? And where is your tie Miss Potter?" She looked mad, very mad.

"I slept late and I couldn't find it." I managed to say and she the turned to Kayl.

"And you Miss Jessop?"

"I, I ran into Peeves and he wouldn't leave me alone so I had to go a different way to get here." She said breathlessly.

"In you come then and just because I've put on extra classes for you does not mean that you can be late. Both of you see me at the end of the lesson."

We followed her in and went to our usual seats at the back of the class with Livi, Roxy, Hugo, Matt, Leo and Jake. How did he get here before me?

Today Mcgonagall was going over vanishing spells, previously we've vanished snails and today it was mice and then larger objects. Roxy kept sending me weird looks and raising her eyebrows, I ignored her of course knowing she was probably wanted to know where I was last night.

At the end of the two hours myself and Kayl stayed behind whilst the others went back to the common room as the lesson was over.

"I am going to give you both detentions tonight with me for being late and Miss Potter you will have one tomorrow night for forgetting your tie."

"But Professor..." Kayl started to say.

"No but's Miss Jessop. Both of you will come here at six o'clock and you will do the same tomorrow Miss Potter. Off you go."

We left before she could think of any other reason to give us detention, once we were half way down the corridor I said to Kayl, "A detention for forgetting my stupid bloody tie to a lesson we didn't really need. How unfair was that?" I noticed she wasn't listening so I said softly, "Kayl are you ok?"

"Yeah I'm fine Lil. I need to go the library though. I'll see you later."

"Bye." I called after her as walked down the corridor leaving me alone. There is definitely something going on with her.



"Lil what are you trying to say." Jake asked.

"I well uh since you put me on the spot, I couldn't remember the contraceptive charm. But then I did but I didn't say it right and it's only one hundred per cent effective if said correctly."


"Well the thing is..." I grabbed my bag and ran into the bathroom. I pulled out the muggle test and did my thing. I walked back out to Jake who was still where I left him and looking confused as ever.

I handed him the test and then looked from it to me. "Are you pregnant Lil?"

"Yes." I whispered.

"How far?" He asked.

"I'm ten weeks, but I'll be eleven tomorrow." I told him.

"What are you going to do?"

"There is no way I'm having an abortion so it's either adoption or..."

"Keeping it." Jake finished for me. He looked at me, "Lil, I don't know what to say to be honest."

"How about you'll stand by me and our baby and that you love me." I said as I could feel tears forming.

"Lil we're sixteen, we can't be parents were still kids ourselves. What about our O.W.L's and N.E.W.T's how are we going to take them with a baby." Jake stood up and I could see I wasn't the only one with tears. "Lil I need time to think things through. I'm sorry." With that he got up and left the room, the test still in his hand.

Why?, why did I have to get pregnant. If I hadn't this wouldn't be happening right now. I got up off the sofa and crawled onto the bed where this whole mess started. I kicked off my shoes and wrapped the quit around me, curling up into a ball. My tears trickling down my face.

Why did this happen to me, I'm a good student, I never get told off apart from the occasional day dreaming. My parents never get mad at me, so why me? Why did Jake leave me, is he coming back?

Why, just why?

A/N I know Hogwarts doesn't normally half term's like a normal school does but it's necessary to the story line as things happen, such as Lily's birthday party.

P.s The next chapter is in Jake's POV to shake things up a bit

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Chapter 7: Of Yelling, Punches And Broken Noses
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Jake's Point of view

The door shut behind me. I wanted to go back in there and tell her that everything was going to be and that I do love her. I just want to be able to hug her but I can't. It's like an invisible force won't let me. I really need time to think things through.

At first I though Lily was joking and that one of her many cousins were going to pop out from somewhere and yell 'April fool'. I mean it's not even April and clearly Lily isn't joking, I mean there's a positive pregnancy test in my hand.

Holy fuck!

I can't be a dad at sixteen can I, what about our O.W.L's, what about our N.E.W.T's What are we going to do if we don't take them. We'll be sixteen year old parents without any qualifications, no jobs, no money and no where to live.

I ran down the corridor even though I wanted to go back and comfort her. The castle was empty and I used the short cuts to get down to the entrance hall. There was a lot of noise coming from the great hall as it was still lunch. I made my way down to the dungeons, I really need to see Jamie. He'll know what to do. Please say he's in the common room, please.

I stopped outside the bit of wall where the entrance to their common room is. I knew it was here because of the barrels that are near here. Shit, what was the password. Just as I was trying to work out what a Slytherin would use as a password a group of small boys came around the corner.

"What's the password?" I asked them.

"We can't tell you. You're a Gryffie." One of them said pointing to my Gryffindor tie.

"I don't give a bloody fuck if I'm in Gryffindor. I need the password as I really need to speak to my brother. It's urgent." I yelled, getting impatient.

One of them jumped, serves them right. Stupid first years.

"It's Toujours Pur." Said a young girl who had just walked around the corner. "I heard you yelling, your Jamie, Izzy and Lola's brother aren't you." She said.

"Yeah I am and thanks." I said in a lower voice. "Toujours Pur." I said to the wall which then opened up to reveal the passage. I walked down and entered the common room. Taking big strides across it, I ran straight up the staircase that leads to the dorms and made my way to the seventh year boys. I pushed the door open only to find Albus looking through his trunk.

"Hi Jake, what are you doing in here?" He asked as he looked up.

"I was out of breathe from the running but managed to say, "Looking for Jamie."

I noticed that Al was looking at my hand funny and then I realised why. Shit! I still had the pregnancy test in my hand.

"Why have you got a pregnancy test in your hand?" He asked looking confused.

On no, no, no, no. Fuck, fuckety fuck.

"I uh, it's um. It's Lily's." I mumbled.

"Sorry didn't catch that Jake." Al said as he shut his trunk which made a big bang.

I gritted my teeth, "I said it's Lily's."


"Yeah, but it wasn't meant to happen...." I tired to explain as Al got closer and closer to me.


I can't say I blame him. I mean I want to punch myself right now and I'm pretty sure that I would feel the same way as Al if some guy got any of my younger sister's pregnant or even Izzy who's older than me while they were still at school and a teenager. I think I would punch them as well.

I just stood there, helpless, I didn't stop him trying to hit. Al kept hitting me in the face until I fell down and landed on the floor. He hit me one more time and I think I heard a crack. The door opened at that precise moment and I saw Jamie.

"What the fuck is going on?" He asked as he rushed over and pulled Al off me, "Al what on earth are you doing?"

"I WANT TO KILL HIM!" Al roared.

Jamie tried to restrain him as I struggled to get into a sitting position. I could taste blood in my mouth but I ignored that as I watched Jamie pull out his wand and muttered, "Petrificus Totalus." Albus turned completely still except for his eyes which were moving left and right.

Jamie then came over and helped me up onto his bed. Jamie passed me some tissue and I dropped the pregnancy test which was somehow still in my hand as I tried to stop the flow of blood.

Jamie eyed the pregnancy test and picked it up with a tissue, his eyes grew wide as he saw the two lines in the little window. "Jake, is Lily pregnant?" He whispered. I nodded the best I could. "When did you find out?"

"Around ten minutes ago. I came straight here as I needed to see you. Al saw the test and went mad."

"I can see that," He said indicating to my face, "Al do you promise not to do anything you might regret if I un-freeze you." His eyes blinked rapidly twice, "I'll take that as a yes." Jamie said before muttering the counter charm and Albus unfroze.

"Al walked over and kicked his trunk, "Where is she?" He asked looking straight at me.


"My sister, stupid." Al growled.

"I, shit. I left her in the room of requirement."

Al left the room shooting me a murderous glare.

"Jake what are you going to do?" Jamie asked as he sat next to me.

"Too be honest I have no clue, I'm not ready to be a dad just yet. Sure I'll babysit the girls if mum or dad ask me to but I can hand them back at the end of the day. We've got our O.W.L's this year, how would we cope. I mean we're too young." I blurted out.

"Come on Jake let's get you to the Hospital wing. We'll talk on the way."

I stuck the test in my pocket, although I have no idea why. Mental note, throw it in the first bin I can find. I mean Lily peed on it and it's kinda gross. We made our way to the first floor and talked on the way. We entered the hospital wing and Jamie went and got Madame Pomfrey.

She gasped when she saw me, "Mr Smith what have you been doing." She asked before shooing my hand and the bloody tissue's away from my nose. Did I really look that bad, I caught sight of myself in one of the mirror's above the bed side table. My nose was wonky and abnormally large, my face was really pale and I looked as white as a sheet. Not to mention I was covered in blood as was my shirt and tie. Ok so maybe I do look bad.

She made me sit on a bed and said, "Good heavens, what on earth happened?"

I shrugged, "Walked into a door."

She looked at me and I swear she knew I was lying. "Hmm well that must have been quite a bang, your nose is broken."

Once Cassy had cleaned all the blood off my face she pulled out her wand and said, "Episkey." My nose felt warm and tingly and then cold again. "Right you are free to go Mr Smith and please don't walk into any more doors."

We left the hospital wing and I told Jamie that I was going to the bathroom and left him stood in the middle of the corridor. As soon as I was out of his view I ran up to the seventh floor to my common room. I gave the fat lady the password and walked in and up to my dorm. Hugo, Matt and Leo were all in there collecting their bags for the last two lesson of the day.

"Hi Jake, what's up?" Matt said as he picked up his school bag and slung it over his shoulder.

"Why are you covered in blood?" Leo asked.

"Al punched me." I said as I grabbed a small rucksack and stuffed some things from my trunk into it.

"What!, why would Al punch you?" Hugo enquired.

He's my best friend and Lily's cousin, I mean he's going to find out some time. I threw the test at him which he caught, "Because I got Lily pregnant."

"YOU WHAT!" Hugo yelled dropping his school bag and the test, "MY COUSIN LILY?"

"No some other Lily." I said sarcastically, "Of course your cousin Lily."


"Like I don't already know that." I muttered as I grabbed the rucksack that I had just packed and shut my trunk.

"OI WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU'RE GOING, COME BACK HERE!" Hugo yelled after me as I left the dorm. Well at least he didn't punch me.

I ran all the way back through the castle, taking shortcuts until I reached the entrance hall. I left the castle and made my way across the grounds to the owlery to find Hooter. I grabbed a piece of paper and a pen from the front pocket of my bag and wrote:

Dear Mum and Dad,

I have big news, I know I should be telling you in person but I got Lily pregnant. You're going to be grandparents. Yeah I know that you'll probably say we were stupid enough not to use protection but we did. We just didn't say the contraceptive charm properly.

I don't know what to do and if you hear off Jamie, Izzy or Lola saying that I'm not in school well they'll be right. I'm not going to be. I need to figure out what to do and what's happening. We can't be parents, we're only kids ourselves and for that reason I need to be on my own and think things through.


P.s Please don't hate me

I put it in an envelope and sealed it up before attaching it to Hooter's leg. "It's for mum and dad ok." I told him as I stroked his head. He hooted and I watched him fly off out the window, I gathered my stuff up and made my way into Hogmeade.

I know where I'm going and I know who I need to see.

A/N I'm thinking of writing of a one shot about Jake, his travels and what happened whilst he was gone but I'm not sure.

Does his reaction seem real? Would you do the same thing if you were him?

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Chapter 8: Confession 6 - Of Crying, Worrying and Jelly Beans
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A/N Back to Lily's Point of view

Disclaimer: I own nothing except my OC's and the plot - the rest belongs to JK Rowling and Barbie belongs to Matell.

I was still curled up in the middle of the bed, crying when I heard someone enter. I looked up hoping that it was Jake but it wasn't and my heart sank. There it there doorway was Albus. How the hell did he know that I was in here?

He rushed straight over to me and sat on the bed, pulling me onto his lap before hugging me. Why does he have blood on his hand?

"Al what are you doing here?" I managed to say through my sniffles.

"I know Lil, I know about the baby." He said as he stoked my hair.

That sent me into panic mode, how had he found out. Please don't say that Dom had done something stupid and told everyone. Please, please say that she didn't.

As if reading my mind Al explained, "Jake came into our dorm looking for Jamie, he had the pregnancy test in his hand. I put two and two together and I may or may not have punched him a few times."

Ok so Dom hadn't opened her big gob. Yet.

"Al please tell me you didn't. Is he ok?" I sniffed.

I felt him shrug, "I don't know, I didn't hang around to see. Otherwise I would have punched him again."

Great, my brother has beaten up my boyfriend. Why does he have to be so over protective.

"Al it's not his fault." I said trying to defend Jake.

"Yeah it it Lil. He got you pregnant so therefore it's his fault. I bet you were drunk and he jumped at the chance to sleep with you."

That pissed me off, "Al it takes two to tango. And for your information we were not drunk, we were completely sober. And it was my idea so don't go saying shit that you don't know."

"How far are you Lil?" He asked changing the subject.

"I'll be eleven weeks tomorrow."

"Fucking hell Lil."

"What am I going to do Al. Jake's left me and I'm all alone." I sobbed.

"Don't worry Lil. You've got me and mum and dad and your best friends. We'll support you although I'm not sure about James, he may kill Jake."

"Al don't say that, my baby still needs a father even if he's left me." I sobbed as I sat up, noticing tear stains on Al's school shirt.

"Does anyone else know?" Al asked me as he handed me a tissue.

I nodded as I blew my nose, "Rose, Livi, Kayl, Bee. Oh and Dom"

"Bee, who's Bee?"

"She works in the pharmacy in Hogsmeade and she was in my position a few years back. She also came to see Madame Pomfrey with me on Monday."

Al sounded worried as he said, "What for, are you and the baby ok."

"Al I'm fine as is the baby. But I needed to tell her I was pregnant and she confirmed it. I also heard the baby's heartbeat and it was amazing. You should have heard it Al."

It really was amazing and I can't believe there's a little person inside me. I can't wait until my twelve week scan when I should be able to see the baby.

"When's your next appointment?"

"Saturday, the twenty-fifth." I told him.

"Lil I'm coming with you and no buts. I'm going to stand by you no matter what. You're my baby sister and I love you. I promised mum and dad I was going to take care of you and I'm keeping that promise Lil."

I love Al right now, he's so sweet. Well at least my baby will have one uncle, I'm not so sure about James, he may get sent to Azkaban for killing Jake when he finds out. The door opened again and this time when I looked up I didn't expect to see Jake, it was Rose, Livi and Kayl. My girls were here and I need them alot right now.

"Aw Lily," Rose gushed as she came over to me. She looked at me and then Al and then back to me, I could see in here eyes that she was asking if Al knew.

I nodded, "How did you know I was in here?"

"We bumped into Jamie and he said something about you and Jake. So Kayl asked if we could get the map to find you. He got it for us and your dot was no where to be seen, neither was Jake's so we figured that you were still in here." Livi explained as she took a seat on the sofa.

"Where is he?" I asked, desperation in voice.

Kayl came over and sat next to me, "We don't know Lil. Jamie said that he told him he was going to the bathroom but when he went to find him he wasn't there. We also bumped into Hugo, Leo and Matt and they said Jake was in the dorm, he packed a bag then disappeared. They also know that your pregnant."

"No one knows where he is Lil." Rose said quietly as she came and sat on the bed.

This stupid fucking king sized bed where all of this stupid fucking mess started. Why is my life so fucking brilliant, right now I'm sixteen and pregnant. My boyfriend and father of said pregnancy has now run away. Just fucking brilliant, oh yeah and my brother beat him to shit before he left. Didn't anyone think of stopping him, no they just let him leave. Dom hasn't spoken to me in like five weeks and I swear that she's going to tell someone. And to top it all off I have a meeting with Mcgonagall next month as well. So yeah my life fucking brilliant. Note the sarcasm.

Now more than ever I just a cuddle off my mummy and for her to squeeze me tight and to tell me that everything is going to be alright. And that she could make everything better like she did when I was little. I wish I was six again, when the only thing I would have to decide was what dress to put on my Barbie. Not sixteen and deciding whether I'm going to be a mum or not.

I started crying and snotting again and I think I must have gone through at least two boxes of tissues. I had lot's of hugs and 'it's going to be ok' off them, but it's not I'm sixteen and pregnant, Jake had gone and left me, so I guess he doesn't want to know and I haven't a clue as to what I'm going to do.

After I had calmed down enough that I didn't look like I was becoming mentally unstable, we left the room and went back to Gryffindor tower and Al back to the dungeons. Rose found Hugo and Dom and told them to tell the teachers we had a family crisis so we couldn't go to the last two lessons of the day.

After she told me what she had said, I pointed out the fact that a family crisis which didn't involve them was a bit odd. Real smart Rose, real smart. And she's meant to be the brainy one of the family.

I didn't sleep well at all as I was worried about Jake, he had just gone without a word. There were one hundred and one different things that kept going round and round in my head. Most of them about Jake, where was he?, would he come back?, does he want this baby and does he love me? I cried and cried until my pillow was sopping wet and I think I eventually fell asleep. The next morning I had bags under my eyes which were red, my face was as white as a sheet and my hair looked like a birds nest.

Why can't my life be normal?

Oh yeah I know why, because I'm the youngest and only daughter of the chosen one and I'm now pregnant.

My life is far from normal.

I've been a wreck since Jake left, I'm not eating properly as this baby doesn't seem to like many foods so I keep throwing up. I'm not sleeping well as I'm really worried about him and I'm not paying attention in class as I'm so preoccupied with my thoughts.

Today is Saturday and that means I have my twelve week scan today. Al promised that he was coming with me so I got up and dressed and made my way down to breakfast with Livi and Kayl. I didn't eat anything as my insides were squirming, the potion Bee had prescribed me for the sickness had worked but now it wasn't so great. Maybe it's because I'm so stressed or simply the fact that this baby does not want me to eat.

I sat down opposite Rose, Livi sat next to me and Kayl opposite Livi. Dom was sat further up the table with Maisie, Bethany and some of Dom's Slytherin mates. Quite frankly I'm surprised Dom didn't get sorted into Slytherin, she's evil enough sometimes.

Livi being the mother hen that she is noticed that I wasn't eating and was eyeing me suspiciously, "Lil you need to eat, it can't be good for you." She told me before whispering, "Or the baby."

"If I eat I'll be sick. So I'm not eating." I lifted my goblet to my lips and drank some of my pumpkin juice as Al and Scorpius arrived. Al sat on my other side and Scorpius sat by Rose of course.

"Morning all, are you ready Rose?" Scorpius said brightly.

"I'll meet you in the entrance hall in a minute." She replied giving him a quick kiss.

He nodded and called, "Bye." to us.

Rose looked at and whispered, "Good luck Lil." before leaving after Scorpius.

After scoffing five pieces of toast Al turned to me and asked, "What time's your appointment."

I stopped drinking my juice and muttered, "Eleven." before refilling my goblet.

"Right that's it we're going to Hogmeade." Kayl announced as she stood up.

I looked at her and saw she was all happy and smiley. I felt like complete and utter shit and to be honest I really don't want to go to Hogsmeade when I have to come back up in three hours. I really didn't want to put a dampner on Kayl's mood so I just nodded along.

"Stay here." Livi ordered me as her brown hair fell out of it's messy bun. "I'll go and get your bag from our dorm."

I gave her a weak smile and she and Kayl left.

"Come on." Al said as he got up, he re-arranged his green jumped that had an 'A' on the front in blue before holding his hand out to me, "Come on Lil."

"Where are we going." I whined as he guided me out of the great hall, across the entrance hall and down the passage which leads to the Hufflepuff's common room. We stopped outside the painting of the fruit bowl.

Al tickled the pear causing the painting to swing open, he paused before entering and looked towards me, "Are you coming in or..."

"I'll stay here." I told him as I leant against the opposite wall.

"Don't disappear." He joked.

Well I wasn't about to do a disappearing act unlike some people, mentioning no names *cough*Jake*cough*.

I started to think I should have gone in with him as he was taking so long but then again the smell of the food may have made me sick. Al eventually came out after what seemed like ten minutes with a bottle of pumpkin juice, a stack of toast and a box of crackers. He handed me the toast and I put my hand out to push it away. "Eat Lil." Al insisted.

"Fine I will if you want me throwing up all over you. Your choice?" I grumbled.

"I can live with that Lil, I just don't want my baby sister passing out from lack of food."

I pulled a face at him like the child I am and left him standing in the corridor. Livi and Kayl were coming down the stairs, my bag in Livi's hand. I smiled at them and before I could take my bag Al grabbed it and put the bottle of pumpkin juice and crackers in there.

I nibbled the corner of one piece of toast trying not to taste it as I swallowed, "See Al, I ate a bit." And with that I threw it in the nearest bin which happened to be in the corner.

"God you're so stubborn sometimes Lil."

I stuck my tongue out at him and mimicked him doing my best impression, "God you're so stubborn sometimes."

I am not stubborn, how dare he call me stubborn. He was the one who refused to move rooms when mum was pregnant with me all because it was his room and he didn't want a girl in it. If anyone is stubborn it's Al.

We made out way outside and jumped into the first carriage that came along, it was pretty sunny out although it was cold. Once we were in the village we walked around for a bit until Al announced he wanted to go in Honeydukes. I stayed outside as I really don't think my stomach could handle all the sweet sugary smells. We walked passed Madame Puddifoots and saw Rose and Scorpius looking very cosy. We also passed the baby shop called Baby Witch Wizard and I happened to look in the window. The baby clothes were so small and cute and then I saw my reflection. I looked fat.

I turned to Livi and hissed, "Do I really look that fat."

"Lily you are not fat, I see nothing wrong. Stop being paranoid." She told me before walking on ahead to catch up with Al and Kayl. I looked in the window again at my stomach, I'm not being paranoid, I am definitely bigger and I swear my clothes look tighter. Eventually we entered the three Broomsticks, myself and Livi sat down whilst Al and Kayl got the drinks. I was sat cross legged with an expression on my face that probably said that I didn't want to be here. Which is true, if it was up to me I would have crawled back into bed and stayed there.

As Kayl sat down and Al passed us our drinks, my stomach decided it would take advantage of the silence and rumble.

"See, I told you, you should have ate." Al said to me giving me an ' I told you so' look.

I ignored him and took a sip of my pumpkin juice, I wasn't really paying attention to their conversation as I have way more important things on my mind than Quidditch or homework. And I was too busy watching the hand on the clock above the bar going around and around that I didn't notice the door open and a lot of giggling coming from two blondes and a brunette. Aka Maisie, Dom and Bethany.

I looked over and Dom looked directly at me, I quickly turned back around to try and get in the conversation but it was too late. Albus had noticed them.

"Hey Dom, do you lot want to join us." He called.

Why oh why Al did you have to say that, you idiot. Dom nodded causing her perfect blonde pony tail to bob along. She went over to the bar with the others before coming over and sitting with us.

"Hiya." Kayl said brightly to Bethany.

Bethany is kind of shy until you get to know her properly. She's got lovely chestnut brown hair and blue eyes. She's also really tall and loves to read just like Rose. Oh fucking brilliant, I swear on Merlin's life I could kill Al right now. In fact I could kill a lot of people, I blame the hormones but then again it might not be. I didn't say anything as they talked and continued to watch the clock and sip my juice. The clock said it was eleven forty-five and I was waiting to see if Livi noticed so we could leave.

"Got to be somewhere Lily?" Dom stated, "It's just you've been looking at that clock ever since we got here."

I slammed down my bottle and jumped up, "Yes I do actually. Goodbye." I rushed from the pub as quick as I could. Why does Dom have to hate me, it's not like I killed someone. I only got pregnant, it's her that wants me to kill someone. I hid down the side alley next to the pub. Five minutes later I could hear Livi's shouts from the end of the alley.

I moved up and hid behind the bins so I could hear better, "Dom knows you stupid boy. She hates Lily." Livi hissed at him.

"I didn't know Liv." Al said sounding scared. I'm not surprised Livi can be pretty scary when she's angry. "Where is she?"

"I'm down here." I said stepping out. "D-d-d-dom knows and she told me to g-get rid of it." I stammered fighting back the tears. Why do I have to cry so bloody much, again I blame these damn hormones.

"Oh Lil, I'm sorry. I didn't know." Al pulled me into a hug and he smelt alot like the Burrow, maybe it's because his jumper was knitted by Nana or the fact he normally only wear it when we visit the Burrow I don't know.

"Um, Lil it's nearly eleven." Kayl interrupted.

I broke away from the hug and forced myself to say, "Come on then."

We got in a carriage and made our way back up to the castle. Once on the first floor I entered the hospital wing closely followed by Kayl, Livi and Al. I made sure no one else was around and knocked Cassy's office door. She opened it looking a little surprised.

"Oh! Miss Potter, I though you weren't coming."

"Sorry I'm late Madame Pomfrey I was in Hogsmeade and lost track of time."

She smiled, "Call me Cassy and it's ok child, not to worry. If you could hop onto a bed I shall be back now."

I did as she asked and sat on the bed nearest her office, I really do not need someone to see me in here. The news that I was in the Hospital wing would probably spread around the school like wildfire. I can't imagine what it's going to be like when people realise or find out that I'm pregnant.

Madame Pomfrey came back with a machine that looked a bit like a muggle computer on wheels. She placed it beside the bed and went to pull the screens around me. Thank god for that. Al sat on my left and held my hand which I squeezed and Kayl and Livi stood behind him.

"I'm guessing these three know then," Cassy said and I nodded, "Very well, if you could lift up your top please."

I lifted my hoodie up and t-shirt up so that they stopped just under my bra while Cassy explained what she was going to do, "I'm going to squirt some gel onto your stomach, it may be cold but don't worry. I will then find baby's heartbeat as I did before but this time I'll say a special spell and an image of baby will appear on the screen." She pointed at the monitor.

I nodded and she proceeded to squirt the gel on my stomach. I squealed as it was really cold, Madame Pomfrey ignored me and carried on. She got her wand out and placed the tip near the center of my stomach, I didn't here the spell that she said so I'm guessing she did it no verbally. Her wand then moved across my stomach and hovered over one specific spot, she gently tapped the area which filled the room with the same rhythmic beating as last time and then the monitor came on. There was a black background with a lot of white stuff inside. I saw an oval shaped area that had a small shape inside which looked like a jelly bean.

Al was squeezing my hand so hard that I starting to think I lost the feeling in it. "Al loose go please." I whispered.

"Sorry Lil." He replied.

I looked at the monitor again and Madame Pomfrey pointed out the jelly bean shape. "There is your baby Miss Potter at your next scan you will be able to see it much clearer and I will be able to tell the gender."

This suddenly felt a whole lot real. There is a baby inside of me, a baby is growing inside of me. This is real, why am I freaking out this bad now?

"Would you like a picture?" Cassy asked.

I nodded as I was still lost for words at the sight of the little jellybean and that I swear if I opened my mouth I would freak out.

I watched as she pressed some of the buttons on the machine and she handed me a paper towel to wipe the gel off which I did. Next thing I know Cassy's handing me a picture, I sat up and rolled down my top and hoodie. I looked down at the picture and the small jellybean shape was moving slightly and I smiled.

"You will need to come back for your twenty week scan. Make sure that your taking your vitamins, eating healthy and resting. And certainly no quidditch."

I nodded as I picked up my bag and asked, "Can I have a word in private?"

Cassy smiled at me, "Of course, come into my office."

I hopped off the bed and hoped that Livi, Kayl or Al wouldn't question me as to why I had to speak to Cassy in private. I entered her office and took a seat as she closed the door.

"What can I do to help Lily?, is there anything wrong?" She asked as she sat down.

I tried to think how I was going to say this, I've been thinking of this since Jake left me. I had been looking at the leaflet Bee had given me and I think I've made my decision. "Well the father now know's and he's completely vanished. I haven't seen or heard from him in a whole week and I think he may have left me. I want this baby to have two parents who love it and can support it financially. What I'm trying to say is that I'm thinking of choosing adoption." I told her saying the last bit quietly.

"Are you sure Miss Potter, it's a very big decision to make."

"Yes." It's the right decision and what's best for jelly bean, I thought.

"Right, well there are two types of adoption: open and closed." Cassy stood up and went over to a filing cabinet where she pulled out a booklet. "Have a look through this and once you have chosen which type come and tell me and we can go from there. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask."

"Thanks Cassy." I said quietly as I put the booklet in my bag along with my scan picture.

We both left her little office and I collected Al, Kayl and Livi. Al was clearly worried as from the looks of it he was pacing. When he saw me he bombarded me with questions. "Lil are you ok?, is the baby ok? Why did you want to talk in there?, what was it about?"

I held my hand up to stop him from talking any more, "Al I'm fine as is the baby, I just had some questions that's all."

He huffed, "Well why couldn't you have asked them out here?"

"Because..." I trailed off trying to think of something to pacify him.

"Girl stuff, she doesn't want her brother knowing. It's a little embarrassing." Livi interrupted.

I honestly could kiss her right now, I mouthed "Thank you." To her and she gave me a little nod.

Al insisted on staying with me when we left the hospital wing but I told him to go and fine Jamie to hang out.

"Um small problem Lil. I'm not talking to him and he's not talking to me."

"Why?" I moaned stopping to look at him. I just need to be with my best friends right now, why must he insist and hanging around.

He scuffed his foot on the floor and he looked like he was five years old again, "Well the fact I punched his kid brother and said kid brother knocked you up."

Just then Rose and Scorpius came around the corner hand in hand and giggling. Thank god. I'm not being mean but I really need to get rid of Al so I could talk to my girls alone/ He's bound to try and change my mind when I tell him my decision.

"Hey Al, wanna come and play quidditch. We could do with a practice and I know the others haven't got anything better to do."

Scorpius do you know how much I could kiss you right now, although I won't as Rose may kill me. I seem to be in a very kissing mood today, maybe it's because I haven't been kissed for roughly a week or maybe it's just the hormones. I blame the hormones.

Al looked unsure and I hit him playfully, "Go and practice Al, you need to get the team in shape if you want to beat us."

Maybe Al know's occlumency, if you can read my mind Al then go with Scorpius. Go and have fun, I'm fine. See, all happy and smiley. I grinned and he looked at me funny.

"Um Lil are you ok, you just randomly started grinning."

Oops ok so maybe Al doesn't know occlumency and now I just look like a complete and utter mad fool. "Don't worry Al."

After much persuasion from us girls he and Scorpius eventually went off discussing tactics on how they could beat us. I started walking and left Livi, Rose and Kayl behind. I could hear Rose interrogating then and Kayl mentioned the fact I had asked to speak to Cassy alone.

Rose tried to catch up with me, "Hey Lil stop." She called.

I turned around, "What?" I said impatiently.

"So how did it go?" She asked as she tucked a strand of red hair behind her ear.

I shrugged, "Fine and I've made my decision."

I made my way to the second floor and left the others behind me, I need to think. I checked that no one was around as I entered Moaning Myrtle's bathroom. She floated up out of her cubicle as the door creaked open.

"Oh it's you."

I head the door creak again and Rose's voice filled my ears, "Why are we in here, she's not going to give it to Myrtle is she?"

Livi giggled as did Kayl but I ignored them.

"Hello Myrtle," I said brightly, "Now if you excuse us we have some business to sort out and it would be really nice if you left for a little while."

Her pale face looked horrified at the though of leaving, "You're not going into the Chamber Of Secrets are you, students are not allowed down there."

Why does she have to make things complicated, she's a ghost for fuck's sake. It's not like she can get pregnant.

"If you tell anyone that we're in her then I might let slip to Filch that you keep upsetting first years and that you're very rude to them. Filch will probably suggest removing you from the toilets and from Hogwarts completely to Professor Mcgonagall. And I'll tell Peeves you fancy him."

Her face looked shocked and I swear if she was alive she would have been blushing. "I well, of course I wouldn't tell anyone Miss Potter. I shall leave you alone now." And with that she zoomed down a toilet creating a big splash.

Whoo hoo, I won. Lily, one. Myrtle, zero.

"Problem solved."

"That was brilliant Lil." Kay congratulated me.

"Why would she think you were using the Chamber Of Secrets unless you want to get expelled. Your not are you?" Rose added hastily.

I laughed, better not tell her what James and Fred used to get up down there then.

"Course not Rose, we just let her think we use it when we come in here."

I walked passed all the toilets and stopped at the wall, I pulled my wand out and tapped six bricks in the specific order. "What on earth is she doing." I heard Rose ask as the last brick flashed blue. I leant against the wall and came out in our secret room.

I collapsed on one on the bean bags and was shortly followed by Livi, a scared looking Rose and Kayl. Livi sat on the sofa whilst Kayl raided the cupboards and pulled out a packet of crisps before sitting next to Livi.

Rose stayed standing and looked around the room, "What is this place?"

"Our secret room, remember when I blindfolded you and asked you to make me a room. Well this is it."

How could she not remember, I mean I walked up to her one day and asked if she could make a room in a wall. Now it's not everyday that someone asks you that is it.

"We come in here to hang out or to do homework if the common room is busy." Livi explained, "We also have cupboards and a fridge which the house elves fill for us."

"We never told Myrtle about the room so she assumes we use the Chamber Of Secrets for something just like James and Fred used to." Kayl told Rose as she munched on her crisps.

I shot a look at Kayl, which said 'you should have not said that'

Rose turned to me, "And what did James and Fred use the Chamber Of Secrets for, may I ask?"

Ahh crap.

"None of your buisness Ro and it was years ago, don't worry about it."

Rose looked deadly serious as she said, "If you don't tell me then I'll ask them."

"Go ahead if you want to be laughed at, they won't tell you Rose and if you threat them that you'll tell my mum or auntie Angelina it won't work. Just forget Kayl said anything."

She huffed and crossed her arms, Ignoring miss huffy knickers I started to explain, "I've made my decision as to what I'm going to do. I'm going to choose adoption, I don't know which one yet but Cassy gave me a booklet to look through."

Miss huffy knickers interrupted me, "Um Lil, I might have mentioned to Scorpius that your pregnant so he could take Al off out hands and that's the reason why Al and Jamie aren't speaking. He swears he won't tell anyone."

I nodded, "I guess you had to and thanks for making him get rid of Al."

I pulled out the booklet and my scan photo out of my bag, Rose held her hand out and I passed the scan to her. She started talking to Livi and Kayl and I blocked them. I picked the book up and started to flick through it, on the contents page it said that the two options were on page four.

I found the page and started reading: closed adoption, where I would never see the child again or open adoption where I would know the parents and have contact with the child a few times a year. I think that open adoption sounds better, I don't just want to hand my baby over to some strangers and never see them again. It wouldn't feel right me, it would feel as though I had just erased a part of my life. Open adoption sounds better and at least I would still have contact with my baby.

I skipped to page six where there was more information about open adoption, completely unaware that the others were trying to talk to me.

In the end Kayl clicked her fingers in front of my face, "Hello, anyone home." She said in a mystical voice.

I blinked rapidly, "Yeah I'm here."

"Come on it's nearly dinner time, we've already missed lunch."

Have we really been here that long? I followed them out of the room stuffing the booklet into my bag, Rose handed me my scan back and I put it carefully in my pocket. I've sworn the three of them to secrecy about me choosing adoption and that they cannot tell Al or Scorpius.

We stopped by the common room and I dropped off my bag. We met back up with Al and Scorp who sat at the Gryffindor table with us. I piled my plate full of curry, rice and chips. I was halfway through eating it when I saw that Jamie was sat on his own over at the Slytherin table.

I stood up and went over to speak to him. "Hi." I said as I slid onto the bench opposite him.

"Hey Lil." He said sadly.

"You ok?"

He shrugged, "Not really. Can we talk somewhere else please Lil. Al is currently glaring at us."

I nodded and got up, following out of the great hall and into a disused classroom.

"Have you heard of Jake at all?" He asked.

I hopped onto a desk causing my fringe to fall into my eyes, I pushed it back and said, "Nope, have you?"

Jamie shook his head, "It's been a week Lil. He sent our parents an owl telling them he got you pregnant and that he needed time to think. We haven't heard a word off him since. I'm so worried and Al won't speak to me and Scorp is stuck in the middle of it all."

Great, if Jake's told his parents that means I'm going to have to tell mine soon.

"Calm down Jamie, Al thinks your not speaking to him because he hit Jake and that your pissed. I haven't heard off Jake since he left me but I had my twelve week scan this morning." I told him as I pulled it out of my pocket and handed it to him.

"Wow," He whispered, "Could I send a copy to my parents."

"I would say yes, but mine don't know yet. Can you make sure that your mum or dad doesn't say anything to my parents. I want them to hear it from me."

"I understand Lil," Jamie said as he passed it back, "I'm going to the owerly to send a letter to Jake and our parents. Oh and can you tell Al I don't hate him but yeah I am pissed that he hit Jake and tell him I still want to be friends. I mean we're practically family now." He joked pointing at my stomach. He hugged me goodbye before leaving.

I made my way back into the great hall and sat back down to eat the rest of my food.

"What did he want?" Al questioned.

"He says that he doesn't hate you, but he is pissed that you hit Jake and that he still want's to be friends since your practically family now." I turned to Scorp, "And he doesn't like you being stuck in the middle either."

I finished the rest of my food without being sick, hopefully I'll actually be able to keep this down. "I'm going to bed." I told the others.

"Night." They called as I got up and left the table.

When I got inside my dorm I got changed into my pyjamas and did some of my homework. I pulled the booklet out of my bag and curled up in bed. I started reading through it and as I did I realised I knew what I am going to choose.

Despite the fact it was half past eight, I snuggled down in bed and carefully placed my scan photo under my pillow. I rolled onto my right side and placed my hands on my stomach. My decision is final I am choosing an open adoption. I'll have to tell Cassy by tomorrow before we leave and of course I still have to tell my family and my parents. Well that should be fun. Not!

  Bomb Shell... What do you think of Lily's choice? Why do you think she has chosen adoption? Is Jake ever coming back?

The first half of this chapter is to show that not all teen pregnancies are sunshine, rainbows and unicorns. Boys get scared and do stupid things like run away and most of the time it's the girl and her family picking up the pieces.

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Chapter 9: Confession 7 - Of Going Home, Secrets And Lies
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I've been awake for hours. I honestly think that I haven't fallen asleep. All night I kept tossing and turning and no matter what I did I couldn't get comfy. I think maybe it's because I still have to pay a visit to the hospital wing and tell Cassy my decision. Not too mention I have to tell my parents and probably my whole family this half term. I'm dreading it, maybe that's why I can't sleep. Oh and Jake still isn't back, so there's another thing to worry about as well.

Today I'm going home for half term, Since it was still early I got out of bed and pulled on a hoodie over my pyjamas and put on my ugg's. Carefully walking across the dorm, making sure that I didn't wake any of the others up I went into the bathroom and brushed my messy hair before leaving the dorm and heading towards the Hospital wing.

When I got there Cassy was treating a patient, she smiled when she saw me, "If you could wait in my office please Lily, I'll be there now."

I nodded and walked passed her and her patient. Luckily I didn't recognise the patient and thank god they didn't recognise me as they seemed to be pretty out of it. I entered her office and sat down, the place wass pretty clean and even though the room wass small Cassy has brightened up the place with a vase of sunflowers and a bright blue ceiling.

Madame Pomfrey then came in closing the door behind her, "Sorry about that. I didn't expect to see you here so early."

I shrugged, "I couldn't sleep. I've made my decision and I want to choose open adoption."

She nodded, "Right. I shall find you couples who I feel are suitable for your situation and I'll give you the information later on today. If you stop by before you get on the train to collect it, you can look over them whilst you're off. There's no rush." I watched as she scribbled words down on a piece of parchment, "Also I shall schedule a meeting with the headmistress to inform her of your condition, although it won't be until after half term."

I nodded, "Thank you."

"Do your parents know yet?"

I shook my head, "I plan on telling them this week."

Cassy stood up as did I,"Take care Lily."

I left the Hospital wing feeling a lot happier that I had told Cassy and that she was going to find suitable parents for my little one. When I got back to the dorm, Livi was awake and sat up in bed reading a magazine, the others were still asleep. I went to wake Kayl up only to find that she wasn't in her bed. Where the hell was she?

I turned to Livi, "Where's Kayl?" I asked.

"Oh she mentioned something about owling her mum. Although I don't know why, since she'll she her later anyway."

"There is definitely something going on with her Liv, but I'm not sure what."

"I know, she's been acting odd since October. Maybe something's wrong at home." Livi suggested.

Great so that's another thing to worry about, so fat it's:

-Jake and whether he will come back

-My stomach and whether you can tell if I'm pregnant or just fat

-Crying, it's all I seem to do lately

-How to tell mum, dad and the rest of my family without them killing Jake

-Worrying about O.W.L's

And praying that Dom doesn't tell anyone.

I swear on Merlin's life that I cannot handle anything else right now.

I put the last remaining items in my trunk and shut it. Grabbing my clean clothes off my bed I got dressed. Once Livi was ready we went down to breakfast. As we walked down I told her that I had been to see Cassy and that I had to see her again before I leave. Livi nodded and told me that she would cover for me, if anyone asked where I was. When we entered the great hall, I scanned the Gryffindor table as we approached for Kayl, but there was no sign of her.

It was pretty quiet, Rose came over and sat with us but it wasn't for long. "I'll see you later." She called over her shoulder as Scorpius entered the hall with Al and Jamie.

I watched as Rose and Scorp left the hall hand in hand, while Al and Jamie came and sat next to us. Al piled his plate high with sausage and egg as did Jamie, I looked at them in disgust as they then smothered their plates in ketchup and brown sauce.

"What?" Al said, looking up from his food.

I looked at my little bowl of porridge and Livi's two pieces of toast, "Hungry."

They both nodded as their mouths were full. I rolled my eyes and muttered "Boys." under my breathe. After breakfast we left the hall, Jamie and Al went back down to the dungeons and just as myself and Livi were about to walk up the stairs Roxy came in through the castle doors, a broom over her shoulder.

"Hey Rox," I called, she waved as she came over, "You haven't seen Kayl have you?" I asked.

She shook her head, "Nope, I've been down the quidditch pitch most of the morning."

We made our way up to the dorm to get our stuff and so Roxy could shower and change. "Here Lil, this is your's." Roxy called from inside the bathroom, I looked up to see a purple dress fly through the air and land on the floor.

"Thanks." I called back as I picked it up, it was the dress I had been wearing that night. The night that caused all of this. I opened my trunk and stuffed it in, slamming the lid shut. Zephie was safely in her cage and had enough food and water for the journey, I placed her cage on top of my closed trunk. I made sure that my wand was in my bag for safe keeping and that I had everything that I needed for the train journey such as a bottle of water, my sickness potion, a book and some ginger biscuits.

Roxy was ready within minutes and we left the dorm leaving our trunks so the elves could magic them down to the train. The common room was packed as people were all trying to leave at once. It wasn't until a prefect came along and sorted everyone out that we got through. Our usual crowd of people were waiting in the entrance hall, "Hi." I said as we approached them.

"Hey guys." Jamie replied.

Dom didn't even look at me as I spoke to Rose who was stood next to her, she just kept shooting me dirty looks and flicking her blonde hair. I looked at Livi who nodded, time to put my plan into action.

I checked my pockets for my wand and pretended to act panicked, "I can't find my wand." I said aloud as I searched through my bag ignoring the secret compartment where was my wand was hidden.

"I think I saw it on your bedside table." Livi piped up.

"I'll be back now." I announced as I left our group and started walking up the stairs.

"I'll wait for you Lil." Livi called.

Instead of going all the way up to the seventh floor I carried on to the first, many people were going the opposite way and they gave me funny looks. I really hoped it wasn't because they could see mini bump and I pulled my coat closer around me. When I arrived, I walked in and knocked on the office door which was open.

Cassy looked up from her desk, where she she was doing paperwork. "Ahh Lily, how are you?" She asked as she stood up and picked a blue folder of the nearest filling cabinet and handed it to me.

"I'm ok, I guess and thanks."

"Take care and enjoy your holiday. Take your time with the decision, you may find that none of the prospective parents in there take your fancy. You don't have to choose straight away."

I smiled as I put it in my bag, I thanked Cassy again before rushing back down to the entrance hall where I found Livi sat on the bottom step. "You ready?" I asked causing her to jump.

"Yep." She replied.

Leaving the warm castle into the cold Autumn wind wasn't very nice and we jumped in the first carriage that came. Once down on the platform the others were no where to be found so we got on the train, most compartments were full and we eventually found an empty one towards the end of the train.

Ten minutes after we set off the door slid open and Kayl entered, "Hey." She mumbled.

"Where've you been, we've been worried Kayl. No one had seen you all morning." I said a little too loud making her jump.

She sat down next to Livi and glanced out the window before answering, "Lil calm down. I had to owl my mum about something."

Livi looked at me and asked what we were both thinking, "But Kay you'll see her in a few hours."

Kay shook her head causing hair to fall out of it's messy bun, "I'm not, me and Alfie have to go to nan's since she's looking after Jasmine and then I've got to pick up Toby, Ryan and Ellie from their friends houses."

"Why can't Stu pick them up?" Livi asked.

I could see tears starting to form in Kayl's eyes and I knew something was wrong," Mum's in hospital and they don't know what's wrong with her yet." She said softly, her voice trembling as tears rolled down her cheeks. "Dad's with her and since nan can't drive, floo or apparate, I've got to get them."

"Oh come here Kayl." I said softly pulling her into a big hug along with Livi.

"How long have you know?" Livi whispered.

"Two days." Came a mumbled reply as we broke apart.

"Why didn't you say anything before?" I asked as I brushed hair from out of her eyes.

"I didn't want you to worry because you've got so much on your plate what with y'know." Kayl said in a hushed voice, pointing at my stomach.

I pulled her into another hug, "Don't be silly, you need us as much as I need you right now."

When she pulled away this time, she sat in the corner and dried her eyes with a tissue Livi had given her, the rest of the journey wasn't that fun. Al, Scorp, Jamie and Rose joined us but Rose and Scorp didn't stay long as she had prefect duties and Scorp normally helps her. In other words they go up and down the train, find an empty compartment and they snog for god knows how long. When they come, Rose's neck will probably be covered in hickies.

I'm actually surprised that Hugo hasn't stopped by, he didn't say anything to me earlier or even make an attempt at acknowledging my presence. Maybe he's in denial that me, his cousin Lily, who is good and Innocent would be pregnant at sixteen by his best mate or something. I don't know how a boys mind works but I do know that boys are bloody confusing.

The conversation was limited as we were avoiding things like my pregnancy, Jake and now illness and Kayl's mum. Kayl was looking out the window, a dazed expression on her face. She was still staring out the window when the train stopped and her brother Alfie came to our compartment.

Once off the train I hugged Kayl and Livi in turn, "Take care Kay ok and owl us if you need anything. I'm sure your mum will be fine."

She nodded and went off with Alfie to get their trunks.

"Owl me, about how it goes." Livi whispered as she lifted Zephie's cage onto my trunk which was on a luggage trolley. "Take care Lil."

I nodded as I watched Livi walk the short distance down the platform to where her mum, dad and four year old brother Isaac were stood. Al appeared out of no where as I waved to Livi.

"You ready." He said.

I nodded but the spotted Jamie helping his younger sister Lola put Jake's trunk on top of his own. "I'll be back now, go find mum."

Al looked at me for a second and then shrugged before pushing the luggage trolley with my trunk and Zephie on down the platform. "Hey Jamie." I said, "Hiya Lo how's school been, as good as he made out." I asked pointing at Jamie.

She laughed, "I wish, non stop homework, getting lost and flying lessons. No thanks, I'd rather be back at my muggle primary school. I best get these to dad, bye Lily."

"Bye." I called, "Ahh how I wish to be so young and innocent again." I said to Jamie who laughed at me.

"I know you want to know if I've heard off of him and the answer's still the same as it was in the week." He said.

I sighed, "Jame, please, please, please let me know if you do hear off him." I begged.

"I will Lily, you'll be the first to know. Take care." He added as he pulled me into a hug.

I left Jamie putting Lola and Izzy's trunks onto a trolley and went to find my family. I spotted mum not far from the barrier, Al was already with her and then I spotted a tall dark haired person talking to Al, at first I thought it was dad but then realised it was James since dad was most likely in work.

When James saw me, he pulled me into a hug, "Hiya Lil's," He said picking me up like he used to when I was little, and I think he soon regretted it, "I think you're killing me." He put me down quickly acting as though it had been hard working picking me up, "You want to lay off the food Lil, you're getting a bit podgy and heavy too for that matter."

Why thank you James, not only have you mentioned the things that I currently hate about me the most (fat and heavy) but also in front of mum, great.

Auntie Hermione, Rose and Scorpius came over with Hugo trailing behind. "I'll see you at The Burrow." Auntie Hermione was saying to mum, "Just got to drop Scorpius off at Diagon Alley."

"Bye." Mum called. "Let's go then, are you two ready, have you got everything?" She questioned.

"Yes." I said in unison with Al.

James took my trolley and I ran through the barrier with him, leaving mum and Al not far behind. Once our trunks were loaded into the car I got in and before long we were on the move. Mum started questioning how the term had been, were the classes ok and that we weren't getting stressed what with my O.W.L's coming up and Al sitting his N.E.W.T's.

The journey was long and I was so glad to see the Burrow as we turned the corner but at the same time I felt dread. I was going to have to tell mum and dad this week and probably the rest of the family since they'll be here as well. And in our family, no one can keep secrets, especially a secret as big as this. I'm carrying the chosen one's first grandchild for Merlin's sake, it's not I'm hiding presents such as new set of screwdrivers for Granddad or a box of books for Rose. No I'm hiding the fact that I am currently with child. But for how long I don't know.






For the past three days I've been worrying about the size of my mini bump, Nana even commented that she thought I looked a bit round and then proceed to give me three helpings of pudding at dinner last night.

So not only worrying about the size of my stomach, I've been worrying about whether Dom will keep her mouth shut around our family and how I'm going to tell mum and dad. Well this half term should be great.

Today is Wednesday meaning that my week is nearly over and that I only have three days to tell mum and dad. Since dad was at work, mum was busy with Nana and my aunties and my cousins all seemed to have stuff to do I lied to mum and said I was going into town to meet Livi and that I wouldn't be back til late.

Instead I got a taxi and went straight to the address Bee had given me just over a month ago. The taxi pulled up outside a three story block of flats just two streets away from Diagon Alley, I payed the guy with my muggle money and walked across the pavement passed the fountain and towards the door. I tired to open the door but it wouldn't budge and then I noticed there was an intercom thing next to it and I buzzed 2A.

"Hello," Came Bee's cheery voice.

"Um hi Bee, it's me Lily." I said awkwardly.

"Hi Lily, come on up." With that there was a buzz and the door opened.

I entered the building and saw the little block of cupboards for the mail and then frowned as I walked up the first set of stairs, wondering how the post man got in. I climbed the next set and stopped outside 2A before knocking softly.

"Come in Lily, it's open." Bee called through the wood.

I entered into the little flat and closed the door behind me. Bee was in the kitchen washing up. "Take a seat Lil, but mind the toys. Would you like a drink? Water, squash, cherryade, lemonade?" She asked as I sat down on the brown leather sofa which was in the shape of an 'L'.

"Cherryade, please." I answered as I looked around. It wasn't a very big flat, a living room with a kitchen diner and then a small corridor which I'm guessing leads to a bathroom and two bedrooms. The living room was painted sky blue and on the fire place there were moving pictures. Bee was sat on the grass on a summer's day with Codie who looked about one, he was laughing at the bubbles that were floating by.

I smiled to myself as I watched it, he looked like such a happy baby and I could see he looked like Bee as he had her smile. In another picture there was a man and women who I recognised Oliver and Katie Wood (Bee's parents), Bee holding a baby who was Codie and Bee's Younger sister Eliza.

You see when your father's the chosen one you meet a lot of people who are also famous, Oliver Wood is famous for his quidditch skills and for being captain of Puddlemere United as well as for fighting in the battle of Hogwarts. Katie Bell now Wood is famous for the same things except she used to play with mum on the women's team, The Holyhead Harpies.

Bee brought over two glasses full of the red fizzy stuff and placed them on the coffee table in the middle before putting some of the toys in the toybox over by the window and then taking the rest down the corridor into what I'm guessing is Codie's room, I could hear Bee speaking but only faintly.

"Sorry about the mess, it was his birthday nearly two weeks ago and he's been playing with his new toys." She said as she came back in, putting her her brown hair into a ponytail as she walked.

I smiled, "It's fine. How old was he?" I asked out of curiosity.

"He was three,"Bee replied, "Three going on thirteen more like." She laughed as she sat down.

I took a sip of my pop to calm my nerves, if I cannot tell Bee then how am I going to tell my parents. "I've decided what I'm going to do and I've chosen adoption." I blurted out.

Bee looked at me, "Are you sure Lily, I know the prospect of becoming a mum at sixteen is daunting but are you sure you want adoption?"

I nodded, "I can't do this alone Bee, I can't do it without Jake. I just want what's best for my baby and that they'll have a good future."

Bee's smile faded,"Lil, Codie doesn't have his dad around and he's loved just as much. I managed, I don't know how but I did and I wouldn't change anything for the world."

"I know but I can't provide everything a baby needs, sure I'll love it and care for it but what about baby equipment it's not exactly cheap. I'm sixteen and about to take my O.W.L's, I'll be in sixth year when the baby comes."

"Will anything change your mind?"

I shook my head, "My mind is made up, this is what's best." I drank some of my drink and then asked, "Any ideas on telling my parents?"

Bee laughed, "Wrong person to ask Lily. Mum and dad didn't know until Cassy flooed and said I had been taken to St.Mungo's as it was an emergency. They arrived five minutes before Codie was born."


"I know, like I said before I thought that if no one knew then it couldn't be real, that it wasn't happening."

"Is that why you didn't tell them or his dad?" I asked and then wished I didn't. God I seem like a right nosy cow.

Bee choked on her and I gently patted her on the back, I'm guessing she didn't expect me to ask that. Once she had recovered she replied, "We were best friends, it was one night and we were drunk. He was too immature to be a dad and he had big dreams. He wouldn't have coped."

As Bee spoke I remembered the stories that James used to tell me about him, Freddie and their friends, Alexander Creevy, Bee, Alice Longbottom, and Ellen Mclaggen. If Codie's dad was best friends with Bee then that means it's Fred, James or Alex since I can rule out Alice and Ellen.

"Hang on," I said, "Your best guy friends were Fred, James and Alex."

Bee looked at me with her brown eyes and nodded to confirm it, "Lily I've never told anyone this, Alice and Ellen didn't know and neither do my parents. Nobody know's who Codie's dad is except me." I could see tears forming on her lashes and she hesitated before whispering, "It's James."

"James!" I yelled, "MY James as in MY BROTHER James." I jumped up off the sofa as Bee pulled her wand out and muttered 'Muffliato' in the direction of Codie's room.

Bee had tears trickling down her face as she stood opposite me, "You have to understand Lil, I was so scared and I didn't want the burden of becoming a teen parents on him as well. He wanted to be a famous quidditch player. And I wasn't going to stop him from doing that, just because my dreams were over I wasn't going to ruin his."

I started pacing as Bee sat back on the sofa, "I'm an auntie." I whispered.

"Yes. I'm sorry that I never told anyone until know and I'm sorry that I never told James." She sobbed, "I'm sorry that you had to find out like but one thing I am not sorry for is having Codie."

"Were you ever going to tell James?" I enquired.

She shrugged, "Yes, No, I don't know. I've been thinking about it recently since you said that you were pregnant. I mean if James is ok with the idea his little sisters going to have a baby then he might not freak out as much if I told him about Codie." Bee explained.

This is so unreal.

"I've been an auntie for three years and I never knew."

"Lily I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner. Please don't hate me." She sniffed and I handed her a tissue.

"I don't think I could ever hate you Bee." I said as I went over and hugged her.

I have a nephew, holy mother of Merlin. I'm an Auntie, me Lily Potter, has a nephew. Am I dreaming. When we broke apart Bee stood up and went over to look in the mirror above the fireplace.

"Lily," Bee said as she turned around, her eyes still red, "Would you like to meet your nephew?"

I nodded since I was still trying to take in the fact I was an auntie. It's freaking mad that I'm an auntie to a three year old. My eldest brother is a dad, James has a son. James and son are not two words I generally associate in a sentence unless it's about him being the son of Harry Potter.

Bee went to get Codie and I tried to pull myself together. When she came back not five minutes later, with a little boy hiding behind her legs. As they came into the room he moved and all I could think was oh my god, he looks exactly like James. Well not exactly since he had dark brown hair just like Bee but it was messy and sticking up in all directions like James'.

Codie stuck his head around Bee's legs and blinked at me with big brown eyes, the exact same colour as James' and mine. Bee came and sat next to, Codie stayed behind and was reluctant to leave his mother's side.

"Codie, this is Lily, she's your auntie." Bee told her son.

"Hi Codie." I whispered.

He looked at me, then at Bee who smiled. "Hi." He said shyly.

Codie was too cute for words and he looked so much like James except for his smile, he definitely had Bee's smiled. I spent the rest of the afternoon building towers with Codie and his building blocks, as we built I told him about James. Codie was still a bit shy and not saying a lot but I guess from the giggles he was listening and even if he wasn't Bee was.

"Lily do you want to stay for lunch, it's Codie's favourite Sausage, beans and mash." Bee called from the kitchen.

"I should be getting back, they'll be worried."

"Please." Codie begged, "Please, please, please."

I gave in eventually and stayed for lunch. As the afternoon went on Codie became chattier and told me all about his favourite TV program, colour, animal and toy. When I said my goodbye's Codie gave me a big hug.

"Bye Lily." He called from where he was sat on the sofa watching his favourite program.

"Thank you." I said as Bee partly closed the front door behind her.

"What for?" She asked looking confused.

"For everything , the help and advice and for telling me about Codie."

"It's ok and can you not tell James about Codie. I need to get my head around how I'm going to tell him and when."

"Now that I can help you with," I laughed, "Take him down memory lane."

Bee hugged me again, "Bye Lily, take care and good luck."

"Thanks and you."

I got a taxi back to The Burrow and payed the driver. When I walked in the kitchen Nana Molly was cooking.

"Dinner will be done soon Lily, did you have a nice day with Olivia?"

It took me a minute to realise she was on about Livi since she insists on calling everyone by their full name, "Oh yeah, thanks for asking Nana. Do you mind if I go take a nap."

Nana looked at, "Of course not, I'll save you some food as long as the boys don't eat it all."

I smiled, "Thanks but I've already eaten, I'll just have a sandwich later on."

Nana nodded and went back to stirring the large pot that was simmering away on the stove. I made my way up all the stairs, I passed Lucy on the way up who handed me a letter.

"It arrived not long after you left." She informed before going downstairs. I looked at the writing but I didn't recognise it. I opened and looked straight at the bottom, it was signed Izzy. Jake's elder sister. I carried on up the stairs turning the letter in my hands wondering what Izzy was writing to me for. I wanted to be able to curl up in bed, read my letter and then sleep. I was too pre-occupied with my thoughts and the letter in my hand that I didn't notice Rose and Scorpius kissing like mad on her bed as I walked in our room.

"OI!" I yelled causing them to jump apart like they had been electrocuted.

"Lily,you gave a me a heart attack." Rose said breathing heavily as she putting her hand on her chest.

I giggled, "Haven't you got somewhere else to go do that," I complained, "Preferably not in our room."

"Well you see Lil, this is my room as much as it is your's and no we haven't unless you would like to find us somewhere?"

I rolled my eyes as Scorp kissed her forehead and muttered, "See you later." before leaving the room, probably to find Al. Rose stood up and straighten out her top.

I kicked my shoes off and sat on my bed, putting my head in my hands. Today has certainly been eventful. Am I really going to tell mum and dad tomorrow, as in twenty-four hours time. I can't do this, I'm bricking it.

"Um Lil, are you ok?" Rose asked as she sat next to me, putting her arm around me.

I looked up at her and saw a worried look on her face, "I'm fine Rosie, just worried about telling mum and dad that's all."

She gave me a quick hug and stood up, "It'll be fine. Get some sleep Lil, you look tired."

Rose then left and I read the letter off Izzy,


I wish I could have owled sooner but our owl was on a delivery and I was going to come and see you but Jamie told me you were at The Burrow. He told me about your's and Jake's situation and I can't believe I'm going to be an auntie. Only me, Jamie, mum and dad know, Mum thought it was best if we didn't tell the others.

I'm sure Jake will be back soon, he's never none anything like this before but I expect he needs time to think. Congratulations by the way Lil. Take care.

Love Izzy xx

I led down and sighed as I chucked the letter on my pillow. So now Izzy knows as well, great that puts even more pressure on me to tell my family. Why me, what have I ever done so bad to deserve all these secrets and stress. At this moment in time my life is far from the perfection it used to be.

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Chapter 10: Confession 8 - Of More Secrets, Telling Parents And Wanting To Kill Certain Cousins
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After a good night sleep for a change, I woke up and led in bed wondering how on earth I am going to tell mum and dad. I can't leave it any longer, I swear my mini bump is getting bigger by the day. I have to tell them, today.

In the end I fell back asleep mulling things over and re-awoke because I could hear Rose outside the door talking in a hushed voice, "Shh, if my dad see's us he'll kill us both."

A male voice laughed "Ha, Rosie he's known since last summer and ok at first I thought he was going to kill me, but surely he would have done it by now?"

God I really wish those two would get a room. I'm fed up of hearing their loved up little chats and seeing them kissing. Especially when my boyfriend is no where to been seen. No letter, no nothing. Huh maybe I'm jealous, but only a teeny tiny amount.

I yelled "Oi, be quiet will you!"

There was silence, then the door opened and Rose came into the room. Still in her pyjamas and her red hair a mess. "I thought you were still asleep" She asked as she got clean clothes out of her chest of drawers.

"Yes I am clearly still asleep Rose." I said sarcastically. She looked at me and raised her eyebrows. I then replied normally "Well I was, until I heard you two."

"Sorry for waking you. Anyway why do look like you wanna curl up and go back asleep?"

"Probably because I do." I mumbled.

"Why?" She said as she sat on the end of my bed and I pulled my quilt up a little causing her to nearly fall off.

"I'm planning on telling mum and dad today. I can't put it off any longer otherwise next time they see me I will be huge and I think you'll be able to tell then"

She squeezed my hand and whispered "Good luck with that Lil. What about everyone else."

"Well for now I'm just planning on mum and dad since you, Al, Hugo and Dom know. I'll tell the others another time and I really doubt that James will not end up killing Jake. I think he got off lightly when Al broke his nose."

"He broke his nose, really?" She said sounding and looking shocked.

Oops I must have forgotten to mention that. I nodded as Rose got up off my bed and left the room with her clothes in her hands.

Well I suppose I better get dressed and try and eat some breakfast before I do this. Please let it go ok. As I got out of bed I noticed an owl outside the window. How long had it been there, I wondered. I went over and let it in, looking closely I could see it was Hooter. I would recognise him anywhere, since he belongs to Jake. He landed on my bed, so I walked over and untied the tied the letter that was attached to his leg, my hands shaking as I read it:


Jake's back. He won't say where he's been or what he's been doing in fact he won't say anything. I think you two really need to talk. If you want to reply send your owl, since Jake doesn't know that I borrowed Hooter.


Ok so it wasn't off Jake, but he was home. Does this mean I can finally stop worrying about where he is now?. I hid the note in the drawer of my bedside table before going for a shower and getting dressed. After I was presentable, I made my way down to the kitchen for breakfast. When I got there Roxy and Rose were sat at the table along with Scorpius who has been staying here since his parents are god knows where.

Roxy looked me up and down before saying, "Lily are you ok because you don't look too good?"

"I'm fine Rox, honestly." I told her.

I managed to eat a few pieces off toast before going out the garden with Rose, Roxy and Molly (Who had graced us with her presence just as I had finished my toast) to watch the boy's (minus James) play quidditch. My plan is to do it before dinner because then at least I can avoid mum and dad by sitting by my cousins and talking to them.

Nana Molly brought us out some sandwiches and drinks at lunch time. I only nibbled a tuna one before I rushed off to be sick in the bushes, seems like this baby doesn't like tuna either.

As I walked back across the garden I could see another two people had joined our little group. As I got closer I could see that they were both blonde's. Oh fucking great Dom is here and Tori, but I like Tori. She hasn't yelled at me and at least she hasn't been ignoring me.

Tori saw me as I got closer "Hello Lil, long time no see. How are you?" she smiled.

I noticed She was wearing a pair of jeans and a red t-shirt, her blonde hair trailing down her back. Why is it that she looks so bloody pretty in everything, I hate her for being related to veela's. It sucks.

"Fine thanks." I told her.

I sat back down on the grass, ignoring Dom and her me. We spent the afternoon watching the boys play and argue about quidditch, Molly went in as she went to 'study' and not ten minutes late Dom went in as she was going to have a bath. I have to say I'm glad she's went in as she kept shooting me dirty looks and I swear Tori picked up on it. Not to mention the fact that we hadn't uttered a word to each other.

Since I wasn't really paying attention to the quidditch game, I've been thinking whether I should tell Tori, she is my oldest cousin so maybe she won't take the news as bad and I just hope that Dom hasn't told her or anyone else for that matter. I went back inside the house as I was cold along with Al who was going to get a drink. I walked straight into the living room hoping to get a blanket but found mum, dad and James. Mum was reading a magazine and Dad and James were talking about quidditch and work.

Great, just great. I hope he leaves as I really don't want him finding out yet. James is bound to go mad. As I was about to open my mouth to speak Al came in. Even better.

"Mum, Dad is it ok if I invite my girlfriend over for tea? I want her to meet you all." He asked.

Dad's mouth dropped open, Mum gasped and James looked highly shocked.

Since when has Al had a girlfriend? More to the point why is he only mentioning this now. Surely it would have been around the school and back that Albus Potter son of the great Harry Potter had a girlfriend!

Just then Dom wandered in, wearing her pink fluffy dressing gown and matching slippers. She stopped to pick up the pile of girly gossip magazine's that were her's off the coffee table when she noticed the look on Dad and James' faces.

Dom made to leave but then when she was in the doorway, she turned around and looked right at me with an evil look in her eyes before she opened her mouth and said "I see you've told your parents that you're pregnant then" and with that she left the room with a wicked smile on her face.

I am going to fucking kill her!! I am deadly serious why couldn't she have kept her stupid big fat gob shut. I am going to MURDER MY STUPID FUCKING COUSIN!!

Mum looked at me horrified "Is this true Lily?" she asked the magazine dropping to the floor.

She has no idea how much I want to say that Dom is lying and that I'm not, but I can't because I am. I doubt mum would believe those words as the next time she will see me I will have quite a bump.

I nodded since I was lost for words. More like I'm plotting to kill Dom.

She looked mad and got up from her seat. She started pacing up and down the room before whispering "But Lily your the good one."

Al scoffed, "Thanks mum."

Even James looked annoyed at that comment. Mum looked towards Al "Sorry Al, I didn't mean it like that but... but..."

He seemed to know what she meant,"But I'm a Slytherin" He finished for her.

"No Al, that's not what I meant it's just that you're like James in ways and from what I've heard, lets face it he's no angel is he?"

Jeez Mum make the situation worse than it is, not too mention go off the fact that I Lily, her only daughter who is sixteen years old just told her that I'm pregnant.

Then James decided to butt in, "Hey it's not like I ever got any one pregnant." He yelled.

I snorted and he looked at me. Oh Jamesie there is a lot that you don't know, you've got a fucking three year old with your best mate for Merlin's sake.

He turned back to our parents after realising that I wasn't going to answer or do anything else. "I've only ever slept with one person, I think?"

"You think?" Dad enquired.

Oh god why are they discussing James' sex life whether it be existent or not. I DON'T WANT TO KNOW!!!!

James squirmed where he was sitting "I think," He repeated, "Because we were drunk and I woke up with her in my bed in my dorm and we weren't exactly fully clothed."

Oh holy mother of Merlin, I really do not want to KNOW!! There is something really disturbing about finding out that your brother has only ever slept with one person, Which led to him having a three year old son that he doesn't even know about. Who I only found out about yesterday. Now I have mental pictures of him and Bee in my head - seriously he does not understand that he is traumatising me right now -they are not exactly images I want in my head.

Dad looked livid, "How could you have been so stupid. You could have used protection like the contraceptive charm or condoms!"

"We were drunk ok and I'm not sure anything did happen." James retorted.

"OI" I yelled bringing all their attention back to me.

Dad turned looked at me, his eyes softening, "Um Lily, how far are you?" He asked.

"Well I'm nearly thirteen weeks and I've had my twelve week scan. I've made my decision and I'm choosing adoption" I said clearly.

They all looked shocked and mum collapsed into the nearest chair. James who seemed to be struggling for words managed to say "I'm gonna fucking kill the bastard!"

"Too late I already have." Al joked.

Arghhh why are they so bloody overprotective and WHY do they both my brothers want to kill my boyfriend. I only got pregnant it's not like he got me into drugs or anything (and for the record, I haven't done drugs and I never will). Note to self make sure that if I ever have any more kids one day, that they will not be so overprotective of their siblings for the silliest things.

"No you won't James. Isn't it enough that Al punched him multiple times or that he broke his nose, I do not need the father of my baby dead!" I yelled at them.

I saw mum look at Al when I mentioned he punched Jake. I haven't mentioned the fact that he disappeared not long after I told him or that he has only just reappeared after being missing for nearly two weeks.

Mum spoke up at last "Lily are you sure, you have ages to decide. We'll help you, were not going to chuck you out just because you're pregnant honey and as for money well that's not a problem."

"This isn't a discussion mum. I've decided and it's what's best for my baby, it's my decision and I'm putting it up for adoption." I said before I stormed out the room.

Well I suppose it could have gone a little better I mean not only have I found out that Al has a girlfriend but that the only person that James has slept with is Bee. And from the rumours that have been going around the school for years I can tell you that people think it's a lot higher than ONE person. If I let that slip then James' bad boy reputation will disappear in seconds.

I made my way upstairs, once I arrived outside my room I could here kissing and giggling coming from inside. For god sake I wish those two would that somewhere else. Instead of walking in on them again I made my way to Dom and Molly's room and boy was I going to give Dom a piece of my mind

Instead of knocking I just strolled right on in, slamming the door behind me. She was sat on her bed in her dressing gown flicking through a magazine, her wet hair wrapped up in a towel.


Dom looked up and it was clear she wasn't fazed by my outburst since she carried on flipping through her magazine, "Well," She said casually as she looked up at me again, "You see from the looks of James and your parent's faces I thought that you had told them you were pregnant."

I can probably guarantee she had been waiting outside before walking in at that moment. You may wonder why she would do that, well news flash Dom is a bitch when she wants to be. Trust me never get on the wrong side of her.


"Lily, little Lily would I do that to my own cousin." She said in a sweet voice.

God I hate her right now.


The door opened and in walked Tori. Fuck.

"What's all the yelling for? and why are you two speaking?" She asked looking from me to Dom and then to me again.

"Well..." I began to explain.

"She's knocked up." Interrupted Dom.

Can she honestly not keep her mouth shut for five minutes.

"What!" Tori shrieked.

I just looked at her and nodded to confirm it was true. Great so much for only telling my parents today on the other hand only five more cousins to tell, a whole load of aunts and uncles and also nana Molly and granddad Arthur

"Are you sure?"

I pulled out my scan photo that I've been carrying around in my jean pocket and passed it to her. "Yeah I'm pretty sure" I said sarcastically before saying in my normal tone of voice, "Your darling sister here wanted me to have an abortion which is the reason that she has been ignoring me and now SHE told my parents instead if me!"

Tori rounded on Dom and I was pleased to see that Dom had fear in her eyes. Serves her right, never get on Tori's bad side, she's exactly like auntie Fleur and goes off on one in French.

"Dom you didn't, how could you be so irresponsible. It was Lily's job to tell them not you."

Dom scoffed, "Me irresponsible, um Tori I'm not the pregnant sixteen year old."

"I don't care Dom, why did you do it?" She asked her sister.

I'm surprised that Tori isn't ripping her head off right now.

Dom shrugged which made the towel on her head go lopsided, "She said she was keeping it. I didn't want it be like fucking Rose all over again."

Tori looked confused "Rose, again?"

Dom you complete and utter moron, she didn't know you stupid girl. Not only has she blabbed to my parents, brother and Tori that I'm pregnant but she also told Rose's secret. I'm starting to think that girl has a death wish.

"Fuck," She whispered, "Forget I said that, if you want to know ask Rose."

Tori looked even more confused "i will ignore that for now but I'll be having words with Rose later on. So why did you do it?" Tori pressed on at her sister.

"Like I said, because she was keeping it. She's sixteen Tor, it'll ruin her life."


"So I told her to get an abortion and she didn't exactly take it to well."

"Understatement of the year Dom. I was not thrilled at all and I still hate you for even suggesting it. I may be going through with this pregnancy but I'm putting my baby up for adoption so that it can have a better life."

Tori looked at me and before she could say anything else I left the room leaving her with Dom. Maybe now that I've gone Tori will yell at her since she seemed way too calm. I went downstairs, grabbed a book and hid in the nearest possible place.

After spending the rest of the afternoon hidden in cupboard under the stairs reading, I re-appeared just as Nana was about to dish up dinner. I managed to sit inbetween Rose and Roxy so that mum or dad couldn't speak to me. Al was sat opposite with an empty chair next to him for his 'girlfriend'.

Since I've been hiding it looks like shit's gone down between Dom and Rose since they're ignoring each other and Tori keeps shooting glances at Rose and Scorpius who was sat on Al's other side. I swear that kid spends more time here with us that in his own home with his parents.

Nana had just started dishing out the spaghetti bolognese when there was a loud knock and Al jumped up off his chair and motioned for quiet, "Um guys, can you be nice to her. She's going through a rough time right now." He aimed the first bit at James and Fred who were both sporting mischievous grins as they looked at each other. Any bet that they're plotting something.

I turned away from James and Fred, mainly because every time I look at my brother all I can see is him and Bee in my head, and it is not something one wants in their head. I wish it would go away, maybe I need something else to mentally scar me before those images leave.

Al left the kitchen and the chatter died down. I have to say that I was getting impatient as I was actually hungry for a change. Shock horror, this baby wants me to eat, hopefully without throwing up. I really hope so because it's no fun living off toast, crackers and ginger biscuits.

When Al eventually came back in, he stood in the doorway with one of his hands trailing behind him holding his 'girlfriends'. I couldn't see what see looked like just yet as Al was blocking her from view. All I could see of her was her white ballet pumps.

"Everyone I'd like you to meet my girlfriend." Al said as he walked in and she came into view.

I was still looking at her shoes when Al brought her in, she had on a blue skirt that had little flowers on it, a white top and a blue cardigan. She had blonde hair which was up in a messy bun and blue eyes that had red marks around them, as if she had been crying.

Her blue eyes found my Hazel ones and I jumped out of my seat, "What the actual fuck!" I yelled at Al and my best friend.

"Language Lily." Nana scolded me.

"Please tell me you're joking." I said looking fro Al to Kayl. "I do not need this right now."

"Lily I'm not joking. This is my girlfriend Kayleigh." Al announced sounding a little bit hurt.

Nana rushed over and pulled her into a hug, "Do sit down Kayleigh dear."

Kayl nodded and took the empty seat next to Al. James, Fred, Tori and Teddy were making conversation with Kayl and I don't think my aunts and uncles realised why I had reacted so bad when I first saw her.

I was only picking at my food and even though it smelt delicious I only ate half of it. I excused myself from the table and as I left the room I could feel three pairs of eyes on, Nana, mum and Kayl.

Since when was my best friend, Kayleigh Jessop dating my brother, Albus Potter.....

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Chapter 11: Confession 9 - Of Truth, Couples And Moments
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I left the room still in disbelief, how long had they been dating? How long had she not told me? Are they in love?, Why did they keep it a secret ?... I have so many questions my head is going to explode.

I'm still thinking about it, Al and Kay together. Well now the images of James and Bee are out of my head only to be replaced by those two. Fucking great. I went into my room and got into bed pulling my quilt over me. I changed my mind and got back out to grabbed my bag, pulling out the folder of prospective parents Cassy had given me.

I sat back on my bed and opened it and slowly read each mini file, looking at each photograph of each couple. As I read through each one every now and again one couple would jump out at me. I put these couples into a pile next to me. Once I had finished looking through the folder I picked up the pile next to me, it was only small as only five couples had really jumped out at me.

This may sound selfish or unfair but I don't want this baby to grow up without two loving parents. Dad didn't have anyone and his aunt and uncle were horrid to him (These day's Dad is still on speaking terms with his Aunt Petunia and Cousin Dudley and we occasionally see them.) and Mum has a huge family and is loved so much by everyone. I want my baby to have a safe loving home and not to wonder where daddy is or why he isn't with us. Is that so hard to understand.

I know Jake's back but I can't handle it, I really can't. I cannot do this without him and I doubt from the way he reacted that he will stick around. I am not doing this by myself, yeah sure when I was younger I used to put a quaffle up my top and pretend I was pregnant but here I am ten years later with the real thing. Why does life has to change so much ...

There was a knock on my door which made me loose my train of thought and I quickly hid the folder and pile under my pillow. I pulled my quit over me and stayed still, not saying anything.

They knocked again and this time they spoke "Lily, it's me can I come please."

I pulled my quilt over my head, hoping that she would think I was asleep. I heard the door open and I peeked through the gap at the side, it was Kayl. I pulled my quilt down with as little movement as possible, I felt the end of my bed creak as Kayl sat on it.

"Lily I know you can hear me and that you're not asleep, I saw you peeking." She said.

Fuck, my plan didn't work. I groaned and sat up. There were two words that I needed to ask, that I had to know.

"Since when?" I pretty much yelled at her.

"October." She said quietly, looking down at the floor.

October, October as in ... eight months ago. My best friend has been dating my brother for EIGHT MONTHS AND NEITHER OF THEM TOLD ME!!!

"Eight months and you haven't said a word." I stated.

She nodded and said "Look Lil I'm so, so sorry. We really wanted to tell you but... we weren't sure how too and then you found out you were pregnant and..."

"And you thought I hate you." I finished for her, having seen the look on her face.

Truth be told I do hate her at the moment. I hate her for not telling me and I hate her for lying to me for the past eight months. Why didn't she tell me, ok it is quite a weird though thinking about your best mate and your brother dating but I love them both and I think I'll be happy for them. I just need to get my head around it just like I did when I found out I was pregnant. Yes I know it's not the same but still it's a huge shock and in the past three months there has been a lot of those and a lot of secrets as well not too mention what happened yesterday and now today.

"Well yeah and I told Al I didn't really want to do this tonight what with my mum being ill and I knew I should have told you before." She looked at me with sorrow in her eyes

I pulled her close and whispered "I don't hate you, but I wish you told me sooner. How is your mum by the way?"

Kay broke away and muttered "She's alot better now they've removed her appendix but she's still in hospital as she's picked up an infection."

I gave her another hug. "She'll be ok Kayl. Hey you might be my sister-in-law one day." I whispered.

She giggled, it was nice to see her smile again.

"So how did it um happened." I asked. I'm not even sure why I was asking or even if I wanted to know.

"Your birthday. We kinda got talking and then we got a little tipsy and we started kissing."

Something seemed to go off in my brain. At my birthday when myself and Jake were going into the house we had seen Kayl. I had recognised her dress, she was wrapped in the arms of some dark haired boy. Someone I didn't recognise. OH MY GOD THAT WAS AL! are you freaking kidding me. My mouth dropped open.

"Um Lil, are you finished catching flies." I heard Kay say.

I shut my mouth. I still can't believe this. Then another thought went through my brain the morning after me and Jake had done it, Kayl was in our dorm talking to herself.

"Kay, member when you were talking to yourself in our dorm day after Slytherin beat us"

She nodded "Yeah, why?"

"Well were you really alone because I heard a male voice."

She blushed "Well um I wasn't alone and yes it was Al, he was under the cloak but he left as you came in."

I knew I had felt something brush past me, I thought. "Promise me this though," Kay nodded and I continued "Never do anything more than holding hands in front of me ok, otherwise it may just creep me out too much and I really don't want my baby seeing its Auntie and Uncle do things like that."

She laughed and I have to say she looked so much happier, as though a weight had been lifted off her shoulders. It kind of made sense now, why she had been acting weird for ages and going red whenever we saw Al, Jamie and Scorp not to mention why she was always disappearing some place or another and those few mornings when she wasn't in our dorm. Had she been with Al?

I still can't believe it, once Kayl has gone home I'm gonna need a serious talk to Al. I don't care if he's my brother, Kayl is one of my bestest friends and if he hurts her then he will be in huge trouble. I'm still mad at him for punching Jake and that was two weeks ago, so if he hurts Kayl I'm not be likely to forget it in a hurry.

I leaned back on my pillows, why does my life have so much bloody drama and most of it is family related. Since Kayl is one of my besties, I decided that I would show her the five couples that I had narrowed it down to.

"Kayl would you like to help me with something important?" I asked.

"Um sure but what with?" She replied looking confused.

I sat up and pulled out the folder and pile from under my pillow, "I've narrowed it down to five couples but I need help choosing." I explained.

Kayl looked nervous "Shouldn't Jake be doing this with you. I mean you have talked about it." She saw me fidget, "Right Lil."

I shook my head "He left, he doesn't get a say. I'm sorry but I'm set and I'm choosing adoption and nothing is gonna change my mind."

Ok so I may be a teeny tiny bit stubborn but don't tell Al I said that other wise he'll be like ' I told you so' and end up doing his silly little dance that he does when he's right.

She opened her mouth to argue but shut it again and eventually gave in.We spent ages making a list on the pro's and con's of each couple and as we did one stood out even more, than the rest.

I thought that they looked like older versions of myself and Jake. Ok so not entirely, he has really dark brown hair almost a black and brown eyes and she had medium length brown hair with hazel eyes. They are called Natalie and Tyler Hamillton, Tyler is a healer at St. Mungo's and Natalie works from home. I showed their small file to Kayl.

"Hmm they look nice." She replied.

Well I think I've found my baby's parents ...

After looking through my file, we went downstairs having noticed we had been up in my room for an hour and a half. Kayl then said goodbye to everyone as she had to get back. Once she had gone I noticed that one person in particular was avoiding me: Al.

I dragged him out of the living room and up the stairs not saying anything until we got to the first landing . Before he could say anything I started to say "Al, she's my best mate and you've been dating for eight months, why didn't you tell me?"

" see.." He spluttered.

"You didn't want to tell me because of everything that's happened."

He nodded and said "Well yeah, but we didn't think we would you know, start going out with each other at the time. It was just we got talking and we like the same stuff and then we kissed."

"Al, do you love her?"

To my surprise he nodded shyly.

"If you ever break her heart, you have me to answer to. I don't care if you're my brother, she's my best mate so don't ever hurt her. Promise me"

"I promise Lil" And with that he continued upstairs, leaving me stood there on my own.






The last few days have gone by quickly, but not quick enough for my liking. Mum has kept trying to get me on my own so she could talk to me, probably to talk me out of choosing adoption. She doesn't understand, she doesn't know how I'm feeling. This is what is best and my mind is set.

Yesterday was Roxy's sixteenth and Nana threw a small family party mainly because Rox didn't want a huge fuss like I had. I spent most of it in my room going over the file mainly because the sweet sickly smell of treacle tart, birthday cake, apple pie and whatever other desserts Nana had made were making me feel sick and I knew if I had stuck around any longer then lets just say the contents of my stomach would have been over the table.

I also went to see Bee and my nephew Codie again, it still seems really strange saying that. I have a nephew, I like saying it to myself it makes me feel happy. Codie is so cute he reminds me of James a bit, there's that mischievous glint in his eye as well and if he's anything like his father then there are going to be many heartbroken girls when he's a teenager.

I met up with Kayl and Livi yesterday and I told them I had chosen the Hamillton's as my baby's parents. Kayl told Livi about her dating Al. I also mentioned that Izzy owled me as since had found out and that Jamie owled me saying that Jake was back. They suggested I go and see him, I told them no. If he was that desperate to see me he would have, so he can't care that much can he.

Anyway today is Sunday and I am going back to Hogwarts. My trunk is packed and Zephie is safely in her cage. I really don't want to go back incase people find out but another part of me does, I need to get ready for my O.W.L's which are roughly in two weeks.

We arrived at the station early and met up with the rest of the family. When it was time for goodbye's dad hugged me and told me to take care as did mum but she also said owl her if I needed advice and to please reconsider my decision. Except my dear mother I am not going to change my mind.

I found an empty compartment and sat in it by myself, until Rose and Dom (no I haven't killed her...yet, actually I'm surprised Rose hasn't either) came in talking to each other in hushed voices, well actually Rose forced Dom in. Fucking great what does she want now. Does she want to mess up my life some more.

"I, umm Lily, I need to tell you something." Dom mumbled looking at the floor.

"Spit it out then." I said bluntly.

"Well the thing is I'm sorry. I'm sorry for telling you to get rid of it, I over reacted and I'm sorry. You're my baby cousin Lily and after what happened to Rose I didn't want to see you get hurt as well. I'm really sorry for telling your parents, I shouldn't have and I'm really really sorry."

Do you think she said sorry enough times. She seemed like she had more to say, as she was doing a rather good impression of a gold fish.

"I hate us not talking and I wish we could go back to how we used to be. I just want my cousin back and I want us to be friends again," She carried on.

Dom looked genuinely sorry. I think I may forgive her, but first she has to promise me two things.

"Do you promise not to tell anyone and that you stick by me whatever I choose"

She nodded and I raised my eyebrows. "I promise, hand on heart." She put her hand over her heart and smiled before saying, "Hug."

Before I could answer Dom pulled me into a tight hug before running off to find her mates.

How odd, but I'm secretly glad we made up. I mean I did miss her whining and her jokes a little...just don't tell her I said that. Rose who looked liked her mission was complete then took a seat and pulled out a book.

"Um Rose." I said.

She looked up, "Yes Lil."

"Why haven't you killed her for telling Tori?" I asked.

She looked surprised at my question and thought before she answered "Well Tori asked me to go outside with her after you had dragged Al off. I went and she asked me what Dom had meant when she said 'like Rose again'. I explained and Tori understood why I hadn't told anyone and that she was sorry. Dom also apologised to me as well."

"Oh." I said since it was all I could.

The rest of the journey was ok, Kayl and Livi joined us not long after. I have to say Kay looked a lot happier now especially since she told me and now her mum is getting a lot better. I didn't see Jake at all, ok so maybe I did. He walked passed our compartment with Matt earlier on. Hugo and Leo also walked by, I think Hugo's been avoiding me since he didn't say a thing to me at all whilst we were at The Burrow. I'm kinda avoiding Jake at the moment, I guess I'm still annoyed that he just walked out on me. But anyway I guess I have a few things to cross off my list:

- Jake, whether he will come back - He's back and has been for a while

- My stomach and whether you can tell I'm pregnant or juts fast - My mini bump is definitely getting more noticeable

- Crying, it's all I seem to do - Haven't cried for a while but I'm not counting on it these days

- How to tell mum and dad/rest of family without them killing Jake -  Since he hasn't been around and none of my family have seen him, he has not been killed.... yet

- Worrying 'bout my O.W.L's - They're in two weeks and I'm freaking out

- Why Kayl is acting weird - She's been secretly dating my brother and now they're out in the open

And praying that Dom doesn't tell anyone - well she did and she has sworn not to tell anyone else.

So more or less my list of things that are stressing me has been at least halved but I also have new things to add on to it, these include:

-Meeting the Hamilton's and will they be right for my baby.

-Worrying 'bout Hogwarts/other people finding out - the rumours, oh god.

- O.W.L'S did I mention they start in two weeks and I am not prepared at all since I have been so busy worrying about all this other stuff ...

I was curled up in my seat when Jake and Matt walked passed again, he caught my eye but I looked away. Not long after Al came in and stayed for a chat since Kayl and Livi were also in here. I could see Al's hand was slowly creeping up the side of Kayl's leg where her own hand rested. He caught my eye and I raised my eyebrows at him. He got the message and it retreated back and found a pack of Bertie Botts beans that were on the seat on the other side of him.

Al and Rose left about thirty minutes before we were due to arrive at Hogwarts. Al had gone to find Jamie and Scorp and Rose because she had prefect duties. Deciding that we had better get changed I got up and went to pull the blinds shut, when Jake walked down the corridor again. His eyes flickered towards me, I stared at him and he carried on walking but because he wasn't paying attention and was looking back at me. He nearly walked into an innocent first year, Poor thing.

I pulled down the blinds quickly, hoping he wouldn't walk back down the corridor and locked the door. Myself Livi and Kayl then got changed into our uniforms. Black skirt, white shirt, long black socks in the case of me and Kayl (Livi had on black tights) and our Gryffindor ties. I also put on my robes as I feel so self conscious lately. I feel like my stomach is screaming 'look at me, notice I'm getting bigger' and 'look there's a baby in me'. The girls keep telling me its in my head but it's not, I have a bump. It may be a small bump but it's visible and that means I'm getting fatter and the more chance that people will notice is getting higher.

Once the train had pulled in at the station we got out and made out way to the carriages. It was getting dark out and the weather was pretty good, well at least it's dry. We hopped into the one nearest us which also happened to contain Hugo, Matt, Leo and Jake. when I noticed Jake he caught my eye and I immediately went to turn around but Livi pushed me inwards.

The journey up to the castle was not fun at all. The carriage was so silent and you could have cut the tension with a knife. About half way up Kayl started talking to Hugo since he asked 'bout her and Al - which then got the Leo and Matt involved, Livi also joined in as well. Jake was quiet the rest of the way and kept looking at me. I ended up staring at the floor and as soon as we were at the castle I was the first one of us to get out. I pretty much ran into Hogwarts. I bet if a first year saw me they think would think I am very enthusiastic to be back. I'm not I just want to escape Jake.

I looked around the entrance hall and walked causally into the great hall, not bothering to wait for the others. I made my way to the Gryffindor table and noticed I was one of the first ones there apart from some sixth and seventh year students. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Kayl and Livi hurrying into the hall and over to me.

"Why did you run off? " They asked in unison when they finally arrived at the table.

I shrugged and said, "I'm hungry."

Well it wasn't a lie. I am hungry but then again it isn't the truth either.

Mcgonagall gave out the usual welcome back and warnings. The feast smelt as good as usual but I was sticking to bread and butter, I don't trust my stomach these days. But then when the desserts arrived I was rather drawn to the chocolate pudding with the oozing centre, not to mention I fancied some cheese. What the hell is wrong with me cheese and chocolate. I like both but not together but on the other hand, right now they both sound so yummy. Helping myself to the chocolate pudding I leant over and cut a chunk of cheese of the cheese board that was near Livi who was sat opposite me.

I place it on my plate and cut it into smaller slices. Picking one up I dipped it into the chocolate sauce and popped it in my mouth. Mmm heaven, it seriously tastes good. Both Livi and Kayl were gawping at me, their own pudding hanging off their spoons.

"What." I said after I had swallowed.

Livi blinked a few time, "You just dipped cheese into chocolate pudding."

I shrugged, "Yeah I know."

"But why?" Kayl asked, sounding a little disgusted.

"I just fancied it and besides it tastes good."

They looked at me, then at each other before turning back to their own food. I ignored them and carried on eating my cheese and chocolate which got some strange looks off the other students as well. I was sad to see the food disappear and the feast end, but for once I have been able to eat something more than crackers, toast, ginger biscuits and bread and butter.

Together we left the great hall, making out way slowly up to Gryffindor tower. Actually it was just me going slow, Kay and Livi were just infront. I felt like if I walked too fast I think I may be sick. Ok so maybe I ate a little too much cheese and chocolate pudding. I was too busy thinking about stuff and had zoned out of Kayl and Livi's conversation when I heard someone calling me just as we has turned into the corridor for Gryffindor tower.

"Lily, Lily. Stop." They called.

I ignored them, thinking it was Jake since it sounded male. It was only when I nearly walked into Kayl did I stop.

"What." I muttered impatiently. Do they not understand I just want to go and sleep.

"Hugo wants you." Livi replied..

"Oh." I turned around to see Hugo coming down the corridor, staring directly at me. "What do you want." I asked once he had gotten nearer.

"That's a nice way to greet your cousin isn't it, anyway I need to speak to you. Now in private." He added.

"Meet you in the dorm." Kayl said as she and Livi went on.

I rolled my eyes and sighed what could Hugo possibly want. He turned and walked down the corridor before turning into a class room. I stayed still rooted to the spot, I only moved when he stuck his head out the door and yelled "Come On Lil, I won't bite."

I sighed. I mean what's the worst that could happen. Well let's see Lily he could yell at you, he could disown you, he could.. Closing my eyes for a second I blocked my thoughts. I stayed still for another moment before making my way to the classroom that Hugo had gone in.

"Hugh?" I said as I made my way over to him.

He turned around and I was able to see his face, it was a mixture of anger and sadness. "Lil, what are you two gonna do." He said taking a seat on one of the desks.

"What do you mean?" I asked?

"You know well what. What have you and Jake chosen." He said.

"I, Um I've chosen adoption. I want what's best for my baby."

He looked annoyed at that comment "Lily but that's the thing it isn't just your baby. It's Jake's as well and I'm not saying he did a good thing in leaving you, but he needs to know and you have to decide together,"

"NO," I yelled, "I don't care, he left so clearly he doesn't give a flying fuck about either of us."

Hugo jumped off the desk he had been sat on, came over and gave me a hug and said "Lily Trust me, he loves you. You two really need to talk, Promise me Lil." He pulled away and looked at me "Promise Me Lil, he's my best mate and you're my cousin. You both love each other and right now you shouldn't been fighting,"

I sighed, looks like I'm not gonna get him off my case unless I agree. "Fine then." I mumbled.

"What was that."

"I SAID FINE!" I yelled.

He grinned which made me hit him and then together we left the classroom and went to our common room. I walked straight passed Kayl and Livi, yelling 'night' over my shoulder before going up to my dorm. I made my way to my trunk and pulled out my fluffy purple pyjamas and some warm socks before going to the bathroom and taking a lot hot shower.

Why does Hugo want me and Jake to talk. Yeah I get it they're best mates but does he not get it. I can't do this on my own, this baby deserves better than two sixteen year old's who have no qualification, no jobs and no money. They need someone who will look after them, love them and provide everything for them. Why can't people get that.

After I got out and put my warm pyjamas' on, I snuggled down in my lovely warm bed. Before I fell asleep, I pulled my scan photo and the Hamilton's picture out of my small bag and put them under my pillow before drifting off into a deep sleep.

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Chapter 12: Confession 10 - Of Meetings, Arguments And Telling The Head
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I've been back at school a week and all I can say is I have a definitely have a bump, I'm fourteen weeks now and you can see it. My tops and school shirts are tighter across my stomach and my boobs. I Have a bump and I don't think I will be able to hide it any more. When I went to the bathroom earlier with Kayl and Livi, I had to to undo my robes revealing my bump. The reaction I got off them did not help either, let's just say that they were very, very surprised at how round I was.

I haven't Spoken to Jake since we've been back at all, not even one word. Yet we're in the same house, same classes and supposed to be boyfriend and girlfriend. Before Half term Jamie told Izzy and Lola that Jake had gone away for a bit and not too say any thing to any one. So naturally with me moping around the school without Jake caused a few rumours and now we're back and Me and Jake are no where near each other and not talking there are even more rumours.

You can tell that people are whispering behind my back. It's all I hear and they're not even discreet about it. Some of the rumours going around are 'Lily and Jake split up' and 'Jake Smith did it with another girl because Potter wouldn't put out'. I Hate it and I honestly feel like yelling at them because they know nothing. They don't know that we did it and that I am now pregnant, they don't know he left me and our baby which is the reason we are not talking. They don't know fuck all.

I mean come on you would think people have better things to gossip about these days. Well they do actually and it's about Kayl and Al, They have now gone official around Hogwarts. We met up with Al, Jamie and Scorp this morning and together we walked down to breakfast. Rose and Scorp were lovey dovey as usual and walking way ahead, Myself, Livi and Jamie were walking behind like loners and In front of us was Al and Kayl. They were holding hands and when they entered the hall, all eyes turned on us. The whispers started near the door and soon they were all through the hall.

I guess when you're a Potter and a child of the one who defeated Voldemort then things cannot be kept quiet. But yeah anyway everyone was staring at us and I felt the need to pull my robes closer around me, since I felt like they were looking at me as well. Which made Jake stare at my face then my stomach. After that I quickly made my way to the Gryffindor table and sat down as far away from him as possible.

Through out the day I have heard countless rumours about both myself and Jake and Al and Kayl. 'She's only with him because he's famous as is his sister' This one made me laugh because I've know Kayl for years, I knew her before we started Hogwarts since her mum used to work with dad. People keep asking me about Jake as well, what's going on between us since we're normally together and then people like Becca (Hate her) ask is it because he disappeared before Half term, I just ignore them the best I can.

Right now I'm sat in Transfiguration with Kayl, Livi and Roxy, but because we were a few minutes late we missed our normal seats at the back of the classroom. So Becca, Laura, Sammy (A shy red headed Slytherin who sits with Becca in lessons but not by choice, I can tell.) and Penelope (Loud, obnoxious, trouble maker and also Slytherin.) were sat behind us. Penelope and Sammy are not really Becca's mates but they get good grades which means Becca copies off them since she is as dull as a bowtruckle and hangs with them as she hasn't got any friends apart from Laura. Then again they're related so I don't think she really counts.

Jake, Hugo, Matt and Leo are sat in front of us and I can see them passing notes to each other. Huh I only thought it was girls who did that. Anyway I can hardly concentrate because all I can hear is bloody Becca and guess who she is talking about... yep you guessed it, me. She keeps saying snide comments like ' he never loved her' and 'I bet he was using her to become famous' and 'I reckon he's got it on with another girl' except she's not exactly whispering and I think pretty much the whole class can hear her. I could see Jake tensing in his seat, I bet he's dying to turn round and slap her or is that just my own thoughts.

I was glad to hear the bell ring, for dinner. I went down to the great hall with Kayl and Livi but decide I couldn't sit in there. Not with all the whispering, I just can't handle it anymore. I didn't even bother getting any food, since I'll stop by the kitchens. Saying I was going to the library, I left them both at the door and then made my way to the kitchens, tickling the pear I walked inside. The kitchens are a huge hall much like the great hall except obviously there are cookers and stuff.

I was greeted by a little house elf wearing a blue skirt and a white shirt, who goes by the name of Batty. "Hello Miss Potter, How may Batty be of service to you?"

"Hi Batty, Can I have a plate of cheese cut into chunks please." I asked.

She nodded "Of course Miss Potter, batty will be right back."

Before I could reply she had gone and was back within seconds, a plate of cheese chunks in her hands.

"Thank you Batty, that will be all."

She bowed and then I left. Walking through the castle is strange especially when every one is at lunch, it's so quiet and there is no movement at all. As I was walking past a tapestry on the sixth floor I could hear people talking. I walked past quietly so I would not disturb then, when I recognised one of the voices, it belonged to my cousin Molly.

"Listen Mark, I just don't think this is working. I mean you seem to care about quidditch more than me which is why I'm breaking up with you."

"I can change Mol," Came a male voice "Please, I'll quit the team. I love you."

"Yeah well I'm sorry Mark, I just can't take it anymore." Molly replied.

With that the tapestry was pulled across and out came the boy I'm guessing was Mark looking rather pissed followed by Molly who looked rather happy. oops guess I just walked in on their break up scene. whoops.

"Oh hello Lil, sorry you had to see that." She said looking down the corridor after the boy called Mark.

I shrugged and then asked "How come you're not at lunch?"

"Wanted to do it when the school was quiet. I just couldn't put up with him constantly talking about quidditch. You?"

I held up my plate of cheese "I wanted to eat in peace. I'm fed up of the rumours."

Molly smiled at me then hugged me, "Listen Lil. Ignore all the rumours, trust me people will be over this in a few weeks. Look at me, I'm sure you've heard the stuff they say about me. Do I hide away or isolate myself no I keep on going and Ignore them."

I'm not isolating myself I just want peace. "Thanks Mol" I said simply because I didn't know what else to say.

She hugged me again and said " I gotta go now Lil, take care yeah and ignore them." before rushing off down the corridor.

Thinking what Molly had said about ignoring them I carried on to Gryffindor Tower. When I entered the common room I found it empty, making my way up to my dorm I took a piece of cheese and ate it. Pushing the door open to the place I call home, with it's four poster beds and Maroon and Gold colours it's so cosy, I walked in and went over to my bedside cabinet.

Since Muggle devices like Mobile phones and fridges don't work here. I got Rose to find me a spell that would turn something into a cool space like a fridge. She taught me the spell 'Coolio' which I used on my bedside cabinet and therefore the cupboard part is now a fridge. In it I have a supply of pumpkin juice and chocolate and some other sweets. I Placed the plate of cheese in there and left my dorm again.

There was now first year in the common room eating what looked like a pasty and trying to balance several books at one time. I wish I was a first year again and I didn't have to worry about anything except getting through the year. It was a lot less hassle, I mean my O.W.L's start next Tuesday and Rose, Al, Dom, Jamie and all the other seventh years start their N.E.W.T's as well. That's only EIGHT days away, EIGHT days and I am totally freaking out.

But right now, I need to concentrate on going to the hospital wing to see Cassy. I need to tell her that I have chosen the Hamilton's and see if she can set up a meeting which I am dreading. I mean what do I say to them, what if they don't like me. Arghhh Brain shut up please. Concentrate Lily, concentrate.

I walked back through the Hogwarts corridor's to the Hospital wing. Hopefully Cassy isn't down in the great hall, I don't think she was at the staff table when I looked in there. Walking straight into the hospital wing, I made my way to Cassy's office and Knocked.

"Come in." came her voice.

I pushed the door and entered. Cassy was sat at her desk, a plate of what looked like chicken salad in front of her. It looked yummy and my mouth watered at the sight of it.

"Sorry to interrupt, but I need to speak to you about the file you gave me." I Told her.

"Please take a seat Lily." Cassy said gesturing to the chair opposite her.

I sat down and explained, taking the file out of school bag and placing on the desk. "Well you see I've looked through and I think I've found my baby's parents. Natalie and Tyler Hamilton."

"Right then, well I shall contact them and I arrange a meeting." Cassy Replied "While you are here Lily is it ok if I do a check up?"

I nodded "Sure."

Cassy stood up and moved towards the door, I copied and left the office. Just like last time I hopped up onto the nearest bed and lifted up my school shirt whilst she went to get the machine. It doesn't seem like it was only two weeks ago that I saw Jellybean for the first time.

I watched as Cassy squirted the gel on my stomach, again it was cold but this time I made no noise. Her wand waved over my ever growing stomach and stopped directly in the middle above my belly button and the I heard it, my Jellybean's heartbeat. It's amazing. I looked over at the screen and saw a slightly larger shape than last time, my jellybean looks like it's grown.

"Would you like a picture Lily?" Cassy asked.

I smiled at the little jellybean on the screen "Yes Please." I replied.

Moments later Cassy was handing me the picture and as I looked at the little moving jellybean she asked "Lily, have you been eating properly?"

I looked up at her "why?, is something wrong?"

"No, but you need to be eating three healthy meals a day, drinking lots and also resting. Stress isn't good for the baby."

Yeah well right now, all I seem to be is stressed.

Having seemed to have read my mind Cassy continued "Lily don't worry about your O.W.L's too much, you're a bright student. I'm sure you will be fine just take care of yourself ok."

I nodded and went to turn around to walk down the hospital wing when Cassy said"Oh and one more thing Lily, I've worked out you are due the seventh of December and I think it will be better for you to go to St Mungo's for your twenty week scan as it will be the summer holidays then. I shall contact Mr and Mrs Hamilton and arrange a meeting in the next few weeks."

I smiled and said "Thank you Cassy." and then I hugged her.

I left the hospital wing feeling happy. I was walking back through the quiet castle through the corridor's on the seventh floor thinking about the jellybean growing inside of me and since I wasn't paying much attention around me and where I was going, I bumped into somebody.

"Oof" I said as I nearly fell to the floor but someone held on to me.

"Hey be careful." They said as they held on to, keeping me upright.

Hang on, that's Jake's voice. oh no I've bumped into Jake and right now he's the last person I want to see. I'm still mad at him and I have every right to be. He left me, he left his pregnant girlfriend for two weeks without contact. I was worried sick and all he can say is 'hey'.

I refuse to look at him so I just mumbled "Thanks." and started to make my way away from him, except he still had hold of me.

"Lily Please, please listen to me." He pleaded.

I tried wriggling myself free, but it didn't work.

"Lily, I'm sorry. what else do you want me to say. I love you and I'm sorry for leaving, it's just it was huge shock."

I looked at him and raised my eyebrows "A huge shock, a huge shock for you. Well how about me Jake, how do think I felt when I found out. Do you think I was all 'ooh I'm going to be a mummy yay' no was I fuck. I was scared shitless and I still am." I practically yelled at him.

"Lil, I just needed time to think about, for the news to sink in." He said.

"Oh really and what about me!" I yelled "I have had to deal with it for the past nine weeks. I have had to deal with the thought of having a baby at sixteen. I am the one who has had to make a decision that changes my life. Did I run away when I found out, NO I DIDN'T. I stayed and I'm dealing with it. Do you know that I spent the past two weeks worrying about you. I though you were never going to come back since you didn't think to contact me."

"Lil, Please will you just listen." He said again.

"Why, why should I listen." I asked.

"Because I love you and I want to raise this baby. The two of us together and the little one. Lil that's our baby growing in there and I want to be with you forever and always."

Really does he thinks that two jobless, pennyless teenager's are gonna be able to raise a baby, is he kidding me.

"Look Jake I'm not keeping it, we're not keeping. I've chosen adoption and Madame Pomfrey is setting up a meeting with the parents I've chosen."

He looked pissed, Can't say I'm not surprised. "Lily you can't just give away our child!" He said angrily.

"Jake we're sixteen for god sake" I yelled at him, letting all my anger out "And it's not like you give a flying fuck, You left when I needed you the most. I made the decision because you weren't here, you didn't even contact me to say you were back. I heard it from Jamie."

He opened his mouth to speak but I cut across him "NO JAKE YOU LISTEN TO ME, NOT ONCE have you asked me how I am or even how the baby is. We're both fine for your information and not once have you asked to see a scan photo." I pulled out the picture Cassy had not long given me and threw it at him before saying "There it is, our jellybean but don't get too attached. I'm putting this baby up for adoption so it can have a better life, with parents who love it and can provide for it. I've chosen the parents and I'm meeting them in a few weeks." I could feel the tears running down my cheek but I carried on "If you don't like it then you can just fuck off, because I don't really want to see you again."

And with that my tears became heavier and quicker running down my face, I turned around and ran as fast as I could down the corridor and didn't stop until I reached the fat lady. Luckily everyone was still at lunch and hopefully no one just heard our argument.

The fat lady didn't even ask for the password when she saw me, she just swung open and I hurried inside. The first year had gone now and I pretty much launched myself up the stairs, into the dorm and onto my bed grabbing my pillow for comfort. I think I just broke up with Jake, my boyfriend of two years. My boyfriend who I love but am extremely mad at. I think I've gone crazy.

I sat up a little and Looked over at my clock, through my teary eyes I could just make out that lunch was nearly over. I'm not leaving. I'm not going to the last two lessons and sitting there in the same class as Jake and act like noting happened, I'm not. I heard my stomach growl, so I opened my bedside cabinet and pulled out the plate of cheese I put in there earlier as well as a jar of chocolate spread. Yummy cheese and chocolate. After finishing my lunch I went and took a long hot shower.

Shower's are nice, I mean you can cry and no one will even notice same goes for when your walking in the rain. My tears just kept on falling but after a while I couldn't tell the difference between a tear and the water dripping down my face. Having got out after what felt like ages, I put my grey sweat's on and pulled on a purple t-shirt. I went back in the bathroom to put my towels in the laundry basket when I caught sight of myself in the mirror behind the door. I don't look sixteen, I look way older. I have bags under my eyes which are red and puffy from crying. My face looks rounder, my hair is damp and a complete mess and I don't exactly look happy either. My eyes travelled down until they landed on my bump. I stood there and looked at in the mirror.

It's a strange feeling knowing you have something growing inside of you, I rubbed my bump gently and murmured "You are going to be so loved by your parents and one day we will meet again. I know it's for the best and I hope you will see that when your older. I love you baby." I stared at the mirror a bit longer as thought wishing it could let me see inside of my bump, to see my jellybean swimming around or doing whatever it does.

I could feel the tears again, so I wiped them away and left the bathroom. I went and curled up in my bed, right under my quilt. I really think I need to do some revising, I mean I should be sat in charms right now. Except I don't want to, I can't face Jake, I just can't. Not after seeing the look on his face after I told I had chosen adoption and the same look when I told him if he didn't like it then he could do one. I screamed into my pillow. Why Lily, why did you tell him that, he looked as though I had just ripped his heart out of hid chest, crushed it and then stamped on it for good luck.

I bet he hates me, I bet he definitely doesn't want anything to do with me now. I closed my eyes and my brain overpowered my thoughts sending me into a deep sleep.

"Lily, Lily." I heard someone say.

"Will you wake up, please." Came another voice.

My eyes stayed firmly shut, when I felt someone gently shaking me. "Go away" I muttered "I don't won't to get up."

"Well at least she's alive." said the first voice again.

I felt a weight on the bottom of my bed, near my feet and this time I heard a male voice.

"Lily if you don't wake up I will owl mum."

My eyes flickered open and I was face to face with someone with bright green eyes. "Arghh!" I yelled as I sat up, pulling my quilt right up to my chin and then I heard a bump and and "ow". Bringing my eyes into focus I could see Al laughing. Great so it was his eyes that freaked me out. Looking around I found Livi on the floor, ok so maybe she had fallen off my bed, Kayl was sat on her's and Al stood up next to mine. I stretched out an arm and whacked him hard.

"Oww." He complained.

Serves him right, I was quite happily asleep until he rudely woke me up. I yawned and looked at Livi who looked frightened as she got back up and sat on my bed. I then frowned at her and asked "Liv what's up, why do you look like you've seen a ghost?"

She looked right at me "You didn't show up for the last two lessons of the day and no one said they saw you in the library either. We thought something bad had happened."

Kayl looked at Al who put his arms up in surrender and said "Alright I can see where I'm not wanted. I'm going, I'm going and Lil take care" He walked over to Kay and kissed her on the mouth. Yuck.

"Please don't do that again in front of me." I called to him as he left the dorm. I heard him chuckle.

"Lil clearly something has happened otherwise your eyes wouldn't be red and puffy and Jake wouldn't be waiting at the bottom of the stairs pacing like a lunatic demanding to know if you're up here." Kay told me.

"Oh," I whispered before explaining what had happened whilst they were at lunch. "Just tell him I'm fine."

Livi looked at me "Um Lil, I don't think fine will make him go. Apparently he's been there since the end of lunch trying to get up here and you know what the portrait of the witch is like. Al was only allowed up since we let him and that he needed to see if you were ok, since he's your brother."

"Please, just tell him I'm fine. I don't want to talk to him right now."

she shrugged, "Ok, are you coming down in the common room or..."

"No I'm staying here and once you two go I might just go back to sleep."

I watched them both leave the room, leaving me alone again. I need to talk to Bee, I have to talk to her. How did she stay sane when she was having Codie. Not having told anyone and yet still hanging around with James.

I wriggled down my bed and lifted the lid of my trunk. I searched through it's contents and found some crumpled parchment, a quill and a bottle of ink. Grabbing my pillow I put it in the middle of my bed and then I lead down resting my bump on it, I smoothed the parchment out before writing

Hi Bee and Codie

Right now I am so confused. Earlier on today I bumped into Jake coming back from seeing Cassy. I'm fine, I just had to tell her which parent's I had chosen and she did a check up. Anyway as I was going back to the tower I bumped into him. We then got into a big fight about how he left me and how he hasn't even asked about me or the baby. Or even if I had a scan photo. I then threw the latest picture at him and said 'don't get too attached, I'm putting it up for adoption.' He looked like I had ripped his heart out and then trampled on it for good measure. Oh and my O.W.L's are in eight days and I am freaking out about them as well as worrying that the whole school will find out.

The point of my ramblings is how on earth did you manage to stay sane? How did you not tell anyone and how did you manage to stand being around James ever day, because right now I can't even be in the same room as Jake.

Hope you and Codie are ok.

Lots of Love

Lily xxx

I folded it up neatly and placed it in my bedside draw. I think that once Jake has gone from the bottom of the stairs then I may go for a little walk to the owlery to see Zephie. I started to read a book that Rose must have left here when I heard the door go. I looked up to see a very muddy, tired looking Roxy.

"Good practice was it then."

"Not really, when you're missing your captain and chaser. And also a beater." She replied peeling off her muddy uniform.

I frowned "How come Dom wasn't there if she's captain. Surely she would have booked the pitch." I saw Roxy shrug as she walked into the bathroom. Why wasn't Jake there" I asked casually.

"Not a clue, He's pacing downstairs and he wouldn't give me an answer unless I let him up to see you." She called over the sound of the running water.

I froze "What!"

The bathroom door opened and her head Poked out. "I said Jake wouldn't give me an answer unless I let him up here to see you. I said no obviously since I want to get changed and shower."

Her head then disappeared back into the now steamy room. Jake... he was still trying to get up here to see me. Maybe he does care about me and jellybean after all and I guess what I said was a bit harsh. Maybe I should let him up just to see what he want's but then again if he comes up here, he might not leave me alone if we argue. On the other hand, if I make my way down to the door and sit on the stairs. Then we will still be able to talk and I will also have an escape plan, but then again people might hear us unless I cast Muffliato.

Hmm.. I was still trying to decide when Roxy came out of the bathroom, wearing jeans and a green t-shirt looking a lot happier and also cleaner. Her wet hair was wrapped up in a towel on top of her head.

"You ok Lil?" She asked as she got a pair of socks from her trunk, sat down and put them on.

I looked up at her, right into her dark brown eyes and said "No I'm not fine Rox because I'm pregnant."

I watched as her mouth dropped open and she dropped her other sock, before leaping up off her bed. "No way" She said looking at me.

"Yes way." I replied.

"W-when, W-who, H-how far are you?" Rox managed to splutter.

"March, Jake and I'm fourteen weeks and however many days" I told her expecting her to yell at me. except she didn't.

"Oh my god," She breathed "What are you going to do, are you keeping it?"

I shook my head "I've chosen adoption and my mind is set."

Roxy came over and sat infront of me and pulled me into a hug. "Aww Lil, is that why Jake wants to see you so bad?" She asked as she broke away from me.

"Well yes and no. He wants to see me because earlier on I broke the news to him that I-" I Paused before carrying on "We weren't keeping the baby. Let's say I didn't exactly put it in a nice way either."

"Lil if you ever need to talk...I'm here you know." She said looking at me.

"Thank Rox, listen can you do me a favour."

"Sure," She replied.

"Can you please tell Jake that I am not in the mood for talking right now and that if he wants to talk we will, tomorrow,"

She nodded "Anything else..."

"Just that message. I think I might go back to sleep, thanks anyway Rox."

I watched as she found her other sock and put it on, then used her wand to dry her hair. She then left the room leaving me alone once again. Fuck, did I actually just tell Roxy I was pregnant. Well if only telling mum and dad had gone like that, It would have been a hell of a lot easier. I closed my eyes and leaned back on my pillows when I heard shouting coming from downstairs.


I sat up and then creeped across the dorm and opened the door. Listening closely I could hear Jake's voice and boy did he sound angry.


I froze, he wouldn't would he?. Oh god this cannot be happening, he wouldn't tell everyone in the common room right now that I was pregnant would he? I grabbed my dressing gown off the bottom of my bed and made my way down the stairs. Stopping two steps up from the bottom I sat down. Jake's back was to the entrance and to me and he was yelling at Roxy who was stood there looking calm. The whole common room was silent and everyone had clearly been watching the scene between them both as all on eyes were on them and now me.

Roxy shrugged "Don't shoot the messenger, anyway she's behind you." She told him before going to sit with Kayl and Livi by the fire.

Jake spun around so fast that he lost his balance causing him to nearly fall over. I suppressed a giggle and remembered what I was going to do.

"What do you want." I snarled at him.

His voiced lowered, "Lil we need to talk."

"No Jake we do not need to talk because my mind is made up and I am not changing it." I told him.

Of course this got very strange looks from the people in the room and they started to whispered. Except Roxy, Livi, Kayl and the boys (Hugo,Matt and Leo) who pretty much knew that we are on about my pregnancy.

"Lil please. If you won't talk then I'll just announce it to everyone."

I noticed a certain person grin wickedly in the corner. Becca was sat there with Laura who was reading the daily prophet, not properly paying attention to what was going on over here. Where as Becca was watching like a hawke, clearly she wanted to know what Jake was on about.

Look's like I'm not going to win here.

"Jake if you really want to talk then fine we will. But not right now I'm tired and I just want to go to bed. So we'll talk tomorrow." I declared.

"But..." He started to say.

I cut him off "Look we either talk tomorrow or not at all. If you pick tomorrow then yes I will speak about it, but I am not changing my decision. If you don't pick tomorrow then I'll do it on my own and I don't want to see you again."

I heard the gasp's as I said this but I ignored them and stood up making sure my dressing gown was still tied tightly before walking back up to the dorm. Taking my dressing gown off as I walked across to my bed. I chucked it across the bottom before crawling under my quilt and reflecting on what had just happened.

Again I think I broke up with Jake but this time everyone heard what I had said. Everyone would know that we had argued and by tomorrow morning it would around the whole school, everyone would know that something was up and that if Jake didn't like it, then I never wanted to see him again.

I rolled over and placed one of my hand's on my bump and whispered "Look's like this is gonna be a long and bumpy road jellybean." Rubbing my bump gently I closed my eyes and wished I would drift off to sleep.

It's been a week since I argued with Jake, a week since I told him that we would talk. A week filled with him annoying me and bombarding me with questions. A week that I have had to duck down shortcuts and hidden passage ways to get to my lessons. A week of me hiding out in my dorm trying to revise for my O.W.L's which start tomorrow!

As you may have guessed we haven't spoken like I said we would. I never intended on speaking to him about it. I just wanted to get him off my case for the rest of that night and now I have had to pay the price. I'm so stressed right now it's unreal, right now my life doesn't seem real. I sent a letter to Bee last week and I've only just gotten a reply, she gave me some really good advice as well:


I'm not sure how to say this, but I don't think saying that was a good idea. You two should have decided together, you should decide together. I have no idea how I stayed sane, I think because I was keeping myself busy with school work and prefect duties I didn't have any free time to mull over the fact I was pregnant. I just couldn't bring myself to tell anyone because I though if no one knew then it couldn't be real, stupid I know but it seemed to work. Again I kept busy with homework and prefect duties to get out of hanging out with James. We did have a conversation about how he thought I was avoiding him etc... but we worked it out.

As for your O.W.L's don't skip classes because right now you need your O.W.L's. If you don't carry on in school and sit your N.E.W.T's then these are the grades you will get. I didn't sit my N.E.W.T's. In fact I didn't even do my seventh year but since my O.W.L grades weren't that bad, I was allowed to take night classes as Codie got older which allowed me to get me a job at the pharmacy and hopefully I'll be able to get in on a healer course in September.

We are both well, pop into Hogmeade if you need a chat on Saturday. I'm free after one o'clock.


Bee and Codie xx

Hmm, well next time I see her or owl her I shall definitely be asking about why she didn't go back and do her seventh year and more importantly what she told everyone. I mean say I did keep jellybean but no one else knew and then I don't turn up for my sixth or seventh year surely people would be asking questions and stuff.

Right now I'm on the way to lunch with Kay and Livi. Jake has detention because we had an argument in transfiguration. I was lucky because Mcgonagall turned around at the exact moment that Jake had chosen to retaliate. His fault really not mine, I mean he didn't have to reply. Anyway it means that I am free to go down to lunch and not have to worry about him annoying me, well at least for a little while.

The whisper's have followed me around the school all day today especially since Transfig and our little argument. Hopefully I will be able to enjoy lunch today without him breathing down my neck and especially now since my sickness has passed and I can eat a lot more than just toast, crackers, ginger biscuits and bread these days.

When we entered the great hall, some eyes turned towards me, others carried on with their conversations and eating not even acknowledging that I had entered. I noticed that Al and Jamie were sat at the Gryffindor table, wondering why on earth they were sat there not at the Slytherin table with Scorpius. My question was soon answered as I spotted Scorp and Rose sat not too far away Al and Jamie, guess they didn't want to sit by the love birds.

"Hi guys." I said as I sat down opposite them. Kayl sat by Al and Livi by me.

They both looked up. Jamie said "Hey." But Al ignored us and kissed Kayl.

"Yuck. What did I tell you two about that." I complained.

They both smiled "I seem to have forgotten." Al said.

I rolled my eyes and helped myself to some salad, chicken and a bread roll. Pouring myself a big goblet full of pumpkin juice I drained it and helped myself to more.

"Jeez Lil, what'd you do. Run a marathon." Al joked.

Kay hit for me, since I couldn't reach. "Haha Very funny. Hate to break it to you Al, but you're no comedian." I told him.

I was quite happily tucking into my food, listening to the conversation around me. When I saw Lola (Jake, Jamie and Izzy's sister) walking towards us, I thought nothing of it I mean she might want to speak to Jake or Izzy who are Both Gryffindor's or even Jamie who was sat with us. She stopped behind Jamie and smiled at me. I continued eating my food since it tasted so good. I don't think I've eaten a proper meal like this in weeks.

"Did you want something Lo." Jamie asked her.

"Um yes," She said in a quiet voice "But it's nothing to do with you." She told her big brother.

"Who's it to do with then?" He asked.

She pointed at me and I looked up. "I didn't do it." I said automatically. I honestly have not done anything wrong.

Lola smiled at me again "Professor Mcgonagall want's to see you in her office. Now if possible." She told me.

They all looked at me, each of them had a confused expression.

"I haven't done anything I swear." I stated.

"Professor Mcgonagall just asked me to pass the message on. And something about Hippogriffs. Bye." With that she skipped off to the Ravenclaw table.

I sat still for a moment and finished the rest of my salad. Then I did my robes up whilst I was still sat down and I picked my bag up. I was nearly out of the hall when I heard Livi yelling "You better be in last two lessons." I just waved in reply and carried on walking worrying about what she could what. I mean I don't think I've gotten in trouble.

I said the password 'Hippogriffs' to the stone gargoyle. It sprang to life ad I hopped onto the stairs. Once outside the door I pulled my robes tighter around me and knocked.

"Come in." Came Mcgonagall's voice. I'm surprised she hasn't retired yet.

I entered and when I looked again, I saw Cassy and Uncle Neville, I mean Professor Longbottom sat in front of her at the desk.

"Ahh Miss Potter, please take a seat." She said brightly and Unc-, Professor Longbottom stood up offering me his chair.

I smiled at him and sat down in a big squishy red armchair, dropping my bag by my feet.

"It has come to my attention that you are Pregnant are you not?" She stated.

I nodded and said quietly, "Yes professor."

"May I ask how far are you?"

"I'm just gone fifteen weeks." I told her.

"Madame Pomfrey tells me that you are due around December seventh. I have spoken with Professor Longbottom since he is head of your house and we have decided that it will be ok for you to start your sixth year and then half way through November you will be allowed time off. It will be up to you when you come back as long as you give yourself plenty of time to catch up and then start revising for your N.E.W.T's"

Ok so that was a good start. At least I am allowed back to school, I thought I wouldn't be able to.

"Um you see professor, the thing is I'm planning on adoption." I announced.

She looked at me for a moment through her glasses before saying, "Very well, that does not change the matter. Who is the father may I ask?"

Ok so that took me off guard and as I looked up to reply I caught Professor Longbottom's eye. He smiled but it made me nervous for some reason.

"Jacob Smith." I muttered

"Ahh yes, I heard you two were dating."

Do the teachers sit around listening to their students gossip or do they makes on when they think two certain people will get together. I only say this because dad reckons that when auntie Hermione and uncle Ron got together at the battle of Hogwarts, he swear he saw her slip some coins to Professor Sprout as if she had lost a bet.

"Does Mr Smith know about this?" Professor Longbottom asked.

"Yes. He knows that I'm pregnant and choosing adoption." I replied hoping it sounded like we had chosen together.

"Very well."

It was then Cassy who spoke, "I've scheduled a meeting with the parents you have chosen for this weekend if that's ok."

"T-this weekend." I stammered.

"Yes" She nodded "Is that ok Lily."

Oh my god, I have to meet them this weekend. That's only what four, five days away, well there goes my plans on meeting Bee, unless I drag her along with me. There is no way I am meeting them on my own.

"As you are aware O.W.L's start tomorrow and I think I may have to excuse you from some of them." Mcgonagall told me snapping me out of my thoughts.

"What," I said nearly jumping out of my seat. "You can't."

"I'm afraid I may have to. You can only do written things in potions and I will make sure you have a written exam and not a practical as the fumes will not be good for you or baby. You will mainly do written work in Charms, Transfiguration and Defence Against The Dark Arts When it comes to the practicals you will do then as normal but instead of being in the great hall with everyone else, they'll be in one of the classrooms opposite."

"But I've been fine in those lessons and there is nothing wrong with me or the baby." I protested.

"We simply cannot take the chance Lily."

I looked down at the floor. She cannot be serious my O.W.L's start tomorrow and I have to do practicals in a room, on my own with an examiner. Great, just bloody brilliant. Whilst I was caught up in my thoughts I hadn't noticed that Professor Longbottom had gone.

"Lily," I looked up and it was Cassy who was speaking. "Lily," she said again "I have arranged you to have your appointments at St Mungo's over the summer, then when you comeback you have them with me until you leave school early November." She explained.

I nodded, "Thanks Cassy, thanks Professor."

Just as I was about to open the door I heard Mcgonagall say "Good luck with your O.W.L's Miss Potter.". I nodded and left. As I jumped off the end off the end of the stairs, I bumped straight into some one. It took me a minute to realise who it was. Jake.

Before I could open my mouth to speak his finger came down on my lips. "Shh." He whispered as he took my hand, bringing me away from the stairs. "Listen Lily, I'm sorry." He said once he had moved his finger from my lips.

I frowned at him since it had shocked me. He was saying sorry?

"I'm sorry for behaving the way I did and I shouldn't have run off. You were right we Can't do this. It was stupid of me to think so. You're right, the baby will have a much better life if it's parents can provide it with the things it need."

Ok so that totally threw me, I had not been expecting that. I tried to talk but he kept on going "Lil I love you with all my heart and I don't want to throw our relationship away just because we argued. I want you to know I support you and I want to be there every step of the way."

I blinked a few times oh my god, is he really agreeing with me.

"Um ok. Well I'm meeting the parents I chose on Saturday if you want to y'know come along." I said a little awkwardly.

He smiled "Of course, every step of the way." He said again and then he kissed me. His lips were soft and warm and he tasted like honey. How I've missed this, I thought, how I've missed him. I haven't been this close with him since the day I told him I was pregnant.

We broke apart and he lead me towards the tapestry of trolls on the seventh floor. I knew where he was going with this and we were soon in the room of requirement. I dumped my bag and pulled out the folder before he could kiss me again.

"This is them," I told him holding the file out. "The parents: Natalie and Tyler Hamilton."

He took it from me and read whilst I went over and laid down on the big bed that was here. I heard the bed creak as Jake joined me, lying next to me so he was barely inches away from me.

"Sooo..." I said looking up at the ceiling trying to remember why this place seemed familiar.

"They seem nice, I think they'll be perfect." He replied kissing my nose.

I giggled, it felt so nice to be this close to him again.

"Hey Lil, how um..." He hesitated "How far are you?"

I looked at him, those eyes. "Fifteen weeks." I murmered as I snuggly closer to him. My hands fumbling with the buttons on his school shirt. "Why?"

"Just wondering." He answered and then he kissed the top of my head. His shirt was undone now and he went to wrap his arms around me but I pulled away. I sat up and went to the clasp on my robes, undoing them to reveal my bump. I saw his eyes widen as I undid my own shirt.

"Wow!" He whispered stretching a hand out and placing it on my bump. "This really is happening isn't it."

I smiled and said "Yes it really is." Before kissing him. The clothes were gone within minutes and he was on top, I felt him gently kiss my bump and it was only then I realised this was the place where all this started, this was the bed where we had first done it. Yet here we were again and this time there was no need for the contraceptive charm since this time I was already pregnant.

I lost my thought and we then had sex on the bed where this all began not so many months ago. It's so nice to be this close again.

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Chapter 13: Of Dententions, Saying Sorry And Being Close Again
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Jake's point of view

I got detention for trying to speak to Lily. Why won't she talk to me, she promised she would. Her words were something along the lines of 'if you want to talk, we'll do it tomorrow or not at all. If you pick tomorrow then yes I will speak about it, but I am not changing my decision. If you don't pick tomorrow then I'll do it on my own and I don't want to see you again'

I agreed because I want to see her, I want to see our baby. I have to get her to change her mind. We can do it, we can parents, I know we can. Just because we're young doesn't mean we will love our baby any less. I have to try.

Detention was no fun, I had to sit in the head's office with her and write lines without magic. I heard the door open so I looked up and my sister Lola walked in.

"Professor, Madame Pomfrey wishes to speak with you outside as she knows you're doing detention." Lola told her, her eyes flickering towards me.

"Ok, Thank you Miss Smith." Lola then went and Mcgoggles turned to me, "Mr Smith I have some business to attend to, you carry on with your lines. I shall be back shortly." She went to the door and then turned back "And don't think of escaping because I shall only be at the bottom of the stairs."

I muttered under my breath and carried on with the stupid lines. Why did she have to turn around just as I was about to reply to Lily. Couldn't she have turned around like five minutes later. I was still writing lines when Mcgoggles came back. She came over and looked at the parchment that I had been writing 'I will not speak in class' on over and over.

"Right, I believe that you will not be speaking in my class again. You are now free to go." She told me and then she vanished the parchment.

I opened my mouth to complain, I've been sat here for nearly an hour writing that out and then she just vanished it.

"I said you are free to go Mr Smith." She stated.

I muttered 'Old hag' under my breath as I left swinging my bag over my shoulder. I looked at my watch, ten minutes until lunch ends. I have just enough time to dump my bag, get food and re-collect my bag, maybe even find Lily. I ran all the way to Gryffindor tower, raced up to the dorm and flung my bag on my bed before leaving again. I slowed down as I got nearer the Great hall. Once I had entered I made my way over to the Gryffie table to where the boys were sat with Livi, Kay, Albus and Jamie.

Lily was no where to be seen. Strange but then again she's been hiding from me, eating lunch up in her dorm instead of down here. It's not like I would cause a big scene here in front of everyone. Well ok my scene in the common room was kind intentional, I knew Lily would be scared. She though that I was going to tell everyone, I wouldn't have. They don't need to know our business but if it made Lily worry, then she would have to talk to me.

"Hi." I said as I slid inbetween Livi and Hugo.

I helped myself to some bread, chips and the bottle of tomato sauce. Nothing like a chip sandwich smothered in tomato sauce to put me in a better mood. I was just eating my second sandwich when I asked casually, "Where's Lily?"

I knew the reply I would get would be 'up in the dorm' but I still asked anyway.

"Mcgonagall wanted to see her." Al announced.

I choked on my last mouthful. "What." I said once I had managed not to kill myself. "What does she want?" Maybe she's going to kick her out, the thought ran through my mind. She wouldn't would she? "But I just came from there."

Hugo shrugged, "Maybe you missed her."

"Bye guys." I called over my should as I got up and left the hall. Running all the way to the head's office.

Shit I didn't know the password. Since we had Transfig before lunch Mcgoggles had brought me straight here and the gargoyle had moved when it saw her. I waited and waited, sitting down in front of the wall opposite the gargoyle. I heard the gargoyle move and I jumped up from where I was sat only to see Professor Longbottom come down the stairs.

"Are you ok Mr Smith?" He asked as he came over to me.

"I'm fine." I managed to say.

He carried on and I was alone once more. Not long after I heard it move again and I rushed over to the bottom. This time it was Lily who had come down and she bumped right into me. She opened her mouth to speak but I put one finger over her lips and whispered "Shh," before taking her hand and leading her from the stairs.

"Listen Lily, I'm sorry." I told her moving my finger from her lips. I saw her frown but I continued "I'm sorry for behaving the way I did and I shouldn't have run off. You're right we can't do this. It was stupid of me to think so. You're right the baby will have a much better life if it's parents can provide it with the things it need."

I hate that I have to agree with her, but if I don't I'm afraid I'm going to loose her for good. And I can't be without her, the past few weeks have killed me not talking to her and being close.

Lily tied to talk but I kept on going "Lil I love you with all my heart and I don't want to throw our relationship away just because we argued. I want you to know I support you and I want to be there every step of the way."

I then watched her, she blinked a few times and then said "Um ok. Well I'm meeting the parents I chose on Saturday if you want to y'know come along."

I smiled "Of course, every step of the way." I said again and then I kissed her. Her lips were soft and warm. Oh how I've missed this, I thought.

We broke apart and I lead her up to the tapestry of trolls on the seventh floor. She knew where I was going and I thought of the place where we had sex for the first time. The room of requirement changed and we went inside. I watched as she dumped her bag and started rummaging inside it. I went to kiss her but found myself face to face with a folder.

"This is them." She told me holding the file out. "The parents: Natalie and Tyler Hamilton."

I took it from her and read, She worked from home and he was a healer. I finished reading and went over to the bed where she was lying. I jumped on and moved closer to her so we were barely touching.

"Sooo..." She said looking up at the ceiling.

"They seem nice, I think they'll be perfect." I replied kissing her nose. Lily giggled, it felt so nice to be this close to her again. "Hey Lil, how um..." I hesitated before continuing "How far are you?"

Lily looked at me with her warm brown eyes, "Fifteen weeks," she murmured as she snuggled closer to me. I felt her hands undoing the buttons on my shirt. "Why?" She asked.

"Just wondering." I answered before I kissed the top of her head. Her hair smelt like coconuts and it shined under the light. She had undone my shirt and when I went to wrap my arms around her, she pulled away. Lily sat up and I watched as her hands went to the clasp on her robes. She undone them to reveal a small bump, I watched her as she undid her own shirt revealing a lacy Pink bra and my eyes widened as her stomach was set free from the fabric. A definite bump was where her usually flat stomach used to be.

"Wow," I whispered and stretched out a hand out, placing it on her bump. "This really is happening isn't it." I said.

Lily smiled my favourite smile "Yes it really is." She said before kissing me. Our clothes were gone within minutes and I was on top of her breathing heavily. I started to kiss her bump, the bump that contained our baby. Our baby, our baby that I was going to fight for. No matter what I had told her, I was not going to let this adoption happen. If it means I have to raise the baby by myself then I will. That is my first born child in there and I am not giving them away to some strangers not matter how 'nice' they seem.

This was the place that we had first had sex, however many months ago. Here we were yet again having sex except this time Lily was already pregnant and there was no need for Protection. Fat lot of good it did last time mind, I thought looking at her. I Love her with all my heart and I will fight for our baby no matter what.

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Chapter 14: Confession 11 - Of Secrets Told, Stupid Girls And Awkward Meetings
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Back to Lily's point of view

On Wednesday when I was coming out of the toilets on the third floor, Becca pulled me into an empty class room and said something that made me become very nervous. I don't know why she said it or how she knew but all she said was 'I know your secret. I won't tell anyone unless you happen to piss me off. So I would be nice to me if I was you 'Baby Potter'. She emphasised the words Baby Potter. I literally froze when she told me and I felt and icy chill run through me. I kept my cool though and replied with 'you know nothing'.

That was two days ago and It's still freaking me out, even now as I lie in my nice warm, cosy bed. I don't think I've done anything to piss her off unless you count that I may have mentioned to our potions class she had got caught by Professor Longbottom with a boy who had his trousers down behind the greenhouses the other week. I saw her scowl at me when I said it but I didn't care since I was high on Jake's boy smell.

Anyway today is Friday and it's about seven in the morning. I've had three exams (Charms, Herbology and Astronomy), so far and right now I'm on top of cloud nine. Myself and Jake made up on Monday after my meeting with Mcgonagall and I feel as though a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders now that he supports me. Even Al apologised for breaking his nose and my life is generally a lot happier. Things are just starting to look up again even if I am pregnant.

I peeked out of my scarlet hangings and made sure that Laura and Cerys were both still sound asleep before got up and I grabbed my dressing gown. I put it on and tip toed across to the bathroom. After I had relieved my bladder I left our dorm and went and sat by the fire that was barely flickering as the morning sun came up. I settled on the sofa and pulled a blanket over me and my thoughts went to my jellybean.

I must say it is strange to think you have something growing inside you. It really is freaky, I mean I have a person in my uterus right now as we speak swimming around or doing whatever it does. I frowned what does a fifteen week baby do in your uterus apart from grow? Does it kick yet? Oh Merlin I really need to find this out otherwise it will bug me. Maybe I should owl mum and ask if she has still got any pregnancy books or maybe even Bee since mum might be likely to think If I am asking for pregnancy books that I am keeping jellybean.

I shut my eyes and then it came to me in perfect Rose style. When in doubt go to the library, I practically heard her say. Of course, but would Hogwarts' library have pregnancy books and more importantly why, if they are so against boys being in girl's dorms. I stood up, pulled my dressing gown tighter around me and left the common room.

The castle was so quiet it was spooky. There wasn't even a ghost floating around and Filch wasn't sniffing around either. Lucky for me, since I didn't have the map or the cloak to help escape any trouble at least. When I got to the library I thought it was locked but as I got nearer the doors opened as if the library was welcoming me. Fat chance it was Madame Pince (The Old, cranky and partially deaf librarian. I swear she's like a hundred or something) opening the doors wide. She smiled at me as I entered and said in a croaky voice "Anything I can help you with dear?"

I shook my head and replied in a loud voice "No thanks, just looking."

She seemed happy at my answer and shuffled off to sit behind her desk. I started in the most obvious place, looking under the letter 'P' for pregnancy. I found no books on it unless it was to do with animals. Not one books on human pregnancy. I looked under 'B' for baby and found nothing.

I gave up in the end and left. Madame Pince shot me a look that said 'why did you come this early and not even borrow a book' I ignored her and carried on. I definitely have to see Bee tomorrow either before or after the meeting with the Hamiltons. Maybe I can persuade her to come with us. Yes I think I might.

When I got back to my dorm every one was still asleep except Laura who was now sat up in bed yawning. Her blonde hair a mess and a sleepy look on her face. I automatically loosened my dressing gown a little around my waist hoping it would hide any evidence that said I was pregnant (I.e. my bump)

She looked up as I crept back across the room "Couldn't sleep Lil?" She whispered.

"Yeah something like that." I replied.

Laura got up and then went into the bathroom, she looked really pale and worried. She came back out to get her towel so I took the moment to say "Laur are you ok? you don't look to good."

She sighed, "I know, I'm just stressed."

"About O.W.L's?"

She nodded "And other things as well, also make sure you stay well away from Becca." She added before going back into the bathroom.

Why should I stay well away from her. I mean it's by choice that I ever have to be near her except in class. I wonder has something happened between those two. Then again what do I care, Laura's alright but we ain't gonna be besties any time soon. I got back into bed and thought of sending a letter to Bee.

I must have dozed back off because when I re-awoke it was only me in the dorm. I saw a note stuck to one of my bed posts, I peeled it off and read

Lil, gone to breakfast meet you there. Kayl, Livi and Roxy xxx

I rolled over and groaned as I nearly fell out of bed. I went for a warm shower before putting my uniform on. I pretty much had to force my shirt to do up and one of the button near the top shot off across the room. Great. I put my tie on and hoped it would hide the fact I was missing a button. It didn't, which meant I had to wear my tie a lot lower than normal, a lot lower meant detention but hey Mcgoggles should let me off a little, not my fault clothes are not fitting me. Ok it's partly my fault but whatever.

The castle was much more awake than earlier on and I took my time on getting to the great hall. I entered behind a small group of third years and when they vanished from in front of me to go to the Hufflepuff table, I heard whispers and all eyes were on me. I thought nothing of it and carried on to the Gryffie table.

"Morning," I said brightly as I sat down next to Jake. I noticed that everybody seemed to have the daily prophet in front of them. "Anything good in the paper," I asked pointing to the one in front of Livi as I helped myself to toast. None of them said anything "Are you gonna answer me." I whined since I was getting annoyed.

I saw Molly and Louis come over from the Ravenclaw table both clutching a copy of the daily prophet. "What..." I started to say but Molly stopped me.

"You haven't seen it have you." She said.

I shook my head, "Seen what."

Molly slid the paper she had been holding in front of me and I saw the title.

Baby Potter is Having a Baby.

I read on but having seen the title this can't be good.

We have recently received information submitted by a current Hogwarts pupil that Lily Potter. Yes the youngest Potter, is pregnant. The father is said to be Miss Potter's boyfriend of two years Jacob 'Jake' Smith, youngest son of Esme and Jasper Smith. But other people have said she has been seen going off into empty class rooms with his older brother Jamie. Who know's which brother is the baby daddy?

I frowned that was one time! and only then it was because Al was glaring daggers at us. Ok there may have been two times but that is not the point. It's not like I'm secretly dating Jamie and for the record I'm not. God who ever writes this rubbish really needs to be sacked. I read on but it wasn't any better,

It is said that Miss Potter may be five nearly six months pregnant but has been hiding it for a while. A pupil said "They split up a few weeks ago when he disappeared and She moped around the school like a wet sponge. Now he's back and since the begriming of this week they have been all over each other like a rash. Snogging at lunch and in class."

It seems like the Weasley/Potter clan didn't have a clue of Miss Potter's pregnancy. Her and her 'boyfriend' are both sixteen and attend Hogwarts school for witchcraft and wizardry. They are currently sitting their O.W.L's and who knows whether Miss Potter will be back for her sixth year in September. For more information on the Smith family please turn to page 18.

Voice your opinions on the two teenage parents by owling us at The Daily Prophet. Just make sure you remember to send your name and you will get five minutes of fame.

Written by Melanie Skeeter.

Of course I thought, only a Skeeter could come out with this trash. It took me all of a nano second to realise which Hogwarts pupil had given information.

"That fucking bitch." I whispered as I looked up. The whole of the hall was looking at me. I knew who had done this, there was only one person in the entire hall with a smirk plastered on their ugly face, Becca.

I stood up and walked all the way over to the Slytherin table to where she was sat with Sammy, Penelope and Laura who quite frankly looked like she would rather be somewhere else. I held my head high as I heard a couple of shouts of 'Oi Preggers'. I ignored them and headed for her intending to wipe that smirk off her face once and for all.

I hadn't realised that Al, Jake, Jamie, Kay and Livi had followed me over, but I could here them talking in hushed voices behind me. I looked at Becca, that stupid cow who has now told all of Hogwarts and most of the wizarding world that I was pregnant even if the information she had was wrong. I reached out and slapped her across her stupid face, there was a 'crack' as my hand came in contact with her cheek and I noticed her smirk vanish.

"You fucking bitch," I hissed as she rubbed her cheek. "You're a heartless cow you know that." I said a bit louder and I heard people gasp.

"Not my problem slut," Becca retaliated. "See," she said a lot louder "She's not even denying the fact she's pregnant."

I laughed, "I won't deny I'm not pregnant," I confirmed trying to keep my voice steady since I knew I was going to burst into tears other wise, "But I'm not the slut, you are."

Again a few whispers went around. I'm well aware that the whole school and all the teachers are watching and listening but I really don't give a shit anymore.

"You have the decency to call me a slut when I have only ever slept with ONE boy," I screamed at her, I saw Jake's reflection in one of the silver goblets and he'd gone red, bless him. "ONE boy, where as you have slept with what sixty," I laughed, "yeah because I'm the slut."

I turned and left the hall as quickly as I could. Once I was in the entrance hall I felt sick, so I went and sat on the stairs, putting my head in my hands. I felt a hand on my shoulder and looked up to see Jake. He sat beside me and pulled me close to him.

"Hey," He whispered, "I'm sorry you had to do that."

I shrugged "They were gonna find out sooner or later." He kissed me and it was sweet and tender, we only broke apart when we heard more shouting coming from the hall.

"We can't be friends anymore Becca. You're a horrible, mean, manipulative bitch who needs to get her head from out of her arse and stop ruining other people's lives just because your's is so shit. Sort you own life out before you mess with other people's. Oh and you might want to keep you legs closed because god knows what you've got."

I recognised that voice it was Laura. Wow and boy oh boy was she giving Becca a piece of her mind.

"I've put up with you for god know how many years, yeah ok you're related to me but that doesn't mean I like you or your stupid pure blood ways. Get over yourself every one is equal and it doesn't matter about your blood status."

I heard a definite 'crack' and then Laura came storming out the hall looking fuming. She spotted us and came over, I noticed she was crying.

"I'm so sorry Lily. I tried to stop her I really did but she wouldn't listen and the information had already been sent off," She sobbed, "I over head her telling you to be nice or she would spill your secret but she had already sent the thing off, either way she was still going to do it."

I hugged her "Hey, it's not your fault she's a bitch. How did she know?"

Laura broke away "Um your cousin's Dom and Rose were arguing about something to do with you and being pregnant in the toilets last week."

Great, I must remind them NOT to go talking about my business in public.

"I'm sorry Lily." She said as she wiped away her tears before retreating up the grand staircase. Probably putting as much space between her and Becca as possible, I know I would.

Jake looked down at me and pulled me closer into his arms "Hey don't cry Lil." He murmured as he wiped away my tears.

"It's just what are we going to do now. I'm pretty sure the prophet will be all over us and wondering why we're not keeping jellybean." I sobbed into his shoulder.

He didn't reply so I looked up through my tea stained lashes and saw him frowning at me. "Jellybean?"

I sniffed and said "When I saw it for the first time it looked like a jellybean, so that's what I call it. Jellybean."

He smiled, my favourite lopsided smile which made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. "We'll just tell them to mind their own business," Jake replied, "Come on lets go to the common room."

I shook my head trying to hold back the rest of the tears "No, Room of requirement."

He nodded and scooped me up with him as he stood up. I giggled and buried my head into his chest closing my eyes. I mean why me, why were Rose and Dom even arguing about the fact I'm pregnant. Note to self, I must ask them. I didn't realise where I was until I felt the cool fabric on my legs and the softness underneath me.

Jake was lying beside me and I felt his hand in mine. I squeezed it and he squeezed back pulling me closer. We just stayed there lying close, not speaking but I knew what he was thinking, well at least I think I do. After what felt like forever just lying there, I heard voices. Both male and female coming from outside. I poked Jake and pointed at the door, putting my finger to my lips.

"How come we got in before?" I heard someone that sounded a lot like Kayl say.

"Because Lily was broken and she couldn't hide any longer, she didn't care. But they care about hiding right now so the room won't let us in." A male voice explained.

I motioned for Jake to come over and we stepped through the door and landed in the seventh floor corridor right on top of Al, Kayl, Livi and Jamie.

"There you are," Livi gushed as she pulled me into a hug, "Mcgonagall's looking for you. She mentioned 'White mice.'"

Great this can't be good. "Thanks." I mouthed to her as I grabbed Jake's hand and pulled him up the corridor. It took about five minutes to reach the office and we went up. Jake knocked and Mcgoggles called us in.

"Ahh Miss Potter, Mr smith please take a seat. Because of this article," She held up the prophet, "Was there any need for you, to use the common phrase ' have a go at' Miss Parkinson?"

"Yes, she told the prophet." I insisted.

"Are you sure Miss Potter."

"Yes. Laura was with her when they over heard Rose and Dom talking about my pregnancy." I informed her.

"Right well ok, I will look into it and if it appears it was Miss Parkinson she will be punished. You have a meeting tomorrow with the parents you chose, correct." She asked changing the subject quickly.

"Yes." Jake answered.

"Well as you are aware, I suspect that the press will be in Hogsmeade trying to get pictures or questions. So I suggest you use polyjuice poition for the trip. Obviously you wouldn't take any Miss Potter because of the baby. But you Mr Smith will take some and Miss Potter you will wear a wig."

I looked at Jake and we both nodded.

Mcgonagall continued "Madame Pomfrey has contacted Mr and Mrs Hamilton and you are to meet them in a private parlour in the Hogs Head at two o'clock. Aberfoth is well aware you will be disguised just make sure he knows it's you by giving him the code word which is 'Ariana', I also have letters off your families." She handed both of us a pile of about eight-ten letters "Oh and you are excused from classes for the rest of the day."

Feeling that we had been dismissed, we left the room and went to the common room. Of course the castle was quiet since people were in lessons, I had worked out that myself and Jake had been in the room for at least two hours, and that lunch had ended not long after we left the heads office.

The common room was empty and the fire was crackling away in the grate. The yellow, orange and red flames dancing away. I sat down and started opening the letters, as did Jake.. The one off mum and dad said that they were trying to stop the article from being re-printed and trying to get all the copies that had been sold.

I read the others which were off my aunties and uncles, saying things like 'why didn't you tell us' or 'to stay strong', however the one of auntie Audrey pissed me off because she said 'kids shouldn't be having kids you're not old enough, blah blah blah' I didn't really read all of it.

The only letter that gave me a little hope was the one off Bee:

Hi Lily,

Just saw the article in the prophet - who on earth did this? I hope your ok and that you and Jake have made up. Would it be possible to see you tomorrow about one-thirty outside the pharmacy? I can't really say what I want to in a letter.

Love Bee and Codie xx

P.s how are the O.W.L's going?

I grabbed some parchment a quill that someone had left on one of the table and wrote a reply,

Bee and Codie,

It was Becca Parkinson - a stupid Slytherin cow in my year I guess I'm ok just really pissed off and tired. Me and Jake made up on Monday after he said he would stand by me with choosing adoption and that I was right, we're too young. O.W.L's are fine I've done three so far and I think they went ok..

We're meeting the parents tomorrow at two so one-thirty will be fine. I was wondering would you maybe come with us for support?

Love Lily xx

I sealed it up and left Jake on the sofa reading his own letters whilst I went to find Zephie who would probably be in the owlery. My thoughts kept annoying me as I walked, It's like I have a person in my head rambling on about stuff.

Just as I thought my life was getting better, I now hate my life right again, seriously could it get any worse. Oh yeah it could, tomorrow me and Jake have to meet the parents and then in like five months I have to push a baby out of me. Bloody brilliant.





"Lily wake up. Lily Luna Potter wake up right now." someone yelled from somewhere to my right.

"Go away." I mumbled as I rolled over trying to think of my dream. I had been on a big cruise ship, lying on a sun lounger in a bikini showing of my flat stomach surrounded by all these hot guys. The sun was shining and the rays were beating down on my bare skin.

"Lily if you don't wake up now your going to be late." Livi said.

I opened my eyes a little and saw that my clock said it was one. Shit. I shot up in bed tangled in my quilt. Then reality hit me, yesterday Becca told the school I was pregnant and today I was meeting the parents.

"Oh no, I'm meant to be meeting Bee in half an hour." I told them as I de-tangled myself. "Why didn't you wake me up earlier." I grumbled as I got dressed in jeans, a purple tee and a grey hoodie that used to be a bit too big but now fitted perfectly.

"We tried." Livi answered, "But you were dead to the world."

I looked in the mirror, don't I look just great, I thought. My hair is a mess, I have bags under my eyes and I look paler than ever. I didn't have a lot of time so I put mascara and lipgloss on and brushed my hair putting it into a pony.

"Bye." I called as I raced down the stairs.

At the bottom I bumped into Jake who must have been waiting for me, he pulled me into a hug and kissed me on my forehead. "Hey sleepy head."

I smiled as we left the common room and made our way to Mcgoggles office hand in hand. Jake said the password 'Hippogriffs' and we entered. Once inside she handed me a wig that was jet black and very long and handed Jake a glass full of what looked like pumpkin juice.

I re-arranged my own hair , tucking it under the cap that Mcgoggles had given me before I put the wig on. As I did, Jake took the potion and when I turned around Jake was no longer Jake. He now had blonde hair and was nearly shorter than me.

"You have about three hours Mr Smith, until the potion wears off completely."

Jake nodded and I said, "Thanks professor."

The castle was quite busy as we walked through earning strange looks off other students. We jumped into the first empty carriage and went down to Hogsmeade. As the carriage made it's way to the village there may have been a lot of kissing involved between me and Jake, but it's not like I mind. I checked Jake's watch as we raced through Hogsmeade weaving through the crowds which thinned as we got towards the other side of Hogsmeade where the pharmacy was. Bee was stood outside looking worried.

"Hi." I said to her.

She looked me up and down, "I'm sorry do I know you." She asked politely.

"Yes, it's me Lily." I said in an undertone.

"Oh my god, why.." She looked up, "Oh the reporters."

I nodded "We have about twenty minutes before they arrive." I told her as I looked around, people with magical cameras and notebooks were following students and asking if they knew me or Jake and what they thought about our situation.

"Hey you might want to calm down." Bee suggested.

I really can't be calm right now. The place is crawling with reporters who are interrogating students. I can't be calm, I'm about to meet my baby's future parents.

I towards the Hogs Head leaving Bee and Jake to get acquainted, I was over by the bar when they eventually entered. I saw Aberforth at the very end of the bar, petting his goat.

"Hi, a private parlour has been booked."

He looked at me and grunted "Who for?"

"You know who for," I said raising my eyebrows. I leant over the bar just as Bee and Jake arrived by my side and whispered "Arianna."

His eyes widened as I leant back, "Oh very well then this way." He said and he lead us towards the back of the pub. "Bloody kids, don't they have manners." He muttered.

"Hey!" I protested, "I have manners!"

Aberforth ignored me and showed us to the parlour. Bee asked him to bring bring three glasses of lemonade. He then left us alone grumbling to himself.

"Lily I'm glad you ok, I saw it in the prophet yesterday morning." Bee said as she took a seat.

Aberforth came back shuffling in carrying a tray and placed it on the table.

"If a couple come in called the Hamiltons send them this way please." I asked him.

"Ok." He replied and left once more.

"Lily I know this may sound like an utterly ridiculous idea but what if I tipped the paper off about Codie being James'." Bee gushed.

"Codie?" Jake asked confused.

"My nephew." I replied as I stared dumbstruck at Bee. Where the hell had she gotten this idea?

Jake looked me, "Lil have you gone mad. You haven't got a nephew."

"Jake shh! and yes I have. It's James' son." I told him.

His jaw dropped, "Whoa back up. James has a son?"

"Yes and I bet Bee doesn't appreciate you yelling it out either." I snapped at him before turning to Bee. "No offence Bee but are you crazy?"

She shook her head causing her brown hair to cascade around her shoulders, "No Lily I'm not crazy. But I mean if that came out, then you being pregnant would be forgotten."

"Bee I appreciate the offer but I don't think James is going to be all too happy about it if it's in the paper." I said and she looked at me, "Ok so he might be a little happy he's in the paper but not to much about why."

"I suppose you're right and I guess I still need to work out how to tell him and when." She replied.

The room was silent for a moment until I heard someone cough. I looked around and saw Jake, crap I forgot he was here and boy was he looking confused. "Forget that whole conversation ok." I told him before turning back to Bee and asked "Would you stay with us please."

Bee nodded and smiled "Of course Lily."

Ten minutes later that there was a knock on the door and Jake called 'come in'. Aberfoth walked in with a couple behind him. Both were tall, had brown hair and big welcoming smiles on their faces. The woman came straight over and I stood up as did Jake.

She said with a smile "Hi, I'm Natalie" and then pulled me into a hug as I stepped forward. The man greeted Jake with a handshake and said "I'm Tyler and this is my wife."

I smiled and gestured to the seats, they sat down as did myself and Jake. "I'm Lily and this is my boyfriend Jake." I told them. "And um this is..."I trailed off unsure what I could call Bee, I guess in a way she is my sister-in-law even if she and James aren't together or even married. But I can't say that other wise they might get suspicious.

"Beatrice wood, family friend." Bee told them holding her hand out to each of them, saving me from opening and closing my mouth like a goldfish.

"Oh my word, are you Oliver Wood's daughter?" Tyler asked.

Bee smiled, "Yes, I am."

He ran his hand through his hair, "Wow. Pleasure to meet you, I'm a big fan of your father's."

"He loves quidditch." Natalie told us.

Aberforth came back in then, he couldn't have picked a better moment because there was kind of an awkward silence.

"Can I get you some more drinks." He offered.

Tyler said, "Can I have a butterbeer please."

"I'll have a gillywater. Is there anything you would like?" Natalie asked.

"Could we have a jug of lemonade please." I answered.

Aberforth shuffled off again mumbling to himself about spoilt kids and just because they have a famous father, they think they can do anything..

"I understand that you would like an open adoption, is there any particular reason." Natalie asked.

"I, well I didn't like the thought of just handing my child over and not seeing them again. I still want contact, to see them and to have pictures." I blurted out without thinking what I was saying.

Natalie smiled, "Of course you can still see the baby and we'll send regular pictures." She reassured me.

As the conversation progressed I found out why they had chosen adoption (Natalie had had eight miscarriages in Five years), their hobbies (quidditch and reading), more about their families and how glad they were when they heard that me Lily Potter had chosen them. Apparently they couldn't believe that they were going to adopt the 'first' grandchild of the great Harry Potter. Of course they don't know that this isn't the first in fact the second but hey I can't mention that. I told them why I had picked them, Jake didn't exactly speak when I was talking about this. But then again he didn't help me choose them so I guess he couldn't help it.

We had been sat talking for nearly two hours. As they got up to leave Natalie handed me a brown bag that was rather heavy. "It's pregnancy and baby books. I thought you might want to look through." She told me.

I smiled "Um thanks, I was thinking about getting a few." I told her. And when I mean a few I only meant one or two. There must what like ten different books in this bag."Oh would you like to come to my twenty week scan." I asked, "I don't know when it is exactly but I'll owl you when I know."

Her face lit up "Oh wow, are you sure?" I nodded and she continued "Of course, we would love too, call if you want to have a chat or want to discuss anything. Bye Lily and take care of yourself." She gave me a hug and then Jake, "You take good care of your girl Jake."

"I will." I heard him say.

Tyler wrote down their address and telephone number on a piece of paper and handed it to Jake. I watched them leave feeling another big weight lift off my shoulders. I think they are definitely the ones. Well I think that went ok, I mean yes it was pretty awkward but still that's two more things I have accomplished: meeting the parents and getting pregnancy books.

A/N Not too happy with the whole chapter. I don't know why but it just didn't have the same feel as the other chapters that I've written. I wrote it over the course of a couple of late nights/early mornings so do forgive me if it isn't very interesting. I also think the conversation with the adoptive parents was deffo awkward-ish so if you have any advice/tips let me know.


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Chapter 15: Confession 12 - Of O.W.L's Ending, Finishing School And Graduations
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The sun was blazing down on the Hogwarts grounds, a Little boy of around three was running around chasing his father who was tall, with brown hair and green eyes. The little boy also had his father's green eyes but he had his mother's red hair.I watched him as he ran towards to me, his father close behind. The little boy was yelling something and as he got closer I heard what he was yelling "Mummy, Mummy"

"Miss Potter if you don't mind, stop sleeping in my class and pay attention please." Barked Professor Chang making me jump up off my desk and bringing me back to reality.

I frowned where was I? Oh yeah I'm meant to be paying attention to Professor Chang as I'm in charms. What a stange dream, I put one of my hands discreetly on my bump. I had a son, my son. Mine and Jake's son had my hair, his eyes and he was adorable.

I felt pretty much the whole classes eyes on me, these day's their always looking at me.

"Sorry Professor." I apologised quickly.

"You can copy your notes off Miss Jessop after class. But for now pay attention" She told me.

I honestly don't see why I have to pay attention, my O.W.L's ended this morning. My last exam was Defence Againts The Dark Arts and I think that went pretty well even if I couldn't do part of the practicle. It's now last lesson of the day and I am totally bored if you hadn't notice. Chang has a soothing voice and I always seem to find myself dozing off in this class, if I pass it there must have been a mirical. Ok so I'm good at charms, I get that off my mother and both my Grandmother's. I can do practicals no problem, it's the written part I don't like because then I have to remember stuff like what the 'accidioc' spell does. Guess I'll just have to see in August when I get the results.

Chang turned back to the board and carried on, the eyes slowly dissapered from me and back to their own work. Except Livi who muttered under her breath, "You were muttering Mummy, Mummy, just before Chang yelled at you. You ok?"

I nodded and said, "Yeah, bad dream that's all."

I closed my eyes again trying to get over the fact it was a dream not reality, and then opened them quickly in case Chang thought I had fallen asleep again. My eyes wandered to the clock above the board, oh my god I have to put up with another thirty minutes of this torture. Then the idea came to me of course I shall say I am not feeling too good and show her the pass and then she will let me out of class. Yes I am a genius.

I put my stuff away, scribbled a note to Livi, Kayl and Jake and went up to Professor Chang who was still writing on the board. She looked at me and said "Yes Lily, is there anything wrong?"

"I'm not feeling too good Professer, is it ok if I go to the hospital wing." I told her showing her the yellow pass.

She looked at it then at me "Of course, would you like someone to go with you?" Chang asked.

"It's ok Professor, I don't want to interrupt their learning" I said trying to hide my smile.

"Very well off you go then." She dissmissed me.

I walked out oft here slowly and then picked up my pace a little as I turned the corner into the next corridoor. Ha ha I love this pass, Last week Professor Mcgonagall called me in and she handed me this little yellow pass. It says that if I feel unwell, I am to go straight to the hospital wing for the remainder of the lesson. So far I have only used it one and that was when I didn't fancy sitting through an hour of History of magic. I mean the whole subject is about the war and my family etc.., I'm bound to pass it.

In fact I did go to the Hospital wing, I do feel a little weird but that's because of the dream more than anything. Jake and me had kept jellybean, it was a boy and he was running around the Hogwarts grounds with us. It's deffinalty freaked me out, it seemed so real.

I entered the hospital wing, as normal Cassy was in her office. But instead of sitting down she was in one of her filing cabinets. "Hello Lily, are you ok. Nothing's wrong?" She questioned once she saw me.

"Um I felt a little weird in charms because I had a strange dream and I was wondering when my twenty week scan is?" I asked since I knew telling the truth would be better.

She smiled "It's booked for the twenty-second of July at St Mungo's if that's ok with you"

"That's perfect." I confirmed.

"How was your meeting yesterday?" Cassy asked.

My own smile dissapered, "Um kinda awkaward. Bee was there as well because I was going to meet her, but I slept late and we didn't have a lot of time to talk before they arrived. Jake was there as well." I added.

"So any thoughts, are they the ones or would you like to meet other prospective parents?"

I shook my head "Myself and Jake have agreed they are the best and we want them to be the parents." I told her and then I realised should I ask them to come to the scan." Um Cassy, should I have asked them.., I mean can theycome to the scan."

"Lily that is up to you and Jake. If you wish to ask them, then go ahead." Cassy reasurred me.

My smile returnend "Thank you Cassy, I asked them but said I didn't know when it was." I said and then went and hugged her "Thank you for everything."

"Just doing my job Lily, you take care of yourself over the summer." Cassy said as I turned to walk down the wing.

"Oh, please can you tell Mr and Mrs Hamilton, it's them that me and Jake choose. At first I knew they were perfect but after meeting them, they really are the perfect pair for the baby." I asked, it seems strange saying that out loud but they really are the perfect pair.

"Of course."

I left the hospital and went up to my dorm, I guess I better make a start on packing. Tomorrow is graduation for the seventh years which include Al, Rose, Dom, Molly, Jamie and Scorpius. I can't believe that after tomorrow they will never set foot in this place again. It's strange to think that as of September I will be a sixth year and that I won't see any of the people listed above unless it's the holidays. I'm deffinatly going to miss them especially Rose since us two are pretty close.

I honestly don't know what I would have done if I didn't have Rose's help back in April. I mean she is the one person who has stuck by me through all of this and she was first to know. I think If I was to keep jellybean she would deffinatly be godmother but as I'm not I guess I have no say in who Natalie and Tyler choose as godparents, if they choose any at all.

Maybe if I have more children in the future, way in the future then Rose will be godmother to one of them. And of course Livi and Kayl would be godmothers as well and maybe Bee. Why am I even thinking of this, I might not even have other children until I'm twenty-six and that's ten whole years away.

I packed all my school stuff in the bottom of my trunk and then my normal 'muggle' clothes on top as well as shoes and other stuff. The one thing I left out was the purple dress I had worn the night that me and Jake did it. I'm kinda hoping that Rose will be able to do something to it so that it fits me, unless it still does.

I picked it up and went off into the bathroom, I changed out of my school stuff and put on the dress. As I thought, didn't fit. I wasn't even able to get it up over my stomach and it was pretty tight on my thighs. I felt something drip down my face and realsied I was crying. Oh god why am crying because a stupid dress won't bloody fit. I mean that is the most stupid reason to cry, yet the tears just keep on flowing.

I pulled it off and left the bathroom picking up my uniform, throwing it in my washing basket, the house elves would have it clean and ready by Sunday. I sat on my bed and curled up in a ball. I mean the stupid dress won't bloody fit and I'm crying about seriously have I gone mad. I hate it, I know I'm going to get bigger over the next few months. I'm seventeen weeks, actually I'll be eighteen tomorrow but my point is I feel bloody huge already. Yeah ok I might have been slim-ish before I got pregnant but I'm used to things fitting. I'm not used to having a rounded stomach, bigger boobs or even the stretch marks that are appearing.

I just feel so useless, I know me and Jake can't raise this baby but I think that what people in my family have said about it being well worth it at the end when you hold your baby for the first time you forget about the pain, swollen ankles and morning sickness. Well they better be bloody right. Natalie and Tyler best be a thousand times over the moon when they hold jellybean for the first time.

I heard the bell ring signalling end of lessons, realising I was sat on my bed crying because something wouldn't fit and that I was being totally stupid. I put on my grey sweats and a pale pink top since bright pink totally clashes with my hair before going to find Kayl and Livi to drag them off to dinner.




I didn't sleep too well last night, I kept tossing and turning. The dream I had had in charms kept coming back except this time the little boy was a baby in my arms. I had held him close but then two people took him away, that was when I woke up screaming. It took about five minutes for Kayl and Livi to calm me down and reasure me I was ok.

I looked around the dorm, which looked like a dressing room. There are clothes and shoes everywhere. Of course the others are getting ready for graduation, even though we aren't graduating the whole school gets dressed up and watches the seventh years recieve their certificates to say they have completed their education at Hogwarts.

The familles of the students come as well and afterwards there is a big graduation party for the seventh years (of course) sixth years and fifth years. No one in fourth, third, second or first year are allowed not even if your family, harsh I know. I remember this time two years ago when James and Fred were graduating. Me, Roxy, Hugo and the others were dying to go to the party but since we were only third years we weren't allowed to go. Crazy but those days seem so long ago, especially since my life is so bloody complicated these days.

"Come on," Giggled Kay "It's party time. Aren't you excited, we get to dress up, look pretty and have fun."

"Kay there's gonna be reporters there." I moaned, "They're going to want to take pictures of me and my bump. I just don't feel like it and the dress I want to wear doesn't fit."

Livi then came in from the bathroom wearing a bright blue dress that was pretty short. "What are you moaning for Lil?" She asked.

"The dress I want to wear doesn't fit and reporters will be taking pictures." I told her.

She looked at the purple heap on top of my trunk that was my dress. "It's simple Lil are you a witch or not? Use magic of course."

"Like I didn't think of that Liv, but what's the spell?" I said.

She sighed and then went and rummaged in my trunk. My trunk!, the one I had not long packed.

She must have seen my face because she then reassured me "I'll put it all neat again, don't worry." Livi pulled out the pink, frilly book that I had hidden at the very bottom. 'Charms and potions for the 16+ witch', The book James had given me for my sixteenth.

Whilst she was looking through it Kayl asked me to paint her nails red to match her dress, so I did. After I had finished Livi looked up and Pointed her wand at my dress "Extendem" She muttered. My dress floated a little and then fell back down, the three of us just looked at it.

"Is that it," Kayl asked blowing on her nails. "Go get dressed Lil, see if it fits."

I sighed and got up, taking clean underwear and the dress with me into the bathroom. The ceremony starts at one and I think it's about eleven now. But knowing us it will take all morning to get ready. It took me no time to shower and then came the dreaded moment.

I put the dress on, last time I wore it, it had fitted perfectly and I thought that it wasn't my dress. It's dark purple, short and comes just above my knee, very low cut and figure hugging. This time it was pretty short, my boobs looked really good in it and it did hug my figure. Except there was a curve and a bump sticking out. It still looked good and at least I was able to do the zip up this time.

I left the bathroom and Kayl said "Oh Lily you look amazing."

I noticed she had put her dress on, a long red maxi dress that was low cut. Then I heard the door go and a voice went "Oh my god, look at your bump?" I turned around to see Laura stood there, holding something glittery over her arm. "It's so cute." She exclaimed pointing at my bump, "Have you got any names yet?"

I froze. That hadn't even crossed my mind, since I'm not keeping jellybean. What the hell am I going to tell her. Arghhh!!

"I haven't thought of any yet." I replied as I went and sat on my bed. I mean it's true, I haven't and I'm not going to.

"Aww, I think Paris is a cute name for a girl and Brooklyn is nice for boy." Laura said with a smile as she went off into the bathroom.

I looked to Kayl and Livi, who's mouth's were hanging open. "Oh god, what am I going to do when people start asking me questions like that." I said in a hushed voice to them.

Livi came and sat next to me "Hey, don't worry. Just don't answer them, or reply with it's none of your business."

I hugged her tight "Thanks Livi, I guess your right. Can you do my hair in curls please?" I asked changing the subject.

She laughed but got to work on my hair staight away. We were ready half hour before it started and decided we better go down to the entrance hall. The whole ceremony takes place in a big marqueé in the grounds. Then it's into the great hall for drinks and nibbles. Everyone except seventh year's and their families then stay for a three course meal and afterwards is the big party back out in the marqueé for fifth, sixth and sventh years.

As we made out way down, I saw people looking at me, well specificatly my stomach. We hadn't waited for the boys becuase I needed to see my parents to make sure than no reporters were to take pictures of me, Jake and my bump.

Since Livi and Kayl don't have siblings in seventh year they came along to speak to my parents who I spotted talking to Auntie Hermione and Uncle Ron, just outside the main castle doors.

"Oh look at you Lily." Auntie Hermione gushed pulling me into a rib-sqeezing hug, "I hope your all right, has the sickness passed?"

Greatm baby related questions. "I'm fine thanks and it's passed, finally."

"Come on Ron, let's go find our daughter. I can't believe she's graduting. See you all later." With that she dragged Uncle Ron off through the crowd.

Dad looked at me with his green eyes "Are you ok Lil, there's no need to look so worried. All the reporters have only been allowed in as long as they don't take any picutres of you. And if they do mangage it and they some how end up in the paper let's just say there will be trouble for them." He told me.

I saw mum's own eyes flit towards my bump and back again "How are you two?" She asked Livi and Kayl. Clearly trying to avoid the simple topic of my pregnancy.

I let them talk, while I stared off into the distance. My dream had taken place not far from here. I was only brought back to reality when I felt dad's hand on my shoulder "Time to go in the marqueé Lily."

I nodded and followed Livi and Kayl. The marqueé itself is huge and was decorated with balloons and flowers. At the very top stands the stage, with chairs either side for the students graduating. The first five rows of chairs either side, in front of the stage are resvered for the parents. First, second and third years on the right, Fourth, fifth and sixth on the left.

As the stage is pretty high, even from all they way back you still have a pretty good view. Mum and Dad went off towards the front and I found seats with Livi and Kayl in one of the designated fifth year row's. Not long after the boys joined us, each of them wearing a shirt that was not their school one. I must say they all looked smart as well as looking like they had each made an effort which was nice.

After everyone was inside, Mcgonagall rose to the stage. As she spoke, her voice echoed around the tent so that everyone could hear her. "Good afternoon. As you all know we are here to celebrate that all of these fine students have completed their education. Without further a due we will begin."

Mcgoggles waffled on for a while about how each of them had worked hard for their N.E.W.T's and that the fifth years had also been working hard and studing a lot for their O.W.L's. And that she was proud of each and every single student etc... etc..

I kind zoned out after that. I was too busy trying to come up with things in my head for when people ask baby questions like names, clothes etc... So far I have -

- I haven't though of any

- We haven't decied

- We're waiting for the sales

- Family has given us stuff

I thought about the dream and started wondering what jellybean would look like. Would they have my brown eyes and Jake's brown hair or my red hair and his green eyes just like the little boy in my dream did.

So far the only time I have actually paid real attention apart from the beginning has been when Dom was called up along with the rest of the D's. And that was only because Kayl had poked me. You see Dom, Louis and Tori are all Delacour-Weasley not just Weasley, meaning Dom was the first out of our clan to get her certificate.

The next time I payed attention was when Scorpius got up onto the stage and accepted his certificate. He paused and ask Professor Mcgonagal for the microphone. She looked sightly shocked, but handed it to him reluctantly. Scorpius then stood there in front of everyone and said "Can I have everyone's attention please. There is something I have to say."

To my suprise he looked over at Rose who was sat on the end of the row with the seventh year's who hadn't yet recieved their certificates.

"As most of you know for the past five years I have been dating Miss Rose Weasley," As he said this I saw Rose blush, her cheeks getting pinker. "I want you all to know that I love Rose with all my heart which is why I want to ask her this," He announced.

My mouth dropped open, is he going to ask her what I think he's going to ask her.

Scorpius looked directly over to Rose and then got down on one knee. "Rose Monica Weasley will you do the honour of Marrying me?" He asked.

The whole Hall was even more silent, literally I think everyone is holding their breath waiting for Rose's answer. I looked over towards where Uncle Ron and Auntie Hermione are sat. Auntie Hermione was beaming with happiness and Uncle Ron was slumped in his seat, looks like he's fainted. I can't say I'm suprised, I mean he took the whole 'Rose dating Scorpius' thing bad enough when he found out last summer, especially when they told him they had been together for four years.

Rose's face was full of shock but then she seemed to get a hold of her self and ran throught the other students straight onto the stage. She stood right in front of him and the ring box. I could see she had tears, happy tears most probably. "Yes, one hundred times yes." She cried. Scorpius stood up and took the ring from the box and placed it on Rose's finger.

Rose hugged him and they snogged like crazy until Mcgonagall came back on smiling carrying another certificate. "Right here is your certificate Miss Weasley, if you two would go and sit over there please. I shall continue."

I watched as they walked across the stage hand in hand, eyes for no where but each other. Aww, I honestly can't believe it, Rosie is engaged!!

The rest of the ceremony was quite boring until Albus and Jamie came out to get their certificates. Out of our clan it was Molly who was last. Kathleen Wheeler and Cain Williams were the last two people and the certificate ceremony was over, thank god. Those have to be the most boring two hours of my life. After everyone clapped I got up from my seat and made my way through the crowd with Kayl and Livi.

Of course there were reporters everywhere but thankfully they didn't seem intrested in me right now and more on Rose and Scorpius' enagement. Looks like I shall wait a while before I congratulate them, so I went over to Al, Jamie, Molly and Dom.

"Hey congraulations on graduating you lot." I said to them all.

Al pulled me into a hug "Thanks sis, this will be you in two years."

I didn't say nothing except "Hmm."

Jake then came over and joined us giving his congratulations to them as well.

"Soo little bro, this will be you soon," Jamie said to Jake "looking forward to it?"

Jake snorted "What sitting for two hours watching people that you mostly don't like, get certifcate's to say they've graduated when you never thought they would even live to see the end of a school year. Yeah how I envy you." He said.

I noticed that Al and Kayl were talking in whispers and then started snogging. Mother of Merlin must they do that in front of me. It's not like I really want to see my brother and best friend play tonsil tennis in front of me.

"Come on, let's find my parents." I muttered to Livi.

She agreed and we went back through the crowd towards where my family was standing. James was looking towards I had come from, actually when I looked again, he was staring at Al and Kayl. God knows why though, or maybe it was because Molly, Dom, Jake and Jamie had followed us because their parents were talking to my own. Great I thought, they're bound to be talking baby wise and about us choosing adoption.

"Hi." I said greeting them.

"Here she is," Mum said, "Esme was just asking after you." She told me indicating to Jake's mum.

"Oh I'm just peachy." I said in a cheery voice, hoping they wouldn't realise I was being scaractic.

Esme smiled "Oh I'm glad your well Lily. When I was having Jake I was terriblely tired and my ankles were badly swollen but still it was worth it."

Well it must have been worth it if you went on to have seven more children, I thought.

"Are the girls here mum." Jake asked intertupting my thoughs.

"No, they're in school and your Nan is looking after Tia, Evie and Faith. Your father is around somewhere." She told her son.

Jake, Jamie, Izzy and Lola have six sister's at home as well. The three elder one's go to a muggle primary school and the younger ones stay at home with his mum. I know them pretty well considering I've known Jake since I was seven or was I eight?. He lives two streets away from us at home, but we didn't bother much after we turned nine. But then we became friends again after we started Hogwarts.

The rest of the night passed pretty quickly, the meal was nice. It was soup, roast chicken dinner and a mouth watering chocolate fudge cake for dessert. I managed to eat the soup and some of the vegetables and of course the chocolate cake but the chicken made me feel sick. I was sat on a table with Mum, Dad, James, Al, Nana Molly, Grandad Athur, Auntie Hermione, Uncle Ron, Hugo and Rose.

At various points I got caught by my Uncle's and Auntie's who wanted to talk about my pregnancy. Granddad didn't say much about it, I think he's disapointed. We haven't spoken since he and the family found out in half term. Whereas Nana was talking non stop about how this is her first great-grandchild and how when she get's home she'll begin knitting some hats and coats, magically of course.

Hearing Nana talk like that makes me feel guilty. I mean none of them know that me and Jake have chosen adoption except for our parents. I feel bad because Nana will never know jellybean and all her knitting will go to waste, unless I give them to Natalie for jellybean.

As I stepped out into the castle grounds, the cool air surrounded me. I said my goodbye's to Mum, Dad, James, Nana and Granddad. There were tears for some reason, I just couldn't hold it together when Nana hugged me and told me take care of her little great-grand child.

Al put his arm around me as we watched them get into the carriage, which was taking them down to Hogsmeade. He looked down at me "Hey Lils don't cry. No one hates you and Jake is still alive. What's the matter." He said as he pulled me into a hug.

"Nothing, just me being silly," I mumbled into his shirt. I broke away and wiped my tears. "Come on let's go celebrate that you're finally free from this place, whilst I might be stuck here for another two years if that."

"Lil don't talk like that, You will be back here and you will graduate. I will make sure of it, as will the rest of the family and I personally will babysit for you so you can study. Now let's go celebrate, Butterbeer for me and Pumpkin juice for you."

I smiled and Hugged him. I just couldn't find the words, but he understood. Why is everybody being so nice and calm about this. Everyone is offering to do or make things and it makes me feel so guilty. I know they don't know I'm choosing adoption but I can't help think what if.

We then strolled over the the marqueé, the atmosphere inside had totally changed. There was now a large dance floor in front of the stage and a couple of tables towards the back. The place was was still covered in balloons and flowers but there were fairy lights all around, twinkling away. There was music playing around us. We made out way through towards the table our group were sat at as well as standing around because there are a lot of us.

It was not long later that the bar over in the corner had opened and Aberforth was stood behind it. Professor Mcgonagall took the stage once more "From here on enjoy the night and I congradulate each of you seventh years one final time."

Everyone was dancing and having a great time, except me that is. Rose came over because I was sat at the table playing with one of the flowers, I had sent Jake to get drinks.

"Hey Lil's, why do you look so down." She asked as she sat next to me, the ring on her finger reflected the fairy lights andshone in my face.

I shrugged and said, "Baby stuff and not being able to drink or enjoy myself, Oh and congratulations Rosie." I added trying to sound a litte brighter.

"Thanks Lil." She said as she hugged me, "I can't believe it, I mean I'm enagaged now. Come on let's go dance."

"No, I don't..." I started to protest but it was too late she had dragged me across to the dancefloor.

I spent the next hour dancing away with various couins and then a slow dance with Jake, I also spotted Kayl and Al slow dancing as well as Rose and Scorpius, both couples were so loved up to the max, I started feeling a bit queasy.

As soon as the song stopped I left the dance floor and Jake behind, heading straight for the bar. "Pumpkin Juice please" I said to Aberforth who just nodded and went about pouring it.

I heard footsteps behind me as I took a sip of my drink. "Hey why'd do you disappear." Jake said.

"I don't feel like dancing anymore," I said truthfully, "To be honest I just want to go to bed."

I felt his hand link my free one and he pulled me to face him. "Come on then, let's go"

I left my half drank drink on the bar and set off hand in hand with Jake, leaving a grumbling Aberforth and a loud party behind. We entered the big wooden castle doors and set off up the grand staircase which is massive.

On the fifth floor we both heard faint muttering and also a cat meowing. When we peeked around the corner we saw Filch and Mrs Norris Jr. Brilliant just what we need, Filch may be nearing seventy and going slightly deaf but he never misses an oppurtinity to catch students out of bed.

I felt Jake's hand tighten around my own and he pulled me into a broom cupboard to escape from Filch, quite a small broom cupboard in fact. Just enough room for us to both stand in the middle of brooms and cleaning products. He pulled me closer and kissed me, I kissed him back, feeling passion, fireworks and love. Nothing else seemed to matter, just me and him in a broom cupboard kissing over a bucket and floor cleaner. How romantic...

We stayed in the broom cupboard for what felt like ages, it's not like we were doing a lot apart from kissing. I mean I'm not complaining, it's nice and everything but just I really want to go to bed and sleep. I went to shift my weight from one foot to the other but I got my foot caught in a box. As much as I tried to get my foot free, I couldn't help but feel that the romantic ness of this was just going down the drain.

I tried one more time to set my foot free, but failed and nearly fell over. I would have fell on my arse if it wasn't for Jake who was still attached to my face.

"Hey be careful Lil." He murmed holding me upright, "We don't won't you or jellybean to get hurt." I smiled as he said 'jellybean'. "What are you doing anyway." He asked moving away from me.

"My foot got stuck." I said as I felt myself blush.

Jake just laughed "I love it when you blush" He told me as the moonlight from the small window shone in. "Come on I think it's safe to leave now, Filch will be long gone"

Jake got out first and he helped me out then, making sure I wasn't caught in anything else. The castle was quiet since everyone else fifth year and above was still outside partying whilst fourth year and under are all probably tucked up in bed as they are not allowed outside their common rooms after eight and trust me, it is well and truely gone eight. In fact I have no idea what the time is.

My eye lids felt heavy and I was having a job to keep them open. "Nearly there Lil, don't fall asleep on me now." I heard Jake whisper from next to me.

I squeezed his hand and replied "I won't."

I was barely aware that we were at the portrait of the fat lady until I heard Jake say the password 'Hungarian Horntail' and we were inside the common room. I collapsed onto the sofa and shut my eyes. I could lie here forever I thought, the warmth from the fire and the sound of silence. Of course it could do with being a bit comfier otherwise I would just lie here and try to forget everything.

"Lil come on. Your bed's only up the stairs." I heard Jake tell me as he came over. I felt him scoop me up off the sofa.

"Put me down, I'm too heavy." I compalined hitting him gently. He ignored me of course and carried on walking. The portrait of the old witch who lives at the bottom of the girl's staircase woke up and I heard her say "No boys are allowed in the girls dorm."

"Look I just want to put her to bed and then I'll be straight back down. Five minutes is all I ask." Jake said.

I opened my eyes a little to see the witch looking us up and down. "Ok five minutes and if you are not down by then I will alert the Headmistress." She said.

I saw Jake roll his eyes and as we moved up the staircase I was glad that it didn't turn into a slide otherwise we have rolled back down it.

"Wakey wakey Lil," Jake said softly as he put me on my bed since I felt the sofness of my quilt underneath me.

I opened my eye,s "Thank you." I murmed as I sat up and grabbed my pajammas off my pillow. "Can you undo my dress please." I asked him.

Jake undid the zip and I wriggled myself free, pulling over my bump and stepping out of it, whilst I got the feeling of deja vu. He kissed me and I kissed him back, my fingers playing with the buttons on his shirt.

"Hey Lil, I really think if I don't leave now, there is is gonna be bloody murder by the stupid witch."

"She won't call Mcgoggles," I whispered, "I bet she's fast asleep again."

"I am waiting you have one minute" I heard and old voice yell.

Way to ruin a moment. I groaned, So much for her falling asleep.

"Bye Lils, take care." Jake said as he gave me a kiss "Take care of jellybean as well." He added, his hands trailing down from where they had been on my back to my stomach.

"Love you Jakey." I called as he left the room.

"Love you too Lil's." Came his reply .

Noticing that I was the only one back yet, I got changed and snuggled down in my bed. I heard the faint hooting of owl's somewhere in the distance.I snuggled further in my bed and let my thoughts wander as I shut my eyes. I can't believe I have finished fifth year. I will be a sixth year in however many weeks and in a bit more than five months I will have to give birth, something in which I am dreading.

I've flicked through some of the baby books Natalie gave and let me tell you, the pictures don't exactly make out that giving birth is all fun and daisy's. I can't wait to see Jellybean again. I know I shouldn't get attached but I can't help feel a little proud whenever I see them, knowing they have gotten bigger makes me smile.

Today has made me realise, my life is never going to be the same. No matter what I choose it will never be the same as this time last year. It's so strange to think that even though I am sixteen, I am pregnant. There will be a baby coming out of me soon and I am still scared shitless about everything. I'm just glad I have Jake back.

A/N next chapter Lily goes for her 20-week scan. Will she find out the sex or not? You can guess away whether she will and what you think it is, in the little box down below.

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Chapter 16: Confession 13 - Of Being Bored, Hospital Appointments And Late Parents
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A/N I finally got my writer's block sorted out! So here is the long awaited chapter 16/confession 13 :) Enjoy!

My summer holidays have officially started, I've only been home a week and I'm already bored. Look's like my summer is not going to be as fun as it normally is. I have a hospital appointment at St. Mungo's to see jellybean again and maybe even find out the gender, Oh and the Hamiltons are coming along.

I've been home from school for one week and I am completely and utterly bored out of my skull. I mean I have never been more bored in my entire sixteen years on this planet. Ok so that may be a lie, I guess there may have been times when I was younger when I was extremely bored but still that was years ago.

I haven't left my room much except for food, drinks and to use the bathroom. Kayl and Livi have been over a lot, as has Jake. In fact he's been here so much I'm starting to think he hasn't even been home. As you can tell so far I am hating the summer and it's unusually warm right now. My bump is definitely visible now and now everyone know's I haven't bothered trying to hide it, I don't see the point. The only thing that kinda relaxes me now is swimming and when there's a cool breeze at night.

I can't play quidditch with the others when we go over to The Burrow like normal and I can't go exploring the woods either. Too be honest I feel huge already, I know I'll be bigger but still. I still haven't told my family that we've chosen adoption, Jake's parents know because his mum asked to come to the scan and it meant we had to tell her and his dad. I have my twenty week scan next week and I've invited the Hamilltons to come, Jake and mum are also coming along.

Mum has still been trying to talk me out of it. We went shopping two days, not to Diagon Alley but to a muggle shopping centre. She took me in a few baby shops and looked at things, she was actually cooing in the middle of the shops. I just wasn't interested, ok yes the clothes were cute, it's hard to think something will fit into something that small. But like I've said before my mind is made up, it's for the best. The other reason we didn't go to Diagon Alley was because ever since the thing in the prophet came out , I can't go anywhere in the wizarding world without a picture being taken.

I'm used to it, what with having famous parents but now it really annoys me. I swear these people are stalking me or something. Dad's trying to get restraining orders taken out as well as trying to set up this thing which means that if anyone does take a photo, uses it in an article or even writes and article about me or Jake then they get sacked. Well something like that.

I heard a knock at my door which interrupted my thoughts. "Come in." I called from my bed.

The door creaked open and in walked Al in shorts and a green t-shirt. He came over and sat on my bed, "Hey Lil, come on down," He said, "Stop hiding up here, no one's judging you."

I didn't say anything. Sure they're not judging me now but if I tell them I'm choosing adoption then maybe they will judge me. My whole family is downstairs, I just can't do it. Every time I think about telling them I'm choosing adoption I feel sick.

"What's with the silent treatment Lil. Why're you not speaking to me." Al asked right before he started tickling my bare feet.

I tried not to giggle, but it slipped out. "Stop it," I breathed trying to hit him away, "Ok, ok I'll talk." I yelled.

Al grinned at me "If you had talked, I wouldn't have tickled. So why are you hiding from everyone?" He asked.

I guess I should tell him, he my brother and he's been there for me.I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and said "Look Al the thing is, me and Jake are too young to look after and pay for a baby. Which is why we've chosen adoption."

"But, but Lil," He spluttered, "But you've got us. We'll help Lil. I told you I'll babysit."

I opened my eyes to find him staring at me, his smile had faded. "That's not the point Al. This baby deserves so much more than two teenagers who can barely look after themselves. I just want what's best and this is it. My baby will have a better life."

He looked at me, "Do mum and dad know?"

I sighed, "Yes as do Jake's parents."

I watched as he stood up and started pacing. "I'm sorry Lil. I know I took it badly, but I lately I've been coming around to the idea that my baby sister is going to be a mother. I'm sorry that I can't be happy about the fact that your giving away my niece or nephew. It's not right, it should be with it's family and you and Jake should be it's parents." Al said his voice quivering a little.

"Al we're too young. Don't you get it, we're only sixteen and we have two more years left at Hogwarts, not forgetting that we have to sit our N.E.W.T's. Tell me how we would manage to do that with a baby." I cried, realising that I was nearly shouting.

"I just said that I'd help Lil, I'll babysit while you do work." He offered.

I stared at him in disbelief, "And how is that going to work while I'm at Hogwarts, I highly doubt that Mcgonagall will allow a baby in the castle."

"Lil you're the only daughter of Harry Potter. He saved the entire wizarding world, I think Mcgonagall might allow it." Al replied without looking at me.

I scoffed, "Just because I'm the daughter of Harry Potter, She's not going to make any exceptions. My mind is made up as is Jake's, we're in this together and we want what's best for our baby."

Al looked at me with a sad expression, "I'm sorry, but I'm not gonna stick around and watch you give your child to some couple." With that he strolled out of my room, slamming the door behind him.

I felt something roll down my cheek and I realised I was crying. Great now Al isn't going to speak to me all because I'm not keeping it. Looks like he sides with mum. I don't get what goes on in boys head, he was totally pissed Jake knocked me up. Then he was happy when he came to my scan and now he couldn't care less. Seriously someone should write a book on how boys minds work.



"Lily get up." I heard mum call from outside my room.

I groaned and rolled over which is getting a lot harder to do since I have a bump.

I heard my door creak open, "Lily come on, get up. You've got your hospital appointment today." Mum said loudly.

I groaned again. Today I have my twenty week scan and instead of me going to see Cassy in the hospital wing, I now have to go to St. Mungo's until I go back to school. This means I actually have to venture outside and into the wizarding world. Something I have not done in three weeks. I've refused to the leave the house, unless I'm in the garden or we're going to see relatives. Kayl has been around here alot because of spending time with Al, and Livi has been around since both me and Kayl were here.

Al hasn't spoke to me once since he stormed out of my room and if I enter a room he leaves. I'm surprised mum hasn't picked up it what with her 'mother's intuition'. What surprised me the most was that it was James who realised that me and Al have been ignoring each other. He's hardly home since he's working at uncle George's shop with Freddie but Friday night after dinner he came into my room to speak to me.


Mum was just about to dish up dinner as dad came in from work. I was sat at the breakfast bar reading one of the pregnancy books Natalie had given me. James was still at the shop and Al was upstairs in the games room playing on one of his muggle game consoles'.

"Lily can you tell Al dinner's ready please." Mum asked as dad entered, he gave me a one armed hug and a kiss on the head before going over to mum and giving her a full on kiss.

I rolled my eyes at them. Must they kiss in front of me, it's gross.

I ignored mum and carried on reading the paragraph I was on, according to this jellybean is about the size of a mango and weighs around twelve to fourteen ounces.It's eyes are formed except for the colour of the iris and it's skin is thickening and is covered in vernix which is a creamy substance that protects them.

"Lily, can you tell Al please."

Again I ignored her and carried on reading,"I'm home." James called from out in the hall.

James came in just as mum asked me again, "Lily."

"What's for dinner?" James asked.

"Homemade chicken curry with rice." Mum answered before looking at me. With her free hand she swiped my book away. "Lily, I've asked you three times already, can you tell Al that dinner's ready."

I hopped off my stool and took the book out of mum's hand and left the room. Instead of walking up both sets of stairs, I stood at the bottom and yelled, "OI POTTER, DINNER'S READY!"

James came out and looked at me before going upstairs so I went back into the kitchen and sat at the table. Dad was already sat at the table reading the Daily Prophet. I sat down as my stomach grumbled and James came in followed by Al.

James sat opposite me and Al was next to him, mum came over levitating six plates. Each one stopped in front of us and the last landed in the middle.I stayed quiet through out the meal except for when dad asked me how I was feeling.

I ignored Al the whole way through and left the table before he finished saying that I didn't feel too great. I went up to my room which is on the third floor and flopped onto my bed.

I was lying on my back looking up at the ceiling, the pregnancy book lying open by my side when there was a knock on my door. "Come in." I said absent mindedly.

My floor creaked as they came over and sat next to me, I looked up to see it was James and I frowned. "Hey Lil, what you reading?" He asked.

"Pregnancy book." I muttered wondering why on earth James had come to see me.

"How you feeling?"

"Tired, hot, aching."

James picked up my book and started flicking through it but soon put it back down and I smirked. "What's going on with you and Al?" He asked casually.

"Nothing." I replied as I grabbed a pillow from behind me and placing under my bump as I rolled onto my side so that I was facing my window.

"You two haven't spoken in five days, something's up."

"There's nothing wrong Jay." I told him as I opened my book back up.

"Lil, I might be here a lot and mum might not have noticed, but I have."

"Like I said nothing's wrong with me and Al."

I heard him sigh, "Lil drop the act."

I ignored my big brother in the hope that he would give up and leave me alone except he didn't. James got up and came and sat on the same side as I was leaning on.

"Just tell me please Lil, so I can stop worrying."

I groaned, seems like James is not going to give up. "He's not speaking to me and he's ignoring me." I told him as I carried on flicking through my book.

"Why?" James asked as he ran his hand through his already messy black hair.

"Because I told him that me and Jake are choosing adoption." I told him as I rolled back and stared up at the ceiling waiting for his reaction.

What he said next surprised me the most. "Lil he'll get over it. You know it's for the best as does Jake."

I sat up and looked at him, "You're not mad at me?"

He laughed, "Why would I be mad at you, you're my little sister. It might have took some getting used to the fact you're pregnant but it's your decision along with Jake. To be honest Lil, if I was you I'd probably be doing the same thing. You know what I was like at sixteen, I wouldn't have been able to be a dad."

I didn't say anything, all I could think about was that I had one of my big brothers on my side and that Bee has to tell James about Codie soon.

"Don't cry sis." James said as he pulled me into a hug.

"Thank you." I managed to say as I pulled my head away from his shoulder.


"Lily come on sweetie." Mum said as she opened my curtains letting sunlight stream in. I lost my train of thought and I blinked a few times, letting my eyes adjust to the sudden light. "You have half an hour to get dressed and to come and eat breakfast. Don't make me have to come back up here." Mum instructed me.

"Ok, ok I'm getting up" I mumbled as I sat up and stretched. I left my room and made my way down the hall to the bathroom, so I could have a shower.

Fifteen minutes later I was in my room deciding what to wear. So far, every time I've seen Cassy I've been in school uniform. Should I wear a dress, but then I'll have to lift it up, I guess shorts and t-shirt it is then. I chose a pair of denim shorts that came to my knee and pulled them on except they wouldn't do up. I sighed and picked my wand up, pointing it at the zip and button and saying "Extendem". I felt them loosen and I was able to do them up, I must admit that book James got me has been pretty handy, ok so I've use it all of two times but still.

Pulling on a pale pink and white strip t-shirt over my bump, I put on my white flip flops and picked up my bag. The house was quiet as I walked through it and I realised that dad was in work and James was probably still in bed. When I entered the kitchen, Al was sat at the breakfast bar, ignoring him I went to the fridge and pulled out two bottles of pumpkin juice and put them in my bag as well as a bar of chocolate.

"Are you ready Lil?" Mum asked.

I nodded because my mouth was full of chocolate, not exactly the best breakfast but still it's yummy.

"We'll be back later on Al and make sure your brother does actually get of bed today." Mum told Al as I left the room because he was giving me dirty looks.

Once outside I turned to face mum, "Um how are we getting there?" I asked her as we started to walk up the street.

"Well Esme and Jake are waiting for us outside The Golden Lion pub and then we're going to get a muggle taxi to St. Mungo's." She explained.

It wasn't that much of a walk and I saw Jake sat on the wall behind his mother. He was wearing shorts and a blue t-shirt and I must say he looked really good. His hair was ruffled and he was smiling his lopsided smile at me. Just as we arrived a taxi pulled up.

"Hey you." He greeted me pulling me into a hug and kissing my forehead.

"Hi." I breathed.

"Come on you two." Mum said as Esme was getting into a taxi, we climbed in after them and the taxi pulled off. It took just over an hour to get to the street that St. Mungo's is on. Mum told the driver to drop us off at the end, she paid using muggle money and we walked down the street. I saw the department store, all the muggle's were totally oblivious to it and us as we vanished through the glass doors.

The waiting area was empty except for three people who were sat on white plastic chairs. I walked over to the receptionist hand in hand with Jake, I didn't know what to say so I turned to mum who said, "Appointment for Lily Potter up on maternity."

The witch stared at me for a moment and then checked her screen before nodding, "Go down that corridor and take the first left. Then you want the second floor."

Mum nodded and said, "Thank you."

Myself and Jake stayed behind my mum and Esme who were now talking, we entered a lift and went up to the second floor. As we got out I stopped paying attention to what they were saying and I started looking around. The place was white and bright and had that funny smell to it. I don't ever remember this being part of St. Mungo's.

"That's because you wouldn't Lil." Mum said turning to look at me.

Had I said that out loud?

"It was built two years after Victoire was born." She carried on.

As we went through a set of doors labelled 'Maternity' I spotted another desk with a witch. Mum went over and said, "Appointment for Lily Potter."

The witch nodded, "Take a seat please. You'll be called through shortly."

We did as she said and went and sat in the waiting area. These chairs were a lot better than the plastic looking one's down in the main reception. There were six women with bigger bump's than mine. I sat next to a girl who looked in her twenties who had a little boy of about two on her lap. Behind the baby I saw a little bump just poking out.

She smiled at me as I sat down and I smiled back. Jake sat next to me and mum and Esme sat opposite. I was watching the clock, wondering where Natalie and Tyler were but that thought soon went out of mind when I heard the boy next to me babble "Mama."

I looked at the him as it's mother pulled out a teddy. He had brown hair and green eyes and I thought it looked a little like Jake, I smiled as he played happily with the teddy. I was brought out of my thoughts when I hear my name being called.

"Lily Potter."

I stood up as did Jake, mum and Esme and I followed the nurse. I would say she was late twenties, she had black hair that was in a neat bun and a friendly smile.

She ushered us into a room, "If you could hop up onto the bed please Lily." She said.

I sat on the bed as she shut the door, Jake sat in the chair next to me and Mum and Esme were stood opposite. The nurse waved her wand and two extra chairs appeared for mum and Esme.

Turning to me the nurse started to talk. "Hello there Lily, I'm Annabell or you can call me Anna and I will be your midwife until you give birth. I shall be seeing you here, up until you go back to school and then you will carry on going to see Madame Pomfrey."

"I believe today is your twenty-week scan and in your notes it says you've chosen adoption. Is that correct."

I nodded.

"Are the adoptive parents coming today?" She questioned.

"Yes, they should be here soon." I told her.

"Well I'll give it a few minutes but then I must start. Is it okay if you answer a few questions for me."

I nodded and she smiled.

"Okay, so this is your first pregnancy."

I nodded, does she really think I've been pregnant before. I'm sixteen for god's sake.

"Have you been eating healthy foods and taking your vitamins"

"Yes." I replied.

"Has everything been normal, no falls or anything?" I shook my head, "Ok, Right let's get on with the scan then." Anna said.

"Is it possible to wait a bit longer." I asked wondering where on earth Natalie and Tyler were and why they were late.

"I'm sorry but I have other patients next." Anna said as she rolled up my top exposing my bump. "Now this will be cold." She added as she squirted the gel on my stomach before pressing some buttons on the machine.

I was used to the coldness of the gel by now and I was grateful as I felt the coolness on my skin. Anna pulled her wand out and placed the tip of it near my bellybutton. Everyone was watching the wand as Anna muttered something and it moved to a specific area about ten centimetres to the left of my bellybutton. She tapped gently and the room was filled with the sound of my baby's heartbeat.

I smiled to myself and squeezed Jake's hand even tighter. Anna tapped my stomach again and the room was silent. The monitor then came with a black background, amongst the white stuff inside I could see a baby shape. It not longer looked like a jellybean and I could make out what I thought was a foot.

"Oh Lily." I heard mum mutter. "They're beautiful."

I glanced at Jake and I could see him smiling, I squeezed his hand again as Anna spoke.

"That's baby's head, feet and arms. They seem perfectly healthy as do you. Would you like to know the sex?"

"No." I said almost instantly as I looked at the screen and saw a small arm move. I smiled since it looked like jellybean was waving.

I don't want to know, if I know I'll probably get attached and start choosing names and I know I can't do that. Also it's a nice surprise then for Natalie and Tyler.

"Would you like a picture of baby?" Anna asked with a smile.

I nodded, "Can I have three copies please."

Anna pressed some buttons on the machine, it whirred away as she handed me some paper towels. I wiped away the gel and pulled my top back down and Anna handed me the three pictures which were all moving. I smiled again since it looked like jellybean was definitely waving at me as the image moved.

"I shall see you again at twenty-five weeks, your scan will be booked for August twenty-sixth at eleven o'clock. Don't forget to take your vitamins and make sure that your eating five a day. Stay out of the sun and rest as much as possible.

"Thanks Anna." I said as I stood up and the others made their way from the room.

I left the room and handed one of the pictures to Jake and put the other two in my bag.

"Can you believe it," He whispered, "We made that."

"I know." I replied as I gave him a kiss.

We made our way back the way we came and went down in the lift. Mum and Esme were infront of us and as we turned down the corridor that lead to the main reception a very out of breath Natalie and Tyler were running towards us.

"We're so, so sorry Lily. There was so much traffic as there was a car crash, I knew we shouldn't have flooed instead of drove."

"It's fine honestly." I told her as she gave me a hug. "Natalie this is my mum," I said indicting to her, "And this is Jake's mum."

"Hi, Tyler Hamilton. Nice to meet you."

"And I'm Natalie."

"Esme Smith." Jake's mum said as they greeted each other.

"And of course your Ginny Weasley." Tyler beamed, "Potter now, big fan of your old team."

Mum smiled, "Why thank you."

Tyler asked, "Did we miss it?"

Jake ran a hand through his messy hair and replied, "Yeah, the midwife said we couldn't wait any longer as she had other patients."

"Do we know the gender?" Natalie asked me, "Tyler here want's a boy, but I don't mind as long as their healthy." She rambled on.

I shook my head and they're smiles faded slightly, "I thought it would be more of a surprise for you when they're born." I told them as I got out a can picture and handed it to Natalie.

"Aw look at that Tyler, their waving at us." Natalie cooed at the picture.

I felt a pang of jealousy as they cooed over my baby, mine and Jake's baby. The little jellybean that we had created not them. I pushed the thoughts out of my mind, now's not the time for me to vent my feelings. I can't be a mother at sixteen, this is for the best and Natalie will be a better mother than me. What do I know about babies, apart from they cry, poop and eat.

"I've got another scan on the twenty-sixth, if you want to come."

"Of course, we'll be there no doubt." Natalie gushed.

"We'll be here extra early." Tyler added.

Together we walked back through main reception and into the muggle world. Outside the entrance to St.Mungos we said our good byes and Natalie said she would owl me. They went in the opposite direction to us, waving as they went.

I was hand in hand with Jake as we walked down the street, the muggles were giving me dirty looks when they saw my bump and I just smiled back at them. Haven't they got better things to do in their day than stare at me and my bump as I walk down the street.

Mum managed to flag down a taxi and we got, I pulled out my scan picture and gave it to mum since she hadn't seen it properly.

"Do you want to go for lunch, whilst we're out." Esme asked.

Jake sighed and I nudged him, "Mum can we just go straight home, I don't feel like eating and Lily's tired."

"That's fine by me, Jakey."

Mum handed me back the scan and I put it in my pocket. I leant my head on Jake's shoulder and I swear that within minutes I was asleep. Jake woke me up when the taxi had stopped and I got out. We were back where we started, outside The Golden Lion pub. I was still tired as we walked back home.

"Bye." I called to Esme as she headed up the pathway. "And thank you for coming."

She smiled the same smile that Jake's inherited, "No problem Lily and thank you for letting me come."

"I'll be home later on." Jake called to his mum.

Once we got in the house mum went to see if James was awake since it was his day off work and myself and Jake went into the snug. I went and curled up on the sofa and Jake sat next to me. I leant against his chest and snuggled close to him, I pulled out jellybean's scan picture and I stared at it.

It's hard to believe that there's something growing inside of me, I still can't believe it now.

"It's mad isn't it." Jake breathed in my ear as if he had just read my thoughts.

"Yeah it is." I replied sleepily before holding the picture close to my heart. I shut my eyes and my thoughts were of jellybean. Always in my heart, I thought. My baby, my little jellybean. I created something, I'll be the one who brings a new life into this world.

My thoughts wandered as Jake played with my hair and I fell asleep snuggled close to him, with jellybean's scan clutched close to my heart.

A/N As I was reading back through, I realised there wasn't a lot of James. So there's a cute brother/sister bonding sorta scene. Chapter 17 is in progress and it's summary and little snippets of information is ready, I just have to get writing.