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Here without you by kjp

Format: Novel
Chapters: 26
Word Count: 75,461

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers

Genres: Drama, Romance, Angst
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Bellatrix, Voldemort, Neville, Luna, Ginny, OtherCanon
Pairings: Harry/Ginny, Arthur/Molly, Bill/Fleur, Remus/Tonks, Ron/Hermione

First Published: 02/04/2012
Last Chapter: 12/02/2012
Last Updated: 12/02/2012

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Hogwarts has come somewhat a prison, here without you. Snapes taken over and the carrows are out to get me. I won't let them of course, your still playing in my mind. And while your inside me I know I'll be just fine. 

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Chapter 1: To noble for his own good
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 “The moment you think of giving up, remember the reason you held on so long.” 


When you have seconds to decide what spell to use when a curse is rushing towards you, that’s when you’ve got to think quickly and sensibly.  Harry was right when he said that there is no time for mistakes when you’re seconds away from death.  I realize that now, coming face to face with it. 

I quickly cast a shield charm, praying that whatever had just been sent my way was not one of the three Unforgivables. 

When the curse was blocked, I sent a body binding curse at the death eater I was dueling with.  He was caught off guard and I heard the crash as he fell, but I didn’t dare look back.  Once they were down, I left the scene and attacked another. .  

Lavender Brown knocked into me, pushing me to the floor.  There was no time for apologies; it was straight back up again and running for your life. 

 “Ginny!” Hannah called, blocking a spell that was about to hit me because of the distraction. 

 “Where are Neville and Luna?” I drag her into a shadowy corner, concealing us so we wouldn’t be seen. 

 “I don’t know.  I was about to ask you that,” she replied, wildly looking around; her eyes taking in the surroundings and flinching whenever a loud noise erupted. 

She was frightened and I just wanted to hug her for it, but now wasn’t the time.  

 “Ginny, if we don’t make it out of this, I just want you to know that I’m grateful for all you’ve done this year for me.  You’ve been a great friend,” she said, her eyes fogging up. 

“Nothing’s going to happen.” 

“You don’t know that!” She snapped back. 

She got her wand at the ready and before I could even respond, she had disappeared.  I was alone again, as usual. 

I took a steady breath and sighed, then got up and rejoined the battle. 

I sprinted across the transfiguration courtyard where the battle hadn’t really hit yet.  There were a few Death Eaters there, which I flicked my wand at and smashed into the wall.  Sometimes with such force, bits would collapse. 

I was dodging Professor McGonagall.  If she knew I was fighting I’d be instantly sent back to the Room of Requirement, and that is the last place I wanted to be right now. 

My excuse to participate in the fighting was the need to know that my family was safe.  That, of course, was a lie.  A very poorly told lie, considering it was practically impossible to recognize anyone when fighting, even with blazing red hair like ours. 

I just wanted to be in the action, fighting like my brothers and parents, and for once not being classed as the little kid.  I wanted to prove to Harry that I was capable of being brave; that I was capable of being strong.  I needed to prove that to him. 

The wall exploded next to me, causing odd bricks to fly every which way.  Goodness knows how the walls actually break.  Maybe they just hate me and feel the need to smash into pieces every time I go near them. 

Glass from one of the windows cut into my arm. 

 “Damn it!” I exclaim, pulling it out and applying pressure to my arm.  I have no idea if that’s what you’re meant to do or not.  I never really paid attention when my mum was teaching me medical stuff. 

 “What are you doing here, Gin?”  Neville was at my side pulling me up and shifting some bricks aside. 

There was no sight of Death Eaters in the corridor, so we were in no immediate danger.  I could still hear the echoes of spells being screamed and their light reflecting from every window. 

 “What does it look like?”  I snapped at him, still holding pressure onto my arm.  “A bloody wall just collapsed on me!” 

* “Uh...we’ll, er I’ll find you…a…um…bandage?,” Neville muttered, looking around for any sign of help. 

 “Oh and where are you going to get that from?”  I erupted sarcastically; my wound stinging.  I know I shouldn’t get mad, but I couldn’t help it.  I needed to take my anger out on someone. 

“Oh, yeah…I’ll…”  His eyes were pleading with the air to find him something that could help him. 

 “How about your wand,” I said, as though it was the most obvious thing in the world. 

I stared down at my hand, slowly shaking my head but silently laughing as Neville panicked.  My wand was somewhere in the rubble.  I must have dropped it from the impact of the fall. 

He pointed his own wand at my arm which was throbbing dangerously.  It was so numb and flaccid, I felt like it would fall off any second, now.   

“Neville, where is Luna?”  I asked trying to distract myself from the stinging pain I felt. 

 “Um…I don’t know.  I lost her in the crowd.  Uh, Ginny?  I don’t know the spell.”  Sweat was running down his forehead and I wanted to laugh at him. 

 “Luna knows it,” I wince, now rocking back and forth desperately trying to divert the distress I was feeling. 

“Shall I got get her, then?”  He looked around while suggesting this. 

 “That would be a good idea.” 

 “Okay, I’ll go.  Just…stay here out of trouble, okay?” 

He ran off in the opposite direction while I moved odd bits of rubble around trying to find my wand.  I was praying it wasn’t snapped in half because that might have just been the end of my life. 

The odd bricks that I was sitting on kept on pricking my bum, so I wriggled, trying to get comfortable.  This only caused me more discomfort. 

It took about five minutes to gather Luna, who in her own words was “getting wrackspurts to attack the Death Eaters, although they all fled because of the action.” 

She grabbed my arm straight away and uttered an incantation that I was completely unable to remember.  I immediately got up; thankful to be off the dangerous floor which I’m sure had given me some nasty scratches on my bum. 

 “Your mum’s looking for you, you know?  She knows that you left the Room of Requirement without permission.  Perhaps she has a strange signal to know where you are all of the time…mums are clever like that,” Luna announced in her dreamy voice.  “She asked me to tell you to go to the Great Hall as soon as possible.  She looked extremely grave, actually.” 

I didn’t have time to dwell on the matter for too long because, quite suddenly, a cold voice interrupted my thoughts, giving me chills. He seemed too close, so much so that I almost thought we was with us in the corridor.  I turned and pierced every object in the corridor with my gaze, just to make sure he wasn’t actually there. 

That’s when I realized he was speaking to everyone; to Hogwarts as a whole. 

 “You have fought valiantly.  Lord Voldemort knows how to value bravery,” the icy voice hissed, sending the hairs on the back of my neck to stand on end. 

I tried to block out his voice, but when Harry’s name was mentioned I couldn’t ignore it any longer. 

 “Harry Potter, I am now speaking directly to you.  You have permitted your friends to die for you rather than face me yourself.”  I shook my head, trembling a little.  I know what he’s going to say.  I know it, I just know.  “I shall wait for one hour in the Forbidden Forest.  If, at the end of that hour, you have not come to me, not given yourself up, then the battle shall recommence.”  

I was shaking.  The thought of Harry dying was unbearable to me. 

Hogwarts went quiet.  I probably would have been able to hear a pin drop from the other side of the castle, if I listened carefully.  No one spoke.  The silence was deafening

I knew I had to find Harry.  I knew he would leave.  He was too damn noble and I wasn’t about to let that happen.  I had to find him; tell him I loved him and that he needed to fight until the end.  That’s what heroes do!  They don’t give themselves up! 

I would rather die myself than watch Harry die.  I’d give myself up if it would save him and I wasn’t about to let that happen.  Not now, not ever.  



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Chapter 2: Dementors
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 1st September

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“BYE MUM!” I screamed out to her hoping that the train would just halt for a moment so I could just have one last hug from her. It sounds silly doesn’t it? Maybe it sounds like something little girls would say, but I am far from being a little girl.

I kept watching out of the window for them. Mum, dad and bill and fleur weren’t that hard to find in the crowed. The Weasley’s lava hair could stick out from a mile away (as could Fleur’s streaks of sunlight). I don’t know why I kept watching them, perhaps it was because I wanted to saviour every last image of them and never forget them, what if something happened to me this year? Or even worse, what if something happened to them? Would I ever forgive myself for not spending more time with them over the holidays?

It was true, I hadn’t spent much time around them. I didn’t have time too. Mum was far to parodied about the wedding and kept giving us tasks that could last up to days. Half the time was spent getting dresses sorted for the wedding, sending last minute invitations or worrying about Harry. Yes… Harry Potter, the famous Harry potter. He is my boyfriend (well… ex now, but I’ll just exclude this unimportant information for now) that is on the run at this precise second. I’ve been constantly worried about him, all summer thinking that he could have been caught, or worse… dead. Although I doubt it, I’m sure the whole wizarding world would have heard about that by now.

Someone was tugging on my arm and when I turned around I was un-surprised to see Luna’s face come out of no where.

She had changed over the short period of time, her hair seemed more curly from the last time I saw her (Which also happened to be the wedding) and her eyes seemed less dreamy and more aware of her surroundings.

Of course the quibbler was still in hand and her bizarre earrings were still in, to be honest I don’t think she even takes them off. She had stopped wearing the cork necklace, for a reason I don’t know why… So all in all, she looked much better

“Should we go get a compartment then” ah of course, I figured her voice couldn’t have changed much after all she still is loony Lovegood, even I can say that and I’m her friend.

“Sure” I yawn having not got much sleep that night.

We take a seat unfortunately next to some Ravenclaw person who I recognised as one of Cho changes old friends. Thank god Cho has finished hogwarts, I’m not to sure if I could be able to stand her this year. I know it sounds silly doesn’t it? Its like I’m holding a grudge against her for even touching Harry, well suck this Cho I got Harry in the end! (even if he’s still not with me now- but again… we’ll leave this information off)

The reason I hate Cho is because she is too perfect. I mean what hasn’t she got, She’s pretty, boys chase her, got the good grades, god! I even heard she was rich. And the worst of it all she managed to make Harry another one of her fan boys. Not that I blame harry, it is entirely Cho Changs fault.
“So… a wrackspurts interrupted me in my sleep last night” Luna said trying to diffuse the tension between me and the snobby Ravenclaw who just put her nose high in the air as though we were some disease. Typical

“Your Ginny Weasley aren’t you?” She asked looking at me with un natural dislike.

I wasn’t sure if I should answer. Wasn’t that obvious, red hair and freckles there were not lots of them at Hogwarts let me tell you.

“Uh… yeah”

She looked as though she would laugh but instead chose to open a book and start to look like she was about to gag “You’re the girl who stole Potter from Cho, aren’t you?”

What the hell is she on about, I never stole anyone from anyone… more like she got to cry-baby on him and jealous and ditched him for MY ex boy friend (Michel Corner incase you have no idea who I’m talking about) . Cow.

I didn’t reply to lost for words and the girl scooted up a bit as though I would infect her with some disease that could kill her.

My face probably showed it all. I probably looked cress-fallen because anyone who mention Harry just makes my body ache and head spin.

“Hit a nerve have I? You know I’m not to sure why Potter would even go for you. Your nothing special, just a red haired freckled face loser!”

I almost laughed because of how much this statement failed. Is that really the best insult she could come up with. Perhaps I should teach her a thing or two about insults maybe chuck some of my own at her, I’m sure she would turn her unusually large nose up at that.

Neville came to my rescue. Apparently he had been outside the compartment for awhile talking to Seamus and just so happened to have heard the whole conversation. To put it short; he wasn’t impressed.

“Rosaline!” oh! Rosaline that’s her name. I remember now, she’s captain of the chess club (saddo!) even my brother wouldn’t think of creating a chess club and he’s mad about chess “Shove off, go pick on someone your own size that just so happens to be little first years”
Luna laughed as did I… Roseanna (What ever her name was) was pretty short. She had short legs but a large head that just looked plain stupid on her. If I hadn’t have seen her hanging around with Cho chang I would have thought she was a franky first year (not that I ever stalked Cho Chang in anyway. There was no way I was trying to see what she was doing to Harry, I didn’t even have the slightest intention of doing so- Sarcastic much)

“Shut it Longbottom. At least I can get boys to notice me… have you been having any luck with girls lately”

I was pretty impressed. She was still standing up for herself even though it was three against one tiny little student. She was brave, I’ll give her that.

And then a strange thing happened.

Luna went red as my hair as though she was embarrassed by something. I didn’t even know she was listening because her eyes had stayed transfixed on the quibbler.

Luna’s eyes quickly turned to Rosaline and met hers with sudden anger in her eyes. It was strange, Luna’s eyes were usually so calm and relaxed. It was so weird that I was scared of her a bit.

“Rosaline! None of us give a crap about what you think so how about you go back to your little book and stay there and we’ll pretend like you don’t exist” Whoa! Go LUNA!

I don’t think I have ever seen anything like this before… not once has Luna ever got angry about someone insulting someone. Perhaps Neville’s different for Luna

Hang on… is something going on between them.

Rosaline also looked scared and hurried out of the compartment before I could get a good jinx at her… I have just found a new spell which I’ve been itching to tryout on someone.

Neville and Luna’s eyes met each others and a faint smile came onto both there lips leaving me incredibly awkward sitting in the middle fidderling with the hem of my skirt.

I munched on my corn beef sandwich… which I hate by the way, but I hardly notice while the other two stay staring at each other and silently smiling.

Oops… shouldn’t have eaten that corn beef… forgot it makes me sick.

I was about to be sick and the other two noticed because they pulled out of there gazed.

Luna pulled me up and Neville opened the compartment door while Luna hurried me out rushing to the loo not wanting to cause a scene where I dramatically be sick on the corridor.

I want to smack myself for even thinking about eating it.


Half an hour later and the train was still moving and the sky above us was completely black and layers of clouds could be seen hovering above us. I felt like someone was watching us from up there and something not very nice, this thought cause me to shudder right as the train came to a sudden halt making Luna fall into Neville’s lap. Oh dear god.

The lights turned of and I got a sudden feeling of déjà vu.

My head spinned and I stopped breathing for a moment.

Someone was coming aboard… that was one fact I knew.


That’s all we heard for the next ten minutes. Not even Neville or Luna spoke. We sent each other questioning glances but that was about it. Although Luna seemed less scared after about five minutes her nose was back in the quibbler again, How she read in the dark I still have no idea.

The air was ice cold now with the trains heating turned off… none of us thought to use magic.

Then the coldness got thicker until we almost drowned in it. My head got worse and my vision blurred.

Harry… that’s what came to my head. He was my worst memory, yet the best thing that happened. He was my worst because it pained me now to think of him, but yet I don’t regret a thing.

My vision was so foggy that I could only just make out a dark figure looming over me wearing a hooded cloak.

I didn’t need to think to know what it was. It was clear.

A soulless creature was about to suck the life out of me and all good memories would go. The heartless thing drew its hood down and I reacted quickly as soon as the thought of kissing Harry came to my head I pulled my wand out and a large beautiful horse appeared. I didn’t even need to think of a good memory. It was already in my head. Harry kissing me… the best and worse thought imaginable.

It galloped towards it and the dementor stopped pulling his hood down and started to fight the patronus off. The horse kicked at it and it moved backwards until it was out of sight.

I don’t think I have ever pulled off a more amazing patronus than that. I can honestly say I’m proud of myself.


Maybe I fell over or maybe the impact from the dementor took all energy from me… I’m not to sure what happened all I know is that I fell through darkness… remembering everyone who seemed to far away from me; Hermione, my best friend who told me to act normal around Harry and who I owe my life too in return for that piece of advice.

Then there was Ron. My good for nothing brother… average at everything and more protective that what is healthy for any normal human. For this I love him, and proud to call him my brother.

Harry. Nothing more. I wish I could say he was my Harry and I wish I could be the one who was there with him and could protect him myself and defend him if need be. But what everyone says is true and I think I’m starting to understand it… I am far to young and shouldn’t be meddling with things that doesn’t concern me.

After all, Harry did brake up with me to ensure I was safe, doing stupid things this year would just be betraying his trust.

I was starting to doubt myself

It was a weird feeling inside me. I’d never experienced it before. I shouldn’t be too surprised, I’ve never doubted myself before either.


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Chapter 3: death eaters are a nasty business to deal with.
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 1st September

another lovely chapter image by prometheus@TDA

We arrived at the great hall… it looked exactly how I remembered it, but even still it made me feel cold. Perhaps it was the dark clouds that were above us or the fact the this year there was no candles floating so gracefully above us. Nevertheless it felt cold and gloomy, no other words on how to describe how I felt.

There wasn’t as many people as I thought there would be this year. Well why would there? Half of them have been imprisoned or on the run because they are muggle-borns, I heard that my ex boyfriend, dean Thomas, had escaped capture and went on the run hiding from the people called snatchers. Nasty people if you ask me, there kind of wanna-be death eaters. This means they have no dark mark but do everything the dark lord tells them to just to get on higher ranks with him.

Stupid wanna-be

Snape was at top. Yes I did say snape as in the severest snape; no you are not hearing things!

He is now headmaster, feel sorry for me? Vile Snape the scumbag who killed our former headmaster and was the only one keeping all this war at bay, now Greasy git’s in the picture were all in danger.

I’m sure he doesn’t wash either… I’m sure whenever I was in potion glass it wasn’t the fumes that were giving of that disgusting smell. And when I say his hair sticks to his head because he is so greasy… I’m not joking. Also his nose is the most largest nose I have ever seen, I’m starting to believe that people with large noses really are nosy people.

His face had a sly smirk on his face as though he had accomplished something great that no one else could achieve. I bet he was enjoying it, the taste of success, having finally got to the top and beat old Dumbledore. Its not everyday you beat the most experienced wizard of all time I suppose.

He caught my eye. The sly git I mean. His black eyes met my brown and a shiver spread down my spine, I wasn’t scared of him there was nothing to be scared off… he couldn’t touch me and if he did I’m sure my brothers would back me up (even if they are not actually at Hogwarts at the precise second-but I’ll call them in when I need them)

A loud clang made me come out of it… A goblet had fallen over and pumpkin juice was everywhere. Some people started to get there wands out to clear it… me being one of them (I had to other wise I would get wet robes because the pumpkin juice was starting to spread… I.DO.NOT want wet robes for tomorrow) It’s a little problem I have… I just have to be clean for the first day, second, third or fourth and the rest of the year I’m fine being dirty… but first day back it has to be perfect.

About four people had there wants out now (me included) to clean up one puddle of pumpkin juice. I know! Its completely ridicules… it doesn’t take four people to clean up one mess.

There was a loud cannon noise that made all the noise in the room go quite. The air was filled with nothing but silence and shock. A sea of wide eyed people could be spotted dotted everywhere around the room in fear the next sound would be pointing right at them. Us four with our wands out momentarily forgot about the pumpkin juice that was slowly making its way towards my nice clean robes that had only been washed yesterday.

“SILENCE!” Barked a women with a unusually low voice. She had two teeth that stuck out at awkward angles and her hair pushed back in a neat bun that mad her look stupid. She was going a bit on the plump side and her nasty face twisted cruelly at us and glaring at every single on of us “YOU FOUR PUT YOUR WANDS AWAY IMMIDIATLY! NO MAGIC OUTSIDE CLASS” Her face quickly came to ours resting on all of our faces for a moment or two.

I noticed how her glare stayed on my face for more than the others and I couldn’t help but feel uneasy.

“Thank you Alecto” Snarled Snape the greasy git “As you are aware this year will be unlike any year that you have ever had. There will be new rules that will be put in place this year and they will be put up on the notice board in the morning. There will be quiddittch this year” there was a outbreak of protest. I already figured there would no quiddittch, it was going to be so different this year and Snape would do everything in his power to make our year the worst year yet. Quiddittch would be the first to go.

“SILENCE!” The women names Alecto blew again sending everyone quite without even raising her wand.

Snape glared at the hall looking at everyone full in the eye. It felt like he was searching us, for something hidden. Again eyes landed on me for a moment longer. It was obvious he was thinking that I should have been captured by now… he clearly knew I had been dating Harry Potter in fifth year, it had spread around the school like fire and everyone knew about it, it was common fact gossip around Hogwarts gets to everyone’s ears extremely quickly.

“I suggest you learn to take these new rules in or there will be severe punishments, its that understood?” Some stayed silent, others nodded there heads, some people looked down to scared to look up and see the cruel face of the man who killed Albus Dumbledore.

“Everyone is to take muggle studies this year whether you like it or not” He said “understand?” It was not a question to be answered.  We all had to like it.

Dinner came after that. It was sadly not up to the usual Hogwarts standards, which was disappointing, but I didn’t care… food was food right?

I could distantly hear what Ron would say in his moody voice if he were here right now “What the hell is this food… Hogwarts elves need a demotion” Then Hermione would smack him on the head with some heavy book that had about four thousand pages in it and Harry would sniffle a laughter.

I probably was in a trance for few minutes because Neville had tapped me on the shoulder asking me what was wrong. I just continued to stare into space, cold and heartbroken.

The hall wasn’t as full as talk as usual and a shiver spread down my spine. My worst fear was silence, I hated it… I would rather take on you-know-who rather than silence.

The reason I hate silence so much is because all you have with you is your thoughts… and when your thoughts aren’t very good then its all you have.

Dinner had obviously ended and people were getting to leave, still fear attached to some peoples faces and I felt sorry for them… they were scared; they were only human after all.

“HURRY UP” barked another Teacher. He was dressed in black and had a thin pointing face. Even though he looked like the opposite of the Alecto teacher you could still see similarity’s. My best guess was the they were sisters and brothers both on the dark site fighting with you-know-who. Just great! We have death eaters in the school, as if it couldn’t get any worse

“Ginny, lets just get out of here” Neville tugged on my arm leading me out of the hall and towards Gryffindor tower… I didn’t feel safe in this school, not one bit. 

Chapter 4: First day back
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 2nd September


amazing chapter image by prometheus

First day back is always hard… even harder if you have dangerous death eaters running the school.

I wanted to make a good impression, not wanting to get into any trouble on the first day back. My clothes had been laid (untidily) at the end of my bed in a heap. I even made the effort get up early to make sure I had enough time to brush my hair through and make it completely straight, get dressed and pack my bag ready for today’s lessons so I don’t have to keep coming up to the common room to get my books every hour.

The room was cold when I woke up telling me that the house elves had not turned the fire on this s’morning and my clothes were still in a heap at the end of my bed.

Great now I’m going to have to actually tidy the girls dormitories from now on!

I looked down at my timetable quickly and glanced at what we had today.

“Damn! We have muggle studies” Sarah (a dorm mate) looked over my shoulder and voicing my thoughts “I really don’t want to take that subject” she moaned putting on her school socks and looking in the mirror to look at her hair at the same time “I’ve got a muggle mum and she’s forced me and my dad to live in this muggle place, not that I’m a muggle hater or anything but I hate there technology and I hear enough about it at home!”

I love Sarah, she’s one of those people who’s obsessed with there looks but still doesn’t get all up her self and bitchy about it. Sarah wouldn’t hurt a fly.

“I can’t believe Quiddittch isn’t on this year!” I looked up at the word of quiddittch and Sarah was sitting across from me everything done and waiting for her own friends to get ready.

“Yeah I know, it sucks” I yawn finally getting out of my comfy sitting position and combing my hair.

Sarah glanced at the mirror again to check if her hair was still fine and then back at me “I thought you would come captain this year”

What! Did she just say? Did she just say she thought I could become quiddittch captain! Pft… and that will happen when they invent a spell that does all your homework for you (there literally is no spell, I’ve been searching for it for years)

“Nah I wouldn’t… why you so interested anyway, I though you hated quiddittch?” I ask actually interested now that the subject of quiddittch was up.

“Well I was thinking about trying out this year, but it doesn’t matter… always next year right?” She says and shrugs it of before glancing at the mirror one more time. She swung her bag over her shoulder and then exited clearly tired of quiddittch talk.

No sooner had she left that she came back

“Neville is down stairs waiting for you by the way… thought you should know” She winked at me in a knowing way.
Oh Merlin’s beard, she thinks me and Neville are a item. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. This just cannot be happening. No, no, no! Just to make it clear, me and Neville are friends. F.R.I.E.N.D.S! nothing more than that, we are not a kissing couple, nor a relationship couple. We are just friends, got it?

Good glad we settled that… and don’t ever mention it! Cause it just gives me weird thoughts of me and Neville kissing and its not a very nice sight to be honest.

Not that Neville is a un-datable person, just not my type. I’m going to shut up now before I put my foot in it.

“Neville you didn’t have to wait for me you know” I smile at Neville and give him a quick hug (in a friend way)

“No its ok… I’ve already been down to breakfast and got you some toast” He passes me some jam and butter toast and I munch… yummy! I love food, it’s the only thing I would actually be messy about.

“Thanks Neville. So what’s the Carrows like, have you seen them?” I ask, curious to what actually the new teachers were doing at the school and what there plans were for us.

“I did. When I came in they were dragging some fourth year Hufflepuff out by the ear towards the portrait room. It didn’t look to good” Neville signed and sat down by the fire staring blankly at it “What are we going to do Ginny?”

What does me he mean by that? “Huh?”

“Nothing” he takes another sigh and for a few minutes the two of us just stare at the fire pondering on each others thoughts. My thoughts were on Ron, Hermione and Harry and what they were up too now. I’m sure Neville was thinking the same but I couldn’t be to sure.

The bell rang loud and clear telling us we needed to hurry to muggle studies.

I was thinking about not bothering with mugglestudies and hoping she wouldn’t notice that one student is absent. I however wanted to go see what the teacher was going to be like. Alecto Carrow can’t be that bad right?

I’m just glad I’m sharing the class with Luna. She’ll make it bearable I’m sure of it. Anyhow I’m not that worried… I’m just angry that I have to take the class, I already know half the things about muggles. What really is there to know anyway? All you need to know about muggles are that they cannot perform magic and have these weird technology things like computers and Tv’s. Wow I even surprised my self then with my knowledge on muggles!
“You better go… I have Herbology first thing so I’ll see you” He said goodbye and headed towards the grounds where he’ll be having a nice quite lesson where his teacher won’t gobble him up.

I strolled down to the first floor where muggle studies was held. It felt weird going this way, I’ve never had muggle studies before so I don’t know what to expect.

I was lonely, all my friends were either in a different house or year, hiding or on the run because they are a muggleborn. So I’m left alone as usual. Not that I mind (well I do… but at least I’m safe- sort of)

The classroom was full when I arrived of eager Ravenclaws. Actually I think eager was the wrong word… more like glum Ravenclaws frightened out of their minds. I think Luna was the only one actually focused enough to spot me (which is weird I’ll tell you that)

“Hello Ginny” Her dreamy voice came directing me to a seat next to her “I can’t wait for this class. I’ve always wanted to learn about how muggles use a light bulb”

I looked at her pitifully. She obviously didn’t understand that we were here to teach them about how muggle borns are dirty. I would tell her, but figured she will find out soon enough.

“SIT!” Someone from the back of the class roared in a unusual manly voice but could still tell it was a girl speaking.

Why the hell did she ask us to sit? Were all sitting anyway. Isn’t she a little bit to stupid to be teaching anyway?

“As you all know your resent teacher has… uh what should I say, resigned” She said with a little sneer on her face. She came around to the front eyeing us all up as though we were vermin at her feet. Her eyes piercing through everyone off us as though searching for a dark secret that could be to some use to her and her pitiful dark lord “I have also noticed how the people who were here last year are a little behind on their work. I understand, this is due to your old teachers faults” If her face could be any less understanding I would be shocked! There was no understanding look on her face. Stupid women.

“It says in the ministry of magic files that I have to teach you everything that is useful about a muggle” Her face went ugly and I could feel everyone’s breathing stop for a moment scared she would should “There however is nothing useful about a muggle

They are Infact dirty animals that pollute this earth and I wish to teach you how very useless they are” Her face quickly turned to a Ravenclaw boy who’s face completely went pale and eyes wide “YOU BOY! Put that sweet away!” She yelled making the whole room shake because of it “DETENTION! I thought it was widely known that Weasley sweets are not allowed in this school. And a detention for you Weasley” She pointed a chubby finger at me and her face showed no emotion what so ever “For giving him the sweet in the first place”

What the hell! I never gave him the sweet, I think my brothers sweets are childish and sickly (except the edible dark marks… they are actually quite tasty)

“I never gave him the sweet” I protested putting my hands up in defence and not scared to shout back if I have to.

“Weasley don’t you DARE talk back at me” She shouted making me to jump up in surprise.

“But I didn’t give it to him!” I’m going to kill the twins when I see them.

“DON’T TELL LIES!” man this woman is worse than umbridge… don’t tell lies.. sound familiar.

I gaped at her my mouth hanging open a bit “I’m not telling lies!”

She went over to me and towered over the sitting me thinking I would back down and give in. I however sat straighter just to put her of guard.

If she was surprised by my sudden move she didn’t show it instead she said with a reasonably calm voice “You will meet me at the portrait room at seven Pm tomorrow for your detention. Understand?”
I shook my head staring her right in the eye “Certainly” I said with a little smirk. I could now see it in her eyes that she was surprised by me. When she turned she glanced back at me almost curious but shook her head.

“As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted… Muggles do not deserve to share the same earth as us. They believe magic is evil. However magic is power and I want you all to write the following down and remember it clearly! And next lesson I shall ask you to repeat it for me and if anyone has not learnt it I shall put them in a weeks detention.. Understand?”
Slowly people shook around the room… I noticed how Luna hadn’t moved her head and was staring at the white board in front with boredom written over her face. No fear or anything, just boredom.

Carrow wrote on the bored in very scruffy writing that was barely readable that said “Muggleborns are mudbloods, dirty bloods” I wrote it down quickly wanting to forget that I wrote it and when I looked up more had come up “ Muggles are dirty and do not understand the power of magic” Again I quickly wrote it down and the writing like Carrows was almost unreadable.

“Magic is everything. Without it there would be no point to living. It is the thing that makes us powerful, look at the dark lord for a example. Look at where he has come, he has come far because of magic” Carrow talked making me block it out staring into space.

A few moments later I came out of my trace. I really don’t want her to ask me a question and I have no idea what she’s on about.

“I would like everyone single one of you to tell me your views on the work the dark lord has” She turned around the classroom and then pointed at a random Ravenclaw girl who was shaking in her seat “YOU! What do you think?”

“I… I think that he’s very…. Uh…”


This made her tremble even more that I thought possible “I… I think he’s…. powerful” She looked scared for a moment and then let out a sigh of relief when the teacher smiled satisfied.

“good. I want more answers like this” Then she turned to my table and looked like she was about to ask me then stared at Luna who took no notice that the teacher was staring at her “and you girl?”
I was shocked when she actually answered, taking her eyes of the board and staring the teacher in the eye. I didn’t know she was listening.

“I’m not to sure professor. I don’t know him personally but I would say he is quite a extraordinary wizard from what I’ve heard” She smiled satisfied with her bazaar answer. I hesitantly turned to the teacher cringing at what her expression would be.

The Carrows face was hard to read. A mixture of shock, anger and glory. I’m not to sure what was running through her head but I’m sure it wasn’t good.

“Lovegood is it?”

“Yes” Luna replied enthusiastically.

“Yes I thought so…”

The bell rang loudly and everyone grabbed there bags before the teacher could say anything else.

“Weasley remember the detention”

As if I could forget 

Chapter 5: Telling the truth
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image by MyMyMiss@TDA

 You know what’s hard about being so strong? No one might care to ask if your hurt”

September 4th

Needless to say the detention didn’t go so well. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t the best either. It consisted of me going down to the kitchens (which I didn’t know existed until now) and cleaning pots, which unfortunately Hogwarts has a lot of. And I’m one hundred percent certain that the Carrows or some other nasty death eater made the pots dirtier just so it would take longer to clean, I was there for hours at no end, and it literally felt like I has been there until morning till night.

The Ravenclaw boy who had attended with me kept on giving me dirty glances that made the whole detention even more awkward and unnerving than it already was.

I’m quite please however that we had no teacher watching over us, instead we had a lousy old elf who’s greatest ambition is to make our detention the more boring. Although the elf was quit cute which made it impossible for me to hate him, the elf had great yellow eyes that are just so adorable and a massive head but a tiny body which made the whole thing even more cute.

The only disturbance we had was when Carrow checked up on us about mid way through the detention. Her beady eyes searching for any wrong doings that could be found. She noticed I was wearing a necklace and took if of immediately and pointed out that I should have my hair up for such a occasion.

I pity the poor women actually. She’ll never understand the full value of life and live almost a dead life where she laughs at peoples pain and expense. She’ll live never fully understanding how beautiful the world actually is and how unique the people are in it. The death eaters will alone only know power and seek to find it thinking that is the only point to life… to find power and will always be power hungry. And you know what the worst part of it all… they will never understand love the way I do, and will never experience the full potential love has on us, and for those reasons alone I pity her, and I will always hate people of their kind for it.


Me and Luna were walking down the halls of Hogwarts. I’m probably going to stay with her this year. Its moments like this that I wish she had been placed in Gryffindor. Damn her for being so smart.

Our first defence against the dark arts class was today with Carrow number two. I’m kinda worried, this teacher is a man and will sure as hell be twice as worse as Alecto Carrow and a lot more vicious.

“OI! Loony” Yelled someone behind us with a exceptionally low voice that seemed to make me cringe for some unknown reason.

“Yes Blaise?” Luna asked quite kindly considering the circumstances. Her eyes were still dreamy but a flicker of danger went through them for a second. Her face was pale but a twinge of pink could be seen faintly on her cheeks which were unnoticeably unless you were up close.

Zabini’s face was smug and cold sending chills down my spine it sickened me that he was still at Hogwarts, I always hated him.

“How’s your daddy Loony… hasn’t got into any danger has he?” Zabini piped up still looking smug with a cruel look on his face that almost made me throw up.

What was going on with Luna’s dad? Was he alright?

Luna looked outrage for some reason and the calmness seemed to have flowed out of her and she raised her voice to make it clear that she was angry “What do you mean Blaise?” Her eyes flashed dark and I knew Zabini better be aware of his actions, Luna was a pretty talented dueller.

However even though her voice was raised and her eyes flashed you wouldn’t know the difference if you didn’t know her like I do. Her face was relatively calm and relaxed as usual and this made me admire her even more.

“Aw… has your poor daddy got in trouble with the ministry. Poor baby Loony” He said in a mocking voice causing my blood to boil. Zabini was about to turn when I called him back anger getting the better of me.

“At least she has a dad” I mock glaring at him from the back of my head.

It was widely known that Zabini’s mother was what you would call a slut. She married, then used them and all off them died mysteriously leaving her a pot full of money to spend for her own. Zabini’s father was one of the many people that died leaving him with his mother that resented him.

I know it was out of turn saying things like that to someone who doesn’t have a father… but he god damn deserved it and I don’t regret it!

“What did you just say Weasley?” Danger coursing through his voice and the cronies behind him ready to back him up slowly getting wands out of their pockets.

I narrowed my eyes at him aware Luna was next to me looking at both of us in turn “Need to get your ears sorted, Zabini? I said at least she has a dad!” I screamed the last bit making sure he heard it nice and clear. I don’t understand why everyone was so mean to Luna. She was so innocent, I can’t understand how anyone CAN be mean to her.

“You little bitch”

“I may be a bitch but at least I’m not the son of a slut!” I shouted again. I was sure my heart would come out of my chest it was beating so fast clearly ready for what was going to come next.


“Protego!” I screamed quickly swiping my wand from my pocket and blocking the spell that was aimed at me and Luna. I got there just in time to see the spell divert to somewhere else.

It wasn’t to long before another spell was sent another spell at us. I was more prepared for this one and sent my own spell at him that he quickly dodged but hit another person behind him (ooops)

“Pertificas totalus” Zabini said pointing his wand at me.

I dropped my wand while dodging it and the spells went right past me and hit Luna square in the chest. Her body seemed to stop moving and her hands moved to her side extremely quickly. The only thing that was moving was her eyes that were quickly moving from side to side as though warning me about something.

Confused I followed her eye sight. Before I even saw it my breath was caught I didn’t breath. I knew what was coming and I was prepared.
“WEASLEY! LOVEGOOD!FIGHTING IN THE HALLS! LATE FOR MY LESSON AND IS FIGHTING WITH A PREFECT! 100 points form Gryffindor and Ravenclaw… come to my office now” Amycus Carrow breathed in and out with un-controllable anger. Her eyes diverting to each of us in turn. She seemed out of breath because she was clutching the wall for support. But nothing stopped her from glaring at the two of us and almost dragging us out of the hallway and into the classroom after taking the spell of Luna.

“Professor, Luna had nothing to do with it… it was all my fault she was just there at the wrong time and….” I said hurriedly. She put up her hand that was shaking madly to shut me up and I did in a instant.

“I do not want to hear your excuses Weasley! I have a class to teach and you are holding me up… a class that you yourself should be in. Lovegood I would like to see you in the kitchens at 7pm tonight, Now leave!” He yelled the last part to Luna making her shiver. As she left she gave a wobble indicating that the body binding curse hadn’t lifted completely.

“Now your turn Weasley” His face turned more menacing than ever. He was a lot like his sister had the power to turn you numb but his looks were completely the opposite. Rather than a fat chubby face like Alecto he had a thin pointed face, so thin Infact you could see his cheekbones come through quite prominently. His eyes were blood shot and cold and his mouth twisted into a harsh smile that warned me to keep quite.

“You seem to have this thought were you think you are better than the rules. Well I think not… The dark lord knows that you know where Potter is and I would like you to tell me… now” He waited a moment before continuing giving off a almost calm approach to the situation. I however knew that his mind was screaming at me “If you do not tell us we may have to go through some serious act-“

“But I don’t know!” I said before I could stop myself becoming frustrated that he wasn’t listening.

“LIAR! And do not interrupt me… Your family have been in contact with him over the summer and they are being watched, You Weasley are being watched” He cried in a threatening way “Listen here Weasley, you are going to tell me right now where potter is and you will be rewarded by the dark lord himself, and your family would be left alone”

“Hmmm…” I pretended to think for a moment before finishing “Tempting but it’s a shame I don’t know where he is” I shrugged sarcastically.

His eyes burned into mine and I could sense he was angry. His faced almost dared me to back down, so I did the opposite and stood straighter staring right back. I could almost feel myself turning away from him because it was just to terrifying looking into his eyes but I stood my ground and stared back.

He was surprised by my sudden move and narrowed his eyes at me his hands curling around his want on his desk in a fist shape.

He turned away (thankfully) and I let out a sigh of relief.

But it wasn’t over yet.

“I don’t think you are aware off what the dark lord and us followers can do to you Weasley. We can destroy you in more ways than one. Whether that means torturing you to get information out of you… bribing you, killing someone precious to you, we will find out…” Then he turned back to me and towered over me (he was bloody tall) The back of my mind told me to actually breath… I don’t think I had taken a breath in the last two minutes “Things are changing at Hogwarts Weasley. The dark lord has plans for this place, he even has suggested coming to be head teacher here perhaps when Potter is out of the way. Yes he has many plans… I suggest you go along with them otherwise you might get hurt little Weasel”

His eyes burned into mine, brown meeting blue and I knew I must breath now otherwise I would suffocate myself.

“I will ask you one more time so I can go back to my lesson… Where is Potter?”

The room went all hot and I could feel it tense up. It felt like millions of people were watching me and I was being forced to say something I might regret (even though I don’t know anything anyway)

“And I’ll tell you one more time… I don’t know where he is” I’m sure my whole face darkened when I said that and I’m positive my eyes narrowed. It took the whole Gryffindor courage in me to say those words and again my breathing stopped (I’m going to be way out of breath after this meeting with Carrow)

I didn’t look up afraid of what his face may show. It was only when I saw him turn towards his desk did I dare a glance.

“Weasley I don’t think you understand the power I have over you at this moment” He waited a second before continuing.
I took a moment to have what may be my last breath. His wand was curled in his hands almost as though he couldn’t wait to use it on me and I could see my life flash before my eyes.

Here we go…. I’m ready.

He sighed “Very well Weasley, I played nice, now is the time to play harsh… CRUCIO!”

I closed my eyes quickly wanting it to be over and done with. It felt like it was taking forever for the spell to reach me, and when it did I think I would have rather died than face pain like that again

Chapter 6: Pain and glory is all I fight for
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Chapter image by MyMyMiss@TDA

 The pain was unbearable. I couldn’t think, not about anything. Well I couldn’t think about anything other than the pain. I was about to burst with pain because it hurt so much and my head was throbbing against me. My eyes fogged up and I cold only see the silhouette of Carrow towering above me, wand raised in his hand turning it slowly causing more pain to flash through me. I fell to the floor my hands hitting the wooden floor boards painfully. I don’t think I have ever screamed so much in my life, It hurt like hell and I don’t think I can imagine more pain than this. It was coursing through my veins right down to my feet and hot knives were piercing my body everywhere possible.

It felt like hours until the spell was lifted but I knew it had only been seconds that I suffered.

“How does it feel Weasley… are you feeling brave now?” I couldn’t read his facial expression but his voice was icy cold. I winced at his voice because it still hurt to move.

Seconds went by but still he stood over me waiting for me to make the first move.

“I asked you if your still scared?”

I took a moment to think of a answer to come up with which made my head hurt to think, then quite suddenly the right think clicked into my mind “You think I’m scared? You think I’m frightened of you? I am not scared of what you can do to me…. You can torture, even kill me but you will never get me scared. I would rather die than give you the satisfaction of my fear” I shouted back equally matching his angry voice forgetting the pain that was still killing me and standing up. I was rather small against him but I still stood up staring up at him and glaring.

A moment later he smirked “You are brave Weasley, the Dark Lord knows how to value bravery. You may leave”
I took one final glance at him and quicked walked out the office before he changed his mind about letting me go.

The image of his twisted face was still in my mind but I ignored it and ran to Gryffindor common room forgetting about the lesson that I was meant to be in right now. I just couldn’t face the teacher straight away, not after all the pain he just put me through the basterd.

Anyway I need to do mugglestudies homework before tomorrow.

I ignored the very few people in the common room and legged it straight up to the girls dorm. I’m aware they gave me puzzled looks, some were probably wondering why I looked so scared.

Once up there I took a glance in the mirror and almost doubled back when I saw its reflection.

I was as pale as the grey lady and my eyes were blood shot and red. My hair had lost some of its colour and now looked a washed out red colour. The ghostly look on my face made my face unreadable.

A soft knock took me out of my gaze someone was knocking on the door.

“Who is it?” I say slowly and in a quite voice not wanting to be found. I want to be left alone, I need time to think (Plus I need to do mugglestudies… don’t forget)

As quick as I had come in I legged it to the door and launched it open pulling Neville into a loving friendly hug. I didn’t want to let go… Neville was now one of my best friends, Its weird three years ago since the Yule ball I wouldn’t have really spoken to Neville, or Luna for a matter of fact. Now here I am close to being best friends.

Neville had certainly grown over the holidays and I had to go on tiptoes to reach him which cause several amounts of pain to go through my stomach. I noticed how in a very short time Neville had become a lot braver than I thought which most people thought was impossible for Neville to do so, I almost felt they didn’t give him enough credit for who he is and what he was.

“What’s wrong?” He asked concerned leading me out of the girls dormitories and into the boys before the slide can appear taking us down to the bottom in a very rough style.

The boys room is a lot dirtier than the girls. Clothes were thrown everywhere and the windows were still shut. It was hot and stuffy and I almost wanted to run out and get fresh air.

“The Carrows. They think that I know where Harry is” My eyes filled up with tears. I’m not usually one to cry but it was all to much and even I cry at the worst of times.
Neville didn’t know what to do, it wasn’t like he had much experience in this part, I never cried it was something I rarely did and if I did I was always alone.

“Well… do you know where he is?”

I stopped crying and looked up for a second almost taken aback by what he had said.

“Of course I don’t!”

A awkward silence over took us and I quietly sniffed hoping that he wouldn’t look up to see me looking like a mess. I was embarrassed that I had broken down like that so badly in front of Neville.

Oh bloody hell… he’s going to start thinking I’m this broken mess now isn’t he… just great. Neville will look at me now as though I’m an emotional girl and never look at me the same. Bloody brilliant.

“I’m sorry I don’t usually break down like this” I say quickly making sure it was clear that I don’t usually break down like that.

He gave a soft smile still not looking up “Oh I know Ginny, I know. So what else happened, how did they try to get you to tell them?”

I shivered at the memory, I had almost forgotten, it was quite scary looking back on it, even though it had only been a few minutes since I was still shaken up about the whole matter.
I decided not to worry Neville… it was just scare him, after all that’s what happened to his parents.

“He just shouted at me… it was nothing really” I probably am going red right now, yes I definitely am because he is looking at me weirdly and I’m an amazing liar and I can usually convince people that I’m telling the truth, the only thing that gives me away is how I go red.
Stupid skin going red!
“Ginny… what did they do?” His face turned more serious now searching me for something I was hiding.


“Don’t lie”
“I’m not”
“yes you are”
“No I really am not”
“Ginny what happened?”

We continued like this for awhile and I knew it wasn’t going to end very soon so I told him, hoping he wouldn’t get to angry or scared or what ever he would do in situations like this!.

“It was nothing really… they might have used the cruciatus curse, but I’m fine… really I am”  add quickly seeing his face go to complete madness. His eyes opened wide and I was sure they would fall out. Neville’s mouth was open slowly getting bigger and bigger. “Neville it was nothing!” I cried out running over to him and shaking him madly making me more sweaty that I already was in this boiling room.

“Nothing? How can you say it was nothing Ginny… They tortured you! I LOST MY PARENTS BECAUSE OF THAT CURSE!” He yelled and I almost felt the room vibrate because of it.

I held him both hands on his shoulders keeping him up right even though he was sitting down I still felt like he was about to fall any moment. I could feel his heart rate rise and the anger course through him madly.

“Neville please I’m fine… look I’m fine” I forced him to look at me, he shaked my hand off and shuddered not able to look at me as though it brought back memories.

He looked up his eyes full of tears, I’m sure I was reminding him of his parents and how they look so broken and mad in st. Mungo’s. I’ve seen them once before when we were going to see dad in the hospital when he got bit by a snake. It almost broke my heart.

“I’m fine Neville… I’m here” I repeat feeling his arms fall less tense. I can no longer feel anger in him which I’m going to take as a good sign but his heart rate was still racing.

“We need to do something Ginny… something fast”

“What do you mean?” I ask confused by what he meant… it wasn’t the first time he had said something like that… Over the past four days since we had been at school he had said some random things which almost scared me… things such as “We need to fight back” I always wondered what he meant by fighting back, there was nothing to fight back at the time… now I understand.

It was almost as though we understood each others thought but whatever it was we both smiled at each other and said “Dumbledore’s army!” 

The mugglestudies homework was right out of my mind

Chapter 7: secret meeting in a public place, seems intelligent enough
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chapter image by MyMyMiss

 26th September

 "Yes i'm tired of waiting for you, but that doesn't mean i've given up" - quote by me (unless someone has already said it- i just made this up from the top of my head)

“Have you told everyone where to meet us?” I asked Neville when we were walking down the corridor our way to dinner.

“Yes. Although there isn’t much of us left. Most of them have either gone on the run, to old to come to Hogwarts now or too scared” Neville replied as we turned a corner.

The Carrows had come worse over the course of two weeks. After every lesson of mugglestudies and defence against the dark art I had to get out quick incase they call me back (which has happened many times). I’m supporting a whole loads of more bruises and its getting more painful every time, Neville is extremely concerned for my well being and Luna and don’t think even knows what’s going on.

Actually why were on Luna, she’s been acting really strange, like really strange. So strange Infact it makes her normal self look sane, yes that is how weird she has been acting.

Weird eh?

The only time I see her now is in lessons and at meal times, she’s been down into her work and doesn’t say anything. Her face is always pale and I’ve also noticed how whenever the mail comes she always looks up either with hope in her eyes or with fear. Its totally weird and it is worrying me too no end.

Oh and also were bringing the D.A. back if I forgot to tell you.

“Ginny are you sure we should do it in the hogshead, don’t you think that will be the place where most death eaters are going to go. It is a bit of a dodgy place, don’t you reckon” He looked at me with concern filling his eyes, was he really considering changing places?

I however am completely sure that it will be fine.

“Neville I’m sure no death eater in their right mind would go to the hogshead. They probably want luxury and comfort, and without disrespecting the person who owns it, the place is far from being clean” Neville gives a small smile which makes me smile. No one is rarely cheery these days, its just too cold and dark to. Everywhere you go people are sitting at the edge of their seat scared out of their wits.

I mean I haven’t even spotted any random couple kissing in a broom closet yet, that is how dark it had got!

Although I don’t see why they are so scared of kissing, why are the Carrows going to care if you kiss? Although what do I know.

Hogsmeade was tomorrow and I couldn’t wait to start with the D.A. meeting’s, it would be just like old times, wouldn’t it? Just with a few of the important people missing. Actually all the important people missing, but we’ll cope… I’m sure… I think… yeah we will, won’t we?
I worry too much sometimes




Sunlight came through the windows making my eyes hurt. Don’t you just hate the morning light, it just so stings your eyes.

I was surprised to see it actually sunny, we don’t get a lot of it these days, usually the air is cold as ice and the wind is just too strong, I’m almost thankful we don’t play quiddittch this year.

“Hey Ginny” Sarah smiled at me across the room combing her hair through with a brush. I nodded and smiled at her but didn’t say anything else, I think my voice has gone. This always happens when I wake up, I almost feel like I can’t talk.

Don’t worry I’ll be chatting away in a few eyes like I always do cause I’m such a chatter box.

“so… who are you going too Hogsmeade with?” She smirks at me and winks before putting  a spell on her hair which makes it instantly straight. I don’t even know that spell! Her hair is truly amazing.

WAIT! Hang on does she think I’m going with Neville… for the last time, I do not like Neville!

“Well I’m going with Neville and Luna” I yawn placing a hand over my mouth to cover it up. I’m not actually sure if Luna was coming, I haven’t had time to ask her, she’s been dodging me and Neville ever since the incident with the slytherine’s. But I said she was coming too just to make sure she doesn’t think me and Neville are a couple, because we are not.

“Really? Cool, I’m going with Michael corner” Sarah beamed starting to put makeup all over her. I don’t know why she bothers, she’s beautiful anyway, she shouldn’t even use makeup to cover up.

I sniffled a laugh but made it seem like I was coughing. It was widely known that Michael corner was my ex. He was ridicules as a boyfriend. I only really liked him cause he checked my homework for me. He was completely useless, I mean he didn’t even remember that it was valentines day! That’s how stupid he was. I didn’t want anything big for it , I’m not that kind of person, but to forget completely that is a whole different thing!

“So what’s going on with you and Neville?” she asked setting her things aside and sitting on the bed egar for gossip.

I raise my eyebrows at her, sigh and simply say “nothing”

“Nothing? Or do you mean its complicated” She smiles at me before handing me some magically swift mascara. I love magic makeup because it’s the only makeup that you can go out in the rain in and not get wet. And you don’t have to get a napkin to wipe it all off, instead you can just use your wand. Its amazing!

But anyway… why do I need it, I’m not impressing anyone.

“You it” She directs pointing at the vial of mascara “I’ll get you some clothes. Neville won’t know what hit him”

I really don’t think my eyes can open any further.

How the hell do I get myself out of this one?
“Here… this outfit will do perfectly” Sarah called out from her own wardrobe. How anything in there will be able to fit me I will never know. Sarah is like a size four (she actually is), while I’m a size eight. I’m double her size!

I don’t even think I was looking at it properly. I mean nothing ever could be that sexy. It was a poker dot corset top that had frills at the bottom. I’m sure that it would cling to me and make my breasts look huge. The fine forest green fabric looked beautiful.

But guess what? There is no way in hell I would be caught wearing that… so long as I’m alive anyway.



After much convincing and me being so stubborn as I am (thank god I inherited that from mum! bless you mum, bless you) the top was thrown back in her trunk where it belongs. I however didn’t get out of the makeup part and was attacked by mascara, foundation and all of that crap. I felt like a doll. No jokes.

Walking down the girls staircase I knew I would get all embarrassed and in some ways I’m glad I have makeup on. It will cover all the pinkness on my face.

“Sarah you do realise there is nothing between me and Neville, right?” I say my face screwed up in concentration and worry about what’s going to happen next. I’ve never dressed up before, and I’m sure Neville will notice this, he isn’t stupid you know!

I was now wearing a simple dark purple tank top with skinny jeans. I feel comftable in jeans. Problem?

“Ginny its ok to deny your feelings. But I bet he likes you back” She sent me a supportive smile as the final steps came closer.

I panicked! I really did… I didn’t know what to do. I mean I don’t like Neville, what if the whole school thought I liked Neville? I really don’t. I like Harry, Harry Potter. You know that boy who is of fighting the dark lord.

Something in me snapped and I pulled away from Sarah’s arms looking angrily at her.

“SARAH! LISTEN HERE… I do not like Neville. Never had, never will. I don’t think he’s sexy or hot or anything except my friend. He is kind, and friendly but no where near anything to a boyfriend. He also doesn’t like me back!” I hissed at her and I walked out through the girls staircase leaving her in extreme shock and to be honest she looks quote frightened.

Damn.. Now I feel guilty.
Neville was waiting for me outside and I almost dragged him out of the common room by the arm in my fit of rage.

Might as well make an exit!

“Ginny what is going on?” Neville said finally pulling away from the grasp that I had hold of him. He looked panicked and his eyes were popping out of their sockets.

I didn’t have time to answer because Luna came skipping down the corridor. But as soon as she saw us she turned back dropping all of her books and looked like she was about to break down in tears.

“WAIT LUNA!” I called after her running after her and immediately managed to catch up with her because she was only doing a quick walk. And me? Well lets just say I’m a fast runner.

“oh hello Ginny” she says her dreamy eyes boring into mine, acting as though she had only just seen me.

“Luna what’s going on?” I ask her looking at her with true concern.

Her eyes look dreamy for a second, then pained, back to dreamy.

“nothing at all”


“Yes Ginny?”

“What’s wrong?”


“Are you going to Hogsmeade. I must say the weather is with us today, it’s a perfect day” She changes the subject quickly “Oh yes… it’s the D.A. thing today. I’ll be there I promise”

And with that she skipped back down the hall leaving me and Neville staring after her with complete and utter shock.

We must have been standing there for about five minutes in complete silence both of us pondering on what the hell was going on with Luna. I remembered her getting all worked up about her dad, but surely he was fine> probably just a slytherine prank. Unless she believed what they were saying, Luna is commonly known for believing everything she hears.

“Ginny! I’m going after Luna… you’ll have to start the meeting without us because I might be awhile. And if you don’t go now, you won’t get there in time” I hurriedly said staring down at his muggle clock on his arm that said it was twelve already.

We said we would meet everyone at half twelve.

And it takes about half an hour to get to hogsmeade, and that’s just when your running… then you have to travel through all the crowded streets to get to the hogshead.

“bloody hell… ok, I’ll see you soon”

I ran down all the corridors leaving Neville behind to find Luna who I’m sure had already left to go down to hogsmeade and Neville would have to do a lot of running to get down to her.




The streets were packed full of people. I’m pretty sure everyone who was allowed to go did go. Hogsmeade trips were the only time away from the castle during school time. The castle was no longer a safe environment it was much like prison nowadays. I felt a sense of freedom that I hadn’t felt in a long time. And it was a great feeling.

Even though half the place was filled with students, no adult people could be seen around apart from perhaps the odd brave man or women walking down the street hurriedly afraid of the death eaters.

There was many death eaters about and I almost wanted to go over there and punch on of the right in the face.

Of course that would be a stupid thing to do and most probably get me sent to prison for it.

The majority of the shops had been closed down too, and I only hoped that the hogshead wasn’t one of them. Honeydukes was boarded up and many students from the outside were looking up at it sad to see our favourite sweet place closed, some young third year girls were even crying over it.

The owl shop was open but death eaters were standing guard outside of it and all the children around it were debating on whether to go in or not.

I was still running and the hottest of the sun was starting to show on me because I was sweating. Attractive eh?

Eventually I arrived, covered in sweat to find everyone who was coming was there.

They all looked impatiently at me and I even saw that some were just about to get up and looked relived to see me finally.

There wasn’t many there. Last time there was thirty or so. Now only twelve of us remained.

But it didn’t matter… we will cope. And we will fight back, no matter how many of us there are, we will fight together.

“Finally you’re here” moaned Zacharias smith. My brother was right, he is a toss pot.

I smiled at everyone but no one returned it except the Patil twins. They are really sweet those two, I love them.

We all waited quietly for a few minutes. I was sitting at the front with everyone else in front of me. I was hoping Neville and Luna would be alone soon. The only noise that could be heard was the noise of dirty cups being cleaned by even more dirty napkins.

The person who owned the pub looked around completely surprised by how many people were in the room. His eyes popping out and he wasn’t even looking at what he was cleaning just stared transfixed on all of us. After a few minutes he started squinting his eyes at all of us almost curious. And he definitely looked like someone I knew…I just don’t know who.

There was no one else in the hogshead and the question of “how the hell is this place still running?” popped into my head.

“What are we waiting for exactly?” Smith moaned again narrowing his eyes at me.

“For you to learn how to be patient!” I said back warning him not to speak again.

I think he got the message. Probably the image of me throwing him a bat bogey hex was still in his mind.

The door opened and Luna and Neville came in smiling at one another and holding hands. They both walked over to us and sat down next to… WAIT hold on, why are they holding hands?

“Hello everyone” Luna chirped as though everything was back to normal. What the hell?

I shook my head and focused on the meeting. Focus Ginny focus.

“As you all know the school has become more like a prison than a actual school” I say talking with extreme caution incase I mess up. Actually I prepared a speech, but it would be so like me to forget “We need to start fighting back!” I say enthusiastically

I was hopping that the room would all nod in agreement. None came. Bloody typical.

Now I look stupid.

“Neville help” I whisper to him desperately from the corner of my mouth smiling like an idiot.

Neville stood up and I slowly loomed into the background and taking a seat.

I’m bloody surprised (and relived) that Neville did that for me, usually he would back down at big crowed meeting things. Well guess what guys… Neville has changed, and I’m glad he has.

“you-know-who is stronger than ever before. Its not like it was with umbridge. She was nothing compared to these we… need” damn it! He was doing to well. Neville seemed to realize he was standing in a room full of people and suddenly forgot everything he was going to say, just like I did. “we need… to… um… start learning more things so we can…. Fight… um… the death eaters?”

“ and we need to get the school back. Last lesson Alecto Carrow made us all write a essay about muggles. She wanted it all to be horrid stuff about them. I wasn’t sure what to do in that essay because I wanted to be nice and all but I also didn’t want to get told off. She told us all if we didn’t write what she wanted us to write she would put us all in detention for a week where we would all miss dinner, then we would all go hungry. But the Hogwarts food also isn’t as good as it was before, especially the pudding” Luna rambled looking around at everyone dreamily and a proud look supported onto her face.

Everyone (even me and Neville who was no used to her ramblings) looked up at her with confusion. Luna didn’t even realised everyone had gone quite because of her comment. Even the pub owner stopped his scrubbing because of it.

“um… yes” Neville said as Luna started to hum to herself as she looked around at everyone “We need to learn spells that are actually going to help us in this war. We don’t need the dark arts to help us. Harry helped us all two years ago, now he’s gone-” A lump appeared in my throat at the mention of his name “We need to learn how to defend ourselves”

“But what about newts… they are this year and I don’t want to fail at them” Some heads turned towards the speaker who just so happened to be Susan bone.

I stood up this time “you think the wizarding world cares what grades you get?” I say to her with a angry tone in my voice “Once you get out of here the death eaters are probably going to except you become a death eater, either that or you die. If we fight back now we might be able to stop it”

Susan sank back down into her seat pink patches appearing on her cheeks. I know I shouldn’t have had a go at her, but she bloody well deserved it.

“But Harry’s not here, so who’s going to lead?” Lavender Brown piped up “I suppose you could Ginny, Ron was very good with spells, as his sister you would be just as good” She smiled at the mention of Ron’s name. I don’t think she even noticed she was making a fool off herself.

“I think Neville would be the leader” I said quickly taking a glance at him and watching his face turn to me in disbelief.

“WHAT! No Ginny not me” He yelled out to everyone making the pub owner look up again at us and look curiously over “I’ll mess u… I’m terrible at casting spells”
Some people nodded in agreement with Neville because they really didn’t want him to be our leader. I did though, and I knew he would be great. And I’m not backing down easily.

“Neville you’d be great” Wait! I didn’t even say that.

Hannah abbot had come to the front and was looking directly at Neville saying these words.

Neville blushed a lot and nodded a bit.
“You would be exceptionally good Neville. Your really hard working and you’ve changed, You know lots of spells and your very brave, you’re a true Gryffindor because of that” Luna said taking his hands in hers. I noticed how for a second she glanced at Hannah almost jealously at her.

Neville didn’t realise, he was far to busy about worrying about the D.A.

“Fine I will” He said his face scrunched up as though he was trying to figure something out “But if I screw it all up, its your fault”

Chapter 8: Fighting back
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 3rd October


chapte image by AzureSeas@TDA

“Muggles are gullible, they’ll believe anything. You tell them and they will think of it. There is no two different kinds of muggle, all are plain and dirty” Alecto went on and on making me bored, bored, bored.

I’m drawing a picture of a teapot I’m that bored, I don’t even like drawing.

“So are you saying that muggles don’t have personalities?” Luna questioned raising her hand.

Ever since her talk with Neville she’s become a bit more happier. No longer is her face pale and she is back to asking the teacher harmless questions that tick the teacher of. Of course Luna somehow always gets out of detention.

“No they don’t. The only thing that is similar between us and them is that we are human, otherwise they are better of a different species that should be slaughtered because they are dangerous” She answered glaring at Luna.
“But I know one muggle, she’s kind and nice and when I help at home she always gives me some pudding. Then there is this other boy who is always mean to me and picks on me because of what I wear. He’s not very nice and they both of have completely different personality’s. I think if you met the nice girl you would think of her like I do” Luna continues raising a debt between her and the teacher. }I wanted to give a loud laugh but knew I would be in a detention the second it escapes my lips.

“Exactly Lovegood. That is my point. The first girl is dangerous because she is trying to lure you in, she is using you and the second-”

“But professor how would you know that if you don’t know her personally… she really is nice, and her pudding is delicious-“

“SHUT UP!” Carrow boomed causing the ceiling to vibrate and shake.

One boy even fell out of his seat… clumsy idiot.

“Lovegood I’ll give you one warning, no more speaking out of turn!”

The bell rang just as she was about to write something on the black board, something nasty about muggles I image.

Yep I’m almost certain it would have been. Or perhaps homework.
“And thanks to Lovegood I’m giving you all homework. Nine foot essay about muggles and why they don’t have a personality and why they should be on this earth. You should find a book about it in the library. Now LEAVE” yes, would have 100% have been about muggles.

Everyone swung their bags over their shoulders quickly and quick walked out the door. There was a fight in the hallway to see who could get away the quickest.

“Well that class was extra interesting. I’m going to go find Neville...” Luna said to me in her usual dreamy voice. I was glad to have her back.
“Ok, just don’t forget about tonight” I whispered to her as quietly as I can without causing to much attention.
Oh yeah, must have forgot… the D.A. meeting is tonight, I thought you ought to know.

“What is going on tonight Weasley?” A cold voice hissed behind me sending chills down my back…. And it scared the crap out of me.

I thought quickly… excuses flew through my mind, each getting less believable by the second and I knew if I didn’t answer quick I’d be in big trouble. My hands are starting to sweat and I know she can see that I’m nervous.

Were going to have a girls night- nah she’s a Ravenclaw wouldn’t be able to get in

Going hunting- What the hell? Like she’ll believe me OR allow it.

Were just chilling out- Then she’ll ask where we are chilling.

Were going to jump out of a window and see what happens – um ok?

What the hell is wrong with me? I’m an amazing liar, if I got a gallon every time I lied to mum and got away with it I’d be rich. Not even a gallon, perhaps a knut, I’d still be bloody rich. I blame Carrow, its her fault I’ve lost my lying ability.

“Me and Luna need to hand a book in to the library” I say the next most believable excuse that came to my mind.

I’m so stupid really.

“ah.. well, I’ll be sure to ask the librarian if you arrived and what book you handed in and when you took it out. After all I don’t want you reading things that would give you bad ideas” She narrowed her eyes at me to see if I was lying at all. Of course I know how to put your facial expression when you’re lying.

You keep your face straight, be sure to breath properly or it might give it away. Don’t fiddle with your hands, it gives you away. Make sure you close your mouth because it looks weird if you have it open as though it looks like your worried about something, don’t raise your eyebrows and all will be fine… I think.

Or I hope so.

“Very well… GO!”

I quick walk down the hall incase she changes her mind, I’ve seen it in those muggle films where they say you can go and then they call you back and go “Actually I’ve changed my mind” Then they shoot each other with these muggle wand things. I watch to much, its dads fault, he thought it would be cool to get a muggle TV in his shed. I went to explore, found it and decided to put a film on. I had nightmares I swear. Those muggle wands are scary.


“Luna do you have a library book?” I rush over to her desperate for a freaking book so that we can actually hand one in today!. Like no one has a book, I’ve asked all the Gryffindors that I know, Neville said he had some Herbology books that I could use so long as he gets them back, but of course he’s not going to get it back… I’m handing it in, duh!

“Unfortunately no I don’t…. unless you need something that sorts out these magical insects that give you dragon pox, then I sadly can’t help you. If you want the book its called ‘deadly mythical creatures’ Its really interesting. Plus if you say the curse properly the Bardi go away” I don’t think she gets the title of that book and that it says “mythical” creatures on it!

“Damn” I moan, a worried look probably coming onto my face but I don’t care “Carrow over heard me saying to remember about tonight so I told her we were giving a book in at the library”

Luna looks like she’s thinking. Its quite a funny look really, she still looks dreamy but you can still tell her brain is thinking and it’s a really funny look. Oh I love Luna, but you’ve got to say she is weird.

“Thinking about it, I think that Neville has some books, I gave him some about herbol-”

“already asked him, said he wanted them back, but if we hand them in we won’t be able to get them back will we” I say, I feel like this is a hopeless cause.. what the hell are we going to do? Its completely insane, were not going to arrive up at the library and if we do, we won’t have anything to hand in and Carrow then will ask madam prince what we handed in and she’ll be like in her really strict voice “no students came to hand books in” and then she’ll put us in detention for lying and then she’ll kill us and then my family will drive insane, mum will miss her only daughter so much and get all depressed, this would eventually cause her and dad to split.

Then the ministry would find out that Ron really isn’t at home with  Spattergroit and it was the ghoul all along. This will cause my whole family to go into hiding and they won’t be able to go to work meaning we will get any poorer, Bill and fleur will end up arguing cause phlegm won’t be able to afford her beauty products and also divorce, Charlie will be fine because he’s of in Romania. Then there is Percy who’ll also have no idea because he’ll turn to the dark side. Fred and George will stop joking around because everyone around them is depressed and therefore also get depressed.

I need to desperately find a book, like seriously.

“I’m sure one of the teachers could help, Professor Flitwick is nice. Professor flitwick has loads of books, he sometimes lends me books from the library so long as I return them to the library. We could go ask him” Luna replied a smile playing on his face.

I nodded, not sure whether going to a teacher is the best thing to do in this situation, what if they ask why we want a book?

“Yeah ok, but can we go now, I want to get it over and done with and make sure it doesn’t overlap with the D.A.” I whispered the last bit before dragging Luna to her feet.

Luna looked excitedly around at everything, I’ll admit I’m a bit fond of how she can stay calm in a situation, or perhaps she doesn’t realise how bad it will get if Carrow finds out.




“Yes you can borrow some miss Lovegood, but can I ask why?” The tiny professor flitwick chirped almost falling over with the weight of the books.

“Oh nothing really, its just that me and Ginny need help with Nargles, some books might distract them, its widely known that they like to read” Luna said casually like they were discussing something that everyone talked about over dinner.

Flitwick didn’t say anything he just rolled his eyes, it was almost like he was used to her blabbing about random things.

“Thank you professor”

We left the charms class and quick walked down the hall, not too fast incase Carrow came around the corner and gave us a detention for running in corridors, but quick enough to get to the library quickly.

“Ooo! This books about the founders of Hogwarts, it looks quite interesting, did you know that Helga hufflepuff was exceptionally good at healing?” Luna said looking dreamily at the book but still managed to walk fast at the same time without tripping.

Wow… she has steady balance, I would have tripped by now if it were me.

“Come on we need to hurry, the meeting starts in twenty minutes and we still need to get up to the seventh floor” I started jogging slowly.

We arrived soon. The library was much to quite, no soul was in site and I felt rather lonely even though Luna was next to me. There was the odd noise of flapping books and madam prince occasionally turning a page in the book she was reading.

No couple in the corner were kissing, not even the hurried whispers of girls exchanging gossip, or boys up to no good trying to pull a prank that could rival Fred and George.

It was completely empty and me and Luna looked out of place.

“What do you want girls? Or are you just going to stand there?” Madam prince barked glaring at us. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought she didn’t want people to be in her library.

“We want to hand this in” I held my hand out for her to take the book, she snatched it quickly as though is she waited a second to long her hand might blow off.

The quite suddenly the old women’s face became desperate and a silent tear ran down her cheek.

“Aw yes, this book used to be in the restricted section it did. Now anyone is free to use it. My library has changed, and not for the good, young minds imaginations are being polluted with blood and guts” She sniffed and I felt sorry for her.

She blew her nose on a extremely dusty handkerchief and realised that we were there.

“Well… what are you still doing here? Do you have some other book to give me?” She Cried, angry tears falling down her cheek making her eyes all blood shot.

Is it wrong that I want to hug this women even though she shouting at me?

“Actually I want to take out some books, do you mind?” Luna replied smiling from ear to ear. I think she’s just trying to be nice, but never the less I’m going, we need to get to D.A. otherwise were going to be late.

Outside the stain glassed windows I could just see the last image of the sun falling behind the forbidden forest and out of site. It was the most amazing site ever, the beautiful scenery caught Luna’s eye and after awhile we just stood smiling.

“Yes I do mind actually, I want you to leave, LEAVE!” Madam prince yelled but at the same time crying, perhaps she just wants us to leave so she can cry on her own.

Both me and Luna hurried out of there without a second hesitation, I’ve seen that women hit boys over the head with books before and most of them come out crying.

“Lets go, cause were going to be late”




Just so you know, we are late, by exactly ten minutes and 56 seconds, I counted cause I’m sad like that.

When we arrived Neville has surprisingly already got started, he’s come a long way this year and its only been one month.

Last year he was a scrawny boy who honestly had not Gryffindor in him, this year Neville has been transformed into a wonderful boy who is brave just like his parents and actually has a place in this war.

“Sorry we are late” I whispered to Neville trying to come in without making to much noise, Luna had gone of into the corner where all the books are and watching everyone else perform things that looked like defence spells.

“Its ok, I’m just going through the basics” He whispered back and then said in a confident voice that almost didn’t sound like Neville’s “ok, I’m going to get you all into pairs”

He went around the room pairing random people together, most people moaned but some just got on with it.

Within two minutes everyone in the room had a partner. I of course was paired of with the loveliest person ever, Lavender freaking Brown. And if you don’t know her then that’s good, its saving you from a lifetime of a headache.

“Hello there Ginny” Lavender smiled at me, I knows she’s just trying to be nice, but she could do it in a less annoying way.

“Hi” I reply moodily.

“Oo! Did you get up the wrong side of the bed today?” She asks with a sweet and don’t forget irritating smile on her face, eyebrows raised as though she really wants to know the answer.
“Lets just get started shall we?”

She nodded enthusiastically and stepped about ten foot away from me and raised her wand

“STUPIFY!” She yelled

The spell came towards me and I quickly reacted not wanting the spell to hit me (well, who would?)

“Protego! Confundus” I screamed back hoping that Lavender doesn’t have as quick reflexes as I do.

She looked around confused for a minute or two. She first stared at the ceiling as though it was a foreign object she had never seen before and then down at her wand that was in her hand uselessly.

I took the time too look around at everyone in the room.

Luna was with Hannah. Luna was off course winning, this might have been due to the face Hannah kept loosing herself by looking at Neville and Luna was just getting extremely angry and sending curse after curse at her and with Luna’s duel skills I’d be surprised if she lost.
Neville was with dean. They both looked equal, none were hurt but both were sending curses at each other and dodging. Seamus was with that Ravenclaw girl on the train who was Cho’s friend. She seemed like a pretty good fighter and was making Seamus back of but he was still blocking every spell she sent at him.

Susan Bones was duelling with Zacharias Smith who was failing miserable at keeping her back. The two Patil twins were together both as good as one another. And those were the only people I actually knew in the room.
Before I knew it Lavender had regained her focus and was back to firing spells at me.

After about twenty minutes everyone was too tired to continue and found it hard even to lift there wand to cast spells.

Although Luna still had plenty of energy and I’m surprised that Hannah isn’t dead by now with how many spells have hit her.

“Ok guys, I think that will be all for now… our next meeting will be in two days” Neville beamed at everyone and telling people without words that he was proud of them and himself.

“Well…” Smith moaned looking stupid “What are we learning next meeting?”

Stupid Zacharias.

“Well that’s a bit stupid, shouldn’t you have all the lessons planned” He looked seriously at Neville just trying to find things to bring Neville down.

And of course it worked, because Neville looked down at the floor clearly ashamed.
“Were learning the best way to chuck a person out of a window, you’ll do for out test out” I shouted fiercely back at him glaring through him and hoping he gets the picture.

But of course this is bloody Zacharias smith, I’d gladly take a million of lavender Browns so long as it keeps me from him.

“I’m just saying that he should, proper teachers have things planned out. I don’t even know why Neville is the teacher”

“SHUT UP!” someone screamed from behind.

I turned around to find Hannah Abbot there as red as anything sending daggers at Smith, her eyes going threw him like knives. If looks could kill he would be dead on the floor already.

Luna coughed next to me and hurried over to Neville before Hannah could get out of her anger and actually start looking normal again.

Zacharias looked completely mental and scared out of his mind. His eyes were popping out and his mouth was wide open and I’m sure I saw him take a step back.




7th October


The next meeting wasn’t that interesting. Neville decided to teach us some blocking spells that I had found earlier that day.

He also told us to watch out for the Carrows, and perhaps to find information out about them. This was Luna’s idea, she thinks it might be good to find out there background and maybe use it against them. I doubt it will help though, the Carrows have far more on us.

It was morning and I was chewing on some toast. Some people at the Gryffindor table looked around at me weirdly. I don’t really care to be honest.

The quibbler had just arrived giving its normal news on how we should support Harry. There was only one page about nargles, which I suppose is good.

I don’ t have any homework. Teachers have been going easy on us all year, the only homework I’ve gotten all week are in muggles studies and defence against the dark arts and I’ve finished all those. I don’t think people like professor McGonagall actually care about grades anymore, its become much more than that this war has.

A barn owl swopped in the hall and landed next to me with a letter.



How are you? Don’t worry were fine, but your dads struggling with work, They’ve demoted him and says that if he isn’t careful he won’t have a job soon. But its ok dear we will be fine. Please come home for Christmas and don’t stay at school, I want you in my sight as much as possible. I’m begging you not to do anything stupid at school or try to put up a protest or something, I don’t know what I would do if anything happened to you. Bill and Fleur occasionally vist and they want to send you their love. Again, don’t worry about us we will be fine.

Lots of love



There was a few kisses at the end and I traced them over with my hand wishing mum was actually there with me. I miss her that’s all. I miss everyone.

I want to cry and curl up in a ball somehow, but I’ll survive, I’m not weak and I will never be.

I was frustrated, I wasn’t sure whether or not to continue with this business with the D.A. It put my family in danger and I wasn’t sure whether that was worth the risk. Don’t take me wrong, I’m a risky person and all, but this could lead to bigger consequences.

“Another meeting next Friday” Neville said proudly puffing his chest out proud to say he leads a very important meeting.

“Hey guys” Luna came over and grabbed some of our croissants and stuffed them in her mouth in one “Have you seen daddy’s article. Its been the biggest hit yet, he has got loads of money for it and promises me to buy me new earrings for it. They are quite pretty actually… they have a unique crystal in them which is only found in a knarl’s mouth” Luna rambled again going on about her imagination world. I love Luna though for this, its quite cute really.

Neville was staring off into space at something that I really don’t care about while I flicked through the daily prophet.
“Got to go” Neville sighed in a dreamy tone that could match Luna’s.

He left leaving me and Luna looking after him with a puzzled look on each others face.

“Lovegood, tell your father to stop selling these papers” Alecto Carrow marched up to us with a angry look on his face that he was finding hard to control.

“They aren’t papers actually, they are magazines, daddy gets mad whenever someone says that are papers because a paper is the daily prophet a magazine-”

“I DON’T CARE!” He barked “I JUST WANT IT TO STOP!” his eyes popped out staring at Luna hungrily who was just looking up at him with interest and was quite calm.

“ok” She said simply before skipping of.

Without even looking down at me Carrow narrowed his eyes and said “and I suggest you Weasley keep a low key, don’t want you and your worthless family to get into even more trouble, do we?”

Without thinking, without even planning it raging fury came over me and before I could resist I was on my feet yelling “MY FAMILY ARE NOT WORTHLESS. PERHAPS YOU SHOULD HAVE A GOOD LOOK AT YOUR OWN STINKING FAMILY BEFORE JUSDGING MINE!”

The great hall fell silent and the only sound I could hear was the maddened breath of Carrow breathing furiously at me.

I knew I was in trouble.

Chapter 9: Are you thinking about me to?
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beautiiul CI by AzureSeas@TDA 

“Sometimes I stay awake at night and think about you, wondering if your thinking about me to”- again by me 

4th October

“Get to the headmasters office now, I’ll meet you there” He said calmly but with a force in his voice that I’ve never quite heard before.

I transfixed my eyes on him and slowly nodded scared of the outcome. What the bloody hell have I done?

He slowly walked back down to the teachers table and left me standing there not sure where to go from there, do I go to the headmasters office now or wait?

I decided to go now, at least it will stop everyone’s horrified looks from the room. It was dead quite and if you listened very carefully you could hear people breathing slowly fearing what will happen next. The problem wasn’t that everyone was watching me, it was that I was aware of them watching, and that made the situation ten times worse.

Carefully I made my way up the hall, wouldn’t it be just my luck that I fell over in front of the whole school?

I wanted to run, get away from the school, I didn’t want to go to the headmaster, what would he do? Snapes a coward and a fraud  and I don’t want to see his face in my site telling me off for yelling at a respected teacher. I don’t care anyway.

The bell rang and I heard the everyone in the hall start to descend. All probably trying to catch up with me asking. And I certainly don’t want that.

Its either Snape or the whole population of the school ratterling me, no contest, I’m choosing Snape.

I ran the rest of the way, my bag swinging painfully at me but I didn’t stop I could hear everyone behind me chatting in loud whispers to each other. Talking about the recent event that had just occurred right before their eyes.

Bloody hell, I’m going to expelled! Or if not I’ll be killed or at the very least tortured and put in a year of detention. I’m not to sure if I’ll be able to survive that, didn’t I say to myself I wouldn’t get into any trouble, what the hell have I bloody done.

I expect Luna and Neville are trying to find me, hear all the details and such.

I arrived at the old gargoyle statue. The statue was truly beautiful, I’ve never really taken in its beauty until now.

I’ve never wanted to cry so much in my life. It was like being forced to walk to my death.

The funny thing was I didn’t even know the password. And the weird thing is I feel like I’m asking for a password for my own death, cause you know there is no way I’m going to manage to wriggle out of this, there is no excuse for shouting at a teacher, especially one who is a death eater.


I have no idea how long I was standing there for. I know first period has gone by because of the bell that went of not to long ago and the fact that a mass of students came piling down the corridor not moments before.

It was only after I had just about given up that when Alecto came down the corridor, his eyes wide and his usual moody face on. When he caught site of me his face instantly turned smug and a smirk played onto his face.

“I thought you would have left” He eyes me cautiously “Its emerald eyes”

Huh? What’s he on about emerald eyes?

I took a moment to look at him confused for a minute when he nodded towards the gargoyle impatiently with a glare proudly on his face.

“Emerald eyes” I say to the gargoyle, I just know it’s a funny trick that he is playing with me. I mean come on! Who has a password like that its completely random and –

It sprung to life and I only had seconds to jump onto it before it descended up with Carrow who was still waiting behind me puffing madly at me, he was getting impatient.

“Your just like the rest of you family, Lazy and stupid and thinks that they can get away with everything, even your good-for nothing brother Percy is a annoyance to the ministry. But no more, no more” He snarled, testing my ability to stay calm, which I did even though my blood was boiling more than before. I may hate Percy but he’s still my family and nothing will ever change that.

I lost myself in a daydream remembering Percy as a kid, he was such a fun person back then, he often reminded me of Fred and George but then on his first year of school he changed and no longer was he fun and carefree.

Before I knew it I was standing in front of Snape a curious look upon his face looking at me. I couldn’t look at his traitorous face and found myself looking around the room at anything impaticular.

There was portrait, lots of them. Most were sleeping except one that was Albus Dumbledore, I’m surprised they kept it up to be honest. He too was looking down at me with curiosity but his face showed more kindness that snape and I could actually look at his portrait without feeling a sense of betrayal.

“This Weasley here decided that she was better than everyone else Severus” Carrow looked outraged for a moment and his eyes bulged open. It was all a act, he wanted to seem more exaggerate than he actually was “She took it upon herself to embarrass me in public” again he said with a bitterness in his voice that was icy and cold and I knew it was towards me.

“Do you have anything to say Weasley?” Snape turned to me determined to get me to look at him, his eyes searching me hungrily and I knew I couldn’t resist any longer.

I turned towards him but looked behind him to make it seem like I was looking. I’m not sure I can look at him, it would make me remember everything that has happened and realise that this is the man that killed the world, if it wasn’t for him then Dumbledore would still be here, as would Harry… with me.

I wanted to say something, tell him what I wanted to say make him pay for what he did, but something made me keep quite, perhaps it was the look that Albus Dumbledore was giving me from his portrait but I just couldn’t speak, my mouth was closed shut.

I had to give a slow nod because I couldn’t speak, it was the best I could do.

“good” He said icily his eyes transfixed on me, he narrowed his eyes as though trying to find something out but I closed my mind of anything, wouldn’t want him finding out about the D.A. would I?

Its harder than it seems clearing your mind of everything you know?

He stayed for a moment longer like that and I found my eyes once again looking around the room. It was still as grand as usual with the golden staircase and the many books and portraits around the room, but now the prized ornaments Dumbledore kept were gone and I felt a odd sense of coldness around the room that gave me a-

Hang on? Is that the sword of Gryffindor?

Yes I’m sure it is, the fine blade was unmissable I can’t believe It wasn’t the first thing I noticed when coming in. The fine rubies at the end was clear as gold and thought back of the chamber of secrets came back to me. This was the sword Harry saved my life with.

Wait! Isn’t this the sword Harry was given in his will but never received. Bloody hell it is.

I probably looks stupid staring at the wall, I know I did because the two people next to me (I refuse to call them teachers) turned to me suspiciously.

I noticed that out of the corner of my eye the picture of Dumbledore nod just a fraction of a bit and I knew my thoughts were correct, this was the sword that Harry was given and clearly needs to fight this war, why else would he give it to him?

“I will let you off with a warning Weasley, and trust me this is a one off” Snape signed impatiently clearly bored of my company and Alecto’s “If I find out you are up to anything you will be out of this school before you can say Hogwarts”

I turned to leave, my legs were shaking and I was about to pass out. I just felt so dizzy being in this room again, it brought back everything.

But the thought of the sword was still in my mind and I knew I just had to get to Neville and Luna to tell them everything, about everything.

“Wait! What about Potter, she knows where he is” Whispered Alecto in a growling whisper that I could hear dead easy.

“Let her go” Snape said simply not even looking up from the form he was writing. I hope his hands start to hurt from all the writing!




I couldn’t sleep. My head was hurting badly and I felt like it was about to explode. No matter what way I turned I couldn’t sleep, every angle was uncomftable.

Not only that Harry kept popping into my mind and I wasn’t sure what to do about it, I kept thinking of the D.A. or something but it still reminded me of him. I couldn’t even think about Quiddittch without them image of him looming somewhere in the background.

I sometimes wonder if he’s thinking about me too, does he care I’m here at Hogwarts again left behind. Probably not he’s too busy, as usual.
Darn it Ginny can’t you at least me grateful for once, I’m so selfish, I should just be thankful that I got a few months with him, that I at least got to kiss the great famous Harry Potter.
I don’t see him as the boy who lived now though (perhaps when I was little) now I just see him as Harry, just Harry.

Sometimes in my mind I see him lying dead. Most the times I wake up screaming with sweat rolling down me.

I don’t think I would be able to cope letting him go once and for all. I wonder if perhaps he regrets breaking up with me somehow?

Sometimes I wish I could help him with his what ever he is up to, even if I’m not there with him, even though he didn’t want me there with him….

Then suddenly a thought occurred to me, it was like a light bulb had been switched on inside of my head and I knew instantly this was how I can help… I need to find Luna and Neville immediately, I don’t care what the time is


A/N only a small chapter, I didn’t have time to update fast, pleas review it would mean a lot to hear some feedback. I've also just finished the last chapter on this, i wanted to do it first before I actually write the story, it helps to give me guidlines and I hope you all find it to be a powerful piece of writing

Chapter 10: The sword of gryffindor
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amazing ci by randompotterink@TDA, its truley beautiful so thank-you

 31st October

My heart pounded dangerously, when they say it feels like there heart is going to burst out of their chest, they ain’t lying!

Neville and Luna walked beside me both looking scared as hell, well Neville, he was pale the colour of paper. Luna however looked excitedly around at everything it was almost as though she had been waiting for this adventure.

I don’t know what I’m feeling. I’m bloody frightened out of my mind that’s for sure but that feeling sort of gave me a rush of eagerness and thrill flooded through me as though the feeling of being scared out of my mind gave me this. Perhaps I liked the feeling of being afraid. No- that sounds bad, how can anyone like the feeling of that, it’s a horrible thought.

Stupid me.

Then why the hell do I feel like this?

Oh well, focus Ginny, focus.

I’ve been so used to telling myself to focus this year I’ve stopped bothering. I’ve at least said it one hundred times in the two months that I’ve been as school, every lesson, doing homework that entails being horrible to muggles and explaining the wand movements for the killing curse, when I’m in detention, trying to get asleep at night. So yeah! I’ve said it a lot.

“Should we just go back now?” Neville whispered to me looking around the corner to check if anyone has coming.

Oh god, I haven’t even told you what were up too, you must be thinking “what the hell are we doing out and sneaking about” Stupid me forgot to tell you. Were going out to steal the sword of Gryffindor, nothing major just about to risk our lives for this god forsaken war. So yeah, its not much of a big deal.

What the hell!  OF COURSE IT’S A BIG DEAL.

“No, we’ve come this far and we can’t just go into the great hall, it would draw to much attention” I whispered back madly at him. I know I shouldn’t be mad but were here now.

“What if there are nargles all in there or wrackspurts, they can get into your brains and infect it. Some have been known to be deadly” Luna said joyfully.

Me and Neville glanced at each other but said no more.
The final corridor until we reached the office arrived.

It was pitch black, the only thing that was letting us see was the reflection of the moon on the windows.

It was almost full moon.

It was also Halloween, we should be at the fest, but really its not a feast, the food is the same as usual (which still hasn’t got any better) and on most feasts we can actually talk, today everyone has to be silent while talking.

Of course there is the odd dare devil who passes noted under the table but they always get caught, we’ve stopped bothering now.

The D.A. was going strong, our secret wasn’t out yet and I only hoped that it would stay that way.

A door creaked.

The two of us (me and Neville, Luna didn’t even flinch) Turned around instantly, eyes wide afraid of what was there.

Bright yellow eyes. They reminded me of Crookshanks (Hermione’s cat). Who incase you didn’t know had just disappeared like a year ago (strange cat) I think it was sad that Sirius died to it wanted to mourn (again, strange cat)

Anyway, I’m done rambling.

It came into the light of the moon and showed its scruffy fur. Off course bloody Mrs. Norris. Who I’m sure is bloody evil, he knows everyone’s business. It wouldn’t surprise me if she/ he (never knew what gender that can is) pulled out a marauders map.

Neville trembled beside me. Slowly he backed away.

And Luna still had no idea what was going on. She’s just too carefree she is, it scares me sometimes.

“Go away” I hiss at Mrs. Norris who just mimics me and hisses back.

Horrible cat- I moan way to much.

Actually I like cats. I very much like cats. In my first year everyone thought I was depressed because someone had petrified Mrs Norris. Of course that wasn’t the reason, but I like cats. They are cute and are nice to cuddle- Mrs Norris is not.

“Don’t tell it to go away. I like Mrs Norris. The cats really cute… even though it does tell on me, but I think that it only does that because its scared of Mr Filch” Luna smiled to herself still looking at Snape’s office’s gargoyle.

“Lets just get in quick” Neville almost ran over to it wanting to get away from the cat.

“We’ll have to hurry because its going to go get Filch in a minute and to be honest I don’t fancy getting a detention” I panicked, also moving over to the gargoyle.

When I looked back the cat was gone, only a little furry tail being flicked behind the door did I see.

“What’s the password?” Neville ask

“Emerald eyes” I answered, sounding totally stupid, but whatever.

“I know it sounds silly, but that’s the password”

“Emerald eyes!” Neville pronounced sounding a big wary, almost scared I was tricking him. As if I would do anything like that!

Without a word of warning the gargoyle bounced to life. Neville gave a squeak, he’d never been in his office again.

We had to hurry, no doubt was the troublesome cat already at filch, I just hope filch is a slower runner than we are, or that he won’t go get Snape and the Carrows. If he does then I might as well go jump out of a window, it might save me some pain.

That was a joke by the way, I’m not really going to jump out of a window.

I’m sick of it all though, the Carrows teaching us dark arts and pressuring students to support the dark side, Snape sitting back being a coward as usual, Filch once again going over to the side that has the most power and us students powerless to do anything.

There is no such thing as rights at Hogwarts, we just don’t have any.

Hogwarts has come somewhat of a prison here without Harry and its getting worse by the day. More and more students are getting injured and hurt, I even saw a first year come out of the portrait room with a bloody eye the other day. Its sick.

Anyway back to the present.

The room was dark, Snape was finally out of his office and was actually in the hall today for the so-called feast that was currently going on to celebrate Halloween.

We all entered the office, perhaps one of us should have stayed outside, but what-ever. I don’t really care if I get caught Infact the thought of that gives me a slight sense of excitement.

Perhaps I’m getting this feeling because finally I’m apart of this war and am actually helping out rather than sitting down and going along with what the dark side has to say.

I fell pathetic when I put it that way.

“There it is. That sword killed the basilisk that Harry killed to save Ginny” Luna whispered dreamily staring up at the blade with intense interest “Its quite beautiful isn’t it”

I nodded slowly looking up at Dumbledore’s portrait, he was currently asleep his head resting on the arm of the chair. He looked extremely funny but I kept myself from laughing, Infact I swear I felt a tear slide down my cheek.

Focus Ginny! You’re here for a reason.

“I can’t reach it Ginny. I’m too small” Luna said hopelessly

“Well I’m not much taller than you, Neville you go” I say standing back. I’m quite small (shamefully) and If Luna can’t reach it then I won’t have much help either.

“Why can’t we just use a wingandiaum leviousa spell to get it down” Neville said nervously looking at the sword as though it was an impossible task.

“Well unless you want some kind of alarm going off then please feel free to try it” I say back with irritation floating through my voice. Be calm Ginny, be calm.

“Then why would it work if we just go grab it, surly a alarm would go off” Neville debated.
I thought for a minute, why were we taking it with our hands? Surely it was more dangerous.

Before I could even open my mouth to come up with some ridicules excuse Luna answered “All the death eaters don’t like muggles, there for they wouldn’t put enchantments around it to stop muggle actions. They would expect people to use spells to get the sword, not their hands” Luna pronounced more loudly than was wise.
“Just do it Neville”

Once I said that Neville immediately went up. His face in plain concentration but his eyes shower immense fear of what was about to happen. He feared the unknown, because that’s all were really scared off.

There was movement outside, shouting had started and I knew at once our time was up, if we wanted to get out of this we have to do it now. Not in two minutes, now!

“Neville get it!”

He ran the rest of the way, he grabbed the sword and all three of us legged it to the door. Luna was the slowest of us all and was behind us. Me being first (my quiddittch skills has paid off) managed to reach the door and I swung it open quickly.

We doubled back immediately.

There standing with his arms crossed and his eyes switching between the three of us was Severus Snape in a long black clock that he usually wears (does the guy ever change)

The Carrows was behind him smirking as though they finally achieved something.

I could feel my heart beating, I felt like it was about to burst open with how fast it was going, and I could feel Neville’s next to me doing the same.

The air became intense and even Luna suddenly became quite and oddly aware of her surroundings.

Were so dead, we are so, so dead.


“I will ask you again, why are you in my office and why do you happen to have the sword of Gryffindor in your hand which was currently under protection under the dark lords orders” Snape shouted at us, his hands curling around his desks, I felt like he wanted to pounce at us and strangle us to our deaths.

We stayed silent.

Neville was shaking madly net to me, looking at the ground to scared to look up into Snape’s eyes. Even Luna couldn’t look at him but was instead looking up at the portraits surrounding the room pretending to not have a care in the world as usual, but I saw through her; her eyes showed how frightened she was, Luna is just a good actress that’s all.

I however forced myself to look at him, I needed to prove something to him to show that I am not as cowardly as he is.

“We were stealing the sword” I said honestly, I really hope there wasn’t a hint of fear in my voice, that would just give me away. Anyway we might as well tell the truth, were not going to get away with this. I’ll be either at home this time tomorrow or dead, I think I prefer dead at this minute.

I mean can you image what my mum will have to say, she’d be the one to kill me and it wouldn’t be pretty so in the end I’ll be dead anyway no matter what happens, I might as well just get it over and done with now and let the death eaters kill me in one nasty curse than face my mothers wrath.

It would save me so much time and pain (not to forget shouting)

“And why would that be” Snape snarled making sure I heard every word.

Even Neville looked up. He was staring at me with disbelieve and warning. Me being me ignored it.

“Because were not on your side, we are on Harry’s side whether you like it or not”

The words escaped my lips before I could stop them and the moment Harry’s name came up I suddenly stopped breathing, memories came flooding back to me and I felt extremely dizzy as though I was about to fall over.

And the feeling felt so amazing.

He eyed me for a minute or two, I was violated well at least I felt so.

“I must say you are extremely brave Weasley, I’ll give you that. But you dare say another word against the dark lord you will be out of this school before you can say potter

Then Carrow number one stood up (Amycus Carrow) staring up at the headmaster with disbelief flashing onto his face “You mean your not going to kill her, or at least expel her. Your going to let them go”

“I will give them a detention with Hagrid. he needs some help with something dark and dangerous in the forbidden forest” I small smirk escaped Snapes lips.

He was no longer looking at me but was instead pacing the room, he was obviously irritated about something.
“go! Before I change my mind”

I had heard those words so many times before by the Carrows and I was sick of it.

But I left anyway.

Why the hell is this year going so slow


A/N I’ve been getting some reviews asking why the chapters are so slow going and how the story is going slow, this is because I wanted to make it seem like the year was going slow for Ginny and everything and make you feel like that too

Chapter 11: Rules
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Amazing CI by Nala@TDA
 3rd December

The months flew by and the dreaded detention was coming closer, you might be wondering why they didn’t just give us the detention on the day after the detention. Well I would answer that by saying Snape hates us and wants to put us though as much pain as possible.

Its full moon tomorrow, that’s why.

We missed the previous full moon because Hagrid was away for some unknown reason that no one will tell us, so tomorrow is the next full moon meaning it’s the night of our detention.

And of course Snape wants it on full moon in hope that bloody werewolves will find us and freaking bite us. I seriously want Snape dead, I hate him completely from his freaking greasy big nose head down to his plain black boring shoes that I’m sure are also dirty.


Every time I see him I’m reminded that he is the reason that everything has changed (if you take you-know-who out of the equation). If it wasn’t for him, Dumbledore would be here and if Dumbledore was here then Harry would be here and I would still be with him.

Its Snapes fault.

Neville waves a hand in front of my face to get my attention. I just lost myself in a daydream I’m fine, promise.

“You’ve been doing that a lot” He says quietly almost in a whisper as he bites a piece of bread off.

“I’ve been thinking. Why have we started the D.A. up again, what good is it going too do. Yeah we might be practising spells, but when are we ever going to need the spells” I almost cry. Lately I’ve given up hope, I know that’s not like me but there has been no information on Harry or anyone else for that matter, it’s like he’s just vanished from the earth and its breaking my heart.

“Ginny-” Neville says desperately looking at me with sadness. But he doesn’t say anything else which gives me the slight suspicion he also doesn’t know why we are fighting.

Snape stands up without saying a word and all eyes suddenly turn to him. His eyes traced the hall wildly looking for any trouble that’s being caused.

I however just want to throw a stinking bat bogey hex at him and watch him be humiliated in front of the whole school, no doubt he deserves it. The thick git shouldn’t even be standing up there as though he owns the school.

When everyone’s attention was on him he started speaking.

“It has come to my attention that some students seem to think that they think that they above everyone else. I however will not have it. New rules are to be put in place. Right now your Caretaker has brought it upon himself to go put them up in your common room. If, any student chooses to disobey any of these rules, the consequences will be severe” With that he sat down.

I suddenly feel angry, angrier than before. I want to hit him, forget about the wands I just want to cause him pain, as much pain as he put everyone he has ever met through.

And don’t worry, I will get revenge even if it means risking everything I have, Dumbledore’s army is going to bring him down, time to take him down from his high horse and face the truth of what he’s done.



Everyone wanted to get to the common room, there was a flow of pushing and kicking just to there. Don’t worry, I also did my load of pushing and kicking- that was sarcastic by the way (or maybe not ;) )

The notice board was surrounded by different ages and sizes. There were first years on tip toes trying to look past all the prefects. Then there was the older ones pushing past all the first years to get to the front.

Then there was me and Neville looking at each other with shock on our faces.

It took about half an hour for people to get bored of looking at the bored and go up to bed until me and Neville actually got up to look at it.

The list looked like it could go on forever, filch obviously had taken care to make sure we all go punished because some of these rules seemed impossible to obey.

I noticed some of them were similar to Umbridge one’s.


32. No group meetings unless authorised by headmaster or trusted members of staff

33. No products from Weasley’s wizard wheezes, if found they will be confiscated

34. The quibbler is banned

35. Magic is banned outside of classes, even in common rooms or dormitories 

36. Teachers will not pass on any information to students other than the information they are teaching

37. No disobeying trusted members of staff

38. If a trusted member of staff asks a question, you answer it truthfully

39. No music is to be played anywhere around school

40. The restricted section of the library is open to everyone- including first years

41. If you know anything about undesirable number one you are to come forward immediately

42. Dress properly at all times

43. Boys and girls are not to be more than ten centimetres together unless with a trusted member of staff

44. No unauthorised text books, if they are found you will be expelled

45. No butterbeer in school grounds or at hogsmeade

46. No quiddittch or broomsticks, if found with one it will be snapped

47. ALL Students must be in there common rooms by eight, if found out they will be expelled

48. No one is allowed to disturb the Headmaster at all hours unless you ask a trusted member of staff first

49. Do not be late to detentions


The list went down to well over one hundred, and I’m not going to bore you with reading them all, it was pretty dull just looking at them so your not missing out a lot.

I mean come on, how the hell are you going to stay more than 10cm from a boy, its virtually impossible

What if a boy accidently knocks into you, are you going to get expelled for that? Or you accidently miss place your hand and it ends up on his? It’s completely barbaric.

I get some of them, but what about the no broom thing, what will happen to those who brought there brooms with the intention to play quiddittch thinking it would be on this year, then to find it isn’t on and still have there broom with them. Will they get there broom snapped because of that?

And what’s with it calling the two Carrow teachers trusted staff, they are not to be trusted and the only person that trusts them in this school is Snape, and he’s a villain just like them.

And surly everyone has the quibbler these days, everyone has them. Are they just going to expel everyone for having them, and I doubt Luna will hide that she has a book she’ll be the first to be searched.

Why can we do magic in the common room? Its not bothering them, and how about homework? What if we get homework to practise some magic if we can’t bloody do magic! Do they want us to pass our Newts or not?

I really should shut up moaning shouldn’t I?

“Ginny?” Neville asked looking at the bored with the same angry expression as me “You know you asked earlier about why we are fighting?” I nodded replaying the event in my head “Well I think I know the answer now”

A moment went by and still he didn’t say anything.

I looked at him and suddenly it felt weird, this certainly wasn’t the Neville from last year, the determined look on his face definitely wasn’t there last year and now his face didn’t show any fear, but instead bravery.

Neville is truly and inspiration. How anyone can go from a weak little boy with a rabbit face to an amazing man that fights for what is right I will never know.

“Were fighting for peace, that’s what were fighting for”

We both looking outside where the moon was almost full and I was reminded that our detention is tomorrow outside with all the scary werewolves. I’m going to be so scared of werewolves after tomorrow night, I’m sure of it.




“You’re late” filch wheezed as me and Neville walked down. Luna was already there her hair put up in a pony tail and a sad expression written all over her face, it was the same expression that had been all over her face about a month ago.
“No were not. You said the detention started at seven” Neville remarked back looking straight at Filch.

“Yes you are late, it is Seven but its been thirty seconds since you should have been here” hahaha, so sneaky filch, we were thirty seconds late better go get the Azkaban guards to arrest us!

Bloody squib, I hate the wheezing old cat lover.

Neville shook his head but said no more and now all we waited for was Hagrid.

Then suddenly out of the trees came enormous figure with a bow and arrow in his hands with a black bushy beard and beetle eyes.

“Al’ight there kids” Hagrid said patting Neville on the head with his gigantic hands.

Just as filch was about to leave he turned around again “Remember this is a detention, they are not meant to be treated well” A smirk came onto the squibs face as he walked back up to the castle.

I was thinking about throwing a stone at the old bat. He is the one squib that I will ever hate truly.




It was pitch black and every step we walked it got darker and every second that we were in there I convinced myself that it could not get any darker and every time I got proved wrong. I couldn’t see where I was walking; the only thing that I could see was the silhouette of three people, one gigantic with a lit lantern in his hands.

I seriously think that I’m going to trip in a minute because it’s so pitched black. If I ever become blind I don’t think I’ll cope.

The trees were as tall as mountains and I think we all felt rather small against them, even Hagrid who’s used to them by now. That reminds me, we still have no idea what were actually doing out her.

“Hagrid?” I ask from behind them all “What are we actually doing out here?”

“That’s a very good question, were in h’re for some Knarl food. One of the’ Knarls I’ve got at the’ moment is ill, see and I have to have special food for it and it’s quite tricky to get” Hagrid explained.

“What are we looking for then?” Neville asked joining the conversation

“Were looking for some knotgrass. Knarls only eat that, Knarls look like hedgehogs but don’t drink milk, and its known that some fully grown knotgrass is a cure to must illnesses on a knarl. Knotgrass can only really be taken out of the ground at night, its something to do with how the moon reflects it. We had to do that for care of magical creatures homework once didn’t we Hagrid” Luna interrupted looking around at everyone with a dreamy look upon her face but still with sadness in her eyes.

 “That is exactly what were doing, and that’s ten points to Gryffindor” Hagrid winked at the three off us as we continued walking.

Perhaps this wasn’t going to be so bad after all.

We came to an open area. There were still stumps and odd pieces of branches over the place but there was more light so I actually could see what I was walking on

“Right so what ya looking for is grass tha’ looks long, with lots ‘o knots in it. Understand?”

We were looking for ages, well over an hour. My hands started to hurt mid way through because I had been pulling odd pieces of grass out that looked like knotgrass. Seriously what’s the difference between grass and knotgrass, oh yeah! Knotgrass has knots in, well I could just put some knots in grass and then I’ll start calling that knotgrass! And I bet I’m confusing you like hell.

I’m just so frustrated, why the hell didn’t we plan more about the Gryffindor sword thing. I suppose we thought it was easy, just going in there and stealing the sword and coming back out again. Anyhow, if we did succeed with stealing it how were we planning to send it to Harry! By owl? There all being checked, it would have been impossible because we don’t even know where he is!

Were all so stupid, and I feel so stupid and everything is so stupid! This war is stupid, my life is stupid and moaning about it is doing no good what so ever!

Oo! The detention is over.

Chapter 12: a love triangle, that's not really a love triangle
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perfect chapter image by Nala@TDA

15th December

It was time to decide if we wanted to stay at school or not. There’s no way I’m staying in this prison, having the chance to get out of this damn place is like a sense of freedom.

Luna’s going home to her dad for Christmas, he apparently has a present waiting for her, it was something about a horn of one of her mythical creatures she just wouldn’t shut up about she is completely obsessed.

Neville is also leaving and I’m not bloody staying in this school on my own, the Carrows will be straight at me as soon as they know I’m staying with none of my friends to back me up, so I guess goodbye Hogwarts for now! I hope not to come back this year.

Anyway, I want to come home I really do miss mum and dad (god I sound like a two year old) and I will get to see Fleur and Bill the newly married couple.

“Psst Ginny” I turned around quickly and found Neville there, he was extremely close, like very close and it made me jump (don’t laugh- embarrassing) “oops, sorry. I thought I should tell you, another meeting tonight”

“But it’s the last night of school, people won’t be very happy about that- they probably all need to pack and everything” I murmur hurriedly back at him because I could see the damn Carrows going past.

“Well I think it’s a jolly good idea, we can all say goodbye there and say thank-you to Neville who has taught us so much” Hannah abbot slide next to me and Neville pushing me out of the way. Eugh! I hate that girl so much- why can’t she but out of our conversations.

Neville burnt bright red and gave a soft smile to her which of course caused her to giggle. Oh my Merlin! She’s like Lavender brown only worse.

“Oh hello there Ginny didn’t see you. How are you? Have you seen my new tan- I got it when I was in Greece over the holidays and I sprayed some Hippogriff keep spray to make sure the tan doesn’t go away to soon, its meant to make it last to up to a year. Do you like it? And oh my word, have you got a hair cut, it looks great by the way, doesn’t it Neville? You’re hair also looks cool like this as well Nev’s. My mum has allowed me to get my hair styled when I’m over at the Christmas holidays... I’m not staying here the teachers are just mean. Oh god I’m talking too much. What are you doing over the Christmas holidays Nev” Hannah rambled, giving me a warning look and turning back to Neville completely hiding me from view. Ugh! The cheek of her she wants me to leave, how dare she, and what the hell is up with her new nickname for him, Nev’s! It’s completely ridicules.

She makes Lavender Brown look tame, seriously.

Neville replies back still with a tomato face that doesn’t suit him anymore. I haven’t seen him embarrassed for a whole year.

Oh dear lord, please don’t say he also has a crush on her, that not how it’s meant to be.  He’s meant to be with Luna they are written in the stars, they are destined!

Bloody hell this could get complicated.

“I’m just staying at home with Gran”

I just jumped up and left, I would stay and annoy her some more but I really cannot be bothered to at the minute, anyway I have some defence against the dark arts homework that I have to do before my fourth lesson and I’ve been putting it of and I really shouldn’t have because now I need to waste my lunch time doing it.

As I walked out of the hall, there was Luna looking at the couple from a distance with sadness crossed across her face. Ugh! Now that devil women has made Luna upset… I seriously am thinking about stabbing the girl in her sleep.

“Hey Luna… you ok?” I say turning towards her. Her face is almost shaped in a pleading way; the look really doesn’t look right on her. And the lavender evil twin girl (Ei. Abbot –what kind of last name is that!) Has made her jealous, she doesn’t even need to be jealous of that girl, Neville likes Luna


Although I must admit I haven’t seen them hanging out together as much, and there has been no more holding hands or knowing looks…

Why the hell am I pushing them to get together anyway, its none of my business- or maybe its just cause I hate Hannah so much. Or perhaps it’s because I’m not exactly getting any love in my life, so I want my friends to be happy…. Yeah that’s why I’m so interested.

Well bugger that because now I’ve missed what Luna just said.

“I’m sorry Luna can you say that again, I was in my own little world” My voice sounding a bit tentative and hesitant.

“Oh its ok, nothing that has any importance… Its just… well don’t worry, probably just the wrackspurts getting to my head” Without another word she skipped of. I mean can you believe that! She just skipped, SKIPPED off just as she was feeling so low, how the hell can any human being do that!

Neville then came strolling out right as I was standing there looking at the place where Luna just stood. He looked dazed and a bit of what I image Neville would look like if he were drunk.

“What’s up with you?”

Neville turned to me as though he didn’t even know I was there and pulled me into a broom cupboard (um…. Ok). Now should I be wrong to be a little freaked out, I’ve just been pulled into a cupboard by Neville who is my FRIEND, who looks a bit drunk… you would freak out to!

We were pushed close together but it didn’t seem to bother Neville as much as it bothered me.

“I think I like Hannah… as in more than a friend” Neville whispered into my ear as though someone might have their ear against the door on the outside.

I raised my eyebrows at him almost daring him to shout out “JOKE!” How the hell can this happen anyway, Hannah is a… a… Well she’s nice, she’s quite kind I suppose, but she’s also annoying and irritating and infuriating and I now realise that they all mean the same thing, but still she will always be the same annoying and irritating and infuriating person in a couple of years and Neville will also get annoyed with her and irritated by her… it’ll just end up bad

Ok so that’s not true, he probably won’t get irritated at her, but it will still end up bad even if it’s not them that’s getting hurt, it will be Luna that gets hurt.

I’ve been rambling haven’t I? They don’t call me a chatterbox for nothing you know.

“Ginny, what do you think, me and Hannah together” Neville smiled at me edging me to say something “She’s really nice, and she’s also offered to help me with charms if I help her with Herbology after school, do you think I should take the offer? It might lead to more than friends.”

Now I’m getting bloody annoyed, can’t he see how… ugh! She’s just not right for him.

“Neville… what’s she done to your drink! Because the Neville I know wouldn’t be saying things like this, The Neville I know would get all embarrassed and a little freaked out that a girl is interested in you… what happened to Luna anyway” I moan back at him rubbing my temple because my head hurts so much, why are things so complicated.

“Luna? Nothing was happening with Luna” Oh dear, now he looks upset that I don’t like the idea of him and Hannah… oh well he’ll deal with it.

“Well if that’s the case why was Luna out there looking jealously at you and Hannah” I remark back.

“Nothing happened with me and Luna, well I don’t think anything did… I like Hannah now. And anyway, what’s wrong with the new me, I’m brave now, I’m popular I actually feel like I belong here” the sadness starting to show on his face and the old figure of himself started to shine through on him as his confidents started to fade away as he spoke.

“Neville, you have always been the not so confident boy to me, the boy that everyone would laugh at” Oh dear now he’s getting angry at me for saying that I should dig my way back out of this hole before I end up in the hospital wing “but that’s the Neville that I love and know and I want him back as my friend. Not all Gryffindors have to be brave and courageous, not that you’re not brave, I’m just saying because I didn’t know what else to say.” His face softened a bit which I’m going to take as a good thing because I don’t fancy being eaten alive today

“I’ve got to go” He hurried out before another word was said and I suddenly feel bad, I shouldn’t have said all that stuff to him, I should have known it would hurt his feelings. I’m a bloody idiot.

Oh well meeting now, last one until we leave to go home for Christmas, whoopee.



“As you all know this is our last D.A. meeting until the holidays so I want to wish you all a merry Christmas” I announce to the room standing in front of many grumpy looking students that really don’t want to be in there. The only people that look decent is Luna and Hannah. Luna is dreaming off at something and Hannah has a massive grin on her face that looks stupid. Stupid girl.

“So today you can get in pairs and do whatever spell you want to do- or if you don’t want to do that then just relax and talk”

People then got into there groups and huddled together. There was only about five that actually were practising which included me, Luna, Neville and the two Patil twins.

Even Hannah was sitting out and you and I both know how much she loooooovvvvvvvvveees her time with Nev’s.

I partnered up with Neville and Luna because of the odd numbers. It was great, spells flew past us, and I had to recover Neville because of the strong jinx that I had sent at him that almost broke his neck. Luna actually smiled. We smiled, we laughed, and we screamed it was the perfect send of back home.




We were al packed and on our way home. I can’t wait to see mum and dad, fleur and bill, Ron an… ooops, forgot he wasn’t going to be at home. Oh well….

“Has anything good come out of the quibbler lately Luna?” I ask raising a conversation, its dead quite in here and I do not like it, you can actually hear a pin drop it’s that quite. I hate silence.

“I’m not to sure. This Carrows said they were going to check me every few times. I did manage to get a look at it the other week. Daddy managed to get it into Hogwarts without the Carrows noticing, but daddy only talked about the ministry, there wasn’t much about nargles and everything so it wasn’t that interesting” Luna said in a dream like voice.

The trolley came and went and now again there was dead silence with only the rain pouring down on the windows going splish and its extremely boring, very boring Infact, so boring Infact that I want to choke my self. So bored

Man I moan too much.

The only thing that happened of any interest was when Neville and Luna both at the same time went to grab a chocolate frog, but instead only managed to bump hands and give each other the eyes (the eyes are where you know you have something between you but are either to damn lazy to get on with it or know you can’t be together because of some weird demented thing that makes no sense what so ever to everyone else, so now if I ever say the eyes you know what it means) 

And finally not a moment to late the train came to a halt at the station and outside the very foggy window I could see a bundle of red heads with a beautiful golden veela girl....

Merlin I missed them. 

Chapter 13: Insane mothers and worried older brothers
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amazing CI by Rica

15th December
 “Now you’re probably hungry, so I’ve made a little dinner just for the three of us at home… Charlie left ages ago to go back to studying Dragons” My mum mumbled something about Charlie that I didn’t hear, she obviously isn’t too happy about him leaving the country.

“Mum its ok I’m not hungry” I hold my hand out in protest but she clearly didn’t see me because she put the plate in front of me without saying a word and bustled back of to do the washing up, in which I might add she has been doing for the last hour and has been cleaning that single dish for about half of that time.

I chew on what was on my plate I really don’t know what it is and I don’t care to be honest, I’m to busy thinking.

Everything is such a mess. There hasn’t been any news on Harry yet and I hope that it means he’s safe (no news is good news right?) I ca already tell that mum has gone insane in the house alone. Dad has had to work twenty four seven lately just to keep the roof over our heads and even has sold off some of his muggle junk to get money in he is that desperate.

You know what’s the worse thing about it, Ron had come back home (well not to the burrow, but to Shell cottage where Bill and Fleur live) Without Harry… and I only just heard about it! If I had know I would have sent hundreds of letters flying at him, but of course I’m bloody kept in the dark as usual.

“Ginny dear, are you done?”

I look up from my plate where mum is standing hands on her hips with a worried look on her face. I don’t blame her.

Charlie is of in Romania and mum doesn’t even know if he’s ok. Bill and Fleur are off married, again she isn’t even sure if there ok. Fred and George are off running a Joke shop with some products that completely offends death eaters and could very well be killed in there sleep. Don’t even get me started on Percy, for all we know he probably is a death eater. Then there is Ron who’s off again trying to find Harry and Hermione and I very much doubt he’s had any luck, half the world has been looking for them and haven’t found him yet and no offense to Ron but he isn’t that good in directions. Mum has a bloody right to be worried don’t you think?

“Yes I am” I pass the plate up to mum who takes it gratefully and goes back to the dishes glad to have another one to clean “do you need help?”

“Oh it’s ok”

“Are you sure? I can feed the chickens”

Mums face suddenly turned dark, and sad “oh no it’s fine, I think its best if you stay in the house this Christmas”

I really don’t want to argue, I know the house is being watched and I don’t fancy getting snatched by some random death eater thank you very much.

It is extremely awkward. I think mums expecting me to argue because she’s stopped scrubbing the dishes and looking at me waiting for my next move.

I don’t know what to say. I’m terrible in situations like these; I end up just making it more awkward.

Quite suddenly mums eyes watered up and she came crashing down into my arms hugging me.

Is she trying to make this even more awkward than it is!

“Mums what’s wrong?”

“Everything. We’ve lost, the order is finished… it’s like we’ve stopped fighting and he who must not be named has beat us, it’s just a matter of time before they turn everyone into a death eater or you die. And I’m such a bad mother, I just let Ron, Harry and Hermione run off like this… they are only kids, only children they shouldn’t be running of to save the world. When Ron came back I should have gone over to Bill and Fleur’s and dragged him straight home… he would then be at least safe” She started stroking my hair and clinging onto me for dear life, I’m going to die of suffocation in a minute “And things at Hogwarts must have been horrible for you dear, I heard you got tortured… and I never want that… to happen… again” She started to hiccup but still the tears streamed down her face.

“Mum, its ok… it’s not your fault. I’m fine and if Ron and Har… was injured then I’m sure we would have heard about it” I couldn’t bring myself to say Harry’s name, I just couldn’t.

“Yes it is my fault. I never want what happened to you to ever happen again. Your were tortured, I should have been able to protect you! But I couldn’t” She screamed, she actually screamed as though even the thought of it was torturing her. She looked like a broken women.

What the hell do I say now!

“Mum, Harry will beat Vol…”

“Don’t say it! They have a Taboo, it’s not safe to say it” Mum cursed at me looking at me straight in the eye… Well how was I meant to know?

“Sorry, Harry will have beaten You-know-who before we know it, it’ll be over soon”

“No it won’t… He’s only a boy Ginny. How is a kid supposed to beat the most powerful person in the wizarding world” My mum screamed again. She was being tortured, not physically but mentally her mind was insane, she wasn’t thinking straight anymore. This war had made her go mental; all the stress that had been piling up on her had done this.

“Well you could have said that seventeen years ago mum, but it didn’t stop him from beating him then, did it?” I question her.

“That was chance, that was because of his mother died for him. His mother isn’t here now; his mother is dead, as are most of the other people that have tried to protect him. No one is here for him now; he’ll end up dyeing himself if he carries on any longer… It just can’t happen, no it can’t, and it just can’t” She went on her eyes seeing nothing and her head slowly shaking as though she was in a nightmare.

“Mum!” I scream turning away, I can’t see her like this its horrible. I need to scream, it’s killing me seeing her like this.

She fell to the floor and started sobbing into the ground. Its to much, it’s too much for me I can’t look.

I turn away but place my hand on her shoulder and sit there until the sobbing starts to calm down a bit more. But I can’t look at her, it hurts too much.

As soon as her crying had stopped and only sniffs could be heard from my mum I turned back.

Her eyes were blood shot and puffy and the wrinkles on her face could be seen more than ever. Her brown eyes shone more than ever and I just say there gently patting her slowly, what more can I do than that?

“I love you Ginny so much, I am so proud of who you have become… Never forget that”




15th December


The kettle was boiling and mum was bundled up in a pile of blankets on the sofa listening to the radio that just happened to be playing O children, one of mum’s favourite songs in the muggle world.

She was gently nodding her head to the music as I passed her a cup of tea; I think she’s finally calmed down.

I flopped down next to her so hard I bounced, but mum didn’t even flinch.

What the hell am I meant to do now; I’m terrible in these situations!

I carefully and slowly put my head on her shoulder and she sipped her tea, I’m sure a little smile found its way to her face.

Minutes passed and was just sat there, quite comftable in the silence which usually gives me shivers and makes the whole thing awkward, but it wasn’t… it was actually quite nice, the silence and all.

After about ten minutes has ticked on my mum started to stroke my hair casually, I felt great at last, I felt at home. I never realised how much I missed it here




16th December


Eugh! I’m blind, I am going blind. Who the hell is shining that bloody light in my eye, I’m seriously going to kill them… its probably Fred and George, and sounds like something they would do.

I open my eyes only to shut them tight again. It seems I had fallen asleep on the couch next to mum yesterday and didn’t even realise.

And crap, I spilt my tea… all over me. Typical.

Mum is no where to be seen so I presume she already is awake and making breakfast, or at least I hope so, other wise she might have just gone poof and disappeared.
When my eyes actually start to function properly I notice that there is another red head in the room, two Infact… no three. All talking loudly to each other while sipping tea.

“Aright there sis” Fred said… well perhaps it was George, I don’t know and I don’t care.

“Yep I’m good”

“Hello Ginny Love, have a good time at school?” Dad came over and sat down next to me while I pushed myself up into a sitting position.

Bloody brilliant the stupid twins over there are laughing at my appearance; I bet I look extremely bad. Bed hair, check, Dark circles under eyes, check, stinky breath, check and annoying brothers laughing, check.

“Shut it you too!” I yell at them and they instantly turn silent, all though I can see a small smirk still playing on each of their faces, do they think I’m stupid “What are you two doing here anyway? Running out of sales are you” I say sarcastically rolling my eyes at them.

“No business is good… we are just here for our little sis” They smile playfully and smirk to each other which isn’t a good thing; it usually means they are up to no good.

Dad gets up and leaves the room, which at the moment is my only form of protection and goodness knows what they are up to.

Of course as soon as he leaves the twins get up and make there way over to me, bloody hell help me, and I know what they are up to. In about two seconds I’ll be screaming out in laughter… or in help.

As soon as I know it they are tickling me all over and I’m screaming… and laughing at the same time if that’s possible.

“Stop!” I kick and yell as quickly as I can. Taking fast breaths at any point possible! Eugh! I hate these boys so much because they know how to annoy me.




“Here we got you this Ginny” George handed me a small box of what ever (I do know the difference between the twin’s thank-you very much) 

“But its not even Christmas yet”
I take the box gratefully and start to open while the twins shrug at the same time and start to dig into their dinner that had been put in front of us by mum.

Inside was a whole box of defence items, such as hats, cloaks and gloves. I’ve seen them in the shop before but never dared buy them, mum would think I was up to no good and anyway they were way too expensive.

Before my nosy mum starts having a look at what it was I have to close the lid quickly.

“What’s this for?” Ok so that may have come out a bit rudely but who cares.

“For Dumbledore’s Army you dim bat” George replied whispering out of the corner of his mouth like I did.

I try to look as confused as possible because I cannot have Fred and George knowing about the DA, they’ll probably spread it everywhere.

“Don’t play dumb sister…. We know you, as soon as you got into school you probably reopened it, you just couldn’t bare to stay away from the war” Fred joked in a dramatic tone.

“And besides we still have the coin, we know when your meetings are… Me and Fred here almost came along to one of them, we tried every secret passage way into the school and found out they are all blocked. Darn Snape, he must be a….” George abruptibly stopped talking as mum came over with her own meal.

Of course mum noticed, she cast Fred and George a questioning look but said no more… she knew they weren’t going to tell her anyway and she wasn’t about to waste her breath on it… I knew that, the boys knew that and so did she.

Then Fred and George burst out laughing, mum of course sent them a warning look but went back to her meal and the twins just continued until the laughter died down.

We just sat in silence for the rest of the meal. I chewed on a raw potato for a long time I know that much.

When the plates were collected in and dad had gone out to work (once again) to do a all-nighter the twins rounded on me again.

“So how is Snape?” They asked together.

“’s alright, you barely see him.. it’s the Carrows you have to watch out for” I yawn to tired to say much, Well I was bloody woken up this morning by loud boys chatting… do you blame me?

I look up and then the twins cast each other looks that didn’t give me a good feeling.

“So mum told us not to mention this, but were going too anyway” George said making me laugh, typical boys “What happened with the whole sword thing? You just couldn’t help yourself could you” Both started laughing.

“Harry needed it, I was just trying to…”
“… help” They finished for me both turning serious now “Ginny we don’t want you to get hurt. Leave the fighting for the grown ups, your to young for all this”

“WHY! Why does everyone say that… “your too young for this and your too young for that!” its pathetic. I’m six more years older than what Ron was when he got the philosopher stone. Is it because I’m a girl! Because that’s a bloody stupid thing to go on.... I’m a lot more tougher than Ron has ever been thank-you very much” I yell anger getting the better of me and they still have bloody smiles on there faces.

“Ginny believe me, we know you’re tougher than Ron has ever been. But you’re also our only sister…. And even if your stronger than all of us put together we’ll always been worried about you”

Well that shut me up

Chapter 14: thinking clearly for the first time
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chapter image by Rica@TDA, thank you its amazing

24th December
 “Put them up a little Higher Arthur” Mum ordered dad telling him where to put the lights

she was mad, frantic even about Christmas… she was putting so much effort in putting all the decorations up I am wondering how she’s still going.

“Mum, I think were done with the tree” That was the twins job to do the tree.

I’ve been watching them for quite awhile doing the tree and I must say there decoration skills is non-existent. Mums so going to be mortified when she sees this, she’ll probably have a heart attack any minute now.

The ball balls were stuck mostly at the top leaving the bottom bear as anything. The crackers that we suppose to be placed on the tree were lying underneath the tree most probably forgotten by Fred and George and the angel was lopsided and looked ugly… as usual I guessed it was a garden gnome, but mum doesn’t know that so you better keep quite about it.

And don’t even get me started on how bad the tinsel is!

Mum was too busy with the lights to look up so simply said “Great boys you can go upstairs now your free” Mum hurried picking up the fallen lights that dad didn’t manage to keep hold of “Arthur dear you need to be more careful”

I wasn’t doing anything… I’m too lazy see. I’m drinking my hot chocolate and watching the gnomes out of the window. Its started to snow and they look pretty funny running around trying to catch a snowflake.

“Your too lazy Gin” Fred came along sitting next to me.

“Where’s George?”

“On the bog, we don’t do everything together you know!” He replied shaking his head shamefully at me “Now, why aren’t you helping mum… I’m sure she would love your help”

Eugh! Fred’s going to find a way to make me work isn’t he.

“Nah she’s fine, the less people involved the less people there are to muck up” I act cool… I’m perfectly fine sitting here thank-you very much.

“are you sure? I mean the more the merrier” He whistled getting up and almost waltzing into the kitchen. Damn him.

I doing the best possible thing to think of race upstairs before he has time to talk to mum who of which is still having a huff at dad for dropping the lights.

“You know its not that hard to hold them. Just hold and I’ll stick them down” Mum cried “Don’t roll your eyes at me… it was your idea to do it the muggle way without magic”

Yes a no magic Christmas, whoope! I feel sorry for muggles now its hard work and i've not been doing anything all day just watching my parents do the work makes me seem tired and out of breath. Everyone’s wands have been confiscated and dads kept them in his lock draw. What he doesn’t know is the Fred and George know how to pick locks and they should be out within the next few hours. Gotta love the twins.

I hurry to my room and shut the door quickly. Being in this house sometimes reminds me of Harry, Ron and Hermione and I hate it. Its like being trapped in your own home with all the memories that now seem so long ago.

I shut my eyes quick trying to block out the images. I just want this nightmare of a war to end… it just has to.

What if Voldermort really does win? What if Harry dies in a battle against him? How the hell am I meant to cope!

My legs give way and I fall to the floor, a loud thump follows after me but I really don’t care.

This was the room me and Harry had our last kiss in, was it our last kiss? God that sounds so cheesy but it could be true, would we ever have another kiss?

A cold and wet tear makes its way down my cheek, I’m thinking about what they could be doing… I know it was a mission for Dumbledore and it involved the sword some how, but what could it be.

Without my brain even registering what I was doing I grabbed a quill and some parchment and began jotting down the things that I did know about there mission.


Dumbledore gave the mission to them

Needs the sword of Gryffindor

Of to kill Voldermort

The mission must take a long time to do

Had to drop out of school to do the mission


That was all I knew… I didn’t know anything else. Was I really that un-trust worthy that they didn’t tell me anything, not even where they are going.

I had a guess at where they are but it probably seems to unlikely it would be the first place death eaters would check. Grimmauld place was what I was thinking but highly doubt it.

I just can’t think of anything else and its totally going to be on my mind until I do think of something else which seems impossible. I only have a couple of small things on the list I definitely won’t be able to solve what they are doing from this.
A soft knock on the door caught me from my thoughts.

I hurriedly wiped the tears away and placed a big fat fake smile on my face and opened it to find Fred standing there with a plate of biscuits in his hand which I do admit look delicious and if he’s come here to try and make me a work he has another thing coming.

“I’m not working if that’s what you’re after”

“Nah just come up here to give you one of these” he handed the plate to me and just invited him self inside my room. Rude don’t you think.

I seized a biscuit (What! I’m not going to miss a opportunity like this… they just look so yummy and delicious)

“What else did you come up here for?”

“To talk” he whistled sitting himself on my fluffy bean bag that lying on my floor that I haven’t used since I was about four.

He kept whistling which is now starting to irritate me and his eyes travelled around my messy room that has thousands of books scattered across the floor. He even laughed when he saw all my posters of the holy head harpies around the room to cover all my pink walls that I just hate, Fred definitely isn’t a fan of the quiddittch team.
“You’ve had those posters up here since you were seven. I always wondered why you liked them. I thought you’d be more into Appleby arrows” He remarked actually turning to face me now.

“and why is that?”

“Because they’re the best team and I support them” He laughed then turned serious “How you been holding up Gin?”

Oh god, I hate it when people ask me this, it makes me feel like I’m being tested So I do the only thing that I feel comftable with doing; I lie.

“I’m fine” I say a bit unsure of myself.

“Yeah… you can say that but I know your not” Fred says pulling himself of the bean bag and coming towards me “Were all worried about him sis… but they’ve gone into hiding and its safer if we don’t know where they are, but Harry will complete this stupid mission and it will all be over with and he’ll be back to you” He whispers to me pulling me into a hug, a very brotherly hug.

I needed this… I need someone to hug me and tell me its going to be ok and that Harry will return to me and we will all live happily ever after.

“I just miss him” The words coming out before I could stop them and I felt my whole body relax… I had finally got it out. Tears came strolling down my face and instead of wiping them away and pretending they didn’t exist I kept them there.

“Ginny it will be fine”

“No it won’t” The realisation hitting me of the situation “Harry, Ron and Hermione are gone we might never see them again”

“Yeah but you can’t think like that Ginny other wise we’ll never win”

I felt ill and I knew the only cure would be to see Harry again, just see him. He doesn’t have to hold me in his arms and kiss me like never before I just have to see him, just once to check he is ok.

“Fred… I think I love him”

I look up at Fred and his eyes dart up to mine, a line creased across his head in confusion at what i just said... i should have figured this would happen

He pulled out of the hug and looking at me as though I’d grown another head “You ok Ginny?” He said feeling my head for my temperature.

Great now he thinks I’m stupid. Bloody typical boys.

“Yes I’m fine. Infact this is the most sense I have spoke in awhile… I know its true. I love the damn boy and I hate this feeling, this feeling of needing to see him because i know i can't”  I was crying by now and the words came hissing out of my mouth. I know I shouldn’t be angry but I hate it when people don’t believe me.

“Ginny love is a big deal you can’t really be serious about being in love with him”

“Yes I am… over the past few months I have felt so empty inside and I have a burning desire to see him… but I know I can’t because he’s of saving the world again and I am once again left in the dark. I’m not trusted enough… I’m just the best friends little sister as always!” I yell, my eyes watering so much i could only see so much that i could only see the image of fred standing there.

Why on heavens earth am I so weak this year? I can’t just keep breaking down like this.

A grin sprouted itself onto Fred’s face “I have a plan” He announced pulling me through my own doorway and up the flight of stairs into Fred and George’s room “You miss I love and need him, need to go see Dumbledore”

Ok that makes no sense what so ever “The guys dead Fred… so unless you plan on killing me then I don’t think your pathetic plan is going to work” I wiped my nose on a hankerchief Fred just gave me and looked back up at him.

A look of hurt crossed his face but I knew he was just faking it… when you grow up with Fred and George you start learning if something is real or not “Yes he might be dead but see there is this thing where at Hogwarts pictures move and talk and there just happens to be one of him”
I raised my eyebrows at him now only realising George is also in the same room as him giving Fred a confused look.

“What in merlins beard are you on about Fred?” George asked not taking his eyes of the magazine in his hand that if I can just see is his own shop magazine Weasleys Wizard wheezes. That’s just sad reading your own magazine.

“Our sister here thinks she’s in love with the most famous wizard of all times” I glared at Fred… I knew I shouldn’t have trusted him!

“What? She’s in love with Dumbledore” George smirked, I sent my glare at him instead of George.

“Shut it”

“Be nice now sister. Anyway on with the plan. You’re going to break into Snapes office and talk…”

“Wait one second. You do remember last time I tried to break into his office I got sent into the forbidden forest right?” My mind is racing… how the hell is this suppose to work, Fred and George must be mad.

George gets up this time and throws the magazine onto his chest of draws and joins in the conversation “Anything’s Possible Ginny if you’ve got enough nerve” He mimicked me smirking again “Anyway this time you’ll have us. And the forbidden forest really isn’t that bad, me and Fred should know”

“OK, say I do get into the office without getting caught what am I going to talk about anyway” What the hell is happening, why do they care so much? This is so never going to work! I’ll be expelled before I even reach the door… Oh my lord they’ll probably kill me.

“Anything and everything you want to know” Fred said jumping onto his own bean bag. I am still so confused and I think it showed on my face as he continued “look, just find out what Harry’s doing and where he is, if anyone knows Dumbledore will… even though he’s dead. But that’s beside the point!”

Merlins beard this plan has so many flaw and errors where it could go wrong but I find myself drawn to the idea of doing something like this and seeing Harry and finding out what he’s doing sounds great. I just want to know where he is and what he’s doing… that’s not to much to ask for is it?

“Fine… but if I get expelled I’m blaming you”

“That’s great” The twins both cheered together.



25th December


“Ginivere Weasley get your ass out of that bed right now” The twins shook me until my eyes opened “MERRY CHIRSTMAS!”

I don’t care that it’s bloody Christmas I am tried…. Sleep is important, very important Infact and I need it because if I don’t I’m in a bad mood and you never want a bad mood Ginny Weasley on Christmas day.

“Go away” I moan turning over “I’m tired”
“So are we but were still awake”

The went away and started singing a can you dance like a hippogriff from the weird sisters I really don’t know why, they are so random.

I know I’m not going to be able to sleep so I pull the covers off me and open my eyes only to be blinded by sunlight. Stupid boys they’ve woken me up everyday over the past week.

“Ok I’m up… now where are my presents!”


The tree was up (Still in a messy state thanks to Fred and George- mum obviously was too busy to care about it) and mum and dad managed to get the lights up after many rows and arguments.

The angel gnome had already escaped (probably over night) so the tree looked a little better. But i liked the tree this way, it reminded me of Fred and george and reminded me of home.

Presents were stacked underneath and the two twins were already getting into each of their presents so a pile of wrapping paper was thrown to the side. I sat down next to them and reached for a small packet that was addressed to me.
Unlike the boys I open the smallest presents first.

It turned out to be from Charlie and was a pair of beautiful dragon earrings only found in Romania. I put them in straight away without hesitation.

“Wicked” Fred and George both shouted at a present that they just un-wrapped.

“Who’s it from George?” Fred asked turning the nimbus 2000 in his hands.

George flicked through the pile of wrapping trying to find a tag or label but couldn’t find any but I don’t think he cares because he shrugged and continued to admire their new broom.

I however also got a un-known present.

It was a vile of Felix felicis that must have took ages to make or a fortune to buy and like Fred and George there was no tag. Why would someone give me this and not take the credit… I know I would brag about giving someone something like this. 

I pushed the bottle to the side not really caring at this very minute who it was from and went over to the rest of my presents and started to look through them all

today was great, and I truly felt happy for the first time in four months. I forgot what feeling Happy felt like and I was glad I could finally experience it again.

I got a whole load of other gifts, that’s the bonus of having a huge family.

From Fred and George I got a load of chocolate frogs, from Bill and Fleur they decided to get one together and gave me a gorgeous dress that looks way to revealing and I’m sure Bill had no say in what they were getting me.

When Fred and George saw it I was sure they’re eyes were going to pop out.

“Who got you that?” The cried out together grabbing the dress.

“Bill and Fleur, why does it matter to you?” I sneered at them grabbing the dress back a placing it back in the box.

“We’ll make a deal with you… you can only wear that when all boys in the world have been extinct, Fair?”

Percy even got me something, though it was little it still meant a great deal. Of course it was a book but it was more than Fred and George got.

Great Aunt Muriel send me another one of her disgusting hats that she used to wear as a child and of course from mum and dad I got another green jumper plus a box of cauldron cakes and mince pies (even though I hate them)

After all the presents had been unwrapped I was begging mum to go play quiddittch outside with the boys. I hadn’t been out of the house all summer and I really am killing for some light.

After awhile she gave in with only the promise that I stay with the twins at all times. I agreed but I probably won’t keep to it.

“Stay out of trouble you three”

I took my old cleansweep from the shed where dad keeps his muggle junk and as the twins only got one nimbus 2000 George had to get his own broom so long as Fred promised to swap.

It was so much fun. We played a mini match all against all at one point dad even hoped on a broom and played. It was fantastic being back on a broom and I felt the great sensation of being free while playing and I forgot about the war and Harry only for a few moments and we were a family, a great one at that.

As the snow made it harder to fly we stopped sooner than I hoped, but every great thing ends eventually that’s no reason not to enjoy it.

Before I could even stop time Christmas had ended and I knew that the rest of the holidays is going to fly by and before I know it I’ll be back at dreaded school without my family watching my back.

I’ll be going back to hell.

Chapter 15: Breathless
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breath taking CI  by Rica 

 5th January
 “So remember what you’ve got to do, on the tenth of this month you need to clear the entrance from honeydukes for the night. Neville and Luna will help make a distraction from the transfiguration courtyard so you can clear it. Me and Fred will be at the ready coming through and we’ll get you into Snapes office from there. Understand?” Fred explained in a low whisper so that mum wouldn’t hear as she was sorting out my trunk on the station.

We’d gotten here pretty early (for once) and not many people were around, the train had only just arrived and the steam from it was blowing over at us to hide us from view.

“Ok… but what do I use to clear the entrance?” My mind is racing, in five days I might find out where Harry is and as soon as I do I’m dropping out of school to find him I don’t care what my mum says this time, this is my decision.

“We were thinking about that and we thought the thing that would make the less noise would be to use a silent firework that me and Fred just created about a week ago. Were thinking of selling them actually” George said handing me a small package of something very heavy “There’s only on in there so use it wisely if you have a problem just use this piece of parchment, we also have one you can write anything on it and it’ll be sent to us”

More and more people started to pile onto the platform, I saw Seamus and his mum but none of my other friends were in site.
I looked back up and my brothers, only then I realised I was shaking of worry. Even though the plan sounded great and all I panicked there are so many things that could go wrong.

“I don’t know, this plan just sounds so risky” I said speaking my thoughts allowed.

Kids rushed past us and we had to speak in lower voice incase the word got spread out and that might actually be the end of the world if that happened.

“Ginny we’d never let anything happen to you, you know that right?” Both of them announced at once looking at me doubtfully as though they also were having second thoughts

“Anyway were doing this for you, so you can be with the love of your life” Fred smirks dramatically waving a hand in his face to lighten my mood.

“Ok then… I guess I’ll see you at five O’clock on the tenth then” I smiled taking my trunk from my mum and kissing her on the cheek before boarding the train so I can get a good seat. From out of the window I waved to the three of them. Dad was at work at the minute (as usual) so he couldn’t make it to say goodbye.

Luckily as I got on the train quite early there was a spare compartment near the middle of the train that I took quickly before a first year starts barging their way through and stealing it.

I felt like I’d been sitting there for ages. I saw out of the window that mum and the twins had gone- they didn’t want to stay for long anyway incase they attracted attention (I think mum thinks she’s famous and in many ways she’s probably right). I’d put my trunk on the rack at the top as I always did and my feet were up on the chair opposite me and I felt comftable… all I have to do is wait for my such slow friends to find me.

From out of the window I saw Neville and his grandmother (at least I know he’s safe and here) she was once again having a go at him for something or another, If I could I would listen in but I’ve stopped medalling in business that doesn’t involve me from now on.

I could hear loud chattering from the corridors, actually more like barking. I could tell straight away that it was Goyle, I really do hate him… he’s such a fat lump of a mess and not to mention stupid. I’m surprised even you-know-who wants him.

“Look what we have here… its weasel” Zabini strutted in from of Goyle and took a seat opposite me and kicked my feet off.

“What do you want?” I remarked, I really don’t need this right now.

“You’re sitting in our compartment” Goyle croaked sitting down next to me and taking up the large portion of the seat and squishing me in the corner of the compartment. I know what they’re trying to do- they are trying to make me feel threatened by them… well it’s not working boys.

“No… your sitting in my compartment and I think its best if you move your scrawny asses before I remove them for you” My temper rising fast, they better move quick.

The train started to move and a lump in my throat formed. I have to admit I was scared, but I kept a straight face. I’m not going to let these basterds get the better of me.

Zabini smirked and Goyle started howling a laugh only to start choking on himself.

“How’s your dad Weaslette… lost his job yet?”

“Lost anymore Daddies lately?” I reply to Zabini, it was widely known that his mum had lost about ten husbands mysteriously and ended up with a pot of gold at the end of it. Blaise was a mistake that wasn’t meant to happen to his mother.

“SHUT YOUR BIG MOUTH WEASLEY OR YOU’LL END UP THE SAME WAY AS YOUR BOYFRIEND POTTER IS GOING; DEAD!” He screamed sending shivers like an electric shock down my back and the hairs on the back of my neck stand up fully.

Then with a smirk on his face he stood up…. But didn’t leave

Instead he grabbed me by the hair and threw me out of the compartment and kicked me for in the stomach as soon as I was on the floor “Go run back to Longbottom Weasley!”

My head hurt from where he hit my head when he threw me. My vision was blurred and my headache was getting worse by the second. I’d hit my head on the glass compartment door when he threw me and I know that its bleeding a little bit as I have blood on my hands from where I’ve been touching it.

Every time I move my stomach hurt and no one even bothered to come help me. I was aware they’d all made a circle around me but not one came and helped me the gits.

“Ginny!” Someone from the crowed yelled pushing their way through “You alright?”

I nodded my head slowly because if I moved to fast it hurt “I’m fine”

I looked up and Neville was standing above me with concern crossed across his face, when I replied to him he seemed to relax and bit but I could tell he was still worried. Neville held out a hand for me and I took it grateful.

Another girl came rushing beside me… I thought it was Luna, I really did and I really wished it was.

Instead Hannah bloody abbot grabbed hold of my arm and helped get through the massive crowds of people that had showed up just to watch me get injured. Lovely people sometimes are aren’t they?

“You need to go tell a teacher Ginny. Blaise shouldn’t get away with this” Abbot rushed pushing me into the their compartment and almost forcing me to sit.

“I can’t… the only people that can do something about it is the Carrows and I ain’t going to them because they’ll end up torturing me for just asking to give them a punishment!”

“But you need justice Ginny. It’s the only way to win a war” Hannah replied to me a look of determination in her eyes. She was kneeling down in from of me my hand in hers giving me puppy dog eyes.

She’s so weird.

I raised a eyebrow at her almost as though I was telling her she was crazy without saying it and pulled my hand away from her. Really women? She’s so abnormal.

“Where’s Luna?”

Neville looks down and starts scratching the back of his head madly refusing to look up at me.

“Um… well… its just… uh… well… Luna she’s… Oh read this” He past me and article of the quibbler and I could just see from the front cover that her dad had changed sides.

Harry’s face was printed over the top saying undesirable number one with a gigantic photo covering the page.

“Oh my word”

I flicked open to the first page in a hurry. This just cannot be true, Xenophilius was a good person a good man he wouldn’t just betray the wizarding world and turn his back on this. But this doesn’t explain why Luna’s gone!

None of this makes bloody sense anymore. Maybe I should start reading the daily prophet it might help give me some answers or something (I’d stopped getting it about a month ago because all it printed was crap)


Christmas death explained


On the evening on Christmas Eve most people would know that Bathilda Bagshot was murdered in Grodric hollow. Except no one knows the truth until now. Aurors have been studying the area and have come to the conclusion that the fault is to blame Harry Potter. He was spotted outside the local church in Grodric Hollow alongside a companion believed to me a mud-blood Hermione Granger.

Later that night Bathilda bagshot house had been blasted to pieces. Muggles witnessed the attack and called the muggle police immediately (for definition on police please read down at the bottom of the page). Potter then apperated from the area as soon as soon as the damage had been done. We believe he had gone to Bagshot house for information on Dumbledore because it is widely known that Bathilda knew the Dumbledore’s very well as they grew up in the same area.

Bathilda’s body was no where to be found.


“COWARD!” I screamed at the top of my voice tossing the paper out of the compartment and onto the floor. I crossed my arms and let out a sigh of frustration. Hannah cringed at me because I’d just technically screamed in her face

It still didn’t tell me where Luna was!

“But where’s Luna!” My frustration is getting to much. I want to be able to get out of this prison and run away, the war was too much for me. I need to be able to breath again and think again.

“They were ambushed… Luna and her dad because of the stuff he had been writing and supporting harry and things. They got angry and they took Luna away. No one knows where” Neville answered.

My eyes watered immediately. I can’t believe this, Luna was one of my best friends she will always will be. What if they kill her? Poor Xenophilius… no wonder he’s been writing all this stuff. So would anyone if it got their child back. Damn it now I feel guilty for calling him a coward. I should keep my mouth shut sometimes.

There was silence for a few minutes and then it dawned on me. My freaking trunk is still with the Zabini and Goyle.

Crap, crap, crap, crap, crap and more crap!

Why does Merlin hate me. My whole brain is thinking too hard I’m sure its going to explode in a minute so don’t get too freaked out if a million pieces of brain is splattered everywhere and I’m dead.

“bugger… guys I’ve got to go” I panic jumping up and running out of the compartment.

Perhaps I should have told them even if that person was also Hannah bloody abbot at least that way if I get into trouble they’ll know where I am and save me.

Damn it I sound so childish, grow up Ginny!

The rest of the way I went a little slower, I took time to look out of the window just so my time getting there was a little slower.

Mountains wisped past us telling me we’d just entered Scotland. When you’ve been going on this journey for almost six and a half years you start to learn where you are and how long it should take before you get their.

Along my way of getting their people were staring. Everyone obviously already knew about the incident with Zabini and all. Gossip travels fast at with Hogwarts students. It amazes me how fast it actually travels. You’d have thought people would shut their mouth about something’s but oh no bloody gossipers just have to stick their big nose into people’s businesses.

I arrived at the compartment but before I entered I took a deep breath and knocked. I don’t know why I knocked I just did because I thought it might surprise them if a Weasley just popped their head through the door.

Because they had their blinds down they couldn’t see me and they most probably thought I was another creepy slytherine. Bloody gits.

“Just come in!” the voice of malfoy announced. Crap… Malfoys here. Bugger, that guy really does freak me out.

I stayed put my face turning into a massive cringe.

“Just bloody come in!” a massive stomp erupted in their and the door was seized open to reveal the compartment.

Oh holey freaking dragon crap.

Zabini had my case down and was flicking through all my clothes and especially my underwear. My lacy underwear. My face must have turned read as Zabini started smirking.

“Wow Weasley if I’d known what was under the clothes I might have considered you”
EUGH! I hate him so much with every bloody fibre in my bloody body. I’m going to get him back I don’t fricken care what it takes. My hands curled into a fist and my nails dug painfully into my hands.

“GIVE THOSE BACK!” I screamed grabbing everything from him.

He closed the compartment door and locked the door shutting me in their with them. I have had enough of this dragon shit and I’ve had enough of them bloody controlling me.

“LET ME OUT!” I yelled again running at the compartment door only for Zabini to grab me by the waist and throw me onto the chair. It was only then that I realised Goyle had left the room, huh that must be why there is space to move around! Sorry that was a joke couldn’t help myself.

While I was away from the door Malfoy leaves leaving me with just Zabini.

He cast a silence spell on the door so no one could hear me and he pulled me up, softly he stroked my face. My heart was hammering, I couldn’t breath because he had pushed me up against the wall.

“Let me go!” I repeated through gritted teeth.

“You know those bras are really sexy… I wonder what one you’ve got onto today” He ignored me and stared into my eyes and smirking at me. He had his hands on my waist so I couldn’t even wiggle about and I felt completely trapped but I wouldn’t let him know, I couldn’t let him know it would ruin me.

Every couple of seconds he would look down at me and I was thinking how I was suppose to get out of this, with my trunk as well that’s spilled out on the floor.

“Why would you want to touch me after all I’m a dirty blood traitor right?” I grimaced at him moving about as much as I could manage.

“Yeah I know, that’s why Draco would never touch you but you’re a sexy one at that”

That was it… I’ve had enough. I kick him as hard as I could manage being squished against the wall in the crotch and he kneels over in pain. I grabbed my wand and put everything in my trunk with on quick flick (untidily at that) and unlocked the door and hurried out not looking back to see if he’s ok because I really don’t care about him… I wasn’t about to let them treat me like that, it was sick to even think about treating anyone like that. I wonder how many other girls have had to face that and I want to vomit just thinking about it. Eugh! Bloody slytherine’s.

 My eyes water, not because of what just happened that was nothing compared to what has happened this year but because I’m imagining what Harry would do once I told him. Would he run in there and defend me like my hero would? It seems selfish of me but I want to be selfish, I want to be selfish with him. I suppose that’s why I want to find out where he is.

I don’t go back to the compartment, they’re probably worried about me but I need some time alone, I need to think straight my head is killing me and I feel so trapped so bloody well trapped and I need to escape and fast… I need to find Harry.

Where are you Harry?



10th January


Have they even blocked this tunnel because I can’t seem to see any blockage what so ever and I’ve been walking for at least half an hour and my legs hurt… very much. Stupid tunnel and stupid Fred and George I blame them for this.

My legs hurt… have I said that before?

Eventually I get to a dead end where a blockage of rocks is covering the way. I don’t know why the Carrows bothered to block it students could just use their wand to blast it out of the way.

I’m not going to use my wand though because firstly Fred and George are the other side of the rocks and I’d probably end up killing them in the process and the fact that I’m not really in Hogwarts grounds anymore and I’m underage so I could be traced.

I set the firework in place and count to ten I then let go of it and it goes flying at the rocks.

Hang on won’t the firework hit the rock and then they’ll go tumbling onto Fred and George? Oh bother this plan sucks.

I close my eyes expecting to hear my brothers girlish screams yell, instead someone wraps their arms around my shoulders and shakes me.
“Don’t fall asleep now Gin, we need you awake” I couldn’t tell you which one of them said it, it was too dark to tell the difference.

I burst out laughing and we start to walk back down the tunnel. Both had their wands lighted and had them pointing in front of us. I don’t know how I made it through the tunnel it looks so dark and creepy.

“Neville and Hannah should have completed the distraction” My mind was once again racing and I could feel adrenaline pumping through me, I felt scared but once again the thirst for adventure found its way into my veins and I was smiling at it. Which can’t be healthy can it.

“ok… wait Hannah? Who’s Hannah I thought Luna was meant to be helping” I think it was Fred who said that.

My eyes started to water and I’m glad its dark so they don’t notice. I’m just hoping my voice will sound normal when I speak.

“Luna was ambushed by death eaters because of what her dad was writing in the quibbler” I whispered making sure my voice sounded normal.


Silence, I bloody hate silence it gives me the creeps. Its my worst fear silence all you have is your thoughts with you as company and the atmosphere turns cold when silence appears and you feel all alone and empty… well that’s what happens to me I don’t know if its like that for anyone else.

It takes about half an hour to get to the end of the tunnel and that as you can tell is a whole lot of silence. It gives me the creeps damn it!

The castle was so quite you could hear a pin drop or if you listened carefully you might be able to hear the tapestry talking in low whispers. It was the most unusual site in Hogwarts for it to be so silent; I guess Neville and Hannah did a good job.

“Come on lets hurry up” I motioned for them to follow me down the stairs onto the first floor where the office was located.

Eventually we arrived the castle still quite as anything and I remembered that there was a password I just only hoped it hadn’t changed at all because our plan would be pointless.

“emerald eyes” I barley whispered closing my eyes hoping it was right. I only opened them when I heard the creaking of the gargoyle moving aside.

“Emerald eyes? Has snape gone in the loony, it sounds like he’s in love with Harry’s eyes” Fred laughed going in first. I sniffled a laughter and followed him.

“Perhaps I should stay here look out and all” George said not following up “I’ll use the paper to communicate with you”

I nodded at him as we walked up the twisting stairs. I only hope that the commotion Neville and Hannah caused was enough to get Snape out of his office for awhile.

The office was as grand as ever and the room looked so full of joy it was a waste to give it to Snape a man who did not deserve it. Up at the top was professor Dumbledore who was awake smiling down at me. Fred came in behind me writing to Fred probably a joke or something because he laughed two seconds later.

“Miss Weasley don’t you think it’s a bit rude to enter a office when the teacher is out of it?” He asked me with a small smile played onto his face.

“I know I just…” What do I say?

I turn to Fred expecting him to help he just shrugs and walks out the room thinking that I need my space, what I needed was his help! Damn him… oh well looks like I’m doing it alone.

“I need help” I whisper but knowing he heard it.

A understanding smile appeared on his face as he peered at me through his glasses that was perched on his nose. He looked the same as ever, the painting seemed to real and I almost wanted to take my hand and touch it to see if it was real or it was my imagination.

“I want Harry… no wait that’s not right I need Harry” I stared at the floor forgetting who I was talking too and i just let it all out, right then “I can’t breath at the moment and I’ve been trying for the last couple of months to find something that can help me but I haven’t found it, its like a part of me is lost and I need to find it and I know he’s that piece of me that’s missing that part that I’ve so desperately been trying to find. I feel… I feel like I’m not worthy enough for him, like the reason he didn’t tell me what he’s doing was because he didn’t trust me and the truth is I probably can’t but I just want to set my mind at peace and be able to breath again. This might sound so cheesy and twisted but it’s the truth. I love him and I hate him for making me feel this way” I finally looked up and the old wizards face. My eyes watered and my vision became foggy “Help me” I begged almost collapsing to the floor and having to hold the desk to stay steady.

As soon as I could see again and all my tears had escaped Dumbledore looked at me with understanding written over his face.

“Miss Weasley do not think for a second that Harry did not trust you because he did. You made him Happy even when things were dark and you helped him through things that not even your brother and Miss Granger could. I cannot tell you what they are up too because the truth would be too painful miss Weasley considering your history in your first year” My face screwed up in confusion when he said that and I looked up at him, he looked at me with a little smile on his face as though he thought I could figure it out on my own “Help will always be given at Hogwarts Guinevere for those who have earned it

“As for the breathing part, you will be able to soon. I promise and it’ll get easier. You’ll find some peace someday Miss Weasley and I have a feeling it will be soon” He bowed his head to me indicating he had finished and I was left speechless and without saying a word I walked over to the door.

It was only when my hand was on the door knob did I look back over at him a smile, a true honest smile one I haven’t given in months “Thank-you”

Chapter 16: Death and torture
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lovely Ci by BitterHeart@TDA

20th January

Why do people even eat bertie botts? I mean I understand if its for a dare or something but why waste your money on something that’s going to make you sick, because I swear from this second onwards I’m never buying another packet of bertie botts I think the company of it is trying to kill us.

Sorry I just ate a corn beef bertie bott and through up. What! I thought it was chocolate and it looked tasty, I just now wish I gave it too Neville he had been asking for it.

Were in the common room, actually no we were in the common room until I had to run out and hurl because of that damn corn beef… I’m thinking of sueing.

Finally after being sick plenty of times and cleaning myself up I go back down into the common room to find Seamus has taken my seat talking to Neville, can’t blame him really I did just run out on Neville without any explanations.

“Hey Ginny what happened?” Neville asked worry crossing his face.

“Oh nothing just stupid corn beef thing, I hate corn beef as do all my brothers except the twins” I babbled taking a seat on the arm next to Seamus “Hey Seamus, what’s up?”

“Oh nothing, we were just talking about how you guys are gonna continue DA without Luna” Seamus commented taking a bertie bott for himself “I think it would be cool if we did a dedication to her for one of them”
“You do realise she’s not dead” I hope

“I know but we could at least get everyone aware of what’s happened and everything, not many people know about it” he notified chewing.

“Yeah well that’s the bloody ministry’s fault… they’re trying to cover everything up and they can because they have control over the stupid bloody prophet” I wailed getting angry, I know its not their fault I’m just really pissed off.

“hmm… do you want another one or can I have the rest” Neville offered ratterling the beans in my face.

I wasn’t taking any notice, me being me was off in my own world staring at the fire. I’d like to say my mood had changed considerably since the Dumbledore talk and all and I mean a good change I haven’t become depressed or anything.

I sense Seamus get up and go over to Parvati that if you haven’t heard he is now dating.

“You alright?” Neville questioned

“I’m just thinking about Luna… I wonder how she is, is she safe? Are they treating her in a at least descent manor? How’s her dad? In just really miss her” I heave a great sigh and Neville puts his arm around me hugs me friendly.

“I know”



The room was silent as Amycus Carrow looked around the defence against the dark arts classroom with beady eyes taking care to watch each and everyone of us.

When it came to me his eyes lingered for a bit longer and then he looked at the empty seat next to me, a sly smirk came to his face and I glared daggers at him.

“Pathetic” He said quite angrily with a grimace on his face, you can tell he wasn’t actually angry but just wanted to have a go at us for a something.

More silence

“Does anyone know what the highest grade was in the test last week?” Amycus asked still looking around the room and twisting his wand in his fingers to try and scare us. Most peoples faces were down, mine along with a few other DA members was up not showing our corwardness like he would do “I ASKED YOU A QUESTION!” he screamed throwing the papers on the floor from his desk.

Everyone flinched and shamefully so did I.

“No? No answer, going to be silent then. Fine let me choose a volunteer, Weasley you up” Pfft! This is just some stupid trick, well he can do what the hell he wants with me.

Anyway a volunteer is a volunteer not some who is picked, perhaps I should say that to him.
“Perhaps the reason were getting such low marks is because of the teacher, but because your precious dark lord has made your ego so big I guess you never thought of that” My frustration was getting way to bad, sometimes I need to learn to shut my mouth.

“Weasley, I notice your homework hasn’t been handed in, neither for muggle-studies as well. I’m ashamed a girl like you is smart but its wasted on time spent taking the wrong side and being blood-traitors, crucio!”

I wailer out, screamed. I felt my knees hit the floor painfully, my head spinning but it didn’t hurt as much as the usual. Sure it still hurt but the pain was something that I was used to.

“You Girl” I felt a major blow hit my stomach “Need to learn to keep your big mouth shut… go outside now!”

Picking myself up the floor was hard, extremely hands. I fell trying about three times and sobbed a little. I felt my eyes watering… ever since my meeting with Dumbledore I’d allowed myself to let pain effect me more instead of building a wall around myself and hiding. I actually find myself confiding in my friends when I needed help or simply someone to talk to.

And it felt quite nice knowing they cared.

I finally left the room after almost being shoved out be Amycus that got bored and impatient watching me struggle on the ground.

“HOW DARE YOU EMBARRESS ME YOU BRAT!” He yelled pointing his wand at me “Crucio!”

I’m prepared this time. Just think of Harry. Simply close your eyes and imagine his face not the pain, just him sitting by the lake and him holding you. Simple, just simple.

The pain got worse as he realised it wasn’t affecting me and my concentration broke and I struggled with all my power to stay up straight and not fall to the floor in a heap.

“LEAVE HER ALONE!” A girlish scream erupted from the corridor. He heard the sign of struggerling and Hannah abbots voice yell my name, but I couldn’t open my eyes, if I opened my eyes I would realise that I wasn’t with harry that it really just is a image in my head.

The pain stopped suddenly and without realising that I hadn’t been breathing the entire time I took a deep breath.

“Ginny!” Neville also called to me.

“I’m taking these two troublemakers up to the portrait room for punishment, they’ve caused too much trouble in my classroom and I’ve had enough of it. Were you just about to take the girl” Alecto grunted holding onto Neville and Hannah at the same time and pointing there wands at them.

I noticed Neville had a badly beaten eye and Hannah had blood stained hair and a cut lip. I was way to worried about them to care about what state I was in.

Me and Hannah had actually gotten on very well noticing we had some similarities, such as she loved Holyhead harpies like I did and she also at one point had a crush on Harry but swears it was only for like a month (that then panicked me into thinking that the whole girl population off the school had a crush on Harry at one point and I almost fainted at that point.

“No Alecto don’t bother, I have ways off punishing them” He pointed at the two of them to stand by my side with his wand.

Off course being stubborn they both refused and had to use the Imperius curse on both.

“You missy” Amycus twisted his wand at Hannah who only looked at him as if he was mad. Well it looks like I was wrong about Hannah, she did have some feistyness in her “need to learn to respect people that could bring you down in a heartbeat. Sister, make sure you get a death eater to go meet her poor little lonely Dad tonight. Looks like you Abbot will be flying solo for the rest of your life after you Daddy goes the same was as your filthy muggle mother did!” He spat at her face and I could see in Hannah’s eyes the hurt and panic spreading through her.

“Leave her dad alone, punish me instead!” Neville yelled at him staring up into his eyes and sizing Amycus up.

He only laughed.

I feel like such a weak person, I’m still laying on the floor holding onto my forehead like its about to burst open and split.

“How noble! Starting to play the hero now are we Longbottom. I hear you live with your grandmother. Pure blood witch right?” Neville didn’t answer only stared at the floor “Bella did a good job with your parents, lets see if we can do the same with you pity little grandmother. Alecto you can send a death eater to her as well but I doubt they need to be highly trained, it won’t take much to finish her off”

“No please…” Neville pleaded trailing off staring at the floor his eyes diverting in all kinds of directions, but all downwards “She’s done nothing!”

“yeah but her grandson has…

“And what do we have here, a Weasley. A pathetic Weasley. The first girl in the family for seven generations right?” My knees were starting to hurt for having contact with the floor so long so I stood up refusing to say a word “Now what are we going to do with you hey?”

“I say send her into the forbidden forest” Alecto smirked praying for something that would really destroy me, I could just sense it from looking at her.

“Nah she’s been in there and it didn’t do anything. We can’t go after her family, their way to protected, so what are we going to do….”
“How about nothing, it would be so much simpler for you and for me” I fake smile at him and gathered the most spit in my mouth as I could and then spitted at him all over his face and he wasn’t impressed.

I just raised my eyebrows at him because I’m that bad ass.

“Eugh! You stupid girl!”

“I’ll deal with her” Alecto piped in coming to stand straight in front of me, I tried to stand the straightest I could without by back giving off agonising pain from the torture curse “Your quite close to the tonks family I’m aware”
Where is he going with this?

“As your family is too heavily protected we’ll go after them. We’ll make sure that the mud-blood Ted is caught and that his blood-traitor wife gets what she deserves. It should make sure that your good enough for now”

He started whistling and strolled back into his class room as though nothing of a sort just happened.

“Get out of here you ungrateful lot… just be thankful we didn’t take your life’s”


23rd January


“expecto patronum!” I said, I’m really trying my hardest here but for some reason I have no memories that are bloody good enough!

I’ve thought of Harry, a lot of Harry but my mind is off in some other place… back to Tonks’ family. Tonks is bloody pregnant for crying out loud and it might be my bloody fault if she looses it and thinking of stuff like this isn’t helping me make my patronus.

“Ginny what’s up, you were really good at making a patronus last time?” Hannah questioned.

“I guess I’ve just lost it”

“thinking about Tonks? Yeah I’ve been struggerling thinking about my dad” She admitted looking at the ground and shufferling her feet, she was feeling guilty she could just see it.

“I’m sure your dad will be fine, Neville’s not to worried about his gran because he knows that she’s really good with Spells and stuff and they’ve only send a death eater who isn’t very skilled”
“Yeah but my dad isn’t very skilled himself. He lost all his talent when my mum died”

“I’m sure it’ll be fine” I reassured rubbing her arm for comfort.


I should really change the subject because I don’t want her to turn onto my problems with Tonks’ family. That would be awkward.

“So things are going great with you and Neville I see” It brought a smile to her face as she looked up. I was stupid before hating her when I know she really likes Neville.

“Yeah its really cool, Nev’s is great and I really like him, do you think he likes me?” She was too eager for my liking and was almost bouncing up and down while clinging to my arm.

Old habits die hard I guess.
“I know he likes you, you have nothing to worry about”

“I feel quite guilty” The excitedness in her voice calmed a bit “I know that Luna liked him and I feel guilty because it feels like I’m taking her place”

Man how does she do that, she can just open up her problems and talk to anyone about it just like that and I admire her so much. I’m kinda jealous in a weird and twisted way. No wonder she’s so happy all the time.

“Don’t worry, Luna would be happy for the two of you” It was a lie of course. I could just imagine Luna scowling at the two of them and stopping in corridors whenever she saw the two of them but I didn’t want to worsen Hannah’s mood further.

“Thanks, your really great to talk to you know, anyway better get on with the patronus” she said while walking her way back to the large group of hufflepuffs.

I’m so ashamed the rest of the DA has gotten far with their patroness and I’m still standing here.

I think another reason I can’t pull one of it because I’ve forgotten things about him, the way he laughed, the way he smelled and its breaking me down. I don’t even know what Harry bloody smells like anymore!

Eugh! My life is so frustrating.

“Expecto patronum!” I yelled and a silvery wisp erupted from the end of my wand. Well it’s a start I guess.

Think Harry, the colour of his eyes will do. Green like a pickled frog, right? Think pickled frogs then or whatever just think Harry anything you can remember.

“EXPECTO PATRONUM!” I wailed feeling my wand vibrate for a second and then before I knew it a great horse erupted dancing around the room and twisting around everyone, it was by far the best I’d ever achieved.

“Wow Ginny that was amazing”


“Amazing Ginny how’d ya do that” Everyone stammered memorized by my, yes MY patronus. Suckers.

“Just think something really good, that was all I did”



27th January


The hall was as usual quite with only the odd whispers being past around off the latest gossip. This months gossip was about Seamus and Parvati. I feel sorry for them I know how they feel.

Actually I don’t feel sorry for them, only because it’s a change to have the gossip of me for once. Anyway they seem to enjoy all the gossip on them so they aren’t moaning about it are they meaning its ok not to feel sorry for them, right?

Oh well

The owls came flooding in just as I’d spread butter on my toast that is cold so I don’t even know why I bother I end up leaving it on my plate anyway.

I was surprised to see a owl drop down onto my plate and knock the toast out of my hand.

Damn it, it took time and precious seconds to spread that toast, stupid owl.

It happened to be a letter from my dad and as soon as I saw it I ripped the letter open. Neville also had a letter from his grandmother… I guess that’s good news meaning she’s alive.



I know we haven’t sent letters much but I have some grave news to inform you off. Because the things we write are being watched I can’t say much but Ted Tonks was murdered yesterday while he was on the run from the muggle-born register. Me and your mother also found out that Andromeda has been under the torture curse for quite awhile but don’t worry she’s safe now, a little shaken no doubt but she’s fine. Luckily she stayed strong and didn’t give any information about anything.

Me and your mother want you to stay safe please for your mother and I don’t do anything stupid. This is a war Ginny and you’re to young to meddle in things you don’t understand. Were begging you not to form that group again and do anything rash. Your mum is worried sick about you and tells me to pass on that if you do anything stupid were taking you home immediately.



p.s. Security question, you had a pygmy puff last year named Arnold.


Oh holey crap, this is my fault that Ted is dead.

My eyes watered and I dropped everything and legged it out of the hall not bothering to ask Neville what his was about. I’m so bloody stupid why didn’t I just keep my head low and not say anything. But no, I have a stupid big mouth and temper that I just have to release and I end up getting people killed because of it.

When they said they were going after their family I didn’t realise they actually meant going after them. I thought they were bluffing just trying to scare me, Hannah and Neville. But they did and Its all my stupid fault that someone lost their life.

Its true I didn’t know Ted well but that still doesn’t excuse the fact that I killed him. What am I going to say to Tonks and Remus when I next see them, I can’t say “Hey I killed your dad” because then people would ask question.

And their son, he’s going to grow up without a Granddad because of me. Plus I put Andromeda through pain for a few days.

I feel worse than I ever have before, my whole life is spinning out of control and I can't control it and my mind is completly clogged up with information that nothing makes sense anymore and i'm barley able to think for myself

I rip the letter into pieces and throw it onto the floor and stomp hard on it, letting the tears flow out freely

Chapter 17: Blame
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amazing CI by BitterHeart 

5th February

Right I’m coming out, I’m telling my family about why Ted tonks died. Its my fault and I’m going to take the blame. Everyday my dad has send a letter ensuring me that Andromeda is fine because I’ve been badgering them with letters asking if she’s ok. I can tell their lying just to make me feel alright and stop me from panicking, but they have no idea why I’m so worried.

Fifteen days I’ve been up in my dorm blaming myself, I think if I tell people then they’ll either give me the yelling at I deserve or forgive me and I might be able to forgive myself.

I’m twisting the letter I’m about to send in my hands, I can feel my hands shaking and my head spinning. The feeling off guilt swimming through me. I’ve only come out of my room during school, the rest of the time I lock myself up here. Neville’s been kind enough to leave food at the bottom of the girls dormitories and hasn’t badgered me about anything or asking me why I’m so depressed, its probably because he’s to occupied with Hannah to even notice even during the short time I’m out of this stupid room I’ve seen their relationship grow and I feel happy for them and I like Hannah, she’s kind, smart and brave something that Neville deserves (even though I’d prefer it if it was Luna)

Anyway back onto the letter. I wasn’t really sure how to put in words that I killed a family friend (not literally) so I just wrote down the truth in what happened, when and how and why they went after them… at least I can get some peace at mind.


Dad, mum and family

I need to tell you something. Its important and has been making me feel guilty over the past few days. Anyway you’ll all probably end up hating me after you’ve finished reading this letter so if you don’t reply and I refuse me to come home for Easter I understand.

About two weeks ago I disrupted dark arts class, I’ve been doing it for quite awhile actually trying to stand up to the Carrows and I know it was a stupid thing to do but I felt like I couldn’t sit back and just let them take over the school when there are so many of us that won’t stand for it, me being one of them. They got fed up with me and Neville and Hannah for doing it and went after our family members. Neville’s gran, Hannah’s dad and as you guys were all protected too much they went after Tonk’s family… so its my fault that Ted Tonks is dead and that Andromeda was under the torture curse, I’m so sorry. Its all my fault and I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I don’t know what too do now and I know you probably are all really mad and if I’d known this was going to be the consequence I wouldn’t have done it I promise.

Love Ginny


That was it… was it too short? Did it make me seem like I wasn’t sorry at all? Because I was, I truly was. For the first time since I was about five and my Uncle Billius died I cried myself to sleep, it was when I found out about Tonks and her family that I did so. I jus can’t believe what I’ve done, I’m in shock… angry at the death eaters, petrified because of what I’ve done, guilty because its my fault and devastated that someone actually died because of it.

I don’t even know what happened to Neville’s gran or Hannah’s dad because I’ve been so stuck up in my own problems that I never even asked. I know I’m a really bad friend but I don’t know what to do about it… I can’t think of anything else but Andromeda and ted. Its all my fault

Man my life is screwed up.

I just have to wait until my dad/mum’s daily letter gets here before I reply back with the letter that I am now scrunching up in my hands without even realising it. I’m just seriously nervous, I could be shaking right now if I allowed myself too but I’m stronger than this and I know I am.

I didn’t really know Andromeda and Ted, I know mum knew them but it kills me too know a life was taken because of me… its my fault that someone is dead right now, its my fault that someone doesn’t have a father or a husband to cry with during this war.

A knocking sound enters my thoughts.

In confusion I open my eyes to realise that the knocking was real and that a small owl was knocking on my window with its beak with a letter that looks larger than the actual owl attached to its feet. It looks excited and eager, I thought it was just going to bang into the window because it was too hypered up to wait for someone to open it for him.
I love Pigwidgeon (or as I call him, Pig) he’s probably the most cutest owl I have ever met, he’s small, loud and excited which I think is adorable.

He at least manages to bring a smile to my face.

“Hey there pig, have you missed me?” I smile at him opening the window allowing pig to enter.

It was the first letter sent that he got to me, usually mum uses Errol, although I’m sure his last attempt at passing on a letter probably frightened him to never do it again (he hit my bed post, when I first saw it happening I thought he was dead but no sooner did he hit it did he get up again, I almost feel as though he’s immune to getting hurt by hard solid objects)

Pig of course loves me, it was due to me that he got his fantastic name (much to Ron’s dismay) I don’t even know why Ron keeps him, the bird bloody annoys him… I end up using pig more than he does half the time!
I rip the letter open as soon as I can get pig to stay still enough so I can get hold of the letter.



Me and your father have noticed that you’ve been very interested about Andromeda and Ted so we thought we’d update you with what your father has been able to find out by doing a little bit of snooping and (don’t tell your brothers) by using extendable ears. I can’t write much as I know this letter will be read through first but as your so interested we thought you ought to know. We just found out that Ted tonks was being hunted for ages, I didn’t even realise that he’d gone on the run because of being a muggle-born. I thought that Ted had stayed at home with Andromeda. The funny thing was that Andromeda was being tortured at exactly as the same time as Ted was being killed. It was only when Remus came in and got Andromeda out of their before they did anything else. Your father found out that they’ve been aiming at them for months now, they’ve just been figuring out a way to get through the house enchantments and to find out where Ted Tonks was hiding. It’s a sick way to kill someone just because of what they have in their blood. I find it horrifying. I suppose were not better of than them being blood-traitors. I sometimes worry about sending you off to Hogwarts and perhaps think its best that Ron went of this year with Harry, at least he’s out of the way during this war.

I suppose you’ve heard all about Augusta Longbottom, you know your friends Gran. She was ambushed not to long ago actually and managed to escape without a scratch on her, from what I can tell you put up a good fight… I used to know her and I can tell you that you should never cross her when it comes to duels, I guess the death eaters should realise age doesn’t matter at all when it comes to magic

Love mum xx


What? They were being hunted for months! That doesn’t even make sense if they were being hunted for months then surly it wasn’t my thought that Ted died because they started hunting them after I got into trouble.

This doesn’t make any sense to me what so ever

I re-read the letter over and over again making sure that every single word I read was real and it wasn’t just my eyes seeing things that I shouldn’t.

They’ve been aiming at them for months now the same words repeating and repeating in my head over and over again, just the same words continuously. I traced them over with my hands praying that they were true. Selfish? I know, I shouldn’t be praying that someone was being hunted for months… anyway I wasn’t praying for that, I was praying to ensure that I wasn’t the one who did it… if the words were true then nothing was my fault.

I felt like I’d just been let of on a prison sentence, and that a pressure that had been weighing on my shoulders was released.

And Neville’s gran was fine which was a relief when I thought about it, I didn’t even realise I’d been worried about that as well but apparently I have been.

Pig was sitting on my shoulders also reading the letter which I find extremely weird for a owl that I thought couldn’t read, or perhaps he’s just doing it because he’s bored… after all I had cleared out all the owl food, I just can’t be bothered any more to buy owl food as I don’t get many owls anyway so really what’s the point it’s a waste of money and time in buying them… ok I’ll stop moaning now.

My letter is still clutched in my hand, I can’t believe I worried so much about it… it seems so silly now that I know the truth. The Carrows were trying to make me feel guilty to put the blame onto my, add more worry in my head… and the thing that I’m ashamed about is I did fall for it, I worried to the point where I wouldn’t leave the girls dormitories. They got to me, I showed them my weak side and now I’m more ashamed than ever. Embarrassed is the word to explain it.

Pig still waiting on my shoulder even though I’ve creased the letter up and closed it which obviously shows he wasn’t reading it but instead waiting on my cool.

Then I remember the letter in my hand. I hold in up which makes Pig extremely excited and starts jumping on my shoulder (it hurt) I had to quickly move my hand in fear of him taking it and rip it up. As soon as Pigwidgeon realised what I’d done the jumping stopped and he went straight to the window, forgot that I’d shut it after him and banged right into it.

He’s been watching Errol to much I tell you!
I would have laughed if it wasn’t for the fact that the owl could be dead and when Ron gets back I know he’d never forgive me, so I really do have to check on him because I’d be evil if I didn’t.

He was fine but as soon as he was up he started pecking at me too open the window… I do not want to get pecked to death and I just about manage to open it before my fingers get bitten off my the annoying little bugger.

I watch him as he glides out of the window and soars through the air. Damn I think I just ruined my chance of being Pigwidgeon favourite person, oh well there’s always Hermes (or not- that owls taken after Percy I’m sure of it)

I’m too dumbstruck now to speak




“So it wasn’t your fault?” Hannah asked eagerly listening intently. It kind of annoys me how she’s involved in this conversation, I started out talking to Neville now she’s involved. Not that I mind but she could have asked to join the conversation rather than but in like that.

“No it wasn’t they were just trying to make me feel guilty to make me stop”

Neville thought for a moment “I don’t know how they thought they were going to get away with it, surly they realised you’d find out eventually”

“I don’t know, maybe they thought I was stupid or something- but I truly thought it was my fault” I admitted feeling embarrassed again “So what happened with your dad Hannah?”

A smile played onto Hannah’s face, but she just shrugged like it was no big deal but you could see she was happy about it “They never found him, he’s been communicating with me using his patronus… every night he sends one at about ten. Its great too know he’s ok”

“So its good then, no one got hurt because of us” Neville exclaimed throwing down the rest of his drink.

“People did get hurt, Andromeda and Ted… Although it wasn’t our faults someone still died” I cried out, feeling extremely sad again, I just felt like I was still to blame, even though I’d been told in words that it wasn’t me I still felt like it was to good to be true.

There was silence until Hannah interrupted it trying to change the subject, I’ve noticed over the past few weeks that she’s pretty good at changing the subject “Did you know I got a O in care of magical creatures in my homework this week. I’ve never gotten a O ever before. We had to do it on unicorns it was really cool. Nev, aren’t we going to the valentines thing in hogsmeade with me, you know madam puddifoot?” She changed the subject drastically. I’m sure that girl could talk for days if she had to.

Pfft! Madam puddifoot, quite typical really. I know I’ve decided I like Hannah and everything but she still gets on my bloody nerves on how girly she actually is. I don’t even understand why she does Care of magical creatures, all she bloody does is yelp and cry out because her fingernails are getting too dirty.

“Actually I can’t, me and Ginny have been banned from all hogsmeade trips because of the sword incident” Neville frowned sipping his tea while reading the daily prophet for the latest lies.

“Oh damn it, I was so looking forward to it. Oh well I guess I’ll just have to miss the hogsmeade trip and spend it with you too” Hannah giggled clinging onto Neville’s arm playfully

“Oh no please don’t on our accounts” I cried out, I don’t want to spend a whole day with her, I like her but not that much.

She actually in a strange way reminds me of Luna, just without the unusual sounding voice and Hannah’s a tad bit more giggly that Luna ever was. But other than that their practically the same person, excluding the looks and Luna’s weirdness.

“Nah, I don’t have many friends to go with. Me and Susan have been arguing quite a bit recently and anyway she and Ernie will be going together and Ernie sometimes really annoys me, he thinks I was the one who stole his lot of extendable ears… I don’t know why. He’s always jumping to conclusions especially when it concerns me!” Hannah moaned, I could see she was feeling a bit low and upset so I said no more on the matter… I guess I was spending Valentines day with Hannah and Neville, I just hope there will be no kissing on their part.


14th February


“…So I called him up on it and told him that he should shut his big fat mouth” Hannah exclaimed telling us stories on funny part of her life, she’s hilarious I have to admit I don’t think I’ve ever laughed this much in my life.

“I’m sorry I just can’t imagine you saying that to someone” I pointed out popping in another cockroach cluster into my mouth.

“I really did!”

“Hey, I’ve never been able to eat one of those, as soon as I get it onto my mouth I end up feeling sick… I’m allergic” Neville announced holding up some acid pops.

“Oh your not allergic, that’s the natural feeling when you first try it… here I can suck on one for hours if I had to” Hannah ordered pointing at the lollypop, truth be told I’d never been able to have a full one before, the hole in my tongue ends up getting too big and I can’t suck anymore.

Neville threw it over at her and I just can’t wait to see what her face will be like as soon as she puts it into her mouth… it really does burn.

She opened it up and almost chucked it into her mouth. No reaction… how she does that I’ll have no idea, I guess she can just hold in pain, because it truly does burn your tongue.

“How? How Hannah, that’s like impossible!”

Then her face turned twisted and I could sense her tongue burning up. Suddenly  she pulled the sweet back out of her mouth and me and Neville burst out laughing so much I ended up hiccupping.

“Eugh! I’ve always been able to do it before… I think it was just pressure from you guys” Hannah Roared but giggling at the same time.

I don’t think I’ve ever had this much fun before (well this year). Hannah was so funny to be around, I found myself getting more attatched to her everyday that went past, I almost felt guilty about forgetting Luna (not that I ever forgot her- it just feels like I am).

My mind had completely wondered off the topic off the war today, Harry, and the Tonks family. Today it was finally right again, no worrying or tears or tantrums… it was normal. I had Hannah to thank for that and I couldn’t be more grateful.

A/N hello there! I didn't actually want the death of Ted Tonks to be Ginny's fault so i had to put this up... thank you ever so much for reading, i want to say thank you to all my faithful reviewers and especially worship the nargles, who has stuck with this story since the beginning, it means a lot. 

Chapter 18: a shoulder to cry on
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amazing, fantastic and awsome CI by OctoberSeaBreeze @ TDA

1st March

Its Ron’s birthday today incase you didn’t realise, I off course being the dopey head I am brought him a present (using the seeker weekly magazine- cost me a fortune) forgetting that I can’t actually give it to him. I thought about sending it to him by owl but it was too risky, they’re tracking owls now and I don’t want to be the reason that Harry, Ron and Hermione are caught thank-you very much, I’d never ever forgive myself.

February’s gone by quickly according to Neville but in my opinion that month just dragged so badly I wanted to cry. I’d recently realised that it was my newt year and I’d forgotten all about them with the whole war and everything.

I blame McGonagall, she was the one who brought it up. She’s the bloody only one who’s ignoring the war around here and acting normal (except giving us less homework… at least she’s sympathetic)

So I’ve been revising for it and even listening more in dark arts class and muggles studies only because I really don’t want to fail... can you imagine what the Carrows would say to a whole year of work gone down the drain, I can just see him yelling at me with his wand being pointed at me, calling me scum… yeah, I really don’t want that.

God I can’t belive it was just one year ago that Ron had managed to poison himself, and took a love potion and almost died… it seems like another life ago, doesn’t it?

I should really stop taking a trip down memory lane, it makes me all emotional. Damn Ronald Weasley for having your birthday today.

I finished wrapping Ron’s present even though I had no intention what so ever of sending it, I just thought it would make me seem less sad about the whole thing, might make me think clearly. And my plans never work… of course it didn’t make me bloody think more clearly, because it just isn’t that simple for me.

It made me feel a lot, lot worse, made me almost want to just throw the chudly cannons mug that I brought him across the room and break as much things as possible, and then when I’m done messing the room up just curl up in all the broken pieces and cry… it just seems like the easiest thing in the world to do.

When did I get so emotional?

The present was badly wrapped but it wasn’t the worst I’d ever done… nah the worst I’d ever done was probably when I was trying to wrap a bludger for Fred and George which would chance them around as soon as they open it… it was hilarious when they did open it but the aftermath from my mother wasn’t so much.

I put it on the drawer next to my bed and went down stairs to the common room, as soon as excited the dorm I was ambushed by Neville who looked like he was having a heart attack… or at least a panic attack.

“Ginny… I’ve been waiting here for ages, hurry come on we need to go!” he cried grabbing my arm and pulling me out of the common room and down through the moving staircases.

When he stopped waiting for the staircase to move along so we could continue I took my chance to ask him WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!

“Neville! Wait, what’s happened… your panicking” I screamed at him as he grabbed my hand once again and dragged me downwards, I almost slipped I can tell you!

“They’ve finally done it, the Carrows I mean… they’ve finally given up on us and… and… killed. A student has died” Neville announced stopping in his tracks “They did it in the transfiguration courtyard. It was a third year Ravenclaw”

“They can’t have! That must still be illegal at the very least to kill someone” I yelled at him. I know the Carrows were bad, but I can’t believe that they would kill a student especially not in a open place like the courtyard.

“You-know-who runs the ministry now remember, anything’s legal… the only illegal thing is being a muggle-born!” Neville said still running down the stairs. It was only then I noticed that he wasn’t bringing me to the transfiguration courtyard but was taking down to the dungeons.

I’m too panicked right now to bother asking him where were going.

“So they just killed them, using the killing curse?” I asked my mind racing, questions burst into my mind, some questions I knew he wouldn’t have been able to answer but it was worth a shot.

“I’m not to sure, I heard from Parvati that they’d been torturing her and she just gave up fighting the curse of and just let it effect her. When she told me it sounded horrible” Neville cried pulling me in front of a tapestry of a fruit owl.

“Neville what are we doing here?” I questioned, I’m sure such a confused face showed on my face but he didn’t say anything, he just tickled the pear that I’d tickled so many times and allowed me to go through the hole in front of him.

“We needed a urgent DA meeting, as students will be around and about we couldn’t just go up to the seventh floor area and open a massive door that leads to the room of requirement, especially when were a secret group” Neville said looking at me like I’m about to shout at him for being so stupid, I don’t know why… I’d have done the same thing.

“Neville, I’m not sure about this… I don’t think we can do anything” Hannah said, she’d been crying by the looks of things and I felt sympathetic to her “We can’t show them that whatever they do we’ll fight back, were just kids in the middle of a huge war”

Neville scratched the back of his neck uncomftable with the tension the room held… I could feel his eyes diverting everywhere around the room refusing to look at anybody fully in the eye.

He didn’t say anything, just let the awkward silence fill the space up… it was so bad I felt like I was suffocating in it.

I had to do something; I couldn’t just stand there and let Neville get all the questions thrown at him when he had no answers.

“Why can’t we?” I asked every DA member in the room “Why can’t we show them that even though they can torture and humiliate us they will never ever beat us… we need to show them that, that’s the only way to win this war no matter what your age…”

My voice trailed away as I watched every single person in the room carefully afraid of what they’re reaction would be.

Hannah softly smiled at me, I knew at once I’d suddenly given her hope.

“A DA meeting tonight in the room of requirement at seven, we need to start planning” I softly announced to the room, no one disagreed with me as the room started to file out.

“Thanks Ginny, you saved me there” Neville cried out and launched himself at me, squeezing me to death with a hug.

“Oi! Don’t get to attached” Hannah said playfully came over wrapping his arms around Neville.

“So are you a couple now or what?” I wasn’t really sure what was going on with them to, I’d had a suspicion that they’d been sneaking around together but whenever they were around me they acted like they were just friends, on the rare occasion when they were with me they would hold hands… but nothing more. Strange relationship if you ask me.

“um… I don’t really know” Neville looked down at Hannah who was leaning on him and staring back at him with the same passion Neville had in his eyes. I could tell they liked each other (it might even be more than that) and even though I prefer Luna with Neville I just will let it be, if Luna were here perhaps things would be different… but she’s not so we have to deal with it.

I smile at them and leave the kitchen because them just staring at each other like they’re in love or something is making me jealous so before I get in a bad mood I left.



Everywhere I went for the rest of the day people were either talking in low whispers or crying they’re eyes out, my heart went out to the people who knew the Ravenclaw personally and was friends with them.

The castle was in silence for the whole day, no one wanted to talk unless they were gossiping about what had happened which I thought was a little rude… they had no respect gossiping like that.

The day dragged by, classes were still on and the Carrows would patrol the corridors all day, they showed no guilt of what they’d done but instead used it to make other students scared. I had to walk past them every class I went to, I felt like they’d been following me just to make me walk past them. Cowards that’s what they are.

Luckily for me I don’t have any lessons with either Alecto or Amycus Carrow for another week now… which means I can avoid them for a little longer.

I was waiting in the library studying for transfiguration a subject I suck at waiting for seven to strike. I couldn’t wait for the meeting… the DA was all at Hogwarts that I looked forward to and was the only reason I was staying, otherwise I’d have begged my mum on four knees pleading her to take me back home.

It’s a prison here now, and even more so after today.

The clock in the library striked and I gathered all my books together… I hadn’t told anyone yet but I’d planned on letting everyone who wants to sleep in the room of requirement because I knew the Carrows would be patrolling the corridors and it would be very likely that if thirty students all go out into the corridors at once at least one of us will be found.

I instantly remember looking at the new rules in the common room

ALL students must be in their common rooms by eight, if found they will be expelled

I don’t want anyone to get expelled, at least this way we will all be safe.

I collected my bag from the floor and dashed to the seventh floor looking behind me to check if anyone was watching before entering the secret room.

“Ginny there you are! Everyone’s here, except Seamus… he’s in detention” Hannah called for me dragging me over to the front of the crowed with a blazing smile written on her face... her mood had certainly changed.

“ok everyone… excuse me.... guys!” Neville said desperately to all the people in the room who were chatting loudly not noticing Neville trying to get their attention.

“BLOODY SHUT UP OR LEAVE RIGHT NOW!” I scream at the top of my voice, everyone went quite immediately… I guess I just have the ability to make people shut their mouths, I’m special like that.

“Thanks Ginny” Neville smiled at me, his face a it crestfallen but still confident “Ok so as were all here now I think we should get started… we need to train harder, I feel like something big is going to happen so and I don’t think were prepared… we all know what happened today and I am not about to let that happen to anyone else in school… from now on they’re will be one meeting a day at seven to ten…”
Many outburst of rejection around the room exploding… everyone moaned and started talking to their friend about how unfair it was… stupid people, don’t they realise that this is really important that were prepared, it could be a matter of life or death.

“But we have homework to do you know” Zacharias big mouth called from towards the back of the group. He’s so annoying it worries me.

“Well then I guess its good-bye to you smith then because believe me this is much bigger than homework… so I suggest you shut your big damn mouth” Hannah yelled at him getting up from the chair she’d been sitting on in the corner “I cannot believe you. Someone died today, someone’s child died today, someone’s friend died today and you have the nerve to moan about doing three hours of work that can help stop all this.. you’re making me sick… now all of you can either deal with it or leave now!”

Many eyes exploded staring at Hannah like she was a different person, I’d never imagined sweet little giggly Hannah to get all tempered like that. Neville had a little smile playing on his face as did I and everyone in the room stood quietly ashamed of themselves, as they should be.

I watched Smith carefully, his face showing surprise, then his face fell and look guilty for a second or two and when I thought we’d finally got through to him he stood up anger displayed on his face and stormed out of the room expecting the rest of the DA to follow after him.

When no one came he left and slammed the room of requirements door with such force that I even flinched… I just hope he doesn’t tell on us because that just might be the worst thing to happen right now.

“Ok lets get started” I called to the room who started getting on they’re pairs or threes and practising stunning.

I released a sigh of relief… they were sticking with us.




2nd march


I’d been awake all night wondering what I was doing? The answer was I didn’t know… what was I doing that actually helped the war? Sure I was helping students learn more things that might help if a battle blew out but what good was it really, everyone expected me and Neville to know all the answers to be able to help them but really we can’t.

Man I really hate you-know-who for doing this to the world.

I could hear a heap of snoring coming from goodness knows where. I remember most of the DA crashed here last night, and we just stayed up until about three in the morning before anyone actually went to sleep. I didn’t even get any sleep because of that ridicules snoring that I’m sure comes from Neville.

Some of the DA went back to their dormitories, most of the Ravenclaws I’m thinking… they didn’t want to break anymore rules.

The only thing I’m worrying about is if there are going to be students outside wondering the halls.

I look down at my watch it was half five, quite early but at least they’re won’t be as many people roaming the corridors at this hour… you’d be stupid to.

I woke most of the people up, shaking them and if they didn’t wake I poured water over them using my wand… Evil right? Oh well they’ll deal with it, I’d love cold water to be poured over my face every morning it would be so refreshing and awakening.

No one spoke as they left the room, all to tired to utter a single word… luckily for us no student was wondering the halls on the seventh floor as such a stupid hour so we all managed to safely return back to our dormitories alive and well and crawl back into our own beds and fall asleep… well I did, I don’t know about anyone else.

I didn’t bother going down to breakfast, I was starving (I was always hungry) of course because I hadn’t had dinner either but I couldn’t care less, I’m tired and to bloody tired to get up… do you get me I’m tired, tired, tired… being tired is never good like ever! People shouldn’t get tired, being tired shouldn’t be a option…. It should be illegal to be tired therefore I would not get tired and the feeling of being tired would go away!

Eugh! I’m so bloody tired.

I don’t even have the intention of getting up today, screw school I don’t care about that, for all I know I might be Saturday or Sunday but I refuse to get up from this bed because it is so soft and warm.

I felt a soft nudge his my side and then a low whisper “Ginny, come on get up… we’ve got a meeting in a minute”

My head instantly lifted up and I flung around looking for the person who had just nudged me. I could see the sun setting from my window and realised I had been sleeping all day… oh well I only had two lessons today both pointless to go to (charms and transfiguration) they don’t teach you stuff that matters anymore.

Hannah was sitting at the end of my bed looking at me with a humour spread across her face.

Why was Hannah in the Gryffindor girls dormitories?

I must have looked at her with a confused look because she instantly knew what I was thinking.

“Neville told me the password so I could get you up, I got some awkward looks though when coming up I must admit” Hannah said pulling me up out of bed and handing me a handful of clothes that was folded over her arm “Get dressed, the meeting starts in ten minutes”

I yawned, stretched my legs and arms and finally got out and carried myself to the bathroom with struggle.

I must admit I look like a dead person walking, my hair was bushy making it rival Hermione’s hair. My eyes were bloody giving me the look like I had just finished crying and I’M BLOODY TIRED! Still no one gets that.

I know combing my hair will make in ten times worse (I won’t go into details with how I found out… it was a very bad experience, had to go around for about three days with overly bushy hair- and I didn’t know any spells that might help me out, I was only thirteen) So I have a shower, a fast quick shower, so fast Infact I don’t even bother changing it to hot water.

“That was quick… now hurry cause we only have about two more minutes” Hannah said as soon as I excited the bathroom fully dressed with a towel wrapped around my head.

“Ok coming” I grabbed my wand from the drawer and excited to the room with Hannah by my side talking about her potion essay that sucked (her words not mine).

I’m not listening though, only a few minutes I ago I was in my bed and now I’m out and about, head spinning and tired…. Yes I’m still tired!

I wasn’t listening until suddenly a question caught me of guard.

“Ginny? I was wondering something… did you ever love Harry?” Hannah asked looking at me fully in the eye as we walked down the seventh floor which was pitch black.

“No” I lie instantly… I couldn’t allow myself to say out loud that I was even though I had with Fred and George… it was different with them, they were family and I knew they wouldn’t judge me and I trusted them and with Hannah it was just… different.

“oh…” Her voice off, and then quite suddenly from no where she stopped in her tracks “It was just I was wondering what it felt like, I know I really like Neville and all… I was just wondering if it was love that I felt rather than a fling”

Then she continued on walking looking a bit crestfallen and upset, I felt like I was to blame.

“Yes” I released “I am… I am in love with him”

I felt the pressure lift off me again like the first time I’d said the words out loud… it felt like I could breath again just in the two seconds I had said it I was able to take a breath of fresh air and feel good It was the greatest feeling, every time I said the words… it was amazing… only for a moment then I realised the world was still in war and I turned normal again.

“You were in love with him!”
“No… I am”

My eyes watered up and I had to stop in my tracks to keep my eyes from over flowing, I was good at doing that, excellent Infact... it was a talent I had of being able to stop myself from crying.

“I realised it a few weeks ago… I’ve been so depressed lately and I can’t seem to get out of it… I just realised that Harry was my medicine, but its quite hard to find him when he’s off saving the world and I’m here, always here left behind because I had to fall for the bloody hero!” I struggled, feeling weaker than ever.

Hannah came over to me and put her arm around me, I realised I was wrong to lie to her, Hannah was someone I could confide in… she was a great friend once you got to know her and I’m glad I did.

“Ginny it’ll be ok-” She tried to reassure me but I cut in front of her

“Stop saying that! Why does everyone say that, its not going to be ok… it never is with Harry something always happens and he has to save the day because everyone expects him to” I cried, tears starting to collide down my face in a instance. I felt the tears stroll down my cheeks.

“I really admire you, you know that?” Hannah said calmly still hugging me “You have been so strong in this war that I wonder how you cope… without you Ginny I’d have given up a long time ago… now its your turn not to give up hope, please don’t because then I might just loose hope as well… he’s coming back and you need to have trust in him”

I dried my eyes on the back of my sleeve and pulled away from the hug “Your right, I was being silly crying like this”

“No you weren’t… its ok to cry, I cry myself to sleep every night over the past month” Hannah admitted not looking at all embarrassed about admitting it… I’d have gone red as a fire truck ( I always wanted to say that) if I’d had said anything like that “Anyway Nev is probably looking for us so I guess we-

She was cut off by the noise of walking… pounding footsteps, we knew he it was but stared at each other in fear and legged it in the other direction. It was past curfew I could tell by the darkness of the night.

We were louder than meant but we needed to get to the room of requirement, we just had to before Alecto caught us. We knew it was Alecto because the footsteps were so heavy and I knew she wore shoes that would echo around the corridors making children scream running in the other direction if they heard it.

We of course do the same and run of in the other direction only because I don’t want to be killed tonight.

It felt like the corridor was getting longer every step we took because it took us about an hour to get to the end of the corridor and hurry inside of the room of requirement I hope safe from getting tortured or killed by a certain death eater.

I collapsed to the floor huffing out of breath; I expect Hannah did the same.

I struggled to get a breath of air in! Stupid death eaters making me run… I know, I should be fin considering I’m on the quiddittch team… well think of it this way I haven’t trained for about half a year so I’m sorry if I’m a little slow.

“Woah! What happened” Neville ran over and helped Hannah up from the ground… well thanks! No one helps me, typical its like I’m a third wheel or something now, it just gets awkward you know

“Alecto was outside, its just lucky she’s a slow runner or she would have seen us” I told everyone helping myself up, when I wobbled a bit Seamus caught me who had come to my side.

He had a nasty cut the went just across his eye, I remembered he had a detention from yesterday. It obviously didn’t go well by the looks of things.


“Gather round everyone” Neville called everyone “I want us to focus on our weaknesses today… for example your weaknesses could be defence spells, or charms, just pick something to work on that you struggle with and then go from there, ok?”

Everyone nodded and went to their partners discussed for a few minutes and pulled out their wands and started sending spells at each other. A couple of Ravenclaws went over to the book corner and picked out some random books to start looking things up on, Hannah and Neville were giving each other loving eyes making me insanely jealous.

I was standing awkwardly in the middle of the room twisting my wand in my hand staring around at everyone.

Last year I was popular, wherever I went I had friends by me… this year my only friends are Neville, Hannah and Luna… Luna’s been kidnapped and no one bloody knows where she is, and Hannah and Neville are in love (or something like that) then there is me, all alone in a crowded room staring at everybody with the most awkward look upon my face… its just embarrassing!

“Ginny” Hannah came behind me giving me a little squeeze on the arm for support “I was wondering if you were going to stay at Hogwarts for the Easter holidays?” she asked.

“I’m going home, I’m taking as much time as I can away from this godforsaken place” I replied.

“oh… well me and Neville can’t really go home, my dads on the run and so is Neville’s gran so we have to stay. I’m guessing were going to be the only people at Hogwarts” She tried to joke trying to lift my mood, realising it hadn’t work she tried to comfort me “look it’ll be ok, you just have to trust Harry and the order… and yourself” She whispered the last part just enough so I could hear.

I nodded at her in understanding knowing that if I said anything I’d end up in a heap of tears, I didn’t trust myself in speaking.



26th march


The rest of the summer flew by and it was time to pack our trunks and leave on the Hogwarts express, I knew fully well I was going to be alone all train ride but it doesn’t bother me.

I’d spent my whole term dedicating my time to the DA, it became so bad I stopped doing homework and just spent my time in the library searching spells up, I stole a couple without telling madam Pince, but I don’t care really… if she finds out and has a go at me I’ll send out a message to witch weekly about her and filch engagement (good plan, right?)

My trunk was full to the brim, I had to use a extendable charm on it to make everything fit… it was a tricky spell but I managed.

Of course then my trunk got heavy meaning I had to use a weight lift spell which failed miserably the first time I tried but it came out perfect the second time.

Everything was set, all that I needed now was to say goodbye to Hannah and Neville… I’m expecting tears to be flowing out by the end of it, so I have tissues at the ready just in case, god anyone would think I was leaving forever!

“You set?” Hannah asked in the Gryffindor comment room. She’d been coming by a lot lately after me or Neville hadn’t given her the password and the rest of the Gryffindor house slowly got used to her. We knew they kept whispering about her and if I caught them they ended up with bogeys flying at them, admittedly gruesome to watch but funny.

“Yeah…” We didn’t say much else but Hannah unwrapped herself from Neville’s arms and hugged me, squeezing me to death (What! She really does hug in a way that almost kills you… no joke)

“I’ll miss you” Hannah started crying, I kept my tears at bay… for now. I can’t even tell you why I was crying… it just happened, I expect Hannah would say the same.

“Bye Ginny, see you in two weeks”

I was late, if I stayed any longer I’d miss the train something that I would hate to do.

I gathered everything together, gave everyone a last minute hug and ran out of the common room not caring to take a breath… I’ll regret it though because my trunk is really heavy

But I don’t care, I’m going home to mum and dad and that’s all I bloody well care about at the moment.


A/n I know this chapter is a bit rushed so please forgive me, I didn’t have long to write it and I had to fit in so much, only one and a half chapters away from the start of the battle! Yay *excited squeal* 

Chapter 19: Leaving home
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ci by TheHouseElf@Tda 


29th march

“Dear do you want some tea or something, I could do hot chocolate?” Mum asked, actually she didn’t ask she will make me drink something even if I don’t want to.

“Oo! Hot chocolate please”

It was coming towards the end of March, I was home and Fred and George visited at least once a day. I’d only been home three days but I’d already fell back into being at home and relaxing.

I had homework that needed to be doing at some point (Thank you very much to you Carrows) but I’m more of a do it last minute kind of person.

I flopped onto the sofa causing pillows to fly everywhere but I don’t care, I’m home and having hot chocolate, I love hot chocolate.

There came a loud groan from the Kitchen where my mum was.

“What’s wrong?”

Mum appeared in the living room looking like she was on the verge of tears

“Oh I’m sorry dear but the kettles broken, again!” She groaned again, wiping her eyes and returning to the kitchen quite quickly.

I followed after he making sure she was alright, when my mums upset the best thing is to go over to her and cuddle her.

“Mum its only hot chocolate” I reassured her going over to hug her, she wasn’t crying but her eyes were glistering with tears almost ready to pour.

Dark circles were seen under her eyes and her wrinkles were more prominent than ever.

“Yes but you deserve something, I can’t even give you a nice hot drink!” She exclaimed. She runs over to the other side of the room and puts the tap on, which from what I can see from mums reaction shoots out a load of hot water right onto mums hands.

“OW!” Mum screeched turning the tap onto cold, when no water pours out she lets out a sigh, trying to calm herself down “This is useless, I’ve been asking Arthur to sort these taps out for a few months now but he’s always at work and when he’s home he has paper work to be doing”

She turns to me and sees my concerned expression written on my face “Its ok Ginny, please just let me calm down for a few minutes” she said calmly but her voice shaking a bit still

I nod and exit the room collapsing back onto the sofa and rub my eyes out of exhaustion. Fred and George should be here soon, they usually come around at about two ish.

I look down at my watch, 1: 47.

I just want to sleep right now but I know I’ve got ages before I actually can sleep at all. The problem is whenever I get into bed I end up not being able to sleep, I think I have serious problems sometimes.

Dad came trotting down the stairs in his normal black suit he wears to work, I’m sure he hasn’t taken it off once since I’ve been back.

He smiled at me “Hey Ginny” He said tiredly rubbing his eyes and taking a seat next to me “How’s school?”

I raise my eyebrows at him for his lack of conversation but reply any way “Its good” I lie. I always say that whenever someone asks me how school was, its just so much more easier than going into a whole detail of things.

“Don’t lie” my dad replied back looking at me with a scolding expression on his face “You may not know it but I do know when your lying Ginny, your mother doesn’t but I do”

I look up at him, his face showed a worried man. The gingerness from his hair had started to die down a bit and was a little dirty, his eyes were sunken and bloodshot from being so tired and his clothes had black spots every so often from not going in the wash.

“Really? But I’m an amazing liar!” I joked sarcastically.

He started laughing and gave me a little squeeze kissed me on the cheek and went out into the kitchen to say goodbye to my mum before he went off to work.

Just as he was about to sprinkle floo powder into the fireplace (a very limited supply of it we have) Fred and George appeared side by side howling at a joke they’d just said. Its surprises me how the war hasn’t effected them one bit, they laugh about it Infact and not taking one bit of it seriously.

“Hey Ginny” They wink at me and walking straight past me and into the kitchen doorway “What’s for lunch mum”

I shake my head quickly seriously not wanting my mother upset again it might just end up in mum having a temper and blaming it all on us, then she’ll break down crying and lets just say it won’t end well.

My brothers notice my sudden weird gesture to them, they opened their eyes wide in horror and realising that what they said would ultimately make mum go on a crying spree and not talk to us for another day or so.

“Pardon, what was that?” mum appears, obviously having gotten calm after her… well I don’t know what it really was?

“um... me and Fred were just asking.. uh, what the weather was like” George cried grabbing Fred and running up the stairs, I snort at how dim-witted they are, seriously I don’t think you can get worse than them!

“What was that about?”

“Don’t ask” I laugh, getting up and getting myself a glass of water (hot water- eugh!)

She looks like she’s about to say something back so make me speak up but decides against it and leaves back for the kitchen again where she now spends most of her time.




The rest of the day flew by, because we are so low on food right now all of us skipped lunch to make mum happy, we knew she was getting frustrated and didn’t want to pile onto that.

We had dinner, dad was meant to come home but our clock still said that he was at work… as always. The only decent conversation I’ve had with him was today and that was nothing really.

Before I knew it the day had ended and I realised with a sudden knot in my stomach that this holiday was limited and I was wasting it too much.

I laid in bed staring at my ceiling. I like doing this sometimes, it helps me keep calm and get to sleep easier. My thoughts pondering on what was happening at the minute and how mum was going to cope when I go back to school, the stress that was piling up on her was getting too much and I feared she’d end up in depression. Neville and Hannah I wonder how they are doing. What’s school like when almost all the students have left? What are they doing now?

A sudden thought of them kissing in a broom closet came into my mind at the thought of that, which makes me cringe with disgust. On second thoughts I won’t be thinking of that again.

I don’t know when but somehow I went to sleep thinking of School (lame right?) and how on earth I was going to do my muggle studies homework because the problem is I don’t actually know what the homework is… I wasn’t listening.




I woke up to scattering, lots of it. I heard objects being thrown around and Fred and George yelling up the stairs. When I finally opened my eyes to see all the commotion I heard a crack and then the screaming stopped just a whole load of rustling.

My blinds were still shut but the early morning sunlight still went through blinding my eyes from seeing anything except spots.

Next thing I know Fred and George are racing through my room grabbing anything and everything from anywhere in my room and stuffing it into a large and stitched up rucksack

George shakes to get my attention “Ginny get up now, this is serious” They both yelled at me at the same time.

I could hear the panic in my voice and new something had happened, something big.

“What’s going on?” I ask rubbing my eyes getting used to the sunlight.

When neither of them answered I got myself up and put my slippers on my feet. My mind was still in bed, not aware of anything going around me or how much panic both the boys were in.

George peered out of the blinds just enough to see what was going on outside. I tried seeing over the top of him but me being so short (mother I blame you!) I couldn’t.

“Ginny go downstairs!” They both yelled together noticing me on tiptoes trying to be nosy.

“What’s going on” I cried at the two of them refusing to go down until they tell me.

“Just go downstairs, me and fred need to put enchantments over the store” Fred and George yelled at me pointing towards the door forcefully.

“I’m not going until you tell me!” I objected, seeing their faces turn red.
“Death eaters ok!” Fred shrieked knowing I wasn’t moving until they said something

My face paled, as did theirs. My feet found its way to the door and the stairs without me realising what I was doing. Only two minutes ago I was asleep, safe in my bed… I can’t even tell you what’s happening right now. My whole mind is whizzing about. I’m so confused with everything.

I realised I had obviously taken my rucksack without thinking about it because it was now swinging on my back. I heard a loud crack from my room meaning Fred and George must have left for the store.

Why are they going to the store?

I met mum half way down the stairs. She was still in her nighty, her hair was all over the place and her face was chalk white. She didn’t even realise I was there and went straight past me obviously to frightened off what was going on.

My mind suddenly caught onto the situation we were in and my feet dragged themselves faster, I forced them to work.

“Molly get that bag” My dad yelled from somewhere in the sitting room.

“Arthur I can’t zip it” My mum wept. I could tell she was crying by the heartbreaking sound of her voice “GINNY! Get down here”

Suddenly a rush of fear filled me and I was instantly moving fast towards mum’s voice.

She was kneeling over a bag as she cried. Her fear was over taking her forcing her to get frustrated. I legged it over there.

“Mum what’s happening?”

Dad appeared from the sitting room, heaving about three bags that looked heavy. He dropped them by the door and peaked through the curtains.

“What’s going on?” I repeated again but still no answer

By now I was getting annoyed at everyone for their secrecy, why was no one telling me anything!?

“What’s happening. Two seconds ago I was in bed…

“Leave the bag Molly, Fred and George will have to meet us there” Dad shouted at mum ignoring me completely

“…. And now I’m awake and everyone’s in panic. The twins said something about death eaters but they won’t explain… can someone-

It all happened so fast.

There was a loud crack and both Fred and George arrived with nasty cuts surrounding their faces looking in distress.

“They were at the shop when we arrived, we had to stun them” George said grabbing my hand and mums at the same time.

The last thing I saw before the awful sensation of apperating was a load of black figures bursting their way through the front door yelling something I have no idea what. There was a flash of light and then it felt like I was being pulled through a plug hole. I couldn’t breath and I started to see spots form in my eyes from dizziness.

Before it got to much I landed painfully on my back with my eyes tightly shut.

“Where are-”

I was cut of again by a agonising moan.

“Damn it!” Fred shrieked. I opened my eyes a fraction of a bit to see what all the commotion was about.

Fred was kneeling over with his hand on his mouth cringing at whatever had just happened “I splinched myself”

“Yeah you’ve lost a few teeth” George said examining Fred’s mouth

“Shut up!” Molly snapped at the two of them.

I took the time to look around at where I was. It felt like I’d been here before and features of the place I recognised, but from where I couldn’t tell you.

It was a long street that curved around at the top of the road. All the houses were tall and large towering over us. Every house had an open and wide porch with deckchairs filling up the spaces along with a lawn that looked neat a tidy.
I had no idea what the hell we were doing here. If there was one way to describe this place it would definitely be posh. This was a place for rich and uptight people to be not some lower class family that wear hand knitted cardigans by their mother.

I followed dad who had started walking down the pathway. I made sure to stay close to the twins, I always felt safer when I with them.

“Oh wait” Dad said, stopping instantly causing me to knock into him “We should put a Disillusionment Charm on Ginny, she still has the trace on her” he suggested.

I rolled my eyes at dad getting irritated that everyone was treating me like some two year old that couldn’t take care of myself.
I didn’t fight against it, we didn’t have much time and I wasn’t about to start anything unnecessary that could waste time and in the end could kill us.

My dad wasn’t very good at charms to put it straight so he stood there awkwardly awaiting another person to do it, in the end my mum got to frustrated with him and did the spell herself… not to perfection but enough to make it seem like I wasn’t there.

“Come on lets go”

We quick walked the rest of the way. Mum struggled to keep up but managed it ok.

Finally we stopped in front of what looked like the most oldest house on the block. I remembered it as the house of Aunt Muriel’s, a distant memory of me as a five year old with Percy having a go at me for breaking a pot in the garden with my magic that I couldn’t control came to mind. It seemed like another life time ago.

Dad cast mum a sideward’s glance as though he was doubting going in.

He took a deep breath.

It was quite neatly kept. I doubted very much that Muriel did the work herself and I wouldn’t be surprised if she got some poor neighbour to keep the garden tidy because my great aunt is lazy, very lazy. She’s capable of doing a lot of things but is too bloody lazy and covers it up with her old age as an excuse.

“Come on, we can’t stay out here all day” Dad sighed.

I noticed mum was being unusually quite. She kept looking behind us in fear we were being watched. I was getting a feeling similar to this, as though we were being watched and I occasionally turned around to check but nothing was in site.

Mum knocked on the door three times on the grand knocker in the shape of a lion.

The door slowly opened revealing a old wrinkly women. She had a cane in her hand but I knew she could walk fine without it. Her silver hair was done up in a silver bun with the odd strand of hair poking out making it look messy and giving the impression she was older than she actually was. Her face was covered in makeup, in my opinion she looked like a doll where her owner was playing dress up for a bit to long.

I raised my eyebrows at her and had to bite my lips to hold back laughter.

“Hello Molly” She said stepping aside with a disgusted look on her face “Its early in the morning, you could have at least waited until lunch time”

It was mums turn to raise a eyebrow at her

Dad interrupted her before she burst out with insults at her aunt “We are very glad that you allowed us to stay at your house Muriel” My dad extended a hand to her.

She looked down at it as though it was poison. I forced myself to keep my mouth shut, mum would literally kill me if we go kicked out of this place.

When he realised she wasn’t going to shake it dad awkwardly moved his hands to his sides with his head bowed. Man I really hate Muriel!

All six of us slowly walked into the sitting room. It was a extremely grand place, everything was set out so neatly and was so clean. There was even a piano in the corner that was playing to its self. There were many paintings displayed which I’m sure we wouldn’t even be able to afford one of them.

“Hi ya Aunti!” Fred and George said, silently laughing under their breaths.

Mum rolled her eyes at them but I’m sure I saw a faint smile appear, even if it was only for a second, she still thought it was funny.

“I’m presuming we have rooms?” Dad asked a little bit unsure of himself.

“You” Muriel was pointing to me “The third room on the second floor to the left. You boys will be together, top floor at the very end, the furthest from me!” She croaked her nostrils flaring “and Molly and Arthur second floor fifth room to the right”

Then she left to the room without another word, rude if you ask me I cannot believe I’m related to that vile women!

As soon as she was out of earshot I rounded on everyone “What’s going on!”

Mum took a deep breath and looked at me straight in the eye, it was kind of unnerving.

“Ron, Harry and Hermione were caught and taken to Malfoy manner” My breathing stopped suddenly, a million of questions came flooding into my mind, were they alright? If so where are they know? I could feel Fred and George’s stares on me, they were the only one’s who knew why this was effecting me so much “Don’t worry they got out but Hermione was badly hurt. They are at Bills and Fleur’s cottage, I’m just glad that-”

“Take me there!” I burst out looking around at everyone with raised eyebrows “Let me see them”

“Ginny-” Dad begun but I cut him of.

“No stop treating me like a two year old, I want to go and I think I should be allowed to go see them. I haven’t seen my brother all year or my best friend so I think its only fair” I don’t dare include Harry’s name I can just imagine mums knowing look if I did.

“No Ginevra you are not allowed out of this house at all, I don’t care what you have to say and I don’t care what is fair because this war is not fair! Now go to your room” My mum shouted at me her face gone red as her hair.

I let out a frustrated moan and stomped up the stairs making sure every step I took made a racket.

It took about ten minutes to locate my room, it turns out I went past it about fifty times. I slammed the door shut giving everyone a shock downstairs.

The room was the smallest room I’d seen so far. It had cream walls that made the room look bigger than it actually was. A tiny balcony was directly in front of me and a queens size bed was placed at the side of the room. It was by far the most luxuries room I’d ever slept in (or who knows, the way were heading is being kicked out of this house before I actually get to sleep in here)

I crawled over to my bed and flopped onto it letting he tears leak freely out. I bit my lip to stop the tears but it didn’t help. I was aware that I was currently making the sheets stained with water but I really didn’t care.

I just wanted to see them, to make sure that its really true that they were really there. At this precise second Harry didn’t seem real to me, he seemed like a fragment of my imagination something that I wanted but wasn’t real.

But he was real and he was here, he was so near…

I was still crying softly an hour later curled up on the bed when a soft knock made my train of thoughts stop and bring me back to reality.

Without waiting for a reply the door opened. I don’t look up but stay faced down silently crying my thoughts away.
Someone sits down beside me but doesn’t say anything and allows me to cry.

I was the first one to speak after minutes of utter silence.

“I need to see him, I wanted to know if he was ok” I cry my whole world spinning out of control.

“I know” It was Fred – or George, but I’m positive it’s Fred. Fred has a little more of a lower voice than George does but you never know I could be wrong.

I finally sit up and was blinded by sunlight having had my eyes tucked under the blankets for so long. Fred looked at me like I was a ghost, he’d never seen my cry (well not since I was a baby)

“Ginny…” He begun but trailed off and then pulled me into a tight hug. I felt safe in my brothers arms and I clung onto him for dear life.

My tears came out in full and I didn’t even try to stop them. It was the worst crying I’d done in years. It was years and years of tears that flowed out of me and onto Fred’s top that I’m not sure he’d going to thank me for.

We stayed like this for goodness knows how long. He stroked my hair softly and I felt calmer than I had ever been all year. When finally I stopped crying we pulled away. I wiped my eyes as soon as I was free from the hug ashamed that I’d broken down once again.

He didn’t say anything else but got up and left the room, under my breath I whispered a small thanks but I don’t think he heard it or if he did he didn’t acknowledge it.

I sat on my bed, humming a small tune to myself trying to stop memories flooding into my mind again of Harry, Ron and Hermione because I know it’ll only break down.

I curled back up in a ball again, eyes wide open just softly humming to myself praying that they were alright and that Bill and Fleur will help them in some way or another.

My eyes drooped a little and the sudden feeling of tiredness swept over me.




1st April


It was now the first of April. The days at Muriel’s house was not pleasant and being stuck in this house was driving me mental. It had been raining a lot lately and I couldn’t even go outside for fresh air.

Also it was Fred and George's birthday- not that I had anything for them, i'd left it at the burrow which is lilkly to have be burnt down now according to mum. But anyway its Fred and George's birthday and I feel like a awful sister, I should have something for them right? They say they understand but I don't belive them.

Fred and George had just arrived back from another broadcast of Potterwatch and radio station that I’d only just found out about.

I was setting the plates out for dinner time. I was tired out, I’ve had to wash the plates, tidy the sitting room, cut the weeds in the garden in pouring rain, water all the plants in the house, polish practically everything and now set the table all on Muriel’s orders. She seems to think that because were staying as guests in her house we should do our fair share of work. I notice how she’s doing nothing.

Mum was in charge of cooking so at least we have decent meals because despite everything my mum can definitely cook.

There was a loud knock on the front door that caught me off guard causing me to break a plate… oops. It was the posh china ones as well.

I’m just hoping Muriel didn’t hear the loud crash that it made.

I flicked my wand at it knowing there was too many wizards in the house to know who actually did the spell so it doesn’t matter really.

“Bill!” Muriel said from the other room.

I instantly lifted my head forgot about the broken china and ran to the sitting room where Bill was standing completely wet from head to toe due to the rain.

Muriel was kissing him on the cheek, I imagine a very scratchy and a kiss that gives you an electric shock.

She always did have a soft spot for Bill, when I was younger I used to be jealous because she always had a present for Bill but for no one else and now I’m grateful that I’m not her favourite Weasley it’s a lot to live up to.

I’m pretty surprised Percy isn’t her favourite actually.

I leg it over to him and almost push Muriel out of the way for which she wasn’t too impressed about. I give him the biggest hug imaginable; he’s probably in need of air right now.

When I let go everyone in the room went silent, even Muriel and her big mouth actually shut up for once in her life.

Mum looked seriously up at Bill worried about what he was going to say. Dad had his head bowed, Fred and George where whispering in the corner and Muriel was smiling at Bill and a glint in her eye told me she was about to bombard on him with questions.

“So Bill, how is that lovely wife of yours?” She said.

“Fleur’s good. Happy birthday Fred, George" Bill nodded at them "I was wondering if I could talk to mum and dad alone"

I knew what that meant instantly, he wanted me, Fred and George out of the room so they can talk about the golden trio in privet. Its always the same.

“But mum-”

“Go upstairs, you as well Fred and George… go now!” Mum said to us pointing towards the door and rising from the chair she had been sitting in “Muriel if you don’t mind I’d like it if we could have a private conversation?” My mum asked in the most politest voice she could muster.

“No they’re will be no secrets from me in my own house I’m staying”

I sighed in defeat and dragged myself upstairs hearing the loud bang of the sitting room door being closed.

“You better have brought extendable ears with you” I say to the twins who both look up at me and grin.

“You didn’t expect us to not have brought them! Were in the same house as Muriel for god sakes there’s bound to be a load of gossip from her” George piped up letting Fred race up the stairs to go find them “Well done sis you thought like a real eavesdropper”

I just roll my eyes. Let’s just hope they haven’t put a silencing charm on the door.

Chapter 20: Terrified of a Memory
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 1st April


“-She said that they’d ambushed them on the way home” was the first words we heard as soon as we’d got the extendable ears ready. Me and the twins was silently arguing over who holds the other end, knowing that the one who holds it get to hear to most.

“so this Lovegood girl she’s at your house?” Muriel said.

My ears pricked up instantly at the mention of Luna. So Harry had saved her? Luna was safe.

A wave of calmness swept over me and I felt my shoulders relax more at the thought of her being safe. I wondered what was going to happen to her dad as soon as they know she’s escaped.

A tight knot formed in my stomach at the thought of her being at held capture in Malfoy manor, rumours said that was where you-know-who himself was staying. They better have not touched her, I don’t think I’ll be able to hold in my anger any longer after that.

“Yes she is” Bill mumbled to our batty great-aunt “Hermione was hurt. They didn’t tell me anything but I’m presuming she got tortured she didn’t look too good”

I pushed the ear away from me slightly thinking of Hermione. Was she alright? Will she be ok? My breathing speed up a bit at the image of Hermione lying on the floor being tortured, it was a horrible thought and made me want to be sick.

“Harry and Ron were ok although Harry was a bit messed up about the fact that the house elf dobby died, after all he did save his life”

My heart went out to Harry, I know that he was fond of that elf but at the minute Dobby didn’t seem too important, I only cared that Harry was safe, that Luna was still her usual bubbly self and that Hermione was going to be alright. Nothing else mattered at the minute to me.

and I suppose that I cared if Ron was ok, but really it doesn’t matter.

“Did they say anything?” Mum asked, I could imagine her pale face at the thought of what Ron, Hermione and Harry had just been through. I know if I was a mother I’d be constantly worried about my child getting hurt and want them at my side all the time.

My heart hammered faster, I wanted to know anything possible. I’d promised myself that I would find out anything that I could to find out what they’d been up to. I was going to prove to Harry that I was someone to trust, someone that is cleverer than he put me down for. 

There was a slight pause, I almost thought that they’d put a silencing charm on the door but just as I was about to pull away and start chatting about what we’d just heard Bill continued.

“Well… there was something. I’ve only heard the word once, pretty dark magic though I must admit. I saw it when I was going into studying curse law and dark magic counter curses but I can’t imagine that they’d be going after that, they’re almost impossible to find, they can be any object or anywhere… for all we know it could be at the bottom of the ocean” Bill went on slightly sighing every now and then.

“Well what is it” I heard mums worried voice whisper soundlessly.

“Uh, I’m not sure. I think they’re called horcrux or something like that” he stammered.

There was a minute or two of silence until Dad broke it.
“Well what’s that?”

“It’s a dark object. I’m not really sure what it is or how a person makes it but I know that it’s a object of some sort with a piece of your soul in their. It can stop a person from dying” Bill uttered gulping a bit at his parents reactions “It’s a horrible thought them chasing after things so powerful but I could see you-know-who having one”

It was like a light bulb had formed in my mind and the puzzles fit together, it made sense right? It definitely sounds something Dumbledore would give them and a right challenge, it would take months to find (after all it could be any bloody object in the entire universe).

There was a clatter of something and then mum spoke, her voice a little muffled and dry.

“No that can’t be possible, Dumbledore would have told the order about something that huge” Mum cried, I could hear her heartbreaking voice and how desperate she sounded. I knew from that day on I would never ever forget her voice it sounded so sad and needy that I felt like crying myself.

I knew mum would react like this as soon as I heard what they were up to, I’ll admit that I too am worried about Harry, Ron and Hermione but its to like them to go of and save the world, vanish from sight and then appear out of no where saying that they are chasing after Voldermort soul.

I just wish I was apart of this chase.

“Mum I know its hard and I reacted in the same way as soon as I heard them”

“I’m going over there right now!” Mum grumbled.

Then came the loud scrapping of chairs that almost frightened me to death. If mum excited that room then she’d see the ear dangerling down from the floor above her, and I don’t think she’ll be too impressed.

“Mum you can’t do that! They don’t know I heard” Bill yelled. The door slightly opened, I stood frozen, I saw mums ginger hair around the door that now stood ajar.

With a panic the twins seized the ears of me and gave them a great tug, although I could see a little grin on their faces… they missed being mischievous listening on things because they didn’t need too; they were part of the order. But of course I missed doing it the most!

Bill grabbed mums arm, I understood why he didn’t want her to go Harry had been so secretive about his plans for the year that he might get a little angry that Bill had been listening on their conversations, but I also understood where mum was. She just found out that her youngest boy was out hunting deadly things at the risk of his life along with all of his friends… I wouldn’t like to be in my mothers position, not one bit.

“I have to go Bill!”

We heard everything clearly now only being on the second floor landing as the door was clean open.

“Mum they don’t know that I know. They would probably deny it anyway” Bill shouted pulled mum away from the door gently and closing the door back up again with a loud slam… which I don’t think was intentional.

I breathed a sigh of relief and Fred and George dropped down the ear again howling with laughter and the thought of almost being caught… how can you laugh about that! They are so weird.

“Who else is with them, I heard Ollivander was being kept at malfoy manor. Is it true? Did they get him out?” Dad asked with a worried twist to his voice that unnerved me.

“Yes there was Mr. Ollivander and dean Thomas” Bill said.

Both the twins looked at me in a strange way grinning a bit, they knew about my ex boyfriends and I felt my face burn bright red and allowed my hair to flop straight into my face.

“Shut up” I growled at them.

I knew he was on the muggle born register and was on the run but had no idea he’d been caught, it probably showed up on potter watch at some point but I only just bloody found out about that! (talk about secrecy in the family)

“Which brings me to this, they need places to stay” Bill announced.

My heart raced up. Who stay here? Did they mean Harry? Oh I hope he does, I could actually talk to him, and know that he’s here and that he really isn’t a fragment of my imagination.

“What Ron!” Mum instantly brought up, again the sounding of scrapped chairs and a loud thump echoed through to us.

“No, Dean and Mr. Ollivander” he said.

I felt myself feeling upset and completely and utterly angry at myself for getting my hopes worked up, of course he wasn’t going to stay here that’s the most stupidest thing ever, he’ll be leaving shell cottage any day now no doubt about it.

“oh” I heard mums disappointed sigh, it was heartbreaking and I wanted to go and hug her tell her that they were safe.

There was a loud cough erupt from somewhere in the room and my first guess was old batty Muriel. Of course she’d have something to say about this.

“Do I get a say in this!” Muriel cried. I knew he’d agree but she was just causing drama for everyone as usual “This is my house you know, it seems that people forget that sometimes! Now I wouldn’t mind if it was that Potter boy that was staying here, he would have honour in this house, he’s famous but having a mud-blood and a wand maker who is being hunted just could cause trouble for me” The old lady finished.

My blood boiled at her, how dare she call Dean a mud-blood! He doesn’t even know him and she’s judging him just as the death eaters are and it makes me sick.

She’s a coward that’s what she is just like the rest of the death eaters and you-know-who, I’m starting to doubt mum when she says she was a Gryffindor!

There was another pile of silence added on, something I’m noticing is very common these says until my mum broke it with a voice I don’t think I’ve ever heard before “You vile women

“My son is out their saving the world and all you care about is having a famous boy stay at your house, how I’m related to you I’ll never know!” Mum screamed at her aunt with a shill in her voice that even caused me to flinch “Your just as bad as the death eaters…” mum trailed off.

“How dare you insult me in my own house. I tell you I’m a hundred and twenty year old women and…”

“Stop using your age as an excuse for things!” Mum shrieked.

“You are the most ungrateful person ever” Muriel began obviously angry “I let you stay in this house and you are insulting me like this. I let your children run around this house pulling there stupid little pranks on me. When young Ginivere was born I had hopes for her into turning into a beautiful young lady and you with your bad mothering skills has turned her into like the rest and allowed her to follow her damn mind without telling her against it! No wonder this is the effect of having so many brothers pressuring her to be like them. That girl of yours Molly’s seems to think she can fight any war all by herself and isn’t even of age. Fred and George run a joke shop! How childish and you are allowing them too” Muriel sneered viciously “ You let Charlie run off to Romania doing a ridicules and dangerous job that could end up killing him... I mean dragons! How you could ever let your child do something do crude is beyond my imagination, Your even letting Ron go and risk his life for a worthless cause where you-know-who has won! And your married to a man who can’t even afford a weekly dose of bread”

Everything snapped, she’d already been walking on a thin line but that was enough, insulting everyone of us was completely out of the question and unacceptable. I was about to storm into the room and give her a good old slap and if she continues then a punch will be aiming at her.

Fred and George held me by the arm making me feel completely calm again. They too also had the same menacing look on their face, which look completely weird… I’d never seen that face of theirs.

There came a great crash from the room and a sudden bang and even through the door closed I could see the burst of light erupt.

“STOP!” Dad shouted.

The noises stopped and the soft sounds of mums light breathing filled into the extendable ear which we still were all crammed around.

“I’ll let you know that I don’t allow my daughter to follow her mind, I allow her to follow her damn heart!” Mum cried out “And if I know my daughter well enough I expect she’s been fighting for what she believes in and for what is right and you will not dare have a go and me and Ginny for doing that because I will certainly not allow it! Fred and George are living their dream something that not many of us rarely get to do and are earning more than yourself have earned in a lifetime and so is Charlie of in Romania and he is happy! Do you get that? He is Happy! Something that I cannot imagine you would ever understand. Bill is in love and married to a beautiful young girl and your right Ron is of saving the world because he believes he can. He’s staying with his best friend Harry! It doesn’t matter that Arthur isn’t getting much money income I love him and that is all I care about. So your comments are unwelcome here and I will not stand here and let you insult me on how I raise my children” Mum finished.

My mouth must have unhinged itself because it was fully open. Even Fred and George were shocked out of their mind.

Muriel had nothing to say to that and instead stayed quietly, and I hope she’s staying quite in shame because she deserves it.

“Now I suggest you allow Dean and Mr Olivander stay here” Mum gulped. I think she’d just realised what she’d just done.

Dad coughed a bit to make the scene even more awkward than ever and we all realised that the conversation had closed, in a hurry as the door to the lounge was being opened Fred tugged on the extendable ear and ran up the stairs to their room where we were suppose to be.

“Wow that was interesting” Fred chuckled shoving in his mouth a bertie bott every flavour bean that had been laying on the side table.

“You don’t say?” I shook my head at him and sat down on the chair that was perfectly placed in the corner.

“I didn’t expect mum to have an outburst like that”

“None of did George” Fred answered truthfully.

Their room was considerably messier than anywhere else in the house, everything had just been chucked on the floor in a untidy state, I would even be able to tell you what colour the floor was.

“Muriel doesn’t seem to like us does she?” George laughed flopping himself down onto his bed and closing his eyes resting.

“yeah even more so you Ginny, she just kept babbling about you” Fred acknowledged.

I simply shrug my thoughts replaying the recent events of the previous conversation that had just exploded out. I’d never expected anything that big.

“Well today was a great day guys” Fred laughed sarcastically.

“yeah it was the best birthday ever!” George followed on also sniggering but I knew they were upset that it hadn’t been a bigger treat. All they got was to choose what we had for dinner tonight… its barbaric.

There was a soft knock on the door that brought me straight out of my thoughts and back into reality.

“Boys do you know where Ginny is, she’s not in her room” Mum kind and generous voice floated into the room, no evidence of just gotten into a battle with old Aunty Muriel.

“She’s in here” Fred and George both said at the same time now both huddled together talking in low whispers and leaving me out of their secrets. I can’t say I’m surprised; I’m always left out of secrets!

“Ginny I need to talk to you”




I was sitting in mum and dads room. It was very tidy and quite large in comparison to my own room. However there was no balcony and the walls were whiter than creamy colourled.

Mum came in with two teas floating behind her with her wand pointing at them. She softly put them down on the ancient side board that had many photographs of Aunt Muriel when she was younger and put a silencing charm on the door something she forgot to do before.

Next thing I know she’s sitting beside me giving me a disapproving look “Don’t think I don’t know you weren’t listening Ginivere molly Weasley, you missy get to many bad ideas from Fred and George that’s what”

I chuckled but as a awkward one because this conversation so far was creeping me out, why did she want to talk to me and not the twins as well? Was she here to yell at me for listening in?

“I want you to tell me everything. I know you’ve been getting heavy amounts of detentions at school and I want to know why? What have you been doing that’s bothered them so much and why are you doing it? And… I know this happened half a year ago but I want to know why you stole the Gryffindor sword, please tell me” Mum begged with me, I could see the desperation in her eyes and I knew even if I didn’t want to tell her I was going to, I couldn’t handle looking at my mum like this.

I took a deep breath ready to spill everything and every thought and feeling I’d had this year.

I told her at the start of the year how me, Luna and Neville started the DA up again fighting back, I told her about my first detention, I told her about our quest with the Gryffindor sword, I told her about my feelings towards Hannah when we first met and how I hated her guts but seemed to really start to catch on to her, how I felt when Luna was kidnapped, how Fred and George got me into the school to see Dumbledore to find out where Harry was, how me, Neville, Hannah and Luna would always stand up to the Carrows in lessons, how I thought that it was my fault that Ted Tonks had died and Andromeda was tortured, how I found out it wasn’t, how the first student was killed inside Hogwarts grounds, how it had been Hannah who comforted me and finally I told about how I was in love with the boy who lived or Harry in other words that is off saving the world.

She didn’t ask questions while I was talking she just stared at me, some points her eyes watered, other times she smiled but what ever happened she just stayed silent… completely.

When I’d finished telling my story off the year night had fallen and I could hear the distant snores of my old batty great aunty.

“Oh Ginny” Mum wept as soon as she’d realised I’d finished with my oh so heroic story. She grabbed onto me and hugged me softly stroking my hair “If I’d only known”

“Mum I’m ok”
She looked at me with a blazing look in her eye and she slowly nodded “You can’t fall me Ginny Weasley”

I laugh a little which puts a slight smile to her face but her eyes are still watered and about to pour… any… second… now.

“I’ve only really told Fred and George about everything” I sigh rubbing my forehead trying to relax a bit “They were the only one’s I can really open up to”

“Ginny you can tell me anything. I’m so proud of who you’ve become this year. You’re a true leader” Mum whispered the last part going into hug me again.

Hearing the words out loud was amazing, knowing that I’d finally reached the goal that I had been amazing at all year to prove to Harry that I also can lead people that I also can save people and I shouldn't be kept in the dark about it.

“But you need to understand that sometimes things are better off left for the adults” Mum assured me wiping some of the tears that had obviously pushed mum through her strong break point and fallen down onto her cheeks “I mean for god sakes you could have died! How would Harry have felt knowing that you had died, I know love when I see it Ginny and that boy is head over heels in it”

“Stop it!” I say trying not to sound annoyed at her for assuming that, if she knew what love was then how come she didn’t realise I was in love then? hmm? “Mum he doesn’t love me, he bloody broke up with me for god sakes and I understand why, its ok that he doesn’t… perhaps someday he will – so just stop”

My heartbreaking a little inside when I realise that Harry doesn’t love me back and that he probably never will, it scares me a lot sometimes just thinking about love but it frightens me even more knowing Harry might now care at all about me and will just see me as the best friends little sister who he once dated after the war is all over.

“No I won’t! Stop holding up a wall, stop pretending like you don’t care and stop pretending like you don’t feel pain Ginny. Theses are one of the few qualities that I dread about you. You’re so smart and beautiful but you refuse to believe it. Why do you hold so many walls around your self?” Mum argued with me standing up and walking around the room shaking a bit.

Thats when everything fell apart for me and I hit rock bottom... properly.

I gulped. I knew why I was; that had been very clear for a long time now. I was terrified… terrified of him, he’d ruined my life and the memories of him constently flooded my mind over and over again. He’s the reason I cannot show any weakness, the reason I can’t cry when I feel like it! Its because of him that I cannot open up to people because the last time I opened up to someone I had to be saved from it, and I refuse to be a damsel in distress ever again and that’s a promise to myself.

“because I’m scared” I burst out tensing up when mum looked at me clearly confused.
she stopped pacing and stood in front of me holding a gaze with such a force that even if I wanted to, I couldn’t turn away from her.

“Scared of what?”

“OF TOM!” I burst out realising a whole new energy that I didn’t realise I had in me. I shake my head a little not believing I’d just told my secret to my mum who was staring at me as though she didn’t even know me. I gave a great groan and sighed and in the most calmest voice I could muster continued “When it came our turn in my second year to do boggerts I couldn’t do it because I knew he’d be there and backed out of the lesson. I was ashamed of myself that I had allowed that to happen, so from then on I started blocking my feelings from everyone stopped allowing myself to feel sadness and depressed and never opened up to anyone… I’m sorry mum but…”

I ran out of the room fighting back tears that were almost ready to spill out.

The fastest that I could I legged it down the corridor and into my grand room, shut the door and locked it not feeling any need to do it with magic.

Tears after tears poured and I couldn’t think about anything other than Tom Riddle. He haunted me everywhere I turned. When I closed my eyes I saw him and he was always the last thing that whispered to me before I fell asleep.

I slid down the door that I was painfully leaning up against and hit the carpet floor that now had a little puddle of my tears stained onto it. Quickly before the whole house heard I cast a silencing charm not even caring if the ministry find me for doing magic (not that they would) and let out a scream of a cry that echoed around the room and out of the balcony that was wide open to let fresh air in.

I was trapped, trapped in my own skin and Tom’s face appearing everywhere I went. Even thinking of Harry the thought didn’t vanish or disappear… it stayed and haunted me and I just couldn’t get rid of the image.
he will always be with me and that is about the most terrifying thing that I can possibly imagine.


This is the most important chapter I feel, I always thought that Ginny was still afraid of the image of Tom ever since her first year trauma. All secrets are revealed in this chapter… or at least most of them.

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Chapter 21: Comfort
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 26th April 


The room was filled with awkward silence.  Occasionally the odd sounds of crunching could be heard at the dinner table.  No one spoke; they just chewed on their meal.  Sometimes you could even hear the sounds of people’s brains screaming at how unbearable the silence was becoming. 

 It lasted about a month.  Mum and I haven’t spoken a word to one another and I have every reason to believe that Fred and George overheard our conversation, even though there was a silencing charm placed on the door.  I don’t know how, but it is Fred and George.  They would have found a way.  Mum probably told dad about our little chat, and I’m sure Muriel found out somehow by using her ultra powerful hearing. 

Dean and Mr Ollivander had arrived at the house, much to the dismay of Muriel, of course. 

Actually, on second thought, I’m sure she was quite pleased about their arrival.  It meant that there are more people doing house work for her. 

 Once everyone had finished their meals, mum flicked her wand towards the table.  The dishes began to float and glide into the kitchen sink, where she’s placed them to wash up later.   

 Muriel was the first to get up.  She looked quite pleased with the quiet and the fact that none of us were talking.  I instantly wanted to send bogies flying at her because of it. 

 Everyone else followed her and left the room.  

 I walked with Dean back to my room – which we now share because Muriel doesn’t seem to think that we have enough rooms in the house.  The fact that Dean and I are exes makes it quite awkward at times.  Like yesterday, when he was searching the drawers and found all of my monthly stuff.  It was beyond uncomfortable.  He often asked me what all the commotion was about, but I refused to tell him the truth.  I just said it was a long story.  I mean, it was, I just didn’t want to go into it. 

  “Well, that was an interesting dinner.  Is it always like this at your house or something?”  Dean was still trying to push the matter. 

It’s what always annoyed me about Dean.  He just kept trying to push you into doing something and was too desperate and needy.  It’s one of the many reasons why we broke up. 

 “No, it’s not.  I think it’s just that they’re getting worried with the whole war thing going on,” I lie, saying the first thing that came to mind. 

 He nods but I don’t think he quite believes me.  

 We were about to walk inside when Fred and George came up behind us and gently grabbed me by the arm.  They pulled me up the stairs leaving a very confused Dean behind, staring at us.  Not sure if he should follow or not, he just shrugged and then continued into the room. 

“Guys?  What is this about?”  My confusion mounting as they dragged me into their room which was extremely dark. 

“Would you hate us,” George started.

“if we overheard your conversation with mum?”  Fred finished his twin’s question; the troubled look on his face made it clear he wasn’t sure if he should laugh or look guilty. 


I started laughing, myself.  “I knew you two would find a way to listen, but now tell me how the bloody hell you did it,” I exclaim, throwing my hands in the air. 

 “Ah now, young sister that would be revealing our secrets,” George chuckled, placing a hand on my shoulder as though it were all a big joke to him. 

Oh, I see.  Fine, they want to play dirty; well, let the game begin. 

I remove my wand from my pocket, which I keep on me at all times, these days.  Even if I am only with my family; you never know with Aunt Muriel!  I whisper, “lumos,” which engulfs the room in a blinding light.  I twirl the wand in my fingers menacingly. “I suggest you lot re-think that.  Now, tell me how you heard,” I threaten; pointing the wand at them and smirking at their horrified faces.  Of course, they know all about my perfected bat bogey hex and the fact that I’m quite skilled at all kinds of curses.  Yea, they should be careful. 

 “Ugh! Fine, me and George realized that mum would have put a silencing charm on the door, so we went up to the room above hers.  It’s Muriel’s so we had to be careful.  We just put an invisibility charm on an extendable ear and hung it over the balcony.  Luckily mum’s window was open so we could hear a bit better,” Fred finished by throwing his hands in the air and sighing loudly.  He threw himself on to one of the beds that I could barely make out in the wand light. 

I shook my head with a small smirk on my face.  Inside I was a little frightened at what they must think of me.  I mean, I’ve always been seen as a strong person.  For them to find out that I’m really terrified of my own memories must be a disappointment. 

 “Why’s it so dark in here, anyway?”  My imagination was reeling at the possibilities.  There were so many reasons the room would be dark; it’s Fred and George for crying out loud!  There is always some ridiculous explanation.  

 “Ah, and that was right on queue for us to do this!” 

George lazily flicked his wand and all of the lights in the room suddenly came back to life.  The room was messy, as usual.  Odd contents from their bag along with clothing had been thrown on the floor.  My attention was drawn to the corner of the room.  There sat a trunk; padlocks and chains sealing it.  It rattled and knocked. 

 I’ve always valued myself as quite a smart girl and I knew what it was instantly.  “This isn’t going to work,” I said.  I was immediately annoyed at myself for the quiver in my voice.  I stepped away from the trunk only for a comforting arm to be placed around me. 

 “You need to stop running, Gin,” Fred whispered and gently nudged me towards the trunk that was still rattling madly. 

 “Guys, I can’t do this.”  All the humour had vanished from my face.  Everything revolved around that box that was shaking in front of me.  I almost fainted; my whole body was trembling and I couldn’t take my eyes off of the trunk.  “Please…” I pleaded more to myself than to the twins. 

George and Fred look at one another with trepidation, taking a deep breath, but ready their wands and aim them anyway. 

I didn’t hear them say the incantation; my brain was buzzing.  My heart threatened to jump out of my chest as the chains fell away and the trunk began to open.  

Fred and George stepped back, not wanting to confuse the boggart with their own worst fears.  From out of the trunk came Tom Riddle.  He was as young as the last time I saw him with his jet black hair that was combed down neatly, chalky white skin, and eyes that could burn into your soul.  In some ways he even looked like Harry, *but the thought made me sick so I dismissed it from my mind.

 I wanted to collapse; to scream out; to be saved.  I stepped back, but Fred placed an encouraging hand on my shoulder that told me I had to do this. 

“You silly little girl,” it hissed, sending shivers running down my spine and weakening the grip I had on my wand. 

 I had a hard time believing it wasn’t actually Tom.  Its features seemed too real and my mind kept refusing to believe it was a boggart. 

 “You can do this Ginny; don’t listen to it,” George said, encouraging me on.  They stood in the background; both of their wands were raised, supporting me.  I was grateful they were trying to help, but I couldn’t shake the slight anger at them for forcing this on me.  They could have warned me or asked me if it was alright, but instead they just throw it at me like this.  

“Come on, Ginny.  It’s only a memory; fight it and it will all go away,” Fred whispered in my ear.  His words struck me and I realised I’d been a fool wasting my years.  Scared of my own shadow and pretending like things don’t affect me, because they do.  I’m only human, after all.  I have feelings and weaknesses like everyone else. 

 I was determined, now.  I charged at it.  I wasn’t going to let it destroy me.  I’m not the same girl I was years ago, and I never will be. 

I pointed my wand at the boggart and bellowed, “Riddikulus!”  A flash of light appeared from my wand and the image of Tom pulled a wrapper of sweets from his black trouser pocket.  He moved what looked to be a toffee to his mouth and started chewing. Only seconds later did Tom’s tongue start to grow larger and larger, eventually expanding too much that it was pouring out of his mouth.  

Ton tongue toffee! My imagination amazes me sometimes.

 A howl of raucous laughter erupted behind me. I turned to see Fred and George wiping tears of mirth from their eyes. When I turned back the boggart had disappeared; their laughter had done it. 

A hushed poof sound came as the boggart disappeared.  My legs started to wobble and I broke down in tears.  It wasn’t a feeling I was accustomed to.  It was more relief than anything that was causing me to cry; relief that I’d finally beaten him.  An arm found me and wrapped around me supportively, making me feel safe.  I hugged it back hard, as though it was the last hug I would give and clung onto it for dear life, stopping me from collapsing to the ground. 

  “Shh, it’s okay now; it’s over,” Fred whispered in my ear, stroking my hair while embracing me.  George stood in the background giving me a comforting smile while twiddling both his and Fred’s wands in his hands. 

I felt more vulnerable than ever, but I didn’t have the energy to move from the arms that were currently around me, nor did I want to.  It was comforting here. 

Fred pulled away from me slightly, staring me in the eye with a worried glint in them

“You okay?” 

I dry my eyes on the back of my sleeve before answering.  “Yeah,” I respond softly.  It had started getting darker outside the window.  The world seemed so unreal to me at that moment, as though it wasn’t really there. 

 I stared into space, wishing this war would be over soon. 


Please let it be over soon.  Come on, Harry…you can save us. 

“GET TO BED GINNY!”  Mum’s voice travelled up the stairs. 

I absentmindedly get up and start to move.  My thoughts were off in some far and distant place where everything was so much easier.  Where there was no war, and Harry was with me and things were simple; nothing more than that. 


“I’ve got to go.”  I wander out of the room, into the corridor, and down the stairs.  I open the door and enter my room where Dean is sitting on the extra bed that Muriel had summoned for him to sleep in. 

He had already changed into his pyjamas. 

“Hey,” he smiled at me.  “What was that all about? You were-” 

At that point he noticed my expression and his face turned downwards.  He pressed on eagerly, wanting to hear news. “What’s happened?” 

“Oh, nothing,” I lie, shaking myself so that I had a small smile on my face.  I am a brilliant actress, if I do say so myself, and can fool just about anyone.   

He grinned brightly, obviously satisfied with my answer, and flipped his pillow into a more comfortable position. 

 “Fred and George are great, you know?  I’ve never laughed as much as when I’m around them.”  He chuckled a bit, clearly replaying a humorous memory.  “Earlier they put a niffler in your great-aunt’s room.  I’m not sure how they got a hold of it, but I can’t wait until she finds it!” 

I forced myself to laugh at his words, but in all honesty I hadn’t been listening.  I was off somewhere else, but my body seemed to be stuck here.  He started talking again, but my ears didn’t seem to be picking up anything he said.  I just nodded every once in a while, interjecting a, “yeah,” while rubbing my forehead because of the beating headache that had started. 

 “I knew Ted before he died, actually.  I was there when the killed him.  It was horrible, but Ted just kept fighting back and eventually they just…killed him.  Afterwards they took me to the Malfoy Manor.  Malfoy didn’t seem too happy to see me, though,” he rambled on, practically talking to himself.  I got into bed and let his voice fade into the background.  It had been a very long day.  “Luna’s very kind.  I never really knew her before this year, but…I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but’s she’s quite cool and funny.  Of course she’s weird as hell, but she’s nice.” 

I rolled my eyes at him.  The lights had been turned down, so luckily he hadn’t seen me, but he shut up after that.  I gave a big yawn and my eyes drifted off, forgetting about the unfortunate events that had transpired today. 



1st May 


 “So, they’re gone?”  Mum looked a bit depressed as she asked this.  Bill nodded, gulping at mum’s reaction.  Fleur was wrapped around him and a sombre expression painted on her face. 

Dad had a worried glint in his eye, although he was trying not to make it too apparent.

“Do you know where they were going?” 

“Uh…” Bill scratched the back of his neck uncomfortably.  “Well…I was probably just hallucinating, but…I think I saw Hermione take a vial of something and then, next thing I know, Bellatrix Lestrange was outside my house!  It frightened the hell out of me, but as soon as I blinked they’d all vanished.  I really only just saw a quick glimpse of it!  They all thought Fleur and I would still be asleep; probably trying to sneak out or something.”  He cringed at everyone’s reaction to his explanation. 

 Mum just shook her head as though her son had gone mad, dad had gone a little doubtful, and Fred and George burst out laughing.  Muriel still sat with the same stern, thoughtful look on her face and I was just rolling my eyes at Bill. 

I mean, come on!  Bellatrix Lestrange? The trio are mad, but not that mad!  If they were to be caught it would be like suicide!  Bloody Bellatrix Lestrange…Bill must be seeing things. 

 Maybe we should get him a check-up just to be sure.  

“Bill, I’m not so sure that what you saw was correct,” mum said; the crease in her forehead from worrying so much, more noticeable. 

Dad looked deep in thought for a moment before he responded.  “I’m not too sure, Molly.  You just never know with those three.” 

Mum threw her hands in the air, clearly exasperated.  “Oh, you can’t believe it’s true!  Why in Merlin’s name would they need to disguise Hermione as Bellatrix?” 

Fleur patted Bill on the chest encouragingly, untangled herself from his arms, and left the room.  All the while, Bill was focused on our faces.  We thought he was mental and he knew it, which caused him to shrink back. 

 “Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about your weird visions?” Fred and George howled.  I’m surprised they’re not rolling on the floor with how much they’re laughing. 

 “Well, yes actually, there is! They took Griphook with them…they’ve been making plans for something with the goblin. I tried to warn them that whatever they’re up to is dangerous and that making deals with goblins is never a good idea,” Bill argued with a serious face, “but Harry wouldn’t listen.” 

Fleur came back a few minutes later, levitating a tray filled with tea cups and a tea pot in front of her. 

“Goblins?” Mum frowned in deep thinking.  

Goblins? Polyjuice? Lestrange? Horcruxes? 

Nothing makes sense anymore.  

 Everyone else in the room started to talk again.  I absentmindedly tuned it out, keeping to my own thoughts while sipping my tea. 

Everything must fit somehow; there has to be a reason for all of this weirdness that’s going on.  I tried to fit the pieces together like a puzzle.  Why are they being so secretive; surely they can trust us?   

We are, after all, the only family he’s really ever  known, so what’s with all of the secrets? 

Eugh, I’m so confused. 

 Bill tilted the cup back and finished off his tea.  “Well, we’ll be going, then,” he announced, grabbing his coat and belongings and taking Fleur’s hand in his own. “Oo wait, Bill!  What about Luna?”  Fleur exclaimed in her very French accent. 

“Oh, yes.  We were wondering if Luna could come and stay here, Muriel.  If it’s not okay then we understand, it’s just-“ 

Muriel cut his sentence short, beaming brightly at him. “Dear Bill, it would be my pleasure to help you out.” 

Eugh…she’s such a suck up to Bill.  

 “Alright then, we’ll bring her around later today.”  Bill smiled at everyone and led Fleur from the room by her hand. 

Fleur smiled warmly and waved.  “It was very nice to ze you all!” 

With a loud slam of the door, they had gone. 

Mum paced a bit while sighing and rubbing her forehead in frustration.  I sipped on my now ice cold tea.  It tasted awful, but I hardly noticed.  It was just the thought of not knowing anything again that bothered me.  Not knowing where they are and if they’re alright.  At least when they were at Bill’s I knew they were safe and had a little peace of mind. 

 “Right, then.  We’re off,” Fred announced.  “We can’t keep the Potter Watch fans waiting, can we?” 

“The password’s Ted, by the way,” George added before the pair followed the direction Bill and Fleur had just exited. 

I was excited!  I was going to see Luna again…today!  I hadn’t seen her in four months, almost five.  Questions circulated my mind about her wellbeing and anything she’s heard about Harry, Ron, and Hermione.  Was she okay?  Dean was beside me with a dazed smile on his face, also thinking about Luna. 



“LUNA!”  I squealed; racing down the stairs and pelting past Dean who I knocked over.  I ran into Luna who had a beaming smile on her face and gave her a great squeeze.  Bill and Fleur, who had just entered wearing massive coats due to the heavy rain outside, gave me soft smiles and continued into the living room.  Luna looked better than ever, especially considering she’d been kidnapped and incarcerated for several months! 

“Hey, Ginny,” she said with the same dreamy voice, as though nothing had changed at all in the past few months.  I just love this about her.  She’s so laid back.  “I have missed you very much!  How’s Neville?”  Her voice suddenly became keener and I knew instantly that she still liked him.  What do I do?  Tell her that Hannah’s been taking her place for the last couple of months and that her and Neville have gotten closer?  It’s a nice way to start a conversation with your best friend who’s just been rescued from her kidnappers, don’t you think?

“He’s been good.  Me and him have been running the DA strong.”  It wasn’t necessarily a lie; we had been running Dumbledore’s Army, I just didn’t mention that Hannah helped. 

I couldn’t believe she was really standing in front of me.  I felt like poking her just to make sure that she was real; that it wasn’t just my imagination set wild, because that would have been painfully disappointing. 

We made our way up to our room where Dean was sitting on his bed fiddling with the wireless, trying to get the tuning right.  I’m not surprised he didn’t come and greet Luna downstairs after being knocked tumbling down the stairs.  I doubt he wanted to get in the way of that again.

 “Luna!”  Dean immediately gave up on the wireless, which was now high pitched and bursting my ear drums, and rushed over to Luna to embrace her in a friendly hug.  “How have you been?”  His face was eager for news of the outside world. 

She didn’t have time to say anything because the voice of a very high pitched George announced “And it’s been said that lighting has been seen flying out of Gringotts on a bloody dragon! Must have been an awesome sight. River here managed to get a great sight of it from his grandfather’s place in diagon alley”

Everyone stopped talking and listened eagerly to the radio. I stopped breathing.  My thoughts returning to Harry, who I couldn’t imagine breaking into Gringotts.  Was that why they needed the goblin? 

Lee Jordan, Fred and George’s old school friend’s voice came onto the radio, tinged with humour.  “Yeah, gave him quite a fright, I must admit.  He’s just glad it didn’t do any major damage to his roof,” he chuckled.  “Rapier, what do you have to say on this?  Do you think it was actually Lightning that was seen?” 

“Well, we do know that Lightning has been keeping a low profile lately, so something this spectacular and out of the blue does sound like a thing they would do. Shame, I was hoping me and Rodent would have been the first ones to steal from Gringotts,” Fred’s voice sounded both amused and disappointed. 

 “Thank you for that, and we’ll be back with more news tomorrow with Royal by our side.”  There was a loud squeaking noise and then a load of hushed whispers. 

“Uh, the password?”  George or Fred’s voice whispers as silently as possible.  I doubt they’ll ever learn to whisper properly; they’re just too loud. 

“Oh, yea!  It will be, er, DA,” Lee said hurriedly coming up with something randomly from his head. 

Another loud squeak came from the radio and an advertisement for broom supplies came on telling us that the Potter Watch for today had ended. 

 “Well, who’d have thought?”  Dean sat back down on his bed and sighed.  He reached over and switched off the wireless that had now started to play “Light Up the Lumos”, a new track by the Weird Sister, which I’m ashamed to say I haven’t listened to yet. 

Luna was staring distantly off at the landscape out of our window, where I presume she was in heavy thought.  If not, then she’s having one of her weird daydreams again. 

 I’m pretty sure both of the others in the room could hear my brain stressfully thinking. 

Goblin?  Polyjuice?  Lestrange?  Horcrux? 

 I placed the pieces together bit by bit and slowly it made more sense.  Everything was becoming clearer for me.  They needed Gripnook, or whatever his name was, to get into Gringotts.  Would it be possible that Hermione needed to dress up as Bellatrix Lestrange to get into her vault?  It would make sense, I guess. 

And then there’s the thing with the Horcrux.  Could there be a Horcrux in the Lestrange vault?  Bellatrix was You-Know-Who’s most faithful servant; it wouldn’t surprise me if he trusted her with an important thing like this. 

How many of the Horcruxes were there?  There can’t be that many; surely there’s only so many times a person can split their soul. 

“Ginny?  Ginny!”  Dean clicked a finger in my face, suddenly making me aware of my surroundings that I’d been out of for a few minutes.  “Your mum just said we have to go to bed.  I’m going to show Luna where she’s sleeping and I’ll see you in a bit.” 

 I nod, not quite sure what was going on and mindlessly make my way over to my bed.  Today had changed a lot of things. 

 Luna was alright and Harry was alright.  Gringotts had been robbed and possibly another Horcrux was down.  How many more until Harry can come home to me? 


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Chapter 22: Underage
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2nd May 1998 – Battle of Hogwarts.
“GEORGE WHATS HAPPENING!” I shriek at them tugging on his arms and stopping him from leaving through the door. 

“Nothing” George replied with a smile playing on his face. I could tell it was a fake one; they can’t fool me that easily. 

“Don’t lie!” I yell as they exit the living room and grab their coats making a move towards the door “Where’s mum and dad?” 

“They’re asleep” Fred said simply, not looking at me in the eye. 

By this point angry tears were spilling down my eyes. No one was telling me anything, not one! And I had just about had enough of all the lies spilling out of everyone’s mouths. 

“Stop it” I cry “What’s going on? If you don’t tell me I’ll just go ask Luna and Dean”

As though it was there queue Luna and dean both came rushing down the stairs in a mad dash.

“We’ve just got Neville’s message” Dean interrupted holding his coin into the air.  

I dash to my pockets and pull out my gallon that now had a nice message printed across the side sayingLighting has struck.

“What does it mean lightning has struck?” My mind whizzing as Dean, Luna and the twins rushed around getting their wands and other equipment needed “That means Harry doesn’t it!” I yell at them.

When Fred goes past me I grab his arm and pull him to face me “What’s going on!” I say quite forcefully but not caring in the slightest.

Fred runs a hand through his hair and a look was written on his face as though he wasn’t really sure what to say. Panicked he rambled on about them leaving quickly “Lets just go, Dean you can apparate right?” Dean nodded and Fred continued “Take Luna by side apparition. Me and George will leave first and then you two follow afterwards, got it?” 

“What about me?” I said quickly.

“Not you” George cut in before anyone could say anything else “Your not coming”

“Why not!” I beg them just about ready to get on my hands and knees and pray for them to take me with them “Wait, don’t tell me… it’s because I’m too bloody young isn’t it?” I joked knowing this was not a laughing matter.

“Yes it is!” George announced honestly turning to face me. 

“You’re allowing Luna to go and she’s the same age as me” I argue back my temper rising to maximum level, yet they both kept their ground and refused to let me come. 

“Yes but you’re our sister and we can’t protect you out there when spells are flying everywhere” 

“I’m perfectly capable of looking after myself thank-you very much; I don’t need you to look out for me”

Dean was looking down at his feet in an uncomftable way while Luna was staring of into space not a clue of what was going on. 

Both Fred and George were looking at each other with a thoughtful look in their eye, contemplating the choices that we have. They could allow me to go with them, it would save them from having them getting beaten up by me but also puts a threat to my life, or they refuse to take me and I beat them up and will definitely end up finding a way to follow them anyway. So either way they loose. 

They both gulp, clearly having made their decision. 

I’m sure those two have ways of communication with each other. 

“Fine. You can come with us, but if a battle does break out you are to stay away. Promise me” The seriousness in Fred’s eyes forced me to nod my head in agreement. At least I was allowed to go. 

“Let’s go before mum wakes up. Of course we’ll leave a note” George said levitating a piece of parchment in the air and settling it down on the cabinet. 

“Surly its best to wake them up” Everyone stares at me as though I’ve gone mad “What! I mean you won’t want mum and dad to wake up realising all of her children are missing from their beds”

“What and you think they’ll allow you to go? I think not” Fred muttered to me and opening the front door. 

Everything was happening to quickly. Only a few hours ago was I up in my room playing chess with Dean and kicking his ass every time, and now we’re of to go fight a battle at Hogwarts. 

It all happened about half an hour ago when I was in bed trying so desperately to sleep and I heard mum and dads footsteps make their way to their room that was next to mine. The next thing I know I hear Fred and George muttering outside my room whispering about being quite. I’d never heard their voice so scared, but yet excited.

Me, being the nosy person I am follow they’re voices outside my room and find them talking in low voices to one another just inside the living room talking about Hogwarts and Harry. 

That’s when they saw me leaning over the banister eagerly trying to listen in and a guilty smile broke out onto their face as thought they were trying to cover something up. 
“Hey Ginny” They both said, no longer trying to keep they’re voices low.

“What’s happening?” I must admit I said it quite calmly considering I knew that there was about to be a lie rolling of their tongues, or all in all they’d refuse to tell me 

“Go back to bed Ginny” 

“Not until you tell me what you were just talking about”

“We were just saying about potter watch” Fred lied; A lie that I could easily see through. 
“Hmm... and you have to come all the way downstairs just to talk about it. Why couldn’t you just say what you had to say in your rooms?” 

“Just go to bed Ginny. This doesn’t concern you”

“What doesn’t concern me?” I push on and start walking down the stairs, daring them to continue. 

“It doesn’t matter” I could sense they’re frustration getting too much so I decided to take another strategy into telling me. There is no way I’m going back to bed knowing that Fred and George are up to something that concerns Hogwarts. 

Well then, I’ll have to raise my temper then won’t I

 “tell me now!” I cry, my own frustration getting to me.

In a panic they reach for their wands and cast a silencing charm stopping the echo of my scream from waking anyone up anytime soon. 

“Shut up Ginny, you’re going to get us caught in a minute” George bellowed through gritted teeth knowing it was now perfectly safe to raise your voice and I don’t think it was the most intelligent thing they’ve ever done, I mean they have a angry red-head that has just found out that they’re up to no good and they’ve practically given me permission to scream at them without waking anyone up. 


They make their way over to the front door preparing to leave,  go to grab for his arm. 



And now were making our way out of the door, not knowing anything or what were getting ourselves into.

Then there is Harry. Will he be there? Surly he is, judging by the message on the gallon it means he’s there. 

Excitement flooded through me at the thought of seeing him again. I felt like jumping up and down in joy and I could feel the distant beat of my heart thumping against my chest. 

This can’t be real. It just can’t be. 

We were walking around the bend away from the protective enchantments surrounding the house and the night chill was starting to get to me. I praised myself on not changing into pyjamas after being too tired to bother, because if I had I might have doubted coming with them. 

“I think this is far enough” George whispered (or was it Fred?). I could only just make out the towering silhouette above me from his wand light that was pointed directly in front of him “I’ll go first. Dean take Luna afterwards and then Fred and Ginny can go last” He said. 
We all nodded trying to process the information. 

Then within seconds there was a loud crack and the twin beside me had disappeared. Only a minute later did Dean follow with Luna holding onto his arm securely and then finally it was our turn. 

“Do you think he’s really there?” I whisper to him. I’ve never really been much into religion but I was praying desperately now. More than ever in my whole entire life. 

“Yeah I do” Fred said turning to me and giving me a small smile “We should go”

“Yeah we should…” My voice trailed off as I took a deep breath. 

“Are you ready?” 

“I think so. Thanks”

With that I gripped Fred’s arm waiting for the expected suffocation feeling of apparition.

In a flash I arrived standing next to Luna who was rubbing her arms from the night coldness, though summer it was quite freezing tonight. 

I however hardly felt the harsh cold hit me, I too much excited to care and my eagerness was pulling me over the edge of enthusiasm. It felt like only yesterday that I was in at Hogwarts with Neville and Hannah. 

Where had time gone?

We were just on the outskirts of Hogsmeade not wanting to set of any un-needed alarms. 

The street was pitch black and there was wispy smoke bellowing across the street. No wonder Luna was cold! Dementors obviously. No one moved a muscle incase a unexpected death-eater or Dementor came around the corner. 

I strained my neck to look around Fred and George who were both looking around the corner for any sign of danger.

I saw a peek of light issue from the little pub Hogshead where not so long ago me and Neville were holding a meeting about the DA. I had trouble believing that it was more than half a year ago that we held that meeting. 

“Be careful I’ve heard there are dementors patrolling at night” dean whispered in my ear and I nodded slowly already knowing that there were.

“Hang on; did I just see Lee go in there?” Fred urgently breathed under his breath tilting his head further around the corner “Bloody hell-”

“It is him as well” George finished amazed by what he’d just seen “Right we have no time to waste”
George beckoned us to follow as he started towards the little pub that now had one more broken window from the last time I’d seen it. If possible the pub looked rustier than ever with its rusted paint and the sign falling of its hinges. I gaped at how messed up the house had become. 

Fred opened the door with a creak without bothering to knock and we all hurried inside, frightened someone would catch us. 

There was a massive groan “What the blazing hell is this!” The bar owner shouted as he turned to see more people entering. His eyes widening and I’m sure he wanted to murder us all right here and then “Bloody Harry Potter returns and it seems he’s triggered inspiration from all of his fans to follow him. Next thing we’ll know is thousands of innocent people dead all because of my damn brother” He grumbled under his breath so quietly I had a hard time listening. 

“Mr Dumbledore, me and my friends are extremely sorry for the intrusion on your sleep but you would most certainly be doing us a favour if you would help us get into Hogwarts” Luna said. 

Dumbledore? Did she say Dumbledore? A trigger of realization hit me and I instantly saw the resemblance of Albus Dumbledore in this man. What relation could he be? A cousin… perhaps a brother. 

Surly Harry would have known he had a brother, Dumbledore told Harry everything, right?

From the corner of my eye I saw the twins turn to face each other a look of amazement on their face and confusion. Then they both noticed Lee Jordan standing awkwardly in the background wondering when he should make them aware he was there. 


“LEE!” George called almost skipping with joy towards him and giving him a very manly hug with one arm around the shoulder “How’s you granddad mate?” They started a conversation catching up from the last time they met (which just so happened to be yesterday)

That’s when I saw Cho Chang in the corner standing in her ever so perfect posture, holding her perfectly straight wand in her hand giving Luna a perfect smile that any boy would fall for. Ugh! How I hate that vile women so much. I mean as much as I try I can’t find anything wrong with her, nothing! There’s not even a curly hair on her head that’s how straight perfect she damn well is! 

Why one earth, Harry, did you fall for that woman.

“So are you just going to stand there all day and catch up on the latest gossip or you going to get into Hogwarts, because I am certainly not standing here all night” the old bar man… no I mean Dumbledore said while drinking butterbeer from a very dirty mug.

“Can I go first, I just need to get a wand before anything happens and the sooner I go and look the better” Dean announced standing up from the stall he was just perched on.

I was still staring at Cho who had now taken an interest in the pictures that surrounded the room and I swear I just saw her roll her eyes at Dean! 

That little... ugh! 

“Whatever just hurry out of here”

“Thanks” Dean said eager to get out of their as well “Uh… where do I go” 

Dumbledore nodded his head towards the picture above the mantle piece and gave a little nod to it.

I hadn’t noticed the picture before now. Its beautiful golden frame seemed to be the cleanest thing in the room. She was holding a blue simple book and her hair was let down and drawn behind her ears. She was extremely pretty for a painting. 

The painting of the girl surprised us all when it opened up leading a passageway for us to climb into.

“It leads to that room of requirement of yours” He grumbled making his way up the stairs and back into the bar. 

Dean walked towards looking confused as ever “Am I meant to just climb thought there” 

Everyone nodded as he clambered up onto the mantel piece and through the opening with great difficulty.

“Wait can I come with you!” Luna jumped knowing it was her last chance to talk to him… in private at least. 

“Sure” He gave a small soft smile at her and held out a hand to help her climb. 

I also gave them both a small smile. They were perfect for one another.

Butterflies came swiftly to me as I realized we had to go through next. Would he be the other side of that tunnel? Just the thought of it made me swoon with happiness.

“Let’s go!” I said eagerly making my way over to the mantel piece. Jumping up onto it proved difficult as I didn’t want to break anything on their but I managed fine. 

Everyone else followed me; my heat by now was dangerously thumping threatening to pop out. Even my head was spinning out of control my thoughts only of Harry and his wellbeing. 

“Will Harry be there?” Cho asked with a slight hint of excitement filling the tunnel. 

Awkwardly everyone nodded sensing me stiffen. Fred gave a stifle of a laughter causing me to jam him into the wall. Bloody brothers!


“OW what was that for!” Fred’s laughter died down but the hint of amusement was still in his voice.


“You know what” I glared.


A uncomftable silence filled afterwards… perhaps it wasn’t the best idea to push him.

We walked for at least half an hour and everyone wondered whether we should just turn back or not doubting that there was anything at the end of it. 

Finally after what felt like hours of walking we arrived to an opening. Bright lights filled my eyes after it being so dark and damp. 

The room was crowded with people with almost every house (apart from slytherine) There were hundreds upon hundreds of hammocks around the room. It looked like a very high wave towering over us. What had Neville done- surly he hadn’t gotten everyone to sleep in her. I was amazed by it all and the courage it must have taken Neville to get everyone here. 

Then I noticed everyone crowded around three people who seemed to be the centre of attention. Neville was shouting something angrily at them as though they’d just said something offensive.

He was here, actually here in one piece. His jet black hair messy as ever, he’d grown over the year and as far as I could tell he had become a lot more… muscular, but still he was a skinny as ever making me wonder how much he’d eaten over the past year. 

That’s when he turned to me. It seemed to go in slow motion. His beautiful emerald eyes catching mine, I wanted to scream and shout and tell the whole that he was here; alive! 

My hands shaked as I made my way down the short ladder landing me too the floor, I’m surprised I managed it without falling of actually

 “Hey everyone.... miss u?” Fred and George said together winking at everyone as they past, ending the awkward silence that had appeared as soon as we’d entered.

Everyone cried out, glad to see the famous pranksters back at Hogwarts. Of course the twins being them pretended they were famous and started waving at everyone with a grand smile on their face. 

When I turned back to Harry he had his mouth wide open staring at none other than bloody Cho chang who was accompanied by Lee Jordan.

My face fell after witnessing it.

My blood boiled, but not at Harry at Cho and her flawlessness. Harry hadn’t gaped at me when I came in, did he still like her? Had he forgotten about me? I felt my eyes water but I wasn’t about to start crying like that, no, I wasn’t here to see Harry I was here for a battle. I had to constantly keep reminding myself that that was the reason, but it wasn’t. Of course I was here for Harry to fight with him; I didn’t come all this bloody way to have Cho Chang have him again! She had her chance and she blew it off. Some could argue that I had my chance, but I would disagree.

“So what’s the plan?” George said after he’d finished greeting his entire ‘Fans’ “I see the orders not here, they’ll probably be here in a minute then-”

“Stop it!” Harry rounded onto Neville “Why they all here, why did you call them here? This is mental-”

“Were going to fight, aren’t we?” Dean announced sounding a little disappointed that they might not get the chance to battle and taking out his DA gallon “It said Lighting’s has stuck, that means your back and it also means a battle’s breaking"

Ron turned to Harry and mumbled something. 

I’d completely forgotten that Ron and Hermione were here too!

 I completely blanked out as soon as he turned back to them, my head wasn’t in the battle. I was still staring at Cho Chang who was flashing her eyelashes at everyone in the room (or maybe I’m exaggerating) But damn I hate that women!

 Harry turned back to us and started rambling about a Ravenclaw diadem. My thoughts turned back to Horcrux’s, could it. Could it possible be another horcrux… it could help bring Voldermort down. Almost let it slip out allowed but forced myself to keep it shut. Wouldn’t want to destroy his plans now would I!

There was so much hope in his eyes that I sincerely prayed that someone could tell him what it was… anything. 

It was Luna who answered him though. 

“Well Rowena Ravenclaw used to have a diadem. Its quite pretty actually. You might more know it if I call it the lost diadem” Luna said smiling brightly glad she could contribute.  


Michael corner started making a un-need comment about it but was cut off by Harry who seemed eager and jumped to the question “How long ago was it lost?”

“Its been missing for years,long before any of was born or our parents for th matter" Cho answered him.

I sat back, not listening anymore ashamed that I couldn’t be of more help. I tried thinking of what possible the Ravenclaw diadem could be but nothing came to mind. I felt annoyed at myself for lack of information. 

It was only until Cho started speaking again did I come back to the present.

“I could show you what it looks like Harry. I can take you to the common room, we have a statue of Rowena wearing it” Cho said with a voice that sounded so flirty that I had to grip hard on my wand stopping myself from using it against her. 

Cho got to her feet when Harry agreed to go. 

I felt like I should do something. I couldn’t just stand there and let that… thing take Harry to her common room all alone and goodness knows what! I started thinking if there was a way I could go with him, but I couldn’t even tell you where the Ravenclaw common room was, let alone a password for it!
Luna! She was a Ravenclaw and as far as I know she has no sexual attraction to Harry what so ever!


I turned to Fred and George who both had the same cringing look on their face ready for my explosion. 

“NO!” I shouted causing everyone to flinch, I calmed down a bit before carrying on “Luna will take you Harry” 

I turned to Luna and started giving her warning glares. She better agree to this or I’m doomed!

“Yes please!” Luna bounced and with a little smirk on my face I saw Cho sit back down miserably with a sour frown on her face. It’s such a shame- not!

He left the room in such a dash that my heart sank when I realised I hadn’t told him what I came her to do.

Yes now I know the reason I came, it was so blatantly obvious now- now that he’s bloody gone.

Should I go after him? 

Nah he’s probably too caught up in his plan to even be thinking about me. 

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Chapter 23: Dodging the unexpected
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 2nd May 1998 – Battle of Hogwarts.


The wait for Harry was agonising. Everyone was screaming and shouting directions at one another, rushing around like maniacs but I just stood here my heart racing at the thought of a battle breaking out.

Order members eventually started appearing a look of anxiousness written across their faces. Lupin had just arrived and I waited for Tonks to appear... she would at least put a smile to my face, but she never showed up.

“Lupin! Where’s tonks?” I asked calling him over to me at rising from my chair that I’d been sitting on for far too long.

“She’s with Teddy, I told her not to come it was just too dangerous” He replied with a slight sad smile to his face. He missed them.

“Well I’m sure it will be alright” I give a stab at trying to comfort him, not that it’ll be much help.

“Yeah thanks, anyway I’ve got to go. I except Harry will be back in a minute”

He sent me a nod of the head in thanks and was of again.

“Yes I except he will” I mumbled to myself allowing my thoughts to take over again.

In the corner was Katie Bell and Angelina Johnson, some of my former quiddittch players, as well as Oliver wood who had his arms casually draped around Katie.

They all seemed too excited for the battle to commence, they were not one bit scared but Happy and overjoyed at having the opportunity to fight.

Did they not realise that in battle people died?

Why was everyone so happy… they should be scared and frightened and terrified of this war that’s been raging on for the past couple of years. I know I am.

Bill and Fleur then came dashing in through the portrait whole both looking around franticly for something.

Fleur spotted me and pointed me out to Bill only to come rushing over to me. As soon as they reached me Bill ran and pulled me into a brotherly embrace and wrapping his arms around me.

“Bill? Bill what’s-”

“Mums gone mad, she got up to find all of her children out of their beds with only a note explaining where they were. I expected this from you but Fred and George have done this before and are a lot older and should know better. Where are they anyway, I’m gonna kill them when I find them” He started searching around the room with his wand in his hand. I wasn’t to sure how serious he was when he said he was going to kill them.

Fleur grabbed him just in the nick of time as Bill spotted them in the crowed.

Oh dear lord if Bills angry then how bad will mum be?

A shiver goes down my spine just at the thought of it.

“Fred, George over here now!” Bill yelled at them but with the chattering of everyone in the room it hardly travelled to my ears “They are so bloody dead” I’d never seen Bill so angry… really, I’m being serious he’s never angry. Even Fleur looks frightened.

“Perhaps let Molly zort zem out Bill” Fleur placed a reassuring arm on Bill trying to calm him down.

I took the moment of distraction to my advantage and slowly moved away from the loving pair and towards the hufflepuff load where I’m sure I could blend in.

“Ron, Hermione!” I called them over noticing them trying to leave the room without being spotted.

“Sorry, we haven’t got time too talk. We’ll explain later"

They ran of and I swear I heard Ron whisper to Hermione something about a bathroom. Lets just end it with it gave me a few ideas as to what they’re up to after they left.

“Ginny!” A girl yelped at the sight of me.

“Yeah… that’s me” I answered trying to find the source of the noise, or rather the person.

“Ginny, its me Hannah” Hannah waved a hand in my face signalling to whom she was.

“Oh hey, how are you?”

“I’m good. Have you seen Neville, I can’t find him…” She trailed of staring straight at Neville who was currently giving Luna a big hug.

Huh? Hang on I thought she was with Harry.

I turned my body to every angle of the room trying to find any sight of a certain Raven haired boy and when my eyes fell onto my mothers who was glaring right back at me I instantly stopped.

Really? Am I that bad at hiding.

“Harry what’s going on?” Someone asked from the crowed.

My mum came over to me and my ears completely shut down as I watched as mums mouth moved in outrage.

“I’m fighting mum” I cut her off halfway through her sentence not caring what the consequences will be.

“You will do no such thing, you are not old enough. I’m taking you right back to Muriel’s this instant”

“I’m not going. I’m going to defend my school” I said with angry tears threatening to leak from my eyes.

“You’re sixteen, What were you two thinking of bringing her here” Mum rounded onto the twins who had sneakily come up behind me.

There faces fell with guilt and I knew I was fighting a lost battle.

“I can’t! what if… what if something was to happen. I can’t go home knowing that someone I love…”

My eyes locked with Harry’s. It was the first real connection we had had in a year and in those split seconds of the silence, his eyes read the unspoken words between us. I tried, I really did and I looked at him with such determination to get him to back me up. But he shook his head.

He didn’t want me to fight.

I turned back to my mum, biting my lip. Did he not want me to fight? Or was it he didn’t want me here at all?

“Fine I’ll-”

I was cut of my a scrambling behind me. Percy, my workaholic, arshole, traitor, power hungry, blithering idiot of a brother just walked in  casually as though it was the most normal thing in the world like the last few years never existed and do you know what he said “Am I late?” Yes your bloody late, three years too late!

I was beyond caring though I took a step back and let the family catch up with missing time.

I watched my brother splutter out apologies, I watched fleur desperately try to break the tension; successfully, I watched Fred start shouting insults at Percy only for Percy to agree with every single on of them, I watched mum burst out crying and run into Percy and give him the biggest hug I’ve ever seen, I watched dad follow mums footsteps.

Yet I said nothing; I wasn’t forgiving him that easy. No he’s going to have to prove to me who side he actually is on.

When everyone made there way up the steps after there sudden family group meeting I desperately tried to blend in, hiding behind Fred and George who I know firstly is the least likely to notice me and there are two of them meaning there is more to hide behind.


“How about this, Ginny can stay in the room of requirement while we all fight then she knows what’s going on but doesn’t necessarily have to fight.

I didn’t like the idea much. Luna is allowed to fight but I can’t, but then again at least it was better than going home and at least this way I might have a chance at joining the fight without anyone knowing.

“Where are Ron and Hermione”
“They said something about a bathroom” I replied trying not to sound nervous and keeping it as casual as possible.

“What? Are you sure-”

He stopped talking suddenly and his hand went straight to his scar. Pain coursed over his face, he looked as though he was of somewhere else that he wasn’t here with me. My instant reaction was to hold him and help him but I forced myself to stop just in time as my hands went out to him.

“Are you alright” I asked him.

“Yeah I’m fine” He nodded “Just my scar”

I wasn’t sure what to say to that. I haven’t had much experience with searing scars.

The pain seemed to vanish from his face as soon as it had come and he stared up into my eyes giving me butterflies flying through my stomach. I felt the need to dance and sing out loud to the world, but now was not the time.

“You’ve got to go to the hall” I said finishing the wonderful moment that had to end at some point.

He nodded “Just stay here. It’ll be over soon and you-know-who will be finished”

“I know, I have faith in you”

I smiled, the first real smile I’d given in ages, it felt so unreal on my face but wonderful at the same time.

He gave a little smile in return and dashed off.

Then the world turn dark again and that little ray of hope that flooded through me as soon as he appeared in the room of requirement vanished and I was all alone in the room.

“Why can’t I fight, its not fair” I moan to myself kicking a open trunk flat on its side.




I waited for ages. Seconds turned into minutes and with every minute that went past I wanted to scream out to the world.

I’d heard the first crash and then the echo that followed after it. That wasn’t what startled me; it was the sounds of screaming; innocents people screaming, they screamed names, pleas for help and spells that sounded foreign to me.

It was war and we were fighting for our lives.

“GINNY!” Tonks yelled at me startling me out of my wits.

She seemed so panicked.

“What’s going on?”

“I don’t know, they wouldn’t let me fight. Shouldn’t you be at home with Teddy”

It at least brought a smile to her face the sound of her babies name but it was nothing compared to what I imagine her feeling right now.

Her husband could be dead and she had no idea.

We were sort of in the same position; in the unknown and it was the most horrible experience ever. I wouldn’t even wish it on my worst enemy (looking at you Cho Chang)

“I couldn’t just sit there could I, Remus needs me”

An elderly witch came trotting through the portrait hole and with great difficulty managed to climb down from it.

“You’re Neville’s grandmother aren’t you?” I asked instantly recognising the infamous mouth-eaten hat and handbag that Neville talked about often.

“what’s happening, has a fight broken out” She asked turning to me for answers “you’re that Weasley girl. Neville talks about you often, and from what he’s told me about you I’m surprised you’re not fighting right beside him”

“Believe me Mrs. Longbottom if I could I would”

The door opened once again revealing the golden trio.

“Ginny, I’m really sorry but we need the room of requirement just for a second. Once were done you can come straight back”

I took the moment and went with Tonks outside delighted to be out of my prison for the time being, just as the door slammed I heard the echo of Harry yell “But you can come back” Yeah likely.

Moments later Harry, Ron and Hermione came out. They both had a arm full of fangs.

“Look you can come back in a moment but for now keep safe and keep hold of your wand and stay out of the way, I don’t want you getting hurt” He sighed and called out for the others to follow him back in the room of requirement without another word.

If only I’d known then.

“Come on Tonks lets go!”

She made a mad dash for the opposite direction and I fled in the other suddenly feeling so vulnerable.




 When you have seconds to decide what spell to use when a curse is rushing towards you, that’s when you’ve got to think quickly and sensibly.  Harry was right when he said that there is no time for mistakes when you’re seconds away from death.  I realize that now, coming face to face with it. 

I quickly cast a shield charm, praying that whatever had just been sent my way was not one of the three Unforgivables. 

When the curse was blocked, I sent a body binding curse at the death eater I was dueling with.  He was caught off guard and I heard the crash as he fell, but I didn’t dare look back.  Once they were down, I left the scene and attacked another. .  

Lavender Brown knocked into me, pushing me to the floor.  There was no time for apologies; it was straight back up again and running for your life. 

 “Ginny!” Hannah called, blocking a spell that was about to hit me because of the distraction. 

 “Where are Neville and Luna?” I drag her into a shadowy corner, concealing us so we wouldn’t be seen. 

 “I don’t know.  I was about to ask you that,” she replied, wildly looking around; her eyes taking in the surroundings and flinching whenever a loud noise erupted. 

She was frightened and I just wanted to hug her for it, but now wasn’t the time.  

 “Ginny, if we don’t make it out of this, I just want you to know that I’m grateful for all you’ve done this year for me.  You’ve been a great friend,” she said, her eyes fogging up. 

“Nothing’s going to happen.” 

“You don’t know that!” She snapped back. 

She got her wand at the ready and before I could even respond, she had disappeared.  I was alone again, as usual. 

I took a steady breath and sighed, then got up and rejoined the battle. 

I sprinted across the transfiguration courtyard where the battle hadn’t really hit yet.  There were a few Death Eaters there, which I flicked my wand at and smashed into the wall.  Sometimes with such force, bits would collapse. 

I was dodging Professor McGonagall.  If she knew I was fighting I’d be instantly sent back to the Room of Requirement, and that is the last place I wanted to be right now. 

My excuse to participate in the fighting was the need to know that my family was safe.  That, of course, was a lie.  A very poorly told lie, considering it was practically impossible to recognize anyone when fighting, even with blazing red hair like ours. 

I just wanted to be in the action, fighting like my brothers and parents, and for once not being classed as the little kid.  I wanted to prove to Harry that I was capable of being brave; that I was capable of being strong.  I needed to prove that to him. 

The wall exploded next to me, causing odd bricks to fly every which way.  Goodness knows how the walls actually break.  Maybe they just hate me and feel the need to smash into pieces every time I go near them. 

Glass from one of the windows cut into my arm. 

 “Damn it!” I exclaim, pulling it out and applying pressure to my arm.  I have no idea if that’s what you’re meant to do or not.  I never really paid attention when my mum was teaching me medical stuff. 

 “What are you doing here, Gin?”  Neville was at my side pulling me up and shifting some bricks aside. 

There was no sight of Death Eaters in the corridor, so we were in no immediate danger.  I could still hear the echoes of spells being screamed and their light reflecting from every window. 

 “What does it look like?”  I snapped at him, still holding pressure onto my arm.  “A bloody wall just collapsed on me!” 

* “Uh...we’ll, er I’ll find you…a…um…bandage?,” Neville muttered, looking around for any sign of help. 

 “Oh and where are you going to get that from?”  I erupted sarcastically; my wound stinging.  I know I shouldn’t get mad, but I couldn’t help it.  I needed to take my anger out on someone. 

“Oh, yeah…I’ll…”  His eyes were pleading with the air to find him something that could help him. 

 “How about your wand,” I said, as though it was the most obvious thing in the world. 

I stared down at my hand, slowly shaking my head but silently laughing as Neville panicked.  My wand was somewhere in the rubble.  I must have dropped it from the impact of the fall. 

He pointed his own wand at my arm which was throbbing dangerously.  It was so numb and flaccid, I felt like it would fall off any second, now.   

“Neville, where is Luna?”  I asked trying to distract myself from the stinging pain I felt. 

 “Um…I don’t know.  I lost her in the crowd.  Uh, Ginny?  I don’t know the spell.”  Sweat was running down his forehead and I wanted to laugh at him. 

 “Luna knows it,” I wince, now rocking back and forth desperately trying to divert the distress I was feeling. 

“Shall I got get her, then?”  He looked around while suggesting this. 

 “That would be a good idea.” 

 “Okay, I’ll go.  Just…stay here out of trouble, okay?” 

He ran off in the opposite direction while I moved odd bits of rubble around trying to find my wand.  I was praying it wasn’t snapped in half because that might have just been the end of my life. 

The odd bricks that I was sitting on kept on pricking my bum, so I wriggled, trying to get comfortable.  This only caused me more discomfort. 

It took about five minutes to gather Luna, who in her own words was “getting wrackspurts to attack the Death Eaters, although they all fled because of the action.” 

She grabbed my arm straight away and uttered an incantation that I was completely unable to remember.  I immediately got up; thankful to be off the dangerous floor which I’m sure had given me some nasty scratches on my bum. 

 “Your mum’s looking for you, you know?  She knows that you left the Room of Requirement without permission.  Perhaps she has a strange signal to know where you are all of the time…mums are clever like that,” Luna announced in her dreamy voice.  “She asked me to tell you to go to the Great Hall as soon as possible.  She looked extremely grave, actually.” 

I didn’t have time to dwell on the matter for too long because, quite suddenly, a cold voice interrupted my thoughts, giving me chills. He seemed too close, so much so that I almost thought we was with us in the corridor.  I turned and pierced every object in the corridor with my gaze, just to make sure he wasn’t actually there. 

That’s when I realized he was speaking to everyone; to Hogwarts as a whole. 



Quotes from pages:

Page 486 of Harry Potter and the deathly Hallows

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Page 502 of Harry potter and the deathly Hallows

Chapter 24: Please come home to me
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2nd May 1998 – Battle of Hogwarts.

“You have fought valiantly" the icy voice hissed, sending the hairs on the back of my neck to stand on end. 

I tried to block out his voice, but when Harry’s name was mentioned I couldn’t ignore it any longer. 

 “Potter,  You have allowed your friends to die for you rather than face me. I will be in the forest. If you have not come in an hour, then the battle continues.”  

I was shaking.  The thought of Harry dying was unbearable to me. 

Hogwarts went quiet.  I probably would have been able to hear a pin drop from the other side of the castle, if I listened carefully.  No one spoke.  The silence was deafening

I knew I had to find Harry.  I knew he would leave.  He was too damn noble and I wasn’t about to let that happen.  I had to find him; tell him I loved him and that he needed to fight until the end.  That’s what heroes do!  They don’t give themselves up! 

I would rather die myself than watch Harry die.  I’d give myself up if it would save him and I wasn’t about to let that happen.  Not now, and not ever.  

“No!” I mumbled my throat to dry to get the words out any louder.

“Ginny, Ginny it’s ok!” Neville came over to me and hugged me, he wrapped his arms around me and I put my head on his chest and let the tears leak out freely.

This couldn’t happen.

Why harry? He was a good person? Bad things always happen to good people and it’s not fair.

“Go see you’re parents Ginny and then go speak to Harry” Neville said trying to comfort me.

I nodded my whole world having gone numb.

Hogwarts was suddenly so quite. Everything was silent and it was killing me inside, I wanted the silence to end… it was unbearable.

My feet lead the way to the hall; nothing could have prepared me for what was inside.

It was like a wave of people lying on the floor… dead.

The first thing that caught my eye was the bubbly pinkness of a women’s hair… Tonks. I had to bite my lip to stop me from crying. Next to her was Remus, they’re hands held but barely touching at the same time. I gulped back the amounts of tears ready to flood from my eyes.

Then the next thing that caught my eye was the fiery redness in the crowed.

“Mum?” I whispered to myself wondering what was happening “Mum?” My voice a little louder this time.

“Oh Ginny” Mum came over to me and threw herself at me squeezing me until I could hardly breath.

What was going on?

I noticed now everyone’s eyes were red and puffy from crying.

They parted and lying on the floor was Fred. A trace of a smile still sadly on his face.

He was beautiful in death and part of me left as soon as I saw him on the floor. Crouched beside him was George, he wasn’t letting go of him.

No, this is just some sick joke the two of them are playing, right? This can’t be happening.

“George?” My hand went out to touch his shoulder but he shrugged it off.

I could hardly breathe and when I did it hurt. A world without Fred was unbearable and a world without the other twin was unbearable. A George without a Fred was like having a chocolate frog without the chocolate frog card… it just doesn’t work!

I’d never seen George cry, it was heartbrokenly tragic.

If I’d only known that today would be Fred’s last day I would have tied him up at Muriel’s and never have let him leave… how could this happen.

I had to leave; I couldn’t stay in there any longer.

As soon as I left the great hall I pondered on something too do. They’re people outside all crying over loved ones or comforting people.

That’s when I noticed the wounded, some people were still on the floor crying for help and the people around them were grieving too much to notice.

I couldn’t just leave them there now I’ve seen them!

I tended to as many people as I could, helping to pick them up and take them to the great hall.

“Shhhh its ok” I whispered to one girl outside. She was barely fifteen and I wanted to help her so badly.

“I just want to go home, I don’t want to fight anymore” her plea for help was enough to make me want to cry again, it was heartbreaking watching the girl struggle in pain. Her hufflepuff school clothes were stained in blood and dirt was covering her from head to toe.

Perhaps it was the effect of the war that gave me the creeps but it felt like someone was behind me, except it didn’t send chills screaming down my back but instead butterflies flying in my stomach. It was a wonderful feeling. The feeling Harry gave me.

I turned quickly and narrowed my eyes, but nothing was there except the misty air.

As soon as the feeling came it went and the sad feeling in the pit of my stomach came back again… I’d only imagined it.

The minutes past by and I stayed outside and tended to the wounded.

“Ginny?” A voice called behind me.

“Hannah!” I jumped running over to her and hugging her “You’re alive!”

“It takes a lot more than a couple of death eaters to kill me” She smiled hugging me back just as enthusiastically.

It obviously only takes a couple of death eaters to kill Fred the thought replaying in my head but I dismissed it not wanting to worry Hannah…. Just yet.

“I’ve been looking for you for ages, ever since I heard that thing you-know-who said” Hannah smiled sympathetically “Do you know where Harry is then?”

My face fell. I hadn’t seen him since the room of requirement. I’d planned on going to see him after I went to the hall but when I found out about Fred it seemed unimportant and was wiped from my mind. How could I have been so stupid!

Tears swelled in my eyes “Harry bloody gone!” I cried out.


“I haven’t seen him since… since the room of requirement, and you know Harry he would go off and try to save the world as usual and if it meant sacrificing his life then he would!”

I went to get up and run to the forbidden forest but Hannah pulled me back a panicked look on her face “You can’t go in there, they’ll kill you before you even see him”

“Well I can’t just let them kill him can I! Let go of me” I yelled at Hannah who was desperately clinging on to my arm, she refused to move “LET GO!”

Tears were streaming down my face as I screamed at Hannah. I couldn’t let him die, and I wouldn’t. I’d said that I would do anything to save him and here I was tending to the bloody wounded when harry was out there about to die! How could I have been so foolish to forget.

“HARRY POTTER IS DEAD” The voice echoed around the eerie night and I felt my whole world fall to the ground.

I turned to Hannah is desperation but she too had tears in her eyes and could hardly see me.




Ginny Pov, talking to Harry:

From the moment I heard those words “Harry Potter is dead” my whole world sank, including my heart. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t even think… not about anything other than you.

Now that I’ve managed to at least move all I can think about it one time we shared together about a year ago, that time when you broke my heart but I understood you completely.

It just kept replaying over and over in my head the same thing every time, I- I couldn’t tell you why.

It was the end of Dumbledore’s funeral and you took me to the side afterwards, I knew what was going to come it didn’t take animagus’s transfiguration to work it out. Your face showed a broken man not ready for the challenges that faced you. I knew I must let you go, it was the only way for you.

You told me that we couldn’t be together and I smiled uncomftable because I didn’t want it to happen, I just didn’t, you were mine at last, letting you go would break me. And you looked at me, so tenderly Harry and told me that you cared about me that you wouldn’t have been able to cope if it had been mine funeral, and I just knew… just then that I had to let you go. It was the safe way, and I love you for it. I loved how you wanted to protect me, I felt special, not just the best friends little sister but a person you wanted to protect and that meant everything to me.

And also that moment is when I realised for the first time, that all the decisions you have made have not been for you benefit, but you were doing everything for the ones you loved all along, for your family and friends.

And it only now occurs to me that we had so little time together, we still have so much to learn about each other. And I’m so glad Harry that I got to learn about the wonderfully brave, selfless, strong man you are Harry….

Harry I can’t hear that your dead, I can’t. I can’t listen to the fact that you’ll never come home to me again, that I’ll never learn something new about the amazing person you are, Never again experience the selfless, warm hearted person you are. Never feeling your warm touch again…

…Harry, please….


Have we really had our last conversation?

Our last kiss?

I’m not sure what I’ll do if…

Oh Merlin Please Harry, please… come home to me.

I never told you I loved you.




I shook my head, forcing the thought of him dead straight out of my mind, he wasn’t dead. I knew he wasn’t, if he was I’d have been able to feel something. But I don’t. He’s not dead!

I began to shake, I couldn’t move at all, all the span around in my head was the words “Harry Potter is dead” and then the silence that followed afterwards. I felt the stairs of Hannah on me watching my every move, she knew I was heartbroken, but she didn’t really understand why.

“Lets go then” I rounded on her determinedly pushing past her towards the viaduct entrance.

“Ginny?...” Hannah replied looking at me with sadness in his eyes as though she felt sorry for me, can you believe that! She felt sorry, well I don’t need people to feel sorry for me because it is not true and I will not believe it.

“What Hannah?” I ask, with hopefully no emotion what so ever in my voice.

“What if… you know… its…”
“What if its true?” I finished for her staring as she started me straight in the eye with distress written on her face, a small tear fell down her cheek as she nodded slowly.

I started laughing, the thought of it being true was just so impossible that it was quite funny actually. You-know-who wouldn’t be able to defeat Harry, Harry was going to defeat – will defeat him!
“Don’t make me laugh Hannah. You-know-who tells lies all the time, of course its not true” I said flashing her a smile with no emotion behind it.

“Ginny, you just said yourself that its Harry! He would have gone, and no one has seen him since” She said carrying on trying to persuade me to believe that liar!

I felt a lump form in my throat, I was angry at Hannah she was so gullible to believe his lies and not listen to me. He was alive; I could still feel him inside me.

My temper rose and I glared at Hannah “Listen its not true! I know its not true and if you  are just going to stand there then I’m going, ok!” I cry at them turning on my heel and jogging through the smashed corridor.

Bricks were piled up everywhere and odd pieces of wall was smashed making it look quite scary looking down out of it because I was so high up. Statue of silver armour had what looked like to have been blasted out of the way and odd pieces of them were thrown about. Even stone gargoyles there was nothing left of them, it looked like a reck!

I heard scurrying behind me realising that Hannah had decided to follow me rather than discuss all day if Harry was alive or not.

Of course I was right, Harry is alive and there is no proof in the world that is going to prove otherwise.

All around people were making their way in the same direction as we were going. A couple of girls were slowly walking while crying, others shocked and a look of disbelief on their faces.

Mind however was determined.

I had to push my way though the crowed that had decided to halt right in the way of the viaduct entrance.

“Excuse me” I said politly as I could without sounding frustrated “Um… Excuse me!” I exclaimed a bit more louder this time. But still no one moved staring off at the distance at something, but me being the short arse I am couldn’t see over the top (curse you mother- I inherited it from you!)

“Get out of the bloody way!” I yell pushing a third year hufflepuff to the ground who had obviously sneaked in after McGonagall had sent all the young kids away. I felt guilty afterwards, the look of horror on her face was heartbreaking.

I didn’t have time to help her up but instead pushed forward, my mind only focusing on one thing… that was Harry.

Then there he was lying limp in Hagrid’s big arms. So, So beautiful. His eyes were closed so I couldn’t catch a glimpse of those gorgeous green eyes of his.

“NO!” I yelled at the same time as Hermione and Ron who, like me was staring at them with disbelief.

This couldn’t be true, I’m just dreaming and in a minute I’ll wake up to find that I never woke up when Fred and George came downstairs and I’ll be snug and tight in Muriel’s house.

 This chapter is probably really bad, I couldn’t really write about Fred’s death because I’m still not over it and I don’t think I ever will be :’( sniff sniff.

Quotes from:

page 529 of Harry Potter and the deathly Hallows (voldermorts speech)

page 583 of Harry Potter and the deathly Hallows ('he's dead')

Both owned by the lovley Jk rowling


Chapter 25: Almost endings
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 Because I know that you know (?) all about the battle of Hogwarts and what happened I decided not to write about how it finished because you know the story, so this is afterwards at the very end where they are all in the great hall celebrating. Oh and this is in third person rather than first.


Avada Kadavra!


The two of them shouted at one another and a brilliant golden light burst out between the two of them blinding Ginny’s eyes and ears as a great canon blast erupted.

She closed her eyes tightly shut afraid that when she opened them Voldermort would be standing over them declaring once again that Harry Potter was dead.

After seconds of shocked silence she steadily opened her eyelids and squinted between her eye lashes. Hannah and her mum was standing next to her both looking towards the middle of the circle with their mouths unhinged.

Harry was standing in the centre with a look of shock and success written on his face with the supposedly elder wand held tightly in his hand. Ginny still had no idea what the thing with the elder wand was, the only time she’d ever heard the story of the famous elder wand was from the story in Beedle and the bard and even then she thought they were only little witches and wizards fairy tales.

My throat closed up as she realised what had just happened. Was he truly gone? Did she dare believe it?

Her feet where taking her over to him, he didn’t seem to be able to understand a word anyone was saying but staring off at the distance in a daze completely unaware of his surroundings. Ginny wasn’t surprised, it wasn’t everyday you defeated the greatest wizard of all times.

“HARRY! YOU DID IT!” Many people at the same time screamed, cheering him and had determination to touch Harry, the boy who lived… twice.

Nothing seemed to be getting to him, he was being shoved about, being seized but nothing effected him and Ginny wondered desperately what was going on in his head.

“GINNY! HE DID IT” both Luna and Hannah came skipping over and suffocating her with hugs “He did it!”

Hannah had tears pouring down her face but with a dazzerling smile smothering it too.

“You knew he could do it Ginny! And he did, you-know-who’s gone”

“You know there’s no need to be afraid of that name anymore Hannah” Luna replied with the same smile mirroring Hannah’s. She was doing a little happy dance the air once again joyful and there seemed to be hope for a normal peaceful life.

“I’ve got to find Neville, I’ll see you soon!” Hannah cried out wiping a way a tear embarrassed that she had started to cry.

She ran of racing towards a boy who looked a little lost but was staring around at everything in awe.

Ginny couldn’t believe how brave he had been earlier and had declared that they would not stop fighting and even while he said it Ginny believed Harry had been dead she couldn’t help but be extremely proud of the once Gryffindor that was constantly in need of help.

“Are you alright with them?” Ginny asked a now sad looking Luna who was staring off at them jealously.

“Of course not, not of her and Neville anyway. I do however wish that I could have such a amazing relationship as they seem to be having.” Luna beamed turning away from them and turned towards dean who was now laughing with Seamus.

It was the most sense Luna who possibly ever spoken in her life.

“Go…” Ginny nudged her friend towards him. She turned bright red and shook her head too embarrassed.

“No I think I’ll go find the wrackspurts and get the to come back telling them the dangers past” She said in satisfaction with her decision on not to go to Dean.
Ginny nodded sadly looking upon her friend with sympathy.




Hours later the sun was rising. Everyone was tired but ate as much as their bellies would allow them too.

Ginny couldn’t bring herself to eat. With each passing second she remembered that there was people who died as well, including Fred and the nagging thought that there should be the twins singing some random weird sisters song with a tune that sounds like cats are dying.

But there wasn’t… only the constant laughter and cheers of everyone in the hall.

She felt angry at them all. How dare they be happy when Fred wasn’t here, half of George wasn’t here and there was now a gap in their family. It didn’t feel right.

She rested her head on her mums shoulder, desperate to let sleep take over her as her eyes felt heavy against her.

“Mum, where is Fred now?” She said childishly wanting to cry out and feel like a five year old again, it only seemed like yesterday she was picking the lock of the garden shed and opening it to find her brothers brooms stashed in there every night.

Her mum gave a little sniff but didn’t cry knowing she had to stay strong for her daughter. She softly stroked Ginny’s hair and whispered “He’s safe”

Ginny nodded, feeling a little bit better and grabbed a goblet of Pumpkin juice. It was the first drink she’d had since dinner yesterday and it felt rather good.

“Ginny?” Someone mumbled next to her “Ginny? We haven’t spoken since I got back and I was… was wondering if you were still mad at me?” Percy said his eyes red from crying.

She was about to retaliate with a harsh comment but then remembered Fred and realised how short his life was, so short in fact that George would spend more of his life without him than with it. She didn’t want to live her life with a grudge and shook her head steadily without giving herself a headache.

“No I forgive you, you knucklehead” She replied weekly and forcing a grin on her face.

A smile broke out onto his face as he put his arms awkwardly around her and tried to comfort her but failing. Percy never really was good at that type of stuff.

“I’m sorry”

Ginny knew that however many times Percy would whisper the words I’m sorry it would never really make any difference. Fred would still be dead and Ginny would still deep down be mad at Percy for leaving them. She also knew that the only person that would ever be able to comfort her would be Fred and George… both together. But it never would happen and it never could. He was dead and Ginny still struggled to get her head around it all.

“It’s ok”

With that she closed her eyes and let sleep take over her.




Ginny’s eyes fluttered open and she found herself sleeping in a soft warm bed with a thick blanket pulled tightly too her.

It looked as though it was morning again, perhaps she had slept in the whole day and night but she had no desire to know but wondered why she was sleeping back in the Gryffindor girl’s dorm.

She noticed Hermione sitting in the opposite bed of hers looking down at a book in her hand.

“Hermione?” She croaked out sitting up and rubbing her eyes “what’s the time?”

“You slept in yesterday and its ten. 3rd May” Hermione replied gulping back tears that were threatening to break “You feel asleep down stairs, I offered to take you up here to get some sleep”
Ginny nodded, replaying the awful horrors of yesterday night. The war, all the fighting, the deaths and Fred.

Was he in heaven now? Was there even a heaven to go to? What if all there is, is emptiness and blackness?

“What you reading?” Ginny asked only to make conversation, not really sure of what to say to someone you haven’t seen in about a year and who you believed possibly dead.

“I wasn’t reading. It’s a picture of my family” Hermione said taking a photo out of a the book Ginny believed she had been reading and passed it to her “I’ve had it with me all year, I didn’t want the boys to know I missed them to I pretended I was reading every time I got it out”

“They aren’t moving?” Ginny said and then almost felt stupid for spluttering something out stupidly like that without even thinking to comfort Hermione “I mean… I just have never seen a muggle photo”

Hermione laughed coming over and sitting next to Ginny looking at the picture with awe “I didn’t want to charm it. I don’t know how to explain it but I preferred it like this, every time I looked at the picture I pretended that I was younger than eleven and I had no idea about the magical world and things were simple again” Hermione laughed a small tear running down her cheek “But it never worked”

“How bad was it?”

She wiped away the tears on her sleeve and sniffed before answering “it wasn’t that bad the actual travelling, of course I was expected to get all the food and found out the most” she rolled her eyes but really only laughing at the memory now “The worst part was actually going out and getting the horcrux’s under polyjuice potion and then getting tortured by Bellatrix but of course you have no idea what I’m on about!” She finished realizing her rambles would make no sense to Ginny.

“Hermione, I could you think so lowly of me!” Ginny cried out sarcastically “Of course I bloody well found out about the Horcrux’s, I’m not that stupid you know”

“How? We didn’t tell anyone”

“Bill over heard you saying something about it and thanks to Fred and George’s amazing extendable ears I-”

She stopped talking suddenly remembering Fred and the humour of the conversation vanished within a flash.

“Are you alright?”

“Uh, no I think I need some fresh air”

She got up and without even thinking to put any shoes on went out of the girls dormitories, through the portrait, down the seven floor stairs and out into the warm summer sunlight.

Hogwarts was in ruins she noted as she walked past many Gargoyles without heads and statues of amour having been blown into pieces and walls half broken down.

It broke her heart to see what she called a second home, this broken and wrecked.

The grass prickled at her feet but she hardly felt a thing. It was too unreal.

When she reached the black lake, Ginny rolled up her trouser bottoms and dipper her foot in the lake while sitting on a smooth rock by the lake edge.

Even the lake seemed darker than usual.

She couldn’t breathe, the world wasn’t right. Even without Voldermort.

“Oh Fred” She whispered out to the empty lake where not even a bird was in sight.

“Uh… Hermione just told me to come down here” a voice that sounded mum like Ron’s behind her.

She turned instantly to find her brother standing their awkwardly with his hands in his pockets wondering what to do now.

Without thinking she ran over to him and squeezed him frightened that if she let go he would turn away and run off with Harry again without her.

“Whoa! I guess its nice to see you to” He grinned patting her on the back as she hugged him “You can let you now if you want to”

“Well I don’t want too!”

“Yes well I do cause otherwise your gonna kill me”

She let go instantly but was beaming up at him waiting for his explosion on lecturing her for leaving the seventh floor corridor where she was suppose to be waiting for them to come out again. But it never came.
“Harry’s been looking for you by the way” He coughed shufferling his feet and not giving her direct eye contact.

She rolled her eyes at him and looked over his shoulder to find Harry there in the distance looking down at them at the entrance of the castle.

“Iustwannaoutoknowillkillimifhehurtstyou” Ron rambled, but Ginny beyond confused asked him as nicely as possible to say it again “I just want you to know I’ll kill him if he hurts you”

She smiled glad to know her usual protective brother was back but ignored the comment and walked past Ron and up to Harry. She was dying to run to him, to jump into his arms and cry on his shoulder but forced herself to walk slowly.

“Hey” He said when she reached him.

“Hey, how are you?” Ginny asked awkwardly mentally slapping herself for asking such a stupid question, how do you think he is!

“I’m good, you?”

She nodded and a silence fell over the two of them. There was so much to say, so much to catch up on that they both felt pressured to say it all now in these moments.

“Look I’m sorry, you’re probably really angry at me and you have every right to be. I shouldn’t have kept you in the dark and if it wasn’t for me then Fred wouldn’t have died” He exclaimed.

“I’m not angry” Ginny said “I’d have thought you’d have been angry at me”

“Why would I be angry at you?”
“For leaving the seventh floor corridor when I was supposed to stay there and wait for you to come out” She admitted staring at the floor.

The first smile broke out onto Harry’s face as he laughed “Ginny I expected nothing less of you!”

They both laughed a little but it didn’t last very long.

“I am sorry though” Ginny repeated.
“And so am I”

“You have nothing to be sorry for. It was Voldermorts fault that it happened, not yours. If it wasn’t for you then this war would still be raging on and probably double the amount of people would have died by now”

“Yes but Fred’s died because of me! I feel terrible, especially for George… the two did everything together I can’t look at him anymore without feeling guilty and know its my fault”
Ginny was shocked by his sudden outburst. She hadn’t know he felt like it was his fault.

“Harry believe me, no one blames you”

“They should”

They both started walking towards the lake mindlessly where Ron had disappeared off.

“Harry Potter stop it! You are not to blame! You need to get it into your head that you saved us all”

“But what about Teddy, Tonks and Remus’s child” Harry went on still trying to persuade Ginny that all the deaths were his fault “He’s going to grow up without any parents and I know how it feels-”

She cut him off with a kiss, stopping him from speaking another word. She hadn’t meant to but the want was over riding her and she couldn’t resist it any longer.

He kissed back as enthusiastically as her, their tongues playing around with one another before they both broke the kiss off with broad grins sprouting across their faces.

“Then Teddy will have to deal with one awesome godfather!” She finished a sparkle arising back into her eyes.

“And a amazing Godmother” wrapping her in a embraces

“I’m not his Godmother!” Ginny exclaimed.

“Well he hasn’t got one yet and I’m sure Tonks and Remus would love to have you to be their sons Godmother” He persuaded.

If her smile could get any wider it did. Just the idea of being Teddy’s Godmother was amazing, let alone it actually happen.

“I missed you” She whispered as he pulled her into a hug.

“I missed you too”

Quotes from Deathly Hallows by Jk rowling (i'm hoping you know that :P )

Pages 595

there is an epoligue as well next chapter but really the story is finished now. The epoligue is set about 12 months later.


Chapter 26: A year ago
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 “This time 12 months ago many of you were fighting for your lives” McGonagall said using her wand to maximize the sound and leaning on a cane to hold her support “We have come extremely far since then, building back our lives and mourning over the many people we lost that day…”

She put down the queue cards she’d been told to read of off by the ministry frustrated that she’d been forced into reading something that sounded fake and written by people who barley even knew what happened.

“We lost so many people that night. I’m not sure about you but it still haunts me every night. Perhaps knowing that we could have saved more lives. But it was war and in war lives are lost and at a dear price” Tears glistened in her eyes as she wiped them away with a handkerchief that she’d produced from thin air with in seconds “Colin Creevey, a child that had so much life still ahead of him, Lavender Brown a brave young women who defended her school until the death, Remus and Nymphadora Lupin both courageous people and standing up to what was right, Fred Weasley part of one of the most funniest pranksters Hogwarts has ever and will ever see and a man who fought for justice”

Ginny gripped onto Harry’s hand, her heart racing and her eyes crying as she realised it had been one year to the date since she’d seen her brother.

She started off at George who was sitting side by side with Angelina. His eyes pouring with tears and Angelina putting a comforting arm around his arms whispering words of support.

Harry’s hand squeezed back at her telling her that he was here and he would always be.

“Hogwarts was always my home, as I’m sure it was yours and knowing that many lives were lost here merely a year ago saddens me greatly. Please join me in a minutes silence to respect those who died and fought for us” She continued closing her eyes as a single tear fell down her cheek.

Ginny stared around at everyone’s blank faces. It wasn’t the kind of blank face that you would give in a history of magic class but rather the lost kind of blank look, and it was heartbreaking.

Percy was in front of Ginny, his arm casually around his one week girlfriend Margery – or was it Audrey? Ginny wasn’t sure and she didn’t care. It wasn’t that she was still angry at Percy; it was true she was still disappointed but never angry.

Her mum was also sitting in front, her head resting on her dads head while softly crying and holding onto Percy’s hand tightly.

Why did everything have to be like this?

Bill and Fleur were sitting beside Ginny. Fleur of course beautiful as and her blonde hair floating perfectly down. She looked what she would call quite normal, until you looked down and saw a massive bump perfect for an 8 month baby. Bill’s hand was stroking her hair and the other rested gently over her big bump that looked as though it would burst any moment.

Also behind them Hannah and Neville were sat beside one another. Today they were together; tomorrow would probably be a different story. It surprised Ginny how many times they can break up and somehow end up winding back together.

Neville had recently given up his job at a muggle shop in London to become an assistant Herbology teacher to Professor Sprout at Hogwarts. Ginny was so proud of how far he’d come. It didn’t surprise her really about how many times Hannah and Neville broke up. She was tired of having a long distant relationship but still loved him and Neville was tired of being separated from her, many times he’d thought about quitting his job but they were poor as it is and quitting would just put a lot more pressure on their relationship than their already was and Hannah being only a waitress and the leaky cauldron didn’t provide enough money for both of them.

Ginny turned around again and faced the front.

After hearing all the screams and pleas for help and the sounds of fatal curses being fired Ginny no longer feared the silence, but rather welcomed it with open arms.

“Are you alright?” Harry whispered to Ginny. Even though it was the minute of silence they all knew that they had spent to long in it, remembering. This final minute didn’t matter.

“I’m fine” She assured him squeezing his hand again.

Hermione was a few rows in front, her head leaning on Ron’s shoulder as he struggled to keep the tears in. Hermione was already gone, bawling her eyes out with tears at the remembrance of all those who died.

The minute finally ended and it wasn’t long before McGonagall’s voice filled the air again.

“I would like to thank-you all so very much for everything, for being here when we needed you most and for helping us to rebuild this school. Hogwarts will forever be at your debt. I would also…”

Ginny stopped listening there; she could still hear the echo of McGonagall’s voice but none of it was registering as she was taken out of the speech after hearing something that shocked her.

“Bill… Bill, I zink my waters ‘as broken” A panicked voice rang through her ears in a little squeaky French voice.

Both Harry and Ginny quickly turned towards the voice in sudden shock.

Fleur was holding onto her stomach a look of worriedness and panic clearly spoke on her face as she wimped out.

“Oh bloody hell” Ginny exclaimed, her eyes widened “Mum… mum” Ginny whispered to her desperate to get her attention.

“Mrs Weasley” Harry tried as well but everyone had started to move and talk again, and it was physically impossible to get her attention without anyone else noticing.

“Oh for god sakes, this is ridicules” Ginny yelled out “MUM! FLEURS WATER HAS BLOODY BROKEN!”

All eyes turned and Ginny shrugged and turned back to help Fleur get out as everyone made way for her to move.

Fleur however was simply trying to keep her breathing steady and her thoughts straight. The baby wasn’t suppose to come now; it wasn’t due for another month!

“Move out the way!” Ron called now coming to help Ginny and Bill guide Fleur out.

“Deep breaths, that’s right” Molly came behind a smile dazzerling her face even with red puffy eyes.

“Oh my word!” Audrey and Percy both let out together following their family through the crowed.

“How we gonna get to st. Mungo’s” Angelina pointed out “She can’t apparate not in the state she’s in”

“I’ve got a car!” Ron piped up glad to be off help.

“Oh no you’re not Ronald; you haven’t got a driving license. I am not letting you drive until you have one” Hermione argued glaring at her fiancé.

“Oh come on Hermione! There’s a pregnant women here” He retaliated.


“But it cost a fortune and you never let me drive it”

“I said no” Hermione said finally “I’d prefer it if you were alive, thank-you very much”


“Will you two bloody shut up!” George interrupted and then ran after the rest who had scurried of as soon as Hermione and Ron had stared arguing (again).





Bill and Fleur successfully made it to the hospital just in time using Ron’s car (much to the happiness of Ron) Ron however was not allowed to drive it (much to the happiness of Hermione) and with a bit of extension charms done on the car everyone fitted in pretty comftably.

The couple had been separated from the family as soon as they had arrived and Fleur was wheeled into the maternity room by a healer leaving the rest of the family crowding the corridor and biting their finger nails.

“What if something happens? Loads of things can go wrong in labour” Molly said, sitting down on a stool defeated by worry.

“It’ll be alright molly”

“Yes, you’re probably right. I gave birth to seven kids and I’m still alive and well!”

“Luna!” Ginny bounced of from her chair after seeing a blonde flick of hair come around the corner “Luna what are you doing here, I thought you’d be at the ceremony”

“Oh hello everyone. I'm afraid I couldn’t make it, unfortunately Rolf got bitten by a angry Kneazle while we were in Cornwall the other day” Luna said dreamily talking of her long term boyfriend who she’d been dating for at least 9 months “It was our plan to come home today so I could see daddy but it all changed because of that silly Kneazle. I’m sure he’ll be fine, it did look a little bad though” Luna finished turning around and realising the whole corridor was filled with Weasleys “What are you all doing here?”

“Fleur’s giving birth”

“Well that’s fortunate. I was once told that if a child was born on a day where there was war then they would have special gifts”

“I’ll keep that in mind when I see Fleur” Ginny said.

“I’ve got to go anyway. Rolf’s probably woken up now”

She skipped back off down the hall.

Ginny walked over to harry and wrapped herself in his arms. Today had been stressful and full of so many tears it was unbelievable.

“I wanna see Teddy” Ginny whispered in his ears wishing she could hold baby Teddy in her arms. He was the most adorably baby. His colour of hair would change whenever he saw Harry and Ginny and constantly switched between ginger and raven.

“We will” He sighed into her hair while kissing the top of her head “We’ll go see him as soon as we’ve made sure Fleur’s alright”

She nodded into his chest feeling his heart pumping “It broke my heart the other day when he said dada. Remus and Tonks should be here”

“They are we just can’t necessarily see them”

“That’s a nice thought” Ginny felt her lips curve into a smile for the first time that day.

The moment abruptly stopped between Harry and Ginny when Bill came racing out a smile spread wide across his face as he announced “I’ve got a daughter! I’ve actually got a little baby girl”

The sound of cheers filled the hallway, and after minutes of silence it was a relief to hear that there were other sounds other than the cold quietness.

“What’s her name?” Angelina asked eager for more news.

“Were not sure, we both like the name Victoria” Bill went on “But then we thought about today and we really love the name Victorie, what do you guys think?”
“I love it!” Hermione answered a grin perched on her face.

“Victorie it is then” He finished and turned around to go back in the room, completely desperate to see there beautiful daughter again.

She was truly perfect. With big blue eyes, he was sure she’d have her mother’s flawless looks. If she even was half the women her mother is then he’d still be completely proud of her.

“Aw she’s cute” Angelina said peering over the little cot in the corner that Fleur herself was also looking over.

Even after having just given birth to a whole new baby Fleur still was smiling and standing. As completely worn out as she was she could not get enough of her new born baby.

“Can I hold her please?” Molly asked holding out her arms and desperate to hold her first granddaughter.

“Ha-ha, you’re a grandma now” George laughed as everyone else followed.

It would take quite awhile to get used to that! Being called Granny.

“She’s gorgeous”

“She’s tiny”

“But cute”

“She’s too small, I’d end up loosing her if she was my kid” Ron said and Hermione looked at him with the biggest glare ever.

“Not in front of the baby Hermione please” Ginny quickly butted in before another argument arose.

Minutes passed and each got a turn at holding her.

As Harry and Ginny go to hold her they watched their dream futures flash before there eyes. Especially harry, the idea of having a proper family thrilled him.

“I wanna hold her again” Angelina pouted crossing her arms in a strop.

“I’m sorry everyone but can me and Fleur have some time alone now. Mum, dad you can stay if you like” Bill asked everyone kindly to leave, they all did so but was on the verge of arguing.

Ginny was ecstatic. The only other baby she had ever held was Teddy. It felt like the world was suddenly turned up the right way as soon as she had seen baby Victorie lying peacefully in her cot.

Weren’t baby’s suppose to cry when their first born?

Ginny had a feeling Victorie was different from other normal babies. Perhaps it was just this sad day that was giving her all these emotions but now she knew that this time next year they wouldn’t just be celebrating deaths… they’d be celebrating a new life too.

It at least made her day a little brighter. 


And they all lived happily ever after :P

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