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Format: Novella
Chapters: 7
Word Count: 13,716
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Contains Spoilers

Genres: Horror/Dark, Humor, Romance
Characters: Harry, Lucius, Teddy, Scorpius, Albus, James (II), Lily (II), Hugo, Rose, Victoire
Pairings: Other Pairing, Harry/Ginny, Lucius/Narcissa, Ron/Hermione

First Published: 02/01/2012
Last Chapter: 01/27/2013
Last Updated: 01/27/2013

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Lia has a strained life.

Uncaring Mother, golden boy brother, living in the shadow of her Father's mistakes, and outcast because she has given up hope. When Tragedy strikes Lia’s life she is ready to give up, but a beacon of light in the shape of Albus Potter makes Lia take a step back. And realize that she is loved.

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Chapter 1: Prefrace
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Gorgeous picture of Sillian Malfoy, done by the Wonderous moriarity at TDA!

As I stared into the golden eyes of the beast and saw my fate flash across its glimmering white fangs, I noted how very far I was from the Malfoy Manor.

After awaking violently from a nightmare of metal masked men plotting my demise, I came to find myself in a dance.

All summer I’d collaborated with Headmistress of the Salem witchcraft school to create one dance that gratified every crowd in a personal intense way. I’d seen other people perform it after we made it, and we were successful. The dance grabbed my soul and I found myself biting my nails at every leap of faith and plummeting spirits with the crescendo of an orchestra.

Now with my time devoted to practicing it in time for performing it for the Salem school, I found myself alone in the clearing at an ungodly hour. The idea didn’t seem so absurd because I’d done just that several nights in a row, with the hopes that the fresh air and cool night breeze would free my head.

The Malfoy Manor was private property and no muggle of other wizard could come onto it without spoken permission by a blood relative. That’s why I was so totally gobsmacked to find myself face to face with a werewolf.

I could see the muscles coiling under it’s shaggy fur, they bobbed like adam’s apples alongs its forearms, but they were the size of bricks.

The scent of rotten flesh rolled across my face in a hot flush as the werewolf sighed.

The mere seconds before it pounced seemed prolonged and dragged out into an eternity of my horror, every nightmare that I had a few hours ago; paled in comparison. I’d rather be in those twisted dreams than face the reality of this situation.

I gasp, and it cuts through the misty air between my trembling lips, seeming to break the hesitation.

The werewolf slams into me with the force of the ocean, its paws digging into my bare flesh; retracting shrill screams from deep inside my chest. My vision blurs as the werewolf bites my shoulder viciously.

In a blind trance I manage to retrieve my wand from my back pocket and shoot a patornus into the sky, not even noticing as the werewolf retreats into the dark fringe of the forest.

A fire spreads across my skin with the heat of a thousand suns, and I duly hear a voice screaming in agony. After a few minutes of writhing in the cold dirt I realize that these blood curdling screams resonate from me. The screams cut off and ebb into pitiful whimpers of pain, as my body elongates and joints pop with mind blowing pain.

Claws tears through the tender skin of my finger tips, tearing the skin as though its paper. Fur sprouts out of every inch of my skin and protects me against the cold breeze. The burning turns into sharp prickles until it all fades away and all I know is the hunger knots in my stomach.

A scent of flesh makes me dive headfirst in a bloodthirsty frenzy, it doesn’t even occur to me until the next morning that this werewolf has turned me into a monster.


Author's note: Hey sorry this chapter is so short, It's the preferace and I just wanted you to know how it happened to Sillann, this is just a new idea I had, tell me if it's worth using. Review!

Edited: 11/3/12

Chapter 2: Furry time of the month
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Thanks for the HOT Chapter Image from; everafter @TDA

 I wake up to a white abyss.

A stain glass window opens the clinic room to the glowing sunlight, it illuminates every stone wall and starched bed sheet. The patients a few feet away from me nestled in their beds are also pale and glowing.

The metronome of my own heart makes me glance at a electronic device beside my bed, along with a hanging bag of clear liquid that is cabled to the inner part of my elbow, I recognize myself to be in a very modernized St. Mungo’s.

A familiar clack of dress shoes on marble floors, alarms me that my father is near.

As he appears around the corner I force a smile onto my face. His face is completely drained of color leaving him to look like a ghost, and his fair hair sticks to his forehead ever so slightly with clammy sweat. Under his eyes are bruise like bags from lack of sleep.

At the sight of my his breath hitches and his strides hasten until he is by my side, cradling my hand in his own. I stroke the family emblem with my thumb, it is a metal snake coiled to shape a ring. It’s eyes are actual emeralds.

I remember playing with it during our phase of going to a muggle church, my father would hold my hand as we kneeled together in the pews. With our heads bowed in prayer I would study his face. Even at such a young age I know a repentant man when I see one, and my father was paying for his sins in a humbled humility. Dad’s lips moved silently in prayer and I read them fluently.

“Forgive me father, I was only trying to save my parents from the choice they chose. Forgive me for being cowardly and help me teach my children what bravery looks like.”

In a small voice I’d wipe my daddy’s tear soaked, stubbly, cheeks and tell him that I thought he was the bravest Daddy I knew.

“Lia are you in pain?” Dad’s voice asks rawly, his haggard face pleated with wrinkles.

I shake my head, but the frown pulling at my mouth must tell him otherwise because he calls a nurse in to give me a potion.

After gulping the vile tasting liquid, he inquires, in a gentle voice, of my memories. “Do you...remember how you got there?” This question is broken, and in his glassy eyes I see a mixture of melancholy and anger.

“Yes, I walked there to dance.” I tell him, my puzzlement driving my brow into a deep V.

I note the pinch of color returning to his face as he looks heavenwards and mouths a ‘thank you’. I don’t understand the relief unfolding across his features, and he notices my confusion.

“The auror’s had a theory...” Dad’s face darkens and he glared fiercely at the bedsheets, unable to meet my questioning gaze. “That a group of people took advantage of you, and left you in the meadow, knowing that there was a werewolf lying in wait.”

Again I am confused. “Why would they think someone took...advantage of me?” My voice trembles on the word ‘advantage’. I am struck with the fear that something more did happen than the werewolf attack, and I was obliviated to think otherwise.

“When we found you, your clothes were torn and away and your body was covered in massive bruises that greatly resembled hand prints. It was a stretch for sure, but that was the only conclusion they could come up with for the bruises.” Dad told me, his eyes becoming heavy and his voice tuning monotone as if he’d repeated this fact over and over to several people.

“Dad?” I ask, changing the subject. “Where is mum?”

Father lifts his head, and again his face is masked by something I can’t place. “She is at home with Scorpius, the house is under surveillance until we find out who in our extended family gave the permission for a rabid werewolf to come on our land.”

I shiver, not quite wanting to know the answer to the looming question. “Who do you think did it?” Dad falls silent, he is troubled and struggles for words, when he is interrupted by a nurse; he visibly is relieved.

“Mr. Lupin is here as you requested.” The lady in scrubs says, before standing back so that a man can enter into the hospital room.

I recognize him from the cover of Witch Weekly, where he had a photoshoot after being named ‘hottest bloke in Scotland’. He is also well renowned for being half werewolf, half metamorphous and Harry Potter’s god son.

His eyes are a tawny color and they sit beneath arched brows of the brown color. His hair is sandy blond and glints golden in the sunlight. Beneath sunkissed skin are his bulging arm muscles, and at the wrist bone is a small black tattoo in the shape of a Phoenix.

“So,” Teddy says in a gravelly voice. “You're the famous Malfoy girl.”

I smirk. “Your even more famous Lupin Boy.” My remark draws a bright smile from him, which I find myself mirroring much to my fathers amusement.

Dad interject with; “Mr. Lupin has offered so graciously to help you deal with the complications of being a new werewolf. He is the best in his studies.” Teddy purses his mouth, eyeing my father with interest, like he is unable to define my father.

I don’t appreciate the judgemental scrutiny. “Really?” My voice drips with disdain.

Teddy’s topaz eyes snap to my face with surprise at my distaste, when just seconds before I’d given him a smile. “Yes.” He says almost carefully, this makes me even angrier that he acts like I’m a walking bomb.

Well sitting bomb.

“Dad, can I talk to Teddy alone for a moment?” I ask, politely.

My father shoots me a look, but rises to his feet either way and after exchanging a respectful handshake with teddy he leaves the room quietly.

Teddy takes a seat next to me, and crosses his arms across his tan trench coat, we settle into a brooding silence. Finally I break it with; “No matter what you family has said about my father, he is not a bad man. Do not look down on him.”

Teddy looks startled by my comment and back pedals. “I never looked down on him! Lia I am not here to judge you or your family, you have no need to be so defensive around me. I am here to help you.”

I sit up in my bed, glad for the numbing spell that was so obviously put on my by the hospital staff and inspect him once more. After deeming him genuine I sigh and slump against the metal headboard. “How are you going to help me?’

Teddy’s eyes brighten, and he leans forward ever so slightly as if I’ve caught his interest. “Well being that we both have furry time of the month, and I've been having one since I was born, I could help you immensely.” 

I try not to snigger at his phrase; 'Furry time of the month' It sounds like a demented man period.  

“What about the people who are trying to hurt me?” I notice how young sound as I ask this question with a shaky voice, full of blatant fear. I saw how dark witches and wizards destroyed my fathers life and I wanted no part of his tragedy.

Teddy gripped my hand unconsciously, and whispered with utmost courage. “Lia with me you are safe.”

The worst part was that while looking straight into his tawny eyes; I believed him. 

 Authors Note: 

Okay readers, I have noticed that while I'm writting a novel and most of my time is devoted to that aspect of writting i have failed Harry Potter Fan Fic. My writting on this website is lazy and doesn't illistrate my real talents. So I thought I'd edit this story into oblivion and give it a face lift. Good with you? Awesome. Tell me what you think loyal readers, I greatly appreciate it.

~ Lanniejo over and out

Chapter 3: Chasing Tails
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Draco POV:

I remember with clarity the day my children were born.

I had sat in the chair next to Elizabeth’s hospital bed at the young age of twenty three, with a dreadful nervousness. I barely knew my wife because our marriage had been arranged, and we’d only been married a short while before she got pregnant.

Elizabeth was a beautiful woman, and we grew a bond over the years of our marriage that I never thought I’d have, but at the same time I wasn’t sure if we were cut out to be parents.

I knew next to nothing about Elizabeth’s past except that she’d also been recruited as a death eater and had been traumatized by the work the dark lord gave her to do.

My biggest fear was that our child would have to pay for our mistakes like I had done with my own parents.

The second a baby swaddled in pink cloth was shoved into my arms; all these doubts faded away it was as if I had been confunded to love the red faced girl. Her eyes opened to crystal clear blue seas of intelligence.

Another cry pierced my ears, and my head whipped with shock to where the healer was cradling a boy. “Twins?” Came my chocked reply to this new announcement.

Elizabeth’s medicine induced words were whispered so quietly I almost didn’t hear them. “At least we get to keep one of them.” Her words were drowned out by another furious cry from our baby boy.

In the chaos of being new parents I forgot her ominous words, but the second I saw my daughter lying naked in a field with a werewolf bite gauged into her neck they came rushing back with a new feeling; Fury.

Lia POV:

“The Malfoy’s have so generously allowed us to use their land to hunt the muggle way, like you guys have wanted to for so long.”

Teddy’s words caused a ring of approval to wheel around the oval oak table; James and Fred high fived whilst Scorpius and Albus shared a manly slap hug.

The color drained from my face, and I couldn’t meet Teddy’s gaze. He had broken the trust we had worked so hard to build over the past few weeks. Tears burned like fire in my eyes and I couldn’t seem to swallow the lump in my throat.

“Lia...” Teddy asked softly, his voice covered by the men’s commotion.

Feeling the men break away from their cheering to see what had Teddy conflicted, I could not bare their hot stares and I pushed away from the table to leave the room. Once in the living room I sat heavily on the couch, turning my face into the cushions and breathing raggedly.

I had attempted several times to go back into the forest where I’d been attacked, but every time I did the image of a werewolf creeping through the fog and causing me this tragedy stopped me cold in my tracks. Teddy knew this better than anyone seeing as he often accompanied me into the woods to see if I would freeze up again. The last time I morphed we had gone to the empty wing of the Manor and in the attic, I’d rather be chained to a metal bed than to face the place where my live was turned into a horror scape.

Teddy didn’t push the issue, but rather let me come to grips with the transformation and everything it entailed.

At first I was glad for the strong sense of smell, sight and hearing, but when I heard my parents arguing about what to do with me in the other room I started drowning them out with music.

I illegally used magic to configure a muggle music device like the one Al gave Scorpius last year for Christmas, and ever since it’s taken a blow horn to get my attention.

“Lia?” Teddy’s feeble voice asked, I would not look up, no matter how much he pleaded.

Instead I bit down on the cushion and buried my face further down so that he couldn’t see the overwhelming tears running down my face. My emotions were on high because it was near full moon.

“We have to go in sometime. I thought what a better way to do it than with a crowd of people all armed with highly dangerous weapons?” Teddy said wisely from where he knelt next to my head.

‘Why didn’t you tell me that?! A warning might have been nice.’ My thoughts screamed at him, but the pillow blocked sounds, including my pathetic hiccups of fear.

As if by reading my mind Teddy replied; “I knew you would agree to it, if you knew the guys did it on their own accord rather than having me explain the purpose behind this” A gentle hand was placed on my knee, normally I would brush it off not trusting the person to be any kind of intimate, but I trusted Teddy because my life in his hands like a delicate flower.

When I didn’t push Teddy away he took a seat next to me on the couch and pulled me into his embrace, while smoothing my hair down. “Shh.” He soothed, to my utter embarrassment. “I would never let them hurt you.”

Luckily the men had stayed back in the dining room, because Teddy had requested it, and I was able to quickly regain composure.

“I’m going to change.” I told Teddy shortly, in a raw voice, before hastening my steps in the direction of my room.

Albus POV:

Lia and I never really got along well, but I’d heard so much about her from my family. They often talked about how Malfoy had managed to make a good daughter, their surprise was tangible, but once I brought Scorpius to the Burrow for Christmas and they took well to him; they knew that they were nothing like their parents.

Eventually I met Lia myself and she was beautiful.

Lia’s blonde hair was fair and soft to the touch as it fanned across her sunkissed shoulder blades in shimmering wisps. Her face was heart shaped, wide with innocence and rapture at the world around her. Lia’s turquoise eyes glittered like glass ocean waves and as they met my own, causing me to feel insignificant.

The very first thing out of my mouth was; “Not bad for... a Malfoy.” Of course the filter in my eleven year old mind must have been on vacation, and I realized how cruel these words sounded when Lia flinched and her eyes filled with fat tears.

Lia saw me as prejudice and never spoke to me unless it was something very forced and distant, and I didn’t engage in conversation unless it was the same. I found myself not taking a chance on Lia because I was afraid of breaking an angels spirits.

The only problem with this arrangement was that I fancied the pants off her, and no amount of years would change that.

At every gathering with the ministry officials or Holiday Lia was dragged along to with Scorpius, I practically glowed when she aknowledged my existence. It was rather pathetic, and so the decision was made that I would change this fact one way or another.

These thoughts flitted through my head as I glanced over at a pale looking Lia across the table from me.

“The Malfoy’s have so generously allowed us to use their land to hunt the muggle way, like you guys have wanted to for so long.” Teddy told us, breaking my from my train of thought and causing me to share an excited bloke moment with Scorpius.

No longer was I confused about why Teddy had demanded us to be at the Malfoy Manor, rather I felt an excitement bubbling up in my chest. Scorpius and I had talked quite a bit about this and the resolution of being able to do it on his land while hopefully bonding with Lia,was cause for praise.

This happiness ebbed away though when I broke away Scorpius’s and I’s man hug to see a strucken Lia sprint from the room leaving her chair to clatter dramatically.

Concern flooded me, and it was Teddy’s serious eyes and instructions to stay put that stopped me. For a moment I hesitated at the arched doorway, wanting to so very badly to see what had my angel shaking with fear.

“Al sit down, she obviously needs a moment alone.” James warned, his arms crossed across his chest stiffly.

I appraised his bothered expression, and wondered why his reaction was similar to mine, but dismissed it when Fred did the same. Everyone who had ever met Lia tended to get protective and invested their emotions into her. She had that effect on people.

Once I was sat down in a chair I turned to Scorpius to interrogate him, but his tired expression told me to let it be.

Eventually- after a few minutes of silent brooding- Teddy came back with Lia, whose face was guarded, but as beautiful as ever. We regained a conversation about things that now felt trivial with the news of a troubled Lia, but we carried on talking about the types of guns we’d get to use and what animals there were to be hunted.

James and Fred lead out party outside, letting us be met with a cold burst of air that made Lia shiver unintentionally. I frowned as I was proved once again how fragile Lia was, and mutely offered her my jumper.

I didn’t watch her face this time to see how she reacted, but instead pretended to be more interested in the forest.

In all honesty it was quite entrancing, the foliage was dipped in gold, from dew drops enlightened by sun rays, and the ceiling of wise old trees was twined and so thick that only mere slivers sliced through their branches and was filtered green by the leaves. I could see tiny dust motes floating through the warm sunlight, and noted that a feather drifted on the breeze.

All of this was grand, but with Lia standing near it paled in comparison.

Lia’s hair had grown long over the break and all though she had it in a high ponytail it still flowed well past her shoulders. Her sickly skin was made porcelain by the natural lighting, and it accentuated her shiny rose bud lips that feigned a smile.

I knew better than to think that she was content.

Still we powered on, stepping into the fringe of the forest. I felt Lia seize up beside me, her jaw clenched and her eyes flashing around at the trees; eyes wide with panic. I reached out a hand as her breathing hitched, and she heaved each breath, but was intersected by James.

His hand gripped hers, and he tucked her behind his back and together they crept quietly into the woods.

Fred’s brows knitted together in a flash of puzzlement, but he immediately became disinterested and followed with his gun cocked. Teddy and Scorpius shared a look, but kept their mouths locked shut.

A cold feeling rushed through my veins as I realized what James’s action meant; I wasn’t the only one who was more concerned with Lia’s experience than their own. This, for lack of better words, caused me to surge with jealousy.

Teddy shot me a look of surprise- being able to smell it on me-, but turned away once again leaving me to rage silently.

Authors Note:
Foreshadowing maybe?? *Wink-wink,Nudge-Nudge* And their you have it peeps, keep reading (After you review, obviously :) to find out what happens next!

Side note. So as you may or may not know I have been editing like a madman, and that is do to my lack of skill recently. This is mostly because I am severely tired due to all the running I’ve been forced to suffer. Being an athlete sucks sometimes, but it makes me a fittie so whatever.

Thanks to: Harrysecretcrush, BBwotter, and noor for your reviews. They are deeply appreciated.


Chapter 4: Realization
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(Three weeks til the start of school)


I was standing in a large, but rather dark room.

My parents sat in two chairs in front of an empty desk. On the desk was several papers, and little moving pictures. The tall chair was empty, and from the way it swayed a tiny bit indicated that it had just been abandoned.

I could see a mahogany door close with a dull thud, it bore the ministry’s crest. The moment it closed my parents began talking, with whisper voices.

“I thought the Ex-death eaters were all put in Azkaban or received treason.” My dad said, his face pale and pleated with frown wrinkles.

“Well obviously they have dealings with other sources outside of captivity if they set this up.” Mum informed him logically.

“Of course it was set up, it wasn’t by accident. The aurors even admitted that this kind of work was familiar, one bite on the neck wasn’t a wolfish accident. It’s a threat, a punishment.” Dad said, rubbing his scruffy chin with his knuckles, a habit of his.

“Well they said they would try to find out who did it and stop them. I won’t allow them to hurt my baby.” Mum sighed, I registered with a slight jolt that she wasn’t talking about me when she said baby, obviously because my pain was something she couldn’t prevent.

She was talking about Scorpius.

My dad made the same realization and his eyes narrowed at her.

“Your baby already has been hurt.” His voice was dripping with disbelief.

Mum’s eyes pooled with regret. “No I just meant, if they did it to her than they could do it to Scorpius too. There are alot of people we should be worried about-” SHe tried to back peddle.

“Save it. I know what you meant and that wasn’t it.” Dad bit back, he shook his head and twisted his family ring, a silver snake that curled around his middle finger in a coiled position as if ready to strike, the eyes were actual emeralds and glinted in the torch light.

Dad was always quick to jump to my defence when mum slipped up and showed her true colors.

I wasn’t as naive as she believed me to be, and I was well informed that she loved Scorpius over me. When I was younger it was worse, of course I had dad, but he was always at work and wasn’t around to see how drastic her distaste towards me was.

“Merlin, you could at least put up an act.” I muttered.

Neither of them heard me, as I stood just in front of them.

Through the door came a auror and he walked to his desk, in his hand was a thick file, when he slapped it on his desk it jarred me.


I awoke with a start, when I realized that the loud sound was just apart of my dream then I layed back down.

I stayed, laying in my bed and staring up at my ceiling, for several minutes, trying to calm the enraged feeling that was crawling up my throat. I squeezed my eyes shut and tried to push the stinging out of them, refusing to be hurt by a stupid dream.

In all actuality the dream was scarily accurate, mum felt that way, it was as plain as day to me.

I joked to Scorpius about him being a mama’s boy, and he would chuckle, but we have never had a serious conversation about how he was her favorite and that was apparent to both of us.

I tried not to hold it against him, it’s not his fault that she really just loves him more, but there was no stopping the jealousy. Not to mention the hatred towards my mother.

With a numbness I finally got out of bed and dressed, I put on my favorite outfit and even did my hair up nice, in hopes of reviving my spirit.

It didn’t work.

Buttery morning light spilled over the dining room table, causing the crystal chandelier to cast rainbow reflections all over the walls.

Scorpius was eating cereal, in his day clothes already, in his ears were headphones, a muggle contraption he got from his best mate, Albus.

I sat at the table, on the other end, the head of the table which was normally dad spot, but I had slept in so much that he had probably already left.

My stomach grumbled, but I wasn’t in the mood to eat.

Instead I decided to look at Scorpius, like really look.

His platinum blond hair caught the light and reflected it onto the table. Under his icy blue eyes were bags, almost like bruises, undoubtedly from loss of sleep. Scorpius’s skin was less sunkissed as it had been last summer, his mouth was in the form of a straight line.

I missed the goofy smile he wore, my turning into a werewolf had caused him stress. I knew he cared about me, he was my twin, older by barely anytime. It made me feel guilty for being jealous of him, again I reminded myself that it wasn’t his fault that our mother just liked him better.

I didn’t understand what the point of me dreaming that was.

I already knew what lie in my mum's heart, I already knew my dad didn’t approve.

Maybe what the fates, if I even believe in that, we're trying to tell me was that Scorpius was really just a better person than me.

Again my eyes stung, and I forced myself to stop wallowing in self pity.

I glanced down at my hands, and scratched the chipped varnish on them.

The doorbell rang with a airy chime, and I jumped up from my chair, glad to have Teddy here to distract me.

“You know you can just disapparate into the house.” I told him, with a half smile.

Teddy shrugged and walked into our house, his eyes not leaving my face.

“Chalk it up to courtesy.” He said graciously.

I rolled my eyes at him, and he chuckled.

“I need to talk to you.” Teddy was suddenly serious.

I motioned for him to follow me, and led him into my art room.

We sat on the floor, and by instinct I stretched my muscles.

“What is it?” I asked, watching his face in return.

Teddy sighed, and then he put on a little smile.

“Well no offence to you, you’ve accomplished alot and your progressing faster than I thought you would, but I don’t know if you're ready to go to Hogwarts” I froze, and bristled at his words. I trusted his opinion and I wouldn’t go if he told me not to, but it would hurt.

“Alone.” He finished, seeing my upset face.

I arched an eyebrow at him. “What does that mean?”

He smiled bigger. “Well I was thinking since I’m your mentor I should go with you, but I also could teach Care of Magical creatures, since I’m good with animals and Hagrid's retired.”

I grinned with him, and couldn’t help but launch myself at him, hugging him to death.

“Thank goodness! I was so worried for a second there, not to mention even I thought I couldn’t handle it.” I said, somewhat muffled.

“I’m glad you like my plan.” He chuckled.

I got off of him, but was unable to wipe the huge smile off my face.

“And you're sure this is what you really want to do, I don’t want you to feel like you have to.” I told him.

He shook his head, and waved a hand dismissively.

For a moment we both sat there, blissfully both very pleased with this plan. I was also pleased to see that he had in fact distracted me from my troubles, but as soon as I realized that, I started thinking about it again, and my good mood was dampened. Desperate for more distractions I asked him what we were doing that day.

“Well I was hoping you would come with me to the burrow and meet the family, they’re really excited to meet you.” Teddy’s face was so innocently filled with hope, that I shrugged even though I had a sick feeling in my stomach.

I had met some of the Potters at School, like Albus and we didn’t exactly connect.

I’d never really talked to Rose or any of the other relatives because that would involve me talking to Albus, and again that wasn’t the best idea.

“Brilliant. We could go now, but first I have to pick up someone in Hogsmeade.” Teddy’s eyes were bright and cheerful, so I nodded like I was just as happy with this idea.

I was getting used to hiding my true emotions to benefit other people.

“Mum, Teddy and I are going to visit his family at the burrow.” I told her, leaning onto her desk, where she was writing.

“That's great honey.” She said airily.

I took one look at her uninterested face, and glazed eyes, showing that her mind was other places and she could care less, and steeled myself.

In my mind I thought; What kind of mother doesn’t love her children equally?

If Scorpius had asked her, she would put up a fuss and beg him to wear a coat because it was cold, and to owl her once he got there and come home straight after because she didn’t want him to get hurt.

I turned on my heel and stalked out of her office, but concealed my face before returning back to Teddy.

“Ready.” I told him, my voice showing no real emotions.

He eyed me a bit before shrugging and taking my arm, with a tug he Disapparated us.

We landed in Hogsmeade with a ‘CRACK’.

Teddy obviously spotted whoever he was looking for, because he began to drag me over to a joke shop.

I recognized the emerald green eyes, raven hair, and stony face immediately.

Albus Potter.



Albus POV

Lia’s whimsical blue eyes shined, almost as brightly as her diamond earrings.

She wore a black lace shirt with a red undershirt. Her dark wash skinny jeans had fringed holes in them, in a fashionable way. Lia’s smile was so obviously faked, but I was still stunned by her bleach white teeth.

When I first met her, I was so blown away by her beauty that I couldn’t talk for a minute.

Back then I had asked Scorpius who his twin was, he dragged the blond beauty over and I didn’t think he would take too kindly to me snogging her face off, so I did the natural eleven year old thing; I acted like an arse to put him off the scent.

“Well it’s a good thing you're not identical Scorp, too bad for you,” I told her. “Scorpius obviously stole all the good genes.”

It was probably the worst thing I could have said, she scowled at me and marched away.

In hindsight it seemed like the right thing to do, you know; Bro’s before hoes. Or whatever.

It is very hard to have a enemy that you're undoubtedly attracted to.

Maybe it was the way Teddy was practically holding her hand or the way she wasn’t pushing him away, but jealousy surged in my chest.

As soon as she spotted me, waiting outside Weasleys Wizards and Wheezes to be picked up, her eyes narrowed and the fake smile disappeared.

“Potter.” She spat.

Teddy looked over at her with shock than back at me.

I looked straight at her with a lazy indifference and turned back to Teddy, ignoring her because I knew it would annoy her the most.

“Can we go now?” I asked.

Teddy was still surprised but nodded.

I put my hand on his shoulder, and we disapperated to the burrow.

Fred and James were flinging lawn gnomes, spinning around in several circles than releasing them to fly away.

Aunt Angela and Aunt Hermione were watching with amused expressions, form there foldable lawn chairs.

Nana Molly and Mum were cooking in the kitchen, dad walked up from behind mom and wrapped his hands around her waist, laying a kiss on the side of her face, before sneakily trying to snatch a roll.

She swatted away his hand, but her eyes were filled with humor.

Gag me.

Teddy lead Lia into the living room, where everybody else was lounging around.

Lily, who was braiding Rose’s hair, jumped up when she saw Lia.

“You're the seeker for Gryffindor aren’t you?” She asked, with huge brown eyes.

Lia smirked.

“You're the keeper aren’t you?” Lia asked in return.

Lily beamed with happiness.

“Yeah, your bloody amazing.” Lily told her.

“Lily!” Mum scolded her from the kitchen.

Lily rolled her eyes and huffed.

“Thanks, you’re pretty great too, I’ve never seen a fourth year move that fast on a broom.” Lia complimented her, to which Lily blushed crimson, and murmured a thank you.

A smile found its way on my face, and when I realized she could see that, I changed it to a yawn.

I flopped onto the couch, on top of Dominique and Louis.

Dom squealed and tried to escape from underneath me.

“!” She wheezed.

“Sorry no can do. Maybe if you weren’t so comfy, and squishy.” I told her, still laying there, unmoving.

Finally she was able to squirm away, leaving the couch to just me and Louis.

I looked up at Louis, who was busy staring at something, I followed his line of sight, and found the target was Lia, who was talking to Victorie.

I slapped his face, and pretended to be asleep, until his pushed me off the couch. I fell to the floor with what I’m sure was a graceful thud.

The giggling I heard from my female cousins told me otherwise.

“Let’s play Quidditch!” James shouted, at the same time running into the house, with Fred hot on his heels.

I cracked my knuckles, anticipating some competition, and rose to my feet.

“Freddie dear, do you think you can handle being a captain?” James asked innocently.

Fred gasped, dramatically, and waved his hand infront of his face several times. “I can only imagine! Yes! A thousand times Yes!” He bellowed in a very girlish tone.

I couldn’t help but grin at their insane antics, in my peripheral vision I saw Lia do the same.

“Good, but I pick first.” James got serious fast, he acts that way about Quidditch.

I was chosen on James team, as was; Dom, Lily, Hugo and Roxanne.

Lia handled the broom with ease, and even though she was dressed up, she swung her leg over the side and zipped up to where Fred hovered, her face showed awe as she stared at over the burrow.

A whistle blew right next to me, I swerved to the side, and covered my ear giving James a unmerciful scowl. “Where did you even get that?” I demanded.

James waved me off, and lead us up to Fred’s team, waiting for instruction.

Teddy saw us lining and wordlessly conjured up some hoops for us, the adults gathered beneath us, holding hands and being all proud of their kids. Aunt Hermione positively beamed at Hugo.

“Al you and Dom will be beaters, Roxy you’re the seeker, Hugo be the keeper, I’ll be the chaser.” He nodded liking the placing. “Well we don’t have enough players to play a Quidditch rule book gam-”

“James. Mate you're starting to sound like Uncle Percy.” That shut him up.

Ted chucked me a bludgering bat, and I wielded it with a smirk.

The game picked up after a few moment, one time the bludger grazed Lily’s foot and I thought James was going to have an aneurysm.

Then Lia spotted the snitch, just as the bludger was directed at me. Instinctually I aimed it at her then watched in horror as it flew straight towards her.

Lia noticed that the Bludger was zipping in her direction, but continued to reach out for the snitch. I gasped, it was a sharp intake of breath, and found myself flying towards her hoping to knock it out of the way.

Lia’s fingers inclosed the around the snitch and at the last minute she did a corkscrew move, just barely dodging the bludger.

Apparently I wasn’t the only one who had noticed.

The rest of the games stopped as we stared at Lia in shock, then she half-grinned and my family erupted into applause.

I stayed perfectly still. The look in her eyes before she decided to dodge the bludger wasn’t of fear, but of longing.

I noted with a sinking feeling that the girl I’ve liked since first year has a Death wish. And I swore to find out why.

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Chapter 5: Attack
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A yawn went through me, to infect the rest of the table of teens. Fred’s mouth opened to a shocking amounts, and his yawn was piercing loud.

“You ready to go?” Teddy asked, putting his chin on the top of my head, and looked down at my hand of cards.

I nodded, and played my royal flush, causing a wheel of groans on every side of the table.

“It’s the Malfoy in her, makes her deceiving.” Hugo muttered angrily.

The others looked at him surprised and on different levels of irritated, Rose elbowed his ribs, scowling at him. I just chuckled lightly as I scooped the candy we’d been using to bet with. “You got that right Hugo.”

As I stood up, the others did to following me and Teddy to the front door. “I’ll disapparate you home.” He told me tiredly, but a happy smile stayed on his face content with the time he spent with his family.


Mrs. Potter enveloped me in a hug, whispering in my ear. “It was nice to meet you.”

I nodded, having not expected the amount of motherly care in her voice, it made me ache for a mother who cared for me in that way. “Thank you for having me over Mrs. Potter.”

She shrugged. “Call me Ginny, and it was my pleasure.”

I received the same warm goodbye from the other women in the family, Harry and Ron gave me a firm handshake and joked about me beating James in quidditch. James heard his name and looked up from where he stood in the doorway, then realizing from the chortling of his father and uncle they were teasing him he rolled his eyes.

“ Lets go.” I told Teddy, and he lead me out the front door as a chorus of ‘goodbye’s rang through the home.

As we walked further out onto their lawn, past the line where you could disapparate, it was put up during the war to protect them from death eaters disapparating straight into their home, Teddy gave me his arm.

Just as I reached out to link my arm with his, a blue flash of light hit me from the side.

Agony shot through me shocking my side, and causing me to scream a blood curdling scream. Splotches of red and black blurred my vision as I fell flat on my back to writhe uselessly. I duly noted a gasp somewhere near me, and Teddy’s face came into view.

I grabbed him by the collar, and pulled his ear to my mouth. “Teddy run. They only want me.” My voice stumbled over the words, but I forced them out.

His eyes widened then narrowed. “I wouldn’t do that to you Lia. No one could.”

Then he stood and walked past me.

Panic flooded me, I had never intended for me to get so attached to my mentor, never depended on him to protect me, or be like the wise big brother Scorpius hadn’t been.

I couldn’t be the cause of his death.

I struggled to my feet to see the chaos unfolding around me; Harry and Ginny shared a stunned look as they saw me stand, then they retracted their wands and sprinted in the direction Teddy had gone.

Victoire ran to catch up, her face masked with indifference as her boyfriend ran after my attacker.

George and Ron followed immediately, but Charlie, Hermione and Angela stayed behind, stepping in front of their children and casting me furtive glances of concern.

I stopped to use my wolf heightened senses to locate the attackers.

A distinctive scent hit me from the left, and the dry grass crinkled under foot as the person walked out from the wheat field surrounding me.

His face was unfamiliar, a hard rectangular face shape, strong jaw under taut olive toned skin. He had a cruel smile curling at his thin lips, and his eyes...his eyes! They were a amber color that brought memories to the surface, a werewolf standing over me his yellow eyes boring into mine.

This man was the werewolf who changed me. A surge of fear went through me, and his smile widened as he smelt it on me. “How are you doing with the...adjustments?” His husky voice asked loudly.

I glanced at the frozen looks of shock on the Weasley clan behind me,luckily out of hearing range, they must be wondering whether not I was worth saving. I wanted to tell them not to waste their time.

“Why? What use am I to you?” I asked, proud that I kept my words steady.

He laughed, it was an unnatural sound coming from him. “Don’t you recognize me? No? I’m the son of Fenrir Greyback, the man your father betrayed and sent to Azkaban.”

I had heard about my fathers ministry work in sending the main deatheaters to azkaban, another part of his duty to repay his debts to society. “What does that have to do with me?”

“Everything. You didn’t expect them to sacrifice the boy did you, he has to carry out the legacy of purebloods. Even revenge can’t break that cycle.” His words caused my blood to run cold. Who was he talking about when he said ‘them’ what kind of person would agree to this.

“Oh you don’t know, well its pretty obvious what her intentions were with that twin birth spell, quite hard for her to create.” My heart wrenched as this sunk in.

Unexpected tears stung at my eyes, and poured down in steady streams down my face, running tracks down the dirt covering my skin. “Liar.” I said weakly.

“Hardly.” He chuckled taking to long steps toward me. “Now enough chatter, I have work to do.”

By now I was ready to face the curse he uttered, I stood still as the green flash shot out at me, just to be tackled to the ground at the last second.


Albus POV

I pushed past Aunt Angela, to her horror and sprinted after Lia, the protective side of me growing and screaming out in rage.

The man towered over her by at least two feet and his golden eyes darted from her side to her face. His words hit me.

“I have work to do.” Then he whispered a foreign spell.

Maybe it was because of the years I’d watched Lia’s conversations or her reactions to various things, but the way she straightened her back and lifted her head to face the curse I knew she wasn’t planning a counterattack.

I dived into her back once I got close enough, and we hit the ground as an emerald spell shot over head and dissipated once it couldn’t find a victim. A cold fist clenched my heart as I realized what the spell was he said, and I couldn’t decide who I was more furious with; Lia for accepting death or the stranger for almost killing her.

I settled on the stranger, and rose to my feet, my wielding my wand determinedly.

Before I knew what hit me, I was in a duel, the cracking sound of hexes and curses colliding ringing in my ears, I deflected alot, but initiated most of the spells. I took a step towards him and he stepped back to my utter pleasure, then we were in a dance of sorts shuffling forward running back, all the while flicking our wands and dodging curses.

It never occurred to me that I was practicing underaged magic, okay maybe it did, but I was too distracted by the cruciatus curse directed at my chest.

A voice shouted at me, but I was too deep in. Finally a hand slapped my face and I snapped out of it, my fathers eyes stared into mine with irritation. “Get a grip. He’s gone.”

I stopped, but the adrenaline was pumping in my veins and my chest heaved with ragged breaths. “Where is she?” I asked, ignoring the confused look he gave me before answering.

He pointed to the right. “She’s with Ginny.”

I nodded and walked past him to where mum was healing Lia’s wounds.

Her face was stoic and unreadable as she watched my mothers wand wave in front of her, but I could see the puffiness of her eyes and the red tint of her nose, registering the fact that she had infact been crying. Now she was void of emotion.

“Okay I’m done. Do you want to go home now, or...?” Mum stopped when a flicker of rejection so raw came over Lia’s face, but disappeared almost immediately.

Lia didn’t answer and her face was blank of emotions again, her eyes slightly glazed over as she stared off into the night sky.

“I think she’s in shock, Teddy help Harry take her inside quickly.” Mum said.

Instead of standing there and watching them take her away like I should have, but you should already know by now how obsessively protective of her I am, I bent down and picked her up bridal style.

“Al you should rest and let me check your injuries.” My mom said, putting a gentle hand on my shoulder.

“I’m not tired.” I told her, walking to the burrow, with them trailing closely behind.

Fred opened the door for me, his eyes never leaving Lia’s face, a mixture of shock and worry playing out over his shadowed features.

I set her down into the couch, draping a thick blanket over her tired frame.

My cousins stood in the kitchen their eyes flickering between me and Lia, James appraised me with brotherly understanding.

Rose stepped out of the group and walked forward next to the couch. “We need to get the blood to her head, Teddy prop her feet up with those cushions, Al talk to her, anything to get her mind off the attack. Hugo get a wash cloth and run it under warm water, everybody out of this room we need to give her space.”

Rose’s said with so much authority that we did as we were told, as she waved a wand over Lia inspecting her wounds Hermione gave her a proud look, ever since last year Rose’s wanted to be a healer and the training has paid off.

I stood at the head of the couch, pulling a chair to sit in. It took me a minute to think about what to say, but then Rose mumbled; “Talk about quidditch.” and that was all it took.

“So I told James that you couldn’t possibly learn the sloth move by the game next week, but he was pretty adamant about it-” Hugo walked into the room with the washcloth interrupting my thoughts, he handed it to Rose, but I intercepted it. “I’ll do that.” I said roughly.

Hugo hesitated, but gave it to me anyways. I ignored the watchful eyes of Teddy, who sat in the love seat across the living room, his head in his hands, and stroked her forehead with the rag. “Anyways,”

I continued my tale, getting a little excited every time her eyelids fluttered open, or when she started gaining color back into her face.

A loud ‘POP!’ interrupted my spiel about my first quidditch game. “Where is she?” A very disgruntled Scorpius asked, his platinum blond hair tousled messily. He spotted her immediately on the couch, and dropped to his knees next to Rose, I didn’t miss the fact that Rose blushed profusely when he did this.

“What happened?” His voice took on a strong tone, he slipped his hand through hers, and looked expectantly at Teddy.

“Ex- Death eaters. They attacked...well we’re not really sure who their target was, Lia was pretty convinced that she was...and seeing as she’s the only one who got hurt it makes sense.” Teddy said, only just piecing it together himself.

To say I was surprised that Lia was being targeted was an understatement. “What?!” I exclaimed synchronized with Scorpius.

“She told me to run after they hit her with that spell, that they only wanted her, I told her I couldn’t do that to her. I went over to the place where the curse came from...,but it was just to get us away from her.” He pinched the skin between his eyebrows. “I should have stayed with her.”

Scorpius bristled, rising to his feet and taking a step towards Teddy. “Yes you should have! Why the hell would you just leave her after the-”

Scorpius was interrupted by a moan from Lia.

We all fell silent, then a scuffle came from the kitchen as the cousins rose from their chairs and gathered at the doorway just in time to see Lia awaken. She tried to sit up really fast, but when she was a few inches off the couch she cried out and fell back down, water gathering in her eyes.

I clenched her hand, and she looked up at me with a mix of emotions. “Why did you save me?” She asked with a burning curiosity.

Scorpius eyes snapped to my face. “You would do the same for me.” I said dismissively. Lia nodded slowly, clearly distracted.

“Are you okay?” Scorpius asked, coming back to her side.

Lia stiffened, and she turned to look at Scorpius, her reaction to him confused me. After a moment of long suffering silence she finally spoke. “Did you know?” Scorpius’s face was blank, and just as puzzled as I felt. “Of course you did, she would have told you. It only makes sense that way.” She said with a bitterness that shocked me.

“What are you talking about?” Scorpius asked.

Lia glared at the ceiling, tears starting to fall from her eyes. “How come you never told me Scorp? I wouldn’t have blamed you, you know. If I was her I would pick you too.” These words didn’t appear to make sense to Scorpius either. “But I would have liked to know...”

We were silent, and I felt suddenly aware of the audience. “You should have told me I was born to die.”


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Chapter 6: The hit
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“Lia, Lia honey wake up.” A soft voice coos at my bedside.

I peel open my eyes to the sight of my blurry mother, her hair is perfectly coiffed in shimmering spirals past her shoulders. Mum’s eyes are pale and have a deep undertone of something guilt.

I sit up wondering what mum has to be guilty of, when the rush of last nights events floods me and I fall back against the couch.

“Don’t try to sit up so fast, you still haven’t recovered from the curse, we’re not sure exactly what it was because he did it mentally, and none of the symptoms match the main curses in my book.” Rose told me, a coffee mug in her hands.

I nodded, feeling really numb, but rather grateful for Rose’s help. “Thanks.” I croaked in a rough voice that hinted towards my current state of utter distress.

“Oi, I’m the one who saved you.” Albus mocked, his mouth curled in a half smile that had me confused, I was used his scowl and grimace at dmy obviously unpleasing appearance towards him. “Rosy just healed you.”

Scorpius seemed to notice my puzzlement towards Albus and also scrutinized him questioningly. “Where is dad?” I asked in a small voice ignoring Al’s pouty face and Teddy’s haggard expression.

Mom frowned at this, wondering why her concern wasn’t enough. “He’s at work dear.”

A moment of silence passed over us as I rolled to the side and fought to keep my breathing even under the hot gaze of every person in the crowded room. “Can I just go home. I’m really tired and we got back to school this Friday.”

The prolonged hush of the room made me confused yet again.

“Lia you were out for a while longer than just overnight, you’ve woken up a couple of times, but you were always delirious and went straight back to sleep.” Al informed me grimly, his eyes milky with the past, then seeing my wonderment he added; “ Oh and it’s Thursday now.”

That’s when the knots started churning in my stomach.


“We’re gonna miss it!” Scorp screeched speeding up into a full on sprint.

I tried to feign amusement or rather annoyance at his childish antics, but the shooting pangs in my gut denied me any other expression than that of a straight mouthed ashen face. “Calm down Scorpius we have thirty seconds and we already are through 9 and ¾ .” My voice was stronger than I felt.

The scarlet train whistled a siren like sound that caused my owl to ruffle her feathers angrily and glare at me with beady black eyes, obviously blaming me for the noise. “Calm down.” I grumbled dragging her onto the train. “Drama bird.”

“You know its a sign of insanity to talk to yourself.” A deep voice joked behind me, I turned with a retort on my tongue prepared to retaliate to Albus, but was surprised to find James Potter smirking heavily.

“That’s something you would know all about Potter isn’t it?” I said tiredly, clenching my side while bending over slightly to breathe deeper.

James smile disappeared as he noticed my discomfort and offered an arm for me to lean on. “Are you okay Lia?”

It occurred to me that all the times I’d been forced to attend the Potter’s over the break because of Al’s and Scorps close knit friendship might have created a sort of relationship between me and James. “Yeah...I’m...fine.” I was panting now, breathing in through my nose waiting for the pain to pass.

“Come here.” James wrapped an arm around my waist and directed me towards an empty compartment, his other arm used to carry my trunk including my owl.

Splotches of black blurred my vision as I fell into my seat.

“Lia?” James hazel eyes widened at my exhausted state and he kneeled in front of me looping his hand through mine. “What hurts?” His eyes trailed down to where I held my stomach grimacing heavily and his gaze darkened. “Is it where the curse hit you?”

I nodded unable to speak as the pain stabbed, then began to ebb away.

“It over.” I sighed with relief, slumping in the chair so that my knees went on either side of James torso.

“Lia...what did you mean when you said that you were born to die?” James asked almost fearfully. “I’m mean I know you might just have been hallucinating, well that’s what your mom told us at least, but Rose wasn’t convinced she said all your vital signs were in check.”

As James rambled, I stiffened at the mention of my mum. “She’s covering it up.” I breathed in horror, forgetting about James altogether. “She wants to keep it a secret.”

“What are you talking about.”

Again I stiffened, remembering what a public display my realization was, and I looked into James face wanting to confide in somebody. “My mom. She had me so that Sc wouldn’t have to die, she’s going to sacrifice me.” I blurted out in a rush.

As James slowly pieced it together I felt sick that I’d just exploded like that.

“Tell me everything.” He demanded in a gravelly voice, James hand gripping mine tighter.

And I did, well everything except for the wolf part.

James stroked my head, brushing the hair on my face behind my ear and cupped my face. “That’s awful Lia. You deserve so much more than that.” His soothing voice washed over me, and I dried the tears streaming heavily down my face.

I don’t. I’m a monster.

“Thanks.” I sniffed heavily, smiling up at him.

For a second my heart started hammering mysteriously and I realized how close our face were, apparently James did too and his eyes flickered to my mouth and back to my eyes.  

Our face took on a serious note as he leaned forward, tilting his head to the side and his cool breath fanned over my flushed face.

A bitter taste filled my mouth as I leaned forward too, wanting it deeply, but knowing whether I was truly worth James time or not. James deserved someone who didn’t have so much emotional baggage and didn’t need his reassurance or pity.

A look came over James and his sweet lips covered mine in one swift movement, at first it was gentle and tender, but a fiery desire burned between us and I felt his mouth urge my own open our tounges dancing deliciously together. My arms wrapped around him and drew him closer towards me.

After a few moments of this we broke away and gasped ragged breaths of air.

The compartment door burst open and Scorpius stormed in his eyes narrowed to slits as he stormed over to James with a death glare burning at the two of us interlocked with hands in my case legs.

James jumped to his feet, running a nervous hand through his hair as he bit his lip guiltily.

“What the hell?” Scorp demanded, his eyes whipping in between us. “Are you trying to get it on with my little sister?!”

“Actually Scorp I’m older than you by like three minutes.” I informed him heatedly, heatedly because my face was hot not that I was too particularly bothered by the misconception.

“Whatever. You can’t snog my sister!” Scorpius took a daring step in James’s direction, his and forming a white knuckled fist. “I dare you to try it again. I will rip your throat out, don’t think for one second that just because we’re friends that I wouldn’t.”

Al appeared at the door his face smiling, but that disappeared at the sight in front of him.

“What’s going on?” He asked stepping in between James and Scorpius. “Calm down Scorp no need to resort to violence.”  

Scorp fumed, steam practically coming from his ears. “Really because I think your pedophile older brother deserves to be taught a lesson.”

Albus’s face flickered with shock and he took in my sight, of puffy red lips and tousled hair, matching that of a blushing James and he stiffened immediately. “No.” He growled, I would know alot about growling and Albus, for whatever reason; meant war.

“Look I don’t see why it’s such a big de-” James was cut off by Al’s fist slamming into his nose.

My jaw dropped, even Scorp looked surprised, and I jumped in front of James. “What the hell Al?!” I screeched, healing James nose with a simple episkey spell, as James smeared the blood across his face still managing to look like a greek god.

Albus answered me with a hurt glare and sprinting out of the compartment. As a crowd gathered around our now open compartment to see what all the commotion was, I took a deep breath realizing just how hectic this year was really going to be.




It burned a fierce whole through my chest as I realized the certain activities my brother had been caught doing with Lia. My Lia.

“Look I don’t see why it’s such a big de-” I swung my fist back and let it crack forward connecting with his nose, feeling an ulitimate pleasure as it broke beneath my knuckles.

James fell to the ground, crimson blood gushing down his face and onto his new robes in a steady stream, Lia jumped up her face horror struck as she healed his nose easily to my disdain.

“What the hell Al?” Lia asked her face filled with conflicting emotions of confusion and anger.

The longing for Lia to blush that way about me, and heal my broken face was too much to handle all at once, I pushed past Scorpius and stormed down the hall packed full of people who wanted to see the drama.

I shut the compartment door behind me, and slumped to the ground biting down on my robe collar to muffle the furious sobs of hatred towards my own flesh and blood and the girl I’d been pining for all my Hogwart’s years.


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Chapter 7: Whomping Willow
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 Al’S POV:

I was in love with a werewolf, and I did not even care.

You see it kind of relieved me, because for a second there I thought she was perfect and I had no chance....but that’s besides the point.

I guess you're wondering how I even knew, well have a pinch of patience young chap: I will tell you.

Lia’s POV:

“See I am an expert at braiding!” James handed me the knot that was my blonde hair.

Despite myself, a smile tugged at my lips and I rolled my eyes. “Yeah true talent.”

James pouted, his eyes going wide at my sarcasm and playing the innocent card. “What do you mean? I thought you would like it?”

An internal struggle began and as I struggled to reply, he broke and a huge white smile enveloped his well tanned face. “You almost fell for it. Besides everyone knows that I couldn’t braid if someone threatened to Avada kedavra me.”

My face fell for a second as his spell reminded me of the attack, but I masked it before he realized and then glanced down at my watch.

“Holy Merlin’s crumb embedded beard!” I shouted, jumping to my feet so fast that my chair flew back, on instinct I grabbed it and righted it before it could fall, but my outburst had already gained the attention of the whole library.

“SHH!” Came the terse voice of Madame Cross from behind her U desk.

I ignored her and viciously packed my bag as the panic consumed me.

My trembling hands could not seem to fit all my books into their pocket, I shoved and scrambled until I reached the point where I was ready to throw them at the sneering Slytherins across the room, but James stopped me. His hands took them from me, stacked them and stored them all away in one swift movement.

“There,” He said putting the strap over my shoulder and tucking a stray chunk of hair behind my ear.

It was fair to say I looked frazzled, and the concern flooding James’s warm eyes told me so. “Sorry I made you late, but what’s the matter?”

It occurred to me that James face was just a mere three inches before mine, his voice gone husky as he whispered to conceal my secret if I decided to share what had me in such a state.

Something about the way I could smell him made me breathless and my mind clouded. “I-I...”

James’s brows knitted as he waited, he bit his bottom lip then looked away from me. “No it’s fine you do not have to tell me.”

Guilt caused me to reach out to where he now stood, too far away, but he pulled back casually.

“Go,” James insisted feigning indifference. “You’re already late.” He reminded and I cursed under my breath because he was right.

In a snap decision I leaned forward and pecked his cheek and apologized before sprinting out of the library as the chills covered my body.

Goosebumps rose on my skin.

I passed the Great hall where the choir was singing an eerie chorus, and when matched with the goading violin solo that echoed off the walls: it filled my ears completely.

‘The inevitable can not be fought
Your fate is caught
A move must be made
Or your time will fade....’

I slammed the towering front doors open as adrenaline buzzed through my veins.

I gritted my teeth, and squinted the fog that consumed the Hogwarts grounds. Mist crept across the grass causing it to sweat beads of silver dew, and brush hotly across my skin.

The golden sun seemed to sink below the tree line with an unnatural speed, and the flowers at my feet shriveled up, their velvet petals closing in a snap.

I began to sprint towards the Whomping Willow, it’s white branches the size of my own torso and they swayed wistfully in the sharp breeze, I took a headlong jump into the air as one of the branches began to reach out for me.

I rolled across the damp ground until I came in contact with the trunk, my hand pulling at the roots until the tunnel was revealed and I slid through.

I rolled onto my feet and was met with a pale faced Teddy.

He sat on the edge of the couch, his hands pressed together in front of his mouth almost in a praying position, and he rocked his feet impatiently.

A short pant broke through my mouth causing him to notice me..

Teddy shot to his feet. “You are sooo late.” He told me, while grabbing my arm and racing with me through the connected tunnel that led to the belly of the shrieking shack.

Muscle spasms slowed me down until Teddy just threw me over his shoulder and kept running.

My eyes became fringed with blood red, and I was duly aware of Teddy opening the hidden door to the ground of the shack.

He pulled the rope down and miraculously climbed up without injuring himself or me.

The next thing I was being chained to the broken mattress bed and Teddy was shoving Wolfsbane potion down my throat.

Pain racks me and the fire burning of my flesh grows until I scream a bloodcurdling scream. My bones seem to crunch as they change, each one bending to the extent that they near break. The fangs shove through my sensitive gums causing me to howl with a cry that is not my own, but that of a deranged beast.

Surely you would think that I would black out, but my awareness drove on like a white hot dagger driving through my heart. It skipped a beat and came on even louder and faster than before until it was the only thing I could hear.   

The rust encrusted shackles cut my wrists with deep slashes, but even the did not compare to the agony engulfing me, at least it distracted me.

My own blood cut at my nose with it’s metallic scent and caused a burning sensation to catch fire in my throat, the frenzy caused a furious growl to erupt from my maw and I saw Teddy leave the shack in a hurry.

It hit me then. ‘I am completely alone.’

That by itself was possibly the scariest thing I ever felt.


It happened when I was leaving the quidditch pitch, broom in hand, sweating profusely and a mind full of the same image: my own brother lip locked with my stalker-esque crush of four years.

Disdain made vomit taste fill my mouth and I spat at the ground hastening my pace towards that castle when suddenly and ear splitting howl made me freeze dead still.

My eyes cast in the direction I had seen it, and I spotted the source.

The wood had white paint that flaked off it’s brittle structure, and the whole thing leaned to the right because of either water damage or back breaking wind: I knew not. The thing I did know, though was that it was the shrieking shack and it had been empty for decades.

The last person to fill the shrieking shack would be my deceased Godfather, Remus Lupin, and of course Teddy was half werewolf, but wolfsbane could knock him out enough to not to be awake during the transformation, so I was left to wonder what Hogwarts student would be a werewolf.

My conscience nagged at me to mind my own ‘effing business, but the other part of me disregarded this and took brave strides in the direction of the Whomping Willow.

I had heard enough stories about the marauders and their crazy adventures to know how the shrieking shack was connected to an underground cabin just below the roots of the Whomping Willow.

I sat behind a marble pillar, and was fully prepared to wait for the person to leave.

The only problem with this ingenious plan is that I am highly impatient.

Mum says I got it from Dad, but we both know it’s a Weasley thing. You should see how the Weasley-Potter-Delacour-Lupin gatherings are, Ron almost has a heart attack when the food takes too long, and Dom wants to open her Christmas present already. Even James can not wait to play quidditch after dinner.

But I digress.

So here I was, waiting and waiting...when I start to ponder.

You see when I ponder it normally gets really deep and philosophical: really fast.

‘Why did I even get this bloody crush on Lia in the first place? In what reality would she like me back? How many worlds away would we have to be to have her return my ridiculous affections after I treated her like trash? Why do I treat her like trash? Is it because I do not want her to see how truly beautiful she is, because if she does she will never give me a second look? Do I deserve a second look after all I’ve done?’

You see, after those intense unanswered questions I will then begin to get hungry.

As if on cue my stomach began to rumble fiercely.

Me and my stomach have a special relationship, I feed it and it asks for more. The end.

I looked around the grounds as if I was going to find some freshly baked pies just sitting on the sidewalk, and realized how extremely creepy it was outside tonight.

A heavy fog crept across the ground, the night was completely silent except for the unnatural howls of a wolf in the background. The trees seemed blacker, the stars flickering out and the moon curtained by dark silver clouds.

But despite the chilling air and glaring owls- I mean seriously owls normally love me, why is that barn owl glaring at me with such...fury?- it was not that bad. Even kind of soothing.

My eyes became heavier than lead and I drooped, my head bobbing as I fought to keep it up.

At one point I even slapped my own face to keep myself awake, but all that succeeded in doing was make my skin sting really bad.

The next thing I knew, I was surrounded by my female family members, their eyes mildly irritated.

“You are literally cuddling you broomstick, you better not have an obsession with Quidditch like James or I am going to lose it.” Lily barked, her arms crossing with too much sass.

“Speaking of James, where is he?” I asked while stretching my extremely tense back muscles.

Note to self: Marble Pillars do not make comfy beds.

The girls shared a look, and Rose bit her lip while Dominique answered with a bluntness that could only come from uncle Bill. “He is with Lia.”

Oh, that’s why they hesitated. I guess my little secret was not too secretive anymore.

Roxy breathed her olive toned face softening. “They are in the infirmary...”

I must have not heard the rest, all I was thinking about was that Lia was hurt and I had to go heroically save her somehow...or even make sure she was safe.

“Al?” Lily asked, bewildered. “Where are you going?”

I gave her an incredulous look. “To the infirmary, where do you think?”

“Well I was just saying,” Roxy simpered far too like Rose. “That they think it was an animal attack, happened late last night, but they think it must be a magical creature that did it because they have not found a cure.”

I nodded my head this time then turned and gave a weak wave over the shoulder on my way to the Infirmary.

As I was jogging through the hall, I began to think some more, which we all know is hazardous, but I still do it.

‘I wonder what kind of animal must have done it? What was she doing out so late? Wait....they never specified who it was in the Infirmary...they just said James was with Lia and they were in the infirmary.’

I felt terrible that Lia was the first person I was worried about, and she might not even be the one hurt.

The remorse I felt fled as the bitter part of me reminded me that James took Lia, and he had to know how I was about her.

It’s not like James and I had a heart to heart the second I began to find Lia attractive, no us Potter men are far too manly....or I guess we just don’t have heart to hearts. Either way James has a good radar for figuring out these things, plus he’s a good brother: he would never steal her if he knew.

As I entered the infirmary I was hit with a shocking sight.

Lia looked kind of green, purple like bruises formed under her eyes from lack of sleep, while other bruises had to be from something much more impactive because they were deep and black. The bruises covered her arms and on even blossomed along her collarbone, her lips were chapped but blood red on the inside. A sheen of sweat covered her forehead and she was deathly still.  

I stopped where I was as one of the questions from earlier came back.

‘What was she doing out so late?’

I could have smacked my forehead at my own idiocy. I had just been camped out the Whomping Willow to see who was the werewolf, when there lay a girl who appeared to the world to be attacked by an animal when she herself was the culprit.

Lia, the beautiful angel dancer: a bloodthirsty werewolf.

It did not add up.

Her parents weren’t werewolfs so that meant that she had to of been...

I hit me in the gut and I walked the few painful steps to her bedside and kneeled by her feeling overwhelmed as I gripped her hand. It felt so fragile and cold in my own that I could not breath, instead I made myself promise something in my head.

‘Lia seemed to have some kind of a death wish, but when people are trying to ruin it and kill you anyways: can you honestly blame her for trying to get the easy way out? No. So it was my job to make sure she would not have to. Those people trying to take my angels life would pay. I would be sure of it.’

“Al?” James asked his voice sounded odd.

I looked up at him, my eyes burning with determination, he must have noticed because his eyebrows furrowed and a look only described as understanding came over him.

“Oh...” He breathed, an unconscious frown forming along his mouth and he leaned back for a split second before standing. “I’ll just...”

James indicated towards the door, but instead he turned to Lia.

I tried not to eavesdrop, but I heard him say; “I will be back. Get better my flower.” Then he leaned down to press a kiss on her cheek before turning to leave.

I suppressed the possessiveness rising in my chest and enjoyed how her fingers twitched and curled around my grip, our hands fitting like puzzle pieces: the perfect cliche.

I pulled up the chair James had just sat in and held Lia’s hand in between mine, hopping the warmth of mine would transfer. “So Lia I would like to tell you a story, would that be okay?” I took the stillness of her face to be a yes.

“Well it starts with an angel...”

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