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Nothing Is As It Seems by LadyMalfoy06

Format: Novel
Chapters: 11
Word Count: 21,242
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Crossover
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Bellatrix, Lucius, Narcissa, Voldemort, Draco, Pansy, Ginny
Pairings: Draco/Hermione, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Lavender, Harry/Hermione, Hermione/OC

First Published: 01/07/2012
Last Chapter: 11/03/2013
Last Updated: 11/03/2013

Everyone assumed that Hermione Granger was just "The Brains of the Golden Trio", or, "An annoying bookworm" , oh how they were wrong.

What they don't know is that Hermione Granger never was, it was always Alexandra Malfoy, twin sister to Draco Malfoy, Lord Voldemorts greatest allies. What will Ron and Harry think when Hermione shows up for their seventh year with a new attitude? And how with they react when they hear some interesting news about her and a certain blond?


Chapter 1: He's my what?!
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(Hey guys, this is my first fanfic, just so you know which I’m sure you do, I own nothing Harry Potter related, that’s all J.K.R, anything you recognise is hers, this plot however is mine! Anyways hope you enjoy! Reviews would be lovely :) x) (Oh and the point of view will be changing as the story goes along, but don’t worry you will know each time. X)








Hermione was in a hurry, she was supposed to leave for the Burrow in ten minutes but she was still not ready.




“Ohh where’s my wand?! Crookshanks, what have you done with it you naughty boy?” She huffed, throwing her clothes into her trunk. She paused in her frantic hurrying; she could hear her mum coming up the stairs.






A pause, before two light knocks on her door.




“Hermione sweetie? Could you come downstairs please, your father and I need to talk to you.” Hermione nodded absently, her mind already whirring with wonder about what her parents wanted. As long as it wasn’t like last week she could handle it, she shuddered, her face flushing with the embarrassment of the memory.




Hermione was sitting in the living room reading a book when her mother came in;


“Hermione, I need to talk to you about something. Now I know you may not want to listen but I think it’s necessary.”


“Sure Mum, what’s up?” She put her book down and turned towards her mother.



“Now I know how excited you are to be seeing your friends so soon in the holidays,” her mother hesitated, “it’s just, you’re at an age where you may develop feelings, shall we say, and we need to talk about being careful, just encase you know, you ever act on these....” She trailed off.


“Oh dear God no! Mother please tell me you’re not trying to give me a sex talk!!” Hermione stood up, her bushy hair crackling while her face was flushed with embarrassment. “I’m almost seventeen mother not a child!” She had her back to her mother, her arms fists at her side.


“Hermione, it’s just something you need to know. I know you’ve always said that Ron is no more than a friend but...”


“Okay stop! Ron is just a friend and will never be anything more! That’s disgusting, he’s practically my brother! Now if you’ll excuse me I want to go lie down, I have a headache.”


And with that Hermione all but ran up the stairs.



She drifted out of her daydream; she could feel the heat on her cheeks now.


“Hermione” Her mother called.

“Coming.” She shut her trunk, after grabbing her wand which had been underneath it, put it in her pocket and left her room.


As she walked down stairs she could here muffled voices, a familiar drawl; ‘is that..?’ she wondered, ‘no it can’t be’, hesitantly she pushed open the door.


Her jaw dropped. What the bloody hell were they doing here!

"Malfoy what in the hell are you doing inside my house?!” She yelled, her eyes flashing.

“Oh shut it Granger, I have no idea either, I just got told to come here with them.” He nodded his head towards his parents.

“Mione, sit please, your father and I have to tell you something.”

 She sat, keeping as far from the Malfoy’s as she could get, she didn’t trust them. Why were they here? Why did she suddenly feel a tingling in her hands?

“Mum, I feel funny,” She gasped, panting a bit, “My heads spinning, what’s going on?”

 “Baby you’re changing into your rightful form,” Her mother said gently.

Suddenly the pain stopped, in shock from her mother’s words she ran to the mirror in the hall, all five of them followed. Hermione looked in the mirror, she gaped at herself. Where was the bushy haired buck toothed short plain girl from five minutes ago? In her place was a tall statuesque girl with long straight white blond hair, piercing gray eyes and pale skin. Her body was perfect, curves in all the right places, with a flat stomach, and a nice size 34D chest. The girl in the mirror’s smile widened, she actually had a chest! She no longer felt like a boy. Slowly her new look really registered in her mind, she looked like a Malfoy!! She turned to look at the faces behind her, her ‘parents’ had tears in their eyes, as did Draco and his parents.

Wait!, She thought, Since when did Malfoy become DRACO?! 


“Will somebody please tell me what the hell is going on?! Why do I look like them?” She pointed at the Malfoy’s. Woah even my voice is different..

“Hermione,” Her mother began, “You’re adopted. When you were born along with Draco, your parents here, Lucius and Narcissa, knew it wasn’t safe for you as Voldemort, (insert shudder from three of the Malfoy’s), was at the height of his powers, so adoption was the safest route for you. They thought Draco would be safer as he’s a boy but they didn’t know about you. Because you are seventeen now, the charm on you has worn off and you are now officially a Malfoy.” Her ‘mother’ finished.

Hermione sat there staring at her adoptive parents and her new family for so long until Narcissa waved a hand in front of her.

“Lexy? Lex? I know this must be hard for you especially with yours and Draco’s past history, but he’s willing to make it work. Aren’t you honey?” She eyed him threateningly.

“Yeah look Grang... Err Lexy, I’m willing to put the past behind us, if you are?”

Whoa wait a minute! What did they just call me?! Lexy? Hmmm Lexy I like it actually, maybe this won’t be so bad after all. Oh wait, why are they all staring at me? 

“Ohh I’m sorry, wait, why did you just call me Lexy?”

“Honey, that’s your real name. Alexandra Lee Malfoy.”

“Ohh I like it! Much better than Hermione,” She squealed. “Oops no offence Mr and Mrs Granger.” Now that she knew who her real parents were, it felt weird to call the Grangers mum and dad.

“Sooo... what’s going to happen now? Im supposed to be at the Burrow...” She looked at her watch. “Im supposed to be there now actually. I don’t really want to but I’m not sure how to get out of it.”

“Your coming to live with us at Malfoy Manor until school starts then you will take your rightful place within Slytherin house with your brother. And Malfoy’s never do anything they don’t want to do, always remember that. So tell Weasel and Scarhead that you can’t make it. Simple.” Lucius said.


“Okay, shall I go fetch my trunk?” Now hang on just a minute here woman, how can you be so calm about this?! Your worst enemy just walked into your house and announced he’s your twin brother! *Oh shut up. You know this could be a good thing, after all I have been having second thoughts about this whole good vs. bad thing...* she argued with herself.





Soon Alex was ready to leave, Draco carrying her trunk and putting it in the carriage awaiting them outside. 





“Bye Mr and Mrs Granger, thank you for everything, I’ll write to you.” She sniffed. John and Jean Granger hugged their “daughter” goodbye for the last time and then she was off.

Chapter 2: A Bumpy Ride
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Hey everyone :) Sorry for the wait, I read over the chapter and wasn’t pleased so had to re-edit it! Anyway enjoy!  And I would love it if you left a review. :)






*In the Carriage. Alexandra’s thoughts.*




Alexandra sat in silence. She was in a state of shock. She couldn’t believe she had just calmly walked off with her worst enemy, even if they were her family! She didn’t know what to think. On one hand there was the fact that she and Draco had spent the last six years hating each other, how could she just forget that easily? After all he probably still thought of her as nothing more than a filthy Mudblood, bushy haired bookworm.






Hermione or Alexandra, she kept having to remind herself, had always had a thirst for knowledge,. She was never satisfied with the simple explanations. Detail, she needed to have detail. So on the other hand after what had happened before school ended, she didn’t feel as if she fit in with the old crowd anymore. To them she was simply Hermione. Smart girl and Gryffindor bookworm, nothing more. They just used her. Maybe her new family wouldn’t be too bad then? Maybe she would actually fit in for the first time in her life?  But she needed to find out more about this whole adoption thing. Why would her parents give her up if they were supporters of the Dark Lord? That just didn’t make sense...






*Draco’s POV*





Draco couldn’t think of anything to say, and for him that was a first. How could the Gryffindor princess, Mudblood bookworm be his twin sister?! It just wasn’t possible! He never even knew he had a sister until about a half hour ago. And a twin sister at that! He was actually surprised at himself, why hadn’t he thrown a fit yet, it’s what he normally would have done. How was he going to explain this to Blaise? But what he didn’t get was why had his parents put his sister up for adoption? Surely having two children would mean two more followers to the Dark Lord. It just didn’t make sense. He would have to confront his parents.






*Normal POV*






“So Alexandra I assume you have many questions?” Her father asked.






“Yes. How did you find me? Do you support Voldemort?” She asked. At her first question, Draco perked up; he wondered how his parents had found his sister as well.






“We placed a tracking spell on you, just before we gave you to the Grangers. It was to activate on your seventeenth birthday. Which is today. The Grangers just changed it to another date. So we were able to locate you with that. We weren’t sure if they had told you anything, about being adopted, all we told them was they had to tell you the truth today, as we would be coming to get you. We never knew your fake name until the Grangers told us today. In fact we didn’t even know the Grangers name until today either. This is why Draco had no idea who you really were.”  Her mother answered.






“No they never told me I was adopted. Today was the first time I had heard of it.” Alex said.






“And as for your other question... We are loyal followers to the Dark Lord. We agree with his policy of removing those of lower class, and especially getting rid of Potter. You’ll understand more when you meet him.” Her father told her.






“I think I can help with the getting Potter part.” She said.  Wait, when I meet him?! Ohmygod this should be interesting... wait whats Draco saying?






“...You? Ha!” Draco laughed. “You’re his best friend! Why would you want to sell him out? Do not tell me your okay with just walking into this family after everything that’s happened between us! You were about to go to his house for the holidays!”






“Actually Ferre...Draco. I’m fed up of that dick Potter and the Weasel. I was going there to act like things were normal. All they did was use me the slimy bastards...” She snarled.












Hermione sighed happily. Today was the last day before summer holidays began tomorrow; she would spend the first two weeks at home with her parents, before going to the Burrow to stay with her two best friends for the rest of the holidays.






She finished packing her stuff, locked her case with her wand and headed down to the common room to go meet Harry and Ron. Glancing over the balcony to look into the common room she heard her name; she paused to listen.






“When’s Hermione coming to yours again Ron?” Harry asked.






“Third week. This holiday is going to suck mate, we only have two good weeks before the annoying goody goody arrives and ruins it all.” He moaned.






Annoying goody goody? What?!  Hermione was shocked.






“Awww man. Remind me why we let her hang around with us again?”






“Well one, Ginny would kill us if we just ditched her now, she thinks we should wait then ditch her at the most embarrassing moment. And, we need to use her to help find the you know what’s. Then after You Know Who’s gone, we ditch her. Simple!” Ron said then hi-fived Harry.






“Oh yeah good point Ron.”






“I can’t wait to see the look on her face when we ditch her, stupid Mudblood. Putting up with her for six years has been awful.” Ron laughed.






“Talking about Granger again?” Ginny asked, crossing the room to join them.






“How did you guess?” The guys laughed.  Harry grabbed her by the waist and pulled her to him before roughly kissing her. She pulled away to say,






“Because all you do is bitch about her.”






Finally Hermione had had enough, swallowing her tears she put on a brave face, and walked down to meet her “friends”.






“Oh quick here she comes, speak about something else!” Ginny hissed whilst sliding away from Harry.






“So Harry, think we have a chance at getting the House Cup?” Ron asked.






“Hey guys what’s up?” I asked in a cheery voice. I winced. Urghh that sounded totally fake.






“Just waiting for our best girlfriend.” Harry said giving me a hug and a quick peck on the lips. I tried not to cringe.






“Let’s go get dinner guys I’m starving,” Ron complained.






“Sure.” I walked ahead of them.






“Think she heard us?” I heard Ron mutter to Harry.






“Nahh, she would have said something, she couldn’t keep that quiet.” He replied.






The common room door slammed shut behind us.












Alexandra wiped a tear from her cheek, angry that they still made her upset. Lucius was furious, how dare someone make his baby girl feel like that? She was a Malfoy and she deserved to be treated with the utmost respect. Oh he was damn sure Potter and the Weasels were going to pay for making his princess cry.






“You see now dear brother. I don’t give a shit about them anymore. I’ll be glad to help hand Potter over to the Dark Lord.” Alexandra said. Draco felt so bad for seeing his sister cry. He wanted to beat Potter so badly, and especially Weaselette who Draco was sure Lexy thought of as a sister, before she changed.






“Look Lexy I’m sorry that I called you a Mudblood for all those years, to be honest I never really wanted to, I actually admired you and your magical abilities, but I had to keep up appearances. Forgive me?” Draco held out a hand to shake.






Lexy ignored the hand and threw her arms around Draco while their parents shared a smile. Their family was complete once more. Now all they had to do was introduce Alexandra to the Dark Lord and hope he took it well.






Suddenly the carriage started descending and landed smoothly onto the drive.






“Where are we?” Alexandra asked, gazing about at the magnificent manor.






“This my dear child, is Malfoy Manor.” Her father said.






“Welcome home.” 

Chapter 3: Home Sweet Home
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Hello everyone! Forgot to say, this story disregards book 7 and the end of book 6, Draco didn’t try to kill Dumbledore etc...See you at the bottom!)






“Wow. This place is amazing.” Alexandra stood in awe gazing up at the sight before her.









The manor stood tall and proud before the family of four, it had three floors, on the third, a large balcony wrapping around the whole house, overlooked the magnificent gardens. Miles and miles of flower gardens, a quidditch pitch, swimming pool, it went on and on.









“I can’t believe you grew up here brother.”









“Yeah well...” He shrugged.









“Come on Lex, let’s get you settled in. I have a few people to talk to.” Lucius ushered her towards the magnificent wooden doors.









The front doors opened before them allowing them to walk into the large marble hallway where two house-elves were waiting.









“Masters! Mistress! You have returned!” They squeaked.









“Yes Dolly, Bubbly, I want you to meet someone.” Lucius said. “This is our daughter, Alexandra.”









Lexy stepped forward only to be knocked back as the house-elves threw themselves at her.









“Oh miss! You have returned to us! I remember you just after use were born, before...before...No bad Bubbly!” The elf ran at the wall and started beating her head against it as punishment before Lucius lunged, grabbed her and held her still.









“Before what Bubbly?” He asked.









“Masters I cannot! I cannot! Bubbly would be in so much trouble if she told!” The elf squeaked.








“Bubbly I am your master and I order you to tell me what is going on. You too Dolly. Speak.” He ordered.








“Lucius, before Bubbly speaks to us, I think we should get settled in one of the rooms, don’t you?” Narcissa interrupted.







“What? Oh yes. Right Dolly take Alex’s luggage to her room then come back to my office, we can speak freely there.”






The family walked towards Lucius office, with Draco pointing out rooms to Lexy on the way, she was obviously looking very lost.  “And that’s one of our two ballrooms” As they passed large oak doors, “Here’s the dining room, over there is the lounge and those stairs lead up to the library and games room on the second floor.. I’ll show you more later.” They climbed some stairs, “And here’s fathers office.”






Lexy was in awe, she knew how rich the Malfoy’s were, obviously from Draco’s boasting at school and the rumours but she didn’t know just how rich they were. Everything was fancy marble and the wood on the doors had gold plating, it was all just wow.




Once settled on the two sofas in Lucius’ office, he began his questioning of the two elves;






“Right Bubbly I want you to tell me everything you know surrounding my daughter’s birth to the time we gave her away.” He told her.





The elves were still scared.





“You will not be punished. Just tell me what you know. And remember, you cannot lie to me.” At this the elves hurriedly began talking.









“Master it was a month after young master and miss had been born sir. You and Mistress were so happy sir; you called everyone over to celebrate. There was a party; he was there with her... and when, when you and mistress were dancing she... she took Alexandra! She took her from her cradle and ran away!” The elf started sobbing terrified she would be punished.






Draco and Alexandra held hands on the sofa, their faces tight with tension. Who had taken Alex?









“Who Bubbly? Who took my daughter?” Lucius questioned, he cast his mind back trying to think who had been at that specific party. 









“T’was mistress Bella sir, Miss Bella came and took young Alexandra.” The elf whispered.









“Bella... Bellatrix! My sister took my daughter?!” Narcissa gasped.









“Yes mistress.” The elf nodded, relieved, that her master and mistress were not angry with her, “Bubbly heard her after it had been done...She said that it was not fair that you had been given two children when she had none herself, she said she wanted to provide him with an heir, a dark child. She stole the girl, to model her after herself she said! Mistress, Bubbly is so sorry she never told you! Miss Bella saw Bubbly had overheard and forbids Bubbly to say or else... or else she said there would be punishment!” Bubbly shook with shame.









“Yes Master, and Dolly heard her place a charm on you and mistress Narcissa... she said she wanted you to make you think use had given young miss up! She planted false memories miss Bella did.”









“But Bubbly heard her again whilst Bubbly was cleaning sir, miss Bella was telling him how she couldn’t look after Miss Alexandra, that she found it too hard, so she left the child with a muggle family and changed their memory!”









The newly found family of four, sat there too stunned to speak. Why would Bellatrix not give Alexandra back? How could she even willingly steal a child in the first place?! She was insane.









“But, that doesn’t explain what you said earlier, about the tracking spell placed on Lexy... Why would Aunt Bella let you find her after seventeen years?” Draco questioned.









“Maybe she didn’t think she would get caught?” Alex suggested, “I mean come on, she’s not exactly the brightest witch, who knows what she was thinking.” Draco tried not to laugh at his sister’s comment; it lightened up the tense atmosphere.









“My darling you are probably right.” Narcissa said, “And all that matters now is that we have you back safe and sound.”









“All that matters?! All that matters?! Are you bloody serious?! Your deranged sister kidnapped our only daughter and you’re not even mad!” Lucius was incensed, he abruptly stood and began pacing his study, the elves cowered before him; terrified he would punish them.









“Mother, Father we have to do something, because of that woman I lost out seventeen years with my sister!” Draco demanded.









“Cissa he’s right, we simply cannot let Bella go unpunished.” He seemed to remember the elves, stopping his angry pacing, “Bubbly, Dolly, I thank you for telling me this, you will not be punished, you are not in the wrong.”









“Oh thank you masters! Would master and mistress like anything? Shall we prepare a feast for Mistress Alex?”









“Yes I think a nice family feast would be good, you are dismissed.” Narcissa instructed. The elves disappeared with a loud crack.









“So what are we going to do then?” Draco was impatient.









“Son we have to think about this, to plan...” Lucius began.









“I have an idea.” Lexy interrupted,









Her parents and brother looked at her; she began to smirk, “Why don’t we have a ball? Invite everyone, all the supporters as well as him, invite Bella, as well as Draco’s friends. It would be an introduction for me into the pureblood society. Think about it, just watching Bella’s face as I walked down the stairs into the ballroom. It would be priceless. Of course you can crucio her or whatever you want later but we wouldn’t make it obvious that we know what she did, at first. Where would be the fun in that?” She laughed.









They all looked at her for what seemed like ages, finally...









“I like it.” Draco said, “Simple but evil. You truly are a Malfoy.” He told her.









“Thank you.” She replied with a modest blush.









“I also like it. Right that is what shall happen. One week from today we will welcome Alexandra Malfoy to the wizarding world.” Lucius stated.









“Yes, well while the elves prepare a welcome home feast, Draco you can give Lexy a tour.” Narcissa said, “Come Lucius we need to plan our own revenge.” The two left Draco and Lexy in the study.









A comfortable silence resumed, each consumed with their own thoughts.









Alexandra was feeling both happy but slightly ashamed. Happy that she now knew that her parents didn’t want to give her up, she had been kidnapped. But slightly ashamed at how quickly she came up with an idea for punishment for her Aunt. She guessed it was all just part of becoming a Malfoy. Speaking of becoming a Malfoy, she wasn’t actually that afraid of the idea anymore, she felt normal here, even though she had barely arrived, this felt like home. She stared into the fire; the flames reflected back in her eyes, sitting beside her was the boy, no young man, that she had spent the last six years of her life hating. Now she felt safe, and comfortable to be around him. Alexandra was content.









Draco was confused. Well, that was one way to put it. On one hand he was glad to know that his parents hadn’t willingly gotten rid of his sister, but on the other he was frustrated, surely they would have noticed something was wrong, I mean come on, like his sister said, Bellatrix wasn’t known for her precise and practical spell casting was she? He supposed he would just have to wait and see what happened at this ball next week... Ohh that was another thing, how the hell was he going to explain this to Blaise? To Pansy and Millicent?! Blaise had better not try to get in with my baby sister he thought...Woah where the hell did that thought come from?!  Wanting to shake of the thoughts of his best friend and sister he stood up and offered his sister his arm.









“Come on.” He said,









“Where are we going?” She let him lead her from the room.









“To finish the tour.”









Draco showed Alexandra the entire manor, leaving the best room till last, no not the library; Alexandra’s room. They stopped outside two large wooden doors on the third floor; on one side of the hallway was her room, on the other Draco’s. Her parent’s room was on the other side of the manor along with several guest suites.  









“Well in you go!” He told her, pushing her towards the door.









Alexandra opened the doors and walked in. She gasped at what she saw, her eyes flooding with tears. It was so perfect! The room must have been more than twice the size of her old one, it had deep purple walls with flecks of silver, making the room shimmer. In the middle was a queen sized bed, off in one corner Lexy had her own reading corner full of bookshelves, and a huge desk she could use for getting ready. It overflowed with lavish jewellery that she was itching to try on. The best part though, not even the balcony leading out to overlook the magnificent gardens. No, the enormous walk in closet filled to the brim with outfits for every occasion. One thing was for certain, this year; Alexandra would be the envy of the school. Aside from this, she also had her own bathroom, compete with Jacuzzi tub, prefect for relaxing in.









“It’s perfect! Oh Draco I love it!!” She squealed, giving him a hug.









He laughed, she stopped and looked, she had never heard him laugh before, and it was a sight to see.









“Here, you’ll like this as well.”He dragged her over to one of the bookcases, pulling out a book, Quidditch Through the Ages - not something Lexy was ever likely to read- and the case slid open to reveal stairs leading downstairs.









“So this is a neat little trick dad developed. All you have to do is just think about what room you want to go to, and open the door and you’ll be there. Its kinda like the Room of Requirement at school, except I could still get in to the room even if you were in there and the door will stay until you decide to leave the room.” He explained.









“Wow, well I know I’ll be sneaking to the kitchen a lot then!” She laughed.  


















That night after the welcome home feast, Alex climbed into her new bed, she had spent her first evening with her new family talking, getting to know them, it felt like she had been their her whole life. They were completely different to how she expected, sure they were still snobby but she didn’t mind it, she liked it even, she fit in here, with them. Her father had told her that Lord Voldemort would be making a personal appearance to her welcome home ball, of course he didn’t know why they were holding a ball, but Alexandra was excited, she actually looked forward to meeting the man who wanted her ex best friend dead. For Alexandra no longer cared about those three anymore, she had found her new family, and had a new life to live, she was going to enjoy it.









Alexandra was home.









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Chapter 4: Belle of the Ball
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The days at the manor passed quite quickly for Alexandra. She spent most of her time with her brother, catching up on everything she had missed, including what to expect when the Dark Lord arrived and how to act in a proper pureblood family. She had also relaxed though, of course being quite smart she had done all her homework in the first week of the holidays to get it out of the way, and so like Draco, she was free to chill.



As she spent one morning relaxing out on one of the sun beds by the pool, she remembered a particular morning  a few days ago where her brother convinced her to try quidditch with him, and she had received a very interesting letter from them...












Alexandra stirred in her sleep, not quite ready to get up; when the doors to her room suddenly flew open and her brother ran in,






“Get up you lazy ass! Let’s go play quidditch!”





“Draco! What the hell? It’s still the middle of the night!”She yelled, “Plus I suck at flying so no. I haven’t been on a broom since flying lessons with Madam Hooch in first year, and I’m not planning on going on one anytime soon.” She told him.







“Pleasee?!” He gave her puppy dog eyes, “I need to practice for the new season! Come on, Slytherin need a new chaser anyway, you could always try out, plus, it does help when your brothers Captain of the team.” He winked at her.







She sat up in bed quickly, all evidence of sleep gone, “What?! Our Hogwarts letters are here?! You got captain?! Well done that’s amazing!” She said.







“Yeah here’s your letter, looks like you also got one from Pothead and the Weasels.” He smirked.







“Ughh what do those assholes want? Hey look, it says I’ve been made Head Girl! Eeeep! That is awesome!! I can’t wait! I wonder who Head Boy is then. Anyone but Potter; I think I’d murder him if it was. Oh and I’m officially a Slytherin! Yay!” She babbled.








“Nice, well done Lex! Well I know I never got Head Boy, guess you’ll just have to wait and see. So tell me what the losers are saying then.” He sat on the edge of her bed,







“Fine, let’s see,” Alexandra opened the letter and began to read,







“Hey Mione, (she grimaced at the nickname, that was what the Grangers had called her)

You were supposed to be here four days ago. We are all really worried, let us know your safe okay? We went to your house but your mum said you were staying with family. What family? Who’s more important than us eh?! Anywhoo, got to go, the boys want to hang out, see ya later, or not! Whatever miss you! 


Love Ginny x

P.S: Ron and Harry say hi and ask if you know anything new about the you know whats.” 






“Ughh! Those...those pigs!” She growled, tearing the letter into shreds.






“Write them back; give them a piece of your mind.” Draco suggested, “Then after you’ve showered, because no offense sis, you stink,” He dodged the smack she aimed at him, “Come find me out on the pitch okay?”



“Oh fine, but if anything happens to me, Mum and Dad will kill you.” She warned.





“Haha, you’ll be perfectly safe!” He left her to get ready.







“Hmm, what shall I say to that lot then...?” She spoke to herself.


She took out a quill and some parchment and began to write, it took her a while, she wasn’t quite sure what to put, and she knew she wouldn’t tell them anything about her new life. They didn’t deserve to know. An hour later she had finished.




Hey guys, been really busy. Yeah not coming to the Burrow anymore. Just some family I hadn’t seen for a while, maybe see you at Diagon Alley at some point? Or not. 





Perfect! She called for her new owl to come take the letter for her. Her parents had given him to her as one of the many birthday gifts she received. She named him Midnight, he was a gorgeous black eagle with flecks of gold in his fur, and she loved him. “Take this to the Burrow for me.”






Soon Alex was ready to go meet her brother, dressed in quidditch jumper with Lexy on the back (in silver and green) and matching joggers she grabbed her new broom, again from her parents, and off she went.






The gardens of the manor were one of Lexy’s favourite places in her new home; she loved walking through them in the day, watching the flowers bloom, and the house-elves tending to her mother’s plants.
Soon she had reached the quidditch pitch. Not as big as the one at Hogwarts but impressive enough to make her gasp, she could she her brother practicing, he let the snitch go, giving it a head start before going after it.

 "Oi! Draco down here.” She yelled.






“Finally! Took you long enough.” He said. She hit him.






“Right, what am I supposed to be doing?”  She got straight to the point.






“Okay, here’s the Quaffle, today we’ll just practice some catching and throwing techniques to see how you do before attempting at scoring. Right up in the air then. Let’s check how this new broom works.” Both he and Lexy had the new Comet, faster than a firebolt; it turned them almost invisible with speed.






After taking a deep breath, Alexandra mounted her broom and took off. Without waiting for her brother she took off, flying around the field, looping the hoops before racing back to her brother.

“Wow that was amazing! Why didn’t anyone tell me before?” She exclaimed, her fear gone.






Draco just laughed at her. For the next few hours Draco drilled Lexy in the art of goal scoring and how to be the perfect catcher whilst weaving in and out of obstacles. Before long, a house-elf was calling them announcing that lunch was ready.






“Play like that at tryouts sister and you might just have a place on my team.” He told her.









Lexy smiled from the memory, she knew she would try out for the team when school started next week, this year Slytherin would be getting the Quidditch and House cup, Lexy would make sure of it.

She watched as her parents walked towards her, taking in their causal positions, hands loosely held, anyone who knew Narcissa and Lucius Malfoy thought them cold and uncaring, which they were, unless you were their family that is. Alexandra and Draco were their stars; they would do anything for them to make sure they shined.






“Lexy, honey its time, the dressmakers are here, you need to pick out your dress, shoes and accessories for tonight. Then shower, get your nails, hair and makeup done.” Her mother told her.






“Oh yay, I’ve been looking forward to this night for what seems like ages!” She squealed.

Tonight was the night of Alexandra’s welcome home ball. Where she would be introduced to the Pureblood society and most importantly, Lord Voldemort himself. Her father, Lucius, had told her earlier in the week that tonight she would have to make a really important decision, one that would define her for the rest of her life. Would she or would she not join Lord Voldemort? Lexy had been thinking about it pretty much nonstop since she had arrived. And she had made her decision.






“Okay mum.” She took her mother’s hand and together they walked back up and into the manor, whilst Lucius went to watch Draco practice his quidditch.





“Alexandra this is Madam Cross. Madam Cross this is my beautiful daughter Lexy.” Narcissa introduced. “Trish here has designed all my dresses for me for every social occasion, all her dresses are exclusive, one of a kind. I just know she’ll have something perfect for you darling.” She explained to Alex.






“Right so let’s get started!” Madam Cross clapped her hands and tape measures were surrounding Alexandra in an instant, measuring every inch.


“Now Alexandra what are you favourite colours?” She questioned her, “What do you look best in?”






“Well my two favourite colours are purple and silver. Of course I do like green as well. And I’m not sure what I look best in, you’re the expert here you tell me.”






Alexandra tried on dress after dress after dress, until eventually she found the one. It was magnificent, floor length midnight purple silk with silver diamonds looping around the chest and waist. It suited her perfectly. But this was only dress number one, she had to have two. She needed something suitable to meet him.






“Oh mother what about this one?” She asked as she stepped out from behind the curtain that had been set up.






“Oh my darling it’s wonderful! Our lord will be proud if you were to join him. Well Trish we shall take these two here then, just bill the account wont you?” Narcissa said.






 After the dressmaker was gone, Alexandra was instructed to go have a shower, before the hair and makeup people would arrive.





It was time. The guests had arrived and Lexy was just waiting for her father to introduce her. She was to walk in with Draco, he would protect her encase Bella did anything.  

“Oh Draco I’m so nervous. What if I make a fool of myself? What if Pansy, Millicent and Blaise don’t like me?” She said.






Earlier on that day, Draco had made her promise to try and get on with his best friends, and that they weren’t that bad once you got to know them. She had agreed.



“Lexy stop worrying. Everyone will love you. Any you know what? If they don’t then fuck them, you’re a Malfoy; you don’t need people to love you. You have me, we’re twins, we can do this.” He told her, grabbing her by the shoulders to make her face him, before turning them both to the doors. “Let the show begin.” He said.






“Ladies and Gentlemen, friends and family. My Lord. You may be wondering why my wife and I have decided to throw this little ball this evening,” “Little?! Alexandra muttered, “well, it is time we realised, to welcome our beloved daughter to our family. Everyone, may I introduce you to my son, Draco and his twin sister, Alexandra Lee Malfoy!” Lucius applauded.






Slowly the doors opened, Draco and Alexandra stepped into the hall. Looking around the room quickly she saw Bellatrix standing still, her face a mask of shock, eyes wide, mouth popped open. Lexy tried to not to laugh. It was priceless, just like she had hoped.



They began walking down the marble stairs into the main part of the room. The whole audience was silent, not a single person moved. Alexandra was no longer nervous, she liked being looked at, and she knew she looked amazing in her dress, her hair curled into golden ringlets cascading down her shoulders, her makeup impeccable, not a single fault to be found.  






Draco and Alex made their way up to their parents on the stage, their guests staring at them the whole way, some in awe whilst others glared. Once on the stage the guests started clapping and cheering,






“Well dear guests I hope you have a wonderful evening, thank you very much for joining us.” Lucius signalled for the band to start playing.

“Come on, let’s go find Bella.” Alex said, towing Draco by the wrist. The family of four circled the magnificently decorated room (Lucius had spared no expense for this ball), looking for the famous unruly black haired woman, whilst constantly being stopped by friends of Lucius and business partners, before, “There I see her.”






“Why hello Auntie Bell. Long time no see.” Alexandra said, a casual smirk playing upon her lips.






“Oh my little Lexy! Last time I saw you you were just a baby, before your parents gave you up. Strange how you are here now.” Bella said, she was not nervous, truly believing that her wand work was too great for her family to catch her out.


“Do you mean before or after you kidnapped me from my family?” She hissed.





 “I don’t know what you mean.” Bella spat.





 “Oh yeah I’m sure you don’t. For the time being, we are at a party so I will deal with you later. Do not think for one second that you will get away with this. You may be my Aunt but that will not stop me from giving you what you deserve. Draco, lock her in the dungeons, without her wand. Once our guests are gone, the fun will truly begin.” Alexandra ordered before gliding gracefully away to mingle.



The three Malfoy’s stared after her in shock, before Draco did what his sister told him too. After she had punched him in third year, back when she was known only as the Mudblood, he knew she wasn’t someone to be messed with.


 Shortly later, Draco rejoined his sister and they were standing talking when his three best friends walked up to them. Alex braced herself, before remembering she was no longer the Mudblood, she was pure and confident.



“Draco! So this is why you’ve been ignoring my owls mate?! Dude not cool brother.” Blaise said.






“Sorry mate, but Lex and I had a lot to catch up on. We cool?” The two guys hugged.


“Draco, it’s really great to see you!”






“Hi Draco, looking good.”





As Alexandra watched her brother and his friends chat briefly she couldn’t help herself look at them closely.  Pansy Parkinson was no longer the pug faced short girl who she remembered and having not seen Millicent since second year, she was shocked. The girl was stunning; she almost rivalled Alex in her beauty but not quite. Whoever had said that Slytherin girls were unattractive had obviously never seen these two. And Blaise, as Alex looked at him, she noticed just how good looking he actually was, the same height as Draco but with olive toned skin and shaved brown hair and bright blue eyes, she was impressed.

Draco, seeing her stare at his friends immediately felt guilty for leaving his sister out,


“Oh guys I’m so sorry, this is my sister, Alexandra Malfoy. Alex, this is Blaise Zabini, Pansy Parkinson and Millicent Bulstrode.” He introduced them all. The girls smiled at her, whilst Blaise took her hand softly in hers and kissed it gently, making her blush.






“Hi, it’s really nice to meet you. Draco’s told me a lot about you all.” She said politely.






“So Lexy, where have you been hiding all these years?” Blaise said, throwing an arm around her shoulders and guiding them all to a free table and passing round flutes of Champaign.






"Well...” She said coyly, “I’ve been at Hogwarts for the past six years and I’m about to go back as Head Girl for my seventh.” She told them.






“Oh really? Well I’m head boy so I guess we’ll be seeing a lot of each other then.” He winked at her, making her stomach flutter.  






“Wait,” Pansy interrupted, “If you were at Hogwarts then why didn’t we know you? Im sure we would remember someone as pretty as you.”



I was under a glamour charm, which ended on my seventeenth birthday. But we never associated within Hogwarts unless it was to exchange insults or headlocks.” She said, with a pointed look at Millicent.


“Headlocks?” Millicent looked confused... Alexandra waited, any second now...






“GRANGER?!! Hermione Granger?! You’re Draco’s twin sister?!” She shouted.






“Bloody hell I need a drink.” Blaise said and grabbed a firewhisky from a passing waiter.


 Draco just sat and watched his friends; to be honest he found it rather hilarious, after all he had experience the same thing not a week earlier.




“Wow...” Pansy said.


“Look Alexandra, I’m really sorry about that, if I had known it was you I wouldn’t have done it.” Millicent said.

“Its fine. It’s in the past. I hope we can be friends.” She replied, with a small smile at the girl.


“So how did you react finding out you were related to this prat then?” Blaise joked. Draco shoved him.



“Honestly... I was happy. Although Draco and I never got on before, when I was under the charm as the Mudblood. I think that finally becoming a Malfoy was the best thing for me. I was ready for a change. Im happy now.” She told them.  They stared at her, shocked over her use of the word “Mudblood”.


 "You weren’t happy with Potter and Weasley? Whenever we saw you, you guys always seemed like you were having fun?” Pansy asked.




“They aren’t my friends. They just used me, but I’ll get my revenge. They’ll get whats coming to them.” She grinned.




For the rest of the night the five of them sat talking, each getting to know the other. Alex discovered that she had a lot in common with the two girls, they were just like here. She was surprised. Maybe going back to school would be better now she had new friends. The ball ended officially at midnight, with the group going up for the last dance. Soon all the guests began to leave, except for those who would be staying for the meeting later tonight.

Tonight Alexandra would be meeting Lord Voldemort. Tonight she had to choose between her old friends and family or her new ones, ones that she was just beginning to get to know. Pansy and Millicent had left to go to one of the guest suites whilst Alex got ready in her room. She slipped into the other dress that her mother had bought for her. Again it was a floor length piece of silk, this time in bottle green with silver diamonds dotting the waist. She left her hair as it was, switched her shoes and waited for her brother and Blaise to come get her.


Not long after, a knock on her door startled her out of her thoughts. She opened the door and smiled at them both.


“Ready?” Draco asked.






“Let’s go.” She smiled.















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Chapter 5: "You have no right!"
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The trio walked along the corridors, the meeting was to be in the formal dining room of Malfoy Manor. They walked into the room and took their seats, Alexandra between Draco and Blaise, and across from her parents. Whilst waiting for their Lord to arrive Alexandra’s thoughts turned to her decision, she knew she was making the right one, this was where she belonged.  A noise startled her out of her thoughts.




In the corner of the room sat Bellatrix, caged in a magic cell which she could not get out of and was currently yelling at her husband for not trying to help her. Lexy looked at her brother questioningly,









“I didn’t put her there, don’t look at me.” He defended himself.









“Miss Malfoy it was I who brought your Aunt up from the cells.” A quiet voice stated from behind her.









She whirled round in her chair to stare at the man behind her. Lord Voldemort had arrived.



He moved gracefully, around to the other side of the table, taking a seat between Lucius and Narcissa in the middle. His black cloak, moved snakelike as he glided across the floor, he was exactly as she remembered from the Ministry of Magic in fifth year, back when she was helping Harry, when she was unaware of his false friendship. At their master’s arrival all the guests abruptly straightened in their chairs, their utmost attention focused solely on him.









“My faithful followers, at first I was not sure as to why my presence was requested tonight at Malfoy Manor but now I must admit I am pleasantly surprised. Tonight we welcome one more to our midst, Alexandra Malfoy.” His voice was muted, but held the attention of all those gathered, Alexandra did a quick headcount and estimated 30 Death Eaters in total were here.



“But first, Alexandra, before you swear into my service, let me ask you a few things about yourself. Oh and we mustn’t forget Bella’s punishment either, I understand from Lucius, that you want to deal with her? Is that correct?” He asked.









“Yes my Lord. I want her to suffer as she allowed me to suffer.” Alex answered, not daring to look away from him.









“As you wish. Now tell me, how did you discover you were a Malfoy? And who were you before you changed?” He asked.









“It was just over a week ago; I was packing my trunk as I was due to go to a friend’s house for the remainder of the holidays, when my mum asked to speak to me. When I got downstairs I found my parents sitting there with Mother, Father and Draco. Whilst they were speaking I started to feel quite odd, and after a few minutes the pain stopped and I looked as I do now.” She explained waving a hand in front of herself briefly “I know what you’re thinking, why would I just go off with the Malfoy’s? Notorious Death Eaters? The answer is quite simple really. I wanted a new start; I didn’t fit in in my old life. Now I feel like I have true friends and family.” She hung her head, afraid she had said too much.









“Interesting... very interesting. And so your parents had adopted you from Lucius and Narcissa?” He already knew the answer but he wanted the girl to tell the others.









“No my Lord. I was kidnapped when I was barely a month old, and taken from my family. I was taken because the women who took me wanted to raise me herself to become like her, and to be a protégée for you. But she could not look after me and so left me with another family, whilst implanting false memories within my parents so they would not suspect a thing...”She paused, weighing her next words carefully,



“Bellatrix Lestrange did not think she would get caught out. But Bellatrix Lestrange did not realise one thing. I am the smartest witch of my age, whether I look like my old self, Hermione Granger, or my new, and in my opinion improved self, Alexandra Malfoy.”





At Alexandra’s words the watching death eaters all began whispering to each other.









“GRANGER?!” Bellatrix shrieked from her cage, “Mudblood! Get out of my family’s house! You do not belong here!”









At this statement Alexandra leapt out of her seat and over to the cage in which her Aunt was in. “Don’t you dare speak to me you pathetic woman! You have no right! Because of you I lost out on seventeen years with my family! Because of you I’ve spent the last six years of my life in fake friendships being used just because I am smart! You have no say in what I do. And you had better shut up before I make you!” She threatened, grabbing her Aunt through the magical cage and twisting her face to make her look at her.









“Mudblood! Mudblood! Blood traitor! Filth! You should not be allowed near my master!” She chanted.









Alex whipped out her wand, the rest of the Death Eaters (Lucius with a proud smirk on his face, he knew his baby girl could look after herself) watched transfixed as Alex vanished the cage so Bella fell to the floor. “Crucio!” She shouted, she was furious. How dare this woman accuse her of being a traitor? This woman ruined most of her life; she deserved to be punished. Bella was hoisted up, withering and screaming in the air. Only her husband attempted to help her but stopped once Draco stood up and turned his wand upon him. Alex let her wand drop, and Bella fell to the floor with a loud smack.









“Now, you were saying? Or do I need to give you another taste of my anger?” She asked sweetly. Bella said nothing, but stood up shakily and walked to the door; with a hard look at Alex she exited the room.









Calmly and coolly Alex walked back to her seat and sat down, as if nothing out of the ordinary had just happened. Voldemort was impressed. He saw how much power the girl had held over her aunt, and he knew that was only her first time casting the spell. Lord Voldemort was thrilled, if the girl joined him, she and her brother would be his most prised possessions, the key to taking down Potter.









“Miss Malfoy that was some impressive spell work. Now onto more pressing matters. Before you changed, you were Potters best friend, correct?”









“Yes my Lord, but they were just using me; they wanted me to help them in their quest in figuring out and capturing and destroying your Horcruxes sir.” Alex thought it best to tell him everything she knew.









They know about the Horcrux’s. Voldemort was abruptly furious. How could Potter have discovered them?! They were supposed to be impossible to find!





The watching Death Eaters could see how angry their master was becoming and cowered silently in their seats.









“Miss Malfoy it seems its time to make your decision. Will you join me in my fight to rid our world of those of less importance, and most importantly eradicating Potter once and for all?” He asked, his voice tightly controlled.









This was it, the moment Alex had been waiting for all week.









“I will.”









“Then come, we must have you officially made a Death Eater. To the graveyard everyone!” Voldemort turned and in a swish of his cloak was gone, the rest of the Death Eaters followed, leaving the four Malfoy’s behind.









“Wow Lex you sure showed Aunt Bella!” Draco laughed, and hugged her.









“Yeah well she deserved it.”









“My darling we must go, we do not want to keep our Lord waiting. I am so proud of you.” Lucius told her.









“Take my arm, Lex. I’ll apperate us there.” Draco said.


















They landed in a deserted Graveyard, beside a large manor on a hill. Alexandra instantly knew where they were, this was the Graveyard in which Voldemort killed Cedric two years ago. This was where Lord Voldemort was reborn. Riddle Manor was behind them.









She took in the scene around her, the death eaters had gathered in a wide circle, with her in the centre. She shivered slightly, the air had a slight chill to it, and it was roughly two in the morning after all. She started as she felt someone slip a cloak around her shoulders, she turned her head to stare into Baise’s eyes, smiling softly in thanks, and he gave her shoulder a squeeze before walking back to his place in the circle.  









She turned back round, and was face to face with Lord Voldemort. When did he get here?! She thought.









“Right. Alexandra I need you to kneel before me.” He told her. She did so instantly.









“Alexandra Malfoy, do you swear to be loyal to me for the rest of your life? Do you swear to abandon your friendship with Potter and help me bring about his end?” He asked her.









“Yes my Lord I do.”









He began muttering in Latin, Alexandra being as smart as she was understood most of it. He was binding her to him, as he did with all his followers, so when he needed them they would know instantly and is able to reach him.









“Stand up.” He told her after a few minutes.









“Here, this is for you.” He handed her a beautiful necklace, it was pure silver, long enough to be hidden under robes, but it was a replica of the Dark Mark. She took it from him, thanking him over and over.






“All the Dark Daughters receive this necklace, whilst my Dark Sons get the mark. Through this necklace you will be able to reach me wherever you are and whenever I need you. If I call for you, you will feel it. Understand?” He told her.









“Yes my Lord.”









“My loyal followers we now welcome Alexandra Malfoy to our ranks!” He called. The death eaters in the circle cheered as Alexandra ran to her brother who wrapped her in a big hug, before she was pulled out of his arms and into her mother and fathers. Lucius had tears pouring down his face. He did not care he was showing emotion in public, he did not care if the others were laughing at him, he was so proud of his baby girl. He may have only had her back for a week so far, but there was no doubt about it, Alex was a daddy’s girl. Alex pulled out of her parents arms as her master began to speak.









“Well that shall be all for this evening. Draco, Alexandra, I request a meeting with you two privately before you both go back to school in two weeks. I shall inform you  of when I will arrive. You are all dismissed.” He disappeared.









Pansy and Millicent came and hugged Alex. Quickly they made plans to go to Diagon Alley and shop for their school supplies together, before they all separated and went back to their family homes.









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Chapter 6: "Kiss me Harry"
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The next few days after the initiation meeting and ball were relatively quiet for Alexandra and the Malfoy’s. Alex continued to practice her chaser skills whist Draco praised and criticised her, their parents continued doing whatever it was they did, Lucius with his various business meetings and Narcissa with her gardens. Not many people knew this, but the flower shop on Diagon Alley, “Clever Carnations” actually belonged to Narcissa. Lexy had taken to helping her mother out there on occasions. And on the last weekend of the holiday, two days before they were due to return to Hogwarts, Lexy was helping out before going to meet her new friends and Draco. Before she could leave however, the door to the shop opened. Alex glanced up from the flowers she was arranging only to be face to face with none other than Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley.






She just stared in shock. She wasn’t ready for this; this was not the right time to confront them, she was waiting for Hogwarts.  






“Hi. How can I help you?” She asked, forcing herself to sound polite.






Wow, she’s gorgeous. Where has she been all my life? Bet I could have her easily. Ron thought to himself.






“Umm hi. Do you know you look exactly like someone we go to school with?” Harry asked. He too was mesmerized by her beauty but he was also so besotted by Ginny Weasley that he knew nothing could happen between him and this mystery girl.






“Oh no? Really, who might that be?” She asked, playing along, giving them a playful smirk.






“Draco Malfoy.” He replied.






“Nope, sorry never heard of him. Anyway what was it that you were looking for?” She cut straight to the point wanting to go meet her friends, and get away from these morons.






“Oh yes. I’m looking for some everlasting roses please, for my fiancée. Well girlfriend, I plan on proposing soon.” He told her.






What?! We were still going out a month ago!! How dare he move on so quickly! How dare he even cheat on me in the first place!! Alexandra was furious.






“Why of course sir.” She smiled, all politeness, “How long have you and the lucky girl been together?” She asked.






“A year.” He boasted.






A year. A whole fucking year!! So we dated for a year and two months, technically we haven’t even broken up yet!!! Ohh I could murder him right now...Alex was so distracted with her thoughts she didn’t notice they were trying to get her attention.






“Ohh I’m sorry, here these would be perfect for her.” She grabbed the roses from beside her; they were very pretty, changing colour to whatever the beholders favourite was.






“We’ll take them. Ginny is going to love these Ron.”






“Yeah mate, you know she will say yes. You two are perfect for each other.”






“Right so that will be thirty nine Galleons and twelve Sickles please.” Whilst they boys paid and Alex wrapped the flowers carefully, an idea formed in her mind, quickly checking to see that they were still busy getting out the money, Alex drew her wand and muttered a few choice words.






There that should show them. She smirked to herself. Alex had cast a jinx on the flowers, when they reached the hands of Ginny Weasley they would cause her to erupt in the most dreadful rash, which without the correct anti-jinx would last indefinitely, and get worse over time. Draco had taught it too her, he had used it on Filch once in third year.






“Thank you very much. Have a good day.” She told them as they left.






As soon as the door shut behind them she let out all the curses and swear words she possibly knew in every language she could speak (French, Italian, Spanish, and German to name a few). She was livid. She glanced at her watch; she was late to meet her friends! She ran out the shop, wand waving behind her locking the place up as she dashed towards Flourish and Blotts.






“Hey guys I’m so sorry I’m late. I had a bit of a run in with Potter and Weasley at the shop.” She told them as she tried to catch her breath.






“What?! Lexy are you alright? Did they hurt you?!” Draco asked, grabbing his sister and checking for cuts and bruises on her face and arms.






“No no I’m fine. It’s nothing like that. Come on lets go to the Ice Cream shop and I’ll explain.” She said.






Once seated and happily munching away at their various ice cream desserts, the four gathered around Alexandra. As she finished her story, her friends were all furious, Draco especially. Although they were proud of her trick with the flowers, Blaise told her she was a true Slytherin, making her blush.






“Nobody gets away with treating you like that Lexy, you are a Malfoy! They need to be taught some respect!” He insisted.






“Yeah Lex you can’t let them treat you like this.” Millicent told her.






“I know. I think I have an idea... What if Hermione was to make an appearance? You know, give them a little message?” She suggested.






“Brilliant!” Blaise clapped his hands.






“Yeah. But I thought you wanted to save the big reveal for Hogwarts though sis?” Draco was puzzled.






“I do, this will just confuse them even more. I want to embarrass them in front of the Great Hall so everyone knows what they are truly like. And if I’m Hermione for the rest of today, then at least I can get more dirt on them. Plus find out about the Order, since obviously, I am no longer a member.” She told them.






“Okay so how about this, you go change into the Mudblood, then when Potter and the Weasel walk by, I’ll start a fight with you?” Draco said.






“Okay sounds like a plan.” She agreed.






“Hurry though Lexy, they are coming now!” Pansy ushered her to the door.






Not a moment later, Hermione Granger exited the shop with Draco Malfoy following behind her.






“Get ready.” He whispered, winking at her, she smirked back at him.






“Oi! Mudblood, fancy seeing you here! You should probably leave though, we wouldn’t want your filth contaminating the place, and infecting us Purebloods.” He shouted.






“Leave me alone Malfoy, you insensitive prat!” She yelled, fake tears threatening to overspill down her pretty face.






Harry and Ron were at her side immediately having heard the commotion. They didn’t really want to go stick up for her, but they had to keep up appearances.






“Hey leave my girlfriend alone you ferret!” Harry told him, wrapping an arm around Alex’s waist possessively.






“Oh Harry, can we go please? I haven’t seen you in ages; can we go back to yours?” She cuddled into him turning her back on her brother.






“Sure babe. Hey Ron, me and Mione are gonna go back to Grimmauld Place. Can you take these for me?” He handed him the bags, not noticing Alexandra winking at her friends, telling them that she had a plan.






“Ready babe?”






“Yeah let’s go.”









They arrived in Harry’s bedroom at Grimmauld Place; Harry dragged Alex over to his bed and sat her down.






“Hermione, babe, are you alright? Just ignore Malfoy. He’s an arse; once we find the Horcruxes we will get our revenge on all of them okay?”He thought he was soothing her.






“Oh Harry, you’re so amazing. I’m so glad we are together. I’ve missed you over the holidays.” The words burned like acid on Lexy’s tongue but she knew she needed to say it to get him to trust her.






“Kiss me Harry.” She told him, pulling him on top of her. This was not the Hermione that he knew from before summer, the one that he was using for her brains. This one was more adventurous, hotter, maybe he would carry on his fling with her and Ginny at the same time. Lowering himself onto her he did as she asked.






Ginny Weasley was sitting at the kitchen table in the Burrow waiting for her brother and boyfriend to come back. She glanced at the letter in her hand for the hundredth time, it was from Hermione, but it didn’t seem like Hermione had written it, she was never snappy with them. In fact she was far too trusting. Ginny gave a harsh laugh. Yeah she’s so innocent and goody goody, I bet she’s never even gotten laid before. She’s nothing compared to me. Im the one who has Harry Potter for a boyfriend, not her. Well she won’t as soon as we get back to Hogwarts... Yeah I’ll get Harry to dump her publicly, in front of everyone! That would be brilliant.



As she grinned to herself she heard a faint pop, followed by the front door opening and closing. Loud footsteps told her it was her brother entering the kitchen.



“Hey Gin.” Ron said putting his and Harry’s school supplies on the table and grabbing a Butterbeer from the cupboard.



“Where’s Harry?” She asked.



“Uhhh...” Oh no! She’s gonna go mental on me!  Ron panicked.



“Uhh he’s with Hermione.”



“He’s what?!” her voice was a deadly whisper. Ron knew it was time to leave. He got up from the table.



“Where are they?” She demanded.



“Grimmauld Place.”



“That slut! I’ll fucking kill her!” She yelled. Grabbing her wand from the table she ran out the door and disappeared.






Alex and Harry were so absorbed in what they were doing that they didn’t hear the bedroom door burst open or see the red headed figure storm in, wand at the ready.






 “What the FUCK is going on in here?!” Ginny Weasley screamed.






Harry quickly rolled off Alex and grabbed his jeans trying to explain himself.



“I...Ginny...I” He stuttered.






“Ohh Harry babe, you don’t need to explain anything, to her I mean, we have been dating for over a year you know, it’s what couples do.” Alex asked, stroking Harry’s arm and working to hide her smirk as she looked at Weaselette whose face was becoming steadily redder by the second. Her and Harry hadn’t actually had sex (unlike others in the room, she was not a blood traitor) but Ginny didn’t need to know that of course.






“You...You...!” Ginny could barley control herself.






“Something wrong?”  






“Slut!” She screeched.






“What? Am I not allowed to fuck my boyfriend?” Alex asked, boy was she enjoying this.






“Not when he’s my boyfriend you bitch!” Ginny yelled.






“Sorry but I think you are mistaken. Harry you wouldn’t ever cheat on me would you?” She gazed at him innocently, whilst pointing her wand at him at the same time.






“Mione, I would never do that. I love you.” He said, coming to sit beside her on the bed.






Ginny stormed out the room and apperated back to her house too furious to speak. 






“So Harry, tell me everything. What have I missed this summer? Are we any closer to finding the Horcruxes?”






“Well......” Harry launched into his story and Alex made sure to pay strict attention to him, listening to every detail should something help her in her quest to defeat him. Soon the sky was beginning to get dark by the time Harry had finished.






“Wow that’s a lot. I’m hungry want to go get something to eat?” She asked, suggest the Burrow, the Burrow!






“We could always go back to the Burrow?” Harry hesitated, knowing how the Weasley’s apart from Fred and George hated her, along with several order members, including him.






“Sure, let’s go!”












The two arrived at the Burrow just in time for Mrs Weasley’s famous roast pie and Alex went straight to work, flattering her, winding up Ginny and quizzing Kingsley on anything Harry had left out. By the time she had finished talking with him, the others, (Ron, Ginny and Harry) had disappeared upstairs. She quickly left Kingsley and crept up the stairs to Ron’s bedroom and paused to listen.






“Dude why the hell would you go fuck that troll?!” Ron silently yelled at Harry.






“I didn’t! She just said that!” He insisted,






“Yeah right, I found you lying on top of her with you jeans on the floor and her in a bra and thong!” Ginny said.






“Look nothing happened I swear. You know I would never touch her, she’s disgusting! Putting up with her for the last six years has been awful, honestly! But just think once we maker her get You Know Who’s Horcruxes she’ll be gone quicker than you can disapparate.” He told them.






“Hey you guys have had it easy. You haven’t had to act girly with her all the time; listening to her moaning about the two of you when you don’t do your homework and how she hated that you were with Lavender but then she secretly liked you Harry.”






“Ughh as if I could ever like her. Don’t make me sick!” He fake gagged, making the other two laugh, Ginny had instantly forgiven Harry, she knew that Hermione was nothing compared to her.






Alex stood outside the door, tears pouring down her cheeks. She had heard enough; she turned on the spot and disapparated to Malfoy Manor.












Draco was quietly reading in the Library, patiently waiting for his sister to return when she appeared in front of him, back in her rightful form, and immediately collapsed on the floor sobbing. Throwing his book aside he ran to her;






“Lexy what happened?! Did they do anything to you?!” He asked.






“Oh Draco, I’ve been such a fool. How could I have fell for their fake friendship? I thought we were friends, you should have heard what they were saying about me! They hate me; they only wanted me for my brains! I feel so betrayed!” She sobbed.






Draco said nothing, just letting her cry it out and rubbed her lower back in small soothing movements, waiting for her to calm down. Eventually her sobs quietened and she sat up, smoothing her hair back and straightening her clothes.






“I’m sorry about that Draco. You shouldn’t have had to see that.”






“Lexy, I’m your brother, if you’re upset I want you to come to me. We are twins after all.” He smiled at her, gaining a small one in return.






“I’m fine now I promise. I am not going to waste anymore time thinking about their fake friendship. From now on, Hermione Granger is dead, long gone. There is just me; Alexandra Lee Malfoy, and I am going to help the Dark Lord get Potter.”






“Speaking of him, he has requested a meeting with us tomorrow, the night before we return to Hogwarts. He expects us at Riddle Manor at 8:00, so be ready for then okay? Draco kissed her cheek and went off to bed.












As Alexandra packed her school stuff, her friends had kindly gotten it for her today whist she was busy, she realised that what she had said earlier was true. She no longer needed Potter and the others. From now on, she would always and forever be a Malfoy, and she was more than happy with that.






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Chapter 7: Time For School
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Alexandra awoke the next morning smiling brightly. Tomorrow she would return to Hogwarts, for her final year. And as Head Girl! She let out a squeal of excitement as she jumped out of bed and immediately called for Bubbly for some breakfast.  The day passed in a blur, with Alex doing her usual going back to school routine, her life may have completly changed but there were still some habits that couldn’t be broken. Soon her mother was knocking on her door reminding her that it was time to get ready for her meeting with the Dark Lord and her brother.



She leapt up from her sofa throwing the book she was reading aside. How could she forget?! Honestly sometimes she just got so lost in the books, time seemed to just stop, but of course it didn’t, also she was a Witch, so if she wanted too, she could probably make time stop.




She dressed in the fitting scarlet dress her mother had picked out along with some red killer heels and fixed her hair so that it flowed down her back in luscious curls. Her brother matched her in a tuxedo with a deep blood red tie. They looked the perfect pair.



They arrived at Riddle Manor at precisely 8o’clock. A house elf wordlessly led them to the dining hall where they waited in silence. Alexandra was excited, but also anxious to find out what the Dark Lord wanted from them.




Just as Draco was beginning to mutter to himself about being made to wait, the double doors at the end of the room swung open. Lord Voldemort was ready to see them. Instantly they both stood up and bowed (Draco) and curtsied (Alex) to him.




“Sit sit. I have no use for you standing.” Both dropped to their seats instantly.




“Now my plan is for you two to continue as normal when you go back to school, Alex you are not to let anyone know you are a member of my dark daughters, I want that kept a secret which we can reveal later on. However I know you want to tell Potter who you were, that I have no issues with. But what I want you to do is play on your new looks, if I know Potter, and I do, he will not be able to resist you. Also go for the twins, they are a weaker target. Find out their secrets, weaken them, have fun with it.



Now Draco I want you to support your sister in her new role, make sure that she is not harmed or suspected. I also have a job for you. Although I detest saying it, the ridiculous Dumbledore’s Army that Potter and your sister had started in their fifth year was an interesting idea; of course their reasoning behind it was horrendous. Therefore I want you, Draco, to start up your own army, full of the worthiest purebloods, and train them in the finest of dark arts. Draco this is a hard challenge but I believe that together you and your sister are the keys to my success. Do you accept my tasks?”




Draco and Alex had listened very carefully. Both thinking it over in their heads, Alex could already picture the wonderful opportunities to wind up the Wesley’s especially Ginny, her ex-best friend. Draco already knew what spells he would teach first; finally this was a chance to prove himself!



They looked at each other, Draco nodded;



“Yes Sir, we accept your tasks. Thank you.” Alex told him.



“Excellent excellent. Well I believe that is all unless you have anything you wish to tell me?”




Now was Alex’s time to tell him and Draco what she heard when she was with the Weasel’s yesterday.



 “Actually my Lord. I do have something to tell you.” Alex hesitated; Draco stared at his sister, wondering what he didn’t know.



“Go on.”



“Well yesterday I was in Diagon Alley working at my mother’s shop when Potter and Weasley came in. I didn’t tell them who I was but when they left I met up with my brother and we decided to have some fun. I changed into back into Hermione and tricked Potter into taking me back to his house. Basically the Weaselette walked in on us, thought something was going on, and stormed out. I convinced Harry to take me back to the Burrow where I spoke to the order members and Kingsley. And, you are not going to like this...but” Alexandra took a deep breath. “They know a Horcrux is in Bella’s vault at Gringotts.”



“What?” Abruptly Voldemort was on his feet.



“I don’t know how! They just told me there had found out that one was in her vault and were looking into ways to get in a destroy it. And if I had any ideas that could help them, then they would be grateful. They weren’t sure what it actually was though, just said something small and belong to Huffelpuff.”



“Those buffoons! Damn you Albus Dumbledore! I thank you for telling me this Alexandra, keep an ear out for anything more you understand? Now it is time for you to leave, I have things to do.” He swept from the room, leaving the Malfoy’s sitting in silence before a house elf showed them out.







The last day of the holidays had arrived. As Alexandra re-checked her room for roughly the hundredth time, she couldn’t help thinking how much her life had changed in the course of a few short months. Finding out she was adopted, going from muggle born to pureblood and a pureblood daughter of the Malfoy’s no less. However, as she picked up her trunk and shut her bedroom door, she knew she wouldn’t change it for anything.




“Draco! Hurry up I want to leave now!” She yelled up the stairs to her brother.



A pop beside her nearly made her drop her trunk.






“Oh stop your moaning, I’m here! Well what are you waiting for? I thought you wanted to leave?” He smirked, before following their parents into the carriage.






Kings Cross Station hadn’t changed at all, getting through the barrier was easy enough and soon their trunks were loaded and it was time to say goodbye to their parents.



“Well, goodbye son, have a good term and take care of your sister now.” Lucius said, shaking his sons hand before hugging him briefly.



“Take care now baby, write often and we’ll see you at Christmas.” Narcissa said taking her son into her arms. Draco nodded, said goodbye and went on the train, allowing his sister time to say her goodbyes.



“Well princess, this is it. How are you feeling?” Lucius asked.



“Excited of course! Finally I get to be myself at Hogwarts.” She replied.



“Well have a good term darling and if anyone at all gives you hassle you just let me know alright?” He hugged her again.



“Yes daddy. And don’t worry mother, I’ll write, even if Draco forgets.” She said.



“Oh sweetheart, I’ll miss you. Have fun now.” Narcissa hugged her daughter and Alex followed her brother onto the train into their compartment.






“So, Draco, ready for quidditch to begin?” Blaise asked his best friend.



“Yeah mate the team this year should be really good, Alex is going to try out aren’t you sis?” He questioned Alexandra who was sitting gossiping with Pansy and Millicent.



“What? Oh yeah, thought I’d give it a shot. You know, just another thing for me to beat Potter at.” She responded with a laugh.



“Hey I wonder where that lot are, we normally get a visit from them every train ride” Pansy said.



“Oh yeah, well I’m not complaining. I don’t want to be put off my dinner by seeing their faces.” Blaise said stretching back in his seat, while the others laughed.






Hogwarts soon came into sight as the carriages rounded the corner, and for the final time, Alexandra got her first sight of the castle after the summer again. It always had and always would take her breath away every time she saw it.




“Hey Draco, what do you think will happen once I get inside? Do you think they will sort me like some first year?” She asked.




“Probably. I imagine that they will sort the first years then call you up.”




“I better be in Slytherin. I’ve had enough of being a common Gryffindor. Ugh, red and gold, what a horrible match of colours.” She shuddered.




“Don’t worry sis, after this summer, you are most definitely a Slytherin.” He assured her.




“Guys time to get out.” Millicent said, opening the carriage door.






Alexandra could hear the chatter from the hall from behind the golden doors. Professor McGonagall had just called out the final name to be sorted so Alex knew she was next. The double doors swung open, and she began to walk.



She could feel the eyes on her straight away. Jealous glaring eyes from the girls, staring at her luscious curls flowing down around her back. And the lusting eyes from the boys. She knew she looked good, she liked making an entrance. Two pairs of eyes felt particularly strong: Potters and Weasel’s.




“Oi mate, that’s the girl who sold us the flowers.” Ron whispered to Harry.


“Yeah. She’s pretty hot too.” He replied.




Alex ignored the mutters and continued to walk to the front of the hall before sitting down on the stool beside McGonagall.



“Everyone, we have a new student this year, starting her seventh and final year at Hogwarts this year. May I introduce you all, to Alexandra Malfoy.”



Glancing up to look at the hall in front of her, catching Ron and Harry’s horror struck faces in the stunned silence. It was all Alex could do not to laugh.



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Chapter 8: A New Home?
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The sorting hat came down upon Alex’s head blocking out the mutterings that had started since Professor McGonagall had said her name.



“Hmm another Malfoy? Well that’s unexpected. Where have you come from?” The hat questioned.  



“I was kidnapped as a child. Now I’m back where I belong.”



“Interesting... Now where shall I put you? Your bravery tells me that you would make an interesting Gryffindor. “Alex shuddered at the hats words.



“But your cunning, your deviousness, ability to lie and scheme as well as being loyal to your friends make you a perfect Slytherin. You belong with the rest of your family.” Alex breathed a sigh of relief. Although it had said she would be in Slytherin on her Hogwarts letter, the school still had to be sure and sort her anyway.



The hat was silent a while more before shouting: “SLYTHERIN!” Cheers erupted from the left side of the hall where the Slytherin’s sat. Alexandra stood up, dropped the hat and gracefully walked over to her brother and her friends who hugged her whilst still cheering. None of them seemed to notice the two angry boys from Gryffindor staring at the happy group that is, until Alexandra turned round, saw them and winked.






For Alexandra and her friends the meal passed quickly what with Draco introducing her to the others in the Slytherin house, including Pansy’s cousins Daphne Greengrass and her sister Astoria. Alex could already tell that she and Daphne would not get along, Astoria however, she liked.



Soon their desserts had finally disappeared leaving the plates shining and Dumbledore stood up to begin his yearly speech.



“Welcome, welcome back ladies and gentlemen. Now I know from the many gasps I heard when you entered the hall you had not expected to see me this year, owing to the fact you all saw me at the bottom of the astronomy tower last year, quite dead shall I say. Well I’m not dead as you can clearly see, let’s just say it was necessary for that to happen and I am infact quite well. So on with the usual announcements then. The forbidden forest is still forbidden of course, hence the name, to all those who wish to continue with their studies at Hogwarts. We are living in dark and dangerous times; I will not lie to you. Lord Voldemort has returned and so I beg you to act with the utmost care and therefore stay away from the dark forest. Mr Filch once again informs me of the list of all banned products, most of them being Weasley Wizarding Wheezes products. Now I am delighted to welcome two new teachers to our school this year. Your new Defence Against the Dark Arts Teachers, yes two of them: Mr’s Fred and George Weasley!” Dumbledore shouted to the stunned hall.



Suddenly a great bang erupted and purple smoke filled the hall in which two brilliant figures appeared in the middle of, wearing bright orange suits to support their matching hair.



The hall erupted into shouts and cries of happiness and Alexandra saw Ron and Harry’s surprised faces before they too started cheering and welcoming the two brothers. Alexandra’s mind however was already wheeling with ideas; this was the perfect opportunity to get to the brothers! She turned her attention back to the headmaster who had begun to speak again.



“Yes yes welcome boys! Now those of you who are curious and most likely worried about where you pranking supplies will come from if the twins are here, well owing to their being two of them, they will split their time, each covering classes and splitting their time between their businesses. Now onto another announcement, this year it was extremely hard to decide who your new heads of houses are but we have come to the decision, your new head boy: BLAISE ZABINI and your head girl ALEXANDRA MALFOY! Congratulations!”



The Slytherin table exploded with cheers whilst the other three tables sat in shocked silenced. Ron and Harry were furious, so was Ginny Weasley.



‘How dare they make her head girl she’s not even pretty! Honestly I better get head girl next year. Just as well Granger never got it. Come to think of it where is she?’ The red headed girl thought.



“Mate this is ridiculous! What is he playing at making two scummy Slytherin’s heads?!” Ron ranted.



“I dunno mate but I tell you what, I want to find out why that Malfoy girl lied about being Malfoy’s sister.”



Dumbledore started talking again, “Well that is the end of the welcoming feast everyone! If you could all proceed to your dorms and no wondering thank you. However would all seventh years and Ginny Weasley please stay back? Thank you.” He sat down and the younger years began to leave the hall chatting amongst themselves.



The others walked towards Dumbledore wondering what he could possibly be talking about.



“Hey Harry, hey Ron.”



“Alright Neville?”



“Yeah good thanks. Hey where’s Hermione, I didn’t see her earlier on?” He asked.



“Oh yeah. Not sure actually, we haven’t seen her since she came to mine for dinner in the holidays.” Ron shrugged.



“Oh okay then.” Neville moved away.



“Hey she better be alright you know. Not that I care about her, but we need her.” Ron muttered to Harry.



“Yeah I know what you mean.” He replied.



By now they were all standing in front of their Headmaster.



“I know you are all wondering why I have called you up here. I have decided in order to promote new house unity in these darkened times you are no longer going to be living your own dormitory there is a new seventh year dormitory and common room which you will all share. Boys will have their own room whilst girls will also share. Head boy and girl you will each get your own rooms beside the others.”



“But sir! We cannot possibly be expected to share with those slimy snakes.” Harry protested.



“As if we want to share with you and your Mudblood friends Potter.” Alexandra spat.



“Hermione’s not here actually.” He smirked.



“Oh really? Where is Miss Granger then?” Dumbledore asked.



“Em we’re not sure sir, the last time we saw her was two days ago when we met her in Diagon Alley.” Harry said.



“Hmm. Well I will send someone to look for her.” The headmaster mused.



“Umm excuse me sir, but why am I here? I’m not a seventh year.” Ginny asked, wanting to stop talking about that bitch Hermione.



“Oh right yes. Miss Weasley, having conversed with Professor McGonagall we have decided that we think you are capable of graduating this year instead of next, and so if you pass the test in a week’s time, then you will become a full time seventh year. Are you agreeable with this?”



“Yes! Of course sir!” she squealed.



“Oh grow up little girl.” Alexandra muttered to her friends.



“What was that?” Ginny had overheard the blonde.



“Oh nothing.” Alex smiled sweetly.



“I think you said something.” Ginny challenged.



“Oh yeah?” Alex stepped forward so she was in the younger girls face. “And what would that be?”



“Enough! See this is why the new dormitory is such a good idea; you all need to work to get along. Now Professor McGonagall will show you to your new home for the year. Goodnight.” He vanished.



“Right follow me.”



Professor McGonagall led them up several flights of staircases and along several corridors before stopping in front of a portrait of the Hogwarts symbol. Turning to the students she said;



“Your new password is Quidditch. It will last a month and so the night before the start of each month you must remember to change your password and make sure it is one you all agree on. When you enter the girls are up the stairs to the right and the boys on the stairs to the left. Alexandra yours is the door next to the stairs whilst Blaise yours is on the other side. Each dorm room is equipped with its own personal bathroom, although boys you will share and girls you will also have to share. Heads you have your own. There is also a small kitchen and dining room down the corridor along with another bathroom and also a small library.” At this Alexandra’s eyes brightened, causing Ron’s to narrow in suspicion.



“You will also have a team of two house-elves, Dobby and Pringle, they are both free elves and are paid and so please be polite to them. Well I think that is all, please prepare for lessons tomorrow and goodnight. Enjoy your new home.” She left them to it.



“Quidditch.” Draco stepped forward. The portrait swung open and the Slytherin marched in ahead of the others.



“Wow.” the seventh years stopped and started at their new home. It was impressive to say the least. Each wall represented the colours of the four different houses and they blended together perfectly. There were study tables off to one side with the fire and sofas all together on the other, and some bookshelves dotted around the room.



Immediately the Huffelpuff’s and Ravenclaws departed to the separate dormitories leaving the group of Slytherin’s and Gryffindors together in the room.



“So Malfoy. Why did you lie to us when we saw you in the shop?” Harry asked.



“Oh please Potter, why should I have to tell you who I am? We’re not friends and never will be.” Alexandra responded.



“As if I would want to be friends with you.” He laughed.



“Oh please, you wish.”



“So where’s the Mudblood?” Draco asked.



“Why do you care?” Ron retorted.



“Shut it weasel. I don’t care I just wondered how you two function without her.”



“Well I don’t think she will be coming back here anytime soon.”



“Awww shame, I mean wont you miss your little girlfriend?” Alexandra asked.



“Please I’m with Ginny now.” Harry said.



“Well who has she not been with. I mean come on she’s a slut. Everyone knows that you were seeing her behind Grangers back. It was so obvious. But you obviously played her like a fool.” Alexandra said.



“How dare you you bitch!” Ginny stepped forward.



“Try it and you will regret it.” Alex sneered at her.



“How do you know all this? You just showed up here.” Harry demanded



“Oh please.” Alex flopped onto one of the couches. “I’ve spent the summer catching up with my brother and all my friends, a girl can learn a lot in a short space of time.”



“So where were you before?”



“Dude why are we even talking to these losers?” Ron interrupted.  



“Losers? Take a look in the mirror and then you’ll see a loser” Blaise snorted.



“Guys enough!” Pansy said, “Look I don’t know about you but I have had a long day and would like to get some sleep before classes start tomorrow. So goodnight.” She hugged Alex quickly before walking up the stairs.



“Same here. I can’t stand the smell in here anymore.” Alex hugged her three friends then walked to her door; she could hear the common room emptying behind her. Soon it was just her and Blaise left.



“Hey.” He called her over.






“I hope you’re okay after all their questioning. I know it must be horrible to see your ex with someone else and having to live practically with them as well. Just try not to let it get to you okay?” He lightly brushed a soft curl away from her face.



“I’m fine. I can handle myself now. Plus, Harry and I were nothing, and pretty soon Ginny will get what she deserves. But... thanks for being here for me. It really helps to have someone I can trust.”



“No problem Lex. I’m here, anytime. Now get some rest, big day ahead tomorrow.” He smiled before kissing her softly on the cheek and entering his room.



Alex walked in a daze back over to her door, giving a random password of “hot chocolate” as that was what she really wanted at that moment of time (she would change it to a more appropriate password in the morning). Not looking around her room, she slowly undressed into her silk green top and shorts to sleep in whilst thinking about what had just happened.



Had anything happened though? She thought. He was just being friendly, after all I’m his best friend’s sister, and Draco would kill him if we started! Where did that come from? Honestly. She shook her head, trying to get forbidden thoughts from her head, her and Blaise together, walking hand in hand, talking, laughing... No Alexandra! Now is not the time! You need sleep. You can think all you want in the morning. She told herself.



And with that, she crawled into her bed, switched the lights of and fell into a deep peaceful sleep.

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Chapter 9: Defence Against the Dark Arts
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Alex woke up the next morning to an unfamiliar room surrounding her. Of course! She was in the new dorm! Her room, she now noticed was almost a replica of her one back home, except the walls were green and silver with flecks of purple throughout, and a deep wooden floor. It was a large room with a study desk situated in the corner in front of the large bay windows that opened onto a balcony. Sofas crowded round one corner and then she had her bathroom, which as she opened the door, also followed the green/silver theme; it had a huge Jacuzzi bath, along with a walk in shower. Her walk in wardrobe was also a good size for all her clothes and accessories. Overall Alexandra was more than satisfied with her room. Being a Malfoy and head girl certainly did have its perks she mused.

Quickly she had a shower, and then spent ages trying to decide what to wear. Seventh years were given the privilege of being allowed to wear normal clothes to lessons. Formal wear was only for important feasts/ and dances. Eventually she settled on some tight denim skinny jeans, some black heels and a fitted green silk top. She left her hair down, so that it flowed down her back in silky curls, grabbing her book bag and sticking her wand in her pocket, Alex was good to go for breakfast.

Lucky for her there was only a few others in the common room, Terry Boot and Luna Lovegood from Ravenclaw (Luna had also been moved up like Ginny). Alex nodded and smiled at them both, before remembering that they were not her friends anymore. Terry glared whilst Luna however, to Alex’s shock smiled back. Alex walked out the room.

When she entered the great hall all talking immediately stopped as the four tables turned to look at her, giving them a smile and a wink she walked to the Slytherin table and sat next to Pansy.

“Morning.” She smiled.

“Ughh.” Pansy moaned.


“How can you be so cheery at this time in the morning?!”

Alex laughed at her friend, “I had a good sleep I guess.” She smiled softly, thinking back to her conversation with Blaise.

“Oh lucky you. I couldn’t sleep because that bloody Gryffindor girl Lavender kept snoring all night. Eventually I just put a silencing charm up it was so bad!” Pansy moaned, whilst buttering another slice of toast.

“Oh I remember that! It was awful! Alex laughed again, reaching for an apple.

“Miss Malfoy here is your schedule, and I would like to see you and Mr Zabini in my office tonight after dinner at 9pm.” Professor McGonagall told her, handing her a sheet of parchment.

“Of course Professor.” She replied.

“Oooh! Let me see if we have the same classes.” Pansy said, as the rest of their group came and joined them,

“Oh defence first, ugh we’re with the stinking Gryffindor’s though! Charms, then lunch, then free and then potions! Not a bad day!” Alex said, finishing her apple and standing up.

“Where are you going?” Draco asked.

“Defence, got a plan I want to test out.” She winked at him, leaving the rest of the group staring after her in confusion, before turning to Draco for an explanation.

“Don’t look at me!” He shrugged.

They stared at him for another moment before turning back to their breakfasts.


Alex walked quickly to the defence classroom, peeping through the door she saw that the room was empty. Opening it quietly, she slid in, before closing it softly behind her.

“Can I help you?” A voice said from behind her.

She spun round.

“Oh, no, just thought I would get to class early Professor.” She smiled sweetly at him.

He cleared his throat. “Well please take a seat Miss…?”


“Ahh the long lost sister of Draco Malfoy?” He smirked at her.

“Yes, do you know him well?” She questioned.

“Not really, my brother hates him though.” Fred laughed.

“Oh yes, your brother is Ron Weasley? Friends with Harry Potter and Hermione Granger?”

“Wow doesn’t take someone long to catch up does it?” He asked.

“Oh I’m just curious, they seemed to take a dislike to me and my brother when they saw us together…” She let the words drift.

“That’s because you two are on the dark side! No! Wait, excuse me that was inappropriate of me, I cannot comment on my students activities.” He apologised, his face slowly getting redder as she watched him.

Alex continued to stare at him, “Don’t bother apologising. We both know you want to join our side.”  Fred stared at her shocked before turning and entering his office closing the door behind him… what did he want? Could he betray his family? He and George had been getting rather frustrated with everyone and the Order, especially Harry and Ron’s inflated attitudes...but they were still family, weren’t they?

“Oh merlin! I can’t think about this now! I have a class to teach!”

Meanwhile, Alex was sitting contemplating Fred’s reaction to her statement she hadn’t known that at all, but Fred’s reaction gave her an idea. Now that she had planted the seeds of doubt in his head, it wouldn’t take that much more for him to turn to their side…she hoped.

She felt someone sit themselves at the seat next to her, looking up she saw Pansy.

“Hey, did I miss anything after I left breakfast?”

“Not much… although Potter gave Weasley the charmed flowers you sold them, just wait till she comes in! It’s hilarious!”

“Really?! Oh I wish I could have seen her reaction!”

“It was hysterical.” Draco said from behind them, with Blaise beside him.

“Yeah, he gave them too her, was about to get down on one knee and all of a sudden her face went purple with red spots and she started shrieking! Everyone was in hysterics!” He chuckled.

Just then the door opened again, with the last of the students coming in and behind them, Potter and Wesley were both crowded around a very upset looking Ginny Weasley. The only seats left were at the front, in front of Alex, Pansy and Millicent. Ginny turned round to glare at Alex as she walked past, she was suspicious of her, Alex however, never noticed the glare, she was crying with laughter as she caught a close up sight of the girls face.

“Ignore them Gin,” Harry said, “We’ll get to the bottom of this tonight.”

Once the class were seated, the office door opened and out stepped their new teacher.

“Well class I’m sure most of you know me and my brother…Ginny what happened to your face?!” He blurted.

Immediately the whole class turned to stare,

“Fred!” She squeaked, ducking her head so people couldn’t stare.  

“Right, moving on.” He coughed.

“So as I was saying, I and my brother George will be overseeing you for the next year, after that, who knows what will happen. So, I’m Fred, no need for Professor in this class room. Right so I will have you guys Monday through Wednesday then my brother will overtake for Thursdays and Friday! I think that’s most of the official business done. Any questions?”

Alex raised her hand, “Yes, miss Malfoy?”

“I was just wondering, Professor, sorry, Fred, if that means that you and your brother will be covering different topics then?”

*that sounds like a question Hermione would ask, Fred thought.*

“Good question, Miss Malfoy. Yes, I will be covering the necessary topics in order to help you get through a violent situation for example what curses and spells to use in each situation, my brother… well I’ll leave that for him to discuss.” He trailed off with a wink at the class.

“So onto it then! I want you to pair up…actually I will put you into pairs. Hmm let’s see; Mr Potter and Mr Zabini, Miss Malfoy with Miss Weasley, Mr Malfoy with Mr Weasley, Greengrass with Goyle, Parkinson with Lovegood, and Bulstrode with Longbottom… Now no dangerous spells lets go for the simple jelly legs one okay? Take turns.” He settled back onto his desk to watch his students get to it. Fred couldn’t believe that they were actually listening to him. When Dumbledore had owled and asked him and George to come visit and asked them if they wanted a teaching role, he thought that it was a big joke! But, after talking it through, the boys agreed that it sounded like a laugh, and that the extra money couldn’t be a bad thing.

Meanwhile, Alex was about to teach Ginny a lesson.

“Well come on then! Show me what you can do!” She taunted the red headed girl.

Ginny’s face contorted into one of anger and her stance changed, “Fine, but you asked for it…Impedimenta!” She yelled.

Alex never said anything, but with a flick of her wrist, Ginny was thrown back into the air and landed on the other side of the classroom. The class stopped what they were doing as Ron and Harry ran over to her.

Turning round, “What did you do to my sister?” He yelled at her.

“Me? I didn’t do anything.” she smirked.

“I’m taking her to the hospital wing, she might have a concussion.” Harry said, picking her up and carrying her bridal style out of the room, Ron following close behind them.

“Maybe you could get them to do something about her face?” Alex called after them as the class erupted in laughter.

Alex watched her class mates gossip about what had just happened, thoughts swirled in her head, but as the class was called to attention one particular thought stuck out... it seems like Ginny Weasley isn’t as popular with the rest of the school as she thinks she is…

“Alright class, I think we will leave that where it is today, Miss Malfoy will you please stay behind. Class dismissed.” He called. The class began to file out, with Pansy and Millicent pausing to look at Alex;

“I’ll see you in Charms, save me a seat?” She said.

“Sure.” They left, closing the door behind them, leaving her alone with their teacher.

“What was that?” He stood facing her, staring at her.

“What was what?” She replied, in a perfectly innocent voice, raising one trimmed eyebrow at him.

“Don’t give me that young lady, you went after my sister…I mean Miss Weasley.” He corrected himself.

“Oh please Fred cut the teacher bullshit, and I never went “after her” as you put it, you gave us a task, she threw a spell at me so I defended myself.”

“Oi! Enough of that cheek! Look I’m not buying it, it’s obvious that there’s something going on between the four of you. What is it?”

“Maybe there is, maybe there isn’t. Just think over what I said earlier, I think you could be of great help to our cause.” She smirked at him before walking gracefully out the room, leaving him staring after her.

* In charms *

Alex walked in just as Professor Flitwick was beginning the lesson, sliding into her seat next to Pansy she sent him a quick apologetic smile.

“What happened? You took ages!” Pansy asked.

“Just gave him a few things to think over.” She winked at her friend.

“Wait.. you didn’t tell him…?” Pansy trailed off. Alex realising what her friend was hinting at, shook her head.

“No, I thought about it. But it’s not the right time.”

“The right time for what? What tricks are you Death Eaters planning now?” A voice interrupted. Alex turned slowly around to face him,

“Nothing that concerns you Potter… Now please butt out of our conversation. Thank you.” She turned away.

“I hope Fred punished you for what you did to Ginny.” He said loudly.

This time when she turned round, Alex was laughing, “Actually, he never mentioned a punishment at all.” She turned round again, laughing at the outraged looks on her two ex-best-friends faces.

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Chapter 10: Explosions
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Alex knew that there would be words between her and the new golden trio that evening, but for the rest of the day she enjoyed watching them continually glare at her and muttering to each other.

She spent the rest of her last first day back at Hogwarts, enjoying the time she had with her new friends. She discovered that Millicent and Theo had a thing for each other but nothing was official and she was pretty sure she knew who Pansy liked but she knew her brother was too blind to see it for himself… (she resolved to keep an eye on the situation).

It was only as Alex and the others walked into the Great Hall for dinner that they noticed that something was different, the hall was suspiciously quiet, particularly the Gryffindor table, with many of its occupants casting sympathetic looks towards Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley. What had happened?

Sitting down at the table Alex leaned over to a girl further down the table, Stacy Durkham, “What’s going on?”

“Apparently Dumbledore’s been searching for the Mudblood Granger since she hasn’t been seen for a while. No sign. Hopefully that means she won’t be coming back.” The girl gave a loud laugh.

“Hmm interesting…” Alex drew back to discuss this with her brother.

“What do you think?” She asked.

“I think its up to you when you tell everyone but make sure you embarrass the hell out of Potty and the Weasel okay?” He said.

“Don’t worry I will.” She smirked.

Dinner passed in a relatively boring manner, Alex was just contemplating the homework she already had when Professor Dumbledore stood up.

“Good evening students. I hope you have had a pleasant first day back, and are immersing yourselves in your studies,” His eyes roamed the room resting on a few specific students.

“Now I am sorry to say that we have a missing student, Miss Hermione Granger is missing from her home and hasn’t been seen since Diagon Alley a few days ago. We have been unable to reach her parents. Now if ANYONE has any information, no matter how simple the feel it may be, I urge you to come to me or any other member of staff. Goodnight.” He stepped down, and with a jester from his hand, swept from the room with Snape and McGonagall following.

Whispers began to break out over the great hall all at once, Alex could see several girls at the Gryffindor table in tears, clearly upset over the Gryffindor Princess vanishing. She scoffed silently, she had hardly said two sentences to the girls in her whole six years at Hogwarts, clearly they were just after attention. Suddenly Alex felt like she wanted to do something, something drastic…


*Harrys POV*

Dumbledore’s announcement made him irritated, now he would have to pretend to be distraught at the thought of Hermione missing. Not that wasn’t entirely unconcerned, however his priority was him needing her to help him find the Horcruxes.

His gaze swept the room, automatically looking at the Slytherin table to see what the snakes were up to, when he noticed a figure stand up on the table.

“Hey Ron,” He nudged his friend, “look over there…”

*Alex POV*

Alex had made up her mind, it was time to show just how vengeful she could be.

She cast a spell and the lights vanished in the Great Hall, shocked gasps escaped several of the students.

“Revealous” She pointed her wand at the wall and a floating screen appeared through which figures were talking sitting in a common room, it was similar to a pensieve but it was designed for everyone to see.


The whole Great Hall watched in hushed silence as Harry Potter, Ronald and Ginny Weasley sat in the Gryffindor common room and discussed Hermione Granger.

“When’s Hermione coming to yours again Ron?” Harry asked.

“Third week. This holiday is going to suck mate, we only have two good weeks before the annoying goody goody arrives and ruins it all.” He moaned.

*the scene changed to show a shocked and obviously hurt Hermione looking over the balcony before returning to the boys*

 “Awww man. Remind me why we let her hang around with us again?”

“Well one, Ginny would kill us if we just ditched her now, she thinks we should wait then ditch her at the most embarrassing moment. And, we need to use her to help find the you know what’s. Then after You Know Who’s gone, we ditch her. Simple!” Ron said then hi-fived Harry.

“Oh yeah good point Ron.”

“I can’t wait to see the look on her face when we ditch her, stupid Mudblood. Putting up with her for six years has been awful.” Ron laughed.

“Talking about Granger again?” Ginny asked, crossing the room to join them.

“How did you guess?” The guys laughed.  Harry grabbed her by the waist and pulled her to him before roughly kissing her. She pulled away to say,

“Because all you do is bitch about her.”

The screen faded to black and disappeared as the whole school exploded around a very shocked Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley. As everyone began gossiping about what they had just witnessed, the boys, oblivious to everything around them, could do nothing but stare straight ahead, at a young girl with white blonde hair, grey eyes and skin as pale as snow, who smirked right at them before disappearing out of sight.


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Chapter 11: Consequences
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The Great Hall continued to burst with chatter all gossiping about what they had just seen. Taking advantage of the chaos while the teachers tried to control the students, Ron and Harry’s eyes followed a flash of white blonde hair as left through the doors.

“Quick Ron, we need to catch that girl.” Harry said.

The boys sprinted to the doors pushing shocked people out of their way, they burst out into the hall, which was empty.

“Come on, she must have gone back to the common room.”

“Who must have gone back to the common room?” A musical voice asked.

Harry swung round violently, “You!” Alexandra had appeared from behind a doorway.

He marched towards her, expecting her to back off. She stood her ground.

“What the HELL was that about in there?!” He gestured violently back towards the still noisy hall.

“That? Oh that was nothing Potter. I just thought I’d show everyone what you and your pets are really like.” She smiled.

“Pets?!” Ron started to blow up.

“Oh hush Ronald. For the past six years all you have done is follow him round like he’s the bloody Prince! Well get this, he is not and will never be more than a foolish young boy who thinks he can take on the Dark Lord and his heirs.” As Alex continued telling the two boys what she felt, a crowd began to gather around them, with students and teachers exiting the great hall.

“Who are you?” Ron asked.

“How did you get that memory of us in the common room?” Harry asked, “Only Gryffindor’s are allowed in there.”

“Isn’t obvious boys?” She asked.  Suddenly she felt an arm slide round her waist, she turned round, Blaise and her brother stood on either side of her, with Pansy and Millicent just behind.

“Let me explain since you two dunderheads are too daft to understand.” At this the watching Slytherin’s in the crowd laughed. Alex opened her mouth to explain but..

A figure pushed through the crowd on the Gryffindor side to join Harry and Ron.

“Oh perfect! It’s the littlest Weasley!”

“I’ll get you back for what you did to me Malfoy.” The younger girl spat.

“I’d like to see you try.” She smirked.

The younger girl drew her wand in a flash pointing at the older girl and cried “Stupefy!” The watching crowd gasped, but Alex was faster, with a flick of her wrist she had Ginny Weasley on the floor in a full body bind curse.

Harry and Ron immediately drew their wands, with another flick, Alex disarmed them. Crouching down so that she was just above the younger girl, she whispered,

“Don’t even try it. You see what I can do to you? I can do oh so much worse, you should pick your battles more carefully Ginny.”

“Go to hell.” The girl on the floor growled.

“Fine then, you want to play that way?” Alex stood up and addressed the crowd.

“I have another announcement. Ginny Weasley is nothing more than a slut, a girl desperate for the attention of Harry Potter after-all she stole him from poor Hermione Granger, but I think everyone should know that not only has she been cheating on him with not one but TWO boys. Dean Thomas and Michael Corner.” The watching crowd were stunned. Both boys, who were in the crowd turned to each other in shock.

How did the Malfoy girl know all this?

“Gin? Is this true?” Harry asked.

“Harry! I….” She looked at him unable to deny it.

Without another word, Harry turned around and walked away.

“Harry! Don’t leave me here! Help me!” Ginny Weasley struggled to get out of the body bind curse. “Ron?”

“You brought this on yourself Gin. No matter what the Malfoy girl says, how could you do that to Harry?” He shook his head and walked after his friend.

“You bitch!” Ginny turned her head and yelled at Alex.

Alex just laughed. Things were going just the way she wanted them too.

“How did you know about that? The only person I told was Hermione! And how did you get into our common room?!”

“Oh don’t worry, all will be revealed soon.” And with that Alex, with her friends surrounding her, left Ginny Weasley on the floor and walked through the silent watchful crowd.

As she left, she noticed several appraising eyes, not glaring out of hatred, but curious.

*interesting, she smirked.*  


“Lexy that was bloody amazing!” Blaise praised her.

Alex and the gang were sitting in her bedroom in the heads/ seventh year common room.

Draco was busy in the corner writing a letter, whilst the others were crowded on her bed.

“Oh that was nothing! Just a taster, the Weasley girl deserved everything she got. My plan is slowly coming together.” She laughed.

“Plan?” Millicent asked.

“You know- part of the Dark Lords scheme.” Pansy reminded her.

“Oh yeah.”

“I’ll give you a hint, lets just say it would be easier to defeat that lot if they are all fighting against one another. And everything I said was true. Ginny did tell me she was seeing someone but cheating on him, I just didn’t realise it was Harry she was cheating with.”

“Ahh.” Pansy nodded her head, “so what’s next?” She asked.

“Draco?” Alex’s sharp voice rang across her room.

“What are you doing?”

“What does it look like?” He responded.

“Don’t be sarcastic with me idiot! Who are you writing too?”

“If you must know I was organising the first meeting of our new defence club.” He smirked.

“Already?! You have got one set up?” Disbelief was evident in her tone.

“Yes already. Tomorrow night. 9 o’clock sharp.”

Pansy, Millicent and Blaise watched the exchange in confusion.

“Mate, whats happening tomorrow?” He asked Draco.

“Do you remember that horrendous Dumbledore’s Army that my sister set up with Potter?”

“Hey it wasn’t that horrendous!” Alex said indignantly.

“Excuse me?”

“It was a good idea to train people how to fight, only now I can see that we were teaching the wrong people.” She defended herself.

“Anyway, The Dark Lord has requested that I set up a similar organisation- test the waters- see who is loyal to him or interested in his campaign,” Draco explained.

“Today I did some digging, let some rumours go around the right people, and tomorrow we should be having our first meeting.”

“Well done mate!” Blaise was clearly impressed that Draco had been trusted with a task such as this.

“How will we communicate?” Alex asked, “Are you going to steal my original idea of the gold galleons?”

“Yes.” Her brother smirked.

“But I made them better.” He took something out of his pocket. It was a watch.

“Whats this?” Pansy asked.

“It’s a watch but I have enchanted it so that whenever I set a date on it, the date and time on the watch will automatically change to that time as well as flashing hot letting you know it has changed. After ten minutes the time will go back to normal.”

“Wow Draco that’s amazing!” Pansy and Millicent praised.

“Nice one mate!” Blaise patted him on the back.

“So Alex, what’s the rest of your plan?” Millicent asked.

“I haven’t quite decided, there is two ideas in my head, one slightly more dramatic than the other.” She told them.

“Oooh go for the more dramatic!” Pansy told her.

“We’ll see.”

“Now you guys need to leave, Alex and I need to discuss Head stuff.” Blaise said suddenly.

“Oh okay.” “Alright” Goodbyes were said and it was just Lexy and Blaise left in the room.

“What plans?” she asked.

“Oh you know, first hogsmeade trips, Quidditch matches, me taking you to dinner…” He trailed off casually, walking towards her slowly.

Alex was frozen.

“Excuse me?”

“You heard. I like you Alex. Will you do me the honour of accompanying me to dinner?” He asked.

“You do realise that my brother will kill you for this.” She told him.

“I’m willing to take that risk.” He flashed her a rouge grin.

“Blaise…” She took a deep breath.

Although Alex got a lot of attention from the male population, if the past two days were anything to go by, due to her appearance. With her long soft blonde hair and effortless skin, she drew people too her. But, as Hermione the only male attention she had was from Harry, and they had been friends for so long it was natural.

Although Alex was newly confident and well able to express what she was thinking, this was a matter in which she did not excel at.

“Yes. I will go to dinner with you.” She gave him a small smile.

“Wonderful.” He pulled her close, so close that she could feel his heart beating in her chest, she was sure he could hear hers too, going at a hundred beats a minute. Alex knew what was going to happen, but it still took her by surprise, he kissed her. And oh Alex was in heaven, his lips were soft but firm at the same time and when he pulled back a few minutes later she let out a soft sigh.

“Goodnight Alex.”

Left alone in her room for the night Alex played over the day’s events in her head. It had been crazy! There were two things that stuck out in her mind as she got ready for bed. One, she was well on her way to breaking up the new golden trio, and two…she had no idea what to wear on her date with Blaise Zabini.


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