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Finding Out About A Little Thing Called Love by JamesSiriusPotterII

Format: Novel
Chapters: 12
Word Count: 45,436
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse

Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance
Characters: Dumbledore, Lupin, McGonagall, Snape, Sirius, Lily, James, Regulus, Pettigrew, Voldemort
Pairings: Sirius/OC, James/Lily, Lucius/Narcissa, Remus/Tonks, Remus/OC

First Published: 12/11/2011
Last Chapter: 08/25/2012
Last Updated: 08/25/2012


Thanks to nostalgia@tda for the gobsmackingly amazing banner! ^_^ Hello minions, I am none other than Sirius Black, the boy extroadinaire. In my 7th year of Hogwarts, I was planning everything to be similar as to my previous years. But it seems Merlin didn't like that. Now Voldemort is becoming stronger and is harder to avoid; James might've convinced Lily and matured and I might be facing something much more terrifying than Voldemort and my mother put together- love.

Chapter 1: Bludgers+Bats and Meeting HER
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A/N: New story peeps! I was going to wait till Just Go With It and BAMF crew were finished but I couldn’t help it. I’ve already been requested to do a Marauder fic and I hope it’ll be popular. I’ve got quite a few ideas, and if you haven’t already, check out my other two fics and don’t be put off by the fact that the BAMF crew isn’t based on JKR’s characters. I always try and keep to what she writes anyways. So, ENJOY!

'My collection of Muggle items that help with incontinence are not for ‘borrowing’ thank you very much' -Sirius Black

“Oi, Padfoot! Get your arse out that bed now before I have to personally move it for you!” I rolled around stuffing the pillow over my face. I didn’t need to hear that barf worthy voice this early in the morning.


“Shut up Prongs- any man needs his sleep,” I replied, my voice muffled.


“More like you need your beauty sleep,” muttered Prongs. How dare he? After all, I look 200% goddamn hot without even trying. He’s just jealous of my amazing looks- I swear, if I were not straight and me, I would date myself. I happen to know for a fact my snogging abilities are worthy of Veela models round the world.


I suddenly felt something swished off of me, the so highly treasured heat escape from my body, and I was about to die of coldness. I began violently shivering and wailing.


“I want my blankie!” I shrieked, and heard footsteps coming around the corner of the bedpost. It was a disgruntled looking Remus, massaging his temples.


“Do you have no sympathy for a werewolf who’s got a transformation in 3 days?” moaned Moony. Poor lad, but if we didn’t have sympathy he wouldn’t have 3 awesome companions every transformation. But, I would never say that, or he would begin feeling guilty again when he really shouldn’t be.


“He took my blankie!”


“He won’t get up!”


Prongs and I had complained at the same time, and Moony rolled his droopy eyes lazily. He was probably the only normal person who could deal with us and make sure we didn’t blow each other up. But we all love each other- it’s like a little happy family!


“Padfoot, up now or you get no food, since you can’t be late to trials or the stag here will trample you. Prongs, return Padfoot’s blankie to his bed or no Quidditch trials for you today.” Now of course, we both had to comply. Food was the equivalent of oxygen to me, just as Quidditch was to Prongs. Once his parents attempted to ban him from Quidditch for the Summer so he could spend his time doing other things, but he started shaking on the ground in a fetal position when he realised his broom was in a cupboard. I swear he cares about that Shooting Star more than he cares about me!


We reluctantly obeyed Moony’s orders, and I quickly put some clothes on along with my Quidditch robes, brushed my teeth once (even though they didn’t need it, they were that perfect). While I was doing that, Prongs returned my precious blankie and had grabbed his broom with a large folder of plays and names of people who wanted to try out in the other hand- he took tryouts as serious business. Even more serious than my name. Get the pun? If you don’t, you must have something wrong in the head. Serious. Sirius. Seriously. Siriusly. Anyways, I do not waste my time teaching primitive life forms such as yourself who have the equivalent brain cells to a lemming. Do you know their suicidal? They jump off cliffs at time of migration. Moony told me, and he’s never wrong. Especially about lemmings.


Moony had decided to return to the safe haven of his bed- these were the times I envied him for not being on the Quidditch team and not having to suffer the Quidditch Nazi himself, James Potter.


“Are we getting up Wormtail?” I asked, looking at the sprawled out chubby boy on the final bed in the room. At first, we only included him because we felt bed for leaving him out with only us four as the male Gryffindors in our year- it was a small year. Eventually, he became a funny, slightly clingy but cool dude, and officially welcomed as a Marauder. We never regretted his addition to our bad ass wicked group, and never will.


“Nah, no point. Him and Moony can keep each other company- we need to go to Quidditch tryouts!” squealed Prongs. Sometimes I questioned his masculinity- yes mine was questioned by my mates, but I kept mine strong by hooking up with a new girl everyday and I wasn’t really want to give a shit about feelings excluding the Marauders. Apparently, I’m the ‘bad boy’ type. Moony got them using his sensitive side, apparently he was the ‘sweet’ type. Prongs was too smitten with Miss. Evans to snog or shag any other willing fittie. Oh well, more for me!


“Yeah, yeah, don’t wet yourself please, Prongsie,” I snorted.


“Wouldn’t dream of it Paddie- forgot to borrow some of your diapers,” he quipped. I scowled. I’ll have you know I found diapers to be ingenius! Most pureblood idiots a.k.a. my dastardly mother just use an impervious charm on a pair of pants, which can just wear off and have dire consequences. Trust me- I know. Let me just say it involves a pure-blood formal dinner, an awkward potty moment and a 3 year old awesome me.


“My collection of Muggle items that help with incontinence are not for ‘borrowing’ thank you very much,” I grumbled, and Prongs smirked. I was distracted when I spotted the glory that was food in its plentiful supply. Ravishing roast beef, beautiful banana pie, stunning steak, sexy strawberries with fit fondue, oh and not to forgot the gorgeous gateau. I would give up girls for food any day. Could you snog food? But they wouldn’t return the snog. Or would they? You never know at Hogwarts…


I ran towards the Gryffindor table in that slow motion way when two lovers are united. In this case the two lovers are food and I. I love food. I was completely oblivious to anything else, therefore I ended up banging into someone on the way. We both fell to the ground are books splaying out. We began picking up our things, and this would be the point where most would hand each other their books, touch hands, look into the other’s eyes and fall in love. Right now, instead of that, she was glaring at me quite frighteningly and I swear her eyes flashed red. Scary. She snatched her book roughly from beside me, glowered at me once more before hauling herself up and strode out the Great Hall. Guess someone doesn’t like me. But that’s impossible, every one loves me.


“Not really, Padfoot,” snorted Prongs. Did I say that aloud? Even if I did, what kind of friend is he, snorting at me? Someone needs some lessons on how to be a good mate.


I was once again distracted by food, so thoughts of that peculiar girl left my mind. The only girl in my life was Ms. Roast Turkey. Oh, and my current girlfriend. What was her name? Hmm… It’s passed me, but no matter. I’ll busy myself with Ms. Turkey for now.




“Alright wannabe Gryffie beaters, listen up. I need someone to match my standard. Well, obviously no one can match it, but at least near enough,” I shouted across the half of the pitch that I had. There was only two positions up for grabs this year on the awesome as Gryffindor team- beater and chaser. Prongs was determined to do the most brutal and rigorous of trials, deciding to give 8 hours for it, and that’s with him only doing chaser and giving me (the amazing deputy captain) responsibility for the new beater! With 10 minutes only for some food every two hours! Such blasphemy…


In front of me, some of the wimpiest, scrawniest, lankiest and chubbiest students I have ever seen came in front of me. Well that’s an exaggeration, there were a few decent looking ones (and I don’t particularly mean in looks, as they were obviously guys) but this was not going to be an easy task.


The first step in picking out a beater is to make sure they can fly. Well that’s useful in any Quidditch position, however a beater needs to be easily able to perform loops and shoot in front of a bludger at any time.


“Laps! Perform any tricks that would be useful for beaters. I don’t wanna see any Wronksi Feints or such, we don’t need a seeker, understood primitive Quidditch minds?” Everyone quickly nodded in agreement, and got flying.




Within the first few minutes, half of the hopeful candidates had gone. Only the best flyers left- around 10. Nevertheless, flying was no good, if they couldn’t hit shit with a beater’s bat. I’ve found that Muggle baseballs are much more effective than Bludgers at the beginning of trials to avoid the incompetent ending in the hospital wing, and our team getting suspended. Prongsie would have an organic spasm. And then die. And then I’d be shipped off to Azkaban, because somehow their deaths would trace back to me. Ha. As if. I’d never be responsible for my best mate’s death, nor go to that horrendous place called Azkaban- that’s why I ran away from my tosser, Voldemort loving family.


I put them all in a line, and enchanted a baseball to fly back to them wherever they hit it.


“Alright to be a half decent beater, you’ve got to have power, aim and co-ordination. It is obvious why power and aim are needed and without co-ordination you won’t be able to put bludger to bat.”


“Where are the bludgers?” squeaked a tiny second year. He may be able to fly, but if he can hit the proper bludger further than a metre, my name is Merlin. Cool name, no?


“We are using Muggle baseballs for now, in case some-”, I directed a glare at the offending second year, who looked terrified, “cannot handle bludgers and end up bleeding in the hospital wing.” He nodded timidly, and I smirked superiorly. I love being bigger then people. Cue evil laugh.




Well, we had the hopeful beaters down to three people after bringing out the bludgers as well. A fair amount of injuries ensued, but not so many that McGonagall threatened to blow her top on us. These were the unnaturally unscathed, awesome aiming, power presenting, chockin’ co-coordinated players that were left from the thousands. Or hundreds. Or like 30. But that’s still quite a bit, to be honest. I decided to get their names from now, and hear how to pronounce them; so that the announcement of the newest Quidditch beater’s name had the dramatic effect required and did not simply fail. Also, I had to do the examination of the guys who could be my partner.


So, I approached the first contender. Stocky, burly, good build for a beater and had power, but had a bit of a dazed look and could probably get hit in the face by a top-speed bludger if he wasn’t on full concentration. His name, I discovered, was Aaron Christ and he was in fifth year. If he was devoted and had a good background knowledge he could have a shot at being captain- that was the good thing about having younger players. They could take over the team. Though we already have a current 4th year who’s got captaincy in the bag for next year apparently.


2nd option was lanky and lacking in power but had a good backhand swing- something hard to find and useful for bludgers coming from the back. He had a sharp sense of aim and seemed like he knew what he was doing, but lacked the spark, initiative and bravery a beater required. More Hufflepuff than Gryffindor. His name was Paul Tradore, and he was a surprisingly tall third year- I’d prefer someone a bit older to partner with. They’d be easier to work with, have a more appropriate build, and my language can get pretty foul up in the air- I can even start shouting at my partner if it’s a really frustrating game. Luckily, my old partner, Davidson, took it all in without wincing once because of his cool and calm personality. Damn him.


The third option I was pretty pleased with as a beater. He had quite a good build, maybe slightly lacking some muscle, but nothing we couldn’t work on. He performed some excellent techniques, such as powerful two handed hits while still maneuvering his broomstick with ease and had good grip and timing. He took quite a few risks in order to get the bludger in the right position. One of his most outstanding points was when his bat so speedily he was able to pass it to himself in theory. Even I find that quite the challenge to do, but it is very useful in games when your team has the Quaffle and you don’t want to let the bludgers into the game incase the other team’s beaters get them and shoot them towards your chasers or seeker. As ‘The Beater’s Bible’ by Brutus Scrimgeour says, “Rule One: Take Out the Seeker.” I went up to him, still looking at my clipboard at the good and bad points I had recorded about him, and asked him his name.


“Alex Mayfield,” he grumbled. I’m sure that name was familiar…


“What year are you in?” I asked, generally curious about the answer.


“Your year,” he answered, and I nearly squealed with delight. Old enough, powerful, good aim, knowledge about techniques and I could talk to him about techniques in the NEWT subjects he took with me this dude sounded awesome.


“Well, mate, I’ll tell you now,” I began whispering, bending towards him, “You’re a shoe-in for this position.” He nodded simply, and I guess he was just slightly odd. But heck, the odd people are the ones who have the hidden talent in them.




Yes, Mayfield was most definitely getting this position. He was at ease in the air with a bat in hand, and hitting bludgers was as easy for him as it was for me. The other two were nothing compared to him, but they probably had a chance after we had left.


“Alright, wannabe Beaters, down on the ground now,” I hollered to the three in the air, and they flew down, Mayfield doing some awe-inspiring jumpy thing to get down. I liked that kid. Though, he was the same year as me so I couldn’t necessarily call him kid. “Now you all were pretty wicked, but there was a clear person who stood out to me for good reasons. We’ll head down to the other end of the pitch and there Prongs and I will announce the new players. Okay?” They nodded and I could tell they were relieved that tryouts had ended. I was relieved because now I could eat freely.


We made our way down to the other end in somewhat of an awkward silence. The big announcement time was fast approaching so I was silent in trying out voices in my head and seeing which one sounded the most dramatic. We arrived, and Prongs looked at me, and I turned my clipboard subtly so it was in his line of vision. He examined Mayfield for a moment curiously then shrugged before something in the stands caught his attention and he suddenly looked desperate to finish off practice with a twinkle in his eyes that could only mean one thing. Evans.


She was a nice, smart (a tiny bit geeky), quite stunning, and mostly perfect girl, but a bit snobby at times and I would approve of her more if she didn’t break my best friends heart on a daily basis. Prongs could do better. And I don’t mean bimbos or the Marauder’s fan club girls. Though they were fun to mess around with.


“Alright, so the new Chaser is Martin Applington, 4th year and the new Beater is Alex Mayfield, 7th year. Well done all the rest of you, sorry, and try again next year,” he muttered, looking distracted. I was gob-smacked. Why in the name of Merlin did he not do the announcing voice let alone let me announce the new beater? Oh, that’s right, it’s because Miss. Evans was too deeply engraved on his big heart. What a sod. The words Sirius Black should be there. Or maybe not because that would mean Prongs would be in love with me, and that would be awkward to say the least.


“Potter,” snarled Evans, but Prongs seemed oblivious to this and simply stared lovingly at her. I want to barf. It seems Mayfield shared my thoughts because he was looking disgusted at this love, in a different way to Evans. If she was a guy, I would’ve punched her by now- no one messes with Prongs like that. She continued, “Have you adjusted the Rotas for the rest of the Prefects like we were told? Cause if not I’ll need to do everything just like I thought and-”


“I’ve done them. Double checked them with each and every prefect. I’ve also organized Hogsmeade dates till Christmas. People will most likely want them before Christmas and Halloween because they’ll want to buy costumes and sweets, etc. Plus no one really needs one at the beginning of September because they usually have everything they need. If you want you can see them? I’m sorry if you wanted me to do them with you, but you can change them if you think they aren’t don’t correctly. Padfoot can take over the ending of the trial, we’ve picked the new players anyways. They’re in my dorm, I can fetch them?” Lily looked as if she’d been stunned, enervated and then slapped on the face.


“Um… um… y… yeah, I guess,” she spluttered, still unable to pronounce proper words. I was smirking from behind, and Prongs looked exceptionally pleased with himself.


“You can wait in the common room, while I go get it, how does that sound?” Well, isn’t Prongs being a right gentleman! He told me he wanted to be more mature with his position as Head Boy, and even though I’m proud of him for taking something seriously, I’m glad he will always be his true, childish self on the inside. I’m proud of myself for being a child on the outside as well! I’m just amazing to be honest.


While I was complimenting, I hadn’t realised that Prongs had gone off with Evans meaning I was left with a team that had two newbies to give the basic gist of what the team meant. I was about to launch into the speech, but I was interrupted by Marcus Opal, the sixth year who seemed to know everything about everyone.


“Wait- isn’t the Gryffindor team all guys? It always has been because the girls are too flirty and prissy!” What was his point? Of course it was all guys. “Especially the beater position.”


“Well, Mayfield and I are guys, thank you very much,” I grumbled, rolling my eyes. He needs to get his head checked. Marcus looked at me strangely.


“No- Mayfield’s a girl.” I gaped, turned to the hoodie and slack wearing guy who was apparently a girl. I snorted.


“Ha! You really had me going there. That’s not true! Alex Mayfield’s a guy!” I laughed. He sighed and put his fingers to his temple.


“Apart from the Marauders, what other guys are there in seventh year Gryffindor?”


“None,” I replied. Obviously.


“What are all of us?”




“And what year is Alex in?”


“Seventh year.”


A few seconds after saying that my eyes widened and if I was drinking some Butterbeer just then I would of done the most exceptional spit take.


“HOLY FUCK YOU’RE A GIRL!” I screamed in a high pitch voice, and promptly sat on the ground, putting my hands around my knees and began rocking.


“No shit sherlock,” she mumbled. I didn’t need sarcasm thank you very much! I just discovered that I have not snogged the whole of the female Gryffindor population 5th year and up! Well, how depressing is this… “You saw I’m a wicked beater. And trust me I most definitely won’t be a priss,” she garbled. Well it sounded like garble because I am currently that depressed. I’m having an emotional break down.


“IT’S NOT THAT!” I wailed, and realised I sounded more like a banshee rather than a depressed human being. “It’s because,” I continued sobbing but softer in my sexy voice, “that means I haven’t… snogged… the whole of the female Gryffindor population 5th year and up!” Saying it out loud made it hurt so much more. It felt as if I had been hit by that horrific spell Snape and his slimy wand created called ‘Sectumsempra’. I looked up for a minute and sniffed to be met with mostly amused faces, with two shocked. Naturally, the newbies did not understand the vast penetration that this fact has cut into me. “And I can’t snog a basically guy like you! I will never achieve my goals in life!” She had quite the snarl on her face.


“I’m sorry I’m not capable of satisfying your man-whorish desires,” she seethed, “And I am fine without any disgusting shit like that.” I sniffed one last time, gained some composure and got up to face my team who had all become quite serious because Mayfield had put her hood down and her face was looking quite similar to Voldemort’s when he wanted to Avada Kedavra someone…


“You were that girl who I knocked into and glared at me instead of swooning!” I exclaimed. What a sense of déjà vu.


“Never…” she replied, sarcastically. I could tell because I have a magical sixth sense that can sense sarcasm. It’s totally awesome. I guess I will have to compose myself for my team, excluding Mayfield of course.


“So… now we’re back on track and while I recover from depression, I’ll go through the consequences of being a part of the Gryffindor Quidditch Team… 1) Instant Popularity. Everyone will know your name. 2) Hexes. From opposing teams before matches or after matches as revenge. 3) James the Quidditch Nazi. He will work you till you have to crawl on the ground to get somewhere. 4) Girls. You will get loads of them. Excluding Mayfield of course. 5) Grades. Sometimes your grades and homework levels can go down because of the excessive Quidditch work, but nobody here really cares about that,” I finished and then heard a screech of ‘WHAT?!’ from Mayfield.


“Yeah, sometimes grades can go a tad down or you might have to miss classes for practice,” I explained. What was wrong with that? But it seemed that something was, because Mayfield was now looked extremely fearful.


“I… I can’t do this,” she whispered, shaking her head. What? She seemed ecstatic to be on the team before. What’s happened now?


“Why?” I gaped. I couldn’t just bring the other two back- she was amazing. We couldn’t let her go!


“Because… I… I… just can’t, OK!” she shouted, and sighed deeply. I needed to know why, and I don’t think she would let it out in front of the whole team. I grabbed her wrist.


“Mayfield come with me,” I demanded. She looked like she was about to protest, before she reluctantly gave in but shook her wrist out of my grip. The team was left behind, as we walked towards the changing rooms. “Look, you need to tell me otherwise we won’t be able to sort this out.” I looked into her eyes- they were so dark brown, they could be classed as black, yet they shimmered and glowed brightly. I could tell this was a subject quite deep, but Quidditch came as a priority to Prongs, and I knew he could end up a lot harsher than most people expected.


“I… I can’t tell you,” she declared, gaining firmness in her voice. “You won’t understand, and I know that truthfully because to understand you have to have been in the person’s shoes and your situation is hardly the same as mine.”


“Well, fine, but why should this stop you from playing Quidditch?” It would be hard to find a beater like her again, excluding myself. She stared determinedly in my eyes.


“I want you to make an unbreakable vow.” I gaped at her. What was she thinking?


“What is the vow?” Why did I just ask that? I should’ve just said no straight out! Now, she’ll have hope!


“None of the practices will interfere with my classes or homework timetable.” I nearly burst out laughing. She was worried about that? What a geek… But she was a good player. How could I convince Prongs, the Quidditch Nazi, to not make her go to some practices? I examined her, plain slightly tanned skin (that wasn’t fake) without any foundation. Long black eyelashes that weren’t covered in blots of mascara. Dark red lips that didn’t look dull even though they had no lipstick or gloss on. Before I knew what I was saying, I had agreed and she was somehow doing the binding part herself as well. I was too stunned to pay notice. I had just made an unbreakable vow. No matter if it was a ridiculous one, I had still made it! I could fucking die because of this stupid girl! Wait, make that will die! If I don’t do it, I’ll die because of the vow, and if I do, then Prongs will strangle me and her with his bare hands!


“WAIT! REVERSE IT!” I shrieked, and her eyes flashed, and I swear I saw a hint of a smirk on her lips.


“You can’t go back now.” It seemed as if she had purposefully defined each word, letting it slip off her tongue. What a Slytherin move to do!


“You’re horrible!”


“Oh, really? I’m the horrible one out of us two,” she snarled. Well, yes! You just manipulated me into making an unbreakable vow. “Do you even remember me, Snuffles?” she whispered. Where had I heard that nickname before? I can’t think… Whenever the nickname came to me, I thought it was a side name Prongs had given me… Who is she?


“I can’t say I do,” I answered honestly. She sighed profoundly, and gave a weak smile to me.


“And here I was thinking that I was maybe still somewhere in your brain. Goes to show what school can do to people, no?” It sounded wistful and weak, so different to what Mayfield had shown me recently. Why was she talking like this? Was she some ex-girlfriend of mine? Have I actually snogged the whole female population Gryffindor 5th year and up? I don’t usually remember my exes anyways, so that probably was the case. It would be best to get that cleared up, before she started on the team.


“Look, are you one of my exes? If so- OW!” I was punched in the stomach! That was one hard punch… I think I’m suffering from internal bruising and bleeding! Oh, woeful times…


“I am definitely not one of your ex-sluts thank you very much and never will be! If I was, I wouldn’t expect you to remember me anyways, the way you go through birds. It doesn’t matter though, if you don’t remember it and have forgotten about it, then who am I to say anything about it? After all, I should be honoured with the fact I am able to be with the glorious Sirius Black, no? A mere geeky student?” Some of those nargles that Xenophilius Lovegood keeps on going on about must have flown in my O-shaped mouth. What the hell was she even talking about? “Anyways, see you at the next practice,” she said, grabbing her broom and walking towards the castle.


“What about class?” I asked. Wasn’t she in our year? We must have some subjects together? She snorted loudly.


“If you’ve not noticed or remembered me in the seven years we’ve had class together, I’m not expecting you to notice me now,” she muttered and stalked off. Well not stalked, because that’s what Evans does, although according to Prongs its meant to be a turn on. More snobby to me to be honest. For Mayfield, slouched, and strode off would be the more appropriate term.


Boy, was she one complicated person. Who knew that that one day could change everything for both her and me? Not me for sure…


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Chapter 2: Pranking Sessions and Dueling HER
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2) Pranking Sessions and Dueling HER


A/N: Second chappy peepos! This was being written even before the first got validated. You must be proud. By the way, I know Highcross (in Leicester) and Apple weren’t invented yet in their time, but some things might be a bit out of time because it works better(:


I. Am. So. Tired.


If Godric Gryffindor was so friggin’ brave, why didn’t he simply argue with Helga Hufflepuff and get us the room on the ground floor beside the kitchens! I don’t care how goddamn sexy that woman was. We got our common room on the seventh floor! Do you know how much walking that requires? More than I ever intended to do in my whole life. I guess the only good thing from that walking is my surfer abs. That doesn’t explain Peter though…


The staircases in the glorious place called Hogwarts aren’t incredibly helpful either. It is as if they want my life to be filled with pathetic fallacy! See, at this current moment, I was quite angry to say the least with the stairs for being so strenuous and so they decided to get furious with me and begin spinning from side to side uncontrollably. Prongs and Remus were off at a Prefect’s meeting before lessons and Peter said he wished to grab something from the kitchens, which was not all that surprising, and told me to go ahead. He was taking so long. Even if he was here though, it wouldn’t exactly be helpful. He would probably tumble down and take me with him- we couldn’t have that, could we now? That could ruin my ultimate cool reputation!


If only Hogwarts used those Muggle ‘Esquilators’ instead of these irritating magical staircases. I had some fond memories with those contraptions- Moony took Prongs, Wormtail and I to a shopping centre! I think it was called ‘Highcross’ in Leicester. It was nothing like Hogsmeade or Diagon Alley! Everything was ‘techbical’. We went into a store called Apple- they were plenty of those odd devices. I started prodding on those things called a ‘combuter’ until I got kicked out. I even wanted to take up Muggle Studies, but Moony kindly put me down and suggested I just stick with the subjects I’m actually good at. I still don’t fully understand what he meant by that.


Back to esquilators, they are so amazing things that Prongs and I thought it was appropriate to write a song about them. On that very day (it was a very Muggle-esque day), Moony’s Muggle mum had left on the song ‘You Raise Me Up’. We decided it would be a splendid idea to make a parody of it purely devoted to those esquilators.


You raise me up, so I can go to the second floor,

You pull me down, so I can go to the first,

I love you, because now I don’t need to walk steps,

You raise me up, to floors beyond the stairs.


Of course we sang this beautifully as well- we should make a duo! It would be called Sexy Singing Sirius and the Other One, Moony could be our manager and Wormtail our groupie- we’d be the latest hit; stuff you Celestina Warbeck! We’ll make a new genre- Muggle Wrock. Wicked.


Unfortunately, Prongs refused to participate unless I changed the name to ‘The Wonderful Prongs and his smelly dog’ and Moony looked like he would rather die. I don’t see why- he could get 20% of the galleons we’ll be rolling in! I think Wormtail was pissing himself with excitement at the thought of being a band’s groupie though…


Back to my horrid current reality, I was about to plummet to my inevitable doom after slipping on a step when I banged into something soft, but strong. This help meant I was able to grab onto the banister, and somehow stabilize myself onto a step. I turned around to see what sort of cushion wall had prevented me from my death, and was about to thank it- yes, thank a cushion wall- but when I spun around I banged foreheads with someone.


“Of for shit’s sake Black, stop bashing into me otherwise you’re getting a broken nose,” muttered the face that I was just making out. It was Mayfield! Except she was wearing… a skirt? Her uniform skirt, but a skirt nonetheless. Her sometimes-silky/sometimes-bushy hair was up in a tight ponytail, with little bits sticking out where they were too short or frizzing. Her skirt looked slightly dorky as it was rounding her knees, and her tie was perfectly done up at the correct length. She was bending down and I realised she was collecting her papers and books that dropped around her, most likely when I banged into her. Twice. I stood there dumbstruck, discovering she was the cushion wall, before realising it would probably be polite to at least help her if she saved me from destruction. I looked down and was shocked.


Practice tests and tests scattered the floor, each at least above 98%, yet still with unhappy comments and angry notes from god knows whom! Some incredibly harsh words were on a Charms extra-credit assignment that she had done (that had got 100%!) which were most definitely not written by Professor Flitwick! Who had written those horrible things? And why- they were perfectly fine?


She looked up at me, then down at the papers before hurriedly grabbing them up and giving a quick nod in my direction. Her eyes were purposely avoiding my glance.


“See you at Quidditch Practice, Black,” she muttered, not looking at me, and scampered before I could ask her why I wouldn’t see her in Defense Against the Dark Arts next. She seemed to be going somewhere else. Where would she go in the South-East of Hogwarts, hardly anything is there? Maybe I’ll check the Marauders Map now I’ve finally arrived at the common room!


I ran up the stairs, luckily not tripping with the speed I was going at, and swung open the door to find Peter on his bed looking at his arms. That’s odd.


“Oi, Peter!” He snappishly looked up at me and pulled his sleeves down- what was up with him? I was too engrossed with looking for the Map to think about Peter’s odd behaviour.


“What?” he squeaked.


“Where’s the Map?” We kept it a locked box beneath Prongs’ bed that had many charms on it preventing anyone from entering it. It contained things such as the Marauder’s Map, Prongs’ Invisibility Clock and the Marauders’ Guide to Being a Marauder (which I will elaborate on when the need comes). I could see everything apart from our wondrous Map.


“Oh,” he replied, grabbing the Map out his pocket, “I have it!” He hurriedly gave it to me and I cocked an eyebrow at him. Why did he have the Map? We’ve been to the kitchens so many times- Peter has gone loads of times this week, why did he need the Map? But I was distracted when I spotted Mayfield’s name in Dumbledore’s Office. Was she in trouble? Maybe she wasn’t as good as I thought…


I hate thinking this much. Even with your forgetfulness, try to remember to look for in Defense. Oh, who am I kidding. My memory’s terrible- I’ll forget once someone comes and talks to me.




Of course I was right. I had a gut feeling I had forgotten something but I didn’t know what I had forgotten, like usual. This is why Rememberalls were no help to me either. They should invent something that actual tells you what you’ve forgotten, instead of just that you’ve forgotten something. Silly thought-to-be-innovative inventors. Poop them.


I was currently talking to Emma and Iris before DADA. See there were three types of girls: The Bimbos, The Funny and Cool Ones and the The Nobody Girls. Emma and Iris were the funny and cool ones from Gryffindor. They weren’t really the type to have a fling with, but maybe a proper relationship. What I loved about them was that they weren’t bitches like the Bimbos and weren’t social rejects. Yes, they plastered themselves in makeup still, but what else could you expect from seventh year girls in a dual-sex school… They weren’t particularly smart but none of us really cared. It made them all the more funnier.


Emma had medium length, layered, brown hair that just went past her shoulders and Iris had a short bob-cut of blonde hair with bright blue eyes that were usually covered by the long fake eyelashes she wore.


Professor Jenkins walked into the room, and the last bits of chatter faded out. I jumped off the table and slid into my seat near the back of the room with the Marauders and next to Emma and Iris. Professor Jenkins was probably one of the best teachers we have, and it was needed, especially for our seventh year. I was easily the best in the class (not to brag), with Prongs close behind, but we did a lot of practical work so it hardly got boring.


“Okay, today class, we’re going to partner up with people of our standard. Otherwise, if someone fights someone with much less skill than him or her, he or she will not learn as well, and if someone duals with someone with much more skill than him or her, he or she will be de-motivated. But remember, just because you are not at the top, does not mean you are rubbish. It means you have room for improvement like everybody. ” I love Professor Jenkins for the reason that she always explains why she does stuff, so we have no reason to complain. She’s also really hard to mess around with for that reason.


I automatically knew I was going to be partnered with Prongs- us two were at the top of the class- so I didn’t bother listening to her going through the list of partners, bottom to top. Once she had done, I turned to face Prongs but he had already paired up with Lily who looked unhappy at that. I looked at him curiously and he shrugged.


“Guess, someone overtook your and mine’s spot at the top of the class. I kind of stopped listening after she said my pairing,” he grinned sheepishly and I rolled my eyes. Haha Evans! She looked quite disgruntled at her partner. Stuff her.


“Alright, who’s my partner then?” I shouted, loud enough for the class to her and Prof. Jenkins shot a glare at me.


“If you were listening Mr. Black, you would know. If you also were paying more attention you would still be at the top of my class,” she muttered accusingly. I gasped in mock-offense.


“Well, I am trying my hardest! You can’t accuse me of not paying attention- I pay the most attention in the class!” I exclaimed, putting my hand to my chest. I heard about 15 snorts; those people are ruining my show. Prof. Jenkins rolled her eyes.


“Miss. Mayfield will be partnering with you Mr. Black,” she stated.


“Who?” I asked. Who was Mayfield?


“Yeah Professor, who?” mocked some girl. Oh wait- that was Mayfield! My fellow beater!


“Mr. Black, please refrain from being so rude to someone who is on your team in Quidditch and the other beater,” reprimanded Prof. Jenkins and I rolled my eyes.


“Well, come on then,” I muttered. She was just sitting by her table!


“I’m not moving,” she replied stubbornly. “You can come here.” I could hear someone whisper that she was pushing her luck, and should be thanking the Lord that she gets to go with Sirius Black. I like that person.


“Don’t be jel of him,” drawled Iris. I laughed. “Don’t be jel, be reem, gawd!”


“I’m not jel of him,” mocked Mayfield, “and never will be.”


“Then you’re just lazy,” she drawled again, making emphasis on the ‘y’. Iris was hilarious- Mayfield looked like she was trying to hide her irritation.


“I’m on the Quidditch team, unlike you,” retorted Mayfield. True, I guess.


“Yes, Alex,” said Emma, nodding. Mayfield looked infuriated by now, but was trying to play it off.


“Thanks, Emma,” she nodded and Emma looked at her weirdly. I burst out laughing along with Iris. Mayfield shot around and glared at me, but she could not stop me laughing. Why had I never noticed these interactions before? Actually, I did, but I never bothered to find out who the other person was.


“Let’s dual,” she snapped.


“Oo, touchy,” I laughed before I got hit with the most powerful disarming spell I had ever encountered. It felt as if I had been punched in the stomach by a sumo wrestler! If you don’t know, that’s painful.


“What, Black? Wanna go cry to your mummy? Oh wait- you don’t have one anymore!” she snarled. Yeouch- close to home much. I shot a non-verbal tap dancing hex but she blocked it with such a powerful shield charm that I got blown back by the sheer force of it. Fine, wanna play dirty?


In the span of a few seconds, vicious charms and hexes were being thrown back and forth. At a point, we were simply abandoning shield charms and dodging them. Neither of us were taking any notice of the fact the class had stopped to watch us- in awe or fright I did not know.


There was no mercy. It seemed we were both letting out any pent up anger we had in this dual- I could never bring myself to do that to Prongs. I was releasing all my frustration- about my family, Voldemort and Mayfield. Why was I angry with her? Because she didn’t make herself known? Because she seemed to hate me? Because she was so mysterious? Because now I had a feeling she had made herself a permanent space in my memory? These questions were soaring through my head while I was dueling to my self-capability- I had never had to do this.


A few minutes later, we still had not finished. Sweat was pouring down my face, and her cheeks were flushed, as we both never stopped shooting various spells. I think people were afraid of being hit if they stepped in between- our spells were a blur. Multi-coloured jets of light shot across the room, various spells causing objects to explode or be smashed into the wall. I think Professor Jenkins had fainted. A few spells had reached their target and objects hurled into the opponent meaning we had bloody noses and I think I had a broken rib as well as the odd bat bogey flying out my nose. There was no time to stop and heal our injuries- if one person stopped they would get hit with some extremely powerful spells. It was getting tougher and tougher.


I was about to try ‘Levicorpius’ when her eyes met mine. It was the first time we had truly looked at each other. The spells ceased as we stared at our partner. Her hair had come out of its tie and had slightly frizzed up with the sweat and effort gone on, but it was still straight and shiny. I was tempted to run over there and just slide my fingers through it, but of course, I could not. I mean, I’m Sirius Black. In addition, there is the fact we are dueling so I would probably be hit with a nasty hex or two.


Her chocolate eyes were wide and filled with determination but also something else. Wistfulness? Why would she look wistfully at me? Her uniform was disheveled but I quite liked it that way- less neat freak. Her skirt had ridden up a bit, her tie loose. Her cheeks were red and with the sweat her skin was glistening. Little drops dripped from her incredibly long eyelashes (that had no hint of mascara on them). I was truly amazed.


Wait. What am I doing? Letting myself get distracted in a duel! This was ridiculous- she wasn’t that stunning… Okay, so she was, but I’ve seen many better… But not naturally- only painted with make up…


Oh, stop talking to yourself Black! Did I just imagine that in Mayfield’s voice? This girl is messing with my head- it’s time to duel.


I muttered ‘Levicorpius’ just before getting hoisted up in the air myself. Luckily, because I had a firm grip on my wand (not that one those sick minded people!) to do the spell it didn’t slip from my hold like they usually do. I looked across the room- upside down- and found that Mayfield was in the same position as I was in. Oh, fabulous.


I saw a jet of light come my way, and somehow swung myself to the side, my foot held in place.


“Dueling in the air now Mayfield, ey?” I taunted while shooting a tap dancing spell. I loved that spell- it was humiliation and annoyance for the victim, and amusement for the caster. Mayfield snorted.


“I don’t know if you realised Black, but a tap dancing hex will make no difference while the Levicorpius in effect,” she stated, rolling her eyes. How did she do that while upside down?


“How did you know that I used ‘Tarantallegra’?” I gaped- I did it non-verbally.


“You can judge by the width of the jet of light and the colour, along with the size of the glow it emits,” she muttered as if it was obvious. I now probably looked ridiculous right now, hanging in the air upside down from my foot, holding my wand out and my mouth wide open but you couldn’t blame me.


“Those jets take less than a second to reach their destination- how do you have time to judge all that and interpret as one of the thousands of spells? How do you remember that many?” I exclaimed, shocked. She shrugged in mid-air.


“I don’t know- practice, just loads of practice and memorizing,” she grumbled.


“How can you be bothered?” It was true. I wouldn’t bother remembering all those spells, probably just training my reflex.


“Eh. Anyways, remember your vow,” she muttered darkly. Huh?


“What vow?” I questioned.


“Oh wait, I forgot you had the memory of a sieve. The unbreakable vow about the practices,” she finished with a whisper. My eyes widened in realization.


“Oh… Hmm… Y… Yeah!” I spluttered. I had completely forgot about that. And Prongs wanted to schedule a practice in History of Magic tomorrow! Oh no.


The blood was rushing to my head by now as I was not used to being upside down for this long. Spins and twists on the broom only left you upside momentarily- I didn’t usually hang off my broom.


“Can you please put me down now? I don’t like it much up here,” I whined. She smirked.


“Ladies first,” she smiled, in mock innocence. Wait, what? Oh! She was calling me a lady! Well, damn her. I’ll do my pout- it’s irresistible. “What the fuck are you doing Black?” I pouted further. “Pouting? Are you serious?”


“Well, duh. That’s my name, don’t wear it out,” I grinned. She glared. Yeouch.


“Just bloody put me down,” she murmured.


“I never knew your language was so foul, ‘Lexander,” I gasped in mock horror. Lexander- cool nickname, no? It just came to me! It suits her- cause Alexander is a guys name and she acts like a guy, and Lexander cause it’s a less ‘knight-in-shining-armour’ name.


“Don’t call me that,” she growled, in such a low voice that I could only just make it out. And it was so damn scary I couldn’t even reply to it. There was also the fact that I was dropped roughly to the ground at that moment. Ow. That’s incredibly painful. She simply came down slowly, not harming a bone in her body.


“How did you do that?” I gaped. I gaped too often because of Mayfield. I guess she just put me in some affirm of shock, sometimes awe.


“Once the perpetrator has fallen, many spells stop having an effect. Do you not know anything Black? Everyone makes you out to be one of the top in the class, but you really don’t do any work. You don’t try; you don’t have to make any effort whatsoever! Yet you still can do things which others have to practice and practice for! You don’t even care you have that much brain, and you just waste it.” I was speechless. What was Mayfield going on about? She sighed deeply. “Just forget it.”


I shrugged. “Okay.” She rolled her eyes and suddenly her mouth dropped open, her eyes widened and she looked like the scared victims in those Muggle comic strips. I noticed she was facing Professor Jenkins who had her shocked facial expression with a slight smile. But, Mayfield was now pulling down her skirt, sorting out her blouse, tightening her tie and tying up her hair (unfortunately) and began immediately apologizing to the Professor who seemed to be taking it in with a smile. I’m surprised she wasn’t shocked at it- I most definitely was. What was she apologizing for?


“I’m so sorry Professor Jenkins! That was so un-like me, using that language and acting like that. So unprofessional, especially as a Prefect! It’s not a problem is it? I won’t lose any house points will I? O… or a detention? I can’t afford anything like that in 7th year!” she shuddered, as if a detention was the most horrendous thing in the world.


She placed her hands caringly on the shivering girl, after regaining her composure. “Don’t worry. That was probably the highest standard of dueling I have ever seen from anybody at Hogwarts. It was just blurs of light- and I am very impressed with your ability to detect the spells. You have a natural talent at DADA- why did it not come out, in the practical parts, before?”


“It’s not natural, Professor, if you forgive me for correcting you. It’s practice that does the trick, then only after much practice does it become natural,” she whispered, smiling weakly.


“Well, whatever it is, it worked. I believe 50 points each to the both of you is well-deserved for that standard of Dueling,” Professor Jenkins decided, and Mayfield looked ecstatic. I was too- I mean more points for Gryffindor means better chance of winning the House Cup!


“Thank you Professor!”


“And, specifically for Miss. Mayfield, I think I will get a letter sent home saying about your immense skills in Defense and how well you are doing. I mean the Dueling practice you have obviously done should be known by your parents. Maybe, I’ll even send one to the Potters about Mr. Black if I’m in a good mood.” She grinned slyly at me and I grinned back- how we all love Professor Jenkins! It seemed Mayfield more than the rest. She looked like she was restraining from hugging Jenkins.


“Well, with that excellent display, that I hope you have learned something from, I think we’ll let out class. If anybody asks you why you’re out early, tell them that Professor Jenkins sent you out.” I grinned widely. Out of class early! Oh, today was turning out to be an amazing day!


“Oh, and Miss. Mayfield and Mr. Black can you please go to the Hospital Wing,” ordered Jenkins. I groaned. There goes the amazing day. “And I will know if you don’t go, Mr. Black.” I gasped in mock offense.


“How could you think I would do such a thing?” I gasped. She glared at me. Sometimes that women was almost too much like McGonagall that one would be scared. I mean if she had glasses and wasn’t blonde.


“Just go,” she said, shaking her head.


“Of course, Professor,” smiled Mayfield. What a nerd, with such a stunning smile… Enchanting… Wait. I didn’t think that. Course I didn’t! Going delusional now… “Come on, Black,” she muttered, before smiling at the Professor once more and then she left the room, me following behind.




We walked through the halls in an awkward silence. How annoying. I hated silence and it seemed Mayfield wasn’t too fond of it either as she kept on fidgeting.


“Erm, good duel Black,” she muttered and I turned to her shocked. She spoke?


“Yeah. What’s up with the nerdiness?” I asked. It was true- out of class she wasn’t like anything she was in class.


“Doesn’t matter,” she sighed. I hate when people say that. If it really didn’t matter they wouldn’t deeply sigh or anything. They’d be happy. Sad people aren’t fun to be around.


I shrugged anyway- I guess she didn’t want me to know. If it was something personal I wouldn’t be surprised, we hadn’t really known each for long.


We reached the Hospital Wing, and Madame Pomfrey began fussing over us as soon as we entered the room. Once she had got us each in a bed and felt that she had given enough potions to keep herself content, she went over to a bed where the curtains were closed and snuck inside.


“Who’s inside there? She doesn’t usually close the curtains…” Oh god! I forgot! Remus had his transformation last night, with Prongs, Wormtail and I there as well of course, so he would still be in the Hospital Wing healing. What do I say?


“Well, you obviously aren’t here a lot,” I said, rolling my eyes. Good improvisation, Padfoot.


“Yeah. Most people try and avoid it…” she grinned, cocking an eyebrow. Oh yeah. I probably sounded as if being here was an achievement. Her teeth were so white and her whole face lit up… Snap out of it Black- you’ve seen beauty before. Yeah, but not like that… OH SHUT IT. ARE YOU REALLY TALKING TO YOURSELF? Yes. This girl is making me mental.


You wait- soon you’ll be seeing the posters.


Have you seen this lunatic? And it’ll be a huge photo of me laughing madly. Oh god- I DON’T WANT TO GO TO REHAB!


“Um, Black? If you shout stuff like that, you might end up having to go to Rehab…” Did I say that out loud? Oh well.


“Anyways, go to bed now. I need to plan a prank, and I don’t want you snitching,” I demanded. She looked offended.


“As if I’d snitch!”


“You seem like the type.” She simply glared in my direction.


“Anyways, what’s the prank?” she questioned, and I looked suspiciously at her.


“Pinky promise you won’t snitch?” She rolled her eyes and nodded, leaning over and linking her pinky finger with my own. “The morning after tomorrows, we’re going to use these charms we’ve discovered to change everyone’s hair and skin colour into their house colours. Including our own.” She looked as if she was thinking this over.


“Make the teachers go into their corresponding houses as well. And make the Slytherins keep their green skin, but make them have red hair. Just to irk them,” she smirked. I was gob-smacked. Who knew she was a little pranking genius?


“Why don’t you prank more often?” I asked inquiringly. She grimaced.


“I’d rather not go into that, thank you very much.” I shrugged and decided it didn’t matter that much. The Marauders kept the school busy.




Around 7 o’clock, Madame Pomfrey came bustling in. “Alright, you’ve been her long enough and those Potions with the spells should’ve done the trick.”


“But I thought it took overnight to mend broken bones, though I’m not complaining,” I said. The quicker I was out of here, the better.


“Ah, yes, but you had no bones broken. Just muscles sprained. How did you do that much damage dueling in class?”


“It didn’t feel like we were in class- it felt like a real life duel,” I explained. It was true- because Professor Jenkins wasn’t saying anything and nobody was interfering it felt like it was just the two of us and our magic.


She shook her head. “Anyways, you can go.” I jumped up, did a little happy dance and was about to turn to Mayfield when I realised she was already gone. Oh. Okay.


I decided I would check on Remus, hopefully Pomfrey would let him go soon.




The prank was going absolutely swimmingly. I had heard shrieks and shocked screams at a pitch I never thought possible- it was utterly splendid. The room was filled with colour; some were embracing their house colours, others despising the loss of pink (e.g. Bimbos). The idea for the Slytherins that Mayfield had given working wonderfully- the Slytherins were furious, adding even more red to their attire!


Suddenly the Slytherins who were glaring at me, started laughing and smirking.


“P… P… Pad… foot,” stuttered Prongs. Stuttered? That was unlike him.




“Y… your hair!” he shrieked and pointed to it as if it was Voldemort himself. Or even worse, my mother.


“I know you’re jealous of it, but that’s no reason to hate it,” I laughed, but he was paralyzed. Moony was stifling laughter, and Wormtail just looked confused like usual.


Moony chucked a mirror at me, and I smirked smugly. I knew my hair was gold and my skin red, yet I still looked hot. I mean, I always look smokin’. I decided just to make me even more proud of Gryffindor I would check myself out again. I brought up the mirror and screamed. Like a banshee. Worse than that, because my reflection was probably the most horrific sight I’d ever seen. Worse than a bloody troll!


My skin was still red, but my hair was green! SLYTHERIN GREEN I TELL YOU!


I curled up in the fetal position and began rocking slowly. This cannot be happening! All my Gryffindor pride! The taunting Slytherins! OH THE WOE. I think I’m about to cry. I opened my eyes slowly, and blinked a few times to focus my sight. Passing in front of me was Mayfield. She tilted her head towards me and winked. She winked. And twirled her wand in her hands discreetly.


Meaning she was responsible for this! Boy, was I slow.


I tried to feel angry and wanting for revenge- I honestly did, but all I could feel was admiration. She pranked the prank king, and for that, had to be appreciated.


“Aren’t ya gonna prank her back? Or at least have a go at her?” asked Prongs, shocked. I smiled and shook my head.


Wait. What was happening? Of course, I should have a go at her! But, then she grinned back at me and suddenly I forgot what I was thinking and could only smile widely back.


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Chapter 3: Discussing Practices and Being Attached to HER
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3) Discussing Practices and Being Attached to HER


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“Umm, Prongs?” I asked sheepishly. This was it. The moment of truth. The guy in question was currently forming some of his plays using little model figures in a miniature Quidditch pitch that had been passed down from Gryffindor Quidditch Captain to Gryffindor Quidditch Captain. He looked up momentarily, looking quite pissed I had disturbed him while ‘in the zone’. Mental, he was.


“Yes, Padfoot?”


“I… I… Idon’tthinkweshoulddopracticetomorrowinHistoryofMagic,” I blabbered, shocked by how fast I spoke. He looked at me confusedly.


“Didn’t get a word of that, mate.”


“I don’t think we should do practice tomorrow in History of Magic,” I said much clearer. I got ready to face his wrath, but he just looked puzzled.




Oh. I’d forgotten he might ask that.


“The… the Cheese monster!” Don’t look at me like that. In troubled times I think of food.


“What the heck is the Cheese monster?” Moody much! Acting like Moony before a full moon- his nickname his Moody Moony then, get it? It’s alliteration if you’re stupid.


“The Cheese monster is a vicious, vile creature that steals poor little kids cheese all around the world! 10 feet high, towering over everything, with large fangs to eat all its cheese with! It’s yellow because of how much cheese it devours, and it has been the scariest thing I’ve ever had a nightmare about- excluding my mother, of course,” I exclaimed dramatically, gesturing with my hands, and baring my teeth. I swear Prongs snorted, but it’s probably just my imagination. I mean, why would he snort at me?


“So how does this relate to my practices?”


“Because… the Cheese monster is an oldie!” My creative skills were top notch.


“And…” he said, ushering me to continue.


“And we’re learning about him in HoM so I want to take notes!”


“You? Sirius Black? Take notes?” I nodded eagerly- this Cheese monster thing sounded quite cool. Horrid, but cool. Maybe we could learn about him in HoM! “So, you’re telling me, that the Cheese monster is a creature that is 10 foot and yellow and eats little kids cheese, and because he’s an oldie you want to take notes in History of Magic about him, so we can’t have practice,” he deadpanned. I grinned, affirming his statement with a fierce nod. “You know I don’t do bullshit man while doing Quidditch plays, man. What’s up?”


I sighed. I couldn’t get past that damn best mate of mine. Wait- make that damn brother of mine. “I made an unbreakable vow to Mayfield,” I whispered. His eyes widened and he stood up snappishly.


“You what? You are going to get yourself killed sometime these days!” he muttered sternly. I smiled shamefacedly.


“Evans has matured you, no?” I laughed. He blushed slightly and came to pat me on the back.


“Sorry, mate. I promise to never fully mature- though I’m not ready to make an unbreakable vow. What did you make it for? I’m guessing it has something to do with Quidditch?”


“The vow was to not let Quidditch practices interrupt her classes or studying timetable.” He gaped.


“But she studies all the time!”


“She suggested midnight practices,” I shrugged. Midnight practices were when the students had a match coming up and were very busy with exams, lets say, so your Head of House could give permission for a midnight practice session. They were very unusual- maybe two in a year per team, because they were not encouraged.


“How are we meant to get enough? I may need a new beater!” he exclaimed, flopping down onto the couch.


“Just speak to Mayfield first, maybe she has an idea,” I recommended quickly before he got anymore ideas of replacing her. He cocked an eyebrow at me.


“Since when did you become the rational one?”


I smirked. “I’m just the full package.”


He snorted. “Sure you are Padfoot, sure you are. Just don’t go doing anymore things that’ll get you killed-“ I was about to interrupt and say he was being far too mature before he added, “without me,” and I laughed loudly and hugged him. In a manly way of course; everything we did was manly.


I slouched on a couch next to Prongs’ and stared at the grand fire that lied in the heart of the Gryffindor Common Room. It blazed away, fiery and powerful; dangerous yet wonderful. Why was it so easy to not even recognize, let alone forget, Mayfield before, yet now that girl couldn’t leave my thought line for one minute? And why was the thought of her being replaced so terrifying? I soothed myself that night with the contemplation that it was simply because she was a damn good beater. That’s all…




“Padfoot,” began Wormtail. I made the mammoth effort of twisting myself around to face him and replied with a polite ‘what?’ I was tired and hungry. Prongs and Remus were doing their Prefect rounds and I was far too lazy to even go to the kitchens, even though my stomach was growling like a fierce bulldog, hungry for some food delights. At this moment, it was around 2am and we were lazing in the common room, waiting for our remaining Marauders to come back from their boring prefect duties. “I want to show you a magic trick.” I looked at him incredulously.


“You’re a wizard, Wormtail,” I deadpanned. “Why would you want to do a magic trick?”


“Not the Muggle ones!” he squealed, excitedly. “The magical ones!”


“Magical wizards… Have a magic tricks?” I asked, confusedly.


“I know- it’s just amazing! But I need to people,” he sighed.


“Wait for Peter and Remus to come then,” I yawned, my mouth stretching open to form a black hole.


“But I want to show it to you now,” he whined. I sighed heavily, I could not deal with this. “Oo! How about that person in the corner?” he asked. I faced to where he was pointing, and gaped. It was Mayfield- she was studying at this time in the night.


“Mayfield,” I hollered and her head instantly shot up to look at me. Her eyes were dropping, with bags around the bottom, yet she looked as awake as ever.


“What?” she snapped, as politely as I had said that word to Wormtail just moments ago.


“Come over and help Pettigrew with his wizard magic trick or something like that.” She looked at me pointedly.


“And why should I do that, Black?”


“Look at the poor fellow!” I muttered, knowing Wormtail had his typical ‘please’ look. Refusing that, was like refusing an ugly four year old. His eyes went wide and even further watery than usual and his abnormally large bottom lip began trembling. She looked disgusted for a moment, before she exhaled loudly and shut her book with a slam.


“What d’ya want us to do, Pettigrew?” she asked, grinning, now in front of us. Wormtail looked elated.


“Yay!” he cried and I rolled my eyes while Mayfield appeared to be slightly frightened by his enthusiasm. “So first, I have these magic handcuffs which I need to put on your wrists,” he said, while pulling a pink- don’t ask why- set of ‘magical’ handcuffs out of his back pocket. Then he began closing one around my own right wrist, and then one around Mayfield’s left. Next, he clapped his hands together before stuffing them in his pockets and slowly rocking back and forth, from his heels to his toes.


What followed, was an incredibly awkward silence.


“What do you do now?” I asked impatiently, lifting and shaking my hand that was joined to Mayfield’s by a pair of bloody handcuffs. It was rubbing against my skin, and Mayfield start massaging her forehead with her other hand. Wormtail was rocking forwards and back from his heels to his toes, and on my speech he looked up from his feet.




“How do you take these off? Do your damn magic trick!” I yelled. I didn’t want to be with Mayfield any longer than need be- she’s cramping my style.


You? Have style? That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard.


OH. MY. MERLIN. She’s in my head now! What the fuck you doing here Mayfield?


Eh, its cosy.


You know that’s scary.




That you find my brain cosy.


Before In-My-Brain Mayfield could reply, I felt a sharp tugging on my wrist that took me out of my world and into the real one. It was Mayfield lunging at Wormtail. I gaped and wrapped my arms around her waist, keeping her back. Boy, can she fight her way out without even looking stupid. I tightened my grip.


“What do you think you’re doing? You’re bloody mental!” I exclaimed, and she turned to me incredulously.


“Did you not just hear what he said? Or have you just grown on me Black!” I looked at her confusedly, and she sighed heavily. “This,” she scowled, pointing to Wormtail who looked incredibly frightened, “cannot remember how to unlock the handcuffs! We’re stuck like this!”


Then I lunged with her at Wormtail, yelling some sort of war cry before I was getting pulled back by a pair of arms.


Not. Again,” muttered Mayfield, and span around to face Moony, and I turned to face Prongs. Forgetting about the matter at hand, I straightened up in posture and stuck my chin out as if a pompous prefect would do.


“Ah, it’s absolutely spiffing to meet you Mr. Potter. And how would you do today? I’m sure your highly intellectual and wise, mature mind made sure your duties as Prefect went perfect,” I said, pretentiously. He snorted for a minute before taking the same demeanor as myself, and began replying.


“Why, of course, Mr. Black! I must say, you are looking mighty fine today, all groomed. I thank you dearly for being so mannered as to remain in this delightful Common Room till I returned from my strenuous duties as the honourable Head Boy.” We grinned at each other.


“Nice to have my best mate back once in a while,” I laughed and leant in for a hug (a manly one, of course) before I felt an urgent jerk on my wrist that reminded me of my predicament. Prongs looked curiously at the handcuffs, then at me.


“Let me guess, Wormtail?” he smirked, and I nodded reluctantly. He was taking great pleasure in this. But suddenly he stopped.


“Oh wait! Mayfield?” She looked at him oddly. Not surprised, I was perplexed too. Then again, I was almost always confused. “How are we going to do the midnight practices? They’re hardly allowed!” Of course- think of Prongs to think of Quidditch at a time like this. However, it seemed Mayfield didn’t mind, and looked quite smug.


“McGonagall gave permission for unlimited midnight practices because I asked her,” she replied, self-superiorly, and I wasn’t surprised. Unlimited midnight practices!


“I could snog you right now Mayfield,” squealed Prongs (sounding an awful lot like Wormtail) and wrapped her in a large hug. My stomach churned and my eyes flared up. I guessed it was because of how disgusting that was- hugging Mayfield.


“Ooft, thanks, but no thanks,” rejected Mayfield, pushing Prongs away. Haha. Prongs got rejected. But he simply grinned like a little child and began skipping round with joy.


“Oi! Prongs! Matter. At. Hand,” I grumbled, lifting our joined hands, rattling the metal purple handcuffs.


“Sure,” he muttered in a daze. I sighed deeply. Some best mate.


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Chapter 4: Sleeping Troubles and Sorting Out Handcuff Issues with HER
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4) Sleeping Troubles and Sorting Out Handcuff Issues with HER

 A/N: I bit of serious (Sirius!) stuff in this! Enjoy ^_^

An awkward silence had filled the room. Mayfield’s face was expressionless, Wormtail was looking at the ground sheepishly, Prongs was looking like Christmas had come early and Moony looked defeated and tired as hell.  I hated silence. It was filled with tension, and not incredibly sunny disposition sadly. “So, I found this awesome joke the other day! It was like, why did Merlin take the Knight Bus?” I grinned, and everyone turned to look at me incredulously. Sheesh, it was actually a good joke.


“So, got any ideas of what to do?” asked Mayfield, looking miserably at the handcuffs once more. At least one thing we agreed on- those handcuffs were a pair of bitches.


No one answered, but then Moony piped up, the always practical one. Knew I could rely on you mate!


He can’t here you.


What. The. Hell. Are. You. Doing. Back. Here?


I told you I find it flipping cosy- so deal with it, mate.


Fine poop.


You called a voice, in your brain, a poop.


Uh huh. What are you going to do about it?


“Oi, Black!” shouted a voice identical to the one in my head’s, that broke me out of my reverie. “Did ya catch a word of that?” I scratched the back of my neck, sheepishly, and she rolled her eyes, though I swear a hint of a smile was on her face.


“What I was saying,” resumed Moony, “was that Mayfield can sleep in the boys dorm tonight and you two can go to see Professor McGonagall in the morning about it.” I cringed.


“I have to still stay attached to her for that night?”


“Trust me Black, I’m not exactly jumping with joy at the idea either,” grumbled Mayfield. “I mean I have to sleep with you!” The Marauders (including myself) went completely silent at the statement- you have to admit, it sounds wrong. “I mean, it was enough having to duel with our wands just a few days ago…” Oh dear. She was doing rubbish at trying to defend herself, making herself sound more perverted by the second. Shockingly, she wasn’t blushing. Was she some kind of robot? “Oh, who cares, you know what I mean- another bird for Black to shag,” she grinned, winking, and I was stunned. It took me by surprise- I thought she was the whiny, groaning type- not one to make a joke out of things. She kept surprising me every day…


“First Quidditch practice tomorrow, Saturday, 5am- that fits in with everybody!” exclaimed Prongs, and he had the decency to look embarrassed when everyone looked at him incredulously. Trust Prongs to be thinking of Quidditch. “Well, chop chop! You and Padfoot better be up in time!”


“How are we going to inform the rest of the team?” asked Mayfield curiously.


“Oh Mayfield! I can’t believe I forgot. I gave one to Martin the other day even though we see Mayfield more! God Padfoot! As deputy captain you should remind me of these things…” he sighed, and my eyes widened in realization.


“Sorry,” I grinned while Mayfield looked stunned and Prongs took her hand and began using his wand to draw along her life line.


“What the hell do you think you’re doing Potter?” she muttered, examining her hand as Prongs put a few more spells on it.


“Done!” he remarked. I smirked as Mayfield winced; the last spell carving the word in permanently. ‘Gryffie’. Prongs winked at me, before pressing his own tattoo-resembling mark, and I my face contorted as a sting went through my hand. As sad as it may sound, we got the idea from the Death Eaters method of communicating. Voldemort could easily press the dark mark on his own hand and gather all his followers- Gryffindor Quidditch was serious business. As serious as my name. Get it? If you don’t, get out.


Immediately I heard loud footsteps scampering down and soon enough Martin (the newbie 4th year chaser); Marcus (the 6th year keeper); Tom Headlington (the 5th year chaser) and Joe Pocatelli (the 3rd year seeker) were gathered with Prongs, Mayfield and I in the common room, along with Peter and Remus. It was quite comical, considering how they were all in their nightwear. Little Joe had little ducks all over his! I want some of them. Maybe Gladrags has them in stock…


“Alright team, practice at 5am tomorrow,” beamed Prongs cheerfully, and this was met by a series of groans.


“Suck it up, guys, it’s not as if he’ll cancel the practice if you’re whining. He’s a true Quidditch Nazi,” I piped up, and everyone nodded in agreement. Prongs looked at me confused.


“Was that a compliment or an insult?”


“To be honest, I don’t know mate,” I replied truthfully, and we grinned at each other.


“So, yeah, see you at 5am!” And with that, the team left, carrying themselves slowly up each step.


“Why were they so quick in coming down, but so slow in going up?” questioned Mayfield. I snorted.


“Remember when the whole of the Gryffindor Quidditch team wasn’t sighted for the whole day?” She nodded. “That was because Mr. Quidditch-Is-My-Life decided to make us practice all day because they weren’t quick enough in responding to ‘The Call’ as he likes to name it,” I explained and Mayfield laughed.


“Only you Prongs, only you,” she muttered, rolling her eyes. We all looked at her, shocked. She had used our nicknames- no one outside the Marauders has ever used the nicknames before. It’s because no one ever knew how they came about; what if she…? No, she couldn’t! Smarter people than her haven’t guessed, and she doesn’t even know us that well. She began stuttering. “Oh… oh I’m sorry! I didn’t… mean to use it… you, know.” Prongs smiled at her.


“It’s alright, mate. I don’t mind.” I looked at him dumbfounded. He just let her use the nickname! Just like that! “It’s alright- isn’t it Padfoot?” I gritted my teeth and nodded. Silly boy. “So we should head off to bed now! Need you to be up and ready at 5am, Mayfield and Padfoot!”


“How could we forget?” snorted Mayfield, and I laughed, as Prongs huffed and stormed up the stairs.  Mayfield winked at me, and we followed him up to the seventh year boys dorms.


Now, you see, discovering Mayfield was a girl and all, I thought she would be horrified by the state of our dorms- Moony is every time he walks past mine and Prongs’ bed. But, no, she simply kicked off her shoes and jumped on my bed, wrenching my arm and nearly pulling it out of its socket.




She. Jumped. On. My. Bed.


“Hello! What d’ya think you’re doing, Mayfield?” She was twiddling with her thumbs, facing the ceiling.


“Lying. On a bed,” she deadpanned, looking at me directly in the eye. I can see that much thank you very much! “Oh, I get it. I’m stuck with the floor- floor it is!” With that, she literally, rolled off the bed, again pulling my arm and nearly twisting it. I’m not even joking. If I wasn’t so concerned for her sanity, I’d probably laugh at how stupid she looked when she landed on her backside. And moan with pain from my arm.


“Did that not hurt?” I asked shocked. She looked as if she was pondering it for a moment, before shrugging and shaking her head.


“Not really.”


“Freak,” I whispered, but she heard me and simply grinned back.


“Be a gentleman, Padfoot, let her take the bed,” advised Moony, politely and Mayfield and I snorted at the same time.


“No thank you. I’d rather take the floor, than be treated like a lady. Sorry Moony,” laughed Mayfield, and we looked at her confusedly but in amusement as well.


“Anyways, goodnight,” he muttered, before disappearing behind his hangings. Wormtail and Prongs had previously gone off to bed, and I pulled the hangings shut around my own bed (along with the piles of clothes, books and food around it). Mayfield had now stood up and was using her right arm, the non-attached one and most likely her wand arm, to do some odd spells on my hangings.


“What the hell are you doing Mayfield?” I asked, dumbly, just staring at her put all sorts of weird enchantments on my bed hangings. She sighed deeply, and having finished, put her wand on the side table, then sat herself onto the bed, making me do the same.


“This is going to make me sound like some mental patient at St. Mungo’s, but I talk and do stuff in my sleep.”


I shrugged dismissively. “That’s completely normal.”


“Okay, Black, I’m going to have to tell you a lot of things, that you have to promise not to tell a soul.” I nodded, not making a sound, as she cast a Muffliato charm on the hangings. “I do whatever I really wish to do in my sleep. I talk a lot, I may tell you some things I would never tell anyone. I went to see a Healer about it in St. Mungo’s and he said it’s something about a build up of stress has caused me to pent out what I won’t in day at night. Also, I may ask you to do things, try to ignore them, but sometimes apparently I am very persistent so do what you have to within reason.” I strongly resembled a goldfish at this point. This is a lot for one guy to take in!


“It does make you sound like a mental patient,” I blurted out. Oh my Merlin. Out of all the things I could have said…


She glared at me, and I smiled sheepishly. A smile which she returned- good stuff!


“Goodnight,” she said, before lying on the floor with a cushion, and I felt a light tug on my arm from her sleeping on the floor and me on the bed. A surge of guilt went through me for making her sleep on the floor, but then she did say so herself, she didn’t mind. I took off my shirt, one handedly, and kept the tracksuit bottoms on- my usual nightwear.


I whispered a goodnight in reply, not knowing how eventful the night was going to be…




I had barely gone to sleep, when I groggily opened my eyes to find Mayfield standing beside me. Except it wasn’t the Mayfield I was used to. This one hadn’t covered all the emotion in her eyes, to leave a blank colour. Her eyes were filled with every kind of emotion known to man and everything was so much more relaxed. Her finger were less tense, making them look more slender rather than bony and a faint smile was on her lips.


“Snuffles?” she whispered, staring wide eyed at me with those huge brown orbs and I gulped. The topic of ‘snuffles’ had come up again. I nodded slowly in reply. “It’s hard on the ground. Plus, its tugging on my arm- I don’t like it,” she sniffed, and I was utterly confused as to where this going. “Could I sleep with you, on your bed? I promise I won’t be a nuisance.” My mouth dropped open. She wanted to sleep in the same bed as me? I was about to firmly reject, as would be obvious, but I looked at her once again. She resembled a child who was burdened with all the sorrows in the world, and you’d feel it was a crime to not give them what they wanted.


“Sure, come on in,” I replied, pulling up the blankets.


“Wait, first I need to take my hoodie off. It’s far too warm,” she explained, and I nodded understandingly. Well, that was until I realised she couldn’t take it off herself with one hand. “Help me?” I smiled, and helped her take it off, and my eyes widened at the sight underneath. She was wearing a thin, small tank top, that left hardly anything to imagination. I mean it wasn’t slutty, as no doubt she would never take off her hoodie, until night time but still- it wasn’t something you’d expect of a girl like Mayfield.


She beamed at me so brightly, you’d think I’d solved every single problem of her life and gave her eternal happiness just by helping her take her hoodie off. Her eyes were twinkling, even though they were so dark and they were filled with a joy that I could not comprehend as she slid under the covers. I turned around, expecting she would face the other side so we were back to back, but that was not the plan apparently.


I felt a warm arm wrap around my bare stomach, shooting tingles down my skin. She had placed her head on the back of my neck, and I could feel hot breath on the top of my back that made my spine curl.


“Sirius, please face me,” she breathed in my ear. I am a hormonal 17 year old male! She cannot expect to completely control myself if I face her. But I did face her. And control myself. Her brown eyes penetrated deep into my own grey eyes, as if she was examining my soul. She quickly snapped her gaze from my eyes, and buried her head in my chest.


“You know Sirius, my mum doesn’t love me,” began Mayfield, and my eyes widened in shock. Was she spilling her secrets already? And what was she on about? “She only uses me as a trophy child,” she continued, ignoring my inner panicking that was quite evident. “That’s why I always try hard- to impress her. But she’s never impressed; nothings good enough. Why doesn’t she love me?” Her eyes were filled with despair, and I couldn’t help but just place a light kiss on her forehead and hug her tightly.


“You should go to bed, Ma… Alex,” I suggested softly, and she gave a slight nod, her breath heating the top of my chest. I breathed deeply. Seems Mayfield wasn’t as simple as I had thought.




I woke up, to the joyful sound of my alarm clock, with my arm around someone. I could detect some curves so it was a girl- that was a relief; I mean I don’t have anything against gays, but... Wait; there was a girl in my bed. Now can you keep a secret?


Who are you asking?


What are you doing in my head Mayfield-voice?! And I am asking… you. Can you keep a secret?


I guess. Considering no one can hear me apart from you.


Yeah, yeah, I forgot your sarcasm.


Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.


So you’re calling yourself non-witty? Ha!


It was sarcasm you idiot.



I am confused. But continuing, Sirius Black, hunky most wanted boy in Hogwarts, is a virgin. Now, you may be thinking, but why does everyone think he’s the ultimate playboy then? Well, some of his conquests (only till snogging), are a bit desperate for more and would completely tarnish my reputation if he didn’t give them what they want. It sounds sick, but it’s true. He’s also going to stop talking in the third person when referring to himself cause it sounds weird. So I discovered a charm, that would instill into the thoughts of my snog buddy for the day, that I had done it with them. And it’s worked like a charm so far! Get the pun? Worked like a charm? No? Pity.


However, right now I’m contemplating the fact that I might have slept with someone in the haste of the moment! I looked down at myself and her, and breathed a sigh of relief. We were both clothed.


So why was she in my bed?


Then everything came back to me. The handcuffs, the bickering and what she had said before I had slept.


She groggily opened her eyes, and I quickly shut mine, after realising I had been staring at her.


“Oi, Black. You’re not asleep, get up,” she groaned, tugging fiercely on the arm handcuffed to hers, making me let out a small yelp in pain.


“Git,” I muttered furiously, while massaging my shoulder. She shrugged me off, too tired, I believe, to take offense.


“Don’t we have to see McGonagall before practice?” she grumbled. I smacked my left hand to my face (the one without the handcuff attached to it), and groaned. “Anyways, we better get ready. I’ll go to the toilet first…”


She began walking towards the bathroom pulling me in tow. I was following as well, but we both abruptly stopped at the same time when we were just in front of the door.


“You’re not coming in with me.”


“I’m not going in with you.”


We said this in unison, and both of us glared at each other.


“We could try stretching our arm across?” she suggested but I shook my head.


“Toilets are too far off.”


“So,” she gulped, “you have to come in?” My face contorted into one of disgust, and I reluctantly nodded. “Alright let’s get this over with. This never gets spoken of, O.K.?” she confirmed, and I hurriedly nodded. This was one of the most embarrassing situations in my life. This talking the guy who got caught snogging a girl senseless by Professor McGonagall. Let’s just say it was downright awkward.


We both took a deep breath in and step inside the bathroom.


“I’ll go first then I guess,” muttered Mayfield, and I snapped around to face the opposite way. I couldn’t see anything, and did not wish to, even with a giant load of testosterone running through me, but it was still unnerving to know someone was pissing behind you. Especially, since it could be heard. This is not an experience I would ever like to repeat in my lifetime.


“Your turn,” she mumbled, and I took a slight peek to make sure she was done, before fully turning around. After making sure that I was not in Mayfield’s eyesight, I slowly pulled down my trackees and began weeing. It’s kind of stupid to be honest. I’ve never had to think so hard in a trip to the toilet.


My eyes kept a firm watch on Mayfield, though I was 99% sure she wouldn’t turn around. Her hair had fallen out of its tie during the night (or I might have taken it out) so her black hair was flowing like a river down her back. She was still only wearing a tank top, meaning I had a perfect view of her bare lower back. So smooth…


“Black, you done yet?” asked Mayfield courageously- it was a heavily awkward question to ask. It pulled me out of me reverie though. A reverie about Mayfield… Don’t worry Sirius, it’s just because you haven’t seen her wear her glasses and school uniform recently and you haven’t had a good snog in the last few days.


“Oh, yes, just one minute,” I replied, hurriedly pulling up my trousers. “Done.” She smiled uncomfortably at me, and we made our way to the sinks to wash our hands.


“Thank god we never have to do that again,” she grimaced, and I nodded in agreement. I was going to be glad when McGonagall would get us out of these stupid things.




“What do you mean you can’t fix this?” I yelled, Mayfield standing up with me.


“Professor McGonagall, please have some consideration. It’s Black, we’re talking about here!”


“She’s such a party pooper! And goody two shoes! I can’t live with goody two shoes!


“ENOUGH!” shouted McGonagall, successfully silencing both of us. “Come with me.” We followed her down the familiar route from her office to Dumbledore’s office.


“Acid Pops,” replied McGonagall curtly to the gargoyles, and we greeted by the falcon and moving staircase that led us up to the magical office of Dumbledore. It was filled with odd telescopes, devices, magical objects and more, and I had grown to it over the years.


“Ah, Mr. Black, lovely to see you here again. Miss. Mayfield, what a pleasant surprise! Care for a Sugar Quill?” I grinned and nodded, snatching one especially sugary one off the top, and Mayfield, shockingly, took one as well, following my lead. Though perhaps she took it more politely than I did. “Minerva, please excuse us.”


“But, Albus-“


“I think I know what the problem is,” he smiled calmly, eyes twinkling and flickering down to the pink handcuffs. I let out a breath I didn’t know that I was holding; he could solve it as well! Albus Dumbledore can do anything- thank Merlin he is our headmaster.


McGonagall nodded, and left the room. Dumbledore addressed us and began.


“Now, I am presuming you both are here to remove these handcuffs that Mr. Pettigrew had put on you?” I nodded eagerly, and spotted Mayfield doing the same out the corner of my eye. “You see, I had taken the key, afraid Mr. Pettigrew may lose the key.” He had the key! Everything was going to be fine! “However, the key does not just work like that.” Oh dear. “I can easily unlock the lock, but the part about these handcuffs, that makes them a wizard product, is that once they’re unlocked they do not simply come off. The magical part of it keeps them held together until both the two with the handcuffs joining them do something. Would you mind if I gave you a bit of a history lesson?” I was about to object, but Mayfield got before me.


“Not at all, Sir.”


“Thank you- it won’t be long, I promise. I know you have Quidditch practice, and Mr. Potter would not be happy if his two beaters turned up late. Early this century or late 19th century many people were going through the process of divorce- a different way to Muggle divorce or breaking up with their partners. Feuds were resulting and most did not cherish wizarding marriage as they had done before. Then, they would realise their mistakes and realise they love that person who they left, but because of a moment of haste they never got their love back. A peacemaker wizard had a fabulous idea, though highly controversial- to make handcuffs that would never unlock unless, I quote, ‘the wizard or witch do not need the handcuffs to stay together no longer.’ Many relationships were saved, but the man never gave a way to make it before he died, so few are left in perfect condition- that is what case we have right here.” I was stunned, and was stiff as a board. Mayfield seemed to not respond and was expressionless.


“So… I have to fall in love with Mayfield to get this handcuffs off?” I confirmed incredulously. Dumbledore let out a light chuckle.


“Of course not. That was not the condition was it? It simply means, you two will have to be with each other at all times, not necessarily physically, without needing the handcuffs. You two will have to resemble a relationship of yours with Mr. Potter, Mr. Black.” I nodded slowly, dumbfounded. How was this going to work? Mayfield and I could not become like that- never in a million years! As if he could read my mind, Dumbledore replied to my inner turmoil. “If it’s any consolation, the handcuffs will unlock just with the key if you two are not suitable for this request.” Fabulous! Of course we’re not. Mayfield and I? Always by each others sides? Never.


He put the key in the lock, and I eagerly awaited my freedom, but when he turned it and the lock made the familiar click of unlocking it didn’t open. I saw Mayfield gaping at me, and my expression probably mirrored hers. We’re in deep shit now.


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Chapter 5: Quidditch Practice, Showers and Creating Spells with HER
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5) Quidditch Practice, Showers and Creating Spells with HER


“Wow, that sucks Hippogriff dung,” was Prongs’ reaction when we told him what had gone down. Needless to say, Mayfield and I were not happy troopers. “Well, you were still late, so double laps.” I swore, and Mayfield gave him the middle finger. So we began our 6 laps round the gigantic pitch.


We were lightly jogging, knowing it would be stupid to try and sprit the first few laps and use up all our energy. After a few minutes of silence, she spoke.


“You okay?” she asked. I rolled my eyes at the typical question.


“I’m over the fricken’ moon,” I droned.


“Ha, fucking, ha,” she replied sarcastically.


Too much sarcasm for me- we had only done one lap yet and it seemed like years had passed!




We decided to do the next 4 laps in silence, to my dismay. Silence was something I despised. We were about to start our last lap, when I decided to break the horrible state of quietness that was upon us- the rest of the team was waiting in the changing rooms discussing tactics and skills with Prongs.


“Sprint the last lap? We can’t exactly race though…” I murmured, jangling the hideous pink handcuffs. She nodded glumly, but I took that as acceptance. We got to the hoops where we started the laps, and we glanced eath other, myself winking at her once.


“Ready to witness the Speed of Sirius?” I smirked, and she grinned smugly back.


“In your dreams, Black.” And with that we ran.


It was quite interesting, you see, because whenever one of us sped ahead, they were pulled back by the other because of the handcuffs, but we were both pretty even in speed.


We were panting heavily by the end, but I had achieved my quickest lap yet. OH YEAH BABY.


“You’re finally done,” deadpanned Prongs, and I glared at him, when we entered the changing room.


“Yes, we are.”


“Good, let’s get ready to play. Team, out on the pitch, now,” ordered Prongs, and the team moved their arses to the pitch. Whooptee-fucking-doo.


“Em, Captain, how are we gonna fly on separate brooms more than a metre apart because of these things on our wrist?” asked Mayfield, and I nodded agreeing, never thinking about that. Then again, I don’t think about a lot of things.


Prongs grinned maliciously, frightening me. “I’ve got something different planned.”




“Since you two are terrible at working together, I have set up this for you.”


“What do we do?” Currently Mayfield and I were standing in the middle of a circle of around 20, I think Muggles call them, baseballs.


“These Muggle baseballs are enchanted to fly at you from any angle. You have to use your beater’s bat to deflect them,” explained Prongs, and I shrugged.


“Doesn’t sound too hard,” I muttered and Prongs smirked while waving his wand.


“Oh, I’ll let you judge that for yourselves…” And with that he left.


“What do we do?” Mayfield asked. I was about to reply, when a baseball whizzed towards my face from nowhere. From my years on the Quidditch team, I luckily deflected it in time but it was a close call. Mayfield also hit one, that was aiming at her shoulder.


Soon enough all 20 of the balls were in game, and Mayfield and I were just swinging our bats around madly in hope to hit as many away as possible. However, every time we hit one away, it always came back. We probably looked like mental patients.


In my moment of thought, I had stopped moving my bat, and a ball slammed straight into my nose.


“YEOOOOOOUCCCHH!” I squealed. A manly squeal of course. But it still fucking hurt, yet I couldn’t stop moving my bat otherwise more would hit me.


“Why are you screaming like a little girl Black?” shouted Mayfield, as she carried on deflecting the baseballs with me- we were back to back.


“Because a ball broke my nose!”


“At least one thing good came out of this!”




“You’ll never have a perfect face again!”


“Excuse me! Madame Pomfrey can fix it to perfection!”


“Sure, you’re just frightened your nose will never be returned to its perfect self or have a perfect face!”


“Ha, you admit I have a perfect face!”


“I said you did- past tense! And watch out, ball going for the top of your head!” I swung my bat just above my head to hit it- that was a close call.


“FUCKING HELL!” I screamed, shrinking to the ground.


“What now?” replied Mayfield, irritated. How does she get to be irritated? I’m the one in agony!


“A ball just hit me in a certain area!” I whined, curled up on the ground, but my right arm in the air, because it was being held up by Mayfields left arm.


“Oh grow up!”


“You don’t know how much it hurts!”


“It can’t hurt that much! That’s only in the movies.”


“I swear to god that baseball was hard and going at a gazillion miles per hour!”


“Stop being so overdramatic and hit some BASEballs!”


I felt like going all Meme on her and shouting WHY U HAVE NO SYMPATHY?




“I fucking hate you Prongs,” said Mayfield and I in unison, when Prongs finally decided to let the balls stop whizzing towards us an hour later.


“That was horrible.”


“It was frickin’ torture!”


“You can’t let your best friend go through that sort of shit!”


“It’s an abuse of power!”


“Oi! Shut up. As Captain I have the right to do whatever the heck I want with my team.”


We had slowly made our way to the changing rooms, and Mayfield and I were lying, bruised, on the ground.


“Yes, but that was over the line,” I moaned. He looked thoughtful.


“I guess that was pretty tough. Plus, you can’t do much in that state. You need to fix it. I’ll give you 2 weeks to fix it, or I’ll get reserves.”


“But Prongs!” I exclaimed. “The first match is still 2 months away.”


“Exactly. I hear Slytherin’s working hard this year- their captain is McAffy, he’s quite good and our main competition cause we know they play dirty.”


“Fine. We’ll sort this out. Heck, I can’t go 2 weeks attached to him anyways,” agreed Mayfield, I sighed deeply and wondered since when I had become the logical one on this planet. Isn’t that a joke. Hilarious. Me, logical? Never.


We stalked out the room with as much energy as we had left and somehow made it to the Gryffindor boys dorms.


“How are we gonna sort this?” I asked.


“No clue.”


“We need a shower don’t we.”






“I know.”


“What do we do?”


“I don’t know. There’s no hangings is there?”


“Nope. Fuck.”


“Tell me about it.”


We both thought about it. Who needs a shower anyway? But smelling my pits and looking at my mud and slime covered skin it was needed.


“Idea!” I shouted. Mayfield looked shocked. I’m not surprised, it’s very rarely I get an idea. “We shower in our underwear! It’s the best we can do.”


“I guess…” muttered Mayfield.


“What’s wrong?” I questioned curiously. I thought it was pure genius! But then it clicked. “Boyish Mayfield is too embarrassed to go shower in her underwear, because she’d look bad against the sex god Black! Don’t-“


“Oh no,” she snarled. I think I’d hit a soft point. Oops. “I’m fine with it Black, I’m just worried you won’t let your hormones get the better of you,” and she winked. Mayfield. Winked. That girl has just achieved a new level of respect in my eyes.


So we grabbed two towels, and I vowed to make this as quick as possible to save Mayfield from getting overcome by my ravishing surfer abs. The modesty in me is evident, no?


We made our way to the bathroom, and stripped, leaving only our underwear on. I turned around expecting to see nothing special, but what I saw astounded me. It was… magnificent. She was fit.


“Sheesh, Mayfield, what have you been hiding under there?” I gave a low whistle, but no, she doesn’t blush, she just glares at me, but I can see her lips tugging into a smirk.


She sauntered, no jokes- swished her hips and everything to the shower, and I followed her in a bit of a daze. I snapped myself out of my reverie, and got back to the focus. Quick, COLD, shower, then out.


We switched on the shower, after getting in the large tub with a shower as well, and I jumped about 5 feet in the air when the freezing water hit me and screamed. Mayfield was laughing her head off, holding her stomach. I narrowed my eyes, and flicked body wash at her.




It soon became a war of the soaps and we circled the tub somehow considering our hands were attached, shower forgotten, armed with Muggle rubber ducks (which I didn’t know why we had – probably Peter) and various body wash and shampoo.


“Oi, don’t finish all my conditioner. That stuff works-“ but I didn’t get to finish before a huge dollop of that conditioner was in my mouth and Mayfield was in hysterics. I smirked evilly, and her eyes widened, as I pounced on her. The tub was filled with soapy water as we hadn’t taken out the plug. I pushed her under the water, before she rolled around stuffing me beneath the water, and I gurgled at the disgusting  taste of soap on my tongue. I pushed my head above, and we both broke out into laughter, sitting on the bathtub floor.


I purposely ignored the fact her undergarments were now practically see through, and more focused on how awesome she was. I hadn’t really seen this side of her.


“We should invent a spell…” thought aloud Mayfield, and I turned to her.


“What kind of spell?” Surely she didn’t know about the spells they had invented? Like for the Marauder’s Map?


“A soap spell. To clean the mouths of filthy Slytherins who have started saying shit like ‘Mudblood’…”


I gaped. “That’s brilliant Mayfield! Pure brilliance!”


“Really?” she asked, looking quite chuffed. I eagerly nodded.


“Let’s get the shower over quick, dry off, then start on it!”




For some reason, the shower lost its awkwardness. It seemed normal to be hanging around Mayfield. We began on the spell and were actually getting somewhere with it.


“Maybe we should make the bubbles pink? Just to make it even more horrific and humiliating?” smirked Mayfield, and I grinned.




So, we went about testing various wand movements and ways. Turns out Mayfield’s incredible knowledge of every jet colour and width helped with creating it, as she could calculate what movements produced what width, and what words produced what colour. We decided to make in non-verbal and quite a complicated movement so hardly anyone could figure out how to do it. Of course we would most likely share it with the Marauders.




“So, how we are going to test it? Do you mind?” Mayfield asked.




“Not really, go ahead,” I replied, and smacked myself mentally.




Thanks, me. God, now I’m talking to myself.








Fabulous. Just fabulous.


But I didn’t have more time to talk to Capsy (he and Mayfield voice should hook up- stupid voices in my brain), as I was distracted by the most revolting taste of soap in the world, and looked down to see pink bubbles pouring out my mouth at an incredible speed. Mayfield’s eyes widened and she quickly stopped the spell.


“Maybe that was a bit too strong…”


I let the last of the bubbles pour out like vomit. “Ya think?” I groaned, wiping my mouth, and spitting to the side of my bed once for good measure.


She shrugged. “You did agree to be the tester.”


“It was a moment of insanity I tell you!” I defended. She rolled her eyes and I shot a glare at her.


Oh woes, of woes.






What is it now Capsy?


I looked at my watch. It was 3-fucking-AM. And Mayfield had just gone to bed after another one of her talking sessions. She had mentioned her mum again. She’d also mentioned her dad- how he ran away. I didn’t know why, she didn’t tell me that, but I had a feeling that as long as I was attached to her, the secrets would carry on spilling out.








Whatever’s up in the life of Capsy.


He’s right you know. We’re all one fucking person. Our lives aren’t all that different.




I will punch you.




But I can get Sirius to punch himself, effectively punching you.


Can you please shut up? Is it too much to ask from two voices in my bloody brain!


Why of course.




Oh go away Mayfield Voice and Capsy, and let me sleep in peace.


Alright then.




Finally. Peace.


“Sirius,” came a quiet voice from my side, that was more welcome than those two voices.


But still, seems like I’m not going to get any sleep tonight, and with that I wrapped my arm around Mayfield’s waist, and stroked her hair soothingly, thinking that for some reason, when our hands were no longer attached, I would miss these nights.




A few more days had passed, and we were stuck in the same situation. Prongs even shoved me into the library- he was that afraid of why it was taking so long for the handcuffs to simply do it’s magic and unlock.


So here we were, Mayfield and I, pouring over spell books in the common room. I heard some girls laughing in the corner, and saw it was Iris and Holly. I missed them- we hadn’t really hung out with them much, and I got the vibe that Mayfield and them didn’t really mix.


I looked at them pleadingly and they winked at me, walking over to us. I faced Mayfield to gage her reaction, but turns out she had fallen asleep over the books.


“Hey Sirius,” they greeted, pulling up a chair each and I grinned at them both.


“Hey girls, what’s up?”


“Well, where have you been? Hanging out with that boy over there?” grinned Holly, and Iris laughed while I looked at them confused.


“What d’ya mean?”


“Well, everyone’s heard about how you thought she was a boy. It’s been the talk of the school for days- everybody’s been laughing their arses off about it.”


“I thought they’d be annoyed- you know, letting a girl on the team.”


“They just think that she’s so boyish that you let her on. Plus, everyone knows she hasn’t had a relationship with any guy, so we had this theory that… well… you know… She’s lesbian! She’s been getting tons of stick for it,” giggled Iris. I laughed, but on the inside I cringed. That was horrible. How did I not notice people doing this to Mayfield?


“I feel so bad for you, Sirius. I mean staying with that thing,” muttered Holly, pointing her eyebrows towards Mayfield’s sleeping form. “What do you do at night?”


I thought I’d keep Mayfield’s night escapades a secret. “She sleeps on the floor, I sleep on the bed; her left arm stays in the air, my right arm pulled to the ground.”


“I bet she’s so annoying to be around. What, her being so boring and geeky… I don’t get how anyone could be that ugly, geeky and moody at the same time. You agree, don’t you, Sirius?” she asked, and I was about to reply with a firm ‘no’, when I was pulled out of my chair, my right arm tugged up.


“Out. Get the fucking hell out, alright?” yelled Mayfield. Guessing she heard everything then… The two girls put their hands up in the air in mock surrender before scurrying up to the girls’ dorms.


“I can’t believe you laughed when they were taking the mick out of me. And I thought you weren’t half bad,” murmered Mayfield, and a wave of guilt overcame me. “Anyways, I can’t blame you. I hate who I am. Who I have to be.”


“What do you mean, ‘have to be’?” I asked curiously. Who had to be anything?


“Look,” she sighed. “I need to show you something… It’ll probably change the way you think about me, you may remember some stuff, or you might hate me, I don’t know. But I need to show you this…”


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Chapter 6: Revealing Memories and Discoveries with HER.
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6) Revealing Memories and Discoveries with HER.


She began to lead me towards the seventh floor and I immediately knew where we were heading. The question was which room did she want the Room of Requirement to become and why was she showing me this?

To be honest, I was scared shitless.

What if she was a troll in disguise? Like, she wasn't smoking hot or anything now, but still- no one wants a troll on their Quidditch team. But as a beater it may be useful... And that would explain the abnormal strength! However, it wouldn't justify her speed...

Sirius, shut the fuck up. Mayfield is not a troll.

That I am not.

Oh, I don't have time for you right now.

You never do! It's so sad...

Just get out of my head already!

I just can't get you out of my head, boy your lovin' is all I think about. Don't you love that song?

I do infact, but now it will always remind me of you!

What? Voice Mayfield? Or alive Mayfield?

Voice Mayfield!

Sad times...

No kidding.

"Black?" whispered Mayfield, very different to how outspoken she usually was in the time I’ve come to know her. "I'm sure you're familiar with this room?"

"The Room of Requirement," I replied immediately. She nodded and without saying, walked past the door three times before it formed into a small wooden enlargened cat flap. Literally, a human flap. I think I would only just fit in there. Disgraceful- I'm being treated like an animal! We're going to ignore the fact I'm an Animagus.


Inside, was what could only be described as heaven. It was a mediocre sized room but it’s content was what made it so gob-smackingly Sirius-worthy wonderful. It was painted with large red and gold stripes with moving tiny images of beaters’ bats and bludgers scattered around. There were various forms of Gryffindor merchandise; all the way from scarves to banners. In the middle of the wall I was facing there was a polished oak shelf lighted up that held Mayfield’s Cleansweep 12 (decent but quite a cheapstake). On a smaller shelf below was her Quidditch gear.


There was rainbow coloured bean bags that looked exceptionally funkylicious and a table in the shape of a quaffle in the middle of them. A bookshelf on the side wall was filled with Zonko’s products of all kinds- even ones I hadn’t seen before. On the opposite wall was a sole wardrobe, quite large with fancy silver handles.


“Shocked, ey?” Mayfield was correct- I know, blasphemy! But, I was completely and utterly astounded. Mayfield was nothing like I had presumed. Heck, the room she wished for is where I could live my whole life! If I got food of course- couldn’t leave my love behind.


I mutely nodded and her previous weak smile vanished as she continued to towards her final destination- apparently, the wardrobe.


The doors opened to reveal a penseive surrounded by shelves filled with glass vials.


“I presume you know what this is?”


“A penseive- a place to store your memories and view them at will,” I replied. “But very few people have one, as they’re very hard to find…”


“I believed it personally to be a necessary investment. There are some memories if I had in my head everyday, I wouldn’t be able to take it.”


I felt it would be inappropriate to say anything so simply stayed quiet as she scavenged through the glass vials.


The one she eventually picked up was individual from the rest, with a bright red cork instead of the typical brown. The string of surprisingly thick, translucent liquid formed a spiral in the magical water of the penseive, after she poured it in the sink, before dissolving. The only image I could make out was some sort of park- that made none to no sense.


We dived in. I’d never been in a penseive before so when we hit the ground I was surprised none of the muggles noticed us.


“They can’t see or hear us. We’re just viewing the past- we’re not in it.” I nodded in understanding. Since when did she start speaking like a philosopher? While being handcuffed to Mayfield, I had realised she did not talk like a bookworm at all. In fact, she was hilarious and weird in a good way, though I’d never admit it to her.


The weather was stunning- a bright sunny day with no sign of precipitation! Oh dear; I sound like a muggle weatherman. I watched too many shows just to see the fiiiiine weatherwoman. I mean, they were smokin’. Yes, some were bald man, but others… well, were just sexy women. And Sirius Black likey. Back to the memory, the first thing or person I noticed was a young girl humming a song. She looked to be no older than 6 years old so I expected her parents were nearby. She was adorable with flowing brown hair and wide chocolate eyes, but the odd thing was she was wearing a long black pencil skirt with a white shirt tucked in, sitting with a perfect posture on the bench while doing worksheets. I couldn’t see exactly what they were on, but they looked far too much for a 6 year old. What was that song?


“The song’s from the muggle tale Beauty and the Beast- it’s called Be My Guest,” whispered Mayfield from my left. How did Mayfield always know the question on my mind? But, I smiled naturally when she began humming louder with more joy- the girl had a beautiful voice.


“What did I tell you about not concentrating?” shouted a woman that looked to be her mother. But this ‘mother’ just smacked her 6 year old daughter up the head for humming a tune! The girl’s eyes widened and her eyes began watering but she looked as if she was determined not to cry. My own expression was probably one of shock but when I turned to Mayfield, she didn’t look surprised.


I know my own family was cruel and vile. Sadistic because of futile blood prejudice and disgusting discrimination. What I didn’t realise was there was someone who was going through what I was- but she wasn’t even doing anything wrong! Well, neither was I, but there was still a shock to me that things like this were going on. Not only that, but it reminded me of my own childhood. I have no idea how I survived it to this day! There must have been something which I couldn’t remember that helped me get through it; but my memory remembers everything. Even things a long time ago… I remember every detail of my beatings, etc…


“You’re not done yet?” asked the mother impatiently, red in the face, pulling me out of my thoughts. The girl weakly shook her head, trembling, and the women’s expression flared.




I ran up to the woman in fury but Mayfield held me back. “Remember, nothing we do affects them. We don’t exist,” she whispered in my ear, and my skin tingled with the hot breath, but I was too distracted to notice.


“It was a rhetorical question you ungrateful little child! Now stay here and don’t think about coming back home until it is all finished,” fumed the woman, who then stormed off.


The girl looked so sad and hurt. She was shivering with fear and slowly a tear rolled down her cheek. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a tear simultaneously rolling down Mayfield’s cheek and it felt like a punch in the gut. Who was this girl?


The girl stuffed her head in between her knees after bringing them up to her chest and began gently rocking.


“Hey,” greeted a boy quietly, sitting beside her on the bench. He had familiar shaggy, black hair and looked to be the same age as he. He was in a black suit but it was scruffy with the sleeves rolled up and mud splattered everywhere. He was quite a handsome and cute 6 year old.


The girl lifted her head out of her knees and wiped her tears. “Who are you?” she sniffed.


“Sirius Black, though if you’ve heard of the Blacks, I don’t like them. My mum’s mental. She just used the whip on me again.”


I cringed on hearing the whip and looked over to see Mayfield’s reaction, but she was expressionless.






Oh my merlin! A mini me is involved!


“Alex Mayfield, nice to meet you Sirius.” And within that moment everything clicked. This was a memory- and it was about Mayfield and I.


The odd thing was I couldn’t remember the girl, now known as mini Mayfield, and I prided myself on my long term memory. I could remember each part of my body that has been whipped on which day from my whole childhood. So why couldn’t I remember Mayfield? Maybe it would be explained ahead…


“Why are you doing Charms already?” asked mini me.


“Ah, you’re from the Blacks. So, you’re obviously a wizard. And, aren’t you starting Charms? I’ve began Transfiguration and Potions as well.”


“Of course not, that’s what Hogwarts is for! Do you do muggle subjects as well?” Mini Mayfield nodded. “So when do you play?”


“I don’t.” Mini me’s mouth dropped open and mine did the same.


“No play?” mini me repeated incredulously. Mini Mayfield shrugged. “When do you need to be back home?”


“Mother told me not to go back home until I’ve done my work which means an hour at the maximum.”


“Come on. I’m going to show you how to play!” exclaimed mini me eagerly.


“But, the work…”


“My only awesome cousin Andromeda will help you with it! She only lives nearby. Come on!”




“No buts! Come,” he ordered holding out his hand. Mini Mayfield’s eyes flickered from mini me’s hand to his eyes and once the innocent chocolate and playful blue met there was no decision to be made and mini Mayfield took mini Sirius’ hand. I couldn’t bring myself to look at Mayfield, what the hell was going on?


Suddenly, the world spun and went into blackness, before we emerged in a different place. It looked to be the same park, but the spot where we stood before was much further ahead, and we were near the swing set.


I looked at the swings to see two inhabitants smiling and laughing. Mini Mayfield and Mini Me. They seemed to have grown 2 years, and had a glow on their faces that was lacking before they met. They needed each other.


MM (mini Mayfield) had now jumped off the swing and was chasing MS (mini Sirius a.k.a. Mini Me) round the park trying to tickle him. I knew I was terribly ticklish.


“I’m gonna get you!” she grinned, her hair open and soaring behind her.


“Never!” MS warrior cried, taking a moment to say it with full passion, then ran even faster when he realised MM would catch up if he stopped. But it was too late, she had already caught up and jumped onto of him, making them both fall to the ground. She began tickling him fiercely and the boy laughed madly trying to fidget and get away from the girl’s devil hands.


I heard a light laugh from beside me, and out of the corner of my eye, saw Mayfield staring somewhat wistfully and joyfully at the pair of close friends, if not best.




And my eyes widened. This was odd. A memory with my dear mother which I could not remember! Something was up here…


“Oh, mother, how lovely to see you,” MS replied politely, but anyone could sense the venom beneath the words.


“What on earth do you think you are doing you slimeball of a heir? Hanging out with such filth; a mudblood probably! And you escaped again! You were grounded and were supposed to stay in your room!” screeched my mother, fists clenching and seething.


“I don’t care. I wanted to see my friend. And don’t you dare call her filth!” retorted MS defiantely and defensively. She smirked sadistically.


“Your friend, ey? Let’s see if you’re still her friend after a strong beating! I told your father he was too soft on you!” The woman grabbed MS’ arm with a vice grip and pulled him roughly towards the path.


“How dare you treat him like that? You have no right!”


“Oh, attitude. Do you want a little beating as well? It’ll make all that cheekiness disappear!” screamed Mother Black now advancing on MM, who was surprisingly standing her ground.


“NO!” I could tell MS was thinking after the outburst. “Beat her with everything, not me at all.” MM looked shock, but I immediately understood what the mini version of me was doing. He had lived with my mother long enough to know that she would like to do whatever would cause the most pain- whether that be hurting someone else, or her son. In this case, if MS would show how much MM meant to him, his mother would torture MM and make him watch it. But, if he said for his mother to beat MM and not him then she would do the opposite, so beat mini me and not hurt MM.


I was smart. And a bit cunning, but you have to be in a house of Slytherins.


“Fine then, I guess only my precious son will be getting it today. Leave mudblood! And beware if you try to meet him again you will be severely punished with him!”


MS’ and my old mother left, leaving MM on her own. She looked frightened- more frightened than when her own physical health was threatened. She looked on the verge of crying, but looked to be toughening herself up, controlling the tears and staying strong.


She lay down on the bench, and soon fell into a restless sleep.


The scene went black and swirled again. This time it was the exact same location as before, and MM was on the bench still. The only difference was in this one the sun was rising, not setting and MM was sitting looking like she had just awoke.


“What are you doing here? You never handed in any of the work and you had the whole day to do it!” shrieked MM’s mother and my blood boiled on seeing the horrible mother again.


The girl though didn’t look upset, but she looked indifferent. It was as if she was inspired at seeing MS stand up to his mother, and she wanted to do the same.


“Because I did not want to do the work,” she said clearly as an answer. The mother was in shock. YES MAN. MM: 01; Mother: 00.


You did not want to?” she seethed. “Since when has your personal choice ever came into the matter! I don’t care about what you want or don’t want!”


“Well, you should,” replied MM, still going strong.


“How dare you talk back to me young lady! You are going to return home at this very moment and do whatever I tell you to do. You will not be allowed out of the house- there must be someone with a bad influence around you.”


“Why should I?”




“That’s why.” And with that, the mother grabbed MM by the collar of her white shirt and pulled her gruffly towards the opposite facing path.


I hated that woman. Hated her so much that words cannot describe it.


The scene changed again and now we were at a small house. I could spot the park not too far away, but not right up close either. It was okay, but looked to be in a bit of a dull condition, with no signs of joy or liveliness In the whole house. A small boy, that I recognized to be mini me, looking to be only about a week older, running with a large ladder. He seemed to be wanting to stay quiet but failing.


He quickly checked to see if anyone was watching before opening up the ladder and balancing it against the side wall of the house. Scampering up the steps he reached the second floor window, and if I squinted I think I could see MM inside.


I was correct. MS knocked as hushed as he could on the window while still getting MM’s attention, so she hurriedly came to the window. If I listened carefully, I could hear the conversation.


“What are you doing here?” hissed Mayfield looking around.


“Come on, you can’t tell me you haven’t missed me. I’ve missed you so much, I needed to see you again.”


“That’s all very well, but how did you find our house? And get inside, stupid,” she muttered, letting him get in and pulling up the ladder.


“I got one of my friends in the neighbourhood to follow you and see which number you were on which road. Then it was easy,” replied MS, clambering inside MM’s bedroom.


Once he got in and they closed the window, the two friends immediately embraced each other, in a huge warm bear hug.


“I missed you, Snuffles,” sniffed MM. Snuffles. The nickname…


“Snuffles? Really?”


“Yes. Because you’re such a drama queen and decided to get a ladder and climb into my bedroom at 2 o’clock in the morning!”


“Fine, you can be Lexander because you’re real name is Alex and you’re so boyish, the boyish version of Alex is Alexander, but without the beginning a sounds cooler.”


“I just thought Snuffles was good for you.”


“Well I think Lexander’s perfect for you.”








“Splendid.” Both friends grinned at each other.


The scene changed once again. It looked to be two years later as they looked around 10. MS was again clambering through the window into MM’s bedroom. MS was turning out quite ruggedly handsome, if I do say so myself.


“Be careful!” squealed MS (I was 10!) when MM tripped over a bucket with a clang.


“Still afraid someone will catch us?”


“Not really, but still. What if they do?”


“What can they do?”


“With us going to Hogwarts!” Both children flopped down on the bed.


“We’re going to Hogwarts,” muttered MM in awe.


“I can’t believe it. Magic spells!”


“Ghosts and a huge castle to discover things in!”


“And most of all…”


“No parents! No mum!” the two said in unison, holding hands and MS squeezed MM’s consolingly. Most children would say the same thing, but in a joking manner. I knew MS and MM were being dead serious. How do I remember none of this?


MM got up, MS following, and went to the window, looking out to see the stars shining upon the park. They could make out a couple sitting together under the moonlight, sharing a soft and tender kiss.


“I wonder why kissing is made out to be such a big deal…” thought MM out loud, and MS agreed.


“I don’t see what’s so special about it. It sounds disgusting!” MM nodded.


“Maybe if we try it ourselves? Maybe we’ll know then?” suggested MM. MS looked at her awkwardly.


“Yeah, but we don’t have to like date or anything, do we then?”


“Oh no! No!” rejected MM immediately, appalled at the idea. “Friends. I just am curious.”


“Okay,” said MS shrugging, though inside he was very nervous about his first kiss, tugging on his sleeves. MM grinned at him.


“Don’t worry about it. It’s just me, good ol’ Lexander,” laughed Mayfield, and they bent slightly awkwardly down so their noses were touching.


They stayed silent and unmoving for a second before they began sniggering.


“Wait, don’t you tilt your head? If I tilt it to my left and you, your right?” asked MM.


They both tried it but ended up tilting the same way.


“I know! We both have to tilt right,” cheered MS, and MM high fived him.


They both tilted their heads, bent in, and their lips touched. It was soft, and stretched out for a few seconds, and they pulled back.


“Still don’t see what’s so great,” muttered MM.


“Same! Oh well, at least we know we’re not missing out,” offered MS, and MM nodded in agreement. Oh young minds, wait till you get hormones mini me…


“Well, well, what do we have here?” snarled a voice from the door. It made my spine curl and it felt as if every word was like a stab. MS immediately jumped off the bed and MM’s eyes widened.


The mother went mad in the next few moments.


Vases were smashes, books were ripped- the bed was even broken in her anger. MS had received 2 slaps already, and MM four.


Finally, she was now longer mental, slowly recovering, but that didn’t mean she was not still furious.


“Boy. Come with me. You are responsible for everything my daughter has gone down in. Studies, effort… All because of you!” But there was a moment of hesitancy before she continued. “However I am going to let my daughter see herself what a mistake you are. I will do nothing to you apart from lead you out of this house. I am not even going to ask how you got on. And you,” she said, more calm and authoritative now, directing herself to MM, “will not leave this room till I come back up. Understood?” MM was about to object, but MS gave a small sigh and a small shake of the head to signify it was not worth it when they started Hogwarts only a month later anyways.


The scene quickly changed to be replaced with the familiar and welcoming Platform 9 ¾. This I can remember! My first year! I can’t remember Mayfield anywhere in it though…


The girl who I immediately recognized as Mayfield was looking around for someone, and I knew it probably was mini me. The problem was where was I?


“Look, Alex. I will say it to you again. Focus. On. Your. Studies.”


“Why should I? I’ve worked so hard before! I want to relax, to play! To hang with my friend and you can’t stop it!”


“Are you sure he’s your friend? Does he really care about you?”


“Yes he is! And of course he does- more than you do,” MM huffed.


“Oh? So that’s why he didn’t put up a fight when I asked him to leave?”


MM replied with “He knew there was no point when we would see each other at Hogwarts!” but inside she was worrying. I could tell she was doubting herself, but was trying to still keep him on the positive side at all costs.


“Fine. Just don’t come crying back to me when he doesn’t care for you, now he has better, smarter and nicer looking friends than you who aren’t as stubborn or annoying. Goodbye.” And then, the mother was gone. I nearly cheered- I knew I would never be so harsh as to do anything like that. Plus, Mini Mayfield and Mayfield were both amazing. Not perfect, and they had flaws, but they were what made them unique and special. And seeing MM and MS together made me feel like they needed each other, so suck on that MM’s mother!


MM looked indifferent, but I could tell those words had dropped her self-esteem down another notch. Yet, she bravely pushed on with her trunk. No owl, no broom or Quidditch gear- only the necessities. I was guessing they didn’t have much money, but like I care.


She hopped on the train and her face lit up on seeing so many witches and wizards, staff and students, and the whole amazing atmosphere (excluding nasty Slytherins like my damned cousins). She peeked into all the compartments until finally she spotted the one which I must have been in. She quickly knocked on the door and I made sure I could see.


Yes! It was me, with Prongs, Moony and Wormtail! Wait, my first train ride… With my friends. There was someone who knocked on the door! And now I think about, she looked exactly like MM! And I… didn’t know her. I didn’t recognize her! I said there are some compartments with some first year girls in, you can use one of them, but not this one as it was Marauders only and she looked really hurt so I thought she was a weirdo at getting so hurt at a request.


And it played out exactly like that. But why didn’t I remember Mayfield? And why could I not tell who she was a month after I had seen her?


This was all too confusing. I followed Mayfield as she ran down the corridor and hurriedly shut herself in an empty compartment. We were locked out but I could hear sobs. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so guilty in my life.


Then I thought that there was someone else watching this memory too. Watching her younger self cry over the guy she was standing next to. Shit.


To be continued…


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Chapter 7: Finishing Memories and Breaking Handcuffs with HER
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7) Finishing Memories and Breaking Handcuffs with HER


The scene changed before I had time to react or think about my dreadful situation and Mayfield’s plight. We were now in the Great Hall, at the familiar scene of our Sorting Ceremony.


The hat sang its typical song, while I looked around for the people I knew, including myself. I could spot MM nearby, her eyes puffy from crying, and I attempted to ignore the pang of guilt in my stomach. I looked a bit ahead in the line of first years, and 2nd in line, I saw myself. I remembered the exact worries going through my mind at that point. I was afraid I was going to be in Slytherin; turn out the same as the rest of my family no matter what I wanted or believed.


I looked down the line and could pick out Prongs, Moony and Wormtail from the line. I saw myself wink at Prongs. I remember that- I was trying to act as if I knew I would end up in Gryffindor, but I was truthfully incredibly doubtful.


Once mini-me had been sorted, mini-Mayfield’s turn came soon. She looked delighted as she ran over to the Gryffindor table towards mini-me. She attempted to sit beside him, but he stuck his hand out onto the chair.


“Sorry, this is saved for James- and the two opposite. You’ll have to go find another seat,” mini-me said politely, but his manners were not the point. She was meant to be his best friend. A best friend wouldn’t talk to you like that.


She seemed so in shock, she accepted his words and went to find a different seat on her own. The rest of the sorting her eyes were only looking at mini me, filled with hurt and disappointment.




At the end of the feast she ran up to him, squeezing past the other Gryffindor first years, looking hopeful that he might talk to her now.




Mini me stopped. “Alright, I’m sorry to ask you this so bluntly, but who the hell are you?”


There it was. I felt as if my soul had been sucked out by a dementor’s kissed when I saw MM stop in her tracks and I could tell her heart was broken. Mine would too if Prongs came up to me one day just saying he had forgotten who I was.


“W… what?”


“Who are you? And how do you know me? And what was that- Snuffles?”


“You’re joking, right?” laughed MM hysterically, while mini-me just looked at her oddly. “Cut it out, Snuffles!”


“Em, I’m not joking.”


And that’s when the last bit of her hope was destroyed. And she ran for it.


The memory changed once more, and now we were in her dormitory. She was writing a letter and I went over to peer behind her to see what she was writing.


Dear Mother,


I’m sorry I doubted you. I’m not crying to you, but you were right, like always. He forgot me. I promise I’ll work harder- I know you just want the best for me and I’m such a tough child about it. I’ll attempt to be better. Please forgive me.




Your daughter, Alex.


And a slow teardrop rolled down her cheek and onto the paper. Mini Mayfield quickly ripped the bit of parchment with the teardrop on off and wiped her eyes.


“I will not cry for someone who forgot me. Someone who I thought was my best friend,” she mumbled to herself, before heading, most likely towards the owlery.


The memory went black, and we were now being pulled up back into reality. I placed my feet firmly on the stone and stayed facing the penseive. I couldn’t find the courage to face Mayfield- I know I was being a wimp and very unlike a Gryffindor, but I couldn’t believe all I had put Mayfield through. I’m surprised she even let me get on, not taking revenge on me once. If someone did that to me, I would make sure I took my revenge. No, instead she let me live my life happily, meeting everyone I wanted to, becoming such good friends with the Marauder. Completely and utterly selfless. And I act like a twat in return.


I timidly turned my head to the side, accepting the fact I would have to see her sooner or later, and I should deal with it now.


“I’m sorry,” I blurted. Wow, that sounded pathetic. “I know that’s not enough, and I was horrible- don’t know what happened! You were so nice, and I was an absolute twat. And I don’t know what I can do to make you forgive me. Heck you shouldn’t forgive me! I broke your trust, your heart and our friendship. I lost seven years of amazing friendship-“


“Shut up, Black,” she interrupted and I immediately silenced myself. “I don’t want to think retrospectively. I just want to know one thing, do you remember everything now?”


I gulped. The sad thing was, I didn’t. I couldn’t lie to her, that would just be horrible after all I’ve done. I have to tell her.


“I’m sorry. Being honest, I don’t remember a thing still. Maybe the nickname rings a bell, but nothing else. I can’t lie to you, I’m so sorry-“


She held up her hand to stop me. “I don’t know whether I’m doing the right thing, but if I follow my heart, it’s telling me that I can’t forgive you right now. It’s not letting me. But we’re going to try and continue as we were, okay? At least until these handcuffs are off- then we can just not meet up like the previous six years.”


No! I wanted to stay with her! “But-“


“No buts. You said what could you do to make me forgive you? Well listening to this request would probably be a good start.” I simply nodded in reply, because she made perfect sense.


“Come on,” she said, reaching up to wipe her tears with her left hand but remembered the handcuffs. She was bringing up her right, but I pushed them down and brought up my own to her eyes. I rubbed my two thumbs just below her eyes to wipe away any tears then smirked.


“Much better, ey, miss. toughie?”


“Course. I don’t cry,” she mumbled, making her posture more like her previous guyish type. I stifled a laugh and smiled at her. She smiled at me back, but I could see the sorrow behind the smile making it lean towards a grimace.


“Let’s go,” she muttered, and we left the Room of Requirement. I knew even though right now we were okay, in the night when I slept I would be haunted by a new burden.




It wasn’t the same. I couldn’t say anything more.


People were saying what was happening to Sirius and the girl who was handcuffed to him? We tried to act normal, but the awkwardness was lying there. The tension when we were both alone. It haunted us at night leaving us with bags, Mayfield even shouting at me in her sleep state. I couldn’t be bothered to shave anymore, leaving me with dark stubble growing rapidly around my chin. You could tell we both needed a good shower, but we couldn’t make the light, free atmosphere we had to have to make it through a shower in underwear.


Prongs had asked me so many times, but I couldn’t bring myself to admit the whole story. Bring myself to admit the sins I had committed.


I missed her.


Even though I only knew her for less than a month, it felt like something was missing from me. Remembering her humour, her guyish stance, her bravery and her pain.


I needed to make a plan. And heck, let’s make it so awesome and funny that she can’t help but love it.


“Oi, Prongs,” I whispered. Mayfield had fell asleep on the couch and we were in the common room, the Marauders. “I have an idea…”






I think I’m going to start dancing.


In a minute we are going to execute Mission Let-Le-Dog-Befriend-Le-Other-Dog-So-We-Can-All-Fly-On-Rainbows-Again.


So basically make Mayfield and I bezzas again. Even though I don’t deserve it.



a) Mayfield forgives me and we are all happy again thanks to my epic plan

b) My plan completely and utterly fails and Mayfield declares hate on me


I’m going for option ‘a’ to be honest with you. Shocking, no?


We went into the Great Hall silently, Prongs and Moony behind me. Wormtail said he had some work to do- probably meeting up with some girlfriend who he’s too ashamed to admit about.


Eh. Good for him, even if the girl is scary ugly.


I’m getting nervous now.


Go Sirius!




Thanks guys! Oh I love you voice Mayfield and Capsy.




Now go and be epic!


I will. Ayeeee!


Right. Moving on…


We were now sat down, and Moony was engaging in deep conversations about something or another with Mayfield as in the plan, while Prongs worked his magic on me.




Not in that way.


I mean he cast some non-verbal spells on me to transfigure me into a human candle. Thank god we’re amazing at transfiguration after becoming animagi.


Let me explain. I went to talk to Lily (it wasn’t so bad, she seems to realise Prongs is not horrible now and she was horrible to him), a muggle born, and she explained the story of Beauty and the Beast and what happens in the song Be Our Guest (the song Mayfield was humming when we first met in the memories). In the song, there is loads of humans transfigured into objects singing and dancing., including the one who sings it all, called Lumiere. He’s awesome. So of course I’m him!


I quickly cast spells onto Prongs to transform him into a human grandfather clock (he looked absolutely hilarious) and cast some delayed spells on plates and various books and bags to start singing and dancing. Yes, we made loads of effort on this and created a fair amount of spells but it would all be worth it if she could bring herself to forgive me. Plus, it was a fuck load of fun.


Prongs nodded at Moony, who waved his wand so the backing music began. My guitar playing just wouldn’t suit, but at least my singing would. I’ve never sung for anyone, so Mayfield better love me for this.


I picked the shocked Mayfield up (more tugged using the handcuffs and began singing and dancing. I don’t care if I looked and sounded like a fool, who gives a fuck! LET’S DO THIS FRENCH ACCENT.


Sonorous. Be. My. Guest. Be my guest, put our service to the test…” I sung and Mayfield’s eyes were as wide as the saucers that were now singing and dancing on the Slytherins’ table- the Slytherins’ looking murderous. The whole hall was filled with music and dancing, some laughter and the loudest was my words. I was now walking down the Gryffindor table taking Mayfield with me, teacups harmonizing and whizzing round her head.


She was stunned and I loved it.


Red and gold confetti sprinkled down, and soon Mayfield was singing along with me. She still had a beautiful voice.


Soon we began dancing together. I spun her around and she lifted me in return. Bloody hell! How was she so strong? I mean, she was not skinny, but not flabby, so it made sense.


Then we broke into break dancing! To Be My Guest! How? I don’t even know, but it worked! I’d know, I love music.


I love it even more, if it’ll mean Mayfield will be friend again.


The song finally finished, the cups, saucers, etc. all falling back into place and the hall falling silent.


“Alex Mayfield, known to me as Lexander, I would be absolutely delighted if you would consider being my friend again even though I was a complete twat who is so utterly confused and regretful,” I requested, glad she wasn’t shorter than me so it wouldn’t lose effect. I couldn’t really kneel down when I was a candle.


“Fuck that! We’re brothers again and I’m becoming an honorary Marauder,” she yelled, and I grinned widely and forgetting all manliness and dignity I pulled her into a great big hug.


“I missed you,” she whispered into my neck.


“I missed you too,” I whispered back and we let go, grinning like mad Cheshire cats.


“So we’ll never leave each other from now on?” she asked.


“Never!” I shouted, and she nodded in agreement. Then I felt a weight lift of my wrists.


The handcuffs had gone.






Not that I didn’t like Mayfield, but now I could take a shower and make sure my hair was perfect again!


“Until ‘the wizard or witch do not need the handcuffs to stay together no longer’! It all makes sense now!” shrieked Mayfield and we both started jumping around like lunatics. Everyone else was silent in the hall.


“Don’t you have lives?” I asked incredulously, and they immediately went back to their conversations.


This had to be the best day of my life along with the day I met Prongs. What would I do without my friends?


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Chapter 8: Marauders, Girlfriends and not going to Hogsmeade with HER.
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8) Marauders, Girlfriends and not going to Hogsmeade with HER.


The feeling was indescribable.


Mayfield had literally became a part of the Marauders- she fit in so easily. Of course she still had to study incredibly hard (I sometimes questioned her about her mum, and the odd time she replied with a deep answer, but most times avoided the topic) along with Quidditch practice getting even tougher as we were a month into the school term, October having arrived, and early November being the first Quidditch match- Gryffindor vs. Slytherin. But somehow she got time to help us with pranks- she was a pranking mastermind. Of course she had her flaws, but that’s what made her individual. Iris and Holly seemed a bit resentful, but to be honest, I couldn’t care less about what they thought.


Mayfield had become much closer with the rest of the Marauders as well, and I was glad to see her and Prongs got along splendidly. Couldn’t have both my best friends not getting along! You could say how was Mayfield my best friend so quickly, but it just seemed right. I mean it was as if we were meant to be best friends, along with Prongs of course and Moony and Wormtail.


The Missing Marauder.


We were right now relaxing in the Common Room, while Mayfield was looking over some Transfiguration extra credit.


“I can help, you know,” I offered. She nodded, so I began skimming it. Not too bad, but it was lacking the inference that meant McGonagall would love it.


I edited a bit, adding little points connecting the various different transformations.


“Must help with transfiguration skills because you’ve become animagi, so know all the processes about it and shit,” said Mayfield casually. I froze and the quill dropped out of my hand. Prongs sat up straight, Moony’s face paled considerably and Wormtail simply looked like he was off in la la land.


“I didn’t tell you guys, did I?” muttered Mayfield awkwardly as she looked at our reactions.


“No, you didn’t. What is it?” Prongs asked, I was silent.


“I kind of wanted to still know what was going on in Snuffles’ life, so I kind of stalked you guys. I know everything about you- made a book and everything! Before we left Hogwarts I was going to leave it here so you guys could have something to remember all your awesome memories. Like your first prank! Or first sip of Firewhisky!”


“Wait- we were in the Shrieking Shack then…”


“I know, Moony goes there to transform! No, don’t worry, I think you’re perfectly normal. Heck, you’re just like us, and you make our lives interesting!” joked Mayfield, when she saw Moony’s face go white and scared.


I jumped up and wrapped Mayfield in a huge bear hug.


“Thannnnkkkyooooouuu!” I screamed, doing a little dance. She snorted, and Prongs gave her a hug as well.


“Thanks Alex, you don’t how much this means to us. Could we see it?”


“Sure, I’ll just go get it. Ugh, but that means walking up the stairs,” she groaned, and I felt for her. Walking up stairs is a tough challenge.


“You know you can use Accio?” laughed Moony, and her eyes widened as she grinned.


“Obviously! Genius Moony!”


“Thanks, by the way. For not, judging me, you know…” mumbled Moony. Mayfield smiled.


“You’re my friend, and a good person. That’s who you are- you’re not the thing you become once a month.” Moony grinned, and muttered an ‘accio’ charm to the Marauder Book, as Mayfield had named it.




Mayfield was holy.


People should worship her.


Give her a fucking shrine.


This book was amazing. It had everything from the first time we met, our sorting, our first prank- just everything.


We were on fifth year roughly an hour later, and I spotted something odd. There was another dog just in front of the camera in front of us, with black hair that looked so much like my own animagi form, but with more feminine features and deep brown eyes instead of grey.


“T… that’s me,” said Mayfield sheepishly, scratching the back of her head, as we looked at her shocked. “It’s just when I discovered you guys were becoming animagi, I wanted to as well. You know, I felt bad for Moony, and thought at least if anything bad happened to you guys, then someone else would be there to help. Someone who had an animagi form. So I just followed exactly what you were doing, stealing some of the ingredients you got…”


“That’s where half our boomerang lace went!” gaped Prongs, and Mayfield snorted.


“Yeah, sorry about that…”


“It’s okay, continue.”


“Well, so ever since that I’ve came to most transformations with you…” She deserved her own temple now.


“You are a god Mayfield,” I exclaimed, voicing my thoughts. She winked at me.


“Obviously. I mean I’m Alex fucking Mayfield,” she smirked, and I nudged her in the stomach.


“Go fuck yourself,” I muttered.


“Not in the mood,” she grinned, and I shook my head smiling. That girl will be the death of me.




I was on my own for once. Mayfield had gone upstairs to study because apparently I was ‘distracting’ (psssh, as if), Prongs was making Quidditch plays there as well as he somehow agreed with Mayfield, Moony was on Prefect rounds and Wormtail was god knows where.


It felt lonely. That’s why I was super delighted when Iris came my way!


“Iris, come sit, I’m soooo bored,” I whined, and she giggled. I hadn’t heard a giggle in while…


She came and sat down, pretty close if I said myself, but I didn’t mind. Iris was hot, and she was wearing a mini-skirt that fanned out till mid-thigh, with a thin tank top. Sheesh, don’t judge me- I’m a seventeen year old guy!


I stretched my right arm out across the sofa, and it seems Iris took the chance to lean into me. She felt surprisingly cold- in the nights when Mayfield would come she was quite warm. Hmm. Anyways…


“So how are you? Where’s Holly?”


“Holly’s with her boyfriend, you know Matt Johnson, 7th year, in Hufflepuff?”


I nodded.


“I’m left quite alone now...” she mumbled.


“That’s not good, you’re awesome! Someone must hang out with you other than Holly?”


“Yeah, but none of them are true friends. Are you my true friend?”




“Sirius… Do you care about me?”


“Yes,” I replied, where was she going with this?


“Do you like who I am?”




“Do you think I’m funny and have a good personality?”


“Yes!” What is this? Fucking 20 questions?


“Do you think I’m hot?”


I looked her up and down. “Definitely.”


She stood up and bent down to face me, revealing quite a bit of cleavage, but she made me look at her eyes. She bit her red lips, and came closer.


“So you wouldn’t mind if I did this?” And she kissed me lightly, sucking on my lower lip.


She was fucking good.


She let go, and I easily replied, “Not at all.”


“So would you ask me out?”


Now I should’ve thought about this more, but she was looking amazing, and heck she was a cool person to hang around.


“Iris, will you go out with me?” I asked. She smiled, obviously delighted, and leant in to kiss me again.


I wrapped my arms round her waist to bring her closer to me, so she was straddled across me as the kiss deepened. She stuck her hands in my hair, and pressed herself closer to me. I trailed light kisses down her neck, as my hands slid beneath her top and roamed her bare back. She brang my lips back to hers and let me tell you one thing, it was a fucking good kiss.


I groaned as she bit down on my neck, and I couldn’t hear the steps coming down from the boys dormitory steps. But I did hear when Prongs went “Woah. Right then…”


Iris and I broke apart. She looked an absolute mess, and you could easily tell we hadn’t been at it lightly.


“Em, right. So you two together then?” asked Mayfield awkwardly. Oh dear, she won’t like this, will she?


“Yup, guess so,” I replied, and Iris smiled.


“It’ll be great!” she said enthusiastically, and Mayfield grimaced.




“Can’t wait for Hogsmeade! Prongs and Moony said they had Prefect duties to patrol Hogsmeade because of those new warnings from Dumbledore about those Death Eaters and Wormtail’s going out with someone so it’ll just be us! First Hogsmeade together!” grinned Mayfield, both of us were in the kitchens.


“Oh, about that. Iris and I have made plans already, sorry,” I mumbled. It was going to be Mayfield and I’s first trip and I completely forgot about it…. “I could cancel her! I mean after so long-“


“It’s okay,” she shrugged. “I know Iris will get hurt if you cancel, especially since you just began dating, so have a fun time! I’ll tag along with someone, no worries.”


“I love you, Lexander,” I grinned, and wrapped her in a bear hug.


“I know you do, I’m just a loveable person,” sung Mayfield.


“Oh, and so modest!”






We headed out for Hogsmeade. It was mine and Iris’ first date, and she looked stunning. She had a skirt, similar to the one she had before, fanning out till mid thigh, a light pink shade. She wore a tube top that hugged her curves, and some high heels so she was only a bit shorter than me.


“I’m really excited for today,” whispered Iris as she snuggled into my neck. It felt great, and I knew I’d have fun because Iris wouldn’t take me into somewhere like Puddifoot’s Tea Shop. Scary place. Yet, I still couldn’t help but wonder where Mayfield was…




“So, we were sprinting away like mad from Professor McGonagall- who looked ridiculously angry-“ laughed Iris, but she was interrupted.


“Padfoot!” hollered a voice I knew so well.


“What’s wrong?” I asked, a bit annoyed he came and interrupted my date. I had never been on a date with someone with a personality before, it was quite interesting.


“Wait. Huh? I thought you and Mayfield were going round Hogsmeade today? You know, you’re first trip ever, together?” questioned Prongs, obviously confused. See, he and Mayfield had become quite close friends so he was not going to react well.


“I talked to Lexander- she was cool with me going with Iris, you know since we’re dating,” I shrugged. I didn’t see what was the problem. Prongs eyes widened.


“You absolute dumbshit,” he deadpanned and I was shocked. Jees, thanks Prongs. “I’ll explain later, have fun on your date- see you later Iris.” And with. that, he was gone.




“I had a great time,” smiled Iris, shyly


“Me too,” I grinned, and gave her a chaste kiss on the lips before heading up the boys dormitory stairs.


I went in to find Mayfield, Prongs and Moony. Wormtail was absent, but I didn’t think much of it.


“Lexander, are you staying here then?” I asked, sounding a bit more blunt than I meant. I would be quite excited if she stayed here.


“Yeah, I am. You know, I do have friends in this dorm apart from you,” she snapped. Prongs raised an eyebrow at her, and she sighed. “Sorry, I didn’t mean that. Yes, if it’s okay with you.”


I looked at her oddly. “Of course it’s okay with me! I mean, come on, Lexander- I want to spend as much time with you as I possibly can! Every moment of my whole life! Stay with me forever! Never leave me! Ever!” I exclaimed melodramatically, kneeling in front of her extending my hand.


“Oh, I would never! Now I have finally found you, I will never leave your side!” replied Mayfield, in a similar manner taking my hands in between my own.


“So we shall forever bond you in the unison of friendship, brothership and Maraudership!” declared Prongs, playing along. I couldn’t take it anymore- I began pissing myself laughing. Literally.


Moony seemed to disgusted for words, whereas Prongs and Mayfield were laughing so hard at me that they might have pissed themselves too. Oh what good friends I have. No sympathy when someone wet themselves (we don’t need to be reminded of the fact I’m seventeen). Mayfield had let go of my hands to wrap them around her stomach in pain from laughing so much. Yup, they were definitely warmer than Iris’.




We’re so proud of you.


Oh whoop-dee- doo, it’s the voice couple of century! Wait, make that millennium! Capsy and Voice-Mayfield!




You know we’re not a couple though?




Don’t you ‘mon senorita’ me. I do not believe in relationships. Full Stop.


Oh dear. I have a desperate voice going for a refusing voice. I’ve finally gone mad.


“You went mad a long time ago,” laughed Mayfield. Wait- did she know what was going on in my head? That girl will be the death of me.


“So you weren’t wearing your diapers then?” sniggered Prongs, and even Moony let out a snort.


“Diapers, ey? I need to hear about this one…” smirked Mayfield, and my eyes widened, before I jumped on Prongs (not in that way!) and made us fall to the ground, my hand over his mouth.


“I will not let you! I do not another person constantly going on about it!” I declared, shooting an accusing glare at Prongs. He glared back, but then a mischievous twinkle entered his eye. He wouldn’t…


Oh shit. He did.




“Save me Alex!” begged Prongs. Serves him right, licking my hand! I looked at him smugly before something came crashing onto me behind me, making me fall onto Prongs.




“Yeouch! I said save me, not hurt me more!”


“Eh,” shrugged Mayfield. We ended up doing some sort of brawl and then tackle as a threesome.


Good choice of wording.


Oh. Right. Riiiight. That did not sound good.




Anyways, back out of my head and into the land of voices with bodies attached to them.








We finally finished the brawl, Moony somehow ending up in it as well, and we were all sprawled on the floor, aching, but still laughing our heads off. It hurt, but I didn’t mind- it was worth it.


Wormtail entered the room and looked at us oddly, then Mayfield, and then sat on his bed quietly, smiling weakly.


“Wormy, where have you been? Till this late?” asked Prongs curiously. The question had been on my mind a lot lately as well, but then again, Prongs and I tended to think exactly the same ideas which made pranks a whole lot easier to coordinate and organize.


Yes, pranks require coordination and organization, and yes, I take part in the organizing and coordinating section.


But my favourite stage is the ‘Execution Stage’, as I like to call it. Or the ‘See-the-Reaction Stage’- that’s always hilarious. And don’t forget the ‘Get-Chased-Around-By-Minnie-Looking-For-Us Stage.’


Even the ‘Detention Stage’ can sometimes be fun, and I bet it would be super fun with Mayfield around. But her ‘mum’? I think it would be best if we made sure she was included in the pranking, but not in the punishment.


“Oi, Snuffs, where you gone off to?” asked Mayfield. She had taken to calling me Snuffs, after she decided Snuffles was a terribly girly name, and even though I was girly (which I disagree with!) she was not.


“Narnia Lexander, Narnia!”


“Wait, you’ve read Narnia? The Muggle book series?” asked Mayfield, in shock, and Prongs laughed at her reaction. Git.


“Yeah, got it in fourth year and read it out loud to irritate the Black woman,” I laughed, and by that I was referring to my mother.


“What punishment did you get from that? The whip? Or the box?”


I cringed. “The box.” The box was literally a box a metre wide, high and deep which had medium length spikes implanted in the wall. It had just enough space for a fourteen year old me to fit in without getting spiked, but I couldn’t move a muscle. I had water in a little bowl to stop me dying from dehydration, but not nearly enough to satisfy my thirst. Same with the food- stale pieces of bread usually, or sometimes leftovers if I was lucky. It was placed in the cellar, to make sure no light arrived.


I hated that damn box, and I was so glad I would never have to step foot in it ever again in my life.


“I don’t mean to be rude, but how do you know so much about Padfoot? I mean I know you knew a lot about us because you took a trail on us, but some of this stuff was told in places no one else could’ve got to, including you. Like the Room of Requirement with a private request on.


Mayfield grimaced. Of course we had told Prongs the basic gist of what we knew, but he didn’t know everything. “A lot of problems with Snuffs’ parents had started from an early age. Also he had seen some of his relatives who were doing something those Blacks classed as ‘wrong’- basically anything right- or if they were showing bad manners or attitude being put in their. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if it was a common use of punishment for Snuffs, because from a young age, he was never one to put up with their horrendous actions.”


“You know what I’m glad about?” mused Prongs. “That even though you missed out on a few years, you fit perfectly back in and know all there is to know about us. I’m glad I can call you an honorary Marauder. Maybe with a few more pranks and secrets known, you may become one official Marauder.”


“One can only hope,” sighed Mayfield wistfully, hiding her grin. “But, thanks,” she said sincerely, “it means a lot.”


“Don’t mention it.”


This was the life. My four best friends all together, happily, with me, safe and sound.



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Chapter 9: Voldemort becomes He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, Regulus Black and a Sleepover Thingymabob with HER
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9) Voldemort becomes He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, Regulus Black and a Sleepover Thingymabob with HER


I shouldn’t have tested my luck. Safe and sound. I knew I would jinx it.


The Hall was terribly silent, the only sound heard was the sipping of Pumpkin Juice and munching on toast.


You may ask why? The Daily Prophet front cover. The majority of people in school got a Daily Prophet daily, and others shared with their friends, so everyone had read the article.


I read it once more.




By Opal Androveski

11th October


The dark wizard, who has been mentioned a few times in the Daily Prophet for killing 2 Muggle families, now strikes the Wizarding World.


On the 9th October, Dorcas Meadows, one of the most senior members of the Auror department and close acquaintances with Albus Dumbledore and the Minister Of Magic, was brutally murdered. Above her house a spell had been cast to produce the Dark Mark (seeming to be a green symbol of sorts consisting of a skull with a long forked tongue) in the sky. Only one day later,  the 10th October, yesterday, Angela and Andrew Webster, husband and wife working as very skilled Aurors, went missing, the Dark Mark left over their house as well. Thankfully, their only daughter is safe as she was at Hogwarts at the time (Ella Webster, a 2nd year Hufflepuff).


Terror is running through every family at this moment, especially muggle-borns and people who have befriended them. No one is willing to speak his name. There is suspicions of a group being formed to help He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named who share his beliefs, called Death Eaters. The question is who will be next? And are any of us safe?


All parents are just praying that Hogwarts remains safe, with our children still there. Many are certain, and one parent who wishes to remain anonymous says:


“I will always have full faith in Albus Dumbledore. If we cannot trust him, who can we?”


I hope everyone has faith as much as her.


Pg 13: Tips on how to keep you and your family safe


I slammed the paper onto the desk. My eyes flickered to the empty seat on the Hufflepuff table. She was so young- she should not have to go through this! I don’t care if I’ve never seen her apart from in the Sorting and can’t even fully remember her, nobody deserves that fate. It’s cruel how the Daily Prophet decided that the Muggle deaths weren’t worth the front page- it still proves even if some of us aren’t pure blood sadists, the wizarding world still thinks wizards are above Muggles. I want to spit on all those Death Eaters. I know it’s true- I heard the woman talking about it before 5th year but at that time it was just an idea. Not a reality.


It’s not shocking how quickly fear has spread. A few days ago no one would think twice about a Hogsmeade trip, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they increased supervision and tightened security- maybe even cancel some.


I was massaging my temples, when Dumbledore called attention. His usual twinkle in his eye had vanished, replaced with misery and a hint of anger.


“I am sure you have already heard about what fate have befell Miss. Webster’s parents from the Daily Prophet. It is deeply tragic, but I order that no one will dare to talk to Miss. Webster about this, even if it is to offer condolences.” The firmness in his voice was one that nobody would think about going against, and if someone did I would personally make sure they regretted it.


My priority however was Regulus. He was a git, and a very easy pushover, and as much as we didn’t get along, I knew my brother’s heart was in the right place. He was strong, but easily convinced with power and wealth- the features that made him a Slytherin.


If I could talk to him, make him understand enough so he could resist the family and other Slytherins influence. Even though Lucius, Narcissa and Bellatrix had graduated (and were almost certainly among the group of Death Eaters), there were others planning to do the same things, in not only his year, but my year as well (such as Snivellus).


I’ve got to find him. My eyes scanned the Slytherin table and landed on the boy that looked so similar to me, yet was so different in everyone else’s eyes. His eyes met mine, and I shot him a meaningful look. The relation still existed even if it was strained. He nodded stiffly to show his acknowledgement.


It was a meeting I was dreading and anticipating at the same time.




“So what do you require, dear brother?” drawled Regulus, after I spotted him.


“Come. Now,” I ordered, and he obeyed, following me to a more private and secluded area. No one should overhear otherwise his life could be at stake.


“I want to talk to you about you becoming a death eater,” I said bluntly. He opened his mouth in objection, but I looked him dead in the eye. “Don’t lie to me. I may not have met you much in the last two years, but I lived with you and your mother for years before that and know you well enough. She will have convinced you, now I am here to show you my side.”


“What if I don’t want to listen?”


“You’ll have to.” He was silent. “Regulus, you are a good person. You are my brother, but your bastard mother is pushing you the wrong way. I know you want power, but think about doing the right thing. Your heart is in the right place, but you’re being brainwashed.”


“Mother always says there is no good and evil, only power and those to weak to seek it-“ he retorted.


“Bullshit!” I spat, my eyes lit up with fire. He became quiet once more. “Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit! Do you not think the way these people kill others just because of blood is right? Just because they are not wizards? Mother said this, mother said that- you control your life Regulus!”


“What if I don’t?” he shouted back, effectively silencing me. He started speaking quieter, but with just as much venom. “What if, when you left, you left me with two parents who expected me to be perfect? I’m sorry if I don’t have your Gryffindor courage, but maybe if you had even cared for me, like your saying now, you would’ve realised all those expectations to be the heir of the Black household that you complained about would become mine when you left!” I was shocked.


“But they loved you. You were their perfect son,” I muttered, confused.


“Yes, I was compared to you. But once you left they put any hope and expectations left in you onto me. I have to be perfect. They’ll kill me if I leave them.”


“They never killed me! I’ll protect you, we can work together!”


“They never expected that much of you. Anyways I can’t back out now,” mumbled Regulus. My breath hitched and eyes widened as I realised what he was insinuating.


“No, you can’t have…”


“I have. And maybe you’re right, I could’ve been good. But it’s not worth it, Sirius. I don’t deserve to be the hero- my place is as the villain,” sighed Regulus, I was still silent. I needed proof. Knowing my thoughts, he pulled up the robe sleeve on his left arm to reveal the thing I was dreading.


It was the Dark Mark.


“I… I have to go,” I stammered and ran off. I didn’t know where I was heading, and I didn’t care. I didn’t care about the fact that I had lessons. Nothing seemed to matter.


My brother, Regulus A Black, the only blood relative I had hope for, had gone and became one of them. One of the people who went around killing muggles for fun, thinking they were nothing but slime. Who took pleasure in ridding the world of muggle-borns because they had impure blood. Who thought only they were worth a knut, everyone else equivalent to dirt.


Death Eaters. My only brother had became one.


I slouched against the cold stone wall, hearing the rain beat furiously on the window. The window was the only way I knew I was not in the dungeons, a place which I definitely did not want to go currently.






I looked up to see both Prongs and Mayfield with anxious expressions on their faces.


“Lexander, Prongs? What are you doing here?” I muttered quietly, looking down at my knees which I had brought into my chest. I had never felt so vulnerable in my life.




“Padfoot what’s up? You can tell us,” he assured me, sitting on my right side, Mayfield taking the place on my left.


“R… Regulus,” I breathed, and I felt a tear roll down my cheek. I couldn’t take it anymore. I broke out into tears. I’ve hardly ever cried in my life, always been strong and happy, but I couldn’t do it for this. I couldn’t pretend everything was okay, because it wasn’t! I had always had hope in him, but once you got the Dark Mark that was it. There was no looking back, or Voldemort would murder you in the most brutal of ways.


As much as I despised his weakness and the decision he had made, I didn’t want him to be killed.


I was grateful that Mayfield and Prongs let me cry, I needed to. I buried my head in my knees, Prongs rubbing my back in a fatherly manner while Mayfield rode her thumb in soothing circles on my hand. They didn’t ask any questions but just let me cry.




Around 10 minutes later I had composed myself, and we were heading to the Gryffindor common room. I had explained what had happened at my encounter with Regulus and Prongs and Mayfield had said they were worried about where I was so checked the Marauder’s Map to find me in a deserted area of the castle.


“You do know you can’t talk to him anymore?” cleared Prongs, and I nodded grimly.


“I can’t even look at him in the same way. We’re on different sides now, and its confirmed. That weak bond that was there between us has also broken now,” I confirmed, telling it more to myself than Prongs.


“Lion Pride,” said Mayfield to the Fat Lady who laughed.


“Most definitely! What, with Quidditch season coming up!” All three of us smirked while we entered the Common Room. We sat down on the comfy couches next to the fire, some third years jumping off them as soon as they saw us coming.


“You know, I know a way you can get Regulus back,” grinned Mayfield maliciously.


“Thrash Slytherin in Quidditch? I mean, he is captain this year,” guessed Prongs and Mayfield nodded.


All three of us were wearing identical evil smirks. “Don’t worry, guys. I won’t leave Hogwarts until I’m holding that House Cup and Slytherin is wiping the dirt off my shoes. Sorry, bro, you picked a wrong time to tell me about your decision…”




“What the hell is a pre-Quidditch match phase?” panted Mayfield. The team was sitting in the changing rooms after an unbelievably tiring practice. 20th October. Note the day down in fucking history. All of us were sweating like mad even though it wasn’t even hot outside, only moderate, so we had our shirts off, some, like Prongs and I, only in our boxers. Apart from Mayfield of course, as much she had the outside shell of a guy, when you peeled it off you were left with a heck of a load of woman. I knew. But I would never think of her like that- she was like my sister. Or brother probably, as we had some conversations many brothers would have, but not sisters. Horny ones to be truthful. She was wearing a thin T-Shirt (she would never wear a tank top) and some baggy, medium length, khaki shorts (never shorts or short shorts either).


“It’s pretty self explanatory. It’s the period of time before Quidditch matches, especially Gryffindor v Slytherin matches. Have you ever noticed lots of hospital wing trips occurring to team members before the match last year?” Mayfield nodded in reply to Prongs. “Well, those weren’t coincidence. As much as I am sure you are all fully capable duelers and wand workers- not in the sick minded way, though that’s probably true as well- these attacks are surprises and you will not get any sympathy if your injuries mean you miss the match. Travel in groups is the best way- some should be non-Quidditch players. Stay away from the dungeons, don’t try anything too adventurous and don’t fall into temptation such as free cakes and that shit. You’ll be shut up in the Hospital Wing for three weeks, and miss the Halloween Party, but more importantly, the match. It’ll probably begin in full swing from November after the party on the 31st, cause we have a sort of truce so everyone can enjoy the Ball freely, but don’t let your guard down.”


The Halloween Party was every 31st October, organized by the seventh years, mainly the Heads. It was a full on party, with no supervision whatsoever. It was limited to 5th years and above only, which made it all the more fun. With us organizing it though, it was going to be absolutely mental. Ever since fifth year, we’ve been providers of alcohol anyways, we meaning the Marauders. Now with Mayfield as well, we were going to have the best fucking time of our life.




Organize it well.




We do as well.


What are you doing? Have you started finishing off each others lines?




Shut the hell up.




No. Goodbye.





Right. So getting away from the voices in my head, I’m going to visit reality again.


“Wait- so you’ve never been to one of these parties?” gaped Prongs, and Mayfield shook her head.


“Hold up. This has to be the best Halloween party yet then, if this is going to be her only one. We have so much work to do!” I exclaimed.


“Never thought I’d here those words come out your mouth,” came a voice from the door, laughing. I smiled and turned to see Iris, but quickly realised the predicament we were in. We were all half naked.


“Iris, it’s amazing to see you and all, but could you… please… like, get out for a minute?” I requested. She looked offended.


“Why?” I ushered to myself and the rest of the guys, who were all hurriedly putting on trousers, and some shirts.


“But, Alex is in here,” muttered Iris.


“She’s Lexander,” I stated as if that explained everything. I was surprised when she laughed.


“Oh yeah, I forgot. Boy of the century, Alex Mayfield. I’ll be outside, waiting for you,” she said seductively, winking at me before leaving and shutting the door.


I looked at Mayfield. She had smiled before when Iris was there, but I could tell she just wanted to punch her in the face. Fabulous. My girlfriend and almost sister/brother want to throttle each other.


I left my shirt off, but put my trousers on, the rest of the team gone by the time I was done buckling my belt.


“Iris,” I called, “you can come in now.”


She came in. She was wearing a flowing dress that reached her mid-thigh, that had a strap just beneath her top area. I had actually not seen her in jeans once since we started dating- weird.


“Hi,” she smiled, sitting next to me. She buried her head in my neck, and I wrapped my arm around my waist. “How are you?” This is how the conversation always was. We’d always say we were fine and then just sit in silence and snog a bit. It was nice, but it was so different to the relaxed feeling we had as just friends. I didn’t want to say anything, because Iris loved it. She found it perfect, this relationship- just what she wanted, and I didn’t want to break her heart when she was willing to snog, and nobody else was on my mind.


She leant over to me and we began snogging once the small talk had finished. It felt so damn good. It was slow at first but soon got rougher, my hand slipping up her dress that was not really covering much of her lower half now. She was straddled on top of me, one hand tugging at the belt buckle of my jeans, the other wrapped around my neck.


She took the hand on my neck to where her other hand was, and tugged ferociously on the belt whilst biting on my lip. I didn’t even realise she had taken to unbuckling my belt. My hand went further up her dress (more like a top now) to her lower back. Too distracted, I didn’t even care about the fact she had opened the button of my baggy jeans and was slowly pulling them down.


Then a jet of let hit us both in the face. More appropriately on the mouth. I spotted a flash of a messy black bun and a laugh I could not mistake before we were left, just Iris and I again. We shrugged and tried to break apart, but couldn’t. We tugged and tugged but our mouths wouldn’t separate. My lips were aching now, and we were having to use our noses to regain the breath we had lost.


Mayfield was dead.


I got up and buttoned up my jeans, forgetting my belt. It could wait. I had pulled up Iris with me, her eyes wide with fear of humiliation when we went in the castle.


Well what else could we do? Oh, Mayfield is going to die in the most painful way possible, I tell you, but only after she reverses this spell.


I tilted my head towards the pitch, and we shuffled out onto the pitch, gradually making our way to the castle. We entered in, and were getting many weird looks, some laughs (to which I gave the finger back at) and disgusted looks from some prudes.




I don’t know how we did it, but we had somehow made our way up the billions of stairs and were nearly at the Gryffindor Common Room where I knew she’d be.


“Disgusting manners. Password?” reprimanded the Fat Lady.


Shit. The password. What to do, what to do, what to do?


Idea! Thank god I knew some good spell work. I used my wand with a Sparkler (a type of muggle firework that was like a stick with a glowing and sparking end) charm that the Marauders had invented in fifth year that unlike the muggle version left the diagram of whatever you drew glowing till the person wished to remove it. Basically like drawing on air! I drew the words ‘Lion Pride’ after making sure nobody else was around with my wand, and the Fat Lady accepted it, and for that I was thankful- I would never make fun of her singing again. Well, I’d try not to. We squeezed ourselves through the entrance and my eyes immediately landed on Mayfield, who looked innocent to any outsider, but to me, I knew she was smug.


Oh, she was going to get it.


“You!” I shouted pointing at Mayfield, but it came out more as “Mmm!” since I had my lips attached to someone else’s. They were getting really dry now. Everyone in the Common Room was now looking at Iris and I but I couldn’t care less.


Mayfield suddenly broke out into fits of laughter, Prongs joining her. Git! He was in it too? He’s meant to be my best friend- not hers!


“I’m sorry,” laughed Mayfield, “I can’t even lie. It was me- but you should’ve seen you two!” she exclaimed in between her gales of laughter. “You were going at it like tigers, nearly fucking each other and your trousers were coming off!” I went a deep shade of scarlet as everyone in the room chuckled. “So I thought since you two were snogging so vicariously it wouldn’t even matter if I joined your lips together! Heck, I did you a favour. You should be thanking me!” The whole room was in hysterics apart from Iris and I. I just looked at Mayfield laughing so hard and smiling so widely that I couldn’t help but grin as well. I started laughing, but Iris glared fiercely at me when some of my spit shot into her mouth. She wasn’t complaining about my saliva going into her mouth when we were snogging. Sheesh. Girls and their odd, freaky sense of hygiene.


I prodded Mayfield on the shoulder, and she composed herself. I looked at her pleadingly. She knew what I was asking, I knew that, and she stroked an imaginary beard as if pondering on the idea. She pointed her finger down and I glared at her. She was going to do this in the most humiliating way possible. I kneeled on the floor, forgetting Iris, who was tugged down with me. She glared, I looked at her sheepishly. Eh. We were sideways on to Mayfield who now looked very evil and smug. Slytherin woman.


“Massage my feet.” The room was silent. She has got to be joking. Me? Massage? Her feet? I don’t think so. “Do it, or the charms not coming off.” I thought about my poor lips again. I guess my hands and dignity would have to make a sacrifice for them. I nodded and took off her shoes, and began massaging her feet. No one dare say a word, they had never seen Sirius Black so controlled by someone apart from James Potter, his brother basically. They were rough and a bit stinky, but they weren’t unbearable. Apparently, Iris found the smell intolerable though, as she pinched her nose shut. Then realised she couldn’t breathe, so let go again, and ended up with just having a permanent cringe on her face.


It was an ugly cringe, let me tell you.


“I think that’s enough torture for now,” grinned Mayfield and my eyes lit up. She waved her wand and without saying a word we were apart. “Why didn’t you try basic charm spells?” asked Mayfield curiously.


I smirked, licking my lips, “I knew you wouldn’t use a basic one. It’s probably incredibly rare.”


“You know me so well,” mock-sniffed Mayfield, wiping a fake tear, and putting an arm around my shoulder. I suddenly realised I should be angry with her so pushed off her arm and I could see Iris smile smugly. “What was that for?”


“You pranked me!” I pouted, folding my arms in front of my chest in a very childlike manner.




“It was mean!”


“It was funny!”


“Nuh uh!”


“Yuh uh!”


“Nuh uh!”


“Yuh uh!”


“Yuh uh!”


“Nuh uh!”


“Ha!” I laughed, victoriously.


“Damn. Yes, so it was a bit mean. But, you can’t stay mad with me,” whispered Mayfield widening her eyes.


“You do know you’re puppy dog eyes look more like demon eyes?”


“All the more reason for you to forgive me cause I’m so awesome,” she grinned, winking. I shook my head but gave her one of those man hugs you give to anyone you consider to be a brother.


“Of course I can’t be mad at you Lexander. I’m proud, though someone will have to moisten my dry lips,” I explained, but stopped once I realised how wrong that sounded. Iris gaped, but the Marauders (including Mayfield) and I just laughed, knowing about my terrible talk-without-thinking syndrome. It was almost as bad as Mayfield’s case of it.


“Probably your girlfriend,” sung Prongs, and Mayfield shoved me towards her.


“I’m sorry, but I think I won’t be able to snog for a while now- my new case of Snogaphobia has overridden my hormones,” I grumbled.


“Yes! I was the one who stopped Sirius Black from being a man slag! Gave him a case of Snogaphobia so he shall never satisfy his freakishly large hormone desires!” declared Mayfield, standing on the couch.


“Get down from there, Alex, and stop acting like such a twat,” snapped Iris. Mayfield got down looking at her oddly, and I stepped in front of her defensively.


“Don’t talk to her like that!”


I’m your girlfriend Sirius! Are you forgetting that? You’re meant to be on my side!” trilled Iris.


“What happened to you?”


“What happened to me?”


“Yes!” I shouted back, my temper rising. “Ever since we’ve started going out you’ve been acting like one of those bimbos or those prissy, over protective bitches!”


“So you’re calling me a bitch?”


“Yes! You know how much friendship means to me and I thought you’d be the same funny, cool girl I used to know, but now, god knows who you are!”


“Who am I? You’re the one who’s acting all buddy buddy with girls!”


“It’s only Lexander, and she’s a fucking brother to me.”


“Fine! I just don’t see how you can forgive her so easily?”


“It’s something called friendship! Haven’t seen Holly lately, have you?”


“No wonder your parents didn’t want you! You are so stubborn and selfish- never wanting to do whatever anyone else wants, or make any sacrifices!” I was silent at her words. My emotions were mixed between anger and sadness. How could she go there?


“Don’t you even think about talking shit about what you don’t know,” snarled Mayfield, stepping in front of me.


“Oh, so you know so much about him?”


“Yes I do! I’m one of his best friends- like a sibling!”


“Oh yeah? So where were you the last 6 years of his life? There must have been he reason he didn’t get to know you sooner. Maybe he didn’t want to know you, maybe he forgot you on purpose when he found real friends!”


Oh no. She did not go there. Mayfield looked like she was about to break.


“Get the fuck out. Now. And don’t think about talking to Padfoot again, he’s breaking up with you, nor Alex. No one mucks around with my friends, and I don’t care if you were one of them,” demanded Prongs, before I could do anything hasty. Thank god for him.


“Who are you to say he’s breaking up with me?”


“Do you really want me to answer that question?” replied Prongs in such a low voice it could scare away Voldemort. Iris was obviously frightened and knew she should leave, so she sniffed once more and ran up the stairs to the girls dormitories.


“What you looking at?” shouted Prongs at the onlookers to the event. I shuddered as I repeated the words she said.


‘No wonder your parents didn’t want you!’


She went exactly where my insecurities lie, whether it was meaningful or not. I was always afraid of that. That maybe I wasn’t just a good person in a family of bad, that’s why my family didn’t love me. Maybe it was because I was such a bad child and so stubborn and selfish that they couldn’t love me. I always feared the stubbornness of mine and brattyness was the reason they never looked at my point of view. It’s ridiculous, I know. I mean the Black family would never change their point of view for me, but it still hurt. And she did the exact same to Mayfield. Mayfield. The idea was ridiculous! Of course I wanted her in my life! But it was still hurting her, I could tell.


“Guys… Alex, Paddy… We should go to the dorms,” muttered Prongs, seething. Both of his friends were just insulted in the most horrible way possible- of course he was angry. He put a hand on each of our backs, guiding us up the stairs to the dormitories. Moony was in the dorm and immediately came over to us when seeing our plight. Prongs sat us both down on my bed, before whispering a brief summary of what happened into Moony’s ear. Fury was evident in his eyes, but luckily he had enough self control (the full moon was a while away) to push it away. He grabbed two glasses of water handing one to each of us but neither of us took it. We were frozen with shock.


“Come on guys, drink some water. It’ll make you feel better,” he begged. We listened to the tone of Moony’s voice and couldn’t help but take the water and drink it. He was right, like always. It freshened me and cleared my mind so I could think better. It seemed it had the same effect on Mayfield.


“All I can say Lexander, is that all the thing she said about me wanting to forget you was utter bullshit. You don’t know how happy I was when you came into my life this year, and I could tell the younger version of me was overjoyed when your younger self was around. I don’t know why, but I know I would never purposely try to forget you.” She nodded, and I could tell she accepted it truly in her eyes, and I was grateful for that.


“And whatever she said about your parents was bullshit as well. You are not with them anymore because you picked the right side and went against what they wanted. You are the least selfish person I know- you’d do anything for your friends, I mean, you became an Animagi for Moony and well, I think every Gryffindor is stubborn. And that’s a good quality.” The sincerity in her voice and the fact it was her saying it made me truly believe it and I was so glad to have her.


“I feel really tired,” I muttered, yawning.


“Me too,” said Mayfield.


“Let’s do a sleepover thingymabob,” I suggested, with as much eagerness as a tired person can give.


“Let’s do it,” grinned Prongs, who I could tell also wanted a break.


“Early sleep? I’m in,” mumbled Moony, and we laughed.


“What’s a sleepover thingymabob?”


“A Sleepover Thingymabob is the name we christened to basically joining four of the beds using magic, getting the house elves to bring us a supply of snacks, and just talk, sleep for a bit, and if we wake up in the night then we just talk some more and play pranks on each other if we can be bothered,” explained Prongs.


“Sounds good. Can I sleep while you get it all ready?” grumbled Mayfield, eyes already closed, and her breathing steady.


“Oh dear, she’s already asleep!” I laughed.




Shit. Shitty Shit Shit.


When I agreed to this I forgot about Mayfield’s ‘night mode’, and it seems she was so tired, she forgot about it as well. I had someone poking my arm and I had no doubts as to who it was.


“Sirius? Snuffles?” came a voice from beside me. She was going to wake everybody up and I don’t know whether she would mind about Prongs and Moony seeing her like that. Plus, she might say some things she wouldn’t ever say in real life and say a lot about her home. It’s only fair if she got to explain the situation with her mum when she wanted to, and when she would be able to remember it.


What should I do?




Capsy. That. Is. Genius!


Really, him?


Yes, him! I’ll take her into the bathroom, where it was so far away they wouldn’t be able to hear her! The gigantic bed was much closer to the door than the bathroom. And that way, in the morning I’d be able to put her back into the big bed before anybody realised!




Will do, Capsy, will do.


I picked up Mayfield, not willing to take the risk to see her try and get to the bathroom herself silently, and she shut up for that moment, seeming to be comfortable in my arms. She was heavy, but not so much that I couldn’t carry her with moderate ease for a short distance. But then again, I was ripped.


I opened the bathroom door quietly, and slipped inside with Mayfield, and closed the door behind me. I let out a sigh of relief. The bathroom door was pretty much sound proof, so unless both Mayfield and I screamed we shouldn’t be heard.


Mayfield had gone back to sleep for now, but she would half wake up in less than half-an-hour most likely so I’d probably have to stay awake. I laid her in the bath tub, then realised it was pretty big so laid in it myself as well. Not in a sick way thank you very much- like. a. brother. She took off her jacket and trackees like usual (leaving her in a tank top and short shorts that was basically underwear) snuggled into my chest. I pulled the curtains so it was closed just in case.




I woke up when I felt the prodding again, but this time I heard something else and felt something. The shower was on. And most likely Mayfield had put it on. It was soaking wet, and I was only in my boxers, so my skin was all wet. Similar case with Mayfield but she didn’t seem to mind and she looked a bit dazed meaning she was definitely in her ‘night mode’. I then heard something that scared me even more. It was too dark for me to see where the shower off button was, and I heard the bathroom door open. It was Prongs and he was awake, because he was singing, not mumbling in the way that tired people do.


Really, Prongs? You needed a jizz now? I quickly put my hand over Mayfield’s mouth to stop her from talking, but it just produced these moaning sounds instead. I scampered around for the off button now the light was on, but my haste made us slip to the ground. Luckily it wasn’t loud, but now I was on the floor of the quarter filled bathtub with my Mayfield straddling me and no way to get up. My hand was still on her mouth, but she bit it making me let out a moan and growl with pain. Mayfield bent down to me, I think to tell me something, but before that the curtain opened and a scream came from outside the tub. Then Mayfield screamed. Then I screamed.




“I can’t believe you’re fucking in the bath tub! I can’t believe you’re shagging each other in the first place! What happened to all that shit about ‘she’s like a sister’ and she’s your first aswell! You could’ve told me! Though I think I’m mentally scarred- put some clothes on!”




I felt the strange desire to laugh madly.


Prongs thought we were fucking each other!


Well, it was justifiable. I mean, I was only wearing boxers that were hidden under the water, and Mayfield’s thin tank top was practically transparent as it was so wet, and the shorts were hidden under the water as well. Also we were in a very compromising position, with Mayfield straddling me and her bending down to my face as if about to kiss me.


“We’re wearing clothes Prongs! We weren’t shagging each other!” I laughed.


“Yeah right. Then what are you doing having a shower. Together. And you’re not handcuffed together!”


“Look, come outside and I’ll explain,” I muttered, stepping out the bath tub. “Lexander, stay here please.”


“Okay, Snuffles, but come back soon,” she said smiling like a little child. Prongs looked at her oddly but before he could open his mouth I took him outside.




“So this happens every night?”


“Depending on what’s on her mind. Usually she’s troubled about something and reveals it in the night. Like venting,” I explained. I had gave him a brief summary of what had happened and why. I didn’t want to say too much, but I’m sure Mayfield wouldn’t mind me telling Prongs about this- she was pretty close with him now. I didn’t tell him anything about her home situation affecting it though- that was Mayfield’s to tell.


I had switched off the shower, and dried Mayfield off, putting her in a top of mine and some trackees of mine that surprising did not drown her. The top was a bit big though, but the trackees’ length was alright, and only a little bit wider, but it’s alright, as they came in at the bottom.


Finally, sleep. I looked at the clock- for two hours only. And we had Halloween Party planning tomorrow!


The Halloween Party. Now that should be interesting…


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Chapter 10: 10) The Halloween Party with HER
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10) The Halloween Party with HER




Oh my god.




I’m going to start squealing in a minute.




Like a man though. Manly squeals.




The Halloween Party preparations are in full swing! The main components (consisting of booze and butt) were confirmed. No we were not inviting prostitutes, just bimbos and the like.




Right now, while hanging decorations in the Great Hall, we were arguing about the difficulty of being a bimbo.




“I mean, they have to make the effort of getting ready- sometimes even getting fake surgery done!” I insisted.




“Puh-lease, they just flaunt it. I mean it’s all good, let them do what they want to do, but you can’t actually admire them because of the ‘effort’ they put in to be sluts?” asked Mayfield, incredulously. I huffed.




“But Padfoot does have a point. I mean to put on all that make-up and pick which clothes to wear…” muttered Moony. SCORE ONE. Smart ones on my side!




“I agree with you on make-up, Moony, takes them an hour almost! The clothes, well, their whole wardrobe literally does not have one set of decent clothes in!” replied Mayfield.




“And your meaning of decent clothes is?” asked Prongs.




“Trackees and a hoodie,” I answered for her and she grinned at me, “But I think what they wear is very… decent,” I smirked, winking at Melissa Hordley, 6th year, and one of our most hot resident Hogwarts sluts. She giggled over at one of her friends, whipping her blonde hair around.




I spotted Iris in the corner of my eye, and I actually felt guilty when I saw how upset and alone she was. I was thinking about going to her, before I remembered what she said to Mayfield.




No one could say something like that and get away with it, especially if they hadn’t apologized.




Anyways, back to the argument at hand.




“I never thought it to be hard to be a bimbo. I mean come on, they are dumbshits,” shrugged Prongs.




“Exactly my point, Prongs! Plus their dressing isn’t the only way to look sexy,” exclaimed Mayfield. So of course I had to make up some plan that would eventually backfire in my face.




“Fine, Lexander. Are you up for a dare?” I muttered, cocking an eyebrow at her.




“Bring it,” was her answer.




“For the Halloween Party, tonight, you have to dress sexy. ,” I dared, with a triumphant look. She would never accept it- it would be the first dare she wouldn’t accept!




“What happened to me being one of the guys?”




“Oh don’t worry,” laughed Prongs. “This will be purely for research and a challenge.” We grinned maliciously at each other, and faced to turn to Mayfield with our manic expressions.




“You’d be better putting Prongs in a dress and making him a drag star,” scowled Mayfield.




“So you accept?” I looked at her shocked. I didn’t think she’d actually go through with it.




“Obviously. Since when has Alex Mayfield rejected a dare? You just wait till tonight mate, and we’ll see who’s laughing,” said Mayfield standing up.




“I’m pretty sure we will be,” I smirked, and watched her go up the stairs. I had made up a theory that if Mayfield was practically a brother to me, then Mayfield in a slutty dress would be like seeing your brother in a slutty dress, which equals hilarious.




Just imagined a picture of Regulas as a bimbo.




That was kind of on the border of hysterical and disturbing. Wait, make that mentally scarring.




“You know… maybe I’ll ask Lily-“ streamed Prongs, off in a daze. Probably thinking of his darling Lily all dressed up for the Party.




“No. You will most definitely not ask Lily to the Halloween Party, okay? She’s just looking for an excuse to go all Medusa on you. You have to show her you’re above that,” I hurriedly interrupted, before he got any more ideas.




“Medusa on me?” asked Prongs, snapped out of his daze.




“Medusa, this monster from Greek mythology.” The rest of the Marauders looked at me in shock.




“What? You know about Greek mythology?” asked Moony, wide eyed. Oh, gees, nice to know you think I’m as dumb as a bimbo! Ha. I like that simile…




“Yes actually. I read this book series called Percy Jackson, it was very good,” I explained. I just got more confused looks.




“You read?” blurted out Wormtail. I glared at him, and he immersed himself into fiddling with some confetti.




“Right, now with that odd revelation out the way… Whom are you going with to the ball, Wormy? Still that Slytherin girl?” muttered Prongs.




“Yes, that Slytherin girl. You met her though! You know she’s not like the others,” snapped back Wormtail. We all looked at him shocked, Wormy never used to be the one to shout back.




“Woah, chill man… I never meant it in that way! I know she’s nice, and I’m glad you found someone who you like so much. And you Moony?”




Moony blushed. “Actually, I asked out Annabelle Martin. From Hufflepuff, our year? Brunette, with blue eyes?”




“Nice catch, mate. She’s quite the looker, and I hear she’s real nice,” I encouraged, and Moony looked at me gratefully. He had never really met the right girl for him, and whenever he got serious (my name again, just saying) with her, he pushed her away because of his furry little problem. That dude was too kind and guilt feeling it’s unreal.




“You, Padfoot?” asked Prongs.




“Actually, I’m not sure. I was going to go with Iris, but then, you know…”




The three looked at me sympathetically. Well, Wormtail’s expression was unreadable, but I was guessing it was sympathy. “Guys, it’s okay! I’m fine,” I insisted, and they accepted.




“So, who you going with now?”




“I don’t know… Going solo?” I shrugged. “Don’t need to worry about a freaky mad woman going on about how I cheated on her then.” I shuddered at the memory.








It really was.




I swear you didn’t exist at that time?




We’ve always existed.






Those were the good days…








We are offended.




Be offended. I’m leaving voice land, hola!




That means hello.




Course it does. I meant guten tag!








Shut up.







You know, they may be annoying, but they sure are obedient voices.




“Prongs, who are you going with then? Obviously, not Evans,” I wondered.




“Who else could I go with?”




“Anyone! You’ve got many birds who would die for a chance to go out with you.”




“Really?” asked Prongs shocked.




Epic facepalm. “Yes really you dickhead! This is why I told you to jump out of the world of Evans for a while- live a little, while you’re still young!”




“You’re right Padfoot,” he nodded, scanning the room for birds. I closed my eyes and leaned back on my chair. I worried about him a bit. Yes, I know he’s in love and he should be determined to get Evans, but how much heartbreak can one man stand alone? I don’t want him to give up though- I just want Evans to give in. I don’t get love though. I mean there are prettier, nicer and maybe even the odd smarter than Evans so why run after her so badly? What’s this feeling inside of him that makes him so desperate for that one girl? And will I ever get that same feeling?




I opened my eyes, and was about to ask about this, but noticed Prongs wasn’t there. I turned my head, and saw Prongs snogging Melissa as if he was never going to kiss someone again. I saw a flash a red hair whip up the stairs, and I couldn’t help but smirk.




That’s my boy.








“HAL-LO-WEEEEEN, THE GHOSTS ARE COMING OUT, HAL-LO-WEEEEN, IT’S TIME TO SHOUT, PARTAAY LIKE CRAZAAAY AND DANCE THE NIGHT AWAAAY!” I sung at the top of the longs as we got ready for the Halloween party in my dorms. It was ‘Halloween’ by the Rememberalls. What an awesome band. I was deciding on which shirt to wear.




“Padfoot, shut up,” whined Moony.




“But I don’t know which shirt to wear!” I exclaimed, falling dramatically on the bed. I had piles of different kinds of shirt. “Which pile? I’ve narrowed down to two. Suggestive shirts or song quote shirts?”




“Definitely, since you’re going solo, suggestive,” grinned Prongs, shuffling through his wardrobe, looking for some clean jeans.




I scuffled through the pile, laughing at some. In the end I decided I’d pick two averagely suggestive shirts.




“So we’ve got the ‘Wanna make some magic? My wand’s at the ready,’ shirt or the ‘How do I get into your department of mysteries?’ one,” I said, holding up the two.




“I vote for the first, the second might take some innocent ones longer to guess,” declared Prongs.




“But the second’s more bam in the face. It’s got the shock factor,” argued Remus.




“I guess- the first one is a little too used,” I agreed. I pulled on the second shirt, and buckled a belt around my black jeans. I was going with the dark look, but the lack of black eyeliner and makeup meant it didn’t look gothic, just a tad sinister and quite rough. I liked it.








We walked into the Room of Requirement, and I immediately smirked at our work. The music was on full blast, the drinks and snacks lined up at the sides with House Elves replacing them every so often. I ignored the squeals and cheers that followed our arrival, and walked straight to the stage. I pointed my wand at my throat and muttered a quick ‘Sonorous’ so my voice would be magnified.




“Hello, and how is everybody doing this fabulous night?” I shouted, and was answered with huge applause and cheering. “We’ve got quite the night ahead of us, so I only have one word for you. PARTAAAY!” I jumped off the stage, through the crowds, and headed towards the drinks table. It was time to get this night started. But where was Mayfield?




Someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around and was met by sex on legs. I’m not even joking. She had slender legs, that were not bony, but had just the right amount of muscle. Her curves were not overdone but just right like everything else. She had long black hair that fell down her bare back like a cascading waterfall, and stunning chocolate brown eyes that stood out against her light brown skin.




“Wait- Mayfield?” I gaped. Wow, she cleaned up nice. I mean, I had seen her in her underwear. But that was different. Seeing someone in a beautiful dress was different to that. It was an attractive, but not slutty dress. It was a deep maroon dress that was fairly tight fitted that reached a few inches above the knee. It gathered to form a strap on one shoulder, so not revealing and had a wide black belt that emphasized her curves. It didn’t smack you in the eyes like some of the sparkling silver dresses, but caressed your eyes, so that they were pulled that way.




“Yeah, ‘tis the wonderful me! See, I can do it! Plus, like the t-shirt,” she laughed. The last joke brought me back to reality. This was Mayfield, who was practically my brother. Well, let me tell you something- one should not be thinking the thoughts I am thinking about a sister, let alone a brother. Unless they were gay or a straight girl- then it would be vice versa.




“Anyways, up for drinks?” I offered loudly, trying to get my head out the gutter. She bit her lip. Really, Mayfield? WHY DO YOU TORTURE ME LIKE THIS?




She whispered something that I couldn’t make out.








“I’ve never drunk before!” she muttered louder. I gaped.




“Never? Like, as in, never?”




“No. I didn’t like losing control.”




“But, it’s fun! To just be yourself,” I protested.




“I don’t know who myself is.”




“Well, it’s time to find out. Do you think you can take something hard?” Then I saw something I’d never seen in Mayfield’s eyes truly before, the glint of rebellion.




“Give it to me.”




“2 Tequila shots,” I muttered to Rui Mendolt, the Hufflepuff beater and captain, who was bartending for the night. He was a bit of a prat, and no one knows how he was Hufflepuff, but he knew everything about drinks there was to know and would work for free, saying the ‘customers’ could be quite satisfactory. Sleaze.




“Newbie, ey?” asked Rui to Mayfield. She kept her head high and raised an eyebrow. “Good luck.”




“Don’t need it, thanks” she retorted. Marcus smirked, winked at her then gave her the drink.




“Feisty one you got there Black tonight,” he grinned. I glared at him.




“She’s not my date, she’s my beater,” I growled.




“Oh, Alex, isn’t it? Nice to meet you,” he greeted, sticking out his hand. God knows where that hand’s been. Luckily, she didn’t take it.




“Sure, just give Black his drink,” she grumbled, looking just as annoyed with him as I was. He passed me the drink reluctantly, and she turned to talk to Prongs and his date who looked incredibly pissed off at being annoyed.




“She may be a little hesitant now, but wait until she’s had a few drinks,” whispered Rui into my ear. He is going to be dead by tomorrow morning. I growled, but knew I couldn’t stop Mayfield from drinking, not now I’ve started her off. I’ve led her right into Rui’s arms. But, let’s see if he’ll get within a foot of her while I’m around.








The drinks had gone on. She had such a high tolerance for a first timer it was ridiculous. When she decided she was trying to smell my face, I decided even she’d have to stop now.




“Come on, let’s go,” I muttered, grabbing her hand.




“To dance? I love dancing,” she yelled, jumping off her seat and joining me.








“Oh, please, pretty please?”




“I’m not sure…” Let’s just say, the dress and her in general right now grinding with me would not end up well.




“I’ll dance with you, Alex,” muttered Rui, sliding beside her and slipping his arm around her waist.




“It’s fine, Rui, you’re bartending,” I replied. “I’ll dance with her.”




“It’s okay, Sirius, chill. Jake’s taken care of it.” Sure enough, Jake, a decent guy in the same year in Hufflepuff, Rui’s best mate, had taken over bartending.




“It’s okay Black, since you don’t want to dance, I’ll dance with Rui,” sighed Mayfield.








“You heard the girl. Go find yourself someone to snog Black. Alex and I are just dancing with each other as friends.”




Friends my arse. They went off, and I hurriedly followed, ignoring the girls asking me to dance. Shuffling through the sweaty bodies, I found them dancing very close. Too close for my comfort. She rested her head in the nook of his neck, and they almost merged into one body.




Punch him.








And for one, I agree with you voices.




I ran up and grabbed his arm, pulling him off Mayfield, and punched with all my might right on the jaw. I heard a satisfying click to signify it was broken, and he shot me a vicious glare.




“She’s not worth it,” he grumbled and shot off before I could get in a word. She was most definitely worth it to me.




“You want to dance?” I asked Mayfield, the alcohol pushing me on. She nodded, her eyes burning. “Then, let’s dance.” I grabbed her and we danced.








I didn’t count the minutes or hours we danced for. We just forgot about everything and just danced.




A slow song came up- ‘We Can Work Magic’ by Celestina Warbeck, a new star who had just been introduced to the world of wizarding fame.




Without even talking, we turned to face each other, and wrapped our arms around the other’s waist. We looked each other directly in the eyes, foreheads pressed together, skin tingling whenever she touched it. We didn’t even know how we were.




Slowly, our lips bent towards each other. They collided, and rubbed against each other passionately. Slowly, we made our way to a broom closet.








It went on and on, until I muttered, “Stop.” She wouldn’t want to, I knew- even my drunk mind could sense that much. We had already done enough damage for one night.




“Why?” she murmered, sucking lightly on my neck.




“Just stop,” I growled, shoving her away. Then she passed out.




Just wonderful.




I bridal style carried her to our room and tucked her in to my bed, refusing to let her sleep on the floor in her horrid state. That girl, who was meant to be like my brother, could fucking snog.




I found went to bed, that I missed her lips. Missed them so frickin bad.








“WAKE UP!” screamed an agonizing voice around the room.




“The pain!” I wailed.




“Arggghhh!” shouted another bleeding voice.




“FUCKING HELL, SHUT UP ALL OF YOU,” screamed a final one. Well, that shut us up considering it made my head throb harder than my heart.




I cringed at the bright light coming in from the window.




Go away Sun! You are not welcome- be gone!




Bloody merlin, do I hate hangovers.




I half-opened my eyes reluctantly, letting the light burn my iris. No, I was not being melodramatic.




I scanned the room. Moony looked incredibly smug, meaning who was the only one who wasn’t suffering from severe hangover. Wormtail wasn’t in sight, meaning he probably did the dirty with his little Slytherin friend last night. Prongs looked just as hellish as I did, which leads to expect not only was he suffering from a splitting headache, but he did something he was shitting himself about last night. Because I certainly was. I looked towards Mayfield who seemed to be so worried. Those lips…








I couldn’t even think about her the same way.








Snap out of it.




Easy for you to say. You’re not a hormonal guy who had one of the best snogs of his life.








You can’t ask her out- it would ruin everything.




Tell me about it. Plus, I don’t know if I’d even want to ask her out. I like her the way she is- not as some prissy girl trying to impress me. And what if she said no?








Just see what happens.




I guess…








We were grudgingly eating lunch, since I couldn’t resist food. We were just finishing some scrumptious apple pie, when Mayfield looked at me for the first time since last night. She looked just the same as ever, except without her usual twinkling eyes and smirk. I was shit scared. What if she said she hated me now? I couldn’t mess this up again!




She suddenly stood up, making me jump.




“Black. We need to talk. In private,” she added, when I didn’t move. I gulped, and followed her out of the hall.




One word was going through my mind. Shit.




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Chapter 11: The Decision and Pre-Quidditch Week with HER
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11) The Decision and Pre-Quidditch Week with HER




“Black. We need to talk. In private,” she added, when I didn’t move. I gulped, and followed her out of the hall.




One word was going through my mind. Shit.




We slowly made our way outside the Hall, both in silence, while Prongs looked on in confusion. I hadn’t mentioned anything to him about last night, and I was guessing Mayfield hadn’t either. Moony and Wormtail didn’t think much of it though, as Moony was immersed in a conversation with Marlene McKinnon and Wormtail was focusing on his sausages, moving it around his plate nervously. Probably wondering how many calories it would give him- poor guy. One of the disadvantages of not being a Quidditch player- you actually have to watch your diet.




“Black, forget we even know each other, okay?” she said, and I nodded meekly, not a clue of what was going on. “Was I good to snog?”




I nearly choked on my own spit.




“Em… well… I can’t answer that!” I trilled. Like a man of course. It was a manly trill.




“Pretend. We. Don’t. Know. Each. Other.” Her expression was unreadable. I couldn’t lie to her. She was a damn good snog- but she was like a brother!




“Em, if we were complete strangers, I guess you were- no, I don’t guess, I know you were. It was a fucking great snog, but of course you’re like a brother, so that makes me like being gay, no offense against them, and like incest, when I don’t so-“




“Perfect. Cause, I’ve got a little issue. Are you willing to help?” asked Mayfield. I cocked an eyebrow. An issue? Something to do with me liking snogging her? I am so damn confused. Voices?








Not one.
















“I guess,” I replied, cautiously. What was I getting myself into?




“As much as it might shock you, I am a girl.”




“Uh huh.” Wow, real intellectual reply there Sirius. You’ve obviously astounded the whole of the Wizarding World with your wit.




“And as any straight girl, I have hormones for guys.” You could tell she found this conversation almost as awkward as I was finding it. “I don’t believe in relationships, you know that, and I have a reputation of a guy. But, I’ve had five years of not snogging, and I’ve been missing out heck of a lot. I’m going to cut to the point. How about we become… friends with benefits?”




This is the part where my expression says ‘Da Fuq?’ and I’m thinking this is all a weirdly, retarded dream which I’m going to wake up from any second now.




Nope, not a dream.




“Did you just ask me to be your snog buddy?” She nodded, now looking at her feet. “What- no ground rules? Are we still allowed to date?”




“No ground rules,” she hastily replied. “You can date whoever the fuck you like and snog whoever else you want, I don’t care. I just need someone to bloody snog.”




“Why not Prongs?”




“He and Evans are going to get together anytime now, and he’d feel guilty and call it quits. Plus, I don’t know if he’s a decent snogger.”




“So you think I’m a decent snog?” I smirked.




“I don’t have anyone else to compare you to. Don’t get so cocky Mr. Black,” grumbled Mayfield. I gaped.




“So you have truly never snogged someone?”




“Not up until last night.”




No wonder she was so desperate. But why was she so against relationships? I voiced my question.




“Because I’ve never seen the point- I mean, apart from snogging, what does a best friendship lack? Someone who’s always there for you, who always wants to see you happy, who when you feel sad will comfort you- all the qualities of a best friend as well. Plus, it’s much more relaxed and chilled, and you can’t just break up with a friend.” I was dumbfounded. It was such a deep answer, a side of Mayfield I never knew. I had no idea we meant so much to her. The Marauders obviously have a steel-bond, but since Mayfield was new I never thought she held that much importance for friends.




I couldn’t help it. I brought her in for a gigantic hug. She stiffened, but then relaxed and I felt her smile against my shoulder.




“Thank you. For thinking of a dumbshit like me so highly,” I stated, and she laughed.




“So? Your answer?”




“Why the hell not? At least I’ll get some action too, without having to deal with clingy girls in short skirts hanging off my arms.” She grinned.




“Cheers, mate. It means a lot. But, this changes nothing, alright? We’re the same as always, but sometimes we snog.”




“Couldn’t think of a better way. So…”




“You still hungry?”




“Not really, I finished food.”




“Good,” she declared. “Then we can start now.” And she pulled me into the nearest broom closet, and we began snogging like the world was ending tomorrow.




This felt so good.




Honest. If you need your life problems sorting stuff psychiatrists and therapists and have a good snog. That’ll cheer you up.




Right now, nothing mattered. The upcoming Quidditch match, Regulas, Voldemort…




Just her lips. And her neck. Her soft, supple skin. Mmm.








“Padfoot! Where you been?” Mayfield and I had just walked into the Common Room, to meet Prongs. Shit. I elbowed Mayfield who muttered something about being back in a minute and ran upstairs before Prongs could get a good glimpse of her. We both looked like we had been thoroughly snogged, which we had. “Ah, been snogging someone.”




“No,” I squeaked, and coughed trying to regain the normal tone of my voice.




“Course you have. What did Mayfield want to say? And wasn’t she just behind you?”




“Oh, well, it was nothing. She was just worried about the Pre-Quidditch Match Phase, but didn’t want to pester you with more problems since she knows you’re already so tense because of the match. Then I went to snog a sixth year Ravenclaw, and Mayfield and I met up again on the way back to the Common Room,” I lied, hesitating at some points. He stared at me with one eyebrow raised to show he didn’t believe me, but chose to ignore it at that point. I could never lie to Prongs. Damn that guy.




“So, I was thinking, its been ages since just the two of us went to the Quidditch Pitch to just fly around,” said Prongs, changing the topic.




“That’s true, mate. I feel like we’ve not really done anything, just the two of us,” I muttered, sadly. Prongs and I used to spend almost all our time with each other. If we didn’t snog so many different girls or Prongs hadn’t been so mad about Evans, people would think we were a couple.




I would like to assure you Prongs and I are both straight, nothing against gays. Just, so you don’t think there is a budding romance between us.




“So, should we head off to the pitch?”




Flying was always the thing we did together, excluding pranks. It was the thing that bonded us two in the first place, and separated us from the rest of the Marauders (excluding honorary Marauder Mayfield).




“Sounds good.” I’m sure Mayfield could hang out with Moony for a while. He’s been looking a little bored lately.








After grabbing our brooms from the changing rooms (we didn’t bother actually changing), we headed over to the pitch, which was free. Straight after dinner was the hour when the pitch was not booked, with Gryffindor practice in half an hour and then curfew.




We zoomed around a bit, before halting in the air, level with the top of the hoops in the middle of the pitch, and twisted round so we were laying on our backs.












“Do you think I really have given up on Evans?”




“How so?”




“I mean, do you think I can stop loving her? Is it even possible?”




“Man, you’re talking to the wrong person about love.”




“I don’t know. I can’t stop thinking about her, Pads. Even now.” He sighed deeply.




“You know what, Prongs? If Evans makes you that happy, win her over.”




“What have I been trying to do for the last 6 years?” he snapped.




I chuckled. “Win her over in a way she won’t expect it. Be nicer, kinder, more mature around her. Don’t pay so much attention to her, and distract yourself with other things. Don’t whore around, but maybe get a girlfriend who you reasonably like.”




“Wise words, Pads. Who knew you’d be the one telling me that?”




“If someone means so much to you… You know you’re really lucky Prongs.”








“You’ve got someone who you love. Someone who you can marry one day, someone who you’d live with. I have no one.” He was about to interrupt, but I stopped him. “Yes, I know I have you. And the rest of the Marauders. But no one who I could give a kiss to goodnight.”




“I never knew you wanted that, Pads.”




“I sure do a good job of hiding it. But, to be honest, who doesn’t want love? Who even knows what love is? You can’t exactly define it.”




“The dictionary did a good job of it.”




“Fuck it. The dictionary can’t define it. It just annoys me. All the bloody time.”




“You do have one girl. Who you’d give everything for. I bet you, she’d give everything for you as well.”




“Who? I can’t think of any girl who I’ve ever actually cared about. Though, sometimes I swear you know more about me than I do. Tell me- who is she?” Prongs opened his mouth but then shut it.




“You’re going to think I’m utterly mad. It doesn’t matter. If it’s true, you’ll figure it out yourself, Pads.”




“I hope so, Prongs. I don’t want to live alone, and nor as a third wheel with you and Lily.”




“How do you know I’ll even get her to be my girlfriend, let alone live with me?”




“I know. Cause, when James Potter has his eyes set on something he doesn’t give up. And when he trys to, his mega-awesome best mate won’t let him.” I smirked at Prongs and he laughed.




“Practice now.”




“May I ask why you schedule practices when its pitch black?”




“We must learn to play in all weather conditions! Honestly, Pads, you should know this by now!”




“Alright, alright. Let’s press the ‘Gryffie’ tattoo and get this practice started.”




We zoomed down, but one thing continuously nagged me.




Who was this girl Prongs was talking about?








I was talking to Jason, an awesome, social seventh year Hufflepuff, and similarly, Ciara, another ‘puff in my year. They were awesome, and Mayfield, Prongs and I were tagging along with them and a few of their friends. It looked like Mayfield was having fun chatting to Lois, a Ravenclaw in our year, who had a sharp mind and a sarcastic exterior, but was in fact quite sweet. Cato, another ‘claw in our year, was joining in with amusing comments at the right times. Prongs was chatting to Milo, an outspoken, hilarious ‘puff, who was on the Hufflepuff Quidditch team as a chaser. The best time to get tactics off a team member was before a game where they weren’t playing and rooting for you. But, Milo wasn’t giving them up easily, and it didn’t matter, as the two were quite good friends in general off the Quidditch pitch as well. Moony was joining them with their conversation, as commentator of the matches, and Wormtail was adding a few comments in now and then.




The reason we were in such a big group was the Pre-Quidditch Match Phase. All of them, apart from Milo, didn’t play Quidditch so we were pretty safe around them.




“Well, well, well… What do we have here?” For one minute I thought it was the Slytherin team, but I saw the yellow robes and another person behind him, who must have been Jake.




“Mendolt,” I growled in reply.




“On a second name basis already? I’m going to get you back for that punch and for snatching that girl when you least expect it Black. I don’t see her around here- did she leave once she realised how shit you were?”




“Can you not see 3 feet in front of you?” asked Mayfield, in a sickly sweet tone stepping forward. His face went through a series of emotions before it landed on shock.








“Yes, Mendolt. I’m not some resident whore, so why don’t you go fuck Jake or something, and leave all of us be. You don’t want to get on the bad side of us,” she declared, and he scowled.




“Fine. But don’t expect the ‘puffs to be supporting Gryffindor this match.”




“Woah- Rui, you can’t just tell them not to support Gryffindor. It goes against what’s tactically good for us and what our tradition is. Gryffindor and Hufflepuff have always supported each other. It’s just the way it goes,” objected Milo.




“Well it won’t this time. So, are you coming, or not? I see some ‘claws who’ll keep our lovely Gryffies company. Wouldn’t want a hex to hit them, now would we? Ciara? Jason?” They all looked awkwardly at each other before Milo blew.




“Honestly, stop being such a twat! Those ‘claws’ are my friends! You can’t just control us- I don’t care if you’re my captain. You’re not my captain off the pitch,” he fumed.




Rui scowled. “Fine, but just remember hanging out with traitorous people like them is not good for the team. If any of our tactics reach Gryffindor ears, I know who I’m coming to.” He stormed off and Milo let out a deep sigh.




“Sorry about that guys,” he muttered.




“Thanks. You know, for defending us,” I replied, and he smiled weakly.




“He irks all of us. None of us wanted him to be captain. I’ve just had enough of him.”




“He’s an arsehole. The only people worse than him are the Slytherins- speaking of which…” added Mayfield. I groaned, looking to my side. Sure enough there was the Slytherins all in a big group.




“Oh look! Potter, Black and Lupin have made some new friends!” laughed Avery. Suddenly Wormtail’s eyes widened and he looked like he wanted to scamper- poor guy was even ignored by our enemies. The Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws looked scared, but were holding out, and I was thankful that they didn’t run off.




“I see you’re still stuck with the same old gits cause nobody else will have you,” I growled. He glared, and looked like he wanted nothing more than to punch me.




Feeling’s mutual. The Marauders (excluding Wormtail) had formed a protective line in front of the others, and I tried to nudge Mayfield backwards, but she was adamant on being at the front. I don’t think they had noticed her up until then.




Regulas’ eyes locked with mine, and I searched for any emotion, any feeling, but there was none. He was gone. His eyes flashed red with fury before he walked up to Mayfield.




He wouldn’t. Just to irritate me? He wouldn’t.




“Ah, I believe we haven’t met before,” he greeted, in a deep voice, running his spindly finger up her neck, lifting her head. She visibly cringed at the touch, but hid it so quickly I don’t think anyone else noticed. “My name is Regulas. Regulas Black,” he whispered the last bit in her ear, so close to her, that water could barely get through. I needed to beat him up, teach him a lesson, but Moony put a hand on my shoulder. I didn’t move, but I was fuming on the spot. One more move, just one, and I would kick his but to the Underworld.




“Hello Regulas. My name is Alex,” she whispered, not moving away. He slowly undid the zip of her hoodie, her not doing anything about it. That was it.




I was about to crush him with my bare hands, when Prongs heaved me back. His look clearly said, ‘Think about Mayfield. You know her better.”




She was going to manipulate Regulas. I hid my smirk so not to let the game away. Even though I knew it was all a ploy, I still wasn’t comfortable with Regulas ogling Mayfield, after he had taken off her hoodie. I slipped the invisibility cloak out of Prongs’ pocket and put it over me while everyone was watching Mayfield. Stupid Slytherin team- if they didn’t stop looking at her, I might just blow and destroy all the plans. Can’t do that now.




Control, Sirius. Control.




Meditate in your mind and find peace within yourself.








That’s enough.








She was so close to him now, their noses were touching, and their hips were joined.




“Why don’t we go somewhere, a little more private?” she whispered, huskily. Shit, I needed to snog her sometime soon. I usually forgot about our little arrangement when we weren’t snogging, but it was a bit harder now with her trying to seduce my brother.




He nodded, stunned with her, but milking it for all it was worth. He smirked and nodded, and the two of them made their way under the tapestry.




And now I’m not following so I can watch porn. I know Mayfield- she wouldn’t really go far. She’d just get him high enough so the fall hurt. I don’t think she’d kiss him.




He wrapped his arms around her waist bringing her tightly in, while she pressed herself into him.




It’s just a game. All fake. Don’t lose it Sirius. Relax.








Meditate. Find inner peace.








She slid her eyes into his T-Shirt, hands on his stomach, while he put his sleazy hands on her back, too low for comfort. He ran them up, bringing her T-Shirt with them so her bare stomach was pressing against him, till the bottom of her top area and moaned as she tugged on his belt.




Alright Mayfield. That’s enough. You can stop it now. Kick him already. Now. Before I feel like I am actually intruding in on porn.




But, no. Obviously, she can’t do what I want and continues.




She slowly unbuttoned his shirt, while he rubbed his hands on her back.




Slytherin germs! Mayfield, its time to finish it off!




It seems our thoughts were in sync as she leant forward, he closed her eyes, her arm swung back, and BAM. One of the hardest punches I’ve ever seen her give.




He doubled over, moaning loudly. She picked up her hoodie, zipped it up, and gave a sharp glare at him.




“That’s what you get for messing with Snuffs,” she growled before storming out the tapestry, a gleeful me following quickly behind. “Does anyone else want to receive a fist? Or would you rather just run away like the cowards you are and avoid injury. Your captain and seeker is already injured, who more do you want gone?” The Slytherins scowled before running away.




“That… was… awesome,” declared Moony, and Mayfield grimaced.




“I practically had to sacrifice my dignity though. Sleazy Slytherin germs all over me,” she shuddered. Then she leaned over to me and whispered so only I could hear, “But, I’m afraid he is pretty damn hot, Snuffs. Fine set of abs.” I growled.




“They can’t be as good as mine,” I replied.




“Would you like to prove that to me?” asked Mayfield. I grinned.




“9pm in the empty Transfiguration Classroom.”








“Alright guys, this is our chance to thrash Slytherin. Not just win, but make them want to cry to their little friend Voldemort.” Some heads snapped up from the team, but Mayfield and I knew Prongs enough to be fine with it. He was bitter, and so was I. Mayfield, because both of her best friends were bitter, automatically was bitter. “Quidditch is my life. This is my shot. We. Cannot. Fail. Understood? No pressure, I know you’re amazing players. But, you’ve got to give your all. The Slytherin team is the best we’ve seen from Slytherins in a while. We’re going to scare all the other teams into isolation. The Quidditch Cup is ours,” finished Prongs, firmly. Everyone grinned.




“What team are we?” I yelled.








“What team are we?” I shouted louder.








“WHAT TEAM ARE WE?” I yelled at the top of my lungs.




“GRYFFINDOR!” My ear drums were almost defined, as we flew onto the pitch.




Game on, little bro, game on.




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Chapter 12: Gryffindor v. Slytherin, Dementors and Truth or Dare with HER
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12) Gryffindor v. Slytherin, Dementors and Truth or Dare with HER




“GO GO GRYFFINDOR!” were the chants that were resounding around the pitch as we flew on, covering all the hideous boos. Haters gonna hate. Or Slytherins gonna slither. Though that doesn’t work as well. Or make sense.




Concentrate on flying before you kill yourself.








Correct, voices. Focus. You cannot muck this up. Prongs will castrate you in your sleep. Or just burn you alive.




“So,” erupted Moony’s voice from the speakers. “We have a spectacular team lined up for us Gryffindors this year! Captain and Chaser Potter leads followed by beaters Black and Mayfield, Keeper Opal, Chasers Applington and Headlington and Seeker Pocatelli! On the opposing side, we have Slytherin’s team that also looks better in shape than ever. Captain and Seeker Regulas Black is followed by beaters, Flint and Gordon, Keeper Sareem and Chasers Sellato, Sylvester and Avery!” Slytherin and majority of Ravenclaw cheered, but I could hear hints of boos.




Go, my little haters.




No, I am not a hypocrite. Psssh.




“The team takes their positions, and Madame Inga brings out the case. She opens it letting the snitch free and grabs the Quaffle in her hand.”




“Alright teams, I want a clean match,” she declared, eyeing us all evilly. Pssh. Clean match and Slytherin? Don’t work together, my friend.




“And the Quaffle is thrown!” The match began but the beaters stayed put waiting for the bludgers to be realeased. “And the bludgers have been let out as Potter scores through the middle hoop for Gryffindor! That must be a record time for first score!” Go Prongsie! But there was no time to waste.




I received the first Bludger and passed it back to Mayfield, as she passed me the other one. We kept on whacking it back and forth, quick enough so Gordon and Flint could not intercept them, and we kept them away from the game while Gryffindor was on its peak. Prongs and Headlington were scoring goal upon goal, and Applington had scored a fair few himself. Opal was doing a great job as Keeper, only a few having slipped through from Avery.




I winked at Mayfield to signify our next game plan. I listened in to Moony’s commentary, and heard that the score was 140-70. It was perfect time to let my babies in to the game and do some damage, as Slytherin had just scored 3 goals in a row, and Opal was getting tired. He had blocked about 17 attempts, poor guy. The game was going surprisingly quick, though it seemed the snitch had not been spotted yet as Pocatelli and Regulas were still circling the pitch above.








My morale suddenly took a boost. Slytherin was not going to leave now.




I showed the cancel sign to Mayfield- that ploy was too nice. They deserved worse. I shouted, “2109 Red Gold Fire,” to her. She gaped, and looked at me as if saying ‘you have got to be joking’. I saw Prongs look at me shocked for a second, before nodding as if he would trust me to do my job and got back to Chasing.




We got closer, so we were literally just batting the Bludgers to each other half a metre. This was incredibly dangerous, but we had had enough practice.




Then it was chaos.




Mayfield shot to the middle of the pitch where no one was and part of the Slytherin team and all of the audience looked confusedly at her. I balanced the trajectory of my broom quickly, and tilted it to the correct angle, before hitting the first bludger using the lower end of the bat, and then the second one using the tip of my bat. One sped towards an unsuspecting Gordon (the brains of the pair of beaters)’s broom that knocked off course and went into the sand. See- I was at least nice, he won’t get hurt.




The other Bludger sped towards Mayfield (I was speeding after the Bludger that had hit Gordon), who hit it to Avery, right on target so his right throwing arm broke. Yes, a bit more gruesome, but we knew that was the only way we could put down their best player without killing him- he was a determined bloke. Regulas watched in horror as his beater vanished and his best chaser’s throwing arm was gone.




Haha. Suck on that.




No, I’m not immature, Mayfield-Voice.




There was no time to argue with myself, though, as I whacked the Bludger I had finally caught up towards the Keeper, but it was intercepted by Flint.




Oh, look who’s decided to get some brains now.




He hit it firmly towards Headlington, and I couldn’t do anything once it had left at the speed it had, and Mayfield was in a completely other area of the pitch controlling the other Bludger. Headlington doubled over, and I watched in horror as he fell off his broom and fell to the ground. Thankfully, Dumbledore cast a levitation charm and he went down gently.




We had lost a chaser.




Applington gulped and nodded to Prongs, who gave him a thumbs up and a motivating smile. They could do this.




The Bludgers were flying around the pitch madly, Flint trying to defend his players, same as Mayfield and I.




It seemed everyone was shocked by the intensity of the Bludgers in the match- usually they were not as significant. What did you expect? With Mayfield as a new beater and all that’s happened with my brother you thought the Bludgers would be little play toys in the back?




Mayfield did a 360 degree turn to avoid a Bludger, and I had to perform a Sloth Grip Roll to avoid a player crushing me while he sped towards the goal.




Suddenly, I heard five crucial words.




Black has seen the snitch!




I looked towards the action to see Regulas streaming after a snitch, Pocatelli having bad luck on having been at the other side of the pitch in that moment in time. But Pocatelli was an excellent seeker and was catching up on him, taking shortcuts through players. He wouldn’t make it though. He needed just a few seconds…




I snatched a Bludger from the air while everyone was too immersed in the seeking to notice me. I examined Regulas’ speed. I had to be careful- this could hit Pocatelli if I wasn’t. I aimed around a metre ahead of the snitch and swung, desperately hoping it was at the right time. It had to be.




“And Seeker Black has been hit by a Bludger! POCATELLI CATCHES THE SNITCH! GRYFFINDOR WINS 350-110!” Prongs, Opal and Headlington (who was out of the Hospital Wing now after a few quick spells from Pomfrey) heaved me onto their shoulders chanting ‘Go Go Gryffindor’ as we made our way inside.




I am the shit.




I ignored the cold creeping up on me- maybe it was a fever? But, it kept getting colder. Colder and darker, as if something was sucking the heat and light out. Sucking the happiness out of me.








How did they get into Hogwarts? Weren’t these boundaries meant to be the most protective in the wizarding world? I had no time to ponder on this, before memories came flooding to the front of my mind.




My mother.




“You are a disappoint, you slimy little piece of filth!” Crack.




My brother.




His dark mark. It was there.




The Marauders.




Moony biting himself as a werewolf, who was bleeding as we failed to keep him busy.








Punching in me in the face. “You are a twat!”








How could you forget me?




I looked around to see a cloak floating towards Prongs- remarkably close. I knocked myself out of my stupor and thought of living with Prongs after escaping from my house and how kindly they took me in. “Expecto Patronum!”




A silver dog scampered out my wand and nudged the Dementor, knocking him backwards but it was weak.




I then thought of something even better. Mayfield, Prongs and I after winning the game. Mayfield’s smiling face, me on the shoulders of five people, Prongs’ proud look, Moony’s cheers, the whole of Gryffindor’s cheers, beater’s bat in hand…




“EXPECTO PATRONUM!” A bigger, brighter, almost blinding dog escaped from my wand blasting around 10 Dementors in the near vicinity back.




Prongs came back to his senses, and sent a grateful look my way. I grinned back at him, but the grin soon fell off my face as I heard shrieks. The Dementors were getting close to the stands. Prongs took his duty as Head Boy and found Lily, who looked terrified in reality, but was keeping up a strong, calm front.




“Everyone! Back in to the castle as quick as you can! Run, don’t stop for anything- everything can be collected later! Help your friends who are in a too difficult state! Feed chocolate to yourself and others!” guided Prongs at the top of his lungs so everyone could hear, as Lily, Moony, Mayfield and I, along with staff such as McGonagall, repelling the high numbers of Dementors with powerful Patronus Charms. Prongs joined in once he was assured that people were leaving.




Dumbledore was getting people out of the stands who were horror struck or in a daze and had been left by friends. He seemed to have finished this job, and he swiftly moved over to the pitch. His eyes were ablaze, as he stepped in front of all the students and staff. I had never seen him so angry.




He swiped his wand across the pitch and a gigantic silver phoenix, half the height of the Quidditch pitch, closed its wings around all the Dementors. For a moment, there was silence. Then the phoenix opened its gargantuan wings letting out a literally blinding silver light. Once I adjusted my eyes again, it had all gone and Dumbledore was on his knees. I had never seen him that weak, yet before the power that came out could’ve drained Merlin.




“Minevra… Water please,” he panted. McGonagall hurriedly conjured up a goblet and muttered an ‘Aguamenti’. It filled almost too slowly with water, and she applied the goblet to his lips. He sighed deeply after drinking it and got up.




“I’m sorry, I had a moment of weakness just then. But then again, every man has his moments of weakness.”




“If you’d allow me to say, Professor, that was not weak at all. It was probably one of the most powerful things I will ever see in my life,” muttered Lily, and he smiled at her.




“It was bloody brilliant!” I exclaimed, and put my hand over my mouth. Everyone looked at me incredulously, before bursting out laughing or gently chuckling (Dumbledore and McGonagall).




Maybe it was the fact that we had just overcome Dementors in their hundreds. Or maybe it was because we had just realised how powerful Dumbledore truly was.




But we were trying to be happy- and that was what made me smile.








“You know what will cheer everyone up?” I began. The Common Room was solemn. Most had not bothered to go up to their dorms, preferring to stay downstairs with everyone else. Dementors brought back horrid memories that many would never usually even think of. For example, the Prongs punching me one. It was in 4th year. It was the worst argument we had ever had. And guess who it was over? Lily. I know- are you shocked?




Well, I kissed her as a dare. Prongs didn’t know of this dare and thought I was somehow in love with Lily or just hated him as he had just told the true depth of his feelings about her to me the last night. We didn’t talk for days. Prongs because he was stubborn and thought that his version was 100% correct, and I, because I was annoyed with him for not hearing me out and wasn’t going to succumb to him.




Ah, Gryffindor Pride.




We got over it as soon as Moony forced us to listen to each other. He honestly is a peacekeeper for us.




But, I hadn’t thought about for ages. It still stung. Him punching me, saying he hated me. I got over it though, and will get over it soon enough again.




“What?” muttered Moony, gloomily. Poor guy had a lot of tough memories.




“We’ve already got plentiful of chocolate,” stated Prongs, indicated the huge amount of chocolate splayed out in front of us (we were on the couches in front of the fire).




“Honeydukes finest,” chuckled Mayfield, but I could tell her laugh wasn’t really there.




“Yeah, what in the world could cheer us up apart from that?” grumbled Wormtail. I noticed he was affected quite a bit because of this attack, considering he didn’t even stay up front for hardly any time- I didn’t know Wormtail had ever had a particularly tough life. Not knowing this made me feel like a terrible friend.




“Truth or Dare: Marauder and Co. Version!” I remarked, grinning at the thought. Prongs’ face lit up an incredible amount, Wormtail’s eyes widened and Moony chuckled lightly while Mayfield just looked confused.




“I’ve just realised I’ve got to do a Transfiguration essay for tomorrow. Bye,” squeaked Wormtail. Weird.




“You can copy mine!” I replied, but he had already vanished. “What’s up with Wormy?”




Moony shrugged. “He’s been a bit off lately.”




“Well, we can ask him about that later. We live with the fella! Let’s explain Truth or Dare: Marauder and Co. Version to Mayfield first!” cheered Prongs. I turned to Mayfield, and had my grin as wide as a Cheshire cat from this Muggle book called Alice in Wonderland.








So I began explaining, Moony and Prongs adding in points where necessary. Truth or Dare: Marauder and Co. Version was not very different to the original, yet the small additions we made would make the game all the more exciting.








We simply brought some Veritaserum into the mixture and added a few charms that meant if you didn’t do the dare something incredibly humiliating would happen to you at a time you’d least expect it.




“So, you up for it?” I asked, smirking.




“When have I never been up for something?” she shot back, raising an eyebrow. Touché my good friend.




“Let’s spin the wand, then!” cheered Prongs. We all watched carefully as the spark at the tip of Prongs’ wand spun round, leaving light trails behind it. It began slowing down, and eventually halted in front of me. Identical manic smirks came on my three friends faces.




Well, that wasn’t very comforting.




“Truth,” said James.




“Or,” continued Mayfield.




“Dare?” finished Moony.




Now, I was really scared. I should file a report to Dumbledore for this harassment and mental scarring. Maybe he’d whoop their arse with his awesome ninja skills. I’m still in belief that Dumbledore is a secret ninja. You have to admit, he’s pretty damn awesome and ninja’s are too.




“Truth,” I answered, sounding more confident than I felt.




Mayfield snorted. “Wuss.” I scowled back at her.




“Sometimes a truth takes more courage than a dare,” I replied, wisely, feeling quite proud of myself. Mayfield looked quite stunned while James just chuckled, used to my random spurts of wise words.




“Fine- drink the serum. Mind if I take this one, James?”




“Not at all, Alex.” Git. He could at least try to save me. I found all my Gryffindor courage and picked up the small bottle of serum, taking a sip of it. That was all that would be required for one minute of truth.




“Who was your first shag?” Oh no. She did not ask that question. I have done a good job of keeping my virginity an absolute secret from everybody. What were people going to say?




Can you believe it? Sirius Black hasn’t lost his V-Card!




Thanks for that Mayfield-Voice.








Fair point you have there. But Prongs will be pretty annoyed I lied to him…




Should’ve thought of that before, shouldn’t have you?




Shut up, Mayfield-Voice.








“Sirius!” yelled Prongs, pulling me out of my internal debate. “Answer the question!”




I mumbled something incomprehensible.




“Clearer please,” requested Mayfield.




“Nobody,” I whispered. Prongs, Moony and Mayfield all looked shocked and were unsure whether they were hearing me correctly.




Yup. You really are.




“So… what about all those girls who came out saying they had shagged you?” muttered Prongs, confusedly.




“I put a charm on them to make it seem as if I had done them, but I hadn’t,” I replied, sheepishly.




“Why didn’t you tell us?” said Prongs, looking a little hurt.




“I guess I was… ashamed,” I replied, quietly. Then all three burst out laughing.




“You… were… ashamed? To… tell… us? You didn’t… think we’d… care… did you?” asked Moony, in between gales of laughter. I scowled, but it was made ineffective by the corners of my mouth turning up.




“Oh, shut up,” I replied, stifling my laughter. Once it had all died down, we had received quite a few funny glances from others in the common room, but more people seemed to be smiling now than before.




One person laughs, and the world will laugh with them in the Gryffindor Common Room.












Stop being so pessimistic voices! Go and fuck yourselves or do whatever voices inside head’s do!




See, I should be worried I’m going mad at this point, but I stay optimistic. My mind is simply extremely imaginative. For example, I currently have the unhealthy desire to break into Peliza Moolittle.




You gotta pack up your troubles in your extendable bag, and banish them to the sea.


I don’t care what the people may say, what the people may say about me!




Yup, I’m just very imaginative…. Very imaginative, indeed…




Wait! I have an idea!








Since when did you become sarcastic Capsy?








Shut up. Now. Before I silence you.








We don’t have mouths.








I’m realistic.








I’ll leave you to flirt then, Capsy.




“Oi! Evans!” I yelled to the silent girl beside the window. She took one look at me, scowled, and turned away. “Come and play Truth or Dare with us! As Head Girl you’re meant to be helping cheer everybody up, not sitting in a corner alone!”




She reluctantly pulled herself over (I’m still in shock it worked) and joined the circle, sitting in between Moony and Prongs, the latter looking incredibly pleased with the arrangement.




We spun the bottle, and oh irony, it landed on Miss. Evans.




“I’ll take this,” chipped in Prongs, before we could say anything. He passed the small bottle of Veritaserum to Lily, who after examining it (probably to check for poison) took a small sip. “Do you hate me?” Honestly, Prongs, you little sap. You could’ve asked the most cruel of questions, but he goes for ‘do you hate me’.




I feel ashamed.




“Y-“, began Evans, but the word got stuck in her throat. “Of c-“, Again, she wouldn’t let herself finish.




“Remember, Lily, Veritaserum doesn’t let you lie,” said Mayfield, giving an honest smile to Lily. Looking at her shoes, Evans finally said the words Prongs had wanted to hear his whole life. Well, the last seven years.




“No. I don’t hate you, James.”




The smile on Prongs’ face could’ve blinded the whole room. His face lit up, his skin was shining like a baby’s bum and his hazel eyes were glowing and bright. You’d think she’d declared her undying love for him. But as Prongs says, one step at a time.








We had got bored of deep and sentimental truths, so decided to move onto dares. Oh, and weren’t they amusing.




We got Lily to yell her bra size to the whole of the Common Room. Yes, I am talking about Lily Evans. She’s a 34C- not too bad. Plus, the smaller ones tend to be more popular as skinnier in general. I don’t believe so, but whatever suits everybody’s bill.




We got Moony to declare his undying love to a very shocked Professor McGonagall, which would’ve landed Prongs and I in a week of detention, but Moony only got a warning. I think she suspected it was a dare.




I had to go to Madame Pomfrey and ask her to check if I had a bruise on my bum. I think she knew I didn’t actually and kicked me out of the Hospital Wing faster than you could say Bubotuber Pus.




We got Prongs to go into the most commonly used girls’ bathroom. He came out looking dumbstruck and disheveled with lipstick marks all over his face and shirt ripped. Who knows what went on in there- I’m guessing it wasn’t the usual reaction to a boy in the girls bathroom.




Best of all, we got Mayfield to have the sex talk with a third year guy. The look on his face was priceless as Mayfield explained it all.




I love my friends.




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