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JJ Gone.... Wild? by PotterPrincess7

Format: Novel
Chapters: 25
Word Count: 31,990
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers

Genres: Drama, Romance, AU
Characters: Dumbledore, Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OC
Pairings: Sirius/OC, James/Lily, Remus/OC

First Published: 11/07/2011
Last Chapter: 09/23/2013
Last Updated: 09/23/2013

 My name is Jaynee Jones but everyone calls me JJ. I am a 17 year old witch in my seventh year at Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry. As far as i can say im pretty normal (if you count invisible in the normal category), at least i was until a certain someone Sirius Black ( Yes, Sirius Black) decided he would spend his last year at school with me (???).

Chapter 1: Well This is New.....?
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 It was August 31st and I was packing last minute (as per usual), for the train to Hogwarts tomorrow. I was almost done when i heard a tapping on the window. It was my owl Looney. I opened the window to see she had a letter. it was from my best friend ( well one of them) Lily Evans. We were making plans to meet at Kings Cross at 10 am ( Lily always had to be insanely early), We were going to breakfast at this quaint muggle cafe next to the station and then head for the train ( we all wanted to get a compartment as far away from the Marauders as possible).



The next day i woke a little late ( okay it was a lot late). When i finally  met Lily and Halen ( Halen Wren, My other Best friend) it was 10:45, we rushed through breakfast and had to run to the train. When we opened the last compartment with any space left,i looked around the compartment all i could think was 'shit it's going to be a long ride" and as i glanced at three of the marauder's faces ( one of them, Sirius, was missing which was peculiar considering he was usually attached to james' hip) i knew my thoughts were right. i turned around just in time to run right slam into Sirius Black. " Woah there Jonesie ( Jonesie? where the hell'd that come from) i know you like me but there's no need to throw your self at me" he smirked " God Black, could you get a little bit more full of yourself"




Lily interviened before it got to ugly  saying "come on JJ there's No Where else let's Sit" ( What the hell?, what's wrong with Lily, Normally she'd be up and out of here before  anyone could even process the situation). The look on James' face was enough to show me everyone else noticed this weird occurrence as well. " hey! , lily you can sit beside me" James  practically screamed. " jeez, Prongs way to look Desperate" Sirius smirked. "Jonesie , Have a seat" i looked around and realized i was the only one still standing, Lily was talking to James ( actually talking not even raising her voice or looking the least bit annoyed) and Halen was in the corner talking animatedly with Remus.




I turned And sat Beside Sirius ( a little to close for comfort with all of us in the compartment) And began to have an actually civil conversation with him.We talked about lots of things quidditch, what we did over the summmer and so on, until Severus Snape (Lily's ex best friend and the maurauders wors enemy) decided to come into the compartment to see if there was any room, needless to say it ended with him begging Lily to forgive him while the whole time James was giving him dirty looks. Lily eventually calmed down and sat back on the bench, "Gawddd! I wish he would just stop that already and leave me alone i told him i couldnt forgive him what with all those future deatheaters he hangs out with no wonder he turn out to such a jerlk" ( Lily was just letting off steam later she'd rant about how she didnt mean anything of the things she was just worried for him and pissed we had heard thisargumant many times before) As Lily sat down she accidently sat onJames and when she jumped over to her seat her cheeks went bright red as there fingers brusheed,  My last Thought Before The train pulled away was " What in the Bloody Hell is Going on Here?"

Chapter 2: Trains,Trouble,and Sirius Black
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 The train ride went surprisingly well until James started acting like his old self  again and Lily couldn't help but get annoyed, about half way through one of their fights Sirius turned to me and said"so Jonesie have a nice summer?" (this new nickname was going to get old fast) naturally i responded harshly ( maybe a little to harsh by his expression)

" what's it to you? " (what was going on?!)



"whoa some ones  a little defensive, i just wanted to get to know you" (since when does Sirius Black just want to get to know any female with a pulse) my thought was interrupted by Remus scoffing in the corner. at least someone was thinking straight


"since when have you ever wanted to to get to know anything somewhat resembling a female unless it involved sheets and ditching her before she woke up the next morning ?"


" oh shut-up Moony you're making me look bad .." 


" Looks Like Padfoot has a crush"  James piped in


" so what if i do!" ( I nearly choked on my own saliva)  


" excuse me !" i squeaked


" oh Jonesie, Naive Little Jonesie the signs are all here your just to busy despising me to notice" Black purred


" my name is not Jonesie and i don't despise you you i just think your an arrogant ass that's all" ( OMG! Sirius just told everyone he liked me , i have a bad feeling about this.)  


" we'll see about that " Sirius said as a smirk spread across his face ( i suddenly had a feeling Lily wasn't going to be the only one with her very own marauder stalker this year , to bad the other person was me! this is going to be a long year.)


after Black's confession things were a little awkward and quiet we all attempted conversations me and Halen (both hating sitting in awkward situations) got everyone discussing quidditch for a bit but there's only so many plays and moves you can discuss with out having quidditch through the ages open in your lap, not to mention Lily moaning about how she hates it when we talk about quidditch ,(she wasn't the biggest quidditch fanatic) unlike Sirius,James,halen and I,Lily didn't play quidditch, Sirius is a Chaser,James also, Halen is Seeker and I myself am , Keeper, as for Remus and Peter they were Sirius and James best friends ,so they knew a lot about quidditch regardless if they didn't play.





 after a while of Quidditch talk Lily decided to bring the conversation around to the events happening at school this year. we were having a Christmas ball, i was going through the respective candidates for my date when there was a knock on the compartment door, it seemed as though he couldnt stay away the Severus Snape was back again this time acompanied by  Lucius Malfoy and Atonin Dolohov ( Oh Jesus Shit This was going to get ugly) Snape spoke staring directly at Lily the whole time

" I need to talk to you" he said coldly

" well Snivellus I didn't know we had anything to talk about but by all means if you'll step outside id be glad to 'talk' " James said in a stony voice (making air quotes with his fingers around the word talk) Lily elbowed James in the side

" I don't want to talk to you Severus so please leave I'm trying to have a conversation with my friends" ( Lily put extreme emphasis on the word friends ) Lily and Snape had been friends since before they came to Hogwarts but last year James was cursing Snape when Lily saw she came over and tried to tell him to stop (that wasn't what made their friendship fall apart) Snape was pissed and lashed out at Lily calling her a " Mudblood" which is one of the worst things someone can use as an insult towards muggle-born witches and wizards. the three of us, Halen,Lily and I Being Muggle-born took it as a huge insult, The Marauders were also very defensive when it came to "Pure-bloods" and their views of how the wizard world should be, ironically though since they  were all either  Pure-blood or half-blood.




Snape left with a fleeting glare at James,closely followed by his cronies (that went over way easier than i thought it would) .


" Oh Please Evans just let me curse him once, just a little bat bogey hex?" Sirius all but begged Lily


" Don't start with me Black, He May be Rude But he was my friend"


" Emphasis on the was " Black rolled his eyes at her, by this time we were almost at school so  Lily and Halen, and I decided to go put our robes on, and with fleeting glances at the marauders we turned and left the compartment.

Chapter 3: We're Home ...... Finally
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 as the train pulled into the station, the first years were shuffled away by Hagrid  and we all headed for the carriages. Lily,Halen and I climbed into a carriage shortly followed by Remus,James,SIrius and Peter ( who had been surprisingly quiet during the train ride). James sat next to Lily and i could have sworn i saw her flirting with him before my attention was drawn to Sirius. It was a little awkward having him just him having just admitted he liked me  ( at least for me it was he just sat there looking so smugly serene that i could smack him), but now that i looked at him, i mean really looked at him, he was quite good looking, i mean he had these deep mysterious grey eyes , that made you  feel dizzy if you looked into them for to long, and his long hair fell in his face making him look completely gorgeous. WH-WHAT WAS I THINKING? this is Sirius Black for gods sake, I've hated him since first year.





"So, JJ you want to go to Hogsmeade with me when the first weekend is" He Asked calmy






"Whats with this new found interest in destroying my life Black, you're starting to sound like a certain quidditch captain i know"






"yah well you're starting to sound like a certain stubborn red head" at this James and Lily turned to eavesdrop on why we had oh so casually hinted we we're talking about them.once again though Black had taken control of the conversation and continued speaking as though he hadn't noticed a thing "but it looks like shes finally warming up to prongs here , so i only have to wait six years for you to finally give in." he finished with a smirk that i wished i could just smack right of is beautifully arrogant face. but before i could think of a coherent response or even an insult , Lily piped in 






"Sirius Black you know full well i have absolutely no interest in potter!" James uptook a faux look of pain and heartbreak. 






" Ouch Evans, way to twist the knife" He said in a 'sorrow-ful' voice.






"oh! I'm sorry James" ( SIrius, Halen, Remus and exchanged a look that told me that they all noticed that she had called him James as well).




"since when do you call prongs by his first name there Evans?" Remus questioned, voicing every ones thoughts, Lily went bright red and we sat in silence ,(mostly) whispering between ourselves occasionally, for the rest of the trip up to  the castle.




i had to remember to 'ask' Lily what the hell that was about when we got back to our dormitories. at that i voice in the back of my head shouted " hey idiot, she's head girl she has her own joint dorm WITH JAMES!!" as the thought crossed my mind i realized it would be a lot harder to get her alone, with me and Hay, to do any kind of interrogation and  by the look in her eye she knew full well that it would be hard and fully intended on making it even more so, HA! she acts as if she's never met me I'm not usually one to forget juicy and delicious details of gossip ( especially when it came to Lily and James , i have kind of been rooting for them since first year not that id ever tell Lils that, she'd smack me silly.) i was thinking blissful thoughts about boys and relationships, when Hogwarts came into view, it was such a beautiful place that i was enthralled by it every time , the carriages pulled to a stop and i sighed, please Merlin let this e a good year , you should know we all need one.

Chapter 4: The .....Tickle Monster??
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  Chapter four- the... tickle monster? :

We were in our room unpacking.THe sorting had gone by quickly this year with only a few new Gryffindors added, Lily was head girl (with James much to her dismay), she was off organizing the prefect duties and other things. So me and Halen were just wasting time unpacking and talking while avoiding a certain group of bored teenage boys who apparently couldn't find anything better to do , while James was on his head boy duties, then bother us. We escaped up here because they come up here being boys,thanks to the brilliant charm one amazingly awesome witch from however many years ago cast on the staircase. After we finished unpacking we decided it was safe to go down to the common room,so we headed down, halfway down the stairs I realized I forgot my book. So i ran back up to get it. When i got to the common room, Halen had saved two armchairs by the fire.So i sat down and started reading, it was a book i had brought from home (being a muggle-born I often brought books from home for entertainment) this book was about pixies (something Muggles thought didn't exist, which was true in this case where charming handsome men were actually pixies, the only real Pixies I've met were small blue,ugly Cornish pixies.) I was halfway down the first page of the last chapter when i heard my name being called by an oh so familiar voice " what do you want Black!!" I screeched 




" Whoa quiet down the whole common room doesn't need to hear you,Jonesie,whatcha reading" he said with a smirk




"My name is not Jonesie, and that's none of your business"




 "Well  i guess i just have to find out for myself" I hugged the book to my chest trying to give off the message that he's so not getting it but Black being Black only took this as an acceptance to 'play' he reached for me and pulled me to the floor, then started tickling me, i was gasping for air but I couldn't help but enjoy our playful banter and the way his hands felt on my body as he was running them over my most ticklish spots.... wait! what was i thinking i hated this guy and there was only certain times (like now) that i could somewhat stand being in proximity to me. Despite the battle raging war in my head nothing had changed outside it, Sirius was still tickling me and i was still laughing so hard i could barely breath. I sat up gasping for air and said 




"ok,ok i surrender here look all you like just don't tickle me ever again or i will curse you into oblivion." Black smirked and took the book. I turned around only to be met by the bewildered expressions of my two best friends and three of the four Marauders (the fourth was making disgusted faces at my book in the corner) "Hey James,Lily how were head duties" James and I were close we only ever 'hated' each other when he was being an ass on the quidditch pitch. He was like a brother to me and we talked often,not that i let Lily know that i always used the 'he's my quidditch captain' excuse it worked mostly but i could tell she knew he cared for me and I for him. Lily and the rest of them gave me a suspicious look, I was so in for it when i got back to the dorm.




Lily's POV




Potter was a nightmare during head duties, giving the prefects tips on how to prank people.( how he ever became head boy I'll never know). But all of those annoying things were pushed to the back of my mind when i entered the common room with James and saw none other than little miss Jaynee Jones rolling on the floor laughing while none other than Sirius Black tickled the living shit out of her. i couldn't help but think to myself ' you know besides the fact that Sirius was a total ass wipe douche most of the time we've known him and Jaynee pretty much hated him, they would make a rather cute couple.' Jaynee and Sirius got up and Jaynee turned around,suddenly looking as though a car had hit her " Hey James,Lily how were head duties" after Jaynee's Little thing with Sirius we continued in an awkward half silence for about twenty minutes when finally JJ spoke up "Well I'm headed to bed,you know quidditch tryouts tomorrow." 




"Like you need to try out, you already know your gonna make the team" James said




"Way to be impartial there captain" She Smirked




"The only reason other then that she's amazing at keeping,that you said she doesn't need to try out is that you don't want to get on Evans' bad side by being rude to her best mate." Sirius said "Hey not true Jaynee's awesome at quidditch. I have no ulterior motive in saying it" James defended himself while attempting to hide a smirk. "plus looking at the lot we've got this year,it'll be easy to impress me."




"well id love to sit around and discuss this all night with you boys but i really should be headed to bed" Jaynee said Halen and I shot up and went to follow her,i had decided to spend nights in the girl's dorm and go to the heads if i felt like it. Halen and I gave each other a look clearly stating she was so not getting away that easy.




"Well, I'm really tired too, plus you wouldn't want your awesomely amazing seeker to be so tired she falls off her broom at try outs now would you, you staying with us tonight Lily?" 




"Jeez Hay, way to be conceited if your head gets any bigger it'll be the same size as Potter's " I smirked "yeah I'm coming, wouldn't want to be falling asleep while watching try outs not to mention first day of class." The three of us walked to the end of the stairs to the girls dormitories turned back and said in perfect unison 




" Good night boys" and blew them a kiss they always hated it when we did that ,we giggled and ran up to bed, this year was going to be fun.

Chapter 5: It Was Nothing... I Think
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 Lily's POV

the night before we were to tired for our regularly scheduled attack on Jaynee about Sirius, so we decided it would wait till the morning seeing as JJ had her stupid amazing naturally beautiful hair and didnt have to do a series of complicated spells on it every morning she got up an hour later than Halen and I for classes. So by the time JJ woke up and showered,dried her hair with the charm i showed her first year and got in her robes, me and Halen were ready to attack. "So Jaynee Jones would you care to shed some light on the little situation between you and Sirius last night in the common room" Halen spoke up. 




" There's nothing to tell we were fooling around that's all  I wouldn't let him have my book." She replied






"That's not what it looked like to us" I said "There's nothing going on that's all im saying on the subject." With that Jaynee turned to the mirror and started applying her make-up 






"Jay, I really wish you wouldn't put so much of that on,your perfectly pretty with out it." Halen sighed




" It's easy for you to say you guys are like perfect" Jaynee had always had image problems she was beautiful and full-figured she just couldn't see it herself,although half (if not more) of the guys in gryffindor house saw it and she had her fair share of boyfriends me and Halen could not get it through her thick skull that she was amazingly stunning. She was confident but did not like that she was not a size zero like most of the sluts that paraded around the school.(Me and Hay weret even zeroes but she was two sizes bigger than us so that made us perfect and her not.)




"uh hello open your eyes dimbo your gorgeous." Halen said 






"You guys only say that because im your best friend." Halen and Jaynee had this arguement all the way down to the common room when Halen decided she'd get 'expert' advice (as she called it )






" Oi! boys" she called to the Marauders who were sitting by  the fireplace. Their heads shot up and we headed over to them " I have a question for you. do you think Jaynee's pretty?"






"She's the prettiest Keeper i've ever seen " said James (you know for a total arse he could be sweet and i knew he cared for Jay although he didn't show it often- infront of me- i could always see that she was like a sister to him.)






"Thanks Jamesie" JJ laughed 






"She's very pretty" Remus spoke up 






"Yeah" Said Peter. 






"I think she's absolutely gorgeous, I'd shag her" Said Sirius 






"You  are a total pig,Sirius Black,Thank you Remus,Peter" Jaynee smiled






"You know you like it" Sirius smirked ignoring him Remus asked






"What's all this about?" 






"Halen and Lily were telling me i shouldnt wear so much make-up because i dont need it which i completely disagree with and Halen always stubborn had to ask you." Jaynee answered.






"well that's no way to think Jaynsie, you should give yourself some credit" James said schooching over in hihs arnchair and beckoning her over 






"why did i get so lucky as to have friends like you three" Jay said to me,Halen and James going to sit next to him ruffling his already messy hair.






"Hey" said Remus and Sirius (Peter had left to go to the library before breakfast) 






"ohh! you to Remus" JJ said sweetly flashing a perfect imitation of Sirius'  Signature  smirk at Black






"Ouch Jones you've got some bite" he said, his voice full of mock pain.






" You better watch out Sirius you don want a fight with Jay here she'll rip your throat out" James exclaimed smiling at his supposed best friend.






"Thanks James way to make me seem horrible and violent."


                                                *           *           *            *           *             *




Jaynee's POV  




We were in the great hall waiting for professor Mcgonagall to hand out  our timetables. When she got to us and handed us ours we started comparing classes. I had potions first with Lily, James,Sirius and Remus. (Halen and Peter both were horrible at potions and hated it.) Than I had charms with Lily,Peter,Halen and Remus,James and Sirius goofed off to much with Flitwick to have made it to NEWT level.I also had Defense Against the Dark Arts with everyone. Then everyone else besides Peter and I went to Transfiguration.I sucked at it and didn't acheive enough O.W.L.S to continue (thank god) so I was in Divination and our last class which everyone had together was Herbology. The morning flew by fast and lunch was uneventful besides the fact that us girls spent it in the library starting the homework we already had assigned. It was Herbology when things got interesting. James was pestering Lily as always when he said




"you know someday Lily, Evans is going to be Potter."






"I seriously doubt that" Lily said indignantly but there was a unmistakeable light that sprang into her eyes as soon as he said it and her cheeks went bright red. I looked at Halen and knew she was in for it.

Chapter 6: Confessions
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We had left the Marauders in the common room and me and Halen were ready to attack. " What the hell!" screeched Halen Lily looked up in shock and said








"What?" Halen began qouting Lily in an almost perfect imitation of her voice










"what happened to 'i'd rather date the giant squid you arrogant toe-rag'. " Lily was starting to blush and then it dawned on me








"you like him!" i almost screamed










" No i do not" Lily said suddenly defensive "What about you two, Jaynee Jones I saw the way you blushed when Black said he liked not to mention your little tickle thing the other night and Halen don't act like you didn't spend the whole train ride flirting with Remus"










"That's completely beside the point" I said trying unsuccessfully not to bluch again then Halen spoke up










"But it's different he's Remus he's actually not that bad you know that Lily." I was kinda tired of us skimming beside the truth 










"You know what let's try something different for once. Let's once and for all tell each other  the truth about how we feel about the Marauders" Lily and Halen looked at me in surprise and i raised my right hand and said" I, Jaynee Jones admit fully to liking - having feelings towards Sirius Black." Lily and Halen did a little girly scream and then Halen said








"I, Halen Wren fully admit to absolutely having feelings for Remus Lupin" Lily and I hugged Halen,now Lily we had a bit of a harder time with










"Fine" she said after about 10 minutes of begging"I,Lily Evans, admit to having feelings for James Potter - but it will not go past that if he turns back into an arrogant toe-rag" We were so proud we screamed so loud a few girls from the other dorm came over to see if we were all right








"yah! were great but thanks for checking on us Alice."










"no problem" she replied. When Alice left I turned to my friends and said










"One minute wait here I have something to do, don't move" I ran from the room,down to the common room and straight to where the marauders were sitting I looked him right in the eye and said "yes''  










"yes? Jonesie some one hit you in the head or have you three already broken into the butterbeer"










"Let me finish Black, yes i will go to Hogsmeade with you,Sirius!"










"Really?" he said with a big smile 












"Really" i replied i dont know what compelled me to do it but he was just so irresistible I bent down,pressed my lips to his and when we broke apart ran straight back up to the dorm burst through the door and simply said










" I kissed Sirius Black ohh and I have a date to Hogsmeade next visit" 










"Holy shit! JJ seriously" Lily (not one to swear) shouted I nodded vigourously and looked satisfied at my two best friends who oh so obviously thought i had gone mad - either that or had a few to many glasses of Firewhiskey, Me well I could still feel the sensation of Sirius' lips on mine, that was enough to keep me high till the morning then I'd have to find him again and kiss him over and over. As we headed to bed I was consumed with thoughts of Sirius Black.



Chapter 7: The Best Day
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 I havent done this yet so id just like to say the only characters i own our Jaynee and Halen everyone and everything else belongs to JK Rowling, id also like to say thank you to everyone who reads my fan fic it means the world.



I woke up that morning feeling completly sure this was going to be a great year. The day started out normal, me,Lily and Halen all got dressed and headed down to the great hall for breakfast and we went to find a place to sit, we sat at the far end of the gryffindor table next to Alice and a couple other girls in our year. A few minutes later the Marauders strode in and headed over to us. Sirius sat down next to me and gave me a peck on the cheek and i grabbed his hand which caused a great deal of whispers to travel throught the great hall " Morning sunshine" he whispered 







"morning" I replied 






"ugh Jaynee if your gonna turn Padfoot mushy at least do it when no one with eyes can see it's repulsing" James grimaced






" oh Jamesie,Jamesie,Jamesie someone sounds a little jealous" Sirius smirked in reply. Lily and Halen giggled and James turned his attention to them. Halen and Remus started discussing  their  homework, they had almost all the same classes together Lily and James too me and Sirius were the only ones it seemed who had different schedules ( which wasn't exactly true,but it felt that way). The Marauders werent complete idiots in school,perhaps with the exception of Peter he was sweet but not exceedingly bright. Our first class was potions with professor Slughorn (he was Lily's favourite teacher none of us knew why i guess it's just cause she is amazing at potions ans he more than notices not that Lily cares if he notices she's not that needy.) Anyway as we made our way through the halls to class Sirius whispered in my ear 








"so I guess this means were together now? seeing as you didn't hex me into oblivion when i kissed you at breakfast"








"i still could you know, and that depends are you actually going to ask me to be with you?"








"Oh i see" Sirius got this wicked look on his face and I was suddenly scared to see what he was going to do. he stopped and looked me in the eye "Jaynee Julie Jones ( yes my middle name is Julie another J but how did he know?) will you be my girlfriend?" my heart leaped in my chest . he said it loud enough that the rest of our group , who had turned to see what was keeping us  and some passing students all turned to stare.








"yes Sirius Orion Black, i will be your girlfriend!!" he pulled me close ad kissed me so intensely I could have been standing in the middle of a war,naked and the only thing i would've noticed was Sirius, is beautiful eyes , his sexy hair and wonderful body, I couldnt help but think of what it would feel like to have his body pressed against me. we were broken apart when Lily said annoyed 








"will you two stop sucking eachothers faces before were late for class" We reluctantly pulled apart and headed for class the whole time holding hands while I was waiting impatiently for the days classes to be over so I could go back to the common room and continue snogging my new boyfriend (Oh my God! i cant believe i get to call him that!)

Chapter 8: Dates,Mates,and.....Furry Problems?
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 The next week of classes was uneventful, until we got back to the common room on friday. Sirius and I were mid-snog,Lily was getting some extra credit potions work done ( I mean really it was the first week) and James was reading some quidditch book, when Halen and Remus suddenly started arguing "Well i personally dont see why we cant Remus"



"Quiet down before the whole common room hears you" Remus whispered at her.






"I dont care who hears me Remus, just give me one good reason, you admitted to liking me so why can't we date?" (oh now i see ) me and Lily got up wanting to get Halen out of here before she sarted crying (she did that when she got angry ) 






"I cant tell you, you wouldn't want to be with me if  I did"






"What could you possibly say or be that could make me not like you Remus" Halen asked him, a tear traveling down her cheek.






"I dont know maybe a ......"But before we could even intervene James,Sirius and Peter got up and In between them 






"Moony" James yelled "Can we talk to you for a second."






Sirius POV  






James and I pratically dragged Remus to the far corner of the common room. I couldn't help but stare at JJ she was so stunning (even if she was to stubborn to believe it.) and i couldn't believe she was mine.






"Moony, do you really think an argument in the middle of the common room was a great place to decide to almost tell Wren about your ' furry little problem'?" James asked bewildered 






"You know you dont have to not date her just because of it, go out with her and when you trust her enough tell her." Peter said 






"you're right Wormtail I'll tell her when the time is right and hope that she doesn't hate me, but I'll also have to wait till JJ and Lily are ready too I'm not going to make her keep a secret like that from her best friends or you Padfoot from your girlfriend- for much longer."








Halen POV






I just couldn't understand why he would'nt date me after he said he liked me. It was all so confusing . The Marauders were making their way back over, Remus walked over to me and whispered "Can we talk you know some whwere more private?" I nodded yes and we headed up to his dorm. "Halen will you date me?"






"Yes Remus of course i will" I was overjoyed but i couldn't help but wonder what before was about, I didnt have a lot of time to dwell on it before we were snogging. It was about an hour later when I made my way up to the dorm having been informed by James and a rather tired looking Sirius ( must have been from snogging JJ all night i swear they never broke apart ) That I had to leave,I entered our room and said.....






Jaynee's POV






Halen walked in the dorm,Bowed and said "I just spent the last hour snogging my new boyfriend Remus Lupin!" Lily and I giggled. My lips were still puffy from snogging Sirius 






"So Lily, your the only who hasn't made your Marauder crush your Marauder boyfriend." I said with an attempt at a serious face but my smirks broke through.






"I told you i would advance with Potter - "  




" he has a first name" I interjected.What? he was my friend and if she liked him she could call him James






"- Sorry- James when I know I can trust him"






"Well how are you going to trust him if you wont give him a chance, I mean it's been a week and he hasn't done anything the least bit douche baggish yet, that's almost a record." Halen stated.






"It's going to take a lot more than one week of non - douche baggness." Lily shot back at Halen






"Well i'm going to bed I've got Quidditch pratice in the morning, James booked the pitch super early." It had been a week since tryouts and of course me and Halen both made it but the first match being against Slytherin had James all physco captain mode.








"You'll be fine no matter how much sleep you get I think it will be more of prying you off your new boyfriend, James will have a problem with." Lily mocked me.






" Oh whatever i can control myself " I rolled my eyes and changed into my pyjamas, we all headed to bed after we finished gossiping about Halen and Remus, me and Sirius and Lily and James, We closed our eyes and fell silently to sleep.

Chapter 9: Protective captains and surprising best friends for 300...
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 We woke up at 7 Saturday morning, Me and Halen got in out quidditch robes and headed down to the pitch with Lily in tow. She always loved watching but would never play. James started us off with running laps around the pitch after that we had to fly around it 20 times and then he had us practice our respective positions the chasers were passing the quaffle and then attempting to score on me (I only allowed a few in but that was because i was distracted by Halen zooming around the hoops looking for the snitch she set loose) after about two hours of this James called everyone to land again. "Are we done yet Potter?" I exclaimed 







"Shut it Jones we'll practice till i say were done" Quidditch and Lily were the only things we argued about but when it was Quidditch it was always incredibly heated , this time though I wasn't in the mood 







"Potter, we've been practicing for hours" (It was 12 o'clock and we'd been out here since 8). " We've got a great team and three weeks left till the match we've practiced enough for today" I finished, feeling slightly proud seeing James' face.








"You're right sorry everyone cool down then head to the dressing rooms.







"Finally" Halen sighed 








"let's go Jay" Sirius said. I clasped his hand and we headed to the dressing rooms








"You know if it was anyone else James would have bit their head off"







"Well i suppose it helps that I'm dating his best mate." 







"That's not it he loves you - in a brotherly way- trust me I'm his best mate as you pointed out your like family to him you know he hasn't any siblings, your his sister JJ." Sirius told me rather matter of factly.








"Well he is like my brother- only one I've got but don't sell yourself short Sirius your his brother just as much as I'm his sister."







"I know" he smiled 








"It's nice to see Potter isn't all shaggy hair and Quidditch  he's got a heart on his chest and a brain in his over-sized head."








"That's our Jamesie" James was just walking by, I put my arm over his shoulder and he ruffled my hair.







"You know if you could talk me up like that to my mate I bet you could convince a certain best mate of yours." He Teased.








"Sorry big bro but your gonna have to show Lily that your not a complete arse all by yourself." I smirked and dodged his punch, headed straight for my shoulder. We all got changed and headed in for lunch grabbing Lils,Peter and Remus on our way by.After we ate , I realized just how tired I was,about to say i was going to the common room to lay down when Sirius bent down and whispered in my ear








" Meet me in my dorm in 20 minutes." I nodded and he gave me quick peck on the cheek before leaving the great hall.







" What was that about" Lily asked







"oh nothing but i have a feeling you wont be seeing me much this afternoon; ohh! and James,Remus,Peter you might want out stay out of your dorm today." I smirked 










"ughh! Jaynee my ears" James blurted. I gave them a quick smile, waved goodbye and headed to the dormitory to freshen up before I went to see my extremely beautiful boyfriend. I showered,Clothed and did my hair in record time with five minutes to spare i put on a bit of lipgloss and brushed my teeth (not in that particular order) and headed down stair. the tricky part was going to be getting up the boy's stairs without being seen but my genius boy made that easy ; I found James' invisibility cloak folded neatly in a bag that had "chicken" written on it. Cheeky bastard, I thought to myself. I went up stairs and shed the cloak at the door I did a quick once over of myself in my pocket mirror and knocked on the door " come in" i heard his sexy voice call.i walked in to see all the beds cleared to the side and a giant picnic blanket spread out on the floor with rose petals and candles everywhere speaking of spread out I was mesmerized by the beauty of a certain someone scrawled across said blanket








"Hey beautiful" he said.







"Hey sexy" I replied as i crawled up beside him, I leaned in for a kiss which turned into a good ten minutes of snogging. I loved the feeling of his lips moving with mine as his hands explored my body . he was on his back and I was on top of him. We broke apart and he started kissing my neck and unbuttoning my shirt, I was pulling his off when then door to the dorm opened up








"James!!" I screeched pulling my shirt closed.








"Holy shit! JJ Really? it's been a week." he said sounding appalled.








"We were snogging and I don't like what you're implying Potter."








"I'm implying that you supposedly hated him up until two weeks ago and now your undressing each other on the floor of my dorm!"







"It's none of your business who i 'undress' with and it's not like it was going any further!" I yelled 







"oh!" said James " Well it sure looked like you were going further." 








"Your not the boss of me,James it shouldn't matter what I do"








"Your like my sister i care about you."








"That's sweet and all Hun,but barging in when I told you we'd be in here and I'm trying to have some alone time with my boyfriend isn't okay."








"Well, I'll leave you alone sis but I'll be up in half an hour for my books and i better not walk in on that again." 







"Oh! Bugger off Potter." I whispered as he left "oh my god" I said to Sirius as we dissolved into giggling fits ( Sirius had  the strangest yet sexiest laugh i had ever heard) We settled ourselves with talking.








"You know i think i like you miss JJ."








"well you know I was thinking I'd keep you around for a bit aswell Black." He laughed amazing me once more "so i heard there's a Christmas ball this year" I said to him. 









"well i guess I'll have to find a tux that is of course if you would like to go with me , my lady?" He questioned.








"why of course good sir: '' I said concealing just how excited i was.I leaned in and snogged him deeply then said "I have some very annoyed friends downstairs I should probably go down."










"I guess " he sighed in defeat " I can practically hear the smoke coming from Lily's ears."










"I suppose James is bothering her , while Remus and Halen snog in some corner"







"ha! well My dear after you" he gestured to the door.








"why thank you" We walked down and Sirius' assumptions were correct 







"Oh thank god your down here think you could break those two apart" Lily exclaimed 








"Oi! Moony come up for some air boy." Sirius yelled, Remus and Halen broke apart and Hay blushed 








"sorry" they said in unison.







"anyway, are you going to the ball?" Lily asked.







"yeah I've just been asked" I smiled at Sirius 







"me too!" Halen piped up.







"well" said James Oh no here it comes I thought to myself "Lily Evans would you do me the extreme honor of going to the Christmas ball with me?" He asked expectantly.







"You know what James,I ........... Would love to go to the ball with you"... Well didn't see that one coming....

Chapter 10: Lily...............Potter?
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Lily's POV




I was in the common room sitting next to James,Remus and Halen were snogging each others faces off on the couch opposite us and Sirius and JJ were up in the boys dorm doing Merlin knows what. James turned to me and said "I'm going to my dorm for a second be right back" I loved how much of a gentleman he could be and he really had these deep dreamy hazel eyes (oh! Merlin how could i be saying this, I've hated him since we first met.) but that's not true I know it isn't I've liked him for a while I've just been to stubborn to admit it to myself,at that moment James reappeared looking slightly flustered ( I cringed to think of what he had walked in on in that dormitory).My suspicions were found correct a few minutes (or so) later when JJ and Sirius came marching down the stairs hand in hand. Sirius looking embarrassed (surprisingly) and Jaynee had on an expression of embarrassment mixed with anger. I could tell Potter got all, brotherly and defensive and JJ being JJ went all 'your not the boss of me' I'm going to eat your heart out bitch on him (I was exaggerating ... a little.) which would explain James' expression. We all sat around the couches. "thank god your down here think you could break those two apart" i said.




"Oi! Moony come up for some air boy" Sirius yelled,Halen and Remus broke apart,Halen blushing.




"Sorry" they said together.




"anyway" I said "Are you guys going to the ball"




"Yeah I've just been asked " JJ said smiling at Sirius.




"Me too!" piped in Halen.




"Well" James said. " Lily Evans would you do me the extreme honor of going to the Christmas ball with me?" James asked expectantly.




"You know what James I...... ( I couldn't believe these next words came out of my mouth) would love to go to the ball with you." Bet they didn't see that coming.




James POV  






Those words, those wondrously, amazing words had just been spoken not only that but they had come from the beautiful and perfect lips of Miss Lily Evans... play it cool James come on you're James potter calm and collected. "Seriously" I asked unable to keep the skepticism out of my voice.




"Yes... James Potter i will go to the ball with you."




"I don't know what to say.." I told her.




"Kiss me you blibbering idiot" She smirked I leaned in close. The rest of the common room disappearing as our lips met.




Sirius POV




James and Lily,Wow! didn't see that. They were now snogging like there wasn't a bazillion eyes on them. JJ and Halen looked at each other and smiled. "What are you two smiling about" Remus asked.




"Oh, please like you didn't know that was going to happen" JJ smirked.




"Really we didn't, we honestly thought prongs was going to be this lonely hobbit pining after Evans while she goes off and gets married and there's a bunch of little Evanses running around."




" Wow delusional" JJ said.




"Boys" Halen stage whispered. When Lily and James broke apart. I caught a glimpse of the expressions on their faces, James and Lily both looked so happy. I turned to Jaynee and smiled giving her a quick peck on the cheek.




Jaynee POV






I could not believe it she,Lily Evans the queen of over planning just did the most spontaneous thing I had ever seen her do.That's saying something since I've known her since she was five years old.When I caught her eye she winked and giggled softly I looked over at James and smiled he looked as if his birthday,Christmas and winning the house cup had all happened on the same day. After that we all sat by the fire chatting aimlessly about the ball.quidditch and lessons. Eventually the common room emptied.I was laying on Sirius' shoulder. It was nice that we could have moments like this even though there was a war going on and people's families could be gone tomorrow,it was nice to know that for this little while we were happy, genuinely happy. As I looked at the smiling,Laughing faces of all my best friends and my boyfriend, I couldn't be more happy or peacefully. Life was good for the time being.


                                                                       * * * * * * * * * * * * * 




The next week went by fast and we were all very excited for the first Hogsmeade visit. We, Halen,Lily and I, plus our boys were all going to meet in the common room and then head to the three broomsticks and get a butter beer. On Friday night we had quidditch practice,Lily,Peter,and Remus came to watch. Our first game was against Slytherin and James really wanted to beat them. The thought of Slytherin beating us in the first game of the season was fueling as all,We had a great practice which meant James was happy and calm, So when he walked in on me and Sirius later after practice on Sirius' bed snogging he just rolled his eyes and left the room pretending to vomit.We laughed at how immaturer he could be at seventeen. it was around midnight when James,Remus and Peter came in and told me to leave.




"Jay,out, were going to bed" James said.




"Plus Lily and Halen said they need your help with something." Remus said looking confused.




"they probably need me to help figure out what there going to wear tomorrow and what I'm going to do to their hair." I answered.




"They don't know how to pick their own clothes or do their own hair?" Peter questioned.




"You guys know absolutely nothing about girls; You see we need at least two girls opinions on what we wear or we don't wear it." I answered.




"Okay then" James smiled.




"What about the hair?" Sirius asked.




"Oh that well i have this thing, I love doing other peoples hair and IM pretty good at it to so i was 'crowned' our 'hairdresser' in first year." I smiled at the memory. Lily,Halen and  I held this little 'ceremony' where we crowned eachother.I was crowned 'hairdresser',Lily was 'stylist' and Halen 'make-up artist' we only used our 'Jobs' for special occasions like dates,or Hogsmeade or in this year's case the Christmas ball.


"Well" I said " I should go" I bent down pulling Sirius into a deep kiss.




"Night" he whispered.




"I'll see you in the morning, Don't keep me waiting." I smiled "Good night boys".




"Night Jay" they said together.




"remember,8 o'clock in the common room. Don't be late or Lily will not talk to any of you for a week, and you know full well I'm right." I smirked opening the door.




"We wont' Remus called after me . I made my way up to the girls dorms to go help my wonderfully challenged friends.




"so what's this i hear, that the Lily Evans is having issues picking something to wear" I said as i walked into the room.Lily and Halen were sitting on the bed in face masks with their hair in buns and baggy pajamas on.Lily had taken up staying in our dorm, she hadn't spent  a single night in the heads room,me and Hay hadn't even seen it but now she was dating James that might change .... a bit.




"Ooh! JJ's back it's 'slumber party' time,Jay." Halen said.




"oh yay i haven't missed anything yet." I went into the bathroom and put my hair up and PJ's on then I went and sat on Lily's bed with her and Halen. Halen started putting the mask on my face.




"how is the boyfriend?" Lily asked.




"He's absolutely amazing and gorgeous" I smiled "What about you Mrs. Potter and Mrs.Lupin" I smirked.




"Hey" They yelled and smacked me on the arm.




"Kidding,I'm kidding , ouch" we laughed for a good five minutes then got down to business. Lily and Halen had laid out all the deemed respective options for our clothing for Hogsmeade. After we'd picked and poked at all the clothes we'd laid out, we finally found something to wear. In the end,Lily had a black skirt and a blue tank top with a silver sequined cover up, Which made her look like some kind of pop goddess, Halen picked a bright pink skirt with a black tank top and a jean jacket,I picked  short knee (ish)-length purple dress with a black leather jacket.We then moved to shoes , Lily was wearing light blue pumps,Halen had bright pink ones and I was wearing dark purple high heels, when we moved to hair and makeup we each posed for one another while the respective 'worker' drew what they were going to do and explained it to each other. Me and Halen started on Lily, I was going to take her long red hair and straighten it then take the two front pieces and braid them then pull them back and pin them to give her hair  that old timey princess look that suited her perfectly.Halen was going to make a smoky but subtle blue eye and add a little color to Lily's normally pale cheeks and set it off with a nice nude color lipstick.After lily it was Halen's turn, for her hair i was going to take her medium length blonde hair and put it in ringlets and pin parts  up to give her a formal but sort of beachy look. For her makeup , which Lily was doing but Halen chose, she was having a dark smoky eye with all black eyeshadow and eye liner. she didn't like wearing make-up but when she did she was all for the fact that it had to be visible , and a dark red-ish pink lipstick.As for me I was getting Lily to pin large parts from the front back and the left over hair was being put into ringlets, if i shook it out after it went from a sort of formal/ elegant look to a casual look, and Halen decided to go funky with light purple eye shadow accentuated with a dark metallic purple liner and dark purple lipstick, when we had finished we washed the face masks off and got to nails going with our outfit themes Lily painted hers a light almost electric blue,Halen's were a bright pink and mine were purple and sparkly.After our nails dried we tidy up the huge mess we had made and all sat around the carpet of our room and played a short game of truth or dare."Lil's your first" I said.




"okay ahh... Halen truth or dare?" Lily asked.




"Oh! yay truth" Halen said.




"Okay ummm.. is Remus a good kisser?" Lily asked.




"Yes, surprisingly. I never thought he'd be bad but he's amazing he was just so shy and not as out there with his relationships like James and Sirius so yah" Halen finished.




"Really? you wouldn't think..."  I stated 




"Okay okay my turn,Jay , truth or dare" Halen, knowing i couldn't ever pass up a dare me being me,loved to ask me.




"Do i even have to tell you the answer"




"Good i dare you to go into the marauders dorm in your bra and underwear and kiss Sirius in front of all  the others." ooh she was good.




"Fine you've gotta come though i need someone to cover me in the common room."




"Are you serious?" Lily asked skeptically.




"Yah, lets go" I said while stripping off my pjs "Lets go" I said again once I'd finished.




"This is ridiculous" Lily said shaking her head.




"Come one" Halen said. We left the room and went down stairs, we managed to get to the door with out being noticed (which wasn't surprising seeing as it was like 2 am.) When we got there we stopped and dispersed "Ready" Halen asked.




"Go on" I replied. Halen grabbed the door handle and pushed the door open."Hey guys" I said as i walked in with a smirk on my face.

Chapter 11: Please tell me this isn't happening..
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 Sirius POV



We were sitting in our room. Peter was asleep,Remus was in the shower and James and I were discussing Quidditch plays, When the door to our room opened and in walked Jaynee,In nothing but a pink bra and matching underwear."Hey guys!" She said smirking.








"Ow! JJ my eyes!" James said.







"Oh shove it James" She snapped back. She walked across the room to me, bent down and kissed me. "Hey sexy" she whispered.







"Hey" I whispered back.








"umm.. hi girls?" Remus said. " What the hell?" Halen had ran across the room and covered his eyes.







"Jay Jay, Would you care to explain why your wearing next to nothing in our dorm" James asked from under his blankets.








"We were playing truth or dare" Lily said "that" she said gesturing to Jay in all her half naked glory "Was Halen's idea".








"Well Halen I think it's the best idea you've ever had." I said smirking.










"Ohh you" Jay replied sneaking another quick kiss.








"uggh Jaynee Jones please put some clothing on so i can open my eyes." James scolded.








"Here" Remus said tossing one of my t-shirts.








"Thanks" Jay said as she caught it and pulled it over her head. "You can look now James." She said.







"Thank god " He smirked his head rising out from the blankets.








"Hey" Lily said as she walked over to sit next to him.







"Hey" he said giving her a quick kiss.







"You know" I whispered to Jaynee " I can't decide what i liked better you in that shirt or you without it "








" Mhmm, really well i think i may keep this" She said pointing to the top she had put on, Me only just realizing that the shirt Remus gave her was my quidditch jersey from last year. 







"You know i think you should."








"Perfect" She smiled kissing me again.








"Well" Lily said "We should go to bed now" 








"Yeah" JJ and Halen agreed.








"we will see you guys in the morning" They all gave us a kiss and walked out the door, Lily poking her head back in quickly to say "8 o'clock sharp" with that they disappeared down the stairs, Jaynee still wearing nothing but my quidditch jersey. I had to say Jaynee Black had a nice ring to it.





Lily POV





We got up at seven and got dressed in our outfits we'd picked last night, Jay Jay did mine and Halen's hair then I did hers. Halen then did our make-up while JJ went around fixing last minute things in our hair.We finished with 2 minutes left to spare , We walked downstairs to meet our dates.





Remus POV






We were waiting in the common room for the girls to come down. 5 minutes after we could hear their shoes coming down the stairs. We turned around and saw Lily first she looked amazing in her outfit with her hair done all nice. Next was Jaynee she could really pull off purple and her whole attire made it look like she either belonged on a rock tour or the back of a motorbike, but the one that really wow' d me was Hay. When i saw her come down I was speechless she looked absolutely gorgeous. How could i be so lucky.








She walked over to me and gave me a quick kiss "you look amazing" I told her.







"You're not to bad yourself" She smirked.








"You ready" Lily asked.






Sirius POV






When the girls came down and I saw my Jaynee I was in awe. She had to be the most gorgeous girl in the whole world and she was mine.She came over and I had to restrain myself from running up to the dorm with her and never leaving.





"You look so sexy it should be illegal" 







"Well I was about to say the same to you Black" 







I bent down and kissed her deeply. "You ready?" Lily asked.





James POV








Lily was absolutely amazingly gorgeous and she was finally mine. "You look ..... wow."








" Why thank you I could say the same but..." She said up to run her hands through my combed flat hair. " I like it better like that" She smiled. She kissed me gently grabbed my hand and said "You know i think i like you James Potter"







"I know i like you my Lily-flower." she shoved me weakly then said to everyone,







"You ready?" We left the common room and went to sign out for Hogsmeade.






Halen POV





We went and got signed out by Filch, we then headed down the walk to Hogsmeade, we decided we'd go to Zonkos first ( for the boys.. oh and JJ she was like a fifth Marauder when it came to pranks.)





Jaynee POV





We went into Zonkos and immediately me and Sirius went hand in hand over to the good stuff ( you know,prank stuff) We wandered through the store for about 20 minutes, James and Remus met us at the counter with their arms full of Zonkos products followed by Lily and Halen, After that Halen and Remus decided to go to Honeydukes, Remus needed chocolate, James and Lily went to check out the shrieking shack and Sirius and I went to go grab Looney, my owl some new food and treats.We were all going to meet at the three broomsticks at noon-ish. After getting the stuff for Looney , We headed to this cute little boutique. I wanted to buy Halen a birthday since her birthday was in three weeks.








We found this really cute charm bracelet with all the quidditch balls and brooms on it.








"do you think she'll like it? " I asked Sirius.








"I think she'll love it, now help me find something for her" He replied.







"What do you mean?" 








"She's your best friend I gotta get her something."







" how did i get so lucky to have met someone as sweet as you Sirius Black" I smiled.








"well you see you just so happen to be this wonderfully amazing girl,Jaynee Jones"







"Well if you say so I think she'll like these plus they match the bracelet " I said handing him the pair of snitch earrings  I had picked up off one of the shelves.








"What do you say we head over to madame pudifoots tea shoppe and spend a little time somewhere more romantic."








"Sounds fun " I kissed him softly and we headed to the tea shoppe. When we were walking down the street we heard someone screaming, we went to investigate and a


young Gryffindor girl that i recognized as a third year named,Lena Duke, She was suspended about ten feet in the air, while a group of Slytherins cackled around her. We weren't the only ones who noticed. James and Lily and Remus and Halen walked over to us.







"What are we going to do" James asked.








"Well we cant just let her stay there" Remus said.








"Come on" I said pulling Halen and Lily forward. We had been practicing our defensive spells all summer,Halen not being 17 yet had just watched but she picked up a lot.So we walked over to the group of Slytherins and got into position, Lily being best in charms was going to use a cushioning charm to catch Lena when she fell and me and Halen were going to attack the Slytherins. We stood there for about two seconds, just enough time to figure out which wand was casting the charm and then yelled















What happened next felt like it was going in slow motion. I watched as our spells hit the Slytherins casting the spell on Lena, who I recognized as Macnair and Malfoy, and Lily cushioned Lena's fall but we didn't think about the other Slytherins, luckily the boys did, they all joined in and spell were flying in everywhere,suddenly there was a loud yell of
















at least that's what it sounded like and Sirius fell to the ground, blood spurting out a million  different cuts on his chest .










" NO!" I screamed running over to him . The left over Slytherins took off running." James call up to the school tell them to get Dumbledore quickly!" I yelled " Lily go get Madam Rosemerta, Remus,Halen help me stop the bleeding" I finished looking down at SIrius.









"Always calm in awful situations that's what i love about you " Sirius said in a faint voice.







"It's okay your gonna be fine" I kept whispering to him staring into his big brown eyes urging to keep them open, I felt a great deal of when I looked up and saw Dumbledore coming towards us, He came and crouched down next to Sirius.








"Miss Jones, Could you please step back" He said i in low voice. I stepped back several feet still close enough to see Sirius. There was a small part in the back of my head saying, 







"He just told you he loved you" as the thought crossed my mind I realized I loved him to, I bent down close enough for him  to hear but not close enough to be in Dumbledore's way and whispered, "I love you too, Sirius Black, So you better not leave me." 



Chapter 12: Please Wake Up .....
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 Jaynee POV




Sirius had been in the hospital wing for three days, Dumbledore had performed a series of complicated spells to stop the bleeding but Sirius was in a sorta unconscious state , he had been knocked out just after Dumbledore got there from loss of blood and still hadn't woken up, I went to visit him everyday much to the annoyance of Madame Pompfrey who insisted he needed rest, she walked in while i was fixing Sirius' blankets and said " Miss Jones i am afraid you have to leave now he needs his - ".










"Rest.. i get it " I sighed " Alright I'm leaving" She walked out satisfied.I bent down and pressed my lips gently to his then turned to leave.










" I love you too, Jay" The words had come from behind me in an oh so familiar voice i had been craving to hear for three days, I spun around.









"Sirius.. oh sweet Merlin, you don't know how glad i am to see those beautiful grey eyes open again." He laughed at my worrying. " It's not funny Sirius Black" I smacked him playfully.










"Ouch don't you know your not supposed to hit injured people." He smirked.










"oh I've missed your voice so much that I'm gonna let that one slide, but there's a price." I said , so happy to see him back.










"oh really" He smirked.










"Yes really" i bent down and gave him a deep kiss,it was then Madame Pompfrey decided to come in and see what was taking me so long.










" Oh! Mr.Black you're awake, Miss Jones as I asked you before you must leave now."










"Yes of course" I said " I'll come check on tomorrow , I love you." I bent to kiss him again.












" You're so good to me, I love you too, see you tomorrow." With that i left the hospital wing and went to tell the others that Sirius was awake. I was walking down the hall towards Gryffindor tower, I was so excited to tell everyone I wasn't looking where i was going and all of a sudden  I smashed into someone, we both landed on our asses. i looked up into the surprised face of Lena Duke ( the girl we had saved from the Slytherins).











"It's Lena, Right?" she nodded.










" your the girl who helped me from the Slytherins."










"Jaynee " I told her. 









"Thank you, I appreciate it so much I'm so sorry about your boyfriend."










"It's okay, He just woke up"











" Oh well i better get going" she said smiling awkwardly.










" Hey why don't you hang out with us this weekend" I asked. She gave me a sheepish grin.












"Really?" She asked, I nodded. " Okay".









"Great, Saturday night at 8 meet us in the common room and Me,You,Lily and Halen can hang out." She smiled and walked off. After i bumped into Lena i walked up to the common room and over to my friends "He's awake" I said unable to keep a smile off my face.












" We really shouldn't be doing this" Lily whispered.









" Shh or we'll get caught" I told her, We were all crammed under James' cloak trying not to get caught, we were going to see Sirius,James had head duties and Remus wasn't well so we went alone. We ( well me) really wanted to see Sirius, and we had to sneak in because Madam Pompfrey insisted Sirius needed rest. We were just outside the door and Lily had been whisper whining the whole way down.














" I'm Head girl, I shouldn't be doing this, what if we get caught."














"Just shush and unlock the door Lily or we will get caught." Lily gave me a pointed look and turned to the door.














"Alohamora" she whispered pointing her wand at the door, the lock clicked open and we silently ( if that was possible) slipped inside. We walked over to Sirius' bed.


















"He's asleep" Halen pointed out.











"Great" Lily complained " We risked detention to what .. watch him sleep?" 











"Sorry" I said to her " Here ill leave him a note so he knows we came." I Grabbed a pen and piece of paper off the table beside him and wrote:











" Hey beautiful, we came to visit but you were asleep hope you feel okay I'll try to come by tomorrow, Love you so much  JJ <3 Xoxo." 












" There" I said finishing off the note " We can go now" I said to Lily who looked like she was about to have a heart attack.












"Good" She replied. We managed to back to the common room without getting caught, The fat lady had lectured us a bit when we got to the portrait but all the same never said a thing to anyone. We had Quidditch practice after lessons the next day and  James was all in a huge frenzy because the first match was this weekend and Sirius still wasn't out of the hospital wing, I kept telling him it would be fine but he never listened.















"That had to be the worst practice ever" Halen said, James was so worried about the match he not only worked us ten times harder he made us ten times more nervous, which made us suck some major ass. We were headed up to the dorm to change and shower, When i remembered that i had invited Lena to hang out with us on Saturday. 













" Oh!" I said " you guys remember Lena,right?" They nodded. " Yah well i bumped into


her, like literally, the other day and I invited her to hang out with us Saturday night, if that all right with you?" I finished.














" Yeah" They said.










" Besides" Halen started. " The boys are having their 'guys' night Saturday so it's just us."














" Oh yeah i totally forgot." We laughed i had the worst memory ever and they knew it. " Oh my Merlin that reminds me i went to see Sirius today he gets out tomorrow, looks like captain James didn't need to worry so much today. oops!" We all laughed so hard i thought my lungs would explode. That's what i loved about my friends we could laugh for hours over the stupidest things and never know why. This was one of the reasons these wonderful girls were my Best friends and I never wanted to lose them.













A/NDedication: this chapter is dedicated to my real life best friend Mikayla who i couldn't live without, i love you Kay <3 

Chapter 13: Quidditch..
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 It was Saturday, the first match of the year was tomorrow. Gryffindor vs. Slytherin, James had us out on the pitch almost all day, Up until the Slytherin captain came to inform him it was their turn with the pitch, By the time Halen and I made our way up to the common room, it was just after lunch , Lily had spent the morning in the common room doing the past weeks assigned homework which Halen and I hadn't even started yet.







After I got cleaned up I started on my work,I had potions,charms,and herbology homework.I started with Herbology,an essay on the  uses of various herbs and plants, When i got to work on my potions essay on Amortentia,which got me thinking  of what i would smell if i was near it. Pine trees,Warmth, and the sweet aroma that I constantly smell on Sirius,was what i came up with.  After about an hour I gave up ending up with half a potions essay and all of my charms homework left to do. This day was feeling so long and my head was pounding and i was feeling slightly clausterphobic, So i decided to go for a walk around the grounds. This place was beautiful, no matter how many times i came back everytime i saw it, it took my breath away. I went and sat by the lake letting the cool october wind blow threw my hair. Out here it felt like nothing could harm us as long as we stayed here. I thought of the end of this year what would happen when we graduated would we all seperate and end up forgetting each other. The thought scared me, but i know better no matter what Lily,Halen and I would always be together, we were sisters and not a lot of things could break that bond. After sitting by the lake for a while I made my way back to the school.






I met Sirius in the common room, "Hey" He said as he pulled me in for a kiss.

























"Hey" I replied, I had missed him so much, His arms felt so good around me.


























"Mhmm" He said "Come on" we walked over to the stairs when i remembered i had left my ring in my room, It was my grandmothers, she gave it to me before she died, I always wore it, I only took of to shower, I guess i forgot to put it back on. I raced up the stairs , but i forgot to let go of Sirius' hand and we went sliding right back down. I was laughing so hard i could barely breath and when I caught the look on Sirius' face it just made me laugh more.
































" I - I'm S-Sorry" I spat out between laughs. he glared playfully at me.


































"Oh you are so in for it" he said,reaching for me, before I could get out of the way he started tickling me.


























"Oh this again" I smirk and reach up to him and kiss him deeply. " Let's go" I told him and grabbed his hand. We climbed the stairs to his dorm barely making it through the door before we were snogging, We made our way to the bed never breaking apart. Heat coursed through my body as he removed my shirt, our hands running all over each other. The ecstasy that came from his body on mine, Made me feel dizzy and I loved it, all i could think of at that moment was how much i wanted this man in front of me.




































Oh My God! was all I could think.I was in Heaven I had to be, Wrapped in Sirius' arms. Our bodies pressed beside each other under the covers. I slept with him. It was so simple,When i thought about my first time , I pictured myself fumbling about all nervously, but there was something with Sirius that made it effortless. I couldn't get over how magnificent this boy was. I looked over at the time it had only been a few hours,


































I had to meet Lily,Halen and Lena in an hour, but it had felt like minutes, I never wanted to leave his arms. I forced myself to get up, Sirius groaned trying to pull me back down to the bed. " C'mon i gotta meet Lily and Hay soon and you have you 'guys night'." I told him.


































"But can't we just stay here I'd enjoy it a lot more" He complained and then sighed in defeat, getting up from the bed. I was already dressed, I stared at him,"What" He said.


































"Nothing you're just so gorgeous." I told him.






























"You my girl are the most beautiful girl ever, And I love you so much" He smiled I crossed the room to him giving him a gentle hug.


























" That was amazing, I knew waiting would pay off. I love you too" I said, I blushed a little, I didn't know if he knew I was a virgin - or at least before we slept together- and it was embarrassing, When I knew he wasn't.
































"Hey" he said pulling my face up to look in his eyes. "You may not have been my first-" 
































" Oh great makes me feel so much better to hear it out loud-" I said a little defensively.




































"Let me finish -  none of the others matter- But i sure as hell want you to be my last."


He finished. All my insecurities dissapearing i stood on my tiptoes and kissed him. 
































"I love you."












































"I love you to,Jay." He smiled.








































"Let's go" I said and we went down to the common room. " Have fun tonight" I said bidding him good-bye.






























"I will " He replied.






























"Not to much though" He smirked and left the room. I made my way to the dorm humming slightly, I was just so happy. I walked into the dorm Lily and Halen were changing and tidying up before Lena got here. " Hey guys" I smile.










































"Hey" they say somewhat suspicious I skipped to the bathroom and started brushing my hair humming yet again.As I walked out Lily and Hay just stared at me.




































"Yess.....?" I said questioningly.




























"There's something different about you now, this afternoon after quidditch you were all glum and I have a headache and now you're skipping and humming?" Lily stated.


I knew as soon as i looked at Halen that this wasn't a secret I was keeping much longer. 1....2....3.




























"OhMyGod!" She screamed " You slept with him, You slept with Sirius"




























" I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about." I said trying and failing not to blush.


































"Oh my god" Lily said. "When?".




























" This afternoon in his room." I blushed.




























"How was it?" Hay asked.












































"Amazing, I mean i hurt in some places i have never hurt before but i felt so safe and comfortable in his arms it was amazing." I finished, still feeling his hands on me.






























"Wow" they said together. Out of all uf us i was the one we all thought would lose their virginity last - mainly because i was so picky with guys- but i was first and none of us saw that coming.We continued to change and went to hang in the common room to wait for Lena. About half an hour or less later, she showed up.
































"Hey,Lena , over here" I called to her.


































"Hey Jaynee." she said somewhat awkwardly.










































"Lily,Halen this is Lena,Lena, this is Lily and this is Halen." I pointed to each of them when i said thier names.












































"Hey" they said offering eachother smiles. 






































"Okay so i was thinking we'd grab some snacks and head up to our dorm and then hang out maybe play a few games of exploding snap some - if it's okay with you Lena - drinking games, talk and then eventually make it to bed." we all laughed and went up the stairs, we all talked for an hour or so and then got into the drinking games. Lily had scored a few armfuls of Butterbeer and Halen at least three bottles of Firewhiskey. Lena may have only been a 3rd year but she could hold her own drinking.
































We started on the Firewhiskey, We took a bottle and a stack of cards, We stack the cards on top of the open bottle and the first to make the cards fall has to take a drink. I had apparently the worst luck ( or best depending on how you looked at it) tonight I'm pretty sure I drank most of the bottle.After that we played multiple others the most fun being shotgun, the object is to see which person can drink the most shots without stopping the quickest.Surprising us all Lena won, well she's definitely no lightweight, I had 15 shots before i had to stop, Lily got to ten and Halen to eight. When we had exhausted our entire supply of alcohol Lily clumsily placed a silencing charm around the room, and we blasted our favorite music dancing and having the time of our lives.WE had set up blankets on the floor and more than a dozen pillows, while we were dancing Halen grabbed a pillow and smacked Lily in the side with it, not long after pillows were flying everywhere feathers exploding and falling to the earth like snow. We collapsed in a pile of giggles and feathers, eventually everything went black a sure sign we had fallen asleep.




















































Sharp,ear splitting pain, that was my first thought as I opened my eyes,That morning, the second was Why the hell is everything so damn white and are those feathers in my hair? then, What happened last night? I looked around the room my head pounding and my vision going blurry as I looked around, Lily and Halen were still sleeping I saw Lena walk through the door with four cups of coffee and four waters.


































"Oh my god, What happened." Lily screamed I guess she woke up.






















"Ouch Lily geez quit screaming my head." Halen whined.Lena walked around passing out the drinks.






































"Thank you so much you don't know how much I needed those" I say,wincing slightly.
























"Your welcome" She smiled.






















"How are you so cheery and awake aren't you the least bit hungover" Lily asked squinting up at Lena.








































"Well you see this is a normal weekend for us third years you get used to it after a while." We laughed and then winced.






































"We party just not 3 bottles of firewhiskey and like 20 Butterbeers in one night.' I explained. I scanned the room surveying our mess , when i caught a glimpse at the clock 12:30 the quidditch match started in 30 minutes!!






























"Shit! Halen get up the match starts in half an hour, James is going to kill us." I shouted.


































"Shit!" Halen shot up wincing we went to change while Lily made us a potion to cure the awful hangovers we had. 






































"Well" Said Lena " I probably should get going i'm meeting some people before the game."












































" Okay, We'll see you around." Lily said. 




























"Bye" She called as she left. We made our way down to the pitch with ten minutes to spare.






































"Jones! Wren! where the hell were you!" James yelled.
































"Whoa! keep it down captain, were here." I said wincing ( my head was still a little sore) 




























"Hey" Sirius said as i walked over to him "Rough night" He asked leaning down for a kiss.










































"You could say that" I replied our lips touched for a minute then James stole our attention.


























Lily's POV




I was sitting in the stands with Remus, and Peter waiting for the gmae to start. James was probably yelling at Jaynee and Halen for almonst being late...oops! I was leaning back against the stands with my eyes closed, The potion took a while to kick in and my head was still sore. We waited about ten minutes before the players took the feild and the captains, shook hands, then they were up in the sky, and the game began, Within half an hour we were up by 30 and Halen spotted the snitch, she lost it after a bit but Jaynee was doing a good job keeping, the Slytherins from scoring and James and SIrius were scoring for us, but Slytherin was putting up a good fight, 20 mins and 40 points later Halen caught sight of the snitch again,so did the Slytherin seeker.
































I watched Halen streak after it and the Slytherin seeker took off after her. They were side by side, attempting to knock the other out of the way, Halen knocked the Slytherin over and reached out her hand closing her finger around the small golden ball,And the sea of gold and red erupted with cheers.

Chapter 14: The Birth and Death Day...
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 The party went on forever it wasn't until after midnight that they stopped. I still had like an  hours worth of homework to do,I sat up till sometime after one am , and was ready to crash. So with all my work finished ,I laid my head down and closed my eyes.





Beep,Beep,BEEP! the alarm clock was screaming at me. Ahh! why didn't it just stop! I wasn't a morning person, especially when I've been up half the night, After I had finished my homework I had attempted to go to sleep ,less then half an hour or so later I woke up from the strangest dream ever. I was walking down an empty school hallway , Muggle school, Which was weird  that i had imagined it until whatever it was kicked, My last thought was that i was pregnant somehow before an intense sharp stabbing pain went through my stomach and as I fell to the floor I shot straight up in bed panicked. I had tossed and turned the entire night.I was feeling nauseous and every time i closed my eyes I remembered the freaky dream.


I lug my sorry tired ass out of bed and get ready for classes. Lily and Halen weren't up yet but that's because i got up early so I could wrap Hay's birthday present. After i wrapped it I decided to clean my part of the room, and then proceded to do the entire room,I didn't realize how early I had gotten up I guess that's what i get for not sleeping most of the night and getting bored of lying there staring at the ceiling.I finished getting ready for class and sat in my bed reading till Lily and Hay woke up. After they got dressed and ready we went down to the great hall for breakfast, meeting up with the boys on our way down. Sirius pulled me into his arms and smiled. I felt myself blushing It was a little awkward for me, him having seen me naked, just a day ago. As we walked into the hall, I was unceremoniously tripped by thin air for the fourth time that week,

 "SERIOUSLY!" i yelled. "Just get over it already!" i shouted, particularly at the  group of doting girls who had been glaring at me everyday since Sirius and I got together, Sirius reached down to help me up, 



"Are you alright? I'm sorry about this." 




"It's not your fault,apparently dating you comes with some, mostly blonde, and highly lip-glossed risks." I stated, throwing  a look over my shoulder at the group of girls again.After I composed myself we went over and sat at the Gryffindor table. My sudden burst of energy from earlier gone,and I was back to feeling nauseous and tired. 


  I was quiet through breakfast I added the proper conversational ques when headed but other then that I just  allowed my friends to do the talking. I got through the rest of the day in my somewhat zombie-like state and by the time I knew it, it was after seven and I was curled up in Sirius' arms on an armchair in the common room.






" Are you okay babe, you've been acting kinda strange today what's up?" Sirius questioned with a worried look in his eyes.
















"I'm sorry" I say " I've just not felt so good today."



 " You don't have to apologize, I was just worried hun, are you sure that's all?" he says, the look of worry still visible in his eyes.





"Yah, I'm fine" I tell him trying to make it disappear. The truth was I didn't know what was wrong I just felt off all day not just physically but emotionally to and it sort of scared me. I laid my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes, I was just so  tired.




I woke up the next morning in Sirius' bed, he must have brought me up last night. I turned over and smiled at him,


" Morning" I said kissing his soft lips.




"Hey how are you feeling?" He was still a little worried I could tell by the extremely careful way he was holding me and the somewhat hesitant way he kissed me. 



"Hey," I said caressing his face in my hands " I love you for it , but stop worrying, I'm fine, really, so stop." I smile kissing his cheek and jumping up out of bed. I danced to the washroom to check my face and hair, and then  returned to the room and ended up bumping right into James. "Hey Jamesie!" I said cheerfully, I felt elated and so happy I wanted to giggle and cheer. I don't know what was with me nauseous and moody one minute and amazingly happy the next ,but right now I didn't care it could wait until later. I pranced over to where Sirius was standing and wrapped myself in his arms, I kissed him deeply and the said. " I should go get ready but how about we meet up tonight and we can kiss a lot and maybe something more,love you" He smirked and laughed at my attempt to be seductive and said.





"Sounds amazing, Love you too, now go before you're late." I twirled away and I felt him gently tap my backside, I turned back and giggled then walked away. I went to the room to get ready and meet Lily and Halen so we could go to the great hall.I ran into the room as happy as I was ten minutes ago, and I hugged my two best friends close and then danced to my dresser.



 "Hey......?" Lily said as if judging my sanity. A few minutes later Halen said








"Uhh, Jay are you okay?"






"Oh yah I'm great, I feel so extremely happy, I could sing... but i wont" I Laughed and finished getting dressed.





"Okay well it's nice to see your feeling better from yesterday." Lily pointed out. I nodded thinking of my oddly depressed mood from yesterday.






" yah I am" I said back. After we got dressed and ready we headed to the great hall. We were all laughing and joking around the table when the owl post arrived, an unfamiliar owl soared down to the table and landed in front of me, there was a big official looking envelope in it's beak.







The owl pecked at my fingers so i took the envelope and read the front it was addressed to Miss Jaynee Jones, something in the pit of my stomach dropped, somehow looking at the envelope made me sure something was wrong. With shaking hands and a feeling of dread i opened the envelope. The letter inside was on thick expensive looking parchment, I took it out and unfolded the letter. The words took no time at all to settle into my brain, but after they did i wished they never would have even came out of the quill they were wrote with.One sentence was all it took to bring my world crashing down around me.





' Miss Jones , we sincerely regret to inform you that last night your parents , Mrs. Lara Jones and Mr. Scott Jones, were murdered by Lord Voldemort's followers our condolences, The Ministry Of Magic'.






The tears began to run down my face.I wanted to scream and run, I jumped up from the table dropped the tainted letter as if it was on fire ,and ran from the hall as fast as I could, I didn't stop running until I got to the wall where I knew the door to the room of requirement was, I paced by the wall three times thinking of the only thing that would make me feel better ( if only for a while). As the door appeared, I opened it to find an empty room painted the colour of lavender,the only things in the room were a beautiful grand piano and a song book                                                 




  Sirius POV


I watched as the owl gave Jaynee the letter, her smile changed to tears and she ran from the hall. Lily picked up the letter and after looking at it, with tears in her eyes turned to Halen and said



" Lara and Scott-, Jaynee's parents " She clarified "their dead they were killed last night by Voldemorts followers" She started crying even more and hugged Hay. James got up from the table and said 




"I'm gonna go look for her" and ran off. I know I should go but I'll wait until James gets a chance to look, He knew her parents and she needs him now. Ten minutes later he came back."Nothing" he said " I checked everywhere, I couldn't find her at all."














"I'll go" I said leaving the hall. There was one place James hadn't looked, I know because she never told anyone about it. Jaynee was where she could be happy. I remembered when she told me, we were by the lake laying in the grass when i asked her too tell me something she had never told anyone before, she had smiled and said






"When I was little my mom taught me to sing and play the piano, I was surprisingly good and every time I sat down on that bench to play it was like any problem I ever had just disappeared it was just me the keys and the lyrics, my practice room was lavender, and whenever I feel over-whelmed or scared or sad. i go to the room of requirement and I imagine that room and i go in  and I just play and sing and everything disappears for just a little while and I feel whole."  She was magnificent that day and that's how i knew that when i imagined her room I could find it with her inside at peace on the piano with her beautiful voice filling the room.




 Jaynee POV


The door to my room opened and in walked the one person I had trusted with my little secret, and the one person I desperately needed. Sirius walks over to me and sits down.





"Jay, Lily read the letter and told us I'm so sorry" he said sympathetically, placing his arm around me.



"I know" I say starting to cry again. I finished my piece and thought up a few large cushions and the brown bear my parents gave me when i was 9. I got up from the piano pulling Sirius with me and went to sit on the cushions, I picked up the bear hugged it to my chest, and started to cry, within minutes i was reduced to sobs. Laying there in Sirius' arms, I cried myself to sleep that night, and every other night that week. My parents were dead, gone I was never going to see them again. I was lost and I didn't know my way out this time.




Chapter 15: The Honest Truth.....
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 It had been about two and a half weeks since I had gotten the news about my parents. We all attended the funeral with Dumbledore's permission. My strange mood swings had continued and I still didn't know why. I went from laughing to crying to angry in minutes. I was laying in Sirius' bed where i had taken to sleeping the past few weeks when it hit, a sudden wave of nausea so hard I took off to the bathroom, Just seconds before the vomit came. I spent 20 minutes in there with Sirius knocking on the door




" Are you okay, I'm coming in."







 "No!" I said " You don't need to see this I'm fine." After that i was fine for a few hours then it hit a couple more times, What was wrong with me? I told Lily and Halen about it and they thought maybe I had caught some strange flu.The sickness continued for a week, It wasn't until I was searching for something to fix it in our bathroom that I had the slightest idea of what was wrong. The box of tampons shone like a flashing neon sign, the dots were connecting, the mood swings , the sickness and the lack of period. I walked out of the room holding the box out to Lily and Halen , " It's been a month" I say .





"Lily" Halen says, Lily was like our mother in a crisis. 






"Jay, what do you mean? " she said but i could tell she knew already.






"Lily, I'm late, no not late ,it didn't even come." I correct myself "Lily, I think I'm pregnant." Halen and Lily gasp, but my surroundings are gone as i look in my full length mirror, it explained so much my sickness, my mood swings, increased appetite and i was always so tired lately, I lifted my shirt and felt  my stomach there was a small hard protruding spot I hadn't noticed before, I placed my hand on that spot, the place where my child was growing, no not my child, mine and Sirius' child, I was scared to death, but it was the happiest I have been in a while . Now all I have to do is tell Sirius, this should be ..... umm ..... something.







A week had gone by since i found out I was pregnant, I still hadn't told Sirius, I had been racking my brains all week trying to figure out how to tell him and I wasn't the only one Lily and Halen were spitting out ideas every time we were alone, but It had to be soon because I could feel my stomach growing by the day.






On Friday I planned to tell Sirius, I waited in the common room with Lily and Halen, we were holding hands and they were trying to keep me from shaking. When Sirius came in I jumped, I was so scared to tell him but I needed to, so I plucked up the courage and said " Sirius Hun, umm... can we talk upstairs for a minute." He could tell something was up.







"Yah of course" he nodded. I walked up the stairs and had to stop myself from running back down. We walked in the room and i went to sit on Sirius' bed but I couldn't stand still i started pacing."Jaynee...?" Sirius said.







"Sirius I have to tell you something." I started. " But first i want you to know that i couldn't be more happy or scared about this, and I love you but you have to know,............ I'm pregnant Sirius, well, we're pregnant..." I finished it felt as though a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders and an even bigger one had been added when i realized he hadn't said anything yet.I looked up at him my hands on my stomach and as soon as I saw the gorgeous smile planted on his face the weight was gone. "Sirius" I said. He came up to me grabbed me in his arms and spun me around.






"Were gonna have a baby?" he asks.







"Yes we are a little baby Black of our own." Sirius kissed me and then bent down and lifted my shirt and kissed the spot where our unborn child had made a small bump in my stomach.







"Oh Jaynee I love you so much and I can't wait for this baby."







" I love you too" I replied. he held me around the waist with his head on my stomach for a bit and the he got up, ran to his drawer and grabbed a small box.






 " This was my great aunt's ring and I imagined this a little differently, but Jaynee will you do me the honour of being my wife, and before you say anything it's not just because  of the baby, I've been planning this for a while, I love you ,so what do you say."  I was in shock but I didn't have to think about my answer at all.
















"Yes, yes baby yes" I said and pulled him to his feet and kissed him as hard as I could. " I love you Sirius Black." 






A/N: I know this is short , but i really wanted to give this its own chapter. How cute is Sirius? Please Leave Reviews, I love them.  Lol, Once again I do not own anything except Jaynee and Halen, I am regrettably not JK Rowling. :)


Chapter 16: Good or better news first?
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 We walked back down the stairs and called, Remus,James,Peter,Lily and Halen up.



" Do you really think we should tell them now shouldn't we wait a bit" Sirius asked.






 "I can't hide this forever" I said showing him the ring " Nor can i hide that for long" I pointed to the small bump just barely visible under my shirt.

   "Okay you've got a point, here they come." Lily and Halen were smiling at each other , they could obviously tell it went well, James, Remus and Peter just looked confused, We waved them up to the room and I sat on the bed, Sirius wrapped his arms around me gently placing his hands on my belly, I looked at him and gave him a kiss , he dropped his hands from the spot just as everyone entered the room.

  "what's up?" James asked. I stood up and looked at them all I decided to go with the least shocking first.


  "We have some news, Sirius and I are engaged." I said relieved when James didn't attack Sirius.

 "Oh my goodness Jaynee that's awesome." Lily and Halen hugged me and after a few minutes everyone was hugging.

   " There's one more thing" i say they all stopped cheering and looked at me. "Okay, well this is a little bigger and James you have to promise not to freak out because we are extremely happy about this and hope you guys are too." I was rambling  i knew it.

  "Okay Jay get on with it " James said, Lily and Halen looked like they were about to explode with excitement.



" Okay,Okay" I said, I looked up at Sirius and he smiled placing his hands back on my stomach. "I'm pregnant!" I Said smiling so hard I thought my mouth would break. James,Remus and Peter looked shocked then Remus hugged me and said.


    "Congrats you guys" he patted Sirius on the shoulder and went to stand with Halen ,all of a sudden I was pressed close in a pair of strong arms with Sirius pressed against my back, I squirmed around to see who my hugger was and saw James smiling so brightly it hurt my eyes. 


  "Hey Jamesie, I'm really glad your happy but could you maybe stop squishing me, my fiance and your little 'niece or nephew'. " I said.

   "Oh yah! it's just so awesome you guys are perfect and I can't wait to see him, he's gonna be the best Quidditch player ever!" He was so happy I couldn't help but smile myself.

   "What makes you so sure it's a boy, SHE could be a great Quidditch player too." I laughed. James put his arm around my waist and ruffled my hair.



  "You're gonna be a great mom Jaynee and you picked a hell of a guy to be it with." He put his hand on Sirius' shoulder.




"Wait a second" Sirius said "Why aren't you two acting all girly and excited." He said pointing at Lily and Halen. They chuckled and I said to him.


"You honestly think i wouldn't have told them already , they were there when i put the pieces together and when i found out I actually was pregnant."



   "oh shoulda thought of that." He said we all laughed and went down stairs again, we hung out around the couches and then me and the other girls managed to convince James to give us the map so we could go look at some dresses for the ball. The ball was in less than two weeks and we hadn't had a chance to go yet. We left through the witch statue and came out at Honeydukes and headed to the robe shop. Some of the other girls had been saying they got a shipment of gowns in especially for the ball. When we entered the store the shop-keeper came up and said.




  "Hogwarts, yes all the gowns are over here if you need any help I'm just in the back the tape will measure you if you're unsure of your size away you go." We smiled at her and she went back to her work. We started browsing for gowns in our colors of choice, mine was red, Halen was blue and Lily was green ( not that awful neon green, but dark evergreen). We all grabbed a few dresses and the shop keeper helped us each try them on individually and model them for each other, Lily went first, the first gown was a form fitting , strapless dress but it was to simple and just made Lily look plain so we moved to the next one was gorgeous but Lily wasn't into the puffiness of the long flowing skirt so she said no, Lily's third dress was perfect it was a strapless gown with a silver design coming down from the top around the side, it was darker green at the top and lighter on the bottom edges of the dress, It fit Lily perfectly and she looked gorgeous in it we all agreed, Lily chose this dress the shopkeeper put it on the counter with the set of matching jewelry and shoes , Halen was next. Her first gown was dark blue with a silver design on the bodice and a huge puffy skirt, she wasn't to keen on it after it was on because it sorta looked like a big blue wedding gown, not a dress for a school ball. The next was a form fitting silk navy blue one, that Halen turned down because she didn't like the fabric, for her third dress  she had a beautiful gorgeous princess looking dress with white designs and a light blue sash, Halen loved this dress but didn't love the price or the uncomfortable corset it had in it, so she moved on, Halen's fourth dress was light blue with designs shaping the bodice and one side had a ruffle that went across it and made her figure look gorgeous, this was Halen's dress, it and her jewelry and shoes went to the counter with Lily's and I was next. The first one i had on was beautiful but uncomfortable it had a silver line under the breasts, but Mama wasn't feeling the tight bodice , my second dress was beautiful, it was a little big but it wasn't the right color. it was more pinkish than red, so it was a no, third was a beautiful gown that made me feel like snow white , I loved it but i was going for a more vintage , then princess, look. The fourth was perfect but it was too expensive and I was a little low on cash so the dress i ended up with was my fifth one a blood red flow-y dress with silver sparkles in the top of the skirt and on the bodice with a belt design, it was beautiful and comfortable, we all bought our dresses and made our way back to the castle and into the common room. The boys came up to us. 



   "no no no! go back no seeing the dresses until the ball." Halen said pushing the boys back, I gave my new fiance a kiss and we went to hang up our dresses, I had moved some of my clothes I wear regularly to Sirius' closet since I was already staying there at night but my gown was staying in my room. We went back down stairs, I went over to Sirius.






"Come on babe, Mama's tired let's go to bed." I said, Mama just all of a sudden was what i referred to myself as I guess, it just started, instinct maybe?
















"Mama?" He laughed " All right, night guys we'll see ya tomorrow."






"Night" they all responded and we headed up to our bed.








Chapter 17: And it begins..
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Disclaimer: I own nothing and no one apart from Miss.Jones and Miss.Wren.:)


 Ignorance is bliss right? That's what i kept thinking to myself, if only i  could ignore it. After Sirius and I had spoken to professor Dumbledore and he arranged visits for us to a muggle doctor for check-ups on the baby, someone had let it out about my pregnancy and within no time the entire school knew. Every where i went people were staring, whispering " is it true?" , "look at her stomach"," she has a ring on do you think they're engaged?" apparently when the pregnancy was let slip the engagement was not, I wasn't sure whether it was a good or bad thing, apparently some girls thought the pregnancy was just a minor bump in their road to Sirius, where as marriage would just kill them, It had become a joke between Lily, Halen and I , "oh Jaynee, you just cant marry Sirius, I would just die if you did."  Lily had said, and we all burst into laughter. The ball was in three days  and I was headed to the common room,after a check up with Madame Pomfrey, to meet Lily and Halen for a last minute dress check. After I met them in the common room we went upstairs to try on the dresses again. "How'd the check up go Jay?" Halen asked.

"Great our first ultra sound is scheduled for the day after the ball." I answered.


"ooh! have you guys decided on whether your gonna find out the sex or not."Lily asked. We had talked about it but we were still unsure. 


"We haven't yet, i'm kinda leaning towards yes, on finding out but i don't know." we chuckled and went back to the dresses. Lily and Halen's still looked perfect,then disaster hit when I was trying mine on."Hey Lil can you zip me."I asked.


"yah,sure." Lils jumped around movig her dress out from around her feet and came to help.  She pulled on the zipper it went up less then half way then stopped.


"uh oh! Halen can you come help." Lily said sounding panicked.


"Uh oh no, no uh oh's what is wrong Lily?" I almost screamed , I felt them tugging on the dress trying to zip it.


"Jay i think the dress is too small" Halen said.


"No,No,No It cant be it fit perfectly less than two weeks ago." I said defiantly. 


"Yeah but Jaynee honey less than two weeks ago you weren't 2 ish months pregnant and about 2 sizes bigger." Lily says trying to soothe me, I was pissed  and crushed at the same time all i  wanted was to do was cry how was i supposed to get a gown that fit in three days. I told Lily and Halen I needed some space and got up from the floor where i had sat after they finished attempting to get the dress closed and fully clad in my half zipped gown left the dorm and ran through the common room to the boys room. No one was there so i went to Sirius' bed and let my hormones take over sitting there with my open gown I started crying.The dress poofed all around me I was the picture of a princess except this princess was to pregnant for her dress and had makeup running down her face. I sat there for a while before Sirius got back. 


"Holy shit!" he said surprised when he entered.


" Well doesn't someone  look beautiful I thought we weren't allowed to see the dresses before the ball." He laughed.


"Doesn't matter now, seeing as I'm not going anymore." I said looking up at him, his eyes held a questioning look " I'm too pregnant for my dress and I cant get one in three days so unless the ball dress code involves sweat pants and your quidditch jersey then I'm not going." I finished. 


"Oh babe i'm so sorry about your dress,but your pregnant your gonna get bigger that's how it works, besides the bigger you are the bigger he is which will work on the pitch." He smiled.


"Do you ever not think about quidditch, beside the day after the ball when we find out were having a girl you wont need to worry." I said back to him.


"Come on," He said.


" Actually" I said  " I think I'm just gonna take a bath and go to bed, but you go have fun, I love you." 


" I love you too" Sirius said as he left the room. I stripped out of the dress, ran a bath and jumped in, I started thinking about what we would name the baby I thought of two names for each sex, for a girl i had either, Jade Mikayla Black or Reese Hayley Black, for a boy I had, Christopher James Black or James Remus Black. After my bath I changed into Sirius' quidditch jersey and brushed my hair ,then climbed into the bed , I fell asleep not to long after.




I woke up a few hours later it wasn't that i wasn't tired anymore it was the noise all around me. "Just get it in here" a voice whispered. 


"Shhh! you'll wake her up" said another.


"There it's in now get her up" a girls voice added . I felt someone gently shake me , I turned over and Sirius was smiling down at me.


"wake up sleepy head we've got a surprise for you." I sat up rubbing my eyes .


"What is it" I asked.


"Look" He said pointing to where everyone was standing , but i barely noticed them as my eyes caught sight of the dress, it was my dress not the one i bought but the one i wanted. My other dress was beautiful but this was the one I had fallen in love with. It was just the price that didn't love me so much.


"H-how did you get this?" I asked amazed.


"Well i talked to the shopkeeper and got her to take it out a few sizes and we all pitched in to pay for it." Sirius told me.


"Oh!" I squeaked getting emotional tears started to pour. " Awe, you guys I love you all so much, thank you." I cried. " I can't help it, blame her" I said giggling as I pointed to my stomach.


"Come one boys out shes gotta try it on" Lily said pushing the boys out the door, giving James a quick kiss. I walked over to the mirror and Halen brought the dress over. I take Sirius' shirt off and step into the dress, pulling it up.


"Okay, the moment of truth" Halen said "Dun,Dun,Dun." I spun around and smacked her arm.


"Oh shut it Hay" I laughed ,Lily zipped the dress up and i sighed in relief , I looked gorgeous,I loved the dress, so much.


"wow Jay you're like glowing, it looks amazing" Halen said.


"Well you guys weren't so bad yourselves and seriously I wouldn't be going to the ball if it weren't for you guys,Thank you." 


"No problem chickie." Lily said. I spun around in my red vintage looking gorgeous dress then changed back into the quidditch shirt. I was about to put some shorts on so i could go down to the common room with them when Lily said " Hey hon I know you're tired, you don't have to come down with us go to sleep if you want to besides you gotta rest up we have our sleepover tomorrow night" 


"Oh thank god, I'm so tired " I sighed and climbed in bed. 


"Night Jay, have a good sleep" Halen said.


"Night" I whispered as I drifted off to sleep, just barely noticing when Sirius climbed in next to me and wrapped me in his arms. " Thank you so much." I whispered, He kissed the top of my head and whispered.


"Go to sleep, silly girl." I closed my eyes again and began to dream.




"Oh my god!" I whispered, we were in potions class and in the middle of making the draught of living death potion, when I felt it." Sirius, you guys , the baby its- its kicking" we were all around the same table so i didn't have to yell. Five pairs of hands automatically shot towards my belly. " Whoa, one at a time" I said. Sirius placed his hands on my stomach and looked into my eyes, at this moment I was happier than i can ever remember.


"Okay, enough with the mushy crap, it's our turn." James whined. Sirius chuckled.


"I love you and you too" he kissed my stomach and I smiled , after everyone felt the baby kick we eventually got back to potions with professor Slughorn complaining at us the whole time but when i caught his eye across the room he winked and smiled. all day long there was people congratulating us, the one that shocked me the most was when i walked with everyone to transfiguraion before i left for divination and professor Mcgonagall came up to me.


"Congratulations Miss Jones, you'll be a great mother, goodness knows you've been acting like one all these years with those boys." I chuckled.


"Thank you, professor, that means a lot." she smiled slightly and walked into her classroom, I said goodbye to everyone and made my way to divination class. The Divinaton teacher had congratulated me too in a strange, creepy way that made my skin sorta crawl, but other then that i survived the rest of the day. at dinner we were all sitting around the table when James asked me if i wanted some chicken and the smell wafted in my direction, I clasped my hand over my mouth,gagged and waved the chicken away."Ughh that stuff smells disgusting." I said my hand still over my mouth. 


"Uhh Jay, that's your favorite." James pointed out.


"yeah well i don't know why,the smells making me sick." I complained. I gazed at the table and reached for the platter with long pieces of haddock on it , Lily swatted my hand back.


"Jaynee, you absolutely hate fish, the smell of it alone makes you gag." 


"no that would be the chicken, besides this smells pretty damn good to me." I reached for the fish again and started eating it. After dinner we spent what felt like forever doing our homework in the common room, it was Thursday and the ball was tomorrow night, Lily had found a spell to dye our hair so we were spending the night changing it for the ball. My long black hair was dulling so we were going to fix it up and put a few red streaks into it to match my dress , Halen's blonde was just going to be brightened and I had forbidden anybody from touching Lily's amazingly natural red hair.. so we were spending the night in our room for our usual 'sleepover' we always had before big events and stuff then Friday, classes were cut short so students could get ready for the ball, even though it was the last day before Christmas break, so we were going to spend the afternoon getting ready.We went upstairs and got to work on our hair about 4 hours and 3 exhausted girls later we all fell asleep in a pile of blankets,pillows and towels in the middle of our room.






Chapter 18: Balls, Babies and Boys.
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  Tonight was the ball, I was majorly excited for it of course but, my excitement was more for the next day, then tonight. Sirius and I had decided we would find out the sex. I couldn't wait to know if my  little football, a well known muggle sport where they kick a ball around, player. I had been calling them that because since the first kick it had barely stopped, was a girl or a boy.









    I had promised Lily and Halen to focus on the ball tonight though so my ultrasound tomorrow was temporarily pushed to the back of my mind ,sorta. "Hey my beautiful best friends." I said cheerily , classes today had already finished and we were going to our room to get ready.










"Hey darlin" Lily said.









"Well hello there." Halen laughed. I walked around the room grabbed a towel and a comfy outfit, then headed for the bathroom.









"Whatcha doin' , Miss Jaynee Jones." Lily asked.









"Well Miss Lily Evans, I thought I'd go use that magical device that sprays clear liquid out of it, to get all nice and clean for the ball." I smirked.










"Ha ha very funny." I heard her say before closing the door. I turned the water on and stepped under its warmth, I let the water run over my body and warm my skin.









   I just stood with the water running for a few minutes and then washed my hair, letting it run out to it's full length down my back.I hadn't realized how long it had gotten, It now reached to the middle of my thighs. After I finished I stepped out of the shower, dried off and put my bathrobe on, leaving the bathroom I said.














"Look Lily the magical water sprayer got me all clean" Lily threw the pillow she was holding at me, I caught it and threw it back to her. "Hey Halen do ya think you could pretty please brush this mess I call hair pour moi?" I asked shaking out my hair at her.














"Oui madame, take a seat at my chair." She laughed, I sat on the bed and she started brushing my long messy mane.Lily giggled.











"Jaynee, i dont know what your gonna do with that hair of yours but if you dont get started soon it'll never be finished."












" Thought I'd just let it curl naturally and leave it down maybe fix the waves a bit but other than that I'm focusing on your guys' hair." I replied. It took Halen about 15 minutes to fully brush my hair and then I did hers and Lily's, they looked beautiful, Lily's was in a curly updo with a few pieces hanging down and Halen's was in perfect ringlets down her back. By the time we finished our hair, it was 6 o'clock, the ball started in half an hour but we were meeting the boys at 7 to go down. We finished getting ready by 6:30, We hadn't put our dresses on yet so we were just sitting on the beds talking." Are you guys excited for the ball?" I asked, I already knew the answer but I still asked,












" Yes obviously," Halen said. " Remus said he had something to tell me after, I think he's gonna say 'I love you' ." 













"Oh Hay that awesome." Lily said. " I'm excited too James and I have a nice evening planned after ward in the heads room, so yeah." I giggled at Lily and Halen, it seemed weird but somehow i felt as though worrying about if my boyfriend is going to say ' I love you' or that we were spending a romantic night alone, was silly, Me and Sirius spent every night together and the ring on my finger and the baby growing inside me was the only conformation of our love I needed. The weight of how much I needed to grow up in such a short period of time hit me suddenly it was scary but I was ready.... i think. 












" What's on that pretty mind of your Jaynee Jones?" Halen asked.









"Oh stop I'm blushing." I laughed " Just thinking."











"Thinking about what?" Lily asked.














"How fast it feels like I've got to grow up."


















"Awe, Jay dont you see what's gonna make you a great mom is that you're not grown up, you're a huge kid all the time but, like McGonagall said you've been a mother most of your life, I know you guys say I'm like a mother to you but look at Remus,James and Sirius, how much they've grown up since first year, you may not have liked them, apart from James, until this year but you've changed them for the better."













"Wow Lils that was deep, but thank you I feel better now." I smiled and reached over to hug her. We awkwardly hugged around our hair, then Halen looked at the time.















"Shit! we've got less then five minutes to get into our dresses and go downstairs ." she exclaimed. We squealed in excitement and jumped up from the bed. We helped each other into our dresses hurriedly and checked ourselves in the mirror before heading out the door. It took us a while to get down the narrow staircase in our gowns,Lily had no problem but she had to help me and Halen with our dresses. We exited the stairwell and walked over to our dates.












 " Ladies" They said.











"Don't you all just look stunning" James exclaimed.












"Thank you" we said in unison. 














"Shall we." Remus asked gesturing toward the portrait hole. 














"We shall" Halen replied. we took our dates arms and exited the room.














"You are amazing " I heard Remus whisper to Hay, she blushed.














"So glad you made us wait to see the dresses you look so gorgeous, I cant wait for tonight." James said to Lily, she smiled. 











"I'm sure you can't" She kissed him and they continued walking. Sirius smiled down at me, 













"You are amazingly beautiful." He laughed " how are you feeling?" 












" I'm great my feet are a little sore but I'm fine and you are too, damn you look good in a tux." We laughed, 













"Your feet are probably sore because of your heels." he stated. I  smiled and said,















"Actually I'm cheating since you can't see my shoes in my dress, let's just say I'm not exactly wearing my heels." I lifted my skirt just above my ankles . "see" I said displaying my foot which was clad in a pair of black Chuck Taylors I had brought from home. He laughed.















"That's my girl" I let my dress fall back down and curled into his arms again, by now we had reached the doors to  the great hall as i looked around i was amazed, the hall was an icy wonderland, you could tell the theme was not focused on Christmas, but snow and ice itself, it was gorgeous. Sirius took my hand and we immediately took to the dance floor.
















"You've done this before" I smirked at Sirius.








"Once or twice you know, at weddings." I laughed, it was a good thing Sirius was a good dancer because I couldn't dance to save my life. " You're not to bad yourself " He said,I snorted.

















"Oh yah sure and i also have a flying pig for a pet." He laughed.


















"I dont think Looney would like to hear you calling her a flying pig." I smacked his arm as he laughed.We danced for hours, but it felt like minutes, even when my feet were throbbing and Sirius insisted i take a seat while he went to go get us drinks i didn't want to stop. "C'mon you need to relax a minute, or your gonna end up hurting in the morning." I sighed and said.
















"Fine, I guess I could use a drink" I smiled big at him and made my way to the table where Lily and Halen were already sitting, while he went to get drinks. " Hey where are the boys?" I asked them sitting down,













" They've gone to fetch us some drinks , what about yours?" Lily smiled.




















 "Same" I answered her question.


















"You guys having fun?" I heard James ask as they approached the table.




















"Oh loads" I smiled " Thanks" I said taking my drink from Sirius and giving him a peck on the cheek. I downed my glass quickly and jumped up ready to dance again,  "Ready?" I asked Sirius. He laughed.





















" Already?" He asked "Do you ever stop." I giggled.



















"Sometimes, Maybe, okay no but it soooo much fun." He laughed and took my hand.














"Well, Let's go then, my love." we went straight back to the dance floor and started to dance again.




















Lily's Pov














Jaynee and Sirius went back to dancing and we were still sitting around the table.
























" Lily will you do me the honour of dancing with me again?" James asked . I giggled and nodded before he whisked me to my feet. We laughed and danced, we were soon joined by Halen and Remus. The ball had turned out amazing and we were all having so much fun,"Whaddaya say we ditch this place and head to our room." James bent down to whisper in my ear, my insides fluttered as his breath touched my skin, I laughed.




















"10 more minutes Jamesie?" I pulled a puppy dog face as I pretended to act like some of the vain, whiny girls i had seen James date, he caught on and said.





















"Well,well, very funny , you know you should be a comedian, and of course we don't need to rush my dear." I giggled and we kept dancing on. 10 minutes or so later we bade goodbye to Halen,Remus,Jaynee and Sirius, and walked together to the heads dorm. I had butterflies in my stomach, we hadn't spent a night alone in our dorm and I had to admit I was very  nervous.James opened the door and I gasped.





















"It's beautiful" The entire room was filled with candles and there was a path of roses leading to the couch which was draped in a big blanket.


















"C'mon" James pulled me over to the couch, at this moment I was glad I hadn't gotten a big puffy gown because it would have gotten in the way.
























"James this is so amazing,you're so amazing." He kissed me and I kissed him back deeply .I loved this moment, our skin molding together and our lips feeling as though they were made for each other a perfect match,exactly what James had been telling me for years. I was just to stupid to see it, but now it was like every thought was being pushed from my head leaving only one thing, James. He broke apart from my lips and kissed my neck. "James" I whispered he looked up at me.
























"Lily, I- I love you." He stuttered breathily.
































"James i love you too." I had known it from the moment I saw the look in his eyes when I had said yes to going to the ball, and it felt so good to say it out loud.






















Halen Pov
















After Lily and James left we continued dancing for a while, before Remus asked.




















"You wanna go take a walk by the lake?" 
















"Yeah" I whispered nodding . "Hey Jay were gonna go for walk we'll see you later in the common room." Jaynee barely looked away from Sirius' eyes.




















"See ya bestie."I smiled at how cute they were and grabbed Remus' hand and we left the great hall.When we made it to the grounds, it was pitch dark out, as we made our way to the lake. We sat under a tree curled in each others arms.we just sat there for a bit, the ground was cold ,but we had stopped by my room and grabbed a blanket so it didn't bother us much, it was after about 20 minutes when Remus stood up pulling me up with him and said.























"Hay, I - I have to tell you something." He looked away unwilling to look in my eyes .






















" Remus, what is it?" I asked bringing his face up so he would look me in the eyes.























"Halen, I- I 'm a-a - werewolf." he sputtered out " I'm a werewolf" I gasped. the news shocked me , Remus backed away from me. 





















"Remus" I whispered.



















"No" he said " I get it I disgust you, why shouldn't I , I'm  a monster." The look of despair on his face made me want to cry, I had to show him that this didn't change anything. That I loved him.
























"Remus" I said walking back to him , he flinched but didn't move, I  grabbed his face in my hands and kissed his lips.





















"Halen" he whispered.

























"No" I said " Listen to me, i dont care what you are it doesn't change anything at all, so you're a werewolf and I'm a messy, sarcastic teenage girl, what's the difference? Nothing were humans, no matter what anyone else says you are amazing and I love you." I finished my rant and kissed him,this time he kissed me back.























"I love you so much, you messy, sarcastic teenage girl." he laughed.


























" Hey, no throwing my words back at me." He hugged me close and we made our way back to the castle.























Jaynee Pov












It was after midnight, when we finally made our way back to the common room, I was exhausted but the ball was so much fun, I couldn't even believe that just three days ago, I wasn't even planning on going to the ball but here I was all because of my amazing friends and gorgeous fiance. I turned into Sirius' chest and kissed him deeply. " Thank you for this, for the dress, the ball, our baby, everything , You're the only reason I'm still functioning, after my parents died, I didn't think I could go on, but you pulled me through, thank you , I love you so much."





















"Jaynee,you make me so happy I could explode you have no idea how much I love you." We kissed again and continued walking. When we got to the common room Lily,James,Halen and Remus were sitting by the fire.























Halen Pov










Jaynee and Sirius entered the common room, everyone else was still at the ball so the room was empty except for us, Remus and I had already got James and Lily and we were planning on telling them together. Remus had explained everything on our way back to the school, how the other Marauders had become animagi and they joined him at the the full moon every month, in the shrieking shack. We told Jaynee and Lily, they were shocked but they still didn't think it changed anything.Remus was relieved and Lily and Jaynee hugged him. I was so glad that there was no secrets left between any of us,


















" So" Said Jaynee "What's your animagus form, Mr.Black?"


















Jaynee Pov









"You really wanna know" Sirius asked a wicked gleam in his eyes. I nodded excitedly, he looked at James they nodded, and all of a sudden , there was a huge black dog sitting in front of me, It wasn't the only animal ,there was a huge stag standing by Lily. 
























"Oh My God." I whispered, the dog placed it's front paws on my lap and licked my face. "Eww!" I giggled "Sirius". Sirius and James transformed back into themselves. 





















"Now I get the nicknames" Lily laughed. we all laughed and chatted for an hour and then went to our rooms to change and go to bed.

Chapter 19: Appointments.
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 It was 730 am and we were on our way to Dumbledore's office to meet our chaperone,we were not told who it was, and leave for London. When we got to the spiral staircase, we whispered the password, which Dumbledore had sent with Looney last night, and ascended to the office. I knocked with the hand Sirius wasn't holding and we heard a faint " You may come in, Miss Jones and Mr Black." the door opened, and we walked into the office . "Good morning, Jaynee, Sirius." Dumbledore smiled."Are you all ready?"



"Good morning  professor." We nodded. I had just noticed that there was no other person on the room, I wonder if they're running late. 






"You may have noticed that we are not joined by any others that is because I will be accompanying you."






"Oh" I blurted, quickly covering my mouth, stupid brain, i just hadn't thought the headmaster would be accompanying us. "Sorry i was just surprised it's quite an honour that you'd take the time out of your day to come with us." I quickly covered for myself.






"It's quite alright  Miss Jones, now if you and Mr Black would follow me we'll be leaving  by portkey in a few seconds." we walked past the headmasters desk an over to and old teapot, I looked at Sirius, he shrugged and gave me  a look saying he never thought the headmaster would be coming either. The teapot started glowing and we all grabbed a hold of it . there was a deep lurching feeling in my stomach, it felt as though some thing was pulling outwards from my belly button. We were launched forward into darkness and spat back out in a patch of trees leading to a parking lot. We were at a muggle hospital in London, "just through here, the doctor is an old friend and has agreed to see you in about five minutes, we must be headed in now" Dumbledore told us. Sirius helped through the trees and we immerged into the lot. The muggle world, always felt so unusual to be in after a while at Hogwarts. We walked in the hospital doors, and Dumbledore led us to a desk and a older woman smiled up at us.






"Ahh, Albus, yes, Dr.Thomas will see you soon i expect this is for Miss Jones' appointment."








"Yes thank you Mary , shall we head back now?" The nurse Dumbledore called Mary, nodded and led us through a set of double doors. We approached an office door the nurse knocked and a man who looked about in his mid 40's answered,






"Dr.Thomas," she said " Mr Dumbledore is here with Miss Jones and Mr Black for their appointment."






"Oh yes, thank you, Mary please come in." he gestured at us to enter as the nurse left back down the hall and we stepped inside." He smiled and shook my hand saying.






"You must be Jaynee, and this strapping young man must be Sirius, I'm doctor Thomas and ill be taking care of you during the pregnancy, so what do you say we get started." I nodded.






"It's nice to meet you doctor." Sirius said politely. I had butterflies in my stomach,






"Jaynee,Sirius Ill be waiting just outside, just come out when you are finished." Dumbledore said opening the door to leave.






"Thank you professor" i managed to squeak out before he left.






"Okay so Jaynee, just sit up on this bed and we'll start ." Sirius helped me onto the table, Dr Thomas brought over the ultrasound machine and i lifted my shirt so he could squirt the cold gel on my stomach. "Are you ready?" he asked. I looked Sirius in the eyes, smiled, and we nodded at each other. The doctor turned the machine on and grabbed, the sensor thinga majigy, he placed it on my stomach and moved it around, until we heard a soft thumping noise. I looked at Sirius and smiled, he looked me in the eyes and smiled back.






"That's our baby,baby" he whispered. I looked at the doctor, he had a peculiar look on his face.






"Hmm it seems we have two heartbeats." he said.






"You mean two heartbeats including mine?" I asked. 






"Well not exactly including yours it would be three." He said smiling. "Congratulations you're having twins." he told us, wiping the gel from my stomach.






"You are having twins, one boy and one girl." he said. I turned to look at Sirius stunned.






"Twins" I whispered, he laughed at the look on my face. he helped me down and said goodbye to the doctor. Twins, I thought my brain still not processing it at all, Sirius led me out to the hall where Dumbledore was waiting,






"Well, how did it go?" he asked us smiling.






"Great" Sirius smiled.






"Twins"  I whispered. "a boy and a girl" Sirius continued for me. Dumbledore smiled and led us out of the hospital.














The entire trip back to Hogwarts was a blur I was still in shock. I hadn't said a word since the hospital, I couldn't believe we were having twins, before I knew it we were in the common room. Lily jumped up from the couch followed by everyone else."How'd it go" she asked , i stared for a few seconds then simply said.








"Twins" I said again, Sirius chuckled and told them.










"She's a bit in shock, Jay honey snap out of it." I shook my head a bit and said to Lily and the others.










"Were having twins a boy and a girl." I smiled and kissed Sirius.






"Oh my god , that's awesome." Lils said.






"Have you got names yet?" Halen asked, Sirius shook his head.






"Nah, not yet , right Jay?"






"Actually" I said " I have a couple." I blushed, he smiled.






"And..?" Halen said impatiently. SIrius smiled and waved me on.






"Well I was thinking and came up with Jade Hayley for a girl and James Remus for a boy. Obviously only if it's all right with you honey and you four." 








"Their beautiful names , baby." Sirius said. I kissed him and turned to the others. I looked questioningly at them.






" Uh I'm  a little confused Jay, why does it matter what Lily and I think." Halen asked. 






"Oops, forgot to explain, obviously the boy is after James and Remus, but the girl is a little harder to tell, it's the Hayley I combined Halen and Lily and came up with Hayley, it was better then the other option which was,Lilen." I laughed.






"Awwe, Jay that's sweet." James said.






"We're all honoured, the names are perfect." Remus added, 






" Ooh, Group hug" Halen squealed. We all hugged and laughed.






"So other than twins, nothing we didn't already know?" Lily asked.






"Nope we're all great" I put my hand on my stomach smiling.






"Well what do yah say we head down and get something to eat." James suggested.






"Oh my god, yes I'm absolutely starving." I shouted a little too loud. They laughed and we headed down to the great hall

Chapter 20: Vacation.
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 "Lily, have you seen my jeans?" Halen screeched .




"They're in your bag already Halen." I heard Lily say ,sounding patronized,as I  walked into the room.





"Oh my god, good I'm not the only one not finished , have you seen my necklace." I exclaimed, extremely relieved that Lily and Halen were not finished packing either.






"Come on girls were gonna miss the train." one of the boys called from below.






"Coming" we yelled down the stairs. come on where is it, I kept thinking,  it was ten fifty and the train for London left in 10 minutes, We were all leaving to spend the Christmas vacation at James' house.Lily was super nervous about meeting Mr + Mrs. Potter, it was no big deal for me seeing them, I had known them forever and they were like second parents to me, which meant they acted like it and i was about to tell said ' parents' that i was about three months pregnant and engaged all before graduating from Hogwarts. Surprise!









"Jaynee, baby, Jaynee wake up" I heard. I opened my eyes, disoriented slightly, we were on the Hogwarts express , I looked up to see who had woken me, i was face to face with Sirius,






"Hi" I smiled kissing his lips.






"Hi" he smiled back at me, I had just noticed that the train had stopped.





"C'mon, you two" Lily scolded fighting a smile.





"Were coming. Mom" I laughed at her.The trip from the station to Godric's hollow was short, Once we found a good place to apparate from. We got to the outskirts of the village in no time, and made our way through the streets to the potter's house, as we approached the house i saw the curtains in the front window flutter and Mrs.Potter appeared at the door.






"Oh my goodness you're here , oh come in, come in, you must be freezing." She said happily ushering us through the door.






"My boys!" I heard Mr. Potter's booming voice from down the hall.






"Hey, dad" James and Sirius replied, Sirius smiling at me.






"Oh you must be Lily, James you never told us she was so pretty." Lily blushed bright red as Mrs.Potter hugged her. "And this must be Halen," She said.






"Remus, is one lucky boy."  Mr.Potter added chuckling as he hugged Remus.






"Jaynee, look at you darling you look so grown up, I'm so Sorry about your parents." Mrs.Potter said, as she leaned to hug me i could see tears welling up in her eyes, her hugs reminded me of my own mother's.





"Well come on in put your bags down take your jackets off and sit down." Mr Potter took our bags and we went into the sitting room. I hadn't taken my baggy sweater off and really didn't want to soon. Lily came over and sat next to me and Sirius, 







"So" she whispered as James chatted with his parents in the corner. "Are you gonna tell them or are you planning on wearing that sweater that entire time we're here." She asked.





"Shh! keep it down we're gonna tell them soon." I shushed her.





"Okay" she replied. " Everyone, Jaynee and Sirius have something to tell







"Lily" I gasped reaching to smack her as she skipped away.






"Oh, what is it dears?" Mrs.Potter asked. I glared at Lily and she smiled back.






"Well, Mum" Sirius started. "Jaynee and I are engaged " He finished smiling at her.





"Oh!" she said looking startled, Oh my God she's gonna have a heart attack when we


tell her about the baby. " I mean wow this is a shock, but congratulations I can see you two truly love each other." She smiled.





"Way to go Sirius, That's how you do it." Mr.Potter cheered. Mrs.Potter scowled at him. " I don't know what you see Jay Jay but congratulations." he smiled.






"Haha very funny." Sirius chuckled.





"There's uh.. one more thing." I choked out, here it goes.





"Maybe you should sit down Mum." Sirius said. " the other thing we have to tell you is a little shocking." I decided instead of telling them I'd show them. I pulled off my sweater and grabbed the ultrasound picture from my bag. I handed the picture to Mrs.Potter, took Sirius' hand and said.





"I'm pregnant." 





"Oh my" She mouthed sinking down onto the couch. " This really is shocking, but Jaynee dear, you'll be a great mother." She smiled.





"Well, goodness knows I've learned from the best." I smiled hugging her.





"Do you know the sex?" Mr.Potter asked, I smiled and placed my hands on my stomach in two separate places , as i placed my first hand down i said.






"A boy," I placed my second hand down and finished " And a girl."






"Twins, wow that is amazing." Mrs.Potter squealed. " I must make blankets and booties, blue and pink should be good." She bustled off to order the yarn.






"Now look what you've started." James said chuckling.



Once Mrs.Potter came back in, we were all studying the ultrasound picture when James piped in " I still don't know what we're supposed to be seeing."





"Looks like monkeys or something to me." Remus smirked, we all laughed as Halen smacked Remus and Mrs.Potter scowled at the two boys.





Chapter 21: Christmas.
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It was Christmas morning. You know that wondrous feeling of waking up Christmas morning  to presents and family, Children waking up too early never able to sleep the night before, I found that no matter how old i got or what happened to me i always felt that every Christmas.








"Sirius" I whispered opening the door to James' bedroom, looking around seeing that the boys were all still snoring in their beds I beckoned Lily and Halen in, we ran in and jumped on the boys. I landed beside Sirius and kissed him gently on the cheek, he rolled over and kissed me again.









"Morning" he whispered 










"Morning" I said back " Merry Christmas " I almost shouted. I was like a  4 year old on Christmas and really any other holiday, he laughed and grabbed me in his arms pulling me down on the bed with him I giggled as his lips met mine.














After we all ate breakfast and got dressed, Lily and Halen complained at me for taking a bubble bath before breakfast, we all sat in the family room and started opening Christmas presents. Mrs. Potter started with the presents from her and Mr. Potter, she passed each person a box and we all opened them. Mine was a small box wrapped in purple paper, I gingerly began to pull apart the paper at the taped edge , ( what! i hated ripping wrapping paper it was always so pretty) inside the box was a small pendant with a gold chain, at closer inspection I realized it was a locket, gently i picked it up and held it in my hand, the latch opened easily, inside was a faded picture of a man and a women under a willow smiling,as a tear ran down my face i looked up from my mother and father's smiling faces and mouthed "Thank you" to Mrs.Potter, i didn't trust my voice. Mrs.Potter hugged me close ,











"I found it in the dresser in your parents room yesterday i  thought you could put a picture of yours and Sirius' wedding in beside it." I hugged her close and whispered










 "Thank you" again ,and sat up straight, wiping the tears from my eyes , smiling I said.









"Who's next?" Sirius took my hand as Lily said.










"Here are mine, Jay and Sirius yours is this one, " she passed us a box ," Halen, James, Remus, Mr + Mrs Potter" She continued passing each person their presents as she said their name. Lily had gotten Halen a new scrapbook, she'd already filled the one from Lily for her birthday, James a new set of Quidditch gear, Remus a box set of his favorite books and Mr+Mrs.Potter opened their gift next, Lily had gotten Mrs.potter a pair of gold earrings and Mr.Potter a brass pocket watch. Sirius and I  opened ours last, it was a small purple onesie that said 'Team Jaynee' on it and a yellow one that said 'Team Sirius'.












"Awe,haha" I laughed "They're adorable Lily, thank you" 











"Your welcome darlin'."











Halen passed out her presents to everyone. James got a broom managing kit,Remus a new set of quills of several different colors and a brass quill pot, Lily got a bracelet with her name in cursive on it and little dangling hearts. Mr+Mrs.Potter received a tea-set with a teapot decorated with owls. Halen got Sirius and I matching bands with the inside engraved with two inscriptions mine read "JJ+SB September 8th 1977 .. Forever.." and Sirius had the same beginning but ended with "Always.." 












"I thought they might be a good keepsake"











"They're beautiful" I gushed.












"September 8th, What's the date mean?" James asked , raising an eyebrow at Hay.












"Its the day i ran down to the common like a crazy person and told Sirius I'd go to Hogsmeade with him,kissed him and ran off." I smiled at the memory that seemed so far away but was only 4, almost 5 months ago, our relationship had progressed so quickly yet our bond was so unbreakable it felt unreal but amazing, my inner sentimental babble was interrupted when a heavy parcel landed in my lap ,( Well- apparently id been in trapped  my mind for longer than i thought ) James had passed out his presents and everyone had already opened  theirs and Lily practically drooling over the silver necklace with emeralds on it he got her. I opened the present in my lap and saw a huge book, the pages were aged and the front was titled in large fancy letters, it read "All you need is a little magic.." 














"I cant believe you remembered this" I gushed "How did you find this" the book had been one i  used to read as a kid with my parents it was basically a bunch of fairytales but not the glorified little kid ones the old creepy ones , We had misplaced it years ago and i remember telling James about it but i hadn't thought he would remember.














"I found it in an old bookstore and figured you could read it to James and Jade when they're a little older." i hugged James and smiled.













"Thank you." 












" What are brothers for" he smiled back messing up my hair. Remus gave out his presents, Me and Sirius getting matching blue and pink baby's first year albums, Lily earrings to match her bracelet from Halen, James a Chudley Canons sweatshirt,Mr.Potter a dark blue tie and Mrs.Potter a pair of silver earrings with a matching necklace. I decided I would hand my presents out next so i passed each person a box and watched them open them. I had gotten Lily and Halen books filled with pictures of us that i had specially made and decorated , I got James a glass case with a collectible snitch in it ( He wasn't a seeker but he always liked to carry them around), Remus a bunch of custom parchment and a new watch, I got Mr + Mrs.Potter a pink apron, and a set of dress robes from Madame Malkins. I bought Sirius a quaffle with his initials carved on it , but id left that upstairs the one he was about to open was a trick , me, Hay and Lils decided to play. Sirius opened the box and,














"Ohh hoho" He said glaring playfully at me pulling out the hot pink spiked leather collar with 'Padfoot' stamped across it and hanging his head.














"Look Padfoot's got himself a collar, is that to match Jay's short leash." James said smirking at me.
















"Potter, I swear to god if i wasn't pregnant right now -" I trailed off wanting to slap him.













"Chill, Mom-zilla, it was a joke." He laughed.













"Hmph" I said stubbornly crossing my arms . Sirius kissed me, whispering ,











"Dont listen to him he's an idiot" I smiled and whispered.










"Your real present is upstairs" He smiled turned to everyone else and gave them their presents saying,











"You all go ahead and open them, I've gotta take Jay to hers." I gazed at him, raising my eyebrows questioningly ,as he took my hand and led me out the door.












"Sirius where in the hell are you taking me?" I screeched as he pulled me down the street.












"You'll see, ahh here we are" He held out his arms " Ta Da!"











"What am i seeing?' I asked unsure what the ta da was for.












"The House" He smiled.













"You bought a house!" I screeched.  "Oh my god, this is amazing, I love you so fucking much Sirius Black." I ran to the door and he unlocked it. It was a quaint little house with light blue siding three bedrooms , a huge kitchen, even if i was a dismal cook, and i big front room with a huge window onlooking the street. " How did you afford this?" I asked looking at my amazing fiance.













"I got left some money by my uncle." I kissed  him repeatedly.












"You are amazing" I laughed. 











"You still need to see the best part." I squealed.














"There's more?!" He led me up the staircase to where the three bedrooms sat and opened one of the doors closest to the stairs, It was a beautifully decorated room with lavender walls and wrought iron furniture.












"This" he said "Is our room" 












"it's gorgeous" I smiled. We went out of the room to the hallway and into another,this one was yellow with two cribs on either side and above each a name painted on the wall, the pink one had bows tied on the bars of the crib and more princess stuff surrounding it on shelves and cases then i had thought imaginable and above the crib it read ' Jade Hayley'. The other was blue and had mini quidditch things everywhere I even spotted a small broom in there and above that one was the name 'James Remus'. "You wonderful man this is..... a- I have no words." I said." Hey" I added, kissing him hard. " How about we try out that bed?" I giggled raising an eyebrow at him, smirking.















After Sirius and I got back from our house,everyone had brought their presents to their trunks and I gave Sirius his real present, I was sitting on the bed in the guest room fiddling with the locket Mrs.Potter had given me and thinking about my parents, when i decided i needed some air, I walked out of the room yelling back that i was going for a walk and made my way down the street; before I knew it was standing in front of the place i had always thought as the safest place ever and now made it feel like a large cold boulder had been lodged in my throat, I was standing in front of the house i grew up in. I walked hesitantly in the front door, which was unlocked, and ended up in my parents room, i sat on the bed looking around. I had never told anyone but even before i knew about me being a witch, i knew about magic, my mother had known James' most of her life, they were best friends and she had told my mom about her (and Mr.Potter,later) being magical, she had eventually allowed mum to tell me and my father, we kept the secret forever. That's why I was so close with James. A sudden sob escaped my lips when i realized it, the only logical reason Voldemort's followers would have to kill a muggle family, some how they had found out my parents knew, it must have been that. It was my fault i  had persisted that, begged that my mum tell me and then i insisted on always playing with James and magic, I should have been more careful. I let my tears freely pour snuggled in my parents bed.














"I thought I'd find you here" a voice said from the door making me jump, before i recognized it. " Your mother always had the best taste for decorating, too bad it wasn't passed to me." Mrs.Potter laughed. I laughed quietly through my tears.













"She always said ' Oh Andrea's at it again, i should go rescue her but I'll let her sweat a bit first.' " I said quoting my mum.  " Although she'd always leave right after to help." I giggled despite myself, she came over and sat next to me putting her arm around my shoulders, i leaned my head on her shoulder. " I miss them so much, Aunt Andrea." I said quietly.












"I know sweetie, it hurts in the beginning and forever after but it gets easier." she kissed the top of my head lightly. "What do you say we head home? " I nodded and we left the room, just before we left the house I took a picture of me and my parents from the table in the living room and smiled, holding it close to my chest i left the house and followed Mrs.Potter home.

Chapter 22: A heart of black, and a world of red.
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 Christmas had come and gone and we were all getting ready for the Potter's annual New Years party. Most of the people on the street were coming (muggles included), and some other friends and order members, it seemed odd to have a party in the midst of everything going on but it was tradition and that's something we all needed right now. I was all ready except I could not decide on a shirt, I had a black cotton pencil (ish) skirt, but all my shirts either didn't fit comfortably or made my pregnant stomach look like ten times bigger.



"Ugh!" I blurted, frustrated to no end. " This is ridiculous I could go shirtless and it would look better!" I yelled at no one in particular.







"I think that is an amazing idea." Sirius had appeared at the door, smirking.








"Cute, but dont start." I sighed planting a kiss on his lips.








"Eww! Just please with the sexual innuendos and PDA." Halen laughed from the bed, rolling her eyes.








"I'm gonna go before Halen hits me but I'll see you later," He kissed me again whispering in my ear. " preferably without your clothes on." I smiled and pushed him out the door, blushing feverishly as I turned back to my suitcase.










"Too small, ugly, gross, never, Why did i even pay for that." I said rifling through my shirts. " I give up" I sank down to the bed, sighing. 










"You'll find something Hon, it's okay." Lily said.










"Yeah" I said jumping up, I finished. "found something" I walked out of the room still only wearing my skirt and bra, Mr + Mrs. Potter were out so the only people who would see me were Sirius ( who had quite obviously already seen this and more) and the other boys who I hated to say had also seen a lot more than just me without a shirt , I mentally cringed at the memory , I made my way to the boys room. I burst in the door, 










"Hey!" James shouted, covering himself with a towel.








"Oh please. i wouldn't want to look even if i could see anything." I stomped over to Sirius' suitcase and dug through it pulling out a plain still white shirt and throwing it on. 








"Think you looked better the other way" Sirius smirked as I sat on the bed next to him.








"Either nothing fits or i cant even fathom why i bought it in the first place, so I'm wearing this and if anybody says anything I'll bite their head off." I knew I sounded like a total bitch but i couldn't help it words kept coming out all snarky and i kept going from nice to crazy physco bitch in the blink of an eye, while i was babbling to myself, time hadn't simultaneously stopped and, Sirius was snapping and waving his fingers in front of my face saying,










"Hello, earth to Jaynee." I shook my head.








"huh?" I mumbled at him.










"I was just asking, my darling fiance, if you were okay,  you seem a little .... on edge." He said eyeing me like i may explode.










"Okay, I'm pregnant not a nuclear bomb, jeez!" I said rolling my eyes. " I'm on edge because i have clothing that looks like a blind clown picked it out and is two sizes too small and a party  i supposedly  have to attend , oh and to add to it i get to see all the bitches who made my life hell before i went to Hogwarts and, for lack of better words, grew a pair of balls." they all stared at me in silence for a few seconds until Sirius unfroze and placed his hand on my leg.












"Hey, sweetie it's gonna be fine we can get you new clothes when we get back to school and for now you look amazing and you dont need to worry about some petty bitch who's just jealous of how amazing you are , tonight'll be fun i promise." I looked at my beautiful boy and sighed. 












"Okay, you're right I'm being stupid, thank you for reminding me that I'm no longer that little eleven year old who couldn't stand up to a fly, I'm a fully grown witch who's about to be a mother and has seen more in the past seven years than those girls will in their lifetime, i love you, gotta go finish getting ready." i kissed him all big and sloppy and when James groaned, smiled and said. " You want one to big bro?"  I puckered my lips and then twirled and left the room. I went back to the room to finish getting ready, i was over exaggerating my stomach wasn't that big, it was big enough to make me about 3 sizes bigger but you couldn't tell unless you focused on my stomach or you knew, that i was pregnant.  When i got to the room I tucked my shirt into my skirt and continued on my hair and make-up.














"Oh!" Lily said. "Cute shirt Jay" She eyed me questioningly.










"Dont get me started." I sighed. Halen walked out of the attached bathroom, putting a little bit of lip gloss on her already glossy lips,










"You guys ready, I think I  just heard the potters get home, the people should be coming soon."










"Yah we're done, lets go see if theres anything we can do to help." we went downstairs , meeting up with the boys in the hallway.










"Hey ma, need any help?" James asked as we walked into the kitchen.










"Oh, perfect, I'll put you all to work , boys go help dad lay down the 'dance floor', dont forget your wands." she ordered, air quoting 'dance floor', which i knew was really planks of shiny wood they laid on the grass under a canopy tent. " and girls, you can help in here, Halen you can chop those vegetables, Lily you can cut the fruit for the desserts and Jaynee you can grab all the snack stuff and organize it on the table, while i make the lasagnas." she finished.










"Great" I said cheerily going to the mess of snack food on the counter. There was no noise except for the rhythmic chopping and crumpling noises in the kitchen, so when the scream of,










"Fuck!", rang through the kitchen, I jumped and spun around, my hand automatically reaching to pull my wand from my boot, before i realized there was no unseen evil lurking in the jam cupboard.










"Halen, what in the world." Mrs.Potter gasped. 












"Sorry" Halen said quickly, holding something tight to her hand.










"Oh dear did you cut yourself, here put this on it." Mrs.Potter said.










"Thank you, guess i got a little spaced out, sorry about the language." she blushed slightly when she turned away i saw a weird look in her eye, could it be anger or annoyance, it was gone as fast as I saw it, jeez being pregnant was really screwing with my head.






















Everyone had arrived about an hour ago, I had made my way around saying " hi" to the neighborhood kids and parents, and was headed into the bathroom when I ran into someone. "oops!" I said.








"Jeez!"  the person i ran into sneered, " oh it's you", she said in a disgusted tone. I looked up and smirked, oh great, i just stood there smirking acting like she was boring me, waiting for her next snarky remark. " So, Jones, heard you're knocked up, where's the daddy, did he run away when he woke up and realized what a skanky cow you are." Wow this girl sure knew how to be a bitch, she should write a book.














"Oh my god what is that?!" I pretend shrieked, "Oh it's just your face, Williams." I fanned myself as if I'd been truly terrified. Abbigail Williams was that bitch in school who thought she was better than everyone in my old muggle school and had decided years ago that i was even more so below her than others ,and needed to constantly  remind me. She stepped closer to me, towering over me, Jeez this chick got tall. Sirius appeared beside me, he wrapped his arm around my waist. 












"Hey babe, wanna dance?" He said smiling down at me.












"I'd be careful, Hot stuff, this ones baking a bun in her oven." Abbigail sneered, running her finger down his arm in a shameless attempt to flirt, Sirius flinched slightly and moved his arm out of her reach. 














"I know, it's mine. By the way, Jay, Lil wants to know if she can borrow your lipgloss." 












"Oh yah, I'll tell her." I gave him a kiss, with a satisfied smirk at Abbigails retreating scowl and we went to meet Lily on the dance floor.
















It was about quarter after nine and we were still dancing, we had slowed ourselves a bit, and it was a good thing I was just thinking I should sit down for a bit, when a sharp shooting, stabbing pain went through my abdomen and my knees collapsed underneath me as I gasped in pain. James' arms shot out and caught me before i hit the ground and everything around me blurred.














I could hear people bustling around, and a mixture of voices, "is she gonna be alright?" , " What about the babies?". my head was pounding and the voices were not helping. I sighed,and opened my eyes. 












"My head already hurts, i dont need to add another headache on top of it." Sirius jumped out of the chair beside me.












"Jay!" all of the memories of what had happened came rushing back, panicked I sat up.












"The babies are they alright?"














"Dr.Thomas was waiting till you woke up to say anything, there he is now." Dr.Thomas walked in the door. 












"Hello, Jaynee, nice to see you're awake." the doctor glanced at my huge group of visitors. "If you'll all just step out for a bit I have the results of the tests and ultrasounds I performed while Ms. Jones was unconscious." There was a mumble of ' oh yeses and 'of course' and everyone shuffled out of the room. "Well, the good news is you and your babies are both fine." Dr.Thomas started. Before i could get to relieved,i stopped myself. 














"I sense a but coming on." I said to the doctor.














"Well, you may be fine now but, there is a possibility, that during the delivery, one of the babies can be turned sideways making it impossible to have a natural birth if this happens and we dont get to a ER for a caesarian operation the babies will not survive." The doctor paused allowing us to speak, I would , i should, but i just couldn't find words, what was i suppose to do, I was a seventeen year old , engaged, pregnant witch who just found out her babies could die if she gave birth to them naturally, so instead I stayed silent, and the doctor continued. " The pain may occur again , which is a sign the baby has started to turn, it may occur more than once before labor. If you get here fast when you go into labor, we can check the babies and if they are in the wrong position we can perform an emergency caesarian, if not we can attempt to go ahead with the natural birth." the doctor paused looked at his watch and continued. " I really must be going, I have another patient waiting, if you need anything or have any questions, just give me a call." 












"Thank you Dr.Thomas." I called after him as he left the room. "Lets go" I said jumping from the bed and leaving the room.


















"NO!" I screamed, feeling like I would lose my mind. " I dont care if there's a chance of it happening, I'm not  just gonna give up  on having a natural birth, if it wont work on the day , then we can do the operation, but it's my body, I get to choose, Black!" I finished in  an angry huff.














"Your choice is risking the lives of our babies,"  he yelled right back at me. " You're being so stubborn about this, you're not thinking straight, you're acting like a stupid little girl." I was so pissed I wanted to hit something.














"Do not call me a stupid little girl Sirius Black!" I spat. " I'm going for a walk and don't follow me." I stomped from the room, but before I could leave he grabbed my wrist, 






















"No! Leave me alone." I pulled my wrist from his grasp and stormed out the door.


I left the house and walked down the street, it was a cool dark night, and a slight breeze blew my hair around me, I walked for a long while, and was thinking about turning around and going back to apologize when i heard something . Two voices, whispering angrily at each other were coming from a dark alley way. I crouched behind a tree and listened curious as to what could have these people out here at almost two in the morning, when I caught the words they were speaking, a man who was tall and menacing, was in the part of the alley closest to the street, the other figure who was shrouded by the shadows spoke.














" I told you what you wanted to know what more can I give you." I held in a gasp as I recognized the voice of Halen Wren, my best friend.












"Nothing!" the man yelled flinging his arms over his head to reveal the dark mark on his forearm, causing both me and Halen to flinch slightly , in a quieter more menacing voice he continued. " Your work is no longer needed, the dark lord sees you as no more than a loose end that i am about to tie up." with a horrifying flash of green, Halen's body dropped to the ground , the ghost of a shriek plastered on her still face. With a pop the body of my best friend and the death eater disappeared. I pressed my hand to my mouth as I bent over and emptied the contents of my stomach on the wet, icy cement. I turned around, tears pouring from my eyes and ran. I ran and didn't stop until I ran slam into the familiar and strong arms of Sirius, of safety.










" Jaynee, what's wrong?" I didn't answer, I couldn't answer, so I just held tight to him letting a sob escape from between my lips.



Chapter 23: The Aftermath.
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 We were all sitting in a compartment on the train, the lights were dim and I was staring out the rain streaked window, watching the lightning strike and brighten the night sky. The memory of Halen's body falling to the ground kept replaying itself in my mind and when I closed my eyes, I saw her face still frozen in a terrified scream. After I had got back to the house last night and pulled myself together enough to speak I told everyone what I had seen, there was shock and tears, and anger, so much anger. Sirius took me to bed when another set of sobs racked my body,he held me close whispering that everything would be okay, but sitting here in this compartment in silence, everyone avoiding each others eyes and not speaking, apart from mumbled attempts now and again, was not okay. If I sat here like this any longer my head was going to explode, I squeezed Sirius' hand and stood up ready to confront my friends and if that failed,leave.



"Look" I started as I began pacing the small space of the compartment, shaking my head a little trying unsuccessfully to shake the images in my mind away, when everyone turned their attention to me, I continued. "I am tired, sick, mad and sad as hell, but I cant stand sitting here with all of us ignoring the big fucking dancing purple elephant in the room. Halen's dead, and before she died she betrayed all of us , but you weren't there you didn't see it as she fell or the horrified expression on her face, frozen forever, I was, I did, and I'm gonna carry that with me for the rest of my life, but I'm not going to let it crush me and you guys shouldn't either." With nothing left to say and tears running down my face I grabbed Sirius' hand and walked as fast as I could, without running, out of the room.



















I practically fell into the first empty compartment, shutting the door behind us. I couldn't stand anymore, My legs were shaking so hard, I sank down to the floor and leaned against the door. Sirius sat next to me placing a comforting hand on my knee that i rested my chin on. Frustrated beyond belief I ran my hands through my hair, telling myself it would do me no good to scream.










"You're right" Sirius said. "She's gone, we have to realize that and not only that we have to make sure our anger at her doesn't make us forget that she was family to us even if it was fake for her." I knew he was trying to make me feel better, I was really just pissed at myself for not seeing sooner and for bursting out like that at my friends who were hurting. Thinking of how awful Remus must be feeling made my stomach churn. I hadn't slept the night before, no matter how hard I tried I couldn't erase the images of Halen's death from my mind, not only could I not sleep, I couldn't eat , Hell I could barely talk to people. I  had to pull myself together if not for me than for my babies, me being like this couldn't be good for them, so I decided to grow another metaphorical pair of balls and get on.












"You're right we need closure, and I dont know how but you can be damn sure I'm gonna get it for us, it's the least we deserve." Sirius didn't say anything he just sat with me partially in his arms my head on his shoulder, and held me tight until the train rolled into the Hogsmeade station.





















Remus Pov






After Jaynee stormed out no one said a single word, it was as if, someone spoke it would shatter the stillness of the evening and everything inside us, like glass. The hurt and betrayal, that had shadowed me since Halen's death, weighed heavily on my shoulders, I didn't know how to deal with it, I'd loved Halen, She'd loved me too, at least I thought she had and now that she was gone I didn't know what to think or feel, it was just so frustrating. As the train pulled into the station, I jumped from my seat and grabbed my stuff, as quickly as I could, needing desperately to get out of here and by myself, and I practically ran from the compartment.










Lily Pov




 I watched Remus as he left the compartment his head was bowed and he looked utterly defeated. I followed James through the train and out to the carriages, looking for any sign of Remus. Jaynee and Sirius were waiting in a carriage, Jaynee smiled sheepishly and said.








" Hey, I'm sorry about back there, I shouldn't have blown up on you guys." 










" Hey, no problem, you're hurt we know, it's alright to get angry." I replied, hugging her tight.








"Where's Remus?" Sirius asked. 










" He took off out of the train as soon as it stopped, not sure where he went to." James said, by now we had made our way to the school and were headed to the great hall. 










"He looked upset." I started. " I think I'm gonna go find him, you guys go on in to the feast, I shouldn't be too long." James looked like he was about to say he'd come too, but I knew that if Remus was upset the last thing he needed was all of us bombarding him, so I just gave him a kiss and said. "Go on." pushing him toward the great hall, with only a little hesitation this time, he turned and followed Jay and Sirius. I wasn't sure where I was going to find Remus, but I decided I decided I'd make my way up to the dorms and see if he'd gone there. On my way up, I heard a quiet sniffling noise coming from a dark corner. "Remus?' I asked, the sniffing stopped and I saw Remus lift his head.










"Lily, is that you?" my heart broke as I got a good look at him, his red eyes had dark circles under them and his tear soaked cheeks were slightly sunken, his expression so past heart break , it was as if his entire being had been ripped from him , smashed to pieces and he didn't want to or know how to get it back, holding back tears at seeing my friend in such pain, I walked over and sat beside him. 












"I'm not here to make you talk about how you feel or try to cheer you up, I'm here to let you know you can talk and I'll listen because you're part of my family now and it kills me to see you like this, you dont have to talk just know I'm here when you're ready to." I said as I grabbed his hand and held it in mine, he looked at me for a moment and then it was as if a dam broke and all his feelings came pouring out.












"I'm frustrated, and pissed and sad as fuck but most of all I'm confused and dont know what to think about any of this , I keep thinking, did she really love me like I loved her, or was it all an act because the person she was really loyal to was you know who, and if she really did then why betray us a-all." He finished his voice breaking at the end.












"Oh honey, we may not have known all of who Halen was but I can tell you she damn sure loved you, I've known her almost my whole life and when she talked about you her eyes got ten times bluer and her face lit up like someone turned a light on behind it, i had never seen her so happy. So dont ever think she didn't love you. As for why she did what she did, I have no idea, but I do know she's more than what she did and that she never stopped loving you and you should remember  her like that." I hugged him gently and waited for him to speak. He wiped the tears from his eyes and I felt his shoulders relax a little. 












"Thank you, Lily." he whispered. I kissed the top  of his head and stood up.












"Come on." I said "everyone is waiting for you, their worried. lets go back to our family." He nodded and clumsily got up, I grabbed his hand and we made our way back to our life, leaving our pain and tears behind.



Chapter 24: 6 months later..
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 Sirius POV



It was dark in the house, as I crept my way up the stairs ,trying not to wake up Jaynee, she had gone to bed earlier then me cause she wasn't feeling well. As I approached the room, I saw a dim glow coming from the crack in the door, she must have left the light on. I walked in the room to see her leaning back on our bed in nothing but a sheer silk nightie, she smiled.








"I thought we could break in the bed, and maybe the floor, or a few other places while we're at it." I laughed.








"You never were good at being seductive, with your words." I crossed the room to her. " You know i didn't think it was possible, that you could be any more sexy or stunning, but i was so wrong." I laid her down on the bed, Kissed her deeply and she wrapped her leg around me, I placed my hand on her stomach.








"Any day now." She whispered against my lips, smiling. I smiled back at her pulling her close again as i pulled her nightie over her head, and she unbuttoned my shirt. I rolled over so that Jaynee was under me, without taking my lips from hers I reached down and pulled my pants off tossing them aside, Jaynee let out a soft moan as my hand slid under her bra and she moved her hips against mine.I ran my hands down her sides running kisses down her neck. She pulled my lips back to hers, I pulled away a little and kissed down her chest to her belly button and back again. As I trailed kisses down her side, she jumped a little and said.








" Sirius!" i looked up at her, and was surprised to see her shocked look, she smiled a little. " Umm... I'm all wet." she said. I kissed her lips.










"Good." I laughed. She smacked me playfully.










"Get your mind out of the gutter, I mean literally... I think my water just broke." As if to emphasize her words, Jaynee winced in pain, and said in a breathless voice, " Contraction, hurry we've got to go to the hospital." I got up as quickly as I could and put my clothes on,










"I'll pack a bag , we can hail the Knight bus to take us to St.Mungos. You put your clothes on and just sit down and try not to give birth in the brand new bed." 










"Not helping-g arghh!" Jaynee yelled as another contraction hit. Jaynee made soft clicking noises with her tongue, "Looney." 










"What are you doing?" I asked shoving some clothes into a bag. 












"Sending- an- owl- to James- Lily and- Remus." She said out of breath. Jaynee rushed through the letters and sent Looney out our bedroom window. "Oh no! the new sheets, I'm gonna take them to the laundry, are you ready?"Jaynee asked, sounding a lot better. I had finished packing a bag for Jay and the babies, and turned to see her struggling to take the sheets off our bed. 












"Jaynee! You're in labor, the sheets can wait, let's go."










"Ahhha! Ow,Ow,Ow... " she said holding her stomach. " Yah... okay... let's go." We made our way through the house to the curb outside, we had 'graduated', so to speak, from Hogwarts a week ago, and moved into the new house just yesterday, I threw my wand out. I was holding Jaynee when the big purple triple decker bus zoomed around  the corner, making us jump back to avoid being hit, and Jaynee sighed, as we boarded the bus.

Chapter 25: The Arrival.
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 Lily pov

   It was 11 o'clock when the owl arrived from Jaynee saying she had gone into labour, By the time we got to the hospital it was 12. We met SIrius in the lobby, " How is she?" James asked. 






"She's in pain but they're going to start the operation soon." Sirius replied.







"Is it okay if we go see her?" I asked  smiling at him.







"Of course,we'll need be quick they want to take her in soon." We nodded and followed him through the hospital to Jaynee's room. 







"Jaynee!" I yelled as I saw her, she smiled. 








"Hey, Lily." I smiled.







"Oh my goodness! I can't believe you're about to have them ." I grabbed her hand.         " How are you feeling? I can't wait to see my little niece and nephew." 









"Tell me about it." Sirius smirked from across the room. The door opened and a young ,she couldnt be much older than Jaynee, witch in a St.Mungos robe walked in, smiling.











"We're ready to take you in, sweetheart." Jaynee took Sirius' hand as the nurse rolled her bed from the room. 









"We'll be in the waiting room, get us as soon as you're done, We love you!" I called after them, then I took James' hand and me,him and Remus made our way to the waiting room.




Sirius Pov



     We're about to have our babies! The nurse had came to get Jaynee a few minutes ago, and we were in the operating room, waiting for them to start the ceasarian. Jaynee looked up at me from the bed and smiled weakly.







"I love you." she whispered.







"I love you too." I smiled back, wiping sweat from her forehead. 









"How are you feeling,Miss - Jones?" said the St.Mungos doctor who had just walked into the room. 









"I'm alright." She replied , wincing slightly as she spoke. 










"Okay, so we're just preparing the incision, this will feel a little cold, We're putting on someting to num the incision sight." Jaynee gave a low startled yell as the doctor applied the numming gel to her stomach. I grabbed her hand and whispered. 
















Jaynee Pov




"Ready." I smiled back at Sirius.The Doctor had just put the numming stuff onmy stomach and I could feel it tingling, 










"Okay, We're about to ,make the incision, you may feel some slight pain." The doctor said. I grasped Sirius' hand as hard as i could,I was so excited and scared at the same time, and I was in so much pain,I smiled and tried not to yell out as the scalpel cut across my stomach and another contraction hit, I looked in Sirius' eyes seeing the mixture of excitement , worry and pain in them, and that helped me. 










'Don't scream" I told myself over and over. 'Don't scream." I didn't want to show Sirius how much it hurt me because I wanted him to know that, even if I was in pain, I wanted these babies enough and I was strong enough to make it through it.








"We've got a hold of the first one, we're going to take it out now." the doctor said as I felt something slightly move in me, I lifted my head up annoyed that the curtain was blocking the view of my babies. "It's a boy." pronounced the doctor. " Does the father want to cut the umbilical cord?" he asked. Sirius smiled, realeased my hand and went over to the doctor, I laid my head down exhausted, and annoyed that i hadn't seen my son yet, When Sirius came back around the bed holding a blue bundle in his arms. 











"Jaynee meet our son, this is your mummy, baby." he said, lowering the baby so i could see him. My breath caught as I saw his beautiful face, so much like his father's except for his lips. they were pouty like mine. 









"He's beautiful." I whispered. I lifted my hand and gently touched his,










"We're gonna take him and clean him up, while the doctor gets the other baby out." a nurse smiled holding her arms out for the baby, somewhat hesistantly Sirius gave him to her.










"Bye, baby." I whispered , tears rolling down my face. Sirius bent and kissed me.









"You did good, now let's get our little girl." I smiled.









"We're taking the other one out now." The doctor said from, behind the curtain. I grabbed Sirius' hand again and waited, it was almost over and then I'd get to see my babies. A small cry sounded and once agian Sirius ducked behind the curtain, coming back with her, he lowered the small baby to me and once again,I smiled.










"She's gorgeous and perfect."









"Just like her mother." he smiled back.









"She's so tiny." I whispered as i reached to touch her small hand.









"We're going to close the incision now." the doctor said as Sirius handed our daughter to the nurse. I laid down and smiled at Sirius.









"We did it."










"You did it." He replied kissing me softly. " I love you so much." 










"I love you too." 









The doctor finished closing me and we were moved to another room,once there the nurse told us that the babies would be brought in, in the morning, and that I should get some rest. I laid down and closed my eyes to sleep as Siirus went to tell everyone we we're done. When I drifted off I smiled as happy as I had ever been.